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3 days ago
Current It's 2020 and I'm still pissed Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie Dwarves don't look like Dwarves at all.
4 days ago
"The world is a scary place right now" Have you not been paying attention the last 5 years? This is par for course.
4 days ago
Its happened before @Yankee.
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5 days ago
I had a shit day too. But sometimes shit days are good for you. Like a sad song.
6 days ago
Crushing my enemies, see them driven before me, and the lamentation of their women are good enough reasons for me.


About Me

Name: Ben
Username: The one and only. Dare I say?
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Mixed
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian (Nondenominational)
Languages: English, Japanese (Semi-fluent & learning), I also know some Scots Gaelic, Quenyan (Elvish), and Miccosukee (My tribal tongue)
Relationship Status: Single (Though generally unavailable unless I find I really enjoy someone).

Current Projects/Freelance work

  • I am a voice talent and script writer for Faerun History
  • I have a much smaller personal Youtube channel that I use to make videos on various subjects. Only been making videos for 2 years, but it's growing!
  • I am currently working as a small time Author for Suntarynn Campaign setting.
  • I'm the host of a Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast where I interview authors of the genre.
  • I Indie Published a Short Story I wrote a few years back you can check out here.

Interests (Includes but is not limited to)

  • Writing/Reading (Love writing and I own too many books)
  • Video Games (Been a gamer for close to 23 years now)
  • Working Out/Martial Arts (Wing Chun/Oyama Karate mostly. Some historical swordplay as well.)
  • History (Military History is my specialty)
  • Zoology
  • Art (Mostly Illustrations. Used to be good. Am picking it back up)
  • Voice Acting/Singing
  • Tabletop Gaming (Started late in the game. Been at it for 3 years. I was the kid who bought the monster manuals and D&D books just for the lore for the longest time. I've played 3.5e, 5e, Star Wars D20, Edge of the Empire, PF, and PF2.)
  • Weaponry of all kinds
  • Anime (mostly action/shonen. DBZ & YYH being my favorites)
  • Movies (Action/War/Drama films being my go-to)
  • Music (Rock of all kinds, as well as historical folk songs, sea shanties, pub songs, a bit of classical music, etc)
  • Guitar (am learning to play, but being left handed leaves me going slower than most would)
  • There's more but if you care enough you can PM me :P

Roleplay F.A.Q.

  • Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Historical are my genres. Fantasy being my favorite and Sci Fi/Historical being close seconds.
  • Advanced / Nation / 1x1 / Casual (only in certain circumstances)
  • I generally write at the 'Advanced Level' meaning 4+ Paragraphs with good grammar.
  • I am usually busy with many projects and RPs, but if you wish to do a 1x1 with me, you'll need to present your case. Those I already do it with have my trust as a Roleplayer.
  • I generally don't do full smut, though semi-smut and steamy scenes can be very fun, as long as they're for character/plot development.
  • I love many, many fictional universes so me trying to list them all is an effort in futility!

Regular F.A.Q.

  • I am a site Mod, as you can see. Do not hesitate to PM me with any problems you have!
  • I love animals.
  • Favorite Fantasy Races are Dwarves and Lizardfolk. I don't hate Elves though I'll act like I do.
  • I do my best to be as kind and cordial as I can be! I realize everyone is flawed in some way, and I do my best to be understanding. I'm an idealist after all. Though if you push me past my limits, you'll find me rather redoubtable.
  • Favorite Disney Movie is Aladdin, with Hunchback and Mulan as second favorites! But I love all of the Renaissance era films.
  • I love meeting online friends at cons, and going to cons in general!
  • Favorite Color is red (as you might have noticed)
  • If you wish for my Steam/Blizzard Account/Xbox live account, PM me. Though I use the same username everywhere and if you send a request and I know you, I'll likely accept. I am available on the Offical Guild discord as a mod, and I am also available on Skype for people who wish for that info (and I trust you enough to give it)
  • I have a Tumblr and a writing/art reference Side Account.
  • I have a pinterest too! Lots of images I use for stories and roleplays!


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Well the food wasn't too poor in quality. He'd gotten used to military cooking early in his career, and by the standards of his previous experiences, this was certainly adequate. What he found issue with was his seating arrangements. The two officers beside him were in the midst of their own conversations, and he and Sabatine seemed to have begun a private contest on who could keep quiet the longest. He didn't feel like much of a victor when she broke her silence.

He almost laughed out loud at her words. For a brief moment he knew she was giving the equivalent of a kidney shot and he almost admired it. But the good humor quickly fell away. Kaiden was arrogant enough to not bother with acting, but he decided to play along for now regardless. If she was going to be a bitch, he could be a right bastard.

"Last I checked he was doing wonderfully." Kaiden said, his fingers gliding over to his glass he'd filled with wine and downing half of its contents in a single gulp. He would have downed the entirety of it, but he didn't want to cause more of a scene as of yet. "It's so kind of you to ask. Which reminds me, when was the last time you spoke to brother? The oldest brother who got you into the navy. I know you were attached to the hip, given how much he used to dote on you."

