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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is one of the few things that is is fueling me through this hell that is 2020.
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You think now would be a good time for the Fate series to have a brand new fighting game?
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Gonna do this right, dammit.

AAAAAAAAAARGH! There! A condensed version of the backstory I had in mind. Also, sorry for the long absences. Life and work have been wild.
@PaulHaynek @Restalaan (YNG)

A bit after Bart had left and as she assisted the monk with the dishes, Yang asked finally asked the fateful question. Looking over her shoulder to see that they were the only ones present, Kira told her new confidant her story.

She told Yang about Videl. About Gruja. About the first encounter at the food market. About how Videl and Gruja became close to each other during the mercenary's stay. How, after many weeks, Videl finally gained the courage to stand before the man who captured her heart and confess her feelings for him....only to receive heartbreak when Gruja rejected her, saying how, even when he had the same feelings for her, he could not abandon his duty for the sake of love. How, after Gruja and his band left, Videl changed for the worse, becoming more withdrawn and depressed as the days went by, ever increasing the family's worries day by day. day, a messenger came to their home bearing tragic news...

Varjan ambush. Many casualties.....Gruja among them.

Kira remembered exactly how her eldest sister reacted....or rather, how she didn't react. Unlike everyone else, who was either shocked or crying for Videl's sake, there wasn't even hint of emotion on her face.....except for the dead look in her eyes.

A day later, Videl went missing. With panic added to the mountain of worry that had culminated, Kira, her mother, her father and all of her siblings scoured their hometown and the surrounding forest to find her.

And that's how Kira, at the time just 10 years old, found her dearly beloved sister Videl, peacefully resting against a beautiful oak tree...with a bloody gash on her neck and bloodstained knife in her hands.

After that, Kira wasn't able to finish the story as she was to busy crying from the traumatic memory, Yang holding the flygirl in a comforting embrace as she emotionally fell apart. She had just barely managed to pull herself together before the other guild members returned, along with some new faces she hadn't seen before, though was far from the right mind to even greet them properly. After relaying the news of Ozzy's departure, Kira turned in for the night, oddly having the most restful sleep she has had in recent memory.

@Stern Algorithm @AzureKnight @13org (FYR & ADA) @Restalaan (YNG & DIT)

The next morning, Kira was awake and dressed, silently eating a biscuit as she looked at the list of quests on the bulletin board alongside her fellow guildmates. Upon seeing her options...


"I'll take quest number 1.", Kira quietly stated, with an odd monotone and without much hesitation or thinking, not even waiting for input from the others as she finished her breakfast and walked out the door, ready to take on the day.....and Order, apparently.
Posted. Sorry for the wait.
@PaulHaynek @Restalaan (YNG)

"I can't believe he left just like that." Bart said as he dined with the present guild members. "But it's like that, isn't it? I've heard from Neil that a lot of us just went up and left like that." Turning his gaze to Kira, he asked. "Say, you left for the Guild after the incident with the Kikimora, didn't you? Everything alright?"

"It's.....Umm....", Kira mumbled, her food untouched as she sat completely off-kilter on how to proceed. She was in the midst of telling Ozzy a very personal secret when Yang and Bart arrived first. Then, from almost out of nowwhere, Margaret flew in and spouted on about meeting high-ranking mamono and revealing the significance of finding male monsters. Naturally, Ozzy accepted the offer and flew off with the Owl Mage, saying goodbye to his fellow guildmates. Now, Kira, still feeling open and vulnerable, felt a bit cornered. She turned her gaze to Bart. Would he care to listen? She doubted it. If his absence for most of this day was any indication, he was too busy to really sit down and actually hear any plights, so she won't bother him with her issues. Yang, though....

"Ozzy and I were just...talking. Calming me down, really. Nothing to worry about.", she replied to Bart, putting on a mask as she gave the guildmaster a reassuring smile. However, if Yang was keen and quick enough, the monk would see that Kira's eyes told a different story. Eyes of a person who needed someone to talk to. Badly.

Sounds good to me, my guy.

Ah, crap. Was it me? I kept you waiting too long, didn't I? Cause if I did, I feel really bad for making you leave us. But at any rate, don't let us stop you. Good luck in your future RPs. Maybe we'll meet again someday.

Well, damn, that's a bummer. Seeing as how I got a Master/Servant pair in another RP, I'll leave it to you to give Fran a new Master.
@PaulHaynek @ShwiggityShwah

"She sounds amazing. And I might take that lesson too."
Ozzy Skyway

"She really was. All that and more were what made her into the kind of woman any man would be lucky to have......despite some not being worthy of such a woman."

Upon that statement, Kira's nostalgic smirk faded away as her features returned to neutral, along with her tone.

"One day, at the age 10, I was at the food market with Videl and my younger mouse sister Maki when a wandering band of travelers came into our village. Mercenaries. Called themselves the Spearheads. Among them was a man. A man that, upon seeing him, Videl became smitten at first sight."

Ozzy would notice how Kira curled into a tighter ball and her claws gripping her arms harder.

"Gruja Jaggers."

Despite her best effort, Kira couldn't quite contain the disdain and venom that came with saying that damn name.
@1Charak2 @Th3King0fChaos


"Mmmmm....Uuuugh.", Fran mumbled in a wary tone as she stepped out of Ismael's car, closing the door behind her as she stared toward the direction of Sukiyabashi Crossing. She can already see the distortion affecting the surrounding area, as well as feeling a certain kind of pressure swelling within her head courtesy of said distortion. So far, she had not sense the presence of another Servant, but that offered her no comfort. Assassins had Presence Concealment and can get the drop on anyone from just about anywhere. For all she knew, they could very well be nearby.

The Berserker turned to see Ismael exit his car. To a normal person like her Master, he would neither see the distortion nor feeling the constricting atmosphere. This was both a good and bad thing. A good thing because he'll most likely have a clearer head. A bad thing because he would, essentially, be walking toward danger blind.

She gave a resigned sigh. Protecting him was going to be stressful, that's for sure.

"Ah.", announced Fran, calling for Ismael's attention as she pointed toward the Crossing, indicating where they needed to go.
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