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My blade carries with it the harsh frost of the wintry winds. Dancing with the rage of a blizzard, its speed matches the transience of an icy petal.

Welcome traveler. I see you've stumbled upon my profile, nice to meet ya.

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I'm just your average 9-5 schmuck. I do my work, pay my bills, and contribute what I can to society. I also happen to enjoy binge-watching/reading anime, manga/light novels, tv dramas, and pretty much anything that catches my interest. I'm also an avid gamer, my favorite genres tend to change with time. Right now it's probably JRPG, hack-slash, and fighting.

Favorite Anime/Manga/Light Novels
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Hunter x Hunter
- Fate/Zero
- Kyoukai no Kara
- Overlord
- Re:Zero
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- One Piece
- Konosuba
- Various Gundam series
- Naruto
- Bleach
- Trigun
- Cowboy Bebop

Some of my favorite games
- Devil May Cry
- Disgaea
- Blazblue
- Guilty Gear
- Tekken
- Persona 5
- God Eater
- Tales of series
- The Legend of Heroes series
- 7th Dragon series

I originally joined this site several years back, having gotten my feet wet only recently at that point as an RPer. I was recommended this site by a pal of mine (@PaulHaynek) and joined a couple of his RPs. However, due to RL stresses I had to take a break from the world of RPing and took sometime for self-reflection. After a 2 year absence, I'm back in saddle and ready to further stretch my creative muscles. As for what roleplays I like, I enjoy anything action-oriented. I'm fine with any settings for the most part, though I'm more inclined toward the magical and sci-fi. Also, I've gained a sort of preference for RPs that allow users to play as multiple characters, but solo is fine either way. Here's a list to give a better idea of my tastes.

- Fantasy/medieval
- Dystopian
- Steampunk
- Sci-fi
- Apocalypse/Post-Apocalyptic
- Generally anything anime/manga related
- Adventure and Combat oriented
- Romance here and there is fine too

That's all for now, reader. If you decide to post an interest check for an RP idea, you just might find me posting a character profile ready to be reviewed. Don't be afraid to give me a shout if you'd like a Co-DM to bounce ideas off of as well.

Until then.

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Cogsfell Aftermath

The streets echoed with the small sounds of tumbling debris, the theatre now reduced to a mountain of rubble. Breathing heavily, Lucrecia didn't do much when Lyssa clumsily let herself down from her embrace. Lucrecia was sure that the girl had at most some facture bones, and at worst punctured organs and internal bleeding. However, the if either were the case she certainly didn't seem to be affected by any of it. She happily started stuffing her face full of macaroons. Lucrecia would've normally lectured her about proper etiquette, but at this point she just didn't have the energy. Munching on one herself, she decided to use what little energy she had left to walk with her comrades back to the rendezvous point.

Upon reuniting with Katherine and Leoniya, Lucrecia would take note of the scars left by the past skirmish. Leoniya seemed to have been busy repairing the tank, whilst Katherine and her dolls were patrolling the area. Looking around, the high demon they were fighting was no where to be found. No corpse or a body-shaped cinder to be found. That could mean a few things. The demon could've retreated, which was unlikely. The other scenario...

"Salute, Katherine and Madonna." She greeted her comrade and senior maid. It looks like you were able to take care of things here. Did you...capture the high demon we were all fighting earlier?" She inquired. She also made note of a peculiar man, dressed to impress, walking down the way. He didn't seem to mind that this place was literally the site of a bloodbath...

After some time, Lucrecia along with the others saw the Clemantis finally touch its way down for extraction. It seemed that today, for the most part, the mission was a success. Boarding the ship, the sight of Lyssa tackling her mother in a heartfelt embrace painted the picture of a warm reunion in Lucrecia's eyes. She made a small giggle as the scene brought a warm smile on her face. "Here you are Madonna, your pride and joy has been brought back to you safe and sound, as promised." Said the recruit. The pleasantries were abruptly cut, however, as Myrilla instantly drew the attention of all the present recruits with a snarl.

She wasn't happy with some of the finer details of how the operation went down. Not even bothering to thank them for saving her flesh and blood, she wanted the one who drew all of the demons to their vicinity to step forward. Lucrecia wasn't the type to throw anyone under bus, but she had to admit, that was a risky move.

