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Current GM of World of Light. When it comes to writing, there's nothing I love more than imagination, engagement, and commitment. I'm always open to talk, suggestion, criticism, and collaboration. While I try to be as obliging, helpful, and courteous as possible, I have very little sympathy for ghosts and liars. Just be straightforward with me, alright? I know better than to take things personally or too seriously.

Looking for more personal details? I'm just some dude from the American south; software development is my job but games, writing, and helping others enjoy life are great joys. Been RPing for over a decade, so I know a thing or two, though I won't pretend to be an expert. Ready for some fun? Let's make something spectacular together.

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Moving with mechanical precision, the barkeeper served the Courier, then Hat Kid, then Bowser. While he said nothing, he made it clear by writing figures on a chalkboard behind the counter that the new customers had just started their very own tabs. If they didn't pay today, they would need to settle the tabs some other time. Hat Kid, though got her water for free; if anything, Fire Man seemed eager to be rid of the stuff for more than a few seconds. When the Courier got his booze, he found the top of it momentarily alight, no doubt thanks to the server's fiery personality. The koopa king's order required that the robot master duck into the back room for a while, but he reappeared with the food soon enough. Before Bowser was placed a pair of perfectly standard burgers, exactly alike and lacking heart, as well as a bunch of fries stacked like logs.

All the while, 6's poker game with the dogs proceeded in an interesting fashion. As it turned out, the dogs' understanding of the game and their ability to play it left a lot to be desired. Things took a while to happen, and while the long-necked pup cheated unabashedly by looking at other players' cards, he didn't seem to spend even a solitary moment considering his own hand. The pot, a pile of dog treats, drifted the practiced Courier's way steadily.

Outside, the sudden influx of new arrivals only halted Hammerhead's activity momentarily. With Gene having broken the tension, the party of young men parted ways with the white-haired swordsman and his friend, and the Regalia pulled out of the station to head northward. For better or worse, the adventurous foursome would be heading to the Dead Zone too. The punk watched them go with a resigned, mildly exasperated look while Gene made his case. When he finished, a honk resounded from his friend's van, since he'd been about to get in before Gene stopped him. Glancing at the God Hand, he told him, “Never heard of this Angra demon. But like I said, if you and your friends want to be heroes, be my guest. I've got business to attend to.”

The woman leaned out of the window. “Great job Nero” she said, grinning, “Y'ain't talked a single soul outta runnin' in there 'n gettin' killed. But hey, didja consider that this whole worlds collidin' dealeo might mean there's more people who can slap demons around?” She turned her eyes on Gene. “Maybe we don't gotta do this thing alone. If we got people kickin' though the fodder, ya got a clear shot at that throne-sittin' sonuva.”

Nero's face darkened. “I'm not gonna hang back and let other people do my work for me. When I send that bastard to hell, Dante's gonna eat his words.”

Gene listened in on what the country chick was saying, pondering her words. Seemed like she was at least open to the idea of inviting more people along to head to that Qliphoth place, though the white haired punk, Nero apparently, was still reluctant. Almost sounded a bit bitter even. "Oh come on, uh, Nero! I don't doubt that you can kill demons by the dozen, but you said it yourself, the place is dangerous. Having some back up wouldn't be too bad, right? And hey, that 'throne sitting guy' is all yours once we get to him. What do you say?"

Looking downright annoyed at this point, Nero seemed ready to just walk away, but after a moment he sighed instead. “If you're that dead-set on it, fine. But Urizen's all mine. Got it?”

Gene grinned, practically ready to break out into song and dance at that. But he kept his composure, instead giving a nod as a reply. "Got it. So uh... When we heading out?"

With a shrug, Nero replied, “Right now. If your buddies are headed to the city, tell 'em to get moving.”

