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They say it's about the journey, not the destination. This is true of many things. Pizza delivery is not one of them.
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TFW you know what you want to happen but the words aren't cooperating. Why is plot suddenly so much harder to write?
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You can't fix a blank page ~ Neil Gaiman
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Neil Gaiman on Friday. Neil Gaiman on Friday. NeilGaimanonFriday NEilGaimanonFridaYNEILGAIMANONFRIDAY NEILGAIMANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
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So ded. Cannot brain. Just one massive poorly coordinated and balance-lacking headache. But don't send help. I don't want to people either. X.x


I am an adult, though I don't usually act like it. I'm a voracious reader, and not overly picky about books. I am artistic in a variety of areas, including music, drawing, writing, and sculpting. I have a minor obsession with dragons, and love the color violet. Fantasy is my preferred genre, be it past, future, urban...as long as it has a fantasy flavor to it. I also like scifi, mystery, and some horror. I am crazy, and I like tormenting my characters. But I don't bite...much. ^.~

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Hazmat suit and a man with what seemed to be force-based abilities made short work of the initial volley of attacks. Izkry frowned as he was asked for an analysis of the lizard-person. His drones had decent sensors, but that only went so far. "Sorry Jason. There's no data available on the 'dragon', either in the Avengers' database or public records. Observation says they're fast and durable, with some sort of web ability. Their body temp seems to be lower than the norm, which might provide an advantage if you can cool them off. They did seem concerned with Pepper's well-being, but now they've rejoined our opponents."

His attention shifted as Dancer chirped a notification in his ear. "We have one going airborne, on some sort of...giant shiny bird? Can't get a good visual beyond the hoodie they're wearing. My guess is the one in the hazmat suit is the source of the radiation; be careful with that one. Pink haired woman seems to be in charge. She's certainly giving orders."

He could only watch in frustration as both the young man in the golden armor and the biker chick were sent tumbling. Armor dude at least had been taken off-guard, but biker chick...biker chick had been overconfident, and apparently paid for it. Though it seemed her injury was closing up, so perhaps it wasn't as bad as Izkry initially feared.

On the gangway of the Quinjet, Belasý adjusted her stance as the woman with the pink hair -- apparently the leader -- turned her way. She wished she had a gun -- it would make things so much easier, but the goal was incapacitation, and not killing. She could understand why, but it still sucked. Even a pistol would be useful -- but again, that was too close to lethal. Bel pulled one of her knives out, holding it at her side. If the woman came at her, Belasý would be ready.
The tour lead them through the majority of the academy. Izkry was most interested in the workshop. For Belasý, the news that she would have not one but three roommates was more concerning -- though she perked up at the sight of a decent kitchen area. They were just about to learn their room assignments when War Machine said they had a situation.

On the way back to the locker rooms, Izkry got Happy's attention. "For this mission, we are aiming to incapacitate our opponents, yes? Or are we supposed to try to kill them?" To his relief, Happy said incapacitation would be sufficient. ^That means no guns, Bel,^ he told his sister, which earned him an exasperated sigh. But she left her rifle case in her locker.

It didn't take long for the pair to change. Neither had what could be called a hero costume. Izkry wore his jeans and swapped his sneakers for combat boots. Belasý too had combat boots, but she wore a thin jogging suit. Both sported lightweight kevlar vests, and Bel tied her hair back and then put it up in a bun. Her canteen was at her side, and her belt held two knives and a short stun rod. Izkry had his whip, and a small backpack.

Izkry spent the brief flight over patching Dancer into the Avengers' network (with permission), and listening to Happy's overview of the situation. The mention of radiation present was concerning, but even moreso was Happy's sudden cry of "Pepper!"

Then they were falling, and Happy was doing his best to make sure it'd be a safe landing. And it was -- rough, but mostly safe. Sigurd immediately stepped into the role of leader, which was fine with Izkry, but bothered Belasý -- how could he lead effectively if he didn't know their abilities? But there was no time to argue.

^Dancer, get airborne and give me an overhead view of this site,^ Izkry said aloud, opening his bag and taking out two tiny quadcopter drones. Dancer chirped an acknowledgement in his earpiece, and the drones started spinning up. In moments the two drones were airborne and out of sight. He pulled a tablet and connected keyboard out of his bag and set them up, as Belasý went to guard the gangway of the Quinjet.

Izkry opened his comm link with a self-conscious smile to himself. "Alright, everyone. Apologies for my bad English -- I'm Izkry, and I'll be your eyes in the sky today." With a soft command to Dancer, he sent one drone to take photos of the five on the ground, with the second drone following after Jason to keep tabs on him and the one called Pepper, also with orders to photograph their sixth opponent.

"Happy, do you recognize any of these people?" he asked, displaying the images across his screen.

Regrettably, one of them actually was recognizable. "One. The blonde with the fur-lined jacket? Anastasia Kravinoff, otherwise known as Kraven the Hunter. Inherited the title from her father after he...Well, that's not important. She's strong, fast, and has a level of martial prowess that could make trained military men and women look like toddlers. Seems like this may be more dangerous than we thought..."

"Hear that, folks? Lady with the spear and the fur jacket is highly dangerous. Take her out from a distance, if you can, as she is extremely competent at close range."
@Mintz Fair enough. I might make another character down the line, I might not. We'll see.
I don't intend on bringing her in right away, but...have another character.

