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I want to put in for Xurkitree.

Can I go ahead and reserve Taps Koko.t
Jen catches up to her friends and hears Shiranui. She looks at the Ulta Beast, she let one of her friends catch it as she was late to the battle as Aura Realtek a Dark Pulse at the Ultra Beast.
“We should focas on one goal,” Jen says wondering where they are go first Poni Iland or Aether Foundation.
Just saw Detective Pikachu and it was amazing!
“We should find Sashia, she may have some information about the poachers. Chuck, did Veronica give you any information?” Jen ask as she is thinking if they don’t deal with the poachrts now they could go to Aether Fondation.
Jen is amaze by all the interesting Pokémon she just saw, her Pokémon and the Charizard thank Liam for the Full Restore and Max Elixer. Jen hopes the garden to be fix soon as she nods as she and her Pokémon are ready to go.
Jen calls out Moana, “Flamethrower.” Jen says as Moana let loose flames from her mouth hitting a direct hit on another of the origami like Ultra Beasts. Jen quickly throws a Beast Ball at the Ultra Beast and waits. A few seconds later the Beast ball closes and went to get it for Jen. Aura and Moana notices there is still one Kartana left to be capture. Jen and Maui is thinking to catch all of the Kartana then let them wreck the whole island.
Jen is sad to see Mmalie Garden is in a state of desrtution. Her Charizard lands as a ultra Beast charges at her and the Charizard shoo it away for now. Jen is thinking what kind of Pokémon that just. Attack her as she dismount the Charisard as Aura and Aura is on high alert.
Jen lands and thanks the Charizard for the ride. She heals her Pokémon in minutes Nurse Joy gives Jen her balls back to her. Maui and Auta out of their balls, “we are ready to take on some ultra beasts.” Jen says as Maui barks and Aura nods in agreement.
Jen page a Cbarizard and calls her Pokémon back into their balls. She mounts the Charizard and takes to the sky to the park. She hopes Chuck do not have any problems getting Veronica out of jail.
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