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Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 7 Blazermate - (14/70) +10 +2 (Learned Advanced Healing - Blazermate has fully adapted to the Medigun and its healing powers.
- She has a slighty increased base rate of healing.
- She now heals people faster if they haven't been injured recently. If they haven't been injured in the last 15 seconds her healing rate is doubled, and its tripled if they haven't been injured in the last 20 seconds.
- Blazermate can Overheal people up to 50% of their max HP, generating Uber and proccing healing effects while doing so. This overheal rapidly decays linerally over 15 seconds if the person isn't being actively healed by a Dispenser or Medi-beam.
- Blazermate now matches the movement speed of whoever she is healing if they are faster than her. However she still has to actively use this speed. )
Level 3 Sectonia - (23/30) +13 +2
LoA - Spiral Mountain
Word Count: 910

With the battle's end, the various people who got spread around due to the fighting made their way back to the rest of the group. Although considering most of this fight was either alive or trophy, Blazermate was shocked at how many people actually got injured as Fox, who was freed from Galeem's evil, and the animal duo of Banjo Kazooie came up, both injured. Kazooie mentioning that she was injured, although she didn't really gesture to any part in particular. "Yes, I can see your injured, same with Fox there. My scanners can tell me your health, conditions, and even your weak points." Blazermate said to Kazooie, swapping her medibeam on Fox after Link was in a healthy but not fully healed state. "Although I don't know what you think I can do for a chronic condition. I'm a blazermate model, not a nutranurse." Blazermate continued with a bit of sass, unable to, but trying to meet the sass of the red breegil. She'd get to the pair once Fox was fully healed.

While healing Fox, Tora suggested, although not so subtily, for Blazermate and the other girls not named Sectonia to absorb the spirit of the scantily clad sniper lady, with Poppi smacking him on the head for the idea. "Uh, no thanks Tora. I'm already not 'wearing' a whole lot in the first place. Plus I'm more in it for the support or super cool stuff. Becoming a Sailor Multi doesn't really appeal to me." Blazermate commented. Sectonia looked at the pair very oddly, almost with a look of disbeleif that this kind of conversation was even happening. Thankfully her attention got divided with Donnie reappearing, talking about this and that about his world to Tora. One thing he did say caught her attention though, and out of everyone here, Donnie probably didn't expect to get a comment about the LoG from Sectonia.

"Yes, I met this monitor man myself. He was an odd one. Although I didn't catch much of what he said since I was indisposed at the time. He mentioned something about no 'sequels' for me, whatever that meant. Cryptic" The bee queen said, only a bit dismissively. She did dismiss the notion of taking any of those sniper souls though, as she noting she had more of her magic powers back. She pulled out the magical horns she had gotten earlier, when she awoke in that strange lab, and mulled over their magical potential at hearing Tora and Poppi complain about feeling weak. They didn't look all THAT bad, although the obsidian really clashed with her whole motif, the runes at least matched the blue of the middle of her crown. "You wouldn't happen to have any blue or gold paint in that magical bag of yours, would you?" Sectonia said, looking to Donnie. She would much rather prefer to make these horns match her crown in some way, shape, or form, but if this was the 'boss' of the area coming up, she could stomach taking in the power this item would give. It didn't look THAT hideous, not like some of the other things she had seen some of the others use or wear. With that last thought she glanced at Blazermate's horrific demon shield arm. Yeah, these horns weren't nearly as bad as THAT thing.

