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@The Irish Tree

"Well...I must admit, I'm rather upset Kikyo didn't pass my message along. Especially after she ranted at me about how I was simply saving lives so they'd be indebted to me."

"Tch, I believe you.", Kerry scoffed. "The sentiment is probably shared by everyone in Takeshi's inner circle. So ungrateful."

"You left, and as such were no longer a threat to the humans in the village. I had no reason to give chase. After you and Relica left, I followed the Monk back to his actual home, and there I helped cure the villagers of the disease that was affecting them. It turned out to simply be some poison in the well that was causing the issue. Likely Varjans."

The hornet stared at Eula with wide eyes, stunned at this revelation. Turns out there WAS village that was sick. Which means....

I robbed a monk of his money for no reason.

Regret and guilt suddenly manifested within her, like giant cockroaches that were crawling up her back.

"Are you serious?", Kerry uttered as she got up and began pacing, chitinous hands on her head as she came to grips over what she had done. "Then why the hell were we at that first village!? Why waste our time going there instead of going straight to the one that needed our help!? Now I feel like an absolute shithead! I...I have to tell Shizuka about this! FUCK!"

At this point, Kerry stopped pacing and took deep breaths to calm herself down. She'll have to resolve this issue as well. Sooner rather than later because if word got around that a member of the taskforce robbed a monk, it would destroy any and all trust the locals may have had with them, however meager that trust was. For now though....

"Okay, note to self: Give that monk his money back. Feel free to hold me to that promise, Eula.", she proclaimed as she sat back down to resume the discussion. "Second and final topic: Why did you shoot a warning shot at me? I get it, I robbed a local and that definitely is a major no-no in the taskforce. But like Relica said, that shot could've taken my head off. I've never seen an automaton react that strongly before. So...why?"
Kicks door down


@PaulHaynek @The Irish Tree (EUL)

"Peace, Hornet. I may look like the Varjans, but I assure you they consider me more an enemy than you are. I am Revuel Arvida from the Scarce Legion. My legion has forsaken their oaths to justice and has joined forces with the evil and wicked Varjo. I am here to make sure they don't harm anymore of the innocent and further besmirch the name. When I heard that a sizeable force of Scarce Legion was invading Shizuyama, I immediately sought passage. That was how I met Lady Kyouko, and she graciously sent me here to fulfill my mission."

"Hello, Kerry. I believe he can be trusted. What brings you here? Did Kikyo deliver my message to you?"

Kerry stared at the bald man for a moment longer....before sighing, hand moving away from her spears as she relaxed.

"Alright. If Eula says you're good, then you're good to me as well, Rev.", she spoke to the rebel Varjan before turning her attention to Eula, grabbing a nearby stool as she made her approach. "And no, I came here on my own. Kikyo was too busy reminding people that 'the mamono are not to be trusted. They're lying deceivers and we don't need their help' and blah blah to-the-surprise-of-fucking-no one blah."

The hornet set the stool down in front of Eula and promptly sat down, taking a deep breath before giving the automaton her full attention.

"First off, I need to know: What happened after I flew off? Part of me expected you to follow, but you didn't, so that must mean you stayed."
@PaulHaynek @The Irish Tree (EUL)

As her allies discussed on what to do next, Kerry wandered over to Relica's converted workshop. Upon entering, she would find Eula, suspended on a stand with wires and tubes connecting her to various machines. She also see another resident, one she's never seen before. A bald, clean-shaven man wearing dark red armor that looked a bit similar to Varjan Warlocks she has fought so far.

