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7 days ago
Current Computer is borked. Cannot access most of my writing, or most of my notes. Posts will be even more difficult to make until it is fixed. x.x So upset right now.
1 mo ago
Really not doing well right now. Just gotta keep hangin' in there, yeah? *kicks her butt out the door to do things*
2 mos ago
TFW you know what you want to happen but the words aren't cooperating. Why is plot suddenly so much harder to write?
2 mos ago
Having a truly awful week. Just getting out of bed is hard. But I will pull through.
2 mos ago
You can't fix a blank page ~ Neil Gaiman
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I am an adult, though I don't usually act like it. I'm a voracious reader, and not overly picky about books. I am artistic in a variety of areas, including music, drawing, writing, and sculpting. I have a minor obsession with dragons, and love the color violet. Fantasy is my preferred genre, be it past, future, urban...as long as it has a fantasy flavor to it. I also like scifi, mystery, and some horror. I am crazy, and I like tormenting my characters. But I don't bite...much. ^.~

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POOHEAD189 8 mos ago
Have fun catching up with all of those games! Halo 1-3 and Mass Effect are a must have! (If you need any recommendations hit me up).
Gowi 2 yrs ago
So, did I do something bad that I was removed from skype? Was it the lack of communication consistently? I’d like to think we’re still friends and such!
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