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"Sword and mind must be united. Technique by itself is insufficient, and spirit alone is not enough..."

Ok, enough with the weeb. Welcome to my humble profile, reader. I go by different names, but on this site I go by AzureKnight. Nice to meet ya, by the way. I enjoy RPing as a way of strengthening my world-building, character-developing, and overall writing skills. In my brief time here I grown to like this site quite a lot, and I've learned much from the various forums featured here.

As for what roleplays I like, I enjoy anything action-oriented. I'm fine with any settings for the most part, though I'm more inclined toward the magical and sci-fi. Also, I've gained a sort of preference for RPs that allow users to play as multiple characters, but solo is fine either way.

As for myself personally I'm just your average 9-5 schmuck. I do my work, pay my bills, and contribute what I can to society. I also happen to enjoy binge-watching/reading anime, manga, tv dramas, and pretty much anything that catches my interest. I'm also an avid gamer, my favorite genres tend to change with time. Right now it's probably JRPG, hack-slash, and fighting.

That's all for now, reader. If you decide to post an interest check for an RP idea, you just might find me posting a character profile ready to be reviewed.

Until then.

P.S. Hisoka is the greatest of all time. F*ck you, fight me.

For those of you wondering who this character is, he is an antagonist from the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter. Here's a wiki page for more information.

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Having finally destroyed the barrier, Nagare could feel the energy of the forest rushing over her, more now than ever. It would seem that the woodlands have now fully accepted them as their allies; she could clearly hear the voices of the forest whispering within her mind. Nagare also felt the revitalization that was brought about from the flush of magic. The earlier fatigue she felt from overuse of her dragon form nearly vanished, it’s possible that she could remain in her dragonic form all day even! The whispers and overflowing energy must be what Freyr was used to, she thought.

She turned to see that Ditzy had managed to subdue Nera, signify by his proclamation that she still was alive. Nagare was relieved that Freyr and Ditzy were alright, but she was still worried about Nera. Hopefully they could find a way to restore her to normal. But for right now, she motioned for Freyr and Ditzy to exit the barrier through the crack she made and take Nera with them.

She also noticed that there was a shard of the black crystal that still has some activity, despite this part of the barrier no longer being active. She didn’t know what to make of it, but she felt that to ensure they could counteract this in the future, some of the more magictech-fluent members of the guild may be able to ascertain it’s meaning. She pointed her claw at the ground where the shard laid for Freyr to get.

🔥Vară Riemsianne🔥

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Vară listened intently as Haley explained the story behind her home town. Apparently Ortus has sympathetic ties with mamono, due to being ostracized by the Order. Haley and her folks are from there and she explained that knight served the same realm and was probably trying to gain information about the guild. Titanica’s somewhat misanthropic comments made the fire demon wince a bit. She understood that among the humans they were some bad apples, but perhaps the Kaiju was going a bit far?

“Hey, since Haley’s hometown is rather friendly with monsters, maybe he wasn’t too untrustworthy? I mean, I’m not sure what information he wanted about the guild, but perhaps he could make a decent ally? Although I saw that his presence made you uncomfortable…” She said.

She then turned to Titanica. “I…don’t think that majority of humans are bad. So far the only bad nation I’ve come across is Varjo. I think Bart was just upset, I don’t think he has any ill will towards us, his uncouth nature aside. And Neil has been most helpful-" Vară had stopped herself mid-sentence the moment she mentioned Neil by name. Her cheeks rosy, she simply leaned her head down, hiding her embarrassment.

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Varjan grabbed his father by the scruff of his neck and snapped at all in the room never to return, at that they both vanished into a hole that appeared from nowhere. To be bedridden and still have enough mana to perform such a feat, the princess supposed that one should not expect anything less. While everyone, including the now present doctor, frantically tried to piece what was going on, it's what Seleth mentioned afterwards that really threw her off.


Lisia almost couldn't believe what she heard. The prodigal son of Razelian nobility, the pride and joy of Seraph Academy uses drugs during matches? It can't be, can it?

The beastwoman stated that she had also fought someone who used drugs while her in the capital, a most curious statement. Seleth tried to push her for answers, but the beastkin dodged the subject. Tired of the situation, it seemed, Seleth began returning to her room. Lisia decided to leave her alone, knowing that she was still drained from her match. She did, however, turn to Mira and the others. The princess decided to continue Seleth's questioning of the beastkin, she felt that what information she had could help them.

