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I am currently managing the Crucible, an extradimensional tournament with a unique combat system, and have managed several Dungeon Keepers roleplays in the past along with a RWBY RP I left in more capable hands. Forgive me for melodrama as I say: I can't promise I'm a good man, but I'll do the best I can.

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expect a post from me tomorrow. still here just...slow. and bad at writing.

No worries, man. Just glad to see it.
Though on the exciting cusp of beginning his first real operation alongside his team, Arthur stepped from the vehicle with a frown on his face. He would have liked to arrive sooner and meet or at least observe the Crues as a civilian, without attempting any confrontation or revealing his identity. Now, even if they remained in a single spot in preparation for their show, there was too much going on for any kind of interaction.

He turned his attention to Leonard, listening with rapt attention as he explained, with his characteristic eloquence, the purpose and power of those little cards of his. Possessing next to no knowledge of Free Bird or its ability, he gave the man a respectful nod as he shared a few details. Infohazard based on written, or perhaps drawn media that implants ideas into the viewer, he mused. If that guess reflected reality, Leonard harbored a capacity for subterfuge and manipulation limited only by his imagination, which was more than a little scary in the hands of a witty fellow. It essentially put him on the opposite end of the spectrum from Blue, whose ability seemed devoid of nuance but was incredibly effective in combat. Then again, Free Bird could just as easily be crazy strong in a fight; it was all luck of the draw.

After graciously receiving the results of Leonard's preparation, Arthur produced his own. In his hand the mustached strongman slung a leather satchel. He didn't bother opening it up, since its contents -a collection of normal everyday items- held no significance for the others. Yet, regardless of what lay inside -which changed between every mission that called for it- that bag held for him a crucial importance, a fondness even. Today it contained a couple toy animals, three pieces of mundane equipment, a plant, a bit of food, and a few other things. Were this the sort of venue that disallowed personal items, he might have encountered a spot of trouble, but nobody would begrudge a fellow bringing something like this into a theater.

In reply to Mieke, he breezily said, “If my timing's right, we have just aboot a half hour until the show starts. Chances are they're already backstage. If we tried to get 'em before the show, they might get spooked and make a break for it. Still, we could do that or attend the show and meet 'em after. However, we should take precautions.” He held up three fingers and let his experience speak for him. “We've got three users on our hands. If they're performers, I wouldn't be even the slightest bit surprised if one or more of their abilities worked through their show. Area of effect, audiohazard, infohazard, who knows? Take this Stand I met once, Clattanoia. Little table that can make miniatures of any building, and then the real one mimics things done to the miniatures. Soon as you step into the building, you're a target. Or Ape of Naples, with its rage aura that got stronger the more people saw it.“

“Furthermore, we can't rule out the chance that one can detect other users. The moment they step out onto stage, they could catch on to us and potentially escape.” Arthur stepped back and crossed his arms, tucking his bag under his arm as he did. “As such, at least one of us should stay out of the theater.” He noticed Hogan itching to be on his way, and gave a nod before glancing at the others. “Right, no time to lose. I'm sure Hogan knows he'll make a ruckus if he goes in the normal way, so if he wants to get in that bad, a side-entrance hopefully leading backstage is your best bet.” He turned to address the crocodile. “I'd be happy to join you again, Hogan.” Since that meant they wouldn't be in the audience, Mieke, Blue, and Leonard could all attend the show. If they got good seats, that would leave the Crue Brothers surrounded.

Location: Peach’s Castle – Throne Room

Hyped up from tossing his inferior self right out of the fight, Megadragonbowser let his taunt wash over the opposition. He had assumed intimidation on the heroes' parts, since after all he'd just made a fool of their biggest and burliest member, but his question was answered gratuitously. Ratchet shot first, imploring the tyrant to swallow whole the bomb now arcing his way. Had the Lombax not announced his attack, his position on the sidelines might very well have meant a free hit, his shout prompted Megadragonbowser to look his way. Before the bomb could strike him, he lashed out with a great claw and swiped it out of the way. ”HAH! MORON!” He raised his hand to attack, only then noticing the beeping contraption stuck to his talons. ”HUH?” Before he could respond, the proximity mine detonated. Its shockwave, so close to his head, left him dazed for a moment, unable to do anything but snarl wordlessly.

