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Welp, now to wait for the next patch of FFXIV ;A;
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I thought I'd add a little more information to what happened to her younger brother :3 It seemed really fitting for the moment,

I'm glad you liked it!
Elise had to hold back the bile in her stomach from watching the scene before her, as much as she wished she could look away she had to watch the reality. It only affirmed what she and Lady Cheldarine had spoken about and that enemies would be everywhere she turned, though she couldn’t discern if this had been meant for her also it still left a foul taste in her mouth. Not once had she seen someone die in such a gruesome manner and seeing the serving boy die had resurfaced a repressed memory of her own.

It took all her strength not to hurl her guts as the image of her dead younger brother crossed her mind, remembering how she had been defiant pushing past the guards and her elder brother to see what the commotion was. Instantly she had regretted the decision as for many nights after she had nightmares surrounding it and even to this day it came back to haunt her on occasion. To see her younger brother sprawled on the bed skin ghostly white, blue tinging his lips and fingers adorned by red blood splatters. Crimson stained sheets from the usual bright white they were. To remember the haunted look of horror on her young brothers face as her eyes looked over the wounds, a deep slice across his throat and smaller ones on his wrists and then feet. The younger Prince had bled out and no one had heard anything, no scream and no signs of fight meaning the coward that had done the deed had done so whilst the Prince slept deeply. It had later been found there was a sleeping aid in his drink so he wouldn’t have stirred at the attack.

So, caught up in her own whirlwind of horror Elise didn’t pay any sort of attention to Ozragad and Manawyndans conversation until she heard the shut of the door leaving her alone with him. Panicked for a split second she whirled around to look at Ozragad as he returned to his seat at the table, silence forming between them as she couldn’t find any sort of words to say and it seemed he couldn’t either.

Elise didn’t dare move from the spot she was standing, using the table to keep herself steady fearing that her own legs would fail her and crumble beneath the pressure. A shaky breath escaped her lips, one that she didn’t realise she had been holding as she slowly gained the courage to move back to her seat the whole way using the table to lean on as she lowered herself into the chair glad to have the support of the wood beneath her.

“I understand.” Clearing her throat to try and sound confident and not show how unsettled she had been from this incident; it had dredged up memories she wished to be kept buried. “I’ll take it as a compliment that he thinks I could orchestrate such a thing under your watchful gaze.” Trying to settle she knew the comfort she needed would not be gained here, but she was not looking forward to the nights to come knowing the nightmares would resurface and that was a vulnerability she wanted no one to know about.

“Why? Why did you choose to save me?”

Why had she saved him? Pausing as she thought on how to answer him because she didn’t know herself, it could have been down to instinct. It could have been because she knew her survival depended on his own, or maybe she was warming to the idea of marriage. It could have even been because peace was sorely needed in their lands and the blood that had been spilled was more than enough to last a lifetime.

“I don’t know in all honesty.” Elise folded her arms as her brow furrowed trying to piece together her own scattered thoughts, “Poison is cowardly.” Muttering out her distaste for the substance until she found herself sighing again cringing at how he assumed she despised him and the palace. It wasn’t true, she despised that her freedom had been taken, that her father had forced this on her which she had channelled through onto Ozragad when it wasn’t his fault she had been put in this position.

“I don’t despise you or this place maybe some of your actions. It’s actually beautiful here in its own way. I despise the fact my freedom was taken from me because I was born a certain gender. That as a woman you can’t fight. If I had allowed you to drink that poison than you’d have died. Maybe I could have had a chance at my freedom, but that wouldn’t be the case.”

Elise stopped for a moment placing her head in her hands on the table finally admitting to herself something she very much knew, and something Lady Cheldarine had also reminded her of as she was honest with him. “My life is very much in your hands, it’s dependant on you being alive because you are the only thing stopping those that wish to tear me apart because of my heritage. I have a handful of men and they’d be crushed in a heartbeat leaving me to deal with whatever horrors my enemies wish me to live, I wouldn’t be able to make it out of here and if by some miracle I did I would not be able to navigate your lands or go unrecognised for that matter.” Lifting her head up slightly to meet his gaze she could feel her own mental exhaustion of this place creeping in.

