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Level 8 Blazermate - (62/80) +1

The Great Sea
Words: 495

Blazermate was releaved that, while Shippy was damaged and Brimybeard was nowhere to be seen, at least that giant ship woman wad gone thanks to their combined efforts and they were making their way away from the battlefield. With her zombies and the combined efforts of everyone having finally let her catch up on Shippy's healing, when shippy was in a fairly decent state, Blazermate could start to heal the others. Frog and Ms. Fortune really needing the healing. Blazermate's shield arm wasn't doing so hot either, but at least they didn't damage her healing arm. They would be literally sunk without it. "You know I haven't had to heal this much in any robattle before." she said flatly.

Unlike the others, she wasn't too torn up about Brimybeard, as she had only met him less than an hour ago, but when the cat kart was brought up, Blazermate nodded. "I didn't see his spirit so that is probably what happened." She said in a tired voice. Being a medabot, she wasn't physically tired, but she was tired mentally. Still, as they were free from the battlefield, traveling up the river, Blazermate could heal the injured and bring everyone back up to a healthy state.

Eventually they could disembark from Shippy, Blazermate one of the last ones to leave the ship as she was busy fixing up her shield arm and making sure her healing arm was tuned properly considering all the use it had been through. As she disembarked, her zombies rose out of the water, crowding around her and waiting for an order. While a good amount of them had perished at the battlefield, she still had about 4 left, horribly mutated from her shield's mutagen but ready for more orders. This probably wasn't the best sight for the newcommers, Mirage in particular, who was already having difficulties talking to Bowser. Bowser, and the people who were aboard the Atomos seemed to be fine all things considered, healthy even!

"So... Was it only us on Shippy who got the brunt of the damage? You all look well." Blazermate said to the crew of the Atomos. She then waved to Mirage. "Hello! Don't worry, my zombies don't bite unless I tell them to." Blazermate said, giggling. Blazermate then looked around at everyone, having a good time to get a look at everyone. Apparently most of them besides her had absorbed one of the abyssals or shipgirls and were sporting cannons or weapons or parts of some designation. "I don't think becoming a medabot works like that. But what do I know, this place is weird." Blazermate said, trying to cheer herself up with a bit of a light comment.

As she turned her head to look at the, frankly, georgous scenery with all of the varied colored trees and everything, Blazermate caught glimpse of a black and green cladded man splashing around in the lake. He looked like a Dark Sentai with his mask and getup, but appeared to be drowning. "Uhhh... Does ayone see that guy? Should we help him?"

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (18/60) +1
Location: Sandswept Sky - Desert

Word Count: 457

Sectonia's efforts to help with the storm didn't really give the effect she wanted, as when they finally got out of that hazardous storm and were able to give a head count, they found they were missing 4 people! 4! One of them being their source of team healing and a vast majority of them being the minions she painstakingly recruited in that mock battlefield! She floated silently listening to the others argue about sending out a party to find their team, their lack of supplies, and pros and cons of each with Tora cracking a bit and being quite mad at the mere suggestion of being separated from Poppi.

With everyone else having their say, Sectonia opened her wings to get everyone's attention. Being able to make herself bigger to get attention like this was quite nice, she had to admit. "Of course we aren't going to leave them to die. I take care of my minions!" Sectonia said, She had been thinking while the others had been chatting, and came up with a solution of her own. "There is a far easier way to do this. I am a Queen, and a powerful one at that!" Sectonia said. Waving her hands above her she channeled a spell, creating a large portal a bit further away from the group with a pink crystal descending from it. The crystal seemed to ignore gravity as it just hovered there, a beacon in the desert. "That will act as a marker if they are nearby they should see it and investigate." Sectonia commented.

She then waved her hands again, summoning 5 ice Antillions. The insectoids saluted their queen, not even a little bit confused about her new look. "Right. You three fan out and find my lost minions. You move under my lovely crystal and wait there for the other three or my minions to arrive and point them in the direction we are traveling. And you, stay with me and keep everyone chilled. You all may use your abilities as you see fit." Sectonia commanded, pointing at each Antillion as she gave them orders. With their orders given, they saluted again and moved out, following the Queens orders without question.

"There. They are made of Magic so they don't need water or food. I'll just have to get a bit more... hands on if we have to fight something." Sectonia said to the others. "Now that we don't have to split up, we should get a move on. I don't want to spend any longer in this desert than I have to." She glanced at Tora and Poppi when mentioning not needing to split up, hopefully the two would get her meaning.

Level 8 Blazermate - (59/80) +1

The Great Sea
Words: 547

Thanks to her timely friend heart, and the absorbion of spirits from the others, Shippy was... well still getting attacked, but at least she wasn't going to collapse into a wreck. Although the fact that Shippy, being full of compressed water, ended up spitting everyone out of her hold, didn't bode well. Blazermate, as she had said, wasn't an aquatic medabot and thusly couldn't swim. However, thankfully, Link, having absorbed an abyssal, was able to throw Blazermate back onto the deck before she sunk too much. "Thanks Link!" Blazermate said as she flopped onto the now smaller deck of Shippy. Upon the deck Blazermate saw that Kamek was lending aid, as well as Sakura, having come down from the airship after seeing Shippy get swarmed. "Good, I can finally do this then." Blazermate said, summoning her striker the Engineer, who started to build his gun and dispenser right away.

Of course this took the hard hatted man some time, so while Blazermate kept her beam on Shippy, who was still getting the brunt of the damage, she commanded her zombie abyssals to come to the deck and surround the building engineer, doing their best to fend off enemy abyssals until he got his gun up. Even the level 1 sentry would do a fair bit of clearing the deck, keeping Ms. Fortune's back clear as she used the artillery cannons to blast abyssal away.

"Hey, I need to keep healing Shippy, but the Dispenser can heal you." Blazermate said. Funny enough, the dispenser also healed Shippy, but not nearly at the rate of Blazermate's healing beam, especially with all the buildings only being level 1. When the sentry gun locked onto an enemy abyssal, Blazermate also tried to advance on it, shield arm up first in an attempt to bite them before they died to build more zombies. She was only slightly successful, needing to fall back to the dispenser after a few runs due to the damage her shield arm was taking from the abyssal weaponry. At least she could do her own kind of 'upgrading' by biting the already zombified abyssals, mutating them into something that'd make a metal album cover jealous. She was kind of sad if a zombie got a kill, it didn't raise the kill as another zombie unless she bit them first, but well, you couldn't have everything!

