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(After 49 people get fucking killed) Reddit Guy: A manifesto? Oh nice, some dank memes.
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Just saw the shitty D&D movie from 2000 with a few friends. I don't know what I expected.
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I haven't even seen the new Aladdin trailer because I'm afraid of what I'll see.


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Name: Ben
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Age: 27 (28 in a few months)
Ethnicity: Mixed
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  • I am a voice talent and script writer for Faerun History
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  • I am also the Character Artist and Script writer for a shitty game me and a few friends of mine are making.
  • Am about to co-host a new Podcast called "Magic Rings & Laser Beams." Will provide a link when it premiers (Looking to be Jan. 18th)

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  • Writing/Reading (Love writing and I own too many books)
  • Video Games (Been a gamer for close to 23 years now)
  • Working Out/Martial Arts (Wing Chun/Oyama Karate mostly. Some historical swordplay as well.)
  • History (Military History is my specialty)
  • Zoology
  • Art (Mostly Illustrations. Used to be good. Am picking it back up)
  • Voice Acting/Singing
  • Tabletop Gaming (Started late in the game. Been at it for 3 years. I was the kid who bought the monster manuals and D&D books just for the lore for the longest time. I've played 3.5e, 5e, Star Wars D20, Edge of the Empire, PF, and PF2.)
  • Weaponry of all kinds
  • Anime (mostly action/shonen. DBZ & YYH being my favorites)
  • Movies (Action/War/Drama films being my go-to)
  • Music (Rock of all kinds, as well as historical folk songs, sea shanties, pub songs, a bit of classical music, etc)
  • Guitar (am learning to play, but being left handed leaves me going slower than most would)
  • There's more but if you care enough you can PM me :P

Roleplay F.A.Q.

  • Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Historical are my genres. Fantasy being my favorite and Sci Fi/Historical being close seconds.
  • Advanced / Nation / 1x1 / Casual (only in certain circumstances)
  • I generally write at the 'Advanced Level' meaning 4+ Paragraphs with good grammar.
  • I am usually busy with many projects and RPs, but if you wish to do a 1x1 with me, you'll need to present your case. Those I already do it with have my trust as a Roleplayer.
  • I generally don't do full smut, though semi-smut and steamy scenes can be very fun, as long as they're for character/plot development.
  • I love many, many fictional universes so me trying to list them all is an effort in futility!

Regular F.A.Q.

  • I am a site Mod, as you can see. Do not hesitate to PM me with any problems you have!
  • I love animals.
  • Favorite Fantasy Races are Dwarves and Lizardfolk. I don't hate Elves though I'll act like I do.
  • I do my best to be as kind and cordial as I can be! I realize everyone is flawed in some way, and I do my best to be understanding. I'm an idealist after all. Though if you push me past my limits, you'll find me rather redoubtable.
  • Favorite Disney Movie is Aladdin, with Hunchback and Mulan as second favorites! But I love all of the Renaissance era films.
  • I love meeting online friends at cons, and going to cons in general!
  • Favorite Color is red (as you might have noticed)
  • If you wish for my Steam/Blizzard Account/Xbox live account, PM me. Though I use the same username everywhere and if you send a request and I know you, I'll likely accept. I am available on the Offical Guild discord as a mod, and I am also available on Skype for people who wish for that info (and I trust you enough to give it)
  • I have a Tumblr and a writing/art reference Side Account.
  • I have a pinterest too! Lots of images I use for stories and roleplays!


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I know I have gotten lax, but you two are overdue on the time limit by 12 days. We need posts!
Cyrdic battled ferociously, his sword slicing into the rotted meat of the beast's flesh with every ounce of the Ostlander's strength, ducking and parrying as best he could, though the loping claws of the Varghest made it hard to judge when and where a claw would get close enough to strike him. But he was like a wall, keeping the large, dangerous predator at bay with his runic steel to guard Camilla's back. It was a formation they were used to, by now, though now they were in opposite positions.

