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Name: Roxanne Foxwotth

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Position: Lone Wolf

Personally: TBR

Background: Roxanne and her siblings parents died in a war and were adopted by were foxes.

Wolf Form: Red Wolf

Maui cuddles with Jen as he notices Jen is a bit stun. Jen and Aura sense the intense Aura around Mike and Samurutt. Jen knows her power will grow with Aura’s power as they watch the march begin.
“Are you sticking around to watch the Elite four,” Jen ask Cammy as Aura plays with her mom?
Aura and Jen sense Hibiki’s feelings and they both shead some tears.
“That is a good ideation meet up in Galar Region,” Aura said as she is wondering if the poachers after her. She knows Jen and her friends will protect her. She wants to get stronger to help and protect her friends.
Mai and Cammy, do you have time to go back to the cave before the Elite four starts,” Aura ask as she doubt she could go as she may pissed off some Lucarios?
”Is there anyway to talk to the Lucario to see if we can agree on something,” Aura said as they could work something out with the other powerful Lucarios.
I was thinking Mike or his family could have one in the Lucario clan,” Aura said trying to cheer up Hibiki. Aura is sad that her mom and the others went through so much pain.
Aura is thinking how to fix the serum to suppress the berserker gene. She thought about purefied the aural in the serum to change the results. Aura did not know that would work and she did not want to hurt her friends.
Aura watch as she wonders if her mom would show her some other tricks to aura it may help Her or Jen. Jen pulls out some Metal Munchies to give to Mai and Cammy for them to regain their energy.
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