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Current So excited! Week off of work!
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Weekend off work! How exciting :)
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April 22nd
England/GMT time

If you have an questions or ideas please feel free to get in touch! I also work full time so sometimes my responses can be sporadic.

I adore many different series so my RPS can range from anime to TV shows and books. So just ask away if you want to write with me! I can do anything from canon characters to OC'S

Fun Fact:

I love to play video games and often live stream playing them! My most common game to play is Overwatch.

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Updated! Looking to get some more stories in :)
Updated my list! Take a look :)
Hey guys! Updated my list please feel free to message! Even if it's something you don't see on there I'd happy to brainstorm ideas.
Thanks guys! I;m already having so much fun :)
Updated :)
Hey guys,

Feel free to call me Suki for short :)

There's quite a few things I'd love to get to writing if anyone is interested. I tend to play female characters who I like to pair up with male ocs/characters already established but I am always willing to try something new so if you want me to play a male just ask!

The ones with *** I'm super duper craving.

I have a few different fandoms I love to RP from and I'd be more than happy to play characters on top of my OC so both parties could have their OC paired with cannon characters. Or if you want OCxOC I am more than happy to do that too!

I tend to be online in evenings and when I have days off so will always get out a few replies when online. If I'm ever not online I'll give you a heads up! I usually write a minimum of three paragraphs but can go more depending on muse. I also tend to RP through PM'S

The reason I did put 18+ wouldn't just be for the romance or sexual content which I am happy to write out or fade to black if partner prefers but it would be for the darker themes and sensitive topics like suicide, torture and gore. I'm looking to build depth with characters and explore different themes.

On a side note I do have a discord where I'd be happy to talk plots if it's easier than PM on here :)




These are just some of the few I can name! If you are interested please let me know so we can discuss plots and such!

When it comes to the RP's I'm more than happy to double up with canon characters or just plays OC's just give me a message and we can discuss.

I'd also be more than happy to play canon characters in return so if you'd like to write just let me know!
Hi guys,

My name is Suki~

I am new to this forum but not new to roleplaying! I have spent around six years roleplaying and love to write in my spare time whether it's fanfiction or one on one roleplays.

I love getting into plots and character development as well as quick one liners. My preferred style is to write a couple of paragraphs or more! I love to create my own characters and insert them into different universes as well as writing about characters who were already established in their world.

I'm up for any type of roleplays; romance, action, drama and ones that tackle sensitive issues.

In my spare time I love to play video games and I stream on twitch as well. I also love being creative and hand paint phone cases on the side of my full time job.

I'm excited to start writing with you guys!

Any question feel free to ask away :3
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