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Level 13 Blazermate (Holding 5 level up) - (31/130)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Blazermate had enjoyed herself all in all with the minigames, even though she only got 4 tokens. She had no desire in the costumes in the other room, as being a medabot, she'd just get better costumes from the spirits anyway or useful items for herself or her allies. Walking over to one of the orb dispensing machines, she put 3 of her coins into it and pulled the crank. Using 3 of her coins, she pulled out three orbs from the machine, getting...

Blazermate wasn't sure what their enigmatic host meant by the third orb being 'super good' in Blazermate's words, but soon she understood looking at the third one. Well... maybe? To be fair, her first spirit was some edgey anime lancer boy, the second was some tentacle anime boy, and the last one was some sort of demon made of shadows. According to Ballyhoo though, the third spirit pulled would be really good and adhere to the desires of the person who pulled it? So was this demon like, really good at helping allies or something? Well, she'd see later. If only she had 2 more tokens, she could try the pity thing again and see what she got.

Seeing Blazermate staring at the machine with 1 token left a bit dejected, Primrose approached her offering her two tokens to use. "Thanks Prim! Let me know if you want any of the ones I get. Hopefully I can understand this pity system thingy." Blazermate said, taking the two tokens with gusto and putting them right into the machine, happy she got a second roll of the dice here. Turning the crank again to get another set of three balls, what she got was...

One was a strange hamster looking thing driving a balloon thing? And another being a lady riding a blocky motorcycle? These were some weird spirits! But they were the normal ones, the pity one was what she wanted to see. And this time it was some... well, Blazermate couldn't really describe it. Some kind of warrior priest boy? Well, the kindness radiating from the spirit was for all to see, although something about the spirit made it seem like it was a bit off as if it was from a different place and time than it should be.

With her spirits gotten and her coins ran out, Blazermate took her little capsules of spirits and waited for everyone else to get done. Apparently many people were going to pool their spirits together and dole them out based on what spirit would fit whom.


Level 5 Roland (Holding 1 Level up) (6/60)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Roland did pretty well in the games all things considered. Sure he didn't like the whole 'exploding into confetti' thing, but it wasn't actually painful. It was an actual game in VR, not like some weird horrible murder game like hes seen before. Curious at the costume room, Roland decided to give it a look having won 7 coins, leaving 6 for the spirits which would give equipment. He'd really prefer to have his two piece suit instead of his current combat suit if possible; looking good at what you do in the city was important for a high level fixer. Looking like a slob wasn't going to get you many jobs even if you were the Red Mist, nor would it let you fight well.

It wasn't difficult for Roland to find a costume that matched his original outfit, although he read the disclaimer on costumes before he bought one. It did what he wanted, which was rare; any outfit or equipment he put on himself would be 'hidden under' this costume when applicable, but would still be fully active. After that, Roland went to the machines, having seen Blazermate walking away with her 6 orbs. Wait, didn't the bot only win 4? Someone must've given her tokens, well... thats reassuring. Roland went up to his machine and operated it, getting a first series of spirits

The first thing he noticed when he got his spirits is that unlike the others, his spirits came out as books. This was something he was much more used to, and knowing how the library books worked, he flipped through each book to learn a bit about the spirit contained within. The first was a red dragon girl with power over fire and lightning. The second was a dog. An ordinary dog, with what seemed to be extraordinary mental attacks. All walks of life, Roland mused, before flipping to the book of Grimstroke, his 'pity' pull.

This book hit Roland a bit harder than he was expecting. The story of an appointed guardian of his people trying to intensify the power he was granted, only for it to whiplash and cause everyone he knew and loved to be inky shades under his control. Unlike a madman though, he still held love for those he knew, although Roland assumed he was a bit mad. The inky powers were quite strong though, wails of the spirits silencing foes and being able to bind or copy enemies in multiple ways. Interesting book.

Roland then put his books away and put in 3 more coins, getting his next sequence of spirit books.

Roland's next pull was an old knight with a shield. All in all he was pretty plain. The second one though was also simple, but more interesting. A raging minotaur cursed with unending anger. But beyond that he was simple, these two not the first super simple books hes encountered. The last one was more detailed like before. And yet it was another book that resonated with Roland, someone who lost his family to an unforeseen force and was out for vengeance against what took his peace away. When they said these pity rolls would resonate with the person who rolled them, they weren't kidding.

Well, unlike the others, Roland had books, many of which he might not use. He wasn't sure, but watching not only the medabot but the queen bee holding onto theirs instead of doing something with them right away, Roland followed suit. Maybe they were all gathering their loot and splitting it evenly perhaps?



