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I've got a character I'd love to use here. hope it goes far.
'Fight's over? We won? Yay?" Light said as she took note of how many injuries her two allies had taken. Hopefully they could heal up quickly, otherwise if every fight with the moderate baddies was like this, Light might be here for awhile. Sam, having dislocated his arm, gestured to Light. She took a look at his arm, and said. "Well... I can try to put ti back, but I'm not sure it'll be as painless as to when I do it to myself." As Sam relaxed, Light attempted to put his arm back into its socket much like she'd do to one of hers, by pulling it up, out a bit, and snapping it back into the socket.

"We should head back to base, there might be someone who could look after this better." Light said, hoping she popped his arm back into place. He was a lot more muscular than her, so she worried that she might've messed up somewhere. "Although you look better off than Naja..." Light said quietly. She did see Naja's pride was hurt more than her body, so she didn't wanna bring it up to anyone but Sam. Hopefully she could take the next fight, at least if she was beaten up badly she'd heal fast from it.
Hm. Sounds neat. Got a character that might fit, although it'll be up to you since they're not full human.

Level 4 - (35/40) EXP +13
Location: Wasteland Battlefield
Word Count: 592

The death of the grimm fellow wasn't too ceremonious or flashy, although the arrival of Peach before his demise and the subsequent soul merging Peach did with the man's soul was pretty fascinating. And much like Blazermate herself, Peach went through an appearance and a very noticeable personality shift, Peach becoming a lot more blunt and a bit more cold in the process. Blazermate liked this new version of Peach, she felt like she'd be able to have some fun chats with her later on.

Some of the group decided to continue on in the Bowsermobile and the other cars that weren't damaged, while others stayed behind to see if they could repair this big monster truck which gave everyone quite a bit of trouble, Bowser Jr. being one of the most gung ho about fixing this thing. Tora decided to follow Bowser, but Blazermate still had to stay behind to heal those who were hurt after such a large fight, so she stayed behind. "I can try to help, sure. But I'm still only learning all this mechanic stuff." Blazermate said, looking over the wreckage. Getting an idea, she pulled out a toolbox and threw a bit of scrap into it. AFter pushing a button, the toolbox folded out and started to build a tower like box object slowly. "A Dispenser should help us repair this thing. Just tell it what you want and give it materials and it'll dispense what you need. Plus it heals." She said, hitting the building with her fist to make it build faster and upgrade it to expand its capabilities.

Blazermate's scanners went off when Michael and Fraklin came into her sensor range, having done quite a number on the clown truck that a few of her allies had been ransacking for gear and spirits. As they looked at the truck, they also mentioned how they could probalby fix it, but weren't sure. Seeing as how they were injured, Blazermate was more concerned about that, and yelled at them. "Hey fellas, if you wanna help fix this truck, come by my Dispenser. It'll heal you up and help you make what you need to fix this thing." Blazermate said, pointing at her building that she had made. "That goes for anyone else who needs heals or stuff made!" She continued, making sure everyone nearby knew what it did as this was the first time she made one for non testing purposes and probably the first time most of these people had seen this building.

Blazermate hoped most would use her building, because she only knew what she knew about her own buildings and constructions and only a bit of general knowledge about mechanical stuff. Her healing beam meant she didn't need to know much about Medabot repairs, although most medabots didn't know much about how to repair themselves and bots like Blazermate probably knew the most, second only to a Nursemate. And since she couldn't really 'heal' this truck to working order, she mostly did what she could, but stayed out of the way of those who knew a bit more than her like Fraklin and Michael. Jr seemed to not know much either, but he was doing an excellent job himself with a wooden hammer he had acquired earlier, which was a bit odd. It was probably a spirit the young koopa had gotten earlier. What was really odd about it was that it looked... familiar to Blazermate for some reason, but she knew she had never seen it before.

Level 4 - (22/40) EXP
Location: Wasteland Battlefield
Word Count: 140

Blazermate's scan was correct. With a few coordinated attacks from some allies to clear the way, Bowser's fireball hit dead center and blew the truck's fuel tank, turning it into flaming scrap. The man, Mr. Grimm, did go down with the ship, or at least, it sort of look liked he did? He did eventually get out of his truck, firing a gun that had... homing bullets? Seeing this, Blazermate started to take cover just as Bowser told her to get down. "OK Boss!" She said, putting her healing gun on Bowser who she figured would probably be hit pretty hard by whatever he was intercepting for her. She didn't see what Grimm had done to Banjo and Kazooie, but she did see them fly back, only mildly injured.
Collab between Archmage MC and DracoLunaris