Another interesting thing was that, thanks to Shippy constantly being injured, Blazermate was building medaforce at an incredible rate, only taking her about 60 seconds to get a full tank of Medaforce. Soon she was back to full, and just in time as a GIANT abyssal came out of the island. It was giant robot sized, throwing other abyssals as ammo with its giant hands and its even bigger guns. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" She said as her medigun sparked with arcs of electricity, signifying she had full Medaforce and could uber. And seeing the SIZE of that thing, she'd probably need to use that uber soon to save someone's life. She kept herself ready for that, still healing shippy to keep them afloat and hoping that the others on the ship could use the guarded dispenser for healing as her zombies held the line.
Tora, Poppi, and Queen Sectonia

Level 8 Tora (76/80), Level 8 Poppi (49/80), Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (14/60) +3
Location: Sandswept Sky - Sweet Canyon - Parnasse

Word Count: 3489

Try as she might, Sectonia couldn't really find a mirror. No one seemed to know where one was as they were all turning in and the sugary made furniture of this village didn't help matters. While there was the occasional unbroken 'mirror' Sectonia could find, they weren't actually mirrors but slabs of sugar crystals that kind of reflected images, but not super well. And most of them weren't in the best shape, being quite fragile. "I swear one of my minions here was handy..." Sectonia thought to herself. Well, that could wait for the morning. It was getting quite late and thanks to that fairy Midna had rescued, everyone could easily be brought to a place where they could get some shut eye. Perhaps it was a good thing that Sectonia's size had shrunk a bit, because even at her new, slightly smaller size, she had to take to one of the biggest beds in the village made out of some kind of... Spongey kind of baked good. If this is what they meant by sweet dreams, she wasn't sure if she liked it or not as the scent of all the sugar really influenced her dreams. At least it wasn't hard to find a place for alcrmeie to sleep, the pokemon being quite small and able to sleep pretty much on a pillow.

The morning came soon enough, Sectonia having a little bit of an embarrassing 'situation' of having found her tongue digging into the bed, trying to find its gooey center. "Ahem... alright then..." Sectonia said, realizing the situation and correcting it, getting up off of the bed and waking up her new little friend. Said friend didn't feel like getting up however, so Sectonia put them on her new tophat like crown and made her way back to the city square where the others were to be found after they also got their beauty sleep.

On her way over to the meeting spot, Sectonia was still on a small quest on finding a mirror. A bit of sleep did help her think though, and it made total sense. That little puff ball Tora could make robots, so why not a mirror? Thankfully since he was the first one to turn in, it wasn't all that difficult to find his little workshop, Sectonia seeing Poppi on the way. "Poppi? I take it Tora is up as well?" Sectonia said.

"Mhm!" The machine girl pointed back the way she came from, toward a waterlogged stretch of ground. "He trying to upgrade Mech Arms, so Poppi doubt he move."

"Thats fine. I just need a mirror. None of these sugary ones work." Sectonia said, questioning why they'd sleep there of all places. "I just hope he isn't sticky."

Poppi shook her head. "On contrary, Tora much cleaner than before!" She gave Sectonia a farewell wave before skipping onward.

"Ah, very good. Later then." Sectonia replied, stopping herself from tipping her hat and causing her new minion to fall off. There probably something else to unpack there, with Poppi being so happy and all, but now wasn't the time to think about that. Hovering over the wet patch of land, made her way to the door, making her presence known

The Queen would have knocked if there was a door to knock on, but instead she found only the fragmented remnants of a door subjected to high internal pressure. It permitted a view of a sodden interior, quite bereft of Nopons. In the perplexed quiet that followed, however, she heard the industrial noises of an electric drill from the side of the house, and followed the sound to find Tora sitting on an icing-free patch of cakey ground with his toolbox and his Mech Arms in front of him.

"Well, this is certainly... something." Sectonia said, looking through the house. She supposed someone who was 'handy' really wouldn't be the neatest of things. The house itself was fairly quiet, at least, until sounds of a drill could be heard outside the house. Finding her way there sectonia noticed Tora working on one of the parts of the robots they had defeated yesterday. The loud sounds coming from the area Tora found himself in managed to wake up Sectonia's new little friend, the cake 'mon a bit grouchy at being woken up by sounds of industry. Sectonia patted them on the had just the same and spoke up. "Ahem, Tora" She said, trying to get his attention.

Though by all means one to embed himself so thoroughly into his work that he was nigh unreachable, Tora had neither the time nor comfort to do so, so when Sectonia tried to get his attention he glanced up from his tinkering. His look of annoyance morphed into one of wariness, as he wondered what the killer queen might want with him. "Oh, Sectonia?" His greeting left some enthusiasm to be desired. "Hello."

"Hello Tora." Sectonia said, giving him a more curt greeting, looking over what the nopon was doing. "So your working on an upgrade for Poppi?" Sectonia asked. Tora would notice that unlike before, Sectonia was a lot less 'harsh', and a bit more relaxed. While her new appearance didn't change her face around too much to what Sectonia knew, to Tora she looked a lot more 'chipper' compared to what she was before. If that was due to the occasional jagged red mouth Tora could spot if he was looking hard. Of course Sectonia only moderately noticed these changes.

Surprised to see Sectonia taking an interest in his doings, Tora shook his head. "Nope. Well, sort of, meh. Those robots from last night have cool rail fists, got Tora wondering if could copy for Mech Arms. That way, both Tora and Poppi stronger!" At the moment, of course, he'd barely begun an inspection to see if such a thing were possible, and even then things weren't looking good, but he didn't need to tell Sectonia that.

"Ah I see. Quite handy." Sectonia said, unaware herself of the pun she just made. "I myself would like to acquire a mirror. I still have very little idea of what I look like after absorbing that spirit." she continued. Seeing as the two hadn't interacted much, Sectonia wasn't entirely sure on the best course of action here. While not a user of technology herself, she knew it could be quite useful, as her palace had quite a bit of it incorporated into its design.

The odd request left Tora thinking for a few moments. He was a handy engineer, sure, but he couldn't be expected to make anything. Making mirrors, or even just glass, was an art form quite beyond him. To avoid outright telling Sectonia he couldn't do something, however, he fell back on visual description and no small amount of flattery. "Well, you have hat inside crown, flippy collar, cool wing cape, super big jewel! Sectonia now big classypon." He glanced back down at his project, and realized he could see himself in the Mech Arms' metal. "Oh, here! You can see self in shiny weapon surface!" Helpfully he picked the gauntlet up and turned it so that the backside of the missile pod, a flat surface, faced his acquaintance head-on.

Sectonia took a look at herself in the reflective metal. It was giving a much better quality picture of her new appearance than she got in any of the candy mirrors. While not the mirror she was accustomed to, Tora did a decent job of shining this metal up and she could clearly see her new appearance. Much like one would do in front of a mirror, Sectonia started posing a bit, getting an idea of what her new wings could do, and finally noticing that if she opened her mouth wide, that her mouth had transformed into this strange red jagged mouth. Which, if she stuck her tongue out, looked like something out of a horror movie, yet still regal. In fact, after a few more poses, she was a bit surprised at how good she could look, and how scary she could look the next second. "Hm... I suppose the spirit fusing process isn't perfect, but I still look quite regal all things considered. Although I'm not sure if this method of intimidation is my thing..." She said, pondering to herself. Still, with her ability to now retract and expand her wings, this gave her quite the ability to demand attention whenever she wanted it. "Thank you. Have you thought about making anything for the others? I don't think some of them made those weapons themselves..." She said, her request done and now thinking of her other minions.

