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“Awesome name,” Jen says as she recalls Michiru as Aura is happy for Sashia success on catching Xurkitree.
“Bone Rush,” Jen says as Aura tries to hit Xurkitree again as Xurkitree shocks Aura’s paw. She drops the bone as Xurkitree is about to shock Aura again as Aura creates a Earthquake hitting Xurkitree.
“Aura knows a couple of ground type moves and Kawane can take on electric type moves.” Jen says as she calls Lucario on to the battlefield and use the move Bone Rush on Xurkitree.
Jen arrives where Xurkitree is among the trees she calls out Michiru to use Blizzard to get XurJkitree attention. She is shivering from the blizzard that Michirucreate to weaken Xurkitree. “Ice beam, Michiru.” Buizel nods as she shoots a beam of ice at Xuritree as Xuritree as it zaps Buizel with a bolt of lightning.
Jen get onto Maui to catch up to Sashia if she needs any help catching Xurkitree as Aura runs beside them.
“You are reading it right,” Jen says as she is surprise as Shiranui. She wonders which of her friends want to catch these two Ultra Beasts.

Jen heard the news as her Rotemdex opens up telling everyone it is a Xurkitree.
Maui pounces on Jen then gets off the bus. Jen and Aura quickly follows after him to not let him go to far ahead of them.
“Sounds good to me,” Jen says as she may use Moana, Maui, or Auta in the trials. She continues to think about evolving Moana before the trials.
“Maybe but it may wear the Pokémon out more or the Totem gives us both z crystals.” Jen says as she feels the wind against her face.
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