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They say it's about the journey, not the destination. This is true of many things. Pizza delivery is not one of them.
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TFW you know what you want to happen but the words aren't cooperating. Why is plot suddenly so much harder to write?
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You can't fix a blank page ~ Neil Gaiman
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Neil Gaiman on Friday. Neil Gaiman on Friday. NeilGaimanonFriday NEilGaimanonFridaYNEILGAIMANONFRIDAY NEILGAIMANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
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So ded. Cannot brain. Just one massive poorly coordinated and balance-lacking headache. But don't send help. I don't want to people either. X.x


I am an adult, though I don't usually act like it. I'm a voracious reader, and not overly picky about books. I am artistic in a variety of areas, including music, drawing, writing, and sculpting. I have a minor obsession with dragons, and love the color violet. Fantasy is my preferred genre, be it past, future, long as it has a fantasy flavor to it. I also like scifi, mystery, and some horror. I am crazy, and I like tormenting my characters. But I don't bite...much. ^.~

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Finnegan agreed to consulting a librarian, and after a bit of a pause he suggested Alys take the lead. She was happy to, and indeed she knew where the librarians were likely to be found -- but before she could turn to head off, Finnegan brought up an unexpected memory. "Our first dance?" she echoed. "That would have been after I started attending Geraldine's, and the Institute, right -- or wait, no. No, I remember. I was what, thirteen? Fourteen?" The details came rushing back in a flood. "I was sick of being shown off to people so I escaped to the manor's library and completely ignored my dance card, but you wouldn't go away." Alyssana spared a smile for her younger self. "That was how I thought of you, you know, until we met properly at the Institute. 'The boy who wouldn't go away'. And I think I judged you rather unfairly, back then. I am glad we became friends despite that."

If she focused on the memory, she could remember the finer points of it. The dry, book-scented air of the library. Her annoyance at being discovered, and her uncharitable thoughts regarding the one interrupting her reading. The warmth of Finnegan's hand, when she finally acquiesced to his request. It had been at least a year before they met again, but the encounter stayed with her. "And I suppose, if I am being honest, that I was a little flattered. Not at the time, but when I thought of it afterwards. No one else made the effort of trying to find me -- or if they did, they didn't succeed."
Alys accepted the invitation to visit with a nod and a smile. "I'd love to drop by some afternoon," she said, "and see what all you're up to." The clarification that Chris was not invited was met with a wry expression. She understood, of course. Not everyone had the tolerance for him that she did.

She watched the professor as he made his way off into the stacks until Finnegan cleared his throat and spoke, at which point she returned her attention to her friend. "The number five and the divine ratio...I'm not sure where those books would be, unfortunately. We should consult a librarian."
Finnegan's answer to her question was a flirt, though a surprisingly subdued one in terms of tone. Alys would have replied but at that exact moment one of their old professors turned up. "Why, Professor Mitchell. What an unexpected pleasure," she said. "And no, I've no intention of ceasing my learning. A professor is obligated to stay up-to-date with their field, after all."

Mitchell's repeated question of what brought them to the library confused her. Finny had more or less answered the question, after all. "We came on a whim, I suppose. I would have found my way here sometime in the next couple of days, if not for Lord Finnegan's suggestion that we come today. And really, is it necessary to have a reason to enjoy the library?" The corner of Alys's mouth twitched upwards. "What about you, Professor? What books are you seeking today?"
Alys looked up at Finny as he offered to let her do her browsing first. She gave him a smile, for once glad of of his perpetual chivalry. "Alright then," she said. "Yes, there's a couple authors that have released new things, including one that published some new material on the Wasteland cities." The animation in her voice indicated her excitement, belying the relative neutrality of her expression. She lead the way through the stacks at a brisk pace, heading first to the fiction section, where she made a couple different stops, including one in the mystery section. Alys was swift to locate the books she wanted, and in the end the walking took more time than the actual searching.

In the nonfiction section she lingered over the books a little longer, but still worked relatively quickly. Here Alys told Finny a little about what she was looking into, though if he didn't seem interested she let it go. Her focus on magic and how it affected human culture and development throughout history was nothing new; she'd been at it for years.

Her selection of books completed, she tucked the last one into a cloth bag she'd brought for the purpose. "That's everything," she said, turning to look at Finny, her eyes bright. "What were you hoping to get?"
The library was a beautiful building, Alys thought. Both she and Chris were regulars there, and knew their way around, at least for the most part. Of course there was never any harm in consulting a librarian for help if such was needed, but over the years the pair needed that help less and less.

