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I'm doing fine, thanks. However, I am worried that we might have a dropped player in this RP, as SSW has yet respond to any of our pings or updates.
Hey, y'all! Checking in again to see how we all are doing.

Don't even worry about it. Take your time. You know where to find us.

Happy early birthday!

“Mr. Ullser, would you and Saber sit in the hall? I'm sure, you and Ms. Khünbish will find a less posturing and unnecessary questions there,”

Reggie fixed the Director a gaze of scandalized offense. Did this just woman just tell him to go sit in the hall like a misbehaved elementary student? Who does she think she is, his mot-


He whipped his head to source of the noise and noticed Medusa had a hand over her mouth and taking a sudden interest with the floor decor.

"...Finding this funny, Rider?, Reggie asked, eyes narrowed.

"....A little bit, yes.", answered Medusa, being honest.

"Et tu, my goddess?"

"If it helps, the Director doesn't seem to be in the position to dole out childish timeouts when she herself is acting very much like one."

Sure enough, the young man would see Ritsuka get into an argument with Da Vinci....while sinking beneath the table and pulling a piece of tablecloth up, as if thinking that would be enough to block the sound of their bickering. With a deadpanned stare, Reggie would turn to others and simply put a hand out toward the Director as if he was giving a presentation.

The Director of Chaldea, ladies and gentlemen., he thought to himself.

“Eheheh~! This seems like a fun dinner party...” the Master of Assassin says, one eye open. “Ritsuka and Leona can argue for hours. If you have questions, I'll answer them. After all, I'm the lucky winner of the Jackpot...”

"Well to start off, what happened to the previous team? How bad has the situation become? How soon are we dropping into a Singularity?"

"I will also echo Archer's question. I'm curious as to what this 'jackpot' means exactly."
@PaulHaynek @Nakushita @Restalaan (SKA)

"...He's right, you know? I should've stayed and fought. For my family, and for my home. I am a coward....Thank you, yokai. I know you failed but... you came to help. That matters. I am privy to the location of a sacred artifact of Shizuyama. That map will lead you to its location... but I heard it is locked by a complex mechanism. You will have to ask for its legend if you want a clue on how to unlock it. Now then, can you all leave me alone? I need time for myself."

"You're a coward. But you survive. Survive, and live for others."

Kerry would give a disapproving glare at Skar as he walked by before giving a sigh as she approached the grieving villager, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I wouldn't say it as bluntly as my teammate did, but he is right.", Kerry spoke in a reassuring tone. "If you wish to serve penance for your flight, then pay by living. That's the best way to honor their death. Mourn for now, but for"

Finishing her piece, she left the man to his mourning and joined the others. A scowl marred the hornet's features as she gazed at the unconscious Kalaj being carried on the goblin's shoulders.

"What do we do with him?"

"What, this piece of shit? Dismantle his armor that he's so proud of and turn him into a prisoner. Should make it fun. Might even ask him to dig a grave before I bury him."

"As much as a big part of me very much wants to see him dig his own grave, taking him back to the temple as a prisoner is a better idea. The more info we get, the more prepared we are for anything the Varjans throw at us. Besides, we should take care that, while fighting these fuckers, we don't become as bad as them."

And with that, the trio began heading back toward Terauchi Temple.

Cordelia reining in Samson's display of chest-beating had Medusa's lips twitch upward briefly in a ghost of smirk as she, unseen by all due to her blindfold, rolled her eyes. Tact really didn't exist in that Berserker's vocabulary. Reggie, on the other hand, had a raised eyebrow as he watched the wolf girl, Tamamo apparently, returned to consume her baked good.

Tamamo? As in Tamamo-no-Mae, one of the tails of Amaterasu? I thought she was a fox, though the goddess can sometimes be depicted as a great mother wolf. Maybe this Servant reflects that?, the young man thought to himself as he took another bite of his steak, just as Director Fujimaru replied to Saber's statement.

“You speak only for yourself. There’s proper etiquette to these matters. Dinner comes before dinner talk.”

Both Master and Servant would turn their gaze toward the Director, with Reggie looking at the woman as if she just told a lame joke. Medusa, eyes still unseen, would also raise an eyebrow.

"Nah, Saber's in the right to say that, Director. We, well, some of us have already figured out why we're here. Don't you think all this posturing is a bit pointless? You did raise some flags when you said this is our 'last supper'. How are we not gonna want some clarification after hearing those words?", spoke Reggie. Da Vinci chimed in and was about to elaborate when the door slid open, revealing a sharply fashionable woman carrying another woman on her shoulders.....who just so happens to be sleeping.

“Assassin, reporting and ready to clean up your mess! So, pray tell, what Singularity are we starting with first?”

".....Heh. Well, that answered one of my questions.", Reggie chuckled at the newcomers as he offered a biscuit to Medusa. The Rider Servant would have another moment of hesitation before shyly accepting the offering, whispering thanks as she took a bite.
Another check in, y'all!

@Enkryption You missed your shot on Wednesday. Did you turn off your targeting computer? Jokes aside, you good, boss?

@SSW Are you still with us, my guy? Sunday's fast approaching and you're the only one left.
@PaulHaynek @Restalaan (SKA) @Nakushita

"Your... *cough* your family... in there, in the flames."

Horrifying realization dawned in Kerry's mind as she slowly turned toward the bonfire, suddenly understanding Skar's actions. No wonder Yuki and Sam couldn't find anyone. The mother and son were dead.

They were already dead before help could arrive.

"Burned them as an honor. They stood and fought to the death, both your teenage son and your wife. Sure, they were cornered, but you... you ran away... YOU LEFT THEM TO DIE! AHAHAHAHA!"

"Shut up...", she whispered, fury and rage swelling within as her hand twitched toward Mort, the temptation to silence the Varjan becoming more and more convincing as the devastated father/husband struck uselessly against the Warlock's armor.

"Hahahaha! You're... pathetic! A weakling! "You have monsters fighting for you! How can you call yourself a man? Ahahaha!"

"And how can you call yourself A FUCKING HUMAN!?", screamed Kerry as she sped toward Kalaj, interrupting the poor victim's next swing to deliver a brutal kick to the Varjan's head. Hopefully that knocked him out....or shattered his jaw. Either way, Kerry was too livid to care at the moment. Plus, if the Warlock didn't stop talking.....she would've killed him.

"What kind of warrior or man can he even consider himself, murdering women and children and finding it amusing, there is nothing amusing about it, I want to rip him limb from limb myself....what he has just isn't right, no person right in their mind would ever commit such a deed, he is pure evil straight to his core...."

"I'll tell what kind, Yuki.", the hornet somberly replied, kicking dirt of the downed enemy. "The kind that is heartless. Soulless.....barren of empathy and love. The kind that would kill any innocent just for the sick pleasure of it, the thrill of taking everything that a man, woman or child has.....and crushing it."

It was times like these that reminded Kerry just how awful and scary some humans can be.

That's the thing: Gringor invites that kind of challenge.
@PaulHaynek @Restalaan (SKA)

"Phew! And that's that.", spoke Kerry, dusting her hands as she made her way over to Skar. Glancing the battlefield, she would find no other Varjans to engage them, either lying defeated or full-on retreating. "How you holdin' up, Skar? Feeling drained? I know my spear nicked your arm, so I'm just checkin'."

As the goblin was giving his answer, Yuki and Sam emerged from the house, saying they, too, had to fight off some Varjans.....and only Varjans.

There was no one else inside the house.

"Wha.....They're not there? But the guy said that his wife and son were held hostage here! Are you sure you checked everywhere!?"
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