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On The Road

Fran had taken to walking alongside the caravan as well, opting to take in the scenery over sitting in one of the wagons. Back in her world she hailed from, she never really had time to take in and appreciate her surroundings, far too concerned with chasing after her creator...her father so that he may create her male counterpart to complete her. Here, however, she truly slowed down to see greenery of the forests, the rolling hills, the clear blue sky. The serene and peaceful landscape that stretched out before her was something one would stop and just...bask in the atmosphere. Fran definitely wouldn't mind picking flowers that were surely blooming around here.

Remilia then suggested that the group should head straight for the head of the ruling party in the capital, Mokou concurring yet Anne warning that they might not be able to gain an audience so quickly and directly, opting to convince them by giving out information about the Herald attack on Aventon.

"Mmmmmmm...", mumbled Fran out loud, expressing her doubts. While Anne's plan was competently sound, the berserker's gut told her that things wouldn't go that smoothly.


Aventon - South Entrance

The Servant tilted her head as Sanae finished her explanation. Was the priestess concerned that the act of summoning such powerful supernatural deities would come off as strange? Because honestly, Fran wasn't surprised. In her world, this happened all the time in the Moon Lit World, especially Grail Wars. All manner of Servants were summoned in such events, from authors and serial killers to dragonslayers and, yes, even gods. However, Sanae being able to summon HER goddess from HER world gave credence to a growing issue:

The barrier between worlds WAS weakening and Lavielle wasn't the only one pulling people here.

Fran grumbled in unease. Even more questions. When they get to the capital, she really hopes they can get their answers soon.


Aventon - South Entrance

As Remilia hopped off Fran's mace to let the Servant go next, her dwarf opponent looked apprehensive. Aside from the strange horn and prongs adorning her head and shouldering a giant mace that, by all means, should've been too heavy for her dainty frame, he was basically fighting a young and pretty girl with peach-colored hair wearing a wedding dress. Was this really okay? Did this girl even know how to fight? He probably should go easy-


The dwarf blinked.


The girl raised her free hand to show three fingers.


He blinked again, processing what she just said before scoffing. She's letting him get free hits in? Was she serious? There's cocky, there's arrogant and then there's this. Regardless, he took the invitation as he rushed in. When he got close, he opted for a slow and telegraphed swing from the right. Maybe once she sees that this is for real, she'll quickly change her tu-


The dwarf, as well as the surrounding spectators, were shocked by what just happened

Fran didn't defend herself and let the attack hit.

Even more shocking than that?

She didn't even react to the hit.

Pulling his weapon back, the dwarf was even more flabbergasted when there was zero evidence of his attack hitting, despite the fact that he DID hit her. No sign of broken bones, no bleeding. Not even a bruise. It was almost as if his hit might as well have never happened.


He flinched and turned his attention to the girl, who still wore a neutral expression. He glared. Alright, so this girl was tougher than she looked. In that case...

The dwarf spun in full circle to his right, building up momentum before swinging her hammer from the left. A louder impact was heard upon the attack connecting. Again, Fran didn't move to defend herself...

....and again, she didn't need to.

The stout hammer wielder was speechless at this point. That attack would've put any other average bloke on their ass with broken bones that would've taken months to recover. Yet here was this little girl, still standing. Unmarked and unphased. It's almost becoming a jo-


"Alright, bitch! That's it!"

Angered and with his pride on the line, the dwarf leapt into the air, quite high for his size. With a loud battle cry and all of his strength, he brought his hammer down in a overhead swing that landed square on Fran's head. The impact of this attack was the loudest one out of the duels so far.

On anybody else, an unguarded hit like this would've resulted in death....

....but for a Servant?

"...Heh. Tic...kles..."

Eyes twitching, the dwarf was sweating buckets as he tired to comprehend the utter nonsense this duel had become.

"T-Tickles!? That was my strongest attack! Just what the hell are yo-"

"Three. My....turn..."

With power he didn't know she had, Fran raised her hand to touch the face of the hammer, a glimpse of green electricity racing up her arm before she clenched. Suddenly, the entire head of the dwarf's weapon exploded, sending him stumbling back as the area was showered in bits of shattered iron.

With speed he didn't know she had, the Servant was instantly behind the dwarf as he was still processing what just happened.

And finally, with strength he didn't know she had, Fran, with restraint, delivered her own overhead open palmed smack on her opponent's head, knocking him out....and burying him up to his neck into the ground.

With a nod and smile, Fran dismissed her weapon, which she didn't even use, and walked off to sit and spectate with the others.

It was as simple as that.
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"Ugh....It's gonna be one of those days. Great."

The cool weather and the gray skies were not taken as a positive sign as Kerry exited the temple to start her day, though she herself was already in an annoyed mood. The reason being was that something very rare happened while she was asleep:

One of her spears, Dusk, was missing.

When this happened the first time during her first years traveling, she would get panicked and very pissed off that someone had the gall to steal from her, until she remembered that she can just call the spear back by channeling mana to her enchanted bracelets. Nowadays, she just gets irritated by the inconvenience. However, she didn't immediately call the spear back to her because she had hunch...

She knew who took it.

So, after short greeting to Takeshi and Revuel, Kerry made her way out the temple gate and into the nearby forest. With her antennae twitching, the hornet soon caught and followed peculiar trail of magical energy that with deep into the woods until she came upon a clearing. There, in the center, she found the source:

Alice.....with Dusk in her hands, performing.....thrusting techniques?