Blazermate, while healing Fox, noticed that when he became fully healed, his health 'continued' to grow past his max vitality up to 50% more. Confused, Blazermate started healing Banjo/Kazooie while watching Fox, and noticed that this 'extra health' drained away super fast while she wasn't healing him, decaying and going away in under 20 seconds. Blazermate also noticed her healing rate had drastically increased. "Huh... thats cool." Blazermate absently said, trying this out on a few others to test out how it worked. Since her healing rate had increased, Blazermate was absolutely giddy with excitement. "Hey guys, my healing got loads better!" Blazermate said, overhealing a few people and letting them get used to the feeling of the extra vitality. When Sectonia got the feeling of Overheal, she felt much stronger than normal, as if she could take quite a few more hits, although that dissipated quite quickly when Blazermate healed someone else.. Her new horns also glowed slightly with an eerie aquamarine glow, but nothing came about them due to no enemies being in range. They seemed to react to healing Sectonia noted, which was very helpful considering the robot girl of the group specializing in it.

Link, the new addition to the group, seemed to be one of those who knew others before this whole 'world of light' thing, talking to Peach, Bowser, and Fox with familiarity. Linkle meanwhile, much like Donnie and Kamek before her, took in some of the other sniper's spirits and made the crossbow wielding one a striker. "You know Swordsman. You gave me some trouble back there. I expect you to pay me back by doing the same to our enemies." Sectonia said, giving Link a stern look. Sectonia wasn't too familiar with how these odd tall and limbed 'hylians' are supposed to look, but even she could see that Link looked quite... feminine for what she assumed was a guy. If that was because of his natural looks or taking good care of himself she couldn't say just yet. But it was an interesting observation.
Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Blazermate - (2/70) +1
Level 3 Sectonia - (8/30) +1
LoA - Spiral Mountain
Word Count: 659

With the battle pretty much over. Blazermate relaxed a bit as the others grabbed what spirits they wanted. Cadet noticing this too, gave Donnie and Blazermate a one armed hug, celebrating over their victory. "Yeah, everyone likes the combat healing. Its what support medabots do..." Blazermate said as she replied to Cadet, a bit distracted watching Bowser climb down the tower as a giant... cat version of himself. "Yeah. That is kind of cool. But why is he a giant cat? Like, why?" Blazermate said, scratching her head as she made her way down the tower, gliding down to the group below.

With a flurry of slashes to the surprised and injured Mundy from her swords, the Sniper fell to Sectonia's blades and Courier's shots. While Sectonia was furious at this bushman, she made his end quick. Although truth be told, Courier did most of the work, Sectonia only got a couple slashes in before the guy turned to spirit ash. And with him gone, there were none left in this challenge.

"What a disgusting man." Sectonia said, putting her swords away. She was pretty hurt, but not enough to make her lose her composure. She took a few moments to make sure that the battle was over and from what she could see looking over the battlefield the only one left was that boy with a sword who caused her quite a bit of pain with his swordplay. However, her 'allies' were apparently dealing with him from what she could see. Although why he wasn't attacking them was, odd. Did one of them have some kind of magic that turned them to their side?

Blazermate, gliding down from the top of the tower, took note of everyone below. First she had to tell her zombies to take a break, as even though the fighting was over, they were still trying to bring down the tower. Second, she noticed one of the snipers had been friend hearted, and much like others who got friend hearted, they come out the other end injured. The other injured person she saw was... Sectonia? How did she get hurt so badly? Neither were all that critical, but both did need healing so Blazermate did what she did, healing Sectonia first, then Link.

Sectonia, seeing everyone else relaxing, decided to clean herself off to get this 'musk' of combat off of her divine self. Flying to the nearby waterfall, she quickly washed herself off while everyone else was chatting with each other. Only Blazermate actually came over to bother her, but considering the robot lady was healing her wounds, Sectonia tolerated her presence.

Once Blazermate had healed up Sectonia, noting at how she was using the waterfall as a quick shower, she flew over to the larger group to heal up the newly allied Link. "Hiya, I'm Blazermate. Welcome to the party. Why do you look like a guy version of Linkle?" Blazermate said as her healing beam rested on Link.

After cleaning herself off, Sectonia used a bit of magic to dry herself off before returning to the rest of the group. She didn't care as much about this 'Linkle 2" that Cadet called the newcomer as Blazermate, especially considering the hits he and gotten on her royal person. Still, from the looks of things, whatever magic they used, this person was here to stay. And, at the least, he was a better sword user than her.

