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A creeping dark mist came over the surface of the swamp as the party made its way deeper and deeper. Willow wasn't too worried about the smoke, but a comment from flint really got her a bit nervous. "Agreed Flint, If it is a logia,, and we can't counter it, all we can do is run." willlow said, watching as the cloud came closer.

Soon shots came out of the cloud. Thankfully it was very easy for Willow to dodge any that came her way, if any even did due to her small size. Having an idea, she conjured an orb of Fairy Fire and sent it into the mist as the new dragon member also did his best co try to clear the mist away. Even if he couldn't do anything, Willow's Fairy Fire should reveal something.

Level 3 - (21/30) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle
Word Count: 304

This MegaDragonBowser wasn't as destructive as Blazermate thought he'd be considering what he looked like. Sure he could throw any of her teammates around with his physical strength, but beyond that he didn't seem to do all that much as long as everyone kept their distance. Especially considering how just... wasn't doing all that much damage. Din could heal up all the lightly damaged people, and with Blazermate healing all the ones who are getting hit by MegaDragonBowser, he just wasn't being the threat he came off to be.

But at least the big bruiser was making an attempt. Tossing off and lighting Gauge's Deathtrap robot and throwing it at Blazermate and her sentry was at least a neat attempt. It did force Blazermate to pick up her sentry and try to dodge the flaming robot, but she didn't have to move much as Tora shield smashed the giant robot up and away from her encampment. When she noticed this, she redeployed her sentry and continued building it as MegaDragonBowser was incapacitated by all the magic being flung his way.

This gave her enough time to fully upgrade her sentry to level 3. Once it was fully upgraded, it beeped three times in quick succession, before locking onto MegaDragonBowser and started pelting him with its twin miniguns and its new weapon, a quad rocket launcher. With her sentry fully upgraded, she decided to leave its cover and come within healing range of the party, healing up whoever was the most injured. She watched as her team unloaded on the fake bowser, others from the hallway joining the frey. "Keep it up! He is taking damage from all of our punishment!" Blazermate said. She was still unable to tell where MegaDragonBowser's weakpoints were, but at least she could tell he wasn't doing so hot.
@Archmage MC

No, I mean Linkle isn't in this fight. You probably meant somebody else there.

oh, I got my info from this on who was shot by the courier's friendly fire.

With a flourish, the Courier stood up in a twist, facing the rest of his comrades, unholstering his revolver in the process. He pointed the gun upward toward Mario, and the plumber’s newly acquired water pack, and let loose a shot from the powerful magnum. The bullet was aimed for Mario’s torso in what would appear to be a debilitating, potentially lethal, shot. By all accounts, Courier Six had gone turncoat, switching sides to what seemed the more powerful team. Another shot rang out, this one aimed for Blazermate’s cranial unit. Then a third shot headed straight for Linkle’s gut!
@Gentlemanvaultboy She spreads healing according to who is most damaged. Light healing is more Din's forte (Or until Blazermate gets her dispenser) and Linkle isn't as badly hurt as some others thanks to the courier's special ability. But if you need healing, you can ask.

Level 3 - (18/30) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle Entrance
Word Count: 602

Considering this was a fight against a big boss, Blazermate wasn't too surprised at how hectic the battle was going. Magic and fire flying, plants coming out of the ground, and bullets flying. What she didn't expect was the Courier to shoot her between the eyes at random while in the air healing DK, knocking her for a loop and causing her to fall the 4 or so feet she was hovering. With a flourish, Blazermate flipped up like you'd see in an anime, her medibeam hand being used to heal herself. "What in sam hill is wrong with you, boy?" She said angerly, her Engineer accent coming out in full force. Thankfully Zer0 sort of quelled her anger at being targted by shooting the courier for her, and apparently causing Dragon Bowser a bit of... pain? Not much, but, it was something.

Thanks to the efforts of comrades both new and old, almost everyone besides a kid with a cape and pistol was freed from their cages. but Dragon bowser didn't appreciate being damaged from Zer0's shot and the magic being thrown around. With a bellow, the giant dragon turtle got into his massive shell and spun around the room, eventually crashing into a wall as he tried to do some damage. Blazermate was able to easily dodge this attach by just jumping high and hovering in the air. As she surveyed the battlefield, she saw Tora and his ally attempt to attack MegaDragonBowser but fail miserably, while Bowser tried his hand at fighting the monster and was also casually thrown out of the room, back to where they had entered.

"This is a tough one, although he doesn't seem to do much beyond what our bowser does..." Blazermate thought to herself. When she saw the friend hearts going out to the captives, she had an idea. Landing away and out of sight of MegaDragonBowser, she pulled out a toolbox and began to construct a sentry. With MegaDraognBowser and only a few others being under Galeem's control, the sentry would be much more helpful. As she was constructing the sentry, The Courier came running up to Blazermate, firing a shot that missed. But before she could wind up a punch on the approaching cowboy, he blurted out his plan and why he had shot Blazermate and a few other allies.

