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Current GM of World of Light. When it comes to writing, there's nothing I love more than imagination, engagement, and commitment. I'm always open to talk, suggestion, criticism, and collaboration. While I try to be as obliging, helpful, and courteous as possible, I have very little sympathy for ghosts, and anyone who'd like to string me along. Straightforwardness is all I ask for.

Looking for more personal details? I'm just some dude from the American south; software development is my job but games, writing, and helping others enjoy life are great joys. Been RPing for over a decade, so I know a thing or two, though I won't pretend to be an expert. Ready for some fun? Let's make something spectacular together.

Like my words? Maybe you'll like my pictures. I'm pretty new, but I hear the exchange rate's good.

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It's been some time, and I'm grateful for the three applications so far, but it looks a number of the others have ghosted. I confess I'm wondering how I should go about this.
Tora & Poppi

Level 8 Tora (15/80) and Level 7 Poppi (61/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky – Shadow of Vah Naboris
Primrose's @Yankee, Fox's @Dawnrider, Sectonia's @Archmage MC Midna's @DracoLunaris
Word Count: 836

The assembled heroes rested for a few moments, working to calm down their spiking heart rates. Nearly getting lightning-blasted might have bid the average adventurer to steer clear, but more than a few of the Yellow Team members were already thinking of paying their attacker back. Midna voiced her anger the loudest, apparently hurt by the flash of light, but Joker felt pretty similarly. He might have been fine putting the 'walking temple' in Morgana's rear-view mirror before, but now that he and his team nearly got fried by its potshot, he felt like taking it down.

Primrose established a little more of her character as well as her role in the mental space of the team by providing a voice of reason. The camel definitely seemed to act in self-defense, and it being an elaborate tank with a pilot tucked away somewhere made definite sense. And everyone did need to get a move on given the sheer distance the team needed to cover. But Joker could feel the general mood, and everyone wanted to teach that ancient mecha a thing or two. “It's not that big,” he reasoned as the team piled out. They lined up facing Vah Naboris, with Sectonia and the Courier overhead, sizing it up. “We can clear it out in a few minutes, probably.”

When Sectonia declared her intent to go and asked for volunteers, Joker obliged. Tora and Poppi also invited themselves on the condition that they follow behind Sectonia, who seemed to have a plan in mind. The rest got back into the car or fanned out at Fox's prompting, poised to use the opportunity the queen provided to get beneath the divine beast and disable it.

Joker watched the Morgana-car rev up and turn back toward the camel. Go time. He prepared his grappling hook and latched onto the oversized wasp's stinger when she took off, trailing behind her as she flew. While quick and stylish transportation, this also meant that in the case of a direct lightning bolt, his hook's cord wouldn't transmit the shock. Despite this knowledge he couldn't help but feel a little uneasy when the queen got into range and Vah Naboris started charging again. But Sectonia came prepared, and she cast her own thunderbolt to divert the camel's away from her. The blast went wide, but close, so close that Joker could smell the ozone and feel its heat on his eyes. Still, the queen bore him and Midna safely inside its hump.

He released his hook and landed on polished stone, and a moment later Poppi alighted beside him. With thrusters on her back now and a slender chassis now she could only carry her Masterpon like a beach ball, but Tora shouldered the humiliation. He quickly forgot about it as his dazzled eyes took in all the machinery within the divine beast. “ cool!”

Midna thought so too, at least as far as a certain symbol was concerned. The systems and inscriptions in here apparently struck her as familiar enough that she said she could do something with them. Tora couldn't say what that meant exactly, but since she started studying straightaway, he figured she would need some time. That meant that it fell to the others to keep her safe. But safe from what? Now that Tora thought about it, there didn't seem to be any security. “No defenses on beastypon inside? It Tora lucky day!”

“Not quite,” a commanding voice rang out from behind them. Tora and Poppi turned to see a towering woman sauntering the heroes' way, a magnificent sword and shield in hand. Behind her floated a strange creature with similar weapons that glowed a bright blue. Tora's eyes went wide, but he knew better than to stop and stare, Instead he bid Poppi switch to QT mode and readied his Mech Arms. “To challenge Vah Naboris is to challenge me. I am Urbosa, and as a champion of Hyrule, I will show evil no mercy!” She held out her scimitar, and the thunderblight behind her spiraled forward. It hurtled at Sectonia with a shield bash, then swung its hooked blade to try and chop through her narrow waist.