As Sectonia perused her new features, Tora continued to hold the makeshift mirror up for her, his patience running out bit by bit with each pose. Finally she seemed satisfied, and the Nopon let his tired wings down. He asked if he'd made anything for the others, which earned her an odd look. Was that expected of him or something? "No? Others know Tora is busy with Poppi, and Tora already take many beatings in place of friends without even asking praise. That seem like enough, meh?" At about that time he mentally gave up on his project with the Mech Arms, and instead waddled in a circle around Sectonia to get a better view of her changes himself. "Hm! Tora definitely like Sectonia better like this. Definitely not as scary."

Sectonia shrugged at Tora commenting at how his contribution was just getting hit so others didn't have to. "Fair enough. I suppose there are spirits for that anyway." Being so distracted from his work, Tora got up, seemingly giving up on it for the moment and instead taking a closer look at Sectonia, moving around her to do so. She didn't mind, and just patiently floated there waiting for him to finish, although her eyes did follow him just the same. After getting his eyefull, he commented saying that this form wasn't scary, unlike her previous form. Laughing a bit, Sectonia said. "Does royalty intimidate you Tora?"

Although she could have easily taken Tora's offhanded remark poorly, Sectonia accepted it in good graces. Her laugh helped set aside any lingering uneasiness, so the Nopon answered her with fewer reservations. "That not it. Back home Tora travel alongside friend Zeke, who actually prince of Tantal. And Tora get along with Peach-Peach just fine." He still needed to crane his head upward to look Sectonia in the face, but somehow she cast a less menacing shadow.

"A prince and a princess aren't nearly as regal as a Queen. They're still jouvinilles." Sectonia said. Although she figured that her being a queen wasn't the real reason he said that, guessing it was something about her previous appearance. Her unrestrained beauty probably had him flustered or something to that accord. After all, he did look at the other ladies and was often berated by Poppi for doing so. "Ah. Anyway, Thank you for the mirror, makeshift as ti may be. I should let you get back to your work, I assume we'll be moving out soon. Just don't turn your arm into pastries again." Sectonia said.

With a proud look Tora held up his little arm, fully back to normal without even a trace of confectionery. "Tora arm all good now! Happy that whatever that was wear off pretty fast." He gave the Mech Arm a last look, trying to calculate the time. In the end he shrugged his arms in a what-can-you-do sort of way. "Meh, not enough time. Tora hate starting something just to get torn away again. Really need to sink in whenever get anything done." He scooped up the weapon and put it on his back before he looked over at Sectonia once more, curious. "So what fusion like? Tora see lots of friends try, but...Tora not so eager to try."

Sectonia had to think about this question a bit, as even she noticed she was being a lot more talkative than she used to be before the transformation. Yet this didn't bother her all that much when she thought on it, seeing as it lead to greater power. "Well, as you have seen, its a bit of a... process. I was surprised I found a spirit that was even remotely close to my standard of beauty. And you get a bit of what that person was, I suppose. But it doesn't feel 'wrong', or I assume it doesn't if you fuse with a spirit that is fairly close to what you are. Midna would be the better one to ask about that, shes the one who fused with some weird looking spirits." Sectonia said after thinking about the whole situation. "Plus, while I am a powerful mage, Its surprising what other strong beings have as well. For example." She started, pulling out her red scepter. After a slight flash of light, Tora would feel like his perception of time was slowing down, with only Sectonia moving noramlly for him. But in actuality to anyone else looking at the pair, they were just moving really fast. "First space, and now time!" She said, laughing.

More than a little disoriented, Tora shook himself as if to dust off the clutches of time. Nothing bad seemed to have happened to him, but the trace of indignity in his manner suggested he did not appreciate being subject to magic out of the blue, so he didn't sugarcoat his pronouncement. "Well, whatever new spirit was, it definitely help. Still look sort of like baddypon, but at least not as mean."

"Mean? Why would you say I was mean? I've done nothing but help my minions." Sectonia said, a bit indignent, her hands on her hips as if she was an overbearing mother.

Instinctively Tora shrank away from Sectonia's annoyance, but just for a moment. His journey, after all, had been one of growth, strengthening both his body and his will. Now was as good a time as any to set this be straight. "We not your minions," he told her, looking determined. "Tora understand you big important in own world, but as all long way from home. It not like we obey you anyway. And fighting alongside not mean friends." The Nopon's gaze turned inward as he remembered his conversation with the Courier. He had been meaning to talk with his teammates one-on-one to strengthen their relationships, but he doubted that this would count. Searching for his words, he tried to dial back the criticism. "Meh...well, it just that Tora learn that recently. Friends only happen when people get to know each other. If someone proud or selfish or annoying, people not want to get to know. This first time we speak after all, and only because you want me make something." He hoped that he was illustrating his point without making the giant insect upset, but he was no wordsmith. His eyebrows rose as he considered something else. What if he was the reason why?

What Tora wasn't expecting was Sectonia to take his defiance candidly, merely shrugging at his proclimation that he wasn't one of her minions. "Of course your all my minions, and if I want strong loyal minions, well, its best to know all about them. Its just how things work." Now, much like Tora, Sectonia wasn't very good at the 'friends' thing either. Heck, if it wasn't for the recently absorbed spirit, this spurn of 'getting to know her minions' probably wouldn't have happened so soon. "But fair. All I've known of you is you can make things and take a punch. You don't really talk much about yourself outside of 'I am makerpon.'" Sectonia stated, laughing a bit at the end.

The engineer couldn't help but furrow his brow when Sectonia insisted on the others being her minions. Either she must be rather egotistical, or have a very broad interpretation of the word. Tora certainly didn't consider himself 'loyal' to her, but if she didn't demand anything in particular of him, he guessed that he didn't mind this arrangement continuing. When she offered to get to know him, however, Tora perked right up--that was just what he was looking for! "Meh meh meh, sure thing!!" he sang, waddling over to the porch of the candy house to sit down, where he remained for a quiet, slightly awkward moment as he collected his thoughts.

"Well, Tora suppose first thing to know is that Tora is Nopon. Most Nopon live quiet, trading, farming, doing business. Do very good, too! But Nopon not resonate with core crystal well, so most Nopon never have Blade, meh." He held up his wings, using their fingers to outline a diamond. "Grampypon Soosoo, daddypon Tatazo, and Tora all have same dream: to have Blade companion. Since we not awaken on our own, Grampon start project to build artificial blade. It take many years, and in the end Tora all alone, but dream finally become reality." With a grin he clenched his little fist. "And so Tora join Rex-Rex, Pyra, and others on grand adventure! Traveled all across Cloud Sea, had many fights. Time of Tora's life." More than ever he missed his lost friends. As the emotions surged back to him, he found himself unable to suppress tears forming in his eyes.

Sectonia listened to Tora say his little life story. Obviously Sectonia had no diea who these people were, and this really barely went past that 'builder' comment Sectonia had mentioned earlier, but having Tora speak about his past seemed to whirr his emotions, going fro happy, to pride, to happy, then sadness at the loss of his adventuring friends. After hearing him finish his story, Sectonia patted him on the head. "Well thats why we're getting rid of that little lightball in the sky. Speaking of sky... Was the planet below your "Cloud Sea" shaped like a star by chance?" This was a bit of a longshot, but Sectonia was no stranger to living in the sky, her kingdom of Floralia being high above Popstar itself. "I live in the sky as well. Although I don't have a 'family' legacy such as yours. I just rule Floralia. We were finishing up the circus district before all of 'this' happened." Sectonia said, making a bit of small talk, gesturing to the ball in the sky with a bit of annoyance.

