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Welp, now to wait for the next patch of FFXIV ;A;
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Expect delays with replies as FFXIV Shadowbringers has come out <3


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Haha true! But then we are both pretty patient too which is nice.

No one in particular! Unless you have something in mind? But if you wanted to focus on Ozragads side feel free, I can make up some NPCS to interact with and use her ladies to my advantage.
And now I am finally up to date wooo.

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“It’s good to know I haven’t lost my humour.” Iris tried to chuckle, trying ever so hard to keep it light and enjoyable as she knew how easy it was for her to slip back into her mood. Iris didn’t want to worry him, he had enough on his plate with a whole Kingdom now on his shoulders that she was just one person compared to thousands that now looked to him. There was no way she could be selfish so all she had to do was just keep it light and reassure Cas that she was fine, at least until she had figured out what to do.

“Oh, it was fun, was it?” Iris mused, her eyebrows quirking as Cas began to fumble over his words, but she knew he didn’t mean anything by it and that it had been completely innocent. In truth she missed the idea of both, having someone to sleep beside and hold. The comfort it provided, and she knew that having him at her side she’d probably be able to get a few hours of sleep in as his presence would soothe her. Then there was the other activity that they had only just delved into together, briefly touched upon and even just thinking about it made her cheeks redden because she wanted to be intimate with him.

“I wish I was there with you, or vice versa, in regard to both options of sleeping with you.” Iris smiled trying not to get herself flustered like he had, but she was warmed to know that he clearly missed her just like she did him. “I hope it’s soon too…” Trailing off as she didn’t dare to finish her sentence, to admit that being so isolated was driving her insane. Opening up wounds that were barely healing and thoughts she wished she could outrun. “There is only so much mindless telly I can watch.” Deciding to add that on to her sentence rather than the truth.

Finding her gaze sweep the empty room her fingers casually brushing against the fabric of the plush sofa she was curled up on. “You know I’ll always be there to listen, I’m sure your friends would too.” Knowing that the boys would be there for him, well she hoped especially as she didn’t quite believe her own words of always being there to listen. In an ideal world she would of course not hesitate at being there, but with them being from two completely different worlds it would be better for everyone if she slipped away. Her mindset now firmly believed that to be the case, that she was not good for him.

Well, if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t have nearly died.

“I’d like that a lot. You’ll have to tell me what movie we’ll be watching and what channel.” Iris smiled once more, there was no harm in enjoying the time they did have together before everything would undoubtedly change between them. “I’m interested to see what you order for me.” Glancing towards the untouched soup once more as she made a promise to herself to eat tomorrow, to give it a go when Caspian would be ordering for her and going out of his way to do so. “Maybe it will inspire me to start being adventurous.”

Shifting her weight on the sofa the blanket slipped from her legs as she glanced to the time already knowing that it was getting late and that their conversation would have to come to an end. Sighing at the thought of it she just hoped he would find a way out of this soon, or some sort of resolution because the days were becoming harder as time went on. “I’ll try to get some sleep tonight, who knows maybe tonight will be the night.”
Me too!

Things are busy at the moment as I’m looking to move house and such haha so writing has been on the back burner.
Catching him look away from her she kept her gaze on him watching his appearance, the way he held himself and she hated the idea that she was feeling more comfortable around him. It unsettled her the idea that she had opened up revealing something of her past that she had kept safely locked away in the back of her mind, but perhaps she had spoken it because she was feeling more comfortable around him and what was going to be her new home. I would love to know what he is truly thinking, about us. About the peace treaty, his people. Will we ever be truthful with one another or will we just simply coexist fulfilling the duties that we must.

It was only when Lord Iria began to talk did she look away focusing now on the Lord that began the announcement to signify the start of the hunt. Finding herself smile as she watched the enthused Lord in full flow clearly enjoying the theatrics of this. Is that what I think of this? Some big theatrical farce to appease everyone. No… I don’t think I quite think of it like that. Not anymore.