Soon the group came up to the sphere that was their goal for this area, Blazermate lazily being carried by one of her stronger zombies as she powered up the others. "A maze? I'm not good with those... Guys, don't get separated. I don't wanna get lost." Blazermate said, sitting up as she showed concern at the koopa king's words. Sectonia was a bit apprehensive as well, more so because she knew she wasn't going to like wandering around a maze.
Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Blazermate - (1/70) +0 (small reaction)
Level 3 Sectonia - (7/30) +1
LoA - Spiral Mountain
Word Count: 460

The giant sniper, while their enemy, perplexed Blazermate. Echoing Donnie, she said. "Yeah seriously, why would he want to die? If thats what he wants, I think making a striker out of him would be... disrespectful? But its up to you guys."

Sectonia awoke with a splash of water thrown over her from the Lord of Games, washing away most of the Jarate that was on her. "there, its not a shower, but you smell much nicer. Now off with you, get your revenge. Its not like you'll have a chance in the future." LoG said, Sectonia shaking herself awake. A quick sniff reminded her of what had happened, the outdoorsman sniper threw his own piss at her, and while enraged, she got smacked by that giant! She was going to make both of them pay for what they have done, especially that guy who threw the jar! Getting back up, she glanced at the Lord of Games, gave him a nod, then flew out of the house to rejoin the fight. "If only she knew what I actually meant. Ah well. Back to making games." He said, going back to his workbench and continuing along his work.

Sectonia has been out for longer than she had thought, the tower was badly damaged, and most of the snipers had been dispatched already. She could see the form of the giant sniper, falling off the tower, disintegrating to dust. "Serves him right." Sectonia said to herself, looking around the battlefield for her other target. As her gaze came to the base of the mountain, she saw him, the soon-to-be dead man.

Flying at a fast pace towards Mundy, Sectonia conjured and threw her Rings of Light at the sniper, 6 small ones aimed right for him flying at awkward angles. It was around this time that Jak and the Courier showed up, attempting to deal with Mundy and his sniper ally themselves. "He is MINE." She said, closing the remaining distance with a series of rapid blinks before attacking Mundy by swirling her swords around in a dervish. If he somehow got through all of this, Sectonia had one more trick up her sleave, involving a large light disc and her bare hands...
Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Blazermate - (58/60) +1
Level 3 Sectonia - (6/30) +0 (Stunned a round)
LoA - Spiral Mountain
Word Count: less than 500

Blazermate through her abilities and Peach's cooperation with allowing her to build charge, built her ubercharge fairly quickly. People were going down at a fairly regular rate, although they had also managed to take out one of the enemy snipers due to how insanely risky thr courier was, so that was a huge plus. Much like the Cadet, with her full ubercharge, her healing arm crackling with energy, Blazermate looked over the battlefield. Her zombies were indeed getting close, and she thought it was curious that the snipers ignored them, when a few of them could climb, and others could probably do some damage to that tower. And sniping down at a 90 degree angle was not the easiest thing to do for any of the snipers up top.

Cadet pointed out the shining spirit on top of the tower. Blazermate looked at it to and said. "Well Cadet, we can get it after its a lot safer. Like with most of the snipers gone. But yeah, stronger spirits would be nice." Noticing Blazermate's ubercharge being full, Cadet went ahead with his plan to dash out, Blazermate following him as he recovered a few of their fallen commrades and their trophies. Blazermate was on high alert and would pop her ubercharge the moment any of the snipers fired in their general direction as she attached to Cadet, Cadet recovering Cuphead as he made his mad dash towards the tower. Blazermate, when she got close enough while latched to Cadet, would grab Bowser and try to revive him, popping her charge then if the snipers didn't preemptively pop it.

