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My blade carries with it the harsh frost of the wintry winds. Dancing with the rage of a blizzard, its speed matches the transience of an icy petal.

Welcome traveler. I see you've stumbled upon my profile, nice to meet ya.

About Me
I'm just your average 9-5 schmuck. I do my work, pay my bills, and contribute what I can to society. I also happen to enjoy binge-watching/reading anime, manga/light novels, tv dramas, and pretty much anything that catches my interest. I'm also an avid gamer, my favorite genres tend to change with time. Right now it's probably JRPG, hack-slash, and fighting.

Favorite Anime/Manga/Light Novels
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Hunter x Hunter
- Fate/Zero
- Kyoukai no Kara
- Overlord
- Re:Zero
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- One Piece
- Konosuba
- Various Gundam series
- Naruto
- Bleach
- Trigun
- Cowboy Bebop

Some of my favorite games
- Devil May Cry
- Disgaea
- Blazblue
- Guilty Gear
- Tekken
- Persona 5
- God Eater
- Tales of series
- The Legend of Heroes series
- 7th Dragon series

I originally joined this site several years back, having gotten my feet wet only recently at that point as an RPer. I was recommended this site by a pal of mine (@PaulHaynek) and joined a couple of his RPs. However, due to RL stresses I had to take a break from the world of RPing and took sometime for self-reflection. After a 2 year absence, I'm back in saddle and ready to further stretch my creative muscles. As for what roleplays I like, I enjoy anything action-oriented. I'm fine with any settings for the most part, though I'm more inclined toward the magical and sci-fi. Also, I've gained a sort of preference for RPs that allow users to play as multiple characters, but solo is fine either way. Here's a list to give a better idea of my tastes.

- Fantasy/medieval
- Dystopian
- Steampunk
- Sci-fi
- Apocalypse/Post-Apocalyptic
- Generally anything anime/manga related
- Adventure and Combat oriented
- Romance here and there is fine too

That's all for now, reader. If you decide to post an interest check for an RP idea, you just might find me posting a character profile ready to be reviewed. Don't be afraid to give me a shout if you'd like a Co-DM to bounce ideas off of as well.

Until then.

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Kirei, Vară, & Lavinia

Janus' Campsite


Vară, after hearing Janus's thoughts, was perhaps filled with a closure of sorts. As Lavinia said, feeling guilty on Sidonus's death would do nothing but dishonor it. It was best to ensure that he will was carried on by those who were still here, her included of course. However, just as soon as her spirits were lifted, they were just as soon shot down again. Apparently, the only ones riding on a horse was Lord Takeshi with Nyla being his riding partner. Vară, Lavinia, and Kirei, would have to ride in the wagon with Janus as the driver. The fire demon made a face, which was accompanied by a groan as she load up with the others.

"Aw, don't be upset, sweetie. At least we get to ride with two fine specimens of the opposite sex~" Lavi mused to her fiery teammate, which caused her to blush suddenly.

"Wahh! You can't just say things like that! I'm a noble lady, y'know?! I have to approach these things with a more dignified demeanor! even if what you're saying is true..."

Kirei did little except laugh at their exchange. "Fair enough, Janus-san. Just lead the way." He responded to his fellow warrior. It was a tight fit, and Vară and Lavinia blushed a bit during the ride, but the group eventually made their way toward their destination.

Terauchi Temple

@Enkryption@The Irish Tree

The trip to the temple was uneventful for the most part, mainly just consisting of taking in the countryside and seeing the occasional group of locals onlooking from the roads. Kirei, having not been in Zipangu for quite sometime, couldn't help but be absorbed in the scenery of his homeland. Though, he'd never been to Shizuyama before. Eventually, they arrived on the temple grounds, marked by numerous native structures and golden leaves. Vară seemed to be quite fascinated with the scenery, whereas Lavi maintained a cool air about her. It was hard to tell what she was feeling sometimes, due to that mask she never took off.

The group was greeted by a young woman wearing bandages and a green robes that gave her the appearance of a ninja or some other fighter.

"Ohayo!" Kirei said. "Name's Kannazuki Kirei, nice to meet ya! Then again, I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Kyouko-san seems to have much respect for you. You're good at what you do, yeah?"

