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After sitting down Zerry inspected the other Sea Reavers, finally spotting Poppy and a little surprised that the Tontattan recognized him. Before he could say anything though Poppy revealed a question of her own.

"Any word from the Captain-resu?" Not a question Zerry had wanted to hear, in fact he had hoped they would know more about Magdalena. Luckily before he could dash their hopes by admitting he didn't know anything either more crewmembers showed up, someone wearing a marine jacket but not showing any hostility, another cloaked figure and the easily recognizable Louis tapping on the window. "Just got here myself."

Not even a minute later news of a pirate attack reached the bar and while Zerry at first only listened to what the messenger had to say out of curiosity his description of the single troublemaker quickly caught not only his interest but, clearly, that of the rest of the group as well. "Should have known the captain would show up sooner or later."

As everyone stood up one of the bar patrons proved to either be a bit smarter or better at guessing than everyone else as he seemed to have picked up on the fact that the group were pirates. Before the serving girl could show if she was lying about her skills with her shotgun though Handel came up with a quick lie about them all being marines. "If that pirate is who we all think it is we're gonna have a fight on our hands. You civilians better stay out of this." Zerry hoped they would listen to his advice, he had no desire to fight civilians but he wasn't gonna just let them hurt any of the remaining Sea Reaver Pirates.
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Nice Vriska avatar and with a name like that I have to ask are you Dutch as well?
While part of Zerry still hoped that other crewmembers would show up, he also knew it was basically a miracle that so many of them had managed to escape. He had had it pretty easy in that regard since he could just swim away from the battle. On the other hand as a Fish-Man he kinda stood out among humans so it was lucky that so much of the planet was covered in water.

Figuring that Shelburgh was just as likely a place for any survivors to try and meet up Zerry decided to head there. It wasn't an easy journey since he could neither travel by ship or ask anyone for directions but after ending on the wrong island a few times he succeeded, and much faster than he had expected.

It looked like Shelburgh was still celebrating the downfall of the Sea Reavers and while Zerry wasn't happy about it it also meant that a stranger wouldn't draw as much as attention as usual. After sneaking around at the edge of town he managed to find a cloak big enough to hide his appearance making the Fish-Man confident enough to head deeper in.

Careful not to draw any attention to himself while not revealing how nervous about being caught he was Zerry made his way to a tavern. The first thing he noticed was a group toasting about something but as he looed around, not expecting to be lucky, he recognized a few of his crew members sitting in a corner.

Zerry casually approached them, moving his hood just enough that the Sea Reavers should be able to tell who he was, and after grabbing an empty chair from a different table joined them. "It's good to see you."
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~"The Noble Houses don't deserve to have that much power."~
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