A smattering of small-arms fire struck him, barely noticeable, but he could not ignore what came next. A heavy bullet struck him, followed by a crimson beam of power, and then a second like the first. Roused by the pain, he shook his head and swung his arms to catch both the whirling mass of metal headed his way and the ape poised to pound him. Though strong, Deathtrap couldn't compare to the tyrant in terms of brute power, and neither could Donkey Kong. After a few seconds of grappling Megadragonbowser's iron grip closed around his prey. Letting instinct take over, he started to squeeze, but Blazermate's sentry broke his focus as it began to batter him with continuing fire. A guttural growl escaped the tyrant, and he opened his mouth to bathe DT in flame. Once the robot was covered, he hurled it as a blazing fireball at Blazermate's sentry and, given its creator's position behind it, her too. By then, Donkey Kong wasn't too far away from struggling free, so Megadragonbowser simply threw him over his shoulder after Bowser.

Some grenades, fired from a singed weirdo soaring through the air, exploded against Megadragonbowser's shell, doing little to harm him. He spared Junkrat a brief glance, deciding it would be too difficult to pursue him at the moment, before homing in on the much more obvious threat: Hat Kid. The little brat was mocking him! How dare that pipsqueak, that lowly insect, make light of him, a king!? ”PUNY SCUM! I'LL SMASH YOU FLAT!” More pistol fire hit him from the direction of the girl, the source being a unfamiliar man hiding behind the pillar the Hat Kid stood in front of. Megadragonbowser prepared to charge, but the world went dark in an explosion of pain.

”GRUUUUUUUH! he roared, reeling from the combined effect of Henry's critical hit and Michael's sniper round. Addled by agony and unassisted by his meager mind, the tyrant could only concentrate on the problem right before him. Seeking reprieve from the constant battery, he withdrew into his shell again and threw himself forward, spinning across the floor even faster than before. Mario, Zer0, Junkrat, Henry, Geno, Hat Kid, and Spyro had only a split second to react before the giant, spiked shell ran them over. Whether or not the little girl went two-dimensional, however, the pillar behind her remained. Megadragonbowser slammed into it with a momentous CRACK, the force obliterating the hardened stone and flipping the tyrant onto his back. Pieces of the column rained down as Megadragonbowser struggled feebly, totally stunned for a few seconds.

Tora and Poppi

Level 3 Tora - (17/30) EXP and Level 1 Poppi - (6/10) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle – Throne Room
Word Count: 574

After getting thrown off, Tora got to watch the smorgasbord of attacks that awaited Megadragonbowser the moment he unveiled himself and got done with Bowser Actual. While he didn't think any did crippling damage -this bozo could take a lot of punishment!- the fusillade kept him from getting any attack started for a little while. The only payback the tyrant managed was to wad DT up, blanket him in fire, and send him hurtling toward Blazermate's encampment. Tora saw his chance to act, and took off running.

Poppi blasted after him, picking him up to carry as she identified his target. With her help, the Nopon got in the way in time, and delivered to the flying machine a shield bash from below to change his trajectory. Blazermate and her turret were no longer in danger, and with his momentum running out and the flames almost shed, DT would have the chance to recover midair with non-critical injuries and rejoin the fight. I did it! Tora wanted to cry in adulation, but his heart was pounding too hard. How did he do it, anyway? It was as if his body moved on his own. He turned back toward the tyrant, watching a few more attacks land before Megadragonbowser lost his temper completely and went to pulverize Hat Kid. “Oh, no!” Once more Tora and Poppi started to move, the latter grabbing the former for a rocket ride as before. The onslaught by Henry and Michael delayed their foe's assault by just a moment, but even still, Tora knew that he wouldn't get there in time. “Poppi, let go of Tora!” he yelled, “Get close and use Level Two on friends!”

A pained expression crossed the blade's face, but she nodded. “Okay.” If they were to stop their allies getting creamed, they needed all the speed they could get. She dropped Tora, who tossed her the drill shield as he fell, and rocketed closer to the allies closest to Megadragonbowser's incoming brutality. Her power flowed through the weapon, and its drill bit extended to rotate at incredibly high speed. “Noponic Storm!” A whirlwind of air surged forward to push Spyro, Henry, Geno, and Junkrat out of the way. The others, farther back, would have to dodge on their own.

