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I hope you have a wonderful weekend on your travels :)
“Yeah, I can’t imagine it being that simple.” Iris felt herself sigh eyes downcast at the mention of her father, as much as she would have loved the idea of just snapping his fingers and having it all fixed her father would still pose a threat. There was no way he would just allow some sort of peace; he was obsessed with ending the line now. Not even the mention of peace would deter him from his path of wanting revenge on the Maydestone family. It was a shame because she knew her father was a good man; he had been a good man at heart but somehow lost his way and that was something she could never figure out. “I wish I could say my father would want it to end… but he has lost his way. He was a good man once; I wish you could have met him when he was.” Smiling slightly as she looked over at Cas, but that would never happen now. “Perhaps your father will see to reason? You never know.” Though even she knew it was a long shot, however she was happy in knowing that Cas finally knew the truth.

Grinning over at Cas she was glad he was hungry too; it would be easier to head into another district plus it would also give them a chance to scout out potential places to stay for the night. “Good! I think I may have enough in the budget to treat you to dinner.” Winking at him playfully as she watched him unzip his jacket, he was right it was far too warm right now, but she didn’t know if that was because they had spent hours walking.

“Ethan. Look.” Tom hissed in the car as he nudged Ethan who was driving along, narrowing his eyes at the two figures they could see in the distance. “That’s got to be them.”

Ethan took a glance from the road to catch sight of the two, seeing one of the figures he could tell it was Iris. It was her and whomever she was with had to be the Prince. “Right, let’s get them. It’s now or never.” Speeding up a little he pushed the car further, hearing the rattle of the engine as he sped up to chase down the two figures.

Hearing the sound of a car unsettled her, glancing around she could see a car in the distance, and it looked like it was bee-lining to them. Frowning she felt herself panic because cars wouldn’t usually be on the road, this was many supply runs. “Cas… run. I don’t think that’s friendly.” Tugging on his hand as she urged him to run, her heart beginning to race as she started to run herself. Panic settling in because they had nothing to defend themselves with and all they could do was run.

As she had started to run, she could hear the car screech to a halt which to her only meant that it had to be the rebels, that they had been found and she didn’t dare look back. Keeping her eyes ahead as she tried to focus on getting out of there. BANG. Within an instant she came to a halt, eyes wide as she heard the shot, that was a gunshot. Looking round for Cas she had to make sure he hadn’t been hit, she knew she hadn’t but that didn’t mean they hadn’t gone for him. The shot itself hadn’t been aimed at anyone, it had been a warning telling them to stop.

“I’D STOP RUNNING OR THE NEXT SHOT WILL BE AIMED AT YOU BOTH.” Ethan shouted out the gun now pointing towards Iris and Cas as he forced them to stop running. Tom was at his side folding his arms as he kept his eyes on the pair.

“E-Ethan…” Iris felt her heart drop as she saw him standing there with a gun, aiming at them. Of all the rebels to catch them it had to be him, it was typical and she just wished it would have been anyone else.
Yeah! Do you think you'd go to New England when it all dies down then? For a proper long vacation?

Omg I fell asleep so it's okay haha.
“I just love the idea of learning, books supply us with a lot of that, and I suppose they were always a great escape from reality especially when reading fiction.” Iris thought on it, the reason she loved to read and most it stemmed from the fact she could hide away in a good book ignoring whatever reality she was living. Books always made a great escape for her as the words she would read soon became a fake reality, a world to get sucked into allowing a brief escape from home life. Though things only seemed to have worsened when her mother was no longer around.

“Well look at you, it’s certainly paid off all your routines. You’re in great shape.” Iris smiled as she listened to him explain how his routines had worked. The amount of time he no doubt put into them too, but he looked great she wouldn’t deny that. Especially with how flustered she had gotten last night with just his shirt off, so he should definitely be proud of his physique, she certainly enjoyed it and the thought brought a pink tinge to her cheeks.

“Well… maybe with the war over and if you choose to return you could look at helping the districts rebuild. I think that would be a way to stop the war, people don’t to fight. They only fight if they have reason too. If you were to help the districts, they would have no more reason to fight I guess.” Iris sighed softly as she walked along with him, she was glad in a way that he did get to see this first-hand. There was no way he would have believed her if she had told all of this, he would have thought was she was crazy and then nothing would get done. In a way this was slightly positive the fact he could see it.

