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There are many reasons not to look at the 1x1 interest checks.


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Greetings friends, partners, enemies, acquaintances, and strangers. I am Kassarock, or just Kass if you prefer, welcome to my profile. Anyway, I am a 20 something male roleplayer from the UK and a long time user of the site, although I have come and gone a fair bit over my time here. I used to be more active on the old site, and I still am relatively active in the off topic sections today, as well as in the guild's discord. So you might see me around.

I generally consider myself to be an advanced writer, I pretty much always write multiple paragraphs, and will drop walls of text if the mood takes me. My grammar is okay, but not formally perfect, so I do not expect that from my partners either. I normally like quite dark and dramatic themes in terms of content in my roleplays, regardless of genre. Unless I have got an interest check up, or have messaged you, I am not usually looking for new partners to write with.

I think that covers just about everything. Message me if you want to know more.
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Loving the posts so far! Just to let people know I'm currently beyond the reach for WiFi for the week, so while I'm reading everything and working on my own post, it might not appear until the weekend.
@Abstract Proxy

Oh wow! I absolutely loved that, this is everything I wanted from this RP!
>Sword and Shield

Boom, first post up, Eskel is being a magical disaster mess already.

Kinda look some liberities with world buildings stuff let me know if anything needs changing.


The village of Ilmar had always had a mage. For as long as anyone could remember, wizards had made their home in the narrow stone tower that stood atop the granite bluffs that overlooked the village and the lake from which derived its name. In times past these were venerable figures, retiring senior scholars from the schools of Bradena, seeking the peace and quiet of the countryside as they went about their research in mysteries of the arcane.

The previous mage had certainly been such a man, a grandfatherly gentleman, who had sported a long white beard which he had liked to stroke thoughtfully while he considered his pontifications. It had come as something of a shock to the residents of Ilmar when he had been killed unexpectedly whilst away in Trai Spia. But before long a new Mage of Ilmar had taken up residence there, a former apprentice of the previous wizard and a greatly renowned hero no less, who had helped destroy the terrible Eldritch Dragon.

His name was Eskel Rindarium.

At first the stranger was given a hero's welcome to the humble rural town. But rather soon, the relationship between Ilmar and its mage began to sour. He was not the sort of genial elder that they had become accustomed to. The young mage was of a moody disposition, openly expressing his derision and distain towards the town and its residents. On his rare appearances in public there, his one good eye had a wildness to it that many took as a sign of madness.

The people of Ilmar learned quickly to stay away from the mage and his tower, yet kept a watchful eye on the tower atop the dark granite bluffs. That morning, more folk than usual would cast their gaze up and mutter a prayer to protect them from evil. For it seemed the mage had been most busy these last few days, judging by the amount of strange lights and eerie phenomena that had been noticed in the village below.

They shuddered to think of what exactly the Mad Mage was doing up there, and what dreadful spells he could be casting.


"Fucking useless piece of shit!" Eskel shouted as he hurled another crystal ball into the wall of his study. It shattered against the stone with a deafening crash and broke into hundred jagged pieces. His attempts at scrying had got him nowhere, the auguries had been to vague, the tangled threads of truth and fate to difficult to unweave.

It had been the exact same with the silver basin he had tried beforehand, the knucklebones he had thrown as well. Eskel was running out of methods of divination to attempt, unless he wanted to down into the village and find a sheep to slaughter so he could read it entrails. That would give them something to gossip about.

The point of a planar banishment was to make it impossible for being to be able to interact with world it had been driven from. But a spell the likes of which he had devised for the destruction and sealing of the Eldritch Dragon had its side effects. Totally removing something from one plane of existence would prevent it from appearing in forms of remote viewing like he had been attempting all night.

Or... some other force was preventing him from observing their vanquished foe.

Or maybe the dragon really was dead and hence there was nothing for his spell on latch onto across all the planes.

Or maybe there was some other possibility to he could not yet conceive of because he hadn't slept properly in gods knows how long, and his head was aching worse than wounds on his arm.

Eskel turned back to his desk and took a sip from a steaming cup of a magical infusion he had whipped up from the herbs in his store cupboards. It contained potent magical enhancers, some mild stimulants, a little something for the pain, and couple of other things that he couldn't recall what they did exactly but had seemed like a good idea at time. Anything to keep him upright and keep him casting spells. He swallowed with a grimace, it tasted bitter.

He had spent the first night frantically repairing the wards and around his tower and laying some additional ones just to be sure. The second he had tried every method he could think of finding out if the Eldritch Dragon was still alive and escape the binding spells they had placed upon it. But nothing had worked, as much as he loathed to admit it, divination was not Eskel's strongest area of expertise.

He needed sleep. He needed rest. He needed help.


Eskel sighed theatrically to the empty room.

He was going to have to ask them for help.


A flash of light exploded in the portal hall of the Mage Guild Association of Bradena. The clerks and assistants at the table looked up from their paperwork, the coming and going of mages was not an unusual occurrence, but there had been no scheduled arrivals for that day.