"No, Madonna, I'm afraid that we weren't able to find any other survivors from Lyssa's squad. We were lucky to find her when we did. They only other survivor we managed to find was this young girl here." She answered, motioning toward the little girl from earlier, who was now clinging to Polina like an adhesive.

"As for the details as to how all of the demons got attracted to our location. I, uh, can't say that I really remember. Ehehe..." She smiled nervous as a small blush took over her face.
@AzureKnight Part Adeptus are allowed. My recommendation is to model it off of Ganyu's overall history. Early life half Adeptus do not have a human form, but later on will. Usually being raised by Adeptus early but eventually become part of human society later, unless they are hermits I guess.

Yep. Yanfei's one of my favorite characters, so that's definitely the plan.👍
@Sho Minazuki

Are characters that are part adeptus allowed?

@Enkryption@Polaris North@ReusableSword@The Irish TreeNPC(s): Lapis

With the party reunited and Scarlett finishing her preparations, the party was all set to make for the Marsh and begin their chosen mission. Hector opted to inquire into Scarlett’s preparations, as she had been gone almost all morning, and if she had any provisions to share on her own. Scarlett’s answer asserted that the preparations were for her benefit alone, and was filled with rude dismissiveness.

Even worse, Scarlett seemed to have a negative reaction to Tilnak’s display of his magic. Lapis could only describe it as her body going through strange physical changes as black coal and blood splattered from her. The familiar that Nadia gave to her coiled itself around her, attempting to keep her from attacking her insectoid companion.

”Um, excuse me. Could we not bash each other’s brains out before the mission even starts?”” Lapis interjected, wanting to avoid any more disputes. She wanted to say a whole lot more about what was going on with Scarlett, but Shavis seemed to be used to it by now and felt she had a good handle on it.

I wonder if Evevlyn’s group is going through similar problems… She silently whined to herself.

It would see this humble group of five would certainly have their work cut out for them. But, perhaps Scarlett’s new equipment, though only for herself, may yet win them the day.


The way towards the southern marshlands was rather far, it being late afternoon before the group finally arrived at their destination. The sun was beginning to set over a lush forest as the vermillion light washed over the dense trees, creating a rather exquisite scene. Unfortunately, the traveling road ended just at the edge of the forest, so they would have to take the rest of the way on foot. Thankfully the village wasn’t too much farther, but it would be best to move before night came upon them.

The walk to the village was quiet and uneventful, with the only sounds being the ambience of the woods and perhaps the reaver team chatting among themselves. Eventually, they saw smoke on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be coming from a house. Coming closer, they could see they reached the village in question. Being outsiders, the villagers immediately took notice of the reavers, looking at them with curious eyes. A townsman shortly came running up to them, a look of exhausted gratitude was worn on his face.

”Oh, thank the gods, you’ve finally arrived! We were starting to lose hope.” Said the man. His somewhat panicked and rushed tone insinuated that the situation had become even more dire than what was stated on the request board. ”Please, follow me. I’ll lead you to the elder’s home.”

The group were led further into the village, only then did they start to see the visual damage the Makara had caused. Various stables were either heavily damaged or completely destroyed, barns and houses were covered in claw marks and what appeared to be burn marks. Those likely came from the electric ability that some members of the species possessed. What used to be grazing fields were covered in dried blood, and from the looks of it there were scarcely any livestock left.

It was not a pleasant scene.

“Is that the reaver team? They’ve finally responded to our plea!” A woman said.

“Will they be able to drive away those beasts?” Said a man.

“I hope so. They’re supposedly from a place called the Eon Tower. I’ve never heard of it, though.”

“That’s not reassuring…”

The team’s presence there was stirring up much gossip. All eyes were on them to see if they could get the job done. The people were full of desperation and the hopelessness of their predicament has weighed heavily in their hearts.

Eventually, the man led them in front of a large house. It was decorated with tribal ornaments and hand-woven tapestry. The elder’s home, naturally. ”Here we are.” The man said, turning to them. ”The elder is inside. He can tell you more. He then walked up the wooden steps leading to the front door, giving it a few polite knocks. A few moments later, the knock was answered with a “Come in.” that came in a gruff, wizened old voice. The door was opened, and the group was led inside. There, they spotted an old man sitting on a futon in the middle of the room. He was bald, but had a beard that reached all the way down to his chest. Sitting with his legs crossed and his hands on his knees, he addressed the group as they walked in.