It had been a somewhat smooth walk along the road together, it had to have been a good few hours and Iris thought it must have been around lunchtime. That and her stomach had growled meaning she was hungry, so it was safe to assume they had hit midday. They had yet to pass a fork in the road that led off to another district, but then the walk was a long one. They had made progress though, to no particular goal but they had travelled a fair bit and she felt like another district had to be coming up. The roads had been quiet thankfully, no car or truck had passed them by. The weather had been alright, it wasn’t raining, and the sun was out, but thankfully it wasn’t too hot.

“I think we must be coming up to another district by now, we’ve been walking for hours.” Iris mused as she looked at the road ahead, she was feeling a little tired from all the walking, but she knew they had to continue on. “Did you want to divert off into the next district we pass?” A part of her hoping he would say yes because then they could sit down somewhere.

Ethan was thrilled, he had received some news, the best news in a while and that was two people had been spotted alongside the road. To him it had to be them, who would walk alongside the road unless aiming for a quick exit. Thankfully they had a car, sure it wasn’t the best of models or even the most smoothest of running but it worked and it would be damn quicker than running along that long road trying to find out if it was them. “Tom keep an eye out; they have to be on this road.”

A part of him thought he should bring more men along for this, but he knew between him and Tom they could take down the Prince especially as they knew he was injured. Iris on the other hand was just a girl, to him she was easy to take down, so he felt he had good odds on this. There was a gun strapped to his waist, he didn’t want to use it, but he would if he had too. Hopefully it just meant that capturing them would be easier with this weapon at his side. “Did you bring the chloroform? If not, we may just have to knock them out.” Shrugging as he didn’t care on which option, they used to knock out the people they were hunting. Plus, Ethan would want nothing more than to harm the Prince once more.
Oh how lovely!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!

I was thinking I'll add them next post. Yeah I was thinking afternoon time for the capture :3
“I might be, but that would be telling~” Iris winked at him gently trying to hide her slight blush on her face, but that was because when thinking about him or talking about him she still would get a little flustered. It was down to her being attracted to him, the simple laws of attraction. Though she was glad he valued her opinion, it made her feel special and important in her own way. Though she couldn’t deny the fact that she cared about his opinion greatly too, though she was also self-conscious when it came to other people’s opinion. When she liked someone and wanted to be a part of their life, she worried about those close to them, if they would like her too because she had always hoped to make a good impression. Not like I’ll ever make a great impression on those close to him. Not his friends… family. They’ll only ever see me as a traitor, someone who committed treason.

Noting how her thoughts had taken a skyrocket down she shook her head pushing the thoughts back as best she could, smiling over at Cas as he seemed to think she would be a better tour guide. “Honestly, I don’t understand it. I just know it feels right. Or as I go it just kind of pops back into mind like it was always there. I can’t explain it fully, but it’s nice… remembering some things I guess.” It was strange to think how she had gone from nothing to now feeling more in control of herself, the key things remembered but she had still a lot to learn. Not everything had come back yet, but a part of her didn’t know if she wanted it all to return.

“This is waaaaay to much exercise for me. I’d much rather be reading and relaxing.” Iris chuckled though she wondered what she had been like before, surely, she had done some exercise? Though she didn’t know fully. “What kind of workouts did you do?” Curious as to what his usual routine would have been.

Happy that he laced his fingers with hers as she walked along, soft smile on her face as she moved. “Hmm… you know what. One of my favourite districts, somewhere I used to visit with my mother when she was alive and I was little was Il Mheg.” Sighing happily at the memory it was one of the districts closer to the Capital, “Il Mheg stands for garden of rainbows, something like that. My memory is still a little rusty.” Walking along she kept a hold of his hand, happy that he had squeezed it, happy for the closeness. “But they have a beautiful garden in that district, an area full of flowers and it’s breath taking… it was… breath taking.” Frowning as she spoke because the memory of hers turned dark, the memory of how the garden had been destroyed in that district. “I… don’t think it’s there anymore, but I’d have loved to show you that. I think you’d have liked it.”

Ohhh nice! Where are you going?

Ohhh did you want me to start off the rebels in this post or leave it a little?
Yes please!

Oh man, the whole weekend? I understand haha, guess I will have to do other stuff xD
I'm really looking forward to that!! I honestly can't wait haha. Are we still up for the use of Aproveset on Iris? I think that would be quite interesting still to work with.
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