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Greetings friends, partners, enemies, acquaintances, and strangers. I am Kassarock, or just Kass if you prefer, welcome to my profile. Anyway, I am a 20 something male roleplayer from the UK and a long time user of the site, although I have come and gone a fair bit over my time here. I used to be more active on the old site, and I still am relatively active in the off topic sections today, as well as in the guild's discord. So you might see me around.

I generally consider myself to be an advanced writer, I pretty much always write multiple paragraphs, and will drop walls of text if the mood takes me. My grammar is okay, but not formally perfect, so I do not expect that from my partners either. I normally like quite dark and dramatic themes in terms of content in my roleplays, regardless of genre. Unless I have got an interest check up, or have messaged you, I am not usually looking for new partners to write with.

I think that covers just about everything. Message me if you want to know more.
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The Elder Scrolls: Stormcrown Interregnum | HIATUS | ADVANCED | An unlikely group of rebels fight against the Count of Skingrad during the chaos of the early 4th era.

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Do you have a closing date in mind for applications? I'm interested in this, but I'm likely to be very busy with work this week.
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See normally, its us telling new users that we don't bite.

But it seems somewhat unnecessary in this particular instance.
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First source the correct components and reagents to bind the spell to Mahz...

Margaritas then?
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I'm good, just dropped the ball with replies what with stuff being open properly for the first time in so long, my social calendar has been surprisingly active. I always find it difficult to step back into writing after I've been away from it for a bit too, so that probably hasn't helped lol
Oops, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth there.

I am alive, and should have something up in the next couple of days!
So I'm just gonna talk from some personal experience here as someone who has had multiple characters killed off in play-by-post RPs.

I like injury and character death in a lot my RPing. I think it adds stakes and an element of risk to the whole thing, provides opportunities for characters to grow etc. etc. Most of the time, I am more than happy to put the fate of my own characters in the hands of the GM and let them decide how badly injured I am at the end of an encounter. The unpredictability of the whole thing adds a bit of spice to the roleplaying for me.

However, every time that one of my characters have been killed, it has been at my instigation. I have never had a GM turn around to me and say: "I want to kill your character." It's always been the other way around, me going to my GM and saying: "Hey, I really think we should kill my character."

Why do I do this? Normally its because I think the story calls for it, sometimes that means the story the GM is trying to tell, sometimes that means the story I am trying to tell with the character. At other times I just get tired to a character and want to send them off with something of a memorable bang for the other players. Dramatic deaths are in my experience a helluva lot more fun than slowly losing interest and ghosting people.

So in answer to your question, I do think the best thing you can hope for is finding a GM and a group of players that want to embrace character death and aren't afraid of treating their characters roughly. Because enforced or coerced character deaths are no where near as amazing as the glorious fuck-yous and tragic swansongs that can be crafted between player and GM when both them are fully there for killing off a character.


The smile on Samira's face only grew wider as she listen to the words of Sira Hezrihd, but there was nothing sweet about it anymore. Like the widening jaws of some great and terrible creature, or the fixed rictus grin of a skull stripped of its flesh. There was something truly unsettling about that smile. And then there were her eyes. The eyes of the Sorceress blazed, a sudden and furious rage awoken there. There was hellfire burning in their amber depths.

"And I could disable you easier than you could possibly believe, then I wouldn't have to spend my time listening to the pratter of uncouth children. Now..." With a swish of her wrist, the gilded spikes that tipped the ends of Samira's finger began to flicker with golden flame. "Do not. Doubt. My. Power. Unless you wish t-"

Samira's threat was cut off by Jakeem's compromise on their current... discussion. She glanced around the rest of the group, and saw her position amongst them, hopeless outnumbered, her argument already lost. Reluctantly, she closed her fist, and the dancing flames that had run along it disappeared, quenched in the gathering night.

"Fine, rest if you must. But we are wasting time."

She rode on in silence.


Down in the ravine, Samira dismounted at the foot of the impressive façade of the of the Sanctuary of Aduzahir. It was everything that she had dreamed it to be. There was just the question of getting inside of it now, and seeking the thing that they desired most of all. She could be doing that now if has hadn't been for the damned fools that she found herself stuck with. Did they not know of the urgency of her need?

No... no... of course they did not, no one knew, no one living that was. It just felt that way to her, because it consumed everything else.

Self consciously, she opened the mirror she carried once more and checked her face in it again. What she saw displeased her. It was slipping again. With a flick of her fingers and some hastily muttered words Samira reset the sells and charms and wards about her person until they were all repaired again. There... perfect.

She paused a moment in front of the ruin and whispered something to the open air, too quiet for anyone else to hear. It would have to do for now, she would not go into the ruins tonight, but at least she could ensure that none of the others stole a head start on her. The edge of her lips twitched upwards once more in the faintest glimmer of a smile. She turned her back to the ruins and walked towards the cluster of tents.

As she approached, a slave ran towards her and began to speak.

"Mistress, the great and honourable Pascha Jak-"

"Silence! Do not speak to me unless I have spoken to you, worm. Now, I care not which tent you have set aside of me, I have little use for it. Bring me whatever passes for food out here in this blasted wasteland, oh, and wine if there is any."

The slave bowed and scurried away to fulfil her commands. Samira took at seat at one of her unoccupied camp fires, paying the others little mind. Instead she stared into the flames, and lost herself in memories from long ago.

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