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I'm just a history buff and nerd with an interest in forum roleplay games.

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I had thought about making one for a while, but with a Kelly's Heroes sort of vibe to it so it wouldn't be the same ol' trope. More lighthearted, but still fun.

I was inspired to some degree by cheesy 80s shows, so I certainly wouldn't be against a lighthearted RP.
Hi fellow new member, loved the post!
Welcome Fingal, gal from Finland? 🤘

Sorry, I'm afraid I'm an American male, the name is a reference to a Civil War blockade runner.
I've been wanting to take part in a Tom Clancy-esque Black Ops RP of some kind for a while now. I like the idea of a European setting in the 80s or 90s, but as I don't intend to run the game, I'd rather let the GM decide on details.
Hi, I was a member of for a few years and have taken part in several games in its RP section. I've developed a liking for the forum RP format, though I much prefer just being a player, as my own attempts at GMing have not been successful. This forum seems to be exactly what I'm looking for however, and I'm hoping things will go well.
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