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I'll focus on Ethan tomorrow! Rather than use his stuff up now :3
Iris had watched the whole speech her eyes never leaving Caspian as he stood and addressed the country about the fallen King, his father. Listening to Cas only reaffirmed her belief on him being a good leader, the fact that he addressed everyone just hours after finding out with to her what seemed like confidence was astounding. There was no way she could have done anything like that, whether she had been trained or not she knew she would never have had the courage to do such a thing. Coupled with the fact not all memories had been great with her own father and she knew that Cas had experienced a bit of a rocky relationship also, but he had spoken about the triumphs his father had done. Not that she agreed with everything he had said.

It was strange to think how only last night his father had arranged for him to be sent to a mental institution because he was certain his son had something wrong with him all because Cas had stuck up for her and the life he had seen beyond the Capital. Now Atlas was dead, and she knew she would be lying when she said she was sorry for that because truthfully deep down she was glad he was dead. Sure, it had been the wish of the rebellion and she had wished it too, because the King had not once thought of the districts and not once bettered their area for the good. Not a dime had been thrown their way, so of course it was no wonder the people had rebelled and the only thing she was sorry for was the fact that Cas had lost his father as that was a blow no one could understand unless they had experienced it themselves.

Even though she had lost her own father it was still different circumstances, her father had been crazed in the end and lost his mind. There hadn’t really been a father daughter relationship between them for quite sometime and it only took until recently for her to admit that fact. It was partly her being naïve to it, that her father wasn’t obsessed with the rebellion and rising above his station. Shaking her head as the speech was over, she settled down on the sofa watching the clock, it wasn’t ten yet, but she couldn’t wait to finally call him and make sure he was okay. Iris would be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t worried about him, they had been through so much recently and she didn’t want this to be that final nail in the coffin for some sort of mental breakdown. If she were to list everything down that had happened, she wouldn’t even believe it herself.

Tapping her fingers against the edge of the sofa she mumbled to herself waiting for the time to pass, “Come on…” It felt as if time was going by so slowly now that she was clock watching, the day had passed by in an alright fashion, but this last half an hour was almost torture. Standing up from the sofa she began to pace around by the kitchen glancing from the time to the phone on the wall and then finally to his number. Would it look to eager of me to call dead on ten? No… surely not. Though maybe? Letting out an exasperated sigh as she picked up the paper in her hands that contained his number she glanced once more back at the clock feeling her heart do a little leap seeing it had finally reached ten o’clock.

Without hesitation she dialled the number into the phone feeling her heart race as she waited for the other side to pick up, hearing the rings she started to doubt herself on if it had been the right time to call. Hearing the line connect she smiled relieved that she could finally hear his voice, “Hey Cas, how are you? Is everything okay? Well… stupid questions really, you don’t need to answer that… I'm sorry.” Amidst the excitement of calling him she had completely forgotten that he probably wasn’t okay, and it was a silly question to ask him, but she was glad she could at least talk to him. Grateful that this phone was in the hotel room.

“I don’t know why you were ever worried about being a leader, you should be proud of that speech. To get up there and address everyone after what has happened lately. You did good. I watched the whole thing.” Iris knew she was already rambling, he probably didn’t need her to ramble but she had been worried about him throughout the day and the mind numbing TV programs hadn’t helped.

Oh gosh! I hope you are okay? No worries like Is aid I’m pretty chill and happy to wait! I did enjoy my holiday! It seems so long ago now xD

Oh of course not! I loved the idea of it and think it will make things interesting!
Ooo okay, maybe I'll save Ethan for tomorrow. Like briefly touch on him now then proper go into him tomorrow as I doubt Iris would do much other than watch the TV listening out for news on Cas.
I'm planning to go more in depth with Ethan in the next few posts! But honestly push it as far as you need, I'm only going to expand on his twisted mind a bit more :3
Falling in and out of sleep for the past couple of hours hadn’t been exactly smooth for Iris, it seemed every time she was on her own or not with Cas the nightmares would descend and disturb her. Snippets and memories of her father plaguing her, but also Ethan. For some reason he had started to crop up in her nightmares and she hated to admit part of it was fear that she hadn’t seen the last of him and she knew the next time she did she was going to pay gravely for what she had done. That crazed look in his eye and the manic grin was not easy to forget, nor was the way he looked at her disgust. That and the memory of his hands around her throat was hard to forget especially when they repeated themselves in nightmares, it was like she could still feel his fingers wrapped around her windpipes choking the life out of her.

