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“Ready,” Jen said as Aura is ready to go too.
“Should we wait for Chuck and Serina before entering the water stadium,” Jen ask as the Eevee jumps on to her shoulder?
“Let’s go,” Jen said as she feels like Chuck and Serina wants some privacy.
Jen giggles as she wonders if she flirt like that as Aurra tells Jen to focus on the battle.
“I can see why Chuck is so eager to take on Nessa,” Jen said as she watch to see what happens bext before the battle.
“Does this Eevee belong to you,” Jen ask but had a feeling Rosa rod not hear her? She is ready to rake on the next gym battle.
“It sounds a bit fishey to me, what is Rosa up to?” Jen ask as Aura scoops up the Eevee before it get step on.
Jen had something to think about as a friendly Eevee runs up to them cover in sand.
“I already have both, I was thinking to catch a water type pokemon.” Jen said as Michiru’s Great ball shake a little bit before it stop.
“Is it strange I have yet caught anymore Pokémon,” Jen ask as her Lucario shakes her head no?
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