Of course he used ambiguous wording, as 'sending' her in wasn't necessarily bankrolling her. But it was just vague enough to let her worry over others overhearing. "Have you tried the wine, by the way? It's sweet and tart in all of the best ways. I should have been transferred earlier."
@Penny Are we going to show those demons our peaceful ways by force?
When Ellie realizes she only has a finite amount of employees:
The bulk of the sun had disappeared beyond the horizon, and what was left was blocked by the towering palace and the myriad of clay buildings beneath which gave the streets a shadowed and ill look. It was the perfect time for a raid. In their black hearts, even the pirates weren't for raping and murdering civilians, but the chaos of scared citizens did help keep the sultan's guard off them in an organized fashion.

Markus and Calliope had gone south with a few of their crew, while the rest had traveled west to distract the majority of the Sultan's forces. What remained of the BloodAxes that landed on the shore had run screaming into the city, cavorting and killing without care or conscience. No doubt when all was said and done, if any of the royal family was still alive at the end of the night, they would no doubt blame the Weather Witches crew for any atrocities against the unarmed populace.

The scene transitioned onto the ground in a lesser known street beside the bazaar as Mumlaks and lesser guardsmen ran in, in a staggered, disorganized fashion. Had they come in all at once, even Markus and Calliope would have a difficult time surviving. Now they crossed swords with the soldiers of the Sultan, having been cut off from the others in the chaos of the urban fighting.

Markus' blade crackled with lightning, lopping the head off of an unfortunate guard with baleful ease. He moved like a hunting cat, fluid but brutally, spinning to meet the next scimitar aimed at his back. His blade hadn't stopped moving, knocking the sword aside with a loud 'clang'. The soldier backpedaled and survived Markus's counter thrust only to attempt a strike at the Captain's head. Meanwhile, a flash of eldritch energy erupted a dozen paces away as four men were immolated by a spell from Calliope.

As he'd learned in training, he let the opponent's blade get in close so the enemy couldn't feint, subtly parrying the blow before shoving his point into the fool's neck, blood gushing forth into the sand. Suddenly Markus vanished, blinking across the street to cut down another Mamluk, arriving beside Calliope who slid her rapier out of another assailant. While she wasn't perhaps on Markus' league in terms of swordplay, she was practiced and deadly and more than made up for it with her spellcraft.

"You would have made a decent warmage," Markus said, his back to hers. They both dispatched a guard, Calliope with her rapier and Markus with a strange spell that shined white in a black flash, utterly disintegrating a Mamluk before he could scream in terror. Now wasn't the time to ask about the spell, and it wasn't nearly as devastating as Calliope's incantations. Instead she laughed, freezing the blood of anyone who heard it.

"And work under the rule of some king? I fight for no one but myself." She declared, dueling with mustachioed guard wielding a spear. Markus and her both spun, changing opponents mid fight. Markus' magical blade cut through the spear's haft as Calliope transformed the two soldiers he fought into asps who slithered away in anxious fear.

"You fight for me, don't you?" He asked.

"That's different." She chuckled, and he wasn't certain on what she meant. All the same to him, he realized. When he looked about, he saw the Sultan's forces had halted and organized, now streaming in from all sides like a wave of myth. Calliope began to chant, but Markus had different plans. He slid his arm around her waist and incanted quickly, both of them disappearing to the normal eye.

"Find them!"

"Curse you for fools, go after them!" They called below as the Captain and the Sorceress watch from the roof above, hidden within an alcove of torn fabric that waved lazily in the last breeze of the waning day.
Kaiden had to endure another run in with the Commodore by this point, who explained to him for, what is it? The fifth time, perhaps, of how he would receive no special treatment on this rig. It truthfully enraged the young Lieutenant more than nearly anything else. He had never received special treatment from his birth in his life. It was why he loved the military, because he had to work for his position. Hell, the only time he'd received special treatment in the service was when he slept with his superior officer during his training as a cadet (before he met Sabatine), and all he received from that was the pick of the meals in the bloody messhall. His family was no exception. Certainly not his father, who used him as an extension of his own will.

By the mercy of the Gods he found the room he had been assigned, and after Harwen had received his equipment for him he unpacked his things, as little as he had. It was a spartan room as to be expected on a cruiser, but it suited him. As long as he could sleep comfortably he wouldn't complain. Among his possessions was a picture of his mother, and the officers' badge of his eldest brother. Both were deceased, and still it was hard to imagine living in a world with such a truth.

Kaiden was already dressed smartly, though it wouldn't hurt to iron his military jacket. It was times like these he missed Ferbose, his old servant back on the estate. Perhaps one day he could send an offer for hire, but at the moment he would make do without. He searched around the room, and with a relieved sigh he found the ironing board behind a cabinet. He opened it from the top, letting it slide down to touch on the floor gently.

