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My blade carries with it the harsh frost of the wintry winds. Dancing with the rage of a blizzard, its speed matches the transience of an icy petal.

Welcome traveler. I see you've stumbled upon my profile, nice to meet ya.

About Me
I'm just your average 9-5 schmuck. I do my work, pay my bills, and contribute what I can to society. I also happen to enjoy binge-watching/reading anime, manga/light novels, tv dramas, and pretty much anything that catches my interest. I'm also an avid gamer, my favorite genres tend to change with time. Right now it's probably JRPG, hack-slash, and fighting.

Favorite Anime/Manga/Light Novels
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Hunter x Hunter
- Fate/Zero
- Kyoukai no Kara
- Overlord
- Re:Zero
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- One Piece
- Konosuba
- Various Gundam series
- Naruto
- Bleach
- Trigun
- Cowboy Bebop

Some of my favorite games
- Devil May Cry
- Disgaea
- Blazblue
- Guilty Gear
- Tekken
- Persona 5
- God Eater
- Tales of series
- The Legend of Heroes series
- 7th Dragon series

I originally joined this site several years back, having gotten my feet wet only recently at that point as an RPer. I was recommended this site by a pal of mine (@PaulHaynek) and joined a couple of his RPs. However, due to RL stresses I had to take a break from the world of RPing and took sometime for self-reflection. After a 2 year absence, I'm back in saddle and ready to further stretch my creative muscles. As for what roleplays I like, I enjoy anything action-oriented. I'm fine with any settings for the most part, though I'm more inclined toward the magical and sci-fi. Also, I've gained a sort of preference for RPs that allow users to play as multiple characters, but solo is fine either way. Here's a list to give a better idea of my tastes.

- Fantasy/medieval
- Dystopian
- Steampunk
- Sci-fi
- Apocalypse/Post-Apocalyptic
- Generally anything anime/manga related
- Adventure and Combat oriented
- Romance here and there is fine too

That's all for now, reader. If you decide to post an interest check for an RP idea, you just might find me posting a character profile ready to be reviewed. Don't be afraid to give me a shout if you'd like a Co-DM to bounce ideas off of as well.

Until then.

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Terauchi Temple

@PaulHaynek @The Irish Tree @Restalaan @Crowvette @Rezod92 @Enkryption

The journey back to Terauchi was uneventful, thankfully, as after the struggle the team endured at Komatsu Shizuka was certain that none of his teammates looked forward to another possible battle any time soon. Shizuka looked at the sleeping Liliana that he caressed in his hands, smiling at her.

"Rest up, Lili-chan, you've earned it." He said with a proud tone.

After returning, Shizuka placed Lili on a nearby flower bud to allow her to continue resting, then pulled Takeshi to the side for a moment...

After parting ways with Takeshi and ensuring that Na'Kratz was properly bound, the group were greeted by Gringor and an oddly nervous Kerry. Gringor seemed to have brought back a prisoner of his own - one he was familiar with.

"Yes, I do know him. He's a mercenary hired by the Varjan to circulate some type of strange drug across the region. I see you were able to subdue and capture him despite his impressive regenerate powers, that's quite impressive Gringor-san." He said to Skarsneek. "Just find a safe place to tuck him away at, and we'll deal with him at a more appropriate time." He then said to Gringor. He then turned to Kerry, who held news that was much more...strange.

The hornet merc motioned toward the return of Alice, Carroll, and Eula. Alice and Carroll still held the strange new forms from before, and Eula looked as though she had been faring better at this point. He then noticed a parchment of invitation materialized in the air above him, which he caught. Recognizing Alice's chi signature on it, he opened and inspected it. He then gave Kerry a look.

"Kerry-san." He started. "I, I don't understand. What is the meaning of this? A marriage at a time like this?? Who are you getting married to?" He said, mirroring Skarsneek's question.

Turning over to Pirilika, Chinatsu's violent demeanor had instantly dropped when she revealed she had more food to spare. This time, they were some appetizing fluffcakes, homemade no less! With an excited squeal, the flames around Chinatsu disappeared and she was suddenly right in front of her with momentary mastery that you'd see in an action anime. With starry eyes, she hurriedly snatched the confectionaries out from the girl's hands and began scarfing them down like a wood chipper. Little crumbs when seeing flying every which way.

With a satisfied belch, Chinatsu was in a state of lazy contentment, complete with a cute squint. She began to rouse again once they started mentioning Defense Force talk again. Oh yeah, that's right, they were now members of that thing...

