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Jen is wonder how Chuck knew Nanu, as Aura nods to prepare to stop Team Skull. Maybe they could find Looker and he may know Nanu’s location.
“Congrats guys,” Jen says as Aura tugs on Liam’s shirt. She shows him Sashia is waiting for them and what about Team Skull.
“Congrats Chuck, Jen says as she walks into the trial site. She looks around as a large Alolan Ninetails appears from a blizzard, “Moana I choose you.” Jen says as she sends out Moana her Archimedes. The Alolan Ninestailes shoots a blasts of ice at Moana as Moana dodges it. Jen activates her Z Crystal and do the dance as Moana charge up, “Inferno Overdrive.” Jen says as Moana relseses a massive ball of fire.

A blizzard continues to blow through the trial site before it dies down, Jen notices the Alolan Ninetailes is knocked out. She runs over to the Alolan Ninetails as she use a revive and gives it some berries. The Alolan Ninetailes cries out as a Alolan Vulpix comes running carrying a icium Z Crystal and drops it in front of Maui. Maui picks it up the Z Crystal into Jen’s bag. They leave the trial site as it starts to snow again.
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“Good luck, Jen says as Aura and Maui wish him luck too.
“Someone can go before me,” Jen says to her friends as she whistles to get Maui’s and Aura’s attention. They stop playing in the snow and run s to her side.
“Who wants to go first,” Jen ask as she walks through the snow with Aura and Maui near by?
Men agrees to get going, she could evolve Kawane her Pikachu if he wants to. She notices one of her Pokémon is sad and she touches the Great ball Michiru is in to comfort her.
Jen smiles as she return her Pokémon to their balls except Maui and Aura. “I am ready to go,” Jen says as she notices a Vulpix before it scurries away into the Moutain.
“I could drink to that too, since I met you guys I become stronger and I could face my fears. I also learn a lot from everyone to apply it in my battles and learnin.g about your travels to inspire me to become stronger.” Jen says as her Pokémon are warming up by the fire place.
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