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Not really named Silvaka

"My apologies-jika. This body is just too large-ojika." That sentence pretty much convinced Takeshi that the reindeer-man at least was also from Earth. combined with the presence of the cowboy this had to be the right group. "Why are you thinking of food and hunting? It's hardly the time for such things, mind our situation." a new arrival who jumped out from the trees asked. He understood the American's point though they were in a strange forest with no idea of knowing when they would arrive at a settlement of any kind

Before he could say anything though a humanoid squirrel showed up and the male elf started talking. Takeshi didn't really have a context for Aloe's titles but he had no doubt they were meant to impressive given the whole dramatic flair he added to his words.

When the portal was opened the other elf was the first Earthling to go through but not before calling herself Emperor, making Takeshi wonder if either language they all seemed to speak didn't have a word for empress or if something was else going on.

The American questioned the wisdom of not letting the armed person go first. "I take it she never even considered it might be dangerous." Embarrassingly enough Bill had already gone through the portal by the time he responded with the squirrel chasing after him to prevent him from hurting anyone without reason.

Before long another another newcomer and the woman with cat ears had also gone through. Not wanting to be the last one through Takeshi made his way to the portal only to be beaten to it by the tree jumper. Shrugging it off he stepped through the portal and too the other side.
Takeshi Gima AKA Silvaka

Due to his cautiousness it took Takeshima a while to reach the origin of the light but eventually he heard someone. "Pleasure to meet the rest of y'all, I'm William Jones, but I prefer if ya call me Big Bill." He wasn't too up on American names but even he knew Bill was one, so he figured that the speaker was from Earth though if he was American Takeshi wondered how he could understand what the guy was saying. Still rather than question it he picked up his pace and arrived at the clearing before much longer.

The group already there was an odd one for sure, there was a male elf, some guy with blue hair and animal ears, an excited looking boy, a cute but short girl with green hair, a guy with brown anime protagonist hair, some kind of short horned reindeer man, a female elf also cute, a cowboy, and a woman with cat ears. With such diversity there was no way that was a random group of people.

He wondered what the best way to introduce himself was, after all making a good impression on the people you would be fighting alongside could't hurt. "Eh hey, I take it you were also summoned by Aleala." Well that definitely wasn't it, he mentally facepalmed. "My name is Ta.... Silvaka."
@IceHeart Is my character okay?

Niels Timmermans

“Niels. Would you mind letting us know why it took you so long to get here? Everybody else ran over as soon as we heard the bang.”

Crap, he hadn't thought about that his whole reason to arrive after the others was to make sure they wouldn't mistake him for the killer just because he found the body after all. Luckily there was an easy though far from perfect explanation. "After yesterday I was scared and decided to stay safely in my room until I was sure I wouldn't catch the killer in the act and became their next victim if they were out murdering again."
Lauren has my vote
While Danny's use of Lesser Force did succeed in breaking twigs and making noise the him becoming the center of the Goblins' attention wasn't planned. Luckily going by what he heard it seemed they overestimated the threat he posed making him hope he had a good change to escape without a fight.

When the kid got out from the rock and slowly made his way to the cave he didn't do anything, hoping the Goblins would't notice that they were both relatively easy prey. He wondered what business a human could have in that cave but he figured that with no longer there the kid would probably be fine, still part of him wanted to follow if only to satisfy his own curiosity despite the risk of running into Asura and his crew.

Any plans of stealthily going after the human disappeared from Danny's mind when he heard the female Goblin that challenged Crispy say something about burning shortly before the bush caught on fire. Moving away from the Goblin he left his hidingspot as quickly as he could before running away with Faster. Man, I really have to get Fireball." As he ran he tried to pick up any vibrations in the ground that might mean he was being followed or that there were other threats nearby.

While Trevor went to get the revive Nathan walked over to the sleeping Murkrow. "Alright I can understand being reluctant about attacking sleeping Pokemon, but I really think we should do something about these guys. Not only can they wake up at any second but since they can fly outrunning them won't be an option." Despite what he said he wasn't attacking them, having decided to see if anyone had any other ideas before doing something he couldn't undo.

Takeshi Gima

When he didn't hear or see any dangerous animals Takeshi relaxed and dropped his guard. He soon realized that he didn't recognize any of the plants growing in this forest, though that didn't say much he never was a huge expert on flora and fauna anyway. After he had walked aimlessly for around 10 minutes he saw a huge flash of light somewhere to, he assumed, the north-east.

Not having any better ideas he figured that he might as well check it out in case any other Earthlings had the same idea or were there from the start. On the other hand the light could just a natural phenomenon or even a trap of some kind. "Man I really wish I had a weapon of some kind or at least armor." Still at the moment at least it was his best bet to find someone.
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