Joker pulled his pistol and fired several times. His rounds rang off Urbosa's shield as she ran forward. He dipped to the left just in time to avoid a deadly slash, then vaulted over Tora as he came in to block her second swing. With a grunt he grappled away, zipping past where Sectonia and the thunderblight tangled to safety on a higher platform.

Meanwhile, the Morgana-car wove between the great camel's legs. Unfortunately the divine beast could target beneath itself quite well, but a little panicked swerving went a long way. While Skull took the wheel, Panther called upon her own Persona. “Dance, Carmen!” she called, manifesting a woman in red atop the car to hurl fireballs at the hooves of Vah Naboris. Panther joined in on the fun herself, peppering the nearest leg with submachine gun fire.

Edge of the Blue – Seaward Bay

Ace Cadet's @Yankee, Sakura's @Zoey Boey, Link's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Junior and Kamek's @DracoLunaris, Hat Kid's @Dawnrider, Geralt's @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN, Isabelle's @Eviledd1984

Consenting to observe the 'street fight' along with Sakura, although not nearly as pumped. The pugilists in question certainly made for an odd pair, one a too-pretty, almost doll-like girl wielding some sort of electricity and the other a clown who might as well have been sculpted from clay. While both noticed the sudden jump in spectatorship, between the two the clown seemed to appreciate it far more. For whatever reason his paradoxically dour features lit up at Sakura's cheering, while his opponent ignored it. From that moment onward, however, the clown fought with renewed vigor. He busted out move after tricky move, gradually overwhelming the more traditional fighting style of his foe. By the time the fishing trawler went by he'd turned the fight around, and pushed his advantage with a leering grin on his face.

Sakura could move around the perimeter of Shippy and up to the steersman's platform to continue spectating, but Peach didn't move on. Instead she raised an eyebrow at Kamek's suggestion. “An intriguing prospect. From what we've seen so far, the boss spirits are serious business. They command great power and cannot be broken, after all. Given what that lady in black said, as well as the two so far, I'd expect it to be a huge monster, so I don't believe I'll be baiting any lines just yet.”

Still, when the Cadet offered her a rod, she accepted it without complaint. Turned him down would be impolite if not joy-killing, after all; even with a changed mind, Peach had an eye for these things. She watched as Junior attempted spear-fishing, which from the height of a ship's deck and the strength of a tyke's arm didn't pan out too well. The Cadet tried a different method too, but his net worked wonders on the passing shoal, hauling up an impressive batch of flopping black bass. Even Isabelle got in on the fun, quickly showing that even a desk-sitting secretary could have some serious fishing chops. “Wow. Amazing.” Peach complimented her, a little worried that her tone was too flat to be taken as genuine.

A few minutes of fishing went by before the shoal petered out completely, leaving Brineybeard's passengers with little to do save watch their destination grow closer. Bit by bit they could make out more details: the seastack foundations, the cloud-white masonry, the banners in the breeze, the townsfolk hustling and bustling across bridges and walkways. In fairly short order they found themselves in the shadow of the city on the water, Limsa Lominscuttle Town, with an energizing song reaching out across the waters.

Brineybeard cruised in to a dock, albeit one barren of dock workers and utterly devoid of other ships. Having a living vessel made docking easy, so the captain himself mostly walked to and fro across the deck. “Well, here she be! Good ol' Limsa. A livelier place ye'll ne'er find, mateys.” He eyed the passengers. “So, which one of ye caught the most fish? Wouldn't mind keepin' a few fer me dinner tonight, seein' as I hauled ye fer free 'n all.”

Peach said nothing for a moment, wondering what she ought to do. While getting familiar with the town couldn't hurt, the ultimate goal was to call forth the Maw. No matter who would be going aboard, that apparently meant having enough people around who wanted it. How strange. At the very least, she guessed that she should meet with Limsa's leaders. They should know how to proceed. “Captain, who's in charge here? Is there a...a mayor?”

“That'd be Admiral Merlwyb Blue..uh, Bloefhiswyn,” Brineybeard replied, his pronunciation less than dependable. “Still got me a sour spot fer that ol' screw after she cracked down on piratin'. She ain't the least bit flexible...”

“Good,” Peach cut him off. “Where is she?”

Brineybeard gave a grunt and shrugged, uninterested. “Dunno. Got an office somewhere, but I ain't gone by. Now if ye'll 'scuse me.” He hobbled off in a huff.