She let out a sigh, telling the courier. "Fiiine. But I've also gotta heal everyone else." So far she had her medibeam on herself, as while she could heal herself, it wasn't as effective as healing others. Using one hand to heal, and the other to build the sentry, she gave the Courier a bit of healing. But considering the relative healthiness of everyone who wasn't the courier or bowser, the latter she couldn't tell because she couldn't see him, she was able to put more of her effort into building the sentry and quickly got it to level 2.

With two audible beeps, the sentry locked onto MegaDragonBowser and fired round after round at him with its twin chainguns, never stopping or missing as it had the big guy in its sights. Blazermate, much like she did before, hid behind her new bit of cover while hitting it with her hand to refill its ammo and potentially get it to level 3, while using her other hand to heal the injured, which at this point was mostly the courier and the people in cages. Linkle and Mario weren't nearly as damaged, the courier's bullets apparently doing very little to them in the grand scheme of things.
Pending, need more lore docs to complete. Have a rough draft on some sections.

"Oh come on Adam, Swamps aren't so bad! I've gotten a lot of my... jobs... done in swamps. No one expects a will-o-wisp to be lethal." Willow said at Adam's complaints, having left her disguise full of loot in a crate on the edge of town. She ended up buzzing int he general area of Riko. Unlike in an urban area, she wasn't too worried about people seeing her in an area such as a swamp, especially since she could easily be mistaken for a big dragonfly.

"But don't get me wrong, taking stuff from a pompous, fat, gross merchant does sound much easier." She said, stinting a laugh as Adam was almost freaking out at all the bugs that were around the swamp. She'd skewer any bugs that tried to attack her thinking they'd get a free meal, which incidentally kept a lot of bugs away from Riko.

"So.... what was that map for anyway, Captain?"

Level 3 - (15/30) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle Entrance
Word Count: 504

The fighting wrapped up fairly quickly with a few new allies in toe and a lot of wounds for Blazermate to heal up. At least she was equipped to do so, healing the worst injured before moving up to the more healthy people, the most injured tending to be the new allies they had acquired through their recent fight. "If only I could heal more than 1 person at a time 'sigh'." Blazermate said, channeling her beam on Zer0, having healed a few other members prior. Meanwhile Bowser was taking credit for everything, even though the lug really didn't do much.

As their bolstered group made their way to the castle proper, a bunch of mushroom headed short people ran out in droves. Mario tried to calm them, seeming to know them, but Geno forced him to move on, pointing out what Blazermate already learned; just assume whoever yo meet is controlled by Galeem. While the others dodged or waded through the toads, Blazermate hovered above it all as they made their way into the castle proper. Bowser also gave his little comment about them being wimps, and Blazermate believed him.

Up on a throne sat that flying dragon bowser, and hanging form the ceiling were a bunch of stronger looking characters in cages. A few of them looked like animals, while others just looked.... weird. Much like their bowser, this dragon bowser was full of hot air and bluster, but unlike their bowser, he emitted some strange aura that made her Scan ability be unable to detect weakpoints. Bowser wasn't about to have any of his doppleganger's shenanigans, and commanded his minions to attack.

Seeing all of this, Dragon bowser was roaring for a fight, flaring his aura as he fired a giant fireball into the air, which exploded into a meteor shower of other balls. Pulling out her Short Circuit, Blazermate fired a single energy ball above her to clear away any fireballs that were coming towards her. Since this weapon was the Engineer's, Blazermate understood how to properly use it, and its huge limitation on shots, so she would use the remaining shots sparingly through this battle, seeing as it would be of great use.

Seeing Mario and Geno come up with a plan, Blazermate decided to help them. Of course these captives were still under Galeems control, but then so were the rabbids and they were keen to help those that helped them, so hopefully these captured people would do the same. As Mario made his way to the cage and Geno distracted the dragon bowser, Blazermate started to heal the people inside the cage as well as her allies, starting with the giant gorilla DK. If he was free, it'd make freeing the others much easier. Plus another big boy to act as a shield for her was another bonus. It was a shame she couldn't put down another sentry just yet, but at the same time she figured it would just fire on the caged people, being unable to notice the difference between them and Dragon Bowser.
@Serendipity Sounds like a plan! The idea is being a bounty hunter, your basically a free agent and can realistically interact with everyone at one point or another for the most part. Really leaning towards a droid BH tbh, lots of fun things you can do when you can literally upgrade yourself. ooh, an upgrade obcessive droid who views Bounty hunting as the best way to get experimental tech... hm...
Willow wasn't too found of getting involved in the heavy brawling that was happening in the tavern. Well, to be more precise, she wanted to slice some throats, but that was a tad extreme to do to what was essentially drunkards. And when bakuto decided to breath fire in the alchohol filled enviorment, Willow decided this was a good time to bow out and flew out of the establishment, her disguise trailing behind her like a wisp as she got away from that mess. Soon after the whole place exploded, much to what she figured was going to happen.

When the debree had settled and the place looked safe, Willow made her way back to the wreckage of the bar. Since most of the other patreons had left with her, the only ones left in the wreckage were her crew and a few of the hardier people. She was a bit surprised everyone lived through that, but then worse things could've happened with the dragon boy.
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