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Dorian Underwood

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: Outside The Big House; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With:Erin Chase, Adeline Vos(@Vicier), Kyrin Nahng(@Rodiak), Greyson Davies(@Moro), Spencer McNight(@Zenritch)

Dorian managed to stand firmly when Erin ran into him. Now wasn't the time for him to be weak. Physically or emotionally. He needed to be Erin's rock with plushed edges. Their lives were one big circus, but they were each other's net. No matter the chaos, no matter the danger as long as they had each other they knew they were safe. When their eyes met he could see the glimmer in her brown eyes from the tears that were preparing for an encore performance. She had been crying. Just what exactly did she experience during her prophecy telling? His eyes drifted up to the attic and back down to Erin.

He started to lift his hands to hug her when he heard a voice he didn't recognize. His hands dropped back down to his side before he saw... a complete stranger. Well, no apparently not complete. He knew Erin and she knew him. He heard her call him Spence. He must have been a new camper that arrived during the school year. He didn't know why, but there was something about him that he didn't like and it wasn't just his terrible stench. He smelled like he had spent a century bathing in a Tartarus swamp. Was he another child of the Underworld? He didn't scream son of Hades. Maybe one of the other under-deities were his parent, but he thought only his father and Hades left the realm to "date".

Another voice interjected. This one belonging to someone he at least knew, but wasn't close to. It was Kyrin, a son of Aphrodite. Had he been there the whole time? Dorian stepped back once Erin flinched and shirked away from them. It was getting crowded and it seemed like the party had a couple of more guests. He turned to see Adeline and Greyson. This wasn't good. Erin already didn't like being around people and as much as they cared for her, himself included, they were only going to make things worse. Her anxiety wouldn't be able to handle the pile on of everything and everyone at once.

"..I'm done... I want no part in any of this... when time is up; Ares knows where he can find me. I'm not going anywhere..."

Dorian heard Erin's words, but refused to accept them. He understood why she didn't want to leave. It was the same reason she hadn't left all this time. Camp was safe and inside this barrier nothing, not even her past could hurt her. But he wouldn't accept that Erin would just give up and endure a preventable death at the hands of Ares. Even if she was willing to accept it there was no way he or her father would. He sighed before jogging after her, but before getting too far ahead he turned to the group and gave them a look and in case they couldn't translate it he whispered, "Give her some space for a bit." He'd understand if they didn't listen to him, but he hoped they would for her sake.

"Erin, wait up!"
Yaksha will frown that a lot of people have gone lone wolf when he will do a bufffet for the entire team for breakfast. Oh well, more for the Kai and himself.

Maize's Saiyan nose: A buffet!?

Maize was no stranger to the art of scavenging or pillaging through things left over by the dead. She was a Saiyan formerly of the Frieza's Empire. She never really had much interest in the things that was left behind, but maybe that'd be different this time around. She was in a different dimension being presided over by a god of time. When everyone split up to do their own thing she first decided to search for a place to more or less make hers for however long they were going to use this place as a base of operations.

She came across a small dome shaped house with part of the roof missing, but besides that was mostly in tact. It was perfect. As far as she was aware they were the only living creatures in this city and if it got cold overnight it wasn't a problem for her. The cold never bothered her anyway. She walked outside and death beamed the ground in front of the door leaving a sizable MAIZE emblazoned as a welcome mat and sign of ownership. "That should do it."

Feeling satisfied with that she went off in search of something she might actually want. She found some food that she wouldn't have to cook, some weird things called capsules, and a scouter. She didn't need the scouter, but figured that since they were going on a mission it'd be useful to have something to communicate with others when separated. She decided not to get some armor feeling that it reminded her too much of her time with the empire and that she honestly should have gotten rid of it a long time ago. It was time to move on from that chapter of her life and the armor was holding her back anyway. If her armor got hit then it only meant that she wasn't capable of dodging or stopping the attack and if she couldn't what would the armor do?

