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"Sword and mind must be united. Technique by itself is insufficient, and spirit alone is not enough..."

Ok, enough with the weeb. Welcome to my humble profile, reader. I go by different names, but on this site I go by AzureKnight. Nice to meet ya, by the way. I enjoy RPing as a way of strengthening my world-building, character-developing, and overall writing skills. In my brief time here I grown to like this site quite a lot, and I've learned much from the various forums featured here.

As for what roleplays I like, I enjoy anything action-oriented. I'm fine with any settings for the most part, though I'm more inclined toward the magical and sci-fi. Also, I've gained a soft of preference for RPs that allow users to play as multiple characters, but solo is fine either way.

As for myself personally I'm just your average 9-5 schmuck. I do my work, pay my bills, and contribute what I can to society. I also happen to enjoy binge-watching/reading anime, manga, tv dramas, and pretty much anything that catches my interest. I'm also an avid gamer, my favorite genres tend to change with time. Right now it's probably JRPG, hack-slash, and fighting.

That's all for now, reader. If you decide to post an interest check for an RP idea, you just might find me posting a character profile ready to be reviewed.

Until then.

P.S. Hisoka is the greatest of all time. F*ck you, fight me.

For those of you wondering who this character is, he is an antagonist from the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter. Here's a wiki page for more information.

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🔥Vară Riemsianne🔥

@Lmpkio @PaulHaynek

Seeing that Titanica wasted no time in transforming into her ancient for, Vară could only watch as she stormed down to the campsite. The soldiers, of course, all turned coward and ran frantically to safety. H-Hey! What if Mordus was one of those soldiers who ran off... The fire demon thought nervously to herself, too afraid to directly address her giant comrade.

With the coast clear, she and the others made there way down as well. Forde assured that none of the soldiers who ran where this Mordus person, and that he apparently was still in one of the tents. Vară guessed that Mordus must have been frozen with fear or be the world's heaviest sleeper. Forde told the three to wait while he interrogates Mordus.

"Oh uhh, thanks Vară. For keeping both of us warm. Do you think you can make this fire burn hotter?"

"You're welcome Haley, and yes, of course. Though I doubt that I'll be needing to use much of my mana, Titanica seems to have heat in excess." She replied as she began channeling magic to strengthen the flames.

The demoness was a little off-put by the fact that Titancia chose to remain in her bestial form for the time being, though she appeared content with watching the snow-covered trees in the distance. However, Haley felt the need to break the peace with her mischievous words.

"We monsters have this ability... to smell - sense the energy of others. Other monsters, men, especially men. That lets us know that we have... partners."

A chill worse that the frozen air around them began to slowly creep down Vară's spine. One question was currently on her mind - Why? Why only now, after several days, did that fact just occur to the fire demon. All monsters in some capacity, can feel the spiritual resin of human males. They'd also be able to tell if a monster has had intercourse with one, no matter how much they've tried to hide it.

Her thoughts, spiraling out of control, were soon cut by her kaiju cohort's gaze. When their eyes met, Vară's being filled with dread. Being different from your average monster, she could only presume that Titanica didn't know this fact. Haley's words weren't helping the situation any more in Vară's favor. For her livelihood and pride, she had to do something.

Um...Haley, maaaaybe we should change the subject yes? W-Why don't we talk about where we can eat after this job's over?

Another thought just occurred in her head as well, did EVERY mamono back at the guild pickup on the scent of Neil on the both of them?


@13org @Restalaan

Having listened closely to Freyr's explanation of his past, Nagare could only feel pity for both him and Nera. While the situation was mofe complex that she gave it credit for, Nera's feelings of betrayal and loneliness were easy for Nagare to understand. Perhaps there would be a way for the two to reconcile their differences?

"Um...Ditzy, I don't think it's that simple. Nera's feelings won't mend easily, and also I think it's more that Nera wanted Freyr to stay here in the forest. Ah!" Nagare covered her mouth with both hands and turned to Freyr with apologetic eyes.

Freyr, please forgive me. Not only did I pry into your personal affairs, but I also began speaking out of turn regarding the complex feelings of you and your fellow villagers!" Nagare was keen on picking up on feelings and the state of one's spirit, but not so much with social skills.

Eventually they made their way to Jote's home. The ice dragon was again amazed by the beautiful architecture of the Viera. Jote herself was also quite interesting, Nagare made note of how she didn't seem to look that old despite being an elder. Not surprising, even Jote met them with a piercing glare and cold words.

"Greetings Elder Jote." She replied with a formal bow. "My name is Nagare, an ice dragon from the icy mountains in the far off eastern lands. we have joined Freyr in coming to your village because Freyr wants to discuss his experiences while traveling in the outside world."