Frowning, Peach looked out across the sea and spotted a pair of incoming shapes zipping across the water. “What are those?”

Although Brineybeard stopped to take a look, the expression on his face made it clear he regretted it. “The new navy,” he grumbled before disappearing inside the cabin.

Peach watched, intrigued, as the incoming 'ships' drew nearer. As far as she could tell they looked an awful lot more like people than boats, but people couldn't skim across the surface of the ocean like that. Something buzzed over Shippy, and the princess looked up just in time to catch sight of a tiny green plane the size of a bird. The newcomers eventually swept into port, gliding up to the docks and stepping on with practiced ease. Fascinated, Peach walked down the ramp, waving to them. “Hey!”

Both looked her way. While definitely humans, and both girls, they possessed odd-looking attachments that did look like ship parts. The green-haired one waved back. “Oh, hello.”

Peach came to a stop and crossed her arms. “If you don't mind answering me, how did you do that? What are those parts?”

The girl's eyebrows rose. “Huh!? Oh, I'm sorry. You must be new here.” She smiled, giving a bow. The miniature green plane flew in and landed on one of her runways before it folded up. “We're ships. HMS Shropshire, at your service. And this is...”

“USS Northampton,” the sporty-looking one said, her voice low.

Now what Brineybeard said, as well as the utter lack of boats around this seabound city, was starting to make sense. Peach also felt like she understood his attitude a bit better. If piracy was outlawed and traditional ships sailed no more, his entire way of life had either been regulated or antiquated. “I see!” she told the ships. “Nice to meet you. Maybe you could tell us about this city?”

“Oh, sure! You go ahead, North.” Without a word the green-haired ship's serious counterpart left. Shropshire raised her fingers and started counting off. “Well, up ahead is Mealvaan's Gate, which is customs and stuff, then the Arcanists' Guild, and Mimic's Workshop. Then Hawker's Alley, where they sell everything you could ever want. After that the whole place is split between the lower decks and upper decks. On the lower decks, there's Bulkwark Hall, where you can ride lifts to the Admiral's office, the Drowning Wench tavern, Sky's Hatchery, and the Airship Deck. Lower decks also has Fisherman's Bottom, but...that place really reeks. Upper decks has Seventh Sage imports, which are to die for. Oh, Bismarck! A restaurant with super-yummy food. There's also the Coral Tower, which is for the guard, Maelstrom command, where we ships report for missions, the Smiths' Guild'...and...uh...” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “'Missing Member'. It's another tavern,” she giggled. “Um, I'm sorry, I went on a bit there. Anything else?”

Peach shook her head, hoping her teammates got all they needed to from that. “No, thank you, that was great. Take care.”

“You too!” Shropshire hurried off after her teammate.

Turning to the others, Peach asked, “Thoughts, everyone? Or if you've already got an idea, go ahead and go, I guess.”

Dead Zone – Hell-bent City

Blazermate's @Archmage MC, Banjo & Kazooie's @Dawnrider, Linkle's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Bowser's @DracoLunaris

Water jets blasted and tentacles whipped, felling lerks and knocking back the speediest Flood. With a transformed, hydro-powered Bowser in the vanguard clearing the road, the shockdozer pulled away from its pursuers cleanly to accelerate down the slope. Unfortunately, that meant leaving their newly-strengthened bruiser behind. In the mean time, Jak more or less commandeered control of the vehicle from Blazermate, and the Medabot flew out both to lighten the load and attend to Bowser. Getting airborne gave her a good view of the incoming bomber, however, and she recognized it as serious trouble straightaway. Jak steered around the bulging gas sacs as best he could, but he possessed very little room to work with as the path got narrower and narrower. Before long he hit one, and the living mine dutifully ruptured in a burst of foul-smelling smog that would have sent the shockdozer spiralling toward the lava if it weren't so heavy.

A shriek echoed out from above. Anyone looking up in the direction of the Flood bomber could spot a ghostly figure emerge from above the cliff and dive down. Jak and Daxter would recognize the specter as one fought back in the Police Station alongside Jones and that helmet-wearing dog Caesar: a wraith. Yet something wasn't quite right. Its cloak wasn't blue but red—plaid, in fact, and two empty sleeves fluttered behind it. Brown hair spilled from the hood to flutter in the wind as she dove. Instead of flying for the shockdozer, however, the wraith swooped toward the bomber. She sank a twisted cleaver into its flesh as she passed and pulled, ripping it open. Wailing, the Flood abomination deflated like a blimp, drifting downward toward the molten rock far below.

