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While Nathan was more than a little relieved that Lance decided to come with him, he had no idea what moves the bladed Pokémon could learn. Before he could really contemplate what they should do if they were attacked, a red eyed Pokémon jumped them.

Honestly the Seedot didn't really need Celina's warning thanks to it's eyes, but it was nice to see others being aware of stuf like that. As far as Nate knew he still was the only member of the group with an attack, so if the beaver Pokémon was hostile, and it was very likely that it was, he would have to the one to fight it.

Unfortunately that meant Nathan had to let it hit him and hope he lasted long enough for Bide to activate and hopefully take it. "Hey, bucktooth over here." As he taunted it he moved away from the cave and the others in hopes it would follow him.

@pr3acher Interested, and just like in the isekai I will probably end up using this fan made devil fruit
@catchamber Thanks
@catchamber Does it matter if I'm not familiar with Pathfinder?

Being focused on the battle Thokk missed the Kobold's impression of a fanged creature, but what he did see shocked him none the less. Raugar and the stranger had managed to fell the cyclops while he did nothing. Knowing that if this kept up he would be able to free the surviving members of his tribe he decided to take more risks in the future.

When he noticed the two frontline fighters head inside the hideout despite the screams of trogs being heard in the distance the half-orc made up his mind. He carefully made his way down,planning to cover the entrance of the hideout. When he noticed the Kobold loot the Cyclops however he rethought his plan and positioned himself in such way that as long as the troglodytes didn't came from the buildings he believed he would be in their way, and hopefully give the others enough time to prepare for combat.
Sorry for holding things up I didn't see see combat was over and occasionally checked the last post only to see Flood hadn't posted while missing the fact that they simply weren't the last to post whenever I checked
@pr3acher Actually if this rp happens it will be the second time I use that fruit, last time it didn't work out due to my character being too weak but with this concept I doubt it will happen again.
Celina was right, even if he could carry it back Nathan was unlikely to find any wood dry enough to burn, so instead he watched the carrot burn wondering how else he could use his knowledge to help.

When he heard the distant howling he got a bit worried about the group outside looking for food. "This could be bad, I don't know many Pokémon that howl, not counting the attack, but they are all predators and hunt in packs. If they found the others...." He didn't bother finishing his sentence since he was sure his point was clear.

He got up and walked to the cave entrance. "I'm going to look for them and at least warn them." He hoped that he didn't reveal how nervous he was. Sure the fact that he actually knew an attack gave him a huge advantage over everyone else, but the fact that he had to take damage in order to deal it was bad. He silently gulped and looked around for any prints he could follow before heading of.

Pity, I was planning to use this fan made devil fruit
Definitely interested, in fact I'm rereading one piece atm. I am up to water 7
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