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“I like Zenni too,” Jen says as she notices Hydro Liam’s Blastoise as she listens to Chuck. She did not know if Hydro wants to be pet by her as they did not know each other.
Jen hands over Moana’s pokeballfor her Growlithe to be heal. She is thinking about her plan for the Grand trial. She notices a Blastoiseget close to her and she pets it. Aura is courious about the Blastoise as this the first time seeing one in her life.
Jen tilts her hat in agreement to going to a Pokémon center as Maui runs up the short path. Jen guess Maui has a lot of energy as Aura perk her ears up listening to the wild Pokémon in the Lush Jungle.
Jen listens to her friends as she bows to the totem pokemomon as her rotemdex records the dance of the Grassium z. She calls Moanaback into her pokeball, “we will deal with those poachers.”
Jen takes her place as Moana is ready as the battle begins. “Flamethrower.” Jen says as Moana release flames from her mouth. Lurantis use X Scissor as they both take on some damage, “Flame Burst.” Jen says as Moana release a burst of flames at Lurantis as Lurantis quickly dodgethe flames. Lurantis’# sickles start to glow for a Solar Blade. Jen activate her z ring as she dance the fire dance with Moana “Inferno Overdrive,” Jen says as her Growlithe release a power blast of flames. When the flames clear Lurantis is knock out.

Jen pulls out some berries and seeds for the Totem Pokémon. She is shaking as she drops them on the ground, Moana scatters the seed that new plants can grow from the firey battles. The Totem Pokémon wakes up to eat the berries than gives Jen the Grassium Z. Aura and Maui runs up to her making sure she is okay as Jen pets them as she slips the Grassium Z into her bag as she continues to pet her Pokémon.
Jen open her eyes as she feels better, “congrats Shiranui.” Jen says as she puts her hand on Mako’s great ball but feels Moana’s pokeballshake as the Growlithe came out of her pokeball ready for battle.
“It is okay you are my friends and I forgive. Let me get myself back together before I battle the totem Pokémon.” Jen says as she starsts to meditate on her feet.
Jen did not say anything as she is frozen in fear, Maui is showing his sharp teeth at Chuck. Aura tells him to stay by Jen’s side as Maui rubs up against Jen’s leg. Aura hugs Jen as she notides her trainer is almost back to normal.
Jen sniffs the air as the meal is cooked as she notices the Totem jumps out of the bushes. She is amaze by Lurantis as she have her rotemdex take a picture of the Pokémon. Aura grabs Jen to get away from the battle as they were close than comfort to the battle area. Maui is worry as he is in front of her growling.
Jen is thinking Mike did not tell them anything about the Grass trial. “Mike, how do we lure the totem out?” Jen ask as she noticethe totem still did not come out when Megumin roar.
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