"And might I ask who you might be?", she queried with suspicion, her hand twitching toward one of her spears.
@Sho Minazuki

"Garrick, was it? Me and my men will secure the area around the ruin, perhaps you could take a look at the ruin itself? Some of my men will be with you"

Garrick nodded and gave a hum of acknowledgment as he strode forward toward the ruins, his eyes surveying the surroundings for anything unusual.
@PaulHaynek @AzureKnight (SHI) @Restalaan (GRI) @The Irish Tree (LIL) @Enkryption

Oh shit, he listened to me. Maybe there is hope for us yet., Kerry thought in jest as she turned her attention to the Elite, who seemed unwilling to call it quits even when his underlings are in full retreat, which she merely shrugged at. With Gringor taking care the pillar, she can wrap this up once she has taken care of this fool. The Elite made wide slash at the hornet, only for her to flip over his head, wings buzzing. Undeterred, the Varjan spun around and attempted another slash. Kerry gracefully dodged again, flipping backwards before rushing forward with an overhead slash of her own with Dusk. The Elite raised his sword to block the strike, a loud clang being heard throughout the area. Before Kerry could do anything else, she noticed movement approaching from the tree line. A second later, that movement revealed itself to be...

"WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU THREE BEEN!?", the hornet exclaimed as Shizuka, Liliana and Alice had returned from their quest, just in time to the end of the Varjan assault.
@Sho Minazuki

Garrick gave a silent nod of acknowledgement as he boarded the skiff, paying no mind to the unsettled and intimidated stares he was getting.

He was used to it.
@PaulHaynek @Restalaan (GRI)

Kerry narrowly dodged a mace swing before she delivered a roundhouse kick to her opponent's side, knocking them away. Taking a moment, she turned catapult to see her handy work. The siege weapon was engulfed in the flames and the firing crew had to abandon their station, lest they be incinerated as well.

Okay, that's one. Now for the- Gringor!?

Sure enough, Kerry turned around just in time to the High Orc himself charging in like a raging Minotaur anf flung himself at the other catapult, completely routing the other firing crew. The hornet was about to cheer him on when a Varjan Elite blindsided him.

"Shit!", she exclaimed, wings buzzing as flew in right on time to deflect the enemy's downward swing before kicking him in the chest, sending him back a distance. "Glad you can join the party, musclehead!, Kerry said to Gringor before pointing toward the obelisk. "See that pillar over there? Smash it. Trust me, I would've wrapped this up way sooner if that shit wasn't there!


Tch, of course. Shit can't be easy.

Kerry quickly hopped to the side to avoid a sword swing, the Footmen regaining their bearings to now protect the Null Pillar. Obviously, the obelisk's durability would not allow it to go down to a single swipe of her spears. By the time she actually dealt with it, the catapults would have broken through the barrier. Time was of the essence, so the hornet would have to utilize something else.

That's when she noticed the fire pits stationed near the catapults. Naturally used to enhance the destructive capability of the Varjan's ammunition.

A smirk bloomed on her lips.

Okay, then. Let's get creative!

After deflecting another sword strike and kicking the combatant in the jaw for all of his troubles, Kerry made a bee-line toward one of the pits. Stashing Mort on her back, she thrusted Dusk underneath the pit with two hands before, with great heave, tossed the fiery contents up and outward...

....toward a catapult!
@Sho Minazuki @Renose @Letter Bee

"Mr. Garrick, or Honorable Garrick if you'd prefer to be called that, would you mind leading our little group once we meet up again? I would also like to ask you about the 'great change' you foresaw for this land once we depart on the mission, and if it's the sort of calamity that requires certain... grudges to be set aside."

Garrick looked at Ken as the boy said his statement. Leading was something the cryptid had never put much thought into. Not because he hated leading, but more because he was always alone and used to being alone. Yet here was, tasked with a mission to retrieve a Gnosis with Ken and the elf. Speaking of which....

"Garrick will do, young one.", he answered before walking over to the elf and crouching down in front of her. Even when down to her level like this, his shadow completely engulfed the elf girl.

However, the size difference didn't mean anything. Not when Garrick had witnessed firsthand just how destructive this girl can be, both to everything around her and to herself. The lizardman gazed deeply into her eyes.....and there, he saw it.

The waiting. The calm eye of the storm.

Without prompt or ceremony, Garrick reached out and took hold of the arrow embedded in her before quickly pulling it out.

"Thy moments will come, girl of the tempest. But be warned: such rage and carnage shall only bring strife to all, thyself included. Care for thyself, for even gods can only take so much.", he advised, tossing the bloody arrow aside before standing up and turning his attention back to the Sand King. "I accept thy request, o desert king."
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