From out of the violet light and smoke strode a figure dressed head to toe in black robes, strands of dark hair shot through with grey hung over his gaunt face. A pale scar running down through one blinded eye. He briskly made his way out of the portal hall without evening pausing to give the clerks a look.

As he made his way through the corridors of Guildhall, a ripple of whispers followed him in his wake. Eventually they made their way to the chief secretary of the Guild Association, who frantically scurried their way down to the entry hall to catch him just he was about to leave.

"Arch-Mage Rindarium!" The chief secretary cried out, panting from the effort of their hurried journey to catch up with the Mage of Ilmar.

"Ah, good to see someone still recognises me around here." Eskel replied with a stony face. They were wasting his time. He had more important things to do than deal with Guild bureaucrats.

"Arch-Mage Rindarium! The council requested your presence months ago, we have been receiving concerning reports about the nature of your research at Ilmar and will be conducting a formal investigation should you not immediat-" Eskel stopped them with a wave of his hand.

"Yes, yes, yes, I am aware of the posturing your council of so-called 'Arch-Mages' are attempting to make. But I don't have time for this. I need to see Naivara Amakiir at once, the fate of the world is at stake."

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Excuse me sir, might you be one of the heroes from legend? Good turn to you, I have travelled-"

With a crackle of arcane energy, the dark figure looked up from the mess of scrolls and tomes they had been hunched over. Behind the lank strands of his black hair, his eyes were narrowed in suspicion and hostility, a fell and malicious invocation held ready cast in his right hand.

"Who are you and how the hell did you get into my sanctum?"

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Please great hero might you lend me your ear? I have travelled far and wide to hear your tale, my only wish is to tell your story. True, I suppose if I wanted to know of various deeds I could just visit my local tavern or library, but to get it from the horse's mouth, now that would be a treat, far better than any old watered down story you hear on the streets, wouldn't you agree?

"I don't agree. Get out of here. Leave me alone."

But surely you would appreciate the chance to set the record straight? Clear up any misconceptions and falsehoods that have sprung up in the wake of your glorious deeds?"

"Glorious deeds?" He laughed, it was not a pleasant sound. "I don't remember many of those. Though there are plenty of misconceptions and falsehoods, and a few outright lies."

He paused for a moment, staring at the reporter, thought not really looking at him, rather beyond him, before closing his hand and releasing whatever spell had been held there. With it, a strange sense darkness fled from the chamber, the many candle stubs that lined its cluttered surfaces returning to their usual brightness. He stood up from the work desk, stretching stiffly as he did so.

"Fine, ask your questions. You have until I get bored of this."

Oh you will? Joyous occasion! You shan't regret this my friend, I promise you!

The figure fixed the reporter with a look that suggested that he was already regretting this.

Now then, What is your name?

"You came all this way to ask me my name? Fine, fine, I guess I did just agree to this." He sighed. "Eskel Rindarium, the sage of Ilmare, although I hear some fools have taken to calling the Mad Mage as of late."

Splendid, and your age?

"Wait... what year is it again?" He quickly did some math on his fingers. "Twenty-nine, if I have the date right."

He looked older. There were streaks of premature grey in his hair, lines on his brow and around his mouth, dark circles beneath his eyes. None of those were there a few years ago, and made Eskel easily pass for almost a decade older than he actually was.

Fantastic, and your gender good hero?

"...Really?" He rolled his eyes. "Male."

Excellent and of course I know what you look like, but for the sake of our readers?

"Why, tall, dark and handsome of course." He answered with a snort. "Look, you can describe me yourself, or do you really want to keep wasting your time with these banalities?"

Eskel was certainly dark, and he might have once been considered quite handsome. He was pale, fine featured, with shoulder length black hair shot through with a scattering of grey. An old scar ran through his left brow and into the eye below, blinding it into milky white, the other eye was a brown so dark it almost looked black.

He was of average height and a light build. Previously he could have been described as lithe, but now he gave of the impression of being gaunt. In the past his features were perpetually twisted into some kind of smirk, but these days he rarely smiled. He looked tired, like he hadn't slept properly in weeks, and was so pale it was clear he hadn't left the darkness of his rooms for even longer.

Even those who hadn't know him before would think that he looked unwell. Something only be confirmed the bandages that covered his left arm that were peaking out from the end of his sleeve.

Excellent Excellent, and how do you act on most days, you know, your mannerisms, your quirks and such. What makes you, you?

"Well, I've been told I have something of an abrasive manner, if you hadn't already guessed that. I don't suffer fools or idiots lightly. People and their petty concerns do not interest me, that's why I make my home out here away from the ignorant masses. I can focus on my work here, my research, without any meddling interference or distractions. I guess you could say I'm solitary in my nature."

Mhm, and your abilities magical or otherwise? If you use magic, what is your discipline? do you use it for battle, defense, healing?

"Frankly I probably know more about most types of magic than you could possibly comprehend. But my specialty has always been in summoning, the act of controlling the passage of people and powers from one plane of existence to another. Whether that is to draw something from across the gulf between worlds to our own, or seal and banish it back to its own realm. It's very complicated, I doubt you'd understand."