A moment later, the ramp bottomed out, and the shockdozer hit the air. For a heart-clenching moment the mammoth of a vehicle sailed through open air. Then it slammed down hard on the opposite side of the chasm, hard enough to rattle bones and stun its passengers. On the opposite side the Flood washed up against the edge, a few unlucky wretches tumbling over, and a number of them jumping for it. Although the combat forms jumped disconcertingly far, none could latch onto and climb the sheer stone wall like Bowser did. With a hearty exhale the koopa king pulled himself up with everyone else, and Blazermate touched down a moment later.

Then the wraith appeared. She rose upward from below the cliff, cleavers in hand. ”Wait!” came her voice, an ethereal whisper. She dropped her weapons on the ground with a resounding clatter. ”Friendly.”. She pulled at her hood, and when the light fell within the heroes could see a face some would find familiar. It belonged to Tess, the woman sliced in half at the police station. A little embarrassed by her new appearance, she cleared her throat and let her hood shroud her face again. ”I was floating around for a while, but I heard the commotion just now. I was afraid you'd think I was a monster, but I saw the chance to help. Dead or not, I'm gonna keep fighting to keep people safe.”

At that moment a crack rang out, and the ground beneath everyone lurched. Maybe the shockdozer landed a little too hard. Tess grabbed her cleavers before flying upward toward solid ground in the form of the remaining half of a street. “Hurry!” she called. The street led south, in the rough direction of the Qliphoth root, although some sort of fleshy mountain stood in the way a couple blocks down the road.

Dead Zone – Super Gore Nest

Doom Slayer's @Eviledd1984

Nero yanked his sword free from the disintegrating corpse of a Red Arremer and pulled off a Shuffle to dip backward out of the claw swipe of a Penance fighter. He slid forward again with a rising slash, then transitioned into a Streak that sent the foul thing flying away in quarters. In front of him, two Penance attacked Nadia at once, but the Feral deftly dropped into a split before rotating her torso to slice both across the gut with her new scythe, then switched it to spear mode to impale both the fighter on the right and the runner behind it. The remaining fighter swiped at her again and knocked off her head, only for the detached head to fly up and chomp into its eyestalk. “Bleh!” she spat as the demon writhed, watching her body get up to execute a revolving kick and take the eyestalk off fully.

Her head fell into her waiting hands and she popped it back on. “Geez, these things are gross!” A Penance ranger flew in from the hallway only for Nero and Raidou to plug it right in the eye at the same time, standing back to back. “Ooh, cool!” Nadia remarked, grinning, but the arrival of more Penance made her sigh. “Jeez, these things just keep coming! Is this flesh hive spawning 'em or something?”

Nero didn't answer. Instead he yanked an incoming fighter toward the group with Wire Snatch, allowing Raidou and Nadia to dispatch it with a slash each. Behind them came a beep, and they turned to see both lights on for the generator. “Slayer did his thing. Want to get that, Fortune?” Wasting no time, Nadia climbed through the broken window and jumped onto the generator catwalk. Once she pulled the big lever the core started power up immediately. Lights grew brighter, machinery began to spin, and the grotesque heart clinging to the device started to wriggle. Getting a bad feeling, Nadia turned to jump back out. The heart flexed and shuddered, twisting in silent pain, until the rising storm blew it apart in a harrowing shower of viscera.

Nadia yowled, narrowly avoiding getting splattered, as she clambered back into the control room. “Holy hell! Can't a girl cat-ch a break?” She grinned hopefully at Nero and Raidou, but neither laughed. Her face fell. “Aww, come on.”

Raidou blinked. “Er. It was good,” he tried to reassure her, his voice less than convincing.

All around them, the matter composing the gore nest was breaking down. In a nearby hallway, a chunk of flesh fell down to expose the second Sentinel crystal. Nero, however, was more concerned with the warnings scrolling across the various screens. “Uh, guys?” He motioned his head toward the big monitor. It read MELTDOWN IMMINENT. “Maybe we ought to get going.”