"Huh?", muttered Kerry, tilting her head in confusion. She had always seen the mad hatter with Carroll as either an axe or a sword, but she had never seen the Queen of Diamonds with a spear. From her footwork to the way she was handling Dusk, Alice was showing proficiency with the weapon. "This is new. Since when did she get good with a spear?"

Leaning up against a tree, Kerry continued to watch Alice train, being more and more impressed by the minute.
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Aventon - Town Square

Fran sighed as the mercenaries marched off to prepare for the duels. If she was being honest, things turning out like this was....somewhat expected. Apparently, this world is starting to have a lot of things in common with the world she's from. When words fails and egos are wronged, actions will be taken. Strange how simple that logic can be...

....So, Fran will do just that: Take action.


Summoning her battle mace to her side, Fran shouldered her weapon as she made way toward the south entrance. If they are to reach Nieve, then they'll just have to convince the mercs that they are worth taking along.

It's as simple as that.


Aventon - Town Square

Fran was just surveying the various items, products and knickknacks the caravan had on display when her ears caught onto the conversation being had between Sanae and one of the more affluent merchants.

Well, we left from the capital, Nieve, and circled around westward through a few towns before ending up here at Aventon, but I think that our current route ends here. We're headed back to Nieve once we're done here, so please, do make the most of the time you have perusing our wares."

Back to Nieve...? Do you think it'd be too much to ask if some of us could travel with you, then?"

Fran had approached and stood beside the shrine priestess, her head in a curious tilt. Traveling? To the capital? The others were talking about the strange dreams that little girl was having when Anne was watching over her. Perhaps their ragtag group could find answers in Nieve? The berserker was willing to bet on that.

"With us? Well, I think you'd have to pay a bit to join as a customer; we're not a traveling service, after a—"

"We can all take care of ourselves, I think. In fact, I think we might be more capable than the guards in your employ right now."

Fran turned her head toward Sanae with an unseen raised eyebrow. What a bold statement to make, even when it was true.

The merchant, along with the guards that traveled with him, looked unimpressed by the show of bravado and said as much.

"Well, miss, you might be a bit well-spoken, but I don't know if your words are sharp as a blade. That big golem-like friend of yours I'd believe that from, but—and I say this with the utmost concern for your well-being—these people with me are quite amazing in their own right, and they're proud of it. Making light of them is only only going to cause problems for everyone, myself included."

The Servant took the time to give the guards a look. They did seem strong.....by human standards. Before Fran could make any more deductions, Mokou and Remilia had the conversation, the fiery immortal goading for a fight and vampire offer her healing powers should said fight be had. Either way, Fran wasn't worried, especially if things escalated to trading blows. After all...

Humans can't match a Servant.
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"Allow me to understand this: In the span of half a day, you and 'Alice' hit it off, develop a romance, make love, AND now you're suddenly pregnant? They say that love can blossom even on the battlefield, but apparently you decided to take that poverb literally."

Kerry raised a finger to offer a counterpoint....only to slowly lower her hand as she slowly understood how the situation looked from Shizuka's perspective. The hornet had the decency to look somewhat sheepish.

"....You know, when you put it out like that, it seems kinda ridiculous, doesn't it?", she responded with a rocky chuckle.

"I'm rather certain that we're in the middle of a war with death around every corner, not the ideal place to nurse a newborn. And you certainly can't be allowed to sortie in that state in good conscience. YES I am aware of the differences of mamono biology and culture but it's the PRINCIPLE of the matter!"

"Ugh, you starting to sound like Rev. Look, I'll tell you the same thing I told him: Alice and I aren't leaving and that's final. However, if it makes you feel any better, I won't take on quests ALONE. When it gets to that point, I promise to stay in home base and focus on my child's safety. But until that happens, I'm continuing to do my part. Alright?"

Thankfully, Shizuka seemed to have reached the end of venting his shock and disbelief, ending the conversation in favor of eating and resting. Kerry took this as a good sign. His reaction wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be and he wasn't ordering or forcing her off the island.

The Hangai sisters definitely took it as a good sign, too.

"WOW~! Kerry-san going to be a mommy? That's wonderful! Congratulations! Have you thought of a name for the baby yet? Oh, oh! Can I name it? Pretty please?~

Hehe, thanks! Sadly, you're too late for the naming. Her name's Gwendolyn.", Kerry answered the jiangshi with a bright smile.

"I offer my congratulations to you as well, Kerry-chan. I, for one, think it's lovely that you and that Alice-san have allowed love to blossom through these troubled times. You know, dearie, I wouldn't mind being a bridesmaid for the event. Provided Alice-san approves.~"

"Considering how much Alice has taken a liking to Hanami, I believe she'll have no issues with you two being bridesmaids. I was looking for some anyways, so consider yourselves on the list."


Oh! Speak of the devil.", exclaimed the hornet as letters magically appeared before the taskforce members, Kerry snatching hers and opening it to read its contents. "Damn, Ali, you work fast. Looks like we're getting this Heavenly Strike quest done and over with before we make our big move for Takeshi's old man. I'll join up with her, might as well see how she and Lili are doing. See y'all there."

Kerry then took off and headed in the same direction Alice and Liliana took. It didn't take her long to find the duo....but not before nearly getting bowled over by two women that ran past her. One was Eula and the other was a woman she had never seen before until her antennae twitched as her sixth sense picked up on the magical signature.

Wait, was that Carroll? Holy shit, that's a radical new look. If it wasn't for her aura, I wouldn't have recognized her.

Smirking as the automaton and cursed sword ran off, Kerry turned her attention back toward Liliana and her unconscious lover.

"Let me guess...", the hornet began, asking the fairy. "You two fought it out?"
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