”Ah. Thank you all for coming. He said. ”As you’ve no doubt seen, our village has been in dire straits for the past few days. Those crocs have certainly done much to convert our community into their new territory. After speaking, the elder would break out into a small coughing fit, curling his hand as he covered his mouth.

”Please excuse me.” He said weakly. ” Now, of course we’d like for you to deal with this matter as soon as possible. However, if there’s anything you need from us, please let us know. We…don’t have much, but we’ll do what we can to assist.”

Lapis went before the elder first. ”Oh!” Please don’t trouble yourselves over us, Elder. You and your people have been through so much already. Although, I will ask if anything strange has happened here recently that you believe may have led to this.” She inquired.

”Hmm, no, I can’t say that I have, and that’s the strange part.” He replied, rubbing his beard. ”We’ve lived here for generations, and we teach our younglings to never venture too deep into the marsh further in the forest. As for if there’s some outside force that’s causing them to frenzy, I really couldn’t say.” He said, shaking his head.

”I apologize, I wish I could be of more help…”

@PaulHaynek@Silverstein@FrogRFlowRNPC(s): Evelyn

Josef looked at Leon with curious eyes, listening as he volunteered to spearhead the factory investigation, also taking note of his suggestion to drink less coffee. "Clearly that young man’s never worked a white-collar job before.” He said as the short eared fae left his office. "I can’t say much about the cut of his jib, but if the Tower thinks highly of him, his earned my trust.” He said, taking a sip of his own cup.

”Who cares, he’s just some weirdo. Not worth paying attention to. Please continue with your explanation.” Evevlyn said in a sharp tone. Einer and Asterope seemed to be of the same mind. However, Eve for now would keep quiet about the fact that she noticed Leon whispering something to Einer during their walk to the office.

”Well, I don’t have much more information, any that would be of major use to you lot.” Josef went on. Although, since the possibility of this being an inside job has been brought up we do have a few competitors in our industry. But, that couldn’t be it, there’s no way. We do a thorough background check on all of our employees. If one of them was a mole, we’d know about it.” He assured the party. Although, it sounded like Josef was trying more so to assure himself.

Meanwhile, Leon had left the party and made his way a little deeper into the compound. He naturally picked up on the lone worker who was watching them from afar. Perhaps due to his high intuition or more so his paranoia, he quickly marked him as a character of suspicion and opted to hunt him down. Finding him with little difficulty, he put his psychic powers to work and created a miniscule blade from his mind. Flickering it into the back of his head, Leon established a psionic link between himself and the unsuspecting worker. The worker felt for, not even a second, a peculiar jolt in his head. But, it was so fleeting that he didn’t even pay it any mind. More importantly, he was thinking thoughts to himself that would most certainly be of interest to the young fae.

”I need to head to the hideout after work and tell the others that they need to move now. With those magus here, it’s only a matter of time before this whole thing blows up in our faces. I think I remember where it is. It’s due east of here, hidden in a small canyon with its entrance being blocked by some boulders.” He scratched his head as he thought to himself. ”Man, couldn’t those idiots find a less conspicuous way of hiding their base? I guess stupid people are easier to control…”

Now, Leon knew that for certain there was a whole team of people in on the heist, and he even knew the general location of their supposed hideout. He could go back and tell the others, perhaps the more confrontational members of his team could pressure the info out of him. Of course, it may be more effective to silently tail him to the location.

Or, perhaps it would be better to continue listening for now. After all, the more information, the better.

@Hammerman NPC(s): Ruecian, Rozemyme

The fae couple had returned to the veteran magus, their preparations now complete.

”You’ve returned, hopefully the old man’s shop wasn’t too messy for your liking. Let us be off then.” Roze said.


Leaving via a magitech vehicle, the trip to the rendezvous point wasn’t awfully long despite being quite a ways away from the republic city. The trip was uneventful for the most part, save for a few moments of conversation between the magus passengers.

”I still don’t like this.” Said Roze. ”I wish the others were back.”

”We’ll be fine.” Replied her Belua comrade. ”All things considered, this is just a standard survey/purification job.””

”Rue, don’t take this lightly. The last team that went there was almost completely wiped out. Also, think about what’s become of the region, now that it’s been left unattended for the past few weeks.” She added in an annoyed tone. ”I would feel better if we had Xashan or Amelia with us.”

”If that thing was still there, I might agree with you. But, it’s long since moved on by this point. We’re just on cleanup duty right now.”

