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Mort the Plaguebringer

Getting a magical summons was fairly rare for Mort. After all, no one really wanted to deal with a mage that brought sickness, decay, and death. But he wasn't going to be one to pass up the chance to hone his craft. And considering the place was so far out, perhaps it was some other mage who wasn't able to obtain some relic.

As Mort approach the fort, a sickening looking mist enveloped the area. Even with the magic dampeners in place, it didn't stop the faint green mist Mort exhumed from his body that spread around the area. Sure it probably wasn't going to hurt much of anyone, nor did Mort want it to here, but it was sure a foreboding sight. Mort looked around, and noticed a few interesting people who caught his eye, namely an Orc and the very powerful mage on the throne. As he approached the group, his mist seeping into every corner of the room, blanketing the floor in a faint green glow, he heard a women, then the orc speak and ask questions. Considering they had already asked the questions Mort would ask, he merely approached the group and sat down in a nearby chair, his raspy breathing only exemplifying the atmosphere he brought with him.

To put his possible new allies at ease, Mort said. "Do not fear the mist. It will not harm you. Can't have a plaguebringer lose his possible new friends now, can we?"
I want everyone to get to an area so we can have cahracter building. that'll be fun.
Looks like fun times. And Ms. Toon shark imp demon lady isn't invited. She loves fun parties!
I decided on someone. Let me know if there are any changes. Not 100% on the power levels and whatnot.

@ArenaSnow So, out of that list of things I posted, any you think would do well for you and your stories? Otherwise I'll probably just use a dice and choose via that method.
So, don't know if I want a necromancer, magicka mage, demonologist, portal mage, plaguebringer, holy mage, or somehting else.
Wait, do I post now since she got captured, or wait until shes being introduced to the team and whatnot?
Ok, heres mine. Not totally complete because I'll have her join the side that needs members the most. Looks like rebels atm though.

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