“We came to an agreement. I will uphold my side of it.”
That sounds good to me!
Elise had caught sight of the fact his hand had reached for his sword, but she was glad he realised she was not going to cause him harm and that she wasn’t a threat to him. Firstly, it was absurd to think she would just outright attack him like that, secondly, he could easily overpower her being a warrior from the war and thirdly, well they had just come to an agreement had they not? Her eyes still focused on the glass, now a flicker of doubt seeping through in case she had been wrong and maybe she had seen nothing. Maybe it was simply just a hope of hers that it was poison and maybe now she had just made a complete an utter fool of herself in front of him and his council. It could have been her subconscious trying to find ways to stop this wedding that she had just now agreed too.

It took all her effort to conceal her tremble, the fear that the rage of his was about to be directed to her and without nothing her hand went to her throat still feeling his lingering fingertips against the skin that had recently healed from their spat. Though as the guards burst through the door’s swords in hand her own hand dropped back to her side keeping silent as Ozragad began to bark orders to everyone. Wasting no time, the soldiers followed his orders scurrying off and she glanced towards Manwyndan as he spoke hearing the snap of Ozragads as he begged a private word which meant out of her earshot.

What does it matter, they attacked the King. There was no way they could know I was here. Although it begs to question Manawyndan turned down the offer of a drink. Is there even a possible chance that he?

For a moment she looked lost in thought contemplating the fact that there could very well be more at work here and as the council had said all might not be as it seems. It was then she felt her own rage, anger that he assumed it was an Eorzian plot of some sort? Snorting loudly, she turned her head up at the idea this had anything to do with her or her people, “I suppose I should take that as a compliment that you think I or my people could have had something to do with this.” Elise knew she should have kept it to herself, but she was internally seething that he had insinuated an Eorzian ploy could be at hand here when she barely had time to worry about her sleeping pattern to even think about killing the King.

“Considering the fact, you all see me as some ignorant child I have been under supervision ever since I stepped foot in this castle. The ladies aren’t my own and don’t think me naive enough to think they haven’t been whispering in your ears about my movements here or reporting back to you both. Lastly I have been confined to my rooms and the few Eorzian people that accompanied me here have not set foot out of my wing.” Hissing out her words as she folded her arms to stop herself from shaking, between the fear of an actual assassination attempt and the annoyance she felt of being remotely accused of this a part of her hoped she had been wrong and that she had seen nothing in the wine.

Swallowing hard she glanced at the cup on the table wincing as Ozragad picked it up seeing the savage gleam in his eye as he clearly had an idea on what to do with it. By now the servant was being dragged back in here and she watched the cruel King show just who was in power here. The weak attempts as the servant fought were pitiful and she wondered if that was how she had looked in the moments of their fight. Elise wanted to tear her eyes away, but she had to watch this, she had to know if it truly was poison that been in that cup.

Maybe I was wrong. What’s worse, being right and knowing an attempt was made or looking like a fool to my future husband.

It was a question she couldn’t answer, and she watched as silence fell over the room the servant now being forced to drink the wine. She was certain she could hear her heart hammering away, the soft thuds in her head as she waited. It seemed like the longest couple of minutes and just as she was about to berate herself for overreacting, she could see the servants body start to convulse as the poison now bled into his system. Coughs and splutters could be heard as he started to foam from the lips chocking on his own spit and you could hear the laboured breaths fill the room that was feeling more warmer than it had moments ago and Elise was unable to tear her eyes away from the dying man.

Haha no! I'm happy with fast acting, just wanted to make sure with the last little bit of my post :)
Haha I don't blame him if someone tried to kill him!