What happened next, Tora did not expect. The force with which Bowser struck the sturdy pillar knocked him right over, leaving him completely open to attack. Thinking back, Franklin had taken cover behind it -though that meant he'd have to dodge raining chunks now- and the little girl stood in front of it to taunt their foe. The Nopon wondered if they'd planned it, but he had no time for amazement. He jogged toward where the fallen king lay. While starting to run out of breath, he knew an opportunity where he saw it. Poppi landed behind him and passed him the shield, and after taking it the Nopon went to town.

He whacked Megadragonbowser again and again, pausing only to execute a Big Boost or Spinning Cutter. His shield's drill bit screamed and its thrusters flared, sending up smoke while little bits of scale rained down. Standing by, Poppi continued to channel ether into him. While the others would no doubt be taking the chance to punish their adversary severely, Tora thought to build up his resources for the next stage of the fight. Whatever came his way, Megadragonbowser wouldn't be going down so easily.
By some miracle, the attacks of the Margrave's allies met their mark, scoring a few crucial hits on the turncoat and diminishing his assets considerably. Then again, it wasn't just 'some' miracle—it was the indomitable innovative spirit of the Margrave himself, that oh-so-stupid power of his allowing him to wallop his foe with an inexplicable brick wall and open Protean up for attack. If they could just hold on to their momentum, they could gouge away enough of his mass to render him mostly harmless, but to assume themselves out of the danger zone just yet would be an error of elephantine proportions.

The other Wards knew it, and pressed the attack. Tulpa's projection recuperated from its grievous wound and pressed on, hemming Protean in when Messiah powered it up. At some point both Tiger Lily and Mastar disappeared, but the keen eyes and razor wit of the Margrave allowed him to discern mucky imprints on the floor and shifted ceiling bits that hinted where the latter might be hiding. Not completely banal, he mused. This newbie might not be a waste of time after all. His leader's shout cut in on his observation, pulling him back into the fight. While thinking, the Margrave had been fiddling around in his pockets, looking for whatever he could find. Melee wasn't an option, since he wouldn't survive proximity to the projection or Messiah's attacks. Caltrops would do nothing. No cars today, which was a shame since cars were problem-solvers to say the least, but his fingers closed around something else.

He produced a couple of tiny plastic minifig tools, including hammers and wrenches. Growing them one by one, he hurled them at Protean. His aim left a little to be desired, and compared to bullets (hello again, Lily) and energy beams they lacked in stopping power too, but doggone it, he was doing what he could.
Level 6 || Day 3 || Ragnarok
@Dawnrider @Zarkun @Tenma Tendo @Holy Soldier @DracoLunaris
WC: 244 Experience: 47/60

While some of the exposition offered to him seemed about as standard fair as one could expect from the bizarre circumstances Slayer now found himself facing, Naija stopped making sense as soon as she mentioned a bag and it only went downhill from there. ”Pixels?” Bemused, the gentleman removed his monocle and glanced for a moment at his own reflection in its surface. Austere, dignified, suave, stylish—just the same as ever. How preposterous. He managed a chuckle, and joked, ”What a twist!” More or less satisfied in terms of briefing, Slayer settled in for the ride.

His iron constitution could take a lot of punishment, but the unfamiliar sensation of moving at high speed while in place left him queasy in a way Slayer couldn't describe. As ever, though, he powered through, and focused on the task at hand. Rather, since there wasn't anything he could do in terms of space flight and operating the Ragnarok's weapons best suited those actually trained for it, he focused on remaining alert for any change in the situation. ”My, my,” he mused, amused. ”Here I was, thinking I'd seen all the world had to offer, and a day like this comes along. Boggles the imagination, just about.” Despite his genial, casual tone, the vampire spoke from the heart; never in a million years would he have anticipated being stuffed into a metal box and fired, a living bullet, from a weapon the side of a fishing skiff.

Location: Peach’s Castle – Throne Room

The heroes launched into action, scattering to the left and right to avoid the falling flame and ready themselves to attack. Megadragonbowser's former adversary threw open the valves of his F.L.U.D.D., dousing flame as he ascended toward he dangling cages. As much as the tyrant reviled him, he had beaten the red-capped menace once before and could do it again, so he paid Mario no special attention. The plumber received aid in fire-management from Din, whose rod rolled out a chilling carpet of cold to quench the flame blanketing the floor, and Blazermate, who somehow managed to delete a few fireballs before they splattered on the tile. Not really caring about his hazards, he ignored them in favor of his more direct assailants..