Level 12 Sectonia (holding 6 level up) (8/120)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Surprisingly, if it wasn't for Sandalphon, Sectonia was on track to winning that last minigame! Even she was a bit surprised that tree disguise worked as well as it did. Well... at any rate she got 7 coins, so she had some stuff to buy. With the spirits being the origin of power here, she'd be spending 6 coins on them. The lsat coin... well, she spent quite a lot of time looking over the various costumes to see if she could find something she liked. She did find some royal costumes, but they were not exactly to her liking; there were a massive lack of heart shapes on them for starters as well as a lack of heart gemstones! But for some temporary stop gap until she found something better, she took one of the royal queen costumes just in case somehting horrible happened later on.

With her costume choice set, SEctonia then went to the spirit gotchya machines, and put in her first three tokens.

The first spirit here was something Sectonia wasn't interested in besides perhaps crushing it, a sentient tank. The second one was some robot sniper girl, perhaps if Sandalphon properly apologized for her conduct last game, it would make for a good spirit for her. The last one however was something she didn't expect, nor was she happy about how it looked. Some... weird almost zombie like guy in an ornate outfit? She'd have to really decide on this one as perhaps the snakivator could make use of it, but for a pity it was very strange and not what she expected.

Well... the first pity had to be either incredibly powerful to make up for its ugliness or something that synergized with her or something, but ti wasnt' something she was particularly happy with. Still, she chalked it up to a possible fluke and deposited another 3 tokens to see what she got after mulling over it for awhile.

Her second pull was some cat humanoid with... wind powers? It was unclear to her. The other non pity pull was some mech girl with a gun, almost like the previous one she got. Well, with Susie also being on the Avenger, perhaps she could make use of this? But it feels like for some of these, crushing them would be best. The last one, being her 2nd and last pity was something she didn't get a good look at, as her mulling over the costumes prior and now the previous pity before pulling more didn't leave her time to view what was going on with this one as the others were leaving already to head back to the avenger. She'd have to view it there.

Level 13 Blazermate (Holding 5 level up) - (27/130)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Blazermate wasn't the best at hiding. She would be an amazing seeker, well, she was one already, but her Scan ability would make her really good at finding the others. But perhaps thats why she was a hider. She could at least leverage her light weight and agility to get into a more obscure spot to hide though. Also being one of the smaller seekers, she could hide where no one else could, so that could be really interesting. Plus she was also really fast, so she could make for a good dash if needed.

Using her agility and flight, Blazemate tried to find something that was high up. That... was difficult since she was just a tad bit bigger than most of the props high up. That did give her an idea though.... The idea wasn't to get seen right? Well... why did she have to hide as a prop? She just had to keep out of the vision of everyone and she'd be fine! And who ever looked up at the rooftops anyway? Or the rafters of the inn? She could just move about the rooftops til time was over. She did have a plan B if she got chased as well that should buy her a ton of time as well.



Level 12 Sectonia (holding 6 level up) (6/120)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Having spent her time observing the shenanigans of the others, Sectonia wasn't surprised when she didn't place. She didn't make too much of a big deal about it either as it just wasn't her game. The next game however, she would at least give a good try, although it seemed a bit strange to her.

A hide and seek game. This was a game Sectonia was inherently against as she wanted to be seen, but now she had to hide? It seemed that every game was against her here, she just lucked out in the video taping game. But perhaps luck was part of it, something she wasn't really happy about. Well, time to give this one a try. Watching the shenanigans the others got into did give her a bit of a chuckle, it was like watching a circus perform at times so there was that.

Sectonia was torn between the flower house and the mansion with the statues. So much so she took a bit of time deciding before eventually deciding on the flower house for the atmosphere; however she did send an Antler to the mansion to stand as its own statue to perhaps make people think she hid there. Finding a plant that was big enough to hide her royal personage was the other difficult thing. Most plants couldn't really fit her, except a tree which was difficult to place. She gave it a good old try though, and perhaps no one would find her although she could teleport away if things got bad.



Level 5 Roland (Holding 1 Level up) (3/60)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Roland was a bit annoyed with the schoolgirl robot for making such a huge mess out of the last game. Well, only mildly annoyed, he conceded that she was just having her own fun and no one got hurt so it wasn't all that bad. And overall Roland knew she had a good heart, something that'd get her in trouble one day. He took his consolation prize without much complaints and got ready for the next game.

So the new game was hide and seek huh? Well, hiding was something Roland was good at for once. While he was pretty average so far with the games so far, this was something that he was great at. He didn't specialize in stealth, any fixer that specialized in something only ever made it to grade 3 at most unless they were just leagues above the average fixer like Kali. But he was better at it than most, well, as good as you could be without getting the Head's beholders involved...