Cyrdic was usually the one to hammer through the lines while Camilla parried, riposted, and sliced into whatever was trying to lay into them, dancing around a larger opponent to keep them off of Cyrdic's back if she could not outright slay it immediately. It was a grim sort of humor, though neither of them were laughing at the moment. Old, ruined timber was splintered and shorn as the monster howled, growing frustrated at being unable to simply devour the big man.

Cyrdic was a trained soldier and warrior, and he believed Camilla had learned much from him. But she had taught him a few of the finer ways of dodging an opponent, and with a deft spin under a claw swipe, he gave a backhanded slash that sliced through what was now the stump of the creature's back leg, causing it to buckle under its own weight. Camilla and Cyrdic's wounds together had greatly reduced its combat ability, and before it could recover, Cyrdic's blade flew overhead to chop into the thing's thick neck. The blade's magic aided in the cutting power of his strike, and he cut clean through meat and bone.

The ugly head thudded into the wooden floor as the creature flailed its death spasms. It's extended claws whipped out, elongated by the terrifying anatomy, flying over broken furniture to sweep across Camilla. Cyrdic quickly tackeled her to the ground as the claw swept overhead, knocking aside a ghastly Knight. Camilla squeaked, but her head poked out of Cyrdic's bulk and she kissed him on the nose. "Grazie" she said, and sprang out of his arms to block the following strike from another skeleton. Glancing back, the undead abomination was now dead and still.

Cyrdic suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to break bone on his sword, and standing tall, he waded into the melee with Camilla, fighting beside her as they always did. Camilla's elven blade parried and hacked while entire Skeletal bodies were sundered by Cyrdic's blade, and together no single Knight, or two for that matter, in the bottleneck of the corridor could stand against them for more than a few scant moments.

By Ranald's luck, they might actually make it out of the catacombs. At the end of the hall, they could see a door that led upwards into another stairwell, the door hanging open limply, having been ripped off most of its hinges by the advancing Knights minutes before. It looked like their salvation was at hand, with only a half a dozen of the skeletal monster's left, still funneled through the stone walls, unable to properly surround the two mercenaries.

Cyrdic's sudden cry of pain pierced the room, and Camilla would see a deformed, fang filled mouth clutching to Cyrdic's shoulder as a ghoul gripped the man from behind. Another would grab onto his arm, and she would see more trying to scramble over the dead Varghest, pushing its heavy body away from the entrance to the room. "Cyrdic!" she screeched, doing her best to retreat to him while keeping the Knight's back. Cyrdic's cry turned into a roar, and he slammed his back into the wall, nearly crushing the ghouls latched onto him. Over and over and did it, until his sword arm was free and he could stab the bottom one through the chest. It fell in a heap, and while the other was dazed he knocked it off his back and finished it.

Blood poured freely down his muscled back, his lack of armor unable to protect him. Great claw marks and jagged wounds ran down his upper and lower back, but he did not seem to tire or notice. Instead he ripped the rest of the garment off his torso and readied his sword to meet the next ghouls that prowled at the edge of the darkness.
A booted foot kept the swivel gun from turning on the Vizier, and Grimey gave a disapproving grunt until she saw it was Markus that stood over her. She let go of the gun and gave a guilty smile. He couldn't rightly blame her for being overcautious. The Mumluk guards that escorted the darkly robed man made way in a way that could be considered 'violent.'

Any would-be sailor that stood in their way they shoved or knocked off the side of the dock into the water, uncaring if they could swim. Those that weren't sent into the depths were muscled away or into one another. The Vizier didn't seem to mind or even notice. He simply stepped off his camel with the help of two bare breasted servants who served as footstools.

Markus stepped off the railing and motioned for his crew to sheath and holster their weapons, and to step back. They did so somewhat reluctantly. Halvar lowered his axe, muttering in Norgardian. Markus hadn't been blessed with learning the northern tongue but he guessed it wasn't flattering or welcoming. Sron growled audibly, though when Sketti tossed the rib he had been chewing on down the stairs to the lower decks, Sron headed after it. Sketti winked at Markus.

