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Blazermate (with help from Lugubrious)

Level 5 - (7/50) EXP +3
Location: Zombie GY
Word Count: 1628

The fight with the tank seemed to go pretty well. Sure Blazermate had to jump out of the way as the tank barreled towards her sentry on the trolly, but its fire, alongside the combined efforts of everyone took the beast down. Although having what was essentially meaty zombie bits explode everywhere wasn't great and Blazermate was caught in the splash zone like Gene was. "Eww.... Seriously?" Blazermate said after getting covered in zombie goo. But then... the smell came. Blazermate hadn't really developed much of a sense of smell, as she had never had it before, and until now really didn't have any reference point. At least not until now. "Gah, and how do you guys handle this stuff? I Really hate it." Blazermate said. She decided though that she could tough it out, shaking herself clean. She was clearly getting extremely annoyed with the whole situation, healing Gene almost subconciously as he was the most injured being closest to the exploding tank. Eventually everyone decided to move along, Blazermate propping the trolly back upright, fixed it and the buildings that fell of of it up, and followed the van.

What finally broke her though was when they came up to the crater of plant life. This zombie plant life and its pollen, combined with the lingering smell of goo, caused Blazermate to start sneezing. This was the final straw, and out of sheet annoyance she said. "And Now THIS? 'achu' This is horrible, 'achu' I'll be right back." As the cars stopped at the graveyard gates, Blazermate took her teleporter to head to the other team in the Land of Adventure. If she remembered right, Peach had something that'd let her fix this whole issue.

The land of Adventure was far different from the zombie town she was just in. Here things looked far more peaceful, pretty, and almost like a scenic sort of place, almost peaceful if it wasn't for the light of Galeem shining over everything.

The Medabot's newfound sinuses continue to plague her for a short while as she wandered the town, though the crisp breeze of the plains did wonders to clear away the wretched musk of the Dead Zone that clung to her. Luck proved to be on her side as she, without even needing to ask for directions, spotted Peach outside Lumbridge's castle-based guild hall. While the location might be expected of a royal, what Peach was doing was anything but. She appeared to be undergoing some sort of training courtesy of the town's courteous sheriff, a gruff-looking man with a giant wolfhound never far away. The Houndmaster was appraising Peach's performance of a couple strikes when Blazermate appeared.
When she spotted her ally, the changed princess excused herself from her new mentor and greeted Blazermate straightaway, though not with the same sweet merriness that she might have shown a day ago. "Hey. Hello," she said. "I've seen you around, and your ability as well, but I don't think we've ever really met. Peach, at your service." For a royal, she discarded her title with remarkable indifference, but the hand she extended to shake seemed genuine.

Blazermate liked how straightforward Peach was being. Like Peach had said, the two hadn't really met face to face and Blazermate only knew her from her speech in her castle, but she looked a lot more.... battle hardened now. Considering she didn't have to worry about learning a new thing, breathing, she was probably having a better time than Blazermate. Making sure her hand was clean, Blazermate shook Peach's hand. "Hello, I'm Blazermate. Nice to meet you ma'am." Blazermate said, giving her a polite bow. After doing their greetings, Blazermate said "You guys got the peaceful place huh?"

Getting down to business, Blazermate said "So Peach. This soul I absorbed on the battlefield in front of your castle has been very useful, but this whole 'breathing' thing it forces me to do is just awful. Especially when everything in the zone I'm around is just awful zombies and sneezing pollin. I remember saying you could do something about this? I think I installed this 'part' incorrectly." Blazermate wasn't going to give up the skills that the engineer gave her entirely, but she remembered that Bowser had a few striker spirits that did things for him, so Blazermate figured that since she only builds buildings and nothing thats really 'combat worthy' or mobile, summoning a striker would free her up to do other things.

Peach gave a grave nod. "I think so. Should come naturally. Uh...hold still." After a moment hesitation -squeamishness, even- Peach abruptly shoved her hand into Blazermate's chest. It sunk straight in, and both her hand and the area of Blazermate's body turned prismatic. Peach's fingers closed around something, and yanked it with all her strength. Prismatic energy flooded Blazermate's form, her new modifications all draining out in an instant. The next second the light died, and the Medabot stood just as when she arrived in the World of Light. Looking surprised and more than a little relieved, Peach looked down at the Engineer spirit in her black glove. "Whoa," she murmured. "Didn't know how that'd turn out. Glad it worked, huh?"

"Yeah. And way less intrusive than actually losing a part." Blazermate said, tapping her face plate, relieved that she didn't have to do that 'breathing' thing anymore. "I don't know how you fleshies can stand breathing. Its so.... annoying. Sneezing was the worst though." Blazermate said, giving Peach a bow. Trying to remember what the Master of Masters had said, Blazermate grabbed the engineer spirit out of her gloved hand at a request and tried to link, but not absorb, the spirit to make it a Striker. "Not sure how Bowser did this thing, but it can't be too hard, right?" She said, concentrating.