Finding her smile grow as she listened, eyes shinning with delight at the small joke made she had forgotten her earlier concerns as everyone around seemed to be just as captivated with the Lord and listening to his speech. It was almost like the calm before the storm, everyone seemed to be in a joyous mood about this hunt and it was then Elise felt like she should enjoy herself too. The idea of sleeping under the stars, enjoying the freedom of the outdoors was something she knew she could get behind. Sadly, with the assassination attempt and the tensions that could be felt she knew she still had to be on guard, but she could do both. Enjoy herself and keep an eye out for potential danger.

I wonder what beast the King will slay for me. Turning her gaze back to the King, wondering if he was going to put effort into it, care about slaying some magnificent creature to prove his worth. It wouldn’t surprise her if he wasn’t about to go to such lengths, but she found herself wanting his attention. His effort in sourcing something great like a King would for her. Who wouldn’t want that, it’s natural? As if trying to justify her own thoughts that anyone in her situation would still want the best.

I know I would want to give it my all, I plan too with the performance… Elise found herself pausing at her own thoughts not wanting to admit the truth behind the other wedding tradition of the bride performing for the groom. That she wanted to do something that would grab his attention, that he would like, and she could feel those inner thoughts lingering embarrassing her as a pink hue graced her cheeks.

Pushing the thoughts down as she tried to focus once more on Ozragad speaking, announcing his champions that would follow him glancing around at the pause as she could hear whispers across the crowd. As he announced the last member to his party cheers erupted and Elise followed the crown applauding with a smile not really caring for who was in his party until she realised it meant Manawyndan was staying behind at the camp. For some reason it didn’t sit right with her, but she found herself wary around him especially after he had insinuated that she could have had a hand in the attempt on the Kings life. If he knew of the horrors, she faced each night, the nightmares and anxiety that followed no one would question her.

With the champions now set Elise turned to face her ladies who showed her towards her tent that had now been fully set up and ready to host her. There was no doubt in her mind that a bit of rest would be perfect.
No worries!

That’s good! Yeah, things are slowly going back to normal, which is great! I’ve been good! Work has been crazy as always; it was my birthday yesterday and it was just a nice relaxing day. Not really been up to much except for preparing to move house haha.
That sounds great! I'm happy to skip whenever :)
“Does this mean I can’t call you a stuffy old Prince anymore? Will it now be… a stuffy old King?" Iris felt the smile spread across her face eager to feel it once more, their light-hearted jokes and humour when they had first met. Remembering how she had teased him at being a stuffy prince back in their first days of meeting, after she had found out who he was. The ease of their banter at that time but then nothing had been wrong at that point, they were both blissfully unaware of what she was about to cause and how it had all come crashing down with a few wrong choices. Yet, he forgives me. For lying to him, luring him away from his home like I did. None of this would have happened if I had just disappeared, said no.

Finding those thoughts hard to keep at bay, the reason she would hesitate when answering on if she was okay not wanting to cause him worry. In reality she wasn’t okay, but her problems were far less important than what he had on his plate and she never wanted to worry him. “There’s no need to apologise, you can’t fix my sleep schedule.” Hearing the sigh on the other end of the phone made her wince, he didn’t have to be sorry for anything it was not his fault. It would never be his fault.

“I know I’m right, and it will become easier to manage. It’s going to be hard at first, but just think when you were a child it was difficult to learn. To walk and talk, but it becomes easier. Second nature and it will for you too. I believe that.” Smiling as she continued to endorse him, she knew in her heart he would do a great job. Mistakes will happen, it wasn’t going to be easy and there would be hard decisions she knew that, but at the end of it all with what he had been through too she was sure he would be fair and just in her eyes at least.

Rolling her eyes as his insistence on her eating her eyes flicked towards the untouched soup she had ordered, regardless he was right. Eating was important, but if she was to follow through with her plan of making it back to the districts limiting the portions and getting used to the hunger would be easier to deal with now than it being a shock to her system at returning. Thankfully he had dropped it, but his words did strike a chord with her. The next time they saw each other he didn’t want her to be rail thin. For that kind of drastic change, it would make it weeks before he laid eyes on her, to see a notable difference with food intake and she had to steel herself from not panicking at the thought. Deep down she knew it would be a while, but to feel that realisation was a whole new level of emotion he didn’t want to touch.