When Rashem stepped onto the deck, he looked less than impressed on the decor of the ship, or perhaps it was simply the less than reputable crewmen that were present. Markus was luckily still in his silks, though he had his frock coat over it. He wasn't someone who flaunted decadence. He would have taken it off completely, he just hadn't had the time to change yet to be honest. He gave a small bow to Rashem, gesturing for the Vizier to follow him. With a subtle look from Calliope that told her she was to follow, he led him to the Captain's Cabin.

The Mumluk's remained on deck, as still as statues save for their sneers and their very alive looks that spoke of violence to anyone who dared threaten their overlord.

"A quaint vessel." the Vizier said as he entered, gazing around the Cabin. To most it would be an impressive room, but to he it probably looked more rundown than any foyer in the Palace. Markus preferred it that way, truth be told, and he sat down and offered Rashem as a seat as well. Calliope took her position, at Markus' right hand, standing tall and at attention. The Vizier glanced at Calliope's sarong for a brief instance, seemingly amused.

"It's not as grand as the flagship of your sultan's powerful navy," The Captain explained, unable to help himself but reminding the Vizier that the Sultan was the true power here. "But it's kept us alive through many ordeals. Fast, and she hits hard, as does her crew. No doubt you appreciate our skill in that regard?" Letting the question hang, though it was a question that answered itself, and Markus smiled as though everything was in his favor in this small meeting.

"Ware arrogance Captain. It leads to downfall, so the legends say." The Vizer replied back, showing his teeth. "But yes, we have a mission for you. If you would honor us with your service again. You will be reward handsomely once again, of course. All servants of the Sultan are treated generously."

Markus and Calli shared a brief look, before Markus replied. "We are delighted. What is asked of us?"

Rashem flourished his hand to allow his robe sleeve to slide down his meaty arm, and he produced a scroll with an unbroken seal, slicing through it immediately and unrolling the edict. To the pirate's surprise, when he laid it upon the desk, it was a map, not a message. A very accurate likeness of the Arad Luin's coastline, with much of the rock landmarks and islands that dotted the inner sea near the coast. "We believe we have found the place where the vile Bloodaxes make berth, Hayashim curse them. After your fight with them, and our navy having harrased them continuously, they are far weaker than they have been in a decade."

He placed his finger upon one of the inlets of a group of islands not eighty leagues to the northwest, the trail between here and there among the ubiquitously placed islands made more than a little sense to Markus on why they believed the Bloodaxes resided there. It seemed a perfect spot to both hide and defend, with two small islands at their flanks and rocks surrounding all ways but one to enter. "You are tasked with sailing there and bringing back the head of their leader, Abis'Lakar. A ferocious corsair, known for his taste in slaves."

"It is good you have no pretty women aboard, else he would perform terrible acts upon them." He continued, and then added as a theatrical afterthought. "Other than the lady Calliope, of course." Grinning widely, one could see some of his teeth were made of ivory, and others of gold. "Forgive me, her mannerisms are so unlike those of a woman in our lands. Most are much more demure and obedient."

Calliope smiled. "Perhaps you are simply used to women who are enforced to your company." she said. "You will find that most are unlike how you experience them. It's only natural for you. A man of your station would no doubt be popular with people of my gender even if he is lacking in all things a formidable man could offer." Her words were dipped in sugar despite the actual topic of her statements, and Markus placed a hand over his mouth to hide his chuckle.

The Vizier simmered, but as he opened his mouth, Markus cut him off. "We accept this gracious offer from you and your sultan, and thank you for your no doubt faithful recommendation, your excellence. Would you care for any refreshments before your journey to the Palace?" Calli's feigned smile would had enough poison to fill any goblet. The Vizier declined. "Thank you, but I have many tasks to finish. A Sultanate requires a keen mind. I will leave lesser, more singular matters to you and your witch. Good day."

