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Current I want to see things - that no one else can see
15 Aug 2016 2:36
I'll judge you with my Stand! 「Greased Lightning」!
2 Aug 2016 18:16
At maximum overbork
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7 Apr 2016 0:47
Are you tired of peel, peel, peeling potatoes? Stop!
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25 Mar 2016 2:36
You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach. Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time. The path is yours to climb.


I am currently managing Heroes of Beacon, a RWBY roleplay, and have managed several Dungeon Keepers roleplays in the past. I've only recently embarked on a new endeavor: a tournament RP with a unique combat system. Forgive me for melodrama as I say: I can't promise I'm a good man, but I'll do the best I can.

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@Hostile your guest character is extremely strong, what with the semiauto sniper rifle for a main gun, homing grenades, missiles that kill unarmored targets who can't avoid them, and the unbreakable armor lock, but I can forgive those because he's not a character that's meant to influence the competition. However, I am not okay with a total immunity to mental effects originating from 'willpower'. Remove that and I might approve him. If you never said 'somehow' again in a sheet or IC post, it would still be too soon.

@The Wild West I don't get the convenient piece of paper that explains what the Pot does in your recent post. Nobody else got something like that, and it doesn't really make sense IC. If you want Tyrant to know what it does, he has to figure it out. Either he loses a finger after sticking it in (if he's not too smart) or he experiments with dropping an object in. As for the height, considering that Tyrant is 16 feet tall, I can't imagine that a 2-foot urn would be no bigger than his hand unless his hands are 2-foot-long mitts.
After a fair bit of worrisome ambiguity, I have returned to the web from across the seas. Now that I can access the thread, I will start work on my next post. Some good stuff so far...keep it up!

Here's my Guest Character. I shall adjust if needed.

A bit too meta for my tastes. I'll mull it over further, but the chances aren't good.
@Lugubrious How is my guest NPC?

Oh, sorry for forgetting. The guy's really powerful, but also interesting, and I imagine you've already come up with a good use for him in your character's ongoing story. He's accepted, and can be put into the Characters tab.
<Snipped quote by Lugubrious>

No no I didn't mean more posts, just sort of...uh more substance I guess? I'm not sure how to explain myself, I suppose it just felt like the encounter was pointless. The soldiers just showed up and then went away, with barely any impact from encountering a carnivorous blob-demon.

Anyway I will get to posting soon, sorry I've been silent in the IC, wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do next.

It did foreshadow this morning's explosion, set up future events, and introduce the new faction, but I see what you mean.
Since you guys' fight hasn't continued for 6 days...Is someone yielding here? I know Rokku needs to post for Steve, but if you guys aren't going to actively finish each other and drag this on...I'm just letting you know that the survival match will continue for as long as either of you is still conscience lol. Or until enough participants yield. I've been reading it and it hasn't reached a point to where I would have a force-yield with GM judgement.

Oh no, I'm not yielding, just patiently waiting. Though slow progress may be mildly annoying, I have no problem with it continuing until it reaches a satisfying conclusion.
hmm, that last update post left me in a bit of an awkward situation.

@Lugubrious, would it be fine if i wrote in a bit about sitting down and all that rot, then skip to the morning? Or would it be perhaps possible for a collab to do all the doctor interaction thing before i write that morning part?

I was expecting that most characters would have a pre-night and morning section, actually, so that'd be fine. As for the doctor, he'll be helpful and unassuming, not very talkative, so feel free to take liberties with him.
@Lugubrious Before I forget to ask, how big would you say that the Pot of Greed actually is? Is it scaled to the relative size of Tyrant or is it just some human sized pot making it pretty small in his eyes.

The Pot is about the size of a classic urn, two feet tall and about as thick I think, making it a touch large for a human but pretty small for Tyrant.

You're going down! >:D

That's the spirit!
@Lugubrious Damn, I apologize for my far-too-long hiatus. To be completely honest, I had lost interest in writing the fight for Rose Cythla, mainly because there were only so many attack patterns I could write without either getting confusing or just outright repetitive (Dodge tentacle, slice. Dodge beam, slice. Dodge limb, slice). Also, not having much at stake (an NPC battle) didn't help much as well. But yeah, since I will actually be writing against another person this time around, I am certain that I'll finish it this time. But when I do write a post, do you want me to include the Cythla fight as a flashback, then continue on with the current events?

Including the end of the fight would be best, but if you're utterly disinterested in it, moving on would be best.
@Banana, I do not want to revive Stride for use as a guest character if I can help it. My preference would be to pull in someone else.

Out of the two people who nominated themselves as co-GMs, my choice is @Sentel.

@RoughDragon1, it's been almost a month since your hiatus began. You said that you'd finish your NPC battle, but that ended up not being the case. There's no better time to get back in the game, though, and I want to see you in action again.


@Lazo's Lade in White vs @Hostile's Gaben's Chosen in the Administrative Block

@GreenGoat's God Hand vs my Knight Sylvestre in the Residential District

@Banana's Fungal Knight vs @RoughDragon1's Blood Devil in the Port District

@ScreenAcne's Smiley vs @Deadnaut's Blackjack in the Commercial District

@Sentel's Sentinel vs @The Wild West's Tyrant in the Grassy Expanse

@Kapuchu's Inari vs @obliviousRoadie's Angry Dragon in the Industrial District

@Propro's Cereal Killer vs @BCTheEntity's Book Keeper in the Historical District

@DracoLunaris's Seraphim vs @FloodTalon's Sunspot in the Whispering Wood
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