Gene nodded, prepared to go tell his companions about the journey to the Qliphoth, only to suddenly remember something...hey were heading to the Land of Adventure. “Oh crap oh crap oh crap! Play it cool Gene, play it cool... You can figure this out! It's not like this little adventure will take that long, right? Just in an out, twenty minutes tops! ... Hopefully.” He continued on his way to where most of the group was holed up, and spoke up so they could hear him. "Hey, guys, it's me, Gene, you all know me... I don't wanna say well, but a bit. I met this dude named Nero, and he's planning on heading to the Dead Zone to take down this spooky thing called the Qliphoth. I'm planning on going, so if any of you wanna join us, you're all free to!" Well, he hoped that at least some people would accompany him. He didn't imagine they'd appreciate it if he just up and left them without saying a word.

The sudden activation of a dormant robot master following an examination from Tora, Poppi, Linkle, Din, and Blazermate led to a brief but furious brawl, thoroughly messing up the interior of the garage in which it took place and leaving Poppi barely functional. Cid and Cindy were taken aghast, especially by Tora's involvement, after he seemed so enthused to be at Hammerhead. Peach, while clearly lacking patience, apologized on behalf of the miscreants and offered to cover the damages out of the royal treasury, but once he came to understand the situation, Cid waved her offer off. “Accidents happen,” he assured her. “All the same, iffen yer crew's done refuelin' 'n such, y'might roll on t'wherever yer headed.” His dubious glance at Junior and friends' repaired Brother Grimm made it clear that the heavily-armed cohort made him uneasy.

In short order, the heroes would embark once again, albeit with a few losses. Most of the rabbids elected to continue no further, being far from home and uninterested in a long campaign. The Buckler, by far the most intelligent among them, knew that the long, dangerous journey would sooner or later spell the end of the whole rabbid pack. As such, only two ziggies and three jumpers remained with the heroes, but the others' departure didn't mean that the separate crews might not meet again someday.

Land of Adventure


With the details he'd gleaned from the guildmarm in mind, Geralt set out from Lumbridge not straight north, but northeast. His journey brought him within visible distance of the no-man's land where the Land of Adventure came to an end and a dusty scrubland began, and where no herb-rich castle in the woods would be found. In just about an hour and a half, though, the directions provided to him guided him to the top of a hill that overlooked a sea of pines. It continued northward for a long way, stretching all the way to a shadowy region far removed from the Land of Adventure. When he looked to the right, he spotted a stone structure a short way up the side of a small mountain, it being part of the range that formed the shifting land's northern edge. The easy slope, with sparse trees and boulders but abundant in smaller plants, would be no problem to navigate, even now that the sky had grown cloudy and gray. Geralt's only major challenge would be the strange monster that he knew lurked within. Before heading there, he would no doubt be able to scare up some wild wolves in the pine forest to kill for their fat.

When he eventually did approach the castle, it would become apparent that the edifice was on the smaller end in terms of scale. The trees closest to it looked dead, gnarled and gray, and as Geralt grew closer, he could make out a few puzzling details. In terms of design, it bore a gothic appearance, but sported a number of amenities he couldn't place. Its walls featured lanterns instead of torches, but without any sign of flame. Instead, immaculately rounded bulbous glasses lay within. While his angle obscured much, he could spot a large balcony on the second floor without any kind of door or window, instead leaving much of the second floor open to the air. Farther up stood only a couple spires, their spiky tips pointed skyward. A chorus of strange noises could be heard from the second floor. While one was probably no more than the suppressed burning of a forge, the other -a sort of low, humming roar- confounded his experience. Most poignantly, Geralt couldn't see any living thing, but signs of life he found aplenty. Long, deep claw-scratches in the wall and inhuman footprints in the soil confirmed that he'd come to the right place.
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Even if Hugo wasn't the target, he still froze in his tracks when the icy voice of Nehla offered up some scorn. Then, when she turned her attention to him, claws of ice clamped tight about his heart. Hume, already on the case, nudged up against his partner with a cheery expression. “Looking forward to working with you, madam,” he said, before leaning in to whisper to Hugo, “Don't worry, she doesn't know a thing about you. Just a mean spirit. She'll be singing a different tune once the action starts.”

After his words sunk in for a moment, Hugo found himself relaxing. His construct always knew just what to say. With zero idea who he was, Nehla could only be acting out of malice, and such a person had no right to sit in judgment of him. She existed as just another obstacle for him to meet and overcome. At least the birdbrain's partner seemed to be a bit nicer, although from what little he'd seen of her so far Hugo already felt she was probably too extreme in the other direction. Her stuttering introduction left him taken aback. Just what was the right thing to say to a very shy, unsure girl three years younger than him?

