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<Snipped quote by Archmage MC>

Untrue. Slug throwers are deadly against Jedi as they aren't used to fighting kinetic weaponry, and their go to response to being shot at is to block with a lightsaber. As @Ellri will tell you that isn't the best thing to do.

Bullets are physical items that can be caught with the Force. In terms of tech level it's The Old Republic, so things from around the period of 3647BBY

From what I've read, Slug throwers are just very low level energy mass drivers or railguns. Its still a physical item being launched at a jedi, but with much less force than a conventional weapon due to the technology not being researched since the beginning of the galactic republic. Same thing as bullets, except bullets have much, much more force and speed behind them. Actually, since kinetic weapons aren't a thing in most parts of the SW universe, no wonder why Ewok arrows penetrated Stormtrooper armor like it was nothing...

Ah, sounds good. That era is my favorite.

OH, one more question/concern I have. How are multiple characters/character deaths/character introductions/ext going to be handled?
I'd like to know the tech level of what we're using and whatnot. Reading a bunch of legends stuff SW tech does change through the years, although admittedly not by much.

There is also no reason to limit force users, as a single WW1 era conventional weapon can slaughter legions of Jedi and Sith up to and including Vader levels of power. And this weapon type would have great issues with droids, giving a great power triangle if PvP is ever a factor.
Wow... Since when did XCOM get into heavy synth?

Its supposed to be a modern remix of the old XCOM UFO defense music for I believe it was mission deployment? Thats when it plays in XCOM 2 anyway.

Also dat boss music.

Level 2 - (9/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard
Word Count: 452

Blazermate was a bit surprised at how... ineffective these robots had been. Not only were they mostly ignoring her behind cover, they weren't doing enough damage to her allies to offset her healing through either her allies innate tankiness, or the bots lack of damage or accuracy. But considering they were all mostly just letting her sit behind a scrap pile and heal, well, apparently these robots didn't understand what a healer was. If only she was in a medabot tournament...

All during this fight, it seemed so far that not many took damage. The first was Ratchet, who got shot once and was promptly patched up. Second was the Courier, who needed the most focus as he was getting shot a few times, but seemed to not care all that much. Then Bowser, who Blazermate gave a bit of healing to, but it seemed like his tanky hide really didn't need it as anything that didn't hit his head seemed to deflect off him. Although seeing him use a car door as a shield was pretty comical and got a chuckle out of her.

As the Rabbids lost one of their more powerful members to what seemed to be Michael's shot, the rabbids retreated behind the one of them that had a shield as smarter looking rabbids came over the hill and started to set up turrets of some kind. And the worst part was that Kirby was inbetween this firefight that was about to start. "Guys, I don't think I can heal kirby through that level of firepower, someone do something!" Blazermate said, putting her healing beam on whoever was going to rescue Kirby, making sure to stay in cover against the sentries that were going up. They seemed far more threatening than these Rabbid things.
Donkey Kong once punched the moon out of the sky to smash an evil tiki mask, this has been your Donkey Kong fact of the day.

Casually punched the moon out of the sky I might add.

Also, if only Blazermate had her energy shield right now... xD.
Hm, trying to figure out what to post. Only downside of being support, not much I can do mid combat without a few offensive supprota bilities.
Ok, I just got back into XCOM, now I kinda want an arc to be messing with all that stuff and maybe forcing our characters into an XCOM like battle for a bit. Dunno if that'd work, but it'd be pretty fun.

Combine them with some zombies maybe. Zombie arc sounds fun.
Remember mates, if Blazermate is there, you can RP her healing you when you get hurt xD.

Level 2 - (8/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard
Word Count: 452

Blazermate followed Courier 6 fairly far into the scrapyard. Much like she had scouted, there were robots of different kinds and makes vs the rabbids. And unlike the Ancient Gardens, there were more Rabbid variants, including some very beefy ones. Although the army of different robots really didn't seem to care, having greater numbers and all. A shot rang out from behind Blazermate and the teammates who made a dash to try to rescue kirby, taking out the rabbid who was carrying him in spectacular fashion. But of course it wouldn't be that easy, as another rabbid picked up the hat and continued to run with his comrades until they ran into a robotic ambush.

Seeing na upcoming fight, Blazermate made her way to cover, trying to stay relatively close to the fight but out of harms way as she healed whoever came into the frey. Ratchet soon joined her at a nearby pile of scrap, while the pig man that she had healed and revived rushed into battle and made for a beefy target. While 6 was enjoying riding and controlling a robot and Ratchet was using his new wepaon, poor roadhog was taking quite a few shots. Seeing this, Blazermate put her healing beam on the pig man while making sure to heal anyone else who got injured. She wasn't going to put herself in the middle of a firefight if she could help it, best to let the others do that. Especially with the stomping of Bowser getting closer, he'd make great mobile cover.

@LemonZest1337 Its not that hard. It really depends on what your rigging for tbh. SFM for example is from what I understand an FK rig with specific bone names so SFM can convert some of your FK chains to IK chains. Otherwise it'll only import deform bones and their parents and nothing else. If your rigging for blender/maya/ext, then you get access to consrtaints, drivers, easier IK rigs with a lot of options for them, and just a lot more things you can do since you can use empties and control bones and everything.

Rigging itself with deform bones is about as simple as making your skeleton, letting blender auto rig, and modifying the weights after the fact.
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