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I'm with Io on this one.", concurred Kerry as she crossed her arms. "You say this guy owes you and I'm down for doing anything 'unorthodox', but do you even trust him? In my line of work, people who operate on both sides of the coin, per say, aren't who you would call trustworthy. He could lead us into a trap, for all we know."
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Anarchy had descended upon the arena as the Aldugan Spines engaged the crowd, all while a mysterious Electro intruder fought against the Sand King himself. There was chaos everywhere you looked as everyone fought for their lives, some for their freedom...

....which meant that hardly anyone was paying attention as large, hooded figure entered the upper stands of the arena. Anyone who did noticed instantly turned their attention elsewhere, as they had enough to deal with fighting in an apparent coup attempt than fight whatever the hell that thing was.

For the hooded figure, Garrick paid them no mind as he watched the main fight below, the Electro interloper sending blasts of lightning at the Sand King while defending against two opponents: A yokai and a gunslinging young man. Even Axom, the Geo Archon, had joined to fight off this newcomer.

Hearing a shout off to the side, Garrick turned to see another peculiar: An young elf girl with arms unlike anything he has seen in his years fighting several Aldugan Spines members by herself, ready to engage three of them before her.

Coming to a decision, Garrick grabbed a nearby barrel, lifted it over his head and threw it at the trio, immediately running after it. The barrel struck one man on the side of his temple, cracking his skull as he fell to the ground. Before his two comrades could react to what happened, Garrick was already on them, sending another man to the floor via a savage hook to the jaw before the grabbing the final man by the neck, completely lifting him off the ground. The Spines member, scared witless at how fast this turned out, stared at Garrick with eyes full of fear as he saw half of a reptilian face, the other half hidden within the darkness of the hood except for the hazel slitted eyes that glared back at him. Garrick held the poor man for a second longer before tossing him over the railing, the man screaming as he fell to the lower stands. The cloaked cryptid then turned his attention to the elf.

"Peace, young one. I am not your enemy.", Garrick spoke, his voice raspy yet noble. "But more approach."

As more Aldugan Spines fighters closed in on the pair, Garrick reached over his shoulder, causing his cloak to part and reveal his form as he gripped the hilt of Azure Vein and drew the blade out, now taking part in the fighting alongside the young elf.

@Sho Minazuki

Ah right, you did say you'd allow us 1 Independant of our own making while you provide us the other two.

Anyway, I edited my sheet to your recommendations. Am I good?
......Dammit, it's Genshin Impact, so let's do this!

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"Oh, we're finally planning an offensive? That's....great. Yeah, er...great. We should definitely focus on...thinking of ways to make sure things go our way.", Kerry responded, somewhat distracted as she looked down at the bag of coins in her chitinous hand, a conflicted expression seen by all on her face. She shook her head to dispel the inner turmoil of her thoughts. Her actions from the recent quest and the dilemma with Eula will have to wait as the hornet tossed the coin bag to Ayu.

"Hold on to that. Don't ask me where I got it. Now, if Komatsu Bay is fortified, then a full on assault would be a death sentence, not with the devastated numbers on Shizuyamian side. You got us, but there's only so much that we can do, so we'll have to be smart about this. Do you think there's anyone here, refugee or otherwise, that has been there? Any secret routes we can use to- wait, shit, I just remembered. Takamori's kid spilled the beans on that, so the Varjans may have any hidden pathways that we could've used covered."
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Kerry's eyes were zeroed in on Eula, completely focused even as Relica braved the whipping air currents and tried to get her to calm down.

"Ker, she didn't attack you. If she had, your head wouldn't be attached to your body anymore. She did this because of me, well, because I socked that baldie."

"Doesn't change the fact that she shot at me with my back turned, Rel. You know, more than anyone, how I feel 'bout that shit.", Kerry responded, her tone final and direct.

"C'mon, let's not do this. The only ones who gain by you beating her up, or she blowing you up, are the Varjans... And the locals, I 'spose. Let's go back to that temple. You and her can work things out there later, alright?"

For moment, Kerry said nothing as she continued to stare at Eula...before, for a brief second, her eyes turned to Relica. She took note of the effort the gremlin had to muster in order to withstand the raging winds. She, then, took a moment to view her surroundings. The villagers instantly took shelter in their homes as soon as the two mamono started arguing. Between Eula's arsenal and Kerry's magic, there wasn't a shadow of a doubt that the little village would be erased from the map in a potential fight.

So, with that in mind, Kerry made a desicion.

"You're right, Rel. Let's not do this..."