That did mean though he had a good idea of how to stealth and where to go. And with his silent movement, he could reposition if necessary without much fuss as long as he wasn't seen. He started his hiding in the pottery area as it would be pretty easy for him to position his new 'pot' disguise in a good spot that looked natural. If the seekers got suspicious, he could just slink off and go to where they had already been. After all, you don't look where you've already been until way later. Finding a decent sized vase, Roland positioned himself to make himself look like in in a spot that seemed very natural and his silence made not even his breathing audible. Even more so with him finding a spot behind other pots to be a 'tree lost in the forest' as it were.

Level 13 Blazermate (Holding 5 level up) - (26/130)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Having this be her first time driving a car and her relative inexperience operating vehicles, Blazermate was acting more like a kid at a bumpercar ride, instead causing chaos by trying to smash her car into others with a gleeful "Whee!" as she drove by and her targets swerved out of the way, being much more skilled than her in most regards. Still, she'd try all the fun tricks and would often be either the first or second wave of sabotage that matched the koopa troop in their attempts to mess everyone up. Although she never saw Falcon for more than a few seconds as that guy was moving with great skill and she couldn't crash into him even if she tried.

Although her little joyride would be over pretty quickly once she tried to use the emergency break to turn and managed to do a bunch of doughnuts before spinning out, her car twirling through the roads and wedging in Roland's car, making it unable to move and basically taking the two of them out of the minigame. "Whee, that was fun! Never drove before, nor do I get to let loose like that!" Blazermate said, swirls in her eyes.



Level 12 Sectonia (holding 6 level up) (5/120)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Sectonia was one of the under performers of the group, although in her case it wasn't due to lack of knowledge of how to drive a car, but more so because she had a delay between changing her speed or breaking. She also wasn't really enjoying having to driver a car; so far these minigames haven't really been her thing and she was only trying for the potential power and beauty that was said to be at the end of this trial. But with there being so many people and only three winners, and her poor ability to drift or do anything that the forerunners could do, she lost more and more interest with this game as things went by. She did find it a bit amusing though as she saw the koopa troop Nadia, and Blazermate trying to mess people up instead of playing the game normally.

it was a bit interesting how when she had little interest in the game itself, she could sit back and enjoy the chaos that unfolded. So much so she parked at a higher up area a bit away and just watched what happened below. She already knew she wasn't going to beat Falcon and the other urban knowledge drivers as they had passed by her a few times. Blazermate managed to take out Roland, from the looks of things, and Falcon skillfully dodged everyone trying to take him out. Nadia was duking it out with the new person... what was her name again? Jura? Really it seemed like outside of a couple people, everyone else was just doing whatever they wanted.



Level 5 Roland (Holding 1 Level up) (2/60)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

While Roland was one of the few who didn't need to learn how to drive, he wasn't an expert at it. You often didn't need to do any kind of combat driving as a Fixer, with firearms being pretty rare in the City, so it was more used to go from point A to B. Plus some people just had augments that were cheaper than cars that let them move way faster and not be exhausted or even teleport. And then the backstreets were often pretty narrow or under construction....

Well, no reason to mumble about all that to himself as Roland just did a fairly satisfactory job. He wasn't as fast as Falcon, but he wasn't in trouble like a few of the others... or causing trouble like those who felt they had no chance of winning and were just having fun. Honestly, if he knew he was going to be a bit under the top placings here, he'd probably join in on the chaos, it looked fun. But while he was doing pretty well, having a fair amount of time left, that would soon come to an end as a spinning out of control Blazermate crashed into his car and wedged herself and him in between two buildings in such a way that there wasn't a way for either of them to get out in any reasonable timeframe. One would think if this minigame was more realistic or from a different place their cars would've exploded form this.

"What the hell?" Roland said as he got slammed into the one way alleyway by Blazermate. The medabot giving up on her little joyride as she looked very dizzy, but also pleased with herself. Roland could only look out his window, chin in his hand as he waited for the minigame to be over after giving it a bit of a try to get out and finding it pointless. "Well, at least one of us had a load of fun." Roland said, wrapping his fingers against the edge of his car as the timer ticked down to nothing and Blazermate giggled like an excited schoolgirl. Well, she kinda looked like one, so that made sense.

Level 13 Blazermate (Holding 5 level up) - (25/130)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Well, Blazermate knew their video probably wasn't going to win, so getting no standing wasn't too surprising. She just hoped the others had fun, since right now she had no idea what these tokens actually did. And of course they all still got something, which was cool. The next minigame though... Well, Blazermate was a bit concerned that it was a free for all.

