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Welcome back!! How have you been? I'll be getting up replies tomorrow! Work has been crazy :)
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“Well he is your bother, I’m sure him being annoying is natural to you.” Evan spoke as he grinned back at Rowan, however it was high time they got to work before her brother did return and reprimand them for not completing the job. “What room did you want to use? I’ll grab towels, I feel like they will be needed.” Moving through into the kitchen he flicked the light on revealing the extravagant kitchen, regardless of the fact he did not live here we was well versed in the set out because he was often here for some reason. Picking up the kettle he filled it with water before placing it back in its holder to heat up the water. Whilst the kettle was doing its thing Evan moved to a cupboard under the stairs where a lot of spare towels and linen were kept, it was all freshly laundered. If he was honest, he rather enjoyed the smell of the room, but the smell of fresh linen was always pleasant.

Picking up a couple of towels in his hand he went to find Rowan, moving up the stairs he looked for a room with a light on and open door because the shut ones generally meant it was occupied by one of the family members. “Ah!” Smiling as he saw Rowan he moved inside and placed the neatly folded towels on the table, he had brought a couple just in case Damian needed one as well as the new girl. He figured Damian would see her to her room, so this just made it easier. “Right, let’s give you a hand.” Moving to help out with the air mattress and make it into some sort of bed for the girl he started to think on what would happen, “You don’t reckon she’d try to run in the night too? Even with the first failed attempt?” It was futile trying to run, Damian could have her found in an instant with the amount of contacts he had at his disposal but sometimes fear could be powerful with not thinking straight.

Fluffing up the pillows as he placed them down on the air mattress, he looked out the window still seeing the ran pour down, it still shocked him that he had even taken such a deal in the first place. Shaking his head out of his thought he took a step back seeing the mattress now all set up for someone to sleep in, “That will do for now. I’ll be in the kitchen making us drinks, see you in a moment.” Moving back out of the room he headed back into the kitchen knowing full well the kettle had finishing boiling, opening the cupboards he pulled out two cups and started to make them drinks as he heard the front door open.


“Thank you for the offer however I did actually pack some things.” Iris mumbled as she continued to stare out the window at the rain, the heater was doing nothing to warm her up, in fact it was just adding to her discomfort. Perhaps making a break for it in this weather had not been ideal. His sister didn’t seem so bad, she had remembered how she seemed outraged at the idea of this deal which gave her a little bit of comfort. Maybe she could talk to her? Maybe they would get on? It was all strange as it started to sink in that she would never be going home, she would have a new home now.

The feeling of relief washed over her when she had said she would have her own room, if she was honest it had been something, she was scared to ask about but hearing it had helped calm her a little. “Second?” Without even thinking she had questioned what he meant by second but as soon as she said it out loud, she realised how stupid it must have sounded. Of course, he meant someone he could trust, like a second in command and she was certain that most organisations whether crime based or not had something like that in place. “Ah sorry that was a silly question, I think I just need some sleep.”

As the car had stopped, she looked up at the new place, it was grand, and it was clear that this family took pride in their assets. Her own home seemed minuscule compared to this. Eyes glanced towards the lights that were still on and she felt her stomach turn, she wouldn’t have to talk to anyone right? She just wanted to get out of her wet clothes and sleep it off, maybe this was some sort of bad dream and she would wake up to her normal life tomorrow. Stepping out of the car she felt the cold wind surround her as the rain was still pouring. Shuddering as fresh rain plashed against her clothes she followed Damian from getting her bags and to inside his home were she was greeted by warmth.

No worries! I'll keep an eye out! Hope you have a lovely couple of days~
“Yeah, I suppose we can be killed. Granted it’s difficult but…” Chuckling slightly herself as she folded her arms looking over at his shoulder blade when he mentioned it was alright. Thankfully it had stopped bleeding, which was a positive, but it had yet to start healing.

More sinister? Like what exactly? Trying to breed the two most ancient species?” Iris scoffed making a light joke of the events. “Honestly, I reckon they wanted us to fight, perhaps they wanted us to turn on each other, cause a war?” Sighing as she raised her hand to her forehead rubbing it gently, “I don’t know. I wish I knew what they wanted.”