"I beg your pardon, but you said your name is Lumina correct? My name is Lisianthus von Zauberheim, crown princess of this realm. I understand that earlier you said that you had a confrontation with someone who used drugs. You seemed to act as though you're not at liable to speak on the matter, but as the princess I must insist that you inform us of anything you know. It could help us find Varjan and see what exactly is going on with his family"

Lisia stared Lumina dead in the eyes, her insistent tone signaling that she wasn't going to take no for an answer.


As Enishi went to deliver the final blow to his target, Keith muttered something that made Enishi stop for only a moment. Suddenly, he felt a sharp prick on the back of his neck, and turned to find Keith had pricked him with some strange substance. The hunter tried to slash at Keith, but it was too late. He could already feel his body losing strength, whatever the substance was it was certainly powerful.

"K-Keith you...bastard." Was all Enishi could mutter before falling limp to the ground, 'nighty night' being the last words he heard Keith muse.

Enishi felt his face being hit, after a couple of slaps from Vitalion he finally awoke. With an rough grunt he sat up and looked at the sky, it was the dead of night. That drug must have kept him out for hours, he thought. Still dizzy, he put a hand to his face go both gather himself and hide his frustration at the situation. Vitalion explained to him that they found both him and the frozen Hisana out here on the walking path. However, only he remained as some strange maid woman made off with Hisana's frozen body. Vitalion asked Enishi what happened to lead to this situation. Looking at him for a moment, the bounty hunter slowly rose to his feet with a heavy sigh.

"For whatever reason my karma has been quite terrible lately. I know not if it is my troubled mind or the dullness of my sword hand that is the cause, but I honestly could use some meditation to settle both. Keith had made his way down this path while leaving the kingdom, as per his word Hisana had sought him out to silence him. I tagged along knowing this so I could get the drop on her, while things didn't go exactly as planned, I was able to freeze her. As I was about to deliver the final blow, the damned mercenary had drugged me with some sort of substance that knocked me out. Where he is now I couldn't say. And now I have no idea where my bounty is either."

Enishi took his hat off, revealing his long and somewhat messy black hair. After dusting it off, he promptly put it back on his head.

"I trust things went well with Lumina in regards to that Annabelle woman? She was the ring leader in all this, correct?"


Her body now thawed, Hisana awoke to a dark yet clear night sky. She had also noticed that she was currently bound to a tree, and standing in front of her was a young woman who wore the attire of a maid. The maid woman had a katana placed directly on her throat, to the point where it was almost cutting through her skin. She stated that while Hisana was a dangerous criminal, she had to have some skill in order to avoid capture for this long. Hisana stared at the woman with a blank expression on her face for a moment, then chuckled a bit before finally speaking.

I don't know, you tell me, dearie~❤️. You're the one who bother to drag me all the way out her, away from those said authorities." She replied. "I take it the fact I'm alive right now means that you need my help with something?♦️ I had originally planned on killing a certain someone, but an old friend put a damper on that.💧 Hisana paused for a moment to look up at the darkness, a small smile was worn on her face despite the current state of affairs.

"I imagine you're in the know on the current state of affairs in the capital's underworld? If so, you've already answered your own question. While I've been asked for my assistance once before, I suppose I'd be willing to lend a hand since I have nothing better to do.♠️ So tell me, is there a certain someone that you want dead, dearie?♣️

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Raven had arrived at the concert site, gazing at the crowd-filled seats. He noticed the clapping and cheering, signifying that he had missed the performance. "Huh, looks like I was too late." Said Raven in a slightly disappointed tone. However, after bowing to the crowd, the Sea Witch sat back down to her piano and prepared for a second go. "Oh? It seems she's getting ready for an encore. Looks like I didn't waste my time coming her after all." Raven decided to find a seat where he could and watch Wadanohara's musical skill first hand.


Nadia and Lili had arrived to see the end of Wadanohara's first performance. Nadia squinted her eyes a bit to signify minor annoyance. This was just a waste of time... she quietly pouted to herself. After bowing to the crowd, the Sea Witch stand down again a prepared for a second show. It seemed like she was going to play the piano again, much to Nadia's vexation. Music is fine, but I wanted to see magic.

She then turned to Lili. "Hey, you know if she plans on casting any spells during this concert?"

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