While Peach looked on, unamused, Blazermate attempted to bond with the spirit. Just looking at it hard didn't seem to do anything. After a few moments, the princess offered some advice. "If you want to bond with it, you have to make a connection with it. The others had an easy time with their minions and mooks, but that looked like a person. People are harder to persuade." She crossed her arms. "Try thinking about what you want from it, or need from it. Ask for its help. I don't think it can hear you, but if it can somehow feel you, I'm sure it'll respond."

Hearing Peach's advice, Blazermate concentrated on the spirit. Having been one with it for a time, Blazermate felt like she knew at least a little bit about Dell Conagher. "So. I know we just split up, but I still need your help. Your buildings are great, and would really be helpful if for me and my friends you could make them instead of me." While this would probably work for any standard lacky spirit, the Engineer was a bit more intelligent than that, especially since he was a mercenary, and Blazermate wasn't really offering him much in the way of pay. At least until.... "You know, I couldn't find any hats, but I could give you any I find if you team up with me?" Blazermate had known of the Engineer's hat lust after being joined with him for a time, but since she needed her hair to move in order to fly, there was no way she could wear one. But if the engineer was a striker....

After a short while of Blazermate broadcasting her feelings, the spirit began to change. It grew warmer and brighter, then started to move on its own. Some invisible tie bound the spirits of machine and inventor together, and it allowed the latter to take shape. From the swirling vapors formed the form of the Engineer, conscious for the first time since his death. "Hmm," he mused, taking a look around. "Don't rightly recall much, but it looks like I owe ya folks some. Guess I oughta stick around." He reached out to shake Blazermate's hand. "Feels like you're the reason I'm back. Name's Dell, I solve problems. Not problems like 'what is beauty.' That'd fall under your conundrums of philosophy." He adjusted his goggles and grinned. "I solve practical problems."

"Like building a tri mounted sentry gun to shoot people with, mostly zombies. I know, I was using your plans for a little while. Very nice gun." Blazermate said. "So, lets go solve the problem of 'too many zombies', partner." Blazermate continued, overjoyed that she didn't have to worry about breathing anymore. Plus she had her cute accent back, instead of that weird texan/japanese hybrid that she had a hard time making cute. "Thanks Peach! I'm heading back to make sure no one gets killed. Tell everyone I said hi. Zombie land is pretty crazy. Jr. should know, he was there, and its gotten worse since then. Although that might be because of the sneezing..." With a wave, Blazermate said goodbye to Peach and took her teleporter back to the Dead Zone to meet up with everyone else who was dealing with the ambush at the Graveyard.

"I'm back from my trip fellas, whats..." Blazermate started to say. As she overlooked the battle she decided to jump away from the Trolly to keep its teleporter up. Since she hadn't been there for the start of the ambush from a weird, green giant monster looking thing, she was mostly ignored. Flying up to a high landing, Blazermate summoned the Engineer to start to construct a sentry gun that would shoot the zombies from below. Sadly this also meant the dispenser had to be destroyed to be relocated up so that Dell could get enough metal to build everything, but that was neither here nor there. Floating down to join the battle, Blazermate put her healing beam onto Gene, who seemed to be the one that was most vulnerable. Especially after Blazermate had only just healed him up from an explosion beforehand.

Apparently Lizzy's other classmates were a bit... apathetic? Well, the dragon boy in the back sure looked it. But a few of the other students had fire in them like Lizzy did. Although that one trying to get first in the sports tournament...

Lizzy didn't have much time to think about it though as he was the last student to stand up and make his declaration, and when he was done the teacher started to usher everyone outside for an aptitude test. Lizzy listened as the teacher explained the first test, a plate punching bag sort of thing to determine strength. As the teacher explained how it could measure both emitter type things and physical strength Lizzy had to debate with herself a bit to decide what would be better. She concluded that since she used her lasers more than punching things, thats what she'd do. Seeing an opportunity to go first, Lizzy jumped up and down, waving her hand at the teacher. "Oh, oh, I'll go first, I'll go first!" Since she was outside, her weight only rumbled the area a little bit as she jumped.

"Hard as I can right? Ok!" Lizzy said as she approached the plate, getting clarifiaction from the teacher. Standing back a bit, she opened up her arm to reveal her laser cannon. With a short charge up, as she gathered energy, Lizzy fired a large pink beam at the plate as she used her more powerful Super Beam Cannon. It was far more destructive than her normal beams, but drained her core energy to use. The beam hit true, the destructive power of her beam causing an explosion as it hit the plate due to its high energy levels. As she finished her beam, Lizzy's body drooped for a few seconds before she booted back up and made her way back to the group.

