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Bob Brown/Weaver

While Weaver felt proud of his idea to try and and temporarily blind the monkey, that didn't last long. The pink-suited Spider criticized him by bringing up some good points about it accidentally causing the monster to hurt civilians, not that Weaver even got a chance to respond as the Spider-monkey incepted his webbing with its staff and sent him flying. Yaaaaaaa-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!

Luckily though another Spider managed to grab him and help him safely but that also meant that she definitely just heard him scream kike Goofy. Thanks, just don't tell Disney about that. No way that I can afford a lawsuit.

After taking a second to calm down Weaver noticed that yet another Spider had taken it upon themselves to guide the civilians to safety which left him confused on what to do next. He briefly considered using his webbing so both secure himself to a building and to try and wrestle Spider-monkey's staff away but immediately rejected that idea. "You got any suggestions on how I can help?"
Bob Brown/Weaver

As Weaver was trying to make his way down, the spider-monkey proved it self to be a much bigger threat than he had assumed, by webbing up and throwing an entire bus of people. Luckily another Spider seemed to have it covered, even if Weaver was reasonably sure that he was known criminal himself, not that that really mattered at this point. Abandoning his plans to find the cause of the now closed portal and to save web-fluid he began heading back in the monster's direction, still doing his best not to be seen by it.

As Weaver got closer he noticed yet another Spider person swinging in, immediately going for a kick to the monster's head. Getting an idea on what he could do he made sure that he wouldn't accidentally hit his new ally and fired webbing from both his gloves, intending to cover the spider-monkey's eyes with it and distract it.

Bob Brown/Weaver

His apartment

Bob ignored the ringtone coming from the burnerphone the Fixer had given him, he already didn't like dealing with the guy usually but he definitely wasn't going to do any jobs this close to Christmas. Of course if he needed more webfluid or repairs it would unfortunately be a different story, in that aspect the arms dealer had him in this pocket.

It was almost a relief when Bob first saw the messages about the Giant spider-monkey. "Well at least that would explain why I didn't answer." He walked to the window of his appartement and looked outside to see if there was anyone in the alley below or near the windows across the street. Convinced the coast was as clear as it was going to be he changed into his costume and climbed the outside wall of his appartement building to the roof.

Jumping from roof to roof, only using his webs when he had no other choice, Weaver made his way to Times Square. ""It would be great if I arrived after someone else dealt with everything, would save me some time being out in this cold."

Despite Weaver's wishes when he arrived at Times Square the spidermonkey wasn't down yet but it did seem like several spider themed heroes were there to try deal with it. ""Could be worse, I suppose."

Weaver watched one of the other Spider jump off of the building they were on, seemingly ready to attack the giant and briefly considered joining in. After thinking it over though he decided to instead try and sneak behind the monster from the ground and maybe find who/whatever made the portal it came through and wallcrawled down.
Like most people here said I'm fine with getting a discord and fine with not getting one
<Snipped quote by Duthguy>

It's going to be interesting to see how he compensates for that. Especially when he comes across our story's enemies.

I can see him upgrading his helmet by adding an ironman style hud and having it display it all directions thanks to camera's, he won't have to make it himself after all
<Snipped quote by Duthguy>

I noticed. I thought it was an interesting choice, but wasn't sure on the why.

Yeah, he is gonna be in a disadvantage in fights but since I read that Spider-man uses his spider sense to determine good spots to attach to his web to while and I saw the gloves in the art I used for Weaver I got that idea. It was originally for another Spider-man rpg I considered joining a while back but I never got to making a character sheet
I do wonder if anyone noticed bob doesn't have spider sense, or that I did that because it works well with his gloves which spread his weight out over a much surface when web swinging
I hope you Americans had a good thanksgiving
I don’t know if I would call that rumors… He was pretty much outed.

I have removed the part about the rumors
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