Wordcount: 1,085 (+2)
Blazermate: Level 4 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////// (21/40)
Bowser: Level 4 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////// (36/40)
Bowser Jr: Level 2 EXP: ////////////////////// (16/20)
Location: Paved Wilderness

Thanks to the support of his allies slowing down the monster truck, it didn't do as much damage as Blazermate thought it would. Although cracks in a shell for a shelled creature probably weren't the best thing, she already had her medi beam on the big guy before he was hit, so while he was reeling from shellshock she was already on the healing job even as the disorientated king skimmed away from the battle in his shell. However, she had to break off when her scan showed that Bowser's son, who was commandeering the anti-air turret that was letting her fly, had been hit with a heavy attack and was sent blasting through the air. Seeing this, Blazermate broke off her beam on Bowser who was healed a little, and flew to try to slow the young boy's fall. Especially with how badly injured he was after that blast. She was spared the need to rush all the way to his aid by Poppi, who, after performing a magical girl transformation, saved both jr and her masterpon froma messy landing.

Down below on the top of the monster truck a second blast of screaming souls rang out, but this time it was aimed in the opposite direction. Mimikyu had used copycat in retaliation, giving Mr Grimm with his own spectral medicine as the gang leader and the inside of his vehicle was subjected to a frightful STAB attack from the tiny ghost pokemon. The rodent sized mimikyu failed to consider recoil however, and was sent blasting off again after it's master as a result. It, however, was conscious during it's inadvertent flight, and it's terminal velocity was miniscule, and so managed to guide it's decent down after bowser jr with relative ease, landing neatly on top of his head as he dangled from Poppi's grasp. Then it copycated her transformation, but this only resulted in a pair of long spectral ribbons forming around the base of it's fake ears. The ghost inspected it's reflection on a particularly well polished part of poppi's body and decided that it looked hella cute today.

Blazermate made sure to keep a lookout at everything around her. Most of the team seemed to be doing fine taking out the clown in the ice cream truck, while Ratchet and a few others took out the pair in the buggy without much issue. Seeing she wasn't needed there, she flew next to poppi and put her healing beam on the young koopa. When she healed Bowser Jr. up enough, she hit him with a revive to wake him up, saying. "Ya ok little buddy? You and your dad got hit pretty hard.".

The response she got was the groaning of jr’s awakening that ended with a shake of the head to clear the senses, which revealed to the boy that he was currently high above the ground. He panicked for a brief moment before realising he was in poppies grip rather falling and then, finally, actually registered what Blazermate had said. "I’m fine, I'm fine." he insisted a little groggily, weakly waving a hand at her dismissively before realising that said hand should not be empty and glancing around. "I’ve had castles dropped on me before that… whatever it was, was nothing." Jr said before spotting what he was looking for. The gadbruh, lost during the flight, sticking into the ground via its handle some way away.

He nodded to himself before adding "Wait what was that about my dad?" in a worried tone.

Once she had him patched up enough she flew off, for in battle a medic’s thankless work was never done, leaving jr behind as he began demanding to be put down or at least thrown to his aimlessly drifting clown car. Her destination was Bowser, who had finally stopped his unintended exit from the battlefield and was now stomping back into the fray with a large crack on the right side of his shell. The koopa king winced visibly each time his right foot struck, but what must have hurt most was his pride.

Upon arriving at her target Blazermate landed on his hat rest as she continued to heal the guy, the crack in his shell getting thinner as she healed him. Much like his son before him. "Man, you and your son have some great constitution huh? Both of you took big hits and are still ready for more with a bit of healing.~ she said, all while sentry fire was pelting the monster truck which had been left vulnerable by a shot from Franklin‘s plasma pistol.

Bowser looked relieved when she mentioned his son, though as with jr that relieve expression did not extend to his tone ”YEAH WE DO! TAKES MORE THAN SOME EDGY TRY HARD PUNK IN A BIG CAR TO TAKE DOWN REAL BAD GUYS LIKE US.” he boasted, through occasional grunts of pain at having his body rapidly knit back together. ”AND WHEN I’M DONE WITH HIM NOT EVEN YOU’LL BE ABLE TO STITCH HIM BACK TOGETHER” he added, before drawing in breath and igniting a fireball in his gut, which he spat at one of the monster truck’s few remaining unmolested wheels.

"hehe. Well, either way we'll be getting a part from this when we're done. That's the medabot way!." Blazermate said, with a bit of a robotic coldness to her tone. Getting an idea form Bowser's fireball, she scanned the monster truck, and with a much more chipper tone said. "Hey Bowser, aim there with the next fireball." Blazermate said, pointing Bowser towards the fuel tank of the mosnter truck. "Thats its weak point. Pretty sure it'll explode if you hit that." She said, her Scan ability showing the truck's weakpoints.

