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First, I want to thank everyone who applied for the roleplay. You could have dedicated your time and energy somewhere else and you took a chance on this RP, so I am thankful. If you didn't get into this RP, I promise it's not the end! The hope is to expand the Rangerverse into multiple RPs at some point, so there may be an opportunity down the road.

Without further ado, introducing:

Red Crystal Ranger: Aidan Gregor (@BenG85)
Yellow Crystal Ranger: Orville Nicholson (@rocketrobie2)
Green Crystal Ranger: Charlie Fox (@LG)
Blue Crystal Ranger: Jordan Hall (@Akayaofthemoon
Pink Crystal Ranger: Ryan McPhee (@Crimson Flame)

Congrats to those who have made it! When you get a chance, post your CS in the Characters area with a hider. If you have been given a color that is not what you submitted initially, be sure to make that change when you post.

The RP will start some time this week so be on the lookout for that! Any questions, shoot me a PM, post in the OOC, or hit me up on Discord. LG#9189.

Boo, unfair. Seriously though congrats to those made it in
Currently rereading One Piece, they are about to cross reverse mountain, and interested
@Duthguy Man, I LOVE chroma squad. My pfp on steam is something that I unlocked from that game ages ago. Turn based games aren’t always my jam but chroma squad was definitely one of the exceptions. Those Mech battles were awesome and all the customization was wicked.

I actually prefer turnbased games but am not usually a fan of tactical ones but Chroma Squad is simple enough that I can enjoy it
In case none of you heard it you should check out Chroma Squad an indie tactical rpg about making a sentai show, with multiple endings
As a guy patiently waiting on a “mature” Power Rangers adaptation, I appreciate this. I’ve been watching Dino Fury recently and enjoy it as if I’m back in the 90s watching the older versions 😂. My hope is to capture that same magic here. We’ve had a few RPs here that started off great, but due to my IRL issues, had to put a halt to it. I’m confident that this will be the best iteration by far.

You might wanna check out Gamma Rangers by the Cantrip Cast a ttrp of Power Rangers where the machine Empire managed to take over Earth
@ERode Interested
@Crimson Flame

For the element I'm thinking of fire or earth, as for temples either Rai or Kimiko
<Snipped quote by Duthguy>

Fan made armors are cool, there's going to be a bit in the CS requirements about special abilities and powers for the armors in case folks aren't as familiar with them. No one armor is going to be super OP compared to the others. There's like base armor stats in my head, but each suit can have a specialty: speed, stealth, durability, blast power, strength, etc.

There's a few dozen armors from the films that are each special in their own way, I usually go with one of them just with a different codename and such.

Yeah, that makes sense
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