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Toon Girl

Things were quiet today. There was some explosion a few days and an attack, but most of the team was away on missions when that happened, and when Toon Girl got back, things weren't all pristine like when she left it. Two days of cleaning, lifting, and moving all the damaged items was quite annoying, but at least she had help with it. Of course things got even more aggravating when she was moving a large component of the training room, and some training bots activated, ambushing her and the few other team members who were assisting her with the room's reconstruction.

"Great. Two days of back breaking non fun work, and now malfunctioning robots. Someone really hates us." Toon Girl said, not in a mood to play with whoever was controlling these robots. These training bots weren't much of an issue. Sure some looked like her with a red color scheme and the others looked like Shazam with a white color scheme, but they were just hologram robots, they didn't have many super powers of their own and there was no way they could replicate Toon Girl's powers and their nuances. All they really had was numbers, super strength, and the relatively poor combat tactics that Toon Girl used for fun, at least for her bots.
So who wants to collab in episode 1 there?
@Archmage MC Everybody who replied to the PM I sent weeks ago is still in. I included Toon Girl in the new OP images, she's just not in my sig cause its still using older designs for a few folks...


Oh fair enough, lol.
@Member 00492 So am I not included in season 2 then?
The Imperials Hire a Droid

A collab between Archmage MC and Enalais

Moff Orro watched as Talina left the shuttle, his second in command coming up the ramp shortly after. She studied the moff closely, he looked to be lost in thought once more, so she cleared her throat before she spoke. "My lord, that deals with one portion of the rebel scum. What are we going to do about the others." She asked, getting his attention. "Absolutely nothing... Yet, for now we are going to turn our eyes within. We are going to bring the other Moffs underheel. I don't approve of the steps we are going to take, but it must be done." Orro sighed. "We'll need mercenaries for this. Can't have them identifying imperial personnel." He turned to his second in command, who didn't need any behesting.

She left the shuttle, and put out the call for mercenaries. It was a simple message, just a message to meet at a private hangar for good credits, the location of the hangar, and the employer was also listed.

Willoh hadn't moved much in the nightclub. All the mandos had left, the fun lizard lady had left, and while dancing with the patrons was fun, very very very few of them looked at Willoh like they did the Twi'lek. Of course Willoh wasn't scantily clad or on stage or around poles so that probably had something to do with it.

An advantage of being a droid was the optional 24/7 holonet uplink. And while that was fine for watching gungan videos or instructions on how to make a warp drive, it also let her react to new bounty postings that popped up nearby. Sure, getting pings of 'Help me find my pet" over some populated worlds were very annoying, but occasionally you could snap up interesting ones before other bounty hunters could even see that they existed.

And that advantage paid off. As she was getting bored with the nightclub scene, a new bounty popped up over the holonet,one of her bangs moving a bit to signify the ping. It was an imperial one, which was a wee bit odd, and Willoh wasn't sure she could trust all the info it gave, but she didn't have any sort of beef with the imperials like those rebels, and was interested in the job. After all, some imperial influence would be pretty neat to have, and the credits weren't half bad either.

Accepting the bounty almost as soon as it was posted, Willoh got ready to depart. Waving bye to the patrons of the nightclub, she made het way to the specified hanger which was a bit higher up. She didn't get to chat too much with the elevator attendant, droids were notoriously not very chatty unless they were old. Once she reached the proper hanger, she was greeted by quite the imperial group.

The hangar was busy with imperials, men just doing there routine basics. Making sure the shuttle was ready to launch, loading things for the officers on Orro's shuttle. Of course, some of them were just a clever ruse. Not all of them were just lowly imperial mechanics, some were Victor's highly trained operators made to blend in.

Moff Orro watched them work, sitting on a pile of crates. Shuffling through the contents, he nodded at one of the men and he took the crates into the shuttle, the hiss of the automatic doors opening was what drew him back into reality.

Considering this was a private hanger, Willoh wasn't surprised at the massive amount of imperials doing imperial things. Though why they weren't using droids to lift some of those crates and such was a mystery to her. But that wasn't something to ponder, they were hiring! And Imps were fairly decent clients. Just say "For the Empire" and collect your credits when the job is done and they tend to not bother you.

[color=7bcdc8]"Hiya guys! I'm here for that job posting you had?"[/color Willoh said, waving at the various imperials to try to get their attention. She wasn't all that sure who was the commander, she didn't really keep track of imperial uniforms and whatnot, though she guesed it would be a more 'lazy' imperial, so she tried to wave at ones that weren't moving too much. She didn't get much of a reply til the 4th imperial she greeted who was on some crates.

Orro looked at the droid who entered the hangar, the odd thing about it was it was modeled after a female, and it was alone. Not that the last part was much of a surprise, there was a series of IG droids who worked as bounty hunters for the empire once. "Yes, over here." He said, with a wave of his hand.

Walking over to the imperial gesturing for her, Willoh moved up to him, the other Imperials keeping a close eye on her. "Hiya.... Commander? I'm Willoh, and I'm here for that job posting you guys put up." Willoh said, giving a standing salute to the guy. It was best to be very polite to imperials, they were a very... particular group about manners.