Sectonia meanwhile was still out cold in Banjo Kazooie's house, away and out of the sniper's sightlines. The Lord of Games, starting to get annoyed with the strange smell coming off the bee queen, started filling a bucket of water to wake her.
Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Blazermate - (57/60) +3
Level 3 Sectonia - (6/30) +3
LoA - Spiral Mountain
Word Count: 1470

Blazermate, by her attack, was far more used to using this technique against medabots than other organics. While it did devastating damage to anything living, apparently Medabots and non medabots dealt with this differently. In her world, Medaforce attacks couldn’t miss, but it was always used against other Medabots so maybe these organic snipers needed actual better aim so they couldn’t just ‘dodge’ it. And she paid for this error by being turned into a trophy, (although temporarily thanks to Cadet hiding very nearby her choice of cover), due to the weakness that followed using a Medaforce attack.

Sectonia meanwhile, figured she was being stealthy. Although stealth wasn’t her style, she was far more used to just smiting her foes, but she didn’t really have any way of dealing with long range, one shot monsters just yet. However, her stealth, on her part due to being unskilled, and on the sniper’s part due to having someone who could hear her wings and strong enough to blow apart an entire tower in one blow, revealed her to the other snipers.

This did surprise her, but she wasn’t just going to stand still and get shot. Having covered enough distance to be within reasonable blink range. After a quick bit of surprise, she began her approach, rapidly blinking towards the sniper tower and dodging their shots, her voice coming from the afterimages of herself she left as she blinked randomly, approaching the tower. A mix of the optical illusions caused by her rapid blinks and her laugh essentially coming from each after image was being used in succession to mess up any sniper, even the big blind giant, so she could approach. Once at the tower, she blinked a few times, making it seem like she was finding an angle of attack. Finding one, she blinked behind the weakest looking one, the old man and slashed at him with her swords. Her blades cleaved through the air toward the elder’s unprotected back, the End not having moved an inch. How could he, given her speed? In a few blinks of an eye the Queen appeared, and in another the marksman’s life would end.

Instead a flash of steel cut across, ringing against Sectonia’s swords with force. “Hyaa!” The boy in blue moved quickly, and far more strongly than his size compared to her might suggest. Without even considering the possibility of a counterattack, Sectonia hadn’t braced for a clash, allowing Link to throw her off with a mighty push. With his bow on his back and a sturdy-looking steel sword in his hand, he took a step forward and thrust at Sectonia’s head.

While she wasn’t really expecting this young boy to be as strong as he was, nor as agile, Sectonia wasn’t a slouch when it came to sword fighting even if she preferred to use her magic combined with her swords and parried the boy’s strike at her head, deflecting it towards her non existent arm. This led to a rather short, but entertaining exchange between the bee queen and the hero of the wild as they rapidly slashed and parried each other. However, while Sectonia had two swords and the range, Link was a far, far better swordsman and got a few slashes off on the bee queen’s lower half, forcing her to retreat.

Just as she swerved backward out of melee range in order to disengage, however, a projectile hit her square in the upper back, a shout of “Jarate!” coming from Mundy, the sniper. It shattered in a hail of glass, and a splash of lukewarm yellow liquid soaked Sectonia through. Sectonia wasn’t fully aware of this until she had blinked back, hiding behind the giant sniper, at least, until she started to smell the substance that had hit her.

Now, in Mundy’s world, this Jarate technique is a form of martial arts that involves throwing your own urine at people to make them just regret life and greatly demoralize them. This wasn’t his world though, and while Sectonia took a second to process what he hit her with, when she figured it out, the giant sniper could hear the rage pounding through her form, her hands shaking in pure anger. How DARE that, that, ugly outdoorsman attempt to sully her beautiful form with his… Sectonia was too furious to even finish that thought. Instead she zoomed forward in a wrathful buzz, her sword outstretched to impale the bastard straight through the heart. Whack! Confounded, she looked down to find her would-be prey’s back turned, and her sword stuck in some sort of wooden contraption he was wearing. “WHAT!?” As she watched it broke apart and released a burst of electricity, but before she got the chance to feel it a giant hand wheeled around out of nowhere and slapped Sectonia straight into next week. She hurtled away from the top of the tower at comical speed, an unintelligible cry of rage bidding the snipers’ nest farewell.