The prompted question left Tora shaking his head. "No, only thing under Cloud Sea is water. And Morytha, but doubt that what you mean." He didn't know exactly what she meant by living in the sky as well. After all, he lived on Gormott. Still, she managed to rouse his curiosity about her own home. "So the place you are queen of called Floralia. What that like, meh?" At the very least, he could keep an eye out for any location that Sectonia might be familiar with.

"Hmm..." Sectonia thought to herself. Given Tora's shape, Sectiona thought that maybe he'd be a Dreamland resident as well, as many of them were ball shaped but apparently not. He then asked Sectonia what Floralia is like and yes, she never explained her kingdom. "Its quite lovely and beautiful, just like me." Sectonia started. With a flap of her wings she explained how Floralia was a group of floating islands, mostly dominated by flowers. There was the odd factory district, the volcano, the 'being constructed' circus, but it was mostly flowers as far as the eye could see, with her palace being high enough that eternal moonlight shown above it, the moon being so big in the sky that it could fill most of one's vision if stared at directly.

With wonderment Tora tried to picture the place. The best he could do was a re-imagining of the Leftherian Archipelago, blanketed in flowers and awash in moonlight. Though he had no reference for 'volcano' or 'circus', he said nothing to suggest as much to avoid looking dumb. "That sound pretty," he told her. "Tora would like to see it someday. Already this world show much more than Tora ever thought possible. Rolling plains, dark space, huge sand...even sweetyland! Adventure is tough sometimes, but just seeing what lay over next hill makes Tora a happypon."

"Well, if we find parts of it I'll point them out. As for now though, I think we should meet up with the others." Sectonia said. With a tip of her hat, her Alcremie now awake and able to hold on, Sectonia made her way towards the center square where the others would be congrigating. Tora followed close behind, glad to have made some progression on his secret mission at last.

Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (11/60) +1 - New Power!

Dessert desert
Word Count: 465

Sectonia felt odd after absorbing that spirit. She felt... Darker in a way, but not in a bad way. In fact, she felt pretty good overall! The first thing she noticed was that she was a bit smaller. It made sense she guessed, she was much bigger than that dapper spirit. Additionally she noticed she no longer used her wings to fly, her wings folding up behind her with her able to unfurl them at will. An interesting change, this would make sitting far easier thats for sure! Finally she noticed her crown and collar were a bit different, taking on a more dapper appearance instead of her regal one. Without a mirror however she couldn't really tell much more about what happened here.

With her self inspection over, Sectonia made her way back to the fight which had ended as soon as she got back. "Ah, the battle is over then? That brute was certainly after my abdomin. Can't blame him though." Sectonia said, laughing at the end with a slight alteration to her normal laugh with her laugh have a "sha ha ha" to it, although the low "hmm hmm hmm" still existed. Sectonia looked over everyone. Injuries didn't look too bad, and with their doctor here and her magical aura, wounds would be healed in no time. "Good Job everyone." Sectonia said, looking around a bit after saying those words for her little Alcremie pet. Said pokemon was enjoying a strawberry decoration from one of the ruined houses, happily munching on it. Sectonia waited patiently for her to finish before making herself known, spreading her new cape-wings to make a grand show of it. "Glad your not hurt either." Sectonia said, grabbing the Alcremie and petting it before heading to the town square with the others. Alcremie was a bit confused about this person's new look and sudden shift in personality, but enjoyed the attention and relented, enjoying being patted on the head.

Upon reaching the town square, the spoils of the fight were layed out. The two robot spirits to be precise. "I've already found a spirit, so I leave this to you my minions." Sectonia said, giving a regal gesture to everyone else. "By the way. Do any of you have a mirror?" She asked, curious as to what her new form looked like. Tora, being a tired little fluffball, decided to lay down right there as the mercs consoled each other about being or not being effective. Poppi suggested everyone get some sleep as she didn't need to sleep, being a robot and all. "Shut eye sounds good. Although I'd like to know exactly what I look like before then." Sectonia said.
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I have an important question. I have acquired big hands.

May I throw you back onto the ship?

Blazermate defenetly needs the help, shes just slowly sinking.

Level 8 Blazermate - (58/80) +2 -6 for heart

The Great Sea
Words: 787

Blazermate could only shake her head as things went from bad to worse. Apparently Shippy COULD do something awesome, a giant laser beam coming from the ship's mouth that decimated the islands in front of them and things fighting on the sea, both friendly and foe alike while more and more abyssals kept attacking her and climbing into the hold. "Well, that was cool I guess but..." Blazermate said, as a few of their allies yelled at Captain Brimybeard for causing so much collateral damage with his ship. A ship which was getting battered, bruised, ripped apart, and just overall devastated. Even Kamek's healing from his green clone couldn't do much at all to help out the damage Shippy was taking. Looking to the sky, apparently the abyssals had some kind of air force as well, loaded with bombs. This wasn't good. "Uber next time Blazermate." She said to herself. She then called out to the captain "You should get to safety!" as she went to the lower decks to try to call up her allies below as an airstrike was on its way.

Below decks there were quite the amount of abyssals, many of them having gotten into shippy from the holes they had made. Holes that were causing shippy to start to sink. "Hey guys, we gotta get going! There is an air strike that is going to hit us soon!" Blazermate said. A rattle caused by one of the abyssal attacks rustled Blazermate, causing her to fall down the stairs into the lower hold, landing in the water with a splash. Knowing where she was, she got up quickly to see those below deck being assailed by all sorts of abyssal creatures. There wasn't too much Blazermate could do to help them out besides blocking a few attacks from abyssals with her shield, making any melee attacks REALLY bad for any abyssals as they got infected by the zombie venom her shield injected into them in retaliaiton.

Then a flash engulfed Shippy as she started to shift and shrink. Blazermate, unlike the others down in the hold, didn't need air so the raising water wasn't a concern of hers. The shrinking space was however, but it was also a blessing in disguise as while everything was getting far more cramped in here, that also meant that the abyssals inside the hold would be in range of her shield more often than naught and if they could only hold out, they could have an entire army of zombie abyssals to help them. However she couldn't split her healing beam and had to keep her heals on Shippy really sucked when her friends were drowning. Now if only she could restore the ships, frankly, large hp pool that was nearly bottomed out. It then hit her, she did have a way to do that, as Shippy was low enough for it. Seeing as this was the best time to do so, Blazermate, having sunk to the floor of Shippy, pulled out a friend heart and slammed it into the bottom of the ship.

