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Current I'm so proud of everyone in World of Light for reaching 100 IC pages! Here's to 100 more!
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The world is full of obvious things
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A great first week of posts for my new Persona RP. Now's a fine time to join in!
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He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence
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The world is full of obvious things.


Current GM of World of Light. When it comes to writing, there's nothing I love more than imagination, engagement, and commitment. I'm always open to talk, suggestion, criticism, and collaboration. While I try to be as obliging, helpful, and courteous as possible, I have very little sympathy for ghosts, and anyone who'd like to string me along. Straightforwardness is all I ask for.

Looking for more personal details? I'm just some dude from the American south; software development is my job but games, writing, and trying to help others enjoy life are my passions. Been RPing for over a decade, starting waaaay back with humble beginnings on the Spore forum, so I know a thing or two, though I won't pretend to be an expert. If you're down for some fun, let's make something spectacular together.

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Sweet! Make sure you check out the official thread then.
The Chalk Prince, the Fallen Child, and the Prisoner

Location: Frozen Highlands - Dragonspine
Linkle’s @Gentlemanvaultboy, Frisk’s @Majoras End, Prisoner’s @XoXKieroBombXoX

When the Draugr’s axeblade came down, Frisk had one shot for survival–and, with a mind sharpened to a razor’s edge by the horror of Melony’s suffering, they made the right decision. Rather than trust their faltering shield to stomach one more grievous blow, the child went on the offensive, going for the monster as it moved in for its grim execution. The sudden lunge, unexpected an unaccounted for in the Draugr’s heedless bloodlust, meant that its vicious chop overshot its target, though not completely. Its notched, dull blade met the thick material of Frisk’s boot at the leg just above the ankle, and while its poor condition plus Frisk’s defensive gear meant that it failed to cut through, it still struck with enough blunt force to break the bone.

Even so, the Draugr got the bad end of the trade, because at the same time Frisk struck its knee. Without flesh or armor to cushion the blow, the bony joint crumpled underneath the Vorpan’s swing. A sickening crack sounded out as it bent sideways, partially splintered, and all of a sudden the monster’s weight was working against it. The undead warrior staggered, and as it sank it threw out one hand to support itself. That left it wide open on the same side, and with all the opportunity they needed Frisk went straight for the head.


The hearty clang echoed off the nearby cliff face as the smash struck home in a shower of bone fragments, leaving half the axe-wielder’s head caved in and its jaw dangling ghoulishly from just one side. Unfortunately, while that alone would have felled any ordinary enemy, a Draugr did not care how much punishment its grisly husk took, so long as it could still fight. Though its head lolled to the side, it affixed its baleful, soulless gaze on Frisk once more, and with a hollow cry threw itself forward. Whether it could sprint, walk, or only crawl, the Draugr possessed the weight to bring the child to the ground beneath it if it managed to grab hold, and the bestial savagery to rip and tear until the snow ran red with blood.

Still, Frisk might have been able to outpace the abominable thing and save Melony if not for one important factor. The Hel-Walker who blasted the child earlier had not gotten into melee range, its hands overflowing with rotten miasmata of seior magic. A terrible sinking feeling of despair bubbled up from within when Frisk realized couldn’t help Melony without giving the Hel-Walker free reign to work its fell magic, which would then give the Draugr the chance to catch up. Worse still, however, was the realization that it was already too late. Albedo, still dealing with the Draugr raider and the Hel-Walker he toppled before, could seemingly do nothing. The shieldbearer, uncontested, raised its sword for the finishing blow.

“NO!” came a scream from the top of the cliff. An arrow zipped down from on high from above and lodged in the Draugr’s head, followed almost instantly by two more. Atop the overlook stood Teba, having peeled away from the undead that attacked him up there to do all he could to save his new acquaintance. Before he could loose any more shafts, however, the Draugr he’d ignored to do so, disarmed and peppered with arrows, grabbed him from behind and sank its teeth into Teba’s feathery neck. “Krah!” he screeched, clenching his beak as he shifted his weight to throw the monster over his shoulder. As it tumbled over the edge he lashed out with a desperate kick, and the Draugr hurtled down to land on the Draugr shieldbearer, knocking both to the ground in a heap.