”IT WILL? NICE!” Bowser responded before letting fly another fireball. The pair were still some way off, Bowser’s return on foot was far slower than his uncontrollable shell spinning egress, so both slow moving fireballs would take a little while to arrive.

"Move away from the truck fellas!" blazermate yelled, her mechanical voice making its way across the battlefield. If Bower's fireballs hit the truck's fuel tank, it was going to blow sky high. And it'd be best for anyone who couldn't take the explosion to get far away. The enturian, in his firey visage, would probably be fine form the firey explosion, but anyone else nearby would be in trouble. Thankfully Poppi and Bowser Jr. were away from the truck, so they were safe at least.

Level 4 - (19/40) EXP
Location: Wasteland Battlefield
Word Count: 452

Things were heating up pretty quickly upon leaving the castle and getting on the road. Since Blazermate was with Bowser in the Bowsermobile, she was near the first few to leave the castle, with the stragglers eventually catching up by either being stuck with the rabbids, riding animals, or just... running really fast. Either way, those who started the journey had quite a bit of destructive fun for awhile.

The initial amount of vehicles that assaulted them went down relatively easy all things considered. With Agoston becoming a giant of himself thanks to Kamek's magic, fire from the rabbids vehicle from Ratchet and the courier, the sentry fire from Blazermate's sentry and 6's bastion, additional arms or energy fire from linkle, michael, and a few others, a few fireballs from Bowser... Easy to say, there was only one vehicle left after the initial volley of attacks more than wiped out the Galeem goons who wanted to assault their caravan. Taht was, until their reinforcements came in a ball of fire...

A monster truck, an icecream truck, and some weird buggy thing came from the firey orb, all three looking to be heavily armed and ready to retaliate. While Din, Linkle, and the newly added Donnie had begun attacking the ice cream truck who was piloted by one scary looking clown and Gene was attacking the buggy, the giant monster truck barreled its way towards the Bowsermobile, Bowser standing in its way as the Centurian tried to attack it from behind. As the truck grew closer, Blazermate's sentry locked onto its main body and began pelting it with bullets and rockets. Since the gunfire coming from the opposition didn't seem like it was all that accurate, nor could it angle up, Blazermate took to the skies to heal who she could.

From her vantage point she had a good look of the battlefield. Donnie had healed Geno so he was fine, while 6 had jumped off his rabbid infested vehicle to command his pokemon to destroy the last remaining of the previous vehicles, leaving everyone to only have to deal with the last 3. Although a good offensive move, 6 had left himself wide open. Seeing 6 being caught up in a barrage of gunfire, Blazermate put her beam onto him to make sure he got to cover behind the Bowsermobile and her sentry. Her next target was Bowser, as getting hit full bore by a monster truck was going to huuurt, even for someone like him. With all the souls under Galeem's control, Blazermate wondered if there were any souls that would be able to enhance her supportive powers.
@vancexentan Hm... I've got two characters I'm thinking of using. One uses nanomachines to transmute things into other things, think Fullmetal Alchemist. The other would be a brawler with deadpool levels of regen and the ability to bypass/hit things they'd normally not be able to hit/break through like ghosts. Which do you think would fit better?

Level 4 - (18/40) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle Dining Hall
Word Count: 1270

Blazermate, having completed her teleporter project with Ratchet, spent the rest of her day just observing everyone as they went about exploring the castle. The bread monster she had created, after relaxing in Blazermate's hands, decided to dart off and play in the garden with the pokemon. It was surprising how well the Pokemon were taking to the little cancerous looking bread thing, they'd chase each othr and no pokemon looked like they'd eat the thing, nor did the bread seem to care or degrade due to the elements. It was interesting to say the least. There wasn't much left of the day, so besides overlooking the map Magikoopa had brought and chatting a bit with a few other members she didn't know much about, she spent most of the time reflecting on absorbing this engineer spirit of hers.

While she did enjoy being able to pull and construct buildings out of thin air, while also being able to repair and tweak various objects, she wasn't too keen on this needing to breath thing. Sure she still didn't need food at all, but the occasional breath behind her faceplate out of what was her speaker just felt so unnatural. Plus the whole accent change, making her much less cute, really irked her. Yeah, she could adapt well to the changes that were made, but that didn't mean she didn't like them. If anything, she'd have preferred to keep her old cuter accent and word mannerisms. The breathing thing, while it felt unnatural, was at least automatic, and she didn't need to do it that often. Plus the overalls she was wearing thanks to this spirit just... didn't match her schoolgirl physic at all. Hopefully when she got a new spirit that'd go away, and maybe whatever spirit it was would give her a nice cuter accent than this... cowboy... accent.

