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Wait, I thought Xaltwind had two characters?
@PaulHaynek @AzureKnight @Enkryption @The Irish Tree (LIL)

"Tell me, do I even want to know what's going on here? Don't tell me they were fighting over the cow..."

"Oh, no. That was Lili's well-intentioned but random as hell attempt at stopping a fight from breaking out. Though, if you asked me, I WISH this dumb sideshow was about the cow.", Kerry responded to Takeshi, making her feelings known about the whole situation.

As Shizuka blocked Alice back from engaging, the hornet noticed Gringor relax his body, clearly readying himself to react to anything the mad hatter may throwing at him.

Ugh. I swear, it's like I'm dealing with my little bratty nekomata twin sisters all over again., she thought to herself, rolling her eyes as she held and planted Dusk into the ground in one hand and a swirling sphere of wind in the other, ready to play enforcing mediator at a moment's notice.
Yeah, I'm good. Disabled my account and changed my shit before any real damage was done.
Okay, let's get this out the way.


Clicked on invite while I was horny. Got hacked on Discord. Took that L and changed password. Please learn from this idiot.
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"Kerry-san, I know you're a hornet or wasp, or whatever, but must you be such a buzz kill? From my understand that poor girls been through alot, so why not let birds and bees be free? Let her indulge herself for tonight. Or perhaps there's a bit of envy welling up inside of you?"

Kerry stared at the jorou-gumo with incredulous eyes as her mind processed that statement. Did.... did Atsuha really just assume that....

"PFFFFFFFFFFFFT! HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". the hornet guffawed so loud that some of the villagers turned their attention to her. What the giant spider just said was so ridiculous and off-base that it nearly had Kerry on the ground laughing. "Oh! Oh gods, that was funny! think I'm envious of a bipolar aristocratic fungi woman getting handsy with a muscle-headed battle junkie!? HA! Were you a jester in a past life 'cause the shit you just said was hilarious!

Before she could say anything else, Kerry felt Liliana's presence behind her and....

She didn't know why she did it, but on an instinct that only forms from being born into an Echidna family and having multiple little sisters, Kerry reached behind her and gave the fairy some comforting headpats. As if to say, "It's okay. You tried your best."

As the tension between Gringor and Alice escalated to the point where a fight was imminent, Kerry rolled her eyes and was about to intervene when, from out of nowhere, Shizuka appeared between the high orc and mad hatter. While the feat was indeed impressive, there was a more pressing question to be addressed....

"And where the hell have you been!? I nearly forgot you were even around!", the hornet shouted to her de facto leader, with Luna joining in on keeping the peace among the taskforce.

"Infighting among taskforce members will not be tolerated. If you've disputes, take it up with me. Besides, neither of you look like you're in any condition to be fighting right now. Perhaps we could all talk this out in a more civilized manner?"

"He's right. If we fight against each other, how can we expect to stand against the Varjans? If you wish for a duel, then don't do it now. Do it later when you're more in fighting shape."

"Ditto on what Luna and Shizuka said. Might I add, wouldn't it be better to spend that energy on the quest that sent the two of you running with your tails between your legs?", Kerry commented, shrugging as she smirked. "Just sayin'."
@PaulHaynek @Restalaan (GRI) @Enkryption

"Ey, mad boi. There's plenty more of those basket 'eads that we need to bash their heads in, you in?"

As she finished up her meal, Kerry would notice Gringor's approach and apparent invitation. It would seem the high orc wanted to take on a quest that not only sent him running, but Alice as well. Speaking of which...

Seriously, where did that 180 come from!?, Kerry thought in exasperated bewilderment as she saw Alice go from weeping her eyes out in lament to blatantly trying to get into Gringor's pants. What, was the Takeshi special not the meal of the day for the mad hatter!?

With a sigh, Kerry stood up, stretching for a moment before approaching the duo.

"Yo. If you're down for having a third member, let me tag along. This quest sounds pretty tough if it bounced you and Alice back, so why not go at it as a team?", Kerry asked Gringor with a smirk. Then she noticed Alice's hand going down south....very down south, to which the hornet once more slapped the hand away. "Will you cut that out!? Not with the locals watching!"
No worries, chief. We have plenty to keep ourselves busy.

Goes back to playing Sonic Frontiers and working retail a week before Black Friday.
@PaulHaynek @AzureKnight (ATS) @Enkryption @Crowvette @Nakushita @Hammerman

"There are plenty of spells that can clean all evidence of that, though I don't have any prepared. It seems like a waste of 'essence' to simply remove it... I can prepare something quickly if needed. This kind of cleaning is elementary magic. Should it be taken care of now?"

"Io-chan, just so you're aware I'm also a spell caster, and you look unsure about how to approach the situation if you don't mind me saying. Let me try and talk some sense into the young lord."

"Girls, I don't think that's gonna help in the end. If the general demeanor of these Shizuyama folk is anything to go by, they'll freely admit to any guilt or shame they may feel to their peers, regardless of how harmless the act actually is.", Kerry chimed in, her finger scratching her cheek in thought as she watched Takeshi walk toward the temple, no doubt to confess to his inner circle of what happened. "The damage is already done, no matter how much we can try to hide it. All we can do is keep this particular scandal out of the ears of anyone who might do something destructively stupid."

Kerry would've gone to stop Atsuha from following Takeshi, as it was pretty clear that the fledgling lord had made up his mind, but was made to take a detour when she saw Alice in the midst of having some kind of breakdown. The sight bewildered the hornet. Just a few minutes ago, the mad hatter was in full seduce mode and was feeling Takeshi up like she wasn't out in broad daylight where people can see her. Now, she's acting like she just committed a grave sin and is scared witless, complete with crying.

Seriously, where did that 180 even come from?

"Whoa, whoa, h-hey now! No need for the waterworks, okay Alice? You didn't do anything wrong, really. It was kinda funny, actually. Nah, you just made things a bit more.... complicated.", stammered Kerry, trying to calm Alice down while looking toward Yuki and Luna for backup. "...Right?"

That shit really doesn't even try to hide it.
Yooooooooooo! Did Lilianna really think that Io died a virgin!? XD
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