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I'm just a history buff and nerd with an interest in forum roleplay games.

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I’m not gonna lie I kinda lost momentum for this.

I'm sorry to hear that, but I understand. Are you definitely dropping out?
Does anyone need some help making their posts or clarification on anything?
I forgot to mention: the Sea Fox ( was a Silver Age villain who faced Batman and Robin:

I've made the character female in this universe:

Just imagine this, but in a purple SCUBA suit with a wolf's head symbol, and there you go.
Okay, here it is. Hopefully it's all fine. I wasn't sure the level of tech since it's 50s era and all so if its higher tech than I assumed then I'll change it from radio to whatever accordingly

Very nice, your character submission is APPROVED.
Sorry I've not been around, been busier than expected, I fully intend on getting my sheet up by Monday at the latest

Don't worry, just post it when you have time and make your first IC post once it's approved.
Alright, since the game has now started, all the players should subscribe to this thread if they haven't already. I want everyone to post at least once every seven days, so everyone's first post to be up within the next three days. If you aren't able to do so, it's not a problem, just please let me know in advance.

If anyone needs some more context or clarification, please let me know.

Awesome! Hyped to see this starting :D
I'll try to get a response up this weekend if I can


@Fabricant451: I hope you didn't mind me placing you in the game already, you can make your character sheet whenever you have time.
And our first IC post is now up! Batman may be out of town at the moment, but hopefully everyone knows what to do in his absence.

@DClassified, @SouffleGirl123, @Fabricant451: you'll have to figure out how to get into the warehouse without being seen, apprehend Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, and their men, and rescue the hostages.

@KaliW and @scrawls: you'll need to determine if you can handle Sea Fox and her gang to apprehend her.
Gotham Knights

A Batman RP

Earth 504

10 March 1954
Gotham City, Night

The Lenape were supposed to have said that there was an evil power that lived on the three islands on the coast. The Danes paid no need to the savages' tales, they only saw three islands and a fine harbor, and there they built the settlement of Christiansted. The English did not care either, and took it for themselves during the Dutch Wars. They renamed it Gotham, the village where supposedly all the men had lost their minds. The Lenape knew better. They knew that when night fell, the evil spirits had free reign.

Old Gotham
North Island


Two telephone calls had been placed, one to the Gotham City police, the other to the police in Blüdhaven. The callers' message was simple: John Howell, chairman of Howell Chemical, his wife, and two daughters had been kidnapped from their mansion in Blüdhaven, were being held hostage by the Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter in an abandoned warehouse in Gotham and would be killed if they did not receive $200,000. If anyone other than Commissioner Gordon with the ransom money was seen near the two-story brick warehouse, the hostages would be killed. The police complied, but Nightwing, Batgirl, and Catwoman did not.

Abandoned Dockyards
South Island


Ships came into and departed Gotham harbor night and day, carrying both legal and illegal cargoes. The ones carrying more illicit materials frequently came in the night, docking at shadowy piers, unloading their cargoes of drugs, firearms, and occasionally humans. For several nights, the smuggling freighters and the warehouses they used to store their goods had been suffering from robberies and strange fires. The witnesses had described their attackers as wearing purple wetsuits and SCUBA gear - a clear sign Sea Fox had formed a new gang for herself and returned to Gotham to plunder Gotham's illegal trade.

Batman had been spending several nights staking out the waterfront, but in his absence, he had left Robin and Black Bat to watch the docks. They were there to observe, but in the event Sea Fox struck with her gang, they were allowed to bring on a fight and try to apprehend them, provided they were not overly outnumbered.

A freighter had arrived the previous night, bringing a cache of heroin for the Penguin, and now it was a matter of whether Sea Fox would attack the warehouse to make a robbery. The night was dark, and fog hung over the docks - perfect weather to avoid being seen. The stakeout had been uneventful thus far, when the faint sound of water lapping could be heard. It was a small motorboat pulling up to the docks. It was painted matte black, with lights darkened and engine muffled - whoever it was, they didn't want to be seen. Seven figures, a mix of men and women, wearing wetsuits and carrying Tommy guns, jumped from the boat to the pier, heading toward the warehouse. Within a few minutes, they had broken through the locks on the door, and were inside. The Sea Fox had struck.
Hey all, I know I'm late getting the first story post up, and I want to apologize. Midterms hit before I could get it made, and I've been busy for the past two weeks. However, they're over now, so we should get rolling within 24-48 hours. Thank you for understanding.
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