The group had there attention arrested by a flash of light from one of the pagodas. From it, emerged three individuals. Three mamono appeared from the flash, obvious new members of the taskforce. Kirei and Lavi bade a friendly wave.

Vară, flustered over her appearance, quickly wiped off any dirt or grim that accumulated on her dress and hair. She then gave a proper greeting to the trio.

"Greetings new members, before you stands Vară Riemsianne, a demon noble whose name shall soon be known far and wide. Umm, please pay no mind to any dirt or spots you see on my person. The elements certainly aren't know for their mercy..."

Terauchi Temple

Shizuka was pleased to see that most of the taskforce members hadn't lost too much stride after the battle, and were already discussing their next move. Although, he was able to tell that some members, like Luna and Io, were quite fatigued. He wised that the force had a little more time to rest, but it appeared that wouldn't be the case.

He had returned from his "talk" with Alice, his heart a bit heavy to bid farewell to her and Carroll. He thought it'd be best to tell Takeshi and the others the news...

"Takeshi-dono," he said. "I'm glad you and everyone else seem to be fairing well. However, there's something that you and everyone else should know." He paused for a moment. "Alice-san and Carroll-chan seem to have left the taskforce, I can confirm because I sensed their chi fading further from the vicinity. Where they plan to go, I don't know, but I felt that you all should know regardless." Shizuka spoke so that everyone present could hear him.

"As for now, I would suggest that anyone who's too injured or tired from the recent attack should stay behind and recover for now. You'll be no good to anyone dead, so no need to push yourself." The ronin continued. "In addition, Ayu-san, I will accompany you on the Komatsu Bay operation. Io-san, Lili-chan, and I will join our talents together for this operation." He looked with a solemn expression. "Io-san, you probably want to hide it, but I can sense that you've used up a great deal of your chi in that battle. If you truly want to go, I won't stop you. But, you're going to need help with this. Plus, a being like yourself won't fare well under an anti-magic field, I'd hazard to guess."

Shizuka then turned to Lord Takeshi. "Takeshi-dono, I wish you and Kikyo-san the best of luck on liberating the imprisoned fighters."

The Hangai sisters where relatively fine after the conflict, if still a bit anxious. It was bittersweet, it seemed like after aiding Yurine in the cemetery, they barely got any opportunity to rest in the time between then and the recent attack. The injures Hinami had received in the fight had already healed thanks to her biology, and Atsuha didn't expend that much magic either. They both listened as Shizuka explained that Alice and Carroll had left.

"Aww, the plant lady and the talking sword left? I hope they'll be ok." She said in an innocent, but melancholic tone.

"I'm sure she'll be fine, Nee-chan. She is a queen, after all, as she love to keep reminding us of." Atsuha said, attempting to cheer her up.

They listened to the group as they discussed their next strategy. Takeshi had decided to go with Kikyo in order to liberate the imprisoned warriors. She felt the young lord's hesitation and lack of confidence in his decision. It was as if something had compelled her to aid the lord in this case.

"Skars-kun," she said to her lover. "I feel that it would be best for us to aid Takeshi-san in his endeavor. If you feel your skills are best suited for another mission, I understand. My sister and I will be sure to take care while out."

The sisters then walked over to Takeshi and Kikyo. "Would you care to have us tag along, my young lord?" Atsuha said. She politely bowed to Kikyo. "Hello Kikyo-san, my name is Hangai Atsuha, it's a pleasure to meet you. All things considered, we hope to lend our aid in rescuing those prisoners."

"Same here! Oh, sorry! My name is Hangai Hinami, it's also a pleasure!" Hinami said, following suit with her sister, if a bit more clumsily.

"Kikyo-san, is there anything more you can tell us about the encampment that the prisoners are being held at? Warrior types, the surrounding layout?"

@Rune_Alchemist@Click This

Havershel Estate

Lucrecia winced slightly at the sudden slash that brushed on her cheek, it happened so fast that she didn't even feel it at first. The demon maid she had rescued earlier was now useless to them, it's lifeless head rolling across the floor. Having now fully introducing himself proper, The lord was actually a lesser ranking demon in disguise this whole time. Lucrecia couldn't say that she was surprised, given everything that's led up to this.