Jetting through the vast throne room's open air, Geno let loose beam after beam at Megadragonbowser, none particularly powerful or targeted. In a very literal fashion the tyrant shrugged them off, his searing shell unfazed. He cast an irritated glance as the Courier spoke to him, wondering why 6 bothered talking when his team was already attacking him. To the tyrant's surprise, however, the drug-addled blowhard proceeded to open fire on a few of his teammates, landing direct shots as they went about their business not threatening him. ”WHATEVER, PIPSQUEAK. STAY OUT OF MY WAY AND DON'T BOTHER CRYIN' TO ME IF YA GET PULVER-UGH!”

The distraction had allowed Henry free rein to dial in his aim and unleash a torrent of dark magic upon him. Ruin after Ruin burst against his face, the one part of his body his stance left exposed. Though more irritated than truly hurt, he lifted his head out of the noxious cloud far enough to leave the slimmest of openings, and the team's emote-happy sharpshooter took advantage of the fleeting chance. Zer0 plugged the Courier with as many bullets as his rifle's fire rate would allow, each shot increasing in strength as it non-lethally penetrated him, then striking Megadragonbowser in the upper chest. ”BAH!” he bellowed at the lances of pain, but the bullets did not trouble him for long. While B0re made them bypass his tough scales, which even for normal Bowser did well enough against gunfire, the rounds themselves were destroyed a moment after entering his blazing-hot insides.

Still, the attack hurt, and the tyrant's temper flared. Behind him, thanks to Din's magic, a number of Piranha plants burst through the tile as they grew, but Megadragonbowser didn't give them the chance to nip at his exposed tail. With a wordless bellow, the tyrant reeled back before launching himself forward, retreating into his shell as he did. Like a giant, killer hockey puck, he whirled down middle of the grand throne room, smashing anyone foolish enough to remain in his way. He continued to spin blindly until he struck the hall's great doors, blowing them apart in a shower of timber and coming to an abrupt stop. For a second or two the whole castle seemed to rattle, except for the four super solid-looking black stone pillars holding the ceiling up. Then, the Tyrant popped from his shell once again.

Tora and Poppi

Level 3 Tora - (15/30) EXP and Level 1 Poppi - (4/10) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle – Throne Room
Word Count: 579

When battle erupted, Tora knew where to go. Whatever her misgivings from before, Poppi followed right on his heels as the Nopon rushed straight through the flame toward Megadragonbowser, shield at the ready. This brought the pair alongside the Courier, though despite his proximity 6 opted not to select Tora for his display of betrayal. While Tora knew that the teamshooting was for the sake of some gambit, like that failed attempt on the bridge, the knowledge did not render 6's lead harmless. “What is druggipon doing!?” he exclaimed, appalled. “How can possibly hurt those supposed to be friends!?”

Full of anger and dismay, he missed the clear signs that Megadragonbowser was just about to turn him and the Courier into a couple of stains. Saying, “Masterpon, pay attention! Banter come after victory,” she reached forward, grabbed Tora in both hands, and blasted off. The pair soared above the tyrant as he careened across the floor; the Courier, no doubt, eluded an unceremonious death as well.

Tora grumbled to himself, but he knew Poppi was right. He needed to focus on what lay ahead of him. If he'd been ready, he reasoned, he might have been able to block the attack and keep his allies from having to spend time dodging they'd otherwise be able to use attacking. Still held aloft like a fuzzy exercise ball, Tora waited for Megadragonbowser to hit the wall and open himself up for attack once again, since it looked pretty impossible to hurt him while withdrawn into his shell. While biding in time, he was surprised to see a couple cages hurl down around him, and looked up. Mario, Ratchet, Gaige's Deathtrap, Hat Kid and Blazermate were working to finish what Bowser's rabbid striker started before the tyrant's fireball put a temporary end to him. Their collective efforts, particularly the surprise laser blast from the little girl's umbrella, sent the cages plunging to the floor one after another, their captives healed enough to survive the impact. Donkey Kong, Banjo & Kazooie, and Fancy Pants were the first freed, leaving the Kid and Spyro still held on high. However, none were fit to fight. If these heroes were to battle alongside the heroes, more recovery and persuasion would be needed—or, to solve the problem outright, a Friend Heart apiece.

“Distraction needed,” Tora remarked, noting that the former captives would be sitting ducks until brought to their senses. At the front of the throne room, Megadragonbowser had come to a stop, so it was time to act. Craning his non-neck as best he could, he called, “Poppi, it showtime! Super big throw!”