Getting into the next minigame, Blazermate wasn't entirely sure how to drive. She didn't really know the basics! Plus her car was... well lets just say she felt a bit weird needing to sit on a book to see over the dashboard. Still, she would be learning how to drive on the fly while having almost no knowledge of how a car actually worked. She usually took a train or walked or flew, cars were a luxury where she came from and none of her medafighters ever drove one so... this would be interesting.

She had lost a fair amount of time learning about how the gearshift and clutch worked, and even when she figured out how to make the car go forward, turning was another thing entirely. She didn't know how sensitive the steering wheel would be, and crashed into various lamp posts, NPCs, and really was just swerving everywhere. It was here she learned that her car and the NPCs were invinicble, but the enviorment wasn't. This was... Kinda fun. considering how she had wasted more than half her time just figuring things out, she decided to forgo the minigame entirely and just drove around causing chaos around as she smashed into everything, playing a very different game now as there was no consequences.



Level 12 Sectonia (holding 6 level up) (4/120)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

2nd place wasn't too bad considering how poor those monsters were... well besides the last one. It was a bit weird to lose to Ganondorf, but Sectonia wasn't going to make a big deal of it. Right now she had no idea what these tokens did, and none of the others seemed to have any ill feelings or anything about winning or losing outside of Jr, but he was a kid so it made sense. Still, at least she placed so far in these minigames that so far really haven't been designed for her or the other large party members.

Speaking of that, being one of the largest members of the team, Sectonia also got one of the largest cars in the next minigame. It was here she noticed that everyone got their own car based on their tastes, with Sectonia's car being more opulent than the others she'd come to see. Although once she got in the car, it was now that a huge weakness of the Queen finally came into play, her lack of feet. It took her a little bit to remedy this with using an Antler to work the peddles, but this would have more problems down the road as she couldn't do all the fancy drifting and quick break turns that a few of the others could do.

This made her driving pretty basic, but unlike Blazermate who was having trouble driving and seemingly just gave up on the minigame and is having her own fun in a very unimaginative basic car, she could at least participate in the minigame. Although grabbing a red passenger off the bat was a poor decision for her, as she wasn't expecting the 'hard' passengers to be that difficult to get to their destination, most of their destinations in weird spots or across town.



Level 5 Roland (Holding 1 Level up) (1/60)
Location: Carnival Games
Word Count: Under 750

Getting 2nd wasn't really what Roland expected. He was fine with it though, although if he was given leave to explore the underground tunnels of the City, especially around K corp, the things and horrors he'd see down there would put everything in that video to shame. Although considering there were cognetohazards that would probably shatter the minds of those who saw the video, perhaps it was a good thing then that none of those monsters were really scary. Although he felt like he saw a picture of that last one somewhere... Well, that was that and this was this, and the next minigame was a driving one.

While Driving wasn't one of Roland's passions at all, he knew how it worked. And the game gave him a sleek black gothic car with silver trimmings almost like it was trying to match his weapons. These minigames had some good taste at times. Unlike many of the others, Roland could get the car started and started to pick up passengers like normal, grabbing a yellow one. Although unlike some of the more competitive people, until he saw one of them like Falcon drive by like a bat out of hell, Roland followed traffic laws and stuck to the roads. That put him behind the more aggressive drivers until he figured out that the point of this game was to grab passengers and get them to their destination regardless of obstacles in your way as they didn't matter.

Knowing that, but having lost a fair amount of time, Roland followed suit with the others, although his passion for this minigame was lukewarm at best. Driving wasn't really his thing and was just something he used to get from point A to point B. Now if this was cooking or something...
Fantasy Fixer Films

Level 10 Primrose (226/100), Level 7 Therion (276/70),
Level 12 Sectonia (holding 6 level up) (3/120), Level 5 Roland (Holding 1 Level up) (0/60)
Word count: 1717 (+3)

The Seekers had hardly any time to recover between one game and the next. For Therion, the joy of winning Connect Climbing Chaos had swiftly given way to the too familiar, sickening feeling of falling when he and Nadia had gone right over the edge, and so he ended up at the roulette table as a big cat with wide eyes and fur standing all on end. He was glad that the tumble hadn't lasted very long before they were teleported back, at least. When he turned into his human form to accept the prize, the fur on his tail was still puffed out.

And then just like that they were somewhere new. A colorful, brightly lit little patch of grass with a single house and a few other oddities. Primrose found herself with two familiar faces, improving her mood. Zenkichi had been kind, and interesting to chat with, but he was a stranger tied to her. Now everyone was free to move as they wanted, and their familiarity with each other would hopefully both lead to more fun and prevent bad mishaps. And since Primrose, Therion, and Sectonia had all fought through not just the Under, but the Sandswept Sky together, they were pretty familiar with each other by now.

