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Current How do you write like you're running out of time? Write day and night like you're running out of time? (This darn song is stuck in my head T.T)
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Welp, now to wait for the next patch of FFXIV ;A;
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Expect delays with replies as FFXIV Shadowbringers has come out <3


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Yeeees! I saw that! Omg that's pretty cool.

Ohhh can't wait! I'm excited :)

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Ohhh interesting! I love it when you find great face claims through others and such.

I love the idea of that! It would certainly be fun to see the asshole side.

How has your day been so far?
I love the picture though! He's from Reign right? He looks good though so I'm excited :)
Elise Hydaelyn, the princess of Eorzia and youngest daughter to King Regis had ventured into unknown land. One thing she kept telling herself was that this was all for peace, to stop a war that had been raging for quite the century. It had been agreed that to broker a peace a union would happen, a marriage between to Kingdoms that had been at war for as long as people could remember. Eorzia was sustaining itself, just. They had vast amounts of land and plenty of crops enough to feed their Kingdom for a few years, soldiers and magic, however, weren’t as easy to come by. Sure, the Kingdom had enough men to protect its defences, but to keep a war going they needed fresh new soldiers who could wield magic which had become all the more difficult with their missing artifact, stolen at some point during the many years of war. It was becoming much harder to keep the magic alive throughout their lands and it was beginning to show.

The King had come up with a plan, he had hoped it would call the other Kingdoms bluff at first, create a break in the defence for him to get the upper hand but it had done the opposite. The King hoped that offering a peace treaty through marriage meant they would decline, him declining could have meant people potentially rebelling over this Kingdom not accepting a peaceful way to resolve this. It was meant to be quite the tactful move on his part, but that had not been the case, there was no decline, in fact there was a counteroffer and King Regis was left with no choice but to accept as he didn’t want to be the one declining peace and showing weakness. There was also the plus side of ending this long drawn out war that had to have taken it’s toll on both the Kingdoms.

With word spreading about the peace between Kingdoms it was hard to back down, Regis had arranged for his daughter through many ambassadors to visit the other Kingdom ahead of any preparations so they could meet one another before they would sign the treaty at the wedding. It felt right that to him that they got to know each other before any sort of union.

"Stupid father, what an idiot." Grumbling to herself quietly as she looked out the window of her carriage, she had been sent with an escort into what was once enemy territory to have her first meeting with him. Her father would join a day later for two reasons, one in case it was a trap and two he still had a few loose ends to tie up as a country didn’t run itself. Thinking back to when she was told she had remembered her anger about the idea of the marriage, the fury and then tears. Her hand curled into a fist as she remembered that day.


“Elise.” A gruff voice come from the doorway of her room, smiling up at her father she gestured him inside as she turned from the seat at her table.

“Father, is everything okay?”

“I have… managed to find a way of peace. A way to stop this long drawn out war.” Hesitating with his words as he stepped further inside the room pacing towards the window, he glanced at his daughter wondering how to approach the subject. “I have arranged something, to keep the peace I have… promised your hand to them.”

Snapping her head around to her father, the King, she frowned anger rising. “You did what!?” Slamming her book down against the table she was outraged, arranged marriages were common but it didn’t mean she had to like it. The idea of it was just not something that sat right with her and she had kind of hoped that she did not have to go through with something like that. Of course, she was wrong.

“It’s the only way. You will be leaving in a couple of days to go meet with him. There is no fighting against this.”

“COWARD!” Shouting her outrage as her father left quite quickly after breaking the news, she had thrown the book just as the door had shut behind him, narrowly missing him in the process. Clearly he had not wanted to stay much longer knowing it would only cause a fight.


Shaking her head from the memory she sighed heavily not wanting to think on it anymore as she felt the carriage come to a stop, glancing back out the window the scenery was vastly different to Eorzia and she felt a pang of guilt for not saying goodbye to her father before she travelled. Looking at the carriage door as it opened, she was helped out of the carriage by a few soldiers that had accompanied her on the long ride. It had taken a couple of days to get here but the journey had been quite smooth, there had been no attacks throughout the whole journey which she found quite surprising.

Stretching her legs, it felt good to be out of the carriage, but the pit in her stomach began to rise as she realised who she was about to meet. Brushing out the creases in her dark blue dress she knew that there was no escaping this, she was about to meet her soon to be husband that she had heard quite the stories about. Maybe if I just run? Go into hiding? Could that be an option? Getting lost in her thoughts as she approached her impending doom the Princess began to think on ways she could potentially escape this fate her father had sealed for.

Elise Hydaelyn

|||| 25 || Princess of Eorzia ||

Setting up~
Omg hopefully!

The pictures looked amazing!!
Watching him eat she was glad he wasn’t put off by his food, not like she was when they started to talk about the more emotional side of things. Though she wondered if the reason she didn’t comfort eat was because there had been no options to comfort eat in the districts, they hadn’t had access to the usual comfort foods you would see in the movies like girls crying over ice cream from a break up. That may be something she would have to try in the future, but hers wasn’t set in stone and she wasn’t about to start indulging in these foods that she knew she would miss if she had to return to the districts which was looking more than likely.

