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Hobgoblin Zats

The next morning after waking up Zats wondered if he should go out on his own or if he should help some of his younger siblings. Either option had it's advantages, on his own he would be able to do and hunt whatever he wanted but helping the Goblins grow stronger benefited the tribe as a whole.

Eventually since he couldn't reach a conclusion Zats sat down next to the church-doors and waited to see if any of the Goblins would ask him to accompany them before he grew bored bored of waiting and set out on his own.

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Could be interesting
Seems we are going through a slowdown...

Yeah and a big one
Momo didn't like the fact that they were bringing the civilians back inside the building where the Pageless could steal their energy but it was better than letting them get hit by one of those rods. While Monarch and Merlin set up an impressive system of barriers and butterflies to increase their vision she had a much simpler way to try and find their mysterious attacker.

First though she made sure the civilians on Kiba's back were as safe as possible by depositing them on the floor against the wall and having the large dog stand in front of them. "Okay try to get a hold of the attacker's scent or hear their movement, but don't move from here until you have a good idea of where they are." By saying it out loud she risked whatever Pageless was doing this overhearing the plan but unlike with Akamaru she couldn't trust Kiba to obey her unspoken commands.

Unfortunately for Momo her plan to find the attacker got a lot more dangerous when they revealed to be willing their rods while indoors, even though it gave her and the others at least an idea of where the attacker was. While she trusted her friends to defend themselves she didn't like the idea of leaving the workers unguarded, but since both Kiba and she herself now knew the attacker most likely was the large two headed dog took off in the direction the rods came from, more than ready to tear whatever Pageless was doing this to pieces.
Momo didn't need to be told that twice. With the first office worker she collected on Kiba's back she headed in a different direction then Monarch and before she had collected another two civilians. Unfortunately she had no idea what to do with them since Kiba was too big for either the stairs or elevator. Dismissing him wasn't an option either as that would leave her with Cerberus who wouldn't even fit into the building.

Just as Momo was cursing herself for not sticking with Akamaru she heard Monarch say something about a portal. "Just what I needed. Thanks." She had no idea if the magical boy heard her but that didn't matter. She sent her steed through it and appeared on the outside.

Before she could make sure there weren't any Pageless hiding down there to gather more energy without being attacked she saw some kind of large poles or something fly in the direction of the building but had no idea where they came from, nor did she see the shadowy form darting about. None of that was important though. "Monarch, something is going on up there! We have to go back in."
For a second Momo was surprised by the rush of energy she felt until she spotted Yuri. "Thanks for that!" While the power up wasn't as useful in her case as it would be for the others she was grateful for it and she and Akamura dispatched the Pageless. With that done she wanted to head back in the fray but was stopped by what Ayaka said.

Momo briefly considered sending the giant dog off on it's own but decided against it. Without her needing to say a word Akamaru knew what his mistress wanted him to do and began running towards the closest worker.

Just as the dog picked the guy up by the collar of his clothes one of the Pageless took advantage that with his mout full he had one less way to attack and delivered a nasty gash with it's claw to Akamura's side which if he had been a normal dog would no doubt bleed pretty bad, of course he wasn't a normal dog and wasn't actually hurt. Still not wanting to risk the civilian getting hurt Momo flipped the page of her Grimoire and the horse sized dog got replaced with what looked a larger, more aggressive two headed version of itself.

Kiba disdainfully threw the guy on his back before literally biting the head off of the Pageless. Momo could feel he wanted to fight more but she was able to control him enough to look for the next civilian to save.
"You got it, Robin!"With Robin distracting the Pageless Momo took the opportunity to even the numbers a little bit. While she still wished that she could summon her dogs in any order she wanted Akamaru should be able to handle the weaker monsters. She opened her Grimoire and in less than a second the relatively large white Akamaru appeared out of nowhere. "You know what to do." Momo wasn't gonna lie. Of her three summons Kiba was her favorite, bigger and stronger than Akamaru but easier to control than Cerberus, still any fight that ended before she was forced to release her second dog was a good one.

The dog did indeed know what to do and ignoring the Jack-in-the-box went after some of the smaller shadowy Pageless, after its Master had gotten on its back of course.

Akamaru caught one of the shadows in its jaws, allowing Momo to punch it without being able to run. Unfortunately it still had one free arm and could and did punch back even using its claws to draw a little bit of Momo's blood but it wasn't a serious injury.

Hobgoblin Zats

Zats was relieved when he and the others went back into the church before the doors closed, while he had been willing to spend the night outside he wasn't looking forward to it. "Good night, guys." He looked for a comfortable spot on the church floor and tried to go to sleep. It took him a while before he succeeded as he not only wondered how to improve his Earth Call (lesser) but after the earlier conversation he had with Wan and Arch whether Shirila really was a Goddess or not, after all he carried a shield she gave him and Gina seemed to believe in her enough to leave him the tribe.

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So did we go back to the church or are we still outside? It would be easiest for Jangel to keep track if everyone went to sleep at the same time.
Name: Momo Hanabira
Age: 17

Description: An average student and animal lover. Momo is energetic and outgoing. She prefers hanging out with friends over being alone and can have trouble understanding when people need some time alone.
Grimoire: Every magical girl begins her story with one unique grimoire, a mystical story book that somehow found its way into her possession.
Title: The soldier's tinderbox
Description: The story of a soldier that gets a tinderbox that allows him to summon up to three giant loyal dogs.
Abilities: Like the soldier from the story she can summon up to three giant dogs of different sizes. She can only summon one at a time and it goes in order from smallest and weakest to biggest and strongest. The order resets each time she transforms.

  • Akamaru the first and smallest of the three dogs. The weakest of the three but the easiest to control.
  • Kiba The second and second biggest dog
  • Ceberus The last and biggest dog. The most powerful of the three but also the hardest to control.

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