Which left Roland as the odd man out. Primrose offered him a friendly, if neutral smile. Therion only glanced at him. "No hard feelings," he told Roland with a hint of smugness, unknowingly echoing his climbing partner on another island.

”Yeah. That's just life in the city. Although this was much nicer compared to what I’m used to.” Roland said, accepting losing to Therion. Roland wasn’t even mad, it was just a game after all. It wasn’t the stuff he had to deal with on a day to day basis.

Sectonia meanwhile was in a bit of a huff, although none of the ones in this group saw what happened to her during the previous trial, so she didn’t hold it over their heads. ”Hm… So apparently there is supposed to be some horror underneath these clouds?” Sectonia said.

”Apparently. Although I wonder if it's going to be anything actually horrifying. If the goal of the video is to show true horror, I have some ideas if nothing works down below.” Roland said, scratching his forehead as he thought about it. ”Hm… Which one of us is going to hold the camera?” Roland looked at his other party members. Sectonia was out, her hands were too big to handle it. And while normally Roland wouldn’t even care about how Therion and Primrose looked as you could have any style in the City, in the world of light, he had to actually consider how they were dressed. And if he had to guess, those two hadn’t ever seen a camera before.

”... Nevermind, I’ll be the cameraman. Best to not lose it, and I can keep myself safe while we film.” Roland said.

"That is probably wise," Primrose said. She had gotten used to a lot of new things during this adventure and could most likely intuit how the contraption worked, but if Roland was already familiar with it then best just to leave it to him.

Looking around the area, she quickly found the diving bell that Ballyhoo had mentioned. Along with several other little features the island had. There appeared to be some kind of shop ordering screen, a large technologically advanced device, two wooden buildings... being so small, there wasn't much else. Or anything else really.

Primrose picked up a few of the flashlights and offered one to Therion and Sectonia. The former took it and stashed it in his belt. His attention was primarily focused on the diving bell, because his only other experience with one had been in the Home of Tears.

"Don't those things go underwater?" he asked. Is that what the helmets they were all wearing were for? The explanation of this game had gone by quickly, but Therion was pretty sure he caught mention of oxygen levels. Scaling a mountain without the fear of getting hurt was one thing, but being surrounded on all sides by water was another.

”Yeah, but they are old. Like, really old.” Roland said, looking at the diving bell. Sectonia, not needing a flashlight as she could see in the dark, threw hers to Roland. ”I suppose when we get down there, I should use some Antlers and have them investigate. I still don’t know what this ‘scary movie’ should entail.” Sectonia said, being roughly on the same wavelength as Primrose and Therion when it came to this stuff, leaving Roland as the only one who had an idea of what they needed to do.

”Well, before we head down, let's see what this device does…” Roland said as he approached the sponsorship device and examined it.

Therion went to better inspect the bell while the other three looked at the monitor. On the screen were a few offers, which seemed to be various challenges the team had to complete in their homemade video in return for getting an item to use. Some had to do with monsters, such as interviewing or dancing with them. Others just asked the players to use their products in the video and get enough views on it.

Though Primrose understood the words, the context was still hard to grasp. The shopping board also listed items without any description, making the prospect of spending her single token on any of them unappealing.

The dancer disregarded the sponsorships for now. She looked at Roland, one hand on her hip. "Actually, could you give the rest of us an idea of what we should be doing in this game? In layman's terms... Or even simpler."

Roland thought a bit to himself. He didn’t make videos, but he had an idea of how it worked. ”Uh… From what little I gather, we grab a sponsor here from this board and do something in our video with them, then we go down and try to get some scary monster footage, of the monsters doing scary things like attacking people or something? And the more horrifying the better. Although that would mean getting attacked…” Roland said, trying to explain what was going on here.

”Well, I can summon something for these monsters to ‘attack’, so we don’t have to touch those vile things.” Sectonia said, summoning an ice antler for reference.

”Well, that helps. Now to just find a good sponsor.. Sponsors should get us a lot of views themselves.” Roland sorted through the sponsor list, and found one he figured would be easy. ”Hmm… I see one for Wèllcheers soda. ‘Have 20 seconds of Wèllcheers soda shown on screen, and/or being drinken. Use and drink all 3 flavors, flavors will be provided.’ What do you three think? Sound good?” Roland said. Something about this soda seemed…. Vaguely familiar but he couldn’t place it.

