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There we go! Apologies I took a little while! I had some dinner :3

“I hope I do find a favourite!” Iris smiled to herself, she couldn’t help but look around the bar. It was stunning and it was strange to think this was in his house, much like the home theatre. This home seemed to have everything and was fully kitted out with the latest gear as Cas had mentioned before but it was still exciting to see it all and experience some of it. It would be nice to see the place filled with people, laughing and chatting much like she was doing with Cas but she could understand the reasons why they couldn’t, but it felt strange being in such a life like bar with no one in it.

“I feel like I’m a VIP.” Chuckling as she looked back at Cas placing her hands on the table, “A whole bar just for us for the evening.” Of course, it was just in his home but at the same time it did make her feel a little bit special and there was nothing wrong with that.

“People suck but I suppose it means the friends you do find are the type that will stick by your side through anything which can be hard to come by. I’d like to think I’ve made friends like that, although at the same time I’m not sure if I have as I’d like to think they’d have noticed my disappearance but… well. If I focus on the negatives, I’ll never enjoy things and I got to meet you which is pretty neat. I mean who can say they were rescued by Prince charming? She couldn’t help the giggles that left her mouth as she said the last words, it was harmless teasing and she loved to wind him up over the fact he was the Prince. She hoped he didn’t mind; she was sure he would say something if he did.


“Hey, just let me know if I ever cross the line, I’m only messing around, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in any way. So just let me know.” It was silly but she wanted to make sure he was alright with her teasing and messing, she knew some people properly didn’t enjoy it but so far everything seemed to go okay with him.

“Alright, chill! I won’t stop using them straight away, I’m just excited at the possibility of being able to walk without them! It can be quite uncomfortable.” Smiling as she saw Martin approach with the drinks for them both, “Thank you Martin!” Looking over the samples she wondered what to try first, the excitement was clear.

Picking up the small glass that had a clearer colour looking to it, there was a lime on the edge of her glass and some sort of powder. Salt maybe? “To new friendships!” Picking up the sample glass she clinked it against his before having a taste, immediately her face turned sour and she placed the glass down rather quickly looking as if she had eaten something sour. “Yikes, definitely not a favourite.” Commenting to herself as she tried to get rid of the bad taste it had left in her mouth, that was something she never wanted to drink again.

Oh that sounds nice! Sometimes it's great to just chill!

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Iris smiled at the fact it was no problem, she didn’t want to cause any issues, but he seemed happy enough to help over what she would drink. She was curious as to what she might like, and it was exciting to try them out. It did make her wonder on if there was something, she remembered but she was sure she would find out when she tried the drinks. “Ohhh, the classics!” Grinning at him as he spoke about the three M’s, they sounded quite interesting, Martini rung a bell so maybe she had one of those before? At the same time, she was still unsure but at least she got to try them.

“I was going to say samples would be best, I’d be a right mess if I had to try every drink. I don’t know how well I even take to alcohol. Everything is like a new experience” Shaking her head at the idea, she was sure she’d been drunk before but of course she had no memories of it. Not yet anyway. Maybe drinking with him would help unlock something new and a part of her was excited. “Martini sounds familiar.” Pondering the thought as she sat back in the booth making herself comfortable, the seats were comfortable, and she could only imagine the cost that went behind them.

“People do that?” Looking over at him she grimaced, of course people would. “Sorry of course people would, it just took me by surprise.” Shaking her head slightly she couldn’t believe it, but then people would try to cosy up to them to get in a better stead. It was common sense, but she had never thought of it. “That must be hard, especially when it comes to trusting people.” Tilting her head as she thought on it, it had to be hard to deal with that day in and out not even knowing if people truly wanted to be your friend. “It’s just horrid to think people would do that, like there is a person inside who has feelings at the end of it all. People should be humble.”

Shrugging slightly as they turned the conversation to tomorrow and the visit to the mall, she couldn’t help but be excited, the mall looked amazing on their brief visit and she was sure going through the whole building she would get something back. She had to have been there before surely. Things would come back to her, they had too. She couldn’t live her life not knowing surely? “Tomorrow will be wonderful, if we do have some spare time maybe going back to the mall will help! I’m sure exploring more will help with my memories. Hopefully I won’t tire out easily.” Glancing at her leg she hoped it would be alright tomorrow, she didn’t feel too much pain with it anymore, but it was still healing. Slowly, but it was getting there.

“I’ll get used to walking on it again I’m sure, it’s certainly healing! Hopefully I won’t need the crutches too much longer. They are a massive pain.”
Hey! I'm so sorry! Work has been pretty manic lately and it's caused quite the upset so I haven't been on. I am back home so I should be able to get some posts up!

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“I would have liked you anyway. Servant or not.” Sure, the fact he was a Prince was nice, staying in such an incredible home was phenomenal and again something she couldn’t deny she had enjoyed but it was nice to have someone that felt invested in her. “Who knows… I could be a servant, but I’d like to think that you’d still like me. Although I don’t know how your father would react if I was to tell him I was servant.” It was playing on her mind, the fact that she could be lower class or even worse this Scourge that they kept mentioning. Would he think of her any less if she wasn’t high standing? His father certainly would. It did concern her but again she though it best not to air those thoughts to him, she didn’t want to bring them down.

“That’s a good point, I don’t know how old I am.” Iris laughed to herself when he teased if she was of age. When is my birthday? Frowning slightly as she tried to remember a key piece of information about herself, but it only frustrated her more. Things like this she should know, and she was frustrated to no end over it. “You could be right, perhaps I preferred red wine.” Shrugging she didn’t know but again there was a lot she was finding out about herself; she was just waiting for the big thing that would unlock it all.

Smiling as she looked over at the bartender greeting the Prince she listened to his order, it sounded strong, but she couldn’t blame him. After that dinner it was no surprise, even she wanted something stronger and she didn’t think she was quite the drinker. However, she would make an exception this evening, it would be rude not too.

“Oh!...” Glancing around slightly when she realised, he was addressing her she flustered a little at being called Madam, she hadn’t really expected it but she guessed it was polite and she was being silly. “Ah… well em… you see.”

Looking over at Cas she felt relieved when he had given her some options to choose from, well an idea on at least of trying some out to see what she liked. “I’d like that. If that’s okay with you Martin?” Smiling up at the bartender she didn’t want to cause him too much trouble but having a few small samplers would probably be best. “Maybe I’ll find what I like with the samples! It could bring something back for me to remember?” She sounded hopeful but it was all she had, to be hopeful and not let herself get upset over this.

“This is pretty awesome; I take it you don’t get many visitors.” She had seen the way the bartender had looked curiously over their entrance, she could only assume no one really came here anymore. It was amazing and she couldn’t believe she was getting to experience it, “So… tomorrow is going to be great!” She was very excited to go exploring the city with him and then meet his friends, she was certainly in high spirits over it but that was because she hoped it would help regain her memories.
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