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Jen heard about the traditions of Alola as she puts the z ring on her wrist. As she follows Hala and the others to the shrine. She rubs her other hand over the z ring feeling it as Maui watches her as he walks beside her.
Jen did some training as she comes back to heal her Pokémon before the Grand trial. She touches the egg to make sure it is okay in her bag. When she touches the egg she sees a shape of a tree.
Maui notices Sashia’s moods change from sad to happy again, he tilts his head as he wonders about something. “Come on Maui, we have to prepare for our battle against Hala.” Jen says as Maui barks as they went out to train with her Pokémon.
Jen is glad that the others had waited for Sashia and her to return before Hala showed up. She have to put down the egg as Maui protects as Jen pulls the sparkling stone from her bag. She hands it to Hala then picks up the egg as she pets Maui.
Jen holds the egg carefully with Maui’s help it is nestle safely in her arms as she could feel the warmth from the egg. She saw a blue shape forming into Sasha. Jen is surprise that the Riolu egg wants to help even though the egg has not yet hatch. “Thank you Sasha, I will take good care of her.”
Jen calls her Pokémon back into their poke balls and snags another muffin. She leaves the table with Maui and meets Sasha in the garden. She is wondering it be weird for two Pokémon out of their pokeballs all the time.
“I would like that,” Jen says with a smile. She would like to travel the regions someday without worrying her mom. To her she still has a lot to expirence than just reading books in her room.
“You are amazing with your information,”Jen whispers back to Sashia. It is okay okay if Sashia choose someone else to give the Rio.u egg to. She has a strong bond with Maui and working with her other Pokémon to create a strong bond.
Jen whispers back to Sashia, “how can a Riolu help me see a few things?” She ask as she is curious how that work but she is willing to take the egg if it could help her a little bit. Maui is curious too as he nuzzles Sashia’s hand. His ears perk up as she and Maui hears something fly by. She over heard it is the Tapu Koko and is honor to hear it.
“He lives on through his work and through his friends and family,” Jen says to Sashia as Maui walks over putting his head on Sashia’s lap. His tail brush up Jen’s leg to comfort them. Maui knows Jen is sad she could not see anything. “He may have went back to get the Normalium z, that is a guess as he did not chance to do so.”
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