The artificial blade nodded. “Roger, roger!” Shifting her grip, she grasped Tora by his free wing and began to spin. After a couple whirls she let him loose and started channeling energy into his drill shield. From the three nodes on its back-outer edge, miniature boosters popped out, and the drill extended from its front. For the first time, the oversized bit began to spin, and its rotation plus the boosters' thrust sent Tora flying even faster. Megadragonbowser lifted his hand to intercept, and the weaponized Nopon struck his hand dead-on, the drill causing sparks to fly as attempted to pierce the tough scales. After a second the lumbering tyrant closed his claws, grasped the edges of the shield, and threw his assailant off. Tora hurtled through the air and bounced when he hit the ground, landing on his feet after the second bounce. After shaking his head to clear the stars from his eyes, Tora reset his shield and prepared to defend.
So with the collab post, Din reaches lvl 3 and I'm thinking of giving her another power:

Spell of Spring - Din swings the Rod of Seasons, enticing vegetation in the targeted patch of terrain to grow. This can be used to create physical barriers of wood and vine, or temporarily bind foes in place with grass and roots.

Looks good to me, though the wording makes it sound more limited than a Power can be. It could easily be rephrased a touch to say something along the lines of, "Din is able to use the Rod of Seasons to grow vegetation in areas she targets with it, allowing her to grow plants for defense -like wooden barriers or thorny snares- or offense -like binding roots or lashing vines-"

If people are crossing the bridge into the castle Junpei's going to go for them, we should remember to take that into account.

Actually the baseline behavior of those under Galeem's influence -to retaliate against any attacker without restraint- would be stronger in this case, so as long as he's fighting Minako he won't attack others not in his fight; plus, keep in mind that most of the fights are occurring simultaneously.
As promised (or perhaps a few minutes later than promised) the Saturday update is live, and the first boss battle has begun! I'm eager to get into the action, so I hope you're ready!
Into the Castle

Level 3 Tora - (11/30) EXP and Level 3 Bowser - (24/30) EXP
Location: Peach’s Castle

As fierce fighting erupted across the great bridge and beyond, some of heroes could only stand back and watch events unfold. Though a great desire to help one’s comrades persisted, the balance of power needed to be considered; too much help and the chance of killing one of the heroes’ influenced friends rose dramatically. To say that those who elected not to engage stood idly by, however, would be to tell a lie. Projectiles flew in every direction, heavy impacts made the white bridge shudder, and more than once a particularly devastating attack blew apart the masonry to expose the moat below.

Furious as the battles were, most turned out brief. In the span of a handful of minutes, Zer0, the Courier, Hat Kid, Tora, Mario, Blazermate, Roadhog, and Geno managed to put a stop to the puppetry of six out of eight of the entity’s summoned foes, with only Crank reduced to a spirit. That left only a couple fights ongoing, and with them engaged, the path into Peach’s Castle stood devoid of obstruction.

The Master of Masters, having wisely chosen not to involve himself in any of the fights to avoid interrupting what he took to be personal matters, appeared by a zoned out Bowser with a cheery-looking Kirby under one arm. “Hey, fearless leader,” he said, voice raised to be heard over the din. “Most people are standin’ around, but we’ve got a clear shot inside. Why don’t you rally the troops and lead the charge into the Castle?”

“HUH? WHAT? DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” the king responded as his focus came back to reality after having spent most of the battle thinking of insults he’d hurl in the face of the fake him waiting for them in the throne room. He glanced down at the Master of Masters and insisted that: “I WASN'T HIDING BEHIND THIS BLOCK” before poking his snout out from behind it to inspect the calming battlefield. Evidently pleased with what he saw Bowser extracted himself from his hiding spot and immediately set about claiming credit for their victory.


As he set foot on the bridge he passed by the pile of items his Strikers had abandoned. With a snap of his fingers he summoned the trio, then stabbed finger towards the loot followed by jerking a thumb towards his back. His minions obeyed his wordless instructions and had, by the time he kicked open the front doors with a well practiced kick, taken up positions manning the spiky batments of his shell, ready to add supplementary firepower to their bosses devastating entrance to peach’s castle.