"I suppose that's why none of our physical attacks phased you much. How typical of your kind to use your spouse as a sacrifice, for a monster that doesn't seem very grateful anyway." She said, wiping the blood on her cheek.

She then turn to Polina. "Polina, as much as it pains me to say it, the cazzo is right. Things have taken a turn for the worst. I'll go on ahead and meet up with the other team and inform them of the situation. Silxtratch, you said your name was? I guess it'd be within our best interest to work with you for now, but if you try anything, you'll end up just like that demon maid you decapitated..." She warned.

With that, Lucrecia began making her way toward the wife's chambers, determined to see this through. Not to mention to fulfill her bargain to Myrilla.

”Well…I see you two gals are wide awake now…” Xashan said, wearing an exasperated but nonetheless friendly smile on his face. He wasn’t awfully fazed by the ladies pointing their blades at him. His expression became a tad bit more serious as Lupina and Scarlett gave their thoughts on the gang members, feeling that there was more at play than meets the eye. His expression soon changed from a serious one to an annoyed one when Scarlett started shamelessly flashing her nearly naked body for the public to see. Lupina certainly wasn’t helping the situation.

”I feel that you guys were much more reasonable while you were sleeping… Xashan said, chuckling lightly. Scarlett would quickly see the parts of her exposed skin being covered up by a fine dust, in addition, both her and Lupina would find themselves unable to carry on in their indecent fashion. The binding of Xashan’s sand was not something to take lightly; his command over the elements was further evidence of his Belua heritage. Soon, the pair would find themselves being dragged back to the Tower, pulled by the beck of Xashan’s magic.

”C’mon, you two. I think we’ve had enough fun here, and the unwanted publicity is something I’d rather avoid if it’s all the same to you.”

After sometime, the trio would find themselves back in the main hall of Eon, and the pair of ladies would find themselves finally released from Xashan’s hold. ”Alright ladies!” He said. ”Now that we’re within closed doors, feel free to show off as much as you want~” Xashan’s lighthearted tone and accompanying chuckles indicated he was being jovial. Mostly.

”So, would you still like for me to take you up on that dinner? I’m sure Ms. Bell cooked up a nice meal for everyone, anticipating their return.”

@Polaris North @PaulHaynek @The Irish Tree

Einer, distracted, could not react in time to the downed assailant who let off a shot. Thankfully, the brigand could not properly aim while still injured, and thus he missed a vital area. However, the bullet instead went clean through the boy’s arm, yet again downing him with warm blood now staining the grass beneath him. The horrible sound made Ruecian immediately turn toward his comrades. ”Shit, Einer!!” He exclaimed. His opponent tried to take advantage of his turned attention and come at him with a pair of twin daggers, but instead of piercing flesh he pierced ice. The strong chill caused his hands to go numb with a dull pain; he had gotten instant frostbite.

Grunting in pain, the fighter dropped his daggers as his hands trembled with a bitter cold. Ruecian had made a barrier of rime around him just before the daggers connected. ”A for effort, my friend.” He spat. The centipede creature made a pained hiss, as the Shadar controlled Shavis clone stabbed its carapace and impaled its soft flesh underneath. The scent of charred flesh began to flow through the field/ Taking full advantage of the situation, Ruecian’s Mizuchi summon tore into the chitin further with its powerful jaws. The frost generated by its fangs caused the monster’s carapace to become brittle and weak. Soon, it along with the gooey flesh broke off into pieces, and with one last gasping roar the creature fell to the ground. As its life faded, its body dissipated. Ruecian finished off the summoner by slicing him with a powerful water torrent.

”Uh, you’re Shadar, Shavis’s summon right? Strong work!” He complimented the tiger spirit.

Shavis’ opponent made a valiant struggle, unable to use the magic-imubed spear lest they tore themselves apart. However, Shavis’ natural strength proved too much for the man, and she was able to finish him off without much difficulty. That just left the injured Einer and the cornered Hector.