He wondered what his father might think, seeing him do such a mundane activity as ironing a jacket. Halway through the chore, there was a knock at his door. Three knocks in quick succession indicating the newcomer was of inferior rank. He didn't turn around when he called "Come in!" Hoping to God it wasn't Sabatine. There was indeed a feminine gasp that accompanied the opening of the door, but it wasn't her voice thankfully. He turned from the ironing board to see one of the local spacers, a cute young woman with short, black hair and green eyes.

Kaiden wasn't indecent, wearing his white button down closed. But without his jacket and with his sleeves rolled up, he had the look of the romantic lead on the cover of one of the classic romance novels. She looked around, clearly not wanting to admit she had been the one to gasp even if there wasn't another human for about 60 meters. Clearing her throat, she saluted him. "Spacer Burke, sir. I've been commissioned by the Commodore to present you with your standard issue firearm."

In her offhand was a black box he took, and opened it to find the Mig 52 Sidearm he was expecting. He grinned openly, having awaited such an honor for four years. Finally, he felt as the ranking Lieutenant should. Placing the box near the photos of his family, he turned and gave the spacer a salute, who returned the gesture. "Thank you, Burke." He said to her. "You're dismissed. Oh and if you're impressed with me now, perhaps once my position here is secure I could make you gasp again after a few bottles of wine. Far louder I suspect."

She left the room with her face as red as a cherry, one part embarrassment, two parts shyness.

He didn't suspect he would ever make good on that offer, but it was fun to tease sometimes. Lord knows it was the only time he felt he had the control of any situation, at least recently.
Please allow me to join as a casual regular.
Looking for partners again. Advanced only, preferably Witcher/Elder Scrolls/High Fantasy setting.

AHEM! I am here to provide.
"Howarth," Kaiden breathed silently, keeping his voice down. He often repeated names he wished to remember, which means he would have a lot of repeating to do the next day or two. He watched the man leave, which left him standing there uncomfortably with Sabatine. She turned to him and asked for a shower in the silence. Briefly he recalled when she had made a similar request in their relationship, only she had meant they should share one. How things change with time, he told himself.

"Far be it from me to stop you Lieutenant." He told her, though before she left he stepped forward and halted her from leaving just yet with a word. "Oh and Lieutenant," He said, looking at her. His eyes were as striking as ever, hard and blue like sapphires. "I'm not here to make your life difficult. I didn't ask to be transferred here. However, I am here and that means we'll be working together. I suggest we do what we need for each other without complaint so things will go as smooth as possible until this war-mongering is over and I am taken back to my original station so we don't need to suffer one another anymore. I trust you see the wisdom in that."

With that he dismissed her with a curt gesture, and then stalked away toward the bridge. He pushed thoughts of Sabatine or of what he just said out of his mind. Lord knows one gets obsessive when it comes to people who rankled them or what they say in such situations. Instead he focused on what lay ahead, which for now was examining the ship as he made his way through the halls. Kaiden Caladwarden knew his way around any Corvette, but even so there were arrows painted along the walls for any newcomer to follow.

The bridge was pleasantly advanced and well cleaned, with a raised platform at its center where the Captain could turn and view any of the monitors his shipmen and communications officers were stationed at. At this moment there was a skeleton crew. A pretty young woman and two plain looking fellows were at the front consoles, keeping eyes on the ships support systems and sensors for the immediate area. The Captain himself was on the central platform, standing in his long officer's coat and regalia. Kaiden was impressed at the medals he had on his chest.

"Ah, you must be the new Lieutenant Harkin has told me so much about." Captain Micha said, giving a friendly smile. He was a man of standard height and grey eyes, with a carefully shaved head. He beckoned Kaiden to enter, and the prince did so with a pleased look. Perhaps surviving under this Captain wouldn't be as poor as he initially had dreaded. "Aye sir, junior Lieutenant Kaiden Caladwarden at your service. I am merely checking in with you, Captain."

"So, you're really a Caladwarden pup?" He marveled. Kaiden should be used to it by now, but such acknowledgements usually irked him. The only times he enjoyed being recognized by his family name was to lay flat other highborns by declaring his own family's dominance or picking up lovely young women, and the Captain was neither. Still, he seemed a pleasant enough fellow marvelling at the name. Micha continued. "I heard of a young Caladwardem joining our ranks a few years ago. Got into some scandal involving his father. That wasn't you, was it?"

"I am afraid it was, sir." Kaiden replied, making his way to stand beside him. Perhaps one day he could be a Captain. It felt natural being up here, watching all that one might survey to command the ship. "As of now I try to further myself through victory rather than any more underhanded ways. I know many other noble sons blackmail and resort to bribery."

Micha laughed at his forthright manner. "I will be watching your career with interest, though hold no illusions Liuetenant, I am at the helm of this ship."
@Kal Welcome to the site. Let me know if you've got any questions or concerns. :)
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