An explosion shook the facility, and the three took to their heels.
so my work hours have just gone back up to pre-covid levels without any kind of forewarning, so i won't be picking this up after all. Sorry bout that

I see. No worries.
Kirsty Ramaswamy

Kirsty stood there dumbly as the Raven ran out into the fight, looking at the object pressed into her hand. A knife? It looked more like a machete, but a tiny one. The sound of running feet to her left took her attention from the weapon, and for a moment she dreaded having to actually use it. When she looked, however, she saw only Alina, speedwalking away from the action as fast as her stride could take her. Oh, right. She felt guilty about it, but with everything that happened she forgot Alina was around. She hadn't actually said or done anything the entire time. After the guilt came embarrassment that Alina -and Liam too, actually- witnessed the entire exchange. As much as the didn't want to see what the shadow showed and hear what the shadow said, having those secrets come out in respectable company felt like a punch in the gut. She couldn't imagine what the two might think of her now. If we live through this somehow, she thought, Maybe I can convince them to not tell anyone. Or maybe prove the other me wrong.

Before that could happen, of course, she needed to survive. More footsteps reached her from in front of her hiding place, and these most certainly did not belong to frightened college girls. Swallowing, Kirsty stood up and turned to face the incoming threat with her knife brandished, and immediately her heart sank. Four out of the ten remaining Rudras had come for her, two black and two white, all with tridents at the ready. Behind them she could see the Raven facing the false idol, and yell something to make an angelic creature appear to apparently fight at her side. Oh. I guess she's okay then. Wish I had something like that. The Rudras, however, weren't wasting time watching the spectacle. Kirsty's heartbeat kicked into overdrive once more, and she held the knife out with both shaking hands. “Stay back! I'll...I'll do it! I'll shank you, freaks!” In response, the black Rudras came at her. Gritting her teeth, Kirsty moved forward and to the right, trying to get one in between her and the other. She intended to run at him and thrust it right into the monster's oversized heart, but the Rudra promptly jabbed her with his trident before she could even get close. Kirsty gasped, twisting away like a frightened animal, and staggered backward.

One hand went to her hip, and it came back wet with a warm liquid. “Oh no...” For whatever reason she couldn't feel anything more than a lancing pain right now, but having this much blood on the outside couldn't be good. Wildly she looked between the black Rudras moving in on her again, then the white ones fanning out to the sides. In another moment she'd be surrounded. Outnumbered...out-ranged...what am I supposed to do against spears with a knife!? With a wordless cry she flung the knife at the head of the nearest monster, then turned and ran. She fled down the street, one hand trying to hold the blood in, the other pumping wildly. There had to be something else. On a London street there might be construction equipment, tools to swing or bricks to throw, or trash cans to throw down behind her, but this opulent avenue was another matter. She snaked through a sea of dining tables, upending them with adrenaline-fueled strength as she ran by in order to slow down her pursuers. The Rudras moved fast, even jumping from table to table, but Kirsty's meddling caused them to overbalance and fall down. The sound of crashes from behind her give Kirsty an inkling of hope, but she felt herself running out of breath. Running from the hounds earlier already made for a remarkable feat for a soft city girl who never exercised, so by now only seconds remained before her shallow well of stamina ran out. She came to a stop by a fire pit, her eyes on the branches and coals crackling merrily away, and an idea hit her.

Kirsty tore down a length of colorful silk from a nearby arch, and tossed about half of it into the fire. It caught immediately and started spreading up the cloth. “Oh, fooey.” She couldn't use it if she couldn't hold it. She grabbed a jug from a nearby trolley and emptied it over the halfway point on the silk. When the fire reached it, it spread no farther. “Phew,” she wheezed, glad the liquid wasn't flammable. But there was no time to waste; a quick look confirmed the Rudras to be nearly upon her. With a deep breath she pulled the silk from the fire and began to swing it around. Holding the cloth over her head, she spun it in a circle, and as the monsters arrived they stopped short of the whirling firebrand. Impatient, the black ones tried to jump in on her in the middle of the rotation, but despite her own hair whipping her in the face Kirsty wasn't messing around with her spin. The fire batted them, sending up sparks and driving them back with angry snarls. Meanwhile the white ones surrounded her, staying clear of the flame. After a moment one of them held up its trident, and when the flaming silk hit it, it wrapped tightly around. Panicked, Kirsty yanked the silk toward her. While the firebrand held fast, she did lower the Rudra's guard, exposing its heart. With her other hand Kirsty grabbed the first thing that came to hand on the trolley -a bottle of clear liquid- and hurled it at her enemy.