"We have about an hour before we should be going. Chris, set your pocketwatch so you don't forget," Alys cautioned, as Chris made to head off at once into the stacks of books.

"Yes alright," he replied distractedly, wanting to be off, but he did at least take out his watch and fiddle with it until the little device was set. And then he was away, Walter trailing behind, vanishing between the rows of books with an eager and confident air.

"Well that's those two taken care of," Alys said with a smile. "We may have to track them down later, but I have a good idea of where they'll end up. Finnegan, are there any books in particular you wanted to get?" She was eager to be off as well, but it was polite to ask her companion if he meant to get anything and take care of that first.
Alys smiled slightly at Finnegan's boasting, but said nothing about it. She was used to his mannerisms but saw little reason to encourage him to more. Instead she turned to her brother. "You should finish your meal, Chris. You too, Walter -- if we're going to have a decent amount of time at the library, we should be leaving soon."

"We're going to the library?" Christopher lit up. "Oh that's good -- there's a few books I've been meaning to get, but I was busy with my research and all so I never did get around to going." With a goal in mind, Chris stopped talking and dedicated himself to eating, and before long he was finished.

Once everyone was done, the group prepared to leave, donning jackets and locating library cards.

"C'mon, let's go!" Chris enthused. He was more than ready to be on his way, even before he'd gotten his jacket all the way on. "Library time!"
Both brothers had the fidgets it seemed, as Finnegan scolded Walter for not sitting still. Alys had long ago learned to put up with Christopher's lack of stillness, and under most circumstances encouraged him to carry some small device or other to keep his hands busy when they weren't otherwise occupied -- such as with a cup of tea.

"This afternoon?" Chris echoed, looking up from his teacup, where he had been watching the motion of the tiny particulates at the bottom. "What happened this afternoon?" Of course the young man would catch a reference to something embarrassing, without even knowing it was.

"Just a minor laboratory accident, Christopher. Fortunately no one was injured." Alyssana downplayed the incident to avoid piquing her brother's interest further, hoping to avoid having to explain the precise details of what was an all around unfortunate incident.

"Oh. Well yes laboratory safety is very important, even if you're not working with dangerous chemicals and stuff like that," Chris said. "You should be more careful -- accidents are bad."
"Tea time?" Alys pulled out a pocketwatch and checked the hour. "Ah, yes, I suppose it is. And there really isn't anything further to be done with the information we have. Tea would be lovely -- and I do have time for a trip to the library afterwards." She went to fold the map up and handed it to Finny, to tuck in with the various newspaper clippings in his notebook.

By the time the tea was ready, Chris and Walter had been rounded up and and everyone was settled in the parlor. Chris was fidgeting absently with a small cube featuring brightly painted squares of color. It was something he'd shown to Walter earlier -- a Rubik's cube, Christopher called it. Solving it was a trivial matter for Chris but playing around with it gave him something to do with his hands.

"Chris, put it away."

"But Lyssaaaa--!"

"No buts, Chris. You can't have tea and play with that at the same time."
"It means we know roughly when the next murder will occur," Alyssana declared, "though not so much where." She peered at the marked map with a sigh. "The murders are spread out across the city, far too large an area to patrol properly." She stepped back, pacing slowly up and down the length of the room as she thought. "I really don't think there's much more to be gleaned from what we have in the way of information. If the note doesn't refer to a place but rather to the cycle of murders and moon phases, well. I'm not sure what our next step should be." Alys closed her little notebook and tucked it back in her pocket, along with the pencil she'd used for writing.
"Thank you for keeping an eye on my brother," Alys told the servant at Finny's prompting. "I'm glad to hear he and Walter are being looked after." Even if Finnegan had ignored the news, she would not -- and it never hurt to be courteous to one's staff. She herself lived with minimal staff, just a single housekeeper, but the Greys had taught her to respect the help and always treat them well. "Let's see...I think a map of the city, if you please Franklin, one that Finnegan won't mind me marking up, and that should be all."

It didn't take long for the man to return, and by then Alys had moved the various trinkets from the coffee table to an end table, giving herself and Finnegan space to work. "Thank you, Franklin," she said, taking charge of the requested items. The map she laid out on the table, and she gave Finny the book with the news clippings, keeping the almanac for herself, as well as a small notebook of her own. "If you'll read through the dates and locations in order, Finny, I'll write down the moon phases, and we can mark the locations on the map to see if a pattern emerges."

Together the pair went over times and places, until all were neatly jotted down. Alys looked over her notes and frowned slightly, then held out her little notebook so Finnegan could read it. "I think you were onto something, Finny, with the phases of the moon being relevant," she said. "Just look at this."
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