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2 yrs ago
They say it's about the journey, not the destination. This is true of many things. Pizza delivery is not one of them.
3 yrs ago
TFW you know what you want to happen but the words aren't cooperating. Why is plot suddenly so much harder to write?
3 yrs ago
You can't fix a blank page ~ Neil Gaiman
3 yrs ago
Neil Gaiman on Friday. Neil Gaiman on Friday. NeilGaimanonFriday NEilGaimanonFridaYNEILGAIMANONFRIDAY NEILGAIMANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
3 yrs ago
So ded. Cannot brain. Just one massive poorly coordinated and balance-lacking headache. But don't send help. I don't want to people either. X.x


I am an adult, though I don't usually act like it. I'm a voracious reader, and not overly picky about books. I am artistic in a variety of areas, including music, drawing, writing, and sculpting. I have a minor obsession with dragons, and love the color violet. Fantasy is my preferred genre, be it past, future, urban...as long as it has a fantasy flavor to it. I also like scifi, mystery, and some horror. I am crazy, and I like tormenting my characters. But I don't bite...much. ^.~

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POOHEAD189 3 yrs ago
Have fun catching up with all of those games! Halo 1-3 and Mass Effect are a must have! (If you need any recommendations hit me up).
Gowi 5 yrs ago
So, did I do something bad that I was removed from skype? Was it the lack of communication consistently? I’d like to think we’re still friends and such!
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