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5 days ago
Current The Trump Presidency is the like the anime, Bleach. It was entertaining for awhile, but it should have stopped way earlier, and there's too many characters and too much filler to keep up with.
5 days ago
My friend was buried today. It'll be hard playing D&D without him every weekend, among other things. Thank you to those I roleplay with who gave me some leeway the last few days.
7 days ago
What is with facebook and suggesting people to me who I have no mutual friends with.
7 days ago
So I have found out that a very, very good friend of mine has passed away. Bear with me with RP responsibilities please.
9 days ago
Neither do american politicians.


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Well. Guess I'll just sit here and wait for a while.

Won't be too much longer.
"I agree," Cyrdic breathed, placing a hand on Camilla's back to reassure his companion. She looked to him and gave a smile that caused his heart to stir. "And to tink, I had once wanted to trav'el" she quipped. He grinned. "Next time somewhere with less Chaos," he whispered. Ivan spurred them onwards, and Skaldi nearly barreled into Cyrdic and Camilla. Not for lack of vision, but for a single minded determination to get where he was going, edging them on as well.

The tall grass brushed Cyrdic's jawline as he ran, half crouched in their travels, save Skaldi who simply hustled and kept up. As they waded through the sea of grass, Cyrdic's mind caught up with him and he wondered about Camilla's eyesight being so acute. It's true, he felt she had better eyesight than he before his sword began to imbue him with a few minor blessings of Ulric, ones he still wasn't entirely certain he deserved. But after that, though his sense of smell and hearing surpassed his eyes, his night vision had become very good. He wasn't sure he could have spotted the chaos marauders with such accuracy as she did. But Dietrichia had revealed there was no taint on Camilla. He would need to talk with her soon.

A curt cry up front caused Cyrdic's heart to skip a beat, followed by a grunt from Ivan. Cyrdic and Camilla had to inch forward a bit more to see Ivan holding Konrad by the man's backplate, the only thing keeping him from falling nearly 30 paces to the next level as the plains began to plummet into the mountain range. Ivan yanked him back with his burly strength. Konrad looked as if he had just witnessed a blood sacrifice, his eyes were so wide.

"Thank you, herr Petrovich," Konrad breathed.

"Da, do not mention it." Ivan said merrily, clapping the man across the cheek. He had attempted to reassure him by smacking his shoulder, but the dark and the grass messed up his aim, and he slapped him. "Och, sovvy! Sovvy," Ivan said, suddenly feeling quite embarrassed, and Konrad quite dazed at the unexpected blow. Cyrdic shook his head. Yantz pipped up. "Make it up to him by carrying him, we need to go around."

"There are caves," Dietrichia suddenly said. Her pupiless eyes suddenly normal as all looked to her, and she pointed southwest. "We go round this drop, and go down another level. There will be caves...a great schism of land once occurred here." Konrad blinked lazily, trying to regain his senses. "How can you tell, Fraulien?" he asked, wary of the witch but still not above using her knowledge to get to a place they could rest.

"I go by what the stars guide me."

"If there's caves, I'll find them. Follow me." Skaldi grumbled, and headed southwards less than a mile, the rest following until they made it to a steep slope and gave them an uncomfortable and jagged road down to the next, much smaller plateau than then descended into the mountainous slopes that separated the lands of the Chaos marauders with those of the Chaos Dwarfs and their fortresses of darkness.
Sorry, my friend died last week and I've been slowly getting back into the grind. I'll post tomorrow I thinks, but my mindset has been slow.
The implication didn't seem to intimidate Sven, though he glanced at her gun as if he was adding it to a calculation, as if their every move and twitch was something he was to take into account. It felt as if he did not even need to directly look at someone for him to be aware of their every move. Neil held his hands up disarmingly, a roguish smile on his face. "Alright Sven, I'll tell you. I'll need your advice anyway so..." The Pilot gingerly pulled himself out of Sven's grasp.

Sven let him go, eyes switching to Neil as the young outlaw pulled at his shirt to unwrinkle it. Before he spoke, he glanced Sayeeda's way, and then back at Sven. His voice was low. "We have come across a large quantity of Aestimobium, and we were looking for a buyer that would be interested in taking a bite out of it." Neil said. "I was thinking you might know a guy around these parts."

Sven did not seem the type to be impressed by near anything, but his brows raised slightly at the claim, before they narrowed with suspicion. He matched gazes with Neil, and then stood straight once more, reaching his impressive height. "Still playing with forces beyond your reckoning, I see." Sven said. It merely made Neil grin. The cold man paused for a few moments, as if weighing a trillion different options at once, or as if he was processing something beyond their comprehension. "Yes." He said simply, moments later. "I know of a buyer. Gnorlaac of the Crimson Star."

Neil let out a whistle, obviously knowing the name. Though by experience or reputation, it wasn't clear. "Do you know of anyone less... savage to deal with? I don't think someone like me would be safe in that kind of place."

"If you want a buyer, Gnorlaac is the one." Sven repeated, his voice gravely and hard. "I had thought you were used to danger. Saxon won't stop hunting you until one or both of you are dead."

Neil pointed at Sven, as if he had a secret knowledge. "Saxon is dead. I made sure of it." Neil replied vehemently. "Last time I saw him he was being swallowed by a Torjun Beast off the Parmenaen Strait. Unless he can climb out of an acidic stomach, he's long dead. Besides," He raised a hand, as if to halt any further denials or comments. "Even if that weren't true, the trails been cold for years now. 2 years in cryosleep will do that to you bounty."

"Ah," Sven said, weighing the information. "For your sake, I hope you're right." With a movement of his head, he indicated they should head north. "Find the Cantina called Red Dwarf. Go inside and tell the Formian girl 'Tu Wada Klecto.' She'll take you into the back where the private party is held. Don't mention my name."

"Wouldn't think of it," Neil chuckle, and when Sven didn't shake his hand, Neil awkwardly placed the open palm on Sven's shoulder. "Good to see you bud. See you soon."

The pilot led the two women away from Sven, who watched them depart with an unyielding stare before he sank back into one of the shanty shops, his ragged cloak now camouflaged within the canopies of tarps. As they made it past the central fountain, Taya piped up with a whisper. "Who was that man?" she asked, glancing back at where Sven had stood not moments before. Neil smiled as he turned the next corner. "Who he is now doesn't matter. But he used to be the planetary governor of Jutgard." he said. "Don't ask."
<Snipped quote by POOHEAD189>


You did. You told me about this place


Who told you about this place, @POOHEAD189?

@Altered Tundra I'll tell ya what, you make a character and I'll see if I can add you into the next arc :)
@Altered Tundra

Who told you about this place?
@Gardevoiran@The Fated Fallen
Y'alls collab wrapping up?
I don't believe that a person should give up their national identity or heritage merely because they moved to the united states, but I will say it's rather recalcitrant to actively not accept the culture and language of the country you've moved to, even if it isn't an official language. It's practical to know. And if you've moved to a country, it's very stubborn and ungrateful to actively live against, or rather to not try and aid the state with your respect for its customs and language of the land. The state would be getting no benefit to your having come there.
I agree governments should be more charitable than conservatives believe they should be, definitely. But to take that as a 'given' is just spoiled.

spoken like a true american

country build on the backs of poor foreigners that speak barely any english

Isn't it great the dutch paid others to do their atrocities for them. Made their resume' nice and clean. Or if they could afford to, they'd sailed across the world to commit the rest of their moral crimes.

spoken like a true American

"I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place."

Winston Churchill, spoken like a true Briton

Now I don't believe my two examples are truly examples of your countries, but it's an equivalency and I don't believe you should be so dismissive.
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