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Somebody PLEASE pick the maiden heart plot, I've been dying to do it. T^T

also Bump!
Good to know, I'll post up the ooc tomorrow. I had tp copy paste most of it to my drafts on my email account. Is there a dice roll feature for rps? Just wondering. Or are we gonna have to rely on an app or something and trust the other person will be fair? :/
Hmmmmm, well I'd usually say as many as one can handle but since this'll be like a d&d game as well I'd say 3, one main and two back ups for when the msin dies. I'll control NPCs along with a co-gm/gms. But I'll also want to have a character or characters tp interact with everyone elses on adventures and such. The 3 limit is just a bit of a suggestion we can all brainstorm to see what would be appropriate.
Awesome :) just need a few more people (and to know what the minimum post requirements for advanced rps are, also how to add those tabs for ooc, ic, characters and if there's one for lore in advanced rps)
I had this roleplay a while back(only one that wasn't deleted into oblivion from the site I was in but that's a story for another time) based on the fallout universe, it takes place 80 years after the events of fallout 4, with the institute ending. A few characters from fallout 4 will be alive(just hancock and Nick if anyone wants him to be alive... and danse.... and curie.... and codsworth.... but everyone else either has unknown descendants or grandsons/granddaughters in the role-play's timeline) It was doing well but the site was notorious for having people quit after 1 or 3 post -_-(wish i was joking, but managed to find a few people who posted frequently.... until they kicked me out and i felt i have betrayed them but again story for another time, why am i monologuing and telling you all this? i need to take my meds i get way too emotionally open when i don't) so i'd like a dnd-esque story driven roleplay with fallout as it's setting, it'll be in Texas, in Republic of Texas territory(i'll show y'all a map). It wont have the railroad as a faction though(unless it's in demand in which case they could be extremely secretive) The factions will be as follows, Texas Rangers(formerly the Minutemen) The Institute(Currently rulers of the entire east coast, basically from Maine to Maryland) The Texas BOS(they're a lot more open in recruitment, if you hate the institute, the enclave, the legion and raiders you can join, yes even if you are a super mutant or ghoul, also badass deathclaw mounts) The Enclave(they're allied with the institute) Caesar's Legion(they control the majority of Northern Texas) The Mexican Cartels(they control the south of texas, the center is literally all that's left of a free texas) The NCR(if people want to play a wondering NCR ranger) and one merc faction i made called Wolf Pack Industries(The Gunners joined forces with talon company and rebranded themselves)

I'll try to recover what I can and post it up as an rp in the advanced section, I'll need to know somethings about the advanced roleplay section first(acceptable minimum post length, i'm chill with just a paragraph since anything more than 3 gives me a headache)
Not a big fan, sorry :/ any other ideas you might have I'd like to hear.
posted, sorry for late reply, life got in the way but i'm free now.
Big City

Gary stood on a rooftop on the opposite of another building, he sighed annoyed holding the mask in his hands as Control Freak(Teen Titans Villain) had Victoria tied to a rocket "Is this really necessary?" he asked rather annoyed. Control Freak wafted his trench coat and flipped his hair trying to appear majestic "You know exactly what you did! Your actions are unforgivable, and therefore you must answer in kind!" he said posing next to a wall. Victoria sighed, practically used to being kidnapped by now "Just tell him he's right so we can go home. I'm hungry." she told Gary. Gary took off his glasses and rubbed between his eyes "I just said Game of thrones is rather overrated and Spartacus is slightly better." Control Freak cringed and covered his ears while screaming "AHLALALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALALA!!" Gary groaned "He's being immature." he told Victoria "He's a fat nerd who wasted most of his life isolating himself away from people and society to fully pursue every fandom in existence, with the personal belief that his opinion is the only one that matters, of course he's being immature!" Victoria said then groaned "Just kick his fat ass so we can leave, I'm craving five guys right now." she said. Both guys looked at her with raised eyebrows "I'm talking about the burger place, christ." she said blushing a bit embarrassed."

Gary sighed and just put on the mask, he spun into a green cyclone and spun around the rooftop before stopping, he had a malevolent grin and was dressed liked bobby rotten, Control Freak looked at him unamused "You're going with that?" he said rather annoyed. The mask sighed as 3 more of him stepped out behind him "Let's just say. It's time to take you. To Perfect University. I'd say we were gonna take you to school, but we're beyond the basics." The 4 copies of the mask said from original for 4th copy. Control freak face palmed as he suddenly heard 'we are number one' play out of nearby speakers that somehow got there out of nowhere "Teamfourstar reference? Really?" The 4 lined up on the edge and spoke in unison "And we love that you got that." as the music played they jumped over, Control Freak drew out a double bladed spear and started to swing and twirl it around, the 4 masks pulled a baseball bat(No. 1) a fire axe(No. 2) a wooden cane with nails driven through it(No.3) and a sword(No.4) The 4 ganged up on control freak but he somehow(despite his obvious poor physical condition) managed to keep them at bay successfully. Victoria sighed annoyed and managed to wiggle her arms out of her restraints, she pulled out her phone and started texting while the boys fought it off.
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