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Current Made a new character last night I'd love to use, but I don't have a name for him yet.
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Do it. I dare you.
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6 days ago
May the Fourth be with you!
14 days ago
For once I'd like someone to flirt with me whom I would be interested in flirting back with. Today the flirter was both married and a mother.
16 days ago
Just saw Mortal Kombat. It had its problems, but it was still good shit.
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About Me

Name: Ben
Username: The one and only. Dare I say?
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Mixed
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian (Nondenominational)
Languages: English, Japanese (Semi-fluent & learning), I also know some Scots Gaelic, Quenyan (Elvish), and Miccosukee (My tribal tongue)
Relationship Status: Single (Though generally unavailable unless I find I really enjoy someone).

Current Projects/Freelance work

  • I am a voice talent and script writer for Faerun History
  • I have a much smaller personal Youtube channel that I use to make videos on various subjects. Only been making videos for 2 years, but it's growing!
  • I'm the host of a Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast where I interview authors of the genre.

Interests (Includes but is not limited to)

  • Writing/Reading (Love writing and I own too many books)
  • Video Games (Been a gamer for close to 23 years now)
  • Working Out/Martial Arts (Wing Chun/Oyama Karate mostly. Some historical swordplay as well.)
  • History (Military History is my specialty)
  • Zoology
  • Art (Mostly Illustrations. Used to be good. Am picking it back up)
  • Voice Acting/Singing
  • Tabletop Gaming (Started late in the game. Been at it for 3 years. I was the kid who bought the monster manuals and D&D books just for the lore for the longest time. I've played 3.5e, 5e, Star Wars D20, Edge of the Empire, PF, and PF2.)
  • Weaponry of all kinds
  • Anime (mostly action/shonen. DBZ & YYH being my favorites)
  • Movies (Action/War/Drama films being my go-to)
  • Music (Rock of all kinds, as well as historical folk songs, sea shanties, pub songs, a bit of classical music, etc)
  • Guitar (am learning to play, but being left handed makes it challenging)
  • There's more but if you care enough you can PM me :P

Roleplay F.A.Q.

  • Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Historical are my genres. Fantasy being my favorite and Sci Fi/Historical being close seconds.
  • Advanced / Nation / 1x1 / Casual (only in certain circumstances)
  • I generally write at the 'Advanced Level' meaning 4+ Paragraphs with good grammar.
  • I am usually busy with many projects and RPs, but if you wish to do a 1x1 with me, you'll need to present your case. Those I already do it with have my trust as a Roleplayer.
  • I love many, many fictional universes so me trying to list them all is an effort in futility!


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Picturesque was right. The setting sun amid the trees and low lying buildings was just the foreground for the Damona mountains in the distance that reached into the sky like knives. It was a grand view, but there was something off about the mountain range. In some ways it was even stranger than the Mountains of Mist, though he wagered he would rather go up the Damona Mountains still. They just had the look of something other than nature making them. Light, the outside world was strange. Hollowbrook hadn't even fazed him, but now that he thought of it, the town had buildings bigger than Emond's Field and nearly the size of Baerlon's homes. When he went back to the farm, he would have many tales to tell. Some he would have rather never experienced, he realized.

Ali dismounted next to Mave, Darius reining in his horse a few yards past them with the other two. The three likely enjoyed the idea of being on horses for just that much longer. Ali could not blame them. If he was better at riding them, he would have felt the same.

The Riverrush Inn was larger than the Winespring, albeit only slightly. It didn't have an alehouse connected to it, but Ali had recognized a brewery as they rode in, likely giving some good stock to the place which boded well for them. He could use a drink, though he was a bit hazy on what was good and what was poor, save for the ale back home. Ali noticed he hadn't been the only one who noticed things.

Catching the looks the teamsters gave them, Ali bent down to whisper to Mave. "I guess they don't get a lot of travelers here?" He whispered.

"They think, correctly as far as we're concerned, that we're Hunters for the Horn." She whispered back conspiratorially.

"Oh good," He said a bit more boldly as the two stepped into the Inn, the three true hunters following behind. "Erm, that's still good, yeah?"
*reads post*
Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions.
How he had arrived there, he did not know. Only by the will of the dark one himself could this have happened, and what he saw was beyond his fear and the death of hope. The Blasted Lands of the Blight swepts under his gaze like a preview to the unmaking of the world, and passed the scarred, bony landscape of beasts was the very bore itself. The scene came to a crescendo when he saw a mountainous crag that towered into the sky; a knife of black iron and flame that belched forth the incinerating essence of Shaitan himself. The very thought of it made him wish he was allowed to buckle his knees and fall to the ground in obsequiousness, but he was forced to watch until he saw the very face of the devil itself.

A blackened face in terrible contortion, with eyes that glowed of evil and a mouth that leaked out hellfire. The stately figure suddenly towered over him, and in his hands were the man's very soul. Horror and dread filled him, but he could still not look away as the energy was life was drained out of him, and he fell headlong into the fires of Shayo Ghul to meet his end, with but one last message granted to him by his benefactor.

"Seek the boy with the red eyes..."

Jaichim Carridin awoke with a start, sweat pouring off of his body. He felt himself and realized he was still whole and untouched, but to his horror, he slid the sheets off himself to reveal a blackened handprint beside his bed, and smoke coiled from the burnt area.

