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Bumper cars
Bumper cars
Added two more role plays to the list :)
Really craving that vampirexhuman FXF.
Edited away some of my interests and added something new. Bump!
A little bit about me:

-I've been role playing since about 2007. Recently, I've been trying to get back into the swing of things and do it more often.

-I'm in my 30's, and I'd like for my partner to at least be in their 20's.

-I have a full-time job. I live in the United States and go off of EST, so typically you won't get a reply from me until later on in the evening. However, I am off on the weekends, so that's usually when I'll be the most active.

-I'd say I'm somewhere in the more high-casual to low-advance ranking. If I'm really into a role play, I can easily write a response that is 7+ lengthy paragraphs. Not saying I expect you to, but just giving you a heads up.

-I love a good fantasy-based role play (as you will see with my current cravings below).


-Smut will be involved with every plot.

-I only role play over PM's as it's what I'm comfortable with.

-I am only looking for MxF or FxF pairings. For MxF, I'm only looking to play the female role. Also, I'm looking to play a more submissive role.

-I can double as any gender as long as the plot calls for it. I'm expecting the same from my partner.

-I understand that life gets busy, so I'm not expecting someone who sends a reply every day. One reply every 2-3 days would be nice though! I'm off work through January 2nd, so my replies will be a bit more consistent up until I go back to work.

-As for post length, I'm not expecting someone to write a novel. With that being said, if you could at least give me two paragraphs that would be wonderful! All I ask is for NO one-liners.

-I love violence and gore (very weird typing this out, lol), and a lot of my plots involve having both of these things in it. Just warning you in advance.

-I don't use character sheets. You can if you would like to, just know that I won't.

-I love chatting OOC and often have a second PM for that. I also find that having a OOC PM can often develop the plot a little bit more. So please, if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know and we can build on them!

-While I am looking for something that is NSWF, I will only list my limits/kinks via private message. Please feel free to let me know yours as well and we can see if we can incorporate them!

Current Cravings:

(Any role with a * is the role I would like to play)

Vampirex*Human* (Two plots for this. One being FXF only and one being MXF)
Vampirex*Slayer* (MxF only)
Mermaidx*Human* (FXF only. Plot).
Serial Killer x *Ex Best Friend* (MXF or FXF)
*Husband* x Nanny (Darker plot, think along the lines of a lifetime movie).

If you are interested in any of these please let me know and send me over a PM. I can message you the plot that I have in mind, and we can go from there!
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