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“Yes, do you want to watch too?” Jen ask Shiranui as she does not want to missed out on the fun.
To Jen is thinking this is going to be a instresting battle as Aura remembers a Butterfree stuck to Jen’s
Jen wondering what the message said, she be cheering on Liam and Shiranui.
It was fine with Jen that they delay going to Hammerlocke.
“We still have not seen everything in Galar just yet,” Jen said excite by the next gym challenge.ït
Jen agree with Shiranui as she scratches Aura’s ears.
“I will go first,” Jen said as she walks onto the battlefield. Grunt comes out and told them this will be a four on four battle and only the challenger can switch out Pokémon. Piers sends out Scrafty, “I choose you Albus.” Jen said as she throws a pokeball and her Galar from Ponyta comes out onto the battlefield. “Dazzle Gleam,” Jen said as Albus cause a blast of light at Scrafty. Scrafty was blinded at the moment, “Fairy Wind.” Jen said as Albus summon a magical wind at Scrafty knocking it out.

Piers sends out Malabar, “Malabar use Payback.” Malabar launches a dark Energy at Albus. Albus takes the hit and the Ponyta took on double damage. “Foul Play.” Piers said as Malabar use Albus power to use against the Ponyta. “Dazzling Gleam,” Jen said as Albus summons a blast at Malabar. It is enough to knock out Malabar as Ponyta is breathing hard.

Piers recall Malabar and sends out Skuntank and Jen switch out Ponyta and switch for Coal the Coalosal. “Earth Quake,” Jen said “Night Slash.” Piers said as the two Pokémon attack each other, Skuntank was stuck with ground on it. “Earth Quake,” Jen said as Coalosal creates another earth quake to knock out the Skuntank.

Piers recall Skuntank for Obstagoon and Jen sends out Aura the Lucario. The two Pokémon got into a fight with fighting type moves and Aura knock out Obstagoon with a powerful punch. Piers recall Obstagoon and walks overs to Jen the dark badge, Jen and Aura walks back to the side line to praise her Pokémon for a awesome battle.
“Team Yell May cause destruction, we will make sure it is a fair battle.” Jen said as Aura protects Jen in case she made a grunt mad.
Jen was curious by Mamie respond.
“Are you here to stop the Grunts or challenge the gym leader,” Jen Mamie as she make sure Aura stay close to her?
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