"Ahem, firstly, you have my undying gratitude for feeding me this morning, Ms. Pirilika!" Chinatsu said. "And rest assured, with your addition of me on the Nethertime Defense Force, the Netherworld's well being is all but guaranteed!" She drew her fans again, and conjured more azure foxfire around her.

"For I am Chinatsu, The Beautiful Kitsune of the Blue Flame! All will bow in awe at my power!"

Chinatsu, of course, seemed to be completely oblivious to how embarrassing her little monologue actually was...



@Hammerman @The Irish Tree

After their sparring match, Lanus and Renee had arrived in front of Elaine’s office, the former holding a tissue to his bleeding nose. They overheard what sounded like conversation, recognizing the voices as belonging to Elaine and Grisha, which stopped at the knocking. The door opened, fully revealing the two.

”Yes? Oh my…” Elaine said, looking at Lanus with a curious gaze, then looked at Renee. ”Seems like things got a little heated during your sparring session?”

Grisha remained silent for the moment, which likely meant he wanted to observe how the Tower’s reavers interacted with the staff during standard operations.

”Let’s get that looked at. Hopefully just a minor bruise.” Elaine led the pair into her office. Seating Lanus down on a stool next to the bed, Elaine held her index finger out, which shone with a small orb of light on its tip. ”Let’s see that nose, mister.” Elaine said, gently nudging Lanus’s hand away from his nostrils. With tender care, Elaine placed her finger on the tip of his battered nose, causing it to shine with a weak shimmer. In just a few moments, the bruising all but vanished, and Lanus’s nose was as good as new. She then grabbed a small bottle of some type of indigo-colored pills. Taking one out, she crushed it with her index finger and thumb, which made a fine dust on her finger. She blew it on his nose, which made him feel a pleasant coolness on it.

”Thaumaturgy spells that weak can heal small wounds, but don’t provide much comfort.” She said. ”I’d say be more careful next time, but something tells me that this injury was at least somewhat warranted…” Elaine said, squinting at Lanus like a stern mother.

”I see that some things never change.” Grisha said.

As Hector made his way to Elaine’s office, he would run into Alexandra, the Church knight who was acting as Grisha’s junior for the inspection. She noticed Hector’s slowed pace and labored face.

”Oh, hello.” She said, before squinting at the man. ”Actually, I’ve heard of you before. You said your name was Hector Wyland? You’re the third son of that house, yes? There was gossip that a mission you went on had turned for the worst. Some of the other soldiers and knights thought you had died, imagine the shock when it’s revealed that you’re slumming it with a bunch of self-serving magus.”

Alex may have been overstepping her bounds, but it seemed that her natural curiosity had taken her over for that current moment.

”Tell me, why didn’t you come back to the capital after you survived? I realize that you may have dishonored your house in your failure, but the Scion of Light forgives all, so long as your willingness to follow good service doesn’t dissipate.”

Elaine then looked at the direction of the door, having heard the knocking. ”Yes, pleace come in.” She said. Lanus and Renee would see Hector and Alexandra standing at the door.

”Ahem. Please pardon my intrusion, but, I just wanted a few words with the Fae reavers here. I believe you said your names were Lanus and Renee?” Alexandra said, looking at the couple. ”I…was actually watching the fight you two had and was rather…intrigued by the skills you displayed. Truthfully, I’m curious about the ways in which Fae fighters utilize sorcery and combat tactics. Would you care to fill me in with detail?”

”Sir Hector had arrived here at the same time I did, and I presume he has a different reason for coming here. To treat his aches and pains perhaps?”



The Holy Seer looked at the boy with an interested gaze, not a cautious or angered one oddly enough. She made a gesture by holding a hand up to put the Fae at ease.

”Worry not boy, I haven’t come to take the book away from you.” Tethys said. ”Although I am rather curious as to why you cling to it with such fervor. Tell me, what exactly has the book shown you?”

Kiff glanced at Tethys with a perplexed gaze. ”Oh? Well, that’s a relief, haha! I’d hate to have one of our newbies to already be labeled an enemy of the Church. Uh, if you don’t want the book back, why are you here?” He inquired.

”Intrigue, mostly.” She responded. ”I had discarded that book long ago, deciding that I no longer had any need of it. Along with…other reasons, and I’m rather surprised that it ended up here of all places. Perhaps this was all preordained?”