The Koopa received a chorus of panicked screams as red-eyed toads scurried across the entrance hall, running widly and more than a little comically without any rhyme or reason. They might have been lined up in orderly ranks along the hall’s edges as a sort of show of power, but Bowser’s dynamic entry devastated the little folks’ discipline. Momentarily taken aback, the Master of Masters shook his head after a moment, cracking up. Kirby looked like he wanted to join in the fun, but he remained complacent under his carrier’s arm. “Well, these little dudes might be losing their heads, but we’ve got a score to settle, huh? Nothing to do but wade through them.”

“YEAH, MOST TOADS ARE TOTAL PUSHOVERS” commented bowser as he enjoyed getting exactly the reception he felt he deserved.

Behind the pair, Tora entered the hall alongside Poppi. The frenetic scene provoked a look of alarm from the both of them, but since neither Bowser nor the Master of Masters seemed concerned, they followed with a touch of caution. “Mushroomypon very easy to startle,” Tora remarked, glancing at his Blade. She said nothing, but gave him a nod. On second thought, he was surprised she could hear him over this absolute racket, but he wondered why she seemed distant. After all, they were together again. Wasn’t it a time of celebration?

In short order the party crossed the tumultuous but harmless entrance hall, and barged through the big, ornate doors on the other side. Within lay a giant, opulent room, with checkered black-and-white floors, luxurious red carpet, and decorative pillars. At the far end, at the top of a flight of stairs, loomed a gigantic black throne, and atop it sat Megadragonbowser.

”HEY THERE, LOSERS!” he bellowed instantly, before everyone had even entered. ”CHECK IT OUT, SOLVED MY PEST PROBLEM” With a razor-sharp claw he pointed up at the ceiling, indicating a couple of cages that dangled from it on chains. Inside were various faces, a few familiar and a few not. Among them were Spyro and Donkey Kong, both badly injured and unconscious, as well as a brown-haired kid in a red cape, a strange animal duo, and a very thin, blank-faced guy with bright orange pants. Megadragonbowser guffawed. ”BAHAHAHAHAH! IF YOU’RE LUCKY, YOU’LL BE UP THERE WITH ‘EM IN A FEW MINUTES. THE REST OF YOU CAN REPAINT THE CARPET!” For the first time, he looked at the heroes a little closer. His baleful eyes narrowed. ”HUH? I DON’T REMEMBER THERE BEING SO MANY OF YOU. OH WELL...THE MORE THE MERRIER!”

At the head of the army of heroes bowser growled at the sight of his doppelganger. He prepared to deliver a verbal retort to Megadragonbowser’s insults at the gate, but paused just before doing so with a smug look on his face.


On his back the two hammer bros dropped what they were doing and join hands to give the rabbid healer a double boost, hurling him up into the rafters with another team jump. Heel grabbed the chain of donkey kong's cage with one hand while waving the fusion cutter around in the other. A burst of healing pulsed through the roof space as Heel set to work making mince meat of the metal bars trapping the four captive heros, laughing maniacally as he did so.


The ground shook as Megadragonbowser dismounted his throne. ”YOU SAID IT!” He began to inhale, pulling in a vast amount of air and mixing it with the roiling flames deep inside him. Even if the heroes mobilized immediately, he was too quick; at the end of five seconds the tyrant released a brilliant ball of condensed orange fire that shot upward and exploded against the ceiling. It exploded, not with force, but with a massive amount of flame that covered the cages and rained down across the hall, setting everything that could be alight. In the span of a few seconds, the throne room had become a blazing hellscape. Everyone present would have to deal with the widespread flame.

Chuckling, Megadragonbowser hunkered down just above the ground, his arms and energized shell affording him complete protection, and he beat his fists against the tile. Pressure radiated from him, though not nearly the paralyzing force experienced earlier, as though it was an ability he could turn on and off. ”ALRIGHT, SMALL FRY. LET’S GET COOKING!”

A boss fight has begun. For those involved in the fight, and for the entirety of the fight, tensions and stakes are high--but so are the rewards. It would be reasonable to expect two GM updates a week, meaning if you get into the thick of it but then aren’t able to keep up, Prompt Fails may result. However, rewards are accelerated also:

EXP earned for posting during a boss fight is as follows: <300 words is 1 point, 300-600 is 2 points, and 600+ is 3 points.

Objective: Defeat the Tyrant in Orange, Megadragonbowser
Bonus Objectives: Save, heal, and free captive heroes to even the odds

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