After some time, they finally arrived at the checkpoint, roughly in the late afternoon. The group saw officials scurrying in and out of various tents, horses riding and out of camp and being manned at the several stables posted up. Things here appeared to be quite busy; it was to be expected given the current situation. Ruecian went up to one of the officials to make himself and the rest of the party known. ”Afternoon, we’re the team from Eon, here for the special request.” He said. The man quite noticeably stood over the reptilian Belua, however, as soon as he took in Ruecian’s presence his entire demeanor changed.

”Y-you’re Ruecian Valeniquen!” He exclaimed

”Yep, in the flesh…” Ruecian responded, in an annoyed tone.

”You’ve no idea what relief your presence here brings.” He said, his spirits lifted. ”Over there is that…?” He looked over at Roze and the others. ”It’s Rozemyne Levina! We may actually be able to rest easy!”

”You don’t need to make such a fuss over it, fuck’s sake…”” Ruecian said, rubbing his head. ”Can you just escort us to whoever’s in charge here.”

”We understand the situation must be dire, but we need more information. We’ll do what we can to help.”

”Oh, yes, of course!” The man responded. ”I presume the other two with you are newcomers? We need all the help you can give.” He looked at Lanus and Renee for a moment.

The group was led into the largest tent in the camp. Inside, sat a man behind a large table covered with a map of the region. The man wore slightly different garb that was a bit more ornamental compared to the other officers in the camp, denoting him to be someone of importance. Along with him, sat a young looking woman with long bluish hair. She had a couple of bandages on her face. ”Sir, the team from Eon has arrived!” He said to the seated man.

”Very good. You may leave us.” Said the apparent head official, waving off the man with a gesture. The man made a bow, then promptly went back outside. The woman eyed the group that entered the tent. They only sent four!? She silently exclaimed to herself.
Her eyes widened a bit, however, while looking at Ruecian and Rozemyne. ”Welcome all. Please, take a seat. I find it most fortunate that the Blue Dragon Oracle and The Witch of the Triad have graced us with their presence. We’ve much to discuss.” Said the man. There were enough vacant seats for the group of four. Lanus and Renee were left to take the seats closest to the blue haired woman.

”We’re an outpost that has setup a perimeter around the surrounding area. A few weeks ago, a powerful abomination wreaked havoc in this region, decimating much of the wildlife and a few small villages as well. We’ve done our best to keep the rot from spreading, however, we simply don't have the manpower to fully purify the area. He said with a grimace.

”Hence why we’re here, yeah?” Rue responded.

”Indeed. Now then, allow me to introduce this young lady sitting with us today. He said, gesturing over to the blue haired lass. ”This is Rana Schuellen, she was the one who led the initial strike team against the creature. Unfortunately, they were all nearly wiped out. Thankfully, her and a few others managed to escape with their lives.”

”A pleasure to meet you all.” She said flatly.

”I regret to inform you that while the creature had since attacked another region since its initial appearance in this area, no one has seen it since. The creature seems to have simply upped and vanished without a trace. But, myself and Rana will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have. Rana will also be accompanying you into the affected region as an advisor when you’re ready to set out"
Alright, alright. You've piqued my interest as well.

Cogsfell Aftermath

Some girls were fans of everything falling down around them, Lucrecia wasn't one of them.

Carrying a girl who was wearing metal armor that was bigger than both of them, the recruit ran with Lyssa as fast as her legs would allow. The horrid sound of foundation crashing drowned out the sounds of any demons that may have been chasing them; part of her thought they weren't going to make it.

However, through perhaps a divine stroke of luck, the maids along with civilian in tow narrowly made it out of the theatre. Hopefully any pursuers were flatten along with the building. Her strength failing her, she let down Lyssa with labored breathing. "Merda!!" she uttered.

Despite her advice toward Lyssa earlier, she didn't have the energy to protest. Since they survived, quite frankly, a hopeless situation, why not let the little lady enjoy a sugary snack or two. Actually? Ah, what the hell.

"Polina, I think I'll take some of those myself, if you don't mind."

