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She would kill the guards the moment she could, how dare they think that they could try to take on someone of her caliber. How dare they threaten her life with this beast in the same cage. However they were right, he seemed injured. Weakened and vulnerable, a side she had never seen from a creature before. Taking a step forward towards the creatures she held out her own hand towards him, like she would an animal to show she meant no harm. She had seen the hook, the glint caught her eye and she knew it needed to go.

Leaving that metal hook in would be bad for him especially as there was still a steady flow of blood pouring from it. Looking at the creature she kept her hand outstretched, the smell of burnt flesh adding into the mixture of blood. Her wrist had still not healed.

Thinking to herself it was safe she knelt in front of the creature, her hand gently caressing the head of the beast to show that she was not trying to hurt him. "Trust me" she whispered in his ear before she moved to the metal hook. "This is going to hurt..."

Fingers clasped the metal hook and in one swoop she tore it from the beast. It had to be done in one else it would be more painful but she was sure it would shock him. The hook dropped to the floor with a oous clang as blood splattered upon connection with stone.
Iris caught the smell of blood, a distinct smell that she could pick up from miles away. Eyes narrowed as she tried to see what was the cause of his injury, why there was blood in the first place? Attention was caught once more when she watched him take a step forward, looking towards the guards. Feeling the energy within the cell she then saw the blast and how a guard had laughed at the beast.

“Harmless? How about you come in here and see if he’s harmless?” Hissing towards the guards she did not leave the corner, she was afraid to take a step and find herself harmed by this creature. Werebeasts could do a lot of damage to her kind and it was clear why, they were majestic beings of old which had its own ancient power. “Laugh all you want now but time will have its vengeance on you.” Her hands trailed against the wall trying to feel for any sort of weak point, a way to break out of her and free herself from this cell. Get far away from one of the only things alive that could kill her. She couldn't feel anything at the moment so she tried moving towards the another corner, back sliding against the wall with each step trying not to alarm the beast.
She could feel the cool brick against her back as she continued to watch the change, if she had a working heart she was sure it would be hammering away from fear. Though her face gave nothing away, inside she could feel herself crumbling. In all her years alive she had heard tales of the Werebeasts, their mortal enemies but to come face to face with one. Not just a simple werewolf but a Were-Dragon. She had only ever heard tales of such a creature.

Iris tried to back away even more but there was nowhere to go, eyes did not leave the creature and she just watched as his nostrils flared. Wincing as he hissed she looked at the scale of the beast, they were no doubt sharp enough to slice her.

Wriggling her own hands in the chains she felt the burning sensation against them, using her strength she tried to pull them out of the chains. Silver broke and clattered to the floor, the smell of signed skin filled the room. Her wrists burning, blisters forming around the skin. Her usual healing rate hadn’t even started, she could not heal at the moment due to her weakened state and that fact it had been silver.

“Let me out of here.” She hissed to the guards, her gaze not leaving the beast. How in hell would she escape this cell?
Time had seemed to slow down and the pain had not faded, she had been chained in silver a weakness to her kind and regardless of her being an original silver still held its affects. Iris had only just been moved to this new cell, the main base for the Hunters Den. They had made sure to weaken her before moving, to stop any sort of ‘funny business’ she may have caused.

Chains that burnt her wrists and they even went as far as to force her into drinking a watered down garlic concoction, needless to say she choked on the drink and felt her insides burn. It wasn’t enough to kill her but more to slow down any sort of fast healing process she may have. All she could feel was anger, how had she let herself be captured like this. What was in store for her? If the Hunters killed her then that would lead them to extinction. Being an original, pure of blood meant her kind relied on her not to fall into such stupid traps.

Hissing as she was pushed forward escorted by two guards, if she had the power she would kill them in an instant. “Go on, I’m sure he won’t bite.” One guard chuckled as he pushed her into the cell were a chained man was, bones could be heard cracking it only took a few moments for Iris to realise what they had done. Placed her in a cell with a beast whose instinct was to kill Vampires.

Red eyes did not leave the man as she watched him change, moving with what little speed she had she backed into the corner in the darkness. Hoping that those chains were enough to keep him at bay. Her own hands were bound in silver and there was little she could do in regards to defence.
~Suki's Character~

Name: Iris Nox-Flueret.
Gender: Female.
Species: Vampire.
Age: Physically 23.
Human Appearance:
Height: 5'05".
Hair: Long waves of a golden blonde hair, sit's just below her chest with a few loose strands that frame her face.
Face: Dark red Eyes, Pale complexion with an odd white sheen in certain lights.
Attire: Iris tends to love dresses and anything with lace, her attire more modern than it used to be. Now she often wears dark red lace skater style dresses that fall just below her knees.
Personality: Iris can often be seen as quite cold, unwilling to share or open up but it’s all down to trust. She is often guarded but when she trusts someone she can become quite a different person.
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