”I suppose it doesn’t matter. My antlers can handle all of that, since it seems they will also be the ‘victims’ in this.” Sectonia said, suppressing her sweet tooth for this strange soda.

Though Primrose found Roland's explanation to be a little... lacking, she didn't coax him for more. He seemed to know what he was doing, and this was only a game. For now she'd just roll with it and see what happened. Like the previous game, she didn't expect her team's outcome to be a very good one, but she didn't mind that. As for sponsorships, she didn't have any opinion, so when Roland chose one she shrugged one shoulder.

"No objections," the dancer said. She would be more than happy to let Sectonia's antlers take on any burden the game demanded.

Once the choice was set in stone, a buzzing noise started approaching their little island almost immediately. The drone dropped off a wooden crate filled with a six pack of the mysterious soda and then zoomed off to wherever it had come from. The delivery drew Therion away from the bell, and he met the others in the center of the island.

"Are you all set?" he asked. He figured there must be some kind of time limit for this minigame, but there didn't seem to be a way to tell if getting a head start would benefit them. Them being the other three, because... "I don't really want to go underwater, so I'll... I dunno, coordinate from up here." If such a thing was even possible.

Primrose regarded him curiously. "Tired out from just one win?" she teased. The thief shrugged.

”Well, from what it looks like, we don’t need someone up here monitoring everything. And it would be safer to go as a group than someone being alone. I don’t know if being alone would make things come up and gobble you up.” Roland said with a tinge of dark humor to his voice.

Therion raised an eyebrow and gestured to the small, colorful, general area. "Up here? I think I'll take my chances."

"I doubt we're actually going to spend the whole time down there submerged," Primrose said. She tapped the side of her helmet, the same one they all wore. It was hardly watertight. "If it takes underwater, it will most likely bring us to some cave or sunken building, with a pocket of air."

Her fellow Orsterran still didn't look convinced enough, but used her words as a segue to get off of the topic. "Speaking of, inside there are three places listed inside that thing: factory, cruise ship, tunnels."

”If my experience means anything, either the factory or the tunnels should have the ‘scariest’ things. Cruise ships probably just have sharks or jellyfish or octopi.” Roland said, voicing his opinion. Sectonia didn’t really have much of an opinion herself, as no matter what they were going to see down there, it was going to be ugly no matter what.

"I would veto the 'tunnels'," Primrose said, sure she wasn't alone in the opinion that most of them had seen enough tunnels for a long while.

"Which leaves the factory."

With their course of action figured out and everyone agreed, the filed into the diving bell (with some great reluctance from Therion), sponsorship item in hand and started to head down.

Queen Sectonia

Level 12 Sectonia (holding 6 level up) - (0/120)
Location: Carnival Town > Minigame 1
Word Count: Less than 750

Sectonia wasn't doing so well much like a lot of the group. There were clear forerunners and losers in something like this, but for Sectonia, she did what she could but it really wasn't going to be anything that let her catch up. Having to heave around a rock was both annoying, and also difficult to do platforming with when she herself was new to platforming in general. And the addition of moving platforms and eventually crumbling platforms made things even more difficult for her. If it wasn't for a few of the others being even less mobile than her, she would probably be doing much, much worse than she was. She wasn't anywhere near the front though.

The crumbling platforms were going to give Sectonia even more trouble than she bargained for, much more as she started them, Bowser had managed to grow big and started to cause a massive wind tunnel in the fishy mines. Something that would affect Sectonia pretty badly as her thrown boulder she used to swing under the platform shifted in the wind tunnel, causing the platform to disintegrate and Sectonia to be in free fall heading towards the source of the wind tunnel, Bowser himself. Of course Bowser would be behind this oddity, but something he'd come to regret pretty quickly as a giant bee the size of his head zoomed at him with her stinger out, being pulled by his vacuum breath. Being quite big and Bowser not paying attention, he'd suck up Sectonia, having his mouth literally full of her bottom half and making him unable to breath. An awkward situation for the both of them, with Sectonia glaring at the koopa king who had to hack and cough to breath again, freeing Sectonia and causing her to drop down with everyone else. If damage had been on, her stinger would've done some serious damage thats for sure.

"You'd better not do that again!" Sectonia said in pure annoyance and a bit of embarrassment. She'd find that at this point trying again would be pointless, and just waited for it to be over with the rest of the people at the bottom of the mines. At least soon afterwards, she had some enjoyment watching Ganondorf and Bowser brawl it out after Bowser tried his inhale trick a second time. Ganondorf was doing her job, so she just let him at it.
The Captain & The Fixer II

Word Count: 1182
EXP: +2
Rapport: Roland / Captain Falcon

They’d been making pretty decent progress, all things considered. Even with his goggles debilitating his vision, Captain Falcon was for the most part able to correct himself. And then it happened. They were nearing what Cap was convinced had to be the end of these mines. He’d even managed to salvage a near-failed jump. Well… almost. His boot slipped on something liquid that was splattered on the platform’s surface. A random fish, yes a fish, which had fallen from a nearby bucket, was on the platform and made the Captain slip.

