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Scrawls is just a lil dude who likes writing and playing pretend... I am currently a college student, was once a small Youtuber, and now just vibe and write stories. Now carry on along your merry way!

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Finally posted again, sorry its been a while!
Boro the Bookkeeper

Interacting with: Zrer Lakeilu @Theyra, Saya Akaba @AzureKnight, Little Girl [NPC]
Outside Hearth Public Library || Chatting || Excited

Boro simply nodded as the conversation turned towards potions and magic. As Saya and Zrer continued their discussion, Boro turned to find a young girl approaching, another one of his patrons. He smiled cheerfully under his hood. It is good that a love of reading has been fostered in at least one of the village children so far!

"Oh my friends, that must be another patron, excuse me while I check in on her!"

He ambled a few steps closer to the little girl, lowering his wheelbarrow and crouching down slightly so his tall frame wasn't as tall. With a wave, he tried to use his magic to send a couple of colorful picture books flapping their wings like butterflies toward the girl.

"Hello youngling! It is good day for more books! Would you like one of these? Or are you up for something more challenging this time?" In his wheelbarrow, he pulled out a few junior novels and kept them on standby, with more words and fewer pictures. Perhaps she was ready to try some more difficult reading?

NYC Streets

Interactions: Lorenzo @Eviledd1984]

Hierophant Green floated above the city tops while West paced out on the street, yet he couldn’t see anyone who seemed to be controlling the attacking motorcycle ghost. West cursed under his breath and began jogging back toward the direction of the bookstore. Maybe the enemy was somewhere—

Behind him, he heard the sudden revving of the motorcycle itself! West dived to the edge of a sidewalk, nearly bumping into a lamppost as the motorcycle sped by him nearly hitting him.

“Oh my god! Hierophant, back to me!” He pulled Hierophant Green back to his side. He began to run through the streets, eliciting many stares from nearby pedestrians and drivers as West ran being chased by the invisible-to-most being. No one else seemed to notice it weaving through the streets trying to run him over!

He dodged and nimbly avoided the motorcycle as it attempted to clip into West’s side. West led it over to a park where there was open space and fewer people. The motorcycle continued to chase him, using a rock as a ramp.

West quickly willed Hierophant Green to block the attack and attempt to use its tentacles to grab and swing the motorcycle off-balance. As he ducked and narrowly avoided its ramming strike, Hierophant wrapped its many tentacles around the vehicle and attempted to hurl it off course. Once Hierophant tried to fling it to the side, West felt an instinctual pulse of power and commanded Hierophant to try a new attack.

West let out a roar at the strange being. “Show’s over! Take this Emerald Splash!”

West pointed defiantly, and Hierophant Green spread its palms out wide, unleashing a barrage of shining, emerald constructions that shot at the target. Then—like a true hero—West began to run away in fear once more. By now, West had worked up a sweat running around the streets of New York like a lunatic. Further along at the park, he saw down the road that kid from earlier. West began to run towards him, waving wildly.
Boro the Bookkeeper

Interacting with: Zrer Lakeilu @Theyra, Saya Akaba @AzureKnight
Outside Hearth Public Library || Chatting || Excited

Boro nodded as the man replied to him. Although Boro’s face was quite obscured, one could still see the concern in his white eyes.

“Oh, I am sorry my friend the book did not work. But yes, it is a step forward!” Boro waved one of his books emphatically in the air. It was good to be optimistic in the face of failure. That’s what all the best heroes did in the noble adventure books that Boro had read over the years.

“Indeed, it is special! This library is one of mystery and power. Whoever amassed the books inside — they were a hungry collector… but not to so good with the organization… There is much work to be done, but if there is any book that can help you with your magic, I will continue searching Mr. Lakeilu!”

Boro’s mind quickly flashed to the dozens of piles he was sorting through so far… There had been some inklings of more magical tomes within the library, but he hadn’t found anything incredibly powerful for the most part. But there were still many hallways and rooms in that library left in disarray that could possibly hold the power to reinvigorate Zrer’s magic.

“Oh yes my friend, I am good! Today is a day with sun. It is always good when the sun is not missing! Also I have books. That is always good.” Boro chirped.

Speaking of magic, he saw another familiar patron approaching them.

“Hello! Happy Market Day Ms. Akaba!” Boro smiled beneath the shadow of his hood. While most villagers tended to avoid the library and its mysterious librarian, Saya Akaba was an avid bibliophile who had begun to check out many materials from the library quite soon after Boro began to run the place. She also seemed to be an adept magic-user, which impressed Boro immensely.

“I am glad they were good help to you! The grimoire on multi-layer geometry in magic is very… intricate read. I barely understand it myself, but happy to know they are useful to you.” Boro’s telekinetic hands reached over to accept the hefty books and place them on the side of the wheelbarrow for later reshelving.

Boro then turned towards Zrer as Saya begin to ask him about his situation. Boro suddenly felt somewhat sheepish. Hopefully, all his telekinetic magic and talk of mystical arts weren’t saddening Zrer or making him jealous… Boro couldn’t imagine how hard fixing up the library would be without a bit of magic!
Boro the Bookkeeper

Interacting with: Zrer Lakeilu @Theyra
Outside Hearth Public Library || Chatting || Concerned

Boro had just wheeled out his wheelbarrow of many various books when he saw a familiar fellow on his way towards the library. It was Zrer Lakeilu, one of the few patrons of the library so far! While most of the villagers had been ignoring Boro, Zrer had in fact come by looking for books for restoring his magic.

"Oh hallo! It is Mr. Lakeilu. Hallo Mr. Lakeilu! Good morning, happy Market Day." Despite Boro's large, imposing frame, he had a low but strangely sing-songy kind of voice with a foreign lilt to it.

