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Level 10 Sectonia (holding 4 level up) - (68/100)
Location: The Under - Home of Tears
Word Count: Less than 750

Hungry from the horrible auction house ordeal, Sectonia stopped at a local eatery to grab some fruits and honey. One good thing about being in a primarily bug town, they had food for a queen bee such as herself in many many places. As she was munching on her snack, much like the others, she saw the icon in the sky. Unlike a few others though, she wasn't sure what it meant, but it would be best to investigate.

Her other allies had the same idea, as a great many of them gathered in the fountain square to see the other Consul of this area, Consul F, being the originator of this mark. Much like what she saw before, this Consul was quite sadistic and... frustrating would be the proper word. Spouting expository about how he was so much stronger than Consul P, and other useless stuff. Although Sectonia did notice a running theme with these Consuls, they all seemed to 'play' rather than actually do anything worthwhile with their 'power'.

And to showcase this power, he did 'something' to turn the entire town against Sectonia and her allies. Sectonia could only guess this was related to that 'clock' that was mentioned earlier, but now wasn't the time to ponder on that as this was quite a really bad situation. Bowser had an idea for an escape route, toting his 'experience' in this matter; something that Sectonia doubted he noticed made him look really bad to boast about. Still, it came in useful now as he had Rika make a water transport for everyone so they could escape easier.

"First that petulant child, then that horrid auction house, now this while we are weary from sleep..." Sectonia said, extremely annoyed at the emergence of Consul F. Every time this one has shown up, its always when the team was compromised. And whats worse, he was trying to turn her new annexed kingdom against her! If this wasn't such an awful situation, she would teach this consul some manners like she did the last one. And as she was going to rule this kingdom, killing all of its inhabitants would make for a poor ruler, so there wasn't much to it.

"I suppose its best to flee." Sectonia said, summoning her full entourage of antillions to offer some sort of distraction for all the mind controlled townspeople, looking to subdue rather than hurt. (With any that spawn nearby Consul F to 'accidentally' hit him with their attacks.) She then cast her Slow on what townspeople she could, knowing a few of them would be trouble if they caught up too fast, before making her way with the rest of the group on this 'whale'. At least she didn't take up any space as she was a flyer, but that also made her another large target. She could at least shield their getaway shipgirl with a Chaos Shield, as that seemed to be where most of the attacks were going to. She could keep attempting to Slow any of the townspeople that got close, making them unable to catch up and making their escape faster.

And while the whale was the main target, Sectonia made herself out to be another target for a few of them, including a one IGV they had helped not half a day earlier with his plans. Sectonia knew to keep out of the range of his time sells, but that didn't mean he didn't have long range magic he could throw at her. Him and a few of the other magic users, seeing an easy target of Sectonia, hurled their damaging spells at her. Thanks to her pipe of insight though, she had a vast amount of magic resistance so she could take this punishment, but it wasn't very enjoyable.

Being a flyer who could debuff their pursuers though, Sectonia assisted many of the others to get down the river into the next part of the under, the Crumble Caverns. A food inspired place that might be either good or bad.... either way a weird smell permeated the area regardless.

Level 11 Blazermate (Holding 2 level up) - (107/110)
Level 4 Susie - (1/50) - Level up! (Holding 2 level up)

Location: HQ > Sector 6
Word Count: Less than 750

Blazermate's plan worked, teleporting everyone in. In hindsight, seeing as everyone was teleporting in, Susie probably didn't need to take a pass, but she was going to use it now that she had entered the city of glass. While Goldlewis had some difficulty at the checkpoint, being robots, Blazermate and Susie had to go through a different scanner. Blazermate didn't really care about being X rayed, as this was standard practice for medabots, but Susie was not happy at all. Still, she just kept that this happened in mind, and would just upcharge whatever city official she ran into next that needed some HWC tech.

Upon reaching the city itself, Blazermate got to work with Giovanna to get the teleporter up and get everyone inside, While susie took that opportunity to flag up a nearby information terminal to learn about the area. Specifically she was looking for any news on the major robot corporations in the area as according to Giovanna and Goldlewis, this was where many of them were stationed. She'd also look for other opportunities, but that was her main goal.

"Oh Wow, this place is shiny!" Blazermate said, noting all the glimmering lights and everything everywhere. Unlike Susie, she didn't really have much of a goal in mind, instead just taking in the sights as they moved through the city to their destination. Susie, having gotten the information she could, even though she was one of the first people in, ended up being one of the last ones to progress towards their goal. But gathering information wasn't a slow process, so it made sense. As for what she thought of the city, Susie could tell it was a high end place and that there would be some opportunities here if she played her cards right. Now if this was an actual glass city was to be seen, as that could have its own amount of issues.
The "Auction house"

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 4447 (+6)
Bowser: Level 12 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (201/120)
Bowser Jr: Level 12 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (91/120) 59
Kamek: Level 12 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (74/120) 42
Rika: Level 7 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (87/70)
Location: The Under - Home of Tears

Level 10 Sectonia (holding 4 level up) - (67/100)

Sectonia, seeing Rubick’s staff, nodded at his explanation of what it was, the grand magus having accompanied them to the cafe. ””Ah, I see. It seems that staff is indeed powerful. but... Sectonia then took a second look at it, and found that its magic wouldn’t work for her, kamek, or anyone else. ”It seems this powerful magic is yours and yours alone. I suppose its because you made it yourself? Well, next time we run into a strong foe, lets see what this staff can do shall we?” Sectonia concluded.

With all the treats where eaten, and planning all sorted, Bowser and Kamek stood up from the table, stretched a bit, and then announced that they were going to go offload all of P’s stuff somehow.

”Don’t really know where though” Bowser admitted, prompting Kamek to ask ”I don’t suppose any of you have had a chance to do any shopping or selling yet, that might lead you to holding the knowledge we seek?” before he directed his be-spectacled gaze at queen Sectonia and saying ”I think you mentioned having some ideas?”

”When I was touring the town earlier, I saw a few places where we could deal with this stuff. Perhaps the local auction house or the pawn shop? Although I doubt the pawn shop will have all that much money. The rest… perhaps the guard captain would know what to do with it?” Sectonia said.

”Seeing if there is an auction house does sound wise, we can likely work out what is and is not worth selling there as well, which would be a plus” Kamek replied, and then, after getting a nod from the king, they set about trying to find one of those.

Their hunt, which involved asking a bunch of strangers till they found someone who knew what they were looking for, lead them to the Collection once more, and specifically to a tall spiky building. The outside did not look much like an auction house, and the addition of a few burly orcs and goblins crackling with barely controlled power seemingly hanging around standing guard did not really change that appearance either.

However once they entered inside, they were presented with a staff made up of a few more smartly dressed goblins, who took one look at the pile of miniaturized treasures the queen’s ants where hauling in and collectively agreed to boot this up the ladder.

As a result the group where presented with a very suit wearing orc who introduced himself with “Auctioneer Chugrall, at your service” and a short bow before asking “To what do we owe you the pleasure? If you are looking to buy, you can see the list of items that are due to go up for auction on the left there”

He indicated to one side where a glass case contained a few items such as vials of canned knowledge capable of downloading recorded information straight into a person’s brain (the filled exorbitant expensive (and also oddly, did not say which knowledge they contained), the empty less so), a deluxe camping set, with a bunch of bedrolls, firestarting materials, cookware, et cetera. Essential for long-term expeditions underground, as well as a number of aesthetically pleasing but otherwise useless items. A small crowd of well to do monsters who were pursuing these options, though with each passing moment more would turn their gaze away from that and towards the strangers in town’s mighty haul.

Chugrall, naturally, also had his eyes all over the miniaturized bounty as he continued his explanation of the “and if you are looking to sell, I and the rest of the staff will gladly aid you in the process of appraisal, paperwork and so on and so forth needed to go through with that” he gestured back at the counter to the right where the goblins were watching with interest.

“If I might drop the professionalism for a moment, I do hope you are here to sell. Never have I seen such an interesting collection. All of it ever so small and yet clearly, there is much of value to be seen within” he admitted his own interest

”I am afraid I will have to disappoint you somewhat in that, Auctioneer Chugrall, as these items are simply shrunk down so that they may be transported more easily” Kamek explained, before demonstrating this upon a portrait of a wizard hat wearing skeleton titled Rare Enchantment, resizing it to its meter tall size. It was an act that caused the monocle the ork had put on in preparation to examine the objects to pop right back off

“My word” he said, rather amazed, before clearing his throat and reclaiming some of his professional demeanor as he asked “Well then, ah, will you be putting some of this … vast collection up for auction?” glancing between them before settling on looking at the crown wearing Sectonia, the orc now guessing that said piece of regalia was not just for show.

”Some items, yes. Some, no. Although from your expression, I assume you know which ones we are interested in selling.” Sectonia said, giving a not too subtle hint that the high value stuff they had, mostly the art pieces and the like, were on the table to be auctioned off. The lower value items however, such as the toys and such, which the auction house was probably not that interested in anyway, were not. ”I expect it will be a good showing. Worth plenty of profit for the lot of us.”

Sectonia’s plan was to sell off the expensive items; items that nobles could afford without much issue and were probably their item, while giving those who weren't as well off their items back for free for their loyalty. Most nobles were far, far too aloof to notice what they were buying in her experience. Those that weren’t, often were more frugal. Meanwhile those that aren’t as well off were often far more attached to their possessions and would be far more likely to notice, and appreciate, having their possessions back and with that, loyalty.

“That will make things simpler for everyone I’m sure” Chugrall nodded in agreement, likely having come to the same assessment that, now that the novelty of smallness was off the table, certain items had gone up in value, and others far far down.

“We will be more than happy to assist you in identifying what meets the standards of our auction house, though do not worry, you seem to have plenty of items that fit the bill” he glanced back and gave some of the other employees a quick nod, prompting them to guide Kamek and the Queen’s minions to a side of the desk where they began the process of examining the unshrunk items.

“While they are working away, ma’am, let me explain how our establishment works, as I take it you are new to its usage? I am quite certain I would be aware if someone as yourself were a frequent visitor, which is something I certainly hope you will become” Chugrall said, as he guided them over to the counter next to the ones used for appraisal.

“Now then, here at this establishment, we do not trade in mere gold, Geo or souls, but purest palladium coins, minted by this very organization. It is a currency denoting status, prestige, and class, and the only way to acquire the finest treasures in the city” the orc explained grandiosity, as he showed them a set coins emblazoned with the letters D,I and V whose intricate design simply oozed either sophistication or pointless extravagance, depending on your perspective.

“We do, of course, facilitate exchange lesser currencies for palladium, but the best way to acquire them, as you have premonitionantly realized, is to put items up for auction” he told them, in a rather blatant attempt at flattery, before he tried to slip in the terms and conditions hot on the heels of the buttering up

“Now naturally, we do charge for the use of our knowledge, talent, and facilities, but that will be a trifling amount to that which you are sure to earn from the sale of your collection” he unrolled a rather lengthy bit of parchment and added nonchalantly that “terms and conditions do apply, but if you would simply sign here, here, and here” he indicated to a few lines with a quill tipped with red ink before offering the writing implement to her “and we can have your items on sale at our next event”

Sectonia wasn’t surprised this place was a bit… shady with its business practices. Such was the way of those who would take money from nobles; it was best to squeeze them for every bit of gold you could muster, she supposed. Still, she made sure to read the contract to see what she was signing onto, as it wouldn’t do to have her sign away on something she wasn’t sure of. Still, contracts were quite dull, and it wasn’t really her area of expertise, so it did take her some time.