With this done, Blazermate could start healing her friends, alternating to Shippy in a cycle. Thankfully Frog didn't really need to be healed in such a critical spot, so she could keep her healing concentrated where it needed to be. While she couldn't stop her friends from drowning in its entirety, as they were still taking damage from it, she could at least heal them through it so that they weren't taking any damage from said drowning and hope they could fight in the water to clear out these abyssals as Shippy's hull sealed up thanks to Blazermate's friend heart. Either way, Shippy still took the majority of Blazermate's healing, and Blazermate had to be extra careful as her mobility in the water wasn't so good.

Being in the water like this though, Blazermate said "Hey guys.", having recently blocked an abyssal who was trying to bite her, her dexterity low in the water but her shield's tongue making up for it and allowing her to bite the abyssal back, although damaging itself and her shield arm in the process. "I can't really swim. So uh, yeah..." Blazermate's metallic voice said, her having no issues with talking in the water. If worse came to worse, Blazermate would need to absorb one of these abyssals to hopefully gain some aquatic medabot parts. Hopefully an opportunity like that could present itself, and/or her allies could carry her as they swam. She was a medabot, but she was also fairly light for being made out of metal. Hopefully some of thse abyssals she bit would also turn into zombies.


Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 2 level up) - (5/60) +1

Dessert desert
Word Count: 512

Queen Sectonia wasn't the first one into the fray, but she did follow the others in once a few had already jumped in. Much like the others, she joined in on dealing with these robots, flying in with her swords drawn and starting to slash them while the others attacked with their firearms, punches, or swords as well. And like the others, Sectonia found her attacks didn't really do too much to these robots. While her swords could actually scratch the armor that these robots had due to their size and weight, due to how these things were made it seemed that attacks that weren't destructive didn't really do much to these things. "Hmph, if swords don't work." Sectonia said, taking a hit from one of the robots as she put away her swords and blinked above them, summoning one of her staffs. "Lets see how they handle this!" and much like Premise, she hit the robots with her dark magic, in her case, lightning.

After a few blasts of lightning, Sectonia heard Midna say that some people were trapped in the houses, one errand blast freeing a strange boy that joined them in their fight. With a nod, Sectonia blinked away from her robot towards one of the houses. Inside the house she blinked to was quite the dapper looking fellow. And unlike many she had seen, this one didn't have limbs or anything and seemed to be made of shadow. Now this was a person Sectonia could get used to! Swirling her hands, she summoned smaller rings of light in an effort to break this person out of his crystal. However while she was preparing for this, the robot she had just been engaged with wasn't done with her yet and upon seeing the bee queen a fair distance away, decided that the best course of action was to grab a nearby lamp post and toss it like a javalin at the queen before returning to the quarry in front of him.

Sensing something was wrong, Sectonia was barely able to get out of the way of the massive projectile, launching not one but all 6 light rings she had conjured at the same time towards the imprisoned top hat wearing shadow creature, the makeshift javalin also making its way towards this crystal structure. Sectonia having only managed to dodge, got grazed by the air pressure of such a large object whipping by her while the crystal prison, and the person inside it, both shattered at the immense impact of Sectonia's magic and the makeshift weapon.
While this isn't what Sectonia had in mind, she could sense some intense power coming from this spirit, and the creature did have quite the fasion sense to him. Seeing as some of the others had powered up gathering some spirits, Sectonia decided she could attempt the same thing with this one and absorbed the spirit of Count Blech, being able to hover with no issue over the tree roots that covered the floor. She then returned to the battle at hand.

Level 8 Blazermate - (61/80) +2

The Great Sea
Words: 754

Blazermate had never really gone far out to sea. Sure her home was an island and there was the occasional flight to other countries for medabattles, but she had never really been on the ocean. It was kind of relaxing... if she didn't have to go towards a large scale fight. Their journey there wasn't too eventful, with Blazermate taking the same ship as Ms Fortune. Before they departed while the others were chatting, Blazermate listened, getting an idea of her new team mates as she healed everyone to build medaforce for the battle ahead. Sakura reminded her of a naieve meta battler with their head in the clouds unaware of some of the wrongs that people could do to you if you knew you had a rare medal. Seeing as she was busy talking to the others, Blazermate decided to chat with Geralt.

"Hiya Geralt. Whats going on?" Blazermate said, trying to start a conversation. With how grizzled Geralt looked, Blazermate was sure he wasn't much of a talker. but he seemed nice enough, and while the two haven't seen the same kind of battles, they were battle hardened enough even before coming to this realm of light from the looks of it. Blazermate listened to Geralt before asking her next question. "Hm. how do you think this'll end? Sakura made friends with one of the 'enemies' apparently, so do you think once we beat the guardian both sides will be friends or still locked in what seems to be an endless war?"

Later as Blazermate was aboard Shippy she heard talk about murders in the town when Blazermate and Ms Fortune were traveling it came up, with Sephiroth being the culprate. "Well, yeah, hes not here. But he isn't galeem'd, so he should be a good guy right?" Blazermate said scratching her head. he hadn't been really all that hostile when they met him, although Bowser's emotional state at the time did turn him hostile, that was just an effect of galeem. "Well whatever, we've got a fight! Make sure you all go in overhealed!"

Once they got into the thick of the action, things went form 0 to 100 real fast. Well, in Bowser's case it did. Did the guy have to turn into a giant every time he fought? And on an airship non the less? Still, with Bowser causing an insane amount of damage to the abyssal fleet before them. However Blazermate's sensors went off when Shippy was being attacked, with Ms. Fortune and Link barely keeping the abyssals off. What Blazermate didn't expect was to see the health of the ship as if it was a living thing. Granted she was a bit busy blocking the attacks of abyssals with her shield, making sure they didn't bother Link and Ms Fortune as she healed them, her shield retaliating by biting the abyssals arm and infecting them with the poison of undeath. Being infected, ocne they were struck down by Link or Ms Fortune, they would rise again as a zombie under the command of Blazermate and turning on its former allied abyssals.

"You guys could use a hand! I've got one made out of a demon! Just make sure to beat what I bite." Blazermate said, holding her shield aloft as she tried to figure out where to attach her healing beam to Shippy to heal her as Brimybeard called out that she needed massive repairs. it didn't take long for Blazermate to figure out that she could just attach the beam anywhere, starting to heal the ship. "I wont lie, this is weird healing a ship." Blazermate said, using her shield to bite into her zombie abyssal to mutate it further, turning it into one heck of an abomination, way worse than what it was before. Due to healing everyone on the way, Blazermate already started this fight with full Medaforce, and asked Brinybeard. "Hey, while I heal your ship, can she do anything cool?" Blazermate asked. Seeing his ship starting to slowly patch itself up thanks to Blazermate's medibeam, Brinybeard relaxed a little and put his hands together. "O course lass! Shippy, get ready!" Brinybeard said.

Blazermate had no idea what was going to happen, and with a large bird coming out of the island making a beeline for the group, blazermate hoped it was something good. "OK shippy, whatever your going to do, do it when you feel super powerful! Ready?" And with that said, Blazermate gave Shippy a dose of Krtizkrieg. And man, was she in for a show.

Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 2 level up) - (4/60) +1 - Level up!