The queen sailed through the air, her anger very clear on her stunned face as she whizzed through Spiral Mountain, being smacked towards the lone house and crashing through it. Inside the house, stood a figure with a monitor Well, more floated really, in front of a computer setup making his next game. He was completely unaware of the goings on outside, the house being fairly good at blocking out sounds and sights from outside. At least, until a large bee queen came crashing through the wall, knocking over Kazooie’s sleeping stand, bouncing off the bed and crashing into a nearby wall.

The living CRT monitor stared at the giant bug listlessly. “Well, well, well, a new player has joined. And...hmm.” Its screen flickered, as if running a scan. “Not counting cameos, a one-hit wonder. How thrilling. Well, I’m not in business anymore, so don’t bother asking for a sequel.” It glanced for a moment at the living computer mouse that approached Sectonia to sniff her. “...And I don’t have a towel, either.” Sectonia didn’t hear much of what the Lord of Games was saying, as a comibination of the trauma and her unbridled anger had her momentarily incapacitated. “Oh well.”

Blazermate, having been pulled behind cover and revived by Ace Cadet, shook her head to clear her senses. “OK, that was weird.” Blazermate said. So apparently her Medaforce beam wasn’t of much use here, and Ubercharge wouldn’t last nearly that long for anyone to get up there. Although Cadet did give her an idea, if she couldn’t heal, she could be on the recovery side of stuff. And Ubercharge would give enough time for that if a big hitter went down. But she’d need to generate charge, and people didn’t get hurt here. Peach looked just as put out as Blazermate, with the perceived uselessness in this situation. A twitch from her suffering arm gave her an idea though.

“Peach, Cadet, I think my Ubercharge could potentially make people immune to these shots, or it should, but I need to generate charge and I do that by healing injuries. But these shots don’t hurt people, so.... Can I injure you and heal you up to generate charge? I can tell how much damage I’m doing to you, so you're not in danger, but… well… seeing how easily defended those snipers seem to be from us down here…” Blazermate said, stating her plan to the two. As long as they remained behind cover, hopefully they could build an ubercharge in ‘safety’, which Blazermate could use to recover those who fell that weren’t so easily gotten to.

Peach treated Blazermate to an incredulous look, but she took a deep breath. “Well, it’s not like I have any other plans. No pain, no gain, right? Hoo...okay, hit me.” Blazermate nodded, and hit the princess fairly lightly, but harmfully at first to get a gauge of how durable she was. She kept her medibeam on her the whole time while she progressively hit harder and harder, but in spots that didn’t look brutal or anything, just hits in the arms or side that caused her enough harm that she didn’t outpace or underpace Blazermate’s rate of healing. At first Blazermate looked concerned with what she was doing, but soon that went away as her suffering arm thoroughly enjoyed what was going on, Blazermate at one point needing to hold a few hits as the arm was getting very bloodthirsty and attempting to do much more critical hits with claws outstretched. Either way, to the outside observer, it just looked like Blazermate was playing a game of punchies with Peach, although Peach didn’t punch back. ”Man, this is so awkward, there has to be a better way to do this.” Blazermate said, almost bored of the whole situation as her Medaforce climbed.
Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Blazermate - (54/60) +5 from Combat, +3
Level 3 Sectonia - (3/30) +5 from Combat, +3 (Learned Rings of Light)
LoA - Mountain Range
Word Count: 1277

With the combined effort of everyone, the battle in this area was winding down. Even the more powerful units that were summoned were, for the most part, dealt with. Blazermate got a new, big zombie out of the deal, and there were some pretty neat spirits all around the place alongside the various weapons some primids had used. Sectonia's Lightning didn't do as much as she would hope to the scythe weidling primid, but the Cadet, someone Sectonia really didn't even pay much attention to, finished the job of handling the strange beast. To be fair, even though she was flying above everyone, she missed a few things, some that Blazermate noticed thanks to her ability.

