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As Aura is waiting for a ressponse Jen went to find mushroom,s to make G max soup for Akamu Groot her Thwackey.
Aura tried calling out to the other Lucario on the isle.
“I hope so too,” Jen said as Aura agrees.
@Bloodwolf 2

Jen pets Aura as her Lucario felt disappointment as the mission failed for the Lucario flower when Chuxk went missing.
“Ready to check out some loxation,” Jen said as Aura agrees.
Jen gurdd that too as she smell something sweet and it was comeing from Aura.
“Which Pokémon do you have to feed soup to,” Jen ask as she wonders if they would encounter any more ninjas?
“Thanks,” Jen said and hug Shiranui and quickly let’s go senseing Liam is destracted. “I guess we are going to check something out before the next gym.”
Jen walked onto the battlefield Jen throw a Ultta ball and Eclipse the Convisquire came flying out and over Aura shaking her loose feathers. Eclipxd knows Jen wanted them to make something with them. Opal throw a ball and a Galaian Weezing, “Fairy Wind.” “Drill Peck,” Jen said as Eclipse did a corkscrew and smash into Opal’s Weezing as the Weezing hit Eclipse with fairy energy. The Weezing tpeef t sook on more damage, “Fairy wind. “Air Slash,” Jen said as Weezing attack missed Eclipse as Eclipse is flying around at a fast speed. Eclipse slashed Weezing knocking out Weezing, Jen guess she know all the answers to Opal’s questions as Opal recalled her WeezingHi

Eclipse starts to glow white and grow bigger as Opal sends out her Togekiss. “Steel Wing,” Jen said as Ad One of her wings turns to steel and strikes Togekiss. “Draining Kiss,” Opal said as Togekiss tries to kiss Eclipse but slams into a Iron Defense that surround Eclipse as Togekiss crash to the ground knocked out cold. “My morning tea is finnely kickinng in, how old am I?” Opal ask as she recalled Togekiss for her Mawile. “You should nrbrt revealll your true ahe, Eeclipse Steel Wing.” Jen said as Eclipse flew quickly at Nawile but the Mawile crunch down on Eclipse’s leg. “Drill Peck,” Jen said as Eclipse did a cork screw and crash into the ground. Eclipse took some damage but Mawile was knocked out.

Opal send out hrr Alcremie. Jen recalled Eclipse and send out Aura her Lucario, before Aura could attack Opal dyne max Alcremie, “Alcremie use Max Finale.” Opal said as Alcremie shoots cream at Aura. “Bullet punch,” Jen said as Aura punch the cream really fast burning away some of the cream. “Alcremie use Finale,” Opal said as Jen activated her z ring. “Aura Corkscrew Crash,” Jen said as Alcremie shoots cream and Aura crash into Alcremie. After a moment later Aura reappear as she won the battle. “You are lacking in pink,” Opal said as she gave Jen the Fairy badge.

Jen agreed too as she pets Aura.
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