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11 days ago
Thieves are meant to albeit desist. It's a first-person Trait aside Roleplaying. So "Friend" shan't be "Avenger" but "Ward" because Gal's ain't Girl till Damsel, Baby!
18 days ago
My first ever rp was larping as Vegeta in an Elementary School Recess Z-Fighter Battle Royal!


PMing me aught to be for advanced reasons. Leave a visitor message instead if you think I may become perverted through PM; never got to doing that for scriptures, instead I became zealy, having already been zany. So, I just may because I only like Barbarian, and Mercenary Medieval Nobility sense roleplays - with Militaristic Sci-Fy in my pocket. I'm now mature to appreciate it's sense for Guild Thief.

There's a greatness I'll input here like after sshiiSix Hundred Sixty Seven moments of my time. For now it's gotta be role-playous.

I dont role-play the opposite Sex; Damsel. Not like I thought "woman" originally, Im so virtuous first. Role-Playing a She is allocating ugly girls to narc. A juvinile narc... hah and if lucky puberty aliens- - whatever though. So, Im a Swordsman for myself and when it got to 'for the Princess' I venture! Role-Playing tried to nemesis male perverts, and female lead to vagrancy when metropolitaning, so I didnt rp. Played video and pc games with chat systems which brought my roleplaying out.

When that happened I was like 10th Grade by then. Thought I'd actively pursue street to get to some hills and forests. Got to a Mall and platooned myself as a Rogue-Phaser not Gamer with Grunge-Street-Misfits, whose Click was older Sage-Gamers, so invitably I went Outlaw against Bogart-Cooties to keep the Sage technique. But I didnt Rebel, nah I protected the Girls I dated. . . Their vanguards, the Girls' I dated, I didnt accept as Phasers or Shadows, but as Party Animals! However grotesque.. earning 'boyfriend' Rangerhood for doing it Solo. That avenged my own Back. Wardwise rivaling them is 'Wolf Rider', so woe not Wolf Riders here, none have said to be a witch, the popculture just has them gypsic.

That's normal-Medieval(magick is heresy, especially fantasy-high-magic hehahaha) and adventure-group (where magic overpowers magick --heroicly without everyone has magic in their Soul. Since choice of magic vsing magic(k) is becoming their soul, or however its said why teleporting isnt time travel.)I'm going to keep my fantasy games secret, because I didnt seek them as a Kid, instead enjoying Warrior through doing so till I knew better. What I will tell you is Counter-Strike started my Humane legacy, to Rainbow Six Vegas. Turok for the 360 slew multiplayer out of the gambit for FPS' when I got to that. It took a while I had to amass a gamerscore of like 30k to remember that and Black before I chose multiplayer Xbox Live stuff.

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Anything but zombies and postapacolypse and we got a Partnership. I'll let you lead plots for now, I'm like my own oc, getting stuck in nobility adventures somehow in fantasy. Been trying to get it out with scify to not GM, since fantasy is sooo freeform. So, I've only got 2-3 rps.
The Gal beneath my Apartment is playing a Violin like a Harp.
That's a well made character sheet. I especially like the nobleness the realized to venture for better rather than stay. As nice as it is to become Guardians, Honor Guards, Rangers through staying leaving grants the procession of Prince more, upon request from the adventure. Tried to make it sound natural there rather than "upon returning from questing/adventure".

And for what it's worth I'm glad they said Paladin, because I'm still at "Blade" imagining a halfelf using big weapons. Albeit I think a crossbow is normal size whenevet, so I first imagined you using it like a club, then reaving with the halberd... then shoot em while theyre down.
Blade would be a Freedom-Raider. A Bandit thing but not Assailant.
What are the weapons?
As I enterred a Hoodlum was leaving. I let them pass. I could see a Champion Feline looking my way, then. I hollered, so, "Hello!, are you by chance Breath of Life?"
I stepped out of the Adventurer's Haven wearing my Black Hooded Chainbody rogueishly handsome. I was in the Adventurer's Haven's Yard. I always fancied any Yard a Courtyard, so my walk was strait.

I enjoyed what I saw or it was the commodity of the blessed Sun making the Yard comfy. I sought the Training-Master, Breath of Life, eager to speak with amble skill myself to this encouragable Hero|Champion, likely Overseer of Combat\Battle. So, I hastened my mental search rather than bemusingly taking-in everything that enlightened me, curiosity not mattering of the course.

Mayhaps that gutteral drain will have another space of land around it's hectar... Nerp, a wall forthcomed of the building.. I must insist this way then. Down the Blough I went, careful to not trod wrong. It wasnt long till the Blough steadied me to a Floozy Brook patching the Tufts and Banks into a grove. Thus I knew I was close. I looked over my Shoulder at the Hill, then from the former wall I saw I could of closed the Door I got out of to walk towards the next closest Building that way. I surreptisously meanded up the Hill, closed the Door, and was correct; a Route to the Arena was obvious.

Nearing the Area I could hear some twangs, and screches from inside. I enterred.
@themadhatter420 Next I'll of had gotten my chainmail already, moving on to goblinhunting. Will your Feline be leading?
"Just that." Making use of My mentality to be turned around when I said "Later" I began towards the Room. "Later!" I vouched with a wave of the back of my hand above my shoulder.
W00talations! I dont incite phrases, or buttonmash spam with the keyboard, - I find the pop in my mmorpgs. Although, my phone did more than slant "w00talations".

I see you aren't Administrator at the Fundamental Rules of the Guild, Shire(0$0 "Shi*e" - Dude! Have one on Me.)
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