“It sounds like you ate like a King.” Trying to steady her voice a hint of amusement to it as she latched onto their conversation once more to stop herself from falling into a void she didn’t want to touch. “I’m glad you at least enjoyed yourself somewhat, maybe I would like that dish. If you’re not too busy perhaps you can look tomorrow. It could be like some surprise food distance date night.” Chuckling softly at how silly it sounded, but laughter was better than the silence of the empty room.
There we are! I had Treville slip off for a bit, feel free to have it noticed by someone :)

How have you been lately?
Elise couldn’t help but take in the beauty of the forest, the mist that shrouded it in mystery to her as she didn’t know these lands and she took in every sight she could memorising it in her mind. It gave her some peace and comfort to be able to focus on something like this after having opened up about her past, allowing him inside the walls she had built up briefly. Was it just because she wanted to believe Lady Cheldarine in the fact he needed her by his side, or was it because a slither of trust would help build some sort of relationship between them making life easier in the long run.

I should still be careful, perhaps one day there will come a point when I feel safe in these lands. Who knows when that will be? I can’t allow myself to get comfortable.

“Your highness?” Pulled out of her thoughts Elise turned to see Treville had approached from behind and she found herself frowning only thinking he had yet more wonderful advice for her that she didn’t care to hear about.

“I don’t want to hear it, I know you are against this wedding tradition, but it’s not about you. Nor I or even him. This is for the people to show a united front, how else do you expect to achieve peace from this?”

“No, I have made my thoughts clear on that matter and I already know it falls on deaf ears where you are concerned.” Treville bowed to Elise before rising once more his horse now alongside the others being fed. Offering out his hand to help Elise down from the stunning white mare, she had ridden on he cleared his throat. “I have just come to advise that I will keep an eye out and sweep the perimeter.”

“Do what you must.” Sighing softly before she strode off away from him not even glancing back at his bowed form before he slipped off into the woods as the announcements were made. Trevilles priorities had always been keeping the Princess safe, even behind enemy lines he would put himself in front of a blade before it could reach her. The news of the assassination attempt did have him unsettled, although he couldn’t be sure if it was meant solely for the King, he would keep his eyes and ears peeled out for oncoming danger. Something that could happen whilst out in such an open area for a hunt.

Brushing herself down Elise was soon joined by her ladies and overseer of her household in Morganyth, Atarah, Ida and Flora all stood ready to serve her with bright smiles on their faces. Apparently, they were all very excited to be part of the hunt as if it was some big deal, which when Elise considered the thought it technically was with the sentiment behind it. Just to her it didn’t mean anything other than helping their case for peace.

“You remember Lord Iria, and that’s Lord Urathon. Of course, Lady Cheldarine is someone you’ve met on multiple occasions now.” Ida began whispering in the Princesses ear to remind her of all the notable members at court. “They’ll make an announcement. Then the hunt will officially begin. Did you want to rest a while once it’s begun? Or join in the festivities? Your tent is nearly ready.”

“I may just sit and watch a while first, enjoy the beautiful scenery before me.” Without wanting to admit it Elise felt quite drained both physically and mentally already from the events and the idea of sitting down for a moment or two sounded quite appealing.

“Of course, you should see the stars at night your highness, it’s exquisite. I’ll ensure we have a warm winters coat ready as the temperature drops at night.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you so much.” Elise found herself smiling at her lady in waiting happy at the idea of being able to look up at the stars at night. It had been the first time she had ever been outside overnight, not counting her trip up here because she had been travelling. There had never been an opportunity for her to go out hunting as that wasn’t what a lady did back home. Not that it stopped her from practicing how to handle a sword and a bow and arrow for that matter as she wasn't prepared to be as defenceless as she had been when she had been taken at a young age.

Glancing up towards the dias as a silence swept over the people in attendance, she heard the hunting horn, and she felt her gaze fall onto Ozragad finding herself more curious about him with each new thing she learnt whilst here. Can I really trust him? Or will he be the one to kill me?
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