@PaulHaynek @Restalaan @Hammerman

Kozukata Cemetery

The sisters gave but a wave of greeting to their new gremlin ally, their attention already arrested by Hinami's faltering condition. With Lunatea also joining them, Takeshi lead the way as the group made their way to find Yurine, the death keeper. Atsuha listened to the young lord as he gave a brief backstory of his supposed caretaker. Atsuha winced a bit when he stated that she guards the graves, preventing enemies from defiling them for their own purposes. Presuming the obvious - that she hated monsters - what would she think when she heard the sisters' tale? Two formerly human sisters who were turned into monsters due to the effects of forbidden Onmyōdō techniques. She may feel even less inclined to help them.

But, Atsuha wouldn't give up now. She couldn't; she'd die before that point.

Upon arriving at the cemetery, the sisters already felt the magic imbued in the thick fog. Whatever this Yurine is like in person, she must be a powerful spellcaster. "Never mind the lack of sight. Something about this fog is making chi-reading more of a chore than it needs to be." Atsuha groaned. "Nee-san. I-I don't like it here..." Said Hinami rather sheepishly. She was holding her head and looked somewhat morbid. "It...It hurts..." Atsuha looked at her sibling with high concern and held her shoulders. At this point, the mark on her head began to glow faintly, signifying it was trying to hold chi at bay.

Takeshi suggested that splitting up to cover more ground would help them find the Death Keeper faster. "Out of the question. Sorry, Takeshi-san." She replied to the young lord sternly. "That's not acceptable currently."

Luna offered to attempt to blow away the fog with her wind magic, while Skarsneek suggested they travel together in a formation of sorts."Luna-chan." She said. "I'm fairly confident that this isn't normal fog, I doubt a simple spell will be enough to get rid of it. If we combined our magics into some of my dispel talismans it might work." She looked at the ofuda in her pouch, then looked at Hinami. "But perhaps the one who made this fog wouldn't much appreciate it if we just up and got rid of it. It may be best for us to follow Skarsneek's lead and form up."

Hinami tried to keep up with the party at a labored pace. "N-no. D-Don't want to be...alone..." She uttered.

"But, Skars-kun, I insist that I stay with Hinami. It's complicated... But just trust me." She said to her lover with a sober smile. "I'll still cover the rear, but you stay in front of us and behind Luna. Please understand." As she began making silk and placing on the ground behind them, she hoped her lover would understand her feelings.
The apply status has been reopened. Feel free to PM for any specific details.

Cogsfell Aftermath

"I'm afraid it will have to wait till next, Madonna!" She quickly retorted to Lyssa. Merda, what is with this girl...?

Running to catch up beside Polina, Lucrecia held Lyssa with one arm while the other held her firearm. She fired at any lesser devils that felt brave enough to try and halt their advance. She couldn't much aside from barely avoid the debris falling around them, thankfully Polina with her abilities had them covered for the most part. But as the building began caving in around them, so did the futility of the effort.

There was no time to lament or think about other options, the only thing they could do was make a break for the exit and pray for the best. Holding on to Lyssa as tightly as she could, Lucrecia put her toned legs to work and ran as fast as humanly possible. Deftly dodging falling chunks of rubble, she could just see the entrance. Just a little more and they'd be home free!

Cogsfell Aftermath

The odd were quickly stacking against them as the demon horde overran them. Polina cosigned Lucrecia's earlier declare, it was time to bid farewell to the theater. She had hoped that the opening she tried to make would be enough to secure them a way to break through. But the number of enemies kept increasing, and the window slimmed. The headless furnace fired off a stream of fire aimed at Polina; Lucrecia called out to her in hopes that she'd and the little girl would be able to evade.

Meanwhile, Lyssa still seemed to be having fun slaughtering whatever encroached upon her. However, that was until a larger demon struck her with a heavy blow. Lyssa was slammed into a nearby wall, with the impact revealing the weakened integrity of the establishment. Before she could react, another demon had tackled her from the back head first. The impact sent her forward a bit, also tearing off a part of her top clothing and revealing a part of her back - along with a burn mark from the wound. To repay the interloper, she gave it a swift kick to the chin along with a flurry of knives into its face.

"Already on it!" She quickly responded to her comrade. Before the cretin could close in on Lyssa, Lucrecia unleashed a storm of knives and bullets upon it. Hopefully that would at least slow it down. Making her way where Lyssa was sent flying, she checked to make sure she wasn't injured to heavily. After confirmed she was still in one piece, she would promptly help her up and take the both of them to the nearest exit. "I've got you, Madonna. It's time to leave!" She said to Lyssa, using herself as a crutch as she made her escape with the instructor's daughter.
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