Seeing Kerry relax out of her combative stance and stashing Mort and Dusk on her back again, Relica and Eula, for a moment, believed the situation was finally cooling down...

".....not here."

It didn't.

Wind swirling around her foot, Kerry quickly kicked the ground, blowing forth a wall of leaves, dirt and pebbles toward the automaton. As this was happening, she then grabbed Relica by the scruff of her shirt.

"Don't open your mouth."

It was the only warning the gremlin would get as Kerry took to the skies. She then snapped her fingers toward a tree. A pop of air was heard before the bag of coins was launched high into the air, letting the hornet catch it in mid-air. With cargos in tow, she let the winds swirl around her before bursting forward, flying at breakneck speeds.

Her destination?

Terauchi Temple.
@The Irish Tree (EUL) @Xaltwind (REL)

Kerry froze as the energy bolt whizzed past her head.

Her skin could feel the heat of the bolt as it passed. She could smell the ozone the projectile had left behind. The scent of burnt hair that was singed in its wake. All the while, an unbelievable thought ran through the hornet's mind as Eula made her made her threatening demand.

”I don’t know a single thing about you, Kerry. But I do know that money belongs to the man who tricked us. Return it to him, or I will have to make you return it.

Did Eula...

”You will only receive one warning. And only one warning shot.”

....just shot at me?

Unseen by the automaton, Kerry went through a number of emotions at that moment. First came was disbelief.....then came confusion.....before inevitably....

Huh....even after all these years spent in this profession, I thought I would've gotten used to a teammate occasionally turning on me, but no. It....still stings....

Her chitinous hand gripped the bag of coins to the point of almost bursting from the pressure as she gritted her teeth in outraged anger.


"You're right about one thing, Eula. You don't know me."

Kerry proceeded to toss the bag of coins up into a nearby tree, landing it on a random branch.

"In much the same vein, I don't know you. Perhaps, if a different course of action were taken, we could've talked this out. An understanding could've been reached."

With her right hand, she pulled and held Dusk. And with her left.....she pulled and held Mort. Were Relica to see this, she would see the situation going completely off the rails and growing dire by the second.

Because she knows things take a turn for the worst when Kerry held both spears.

"Unfortunately for you, any chance of civil diplomacy died...

Kerry then turned around to fully face Eula and the automaton would see the exact same anger reflected in the hornet's eyes.

"....when you fucking shot at me."

A sudden burst of air exploded from Kerry as wind currents swirled rapidly around her, wayward leaves fleeing and nearby branches blown back as she stared down Eula.

"So, here's what's going to happen...", Kerry spoke, her voice devoid of everything but cold anger and furious outrage. You WILL apologize for what you just did, you WILL cancel whatever program that's got you acting like this and we'll just pretend that this fucking shitshow of a quest never happened when we get back to the temple. Because if you don't do that in the next five seconds...

The air currents wrapped themselves around Dusk and Mort as she tightened her grip on her weapons.

" will have more than just a gimped arm when I'm done with you."

Will this come back to bite us in the ass later? Highly likely.

Did that guy had it coming? ABSOLUTELY!

Huh?.....Stealing? No, I didn't! I was just making sure we got paid!
@PaulHaynek @Xaltwind (REL) @The Irish Tree (EUL)

Geez, I was just gonna give the guy a black eye, a few cracked ribs and sting him a few times, but Rel's punishment is good too., Kerry thought to herself, wide-eyed in awe and shock as she witnessed the gremlin absolutely trounce the "monk". I forgot how much Relica cares about automatons and golem types. She is scary when someone insults them in front of her.

"Ker, Eula, I'm heading back to the temple. If you wanna stick around and help this lying sack of garbage, be my guest. But I'm done putting up with this."

"Oh no, I'm heading back too. sec.", the hornet replied as she walked over and kneeled beside the monk, checked his robes and pockets.....before pulling out a rather hefty bag of coins. Kerry sneered at the downed man.

"Quite loaded for a man of the cloth, aren't you? I'll take this as compensation for wasting our time with this shit.", she growled as she rose to her feet, stepping on the poor man for good measure before standing before the mother, glaring at her. "You're a dumbass for going along with this and you should like a dumbass."

She then turned to the boy in bed.

"Kid, let this be a lesson to you: If you're gonna lie, don't be stupid about it and know when the jig is up. Don't be like this prick of the floor or your mother."

With that said and totally justified reward in hand, Kerry turned and nodded to Eula before walking out the door, joining Relica on their trek back to the temple.
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