The moff nodded, the droid acted oddly human. He didn't know if it was an error in her programming, or what it was. But she already did half of the job for him, by being a droid. So he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. "I am Moff Jacen Orro, but yes I am a commander of sorts." He chuckled, and took off his hat. "I'm going to be frank with you, I need a droid and someone who can be discreet. You fit half of that criteria so tell me, can you do what needs to be done?" He asked, and ran a hand through his hair.

Watching Moff Orro do his little bit, Willoh nodded. "Discreet and a job? easy. Do you need someone murdered or something and no one knowing?" Willoh said, eyeing the guy. So Moffs, if she could remember, were pretty high up on the imperial totem pole, so doing a good job for this guy sounded like a great way to get some infamy. "Or is this some kinda stealth mission where you need something from someone?" Willoh continued, changing her colors to a more imperial color scheme to show she was ready for whatever he needed.

The moff smiled, he had the droids attention. "Well maybe the latter. I don't think murdering him would be the best thing to do for me. You see the target likes to collect droids, they can't betray him as easy as say another sentient could." He smiled, it was a kind smile to put the other droid at ease, in truth the other moff he was targeting really loved his droids in the literal sense.

"We are going to play a friendly pazak game, where you will be the wager, as for a droid model like you, I haven't seen a droid like before, and probably neither has he. You will infiltrate his manor, you will get as much information, as much dirt on him as you can, and then you will give it to me. Simple really. And I will be happy to give you 300,000 for a job welll done sound good?" He asked, he sounded so sure that this plan would work that he wouldn't really mind if the droid went higher.

300k? That was way above what she was used to. Her last bounty only paid like 40k, and the last imp she had to deal with was like 30k. Sure those jobs weren't as 'risky', but still, this was great! While she doubted this job would get her much widespread notoriety, having a good relationship with this Moff would probably lead to jobs down the line with more widespread fame. Unless he expects Willoh to join the Empire. Being a free agent was much more interesting.

"300k? That sounds fine to me. I'm not there to assassinate him anyway." Willoh said, not showing her surprise at the bounty. "So this guy... You want all the skeletons hes got, as the phrase goes. No problem. So this guy is a droid collector? Or is there something more to it? What info do you have." Willoh said. considering the bounty was great, that also meant this Moff thought it was dangerous and if this guy was a droid collector, he'd have anti droid measures and those could... hurt. But from the sound of things, he probably wasn't that paranoid and she could be in and out before things got too dicey.

Orro smiled this droid was so much like a human, he almost felt bad about sending her into a dangerous situation. "He'll probably want to put a restraining bolt on you, thats about it. Other than that, I guess I should tell he's a Technosexual, meaning he might try some things. But I will try to warn him in advance that might not be very smart." He chuckled and continued. "I want everything, down to his dealings with the royal family, down to who he is selling slaves too, and where is he getting them from. Nothing gets left out. I want the schedule of his daughters activities, I want to know what school she goes to." If he couldn't blackmail him with his activities he wouldn't mind threatening him with his child.

Willoh listened to the mission. Basically steal all the information that wasn't nailed down, or get a copy of it, and make sure to not get caught. "Alrighty, sounds reasonable enough. So, details to iron out. Or backstory rather. Since hes a droid lover, and I'm so charming, should we spin the story that I'm an advanced maid droid, or one of those Nar Shadda club droids? Would rather have a fake restraining bolt either way though, those things are NOT fun." willoh said. Best to get both their stories on point to make it seem legit. She'd have to act the part either way.

Orro nodded. "The maid droid, would get you much closer, to both targets. The father, and the daughter, we can pass off your unique traits as the ability to be a better caretaker. We will probably go for a fake restraining bolt. I'll give him a fake controller. You'll just have to play the part of a good caretaker, a little yes master here, a little listening to him within your parameters of course." He gave the droid one more nod and continued. "But a more important question is, is your business here taken care of?" He asked.

Willoh wasn't too thrilled about trusting the guy with a fake restraining bolt. No offense to him, but she preferred doing something like that herself. "I have a fake one myself. Just need a control unit. But yeah, acting, Thats always fun. Oh, sorry. Roger Roger Master." Willoh said, making and opening a 'hatch' on her side and manufacturing a fake restraining bolt out of her own nanodroids, making sure the Moff thought that she was just hiding a restraining bolt in a hidden compartment or something. Nodding to Orro, she placed the fake bolt where it would normally go on a droid of her model type.

"Just need that controller and we're good to go. And I guess we'll take your ship, not mine." Willoh said, putting on a serious face for a second before switching to a look a maid droid would have. "Oh, wait, final question." Willoh said,having thought about it. "Escape plan. Do we have one, or do I make it up? And wont he be suspicious when you show up with his info after his maid droid he got from you went missing?"