In addition, Nagare wanted to find a way for Freyr to mend his relationship with his people. Having been saved by him in battle, she felt obligated to aid him in any way possible.

That moment when you realize Nadia's had a sandwich in her mouth for over 3 months.

In all seriousness, I do hope @Darkmoon Angel's health hasn't gotten worse in recent times.
I'll post something soon
I'm currently a part of three other rps right now, but depending on how that goes I'd definitely like to check this out. Looks interesting.

Mostly noticing the gaze her parents gave her brother, Lisia presumed that the three of them discussed something last night at dinner. Whatever it was, it made Lutz uncomfortable. She felt it'd be better not to press the issue, instead being a source of comfort for her litter brother. Having received their approval, the prince and the princess make their way to the tournament arena to spectate the final match. Lisia is easily able to see that something is bother Lutz; she tries to put the boy at ease and allow him to let it out, but see does it all his own.

Lisia was initially put off by her brother's question, to say the least. She didn't know how to take it at first, meeting her brother with a perplexed gaze. She was aware that usually in other kingdoms the male heir would be the one to inherit the throne. Such practice didn't really exist within this kingdom; as far as Lisia was aware she was picked to take the crown due to being the first born. This again, made the princess feel that something of significance was discussed by the rest of her family in her absence.

"I...I would be lying if I said I wouldn't find to be a little off-putting. But of course you'd be a marvelous heir, your grades are stellar and potential such as yours is only seen once every few generations. As your sister I'd do everything within my power to support you. Although, Lutz, I have to admit that your question is rather left-field. Did something happen to provoke this inquiry?"

Due to the prince's unease, Lisia wasn't sure if Lutz would answer her question honestly or not. Although the two were nearing the arena at this point, they could hear the thunderous sounds of magic being cast and the roar of the crowd. Circumstances may force their discussion to be put on hold.


"It's time your soul returned to the cycle, murderer." Enishi said in a callous tone. He charged in for the final thrust, finally after spending days in Zauberheim the bounty hunter was about to claim his prey.

Or was he?

"Gah...Enishi, you beast! You mustn't be so forthright with a delicate maiden like me~❤️" mused Hisana, completely unfazed even at the notion of her own death. However, she wasn't about to let this end just yet; she was having to much fun with the mayhem and only wanted more. While still under the effects of Enishi's Earth Seal, Hisana mustered up her mana in order to utilize her Elastic Love. She hoped to use it to snatch Keith's cane, then use it to deflect Enishi's blow.

Of course there was no guarantee that her plan would work, but if Hisana loved anything as much as bloodspot, it was gambling with Lady Luck herself.

Sorry for the late reply, had alot on my past this past week.

The princess didn’t notice her younger sibling approach, staring at some of the flowers in the courtyard. She’d often do so whenever she had the chance, she felt that it helped calm her spirits and fill her with peace. She took eating dinner by herself rather well, not surprised that no one said a word to her for the rest of the evening. She felt that the father wanted her to sort out her loss alone and to drill into her head the nature of her position as princess.

Of course no one expected Lisia to lose to Seleth, a student with an unsavory reputation rather than one of renown. Still, the princess did her best to take the loss in stride. However, she couldn’t shake a certain feeling away when it came to the dark elf. She couldn’t describe it; it wasn’t resentment or scorn. It was something else entirely.

A little surprised by her brother’s words, she quickly turned to her brother; his eyes were filled with concern for her older sister. Taking a moment to let the prince’s words settle in, a small smile appeared on Lisia’s face as she walked closer to Lutz to gently pat him on the head.

”You needn’t worry about me, little brother. Sure, no one likes to lose, but nothing can keep your sister down for long! One loss won’t crush my spirits, and it won’t change the fact that I’m still the crown princess and future queen of this kingdom.” She said in a cheerful tone, before planting a kiss on her brother’s cheek.

Thinking for a moment on Lutz’s words, the princess began to better understand the feeling swelling up inside of her. It was one of anticipation, moreover it was an obligation to make things right with Seleth. Having faced ridicule and scorn from her peers, yet still fighting on to make her way to the finals, the dark elf deserved better from the princess than what she got their match. She wanted to fight her again, not as opponents in a ring or stadium, but as two aspiring mages with a drive to better themselves. She then turned to Lutz again.

”Regardless, I am grateful for your concern, Lutz. Please, put your mind at ease. Now then, I believe the final match of the tournament is today. Why don’t we ask mother and father if it’s alright to watch Seleth and Varjan duke it out, eh?”