While she was pondering all this, everyone else was heading off to sleep, Bowser being too big to sleep in any beds so he just slept on the floor. Blazermate, deciding there wasn't much to do, decided to take a little power down in the throne room as well. While Medabots technically didn't need to sleep it was a nice way to do any repairs, collect your thoughts, and just rejuvinate yourself for the next day. Little did Blazermate know that she actually did require sleep because of this engineer spirit, although the 4-6 hour power down seemed to be enough to mitigate that.

The next morning Peach came out, giving all sorts of announcements and whatnot. The box announcement was interesting, although she wondered how she'd gain Zenny in this universe, or what kind of things were even used as currency. Bowser seemed to know the most about this sort of thing, or at least Blazermate hoped so considering he was a king after all. However, when Steven came out and explained all those weird animals that the Courier seemed to love to mess around with, she had some issues with it.

The whole pokemon thing kind of rubbed her the wrong way, even though it was a similar system to what she was used to. Still, at least Medabots were never put into tiny balls unlike these pokemon animal things, which looked very uncomfortable no matter what Steven said. But having lived in their shoes, even though her situation was far better than theirs, gave Blazermate more insight into what was wrong with the practices than the others. Still, if there was a strong or powerful pokemon that she could capture and control, especially if it would be a threat to everyone if it wasn't under control, she would put her reservations aside and capture it.

While she was deciding her morals on the whole pokemon thing, the Courier seeming to be in absolute love with the whole concept and a few others being alright with it, Tora came up to Blazermate to ask if everything was alright and to inquire about the teleporter thing. "Oh, I guess I'm fine? Not a fan of this here cowboy vernacular and accent, its not cute. Was just thinking to msyelf is all. Oh, and the teleporters are up and running. Speaking of which..." Blazermate said. Thinking to herself, she moved a bit away from Tora and threw down one of the teleporter platforms off in a corner of the throne room. She then spent a minute hitting it with her fist to upgrade it to its maximum potential. With that errand finished, she went back to Tora. "There, if we ever run into trouble, we can just head back here in an instant. Although somethin' tells me that if someone else could teleport us all, I could use these as nasty weapons."

Thankfully the castle seemed like it'd be well defended, with all the characters that called it home such as the pokemon and the toads, especially since they could just send loot through the teleporter to arm the castle. Most notably the master of masters character, who seemed to be more of an advisor anyway. Blazermate still didn't like how the man didn't have any eyes or any facial features of note, but he was super nice and helpful so she figured the guy deserved some rest. He had tons of issues trying to journey with the party as it was, so maybe helping around the castle was just more his thing.

Since she was a bit slow on the uptake of Steven's offer, there weren't many pokeballs left after Jr. 6, Linkle, and Din took theirs so she decided to take only one for the meantime just for emergencies. Someone who was more interested in capturing pokemon could take the remaining two from the man. Thanking Steven, she decided there wasn't much left for her to do besides get ready for their inevitable roadtrip, and thus she made her way outside.

Blazermate gestured to Tora to follow her as she made her way to the vehicles outside where Bowser and most of the gang had gathered. Finding spots for her buildings was tough, as only the Bowsermobile, a car that was sort of in Bowser's likeness, seemed like it could fit one. Bowser was sitting in the driver's seat, while there were a few other smaller carts in the area, although most looked like one or two seat affairs unlike the big monster car that bowser was driving. Hearing Bowser talk about what was ahead due to Kamek coming down from the sky and reporting at what was ahead, Blazermate decided her Sentry was far more important to keep on wheels. So she started to construct one on the trunk-like platform in the back. It didn't take her too long to upgrade it to its max level, and it would give a bit of protection as the team moved through the area, shooting down anything galeem influenced as they got near. Upon finishing her work, she made her way over to Bowser to explain what she had done. "Hey big boy. I put up a sentry in the back of your car there. It'll shoot at any hostiles should they get close like those galeem carts ahead. I don't got room for a Dispenser or Teleporter though, so if we need those I'll need to make them as we move along." Thankfully the Sentry gun was fairly quiet in comparison to the roaring engine of the Bowsermobile, so it didn't make any noise that'd annoy the king koopa or his robed companion until it started firing at things. Deciding she should be near her building to keep it repaired and filled up, Blazermate found a spot on the Bowsermobile to sit securely and waited for the others.
Someone else is already waiting on other CS's but I can't force anyone's hand.

Hm ok. I can make a character if thats the case then. Although I'll prob use a character I used in another RP so yeah xD. You alright with that?
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