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I'm willing to give it a shot at least
Before Issei could even proces the invitation to a chatroom Manaka changed topics to a test of their Digimon and a mega-level threat they would have to avoid, the last part was kinda redundant in his mind since the group only had Champions as far as he could tell. He didn't get the time to mention that as the floor disappeared underneath them and they all started falling.

When they finally landed the first thing Issei noticed were the two girls on top of him. Part of him wanted to make a joke about how it wasn't the best scenario but he quickly decided against it. It was only a bit later that he noticed that half of the group was missing. The posters, kitchen and monitoring station went unnoticed by him for the most part due to his line of sight from the floor. "Not that two cute girls on top of me is a nightmare, but do you think you could get off?" He hoped he didn't offend them but also felt that a joke might break any tension after what just happened.
It seemed like Manaka had actually managed to convince most of the people to join her, even if not everyone was happy about it. Issei had to admit that took some skill and even wondered if it might somehow be more impressive than her finding them all. Before he could think too much about it though he was thrown off by what would normally be just a strange comment by flower girl but given the context and her smirk was probably meant exactly the way he interpreted it.

Luckily Issei didn't get a chance to make a fool out of himself thanks to all the Digimon arguing. "Come on, let me show them who is boss, boss. "Why do you always wanna fight? So far these Digimon don't seem to be actually hostile." Issei thankfully used the distraction his two Digimon offered and took out his Digvice to talk to his two Garurumon directly."Reg's right Shadow, there is no need to fight."
Having killed one the Goblins Danny forced himself to turn around to deal with the one behind him, unaware that Jason had already knocked him out. When he saw the unconscious Greenskin he lifted his cudgel and prepared to do the same thing but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Not only didn't he have the strength the Poltergeist hated the thought of killing another sentient being in cold blood.

Instead he decided to loot the Goblin's body, looking for any healing items. "Jason, I'm gonna see if he has anything that can help me. Keep an eye on him would you?" He was surprised at how weak his voice sounded but knew he couldn't worry too much about that right since panicking wouldn't help. After he was done looting he moved on to the dead Goblin, trusting his partner to help him if the Goblin came too despite hating the fact the had to turn his back to him again. He briefly wondered if it wouldn't have been better to let the undead Slime check the bodies but since Danny couldn't really do anything if they were attacked again he had to deal with the pain that came with lifting bodies and just moving.

Issei wasn't sure what to do after hearing Manaka's speech. If Thor did indeed go as far as she claimed then they had to be stopped and preferably beforehand. But he had no way of knowing if she was telling the truth about or about putting an end to the account raiding. One of the girls spoke up in a way that she might agree if she would be paid for it, but unlike the girl who had been talking to him and seemed to be hired she claimed that she needed the money which if true he wouldn't judge her for.

Manaka showing of her two Digimon and going on about how they would at least against Thor with their Digimon didn't help to convince either. However Issei had gotten curious and if she was beng honest than he didn't want to be on the sidelines. "All right, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but if I ever feel like we're going too far I'm out."
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Amari, Hideaki - Aki-kun

Hideaki didn't know what he was expecting to find but a gun wasn't it. He was surprised how heavy it was and wondered if the weight meant it was loaded or not. He didn't spend too much wondering though as he had weird robed humanoid monsters to deal with. After fiddling with the gun around he hoped he had managed to take the safety off cause whoever dropped it would be extremely stupid otherwise.

Not wanting to hit chuuni-chan he aimed at the approaching creature the farthest away from her. "Stop or I will shoot!" He really hoped they would listen cause he had absolutely zero desire to actually pull the trigger. The fact that the noise might attract more creatures was actually the least of concerns but if he felt like he had to fire the gun he would.

@heroic2019 @Seirei No Hai@Vertigo

Amari, Hideaki - Aki-kun

During their entire trek through the not quite empty mall Hideaki forced himself to stay calm, knowing all too well that if he broke down a little he would break down all the way. If that happened he would be totally dependent on the the others and he refused to let that happen. He did his best not to see the transparent people or claw and bite marks everywhere. He really wished that he could convince himself it was all a dream but that would just be a different kind of breakdown so he suppressed that as well. Despite everything though he was glad that either the others didn't notice he had wet his pants during the fall or at least didn't point it out.

Eventually Hideaki got to take a break on a bench and pointedly ignored the strange circle made of what he really hoped was red paint. The chuunin on the other hand seemed curious about it and given how strange both it and their situation were he couldn't blame her. Still he knew he was on edge and took slow deep breaths as he looked around.

Naturally he noticed the trashcan and the note and his curiosity almost got the better of him. "No, I really don't want to know." Unfortunately it didn't seem like he could ignore it for very long as four bizarre humanoid monsters showed up. Two of the monsters approached him and the chuuni and Hideaki's first thought was to run away, abandoning her to her fate. As he got ready to run though he saw the faces of Orochi and the female student, both of whom were dead thanks to him and decided he refused to let anyone die. He also realized that Katsu probably would try to fight back and made his decision. Shaking in fear he let go of his pendant and reached into the trashcan, looking for whatever was in there.

I'm still in as well

While he didn't actually felt like he would ever like the girl Issei saw no reason to outright lie to her."Honestly, I was half expecting the whole thing to be a prank. But this seems a bit too big for something like that." To be fair though, he hadn't ruled it out completely just yet. After all this could all be one of those hidden camera shows, but in case he was wrong he would just play along.

The whole thing got even stranger when the person claiming to have invited them all showed up. Like everyone here she was hot but Issei could instantly tell she wouldn't be interested in him and her groping two girls practically eliminated any and all odds of the whole thing being a hidden camera show. Manaka, as she called herself, said that she had called them all to reform Jormungundr and get revenge at Thor.

Naturally such an outrageous claim got people talking and despite doubting it would work if "Manaka" was serious Issei reached for his little exit device hoping that no one would notice. After two of the girls voiced their disagreements with the whole plan he spoke up as well. "Yeah! I don't mind pulling some harmless pranks but some members of Jormungundr went way too far. Of course some helped people out as well but still.
As Issei looked around he noticed the two Sistermon as well as the fact that besides him everyone seemed to be female, and cute at that. He also noticed that at least several people had their Digimon out and briefly wondered if he should his Weregarurumon. He quickly decided against it since Shadow could be kinda territorial and he had no intention of starting a fight here

"You there, plain looking boy. Perhaps would you be willing to let me ask you a question?" Normally Issei would ignore anyone who addressed hom that way, not because he considered it an insult but just because the person referring to him like that usually had an ego or something. In this case though there was no way he could pretend not to she was calling out to him.

The instant he saw the girl he was sure his first impression was correct, if that was her actual outfit there was no way it was cheap plus it looked like it was designed to call attention to the wearer. "No way that she is the person who sent the invitation." "Sure, what do you want?"
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