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Level 4 - (15/40) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle Dining Hall
Word Count: 478

Blazermate wasn't so super great at this tech thing, even though she aquired the Engineer spirit, but Ratchet was here so that helped a lot. As Blazermate and Ratchet were fixing and tinkering with this teleporter, Ratchet hitting it with his wrench form time to time while Blazermate punched it, Magikoopa came in with a map showing nearby areas. After giving some directions to the others nearby and requesting Blazermate's teleporter, she said. "Thats what we're doin' partner. These'll be far more useful if they're two way, but w don't know how long that'll take." She missed Clank poking fun at his friend as she explained what they were doing to Magikoopa, so she missed his temporary nervousness at her presence.

A few took up Magikoopa's call to action and headed out after eating as Blazermate, Ratchet, and a few others were standing behind. They would end up, with a final whack of Ratchet's wrench, able to get the teleporters to be two-way. But of course they needed to test this, so using that loaf of bread from before, Blazermate used it to test the teleporter, and it worked both forward and back! Seeing it was safe, she also tested the teleporters, and they worked just fine. Satisfied, Blazermate said "Alright, we got working two way teleporters fellas!" Done with the work, she casually threw the bread on the teleporter, since she had no use for it. When it went through the teleporter again, green slime looking tumors appeared on it, and after a few moments, it grew a bit, developed boney extrusions, and let off a cute high pitched roar as it jumped at Blazermate, angry at being born.

Of course being a robot, the poor Bread Monster's teeth couldn't injure her. Looking at this creature, she put her hand under it to examine it. Something about seeing this thing jogged a memory that wasn't hers, or more a suggestion, "don't teleport bread". Apparently according to this feeling of hers, teleporting bread too much caused bread to turn into monsters. Although this one wasn't all that threatening, and after it realized it couldn't do anything, it gave up and dropped into the hand Blazermate was using to examine it as she remembered. Seeing it as a non threat, Blazermate started to pet the bread monster, much to everyone's horror. It let off a bit of a chittering purr as it relaxed, not looking aggressive at all.

"So uh... I just 'remembered' or somethin'. Don't teleport bread. This is what happens to it, and it gets worse and worse the more it teleports. This wont happen to us." Blazermate said, explaining what happened as she gently petted the bread monster as it fell asleep. "So... Does anyone want a bread pet? Its kind of adorable, in a mutated monster kind of way~." She continued, offering the sleeping bread monster to Ratchet.
Light watched as the fight between Sam and his opponent seemed to be going fairly evenly. Light was a bit surprised that someone as big as Sam would be having so much trouble with such a skinny guy comparatively. As she was watching the two fight, the Chi Orb that was fired earlier, that Sam had bounced away, started bouncing all over the place. After bouncing off a street lamp and a nearby car, it then used Light as a bouncing vector before going off somewhere, knocking her to the ground in mid cheer.

"Oh come on!" She said, picking herself off the ground. When she got up, she noticed the ball was going towards Naja and her fight, with Sam seeming to be worse for wear. Seeing this, Light said. "Hey Sam, you good or do you want me to swap with ya?"

Level 4 - (13/40) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle Dining Hall
Word Count: 385


Blazermate, having only recently becoming a gearhead, nodded at Ratchet's words. Although something he said didn't make much sense to her, "Well ya see, I don't need these to teleport two people at once. I just want the two teleporter ends to count ad both entrances and exits. Sure the wormhole might only bring one person from one space to another, so couldn't we just make it so that the wormhole can be opened from either end and put the person on the other platform? It only opens when the teleporter is fully charged as is, and it looks like it needs to charge up between every teleport." Blazermate said, thinking that just modifying what was already there would be easier than just completely remaking the entire thing. Especially since she'd have to figure out how to make the two ends herself in the future.