"If I have to pull you out, I will have intelligence agents nearby with a shuttle. As for the last part." He smiled, it was a sweet thought to have your opponent right where you want them. "If you did your job, I can confront him all I want. He won't try taking my life, or it will go public. Shame for any human is more powerful than any blaster, or light saber. And at that point, you won't need to hide. Your last objective after you secure that information, will actually be to let me in." He said, his voice was so calm and sure. There wasn't even a little bit of hesitation in it. "But if you are ready, well let's go to Kessel." He continued.

Considering these two were acquaintances and the target would trust Orro enough to take a droid from him, that last bit he mentioned wouldn't be such a bad thing. And that would be a great way to escape, especially if Orro brought his own droids to escort him. "Yep, lets go. Hope you got a fake controller on you." Willoh said, holding out her hand for a moment before getting into her 'maid droid' act.

A collab with @POOHEAD189

What was it with Mandilorians and the whole 'grim survivor' attitude they all had, Willoh thought to herself after hearing this mandilorain speak. Feeling snarky, Willoh said. "A bounty hunting one.", giggling a bit afterwords. Her drink arrived soon after, although she had to swipe it from the bartender droid as he was about to hand it to Mr. Mandilorian and not her, the droid looking only a bit confused before moving off to serve other patrons.

The Mando turned to Willow, tilting his head as he looked at her. She couldn't have been a bounty hunting droid. He'd seen a few before, and none acted or looked like that. "Assassin droid, then?" He asked. He didn't know why he was entertaining the droid, but he was curious about how it acted so lively compared to most he'd seen. Was that something to help ease her victims, perhaps?

"Assassin Droid?" Willoh echoed back. "I mean, I can do that, but thats way too easy. No I'm a bounty hunter slash gun for hire sorta thing." Willoh responded. Why was it so hard for people or clients to see a bounty hunting droid being a thing, there were stories of such a thing long, long ago back when technology wasn't nearly as advanced after all. :"Are you an Assassin yourself then?" Willoh said jokingly, making a playful sipping motion with her drink.

Sol'id didn't trust the droid, unable to actually appreciate a machine coming up to drink and chat with him. He didn't even like organics doing that, and a Droid attempting it just showed he was probably being watched by someone. Then again, he had been on the recieving end of that plenty of times. "When need be," He replied slowly, regarding the machine. "Do you have a job, then?" He asked. "What is it you want?"

Like the other Mandalorian, this one was also... unsocial, but in a more traditional way instead of roundabout like the last one. "Not yet nope, just came off of one. Some guy stole some artifact from someone or something. Fun fun." Willoh said. Using the same mouth hatch as before, she drank most of her drink, then said. "And I'm just here to chat. Last Mandalorian I chatted with a few minutes ago wasn't too... how do you say, sociable? Tried to get a few peolple including me to hire him for a job. But I guess he did buy me a drink when I asked so... " Trailing off her words as she finished.

Another Mando here. He vaguely recalled seeing armor similar to his. But a lot of it has been lost or scavenged, and claiming to be a Mandalorian got people bigger paychecks. He supposed it could be true though.

"He tried to get you to hire him? I thought Koren gave the jobs around here."

Willoh shrugged. "I think the guy was down on his luck as well. I mean, he was flirting with a torguta that basically knew how to play the game. Could've just been a booty call for all I know. Course I tried that and he didn't take so... I dunno" She said. What was with all the anti social people here? It was a party! Well, a nightclub, but still!

"The Togruta..." he began, contemplating. He remembered the other alien beside her as well. Vaguely he recalled something in his memory, but he forgot it just now. Shaking his head, he turned back to the Droid. "And what brings a droid to the night club to get drinks with Mandos?" He asked, more wondering how she found this place. He'd just mainly stumbled on it.

The look this Mando gave after Willoh mentioned Sirka's sister was a bit troubling, but this guy would be in for a rough time if he tried anything. Assuming they all met again in the future of course, the galaxy was a big place! "Holonet said you could have a lot of fun at this place. Drinks are cheap but they didn't mention it was mostly for the dancers." Willoh said, finishing her drink and glancing at the people staring at the Twi'leks. Maybe she should've gone dancing after all, it didn't look like she was going to have much fun with this Mandolorian.
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Having had their drinks, the mandalorian and the two sisters departed, leaving Willoh all alone. "Aw, they didn't even swap holonet names! Laaaame." she whined, looking for something else to do. She could join the other patrons on the dance floor, although she wasn't all that interested in watching the female Twi'lek dance like most of the patrons. It was around this point another Mandalorian walked in and sat at the bar, looking a bit peeved over something. "Jeez, I thought these guys were supposed to be rare. Is there some convention happening on another floor I'm unaware of?" Willoh said, laughing a bit at the absurdity.

Deciding to make a new friend, Willoh walked over to the mandalorian drinking his anxiety away. Sitting in the seat next to him, she examined the man. She wondered if this one would be as fun to play with as the last one. He did have different armor and gear on. She did notice the different markings on his face as well, which made her wonder if that was a cosmetic choice or something deeper. At any rate, she waved to try to get the bartender droid's attention and ordered a drink. Thinking it was for the man beside her, the droid obliged, much to Willoh's annoyance. While waiting for her drink, she said to the new guy. "Hiya buddy, hows it going? Did a bounty go bad or something?"
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