The bottle shattered on impact, its contents flying outward, and when they touched the flames the monster disappeared into a brilliant fireball. Kirsty stumbled backward into the trolley, and one of the black Rudras jumped at her. She hid behind the trolley, using it as a shield, and shoved it onto the monster to force him back. One after another she grabbed and flung the bottles, some of them breaking into shards that sliced up the monster's heart and others just thumping it soundly. After a few seconds the wounded Rudra got a little too close to the spreading fire and went up like matchstick. Two down! Kirsty's mind cheered, simultaneously disbelieving and euphoric she'd done it. Then the remaining Rudras closed in on her all at once. The prongs of a white trident stuck into the flesh of her right thigh, immediately compromising her leg, and the black one leaped to plunge his into her chest.

One to cut off her escape and one to finish her—a sound strategy, except that Kirsty instantly plopped over to the right, and the black Rudra's trident instead pierced the heart of his partner. Letting out a confused, angry bellow, the white one immediately jammed his own weapon through the head of the traitor, and both slumped over. Only Kirsty remained alive, but not for long. She couldn't get up, and the fire overtaking the area that snapped up two of her assailants would soon devour her as well.

Meanwhile, the false idol shrugged off the cursed energy that unmade two of her minions, and sneered at the Raven's Persona. “Ah, so you've made peace with your inner self. Now I understand why you seem untroubled when faced with certain death. Yet I still wonder why you choose to die for that insipid cow. She has no will, nor power, nor identity. All she is, is what others deign to give her. When I eat her the world will be better off. Am I not generous in my mercy? My providence?”

Latching herself to another high point with her grapple, she let her persona loom over the street with a wolfish arched back. It drooled, and all the while the Raven grew impatient of the shadows impurity. "Save the goddamn dramatics for after I shove my foot up your arse." The rattle of gunfire from her promontory dropped another Rudra to his knees. "I've seen you things before, all you do is just talk shit. Hurry up and die so I can move on to more important things!"

In reply, the false idol zoomed upward, avoiding the spiraling darkness as she drew even with the Raven's perch. "Then let us not waste time." She raised her hands, forming between them a concentrated ball of dark energy, then allowed it to surge forward. A heavy shockwave of dark force expanded outward, fragmenting stone, crushing windows, and scattering tiles. Despite the Raven's attempts, she dove to the side to dodge. Unfortunately, her reactions had faltered too far. In motion, the energy clipped her torso, tossing her aside and against the pavement with a heavy thud. The pain shot through her body, bruising her and bloodying her cheeks. Of course it wasn't going to play around. She remembered never being quite so good at following through with her threats. "What part about die did you not get?" Rising to her feet with an unsteady gaze, she pointed her handgun forward and pulled the trigger, sending a volley of bullets the shadow's way. Her strength had wearied under the influence of pain. As the clip ran out, she called upon her persona a third time. However, on the thrice barrage, she beckoned a different approach. From beneath the shadow, a strange rune forming in the road beneath her lit up, and from underneath an attempted rising storm of the curse tried to undermine the creature.

Sighing, the false idol drifted back down to street level. The Raven's barrage left a number of holes in her robe and golden skin, but her overall vitality remained high. She approached the Raven without looking beneath herself, oblivious to the forming curse geyser until it exploded upward beneath her. "Hnng," she grunted, frowning at her newly-disheveled silks and hair. "Your element of unfortunate. You should be grateful it does not heal me. Such curses make mine only more magnificent by comparison. Behold."

The shadow started channeling. A wave of black spread across the ground beneath her, expanding to cover the entire plaza. It broiled and bubbled, plainly about to erupt much like the Raven's own spell. In the last couple seconds before the blast, a small patch of ground cleared itself directly behind the false idol for her minions to stand on, though not quite big enough for all of them. Then, a forest of dark pillars erupted from the blackened ground, laying waste to the whole area and everything in it.

Through the entire battle, she hadn't really been paying too much attention to Kirsty. She had no time to even think about her. This was like the old times. A do or die situation with the stakes being her life or the shadows. It was an obvious answer for her to choose. And as she became more wounded by the assault of the shadow's violent staging, the whispers of the coarse mind began to return. Not here, they said, over and over again. Not here. Not here. Only when it's done. Not here. The hunger that she'd tried to ignore tempted her adrenaline, giving her a burst of energy and focus. She moved precisely and her expression became far more aggressive. "Step aside!" She screamed, noticing a patch where they all decided to seek safety. Firing her grapple into one of the minions that hid and yanked it back into the fray. Alternatively, her persona lunged forward, physically grabbing two more and tossing them to where she hid. Whilst forcing herself into the safe zone, she reloaded her firearm and fired in bursts to the minions that tried to force her out as well, acting in crowd control rather than for killing blows.