The path was not rough at first, winding through the lightly wooded forest to the north, cultivated for centuries by Illianers for lumber and various fruits. Their wine fields were to the east, Ali had discovered through overhearing Deslan prattle on and on about how he supped much of its bounty the night previously. Darius Klien seemed to enjoy the conversation, though he was always looking around suspiciously in Ali's opinion. He had taken a liking of Mave, but it seemed more like he wanted to impress a pretty girl than anything truly nefarious, especially considering Ali was playing the role of her fiance.

Tanil seemed to appear ahead of them and behind them at will, though it was always after Ali was certain the man had been right beside him a moment before. As for himself, he carried himself as tall as he could, his bow strung and set along his back and his staff in his hand like a walking stick. Always best to have it on hand, his father had told him, and if they think it's just a stick, more fool them. Death came swiftest to those that underestimated someone, he suspected. He just hoped he didn't need to prove or disprove that theory anytime soon.

"So Darian, where did you learn to shoot the bow?" Darius asked, giving him a sidelong glance. "That's a big one for a Camelyn bow, but I guess I'm not expert."

It took Ali more than a second to remember that was the name he had given himself, and when Mave gave him an expectant look it clicked in his head. He was glad he wasn't at the farm anymore, else he would have been called woolheaded by countless people. See if they take the deception better!

"Oh uh... outside. I...I learned from my father. He was a soldier in the war when the Aiel attacked." He explained, realizing he could tell the truth in most of that capacity anyway.

"He must have gotten the bow in the war too. How far can you shoot that thing?" He asked, genuinely curious Ali thought.

"I can kill a deer at two hundred yards if there's nothing in my way. If I had to I could shoot almost twice that far, but I don't know if I could hit anything I wanted to." He confessed. Not as good as his da or Brimford Coplin, but he still felt proud at being the third best shot in the two rivers.

"Must be those special eyes of yours! That'd be a fine shot."

You have been weighed...

You have been measured...

And you have been found welcome to the site :)
He couldn't quite gauge what they were after, and he couldn't exactly ask them yet. He needed to break the ice as it were. Caber pushed off the wall, and as if life were a high budget film, he seemed to have materialized amongst them once their eyes panned around them a bit. Barley would be facing the Fae, Caber looking none the worse for wear amid the group.

"Now now, fellows, please!" He cried in the middle of them. The thugs would likely be a bit taken aback from his appearance, he guessed. He still wished for their attention. His fae nature tended to draw in more curiosity than anger, at least until curiosity was sated. "The way you do this is buy the most expensive brew in Barley's alehouse and sweet talk the lady. Violence never solves anything. I'm sure there is a reasonable outcome to this entire debacle, wouldn't you say?"

He wasn't going to do any of his major tricks until he got some answers. But perhaps they were dumb enough to follow his advice, so he decided to lend a hand.

• What’s your character’s beef with ______?
• What’s your character hoping to get from ____?

These are the two!
Caber slunk in, not generally one to hurry unless he felt the rush of his fae spirit about him. Even seeing a friend and a delectable woman trapped, he wanted to best know how to help them first so he kept his cool. He decided he would try and figure them out with a look from his keen eyes. He wanted to guess their intentions. Clearly they meant harm, but not immediately. What would they need Barley and a woman for?

He kept quiet, leaning against the wall near the door and the bigger tables beside the small foyer. Anyone looking his way would see a casual, strikingly dashing youth, appearing barely out of his teens. His hands in his pockets, he simply gauged what was happening as the fellows talked amongst one another.

Before they truly got their hands on one of the two behind the bar, he smirked.

"So..." He said, his voice carrying across the floor. "Is it happy hour yet or did I catch some bears looking for a den?" Caber's smile showed his white teeth, knowing full well the insult wouldn't go over most of their heads. 'Good Old Boys' like those in the order weren't keen on being confused for homosexuals, which Caber found strange. He might not partake, but people didn't have any qualms about delving into such acts for thousands of years. America certainly was a strange land.

Stinger's grin was lost when flame and shrapnel erupted behind her. Had she not been sporting her armor, she might have been seriously wounded. As it stood, the grenade had passed her and hit the back wall within the compound, engulfing one of her gangers and knocking the other two against the wall. The mob boss was flung forward, her body and rifle slamming into Junebug to send them both tumbling into the grime and dirt.

"Dammit," Neil cursed, lowering his weapon when he saw he couldn't shoot one without killing the other in the process. He holstered the grenade launcher on his back and swung about his rifle, flipping off the safety with a 'click'. "Guess it's a cat fight." He quipped, joking of course. Despite the dismissive name, he knew if he leapt into the tussle he'd have no better chance than either of coming out on top. Junebug was more than a match for him in their wrestling matches most of the time and Stinger looked like she was used to killing men larger than her to reach her position.

He leaped off the roof of the building and aligned his battle-rifle to his eye. Immediately the darkened night was flooded with light through the scope as he surveyed the area quickly. The explosions had cast the battle into an all-out quagmire. Bullets and laser rang out through the night across battleline. Neil saw two mutants struggling on the ground, both stabbing at one another with strangely shaped knives. Upon further inspection, he saw they were shivs made from broken aircar parts. Neil passed them, hefting his rifle and discharging a shot, taking a spider in the next. His next shot blew a gout of blood out of the head of a scorpion that had poked his head out too far from the sandbags.

A bullet punched into his flack fest, causing him to grunt. He turned from where he felt the bullet hit and fired at a ganger caught with a dumb look on his face. The round punched through his groin, sending him to the ground.

"Gotta get to Sayeeda..." He told himself.
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