While Sectonia was flying about the decimated area, the last of the sentry's ammo cleaning up the few stragglers that were left, she swooped and grabbed much of the airborn spirits that were left like the mechanical crackos and the other flying subspace enemies. Blazermate couldn't really join in the lootfest herself, as she was busy healing those who were injured most notably Geralt, who took quiet a beating in this fight. Blazermate had very, very little interaction with the man, the rest of the group having met him during their travels in the Land of Adventure. "Coming! Don't bleed out now!~" Blazermate said, with a bit of teasing in her voice as the immediate danger seemed to be gone, putting her healing beam on the man. The others who weren't as badly injured either came to blazermate herself, or healed around the Dispenser, some also getting ammo from the building.

Looking over all the spirit Sectonia had gotten, mostly Spaaks and Twolons with a few primids mixed in. She had seen the ability to summon a literal army that the 'king' had under his command. However much like these creatures, they looked numerous, but weak. Such things, lacking both beauty and power, wouldn't stand in her army. Finding very little use for them, she crushed them all to see what she would get from their remains.

The party marched up and through the valley, Blazermate gaining Medaforce as she went by healing everyone's wounds, riding on the shoulder of her new largest zombie, her little zombies following behind obediently. Sectonia looked at the medabot both impressed, and disgusted. She was impressed that this medabot knew how to act like a queen, but being the queen of such hideous creatures... Eventually the makeshift party found its way into the next area, an area that Banjo and Kazooie recognized, Spiral Mountain. According to them, this was their home which surprised Sectonia. Blazermate thought the place looked nice, but Sectonia was a bit off put by the fact that something out of a storybook seemed to be the home of that strange duo. It still lacked the elegance of Floralia, and that awful lair with the ugly head was really ruining this place, but still, it wasn't half bad.

As the group entered the area, the right hand of Galeem, Master Hand, appeared and issued everyone a challenge. With a snap of his fingers, 6 new fighters appeared atop a large stone tower. 4 with rifles, 1 with a bow, and a giant statue with a crossbow. Summoning them, Master Hand told everyone the 'rules' of this 'challenge'. These people in the tower could instantly one shot people with their dark blasts, making Blazermate's healing useless.

Seeing as these were all snipers, most everyone got to cover. Sectonia had a bit of a difficult time finding cover due to her size and flight capabilities, ending up having to blink towards the upper mountains to find a spot to hide and being away from the main group. Blazermate meanwhile could duck behind the rock that most of the others were hiding behind. Thankfully she wasn't the one getting shot at this time, instead one of the others who was moving with the group stood and got shot, with the other shots blasting apart surrounding everything. The person who got blasted, Eudin, got turned into a trophy.

Bowser commented on everything, being very familiar with everything here. Sectonia wasn't in earshot, but Blazermate was as Bowser commented on how the last time he had dealt with something like this, the guns were bigger, and even if people get transformed into trophies they could be revived by touching their bases. Still, it made her healing beam all but useless here, as no one would be taking damage. Linkle was also concerned with one of the snipers up there, the boy with the bow. Fox and Bowser recognized him too, but they weren't as concerned as her.

Blazermate watched as the others who were more melee focused did what they could to get closer. Bowser showing a... Rather weird new ability that turned him into a giant cat version of himself. Blazermate knew there were cat medabots, but cat bowsers? That was rediculous! Thankfully for Bowser, Sectonia was too busy enacting her own plans to pay any attention to him and his Meowser transformation. The others made their own attemps to get closer as well, although Blazermate, a flyer herself, didn't think flying and having no cover against guns waw the best idea. She knew sniper medabots that could easily shoot flying medabots out of the air, and if this was anything like that...