She eyed the book heavily, having many memories flood her mind at once, some happy and some rather melancholic.

”Tell me, Leon Hyksos, what has this book shown you? I imagine that it was something less than savory?”

Nadia's office

@Polaris North

It was a moment before Shavis heard an answer for her knock on Nadia’s door. ”Come in.” She heard in a flat tone.

Shavis would then see a couple of brief cases that were stuffed to the brim on Nadia’s desk, which had various papers scattered across it. Backpacks that were full of scrolls and vial packs were also sitting on the table in the center of the room. Nadia looked at Shavis with a neutral, albeit tired expression on her face.

”Ms. Shavis.” She said. ”Can I help you? I’m kinda busy right now…”

Eon's Halls


Evelyn and Lapis had finished packing, the former seemingly more than necessary, and decided to reconvene in the conference room until they received further instruction. However, while on the way, they were surprised to run into Asterope.

”Oh! Ms. Asterope!” Evelyn said. ”You returned back to the Tower! And yes, you are correct in your assessment of me being the MVP in the last mission! ” Eve said proudly, placing a hand on her chest. Lapis looked at her friend with an annoyed expression.

”Humility goes a long way, Eve.” She said.

”As for my trump card technique, a witch doesn’t usually share her secrets, as I’m sure you of all people would be aware. However! I don’t mind making exceptions every once in a while. The first step of the spell is creating a Void field.” She said. ”Generally, a ‘field’ is a space in which its user creates a space around them that embodies the core of their magic. In my case, I made a void field, where my targets are helplessly trapped in a gravity well. Then, that’s when I blow them to bits with my star magic!”

”You’re so confident, I heard you fell flat on your face and couldn’t walk after casting your ‘trump card’.” Lapis said in a snarky tone.

”Shut it!” Eve snapped back. ”Now then, when an Elementalist possesses an affinity for two or more elements, they can often train to combine them to create a new element. In my case, I have talents in both fire and lightning magic, and combining them creates an explosive plasma element I’ve dubbed star!” Placing a hand on her hip, she flipped her hand using her other one, clearly proud of herself.

”The element is essentially weightless, meaning that it isn’t affected by the gravity well, and it more or less guarantees a sure hit against all of my immobile victims!”

”Umm, of course, using all of that sorcery takes a toll on my magical reserves, as Lapis so rudely stated…” She said, glaring at her Belua friend, who responded by blowing Eve a razzberry.

Conference Room


As Damian continued to remain hidden in the empty conference room, he carefully contemplated what his next move should be. Tethys knew he was there, and spoke to him. However, she chose not to have him reveal his presence, oddly enough. This left him in a precarious situation right now. That was, until he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

”Goodness, you’re so skillful at hiding, it’s quite impressive but also a little sad as well. It’s all right, if she was going to do something she would’ve done it by now.”

It was the headmaster Arteus, who had finally returned to the Tower after his morning absence. He addressed Damian in a reassuring tone.

”Why don’t we have you come down from there and we’ll talk. Don’t worry, I did promise your grandmother that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”

Outside Bellum's Office


Whilst on his way back to his room, Einer would notice that the door to the greenhouse was open. It filled the halls with the distinct odor of nature, and within the young noble could hear Bellum humming along with the sounds of what he would presume to be packing.

Einer had some packing of his own to do, but perhaps his curiosity would get the better of him? Bellum's skillset and role at the Tower may not tantalize him enough in his path to seek more power...

S T E E L P E R F E C T I O N : S O V E R E I G N W I N D

Terauchi Temple: @PaulHaynek @Enkryption @FroggRFlowR

Kirei looked at Tomi with utter perplexity, she gave a whole monologue but didn't seem to be saying anything that made sense to the parties present. However, it was certainly something that she did, in fact, know of Lady Kyouko and her taskforce.

"...You said your name was...Tomi, yes?" Kirei responded. "I still don't understand how it is you know of Kyouko-sama and this taskforce of ours, going as far as claiming to be a member of it somehow. I'm even more curious how it is you've come to know my brother." Turning to the side with a sharp glare, he clicked his teeth as he tried to vent his frustration.

"For now, however, I will ultimately leave what happens with you to Takeshi-san. Kyouko wanted us to honor his wishes as we aid him in this journey. For now, I have some other matters to attend to."

Walking off, he overheard some commotion regarding the Claremont Sisters, and decided to investigate further.

