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Light was enjoying a bit of a break from her performance that day. While the crowds outside the performers tents were quite loud, asking for encores from the performers considering the wonderful acts they had done that day, Light wasn't much one for encores. Well, she'd LOVE to do encores, but since her acts were fairly dangerous, if not outright deadly, she tended to not bother for the safety of those outside. Although from time to time she would show herself and act super flashy at least. She did like the attention.

Her room wasn't all that decorated, unlike some of her other compatriots. Since she could store items herself, she didn't really need a wardrobe for her performance cloths. And she didn't really keep that many worldly possessions, that was more for the others. And besides the occasional resting, researching or sleeping, she barely stayed in her room anyway. The only really noticeable feature she had that was different from the other performers was her two separate beds. One was normal, while the other looked like it was slightly turning into pure blackness, losing its shape in the process.

Since Light was from the Void, she caused whatever she touched to slowly lose energy and its connection to reality. Eventually whatever she was touching would just fade into the Void itself, and it took whatever she touched a good while to regain what she stole from it if she had been touching it for a long time. So instead of forcing the Ringmaster to get her a new bed every other day, Light just swapped between two of them. Although if both beds were normal, if anyone saw Light's room, they'd think she was seeing someone or was ready for something. Which Light wouldn't object to, dating people was fun. At least until they ran away because your touch is just 'creepy'.

While she was relaxing in a chair, thinking of what she could do for her next performance, a bird flew into her tent. It was one of the Ringmaster's birds calling her. Getting up and shrugging to herself, she made her way to the Ringmaster tent, a grin on her face. Another mission, more adventure! Entering the Ringmaster tent with a grin on her face, her teeth showing. "Hiya guys, Whats up?" she said, grabbing an open chair and resting on it. So far Jay and Harliquin were the first to arrive, Light waving to both of them.
@Vocab Huh.... I ran my compultion based on the Ringmaster's point of view, IE "This is an otherwordly demon, I should take extreme precautions with it" not in a view of stuff the character wouldn't normally do.
So, when is this starting?

Also which guy wants to get hit on by the void demon fish lady?
@Omega Man I'm game too. Wanna try a redone Light. You should get some milage out of the 'Void' setting or what it can imply for magic in general. If you don't think that can work at all, I can also play Willow. I'm 60:40 on Light/willow atm.
Sounds like a plan.
@Gunther Not sure what its called, can't remember. Its something with knees, elbows, and lots of parrying and pressure points.
Still here, been going to martial arts classes. Fun stuff.
@mercenarius I think the GM was doing that so you could just hop in when your life got back to a spot where you could play.

As for everyone else, how should our characters know each other before the RP starts? Mine is fairly recent to the circus for example.
There is always the clown role. Most circuses have a ton of them.
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