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Current TFW you can't tell if Odin is serious or just being sarcastic again. o.o
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Wayward Squirrel has begun! Time to explode into a wild adventure and go a bit crazier than normal! Expect exacerbated erraticism and extreme emoting. Also stress. And I still can't focus. Whee!
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To eat soup with a fork: drink from the bowl. Spork is best utensil, because it's got prongs like a fork, a liquid-lifting section like a spoon, and if needed you can sharpen the handle for a knife.
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A Thursday spent on a bus to Chicago is a great time for writing rp posts. Just sayin'~ Or chatting, chatting is good too. ^.^;
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"It's the concealed carry alligators you have to worry about." ~Crim


I am an adult, though I don't usually act like it. I'm a voracious reader, and not overly picky about books. I am artistic in a variety of areas, including music, drawing, writing, and sculpting. I have a minor obsession with dragons, and love the color violet. Fantasy is my preferred genre, be it past, future, long as it has a fantasy flavor to it. I also like scifi, mystery, and some horror. I am crazy, and I like tormenting my characters. But I don't bite...much. ^.~

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*makes weird noises*
"She might let you -- seems like she knows most of it already. If you two were close, you should have it. Maybe they can copy it or something if they need what's inside." She was glad he wasn't angry about her sharing a vision. "Yeah, I'll remember this, and ask if I find someone. ...I'm sorry it hurt you." She could remember how he'd cried out. Amuné was certain of that now. "Sometimes they hit really hard."

Food was an appealing prospect, but any thought of eating was driven out of her mind when Nymira rebuked Cecil. "No! That was bad, /bad/ magic -- there was death in it! If Cecil hadn't stopped it then you'd be dead. He was really brave and now you're thanking him by saying he was wrong but he /wasn't/!" She could remember the ugly color of the Varuna's magic, the way just being near it gnawed at her senses. She couldn't suppress the shudder that ran through her. "Why are you always so mean?!"

Cecil was already heading off, and the girl ducked away from Ethan and darted after him, with Wyth following at a more sedate pace, pausing to look up at the healer by the door. It didn't take Amuné long at all to catch up with the Machina. She fell in step beside him, slipping her hand into his and giving it a squeeze. "What you did was really brave and Nymira is just a meanie. Don't listen to her, okay? You were doing your best and you saved her life and you were the only one who could have done anything. And even you were hurt bad. She should be thanking you. I'm just glad you're okay now."

The girl looked down for a moment, letting Cecil pick their destination. Norman's would be fine with her. She'd eat later. "I'm sorry I had to leave you all alone in the shop," she added. "I didn't want to, but they made me. I hope it wasn't too scary. I wanted to be there so you'd have someone you knew. But at least Mr. Norman was there, right? He seems okay." She paused and took a deep breath. "I know you've said you're worried about keeping yourself working, and about it being a burden on everyone. I don't see it that way, and I don't think they do either." Amuné's grip tightened slightly as she tensed, the next words sounding awkward. "I dunno if it helps any, but...I feel the same way a lot. Like I'm no good and just causing problems. if you ever want to talk about it or anything I'll listen, okay?"
@Oak7ree ohnoes!
Ethan's joke got an uncertain smile. Flying all over could be inconvenient, and you might hurt yourself, but while she didn't get injured she saw all sorts of bad things she didn't want to, and her attempts went wrong a lot. "Yeah, I saw you, and the rokorm, and vazra -- did the hound things turn up too? I couldn't tell if that was for sure or just maybe. Taliya has the book, it has all sorts of monsters and what they can do and how to get rid of them. He wrote it to help other people, I guess. Sorta like Mommy's book about herbs and stuff. She says I can have it to keep when I'm old enough to be a healer all on my own." Amuné was looking forward to that.

The question about what had happened during the one attack confused her. "Um...that one came after me, and you and Wyth stopped it...." The girl's brow furrowed as she closed her eyes to remember just what had happened. It seemed like so long ago already, but it hadn't been all that many days since. "I couldn't do anything except watch and pray.... You were worn out, everyone was, and I was scared. Oh!"

She opened her eyes wide, looking up at Ethan in shock. "I did See something, I remember now. And then you were unconscious, think that was me?" Amuné wasn't sure what had happened, but it seemed like Ethan's guess might be right. It made sense to her. "I'm sorry, I don't know how I did it. I don't think I've ever done it before, but...well I didn't use my magic much. I don't know everything it does." She scuffed the toe of her shoe against the ground, feeling guilty and anxious. Not only did she need protecting and not have a good way to help in return, but now she'd actually hurt Ethan by mistake. "I didn't mean to. ...Are you angry?"
When Axel said her name, Lee turned to face him across the room. "A house call?" she echoed, expression thoughtful. "It depends, I guess. You're talking about what, general ballroom, nothing overly elaborate, right? If you have a clear room large enough it's not out of the question." She waved at him to follow and headed for her office. The decoration was spartan, with a handful of framed photos on the walls and a few certificates, including a notarized copy of her master's degree. Lee riffled through a drawer and pulled out a sheet of paper. How she identified it was clear once she handed it over: there was a line of braille at the top. "This is a list of my usual rates," she explained. "Private lessons cost a little more than the general classes, and I charge per person, but depending on how many of you there are I'd be willing to negotiate a group discount." Her system was straightforward, with fees determined based on length, frequency, and number of lessons.