The pair would find themselves in dire straits, as two fighters made their way to Hector and Einer, while another one made their way toward the unprotected carriage. Hector tried to aim for the one running toward the carriage, but he had to focus on the two in front of him. One was already on him, but he was able to get a shot off and blew straight through his chest. However, the other brigand took advantage of the diversion and decked Hector clean in his jaw. This caused him to drop his gun, leaving him defenseless along with Einer. Having no weapon, the attacker opted to beat Hector to death, having gotten on top of him and beginning to wail on him. All this, and the third brigand was nearly on the carriage.

”Damn! Shavis, help Hector! I’ll g-” Rue stopped mid sentence as a bright light emanated from the vehicle. Suddenly, the light lessened, then in a blur zipped past the encroaching assailant. The attacker, confused, felt a sharp pain across his chest. Blood then sprayed out of the wound, painting the grass a deep read. With a stained gurgle, he felt limb on the ground.

”That’s quite enough.” Said a familiar voice. Soon the light dissipated, revealing Imre in brand new attire. She wore a light armor dress with a similar color scheme to her normal clothes. She wielded an elegant straight sword that had a purple jewel embezzled in its hilt. It seemed that she entered into a “battle mode” of sorts and had cut down the attacker with a single slash. Even Hector’s attacker had to pause to process what had just happened to his partner. During this brief moment, Imre made a swift dash toward him. Before he could even react, Imre had run her sword straight through his heart. Blood dripped from his mouth as his struggles became more and more fleeting. Soon his body fell lifeless, and Imre seamlessly pulled her blade out of his chest and let him fall back at Hector’s feet.

The day had been won. The final blow by Imre, their escort, no less. She immediately went over to Einer in order to further heal him. ”By the Six, are you alright, Sir Devaron?!” She exclaimed. Utilizing blessed sorcery, she did her best to stop the bleeding and mend the gaping wound the lad had in his shoulder. Ruecian quickly came over as well, motioning for Shavis to follow.

”Ms. Imre, you mean, you were capable of fighting this whole time?” Rue asked their client, rather perplexed and somewhat irritated it would seem.

”Ah…” She hesitated a bit before speaking. ”Well, I certainly couldn’t have handled all of those assailants by myself, and my skills wouldn’t impress one of your calibur Sir Valeniquen. But yes, it’s common for all members of nobility to practice the art of combat and sorcery, as part of our Noblesse Oblige. Whether we be from the Republic, or the Holy Capital.”

Rue sighed. ”Well, as our client, guess it doesn’t make sense for us to let you needlessly endanger yourself. In spite of that, you still saved my comrades' lives, immediately rushing to save them. For that, you have my thanks.”

Imre blushed a bit, apparently a bit embarrassed. ”Oh my! Well, as my escorts, it’s only natural that I need to ensure that you stay within good health. That, and my honor would allow harm to come to those who are aiding me!” She then looked at Einer with concerned eyes, the wound wasn’t healing as properly as it should've been.

”It’s the bullet, it dealt magical damage. That’s quite harder difficult to heal, I’m afraid.” Said Nathniel, walking up behind Imre. ”Milady, it is quite fortunate that we are rather close to the trading village. It’s best we find a dedicated physician there and have them treat Sir Devaron.”

”Ah, yes, I completely agree.” Imre said. ”Come everyone, we’ve not a moment to lose!” Making sure everyone aside from Einer were well enough from the battle, Imre got everyone to quickly occupy the vehicle and make way toward the village. After some more time, they eventually arrived at the trading town. After getting out of the carriage, Nathaniel led Einer out.

”Milady, I will lead Sir Devaron to the town physician post haste.” He said.

”Thank you Nathniel, please do!” Imre said.

Einer would be led by Nathanial further into the borough, until they eventually found the physician’s office.

Imre turned to the three reavers who were left with her. ”I’m sorry that Sir Devaron got hurt on my account. I pray to the Scions that the doctor will be able to mend his wound better than I could.”

If the group wanted to ask her any questions about her background, the trading town, or anything else about the region, this would be the perfect time.

