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Faye picks up a big bag of trash and shut the door behind her. She knows Eski would stick her nose far away from the stench, “are you ready?” Faye ask Sarah as she notices her Ninetailes had one of her tailed against her nose from the smell.
“I have some trash, we usually keep a stock just in case a Maui or Grimer needs food at the Pokémon Center.” Faye said to Sarah as she walks to a side door and exit as the night wind nutshell against her face. She walks to a shack and opens the door as a stench came from some trash.
“I know a little bit about baby Grimers, it is night time. I am guessing they are hungry or they need to play to some extra energy out of them.[u]” Faye says to Sarah as she knows Grimers like to eat trash. She hopes Sarah has some trash up at the ranch before it get more jhectic up at the ranch.
I could be Grindr’s twin if nobody wants to rp him or her.
I am here but I do not know what to post or Faye could heal some more Pokémon.
“Match rgw Kubuto is shy or nervous,” Eski the Ninetailes said to Pip as she runs up against Faye. “Don’t worry Sarah, I could tell you had a lot on your plate.” Faye said as she pets Eski as she is a little tire from healing Pokémon but she likes helping Pokémon.
Eski the Ninetailes giggles, “it is nice to meet you too. My name is Eski and this my trainer Faye.” The Ninetailes said to Pip and to the Gengar as she gracefully swishes her nine tailed. Faye smiles at Alan and Pip, “it is nice to meet you both. I thank you both for helping save the Kabuto.” Faye said before turning to Sarah, “ it cool. I have my Arcaine to help me out to get back to the Pokémon Center. Where are matters my name is Faye and the pretty Ninetailes is Eski.”
Faye walks to the lobby to pick up her pokeballs and Eski the Ninetailes pops out of her pokeball. Eski sniffs Sarah and rubs up against Sarah. “Sorry, that Eski’s way. Saying hi and it is good to see you again.” Faye said as her hair is a mess from being zap by sparks from Arctozolt.
Faye gives Arctozolt some different kinds of food and water, Faye hopes it quites the Arctozolt down for the sake of the other Pokémon. Faye did not want to sedate Arctozolt and begins to sing like a Jigglypuff before she hears the annocment and sends Aura the Lucario over to room 3C.

“It is no problem, I can get as much food and water that you desire.” May the Sylveon said to Lileep as she notices a Nurse trying to pull a shard of glss out of a Kabuto. She stay close to Lileep cage to keep her calm and some company. Aura enters the room and try to pull the glass shard out of the Kabuto as the Sylveon Her friend. To Aura and May they have a feeling this Kabuto is already mad at them for trying to help him get the glass shard out of his shell.
“I am May a Sylveon and you are at a Pokémon Center. It is a place for Pokémon get heal or need help in any way possiable.” May the Sylveon to the Lileep, May went to get some food. May did not t the Lileep and brings her several types of food. May watches the Lileep to see if she comes out of the cage or eat some food. May glance at Sableye Arab who just enter the Pokémon Center, May hopes it did mot scare the Lileep.

“Charm,” Faye said to Eski the Ninetailes. Eski stares at Arctozolt to be less weary of them and calm down. Faye makes sure the IV is still in Arctozolt’s leg, she hopes Eski calms him down. To Faye the Arctozolt did not have to trust her or her Pokémonnt but Faye did not want to hurt Arctozolt in anyway.
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