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1 day ago
Current So ded. Cannot brain. Just one massive poorly coordinated and balance-lacking headache. But don't send help. I don't want to people either. X.x
16 days ago
Glad to see I'm not the only follower of Lord Cato, god of wisdom, on this most auspicious Superb Owl Sunday.
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23 days ago
How can you not have an acquaintanceship with someone if you're already rping with them? Is this a thing? /HOW/?!
23 days ago
Iunno, @Bard. I rp with folks that seem fun, and then when I know they're fun I'm more likely to rp with them. I'll keep an eye out for new folk, but there's something to be said for skilled rp pals.
2 mos ago


I am an adult, though I don't usually act like it. I'm a voracious reader, and not overly picky about books. I am artistic in a variety of areas, including music, drawing, writing, and sculpting. I have a minor obsession with dragons, and love the color violet. Fantasy is my preferred genre, be it past, future, long as it has a fantasy flavor to it. I also like scifi, mystery, and some horror. I am crazy, and I like tormenting my characters. But I don't bite...much. ^.~

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@Lovejoy Is thank an acknowledgement that you saw it, or a request for the links?! *flailing*
@Lovejoy let me know when you want background/side story links~
We're talkative, and I forget to put stuff in one post and then worry that if I edit it won't be seen?

and yes, it's an amazing story. <33 Most of the IC posts are actually like twenty PM posts.
It's not to camp, it's to patch the guy up and have some food right?

Don't move things along too far, please -- people need a chance to react and interact with the newcomer. Give it a few rounds.
@Sofaking Fancy Oh jeez.
...but it's your turn still. o.o Or is this like a reminder?
*tempted to post again*
@Lovejoy *hugs* sorry to hear your week sucked. Let's hope the rest of it is better. It should be, if you're off!

@Draken right, yeah, I remember that specifically was mentioned, which is why I suggested it.
@Ms Ravenwinter Aww, sorry to hear it. Take care!
@CollectorOfMyst@lovejoy Ilya is not Omestrian, but he is in Leviathan. Then again, I don't think Ilya received special tutelage, did he? Ziotea is Omestrian but not Leviathan, so that helps explain Indira's lack of interest -- that and her personality.

I'm wondering if Cillian is the one that belonged to ...was it Ilya's family? Someone had slaves go to the Seminary around the same time as our chars....

Oh yeee, relatio ships! Think I've got Oren on her sheet already...
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