@Hammerman @Silverstein @Rune_Alchemist

Roze looked at Leon with even more curious eyes. ”I’ve always known that man to be clandestine, and I’ve even heard that before he joined up with Arteus he was rather cutthroat and duplicitous. Still, I can’t imagine how or why he would have something like that in his mitts.” She said, not having many good things to say about the aforementioned librarian. ”But, for now, I will honor your wish and remain silent about this. However, if it gets too serious, I will inform Arteus about this, understand?” Roze sand solemnly. She then turned to Haaselle, who apparently wanted praise from her superior. ”Yes, Haaselle, you performed quite well out there. Your esper abilities certainly make me glad you’re on our side.” Roze said, smiling.

Meanwhile, Giselle as Renee formally introduced herself and properly thanked her for aiding them. ”Oh, no thanks are necessary, Ms. Renee. I simply did what was just. I’m sure you would’ve done the same for me.” She said with a warm smile, contrasting her previous venom toward Lanus.

”Oh, I’m he will. In fact, I’d be more than willing to lend my aid with that matter as well, should you so need it…” Giselle said, joining Renee in piercing Lanus with their glares. She would shoot a small spark of light, aimed directly at Lanus’s face. To him, the spark would feel like his nose got punched. ”Don’t think I didn’t notice where your eyes were looking before, lecher!!” She snapped, referring to when he was eyeing her dress.

”Hey everyone! Since we seem to be done here, I suggest that we head back to the Tower. Giselle, since you want to meet with Arteus, why don’t you come with us. I feel that he’ll be returning soon.” Roze said to the party, ignoring the imminent danger that Lanus was in.

”Well, yes, I suppose that would be for the best. I’m rather curious about this Tower of yours anyway.”

The party made its way back to Eon, although Giselle shot Leon a few looks, having a few questions about the odd aura and sigils emanating from him. She chose to keep it to herself for now, they were technically allies right now.

As they entered the main hall, they were met with the trio of Xashan, Scarlett, and Lupina.

”More denizens of the Tower I presume?” Giselle said to Roze.

”Yes. Well, I’m not too familiar with the Belua woman standing with them. Xashan, the man, is a veteran her, same as I.”

”Hail there! I see you all returned from your mission in one piece. Not bad~” Xashan said to the party. ”Right, I should probably introduce this little miss. This is Lupina, another new recruit who has graced our humble Tower with her presence. She and us just got done stomping out some local ruffians.”

Giselle looked at the trio for a moment, but paid special attention to Scarlett, who she got a very strange vibe from. She recognized immediately what she actually was, but thought it best to keep that little detail to herself. It wasn’t her fact to tell, after all.

Giselle politely bowed before Xashan and the two female members that stood before her. ”Good Afternoon, my name is Giselle Kostovii, an emissary sent from Ithaca to improve relations between the Fae Kingdom and the Magus Society, it is a pleasure to meet all of you.”

”Pleasure’s all mine, Ms. Giselle. Name’s Xashan Vhastia, the most handsome member among Eon’s reaver team.” He said, with a confident smirk. Giselle thought that he was probably the only one who thought that. ”I was just about to treat these ladies to a nice meal.”

”How is it a treat if it’s here at base?” Roze interjected with an exasperated squint.

”It can be. All one need do is apply a little imagination and positive attitude!” Xashan replied with a wide grin and thumbs up.

”I’m gonna go wash this stench of sewage and arachne blood off of me.” Roze said dismissively, walking past him and toward her private quarters. She did turn to Haaselle for a moment. ”Oh, Haaselle, you should wash up too, after that I can give you a tour of the Tower. Get you acclimated with the staff and all that.” She told her.

”Haaselle, was it? You must be another new member as well. If you get bored of wandering the Tower, feel free to request me as an escort around town. I’d be more than happy to oblige.” Xashan said to the tentacled Belua.

The present party was now free to do as they pleased. They could stay and converse with Giselle, asking her more questions about her role or the situation in Ithaca, go to the mess hall, or explore the Tower for a bit if they so desired.


”Erm…well, there IS a man named Kiff who we, perhaps reluctantly, count among our Tower’s staff.” Naomi said, as if biting her own tongue. ”He serves as Eon’s librarian of sorts, heading a repository of hundreds of grimoires and ancient texts that he himself has collected from his earlier days.” She sighed, breaking her explanation for a moment. ”What I am saying is that he is a well-traveled and knowledgeable person, and may likely know how to at least somewhat translate this strange dialect. Follow me, please.”

