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Jen is thinking that is going to hurt but the battle is only getting started.
Kalama Kirara said good luck to her sister before perching on a large rock as Jen keeps a eye on her to make sure her Pyroar did not wonder off.
“I understand how you feel about me,” Kalama Kirara said as she shakes Dragaput’s hand. She would like to mend their sister relationship and friendship.
”I am sorry Dragaput,I know those are empty words to you. I want to prove to you I am sorry to you and the Pokemonlords that I am sorry.” Kalama óKirara said as the Pyoroar said wondering what her sister is going to say. If Dragaput insults her trainer again, then we are going to have a problem.
”Yes it is true,” Kalama Kirara said as she looks down at the ground. She flinch as Jen pets her but did not move from her spot.
To Jen everyone including Pokémon had bad days. Jen knows Kalaama Kirara is used to training and battle, it will take some time getting used to her new life. When Sensai came out Kalama Kirara curled up against Jen’s feet as she knows she is a bad Pyroar.
Thank you it is amazing.
Jen knows Liam and Shiranui out rank her in strength and experience but she work hard to catch up to their level. “Kalama Kirara let herself out and she is restless,” Jen said as Aura notices Kalama Kirara looks like a normal Pyroar.
Jen sense Kalama Kirara is restless and the Pyroar pops out of her pokeball, “sister.” Kalama Kirara growled as Jen told her this is not her fight.
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