What concerned her was this whole ‘extra currency’ thing, from what she could tell, it was just something that would let them skim even more from her potential sales, And as she read this… contract…well, considering this place was run by consul P, she wasn’t surprised it fostered such things. Things like “We have exclusive rights…” and varios nickel and dime schemes… at least it seemed to only be about the stuff set on auction, instead of anything worse. It seemed like they might not make that much profit at the end of the day, but perhaps they could find a decent item here, perhaps? With the contract read and signed, it was off to trying to sell the larger items.

“Thank you Ma’am” Chugrall said with a nod as he took the contract.

Bowser had tried to read it with her, but had given up about two lines in and was instead found over with the various items along with Kamek and the goblin staff, who were looking it all over.

“Now then, lets see how we are doing with the appraisals shall we” the orc said as he stepped over to join his colleagues, the implicit question getting quite the interesting answer of “We’re having an easy time boss, half this stuff’s been on sale here before looks like” coming from a goblin sat next to a pile of documents which, if glanced at, did indeed record various sales of items that had then, presumably, been stolen by P.

His name certainly wasn’t on any of the lists of buyers, that was for sure, neither were those of his now equally dead minions.

“we know there’ll be demand for a bunch of this too as a result, but we might need to put the starting bit down a little bit seeing as its repeats?” the goblin suggested, while Chugrall thought about for a moment and then corrected him by amending “No, set it higher, at least for the ones we know are going to be popular given their last showing”

“Ahhh, smart. Guess that’s why the Auctionmaster made you the boss, boss” the goblin replied, either genuinely impressed or skilled enough at being a suck up to make it sound so. It certainly got a nod of approval from the orc before he addressed the queen again, asking “If I may be so bold as to enquire, where did you acquire this remarkable collection?”

Sectonia had prepared herself for this question, considering if it got out that Consul P had been defeated before she could instate a new regent lord, chaos would descend on the city and they couldn't have that. ”Ah yes. We found many of these items down in the garbage dump underneath one of the giant towers of the city. Whoever had them before probably threw them out in boredom.” Sectonia said, playing on what she knew of interacting with Consul P. The guy was quite the simpleton at the end of the day after all. She then glanced at Kamek giving him a subtle idea of ‘back up this story’ from her glance.

”Well, ‘garbage dump’ gives a more filthy description of where we located them than what it actually was, I assure you they were and are in pristine condition, but yes, it seems their former owner no longer had any use for these items” Kamek agreed, catching on just fine, before adding that it was ”a shame really, but fortunately we where, hmmm, tipped off and were able to recover these objects, and with your help I am sure we can get them into more worthy hands, yes?”

“I see” Chugrall replied, his tone giving away that he had mentally downgraded his perception of their pedigree a fair amount as a result of learning about this dumpster diving. He seemed to be going along with it, however, until a fearful look flashed across his face as he fully understood the implications. It was swiftly smoothed away and replaced with professionalism, but he did then lean in to clandestinely ask “are you quite sure there will be no … consequences for this? I simply cannot help facilitate you if a certain … individual would take offense to the sale of these items”

”Not at all.” Sectonia and kamek said in near unison, although with very different inflections.

”He did toss them out, so how would he recognize them?” Sectonia said.

”I’m sure he’ll never think about them again” Kamek agreed

”Well, yeah, course he won’t because he’s-” Bowser began to say, not getting what they were doing at all with their lies and half truths about the nature of how they had claimed the treasure horde.

”Very flighty. You know how unpredictable he is.” Sectonia said, cutting off Bowser before he let slip with his big mouth the truth of what happened with consul P.

”Indeed, and the less that is said about him the better” Kamek agreed, speaking rather blatantly to Bowser while saying this. He still looked confused, but managed to take the hint at least.

Chugrall was, understandably, just a touch suspicious of this, but as he glanced between the growing pile of treasures and the trio representing the trouble said treasures might bring, he seemed to come to a decision “We will need to ensure that the auction is, hmm, discrete, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and there will be a token fee for that, but otherwise I believe we can indeed go ahead with the sales”

Greed, it seemed, had won out. Now only time would tell how well it went.

Time told rather soon, in fact, as once they were coming to an end of sorting the items into piles of auction and not, a familiar looking blue robed and wizard hatted skeleton came through the door of the auction house, followed by a siren of the mermaid guard. The aquatic officer moved by swimming along in a magical current floating around her, and had a massive sword sheathed at her side, though she seemed not at all prepared to draw it, and instead was doing her best to not look annoyed.

The skeleton glanced around, got a nod from one of the other proprietors of the house who had, along with a fair few others been keeping an eye on proceedings, and then stormed towards the trio while crying out “That’s them officer! Those are the curs who have my painting!”

“So you have been saying” the nameless officer who would much rather be dealing with one of the two low level invasions of the city replied, before adding that “you’ve yet to say how you know this”

“Isn’t obvious! The painting is of me!” the sorcerer known as Tim declared as he stopped right beside the portrait of, well, himself, that was currently sitting among their treasures and gestured to it with both hands.

Hearing the commotion and seeing the presence of one of the town guard alongside an irate proprietor, one of the goblins rushed to go grab the orc who would be processing all of these current actions. As Tim the sorcerer was trying and failing to get the attention of the town guard to get ‘his’ painting back from the auction, the Orc stepped up. “Ahem, what seems to be the problem here?”
“That picture is mine! It's a picture of me!” Tim said before the officer could even begin to muster a response, clearly showing she didn’t want to be here. Knowing where some of these items came from, it wasn’t impossible for this to be true, but he wasn’t going to let this get in the way of profits.

“Now now, a picture of you doesn’t make it yours good sir. It could be yours if you win the auction however. A giant picture of yourself drawn by a local artisan would be quite the prize.” the orc said, speaking as if this wasn’t the first time something like this happened.

“Oh no no, don’t you dare try and sell me back what was stolen from me” the skeleton replied “I don’t know how these nobodies got it out of the hands of that brat, but I want it back. It is my property. Mine. I could find you the artist if you insist, but you” he pointed at the siren officer “should have a police report that I submitted when it was taken”

“Yeah, no we throw those out” she told the seething skeleton, clarifying that “Anything the little guy does is de facto legal after all, what with him being an absolutist dictator and everything. Technically I should be reporting that this was stolen from him, probably”

There was a moment of silence as everyone held their breath, before she realized they were terrified that she might actually mean that.

“Not that I’m going to. Obviously. None of you are gonna say that I looked the other way, and I’m not gonna say anything about this. Deal?” she offered; a deal that was quickly taken by all. Nobody was on P’s side, and no one wanted to draw his ire either.

That moment of unity quickly passed however, as Tim cycled them all the way back around to “but it is my painting still, and however these miscreants got their hands on it, the right thing to do would be to return the people's property to them!” an insistence that was clearly self motivated, but it still did have some support, before he went on “besides, I won’t be paying whatever price you set out of spite, and who else is going to want a painting of me anyway, hmmm?”

Seeing an opportunity, Sectonia took note of the situation. ”Ahem, well… Currency and payment come in all shapes and forms. We did find this portrait of yourself, if you are not interested in paying in money, what else could you offer us? Seeing as you seem to have some form of clout, being able to get in here and all, what else could you offer us?” Sectonia said. The orc began to protest, but Sectonia silenced him with a finger, giving him a ‘some things can be worth more than gold.’ look, seeing what opportunity this could give her and the rest of the group.

The skeleton looked about to launch into another triad on spite, so Kamek helpful offered an addendum along the same theme of ”Think of it as a finders fee”

Tim ground his teeth, and then decided “Hmmmf, well, I suppose” before removing his Wizard hat and saying “Seeing as you are a monster of magic, here” before putting it atop Kamek’s robed head.

”Now wait a mom - oh. Hmmm. I do believe this is enhancing my magic somehow”

“5% flat, and 10% increased hit thanks to it making a set with your robes” he explained, before saying “now can I have my painting, thank you? I need to go home and enchant a new hat. My head feels cold already”

Looking at the hat to make sure it was of quality, Sectonia shrugged. ”Toss in the ability to use your enchanting services for a good price and I suppose that will do.” Sectonia said, noting that with her token smelter, she could turn these hats into slight buffs for everyone who used magic. ”I know a few people who would be interested in such services.” Sectonia said, implying that Tim could possibly even make a slight profit from this deal.

“They’re meant to be for personal use but … maybe” Tim tacitly replied, before picking out and offering them a business card for his services, which seemed to be related more to blasting things with magic than merchandising, but it would do for her purposes.

“Well, now that that is sorted” Chugrall replied, reproachfully as one of the items he had been looking forwards to profiting from was handed away, right before someone else spoke up along the very same lines with “I do say, excuse me, I believe that I won that very vase at this very auction house, surly you have the paperwork?”

Seeing how they were going to handle this, Kamek moved to try and broker a mutually beneficial deal, when a strong hand rested on his shoulder

“I should note that your assistant signed a contract, and I can hardly have you simply give everything away after we looked it over now can I? Lest you end up in the house’s debt as a result” the orc told him sternly, as some of the armed help tightened their grip on their weapons incase this got ugly one way or the other “So I suggest you make sure you have something to sell after all this charity”

”Ah, well now, there is no need for that sort of language, I’m sure we have, ah, something”

”Yeah. We have this hat Rika got from her own efforts, no one is gonna come claim that” Bowser informed them helpful, as he pulled out the solid gold and shining with glossy wealth Sparkle Time Cheese Hat the ship girl had gotten from crushing the spirit of a humble cheese slime.

The orc took one monocle popping look at the object, and the issue was settled.

Sectonia also gave the orc a bit of consoling advice. ”And if we make more deals like with Tim there, you’ll have access to normally unavailable services. Services that could net you some interesting profits later down the road.” But she did concede that situations such as what happened with Tim were rare.

There did end up being a few however, as word got around both of the source of the items, and of the deal they had made to return them. A few genuine requests with evidence of ownership where made, mixed in with attempts at scamming resulted, but a lot of the time it was hard to genuinely prove that an item belonged to a specific person (the loss of the reports which could have proved this got the siren a fair amount of grief that she patently refused to take), as most were not so blatant as to be portraits of their owner.

There was plenty of time for this, because as it turned out, simply showing up with a bunch of stuff did not prompt an auction, and instead they had to wait for the evening to roll around. Much to her annoyance, Sectonia had to wait. Bower got bored after an hour in and, based on a suggestion of his advisor, the King left with pockets stuffed with miniaturized toys and with said advisor in tow, leaving the queen to deal with the rest of the affair.

On the plus side, this also meant she had complete control over what they could use the earnings they acquired from the auction to bid on other items in that very same auction, with their goods not being the only ones on offer after all. Although as time went on and the auctions started, Bowser having left out of boredom, Sectonia would find her items weren’t on auction at this time.

There were only 3 items up for sale at this time that Sectonia had even any interest in. CAnned knowledge, an item that granted dubious knowledge and could be used to share knowledge between people, although it was for a price that Sectonia thought wasn’t all that useful of an item. Sure it would make explaining the whole spirit thing easier, but that didn’t take much time at all anyway.