With that, the researcher led Damian out of her office and down to another wing of the Tower. Eventually, they made their way to the library’s entrance, entering in they would be greeted by the sight of Kiff fiddling with some artifacts. He sat at his desk at the center of the repository, his feet on the table as he toiled away. After a brief moment, he noticed the two individuals enter.

”Ah, Naomi! Back again, I see? What do you need this time?” He said cheerfully.

”Translation assistance.” She responded.

”Translation help?” Kiff said, somewhat puzzled. ”What exactly were you getting up to this morning? Is this related to what happened earlier?

”Somewhat. Look, something weird’s going on with the Makara egg that we took from Scarlett. In order to figure out what, we need to translate the runes that have surrounded it. The problem is, it’s a combination of several different languages. In order to gain any headway, we need to be able to understand Serpent-tongue. Think you can help?”

”Probably” He quickly stated. ”I’m sure I have at least one tome or two with that language. If not, then I imagine that Lapis or Ruecian could also aid in that regard as well. A little anyway…” Kiff waved his hand for a moment, then pointed it towards a shelf further in the back. Some books became enveloped in a blue light, and began promptly floating toward him. He started to look through them, deducing which ones would be of most use to them.

Kiff turned to the pair for a moment, breaking from his concentration. ”Who’s your companion here, Naomi? Is he…perhaps you’ve finally found a boyfriend?~ How wondrous it would be that you’d finally found a man that was able to seduce you out of that stuffy lab of yours!” Kiff obviously knew that Damian was another new recruit to the Tower, at least as far as Artues and Brun were concerned. But, he thought to have a little fun.

With a blushing squawk, Naomi’s wings began to flap clumsily, having been taken off guard by Kiff’s inquiry. ”S-Shut up! Don’t say such stupid things! We’ve only just met, and my studies are VERY important to me!!”

With Naomi now too flustered to engage with, Kiff turned his attention back to Damian. ”Tell me, what’s your name, friend? Also, a bit curious, what other languages made up those runes you saw on that egg?”


@Rune_Alchemist@Click This

Havershel Estate

Having been shoved onto the floor, Lucrecia quickly got back on her feet with a spring flip, not missing even a single beat. As she witnessed the woman's transform, it seemed her question was answered all right. The woman she just got through saving had taken on a peculiar axolotl-like appearance. The the unassuming, almost blank smile-like expression that she wore on her face created a tonal dissonance with the new menace she now emanated.

Lord Havershel, on the other hand, was unfazed by Lucrecia's and Polina's combination attack. Interestingly, instead of allowing whatever force had defended him prior to do its passive work, he used the mattress Polina threw at him to block Lucrecia's fireballs. That made her think she was on the right track.

"Ficcatelo nel culo, bastardo." Lucrecia spat back at the lord, having become short on patience at this point. "One of you idiotas is going to give me the answers I'm looking for! What do you mean we're short on time, what did you fuck up, exactly?"

Lucrecia held throwing knives in one hand, and a pistol in the other. She threw knives at the demon maid in order to subdue her, but made sure to miss any areas that would result in a killing blow. Depending on Havershel's answer, she'd let loose a salvo on him. She feint him into thinking they're just regular bullets, but actually they'd be a storm of embers that would rain down on him. Magic seems to be effective enough for him to change his stride.
Kirei, Vară, & Lavinia

Janus' Campsite


Kirei nodded his head, listening intently at Takeshi's explanation of the situation. "We, hopefully they're willing to lend their aid to us, on top of not being hard to find." He said.

”I noticed that Vară-chan seemed to be troubled by somethin', Lavi-chan probably noticed too. I'm sure they'll be able to sort it out.” Kirei said, answering his question. He guess would turn out to be correct, as Lavinia had appeared back with the group. A little bit after, Vară appeared back as well. ”See, there they a-” Kirei stopped midsentence, as he noticed that Vară had tear marks under her eyes. ”Oh dear, what happened between you two? Did you pick on her, Lavi-chan?” He said, making a sarcastic nod at Lavinia.

”How rude!” Lavinia snapped. ”We were just having a little girl talk. Would you rather I tease you instead, captain?~” She said, returned his snarky remark with some snide of her own.