Dessert desert
Word Count: 512

Sectonia was a bit weary of this 'mercenary' following so close to her, with her new 'friend' along for the right, riding in one of her hands. This fluffy creature was incredibly light, as if its body WAS made of only frosting. This made Sectonia not as reluctant to carry her new Alcremie as she would've been. Still, she didn't like the stink eye this mercenary was giving her, saying. "I can give you a picture of my regal stature later as payment if your so interested."

As they continued down the path, one of the phantom theives stepped in a place where they shouldn't have, unleashing a geyser of orange soda which quickly crystallized around him. One of the other phantom theives in a panic, started to attack the crystal and gave it a crack fairly easily. Seeing this as a good time to try something, Sectonia said. "I'd like to se why your so feared. Could you show your power and break this one out of his crystal prison?" Putting its hand to its chest, or rather her chest, the Alcremie asked to be brought closer to the crystal via body language, and as Sectonia did so, the Alcremie kissed the crystal. with a use of Draining Kiss, the alcremie left a sizable crack, draining the structural integrity of the crystal to make it easier for others to break.

Sectonia was impressed with this attack. Apparently this thing was indeed some kind of mimic, luring in others before draining them. Although if this was the case then why didn't it do the same to her antillion? They might be Sectonia's minions, but they were also fairly strong in their own right. Perhaps the fact that Sectonia and her minions showed no hostile intentions at the time? Or did this thing just want to follow someone really strong? food for thought later.

With Skull freed from his prison and a bit of a comedy routine between him and his friend panther, the group continued on. Tora, unable to contain his hunger, while riding in Poppi's arms, decided to try to eat one of the candy bugs. What happened next... Sectonia was glad she didn't try the same thing as Tora's hand turned into some kind of doughnut abomination soon after he proclaimed how delicious that bug was. Sectonia's Alcremie looked at Tora with narrow eyes, with Sectonia facepalming, secretly thankful he took this bullet. Wether it was an affliciton or a spirit merge Sectonia didn't know, neither did the phantom theives, but they were hopeful it would be resolved soon. "Just don't eat your own hand. Although I'm sure our Doctor friend here would love to make you a new one." Sectonia said ominously to Tora.

After a few more paths they found themselves in an eerily quiet village, well, quiet besides the two giant galeem controlled robots glaring at them with malice in their eyes. "Looks like there will be a fight up ahead." Sectonia said, getting ready to fight the bots as they drew closer.
Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 2 level up) - (3/60) +2 - Level up!

Dessert desert
Word Count: 1139

The drones were endless in the air, and with Sectonia being the groups only major source of AA, their numbers still swarmed even though she thinned them out. Her light ring on the large sand shark thing chasing the group did some damage, but it wasn't enough to take it down. Everyone below meanwhile was still making their way to the sugary wonderland ahead, still getting swarmed with the bots below but making steady progress. Having to deal with the majority of the AA herself, Sectonia was the last of the group to make it over the precipice, needing to rapidly blink to get past the intensifying swarms that assaulted her person.

A bit battered, but feeling better by the moment thanks to her new magical item, Sectonia observed the same thing that everyone else was seeing; a vast wonderland made out of baked goods, sweets, candies, and all sorts of things an insect lady would absolutely adore. Having run there, much of the group was a bit weary of eating the food, especially considering some of the creatures here while they looked sweet, were actually quite dangerous. Almost as if this area was the same as a deep jungle, but made out of a more clearly open area, with how aggressive some of the wildlife looked. Even then, while some creatures looked quite... amalglamic... others looked fairly clean and proper.

One of these creatures Midna seemed to show some concern over above all others, a small thing made out of air fluffed cream with strawberries as hairclips. And unlike some of the other wildlife here, it seemed most of the area's wildlife ignored these puffs of cream, showing the same weariness as Midna. Could this thing really be that powerful for how small it was? Either way, it did know how to keep itself looking proper even if 'cute' wasn't exactly the same as 'beautiful', they were still close. As the others decided what they were going to do, Sectonia summoned a single green Antillion, commanding it to try to make friendly relations to one of the small cream creatures. After all, she wasn't going to risk her own neck right away when she had minions to do it for her in case this thing was incredibly deceptive in appearance.

The Alcremie, just freely wandering through the candy landscape seemingly with no care in the world, didn't really react much when the Antillion approached it. While the cream pokemon kept its eye on the Antillion much like a predator would its pray, it didn't show any signs of aggression as the antillion approached peacefully, as ordered by Sectonia. The Alcremie wasn't the fastest thing out there, but it didn't need to be when things approached it. Still, seeing as this non candy creature wasn't either weary nor aggressive towards it, the Alcremie stood there and watched what the antillion did. Once the antillion got close enough to the alcremie, it kneeled down and extended one of its hands to see what the pokemon would do, and after a few moments, the cream pokemon waddled up to the antillion wearily. All this happening while the others were looking around, trying to figure out where to scout with Midna offering to scout a bit ahead.

"Hm... Some of these creatures don't seem all that hostile." Sectonia said, pointing out how the Alcremie was just string at her kneeling antillion, not making any hostile motions or anything nor trying to attack it. Seeing as they had been staring at each other for a bit, Sectonia ordered her antillion to gently bring the creature to her. The Alcremie only stared deadpan at the Antillion when it went to pick it up, giving it the look of "If you try anything, I'll end you.". No doubt this area wasn't nearly as sweet as it looked.

Following the queen's order, the Antillion brought the Alcremie to Sectonia. Sectonia looked at the creature with curious eyes, while the Alcremie did the same. Both also gave the impression they'd destroy the other if either side tried anything, leading to a tense atmosphere. "Hm. As I thought, you look quite nice, especially compared to the other creatures around here. You have some elegance to you." Sectonia said, looking at the cream 'mon. The mon in return looked at her still weary, but not as deadpan at this remark. "Can you talk?" Sectonia asked, noticing the higher intelligence this creature seemed to show compared to your basic wildlife. The Alcremie could only say its namesake in return, either its whole name, or the phonetic parts of its name. This made Sectonia remember that a few of the people in other teams had things like this. They were called Pokemon and spoke in the same manner. They were also quite powerful, even if they were small. They were also, from what she was told, easy to make friends with, although friendship to Sectonia probably didn't mean the same thing as it did for others.

"So you can understand me, but can't speak anything but your name. Curious. Well, no matter. Seeing as you live here, would you care to guide me and my escort here through this area? In return, 'we' can protect you and if you'd like to see what exists beyond this candy scape, 'we' can help with that." Sectonia using the royal version of 'we', which seemed to go over the Alcremie's head. The 'mon looked at the group before it, turning around to see everyone before giving Sectonia a look of "I'm not afraid of things here. But sure, that is fine." before offering out its little hand to shake. The queen gave the 'mon one of her fingers to shake, as they had quite the size difference between the two. "Very good. I am Queen Sectonia. Let us see what perils this.... interesting land holds." Sectonia said, concluding their deal, looking at the deserts in the distance with a bit of lust, but managing to keep herself in check.

Midna was going towards the person who was calling for help with a few of the group skeptical thinking it was a trap. This area did still exist after all while being an area that many, many creatures would devour in an instant, so things here had to either be incredibly dangerous, deceptive, or outright strong to live here. So the queen kept an eye on the twilight princess as she moved along.

