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It was fair to say this move surprised both Dragopult and Aki but seeing the pikeball and notice the Blastoise made Aki chuckled in an almost giddy way. "You know I pride myself in making sure I'm always 5 steps ahead of my foe, but your move here was completed unpredictable, hell I was not even aware you had this one. So I'm in the dark for the first time in almost 10 years, so mad props to you" He said with a confident smirk. "Dragopult, I don't know anything about this pokemon so play defensively" He told her, so she gave him a thumbs up before waiting to see what Blastoise first move would be.
Dragopult vanished to avoid the charge before countering with another shadow claw, some energy would gather in her empty missle holders
I mean the one piece live action not been too bad as someone who's never see the original
Without much chance to dodge or block a Z move, both the clones and Decidueye itself were knocked out. So in case Aki final pokemon, the pokemorph Dragopult who immediately charged at Beckham with a Shadow claw.
The pyro ball would hit Decidueye, only for it to be a shadow copy as the real one fired off a Shadow ball from the left.
Multiple shadows would appear around Beckham, as well as spreading out to the trees and plants. Decidueye woukd contenly reappear and disappear into each shadow to keep Beckham and Liam guessing before he finally fired off the attack from Liam own shadow followed by another Spirt shackle
Decidueye moved quickly so he was out of the way of the attack before vanishing into shadow to hit Beckham with a Shadow sneak.
Ganger did not react quick enough and took a hit from the attack, knocking him out of his groove he had going before fainting as a purple orb appeared breifly before it vanished with Gangar. Aki chuckled as he said "Did you notice the life orb there? It's a powerful battle item which increase your attack power but losing a quarter of your health each time". He then sent out his Decidueye who immediately started with Spirit shackle.
The two attack would hit and explode as Gangar cans though the smoke using Slude wave to try and poison Beckham.
"A Cinderace? I like the choice, it's a fast pokemon and can learn moves that should hurt Ganger, let me see just how fast it is" Aki said, as Gengar immediately fired off a shadow ball.
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