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My blade carries with it the harsh frost of the wintry winds. Dancing with the rage of a blizzard, its speed matches the transience of an icy petal.

Welcome traveler. I see you've stumbled upon my profile, nice to meet ya.

About Me
I'm just your average 9-5 schmuck. I do my work, pay my bills, and contribute what I can to society. I also happen to enjoy binge-watching/reading anime, manga/light novels, tv dramas, and pretty much anything that catches my interest. I'm also an avid gamer, my favorite genres tend to change with time. Right now it's probably JRPG, hack-slash, and fighting.

Favorite Anime/Manga/Light Novels
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Hunter x Hunter
- Fate/Zero
- Kyoukai no Kara
- Overlord
- Re:Zero
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- One Piece
- Konosuba
- Various Gundam series
- Naruto
- Bleach
- Trigun
- Cowboy Bebop

Some of my favorite games
- Devil May Cry
- Disgaea
- Blazblue
- Guilty Gear
- Tekken
- Persona 5
- God Eater
- Tales of series
- The Legend of Heroes series
- 7th Dragon series

I originally joined this site several years back, having gotten my feet wet only recently at that point as an RPer. I was recommended this site by a pal of mine (@PaulHaynek) and joined a couple of his RPs. However, due to RL stresses I had to take a break from the world of RPing and took sometime for self-reflection. After a 2 year absence, I'm back in saddle and ready to further stretch my creative muscles. As for what roleplays I like, I enjoy anything action-oriented. I'm fine with any settings for the most part, though I'm more inclined toward the magical and sci-fi. Also, I've gained a sort of preference for RPs that allow users to play as multiple characters, but solo is fine either way. Here's a list to give a better idea of my tastes.

- Fantasy/medieval
- Dystopian
- Steampunk
- Sci-fi
- Apocalypse/Post-Apocalyptic
- Generally anything anime/manga related
- Adventure and Combat oriented
- Romance here and there is fine too

That's all for now, reader. If you decide to post an interest check for an RP idea, you just might find me posting a character profile ready to be reviewed. Don't be afraid to give me a shout if you'd like a Co-DM to bounce ideas off of as well.

Until then.

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She's been known to step on people's toes before lolol

Pffft. While similar, it's not the guy you may be thinking of. It involves these two thus far.

I'll see about having some CSs up later today. I have a new character I want to break in, plus some old ones I want to bring back.
Yo. After some debate, and talking about it with Paul, I've decided to throw my hat in as the Co-GM for this alternative as well.
Eon Reception Room


”I see. So, that’s the reason our team was selected for that assignment in the first place was…”

”Yes, it was because of my recommendation. We-I was desperate and needed an out. Looking back, I can see how pointless it all was. We were posed to be sacrificial lambs from the start, it’s a horrible feeling.”

”It’s fine. You couldn’t help your position, and thankfully our team was more than capable of handling the situation.”

The Fae couple would hear some familiar voices coming from a room they happened upon as they made their way down the hallway. ”It appears we have some guests that wish to join us.” The voice came clearly from Brun. She likely felt the signatures of the two and knew they were outside. Upon entering they would see Brun sitting on an ornate couch, across from a young lady the fae lovers had met previously, separated by a small table. Brun turned to greet them with a smile, while the other woman was seemingly shocked by their appearance.

”Good Morning, my goodness, I thought you two would’ve still been in the mess hall. I was just having a discussion about this fine young lady’s future plans, hopefully involving her becoming a new member of Eon.” Brun said. ”I believe you all are already acquainted?”