She was ready to call an end to her shopping trip when she quite literally stumbled across something that caught her attention. It was a sheathed sword. She didn't care much for weapons, but something interested her about this one. She felt almost drawn to it. She picked it up and placed it around her body before heading home. Once there she put everything away except for the sword. She wasn't tired yet and figured that she should train with it until she finally did or at least got a good handle on it.

Eventually morning came. Maize had spent about four hours training with the sword until she finally called it a night and went to bed. When she woke up she searched through the closet and found that a woman had lived here. She didn't really check out the house the night before. She found a bodysuit similar to hers except for the fact that it had legs. She'd have to cut those later, but for now it'll do. She placed it on the bed and washed herself of the stench of training from the night before. Once she got dressed she ate something quick and headed over to the Academy.
I'll be posting today as well.

Dorian Underwood

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: Obstacle Tower, Outside The Big House; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Chiron, Erin Chase (@Vicier), Kyrin Nahng(@Rodiak)

Dorian was angry and Chiron's answers weren't helping in the slightest. He could tell that the old centaur was just as upset as they were at the turn of events and it was taking everything in him to calmly address their concerns and questions. The one positive thought that he held onto was that Erin had so many others willing to speak up or get angry at the gods on her behalf. He knew she always felt alone and claimed that she preferred to be, but this was proof that she would never be.

That one happy thought slipped away the moment Chiron answered his question. He expected it, but hearing it out loud made it all too real. His heart sank deeply in his chest and he felt the world crashing down around him. After all that she had been through? He couldn't and wouldn't let her suffer at the hands of Ares. It wasn't exactly a secret that Ares was a rather cruel god. He was the god of War and with war came the art of torture. His anger boiled over causing him to say something he would likely one day regret. "I'm sorry, Chiron. But the one who should be afraid is Ares because I swear by the River Styx if he so much as lays a finger on her he'll come to suffer my wrath. And unlike my father I won't be so peaceful about it." He knew it wasn't wise to challenge the gods and even less wise to swear on the River Styx, but he very well intended to keep that promise. Plus, what was the worst that could happen to him? Ares kills him or he gets banished to the depths of Tartarus? Yeah, like that'd ever happen.

No longer interested in the conversation and having said what he needed to he decided to take his leave. He focused his mind on Erin and the signature of her life aura. He hoped she was done with the Oracle. Appearing in the middle of a prophecy telling would've been awkward. Dorian's shadow expanded beneath him and swallowed him down into the ground as if he were in an invisible elevator. He traveled through the shadows and ascended from the ground directly in Erin's rushed path.

Zeru Troy Williams

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: No one

Zeru listened to Chiron's answers and wondered just how he survived all the stress that came with being the mediator between the gods and their half-breed offspring. The gods fuck up and caused a commotion and leave him to not only protect the kids from the fallout, but also prevent them declaring war on their idiot parents. Which one of them just did. Zeru was both surprised and impressed by Dorian's sudden declaration. From what he knew of him he was normally quiet and mostly to himself, but he did see him hanging out with a few others, namely Erin. It explained why someone so generally unwarlike would go as far as to threaten the God of War.

When Dorian made his shadowy exit Zeru figured it was his time to take his leave as well. He'd hear about Erin's prophecy later. Right now he was interested in heading to the training fields. He had missed his chance for morning exercise and had no intentions of starting the summer off rusty. Especially when he had a potential quest to get ready for. The clock was already ticking.
@Blackmist16 If it makes you feel any better I haven't filled out ANYONE'S relationship sheets lmao

I too am guilty of this. But I plan to finally do that this weekend.

Edit: And oooh. Another Thanatos kid. I too would be pissed if I had gotten thrown into Tartarus and then came back to see the forbidden fathers siring more kids.

@Zenritch Also nice Solo Leveling reference.
Where did we all sleep?