Collab with @Enkryption

I C Y C R E E D : B E W I T C H I N G D A R K N E S S

Terauchi Temple: @PaulHaynek @Enkryption

Lavinia gave Ayu a curious look with her covered eyes. She was aware that Shizuyama as a whole was anti-monster and didn't allow them into their borders. But, it seemed that the man who currently enforces the decree, Lord Hideo, was particular heavy handed in ensuring that it's followed at all times.

"Worry not, love, my long ears have heard you loud and clear. I just hope as well that no serious trouble comes to the young lord." She said to Ayu.

After a little while, she noticed that Kirei and the Claremont Sisters were up to some kind of commotion off toward an old looking shrine. Her curiosity overtaking her, she decided to go over to investigate.

Refer to the "Of Kilns and Monsters" collab

N O B L E S S E O B L I G E : S O U L O F F I R E

Kazenosuke's House: @PaulHaynek @The Irish Tree @Rezod92

Vară watched carefully as she tried to find any opening that would allow her and Vivian to attempt a coordinated counter against Kazenosuke. At this point, it seemed impossible, the man certainly proved he was worthy of his renown. The ronin didn't bat an eye as the clones Camael advanced toward him. He easily dispatched three of the four clones Zeka made, and even held off her familiar easily enough.

”Ugh, Gods! Just who IS this guy!” She groaned. ”Is he a hero or something?” She wondered that if human warriors this strong existed on this island, how strong were the Varjans that they were still able to effectively take it over? The fight having dragged on this long, she was quietly starting to lose her confidence, as three powerful mamono were barely holding their own against one human.

Just as those thoughts entered her mind, Zeka's fourth clone was able to score a hit on Kazenosuke's back, though he was able to dispatch it soon after regardless. He then turned his attention back to Camael, seemingly now in a worse position to deal with the bulky servant.

The real Zeka came up to the other two girls, stated that now is the best and perhaps only time they'll have at a shot at the snarky swordsman. Vivian was in agreement, and motioned for Vară to follow her lead. She skated to circle around Kazenosuke and attempted to strike him with a kick at his blindspot. Channeling the rest of her demonic energy, Vară's fiery aura tempered to a boiling point as vermillion embers gathered around her. Using hand motions, the embers turned into several wisps; It appeared that she was going to use Firefly, but the fire bombs were bigger than normal, and likely more powerful. She then sent them out toward the swordsman, flickering sparks flew all around Kazenosuke until he was completely surrounded.

”Don't worry, you won't die from this attack. Maybe~” She mused. ”Firefly Destruction!” She exclaimed. "Along with Camael for good measure!" Camael would act as Vară's frontal attack, whilst her wisp were secondary fire for added damage. Camael charged his lumbering body Kazenosuke and make him the receiving end of a claw swipe.

Vară was secretly praying that this gambit would decide the match, as she wouldn't have anything left after this attack. She would have no choice but to dismiss Camael, lacking the mana to keep him bound to the material world. She would likely have to revert to her normal form as well, which would leave her completely defenseless.

She didn't even want to think about that scenario happening...


Komatsu Bay: @PaulHaynek @The Irish Tree(Lili) @Crowvette @Restalaan(Skars)

Shizuka fully felt his blade cleave straight through Na'Kratz's arm, along with making a large gash across his abdomen. The sorcerer's blood sprayed over Shizuka's chest, with a bit of it getting on his cheek. The ronin silently watched as his foe writhed in pain before crumpling to the ground with a thud. He wiped the blood off of his cheek as he continued staring at his motionless body, noticing that he still seemed to be alive.

"You should've used your free hand to break you leg bindings to make a last minute dodge. My attack had too much momentum and power to be blocked by your flesh and garb alone." He said coldly. He swung his sword to remove the excess ichor from it, then sheathed it in one smooth motion. He then turned to his allies, who appeared to be alright. Skarsneek stumbled to his feet, glad that the fight was over.

"He was indeed strong." He said to the goblin. "I would've liked to fight him alone to avoid any unnecessary casualties, but this wasn't the stage for that. Better to use the environment to our advantage."

As Shizuka delve more and more into these conflicts, he can fell himself slipping back into those bloody days. Days where constant killing elicited no emotion and were a daily constant. He wasn't a fan of it, but it didn't really matter did it?

