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I think this link as well as this one should help you give you some more ideas as well. As for my ideas they will no doubt need work but here they are

Ring of heat: A small silver ring with a round red stone engraved with a stylized flame set in it. Allows the user to send out hot beams of red light. Based on the Fire-ring from Captain Planet

Fan of gusts: By waving this fan around the user generates a strong gust of wind. Based on the Bansho-fan from dragonball

Terra Flail: Resembling a ball of stone attached to a silver crucifix-shaped mace handle connected by a long chain. The stone balls grows giant if the user swings it around. Based on the The Terra Sling Mace from Mystic Knights of Tir na nog

Boots of water walking: As the name suggests these waterproof boots allow the wearer to walk on water.

Gloves of stickiness: Even though those leather gloves only cover the wearer's hands the effect applies to their whole body. By wearing these gloves a person can stick to any dry non-slippery surface at any angle they desire.

Some other Items I came across by accident The Dagger of many daggers and The Lance of the restless seas
@Rockin Strings I have seen a few of the episodes of xaolin showdown and enjoyed them, seen avatar the last airbender legend of Aang in it's entirety but don't have a lot of D&D experience

You didn't answer my questions though. Will we be using the classical elements or are things like light, wood, steel and so on also allowed?
And are you interested in suggestions for items?
I have some ideas for items if you're interested in that but no desire to be co-gm
Interested. Will we be using the classical elements or are things like light, wood, steel and so on also allowed?

Name: Wohluck
Gender: Male
Species: Onu-Matoran

Description: While Wohluck would never deny the wisdom that can be learned from studying the past he doesn't believe all the answers lay there. As a result he isn't scared to try and come up with solutions on his own though they of course don't always work out.

He enjoys being active and has no interest in becoming an Archivist since he feels like a deskjob would be nothing for him. Sometimes he wishes he had a different element since the light sensitivity makes it hard to play any sports above ground and the narrow tunnels prevent him from playing them underground. In fact while Wohluck is far from claustrophobic he prefers wide open space to the tunnels his job takes him to. Despite these minor complaints he loves Onu-Crongo and has no desire to leave, though if his duty ever requires it of him he will do so without complaint.

Wohluck can be brutally honest at times and sometimes tells others what he thinks they need to hear. He is actually pretty good at dealing with criticism since he generally takes it as advice on how to improve. That said his reaction is completely different when said criticism comes from someone he doesn't respect.

Maroran - Wohluck is a compact Matoran, with a build that seems perfect for narrow tunnels. Most of his armor is black but he has a horizontal wavy purple line across his chest. His four fingered hands have a large tan circle on their backs, which can also be found on the top of his three toed feet. Every part of him not covered in armor which includes his neck, legs, and arms is grey.

Toa- Wohluck's armor is still mostly black. However his it now covers his upper arms and legs as well with a vertical orange version of the line on his Mantoran torso on his round shoulder pads. His feet have become bigger to match his new size though he lost his individual toes while his hands gained a fifth finger. His chest now has four rings on it, one for each secondary color found on Onu-Matorans.

Element: Earth

Mask: Kanohi Mopiki Mask of Adhesion (powerless)
Allows the wearer to stick to any surface at any angle as long as the surface isn't wet or slippery. This mask has an array of lenses covering one eye which allow the wearer to determine if a surface can be clung onto. Due to the lenses this mask has only one visible eye-hole on the right side with a similar shaped but smaller hole directly below it.

Occupation: Wohluck is a Lightstone miner.

One pickaxe


A single lightstone

Danny's new skill didn't act exactly as he had expected but he was sure that with enough time and practice he could refine it, that is how it had worked so far. Just when he was about to try again it seemed the meat was done and he took it down. After extinguishing the fire with an Aqua Orb he forced himself to eat the heart since he knew it was rich in iron. He still was reluctant though since it belonged to a sentient creature, on the other hand he had eaten Goblin meat before and managed to convince to dig in a lot easier this time.
After his first bite he noticed something happening to the spot where Jason said he was going to sleep and despite being reasonably certain it was his partymember Danny used Magic Analysis I, Monster Analysis II and Mana Vision I on that spot just in case it was that spirit Jason had accidentally released from his hold earlier.