Boro trundled over towards the man, rolling his books along, but noticed the somewhat crestfallen expression on Zrer's face. Boro was deeply saddened by the man's loss of magic. Boro relied on magic quite extensively in his everyday use. It was very handy, so he couldn't imagine living without it.

"I'm sorry Mr. Lakeilu, did the book not help? With your... situation? Perhaps I can find better book for you." Boro cocked his head as one of his telekinetic hands began to leaf through his journal, to check records of the book he had checked out to the man earlier. Unfortunately, much of the library was still quite a mess, so the book was the only one he had found so far tangentially related to poor Mr. Lakeilu's plight... But perhaps there was one hidden deeper in the archives and piles of debris.
@Theyra Feel free to start it if you'd like to! I will get my next post up sometime later this week
Welcome to the Guild! I hope you find what you're looking for and enjoy! :D

NYC Alleyway outside the Bookstore

Interactions: Lorenzo @Eviledd1984]

The kid managed to disconnect the rider from the motorcycle using his mystical zippers, but the two weren’t separated for long. Hierophant Green heaved, but the rider and the vehicle quickly managed to get back together and start chasing after the kid once more.

West heard the kid yell at him to go after the user, whatever that meant… There was someone else hiding and controlling this motorcycle ghost it seemed?

“On it kid!” West yelled back at the kid running off.

West retracted Hierophant Green’s tentacles and dashed out of the alley looking around frantically, staring through windows and at passersby out on the street. Meanwhile, he sent Hierophant Green scrounging around corners and floating around the vicinity, also searching. Hierophant Green could peer through higher windows, and up on roofs. Surprisingly, this is something West would often do when he needed to find a missing cast or crew member back at the theater, looking with his own eyes, and switching back to Hierophant Green’s wider vision and reach.

He was a people person who worked with actors. He had a sense for people playing pretend, and began to scan his surroundings looking for anyone suspicious, or anyone trying to seem too unsuspicious. Whoever was controlling this motorcycle menace could be hiding in plain sight.

“Where are you hiding, buddy?” West whispered under his breath. This whole situation was so …strange? Fantastical? Bizarre? Yeah, that was the perfect word, bizarre. But it was also quite exhilarating. West felt like he was being a hero, something he’d rarely ever felt before.
Wow, love the post, it was hilarious reading through the medical files and seeing the resident healer's thoughts on the cast! Really fun storytelling :D
Boro the Bookkeeper

Interacting with: Townsfolk
Hearth Public Library || Fixing/Reading || Busy!

There was so much to be done! Books to be read, old leather covers to be restored, novels to be reshelved, shelves to be refurnished, books to be reread, archives to be reviewed, books to be rereread, floors to redust, and of course, books to be rerereread!

Luckily, Boro the Bookkeeper was a multitasker. Unluckily, he wasn’t always the best multitasker…

Using a bit of handy magic, he formed a few telekinetic hands to get things done. As he dusted off cobwebs, he tightened the screws of a table. As he sorted stray papers, he stacked heavy grimoires.

And as he sewed covers back onto torn books, he kept leafing through the pages of this strange romantic script he’d just found. It was quite juicy! He’d never fallen in love before, but the idea was immensely intriguing. The play enraptured him, as it was about two young lovers from two different households both alike in dignity, in fair—OUCH! Somehow, one of his telekinetic hands had accidentally poked the sewing needle right off the table and onto his leg. This was why you didn’t read and sew Boro!

He’d been living in and running the abandoned library for only a few weeks, but by now, he had already set up a decent reading area in the front lobby room of the building. It had three large shelves of the most serviceable books and a few chairs with moth-ridden pillows. And this would have to do for now since it was the only publicly available area of the library at the current moment since the other rooms and floors of the library were an absolute mess! Whoever had last run the place seemed to have had no care for the books or the cleanliness of the facility, something Boro found very saddening. Files were crammed under chests, fiction mixed with nonfiction, magical tomes running around without leashes—the state of affairs was horrendous!

But no worries, it was now his duty to restore the Hearth Public Library to its highest potential. As an obsessive reader, Boro had always wanted to run a library. And now he was doing it! He was on his way to creating a cozy den of knowledge and magic and stories, inspiring the hearts of this sleepy town with the power of BOOKS!

But first things first, he needed a band-aid. He never seems to learn his lesson about reading and multitasking…


After the morning chores, Boro stepped outside of his library. He’d been mostly focusing on the interior design, so the outside entrance to the library was still a bit ramshackle… No wonder not too many patrons had come by the past few weeks…

Just then, a townswoman passed by carrying a basket.

“Hello! Would you like book, Miss? I have many books to read! Good reads! For—”

Boro’s voice boomed from his unseen mouth, hidden behind the shadow of his hood. He waved a book at her with his invisible telekinetic hand. She looked up at his towering 7’ foot tall cloaked figure with her wide eyes. Saying nothing, she hurriedly speed-walked out of his view. Sigh, what would it take to get people back into reading?

He walked forward to sadly watch as she shuffled off towards the other buildings. It seemed that there were some people gathering for something… Boro’s eyes lit up as he remembered something. Snatching his journal, he found that he had marked today as Market Day! How perfect! While he wouldn’t sell his books, this was a chance for those wandering to find new books and enjoy the pleasures of the written word!

Boro quickly dashed back into the library. There were sounds of crashing, clanging, whistles, and weirdly, a cat screeching. After several moments, he came out of the library, a wheelbarrow being pushed in front of him full of many different books. This would be an excellent way for him spread the word that the library was a great place to read!

If people wouldn’t come, the books would come to them!
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