Quick question, did we want this poison to show signs instantly? Or being one of those slow going style ones?
I thoroughly enjoyed it! That crown is so beautiful ;A;

I have one more post that I've got planned with Iris which will set a few things up :3
“It’s not going to be that easy Ethan. I know you think you have it all worked out but come on think about it. If Iris is stuck in the Capital what makes you think that Maisie would get a number for her?” Thomas sighed heavily clearly not understanding on how the plan would work.

“You think she’d just forget her best friend? Especially when I’m certain Maisie helped them. I just need a number that’s it.” Ethan growled as he tried to reason with Thomas and why this plan would work. “Honestly when I get on the phone to her, she’ll come running back. Especially if I promise not to hurt the Prince, well now King. I bet she would do anything for him and if I threaten his life she’ll come running.”

“But what good will it do? This seems more like a personal cause than the rebellion we worked so hard for.” Thomas sighed heavily dragging a hand through his hair, a frown clear on his face as he wanted to help Ethan after everything, but this was taking a step too far as nothing would be gained from the rebellion like this. “Ethan… do you even remember what the rebellion stands for? It was to help everyone! To rid the monarchy and give back to the people. This isn’t about some girl that fucked you over.”

“No no. Listen Tom. I get Iris. I use her as leverage against the new King. That idiot loves her, I don’t know why, but she isn’t dead, and she had to have gone back to the Capital as the Prince now King whatever is there.” Ethan reasoned with Thomas trying to get him to understand, “He would try to get her back, it would leave him exposed and I can end the monarchy with something so simple.”

Thomas’s features began to soften as he took it in, the plan seemed absurd but yet also held some brilliance to it. If this King had an affliction with Iris as Ethan claimed then taking hold of her would be leverage, “But whose to say he wouldn’t just cut her off. The boys gonna be King, one life compared to keeping his own and a Kingdom. He could have any lady throw themselves at him, he’s young and would get over it.”

“You see I don’t think that would happen and well, if he throws her to the side, we will come up with something else, but I have a really good feeling about this. Trust me.” Ethan smirked as he began to scribble something new down on his piece of paper. “We need to get a hold of Maisie. Think you can do that for me? She’ll trust talking to you more than me,”

“Yeah sure.” Thomas shrugged as he shoved his hands in his pockets before moving out of the room still having some doubts about this whole plan of his. If it paid off then it was going to work, but there was this nagging voice in the back of his head telling him to just get out of this rebellion. Thomas knew he would stick by Ethan until the end even it was going to end badly, the guy had been through enough, they all had in the districts so what was another thing?


‘You are nothing, what a disappointment you turned out to be.’

‘You’d be better off dead.’

‘All this pain and suffering is down to you.’

Iris woke with a start sitting bolt up in the bed clutching at her chest as she panted clearly panicked, looking down she placed her hands in front of her seeing red. It was like she could still see the blood on her fingers, she could still feel the sickly warmth it left behind. It was hard to come to terms with the fact this was reality, and she was in fact safe, but the nightmares were always there to remind her of what terrible things she had done. The bed felt cold without Cas and she realised that being alone was not best for her, at least if someone was around it motivated her to act like everything was fine when really it wasn’t. Somehow, she had fallen into a nap this morning, but it was no surprise with the lack of sleep throughout the night she kept falling in and out of these uneasy dreams. The sheets on the bed were ruffled which signalled the fact she had tossed and turned consistently.

Sighing to herself she moved from the bed and slowly started to rearrange the sheets making it, so it looked presentable. Not that anyone would be visiting, but still it gave her something to do with her hands other than looked at the imaginary blood she had seen. Chewing the inside of her cheek she started to pace about the hotel room still feeling uneasy after remembering the last few voices from the horrid nightmare that decided to plague her this morning. Trying to push it back she thought about Cas and how his day must be going, selfishly she wished he was here because the silence and being alone wasn’t something she could handle.

Sounds good!

Ohhh very true, I’ll have a think and see how I go with it. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun!
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