After he confirmed it was indeed the undead slimemage Jason set about burying the dead Goblin while seemingly praying to someone named Onogoro and Danny took the time to finish eating the heart and meditate. When the Goblin was buried Jason suggested they get a move on to avoid having to deal with more Goblins something Danny fully agreed with. "Yeah, good idea. I have some meat for you if you want it though." He held up the skewer with the non heart meat on it and started levitating so he didn't leave footprints for any Goblins to follow.He made sure not use his Faster skill since he didn't want to lose Jason but still kept up the pace.

Issei honestly didn't know what to do, the papers on the breakroom could be important but losing Elecmon could make things even worse. If at least one of the girls was behind him things would be a lot easier as they could split up. His two Digimon wouldn't be much help here either, there was no way they could fit in the vents and sending them to collect the papers would likely ruin them since the canine Digimon would no doubt have to try and pick the documents with their mouths.

He quickly decided to keep going after Elecmon and hope at least one of the girls would come up after him or he got a chance to come back. Before continuing he tried writing a message in any present dust and grime. "Check out room, could be important." That done he moved forward as fast as he could while still hopefully quiet enough not to reveal his presence to his prey.
Danny was happy to finally get Fireball, now he just needed an Earth Elemental and he would have at least one spell related to all the elements he knew for a fact had spells associated to them. Not that he was gonna quit here, since if three if the classical elements could be controlled Air would likely be the same. That said he knew full well that he wasn't in any position to spend hours training skills, though the different parameters for Fireball were interesting and he would have to mention it to Jason later.

For now though since he had already formed an incomplete Fireball by pulling energy or whatever from the fire to his Mana Orb Danny decided to at least use it before he started cooking. Seeing the failed fireballs burst earlier gave him an idea for something that could eventually become an area of effect spell.

He "threw" the red fireball in the direction with the least amount of plants, and after it moved a few feet tried to use Lesser Force III from the inside to force the mana to the outside in as many directions as possible. If he saw any sign of it causing a fire he would use Aqua Sphere to put it out.

Done with his skill training Danny took out the Flak beetle mandible and used it in an attempt to cut the Goblin's chest open. If he succeeded he would then use the Sharp Stone to cut out his heart since he was sure it contained a lot of iron. That done he would then use the stone get as much meat from the chest as possible before impaling it all on the Curved Stick. With the help of the two Forked Sticks he placed it over the fire, occasionally rotating it around so the meat wouldn't burn. "System, show level and experience."

Current Status:
You are Hungry.
Your thirst is Quenched.
You are Somewhat Tired.
Your HP is around half.
Your MP is Full.
Your Stamina is getting lower.
You are Fine.

You used Plant Analysis I! You used Magic Analysis I!
---Kilm Tea---
Made from mixing Kilm Blossoms with regular water, this tea inherits pain killing and anti-inflammatory properties from the plant. This particular dose wasn't made with any particular skill and hasn't been heated, so it's rather thick and has a very bitter flavor.

That system info was useful though Danny didn't really know what he could do about his stamina besides try and eat something and for that he needed a fire. Speaking of fires he really wished he had boiled the tea Jason give him first but what done is done. He repeated his process of creating a fireball, including the chanting. He wasn't expecting a different result but he had an idea and having a bigger fire would make things easier.

As he expected the red colored mana orb exploded again and hoping that the "campfire" was big enough Danny started the second stage of learning fireball. The poltergeist wanted to copy the method he used to gain Aqua Sphere a while back and formed another Mana Orb in his hand. Carefully aiming at the strongest embers he fired it toward the burning wood hoping to infuse it with fire.

If that didn't work he would first Meditate before recharging the Source Crystal with as much mana as he could get into it before. Afterwards he would make another incomplete fireball and ignite the wood a third time. Using the Crystal over one eye and Mana Vision I in the other he would study any fire mana in the embers and with the help of Lesser Force III try to drag a few of them over towards him as he formed yet another Mana Orb.
The girls were right, going after that Elecmon was probably smart. Still Issei wasn't sure why he had to go, but now wasn't the time to argue about that. As he made his way to the rope black panties girl summoned her Digimon to help deal with what ever opposition was coming and he briefly wondered if he should leave behind one of his Garurumon just in case. He quickly decided against it as he didn't know what to expect himself. "Okay Reg, Shadow I might run into some trouble myself. Be ready to materialize when I say the word Thor" "All right, I'm in the mood for a good fight boss". " Just be careful."

With his preparations done Issei began climbing the rope, in pursuit of Elecmon. Despite the risk he took of enemies coming after him he didn't pull the rope up in case the girls needed a quick getaway. "I'm leaving the rope down just in case, good luck!"
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