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Looking for male partner to rp a Batman Rp.


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Kirara blush as she hugs her sisters and practice some of the cheers with them. Aura and Moana join in too as Jen watch then.
“Good luck to both of you,” Jen said as she went to sit next to Selina as she and her pokemon are amaze about the glow of rainbows around them. Kirara is worried her sisters will make fun of her costume as Moana told Kirara she look fine.
Jen nods as she watch Shiranui went on his way, she continued to pet Aura as she is in her own thoughts.oo
Jen knows how that feels like, Aura hugs her as she told Jen everything turn out fine and everything will work out for Penny.
“The last time we saw your daughter, she was in the store we came from,” Jen said as she tried to sense his daughter.
Jen wonders if Penny remembered any memories of Shiranui and Calorex battle.o
Jen and her Pokémon watch the battle as Jen sense the mystical aura of Calorex.
Jen, Aura, Kirara, and Moana follows them to the center of town.
“I am ready to go,” Jen said as she and Aura got up from the couch. Moana the Arcaine and Kiara the Pyoroar that looks like a normal Pyoroar. Jen know that they are trying to help keep Liam warm. Aura could not help it and dress Moana and Kirara in costumes.
Jen pets Aura as the Lucario know Shiranui had more expirence but love to dance. Jen feels the crown next to her, “maybe the note will explain about the crown.”
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