The woman in question, of course, was Rana Schuellen, the magus they met during the Necropolis mission and saw home. ”Oh, uh, Good Morning to the both of you. It’s certainly pleasant to see you both again. As for this meeting…” She scratched her cheek, having a sheepish expression on her face. ”This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I wasn’t able to really come up with anything on where to go from here, so I decided to explore avenues at this tower. Um, that is, if you all don’t mind having some b-list magus researcher as part of your fold. Hehe…”

”I don’t see that being a problem.” Brun replied. ”In fact, I’ve already thought of where we can start you off at. I was thinking of having you perform some operational and administrative tasks around the Tower. In addition to communicating tasks and providing organizational support for the staff, you’ll also be the one to organize and display all requests that Eon receives, ensuring all postings are effectively expressed to the reavers. Of course, you’d be reporting directly to me.”

Rana blinked a few times, taking in Brun’s explanation. ”That…that sounds like I’d be the Tower’s secretary essentially.”

”Do you feel that your skills would be better suited elsewhere?” Brun said. ”Come to think of it, you were researching more effective ways of combining thaumaturgical principles with other magics, yes? Perhaps working under Elaine and Donovan would be a good start.”

”Oh! I’m not complaining by any stretch, I’m fine with wherever you decide to place me! Umm, just so long as it’s not more fieldwork. I…I can’t really…fight anymore…” Rana said weakly.

Brun noticed the somber tone in her statement, which dampened the mood in the room a bit. ”It’s alright, dear, really. I understand. With that, we’d be more than happy to have you as our operations specialist. Of course, you’re more than welcome to act as a research consultant as well.

”Thank you, I’m glad to be here. Rana said, looking toward Renee and Lanus. ”Well, guys, it looks like I’ll be in your hair longer yet.”

Eon Library and Artifact Repository


Leon made his way to the library quite swiftly, having memorized the quickest routes. Upon entering through the large doors, he would see Kiff sipping on a cup of coffee while messing with some rather peculiar artifacts. ”Back again first thing in the morning, Mr. Leon?” Kiff said in a jovial tone, not looking up as the fae lad entered the room. ”I take it your being here means that you’re on board with offering your assistance?”

Moving the artifacts off to the side, the collector opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out an old and odd-looking book. Dusting it off a bit with his hand, he placed it on the table, making an audible thud on the varnish as he did. I’ll tell you that this was one of my more interesting finds.” He said. ”This tome doesn’t usually find its way into the hands of humans, don’t ask me how I got it! As I’ve stated, I have no way of deciphering it, but fortunately some fae members have recently joined our ranks. So now, I entrust this tome to you. Provided you’re up for the challenge of decrypting its text.”

Augmentations pt. II

Currently collabing with @Polaris North & @Enkryption

Picture Perfect

Currently collabing with @Frozen0Titan

Cultists' Lair

The doll-like witch introduced herself as Tabitha, thought she still did not explain her actual purpose here. She made a rather chilling comment in regards to making a nem doll, addressing Lirrah who was still cowering in the back of the group. After another exchange of words between Tabitha and the captain, the witch at first stated that she wouldn't engage the Lions so long as they held no intention of further disturbing the crypt. Valmyra thought about why that in particular mattered to her. Was this one of the areas where she conducted her crimes against nature? She'd have to worry about that later, it seemed, as Tabitha decided to test the abilities of the squad after all. The witch decided to remain in her current spot while her doll monster lunged forward to initiate combat.

The little nem merchant immediately ran for safety in the back, not having the stomach for tense combat situations. She honestly couldn't blame the little one, and she did call for the rear guard to back them up. She already picked up on Irian's and Kayliss's scents getting closr. That's good, she thought, as there's at least safety in numbers.

Urden and Hec- she meant Roger had opted to engage the monster head on, acting as the vanguard for the battle. Valmyra she'd remain at a distance for right now, falling back on her predatory instincts to quietly observe her prey for any particular weaknesses. She quickly followed up on any opening made by her teammates, maximizing damage in the most brutal way possible.

She supposed it'd only be right to keep an eye on Lirrah as well, should anything go awry...
Finally made an IC post after ages.

Forgive for leaving you hanging for so long. I won't make excuses, and I'll be move active moving forward.
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