Seeing Michael and his new friend Franklin looking at Blazermate and Ratchet trying to tweak the teleporter, Blazermate gave them a wave. "Do you two wanna have some fun in the teleporter before we experiment on it?" She said, offering them something that she was sure they hadn't done or seen before. Thinking a bit further ahead, Blazermate told Ratchet she'd be right back as she went into the kitchen to grab a test subject, a loaf of bread, to use for their teleporter. She went for a day old loaf, instead of the fresh loafs that were being made in the kitchen, and soon returned to the lombax. "When we're tinkerin' with something that warps time and space, best to have a test subject." Blazermate said, putting the bread through the teleporter to make sure it could accept it. A flash of light later, and the bread successfully went through the teleporter, 'looking no different at all'.
We need some pokeballs. If we bring back some pokeballs so each toad could catch even one of the pokemon wandering around that would quintuple their effectiveness as guards.

True. Plus if Blazermate could put down more than 1 sentry, that'd also help. Those things are brutal.
Light watched the fight between her new friends and these new people with excitement. It was interesting watching Naja and Sam fight against these stronger foes, and it was also interesting seeing what the stronger foes were capable of. Sam seemed to take quite a beating, and dished out just as much. And unlike the guy he was fighting, who relied on rapid blows, Sam only needed a couple hits to injure him, even if this guy also seemed to injure Sam at the same time with a mighty kick. Naja on the other hand felt a lot more like a martial arts movie, with quick motions and lots of countering.

Acting a bit like a cheerleeder, Light said, posing all the while. "Go Sam! Go Naja! You got these two goons! Show them how strong you two are!" She felt a bit sad she could only palm palm with her hands, but considering their size, people got the message she was giving.

Level 4 - (12/40) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle
Word Count: 824

Mostly interacting with @Simple Unicycle@ProPro

Whoever this guy was, apparently his heart wasn't into hurting the king koopa. Bowser only got knocked down, the man quickly apologizing for his actions, taking Bowser as one of those galeem people. "Yeah, Galeem has messed up a lot of stuff. But ya know, what Bowser said, Galeem wont last long." Blazermate said, moving her way to make herself known and in the open, having stayed behind since she had no use for food. "Nice to meet ya Gene, I'm Blazermate~." Blazermate continued, observing Bowser shrug off what was basically a cheap shot like a champ.

Wanting to be near the rest of the group and maybe socialize a bit, Blazermate gestured to Gene and said. "Do ya want some fod partner? I'm a robot, so you can have my serving, if they made me one." She followed Bowser, hoping that Gene was following the pair. The more allies, the better, especially if things got way stronger than megadragonbowser.

When Blazermate got into the dining hall with the rest of her friends, she noticed right away that Bowser was trying to flirt with the princess from before. Blazermate giggled at the situation, especially after Bowser broken the counter near the kitchen trying to look cool. Finding a place to sit down, Blazermate decided while everyone else was helping with the food or getting their food that she'd take a look at all the stuff the Engineer soul she had absorbed had gifted her in detail. She pulled out the toolbox that made sentry guns, and after investigating it more throughly, noticed a small dial on the side with four settings. The first was the sentry gun, which she had been using as a way to support and deal damage from a range, but there were 3 other settings labled 'Dispenser, Tele Ent, and Tele Exit'.

Curious as to what these were, Blazermate moved off to the side, set the toolbox to the dispenser setting, and deployed it. Unlike the previous setting where it was building a gun, this time it was very slowly building some kind of box thing. And like the sentry gun, Blazermate found hitting this building with her right hand made it build faster and after 10 seconds of metal hitting metal ringing through the room alongside hydrolic motor building sounds, the dispenser came to life. While it was a very square looking building, it also had a canister of air or gas on its right side, a bandolir of bullets on its left, and a bit of metal coming out of a cup on the bottom. Just being around this thing felt great, as if it was passively healing anyone nearby.

KNowing she could upgrade her sentry, Blazermate decided to try to upgrade the dispenser. But something in her mind told her to 'optimize' setting up her buildings. While she upgraded the dispenser, the sound of metal hitting metal ringing through the hall for another 15 seconds, she had also placed down both the teleporter entrance and exit nearby, curious as to what they did. As the teleporters constructed themselves, the dispenser changed shape vaguely as it upgraded. At level 2, knobs popped out of the front and back of the building with various settings related to what she figured was crafting. And at level 3, a heart monitor popped out of the top of it, and the healing it gave out felt much stronger, almost as strong as Blazermate's healing beam itself. "Interesting...." Blazermate said to herself.