Erin, not Elias, was the one accused of stealing Aphrodite's dove.
Dorian Underwood & Zeru Troy Williams

Location: Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound, New York
Interacting with: Everyone, specifically Dionysus and Chiron

Dorian couldn't believe his ears and it seemed that everyone was sharing the same thoughts. The gods were likely getting played with once again and instead of trying to solve it themselves they decided to point fingers. This finger was pointed at his best friend and he wasn't going to allow anyone, not even the gods to besmirch Erin's name and accuse her of something that she didn't do. He stepped more into view and aimed his words directly through the messengers as if he were speaking to the Olympians themselves. "I'm in agreeance with the others. That is utter bullshit. Erin would never do that. You can't expect anyone to believe that she would. What happens if the true culprit isn't discovered in seven days?" It wasn't that he doubted that Erin was capable of proving her innocence and he would follow her to the depths of Tartarus to help her, but the gods weren't known to be the forgiving type. Especially when they themselves were in the wrong.

Zeru was disappointment in missing out on the chance to climb the tower disappeared in response to the sudden turn of events. Someone had done the unspeakable. They stole a bird, but not just any bird. Aphrodite's dove. Much like the others he didn't doubt Erin's innocence. Ares was an idiot and it seemed that a requirement for being a child of the big three was to get blamed for something you very clearly didn't do. But that wasn't the important thing here. Zeru had seen an opportunity in this. He had to insert himself into this quest. Helping return her most sacred dove would put him in his goddess Aphrodite's good graces. And if he were truly lucky he may have the chance to fight Ares. He had to stop his inner excitement from leaking at the thought. He heard of a previous quest where the son of Poseidon, Percy, was able to fight him and even managed to drive the god of war off.

Zeru's attention came back to the conversation at Dorian's question. This was his moment. He stepped forward and said, "That's a good question. As I'm sure you agree, Mr. D, the gods in all their power tend to be all-ignorant and can hold eternal grudges." He motioned to the diet cokes. "Erin's one of us and with Ares against her the stakes are considerably high."

Dorian Underwood

Location(s): Underworld; Camp Half-Blood, Obstacle Tower. Interacting with: Dear old Dad; Fellow Challengers

Dorian and his cloaked father stood far off in a corner of the Judgment Pavillion. He had recently started to spend quite sometime with Thanatos whenever he wasn't busy with school or any other normal teenage activities. Admittedly he didn't do much of anything normal. But school was over and now he no longer had an excuse to get away from the normal world. He had to return to camp. Which he was honestly happy about. Camp was the only place he truly felt like he was at home even if he felt like a bit of an outcast at first. That changed once he started making friends and letting some people in especially his favorite daughter of the Underworld, Erin. It had been a while since he's seen her and he was wondering how she was doing.

In his train of thought he missed his father speaking to him. "Huh?"

"I said I feel like I will be busy this summer so I can't have you doing random pop ups. I want you to continue working hard at making friends and putting yourself out there. Fight and compete with the other godlings more. Nothing brings you all closer together than the thrill and passion of a healthy challenge."

"It's not much of a challenge for the others when you're up against the frailest of the demigods. I'm quite literally skin and bones." Dorian lifts his right arm revealing his ungloved skeletal hand. Down here he had no reason to keep it hidden. No one in the Underworld freaked out when they saw bones, because almost everyone there was dead in the first place.

Thanatos's laugh echoed through his robes. "Your physical strength isn't all that makes you or anyone else strong. You'll see what I mean in time. But for now, enjoy your summer my son."

Before Dorian could respond his father's hand was placed on his chest and he was swallowed up in the darkness of shadows. That jerk. He was sure that he sent him away just so he couldn't get the chance to call him a fortune cookie. He found himself appearing smack dab in the middle of the chaotic pit of the Obstacle Tower. Did his dad send him to this exact spot on purpose? He quickly placed his skeletal hand in his pocket as he looked around at the scene in front of him. The crowd was as loud as always and he saw a few faces he recognized. He looked up at the tower and saw that the competition was already well under way. But that wasn't all. He glanced down back at the ground and noticed the trio of Ares kids. Two of them were attempting to calm down one that he was sure was named Talon. He didn't really know much about him, but his anger was infamous at camp. Dorian immediately knew that wasn't a problem he wanted. Maybe he could walk away before he's noticed. Before he could make his first step back he hears the sound of thunder approaching overhead.

