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Okay so it sounded like Sunny Day wasn't gonna be much help with this much rain. As Nathan tried to think of something else to help the farm he also tried to figure out how to eat the soup, his mouth being as low as it was wasn't a big deal when it came to berries and it definitely wasn't the main concern here. "Okay, how should I do this with no hands?" His question wasn't aimed at anyone in particular and he hoped someone would have an idea.

Eventually he managed to use his feet to tip the bowl just enough that he could drink out of it, but he had to be careful or else he would either spill the soup or burn himself.

After Seraph and Honey brought the blankets Nathan picked out a spot that wasn't close enough to the fireplace that he risked getting burned but also not far away enough that he would be cold. After he made sure Munchi was asleep he spoke up. "This storm might be far worse then they realize. I only know of two instances that sound like this, the first two movies. And both times the storm was likely to cause global damage."

Paul Logan

Normally Paul would have spoken up against splitting the party but Charlotte was immortal after all and would probably be fine on her own.
Alice's transformation a bit later surprised him, but after everything that happened it wasn't a huge shock. "No wonder they wanted to try her out in a rift."

Eventually the group arrived at a building without running into any trouble, though the floating jewel and noise suggested something might happen at any time. Albrecht offered to destroy the jewel, something Paul didn't agree with. "I think we should avoid messing with it for now, it might be trapped or something." At the mention of murals he took his improvised running out and compared it to them, wondering if there were any similarities that might be a clue or something

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@Omega Man Oh I completely forgot but PS238 has a minor character called the emerald gauntlet who uses a gauntlet like a green lantern ring, I know it's just a coincidence but that reminded of your character in this rp
If you guys have any interest in non marvel/dc superhero comics PS238 and Magellan are pretty good and take the same basic premise, non powered kid at school for superheros, in different directions. Also yeah a discord would be nice.

You used Magic Analysis I!
---No Target---
You can only pick up the ambient magic in the area. There are few sources of raw magic here. Most of it is concentrated within living matter. You can sense a subtle shift in Mana. Something you can't see is happening, there is a change in ambient Mana levels...

Well that didn't exactly work as planned but it still told Danny several useful things, mainly that there were raw sources of magic, that he could sense the presence of it in even in living being, as well as the fact that he could that he could sense shifts and mana itself and the ambient levels. Compared to that the knowledge that something he couldn't see was happening was almost unimportant. Still he was curious and had an easy way to find out what was going on. He raised the source crystal up and got another message just as he was about to use it.

Some of your MP has been Drained.
Your MP is Low.

His first instinct was to simply meditate and thus recharge his MP, but he quickly realized that with an undead enemy he couldn't see or hear around that would be a bad idea. He doubted Jason was the one who drained him since he knew something was happening, something he probably couldn't help with so that left only one option. He looked for anything that looked a safe spot to hide from regular monsters and hoped Jason could handle whatever was going on while he hid. "I am no help in this situation, so you'l have to handle it on your own."

@Duthguy Roach Boy is accepted! Reminds me of a cross between Spider-man and Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes.

The Spider-man part was intentional, as for Blue Beetle my knowledge from him comes from Linkara and was completely accidental. In fact now that I think about him furthering his mutation is probably based on the Man-Spider arc from the 90's Spider-man cartoon, my introduction to Peter Parker


You used Monster Analysis II! You used Source Crystal Shard!

The Source Crystal Shard has no charge remaining. Restoring the charge will consume the remainder of your MP. Do you wish to recharge it?

Danny decided not to recharge the source crystal again, in case he might his remaining mana for an attack, sure he could easily recharge himself but what if he got attacked while meditating.Realizing how low his mana reserves were he decided that he would need to develop another way to recharge as well some physical skills, though just having a potential limitless amount would be great as well. Speaking of which "Hey, did you know you could technically have unlimited mana but that it also acts as your stamina and health?"

Since he hadn't gotten up yet and he doubted Jason would him behind he meditated again. During that quiet time spent thinking he got an idea that might let him see his partner without relying on the crystal, even though he knew it was a long shot.

While walking to the East he occasionally looked at where he though the Slime was and tried using Magic Analysis I, something he repeated until they were either attacked, he got a positive result , he got another warning about being low on mana or it got dark.

"I think we should settle for the night, you?" While he and Jason couldn't talk to each other Danny had no doubt tat the Slime would have some way to let him know if he agreed or not or at the very least not abandon him. Feeling something cold move past him several times eventually convinced him that Jason wanted to keep moving. "Not a fan of moving in the dark but sleeping in the open might not be smart either." Since he somewhat agreed and wasn't willing to argue he just kept walking.

Whew my longest post yet, by a lot

Secret Identity – Rick Harley
Codename – Roach Boy
Age – 17
Powers – Thanks to his cockroach DNA Rick has superhuman speed, though nothing overly impressive, and is able to run 70 miles per hour with the increased reflexes to match. He is also much stronger than the average human and can lift a maximum of 1500 pounds. Finally he can hold his breath for 40 minutes.
Weaknesses – He can't stand the cold as it makes him lethargic and if he stays exposed to temperatures of 32 Fahrenheit or below for long enough it can kill him. Also while he is tougher then baseline humans he is far below of being bullet or knife proof.
Personality – Intelligent, determined, levelheaded, honest, brave
Experience – One month
Day Job – Student

How did Arrowcaster find you?

It wasn't that hard to guess that the kidnapped and injected with cockroach DNA Rick was the same person as the new roach themed hero.


When Rick was ten years old he was kidnapped by a mad scientist obsessed wanting to create an army of super humans. The experiments performed on him consisted of repeated injections of genetically altered cockroach DNA and exposure to nonlethal amounts of radiation. Luckily he and several other guinea pigs were saved three weeks later with Rick being the only one to show zero signs of any kind of mutation.

However during puberty Rick began to notice his powers slowly developing. At first he thought it was a coincidence but a quick check of both his abilities and weakness to cold made it very likely it was due to the cockroach DNA. About nine weeks ago his powers reached their current level and he eventually decided to become a superhero hoping that the fact he hadn't been in the news for over five years meant most people would have forgotten about the kidnapping incident.

How will your character be different one year later?

He will use the resources of the hideout and the connections he made as a superhero to further the experiments performed on him on his own terms, first gaining the ability to grow an exoskeleton at will further increasing his strength and making him tougher. A while later he will add roachlike wings and finally accelerated healing and the ability to regrow lost limbs.

Sample Post – (Arrowcaster recruiting your character)

Rick still couldn't believe someone had found out who he was after just one month. He had known it was likely but he had taken precautions, like only going after small time thugs and never operating closer than a forty minute run from where he lived, sure his super hero and theme were a big hint but still.

At least this Arrowcaster guy didn't seem like a villain and if his offer was true it was too good to pass up on. "All right, a superhero team seems like a good idea and I clearly need more help than I thought."
Paul Logan

At Alice's suggestion the group went into the next room after Albrecht had completely incinerated the marble he had dropped in the hole. The combination of the grave stones and the sound of someone being dragged made Paul nervous and without saying anything he took out his metal baseball bat, since he didn't want to waste energy carrying his ax around which he could summon when ever he needed it.

Since he didn't know if the cause of the dragging sound had already heard them or not he was quiet the entire time but at every intersection or turn they came across he left an indention in the ground with his bat to make it easier to find their way back.

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