Iris wasn’t sure how long she had spent in this dazed state, in and out of dreams and nightmares on the sofa. It was very comfortable to sleep on that was certain, but anything was better than that cell she had been inside or the hospital for that matter. A place she didn’t want to see again, but then she hated the damn things regardless on whether she was well or not and the times she had been there had not been down to her own choice or free will. Rubbing her eyes as she sat up on the sofa her eyes began to adjust to the various lights flashing from the TV and the soft setting of the lights in the suite now that the sun was setting. Glancing back to the TV she could see that it looked like they were on the news and some report seemed to be going on and it looked they were all setting up for something, trying to read the text she sighed as she saw the words go across the screen.


It felt surreal seeing those words, that the funeral was about to happen because for a split second she had forgotten all about it. Sitting forward on the sofa she avidly watched the news report waiting to see the funeral so she could see a glimpse of him and how he was doing, deep down she wasn’t worried as he had Jacob, he had his friends so he would have support around him that he would need and she would keep her promise by calling him the minute it struck ten. Confused for a moment she frowned as she watched the program, there was no sight of Cas and she was certain they had said he was due on now. Gnawing at the bottom of her lip as her heartbeat quickened, she couldn’t help but feel concerned, was he okay? Was he unable to do this? Thoughts raced through her head until she finally saw him step out and she let out a breath realising it was okay, she had panicked for no reason.

Finding herself smile as he began to speak, she watched him begin his speech addressing the country as now thousands relied on him to rule them. Cas would become King; he would honour the legacy to the throne, and she knew he would look to make changes well she hoped he would because who knew maybe he was going to follow exactly in his fathers footsteps. No, don’t even think like that, he wants things to change, he wants everyone to be better. Gasping as she felt the bottom of her lip split, the taste of blood hitting her tongue as she noticed she hadn’t stopped nibbling at it from the nerves.

At least he gets to say goodbye, albeit in front of all these people but he’s doing well standing there. How did he doubt himself as a leader? Iris couldn’t help but think to herself as she watched him deliver the speech realising just how far away he was, how far away their status was to one another and she couldn’t help but think at how she probably shouldn’t be in his life as she would only bring him down.



“What!? Will you just leave me alone, I’m in the middle of planning do you know how hard it is to get past their fucking security? Those woods have been fucking closed off since everything.” Ethan growled as he slammed down his pen onto the table glaring at who dared to disturb him mid planning. Some would say he had become quite obsessed.

“No seriously, the news. You have got to see this! The King… he’s well dead.”

Dead…” Ethan whispered as he moved towards the living room, they had managed to set up a new base of operations and even been lucky enough to get his hands on a TV. One of the perks of ordering everyone else around, frowning as he looked at the screen, he could see the headlines and they were currently filming at a funeral live. “What?” Scoffing as he folded his arms watching the spoiled brat of a Prince talk about his father, he honestly felt sickened, this was what his ex-girlfriend had chosen over him.

“This changes everything, all those plans were focused on killing the King, but now he is dead. Now it’s that childish Prince who can barely keep his emotions in check!” Letting out a laugh as he threw his hands in the air towards the TV his mind already running through various options on how he would kill this one. Ethan knew that he wanted to plan this one out perfectly, he had something against the Prince so killing him was going to be oh so special when he got the chance.

There we go! My next post will be the reaction from both Iris and Ethan with the funeral.
Although Iris had thought that the mindless television shows would take her mind off of things she was wrong, the mind numbing TV programs did nothing but fill the silence of the hotel room and even sleep wasn’t going to be an option because trying to shut off her mind was not happening. All she could think about was Cas and how he would be doing, what he would be doing and the fact she couldn’t support him from here. It may have seemed selfish, but she wished she could just be with him, spending time with him made her forget her problems and troubles so she could easily just push her thoughts and feelings aside.

Sighing to herself as she moved her heaving feeling body from the couch, she headed to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water knowing how time was going to drag for her. Time would certainly go by quickly for Cas with everyone he now had to deal with, from arranging his funeral to now taking over a country. Iris couldn’t imagine what it was like, she knew what it was like to lose a family member especially one they were fighting with. Though she had betrayed her own, her father had probably died thinking she didn’t love him which wasn’t true. Although she didn’t agree with his choices or actions, she still cared for him, he was her father after all and had tried to raise her. Seeing her hand tremble as she reached for the glass, she shook her head before running the water to fill up the glass trying not to grimace as her thoughts continued on playing at her emotions. Taking a sip of her drink of water she knew she couldn’t just mull around that wasn’t going to help anything, moving back to the sofa she lanced at the television frowning as a news prompt appeared.