Vară quickly wiped her eyes to be rid of the marks. ”Oh! I wasn't upset or anything!” She retorted. ”I just got exposed to some exotic plants and my eyes got irritated, that's all...”


Having packed up all of their belongings, the party was led by Janus toward their next destination - Terauchi Temple.

Lavinia giggled at Janus' joke. ”That's no worry, I'd just make the captain carry all of by belongings anyway.”

Kirei shot the Umbra Witch a look, before smirking himself. ”Sure, if you don't mind forking over your rations my way.”

Vară had walked so that she was beside Janus, she seemed like she was attempting to work up the courage to speak with the man, yesterday's events still weighing heavily on her mind. ”Um, Sir Janus?” She uttered. ”I'm sorry, about Sidonus. He...he seemed like a good man.” Lavi's words echoed in her mind, she knew that blaming herself for what happened would only disrespect his memory. ”I...I promise to do everything I can to ensure that his death isn't in vain!” Although, a small part of the heiress wondered how Janus felt about her: Did he blame her for what happened, holding to some resentment. Was he disappoint in her weakness? Her insecurities slowly began to whirl up inside of her.

Eventually, their guide let them to a cliff face, with a wave of his hand he revealed the entrance of a small cave. In it were some horses and a small, beat up wagon. Vară blinked a few times, as if attempting to process way she was laying her eyes on. ”Are we all going to seriously ride in that?” She said, pointing at the wagon.

The group was surprised to see a large black stallion revealed itself from the bushes, the affection it displayed quickly answered the question of who its master was. Kirei went up to the horse, gently rubbing its head. "My, that's a fine horse, Takeshi-san." He said. "Looks like you don't have to worry about riding in that tiny cart, lucky!"

Takeshi offered to let Nyla ride Shiro with him, Kirei then turned to Lavinia and Vară. "I don't suppose either of you know how to ride a horse?" Both of the girls shook their heads no. He chuckled. "Well, thankfully I do. One of you ladies could ride with me, although that would still leave one of you having to ride in that wagon... Unless Janus doesn't mind having a riding partner?" He said, turning to the armored warrior.

@Rune_Alchemist@Click This

Havershel Estate

The main part of Lucrecia's gambit was successful, Havershel's grip on the maid loosened, allowing Lucrecia to snatch her up and put some distance between them. She was a little shocked that the entirely of the chandelier was ripped to pieces before it could even make contact with the Lord's body. Having heard the Lord's peculiar words, and ignoring his threats, Lucrecia looked at the maid she was holding. Unfortunately, it also seemed that she knew nothing of any idol either...

"Are...are you a demon?" She asked the maid. As for the lord himself, it was clear that he made some sort of pact with them. Lucrecia quickly jumped away from the maid, putting more distance between herself and both of them.

Lucrecia still wasn't well versed in it, but perhaps this would put things in their favor. "Polina, hit the bastardo with magic!" She said, generating a plume of small fireballs that darted toward the lord of the estate.

Terauchi Temple

Pre-Emptive Strike - Aftermath

"Honestly, I expected more... revealing questions like who Lady Kyouko is or who Takeshi likes or something. Oh well, maybe you'll get another chance next time."

Ian then rowed the taskforce back to the port where they parted ways with the taskforce heading back to Terauchi Temple, unaware of the battle raging there.

"Who Lady Kyouko is? What does that mean?" Shizuka had been perplexed by Ian's statement. While he had his suspicions that a mamono would want to go to such great lengths to protect an anti-monster nation, basic mamono nature aside. Unfortunately, Ian ended his Q&A before he could inquiry any further, and rowed them back to the port. They then bade him and the family farewell, as they made their way back toward the temple.

As they neared the Terauchi grounds, Shizuka could sense the warring chi surrounding it, and the fading of chi - signifying death. His fears were confirmed when he saw the smoke stacks. His hand on his weapon, he rushed ahead of the others and arrived at the entrance. He saw that some of the Varjan attackers were fleeing the scene, having seemed to lose the will to fight. He instead turned his attention to Kerry and Gringor, who were locked in combat with some Varjan Elites. Kerry noticed the group had returned, and bade them a welcome in the form of an exasperated inquiry as to their whereabouts.