In the aftermath of the attack, the false idol found her enemy unscathed and several of her minions pushed out into the danger zone instead. Now she opposed the Raven alone. “Loathsome thing. That mercy was not yours to take.” She turned around to face her foe, the rest of the street at her back. “When I am done, that ungrateful voice of yours will be begging my forgiveness.” She floated up and then slammed down, releasing a dark wave across the ground.
@Archmage MC @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN, @Randomness, go ahead and post your characters in the characters tab.

@The Ghost Note, we have some accepted characters, and since there aren't any other posted WIPs yet, you might consider proceeding with what we've got so far.

@Martian, @Tojin, @DracoLunaris, @MagratheanWhale, @Sanity43217, how's progress so far?
I think I was able to put in something about it. I also edited talents to mention some of the stuff afterward. I guess what he was doing is just improving the design of the fleshy things to act more like a self-maintaining machine. As for Margaret, I have them in each other's back stories, but that was just for flavor. I fully expected to only play one or the other. Either would probably mention the other, but there is no need for them to stick together.

Sounds good. That makes three accepted characters!
I, uh, completely forgot that there was a plot involved.

Maybe not so much Margaret, but I can see Henry joining with the improved suit and perhaps a bio weapon or two. As an engineer, I can imagine him having developed a couple fleshy tools to work with. I would put him under a utility where he’d have unorthodox means of getting. The problem with standard tools is that they’re rigid, so imagine a tool set with flexibility, and maintains the power to work like the rider ones do. Thin tendrils to pick locks and reach around small crevices. A hardened carapace for armor. Depending on how we want to treat the growth rate, we could have him tools he needs. If we want to get get crazier, he can grow a carapace and act more like a tank.

Margaret might join or be sought for dealing with the monsters they come across should they run into any. She could at least help them know what to avoid and what to look for. She’s the kind of person who would go herself if they need that kid of help.

That sounds like a plan for Henry! See if you can add to the end of his backstory some of the stuff he was doing that caught the Interest's attention. Potentially, Margaret could come along with him as a sort of package deal and provide some support.
The lifeforms in Pendulum can definitely be corrupted, so that's an option, although they cannot be converted since they're already machines.

Both of those characters are awesome, and you've done a really great job putting them into the settings. My question is this: how do you envision that either (or both) would attract the attention of the Interest for a raid? Not everyone involved in the raid needs to be combat-focused, but that is important, so if someone was to be an exception they'd need to provide a valuable service to the overall effort.
Kirsty Ramaswamy

The comfortable, elegant tranquility of the scene came to an abrupt end as a dark figure dropped from the sky. It hit the ground on shaky legs, swaying as it worked to regain its balance. Such a fall should have been impossible to bear, but after getting attacked by monster dogs Kirsty's definition of 'impossible' remained in flux. Instead of wasting time with such considerations she fixed the newcomer with a frightened look, even as her counterpart's flawless lip curled into a scowl.

This intruder, with an intimidating mask, shoddy clothes, and a cagey manner, commanded the quintessential manner of a young goon or homeless wreck compelled by the foreign substances pushing through their withered veins to do something drastic. Just when Kirsty was starting to feel at ease again too, in this beautiful avenue that she'd accepted as a sanctuary against the nightmarish unknown. “Vagabond,” she heard the lady growl at the newcomer. In the corner of her eyes she saw movement, but when she turned to look, alarmed by the possibility of being surrounded, she spotted servants in white tuxedos and vests putting aside their dishes of refreshments to form up on her table on both sides. She identified them immediately as the lady's attendants, and seemingly on her side.

In response, the intruder pulled out a pistol and a knife, although calling it a stubby machete would have been more accurate. Kirsty froze, terrified. With possession of guns outlawed in the UK, and widely feared, seeing one could only mean one thing: violence was in order. The servants also flinched, stepping back. Liam, who'd arrived but remained out of sight, questioned the intruder but got no time for a response. As Kirsty shrank away, the lady rose, her indignant face fixed on the Raven. “How dare you barge in on us like this, you vile creature! You should be on your knees in worship! That you would level your crude weapons at me, the selfless saint, the fountain kindness and charity...where's your reverence!?”

