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Aura nods back as she understood Ryu she says back I will teach my trainer the way of the and also give Maui a chance to play. Jen is nervous about her training with Mike as she listens to her friends but is calm as Aura shows her it is going to be alright as Jen sees the aura of her friends.
It felt weird and also nice to Jen to be hug by Goodra. Aura notices Ryu now to Goodra, she guess the Goodra is a strong oppent. She slightly nods in Goodra’s direction.
To Jen as she is not sure about Goodman hugging her as they are new to each other. Maui sniffs Goodman as his tail wags in a happy manner. Aura shows Jen the happy Goodrich as Jen smiles again.
Jen hands her pokeballs to Nurse Joy as she giggles as Liam’s Goodra tries to hug everyone. Nurse Joy hands Jen her poke balls as Jen puts them back into her bag. She rejoins her friends as Aura pops out of her pokeball as Jen sees some sparkles from Aura’s aura.
“I am happy that everyone is helping me to get over my fear. I rather work on that instead of entering the battle royale.” Men says as she will heal her Pokémon at the Pokémon center in Royal Avenue.
“That seems like a rare Pokémon” Jen says as she guess that what she saw when Aura evolve into Lucario. Maui blush as he is happy that Dusk like the gift. He barks at Mike saying it is okay with him for Mike to hang onto intill he makes something for Dusk. “Sounds like a plan,” she says as she starts sweat as the mention of the fire trial as Maui rubs his head against her leg, he is cute with Dusk but knows when his trainer needs help or comfort.
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Jen close her eyes as she could see part of the sign but still fuzzy to her. Her rotomdex pops up and takes a photo of the sign. The rotor will show Jen the moves to the waterium z later on in a training session.
“I face the other Totom, Mike. Is Ryu’s mate a shiny?” Jen ask as she is proud of her Pokémon, Maui aproaches Dusk dropping the shirrming stone in front of her.
Jen nods in agreement on what said as she follows Maui down the path as he spots something shimmering stone floating on the water. Maui Aura knows it is a trap as Jen sees the aura of Aquaraid. The Aquaraid traps them in a web as Maui and Aura cuts them self free from the web. Jen sends out Kawane, “thunder shock.” Kawane could not use thunder shock as he faints from leaches sucking on his Hp.Jen calls Kane back as Aura punches one of the leeches.

A white light surrounds Aura as she evolves, as Aquaraid shoot water atAura as Aura use thunder punch to take down the Aquaraid down. The z crystal come floating up from the bottom of the pool. She gathers up the z crystal and the shimmering stone and jumps from stone to stone to get back to her trainer. She gives Jen the z crystal and gives Maui the stone, Jen returns Aura to her pokeball before walking back up the path with Maui.
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