The second item however she found interesting, a camping set that would make dealing with the wilderness much better. She wasn’t about to go slumming it in uncharted wilderness, and considering this world was vast, she figured at some point they’d have to camp out. It was easy to use and above all was magical. Or as the auctioneer said. “And this is the Deluxe Camping Set. Comfortable bedrolls, Interdiction Torches to help keep away critters, a sophisticated tinderbox, cooking equipment like a spit and a crock pot, a water filter, and even a couple tents. Essential for long-term expeditions most anywhere, especially underground.” What got Sectonia interested is that due to its magical nature, it could size itself to whoever needed to use it.

The third item was a flute that, when played, summoned some cute red blobby bug that seemed to just do its own thing before leaving. Considering the low asking price, Sectonia wasn’t too impressed with what was essentially a ‘pet’ summoning flute. At least not now.
And with that the auctions were concluded. Thinking she would get a bit of a buffer from her auction sales to offset the cost of this item, Sectonia bid and bought the camping set, costing her 1000 geo. Well, it would’ve been 1000 geo, but as she would find later on when the auction house came to claim its prize from her, it ended up costing her 1150 geo due to the ‘exchange rate’ of the auction house funny bucks. She was NOT happy about this when the auction was over, as she and the koopas assumed that their items would soften the blow of buying things here at the auction, not that they’d pull THIS. She made a note to burn this place to the ground if the returns from the items they listed were pitiable…

Still, with this aggravating ordeal done, Sectonia moved to meet with the rest of the groups to figure out where to go next.

Level 11 Blazermate (Holding 2 level up) - (106/110)
Level 4 Susie - (0/50) - Level up! (Holding 2 level up)

Location: HQ > Sector 6
Word Count: Less than 750

Blazeramte and Susie listened to their respected situations, Blazermate learning a bit more about how weird the city was, while Susie was mostly having suspicions confirmed. Now, why the city leaders would be turning their citizens into these ever crisis things.... is a question if they were. Blazermate wasn't as sure as Susie on this theory, as Blazermate couldn't figure out why they were doing this while Susie just guessed it was some form of population control. A flawed concept, but it was something often done by incompetent corporate ladders.

Still, their next goal was clear; the sector 6 hub. Upon getting there, both robot girls were impressed with the looks, although for vastly different reasons. It was about time that Susie came about technology that was worth her time to observe, being one of the ones that was all for taking one of the 6 passes. Blazermate meanwhile thought on what had been told to her, with the other group needing a way through. This got her an idea. Taking Goldlewis aside, Blazermate said. "If we just need to get past this checkpoint thing. I could make a teleporter. Put one side here, the other side somewhere in sector 6, and everyone can easily bypass this checkpoint if thats what you need us to do?" If that was the case, Blazermate would take the second pass. Although she'd need some guidance on where to put the other teleporter end.

Level 10 Sectonia (holding 4 level up) - (57/100)
Location: City of Tears
Word Count: Less than 750

Being one of the first up, Sectonia ran into Rubick who seemed to have been as affected as she and the others had been with Consul P's meddling. Having missed the fight, he voiced his greivences, with Sectonia only being able to dull his temper. "Apparently time was of the essence. There is a much more powerful Consul left if that eases your concerns. This one acted more like a rowdy evil child than an actual threat. Still, as you can no doubt tell, his power was very real." Sectonia said, gesturing at her cup of coffee and the bug bites all over Rubick. "Being able to modify time without repercussions was quite the power, even if he only played childish tricks with it.". Sectonia then went to explain to the grand magus what had transpired.

"Speaking of your detour, were you successful in making that staff you were looking forward to?" Sectonia asked Rubick, seeing as she had given him some poultry funds for said staff. She was interested to see why he was so excited to make it, well, before he had run ill of the side effects of Consul P fighting the other seekers that is. If it was as powerful as he let on, she would fund a staff of her own. She hadn't found anything better weapon wise than what her own kingdom had made yet. A point of pride or pity, Sectonia wasn't sure which.

Level 4 Susie - (39/40) - (Holding 1 level up)
Location: Sector 7 Slums
Word Count: Less than 750

Heading over to mop up the rest of the robots, Susie used her transporter to fly ahead of the robots left behind. With her efforts to take down the fliers, there wasn't much left to intercept her ability to fly over the band of robots and take up a defensive position with the rest of the fighters of the sector 7 slums. Now that she wasn't on a cliffside, her electric rockets were able to pass through some of the oncoming robots before exploding. While not doing the damage of other elements to a single foe, the AoE ability and semi pierce of her electrical rockets as well as a much more favorable piercing angle, allowed her to lay on more damage than a single non elemental rocket. She couldn't really use the cow mangler rockets as she had to defend herself with her business suit hands from the oncoming fire from whatever robots could reach her, but overall her strategy was more to chip and chunk down the robot hordes so only the strongest ones that could close the gap would be left.

And with the makeshift defenses of the sector 7 slum residents adding their own bits of chip damage and her allies dealing with robots their own ways, there wasn't much left by the time they engaged Susie proper. Taking on the robots that engaged in melee, Susie used a bit from what she learned observing her allies during the big horde battle, using a few of their moves to toss the robots about that engaged her or countering them with her own moves to land devastating melee hits. And with the last of the robots dealt with by either her, her allies, or the slum defenses, the battle was over.

Joining the scrappers in seeing if there was anything worthwhile, Susie looked about for things she could use for her own tech, or spirits, whatever was left over. She wasn't really expecting much, but if she could make herself a new kind of weapon or upgrade for her business suit she'd take it. Something that'd let her handle herself better in combat against bigger foes or stronger skilled foes would be best. She'd find that most of the good stuff would actually be with Isaac as she joined the rest of the group at the forward command center, taking up Isaac's offer, but in more of terms of stuff she could use to improve her own mechanical devices in combination with what she managed to pick up from the wreckage.

Later on, those that had gone after Poppi however returned without success having been picked up by a chopper. "So... what happened?" Susie asked, as Tora was unwilling to talk, she had to ask the others.


Level 10 Sectonia (holding 4 level up) - (56/100)
Location: City of Tears
Word Count: Less than 750

Sectonia, much like the other seekers who were afflicted by Consul P's childish antics weren't looking their best and brightest. A tired expression on her face as her antillions and Kamek's group moved all the loot out of the tower, having checked the loot for anything worthwhile in the magical department. Upon meeting the others Sectonia said. "Such a childish fool... vindictive to the last it seemed.". Having made the finishing blow and the vast majority of the group not aware of what transpired, she said. "I suppose after we've had some sort of rest I can explain what happened. His death wasn't like the others we've seen here. It was much more... permanent." Sectonia alluded to, wearily grabbing her Rapier from the pile of stuff Nadia had found, having Barnabee's dry reaction to her pun. At least when tired, she didn't skip a beat, that had to be admired at least. Looking down at her sword, it was covered in all sorts of grotesque bits and liquids with the queen saying. "...Vindictive to the last..."

Heading back to the hotel, Sectonia grabbed a coffee before heading to her room. Not wanting to sleep the whole day away and ruin her schedule, Sectonia drank a little bit of the caffeinated drink before crashing on the bed. A trick that could make restless nights at least bearable if given some time, and an hour later the coffee awoke Sectonia. While not well rested, she felt it, or at least enough to manage the rest of the day. Drinking the last of her coffee and fixing herself up so she looked proper; including cleaning her sword using the showerhead due to its relative size, she made her way back down into the lobby to catch whoever she could. With her new windfall of money, she could browse the shops again.


Level 11 Blazermate (Holding 2 level up) - (105/110)
Location: Big Other fight.
Word Count: Less than 750

Blazermate, having almost no diea what was going on anymore, just did her medical duties on some auto pilot as she watched the jumble of events, arguments, and abilities that went on until the Peach other was taken by someone by the name of Karen who Goldlewis was very weary of. Considering how Goldlewis let the situation go, with big names being tossed around and a vague promise; and threat, of them being able to fix Peach and what would happen if they interfered, Blazermate didn't have much to offer. She did keep in mind who this person was though, in case they met again under worse circumstances.

Healing the rest of the team as they made their way back to HQ, which was a fairly quick affair, Blazermate hovered in silence with the rest of them until everyone had settled back at HQ and those that wanted snacks had gotten them. When that was all done, she said. "OK, who was that, what did they do, and what was that vague threat that had you so concerned? What is going on here?" Blazermate said, hopefully saying what everyone else was thinking.
Gallo Tower Depths
Junior and Kamek’s @DracoLunaris, Ichiban’s @Truthhurts22, Iguana Gallo Valetto

While the main team proceeded ‘up’ toward Gallo Tower’s massive clock face, the other three headed ‘down’, into the tower’s depths. There were fewer creepy Mecha-Porkies in this direction, and the great hallway seemed rather empty on the whole save for the standard fairly nice, old-fashioned furnishings. The farther Gallo, Kamek, Junior, and Ichiban went, however, the more infrequent the sputtering braziers became, and the lower the ambient light. Pretty soon it would be almost completely dark, and with the gathering gloom came a faint though increasing feeling of dread.

Wisely, Gallo stopped for a moment to take a brazier to carry with him on the descent, not knowing about -or perhaps not wanting to rely on- any light sources his new allies might have to offer. Ichiban, taking his cue, pulled out his smartphone and pointed it ahead, its bright flashlight illuminating further than Gallo’s torch. Ichiban’s Galeem-infused eyes still glowed in the dark, a dull red that bathed his face a little too ominously. Gallo also broke the silence at length to shed a little more light, not on the murky corridor, but on his plans. “I will tell you now the exact nature of my strategy,” he announced. “So that we might all cooperate more effectively. My signature weapon, the ace up my sleeve, is the Clock Lancet.” From the ether he conjured what looked like an ornamental dagger, silver and blue. “It possesses the power to completely halt the flow of time for any being it strikes. I intend to use this to ensure that P cannot reach the Absolutely Safe Capsule once he arrives. This effect lasts but a fleeting moment, however, and it fires of its own accord in a clockwise manner around my person. As such, to keep the brat under its spell, I must also circle him in a clockwise manner, positioning myself in the opposite direction of the Lancet. Neither of us wants an accidental obstruction to leave one of you frozen in time and the Consul free to escape, yes?”

”Is this one of those, rendered invulnerable while frozen in time effects or not? Because if not, it should be child's play to give him a double dose of sleep magic and darts from range. After that I can summon Sectonia and have her mind control him, which she can apparently do now” Kamek said, still against the whole child killing thing, and also very interested in what they could learn from a compliant Consul.

The scholar wrinkled his nose. “Not invulnerable. But be wary. A Consul may not be so easily overcome by trifling gimmicks.”

Ichiban made a noise halfway between an ‘ehhhh’ and an ‘uhhhh’, a mix of hesitation and confusion. ”Thing’s still a knife though, right? And your plan is to like, stab it in P and keep it there?” Ichiban drew his flashlight around their surroundings, brief glances at the decor, the walls and the ceiling, before landing on Gallo, almost like it was following Ichiban’s gaze.

”Can I ask,” Ichiban asked, ”what is it Consul P did exactly? I get the gist of it all, him bein’ some leader abusin’ his power, but what kinda stuff did he do? Embezzle funds? Off a guy?”