Looking back towards Drake as he spoke about being the last of his kind, listening to his words he spoke of elders which meant he had some sort of council much like she did. Perhaps they could be useful to consult with? “I don’t know about being the last, I assume so.” As much as she didn’t want to give out this peace of information in case he used it to his advantage she thought it was best to put some form of trust in him, they had after all helped each other escape and were both in the same situation. “The last I heard of my brother he went underground for protection but I believe he is dead.”
Awh kitties are adorable <3

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The death of her father should have caused her upset, it should have been a shock but to Elise she didn’t appear phased by it one bit. In fact, the first words she had thought was I told you so. It was seemingly cruel but again she had spent years living with him, watching her father deteriorate into worse behaviour and it sickened her. How someone could go from having a good life to throwing it all down the drain from his addiction to alcohol. To her it was not her father she had lived with, he had died years ago when he first started changing. The now upheaval of her life however was a different story, to say she wasn’t at least concerned or scared would be a lie. With little personal possessions she was now one of the few students who needed to be placed into some sort of care.

The school had arranged with various parents to take in the few orphaned students, at least until something more permanent could be arranged. It was a temporary measure whilst the town regained its feet from the destruction the tsunami had caused. Crime had been on the rise as the police force was stretched thin with the clean up of the town, some force members had been on duty and injured when the tsunami had hit. Chaos was ensuing and order needed to be restored but there was very little authority to be able to do that, it was becoming quite the issue as of late. Everyone was seemingly in some sort of panic and no one wanted to admit that nothing was going right, to them putting on fake smiles and covering things up was going to be far easier with keeping the peace than telling the truth.

Sighing softly to herself holding a bag of her personal things she stood outside the Yagami’s door, they had arranged her to stay with them for now until further notice and a part of her was anxious. She felt like she was intruding into someone else’s life, but it couldn’t be helped. Gripping the handles of he bag tighter she bit her lip as ice blue eyes stared at the door in front of her, she had yet to knock to disturb the family. Glancing back into the street towards the sky she could see the sun setting, it was coming up to teatime and she knew she couldn’t waste anymore time. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the Yagamis door waiting for an answer. She could hear the shuffling behind it and faint voices, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach rising and she couldn’t help but shuffle her feet as for a split second the thought of running crossed her mind.

Stop that, you are overthinking things, it will be fine. Shaking her head as she brushed the thought of being nervous aside, she put a smile on her face as she waited at the door.
I love the winter months! They are always my favourite :3

Awh! Hopefully you can spend the day relaxing and getting better! However there is nothing better than a cut snuggle when you are unwell~
Elise Hydaelyn



Name: Elise Hydaelyn
Age: 18
Birthday: 12th January
Pronouns: she/her
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'4
Weight: 94lb



Elise is an average height girl with a pale complexion and light blonde hair. Her eyes are such an ice blue you could mistake them for grey at times depending on the lighting. Although pale skinned, she has no freckles but on her right forearm she had a faint scar which is usually covered with clothing.

Usually Elise can be seen wearing simple clothes such as jeans and tops, skater style dresses depending on weather and some sort of cardigan. If she is not wearing a cardigan, she will be wearing a long-sleeved top to keep the scare hidden. The colours Elise tends to lean towards for her clothing are usually pale colours, yellows, light pinks and blues and sometimes green on the odd occasion. Elise will only wear heels if going out otherwise she would be seen in a pair of flats and sometimes trainers if she wears jeans.



Elise came from a small family; it was just her and her father who wasn’t the best at times. Her father was quite the drunk and had built a bad reputation for it in town. Often, he was out late nights at the bar and would drag himself home quite late at night, he could barely keep a job down and no one wanted to employ him because of the reputation. It was no surprise that when the Tsunami had hit, he was one of the fatal casualties and Elise was now an orphan with direct family left. They had no pets, however Elise had always wanted a pet cat.

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