"Hehe, beat that!" Lizzy said triumphantly. Sadly no one cheered her on, so her beam wasn't as strong as it could've been, but no one knew that bit about how she worked so it made sense.
Lizzy tapped her hands together, giving tiny metal 'chink' sounds every time the tapped as she waited for everyone to enter the classroom. Apparently the boy who looked like a dragon couldn't breath fire, yet another of her classmates could? Lizzy couldn't help but give a little mechanical chuckle at the oddity of that situation. Next came in a kid with a bandana over his mouth. This boy kept on looking at Lizzy and the dragon boy with a bit of disbelief on his face which was always enjoyable to watch. There was also another kid, a really thin kid, that Lizzy hadn't noticed until now which sort of gave off a... creepy aura about him? Lizzy couldn't place it.

Lizzy didn't have much time to think about it though as their homeroom teacher came in following the last few stragglers. And he was a dinosaur? A dragon and a dinosaur, it was going to be a really fun time here! No wonder why the classroom door was so big... His speech was pretty fun. It was clear he was trying to intimidate the class at the start, but Lizzy couldn't help but think about how much fun it was to have a dragon AND a dinosaur in her classroom. And when the man looked at her, she couldn't help but enjoy that he noticed how much polishing she did this morning. As he finished his speech, his intimidating look went away as he asked for each student to declare why they were here.

Akendo went first, giving her reason to be a hero was, just to be a hero. Just like Lizzy! With her declaration done, Lizzy went next. "Hiya everyone. I'm Lizzy and I wanna be a hero as well. Need to make sure people can live life happy right?" Lizzy said, standing up as her chair groaned in relief to give her statement. She waited to be given the signal to sit back down, deciding to stand like Akendo. Lizzy's chair was very grateful for the relief.

Level 5 - (4/50) EXP +1
Location: Zombie Junction
Word Count: 452

Blazermate's sentry gun kept most of the smaller zombies from approaching the Trolly and the van, creating a bit of a safe zone in the zombie infested city. Sadly due to how it worked, it couldn't do much damage to the big zombie that the van people were dealing with, with only the occasional errant rocket hitting the big brute. But thankfully the van people were keeping it at bay, so the only things that she had to deal with was the small zombies that kept perishing in the area, their spirits floating everywhere.

When Blazermate got an idea to scoop up some of the zombie spirits and crush them, a few more dangerous things happened. First, Gene went wading into the horde of zombies, and after a few moments, came back out covered in all sorts of nasty stuff and something extra, some sort of disease. While Blazermate wasn't sure if she could heal diseases, she was confident her medi-beam could at least hold it at bay. So she yelled at Gene to get closer to her so she could keep him healed, at least until they found some sort of cure or his natural immune system could cure him.

But that wasn't all that happened. Her teleporter sprung to life as it teleported... a kid? The child didn't stay for very long, apparently frozen in fear at seeing all the zombies before he teleported back. "OK... what are those guys doing...?" Blazermate said as a few moments later Jr. came through the teleporters. He seemed angry for a moment before commenting on all the zombies around and starting to join in the fight, pulling out a giant paintbrush and leaving zones of very colorful goop that seemed to just, act as barriers that zombies died in as they passed through the zone of colorful stuff.

"OK, now thats cool. Now I can grab stuff, thanks." Blazermate said to Jr, pointing out the Tank that the people in the van were engaging in. Thanks to Jr's paint holding back the zombies as well as Blazermate's sentry gun, Blazermate flew around to collect what spirits she could that were in relative safety, making sure to keep her healing beam on Gene. When she gathered quite a few zombie souls, she landed back on the trolly and began crushing each soul to see what items she'd gather from them. Any weapons that weren't going to be useful to her, she figured she'd break down into materials and see if she could make some new items out of them, following her ideas from before.

When she noticed that Jr's paint as well as her sentry gun had decimated pretty much all the zombie hordes, Blazermate decided that she should probably keep the trolly in line with the van people who had went up ahead. Seeing as Banjo/Kazooie weren't at the wheel, Blazermate decided to give it a shot. Thankfully the trolly was fairly simple to control, if a bit wonky with how it turned. She decided to drive the trolly, with Jr. aboard, to pick up Banjo/Kazoie and Gene from where they had found themselves as they devastated the hordes, telling them to get on.

The shouts from up ahead made finding where the van had gone pretty simple, and as Blazermate had the troly approach, her sentry gun got the big zombie that the van people were dealing with in its sights and began firing. "Oooh, thats a big one! Careful everyone!" Blazermate said, keeping her beam on whoever needed it as she parked the trolly in a safe area, her sentry gun laying down fire on the big thing.
"Yes, I'm aware I'm a robot. What tipped you off?" Lizzy said to Kisa's exclamation, giving her a teasing look. The girl seemed to be very nervous about being here at UA, unlike Lizzy. While many different students made their way through the gates of UA, one of them being a big dragon guy that Kisa didn't notice. (to be fair, Kisa was focused on Lizzy...) But before Lizzy could point out some of the more eccentric looking people that passed by like herself, one of the students decided to stop by and say Hi as well.

