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I’m in Berlin at the moment but I’m back on Tuesday so will start working on a post then!
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The scouser is accepted. I'm going to assume a lack of concentration when summoning familiars leads to them either appearing as deformed monstrosities begging for someone to end their suffering, or going totally off the rails and eating the furniture.

Hahaha I love that idea
Managed to finish this today! I'm happy to change the unique spell if this is too far into conjuration rather than defence. I was struggling a bit to think of one.

Hoping this is still alive!
@CaptainManbeard I wasn't a part of this, but if it's something your thinking of rebooting or accepting new applicants to I'd be interested!
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This is very much not 17th Century and is set in present time. DB probably just failed to snip something out from his last application template.

As for age brackets, college freshmen are going to be typically right out of high school and are going to generally be between 18-20 depending on their birthday and whether or not they took a gap year out of High School.

If you have any other questions, please just ask!

Thanks for your reply! I'll get started on an application as soon as I'm free :)
Hey! Very interested in this! I'll start working on an app either today or tomorrow, but could I ask what the age ranges are for freshman, sophmore, etc? I'm from Scotland so I'm not sure if your universities are the same ages! Also could I ask in the application it says if you are using a picture it should be something that looks 17th century? Is this set in modern times or in the 17th century?
Hoping this is still on the go!
I hope this is ok! I know it's a bit different from what is outlined in the OP, so no worries if non-Japanese characters won't fit. I had the idea of her having attended a similar school in Norway and then transferring, but didn't want to do too much worldbuilding in your world. If this is an option though I might change the last part of her backstory!

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