Hume knew. While there existed no confirmation that Chidori would be joining them, he greeted her as though she would be. “A pleasure!” he said warmly, looking thoroughly chuffed. “Allow me to assure you: you're in good hands.” A strange sentiment, maybe, from someone who at first glance appeared to have zero hands, but they would see soon enough.

Next, a lurking presence made herself known. Until now she'd remained the sort of noisy and annoying that could be tuned out, but now Emi had set about bothering Hugo in earnest, even if doing so was far from her intent. Her agitation threatened to set him off, but this time he kept a hold of himself without Hume's reassurance. Whoever his friends and foes would be in the coming moments didn't matter one ounce. Only triumph, and earning enough points to give him some peace and quiet until next time. The other captains could take Emi up on her offer if they liked, but if they did not, he didn't mind accepting her.

Reaching into his pockets, Hugo began to warm up in secret by conjuring coils of cord, then letting them disappear. If his opponents turned out to be quick enough on the uptake that they didn't succumb to his strategy immediately, he'd need to apply a little pressure, and for that he needed a quick lash and precise aim. Of course, the thought of him having to intervene personally to ensure victory meant the possibility of him messing up, and therefore bringing about a loss, and with that notion came anxiety. Saying nothing, Hugo worked to keep it under control. All this time, and he still got nervous earning his keep? He felt almost as frustrated as he did uneasy. Yet, all the while, his face scarcely changed.
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As exuberant chaos unfolded around him, Hugo remained a little way off, watching the two archrivals bicker. The younger students sure liked to strut their stuff, didn't they? Yusuke and Ren made a boisterous pair, their eternal war so much larger than life that it never failed to snap up random passers-by, and today that included two of Geiru's more obscure faces. Of course, Hugo never attributed his ephemeral reputation to others' dislike or distance, as might the oddball first-years who unconsciously rubbed others the wrong way and found themselves ignored. As eye-catching as Hume was, being a great white sphere with floppy ears and bulbous limbs, the two never attempted to stand out. Plus, Hugo's height and stark look made him seem unapproachable, which sat fine with him, since less contact meant less pressure. This time, though, he'd found himself approached, and as much as he liked his peace and quiet, everyone needed a little variety now and then.

That said, he'd already been considering just leaving the clearing until Fumi opted to storm off, which for some reason hardened Hugo's resolve in the opposite direction. While picking fights just wasn't his thing, the idea of raining on their parade admittedly sounded fun, and he needed the points anyway. Besides, who among them would recognize him as a fourth-year? An opportunity arose when Ren asked if anyone else would volunteer as a captain, so as to bring about a three-for-all. As he considered what to say, however, Hugo's chest tightened. Nothing popped into his head, and the moment was about to pass. After swallowing his spit the wrong way and choking just a touch, Hugo cleared his throat and raised a hand. “I'll do it.”

The declaration elicited a wide-eyed look from Hume. “Are you certain? I thought it odd you'd accept an invitation like this, but to throw down in a frenetic brawl with these folk...” He cast a glance over everyone assembled, energetic fighters all.

A cold feeling, suggesting terrible judgment, threatened to grip Hugo, but he waved off his construct's concern. “What, y-you don't think we can handle it?” Leaning over, he whispered, “Besides, our score's low. We must earn our keep. Just do your thing.” He composed himself and gave the rivals an affirming nod.

Hume, meanwhile, seemed satisfied. Any worry he felt came not at all for his own sake, or even his partner's, physically. If anyone could handle something like this, albeit most likely in an unsatisfactory manner, it would be them. “Good point.” As best as the huge construct could, he bowed to his soon-to-be opponents. “I will refrain from crushing any of you. Good luck,” he wished, in a polite yet subtly menacing tone.