A second Quinjet passed overhead, and landed on the academy roof. Izkry watched the funny-looking VTOL with interest, wondering if perhaps he'd get to fly in something like that one day. Or maybe he'd get to work on one -- wouldn't that be fun! He was distracted from this line of thought by a nudge from Belasý, who was paying more attention to the gold-armored young man now approaching the Hulk. She noted a suited escort, so perhaps he was someone of some import. The young man bowed, armor flashing in the sun, before offering Professor Hulk a handshake. That was interesting. She wondered if he was from eastern Asia.

The next in line was a dark-haired woman that looked roughly Izkry's age. She introduced herself as Mia Thompson. She was followed by the brusque Hazel, who complained that her bike had been dismantled. Izkry noted with interest that she seemed to have some sort of arm computer, and made a mental note to ask her about it later. Belasý was more interested in the fact that this one did not try to shake Hulk's hand. The dynamic between her and the teacher was more strained. After Hazel came Mazie Murdock, who also gave her alias. She didn't catch the actual name of the next arrival, a dark-skinned young man with a navy jacket. However Hulk callled him "Thunderbolt", so apparently he had a hero name too. His manner was a relaxed one, very casual.

A loud thud and cracking noise marked the arrival of a large suit of red armor. Izkry leaned forward at the sight, watching as it moved into the courtyard and stopped before the Avengers monument. Then it continued on to face Professor Hulk, revealing a dark-haired young man as the helmet retracted. He then went to sit, power armor and all, on the grass.

A paired roaring of engines heralded two motorcycles and their riders. One, a middle-aged man, immediately headed off to the side. The other, a young woman in motorcycle leathers, greeted Professor Hulk casually, then greeted the rest of the group. Izkry offered her a friendly wave and a smile in response.

The final arrival didn't say anything, and stayed off to the side. Professor Hulk started to speak, but instead was interrupted by the crash of shattering glass and the unceremonious defenestration of someone in a red-and-black bodysuit. Then a suit of power armor landed next to the professor, identifying the individual as Deadpool.

It was a short interruption, however, and Professor Hulk recovered admirably. He introduced the one in silver power armor as War Machine, and the suited man from earlier on as Mr. Hogan. Mr. Hogan immediately corrected that to "Happy". Izkry and Belasý both picked up their bags again, ready to take the tour. Izkry assumed formal introductions would come later, and for now was happy to just go with the flow. Besides, a tour meant seeing their room (or rooms), and that meant they could drop their luggage off.
Izkry spent most of the taxi ride glued to the window. He'd seen Prime Tower in Zurich, of course, but it was less than a third the height of the tallest building in New York. Even the Roche Towers were tiny in comparison. And there were so many skyscrapers! Switzerland had very few buildings more than a hundred meters tall, and New York had hundreds! It was insane, and he said as much to Belasý. She just shrugged. All the tall buildings had her feeling very small, and it wasn't a feeling she liked. She felt small enough on a normal basis; she didn't need the feeling reinforced.

The taxi rolled to a stop outside a short, squat building with a large courtyard bordered by hedges. "Here we are. Avengers Academy," said the driver. "You gonna need help with your luggage?"

"If you would help us get it out of the trunk, we'd appreciate it," Izkry replied. Each sibling had a large suitcase filled with most of the things they'd need for their stay, and a backpack each. Izkry also had his guitar; Belasý, her favorite rifle -- both in cases. The pair disembarked and with the driver's help in short order they were loaded up and ready to enter the academy.

"Danke schön," Izkry said to the driver as he thanked the other man and paid him. The taxi pulled away, leaving the siblings standing on the doorstep of their new home. Izkry straightened his shirt, one of his favorites with the saying "√-1 23 ∑ Π and it was delicious" emblazoned on it. Belasý wore her favorite hoodie, and both wore jeans, though Bel's had floral embroidery up one leg.

^Well, Bel, I guess this is it,^ Izkry said in German. ^Shall we?^ Belasý took a deep breath and nodded, and the two started for the gates.

The lawn past the gates was well-kept, with scattered benches, but what dominated the open expanse was a huge statue depicting various heroes. Belasý would have walked right past it, but--

^Bel, wait a minute.^ Izkry set down his guitar case and ran his fingers over the edge of the silvery plaque. "It's not about where you were born, or what powers you have, or what you wear on your chest; it's about what you do," he read aloud. Belasý huffed a breath through her nose. "What powered people did" in her mind at least, was cause trouble. ^Hey, don't be like that Bel. These people saved millions of lives. They're heroes.^ Belasý just shook her head. It was a disagreement they'd had many times, and one they were no closer to reaching an agreement on.

Past the statue stood a huge man with green skin. Izkry gulped, suddenly nervous himself. He'd heard stories about many of the Avengers, but to actually meet one...well, it was a big deal. With Belasý trailing behind him, Izkry crossed the rest of the lawn to stop in front of the imposing figure. He set his guitar case down again and extended a hand. "Hallo! I'm Izkry Siskin, and this is my sister Belasý. Thank you for having us."

The professor's handshake was gentle, out of necessity. His hand dwarfed Izkry's, and the young man knew that Professor Hulk could easily crush him if he wanted to! With introductions out of the way, he and Belasý moved to the side. Izkry was eager to see who else was going to show up, and Belasý wanted to assess those she would be living with for the foreseeable future.
*wiggles excitedly* SOON(tm)
@Mintz Nope, not them. It's the translation from Slovak of their nicknames, which were given them by their friend Aron. ^.^
@Mintz I mean, do they exist, and are they allowed. Although I seem to have forgotten Jarvis and Friday...so they probably do exist at least in some places. At any rate, have a charsheet or two. Please let me know if there's anything I've forgotten or need to change!

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