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By the time Groundramon threw a log in the direction of a nearby human and Digimon it was clear to Stingmon who the hostile was here. Unfortunately there was no way for him to stop the log from where he was so he helplessly watched as Renamon pushed the human out of the way and took the full brunt of the hit.

As he wondered if he should try to help out the clearly dying digimon or go after the threat it seemed they handled things themselves as they clearly formed a contract and combined into a single entity. Relieved to see things ending on a decently happy note he was about to go chase after Groundramon when something he hadn't expected happened.

"Hey! Are you on the dragon's side or what?" Asahi couldn't believe the accusation. "What, are you stup..." Luckily he never got to finish that sentence as Jewelbeemon took over. Forgive my partner, but no we're not. In fact we were just about to deal with him.

@The World
It didn't take long before Stingmon heard something that sounded like a tree falling and he flew into the air, until he was the height of the nearby houses' roofs and started flying in the direction the sound came from. After just a little bit he spotted what looked like a Groundramon fighting a sasquatch. Not knowing who the agressor was he decided to observe the fight for now.

Since he had desire to waste energy or being seen Stingmon backed off a bit and landed hopefully unnoticed in a tree a few meters away from the fight. While his coloration made camouflage easier he wished he was the same size as Asahi so that he would fit easier instead of heaving to awkwardly crouch. Unfortunately he choose a weak branch and shortly after he landed it broke off, as unprepared for this as he was Stingmon actually ended up falling to the ground despite his wings.

"Can you go see what my parents are doing?" "Sure." While Jewelbeemon was out of the room Asahi grabbed his D-Scanner, which he had hidden in plain sight with several videogames and a few cheap electronic toys and clipped it to his belt. "They're watching tv." that was to be expected given the time but it never hurt to be sure. "How engrossed are they?" "Not that much." Sneaking out of the front door was out of the question in that case but there were other options.

Quietly Asahi exited his bedroom and entered his parents' room. Opening the window he climbed out, using the ivy covered lattice as a ladder. He knew he had to hurry cause it wouldn't support his weight long but he made it down without issue. He considered taking his bike from the shed but he didn't want to stay in the backyard for too long and instead just left.

The city's edge luckily wasn't that far but it was still a fifteen minute walk. Since neither of them actually expected there was anything serious going Asahi treated it as a simple walk. "I should have known it was just a trick to go out." Jewelbeemon wanted to argue with his partner but a deal was a deal and his training as a guard meant he couldn't leave a potential threat unexamined, especially since as far as he knew they were the only ones who could do anything about hostile Digimon.

After about twenty minutes they arrived close to the spot Groundramon appeared in but didn't see any sign of the Digimon. "There is definitely something going on here, be careful Asahi." "No need to worry, we can handle this." Jewelbeemon wanted to point out that combining might not be such a good idea since they would terrify any humans around and they had no concrete evidence that there was a Digimon around but Asahi had already taken out his digivice and while pointing the scanner at his partner pressed the button on it's side. "Jewelbeemon manifest as Stingmon. Execute!"

Whether he wanted to or not Jewelbeemon's consciousness retracted into Asahi's D-tector and a silhouette of his body overlapped with Asahi's. At the mention of their combined form's name the silhouette changed into a wireframe Stingmon which became more and more solid while Asahi's body faded away.

Asahi hated the fact that his parents didn't want him to leave the house for anything but school, ever since he came back form the Digital World, but while he had made plans to sneak out he never acted on them. He understood why his parents worried after all. So with nothing to do he was sitting in his room, doing his homework . "Ughh, I have been studying for 45 minutes already, surely one quick game can't hurt."

"Don't lie to yourself, you've been only been working for about 30 minutes and spent 15 minutes looking at pictures of those creatures you call cats." Jewelbeemon did his best not to sound too harsh, as he knew Asahi's true issue was feeling locked up, he had heard the human complain about that often enough after all. "That said a five minute break might get you to focus."

Feeling five minutes was too short Asahi wanted to complain but his partner had a point. Misclicking he opened a
news site instead of the game he wanted to play. He didn't really follow the news too closely but ever since finding out about the Digital World he kept an eye out for strange things going on

Feeling that he didn't have enough time to play the game he wanted anymore Asahi decided to just check out if there was interesting going in the forums. It turned out there might be something, apparently some weird noises including a falling tree had been heard nearby Toyo, but so far no one living nearby had gone out to look and it was stated that it was probably nothing. Still, Asahi saw this as an excuse to not spend another evening in his room. "What do you think JB? Worth checking out?"

The Spirit knew exactly what his partner was thinking, but as a guard he also knew better than to ignore a potential threat. "Fine, but if it is nothing we will come straight back."
@Duthguygonna have to run that one by me again, dude. I never used RPnation…

I checked and I made a mistake due to similar avatars
Speaking of Gen-1 water types while none of my plans are concrete yet I might get a krabby as my pokemon, just like in a different pokemon rp by TheNoCoKid over on Rpnation that never got started

<Snipped quote by Duthguy>

Sneasel is there. :P

Yes well, you are clearly not familiar with Dutch laws or you'd know it is illegal to acknowledge Weaville in any way, shape or form here except when you explain that law. Admittedly it only stayed because when that law was made in the 1940 it seemed like it would never come up and it was too much effort to undo it
@TheNoCoKid I asked because the art used either single stage or last stage Pokémon
@TheNoCoKid Does the Unity Phenomenon only work with fully evolved Pokemon?
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