"Hi Kisa, I'm Elizabeth, but call me Lizzy. Its way cuter. And I'm in 1-A too! Yay classmates!" Lizzy said as Kisa introduced herself to Lizzy and the newcomer. "I'm not nervous, just saying Hi to anyone who wanted to walk in together. This is going to be so much fun!" Lizzy replied as the newcomer was attempting to pep up both Kisa and Lizzy. "Lots of students are passing by, I think we should go. Don't you two think?" Lizzy said a few moments later, gesturing to Kisa and Kudo as she passed by the gates to head to class 1-A.

As Lizzy walked, you could hear her gears spinning and some audible metal tinks as her feet hit the pavement. "So, did any of you see the giant dragon guy pass by? I hope hes in our class. That looks really cool!" Lizzy said, not hiding her excitement about being in UA at all. Thankfully all she needed to do was follow the few students who had passed through the gates to figure out where the classrooms were. While not the first to arrive to the 1-A classroom, Lizzy was far from the last. And there were some interesting looking people in the classroom, including the dragon guy she had seen earlier alongside a few other mutant quirks like herself. (Although she was the only robot.) "Yay, the dragon guy is in our class! This'll be so cool. Wonder if he can breath fire?" Lizzy said.

Entering the room, she waved at everyone who was already in class. "Hiya!" Finding a seat near the front of the class, Lizzy sat down. The chair gave an audible groan as she put most of her weight on the chair but it held firm which was nice. She watched as the rest of her classmates came in.
Waking up from her power down, Lizzy was thrilled for the day. Her first day at U.A. High, nothing could be more exciting! Since this was her first day at school, she made sure to oil and polish herself to make herself extra shiny. After all, she was about to make some new heroic friends, best to look your best! Making herself all nice and shiny, Lizzy waved to her parents and made her way to the train to head on over to UA. Being a robot girl, Lizzy didn't really need to sit down. And considering how hit or miss most of the seats on the 6 o clock tram were, well...

As the train made its way to the station near UA, Lizzy did a bit of reminiscing at the test that lead her to be accepted to the prestigious UA High. After the written portion of the exam, which was pretty much what Lizzy expected, was the more exciting and interesting practical exam. This exam changed every year, and this year was no different. The scenario was to either run for help, stand your ground, or find and rescue all the hostages. The big thing was to minimize damage to the city, citizens, and herself. While Lizzy wasn't sure how the others did this, she did this the best way she knew how, by blasting things. What was good, was that since all the obstacles of the test were robots, Lizzy was allowed to do whatever she needed to in order to do what she needed. Deciding to minimize damage, Lizzy spent most of the test blasting the villain robots with her cannons, her firepower superior to the test robots they were using. Likewise, the robots couldn't do too much against her metal body with their low energy blasts or bullets. Still, Lizzy didn't keep herself exposed unless she had to, and kept her accuracy high to destroy the robots without causing too much damage. Thankfully these robots weren't strong enough to require her to use her more destructive attacks.

Having held out for the full time limit, Lizzy succeeded on the practical exam. She did worry that the fact that she took quite a few hits protecting the dummy citizens would hurt her score as self damage was one of the criteria, apparently it didn't hurt her score all that well since it was in the defense of others. Although the grenades making her face plant constantly weren't very fun to deal with.

As the train arrived, Lizzy got off and made her way to the gates of the school. The start of her hero career was right ahead of her, and whoever else she'd meet along the way would probably be thinking the same thing. As Lizzy approached the gates to YA, she noticed a girl with purple hair waiting outside gazing up at the gates. "Hey, are you a new student to UA too?" Lizzy said, waving as she approached. Her voice sounded mostly normal, besides having a slight metallic twang to it. This made Lizzy think a bit to herself; How would these students react to her being a robot?
OK, so, I'm going full conversion here. Let me know any changes I'd need to do.

Hm. Is it wrong that I found a pokemon I like, and I wanna repurpose it into a quirk character? Its a full robot, so it'd be an easy conversion. xD.

Otherwise I might need some help on designing an eldritch quirk.
I don't like the idea of a quirk-remover myself, especially if the PCs would then inexplicably be shielded from such removal due to plot armor and shit. If they have no more conviction than trying to make humanity as a whole quirkless again, I feel like it'd make most sense to go after the younger generation rather than established badasses, especially if the targets have to be subdued for a long time.

Which is sorta horrible and gross too.

And a quirk remover would probably just get gunned down due to outright fear in a unvierse like this tbh.

As for me. I'm trying to think of a quirk that might be fun. Do you think some kind of eldritch or robot quirk would work?
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