He watched with curiosity as Skarsneek took the helm of Na'Kratz and began to walk outside with it, exclaiming that their show-called champion had been slain. His cheeky stunt worked spectacularly, as the morale of the rest of the warriors was instantly crushed and they scattered away like ants from a fire. Soon, the sounds of brigands outside were replaced by the whispers of the locals. Picking up Na'Kratz's unconscious body, Shizuka motioned for his allies to follow him out, and what they witnessed were all of the villagers gathered around them. They had concerned and intrigued looks on their faces, unsure of what to think of the taskforce.

That's when Ayu stepped in to help them decide.

Playing heavily into the role of, "hypeman", Ayu told them hyperbolic statements of the taskforce's power. Shizuka gave Ayu a look as she went into her hammy speech. It seemed to work, as the locals soon started singing their praises, and even bowed before them.

"I suppose that's that, then. Liliana, I hope you're no worse for the wear as well." He said to their reunited sprite comrade. He then went over to Ayu for a moment.

"Ayu, are you sure about this? This may have...unfavorable outcomes down the line if we're not careful. As for this brute." Shizuka motioned toward the defeated Na'Kratz on his back. "I believe imprisoning him would be to our benefit. We lost Kasseros in the previous attack. He's already told us the mastermind behind this whole invasion - A man named Serek'uar, known as the Sapphire Prince. Also, we've confirmed that Takeshi-dono's father, Oja Hideo, is in fact alive and is being held at Kaneda Castle. We'll have much to discuss once we return."


The kitsune's eyes bulged to the point where it seemed they would burst out of her head, having seen the chips the backpack girl offered to her. "Ah! A thousand thank yous, kind stranger. Your generosity will not be forgotten, and you will be blessed with prosperity from the Retsumaru Shrine!" It was to anyone's guess what in the bloody hell she was talking about, but at least now her hunger was being quelled. Chinatsu wasted no time in devouring the contents of the bag, with little crumbs flying every which way.

Her feeding session was cut short, however, as the last member of the force suddenly road up on a motorcycle. They road with such speed that it kicked up a sizeable dust squall, blowing the bag out of Chinatsu's hands along with the rest of the chips. Looking at the flailing bag with horror, she made a shrill yelp as the rest of her breakfast was scattered on the ground. She then quickly turned to Kai, the apparent convenience store worker.

"Black-hearted dastard!" She exclaimed. "You dare to ruin the snack of an innocent maiden in peril? Have you no shame, scoundrel?! Prepare to be destroyed!" Her tails swayed and thrashed violently as she went on her tirade. She then pulled out a pair of ornate fans, which glowed with a deep azure aura.

"Blackheart Kai, taste the wrath of Chinatsu, Maiden of the Blue Flame!" She said, making a unnecessarily flash pose with blue flames gathering around her.

"Of course, I MIGHT be willing to forgive the transgression if you give me a stack of VIP coupons or store credit for wherever station you work at..."

Strolling through the Hinomata marketplace, a young kitsune demon was on her way toward the central plaza, the agreed upon rendezvous point for the Nethertime Team. Her posture and stride were quite odd, however, as she seemed to be attempting to carry her steps with a certain...grace? Or perhaps lack thereof? She tried to give off the presence of a seductive allure, but it seemed as those she was suffering from a loss of energy.

Likely from the fact she had no money to buy food this morning.

The girl had spent the last of her savings buying the structure deck for her favorite TCG yesterday, completely forgetting about the fact that she would have no fare for the day after. Her stomach growled as she strode with face filled with bitterness and regret. Great. I can't make an epic entrance like this. It feels like Imma keel over any second now..." She said in her mind.

After walking a little ways, she finally made it to the plaza, eyeing the Nekomata who would serve as their leader. Ms. Pirilika, she thought her name was? She had a yellow prinny with cat-like characteristics following her. Then there was another demon girl who was carrying a huge backpack with her, fiddling with a firearm. Upon seeing her, Chinatsu's eye lit up with delight. Before the demon girl had time to react, she zipped right up to the gun-wielding girl's face with a pitiful and submissive expression.

"Hi! Excuse me, do you have any food in your bag? Would you be kind enough to share, pretty please?? I'll give you all of the cards in my new pack. Oh! Except the ultra rare one, I've been waiting for that one to come out all year..."
How much is sort of?

But ya, its early enough that there wouldn't be anything to catch up on.

Enough to where I'm gonna be working on a CS XD

I was just reading over all the information, I think I have a pretty solid understanding of the setting material.

Am I right to presume there's still room in this for one more? I'm sort of interested.
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