"The real issue for me is getting to the place you'd prefer to use. Anywhere other than here, and time constraints can become a real issue. I'm not inflexible, but it's generally more convenient for everyone to just use the studio here. I wouldn't be able to say for /sure/ I can accommodate you until I've been there -- since my first time going somewhere can sometimes turn into an inadvertent adventure." The dancer smiled, a mix of apologetic and self-depreciating. "What's the nearest bus route, and how far from it are you?" Lee knew most of the bus routes pretty well, though she'd have to check times. "If it's more than a half-hour ride each way, I may need to charge a bit extra, since I'd be tied up longer. So I guess it comes down to how badly you want lessons there instead of here."
Belasý favored Anton with a mildly approving glance. She'd indicated the problems, yes, but also proposed a solution. It was important to know what might pose a problem, so one could make contingency plans. It was to be expected that Command would overlook things. They always did.

Maria was more abraisive about her concerns, but the woman seemed best suited to spy work, and Bel could tell she didn't take well to idiots. Good for her. And then John asked if anyone spoke Russian. Her expression tightened, but she tilted her head ever-so-slightly when Izkry looked her way.

"Belasý speaks Russian. Well, I say 'speaks'...this might perhaps be generous, yes?" He flashed a brief smile at the joke. "But she knew enough to keep up with most conversations, when we were younger. I imagine it's a little rusty, but give her a bit and she'll pick it back up. She is a fast study -- Frauline Maria, if you teach her the cutlery and such I think she would be fine. I am...less quick to learn such things.

"I might be able to pass as serving staff, if I must. But I might do better as one of the valets -- I drive well, and then I could keep an eye on those coming and going, though it would be up to the rest to watch other ways in. The biggest issue for me is my accent and my manners." Izkry ran a hand through his hair sheepishly. "My accent is decidedly Germanic, and I would never pass for upper class without a lot of work."
@KaiserElectric Sorry to hear that, Kaiser. Take care!

Everyone else, this is the next post on my to-do list, when my brain cooperates!

Elian Zefra
LOCALE // near dungeon entrance
TIME // early afternoon

"I'm the dedicated healer, so while I'll be keeping an eye on all of you, my focus is our tanks. Two teams supporting each other sounds good to me, sure. But don't think I didn't miss that, Gearhead. You and all the ladies? As if." Elian rolled her eyes with a grin. "And no offense, Rael, but while I'm sure you're a fine damage dealer, I've not worked with you before. I'm a finesse build; that means dodging's my game, and any healing I do centered on myself if I /do/ take damage won't help those farther away. The ranged team has Ebon, Tiferet, and Landon, and I have ranged spells and a way to fall back if needed. For now, I mean to stick with the tanks." She shrugged apologetically. "I've always been just a little better at close range instead of way in the rear. I trust these four to watch my back." She waved a closed fan at the melee team. "And I know how to keep out of the way. I've worked with y'all before, we'll be good." She was sure she'd be fine, and she expected the frontliners to know enough about teamwork to support each other.

Besides, someone has to keep Graves from killing the rest of them. Not that I think he really would, but I'm the one that knows him best of those present. If something really is bothering him enough that he's off his game, I'll pick up on it first -- and hopefully be able to help.

"If everyone's ready, shall we~?"
"I'll post when I'm back," she said.
"Vacation will be good for me," she said.

Well it was, but I also got sick. Sinus pressure means I can't brain. 'm here, just...half coherent.
Amuné looked up at Ethan, still in tears. "I said I'd learn and Taliya didn't care," she wept. She managed to give him a weak and very wavery smile when she felt his hand in her hair. She wiped the worst of the tears from her face before pulling his wrist down so she could press her cheek into his palm. "Promise you'll help me practice?" she begged. "He scares me and I don't wanna have to practice with him." She spoke softer this time, trying not to let Gage hear. Ethan's agreement reassured her and she took a deep breath, trying to gather her courage. "O-okay. I'll try. I /am/ a good learner, Mommy and Daddy both say so." She sniffled and gave her friend a hug. "I guess I hafta go now...but we can talk later, sure."

Except she didn't quite yet, because Nymira wanted to talk now. Of course the bossy princess would do that now instead of later. "I still have to find my parents. promised you'd help, right? I guess I can wait a while if you need some time now that you know about Cedric...." The girl hadn't really lost anyone she knew well, though she'd encountered death before. People who'd lost someone they cared about needed time, and she was trying to be considerate of that, even if she lacked the knowledge of how to go about it well.

"And...I wanna help Cecil find his answers too." Amuné looked down at her feet, only glancing up at the Machina through her lashes. She wished she was as brave as he was, or as strong. Maybe if she practiced /really/ hard she could be...even if she didn't really want to fight. Violence was wrong, and killing was bad, but her daddy had also said that sometimes you didn't have a choice. That was one reason the Ydrans trained moorcats like Wyth to work with their guards and hunters. "After that...I don't know. My family can't go back to Pinesgrove, not after what happened. I thought maybe we might live here, but that's up to Mommy and Daddy. ...You'll all visit, right?" She directed the question mostly at Ethan and Cecil. "And Taliya said maybe she might find someone that can help me learn about my magic, so that's another reason to come back." The girl paused. "I Saw you fighting that big thing -- the rokorm. And then Taliya showed me a book that she said Cedric wrote, and I managed to use that to See again...but it didn't really work as well as I'd hoped." Her brows drew together at the memory of the other things she'd glimpsed. "But it's something, right?"
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