“I’ll try it in a little, I promise.” Trying to force a smile as she didn’t want him to worry, she would try to eat it a little bit later as she knew it would be best but right now she felt far too vulnerable and full of emotion to worry about food. Feeling like she had taken the first step in trying to open up she wanted to try it, tell him about her feelings because she knew he would understand it somewhat especially having gone through a lot of it together. It was about time she finally learnt how to talk about these things and not bottle it up until it brought her to a point like this.

Chewing the inside of her cheek she could feel her heart hammering away, she knew she could trust him and that wasn’t the problem. It was finding the words to express how she felt, and she could still feel the back log of tears waiting to pour out. “I… well. The nightmares, I mean well you know It’s not the first time I’ve suffered from them even before all the latest events. It’s a reason why I didn’t sleep properly at Miles because I didn’t want him to see them.”

Reaching out she shakily placed her hand over his that he had rested on her leg for support, “The latest of them all focus around my father…” Grimacing she hadn’t come to terms with how she felt over the fact he was now dead, the image of his body in the photo was what had started to haunt her and a part of her nightmares. “The first time they questioned me was… difficult. Though I appeared numb to it and didn’t respond it hurt me… he… Matthew I think that was his name? He told me my father was dead. That he had been killed in hopes for a rise from me and well… that didn’t happen.”

Trying to blink back her tears she felt herself shudder, “That was when he showed me… h-he showed me a picture of him… d-dead.” Letting out a rather shaky breath she couldn’t help but shake her head, “By firing squad.” Her voice quiet at the last part, but it didn’t take a genius to understand that it had meant they had shown her the imagine of her father’s corpse. “I don’t know how I didn’t break down just there, but after that I was dragged back to a room of some sort until later that day when well. You know about the second time when they questioned me. I don’t know how you found out, I didn’t want you too because I knew you were still recovering and trying to get back to some sort of normality with your own family. I asked Jacob not to tell you.” She knew how dejected her voice sounded, it sounded like she was broken already, and it was just the start of everything.

At the end of the day Cas was right, what happened in Bel Bicis couldn’t be changed no matter how hard they wished it to not be true. Those people had still died, the district ravaged by the bomb rendering most if not all of the town useless. Covered in dust and rubble from the buildings that were destroyed and scattered corpses and bones no doubt littering what once used to be the streets of that district. It made her feel sick thinking on it, the needless death because of the war, or more likely because she had kidnapped the Prince in the first place. Somehow that thought still weighed on the back of her mind, even though they were happily spending time with one another and progressing their budding relationship she still felt that guilt of what was the biggest mistake she had ever made in her life.

Even as she sobbed into his chest, she could still feel why he would be upset, they had stayed in the apartment of the bodies he had seen. A snapshot of what everyday life would have been like for them as they used their home to seek shelter from the rebels. A part of her already started to scold herself because he was going through a lot as much as she was, she wanted to support him through it like he was doing with her, but even as she thought that her sobs continued as she felt his hand rub up and down her back soothingly.

It was typical that at the moment she had caved and started to open up to him the food arrived, the knock on the door pulling her out of her sobs as she glanced up nodding to Cas knowing he had to get that. Trying to halt her tears she gripped her arm with her hand finding the pressure to help her focus, wiping the tears from her eyes she knew she had to sort herself out. There was no way she could spend the morning crying over things that were now in the past, no matter how much it hurt or upset her she couldn’t dwell on it. “Hah… yeah...” Sighing softly in agreement trailing off as she glanced at the domes now on the coffee table, a part of her not feeling all too hungry anymore but she knew that was just due to the surge of emotions she had gone through.

“I’ll try to eat a little. M-Maybe it will help.” As much as she had been hungry that feeling had gone the minute, she let her emotions overcome her. Thankful she could at least start to string some sentences together and wasn’t some blubbering mess in his arms unable to cope with the events that had just gone. Not wanting to think on it further she moved from the sofa to grab her own plate of food wondering on if she would continue to talk after eating, she could still feel herself tremble slightly after releasing the tears and she knew she needed to discuss it more than she just had, but it was hard. The idea that he would see her so vulnerable, as someone who he couldn’t lean on for support was something she thought of, but most importantly the trust was something she was getting used too especially as something told her she had never really opened up like this before to anyone. Maybe she had with Maisie, but she couldn’t be sure, not with her memories still playing havoc.

Opening up the dome she was greeted with the scent of freshly made food, it not only smelled delicious, but it looked it too. Finding herself smile slightly at the sight she looked down at the breakfast happy for a distraction, though already she felt sick at the idea of eating it which was a shame because it looked like top quality food. Placing the dome back over her food with a sigh she shook her head, “I’m sorry Cas, I might have to wait to eat a little. I’m not… well... I’ve never really talked before.” Grimacing she placed it back on the coffee table as she began to fiddle with her fingers, clearly uncomfortable. “It’s difficult, I still have nightmares about… well. Everything, but mainly about him. I was shown pictures of his… eh…” Shaking her head it was hard to come out with it, that she had been shown pictures of her dead father right before she was tortured with that drug.

Ohhhh do you have any photos? I’d love to see! It sounds so pretty!

Yaaay, I love the fact the breakfast arrived mid upset haha xD I can see her getting a little closed off and just using breakfast as an excuse.
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