Her attention was ripped away though as a newcomer approached the group, looking 'normal' and not made of candy. However that made this person look very shady being so out of place, and her demur didn't help matters much. Sectonia said, watching this newcomer. "Not exactly. Its a dessert desert. Thats the best I can gather."


Level 8 Blazermate - (59/80) +1

Night on the Town > The Docks
Words: under 750

Blazermate did surprise Ms. Fortune with catching up with her, but this didn't bother the cat lady for too long. In fact she looked happy having a partner to follow her around the city. Seeing that she did have a guest, Ms. Fortune decided to look at what was going on inside the arena that lay before herself and Blazermate, offering the Medabot the choice to join her in watching the match. Blazermate obliged, and the two entered the colossieum. Inside Blazermte wasn't sure what she was going to expect, but she wasn't expecting a floating water bubble where various aquatic people were going to fight! "I am so glad we don't have meda arenas like this, otherwise I don't think I'd be as useful. There aren't that many aquatic medabots though, so even if we did I doubt they'd be as popular." Blazermate said as the two watched the spectacle.


The next day arrived with a blast of light from the Dead Zone, the thing they had been warned of having gone off at this point. "So glad that's over with. Wonder if there are any spirits left." Blazermate said, curious as to what was left of the dead zone after the massive blast. With Ms fortune in toe, the two of them made their way to the meeting spot with everyone else. There were tons of shipgirls all lined up, ready for the assault, alongside other ships, one of which had Bowser's face on it. "Well we know which one is his." Blazermate said, pointing at Bowser's ship with her thumb. Blazermate then went to assist a few of the other ship girls before approaching the koopa family and the group, as it definitely looked like they were preparing for quite a fight.

Seeing as there was a bit of a gathering in an area, Blazermate approached that, waiting for whatever was going on to happen. inside this group however, she saw a new person alongside Sakura, someone who Blazermate had very little interaction with and who looked like they were from Japan as well and the others. This new person however looked like they were making some of the shipgirls a bit uneasy, so Blazermate waited to see what was going to happen with all of this before she did anything else. Geralt definitely looked concerned, which didn't help matters much at all.
Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 2 level up) - (0/60) +1 - Level up!

Dessert desert
Word Count: 646

It didn't take long for the rest of the group to find their way down the sand slide. With the sun going down, the party traveled along a pathway in the sand. However while traveling, a bright explosion of light could be seen on the horizon. This was a strange occurrence, and Sectonia was curious as to what exactly was going on. Midna was too, and got to getting the answers faster than Sectonia, summoning a moogle to discuss matters. Sectonia listened in to their conversation, and learned that the Dead Zone had apparently exploded, with most of the dead zone members making it out, with one of them being abducted by an "organization 13", which Sectonia only heard mentions of from some of the others. When Midna was done, Sectonia said. "From what I heard, good riddance to that area. Although I have a feeling that area isn't finished. Not if this 'mysterious' organization 13 were poking around there."

After traveling for a bit, what Sectonia saw made her do a double take, slapping herself to make sure what she was seeing was real. "Is this some kind of joke? Trying to make a desert out of dessert?" Sectonia said, a very complex emotion on her face made of a combination of confusion, laughter, joy, and disbelief. The bee queen did enjoy her sweets and sweet things, especially stuff made of honey although frosting was also pretty good. With her astonishment gone, she clapped her hands together saying. "Well, shall we get going?"

"Brown Sugar? Hm... Not sure how I feel about that." Sectonia commented at Midna's obersvation, having an affinity with sweet things, but also noting that the sand she slid on could be sugar, which can be difficult or uncomfortable if it melted. Sectonia wasn't going to try, with the combination of sand and now syrup looked like mud, and not clean mud you used to make yourself more beautiful. Thanks to her ability to fly and how it didn't exhaust her at all unlike Midna, Sectonia didn't have to worry about sinking in the sand unlike Midna's summons and the others who had to walk, these people having only a short route to walk on where they wouldn't sink.

And this would cause issues, as soon more enemies made themselves known, attacking their group. Many of these creatures emerged from the gooey sands that many of them couldn't travel in. Some small, and some very very large. First came some slugs that emerged from the sand and attacked the less mobile of their group, with others who weren't attacked joining in. Next came the airborn enemies, which Sectonia engaged with her swords, swatting down a few of them as the phantom theives helped deal with more. Still, even then these flying enemies didn't really pose much of a threat so far compared to the large creature that jumped out of the sand, knocking some on the path off of it.

Sectonia kept to the sky, helping keep them clean with the phantom thieves and their guns so that the people below could handle the rest below without much issue. Sectonia did offer some help below though when Poppi managed to temporarily freeze the large creature that was causing them the most issue, the size of the creature and the relative little fighting space available forcing their ground party members to move along further, picking up the pace in order to run away from it. Sectonia took the chance Poppi gave her to throw a large ring of light at the worm to damage it, taking a few hits from the airborn enemies she had to ignore to form and fire her ring. Still, she'd keep up with the party and provide support from the air, being one of the only ones who could actively deal with flying enemies.


Level 8 Blazermate - (58/80) +1

The Bismarck
Words: under 750

Blazermate only caught the tail end of things as she had returned. Seeing as they were relaxing, people were socalizing and learning where each one got their powers from, Ms. Fortune apparently having told everyone that powers in her world came from stuff like "parasites" and "life gems". Blazermate, having been a late arrival, had been questioned this by both Frog and Link, with Frog going further sa to ask exactly what Blazermate was. "Oh uhm. I'm a Medabot, Blazermate Model." Blazermate said, putting her fist to her chest with pride. "As for my power... Its all about Medals and the Medaforce." She said, replying to Link's question. After answering, Link leaned in, asking Blazermate about what Link had done while under Galeem's control about the insta trophy arrows he had used during the fight. Blazermate replied to the leaning in link. "Beats me. A giant hand gave you those." She wasn't the best to ask about this perhaps, as she had no clue who this giant hand thing was at all. Of course her short answer to Frog only confused him more, and Blazermate had to explain what a robot was in general, then a medabot.