As he stepped out of the room, Markus had a closed mouth smile. Without the prince or the sultan, he supposed things could get rather heated with an upjumped cutthroat of a man who suddenly had immense power. But no matter. Their ship was all but repairs, and they had a healer and a woman who was no doubt being given a crash course in handling Sketti's brash personality at this very moment. "I constantly find myself wondering if the Gold is worth dealing with the Sultanate." he said to Calli, and he leaned back in his chair to consider. "Any thoughts?"
Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch
We'z finish our collab and gettin tae postin' m'lord
"Holy shit." Neil muttered, placing down the rocket launcher he was examining and maneuvering through plasma weaponry to come across the battle rifle he had seen in the distance. Eagerly, he glanced around as if he was stealing something, and then he grabbed the handle of the Reaver M45. He checked the stock and the loading dock, weighing the full weapon in his hands. They even had a dozen clips of eight rounds each near the weapon.

Taya looked over to Neil, tilting her head. "What's that?" she asked, making her way over to him to look at the curiously designed rifle. Neil grinned, something that always made her worried. "This is a Reaver Rifle. It fires old 7.62×51mm rounds. Only it's outfitted to use special rounds." He bent down to grab a single bullet, holding it up. It wasn't a small projectile by any stretch of the imagination, but it also didn't look particularly armor piercing either. "These are filled with depleted uranium. You shoot at an armored vehicle with this? Six times out of ten, if I hit a vulnerable spot, it not only penetrates but ignites and stays sharp. This thing is a killer."

He cocked the rifle. "And...I can switch fire from burst fire to semi-auto in the blink of an eye. With a nice customizable scope? Probably the most versatile and deadly weapon I could have. I wouldn't take anything else, truth be told." He said, shouldering it onto his torso with the strap and pocketing the clips. He smiled and looked around. "Whoa, is that a grenade launcher?"

Taya nearly fell over.

When Neil made it back up to the first floor with Sayeeda and Canek, he had a Reaver on his back and a Kelrillian MGL, a (fairly) lightweight 40 mm six-shot revolver grenade launcher. Grenades, both Krak and Frag, were also lined across his chest. He hadn't looked this pleased since he had landed on the planet. Taya followed behind him, muttering none-too lightly about him being insane about carrying all of that weaponry.

“Right,” Canek chimed in, “And they will only sign of on a unit that is company sized or larger and properly equipped. I need enough money to raise and outfit at least a hundred pros, and get them to Seylonika in time, and the treasure ship is the only way I can see to make that happen. Once I have the cash, I’ll be able to gather enough recruits."

"I like how this guy is acting like all of this money will be his." Neil chuckled, pointing at Canek as if to say 'you're amusing.' With Canek's next look, Neil shook his head. "Don't worry, we aren't stealing from you. You'll get plenty. But we've had a few pitfalls recently and it would be...safer for all of us if we all got a fair chunk of that prize, don't you think? I mean past ship repairs as well."

Canek gave Neil a deadly look, and Sayeeda could see the man resting his hand on his belt. No doubt a subconscious move toward his pistol, even if they all knew he wouldn't fire, least of all in a room full of explosives. "Worry not, I'm sure there will be plenty to go around."

"See? I knew I liked this guy." the pilot replied, a smug look on his face. "Anyway, what else are we needing to get? We all set?" He asked, before his eyes fell on Junebug who still wore the harem pants. Neil couldn't help but gaze at the moment at her legs, before mentioning reluctantly. "You know, as much as I will hit myself for this, you might want to change into some combat pants before we go out. Even if that does look comfortable."

"I just need to grab a few supplies for the trip." Canek pipped up, turning to head out of the room. "I'll help you into something else." He said to Sayeeda, indicating she follow. "We'll meet you two at the front." Junebug followed with a nod, and Neil looked at Taya. They shrugged, and made it to the front. The way back was straight forward, so they found themselves in the underground hanger in no time.