Her features marred by scorn, the lady extended her arm in a gesture of dismissal. A dark wave billowed outward to strike the Raven and send her flying. Then, the lady turned to a horrified Kirsty. “Don't be afraid, love,” she told her, taking her hand in her own. “If we want to live, we must work together to banish this evildoer. If she strikes me down, this oasis will be overrun with darkness. I need your help. Understood?”

Kirsty nodded emphatically, thinking of the hounds, thinking of the vicious weapons of the Raven, and most of all thinking of her obligation. Some of the things the lady had said didn't quite sit right with her, but this was different. If someone was in need, she couldn't turn away. “Yes, ma'am. What can I do?”

“Behold our supremacy,” the lady told her, straightening up and pointing out at the Raven. “Peons. Take her!”

As one the eleven servants moved forward. They sprinted toward the Raven, melting as they did. Kirsty could only watch, confused, as they took on new forms. Some were marble-white and smooth, others pitch black and furious, but all bore oversized hearts visible on both sides of their bodies, crescent-shaped heads, and tridents. They attacked the Raven together, the dark ones with pure aggression and the light ones with strategy to surround and trap her.

Kirsty looked back at the lady. “What are they doing? Are you making them kill her?”

The lady smirked. “Of course, darling. She threatened to kill us. Us. Veritable saints whose lives are labors of love for our fellow man. Only a devil would strike down an angel. She deserves to suffer.”

Something twisted in Kirsty's gut. She looked again at the features of this woman, their uncanny familiarity. “That's not right,” she said. “Nobody should suffer. That's what kindness is. I'm not fit to judge whether others deserve it.”

A look of annoyance crossed the lady's face. “Of course you are. We are. The hardship we've endured for others, caring for them above ourselves...that's what makes us better than the rest of them. Our station is above them, showering them with our love and benevolence, and all they have to do is worship and reward us. We've earned it!”

Kirsty backed away from the table, and the lady turned to face her head-on. Over in the distance, the one-sided battle raged on. “Who...who are you?”

“You.” The shadow smiled, her yellow eyes flashing. “I'm the real you. The one beneath the mask. Selfless, kind, considerate, wanting the best for others, the perfect little do-gooder...that's the mask you wear so that society accepts you. We both know the real reason.”

Kirsty's knees were wobbling. Her breath had quickened, and she felt closed to fainting. Her eyes drifted to the desperate struggle, then back to the shadow's gleeful face. “No...”

“Ohhhh, yes,” she laughed, putting her hands on her hips. “That's the route we're using to get ahead! To get people to like us, so we can reap the rewards! Who the hell needs personality or talent? If we're there when people need us, when people need support and help and friendship, their gratitude is ours to manipulate! They'll have to grace us in return! Their favor, their connections. We'll ride their coattails to Heaven's door!”

“NO!” Kirsty screamed. Her world was spinning, her mind reverberating like a glass reaching its resonant frequency and about to shatter. She squeezed her head in her hands, trying to hold her pieces together but quickly falling apart. “That's not true! I'm not some p-pathetic, simpering p-parasite! You hear me, you jerk!” She pulled herself up using the chair and skittered backward, her hand held outward toward the shadow. “Get away! We're not the same!”

“So, we can't get along after all, hm?” The shadow crossed her arms and climbed atop the table. “Disappointing. And here I thought you cared so little for yourself you'd accept anything. Well, if that's the case, then one of us is going to have to eat the other. And if my choices are eat or be eaten, well...I choose to eat.”

Yellow light flooded from her eyes, and her form shimmered and melted. When Kirsty found herself able to see again, she looked out with dread at a new monstrosity. Above the street floated the golden figure of a copious woman clad in flowing white silk vestments, twice as tall as Kirsty herself. From her ample waist extended two great wings, but rather than pinfeathers they sported numerous legs of cattle, and her own legs split into three-pronged cow hooves at the knee. From her head of snow-white hair with pronounced twintails rose thick, curled horns. She stared down at Kirsty with a look of pity, a golden idol of unabashed exorbitance.

“Consider this mercy. You need not pride yourself on suffering any longer.”
In that case, you should be good to go, Archmage.

I'm very much looking forward to what everyone else is working on. I'd like to get this RP started without too much waiting, ideally in less than a week. In the meantime, I've come up with an example character, a contact from the Interest that will be working alongside yours in this raid. She's a good example of how some pretty outlandish things can be accomplished in this fantastical setting.

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