"My current research is just an extension of the same principles, and a unification of some other arts. What is death other than another plane of existence? The body but a construct for the soul to inhabit? Where does the physician end and the necromancer begin? It's just another reordering of spirit and matter between between worlds, these foolish labels and taboos just get in the way of a holistic understanding of life and death."

"Most of your kind think simple teleportation is the height of what we can do, and that only requires transportation of mind and matter across one plane, let alone... Oh never mind, the theoretical background I would have to spell out for you to even participate in this conversation is not a good use of my time."

Yes Yes, and before everything that transpired, what was your life like? Who were you?

"Oh, I was a product of the mage schools of Bradena. The old kind, that we had after the rebellion. Plenty of corporal punishment and indoctrinated self loathing. Never did me any harm, I turned out just fine." He laughed again at that, it was even less pleasant than before. "My gifts manifested young, I was scarce out of cradle when my parents dumped me on the threshold and abandoned me there. Part of the reason I'm one of the most gifted mages of his generation, the alignment of natural talent and a rigorous education."

"Of course I left as soon as I was able, and supported my continued research through the odd mercenary contract. Monster slayers are always on the lookout for someone who can cast a six hells trigram planar binding. That's how I met her... Octavia..."

I would have never guessed, and what were your relationships with your comrades, are you still friends? Maybe lovers? Bitter rivals? How do you see them in your eyes?

"I don't see much of them these days. It might have something to do with the fact I called them all traitorous cowards who lacked the resolve to do what needed to be done. They failed Octavia, we all did. I'm the only one trying to make things right."

So that's how you worked with each other, and how was your relationship with Madame Ravenwood? Nothing but good I hope.

"She was the best of us. I... I miss her deeply."

He looked like he had something more to say but could not bring himself to form the words. A terrible and desperate longing rose up from the inky depths of his one good eye. An unspoken need for something that had been forever pushed beyond his grasp.

I see, and.....did you know?

The question seemed to pull him out of his absent reverie.

Did you even guess, did you even have the slightest idea?

"Guess, guess what?"

Do you even realize the amount of shit you heroes are in?

A cold and horrible understanding began to dawn upon Eskel's face. There had been wards set around his tower, strong ones, how had a mere journalist managed to navigate his way through them?

What made you think you could defeat him so easily? WHAT MADE YOU THINK YOU COULD DEFEAT US SO EASILY?

"Impossible." He whispered. "I designed that seal myself. It was meant to hold for a thousand years."

We almost did it, almost, but then you heroes and that bitch! well no matter, you and your comrades will get yours soon enough!

Anger flared inside of him. He began to speak an twisted invocation that he would have never even dared to utter a few years previously.


He released the spell. All the lights in the room went out, the thing before him dropped to floor as a smoking desiccated husk. He could feel blood trickling on his hand, the wounds on his arm had opened up again. As he relit the candles with a wave of his hand he stared once more at the corpse at his feet.

"You will not speak of her in that manner."

I'm not really a true BBCode Wizard, but I make some sheets that are more complicated than average. Here's a few:

There was also a 1x1 I did that I experimented with using tables to get text to wrap around images, so you can have that as well:

((Sorry for the wall of text; I just saw in Eskel's relationships hider that he noted Peter "was destroyed", and I decided to come in and say, "well, aCTUALLY-" xD))

But, anyway, back on a lighter note: Do you guys think that the whole party has seen Crow outside of their plague doctor outfit, or just a few of them/no one at all?

Yeah I did catch that Peter is still around, just no longer sentient, Eskel meant destroyed as in the whatever part of the magic that made him sentient has been damaged beyond repair etc.

Also I did something about Eskel not even knowing what Crow looked like under the plague doctor outfit, but I took it out because your sheet seemed to imply that they did take off sometimes. Happy to go with that idea though if you want.
<Snipped quote by Hyyde322>

I never really specified where Gideon had set himself up or where the adventurers guild was located, but I think it would make sense for it to be in Bradena. Casperus was likely his home nation and the city is obviously where he met everyone else, so I think he would have returned there after everything happened.

We could say that he was the one to send out the letters to everyone else to come and reunite back where it all first started. He can use some of the adventurers from his guild to track down the people who are a little more out of the way or whose locations are less known; giving the letter to a party heading out to the nomadic lands and asking them to keep an eye out for an Orc ranger would probably work better than using a courier.

If everyone is okay with that then people can come find him at their leisure, either heading straight to him or meeting up with each other in the city before going to him last.

Yeah this works for me, although personally I think Eskel might head to Naivara first before anyone else? He is primarily concerned that the spells of banishment/sealing they cast on the defeated eldrict dragon may have somehow be broken. He's going to want to meet the person who likely cast those spells with him. If of course @Abstract Proxy is down for that?

Also I'm going to get working on a solo intro kinda post.
In regards to starting locations, Eskel is somewhere out in the remote Casperus countryside, shut up in his tower like a proper wizard. But that said he is highly mobile should the need arise, I did venture in my C.S that he's capable to casting teleportation magic. Could be used to gather the more distant party members? As long as the GM approves of course.


I have completed my relationships info, going to post here in the OOC first to give everyone a chance to offer feedback or request changes before I add it to my sheet.

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