"Expecting to be finding any light vehicles to destroy?" Taya asked Neil, trying to be joking but clearly believing Neil knew something she did not. Neil gave her a smile. "I just like to be prepared, I doubt it though." Taya laughed nervously, though even her facade of calm couldn't be hidden when they turned the corner to see Saxon staring into the desert, and her clever mind sorted out what Neil's "just in case" scenario with the explosives and armor piercing rounds were meant for.
"A ship is ever on a Captain's mind." Markus agreed, giving his best courtly bow as he backed away, his offhand holding the golden handle of the chest. He pulled it up slightly and spun, letting go and grabbing the handle with the other hand in but a moment, and the two pirates made their way to their escort, Mumuks who would lead them back to the Weathered Witch until called upon again. "If it means more gold, I'm not complaining. At least for the moment." he whispered to Calliope with a glance, and they found themselves on the streets and back to their ship within the hour.

Once they made it to the docks, the bustling crowd of the merchants waned as they made way with all of the guards that accompanied them. Even over the commotion and calls of 'movie it!' by the guards, Markus could hear the men on the ship singing a tune.

Soon we'll be warping her out
through the locks,
weigh hey, roll and go!
Where the pretty young girls
all come down in their frocks
To be rollicking Randy Dandy-O!
Heave a pawl, o heave away!
weigh hey, roll and go!
The anchor's on board
and the cable's all stored
To be rollicking Randy Dandy-O!

Jax nearly fell out of the crow's nest when he spotted the Captain and the First Mage, waving and yelling in his charming Caelic accent. "Och! Why if no' me mother's luv! It's th' Capn an lady Calliope!" he called to himself and all those that could hear, then roared down at the crew. "Off yer arses lads and step to! Capn' comin' aboard! Oi Sron! Get tha' bone out ye mouth ye mutt! The lady'll zap ye tae frogs I ken-"

While he continued to bark down orders as if he held a position of power, the lads were heaving new cargo aboard, something that Markus would need to ask his Quartermaster about. Though he suppose he shouldn't be ungenerous. The ship looked extremely well repaired considering they were only gone for a night. The guns were in place and Jim was even in the middle of polishing one as Markus and Calliope stepped aboard.

"Off with ye! Get that sail back to it's place before I misplace yer 'ead!" Sketti threatened. shaking his meaty fist at Halvar and Will. With them on their way to continue their duties with naught but a nod of acknowledgement and joy at seeing the captain, Sketti stepped up to Markus. "Me heart's glad tae see ye lad. I thought the dervishes ripped ye apart. So! What happened over in the palace? We rewarded?"

"We're about to find out." Markus said, shaking the chest before bidding Calli to lower the thing. "But what's all this?" he asked, waving his hand at the new barrels being set below. Even now Sron carried a cask below decks, his nose and ears twitching as if somewhat bothered by the contents that might seep through the tightly packed planks of wood. There were still eight more barrels on the deck to be loaded under.

"Oh aye. Apologies Captain, but I thought since we were here, might as well make a profit aye? Spices they be! Will sell for a pretty penny in Andred shores, or wherever else we might be docking in the north. It wasn't cheap, but it didn't hinder our stores overmuch." Sketti promised. "Ye needn't worry, lad. I only bought enough with our left over money stores. We still have most of our savings, and plenty to spend on ship repairs."

Markus considered for a long moment. If these were spices indigenous to the region, they could perhaps be sold thrice what they cost here elsewhere, particularly these days after all of the pirate activity in the Arad Luin, ironically enough. With a small snort of a laugh, the Captain knelt down, and as he began to open the latch, Sketti stood between the crew and the chest, though it was also partly to get a better view for himself. The Dwarf Gold lust was evident in his eyes.

The chest opened to reveal just what Sketti expected. Gold. Probably quadruple as much as what Sketti spent on the barrels of spices, gleaming in the heated sun of the desert skies. Not only that, but a few items as well. Markus closed his eyes, and then opened them to use his magesight. Gingerly, he reached for a glove that looked as if it fit his hand. It called to him in a way he couldn't decipher, and as he lifted it up it shifted into a thin guantlet.