“‘Do’?” Gallo sputtered for a moment, as if P’s crimes numbered so many that giving voice to all of them at once might make him explode. “P…is a feckless egomaniac on a power trip of absurd proportions. He is a murderous sadist. Others’ lives mean nothing to him. Less than nothing! He treats all this world’s people as if they were his own personal servants. For any who dare displease him, the consequences are dire.” Gallo paused for a moment to peer into an especially dark shadow in which he thought he saw movement. “...Take for instance his infamous ‘field trips’. Should he happen to be in a mood, he leaves the tower to stroll through the Home of Tears. Everyone in his path must shower him with praise and do whatever he asks of them. If not, something horrible instantly befalls them. Should he be feeling especially unappreciated, he may command his bed to tear the poor soul limb from limb right there.” Gallo clenched his teeth, boiling over with anger. “Oh, how it galls me! The very nerve to reduce the prodigious Iguana Gallo Valetto to a mere sniveling sycophant! Oh, I’ll have that swine’s head!”

”Sounds to me like you’re just not a good subordinate,” Ichiban said without snark, or the forethought that he might be poking the hornet’s nest. ”Look, not sayin’ this P guy is all that great, but most of what’cha said is typical boss stuff. Commanding respect and makin’ it clear what happens when it ain’t given. I’d say that maybe the really nasty stuff P did made ya hate ‘im, but from how you talk, seems like you weren’t a team player from the start.”

That certainly had the two Koopas glancing at each other, before Kamek offered his own perspective

”If I might, that sounds like, well, bad boss behavior, and I’m not even speaking in the nebulous terms of good and evil, it is simply poor. Fear is the incompetent leader’s manner of inspiring loyalty, as Gallo rather aptly demonstrates. A true leader has the love and admiration of his minions, such that they would gladly jump through fire or into the deepest ocean, should he command it. If he does right by them and treats them with respect, they will return that respect a thousand fold, where as a bad boss will find himself alone, friendless and washed up on a beach” he glanced at Jr at the end of his little summary, which resulted in the prince replying ”Yeah yeah I learned that lesson already”

Specifically he had learned it on that not so metaphorical beach.

”It does sometimes bear repeating young master” he replied cattily (”Hey!”) before adjusting his spectacles and suggesting that ”I do hate to say it, but I don’t think your boss was a particularly good one either Mr Ichiban. My condolences”

”What?” Ichiban’s flashlight beam flicked from Gallo to Kamek, shining right in the lizard wizard’s face. ”No way, my boss, he’s the greatest! Helped me shape up when I was a dumb kid and gave me a place in life. I’d do anything for ‘im.” Quiet for a moment, Ichiban’s light wandered about the place again, like it was signifying his moment of thinking. After the moment passed he sighed.

”Guess not everyone can be like Arakawa,” he admitted, mostly to himself than the others. ”But this P guy, well, he kinda sounds like that dumb kid I was talkin’ about. Uh, me,” he clarified. ”Some brat throwing around respect he hasn’t earned. Only he’s in charge of things. All I’m sayin’ is, he sounds like a boss who doesn’t know how to be one, not some insane murderer or whatever. And comin’ from you…” He leveled the flashlight on Gallo yet again. ”Sorry if I don’t take everything y’say for the truth. You’ve been at this guy’s throat since we met you.”

Gallo opened his mouth to respond, but at that very moment the Consul’s first time walk took hold. The near-lethal effects of a hearty meal laced with rat poison struck everyone but Gallo in an instant and without warning, causing massive internal damage. For a moment the alarming change in his allies left Gallo in a state of alarm, but he had the misfortune of knowing what it was. “Damn that brat! This is P’s power!” he exploded. “I don’t know how it’s reaching you here, but oftentimes even completely unrelated people suffer from the fallout of P’s curses!” Believing the three to be lost, he prepared to leave them behind and charge into the darkness toward the Consul’s hideout, the flame lighting his path. Within the span of a few minutes, plastic jabs in the feet and a smorgasbord of bug bites and stings would befall the three as well.

Had Gallo given them more than a moment, he would have found this party far better equipped to handle the time shenanigans than the main group, as was aptly demonstrated when Jr shakily raised up his staff sized paintbrush and cast ”Esuna!” to cleanse first himself, then Kamek, and finally Ichiban of the poison, before using ”Medica!” to heal all three of them at once.

”What the heck was that!” Jr demanded to know once he was off of (what would turn out to be only the first round of) emergency healing duty.

”I… have no idea” Kamek replied, as he sent the wisps he had been using as a light source out to check their surroundings for a source of the attack, none could be found. That only left the logic that they were, somehow, collateral damage from the main fight going on upstairs, just as Gallo had said (though it had been quite hard to pay attention to the specifics what with the poisoning).

”Some sort of … sympathetic magic? Or some kind of very wide reaching spell? But why was Gallo not affected” the mage asked, looking at this from the entirely wrong angle at first.

”And why’d he bail on us like that right away. I had that” Jr asked, pointing after where the man had run off too.

Ichiban, having caught himself just barely from falling flat on his face, groaned in the aftershock of relieved pain. Kinda bittersweet, in a way. ”Geez…” He rubbed his stomach, the main source of the debilitating pain they just experienced. While he didn’t have a direct explanation, Ichiban was closer to the mark than you’d think. ”Felt like… urgh, bad food.” He fished around in his pockets, producing a handful of bite-sized muffins. ”I’ve been out on the street before, and sometimes food y’think’s safe been poisoned to deal with rats.” With a sad sigh Ichiban turned his hand, letting the muffins fall onto the floor.

”It’d explain why he didn’t have anything happen to ‘im,” Ichiban continued, gesturing to where Gallo disappeared with his flashlight. ”You two okay to keep goin’? We should hurry and catch up with him before we get lost.” Marching on ahead into the darkness, Ichiban continued to dig out the various breakfast foods he stashed that morning, littering the path behind them with poisoned pastries.

”Poisoned our food? But ho-” Kamek asked, before releasing ”Ahhh, time travel” as if such a thing was merely a thing he had not considered rather than something fantastical, before agreeing ”and yes, best we catch up with Gallo” before taking to the air again on his broom, having landed when the poisoning stuck.

”Yeah, I’m good, and I’ll be good to keep us going if he hits us again” Jr agreed. Then he had a thought and quickly released both his pokemon from their pokeballs to cure them of their own poisoned breakfast, before rolling forwards at a swiffer pace with both Mimi and Dazzle now along for the ride.

Though the nasty effects of a couple other time warps befell the Seekers as they continued their descent, they kept up a good pace, and it wasn’t long before the flicker of torchlight could be seen through the gloom up ahead. So too could they hear the telltale sounds of combat. With the same question on everyone’s minds, they hurried the rest of the way, wondering if P had already appeared. When they maneuvered around a stand-alone section of wall, however, they found not the young Consul but a bizarre monstrosity melded together from multiple bodies, with a single scarlet-haired human protruding from the massive wad of organs. While the fleshy mass moved very sluggishly, the torso wielded a blue-glowing Holy Wand with startling aptitude, unleashing a brilliant torrent of magic projectiles that careened toward Gallo like a meteor shower, putting the scholar on the run. “Leda!” Gallo barked. “My patience grows thin. I do not wish do harm you, but if I must…!”

The monster made no noise, and its arcane bombardment continued.

”Well … that’s gross” Jr said as he peeked his head round the corner to see what was going on

”What even is that thing..?” Ichiban asked, leaning around the corner above Bowser Jr and Kamek, like a goddamn comedy skit. It might’ve been a genuine question, as Ichiban’s Galeem infused eyes searched the scene for anything familiar to latch onto.

”Mmmm” Kamek had to agree, before noting that ”However it seems like our not so reliable friend does not want to kill this one. I suppose we could indulge him?” he suggested, glancing at Jr, who took a few moments to take the hint

”Oh, right” he said once he got it, before pointing his staff around the corner at the lady part of the meatball and casting ”Repose!”

Jr. began to aid Gallo, and as he did Ichiban straightened up. ”Time to get serious.” He raised his phone and tapped its screen. His fingers were a blur with how fast he was navigating its apps, and after a moment of intense button-pressing, Ichiban slammed his finger down for the final press. ”There!”

With a flash of colorful light that engulfed Ichiban, his attire changed to that of his Hero job. He brandished a weapon now too, a rusty metal baseball bat with barbed wire bunched up near the end. ”I may not like the guy much but we can’t jus’ let him get beat up,” he said, resting his bat on his shoulder. ”You two comin’ with or staying back here for support?”

Right after the sleep spell took effect, Gallo inadvertently ruined it, his Clock Lancet already summoned to pause Leda’s onslaught and slow down his accrual of damage. The small amount of damage it did, however, proved more than enough to rouse the monstrosity. Once back in action, the magical deluge continued, but rather than fly at the newcomers it focused one hundred percent on the closest target, that being Gallo himself, who’d also by now noticed the new arrivals. “Are you well?” he called over, surprised that they’d shrugged off the poison just like that. “Then help me, and be quick about it! We cannot allow this has-been to keep us from our target!” With a final glance at the great vault door on the other side of the area, which seemed to constitute the end of the vertical corridor, he called upon the Ars Gouda tome. Dust Elementals sprang from its pages to attack for him, the possibility of a nonviolent solution thrown to the wind.

”Got it!” Ichiban rushed to the scrap, twirling his bat around his hand. He didn’t have a plan of attack, but hopefully between the dust sprites, Gallo, and Junior and Kamek, Ichiban whacking away at it would at least distract it.

”Huh?” Jr said, confused as to why his spell hadn’t work

”Ah, looks like the blade negates sleep. Inconvenient, but good to know” Kamek noted, this lesson being one better learned now than with P. Then he swooped out into the fray, chanting out ”Rise rise, undying bones, and draw her fire!” and summoning a horde of dry bones, and then sending the perpetually reanimating undead koopas forwards to swarm beneath Leda and become the closest thing to her.

Jr followed suit, giving Gallo a practical demonstration as to how they had survived via casting ”Cure!” on the man, while he commanded Dazzle to serenade the flesh ball with his disarming voice, and for Mimi to mimic him and do the same, the mon’s twin beams of pink soundwaves dealing emotional rather than physical damage.

While their minions attacked or distracted, both fliers focused on avoiding danger, and moving towards the way forwards.

Luckily for the team, they had just the right tools for the job. While impressive in its sheer quality, Leda’s magic proved unerringly systematic in how it functioned. As long as the Seekers could keep some minions close by their target, they needed only worry about stray projectiles that missed their mark, and with plenty of minions to spare they could keep up the offense even in the dark. Ichiban’s battering proved especially effective, and it wasn’t long before the meat mass crumbled.

“Tidily done,” Gallo admitted, straightening his robe. After a firsthand demonstration of both combative and medical aptitude like that, he felt no further need to doubt them in any capacity save their intentions. “Now, let us proceed.”

The vault at the corridor’s terminus proved to be locked, but as the former master of Gallo Tower, the sorcerer still held all the keys. It took a little grappling with the mechanism, which included mundane mechanism, Agarthan technology, and magic all in one, but soon enough the vault swung open. All around them the pitch-black of the tower’s depths suddenly gave way to a tantalizing golden luster, and when the team set foot inside they could see why.

This wasn’t just Consul P’s hideout, but his glittering hoard. Piles of trinkets and baubles, gold coins, statuettes, heirlooms, artworks, furnishings, and favorite toys just about blanketing the place. It was the opulent secret stash of a feckless plunderer who had never been told ‘no’, at least not twice. At the back of the room, nestled among the valuables, rested the orb-shaped Absolutely Safe Capsule--already closed.

”Is that it? Are we too late?” Kamek asked, drifting over the piles of treasure to inspect the closed capsule, fearing that its sealed state meant that P had already retreated inside. However, when he peered through the glass porthole, he found the capsule empty.