Either way, he slipped and tumbled right over the edge of the moving platform. And the slickness meant that Roland was unable to properly anchor himself to catch Falcon with the rope they were tethered by. As a result, he was yanked over the edge along with the Captain and they both went tumbling down. Down, down, and down. Pretty much all the way back to the bottom of the mines. All that time and progress, gone.

"Seriously?" Captain Falcon grunted as he pushed himself back to his feet, He then looked around the mines a bit before saying "Fish? The mine is for fish? How does that even work?"

Roland stood up, rubbing his head. ”Ugh. I don’t know. I just hope we don't run into anymore weird fish in strange spots.” Roland said, a bit confused and embarrassed at the whole fish tripping situation, although he had work to do so he wasn't going to show that... and probably forget about it later.

"Well," The Captain said as he cracked his knuckles and neck. "nothing for it, now, I guess. We’re just gonna have to start over." He looked toward the initial platform moving back and forth along its horizontal path. The bright side was that they’d completed many of the jumps before so they at least knew what was coming now. And who knows, maybe they would stumble across a shortcut or some other faster route that they’d missed on the first climb?

Roland nodded since just sitting here wasn’t doing them much good. With the whole blood puddle thing now something to watch out for, the two went to continue their scaling through the mines. As they did, they saw some of the Bowser troop having made it to the mines at last. Although much like Roland and Falcon, they fell trying to do a tricky jump, the girl with large hands trying to do some kind of explosive jump but missing entirely and falling back down.

”Hm… I guess you can do self damage if there isn’t any ‘damage’ going out, however they’re doing that.” Roland said, watching Rika and Kamek tumble back down to where Roland and Falcon were beforehand.

Cap supposed the how’s and why’s of the fish didn’t really matter much in the end. It just meant this was going to be more hazardous than it already was. They were at least better prepared for what was ahead due to this being their second attempt at it. But that also meant they’d fallen behind the leaders and would have really hustle if they wanted any hope of getting back ahead of the pack again. Of course, Falcon’s goggles in the darkness weren’t exactly helping matters. He was having to correct himself more and more often because of it.

"What I wouldn’t give for some sunlight." Cap mused. "I’m guessing these mines have to end at some point. Question is, when?" Then he sniffed the air and waved a hand in front of his nose. "And I could seriously do without the fishy smell in here, too."

Roland only glanced at Falcon before saying. ”You could lift up your goggles and you’d see better.” Roland said, a lot more used to dark environments than Capt. As for the smell, Roland was used to weird smells at this point so he didn’t really think much of it except that maybe they were near an ocean or something, how else would the mine get its fish? ”I can lead the way if you still have trouble seeing in the dark. I think we’re close to the exit, the block cheaters are just ahead of us.”

"And show my face?" Cap asked with genuine confusion, "No no no. I can’t show my face unless I’ve been beaten on the racetracks. That’s always been my rule. Fans love a good mystery after all, and rivals get that much more incensed at being beaten by an unknown stranger!" He added, talking as if it was obvious. "But go on ahead and take the reins, if you like. Let’s see those moves of yours!"

Roland nodded and began his climb, directing the Captain to do loops and whatnot as he saw them, Roland using his own clawed gauntlets to grip onto walls when needed. Still, he wondered how the bigger people would deal with this as he went through, noticing the big bee and turtle down below, the bee just using a rock to swing around and the turtle talking with his family. His name was… Bowser, right. Well, as Cap and Roland moved through the obstacle course ahead, behind and below them Bowser grew large. Roland was very confused as to what he was doing, since while he was large, the platforms kept him in place as he seemingly couldn’t destroy them. But then he began sucking in massive volumes of air…

”Gah, what's this giant monster doing? Is he a sore loser?” Roland said, using his gauntlets to grab onto the platform he was on to hold on while the Giant Bowser was using his vacuum inhale.

"I guess he must be." Cap said with a shrug. If he weren’t currently under Galeem’s influence, then he would have already known about Bowser and his penchant for not playing fair. "I imagine he’ll run out of breath sooner or later, but I don’t think we wanna lose any more time than we already have." Falcon looked around and then said, "We’ll just have to work around it. Keep some kind of barrier in between us and Mr. Vacuum Breath down there."