Kerry would hear a distinct slicing sound, before Shizuka suddenly appeared right beside her. "Apologizes, the mission we were on became more tedious than anticipated." He replied. "I'll talk more about it later." After he finished speaking, the Varjan Elite toppled over on the ground before they could mount a second strike. Blood could be seen flowing from where the warrior had been cut. Shizuka vanished again, and in an instant the small squadron of archers firing at Kerry were all downed as well, struck with blows imbued with varying elements.

Seeing that the fires for the most part had been put out and the rest of the attackers had fled, it was clear that the battle had been won.

"Kerry, Gringor, are you two alright?" He said in a tone fitting both confusion and concern. He then noticed some of the others coming back into view, Lord Takeshi among them. "Takeshi-dono," he said, walking over to him. "Is everyone alright? I pray there weren't any casualties among the refugees. How did this happen, the Varjans shouldn't have known about this place!"

Independent of the answer Takeshi would give him, after the explanation, Shizuka would turn over to Alice and Kerry - the former exploding at the latter. Alice had thought it unfair that Kerry had so brazenly questioned their whereabouts whilst the people of the temple were fighting for their lives. Alice then cursed Shizuyama and the Varjans and stormed of toward her quarters. Shizuka looked back at Takeshi, then to Kerry.

"I'm sorry." He said to the hornet lancer. "I'll speak with her."

Making his way to the living quarters afforded to the taskforce, he saw Alice hurriedly packing her belongings, frustration straining her face.

"Alice." He said. "I understand you are exhausted and anxious. We all are. However, I believe your reaction was a bit much…"

The assault made by Hinani and Skarsneek worked! Falling to the demonic metal of the jiangshi's morning star and Takeshi's blade, the elite silently fell to the ground, having finally been vanquished. With victory attained, Hinami dispelled her weapon and immediately went over to give Skarsneek an embrace that was perhaps a bit too tight.

"Skars-kun, we did it!!" She said, paying no attention to her lack of strength control. Atsuha, thankful that Takeshi was recovered and back on his feet, smiled and giggled at the sight of her sister and lover. After Takeshi declared their victory, it felt like an anvil had been lifted from her heart, and at last she felt a sense of relief come over her.

Atsuha noticed that Shizuka and the others had returned, the former assisting Kerry and Gringor with mopping up the rest of the stragglers. She then saw Alice blowing up on Kerry, upset at the not-so-warm welcome she received from the latter, and stormed off toward the barracks as a result. She decided that it should be left alone, feeling that Shizuka would handle it appropriately. Though, something that Shizuka said did stick out to her.

"Indeed, how did those barbarians find out about this place? It seems highly unlikely…"
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Havershel Estate

Lucrecia clicked her tongue as her knives clanked harmlessly from Havershel's ankles. These demons... She thought. Are they protecting him? Thankfully, Polina's sharpshooting allowed their chase through the halls to remain, for the most part, unimpeded. Darting down the hall and out of view for a moment, the pair of maids could hear the sound of a door being forcibly opened. Good, Lucrecia thought, that means that he's now cornered.

As Lucrecia and Polina caught up, they were greeted with the scene of the Lord standing over an injured and pleading maid, shouting at her. Two other bodies laid to the side, Lucrecia could tell they looked fresh. The comment Havershel made was quite telling: Was the Lady of the house that maid from earlier mentioned a demonic pretender? What had Haversehl wrought on this estate...

Myrilla, still nudging Lucrecia in her ear, suggested that she should take advantage of the situation and split away from the fellow agent. Even if she did, she wouldn't know where the real idol was being kept. However, Havershel himself or perhaps that injured maid did. She felt that the lord wasn't in the mood to be cooperative, but the maid was another story.

Two demons had made a direct gambit towards Polina, perhaps this was a chance to do a Myrilla suggested. Hoping that the demons would keep Polina distracted for long enough, Lucrecia pulled out a gun and shot a chandelier that was above the pair of the Lord and the maid. Using it as a diversion, Lucrecia would snatch the injured maid and rescue her from the Lord.

If her gambit worked, she would ask: "How has all of this happened, and where is the real idol the Lord has in his possession?"
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