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Jen had to gamble on this move as she sense the poison affect on Eclipse, “Brave Bird.” Jen said as her Corviknight tuck in her wings and flew at a low latitude. Eclipse charge at Salazzle as Jen hope Eclipse hits Salazzle.
“Drill Peck,” Jen said as Eclipse got poised again. The Corviknight flew up high and flew down in cork screws to make Salazzle dizzy. After Eclipse made Salazzle dizzy Eclipse will throw Salazzle to the ground.
.steel Wing,” Jen said as Eclipse defense raise up as the purple flame hit her. The Corviknight fight through the pain of being burn and poisoned, hit Salazzle with wings of steel.
“Eclipse use Hurricane,” Jen said as her inCorviknight surrounds the Salazzle with fierce winds than flew up high to confuse the Salazzle.īii
Coal inhale some of the toxic and the damage she took on during the battle with Sawbuck and was knocked out. Jen recalled Coal back and praise her Carkol for doing a amazing job in battle. “Eclipse I choose you and use Sand attack.” Jen said as her Corviknight flew out onto the battle and hurls sand at Salazzle.
Aura and Jen’s Psychic Pokémon were ready to make more cure.

“Heat Crash,”Jen said as Coal set her body on fire and charge at Sawbuck but indifferent directions to throw Natsu off andSawbuck off a bit before Coal slams her fire covered body into Sawbuck,
Coal took the hit but Sawbuck’s leg got burn from Coal’s scorching hot body. “Fire Spin,” Jen said as her Carkol summons a vortex of fire to trap Sawduck. That fire vortex had four more chances to trap Sawduck.

Aura and Jen’s Psychic Pokémon saw the blue liquid with the crystal in the vials and was happy they succeeded made the cure.
“Coal, use Dig than use Heat Crash.” Jen said as her Carkol went underground and followed the vibrations as her body heated up like heated iron. Coal pops up from under Sawbuck.

Aura and Jen’s psychic Pokémon follow Gileta orders and they know they will succeed.
Aura could sense Jen believe in all of them to complete the mission.
Aura and Jen’s Psychic Pokémon were happy to receive the pokeblocks to increase their psychic ability’s.
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