Roland agreed, but they’d have to wait until he stopped, holding on while he was sucking. At least Roland had some of his weapons he could use to hold himself and Cap on the platform. In a way they were also cheating, but it was a lot, lot more fair than the pair that was making their own platforms.

When Bowser had to stop to take a breath, that's when Roland and the Cap moved, getting something done and getting into a good position before Bowser started again. They moved through the mines doing this at least until something stopped the suction entirely. He wasn’t sure what caused that, but it let them progress out of the mines near the lead as many of the others couldn’t handle the suction.

Queen Sectonia

Level 11 Sectonia (holding 5 level up) - (109/110)
Location: Carnival Town > Minigame 1
Word Count: Less than 750

Sectonia wasn't sure what to expect from the first minigame. She also ended up at the end of the day being the odd one out for this one that involved moving through platforms in some obstacle course. She figured that since she could fly, someone would be interested but it seemed that wasn't the case. And with that, unlike the others being tied to each other, Sectonia was tied to a rock. She also found that... perhaps she wasn't chosen because the others understood this game and its limitations better than she did as she found that she couldn't really fly, just lazily glide with Blazermate having the same problem, although she ended up having her own problem needing to carry the weight of Bowser which Sectonia wondered if she could even do if it wasn't for the special magic of this area.

Never needing to 'platform' before, especially with this 'handicap' on her, Sectonia didn't get a very good start. A lot of the more humanoid allies meanwhile made their way through the course at various methods of progression with a few of them actually even cheating using some abiltiies. That was annoying, since she found that she couldn't use any of hers. She did find though, that, after learning to 'jump' by flapping her wings for a down burst, she could platform like the others. But by the time she figured that out, she was pretty much left in the dust besides a few others that were as slow as she was at the moment. Even her fellow heavyweight Bowser had managed to make a fair amount of progress!

What was worse, once she got to the platform area itself she saw a few people struggle with, the use of her rock eventually became apparent. She had to throw it and use it as an anchor to flip herself to the other platform. The good news with this, this was all part of her own skill. The downside, she had never done any of this stuff before while others were speeding through this. So she made a bit of a fool of herself falling off the platform a couple times before she figured it out, with the swing on her side being a bit strange since she couldn't really fly. At least her wings let her descend gracefully when she failed unlike a few of the others...

At least once she learned how to do something, she continued onward getting back to the spot where she fell. Her next point of contention after the platforms was the rock swing. Sectonia was pretty far in the back at this point getting used to everything, and this underhook swing really didn't do her any favors. It took her a bit hanging onto the wall before she got her makeshift grappling hook to latch onto the next platform and she could continue, Sectonia getting more embarrassed at all the vigorous swinging she had to do with this stupid rock. At least the others were more focused on their own progress instead of observing her but that didn't make things less akward. At least with the slow moving platforms, she didn't have as many qualms about them as a few of the others, although once she got into the caves, she saw just how far back she was as she saw the red light of Roxas's cubes momentarily illuminating the mines far, far above where she was. She was at least further along than Goldweis and Sandalphon, who were still far behind. But she had only managed to catch up to Bowser, Blazermate, Kamek, and Rika, whom also hadn't managed to continue that far ahead.

Well... there was nothing to do but push past them while they were talking amongst themselves, Sectonia able to see in the darkness of the caves fairly well all things considered. That didn't help her though when the next jump messed her up and she had to redo the whole section over again...
Here are my redone character sheets.





Level 5 Roland - (36/50)
Level 13 Blazermate (Holding 5 level up) - (14/130)
Location: Carnival Town
Word Count: Less than 750

Hearing about the minigames, Blazermate was super happy to participate. It was about time they had some competitions that weren't fights! Well, competition was fighting, but... not like punching people or anything! Well ok there was boxing but... While Blazermate was struggling with her excitement, Roland watched the bot fidget a bit and raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything else about it. Out of everyone, he was one of the ones that was the most apprehensive about this whole 'mini game' thing. He didn't feel like he had much of a choice though, with the rest of this group all going in to deal with these things, so he decided to join with a sigh. Unlike Sectonia, Ganondorf, or to a lesser extent Blazermate, the coins weren't on his mind. He still hadn't adopted to a world that was... frankly way better than what he came from and it'd take him a very long time to adjust.

Looking at Captain Falcon, Blazermate only asked "So, is he from a sentai anime or something? Something about him seems familiar." She then scratched her chin for a bit before shaking her head. "Nope, don't recognize him. I like his enthusiasm though!" with Roland saying. "Well... He lives here it seems so I guess this is how he relaxes? Good for us though. Maybe we can have some fun after all!"
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