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Current Quoting Trump while playing Age of Empires II is my new favorite thing to do with my friends.
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Just got home from my trip. If you're waiting on replies, I'll get to you soon!
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Rest in peace, Jerry Lewis.
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The one thing I like about taking trips is that I usually end up at a place with a TV and 1000 channels.
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Mass Effect Andromeda isn't bad. It just had a lot to live up to, and it didn't reach it. Even if a few characters are bamf.


POOHEAD189'S Intro

Hi, my name's Poohead, or Poo. Call me either. If they really make you uncomfortable, I'm Ben. I'm a 26 year old guy of mixed race, living in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks for visiting my page. A few things that you might want to know about me...let's see...
I'm an idealist and a nerd. I have a lot of interests and love all kinds of media. I'm a big fan of Fantasy, but I'm always up for some Sci Fi as well, as well as anything that isn't just slice of life like Hero RP's or horror or survival.
I try my absolute best to do the right thing whenever I can, and to be kind. So if you ever feel like I said something hurtful, it's almost an utter certainty that I was joking/messing with you because I can be a bit silly sometimes. Despite that, and my easy going nature, I take my life and what I do (and don't do) extremely seriously. Please let me know if I'm ever in the wrong at any point and I'll do my best to make amends and will certainly apologize.
I love reading, writing, so of course I'm always here to look for new RPs. I work at Fedex as a courier as of now, but in truth I think of my real career as a combination of being a writer and martial artist. If you ever feel curious on anything, don't hesitate to PM me. On the off chance that I can't help you or don't have time to RP, and the even smaller chance that I can't get my creative thoughts flowing, hey, at least I made a friend. Thank you so much for reading this! You honor me.

Why the Username?

When I was 5, I was playing Mario Kart on the super nintendo, and I needed a 3 letter word to save my game. I chose poo instead of Ben because it was funny and silly, and I'm often silly in a joking way. So...I never threw it away tbh. I could never find something else that spoke to me more. It went from poo to POOHEAD when I started making usernames on the computer when I was 12 (still use poo189 for console gaming), and I added the 189 because I was young enough not to know people used birthdays for their numbers, so I made up a random number and have been using that one for 13 years. To be honest, I have a lot of interests and I take who I am very seriously, like it says above. So why the poo? Because I could never really find something that I felt could describe me in a way that I would want. I mean I love a ton of stuff, and identify with some things more than others, but it'd be like choosing favorite kids. So I stuck with my username that I've been using for 20 years.


I am...too big of a nerd. I've dabbled and delved into a lot of unnecessary lore in a lot of series. Here's a list of a few (and also general things I am interested in)
  • LOTR
  • Dragon Age
  • Forgotten Realms
  • Star Wars
  • Mass Effect
  • Halo
  • Warhammer
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warcraft
  • Shannara series
  • Dragonball Z (hell yeah)
  • Various action Anime
  • Shit ton of movies. I love Historical, War, Comedy, Action, Drama, and Cultural Films.
  • So many games (love them all except sports/dating games. Big fan of strategy, RPG, Shooter, Action, etc.)
  • So many books (sooooooooo many books)
  • I love all kinds of music. I'm a big fan of Rock (Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge, Post-Grunge, Nu metal, Hard Rock especially. Favorite artist is Billy Joel though, for his variety, even if I'm into hard stuff like Disturbed and Seether and Foo Fighters and TDG and BB.)
  • This is here for all of the other stuff I didn't mention because it'd take way too long.

Also, if you want to see my face, click here

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Welcome to the Guild!
Kayden let out a sigh as he mounted the horse, very much used to one after having been trained as a boy by his father's Master-At-Arms. This was a fine steed, he could tell. Broken in and with a very smooth coat, strong and healthy. He idly ran his hand over the horse's mane as Wren walked up to join him in admiring the steed. If he didn't know any better, he would have thought she'd been admiring him as well but a few moments ago.

"More or less," he said with a grin, dark eyes meeting hers after a few moments. "I've been on horseback for much of my life. It always pays to have a fine horse to help you in a dangerous situation." The Prince glanced toward Sigmar, and nodded his agreement at the Orcish one's statement. As long as he had his bearings, getting there would be no problem. "Aye, we should be fine." Once that was concluded, he turned back to Wren.

"This is a good horse. If you'd like I could find another, or perhaps we could spare Dulcena a horse and you could ride with me." He said, offering her a hand. He had an attractive look on his face, as if what he offered was their little secret.
<Snipped quote by POOHEAD189>

That's an indictment of Trump as a poor President (dont hurt me mdk) though, not of anything else

As a history major who's taken multiple courses and written essays on the civil war, I can tell you now I know that a lot of leftists are into the mob mentality and don't deign to look up facts. Like how Robert E. Lee freed his slaves, petitioned for african americans to gain a good education after the war, and the south would have abolished slavery due to industrialization in 20 years anyway. But instead you have people with no historical studies commenting on the civil war as if they've got a degree.

However, because of that huge mentality that as long as there's millions of them they'll think they're right, it's just hard to talk to them about much of anything until stuff has calmed down. At least we can agree that Trump could have handled that better.
Except that is incomparable, they were pointing out that the left group violence was overlooked by media as a separate matter, even if pertinent. Your friend or this woman deserves your condolences as a victim of beo-nazisn but the cops hut by the left groups somehow don't deserve mention???

Believe it or not I agree with you. There are BLM peeps who call for the death of policeman. However if Trump wanted to be effective, he should have waited a week or two and provided evidence of radical leftists, rather than pretty much doing what I posted.
@POOHEAD189 Your signature picture makes me very happy! Spike is the best.