She then went on to test the newly built teleporters, noting that when they were online they emitted a glowing light as its bottom spun at insane speeds. As she stood on the entrance teleporter a flash of light signaled her teleport moving her to the exit teleporter, all of 4 feet. Having teleported a passanger, both teleporters slowly whirred back up to speed, the dim glow acting as a floor for Blazermate ot stand on. After a bit more experimenting with her new buildings, she jumped with glee at how she could now teleport people, and it seemed like it'd be extra useful, although she questioned why the teleporters couldn't go both ways. Having not been a gear head until very recently, Blazermate decided to consult someone who said they worked with all kinds of machines, Ratchet. It took her a bit to find the taller Ratchet helping out in the kitchen.

Giving a small bow to Cooking Mama, Blazermate said. "Excuse me miss. I need Ratchet's help with something." Turning to Ratchet, she said, pointing at the stuff she made in the corner. "Hey, apparently I can make some neat devices now, including a teleporter. Think you can help me maybe work something out with it? I can see it bein' mighty useful, but its a one way trip. Figured you might know a way to make it a two way deal instead."
Welp, shes fine then, because shes flying over the fight after she sliced things. Like shes flying higher than baku.

I was really confused though xD
So.... what happened to my character again?

Level 4 - (11/40) EXP - Learned Dispenser Toolbox
Location: Peach's Castle
Word Count: 407

The battle was over. With a lot of punishment coming from Ratchet, the mages, Michael's rifle, and the kid, MegaDragonBowser was down for good, although not without a few taunts. Blazermate was actually a bit concerned with his taunt, trying to get Bowser to absorb his soul. The two were basically the same thing, so it would feel like that it'd be super easy for this boss to influence bowser in the worst way possible, all of which Tora and his friend pointed out and Blazermate was all too familiar with. "I agree with Popi. I'm the only lady who is around that has taken in a spirit for more than a little bit. And it does change you, just like new parts do." She said, telling the king koopa to stay away from that spirit.

With the defeat of MegaDragonBowser, the castle seemed to get... nicer? It was hard to explain, but it was as if the entire area was free of Galeem's control, all the Galeem controlled Toads going back to normal as apparently a princess named Peach came from... somewhere to greet everyone. Blazermate wasn't too impressed unlike a few of the others at her appearance, but went with the group anyway as they made their way to another room in the castle, finding their other allies that weren't part of the megadragonbowser fight.

Speaking up, the Centurian took the spirit. After a bit of hesitation, with some help from Tora, the Centurian took the soul into himself, and after a bit of light and flame, he emerged, a more demonic, firey version of himself. "Aw hell. All I got was trousers and this weird, not cute accent. You get demonic. Lucky," Blazermate said, jealously looking at the Centurian's new form. While the rest of her team mates were eager for the food in the mess hall, Blazermate wasn't interested being a robot and all. Instead, she noticed a newcomer making his way to kick Bowser who was busy arguing! Seeing this, Blazermate put her healing beam on Bowser, although she doubted this guy could hurt him too badly.
Seeing the clearly hostile action that these enemy pirates were taking, Willow smiled a devilish smile. Seeing the pirates that were shooting everyone in the back, Willow darted through the air towards them. Weaving through the trees, her small statue and quick speed let her get to the archer pirates fairly quickly. And with a flash of steel, as Alesia and Bakuto were dealing with their parties, Willow dispatched the ranging pirates in one fluid motion. To an onlooker, they'd only see the pirates going from being perfectly normal, to bleeding profusely as their necks were cut by a very fine blade.

Remembering Bakuto's warning from earlier, after dispatching the ranged pirates, Willow flew up into the treetops of the swamp, flying above whatever Bakuto was going to do as she made her way back to the party.
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