But it was all for naught. When the shieldbearer went down, it left behind its sword, pushed mercilessly through Melony’s heart.

For a brief moment Teba said nothing, paralyzed by the shock and the weight of failure, but soon anger took over. He dove from the top of the cliff, firing arrow after arrow as he circled above the fight. Each one, loosed with vengeful strength, pierced the limbs and torsos of the monsters from above and pinned them to the ground. In the span of just a few moments, he eliminated the Draugr heavy, shieldbearer, and pincushion, reducing them to ash. He dealt enough damage to the raider that Albedo could tip the scales. The alchemist struck out with a flurry of deft swipes, finishing with a charged that dispatched his opponent with two slashes at once. That left just the Hel-Walkers, but their frigid, hardened flesh caused each arrow that struck them to bounce off. Rather than waste ammunition, Teba swooped down and landed on the one near Frisk, giving the child the chance to abuse the undead’s weakness to blunt attacks and finish it off for good. Albedo, likewise, disposed of the sole survivor.

The ashes from friend and foe alike blew away in the frigid went, whose whispers in the ice-crusted autumn trees seemed oddly jeering. When Teba spoke, his voice was calm, but cold. “Are you really warriors?” he questioned. “These creatures are cruel, but anyone with even modest abilities can cut through them like wheat. You left Melony unprotected, and now she’s gone. I can expect as much from a child, but you,” he said, glaring at Albedo. ”Didn’t even try to go for her.”

Albedo looked unamused. “You don’t need to tell us that,” he said flatly. “We were outnumbered more than two to one and taken by surprise. Not everyone is familiar with Draugr as you are. What happened was terrible, but we can’t do anything about it now.” He turned his ice sword over in his hand and stabbed it into the ground before crossing his arms. “All we can do is push on, find Joserf’s father, and make sure that she didn’t die in vain.”

"Hmph," Teba snorted, his face one of barely-suppressed fury. "How pragmatic of you. Not even a word of thanks for saving your skins a moment ago. And where's the other one, the corpse with the glowing eye? Skulking around somewhere? If this is how your group treats your allies, I would be better off on my own." His eyes narrowed. "In fact, I'm going back to camp right now, to check on Joel. If I find out that girl did anything, I'll kill you both." Without another word he took off, disappearing into the turbulent white of the sky.
In Dwarves! 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Here's the dwarf who'll help keep the team alive!

So… how do I start?

Now that your guy's in the Characters tab, we can talk about an entry point. I usually do it in PMs, but since we've got several prospective joiners, I can give you the low-down right here:

In our in-game 'yesterday', everyone had a pretty busy day. In the early hours of the morning Blue Team took out the Orphan of Kos, escaped back to Limsa Lominscuttle Town, and essentially took the rest of the day off in a nice beach episode. Meanwhile Yellow Team spent the afternoon climbing Split Mountain, flying back down, and fighting the Red Eye boss. As 'today' begins, most of Blue Team is meeting inside Alcamoth, the floating futuristic citadel that's the home base for the campaign to defeat Galeem. Yellow Team ended up spending the night in (or just outside) Gerudo Town in the Sandswept Sky. We've also got White Team currently embroiled in events on Dragonspine in the Frozen Highlands, but I wouldn't say that's a valid entry point right now. So the choices are:
  • Bede has been in a town or other settlement near Alcamoth, and met one of the mercenary teams exploring the world. Maybe he was looking for a way out, but those under Galeem's Influence tend to stagnate. He might have been curious and questioned the mercenaries, or requested their help, but the end result would be that he became interested in joining them and ended up back in Alcamoth, where he would be freed of Galeem's influence and then able to join Blue Team as they have a morning meeting in Mercenary HQ
  • Bede happened to be in the Sandswept Sky, and is either staying in Kara Kara Bazaar at the oasis outside Gerudo Town, or ended up there just this morning. From that point he'd probably take note of Yellow Team, and maybe eavesdrop on their conversation in the saloon, thereby learning of the train station in Gerudo Town that could take him anywhere in the World of Light, prompting him to tag along
  • Bede could be inside Nyakuza Metro, the giant indoor station that serves as the hub for the aforementioned trains, and Yellow Team will meet him when they arrive.