Saying nothing, Hugo instead began to consider strategy. Just as Hume couldn't do any pulverizing, he couldn't use his hook in a student battle. Lashes, however, would work well enough. A quick look around confirmed that trees surrounding the clearing might provide for some engaging gambits. Since his selection of teammates didn't matter so much for his plan, he told the other captains, “You pick.” and accepted the two who remained afterward with a stern smile.
Hey there Nate. Genon pretty much covered your questions, except that you'll be invited to the Discord after an accepted application. Looking forward to writing with you.

@Gentlemanvaultboy @Stern Algorithm would you two want to do a brief collab with Tora and Poppi over the interaction with Storm Eagle?
I'll be posting before too long. If you'd like to converse with someone else, chat up some NPCs, or otherwise interact/get stuff done, it's a good time to do it. Don't want to spend too long at Hammerhead before moving on to the Land of Adventure.
Llexe's anger smoldered against Kiyoshi for some time, but revenge would have to wait for later. She settled into watching her allies fight on her behalf against their attackers, consenting to the idea of a pure, two-on-two fight with no interference. While she saw no point in such restraint, and indeed found herself wracked by more than a little frustration and disappointment for her relegation to the sidelines, she figured that everyone deserved a chance to prove themselves now and again.

Naja and Sam faced their adversaries with strength and fortitude, and despite some heavy punishment, emerged the winners. Of course, if they failed on their very first real bouts, with their allies holding back so that they could have their moments, it would have been about as pathetic as hilarious. Just the thought of her peers getting decked straight out the gate made Llexe snort with laughter. When Naja announced her intentions, Llexe chose to follow, wholly unconcerned for the others' wellbeing. Toughness wasn't a mask that one wore, after all, and dropped when the fight was done. They could deal with their hurts on their own. With a final dagger-eyed glare at Kiyoshi, dripping with intent, she stalked in the direction of home base.
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I'm in agreement with the others.
<Snipped quote by Gentlemanvaultboy>

I never actually put a limit to the size, so we'll need to ask @Lugubrious for a balanced area, but I was thinking a square meter. Although, she can just repeat cast to paint a larger area. Thinking of melting some water?

A little bigger than that for the base area would be fine. Say, a square 1.5 meters.
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Speaking of which, @Lugubrious, you're in a bit of a unique position with your character being the only last year. It'd make sense for him to know some other students around the academy, so do you want me to forward you info on that or nah? It'll be in a PM since most other characters wouldn't have much reason to know them. How many people Hugo knows is up to your discretion; though the campus is pretty huge. He may not necessarily know every face from every year.

Some information on a number of NPCs -though not exhaustive, by any means- in a PM would be splendid. I'll leave the amount to your discretion.
Tora & Poppi

Level 5 Tora - (2/50) EXP and Level 4 Poppi - (1/40) EXP
Location: Hammerhead
Word Count: 328

With his mouth running a mile a minute, Tora scarcely let Cid get a word in, but after a few moments the frenzy returned to normal conversation. When the grizzled tinker could respond, he gave the enthusiastic Nopon everything he wanted to know and more, from the duty of a mechanic to the sorts of projects worked on to the tools of the trade. After that, he went on a brief tour with Cid, which only served to add more fuel to its fire. When it finished, Tora was literally bouncing up and down. “Wow-wow-wow! Is dream come true, meh!” he exclaimed, dancing in excitement. “How did Tora toil on own for so long, when places like Hammery-head exist? How soon can Tora join!? Want to make huge-huge dohickies and explodies and awesome machines!”

Poppi might have snorted in laughter, if she could breath. “Is Masterpon forgetting something?”

The look on Tora's face said that he hadn't, and the wind was taken from his sails. “...No, meh. Will not give up on quest to save world. And, when world get saved and go back to normal, Hammerhead and friends Cid and Linky-Linky and Mina and Blazermate and Ratchet and Junior and all rest go away, too. But working at place like this nice thought.”

Cid looked baffled by all the nonsense that just spewed from Tora's mouth. “Uh...”

Steamrolling over him, Tora gave as resolute nod and proclaimed. “Later, Tora will come back and visit. Then, when back to Alrest, Tora earn money and make mechanic shop just like, meh. This Tora's new dream!”

