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As Jen us waiting for Selina she watch Shiranui catch his first couple of Pokémon. Aura and Jen and Aura notices her and her Lucario. Akamu Groot pops out of kid Luxary ball, “Razor Leaf.” Jen said as her Grookey release razor sharp leaves at Nickiit tacking him down, Jen throws a pokeball at Nickit. A Yampver bites down hard on Akamu Groot’s arm as the Grookey pulls out his stickto wack the Yampver and Jen throws a pokeball to catch Yampver.

Jen rearange her Pokémon party as she and Aura picks up the pokeball in her bah as she praised Akamu Groot as her Grookey dances. Jen names the Yampver Rocket and name the Nickit Bandit. Aura looks at a Rookidee glarling at them the Lucario guess Jen batch a Rookidee later on during their journey through Galar.
Jen and Aura make sure she have everything organized in her bag, then Jen and Aura exited the lab.
Jen puts Akamu Groot into a Luxary ball, “let’s go.” Jen said as she and Aura are curious what information Selina has gather in Mary’s shop.
Jen names her Grookey Akamu Groot as Aura notices a design on her new friend and guess where her new friend hides his stick.
Jen watch Grookey dance, “you are going to wear yourself out before the journey starts. Aura the Lucario can show you some dance moves l,” Jen daid as she picks up Grookey as the Grookey settles down then jumps onto Jen’s shoulder as Jen is thinking what name to name her Grookey.
“Can evil aura possessed a person from Dynamax band or stone?” Jen ask as Aura shoos Yamper away as it knows that Jen has treats in her bag. A strange looking green monkey sniffs Jen and starts to dance.
Jen and Aura had a good look around PostWick before she follow her friends to the Prof Magnoila’s lab to learn something new about Galar.
“Awesome,” Jen said as she looks at Corviknight. Aura knows Jen thought all Pokémon is awesome, “it is nice to meet you Darren.” Jen said as she is excited about taking a sky lift as Aura is excited as her trainer is right now as both of them got into the taxi.
To Jen that sounds awesome as she and Aura follows Selina to the front of the stadium.
“I am alright, are you okay okay Auta?” Jen ask Aura and the Lucario nods. “Who is Haru and what did she want,” Jen ask as Aura growls?
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