Still eyeing it, he tucked it under his arm. "Hmmm..." he mused, and picked up an item he had specifically questioned the Sultan on, having heard of such a thing popular among spellcasters with flair in this region, and tossed it Calliope, knowing it to be a unique item she would no doubt enjoy. As she would examine it, he would give Sketti the only diamond in the chest. The Dwarf caught it greedily, grinning from ear to ear while Calliope examined what would be her prize. It was very intriguing.

Neil and Sayeeda were ready to go, and to Neil's distaste, Saxon insisted on going along. He flexed his clawed paws as he insisted that if he did not brutalize someone or something soon, he would break apart the Highlander out of boredom. Neil believed him, and the three, along with Canek, made their way back to Canek's base to outfit themselves best they could. "I think we have a good arsenal back at the Highlander!" Neil yelled as they sped through the desert on Canek's bulked up transport.

"Trust me, my 'friend'." Canek said, still a bit put off by Neil stealing Junebug away in the middle of a firefight, paying no thought to the fact that Neil initially aided him by self destructing a dervish raider before combat began. "You will want to check my stock! You also will need some specialized rebreathers. They're newly developed by Iodian Tech!" Saxon snorted as if that was funny, and to him it would be as his rebreather was highly advanced. Neil new Iodan though, as a company. Their usual business was mining asteroids for precious metals.

Parking at Canek's facility, the members of his 'militia' or whatever he called them were busy at work repairing the damages from the night before. Some hauled boxes and used a junker version of the hauler to move crates, while others sprayed on plascrete to the damages architecture, the goo slowly reforming and hardening as they carved it up to resemble what it once was before explosives and small arms fire marred the place.

As sparks flew onto the dirties floor, a mechanic repairing a badly damaged hover transport, Neil and Sayeeda hopped out of the aircar, the vehicle notably lurching when Saxon stepped off. "Follow me," Canek said, calling for what guards were on duty to lower their weapons, as the newcomers had lasguns trained on them from the moment they set foot within. Canek stopped, motioning for Saxon to stay. "Er, not you. You look well outfitted, and you wouldn't fit inside, I am afraid."

Saxon growled threateningly, but didn't argue. They continued on.

Past a heap of parts that were likely scavenged from the desert, an immense fan that droned out all noise in the immediate area, and a few rougher men cleaning their rifles with a dutiful precision, Canek led them into a lesser corridor. The lights within were attached via thick wires, and they flickered unreliably every few moments. Turning into another hall, he made it to the first door on the left and opened it, revealing a dark room.

With an audible clack, the pulled lever on the wall lit up the large chamber of weaponry. Neil's eyes widened, and even Sayeeda, who had no doubt seen more armaments than any here felt a swell of adrenaline blooming in her breast. There were two floors, and they would be able to step down into the main area. Up here however, were various pistols and submachine guns looted from across the galaxy, if not at least various systems. Small arms with heat signature add ons, laspistols, plasma pistols, sawed off groaner guns, sawed off shotguns, slug throwers, revolvers.

Neil already had a pistol he wouldn't trade for the world, so he stepped down the small stairway into the larger room, where one could still overlook via railing in the pistol area. Below, and along the walls, were plasma guns, rail guns, gauss rifles. More explosives than Neil had seen in awhile, and it was actually somewhat arousing. Napalm throwers, napalm grenades, ion grenades, frag grenades, krak grenades. Las weaponry and slug weaponry of various types, with assult rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, battle rifles.

"Hey, you think we'll need this?" Neil joked, and Sayeeda could look down and see him holding a miniaturized atomic payload (it was still as large as Neil's chest) meant for destroying villages in a literal flash. Canek laughed guiltily. "That was quite a find. Do not drop it, though in theory it will only detonate with the detonator."
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