Ichiban, having to resist the urge to go looting through the piles of stuff Consul P had in here, wandered over to the safety capsule and gave it a couple taps with his bat. ”Maybe he just ain’t here yet? We’re early?”

”Guess we got time to plan” Jr noted as he drifted over, before asking ”So is he going to have to open the door then?” as he examined the pod for the way inside.

Gallo shook his head. “No, as I mentioned he is capable of teleportation. He will most likely attempt to place himself inside the moment he realized his saferoom has been compromised.” The scholar positioned himself with his back to the south wall, the position he judged to be the most likely arrival point at his twelve o’ clock.

”Oh right. Guess that’s also assuming he doesn't go right into it from wherever” Jr replied, putting out something of a worst case scenario in the process, before thinking for a moment and then turning to his mentor to ask ”Wait, so Kamek, do you think you can?” to which the mage replied with a nod.

The mage drifted back a bit, still with a view of the open window, before twirling his wand around in his hand and vanishing in a puff of smoke.

“Wait-” Gallo held out his hand, but it was too late. Kamek reappeared inside the Absolutely Safe Capsule. It was roomy inside, but devoid of any features. Nothing seemed to happen upon his arrival. After a moment, Gallo withdrew his hand. “Oh. I didn’t think that would work.” He rubbed his chin. “It’s supposed to be warded. Perhaps it’s not all the Agarthans cracked it up to be.”

At that very moment, brilliant purple particles began to coalesce from the Ether, and in a flash an entity appeared amongst the Seekers. But it wasn’t P, at least not exactly. This newcomer was much bigger than a man, demonic in aspect, but clearly inorganic, with a lemniscate-marked core whirring in his chest. His only similarities to P were the rough shape of his head and his rotundity, though nobody in the room save Gallo had any basis for comparison anyway, and Gallo nearly had a heart attack upon seeing this guy. “He’s here!” the scholar shrieked.

“Whuh!?” the Moebius gasped, his voice distorted and his mouth hanging open. “You? What’re you doing here!?” He spotted Ichiban and Junior too, then clenched his fists. “This is MY room!” he yelled, stamping his feet hard enough to shake the room and send gold coins skittering down their piles to the floor. “GET OUT!”

Gallo charged toward him, activating his Clock Lancet as he got into range, but P had already jumped into the air. He descended with a gigantic ground pound that sent every last object in the room flying, turning the entire place to chaos in a second.

As the Moebius fell Jr rose up into the air to avoid any kind of shockwave, only for the propelled objects to be launched up into the air after him, forcing the boy to grab the wheel and steer with all his skill to avoid being destabilized and knocked back out of the sky.

”Mimi, Dazzle, blast that thing!” he commanded as he did this, prompting his two pokemon to shoot back, Dazzle with a bubble propelled water gun blast, and Mimi with an electro ball a few moments later.

The water gun did little more than splash P, although with the electric follow-up he did get jolted for a brief moment. “Agh!” he grumbled. “I’m too tired for this!” He scooped up a giant mitt of coins, then hurled them in the general direction of Junior and his Pokemon like golden slingstones, forcing them all to duck for cover inside the clown car, which was itself battered back by the multiple small impacts.

Groaning and bruised from the fall, Gallo hauled himself into a sitting position. Thanks to that ground pound his Clock Lancet had missed, and now it was firing off in its uncontrollable rotation around him. He scrabbled to his feet to start circling around to the right, giving the Lancet a better shot at hitting P sooner as it ticked around clockwise. Despite hitting P full-on with his Clock Lancet, it didn’t seem to work, and P decked him with a slobberknocker of a right hook.

”This thing ain’t no kid, man!” Ichiban shot at Gallo, having been knocked clear under a tidal wave of action figures. Those things were made of hard plastic; in other words, that hurt. Ichiban fixed Moebius P with a glare that twisted his face in rage, a look that was downright menacing, and way more intense than anyone’d expect from how goofy he was before.

”That means I don’t gotta worry about hurting it!!” Spurred into fury, Ichiban swung his bat in a low arc, batting a handful of army men and buff wrestler toys towards P, dashing after them with his bat raised, ready to lay the beatdown on this big pig monster. P met him halfway, happily bringing his giant fists and rending claws to bear against ichiban in a vicious one-on-one.

Some, such as Bowser, might have argued about how just because a kid looked like a monster, it did not mean they weren't still a kid. It was an argument Kamek might have echoed, however, he was not in the fight. Nor, in-fact, was he in the pod any more either. No instead he had teleported outside of the room entirely, and there out was working his magics.

The first result of said magics arrived at just that moment in the form of a giant bee queen whom P had already met, and who had a rather different reason for avoiding resorting to murder than the rest of those present.

Appearing out of the same pink portal with heart shaped runes that she used to summon antlions, Queen Sectonia appeared in front of Kamek, having been summoned by the koopa mage. ”I suppose we had better get started then. Considering his size however, holding him still for the control to take effect will be tricky.” Sectonia said, a look of tiredness on her face but still determined to show this ‘boy’ some discipline. She was ready to summon her striker who was a master of mind control when the opportunity arose, as was part of her plan.

”Not to worry, I have a plan for that” Kamek informed her as he followed her in upon the result of the other spell he had been casting, namely a cockatrice mount. As soon as he was back in the room, he used it to blast the monstrous P with its petrifying glare … only for this to have no noticeable effect.

”Huh?” the mage intoned, confused, only for Jr to see what the plan was, misjudge why it had failed (range) and try his own, swooping in and casting ”Holy!” to blast the Consul with an explosion of white magic, only for this to not work either.

”What? Why didn’t that stop him?”

P twisted around toward the offending reptiles. “Huh? Was that supposed to hurt?” he taunted them with a leer. When he saw Sectonia again, however, he hung his head with a heavy, groaning sigh. “Uggggh.” Ichiban took the chance to blindside him! Coming up around P’s side, he pulled off another underswing, essentially using his bat like a golf club to whallop the piggish monster in its piggish snout. He stumbled backward, arms flailing as he regained his balance. “Ow, you TURD! You know what? I’m too tired for this. I don’t wanna play with any of you losers any more.” Purple particles began to coalesce around him as he prepared to teleport. “I’ll swat you stupid little gnats for good right after I have a nice long nap!”

Gallo slammed his fist on the ground. “No!”

The Moebius warped into the Absolutely Safe Capsule, and promptly set off every Dark Mine Kamek had laid in there at once. No sound escaped from within the protective sphere, but through the glass the gathered Seekers could see a maelstrom of crushing force, rippling dark magic, and pain. Faced with such brutal punishment, P did the only thing he could do: teleport back out. He reappeared in the vault with a bloodcurdling shriek, made even worse by the inhuman reverb to his voice, and collapsed onto the ground in bad shape.

“Aaaaagh!” he blubbered, beside himself with agony. “Y-you haven’t won! You can’t stop me! I’ll still get away. And then I’ll be back for you once I’m healed up, you hear me!? I’ll drain the lifelight of the whole city if I have to! I’ll kill you, kill you, kill you all!”

He began to teleport again, the same purple particles appearing. By now though, Gallo was back on his feet, and from a little pouch he pulled a shining hourglass. “Looks like it’s up to you,” he growled through gritted teeth as he hurled the timepiece. “Shmuetax!”

On impact the hourglass did not smash, but it did stop P in his tracks as a pitch-black line seemed to cleave through reality itself, including the Consul. When it burst a second later, the whole room cleanly split in half along the line, and P along with it. “AAAAAAAAAGH!” he howled, cut diagonally in half through the middle, with only half a torso, a quarter of a left arm, and three quarters of a right arm to his name. Yet still he lived, and as he writhed the purple reactor in his chest went into an unstable overdrive. As it whirred, giving off purple sparks, P’s limbs and lower half began to regrow. Once the pain diminished enough to focus, he’d be teleporting again.

Sectonia doubted at this point that her plan of mind controlling Consul P. wouldn’t work, so she went with her backup plan. While Kamek and Jr. were adamant about not killing, there wasn’t anything for it at this point as Sectonia pulled out her remaining sword and blinked next to Consul P. In the same motion of her blink, as Moebius P was recovering, Sectonia stabbed the unstable reactor in his chest with her massive sword before doing a sideways slice at it, and on the backswing, aiming for the Moebius’ head itself.

The head wound ultimately didn’t matter, but the same couldn’t be said for the core. Once Sectonia pierced it through, P’s howls began to turn hollow. He flailed and thrashed and wriggled, but with his core broken he couldn’t regenerate what he’d lost, and from the reactor leaked a flood of bright, blood-red motes. “You can’t, you can’t, you can’t do this to meeeeeeeeee!” he blubbered, his struggle quickly growing weaker. “I’m Moebius…Moebius! I’m s’posed to be…infiniiiiiiiiiiite…” His body began to dissolve, not into ash, but into light. In just a moment he was gone, and not even a spirit remained.

“Hah!” Gallo snorted without delay. After scooping up the hourglass where it had fallen and dusting it off, he sneered at the spot where P had vanished. If he could have, he would have gladly kicked the Consul’s body for a few seconds. Maybe even a few minutes. “Like that, you little snot! I’ll see you in hell!” With that, he turned to the others. “Well done, all of you! This is a blow struck not just for the Home of Tears, not just for the Under, but for me…Iguana Gallo Valetto! I am in your debt, and since I cannot stand to be in anyone’s debt, the contents of this room are yours for the taking. More than equitable compensation, I should think?”

Summoning the sword that Consul P. had ‘given her’ as a mock gesture, Sectonia tossed down the inflatable balloon sword upon what should’ve been his ashes. ”A fitting end for such an ugly being.” She then relaxed a bit of her tension as the fight had ended, falling very low to the ground before recovering. Taking Gallo’s word about his debt, Sectonia offered an additional condition. ”That is fine. I would also like to annex this kingdom into my own. Considering it will need a new leader, I don’t see why one of the existing leaders of the kingdom shouldn’t take that mantle. And it seems there is only one left in such a position. How curious… ” Sectonia mused. ”Having this kingdom be under the banner of Floralia, with you as its reagent lord, would benefit us both. I doubt I’ll be around much to manage this kingdom anyway, and the people would prefer someone they know instead of someone they don’t to lead them. What do you say Gallo?”

Gallo blinked, taken by surprise by her offer. “I am no ruler, and I care not a whit about it in the first place,” he told her frankly. “Instituting a functional form of government in the Home of Tears would be far too much hassle anyway. To continue my research in MY tower, and delve ever deeper into the secrets of magic, is all I want.”

”Fair enough. I see no reason why that can’t continue.Unraveling the secrets of the universe is quite a goal after all.” Sectonia said, having the notion of “easy come, easy go” on her face. Still, they’d need to find someone to run this place… Wait, didn’t Kamek mention some sort of exiled ruler when Consul P took over? She would need to ask the koopa mage about that. Although Sectonia hadn’t met the man herself, so she would be taking a shot in the dark with them.

”Speaking of secrets of the universe… I wonder how Consul P did what he did? IT seems whatever the case, the downside of his power was complete annihilation upon his defeat.” Sectonia said, looking over the fight they had all just fought. The power to change time without causing a causality problem was quite strong indeed. She then mused. ”Is this going to be a common thing with all Consuls? Power over incredible forces, at the cost of their very being?”

There was a lull for a moment after the battle, where Ichiban stood over the spot Moebius P vanished from, shoulders rising and falling as he took sharp, deep breaths. The adrenaline of the fight wore off… at least, that’s how he was justifying it, unaware of the influence that made him jump into the battle. ”Huh… ahh, so, we… won?” He asked, scratching his head. ”What happened to P? Did the kid send some lackey in to deal with us?”

