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Jen is eating muffins to keep her energy up as her rotomdex scans the two pokemon. She is excite to sense new pokemon. She text Liam thanking him for a awesome battle, every trainer can not win every battle. It had a cute winking dragon next to the text.
“Flame Charge,” Jen said as Moana sets her body on fire as leaves burns against her body. Then she charge at Sceptile as her speed increase a bit.
Michiru is knocked out and Jen returns Michiru to her Great ball. “You did great Michiru, Moana I choose you.” Jen said as she throws her pokeball and Moana the Arcaine appears on the battlefield. “Inferno Overdrive,” Jen said as she activates her Z Ring with the Fireium crystal. She does the dance and Moana release a stream of intense flames at Sceptile.
“Sleep Talk,” Jen said as Michiru relse a stream of ice at Bastille.
Michiru is fast asleep, Jen has to risk it. “Sleep Talk,” Jen said as Michiru’s ears twitch and her tails sways.
“Counter with Hydro Pump,” Jen said as Michiru release a high pressure water at Basstille. It is more powerful than usally due to the rain.
r“Rain Dance,” Jen said as Michiru summons dark clouds and it rains taking out the sand storm.
Michiru got hit by the sandstorm, she could still hear as her ears could hear anything in a hurricane. “Blizzard,” Jen said as Michiru summon s a blizzard at Bastille.
“Hail,” Jen said as Michiru summons a hail storm.
“Michiru use Ice Beam,” Jen said as Michiru realest a stream of ice at Bastille.
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