Why would they even think it would be suspicious? I see the social media still thinks that the poorer districts are just terrorists. Rolling her eyes even at the thought of it being suspicious, of course she wouldn’t deny that people would try to assassinate the King or his line. That’s what I was supposed to do not too long ago. Bitterly reminding herself of that fact as she continued to watch the news report detailing about the Kings death and that there had been no sightings of the Prince. My fault. If I hadn’t been here, he would have been with his father in his last moments. Maybe he would have got to say goodbye.

Placing the glass down on the table she folded her arms watching the news prattle on, but she narrowed her eyes as she could see live footage from the palace. A bunch of reporters outside waiting for a news story no doubt and she sighed, “I need to stop thinking about the what ifs. It doesn’t matter now.” Turning her back on the news report before she stopped hearing the last snippet.


“Oh Cas, I don’t suppose you can mourn in private; your life is so public to everyone.” Iris sighed shaking her head, but she sat down on the sofa leaving the channel on so she could watch him on the TV. Rooting for him in the hotel and she hoped he knew she was going to be there to support him in spirit. Settling on the sofa she leaned her head back closing her eyes as she just listened to the reporters continue on as she began to fall in and out of a light slumber just waiting for the moment Cas would appear on TV.
Ohhh I might actually! I think that would be good to have her watch him and the funeral. I could smoothly transition into Ethan after that as he would probably watch it too.
Watching as the door shut behind him, she felt her heart sink as she suddenly felt alone in the fancy hotel room. Part of her worried sick for Cas and how she couldn’t be there to support him and another part of her worried about being left to her own thoughts when she just barely admitted the truth not moments ago on how she was truly feeling. Touching her hand to the door that he left through she lowered her head sighing a frown adorning her features as her fingers dragged down against the wood before dropping to her side. Letting her head drop against the door with a small thud she felt her eyes tear up and she tried to blink them away not wanting to let her emotions spill right now “Oh Cas, I’m so sorry.”

In all honesty she couldn’t quite believe it, his father was dead, and it all seemed so surreal that he was about to inherit the entire country and countless people would be depending on him to lead. Something that she knew he had been hesitant about when she had spent all this time together with him and listened to him about his troubles. Selfishly she also wondered where she would fit in with everything, was she now destined to live in this hotel room and call after ten every night? Be some sort of booty call for him because as much as she knew his feelings for her, and she knew her own for him, she felt like there would be no future for them not with him due to becoming king.

Maybe I should just sneak back to the district, he would soon forget about me. I should let him go. I would never be good enough for him, I was fooling myself. Turning her back on the door she leaned against it before sliding down into a seated position placing her head in her hands as a million and one thoughts swarmed around her head. Though I don’t know how I’d get back there, if I risk leaving here, I’d end up in prison. I don’t even know where I’d be going. Now’s not the right time, I should stay here and support Cas where I can, he just lost his father. Sighing again she looked up from her seated position on the floor to the gorgeous lavish room before her, willing herself she pushed up from the floor and wandered about the room.

Folding her arms, she dragged her feet towards the phone touching the piece of paper with his number scribbled on, “After ten… that seems so long away.” Rubbing her arm as she reached for the phone touching it, “I must look like such a fool, waiting at the phone to call him. He’s not been gone long and here I am desperate to call already.” Tapping her fingers against the phone before she walked away from it determined to get through today without any problems, she could take care of herself and she would show Cas she would be okay and that she was more than enough to support him through this. “I hope he will be alright… at least his friends can be there for him.” Throwing herself on the sofa she picked up the remote just putting on any random channel to mindlessly watch in the background, maybe she could even get some sleep whilst waiting for him.

Rubbing her eyes as she watched the television, she felt herself shiver, a rush of cold coursing through her as she frowned. Reaching up she grabbed a blanket that was hanging over the side of the cough and wrapped it around herself to keep warm, “I am fine. I will be fine. I have to be fine to keep supporting Cas.” Whispering to herself as if speaking the words would convince herself that she was fine, it was something she used to do and it often worked so she hoped this time would be the same.
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