”Hmm?” Sectonia said as Itchiban said something odd. She then remembered he was still Galeemed. Considering he wouldn’t be of much help in a state like that and her overall good mood, she pulled out a friend heart, blinked behind Ichiban, and thrust it into him, taking advantage of his confusion. ”Can’t have this be an issue later.” Sectonia said nonchalantly.

”Wh–” Ichiban turned, raising his bat to shield himself, out of instinct really, though it didn’t stop the mystical Friend Heart from reaching him. He stumbled backwards as if it had been a real hit, and the red light faded from his eyes. ”...what the hell?” Ichiban looked around the room again, at Gallo, Jr and Kamek, Sectonia, eyes wide as he visibly processed all the new information rushing to his head.

After a moment that lasted for as long as it would be funny to, Ichiban shouted, ”What’s going on here?!” His hand snapped to the Koopa pair with a point. ”Why’s there a freaking turtle in a clown car, a little wizard, and a-” Ichiban swung his finger to Sectonia now, ”a huge-ass bee floatin’ here?! And that, that thing…”

He looked down to where P had just been, tapping the floor with the end of his bat, like he was searching for a trapdoor. ”What was that? It looked like a big pig monster, did I really fight that thing? If that was this P kid, then…” Other bits of information clicked in his head, mostly the robotic doppelgangers of P they had seen up to this point, and a few broken ones strewn around this bratty hoard.

”P? Is that like, part of his name?” He continued, more confused than angry now, the question aimed at Gallo. ”Wait, those Ganondorf and Bowser lookin’ dudes… now this P kid… did I just beat up a video game character?!”

”Ah, his majesty is not going to like this” the mage said upon hearing his king’s name, both him and Jr having been too caught off guard by their plan not working to really weigh in one way or the other with how to end the situation. Given that P had threatened to effectively doom the city however, he supposed in the end what had to be done had been done without his input.

As for the actual question, Kamek’s answer was ”I’ve no idea what you are on about I am afraid. However I am sure you are going through a lot, getting your memories back and all that, so take your time, and we can discuss it as we leave. I think we could all do with a rest after a night like tonight … or a morning I suppose?”

”Mmm,” jr agreed, his tone not really giving away anything about how he felt about this.

”As for our reward … well, our loot plus Gallo’s share … if your majesty would be so kind as to provide some extra helpers, I can shrink it all down to a more manageable size” Kamek went on, making a mental note to sit down with the boy and address things once they were out of the tower, before he turned his wand on the treasure and began shrinking it down to a more carryable size. There was nothing better to do with her antillions, so she summoned some to help lug the loot out. It was a fair amount.

Level 11 Blazermate (Holding 2 level up) - (104/110)
Location: Big Other fight.
Word Count: Less than 750

Blazermate didn't have to worry as much about the big Other, as its attacks were lumbering, or affected the ground, both tings she could avoid by just keeping her distance. Unlike the others though, she wasn't really doing too much damage with this other destroying the created sentry gun before it even got beyond level 1. This would end up being a good thing though, as it was said that this Other was a transformed Peach. "Wait, this is Peach? I don't know if I can cure something like this all that easy. Wasn't there something about redshift or something?" Blazermate said, a bit concerned. Well, at least she knew that if this thing started to get low, if they had a plan that didn't involve killing this other, they could at least keep it contained. "Does... anyone have a plan of what we're supposed to do here? I don't know if attacking it is the solution?"

Sakura was then pinged on Blazermate's scan as she had gotten hit pretty hard. With some heals and a revive, it wasn't difficult to get Sakura off the ground, especially with Karin keeping the Other's attention. Still, the two would be needing heals to tank this thing while everyone figured out a way to fix the situation. Blazermate could probably uber soon, but she doubted that'd even do anything.
The Little King

Location: The Home of Tears - Gallo Tower
Bowser and Rika’s @DracoLunaris, Primrose and Therion’s @Yankee, Sectonia’s @Archmage MC, Jesse’s @Zoey Boey, Ganondorf’s @Double, Ms Fortune
+6 EXP

”I don’t get it. What’s meant to be unnerving about this?” Rika eventually asked as they were traveling through the corridors full of identical robots ”The maw was scary, this is just, well, a thing? I mean I guess it's sad that they’re all waiting for someone?”

”I think P doesn’t have any friends” Bowser noted sadly rather than try and answer the first question.

”Huh? But what about all these robots and those slithering people? I mean, they’re not his friends any more coz we killed them but before that I mean” the ship girl replied, ever so confused about that.

”Minions … don’t really count” he replied, and then felt a bit guilty about how P’s state of affairs was, technically, one his son was in. Him too, if he was forced to think about it, though he had the comfort that his minions certainly liked him a million times more than P’s seemed to. He at least didn’t have to be worried about being stabbed in the back like P was being.

At which point Rika suddenly stabbed him in the heart by asking ”Wait. So. Does that mean we aren't friends?” the earnest sorrow of it piercing right through his thick outer shell with no resistance.

”Huh, what no. I mean yes. I mean, uhhhhh” the king scrambled to put words on feelings he had not actually analyzed up until that point and eventually, inevitably, wound up on ”you’re like family”

”Oh?” the ship girl tilted her head to the side as she processed this, and then decided it was ”Neat!” and spent the rest of the trip though the robot filled halls beaming while Bowser’s brain ran hot trying to actually process what had just happened/his own feelings about this situation.

Primrose patted the king's arm in a silent show of support, even though she couldn't exactly sympathize with his situation. Bowser had already voiced his opinion on how they should handle the Consul after the fact, and Rika unintentionally drawing parallels between herself and P on top of the sad state of things inside the tower couldn't be helping.

As for herself... she was still of the mind that there were some things that just had to be done, no matter how terrible they were. For Consul P, first would come punishment, and then questioning, and then ultimately his fate would be up to them. The Seekers could debate each other afterwards.

The dancer slowed her stride, letting some of the others overtake her as they walked. Toward the back of the group was her own friend Therion. Unsurprisingly he hadn't said much, just followed along with the rest of the group with his hands stuffed into his pockets and his tail swishing back and forth. He wasn't really itching to get into another deadly fight right after taking on the Agarthans, but going into it with so many allies made it feel a whole lot safer. He didn't find the robot kids sad either, really he found them to be creepy. If everything they'd heard about Consul P was true, then something like the scenes they passed by weren't going to stop the Seekers from putting a stop to him. Kids didn't turn out that way just from being lonely. Therion would know.

Normally the thief would have chosen to join the ambush team, lying in wait away from battle, but he didn't want to witness the execution of the kid even if it was necessary. He suspected that Primrose was much the same way, what with her soft spot for children. He looked over at her and found his thoughts to be true. The two travelers met each other's eyes and found a familiar mutual understanding between them as they and the group moved on through the tower.

Sectonia watched Bowser’s little quibble with Rika and decided to just observe instead of stating anything. She was a bit more distracted with all the robots made of the same likeness doing all sorts of various things that a child would like. ”This is just depressing to watch. And he is a terrible ruler on top of that? This Consul P. is pitiable. If he wasn’t causing so many issues nor being a part of these ‘Consuls’... Well, I suppose if my plan works either way it will be a mercy. Especially if he looks like these things.” Considering the long line of robots and nothing but robots that looked all the same, it was difficult to not feel a bit of pity. But that was superseded by a combination of duty and disgust. He could’ve at least programmed them to clean up after themselves.

Speaking of her plan, should the B team need support, Kamek had been told that they could summon Sectonia if needed. Although if that Galio was to be believed, he would be having quite the surprise for Consul P. Although considering no one had seen what he could do, only having this odd tower with non standard gravity to showcase what he could do, it was up in the air if the B team could even pull off what they were going to do.

”I do wonder exactly what these Consuls know about this world. Considering what some of us were told, there are secrets within secrets at play here. I would say to be careful, but I’m not sure if he even knows magic if he keeps these ‘things’ as his minions.” Sectonia said, curious as to if this Consul P even knew anything. The ability to know secrets of a world often leads to magic, yet he relies on automatons of questionable design? Something wasn’t adding up here…

”Hmph, well if these Consuls truly aren’t Gleaming as the rest of us have been, then I can only imagine they must know something. All the more reason why that brat can’t be allowed to escape.” Ganondorf said, deciding to pipe up and add a thought of his own to the discussion at hand. True, he wanted payback, but he also wanted to understand his enemies as well. It would make dismantling their efforts all the more easy in the longer term.

Jesse walked near the front, her pace quick. We’ve never killed a kid before…sure, lots of monsters. Some blood thirsty psychos since the World of Light. Though from his reputation, the kid is probably a blood thirsty psycho, too. Still. Maybe it’s naive, but I’ve stopped deciding to be afraid of getting burned. Isn’t that right?

Eventually they got to the end of the hall, where they came face to mask with the Consul P. Rika attempted to put on a ploy that actually she was one of his minions, what with her matching armor, but she found her now quieter voice overruled by Nadia. It was probably for the best as she really had no idea what she was going to say.

Violence just came so much easier to her than talking, let alone deception, and so the initiation of combat was the removal of a burden. Load lightened, the ship girl took flight, her []red wyvern[/url] mount Kamek had conjured spreading its wings and lifting her into the air to rain fire and death upon the robot hordes, a thing she’d only feel ever so slightly bad about.

Well, burning goop and death, as the ship girl swooped down to bomb the bots with her re-filled grizco blaster, leaving pools of scorching or shocking slime splattering the breadth of the hallway to try and stem the flow of bots. Those that did get through would face down Therion, whose attention was going to go towards support and keeping the robotic chaff off of the other Seekers while they engaged the Consul directly. Ahead of him, Primrose steeled her nerves after the boy's hopeful comment threatened to pull on her heartstrings. Fortunately his next one made it all the easier to commit to a battle with him.

As for the King Of Evil, his plan was to just make a run for the Consul and force him to fight personally. Before this, he quickly summoned a squad of 5 Moblins wielding bows and fire arrows. He ordered them to fire at the Mecha-Porkies and keep them off the Seekers’ backs as much as possible. Or, at least off of Ganondorf’s back so he could focus on the Consul.

Sectonia summoned her own minions, summoning her full set of Antillions to mostly cover flanks in case this technology user had something up his sleeve. She did send a set of Red, green, and Blue at the consul though.

Now that any half-baked pretenses had been dropped, P began the festivities by happily giving vent to his frustrations–and to the gas tanks on his bedmech’s underside. A loud, high-pitched PING rang out as a wave of smog exploded outward from the Consul’s position, rapidly filling the entire area with a very, very stinky gas.

“Eugh!” Nadia yelped, her brazen rushdown stopped cold as the stench slammed into her like a physical force, made all the worse by her heightened sense of smell. This wasn’t just awful; it was humiliating. “He’s ‘reeking’ havoc!,” she gasped nasally. She could scarcely see him through the smoke at this distance, although the red lights of the Mecha-Porkies their explosions courtesy of Rika’s swathes of flame she could see clearly. “Gonna have to trust my in-stinks!” Burying her poor nose into the crook of one arm, she scrabbled at her belt for her Bait Launcher. It took a second longer than it ought to thanks to all the new weapons crowding it, but after a moment she took aim and shot out a raw steak. It plopped down not far from P, and a fearsome tiger poofed into being, but as it raised its massive mitts to attack its eyes suddenly bugged out. With bulging cheeks it clamped both paws over its mouth, leaving it open for a ruthless buzzsaw flail from P’s bedmech. It promptly poofed away, leaving Nadia to wince. “Oh, come on! Big cat? More like big pu-!” The bedmech suddenly leaped in front of her, and only with an emergency backdash did Nadia get out of dodge before the machine’s spiky-fingered hand slam down on her former position. “Yikes!”

”Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew make it stop!” Rika demanded from on high as she swooped up towards the ceiling in an attempt to escape the stench, ending her bot bombardment. Primrose followed her up thanks to the enchanted scarf she wore, sharing the same thought that she might be able to get above the gas and stench.

The dancer dared not waste her mana on spells when their opponent was obscured like this, and her fan was much too small to blow the smog away. She fired some of the Devout Beads into the smokescreen to try and get a feel of where the bedmech was, but the clanging of the shots connecting with metal could just as easily have been the little robots.

”Ugh, you little vermin!” bellowed Ganondorf, using his cape to cover his mouth. He continued his advancement toward the Consul anyway. No stinky gas was going to slow him down, he’d make sure of it.

”Ugh… any pity I had before…” Sectonia said, using one of her hands to hold her nose as horrible smells really didn’t go over well with her, causing her to retch a bit. Especially since whatever this was smelt worse than anything in the Basement area. She was clearly enraged at Consul P, although it didn’t take much to set her off.

Jesse winced, near the back with her Service Weapon out, but she said nothing.

”Gah that is nasty, you air conditioned jerk!” Bowser yelled as he pinched his nose between two claws. He had been intending to give the boy a piece of his mind, and try and vindictively crack open the glass preventing P from tasting his own medicine, when Trento’s influence on his personality floated up an idea.

A horrible, horrible idea.

The king grimaced at the thought he had just had, and then steeled himself to go through with it anyway as he told the others”You lot are going to owe me big time for this” in a nasally voice. Then he raised his head up into the air, and breathed in virtuously, vacuum breath creating a spiraling vortex that drew the stink cloud in. Into his mouth that was, a thing that made the king start to turn greener and greener in the face as he tried to clear the air. That it worked, drawing in vast amounts of foul, noxious air, wasn’t a surprise; the problem was the consequences. The overpowering stench left Bowser’s senses overloaded and his mind reeling, temporarily delirious and close to passing out.

“Jesus..!” Jesse said sympathetically as Bowser took one for the team.

Nearby, Therion tentatively lowered the scarf that had been covering his nose and mouth. His ears had been pressed flat to his head, eyes watering from the gas, but now that it was gone he breathed a sigh of relief. Playing dirty right off the bat, he thought, not that he was one to talk. For the moment he stayed well clear of the actual fight though, summoning a Shelleton to his side to continue keeping the Mecha-Porkies from interfering.

Once the gas seemed to be gone, Ganondorf was free to unleash his wrath. He charged at Consul P’s bedmech and leaped at it to try a straightforward warlock punch in an attempt to shatter the glass protecting the kid inside.

As Bowser cleared the area with his vacuum breath, Sectonia gave a sigh before turning her fury onto Consul P, using her Rings of Light and tossing the large buzzsaw rings at the Consul. She also gave everyone a protective shield from her Pipe of Insight, just in case it would come in handy against a retaliation attack.

Once she landed, Primrose smoothly transitioned into her enhancing dances - clearly not tired out from her experience earlier at the Royal Canopy Club. The fierce and inspiring Lion Dance for Ganondorf and Ms. Fortune to improve their physical attack power, the showy and invigorating Peacock Strut to boost Sectonia's magic.

While P remained placid in his mechanized bed, the uncanny robot watched the first challenger approach as if it had a mind of its own. Spurred on by both natural fortitude and sheer spite, Ganondorf reached his target well ahead of the others, but in isolation his chosen technique made for a slow, telegraphed, and incredibly reactable attack without anyone covering him. With a thrash of its long, serpentine neck the bedmech detached its upper head and sent it flying at Ganondorf as he descended with his punch, only to regrow it a second later as the makeshift bomb went off on contact. Unfortunately, a Warlock Punch executed while airborne possessed no super armor, so Ganondorf had no further say in the matter.

He hit the ground as Sectonia’s light rings swept through the room, cleaving cleanly through the air toward P. Unperturbed, the bedmech leaped into the air. It hung there for a moment like a marionette, then dropped on the other side of the ring. After evading like this one more time it raised its arms. Between its wheel-shaped mitts it created a crackling red energy orb, which quickly unleashed a beam that swept horizontally through the mob of Antlions and anyone too slow to avoid it. Then it extended its arms and began to fire the spikes off its wheel-hands, each metal barb almost a foot in length and aimed mostly at Sectonia. Thankfully for the antillions, due to Sectonia having deployed the Pipe of Insight shield beforehand, the shield took the damage for them, leaving them alive to continue their work.

Its aim shifted as Nadia ran in, sufficiently recovered from the outrageously offensive odor to take a little revenge. Speeding along on all fours, she circled around him in a wide arc, unshaken by the spikes that nailed the ground and furniture right behind her. The diversion distracted it enough for one of Sectonia’s light rings to hit it. At that moment Nadia sprang, blasting off with her pent-up blood pressure. Too heavy to shoot for the moon, she zoomed forward instead in a low arc and flipped over into a slide to avoid the last few spikes. “Mind if I…” She fired off her arms and grabbed the bedmech’s own in order to slingshot herself forward in a dropkick. “...Drop in?” After a quick link into Claws for Alarm and Claws for Concern slashes she pressed forward with El Gato, but her attacks barely left a scratch on the bedframe. What’s this thing made of!!?

On instinct she cut her rekka short and bent backward, dodging a vicious heavy slash from the bedmech’s hand as it spun like a sawblade. “Saw that comin’!” It stretched its head forward like a viper three times in quick succession, hammering her guard, then went for a low blow with its spider-like legs. By that time Nadia was already in the air, feeling pretty smug about her good read as she delivered a somersault axe kick. “Heel-arious!” The mech recovered in time to block with both arms, but the feral was one step ahead. “You fell for it!” she crowed, planting her other leg on its other arm before explosively extending both to shove its guard wide open and pin its arms to the ground. She revved up her arms like drills, but as she went up for a double plunge six huge, mechanical spider legs deployed from the bedmech’s back. They instantly snapped shut on her like the teeth of a beartrap, then hurled her away in a spray of blood. “Came on, damn it!” she yowled as she sailed off. “That was gonna be so cool!” Her whole exchange had taken just a few seconds, but she’d already lost her legs from the thigh down.

Yet rather than fail to land on her now non-existent feet, the catgirl found herself caught in the bulky arms of Rika with a ”Gottcha” when the ship girl pivoted from her bombing run to a diving swoop, before banking up and angling for a quiet-ish spot.

”I’ve got a heal-y spirit, now so I can patch you up. I think” the ship girl said, as she angled her draconian steed down to land next to where Bowser was using a wall to support his body after his act of martyrdom.

Though glad for the catch, Nadia had to refuse Rika’s offer of healing. She gestured to the stab wounds already starting to close. “Oh thanks, but I can heal this up myself. The bigger problem’s gettin’ my legs back. But I’m not one to admit de-feet.” So saying, the catgirl expelled blood from the stumps of her legs to form two Copycat replacements, solid enough to serve her well until she got a hold of the real thing. “Alright, ready to paw-ty,” she grinned, not for an instant imagining that her pun could be misunderstood. “Just be careful. This creep’s bedder than he looks.”

”Oh. Ok. good. But maybe you should have done that before the fight?” Rika who had indeed entirely misunderstood the pun.


Sectonia, having her antlions and all those nearby her shielded from the electric attack that Consul P had launched, had to deal with the current attack of two large nails shot right at her. However due to the speed of the launched projectiles and her size, Sectonia could only dodge one of them, with the other managing to hit her. She was a tough bug though, and while it was clear she got hit, she didn’t show she was hurt as a big spike was sticking out of her shoulder… orb… thing. To retaliate, she cast Slow on Consul P’s little contraption to slow it and all of its attacks down to make it easier for the others to advance.

Included with those others were the squad of 1 of each antlion, which followed behind Ganondorf. While not as fast as the king and especially Nadia, they could get into their range to do their freezing and fire attacks. Of course to use these attacks they had to stand still, so they weren’t the most mobile thing, and the shield their Queen had given them was gone, having been shattered after absorbing the electric beam attack.

Ganondorf had been momentarily winded by the arm that knocked him back. He did at least recover in time to get himself out of the way of the beam attack. He started to walk forward, his hate-filled eyes still deadlocked onto the snotty brat in his overgrown toy. A pair of Mecha-Porkies tried to advance on him, but he was able to safely ignore them thanks to a pair of fire arrows shot from two of his Moblin Archers. They looked like they lost one of their number, but the remaining four were still following orders and unleashing volley after volley of fire arrows onto the Mecha-Porkies.

Once the two mechanical minions were shot down, Ganondorf drew the white sword from its scabbard and broke into another run at the bedmech. But this time he didn’t go for a direct approach. Rather, he launched himself into a warlock kick that allowed him to slide between the bedmech’s legs. The machine’s arms descended like guillotines, but it did not anticipate the sorcerer king going low, and the spiked disks slammed down behind him. He sliced at the legs with the blade along the way, but similar to Nadia they didn’t do a whole terrible lot. Instead Ganondorf sprang to his feet and attempted to stab the white sword into the back of the bedmech with all his might. And considering he was wielding the power of both the Triforce and the Leo sigil in addition to the heavy infusion on the weapon itself… that was quite a considerable amount of strength that he had at his disposal to put into this blow. Indeed, through sheer might he managed to drive the ivory swordblade into the absolute mess of bizarre machinery packed tight on the bedmech’s underside-turned-back. Blunt force might have served him better in terms of widespread damage, and he still didn’t manage to pierce through to P himself, but he did manage to penetrate some sort of hub controlling two of the bedmech’s eight spider legs, which drooped limply to the ground.

Jesse summoned forth her alchemist. “Acid!” She shouted, strafing to the side, and he giddily obliged, dossing a vial of ominous green liquid into the air. Jesse reached out and plucked it from the air with Launch. At a flanking angle with less risk to her allies she went to Launch it at the consul and his mech to create a pool of corrosive liquid. Jesse figured it might start weakening that strong armor of his.

While the splash of acid had no effect on P’s protective glass, the same couldn’t be said for the rest of its bed. If it could feel pain the machine might have writhed in agony as the corrosive gnawed away its armor in streaks and splotches. With Sectonia’s Antlion brigade on the march they quickly made the most of the high-density bedframe’s softened-up defense to further assault its integrity with the temperature shock of fire and ice. All while Ganondorf strove to punch his blade in deeper. This wouldn’t do.

The bedmech slung its neck around to bash its head against Ganondorf’s cranium as its other four offensive spider legs reoriented themselves to strike him. Like broad, hooked spears they jabbed and jabbed. One consequence of burying his blade so deeply was that it had been thoroughly lodged in the bedmech’s chassis, forcing Ganondorf to abandon the weapon. Its next move, made with mechanical precision, was to thrust its arm into the ground, cutting straight through to Gallo Tower’s exterior. Almost instantly the arm burst up from the ground beneath Jesse, more to suppress her than anything but more than capable of grinding into her shield if she didn’t move. Jesse stumbled backward as the arm slashed up into her, her psychic Health vibrating with the impact. The Director took to the air, Levitating well above the ground. After trying to fend off its more dangerous assailants and pulling its limbs back, the bedmech launched itself forward in a whirlwind spin. With the sage’s sword still stuck in it, it tore through the mob of Antlions like a pinball, running them down and grinding them up.