Thank you! He totes is.
I think it's because, if I walked in and insulted your friend and then punched him. Would you go "hey, Poohead is bad. But so are the leftists."

You'd probably just say "stop it."
Manny gave Ellie a wink. "Way ahead of you," he said, giving the others a casual salute as he back stepped out of the meeting room. His long legs moving smoothly over the sleek floor, he practically slid into his office, landing gracefully in his rolling chair. His momentum brought him to his desk, outfitted with a disheveled pile of books, a shitty laptop, a sheathed USMC combat knife, and a mini-fan he often enjoyed in the summer time.

He turned his computer on, but not to do research. He turned on an audio file he had downloaded months ago, a post grunge song by TDG and their new singer called 'The Real You.' Songs that brought a harsh rhythm he enjoyed. It was how the real world actually was. Rough and terrible, but with a certain melodic feeling and pattern. Of course Manny wouldn't describe it in such a way himself. Rather he'd have used far more casual language. 'Hard and rough, but you can dig it."

He let out a breath, and scratched his neck, before he began to pick apart his book stack with a methodical but practiced examination. "Ok," he said under his breath. "What kind of magic would influence some chick like that?" Placing both feet on the table and reclining, he reviewed the tomes he had.

He slipped past the basic tomes of Paracelsus, outlining the basic functions of mystical theory. It helped any journeyman magician to conjure up a small spell, but it was taxing to the very spirit. Either way, it wouldn't tell him what he needed to know. There was no enchanting in the book, at any rate.

The Edda Mystic would do no good. Norse magic didn't apply here, neither did the Anthology of Divinations. He tossed the rejected books back onto the desk, each tome landing roughly in a stack as they had been when he'd first entered the room. No wonder they're such a mess, he could hear Kennedy say in his mind. He snorted, and continued the search.

De Occulta Philosophia was next, and Manny flipped it open. Agrippa Von Nettesheim was an eccentric madman, but undoubtedly brilliant. If it wasn't for his pacts with the underworld and his intense curiosity, he might have actually found immortality. The book Manny thumbed through held secrets that still needed to be researched and formed into concrete spells. As effective of a mystic as Agrippa was, his writings were vague and lacking real forethought in diction. More like random scribbles that provided half insights and fantastical sigils of mystic power that had long since been snuffed out.

He sighed, and tossed it onto the growing pile.

The detective sipped the last bit of his coffee as he eyed the next book, and something in his head clicked. Grimoire of the Order of the Golden Dawn, the system of magic perfected from Levi's Laws of of Magic. Every Greek, Egyptian, and Norse God, along with every spirit name in The Key of Solomon, along with many other medieval Grimoires piled into the collection to create the system of the more modern view of the occult.

He turned to the rituals of enchanting. He realized it could have easily been a practiced sorcerer who had influenced Cassandra by a willed spell, but much more likely they had killed her via a ritual. Particularly if it was her supposedly average boyfriend.

He placed his finger on the page as he read aloud. "An octagon of orange yellow chalk, lamps burning at each corner, boiling snake fat...Incense of mercury smoldering in the censure...accept of us these magical sacrifices, and bestow upon our will those of another and place our spirit upon their head until thy deed is done..."

He bit his tongue as he pondered.

"Well shit, could be it."
Gryffindor and some Ravenclaw.
Cyrdic had decided to trust this woman, for no better reason than because she promised a way out of the compound. But that trust had led to his guard being let down, and with it his mental defenses. He openly stared at her as she entertained Ricardo, a lust stirring within him until he felt something annoying below his knees. It took another thump onto his shoe for him to feel the pain, and he winced. "Aahhh," he breathed, turning to look at Camilla.

Oddly enough, his baser instincts were still bare, and he blatantly looked Camilla up and down as well, drinking in the sight of her chest before blinking, his clouded eyes suddenly seeing clearer to understand the reason she stomped on his foot. "What?"

As Camilla explained, it dawned on him she was right. He felt more than foolish for having fallen for what he perceived to be an enchantment of some sort. Yes, there was no denying this woman was breathtakingly beautiful, but he admitted Camilla was as well, and he was in love with her. This wasn't infatuation or love that this woman was showing them, it was intoxication.

As they sat down at her behest, Cyrdic kept his gaze on the floor, or at least did his best not to make eye contact with the woman.

"Signorina Elspeth," Cyrdic heard Ricardo implore breathily. "I am under...incredible duress to recover the Scarab. If I do not..." His words were cut off by an amused chuckling. "Oh, Ricardo. Nothing you can say shall change my mind. However I am certain I can change yours." She purred. He let out an exasperated phrase in Tilean Cyrdic couldn't quite catch. It sounded even more longing than when he professed to be in awe of Camilla.

"Why would you pay us to keep us away from the Scarab?" Cyrdic asked her, and she turned to look at him, tilting her head. "Because, you and your friends seem useful. And I admit I am quite taken with your strong arms, if you seek to know my feelings of you."

"I do not," Cyrdic said, his mental strength bent solely on keeping his eyes away from her, though it was hard with her haunting voice.

"Oh, you wound me herr Cyrdic. But I am forgiving, and my offer still stands. As do many other pleasures I could provide," Her voice was husky. "But only if you deign to work for me. That does not sound so bad, does it?"

"No," he found himself saying.

Give in. Your world will be filled with joy and release. He shook the thoughts away, and he gripped his sword hilt. With the strength in it, he found he could look up at her and keep himself to himself...somewhat.
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