Hisana stared intently at Keith as he dandily twirled a cane around singing a silly song. She managed to track him down without much issue, it wasn’t like the man cared much for stealth, their first outing together made that blatantly clear. Still, she did find him humorous in his own right. Part of her was actually going to miss Keith, too bad he was going to be lacerated soon.

She had two cards, one held in each hand, ready to pounce. She had been observing him atop a nearby tree. Her presence was masked by the thick branch leaves and her own dampening of her own magical essence. This would a simple and easy kill, perhaps too easy…

Having only narrowly escaped her deadly deck of cards, Keith obviously knew that he was wanted dead. A normal person would’ve guessed that if he didn’t wall himself in somewhere, Keith would at least have some protection trying to flee the kingdom. She didn’t sense anyone else nearby, a clever trap perhaps? No matter, if there was one so much the better. She had it with restraint and was overdue for some much needed bloodshed.

Her plan was to pounce onto Keith and have him lying flat on the ground, then promptly slice a deep cut into his neck and letting him choke on his own blood. She licked her lips with a depraved look on her face at the mere thought of it all. Enough pleasurable thoughts, it was time to act.

”Keith darling, it was fun while it lasted. Don’t take it personally, it’s all business. Well, mostly fun if I’m being honest.~ ❤️”


Unbeknownst to Hisana, Enishi had laid an ambush of his own. He used his magic to send a small bird flying overhead near Keith. The bird actually had an Earth Seal imbued within; the moment Hisana would strike at Keith, the bird would swoop in and attach the seal to her. The sluggish weigh caused by the seal would stop her in her tracks, then Enishi would finish with the kill. He’d waited patiently for this opportunity and wasn’t about to waste this chance.

The crazed dame had been a constant source of anger and grief for the man, having taken much from him. But here and now he’d make things right.

”Go ahead Hisana, make your move. I’ll run you through with my blade and freeze every artery in your damned body!”

@PaulHaynek @Lmpkio @13org @Restalaan

First off allow me to say this...

Yeah, so I meant to post last week but...things didn't go how I had originally planned. Life's been hectic for me as well, so I understand perfectly. I hope things get better for you though, 13org. Take care of yourself.

Second - Paul, I recently happened upon an image that I feel better suits what I had in mind for Vară's demon form to look like. I updated her profile accordingly. Think you could put this new character sheet in the Char tab whenever you get a chance?

🔥Vară Riemsianne🔥

@PaulHaynek @Lmpkio

Vară took the streak to their destination as best she could, not expecting the sudden chill and snowy trail they had to take. She used a bit of fire magic in order to aid Haley and herself in keeping warm. She couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor excuse for a mule that the crazed boy was riding. Honesty with how skinny the creature’s legs were Forde should be the one carrying it. But she digressed, Vară reluctantly listened to Forde’s explanation of events passed, understanding that it may be important for the quest.

After some more walking, they happened upon a smoke stack in the distance. Seems they’ve arrived at a camp of sorts. Good, she thought, Vară didn’t do well with heights and steep slopes. Haley suggested that Titanica transform into her kaiju form and clear out the hole camp.

“Well, having seen the might of your form first hand as well, I agree with Haley that you’d be able to clear all of the louts out rather quickly. However, if you feel a different approach would be more effective, I’m all ears.”

While the demoness wanted to get this resolved asap, she won't actually mind a bit of a tussle. As a form of 'venting' so to speak.


@13org @Restalaan

After Freyr was able to convince his fellow Vieran to allow them passage, the group made its way up a spiral pathway. After sometime, they made it to the exit, and Nagare bore witness to the Viera village – Freyr’s birthplace. Highly curious, she took in as much of the scenery as she possibly could. The buildings and even the very pathways seemed as though they were intricately crafted. Nagare was about to move a little closer to the fountain to get a better view. She stopped, however, when she saw the stares of the village natives.

She was understanding of their glares; outsiders have more than likely never been within the walls of this village. They probably haven’t seen a creature quite like Nagare either, at least not often. Some of the stares were that of simple curiosity, others were that of disdain. She made a note to not let it bother, though. After all, by all accounts they shouldn’t be here, they were only granted passage by the good graces of the guardsman.

Nagare listened closely as Freyr explained to them that the men in their society patrol the outside and guard the village from threats, calling themselves Wood-Warders. She thought it was odd that they weren’t allowed to live in the village unlike the females.

“Um, Mr. Freyr? If I may ask, why aren’t the males allowed to live in the village? Also, I’d like to ask if you were a wood-warder before you left your home as well? If I’m not overstepping my bounds, that Vera person seemed to know you personally. She also didn’t seemed very happy to see you again…”
I have a couple of days off coming up, so I'll have something up soon
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