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@TheUnknowable Do you want me to get my CS up before or after I come back from vacation? wont be able to post either way until I come back.
The problem with Slice of Life is that it needs to be a boarding house sorta thing where everyone is involved all at once. With it being distinct groups, it gets dull fairly fast.
I'm going on vacation so I wont be here for a week.
@TheUnknowable Mind if I use the character from the older RP or what? Wont be able to post til next week either way since I'm going on vacation in a day.
So, still looking for people? Although I'll be going on vacation next week and wont be able to post for a week or so.
@Member 00492 Should I post or wait for you to do so?
XCOM xpack dropped so I'll check in every day or so and post if I need to, but you'll need to PM me on discord if you want a colab.

Just had a mission where I was stuck in a building with 9 soldiers and forced to just sit and overwatch and kill about 70 zombies because an alien ruler decided to join the map, lol. Zombies also beat it down low enough to make it run eventually.
Toon Girl in Episode 6

Great, things went from bad to worse! First an ice villain decides to actually be smart for once and bind everyone up, then her allies get taken to the 5th dimension, and then Superman, Gypsy, and herself get taken there too! "Well Superman... We're in the 5th dimension. I hate it here, can we find our allies and go? I don't wanna be here longer than I need to." Toon Girl said to Superman's question, obviously very distressed and offput by where they were.

"Just be careful here. Logic isn't all that well used here, and it looks like snot rain might be today's weather. Please frost breath the slime that comes down. I hate it." Toon Girl continued, trying to guide Gypsy and Sups down the curvy street, making sure to hide behind Superman whenever a drone came into sight. It was a shame that Bulleteer and her other teammate could've been anywhere, and that they all just had to be next to HIS company.
Toon Girl

Things moved super fast and were very blurry once Toon Girl was forced to put on a hockey mask. Heck, considering what happened afterwords, it was all a fevor dream. All she can remember was a female superman, who was later known to be superman's daughter, came bursting through the building and punched her 'master'. Considering she had to call 'Extant' a 'master', she made a mental note to just eviscerate the guy if he tried ANYTHING near her again. That was basically her last thought before someone clobbered Extant and she changed back to normal, falling unconscious.

She woke up a while later, along with all her team mates. She couldn't really remember much of what went on, besides knowing she would give someone called Extant a 'bad time'. Picking herself off the floor, having apparently laid face down, she went to find one of her team members. Passing by a good chunk of battle damage and walking into the lobby, she bumped into the Question and a few other members who were sitting around there. "Hey guys... What happened? Did some sort of crazy party happen and I was knocked out by something or what? Got this weird dream..."
@rocketrobie2 Yep! Course its not as epic as...

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