As it got dark, Bowser went off meet up with his kid, while Ms. Fortune decided to take a tour of the town at night. Shrugging, Blazermate decided to follow Ms. Fortune as she was the new person on the team and her method of fighting kinda worried Blazermate. Her scanners said there were no problems with her with all of the body horror going on with Ms. Fortune, but still, she knew organics shouldn't bleed that much. While Ms. Fortune had to do all sorts of acrobatics to move around the town, using the ropes and rooftops to move, Blazermate only needed to grab the occasional thing to propel her upwards with her jets. It took her a bit, but Blazermate caught up with Ms. Fortune as she was wandering near a spikey, sphere like building. "Heya, I'll explore the town with you. I've got nothing better to do, and Medabots don't need to sleep, so..." Blazermate said, tapping Ms. Fortune on the shoulder as she hovered behind her.
Queen Sectonia

Level 5 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (49/50) +2

The Oasis > Desert
Word Count: 777

Sectonia wasn't expecting someone to actually take her up on the fact that she was only slightly interested in the sorcerous spirit, Premise coming up to the bee queen and requesting the spirit. Sectonia looked at the spirit for a second before handing it over to Premise, giving it a casual. "Pfeh, not colorful enough." as she handed it over, deciding to take the Pipe of Insight from the loot as everyone else had taken their spirits. The pipe itself was quite small and emitted a very subtle magical smoke. Sectonia wondered if she needed to hold this in her mouth, something she wasn't too keen on, but she found that its magic worked while just being carried by her, putting the pipe snugly in her fluff. With the pipe essentially attuned to her, Sectonia felt that she was far more resillient to magic and could heal faster, with her presence giving those around her and herself lesser benefits of this pipe. In addition to her testing, she found that if she channeled her own magic into the pipe, a magical bubble appeared around her and everyone who was in range of her queenly aura, shielding them from harm for a short time.

And seeing what Midna had become with her new fusion, going from someone who seemed to be all together to something.... strange, Sectonia was glad that she took the powerful looking magic item over the sorceror spirit which worked, fairly alright for Premise. Thinking about it, The first spirit Midna absorbed was also close to her basic shape, so the fusion was good. However the dragon spirit she had absorbed was very different, and granted its power at a price. Seeing this in action really limited her choices, and the queen decided that she'd only take a spirit that didn't mesh well with her if the power gain could outstrip the... well at least Midna got some dangling jewel things... The phantom troope didn't look much better with the fusions they had gotten, only exemplifying Sectonia's point she made to herself.

Another question was answered soon after, this time by Tora, who outlined what the strange box items were that Sectonia had found. Apparently there were some kind of cosmetic chest that used the paper currency she had found pointless before. "So its a key to a random assortment of cosmetic goods. Interesting." She said, looking at the items that were spawned from the lootboxes. None of them really caught her eye, but seeing how varied and different they were, she was sure one of these, should she find more, would give her something she liked.

With the remainder of the spirits dolled out, Midna experimenting with one of her wolfos and getting quite an interesting conclusion out of it, the unused spirits were crushed and spawned various items. Sectonia didn't know what most of them did, but seeing as one was a bit of a bug crystal, she decided to take that. She couldn't outright tell what it did, but it had some air of magic about it at least. With the rest of the loot sorted out, what wasn't used was put into the bag they had used to carry the spirits here and brought along, the group venturing down further into the ruins.

After some exploring in the ruins, the enemies not really offering much challenge and being used more to test what everyone had gained, the group found a bit of a sandy decline which the phantom theives decided they would slide on, including Tora and Poppi. Sectonia was much bigger than the rest of them though, and was one of the last ones to slide down, needing to tuck her wings in. Woe be to any that were below her and didn't get off the slide when she reached the bottom, her stinger wasn't for show! Upon reaching the bottom and having the space to fly again, Sectonia did just that, preferring to stay off the ground as much as possible. What they found themselves looking at was more ruins, however the heat wasn't nearly as bad as it was and the sandstorms had subsided as the sun was going down.

"Good, this wont be as exhausting as above." Sectonia said, agreeing with the others who voiced the same opinion. Seeing as it was much cooler here, the party decided to continue on foot. Still, they were going towards what they thought was the area guardian without much to go on, and they were getting farther and farther away from what Sectonia could call 'civilization' so they could only hope they were on the right path.



Level 8 Blazermate - (57/80) +2

The Bismarck
Words: 754

Blazermate, having her offer taken by the shipgirls and the entire situation disarming itself, decided to go with the shipgirl who was going to lead her to the infirmary. "So uh, for Payment. Just uh, pay for their food and whatnot. This will be quick. " Blazermate said, pointing to her party who was discussing stuff and making orders. Sephiroth had slinked off to somewhere, that boy didn't like staying with the party it seemed. He was turning into a real... Why couldn't Blazermate remember that anime loner's name? Either way, Blazermate didn't really think much of it, and as she waved to her friends, saying she'd be back later, she caught a glimpse of the Cadet touching some kind of orb. He seemed fine though, so Blazermate just let him at it, her scanners didn't pick up anything harmful after all.

It didn't take long for her shipgirl escort to bring Blazermate to the infirmary where there were multiple ship girls laying on beds, some bandaged, some still being worked on, all with all sorts of burns, breaks, bites, and other nasty physical injuries. "I'll be watching you, but if you can do what you said, please help them." Her escort said, standing at the door as Blazermate walked in. "Its ok. I've got this. No zombie plagues here!" Blazermate said, flexing one of her arms. Seeing as most of them seemed to have old injuries, her medigun was more effective than what she normally had to deal with.

At first, Blazermate was under harsh supervision as while she was a medic bot, these doctors had been treating these injuries for awhile now, and didn't trust this newcomer all that much. Their tunes quickly changed though when Blazermate put her healing beam on her first patient, the ship girl's bones snapping back into place and healing, her skin closing up, and her complextion that was one of pain becoming one of releif. It didn't take too long for her to be fully healed up, and while she was getting out of her bed, jumping for joy at being healed so rapidly to the astonishment of the doctors and other patients, Blazermate was already working on another girl who had a nasty large bite taken out of her.

As Blazermate healed more and more shipgirls, the other injured shipgirls were stirring, hope in their eyes as tehir injuries would be healed momentarily. After around the 5th shipgirl got up with no injuries remaining, the doctors stopped checking Blazermate's work and just let her have free reign of the place as it didn't take too long for her to heal up the rest of the shipgirls. At one point, a new patient came in, bleeding profusely and if Blazermate wasn't here, would've been dead before the bandages could go on. However, all the healing had charged Blazermate's ubercharge which she used on the quickly dying ship girl, completely stopping her from bleeding, her healing stabalizing and getting her mostly recovered as her ubercharge wore off. "What... what are you?" One of the shipgirls asked, surprised at what had happened. "Oh. I'm a Medabot. Names Blazermate." Another one pointed to Blazermate's healing arm and asked. "How does that work? It would be really useful for our soldiers!" Blazermate gave a reply, but by the look on the shipgirl's face, it wasn't what she wanted to hear. "Its my healing arm part. More focused healing than a Nutranurse! It just heals, I don't know how." she continued, leaving the ship girl doctor crestfallen.

It took her a bit of time, but eventually the infirmary was empty of the injured ship girls. "Alrighty! Thats all done. Can you lead me back to my friends now?" Blazermate said, making a gun blowing animation on her arm, making the sound but since she was a robot she couldn't make any breath come out. Her escourt, with a bit of regret at how useful Blazermate had been about getting ship girls back on the battlefield in record time, brought Blazermate back to the restaraunt. Having gone to heal the ship girls, Blazermate had missed all of Ms. Fortune's story, coming back in with Bowser asking for a to-go dish. "Hiya guys, I'm back!" Blazermate said, waving. Looking around, Blazermate noticed a few weired out faces, most notable on Peach, while Link had a much mor interested faec. "Did... I miss something?" Blazermate asked, walking in the shop to sit with the rest of the group.
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