The sight of Tora so passionate brought a smile to Poppi's face. “Then, it Poppi dream as well!” She gave Cid a proper bow, then smiled with a tilt of her head. “Thanks to kind wrinklypon for inspiring masterpon.” After a few more words, the duo bid Cid farewell and headed into the nearest garage for another look around, only to run into Donnie.

A new voice caught the attention of everyone present, cooling their tempers for the time being. Nero sized Gene up, noting that he looked like much more of a fighter than any of the four friends, except perhaps the shirt-deprived one. “Don't know about end of the world, pal, but it's sure not making things any better.” At Gene's prompting, he looked among the new arrivals, noting their equipment.

He then refocused on Gene. “Yeah, I bet you do, and I bet you can, especially seeing as you don't know what the Qliphoth is. Your group over there have any demon blood amongst you?” The ensuing second of silence told him everything he needed to know. “Well then, I've got bad news. The city's swarming with demons, with the weakest one taking more than a whole clip of rifle ammo to knock over. Plus, there's swarms of zombies, far as the eye can see. If you want your blood drained or brains eaten that bad then you can head on up there, but take it from me: leave this to the professionals.” A snort came from the van, and Nero threw his friend an exasperated look. He sighed before starting to walk around to the passenger's side.

Inside Grillby's was a quaint, cozy atmosphere. For being almost lunchtime, there didn't seem to be too many customers. The Courier could only spot two parties: a group of dogs playing cards, and a leather-clad armadillo halfway through a plate of glazed beetles and fried grubs. Behind the counter stood a flaming machine, presumably the staff, casually cleaning out mugs as though he wasn't a living fire hazard. Luckily, the place seemed fairly inflammable.

The houndmaster scratched his dog's ears, and considered Geralt's predicament while giving his reply. “The usual, intriguing as that might be. With the rollover only an evening prior, the youngsters still rove eagerly across the countryside, accumulating goods and knowledge. Perhaps one has stumbled across a fresh surge of your desired herb.” He paused, glancing about. With the thrill of Geralt's arrival subsiding and the man going about his business, most of the mercenary's devotees peeled off to go about theirs. Two of the older, more serious lads -the sort who wished in earnest to learn from Geralt's experience and emulate his prowess- acknowledge the houndmaster before heading inside; Gran and Euden were their names, and while rather straightforward in character, they shared an uncommon knack for making friends.

After they left, and the children drifted away, the houndmaster began again. “If you seek to better equip yourself, you returned at a fortuitous time. Malo's surely features new stock, owing to the firstfruits of the rollover, and the smithy's flames lay kindled for metalworking.” Despite Geralt's newness, the houndmaster hardly need go into detail on the Land of Adventure's principle phenomenon. Once a week, the vast majority of the region regenerated itself, the terrain changed and replenished in the darkest hours of the night. As new bounties arose, so did new threats, growing in strength over the course of the week. On the first day, the scouting parties ranged far and wide, and not long after the gatherers and fighters made their rounds. This never-ending cycle of discovery and adventure made the region what it was. A few things remained constant: the climate, the approximate danger level one could expect of various areas, Lumbridge, a couple other settlements, and at the far end of the Land, the End, where the world gave way to an otherworldly void none dared brave.

“As for specific happenings, I can attest that the Guildmarm commands a bevy of fresh tasks. Whoever lurks behind the new guildmaster's cowl, he surely knows his business. More likely than not, they can tell you more about this wolf of yours, or even advice for laying it low. As for me...” the houndmaster quit stroking his companion to pat the spiked club lying by his side. “Blackjack to the head, then bleed it with the dog. Regeneration or no, inordinate exsanguination will take it before long. Would that I could join your hunt, if not for my duty.” It went unsaid, though not unknown, that the houndmaster could be more of a burden than a help, as he lacked the Witcher's stamina and would surely fall behind. “If you pay heed to rumors,” he continued, “That Shulk boy claims to have beheld a monstrosity of uncommon size and power in the hills to the southeast, the sort to demand a whole battalion to bring low. Guildmaster hasn't put out a contract yet. Whatever you do, take care out there.” Leaning back in his chair, the houndmaster waved Geralt off.
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