Still, looking at everyone move, and thinking about the rules of this challenge, Blazermate looked at her healing arm with a disappointed look on her face. "Man, I feel kind of useless..." Blazermate said, still behind the cover she used to watch some of the others advance. Mulling over this challenge in her head, her eyes then snapped to her suffering arm. "Well, if healing wont work..." Blazermate said, a thought going through her head. "Maybe I should just take one of them out. No one here has seen me use that before."

Much like Blazermate, Sectonia also saw what happened with these snipers and the weapons the used. A weapon that could instantly take down any enemy in one hit? She could make great use of a power like that, but such a power would be dangerous to deal with head on. Using the mountains as cover and the others as distractions, she stayed out of the line of sight of the snipers, blinking accross gaps that would give them sight of her, as she snuck up to get into range to slice them all up. It would take her some time, but using the mountain valleys and Grunty's Lair as cover, she could get close enough to blink the sniper nest to really cause some havoc.

Blazermate, enacting her idea, commanded her zombies to move forward and advance. She hoped that the others would use them as cover, as the weren't really used for anything but as distractions for the snipers to shoot at. She moved around as well, finding a different rock to hide behind while she got her bearings. Pulling the medaforce she had built up in her medal, Blazermate, when she figured the coast was clear due to the distractions, moved out of her cover, took aim using both of her arms at the one in the poofy coat, and fired her Medaforce Beam at the sniper nest. After a short period of charging and glowing, a massive beam fired out of both of her hands, forming one large laser that moved at blistering speeds, much faster than anything the snipers were shooting. This did use up all of her Medaforce though, meaning that she would have to recharge after this challenge was done.
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Blazermate and Queen Sectonia

Level 6 Blazermate - (46/60) +1
Level 2 Sectonia - (15/20) +1
LoA - Mountain Range
Word Count: 421

While their attacks were ferocious, this was an army everyone was fighting. Thanks to all the strikers, the tide of Subspace enemies were held back for a time. At least, until they poofed away. Thankfully the dry bones that Blazermate bit and the zombies she had managed to raise from the primids she had bitten still stayed around, as did Dell's buildings he managed to make before poofing away. Seeing as Bowser Jr. was in the area, he could keep the gun filled up with his Necro Smasher and the nearby dispenser, giving them some support if anything got near and the young koopa kept it topped up.

What made things much worse for everyone, was after much of the strikers poofed away, the Subspace army got stronger, although much fewer, units to reinforce them popping up from out of the ground. One of which was a large looking yellow man that charged Blazermate as she was busy healing up the hurt Sectonia. Seeing her master in danger, a few of the nearby zombie primids shambled their way back to Blazermate's position as Blazermate blocked the swing of the Nagagag, the force of the creature's charge sending her flying back and damaging her suffering arm a bit.

Sectonia, noticing her healing had been stopped, turned to attack the newcomer, only to be stopped as she saw it being restrained by Blazermate's zombies, the malformed undead attacking it for their master. Blazermate herself got up and, while mildly injured, used that opportunity to fly around the big yellow humanoid like an annoying, deadly fly. Thanks to her zombies restraining the creature, Blazermate could dart in and out, biting it with her suffering arm until it eventually keeled over from all the poison and zombie bites. When it was taking a knee, Blazermate flew away to take cover and heal up her damaged parts.

Seeing her medic could take care of herself, Sectonia took to the skies again to deal with the new cloud enemies that looked like a mechanical version of Crakko, but not nearly as elegant. She laughed as they shot Lightning at her direction, Sectonia pulling out her staff and using it to absorb the lightning and channeling it downwards at the stuff below her. She didn't have the range on this attack to strike the cloud things themselves, but she could target some of the newcomers. She especially focused the large thing with its two scythes with her redirected lightning, seeing as the smaller primids didn't look nearly as threatening.
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