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Yeah sorry I am still alive, still at a low ebb and have been trying to avoid the internet generally
Ah, well happy birthday then!
Yeah, my partner is a more indoor type, and so their handling that aspect of it much better than I am. But they despise having to work from home because it doesn't give them proper work/life separation.

What is that you do for work? If you don't mind me asking that is?
I'm sure it will, just gotta get back into the swing of things.

And yeah I'm alright for now, the quarantine hasn't driven me crazy yet. Although I really wish I was stuck somewhere with some proper outdoor space. The weather has been so nice these past few weeks, and normally I'd be spending every second I could out in it. But alas, no garden, and 1 hour maximum government mandated outdoor exercise slots.

Still I suppose you have to grateful, no one I'm close to has ended up dying or getting badly ill from the virus yet. And I'm not in the kind of job where I'm putting myself at risk every day like service or care work.

Urgh finding it real hard to get back into the flow of writing, hopefully once the wheels get turning again it will be easier.
"No, no! I-It's nothing. Just some old poetry. Completely irrelevant." The King hastily stepped away from from the scroll case he had been standing next to, as if him merely being adjacent to love poetry made him tarred him with the same brush. There was almost something guilty about the movement. He walked over towards the shelves that the princess had first been examining when he had entered and ran his finger along the dusty spines. After a moment or two of consideration Ozragad glanced up and reached high above her head and plucked a single book from the topmost shelf.

"Here it is. This is the book I spoke of." The volume the King pulled from the shelf was thinner than the first, bound in fading coloured cloth instead of cracked leather. Its title was emblazoned upon its cover in an ornate font embellished with gold leaf: 'Recollections upon the Queen's Court'. His hand came down and he passed the book over to the Princess, and for a moment their fingertips brushed in the brief exchange. Ozragad almost swore he could feel something flutter ever so slightly in his chest. A physical response to a physical stimulus. It means nothing. Still he could not keep his mind from wondering. When was the last time I held a woman's hand?

He realised then that he knew the answer to that question all too well. He could count back the years, the months, the days even if he put his mind to it. That knowledge hardened the King's heart once more. Why am I playing at being pleasant and assenting to her will? We are enemies thrown together by politics, nothing more, no matter what the sad circumstances of her family life. She was vulnerable. He should be taking advantage of this. He should try to break her. He should destroy his enemies, like he had always done.

"No trouble? And here I thought that troubling me was your sole aim in coming here." Ozragad threw back his head and forced a laugh. It was a hard barking sound. "I could give you leave to write your family, if I saw some advantage to do so. But what makes you think they would care enough to reply? Remember, they gave you to ME."
Still getting by myself.

People still thinking of continuing with this?
Yeah I am still interested in it, was just at a low ebb in inclination and inspiration for a while there. Feeling much better now, will get working on something.
Hey, sorry I've been a ghost these last few weeks, been a bit ill and haven't had much motivation to work on stuff. I know I should have said something, but I didn't, partly because I realise I've been making a lot of excuses for why I haven't been more active on here recently.

Do you still want to continue with this?
My contract for my last job was set to finish at the end of this month anyway, they just brought it forward since we rushed production because of the virus, will still be paid the full amount so its no loss to me. We'll see about others I had lined up down the road, but there's stuff I can do from home that'll keep generating income. I should be fine for a few months even if I don't pick up another contract.
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