After her spill Nadia wanted nothing more than to get back into the action and make up for lost time, but when the bedmech went on a rampage she slowed her roll a little. Rather than throw herself into the meat grinder, she equipped her box cutters as she circled around the periphery of the chaos, waiting for the machine to run out of steam.

Now floating above the ground, Jesse was more than happy to take advantage of this wild rampage with her fellow ranged allies. She switched to Spin and fired a stream of bullets to chew into the bed-mech thing from above. Even with its rapid, unpredictable ricochets through the ill-fated insect crowd, a skilled markswoman like her could trace its path and land a heaping portion of rapid-fire shots. Still, even a moderately tough Hiss could eat Spin shots for breakfast, so it’d take a while to chew through a target like this.

With the Seekers regrouping while the bedmech tornadoed itself in a deadly spin attack, Primrose took a few deep breaths. She'd been on the sidelines until now lending support where needed, but now she switched gears from dance to offense.

"Let's test this out," she said, curling the fingers of her new gauntlet-wearing hand into a fist. She'd gotten the run down on this item after accepting Kamek's offer earlier, and she hoped it was as simple to use as it sounded. Her aim was to rend the ground below the mech and spend it sprawling. Without delay she cast the shockwave, ready to follow it up with her natural magic.

With the ground in this case being the rear wall of Gallo Tower, it turned out to be a lot less firm than one might think. The stone bricks shuddered and cracked as the dancer’s earth magic coursed through it, flexing like an ocean wave, but with the shockwave no stronger than the average basic attack, the masonry didn’t buckle just yet. Still, with the bedmech spinning like a top on a single leg, that surge of instability was enough to send its rampage spiraling out of control. It toppled over, and sparks flew as its spikes ground against the stone, bringing its momentum to a halt. This was the Seekers’ cue to pile on, starting off with the explosive fire of Primrose's Black Flame Orb. She'd whipped up the spell as soon as the mech went down, watching it slam into the bed and ignite. Adding to the flash of inferno was Therion's Wildfire, making sure not to pass up the chance to get a strike in while he could. The few remaining Antlions, Nadia(, and any other melee Seekers) charged in to deal some damage. Ganondorf used the opening to hit the bedmech with the strongest warlock punch he could muster.

As the bedmech righted itself, however, it challenged its mob of assailants with a wake-up super, literally. Its upper head cracked open lengthwise like a mouth, complete with fangs, to unveil a rapidly ticking alarm clock. Nadia, on alert for more tricks, watched it completely ignore a couple of the Antlions’ attacks and instantly switched to panic mode, abandoning her meaty attempt in favor of a crouching block. The next second the bedmech unleashed Sinusoidal Helios, slaughtering every Antlion and hammering Ganondorf with a brain-busting blast of sound. Nadia shielded herself against the alarming soundwave, but it still left her in blockstun with ears ringing. Even Consul P yelped in surprise and terror–was he actually controlling this thing at all, or just laying there while it fought for him? Nevermind, here came the bedmech with an overhead using the lower face on the bottom of its bedframe. “Thought you’d catch me sleepin’?” she snapped, standing up to block it. “Give it a rest!” So saying, she launched into her new Vantage counterattack with Athame, stabbing into the bedmech’s pig-nosed lower face with the stolen dagger. Even if it didn’t do much damage, it magically cut into the machine’s already-weakened defense and resistance on hit, making it even more vulnerable. Unamused, it swung its arms as her, and the feral tagged out with a backward leap to give someone else a chance to capitalize.

Said capitalisation came from on high and in the form of the absent Bowser and Rika descending at high speed, the recovered king held in the talon grip of the ship girl’s drake mount. Maneuvering thrusters and water jetting cannon turrets fired as they boosted downwards, til, a heartbeat from the moment of impact, Rika arrested her own fall and kicked Bowser downwards to do so, adding a bit more force to the koopa king’s Bowser bomb that crashed down upon the bed. Seeing what the koopa king was doing, Sectonia also gave her own little bit of amplification in the form of hasting Bowser’, making his descent even more severe.

”Get squashed!” the king yelled as he made impact, before water blasting with his lower set of cannons to aid in his leap off of the bedmech to avoid retaliation and open up their target for a third follow up. With all the forces in play, however, the machine had been knocked flat and spread-eagled by the tremendous shell slam, the nigh-impregnable glass that encased Consul P riddled with cracks. Bowser’s sudden departure set it free, but with its occupant’s safety its number-one priority and the Koopa King more than capable of another meteoric skyfall, the bedmech didn’t choose to fight back. Instead it popped its head off and flung it away, then after a brief moment, teleported to the head’s position.

”Hey look, it’s smart, knowing I’m the most dangerous thing here!” Bowser boasted as he landed and turned to find the bot had run away from him.

”Don’t be foolish. It was already reeling from all of our attacks long before you finally got off your lazy shell!” Ganondorf retorted, taking note of the fact that only one of his moblins remained. ”And as for you...” he drew out his other sword and pointed it threateningly at the bedmech and broke into a run toward it, ”You think you’re a big, bad king? Then you’ll be DETHRONED like one!” The Gerudo swung and hacked away with his weapon. This time he was taking no chances and was being extra watchful for any more annoying tricks. Between his immense strength and the amount of damage the bedmech’s had sustained by this point, his weapon would be a bit more effective at damaging it then at the beginning of the battle.

The bedmech met his onslaught head-on, going toe-to-toe and blow-for blow with the red-haired swordsman. Ganondorf possessed remarkable strength and tenacity, but so was P’s defender, and with three times as many arms as its attacker it wouldn’t be bullied to easily. Using two limbs at a time it worked to block its opponent’s sword swing and strike back with the rest, stabbing, bludgeoning, and cutting. It calculatingly struck low, punished overcommitments, and moved in and out of range with bursts of speed and its tricky eight-way airdash. Even its head joined in, bashing at Ganondorf’s or detaching for a point-blank explosion.

“Hoggin’ all the fun?” Not about to give Ganondorf the chance to lose this ferocious battle of attrition, Nadia charged in to lend him a hand. She strafed around its unguarded side and struck with El Gato, delivering two slashes and a spiky-eared headbutt. “Ear today, gone tomorrow!” When the bedmech pivoted to swing at her, Ganondorf got the chance to get in a quick Gerudo Dragon uppercut, and then he grabbed the hilt of the white sword and ripped it out of the bedmech's back. The machine unleashed a flurry of stabs with its spider legs at both assailants, but tore into nothing but air as Nadia backdashed, leaped up, and came in with a string of aerial attacks that ended with another axe kick. “Foot, meet mouth!” With Ganondorf on the other side, they could bounce the bedmech back and forth between them, twin boxcutters on one side and sage sword on the other. At the first chance it got the machine unleashed its spike-edged spin attack to try and topple both foes at once, but both saw how Primrose dealt with this moments ago. They went for a low sweep at the same time, knocking the bedmech’s leg out from under it, then struck as one–Nadia with a low cross-slash dash, Ganondorf with a sweep of both his swords. The Bedmech flew into the air, spinning out of control, and three large, heavy stone bricks were telekinetically Launched into its frame, sending it flying.

Sectonia had been using the fact that the others had been distracting the bed mech to charge up her own attack, charging up her Spacial Shatter. While she couldn’t fully charge it, even a moderately charged shatter would do quite a bit of damage, hitting the machine with the sound of ‘glass’ shattering, although that glass was more reality than the glass on the mech itself.

The machine sailed through the air and crashed down into the steps before the throne, where it rested for a moment, its gangly limbs splayed out. Nadia straightened up with a smile and began to approach, a little bit of swagger in her walk. This thing might have a lot of tricks, but with this many heroes around, the odds just weren’t in its favor.

”Well that wasn’t too bad. The way Kamek described F with his vines and time powers I thought this’d be trickier” Rika commented as she landed next to Bowser who gloated ”Yeah, nice try kid, but you’re up against the best of the best of the worst.”

Inside the bed pod, P pounded the mattress with his little fists. “Why aren’t these BOZOS dead yet? Stupid bed!” He lolled his head, his melodramatic eyeroll easily imaginable. “Ugh. Well, gotta do what I gotta do, right? Heheheh…”

P did something.

Out of nowhere, an agonizing stomach pain struck Nadia, as if her guts had been filled with needles. It wasn’t just her–almost everyone suddenly found themselves stricken with intense intestinal pain, especially those with less hardy constitutions. Nearly doubling over, the feral clutched her stomach and stared up at the Consul. “What…what was that?” This wasn’t nausea. It was pure, acidic agony. “What…did you…do?”

“Ha ha ha ha!” P laughed, his mirth especially obnoxious. Nadia noticed his left eye glowing red, a lemniscate within. “Isn’t it great? I went back…” He held up his hand, and a little device appeared before blinking away again. “And put rat poison in your breakfast buffet this morning! How’s that for ‘dangerous’? Ha ha ha ha!” Putting his hands up by his head, he wiggled his fingers and blew a raspberry inside his helmet. “That’s right! I’ve got lots of toys, but time and space are my favorite of all! Come and get me, losers! Spankety spankety spankety!”

Level 11 Blazermate (Holding 2 level up) - (103/110)
Location: Big Other fight.
Word Count: Less than 750

With her medaforce beam, Blazermate was able to take out the camera that had been causing the warp in space they were all experiencing, healing herself up to full in the process from whatever damage she took from the Cleanser's retaliations. Having dealt the finishing blow, a few members of her team congratulated her, but she was sure they would've gotten it eventually. She was very sad though that the Cleanser disappeared with the camera's destruction, leaving no spirits behind for her to make into parts. "Dang, being able to disable spirits might've been really useful if those cloaked people also got spirits." Blazermate said, a bit disheartened, but that was battle, sometimes you didn't get what you wanted.

As they moved on, Midna, having not really seen technology before, questioned what those things were. Since she was just healing everyone and didn't really need to exert stamina to move unlike a few of those in the group, Blazermate answered. "Oh, those are cameras. They record what they see, usually sending it to a monitor somewhere else. Think of them as robot eyes basically. Some can even hear!" Blazermate said, simplifying what a camera was for Midna.

When they encountered an OSF squad, Blazermate didn't have all that much to say since Goldlewis and Benedict were better at that sorta thing. She just mentioned her name was Blazermate and healed the OSF squad as they passed by. If anything that collaborated Goldlewis story, as everyone loved healing!

And soon after passing that OSF squad, they ran into Sakura, Raz, and that whole team! It was about time they had found each other! Peach wasn't anywhere to be seen, perhaps she was somewhere else or something? There was an Other that looked like 2 lady heads riding a house though, and that was a more pressing issue as it seemed their friends were engaged with it.

Going into battlefield commander mode, Benedict started to give orders that the others began to follow, IE, just attack the legs. Blazermate summoned her engineer as he started to make his sentry, and at Benedict's request, stayed near him. She would zoom off to heal someone if needed, but the old man seemed to like her company. "Hehe. Your not the first guy to want a female medabot as a partner~." Blazermate said, giving a bit of a tease. Considering Raz and Sakura probably didn't have much in the way of heals, Blazermate was surely a relief.
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