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Although now that zats went to grandpa with an abstract he is unlikely to answer you

I didn't think of that.
Hobgoblin Zats

Zats was confused when Arch took out his bracelet and prayed to it but that confusion soon turned to actual horror as it seemed to fuse with the other Hobgoblin in a painful manner. "A..are you alright?" eventually the fusion seemed to stop and instead of the bracelet Arch now had a flower of some kind growing out of him.

Zats quickly realized this could be serious and decided they needed to talk to Grandpa. Figuring it might not be a good idea to touch Arch and not knowing if he could move on his own he figured that it was for the best if he went and brought the Elder over. "Wait here, I'm going to get help."

Since this clearly had something to with Shirila Zats wished Gina was there, sure his girlfriend did not know as much as Grandpa but she was still the High Priesteres. He pushed those thoughts away and focused on the matter at hand, as he could already see his target.

"Grandpa, grandpa! Something is wrong with Arch. I was showing him a skill, when that bracelet of his fused with him and now he has a flower growing out of his arm!"

@Darked13 @Jangel13

<Snipped quote by Jangel13>
Yeah, I figured as much. Personally, I'm guessing it'd take analysing monsters to earn the skill at the very least if one exists at all, but for now, Aya's going to be analysing anything that moves in any case.

There is creaturologist and while that skill just shows where best to strike it does imply there are other skills to be gained from analyzing creatures
>[x] Gather Mud
Okay a small explanation for everyone not involved in the previous rpg about Gina. Even then Zats was intended to be a semi loner, mostly due to some level of social awkwardness, who still cared about the tribe and his siblings. Anyway on the first or second day hunting he teamed up with Gina, a female Goblin, who turned out to love climbing trees. Gina seemed to really like Zats and the two of them hit it of in general. Before long they were the first and only couple in the rp, downside was Zats didn't get a lot of time to practice skills outside of battle. Fast forward to the church Gina somehow contacted Shirila through her shrine and revealed her desire to climb the world tree.

Shirila, weakened, because some other god or Goddes was taking her place among the humans ended up making her her high priest, and later made Zats Gina's guardian and entrusted him with the Everoak shield a magic artifact, though I can't remember what t does, despite Zats admitting he wasn't sure she was a God and only doing it for Gina's sake.

And that is how due to story progression an agnostic magic inclined loner ended up being a physical powerhouse with a shield given to him by a Goddess so he could protect his high priest girlfriend and I learned story trumps character concept. Mind you that summary probably wasn't 100 percent accurate since it was a while back and I wrote it from memory.
>[x] Make a fishing rod
<Snipped quote by Duthguy>

I knovv he is doing his best, even Arch understood. xD

Regarding Gina's stuff, I think vve should ask @Jangel13. Not sure vvho vvas her player and if they are still around

Not the best way to handle it I will admit I edited the part about in Gina later and @mentoining doesn't work in that case so I didn't make it clear that that was meant for @Jangel13
Hobgoblin Zats

Zats was about as satisfied with the explanation Arch gave him as Arch was with his explanation, but he understood that a church wasn't exactly the best place to discus moving without being noticed. He wished he could offer more advice on Earth Call (lesser) but it wasn't like the summary of the kill was a wealth of information either.

Luckily Arch asked a rather smart question, unfortunately even the first time he used it on the loose page he just willed it to come to him so it was no help. He shook his head. "Good question, but no. I even got it just by willing something light enough to come to me. Then something clicked, he had even known about it before but didn't consider it important. "You do need to be attuned to Shirali.." No that was the wrong name, what was she called again? ""The "Goddess" of Nature for it to work."

@Darked13 @Jangel13

<Snipped quote by Jangel13>

And thus I shed many tears! Since I'll be trying to copy him just now! xD (Arch's also refraining from stabbing him after the HIGHLY IN DEPTH EXPLANATION because he has nothing to stab with.)

Hey, don't blame him he has told you everything he knows about how to use the skill.

Also did everything with Gina from the last rp still happen? Cause if not I have no idea how Zats got attuned to Shirila and if it did what happened to her?
"Stop playing that music 24/7 already! I haven't slept for three days."
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