Personally, I think either of the latter two options would be a bit cleaner-cut, and if you picked the last one you wouldn't even need to think up a reason for him to be in the desert. Lots of people use the metro to get places, after all.
@Lugubrious Hm, thank you that sounds good. I'll say he starts as a Black Mage and has access to Freelancer like all the characters in BD II do. In his possession he has Lady Emma's book as well which uses Asterisks to see their past memories and such. Would that be alright as it is his whole goal still to figure out the book. Thus find other Asterisks..Even here in the World of Light.

That should be fine as a character sort of thing, since it doesn't seem like it offers any super big advantage.
If a character has multiple asterisks/jobs, you could spend a level upgrade to add a new one, or develop an existing one further.

CS edited. I just put strategic as the third strength. Don’t know how helpful that will be.

All the changes seem good. Being strategic can definitely help when it comes to the crazy situations that our group ends up in sometimes; anything to control the chaos!
What do you think?

Overall, pretty good. It might be just me, but the image seems broken. I would recommend listing out the weaknesses with bullets, and I'd encourage you to add two more things that he's good at, just so he doesn't start super disadvantaged. The most notable thing is the Power section, since rather than have a power he has a companion, who has the powers. If you like, we could rework things just a little. You could keep track of his Pokemon separately, not with their own sheets of course, but just in a little list either in or after the Inventory section with their moves and weaknesses. For Bede's Power, we could lean into how things work in the Pokemon games themselves, so that he isn't totally disadvantaged just by being a normal guy.

How about a Power called Pokemon Trainer, which means two things: as long as he has a Pokemon out and fighting on his behalf, and damage taken by Bede will be dealt to his Pokemon instead. And if his Pokemon's health is depleted, it will always faint instead of dying, and be returned to his Pokeball, which would have to be destroyed while the Pokemon is fainted to kill it. This is just spitballing, but I think it would be fair given how things work in Pokemon.
@Lugubrious Yeah, it might. I meant the main character yeah. Still I've got a few other ideas knocking around, wanna try to play characters I know and love.

Has Sylvando shown up as a spirit yet? I actually very much might consider playing him because he was one of my favorite characters from Dragon Quest 11 (2nd fav Richard, 3rd Veronica)

Sylvando has yet to appear, but even if he had, anyone in the Spirit Board who's not dead or already a PC is an option.
@Lugubrious Heyo boss, I saw your interest check. Now I know my track record is shaky here but I think I can fully commit. If nobody has chosen or the character is dead I was wondering if I could play the Hollow Knight from Hollow Knight or Mog the Moogle from Final Fantasy 3/6 anyways get back to me whenever ya got time :D

If you're sure, then you'll definitely get another chance. Just to be certain, do you mean Hollow Knight as the final boss of Hollow Knight, or the main character the Knight, who's sometimes mistaken as Hollow Knight? Either way, a character without much personality and who doesn't speak might find it hard to interact with for other PCs, just so you know.
I got here from the interest check. I have a shred of interest, but this looks complicated.

My favorite Video Game is Pokémon, but I’m not sure who to play.

Hey there! It can sure seem like a lot at first, but what it comes down to is pretty simple. Once your sheet is accepted, we can get together about a place for your character to join up. You'll meet the rest of the cast in short order, be freed from Galeem's influence if you weren't already, and then be all set to get to know everyone and set out on adventure! And if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help.

Pokemon has a bunch of good characters, I'm kind of surprised that nobody actually ended up playing a trainer from that series yet, although some of our characters do have Pokemon with them. If you're not sure who to pick, your best bet might be someone with a strong personality that you think would be fun to play in all kinds of situations. The more they've got going for them, the more they'll be able to make of the other characters and world around them!
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