Zeru Troy Williams

Location(s): Dreamscape; Camp Half-Blood, Obstacle Tower. Interacting with: Everyone

Zeru arrived at camp late the day before. He didn't want to risk being late on the first official day of camp. He also wanted to get a good night's rest before all the chaos and excitement of the summer would've prevented it. Unfortunately his rest would be anything but good. His subconscious drifted to his past painting an all too familiar picture. An eleven year old Zeru and an adult Satyr ran up the hill leading into camp. They were so close to the border, but their pursuer was even closer behind them. They had been traveling for days trying to escape the giant hound, but no matter what they did or how far they went it was close on their trail. Zeru had been told that it had something to do with his scent as a demigod. He knew he smelt good, but to monsters he smelt like a six-course meal slathered in bacon grease.

"Pantelis, we're not going to reach the camp before he reaches us. We have to make a stand."

"Are you crazy? He'd tear us apart and you are too important to die. I won't risk it."

"He's going to tear us apart either way and I'm still going to be dead. I'm a demigod, right? That means I have powers, right? Powers that can take him down?"

"Powers that you still don't understand, but yes." Pantelis sighed and came to a stop. He had a bad feeling, but he knew that the kid was right. Every fiber of his being was telling him to keep running, but even if he started back now it was too late. The decision was made and the predator found its prey. He stepped towards the beast and motioned for Zeru to get behind him. His safety was still the priority. He pulled his club from his side and held it out ready for battle. He whispered a silent prayer. "May the gods protect the young master." He charged forward pulling the club behind him before jumping into the air aiming for the left head. He had been close to clubbing it but was quickly swiped at by its right paw.

Pantelis was sent crashing into a nearby tree and Zeru ran over to him. The monster watched on not caring to attack either while one was nearly dead and the other had his back turned. Even a beast had honor.

Zeru looked down at his friend and his wounds and knew that this was the end for him. It was all his fault. If they had kept running maybe they would've made it. Maybe someone from the camp would've come out to help them if they were just a little bit closer. He looked up the hill and saw no sign of reinforcements. This was it. This was going to be his last stand. Droplets of tears trickled down his cheeks and onto the passing Satyr. "I'm sorry Pantelis. I'll make this right." He reached for the club and stood up to turn and face the two headed canine that had caused him so much pain and trouble. He could feel something change within him. Electricity cackled around him and surged around the club and when he spoke his voice was deeper and tinged with anger. "Hey, doggie. Fetch."

The dream shifted before it could continue and Zeru found himself having a bird's eye view of the camp. And not just any bird, his golden eagle Aquila. It was morning and the world below was bolstering with activity. Returned campers and newcomers were strolling into camp and getting settled in. The full-timers were already in the middle of their routines. Aquila continued to fly over camp coming close to a pit of an excitement. She viewed the Obstacle Tower and the challengers on it already trying their best to beat each other. Upon seeing this in his dream Zeru sprung up from his sleep realizing that he had overslept.

He looked around his empty cabin taking a second to fully wake up and adjust to his vision going from bird to human so quickly. He then leapt out of bed and scrambled to find some pants. He found a clean pair and fell over onto the floor as he tried to put them on. "I can't believe they started without me. They won't get away with this." While on the floor he wriggled into his pants and made a whistling noise. Zeru then jumped up from the floor, grabbed a mint and headed straight out of the door forgetting to wear a shirt and shoes.

Once Zeru made it outside he was met by his trusty storm steed. "There you are. Let's get going." He mounted Sylph and the two rode off into the sky. The sound of thunder roared over the normally weather-proofed Camp as she galloped across the sky above. While aboard flight Venti Zeru took the opportunity to take his mints and prepare for his landing. Once they hovered close to the pit that the Obstacle Tower stood tall he too stood atop her back as if he were a balancing circus act. As he approached he yelled down to the others to catch their attention even more. "I can't believe you all started without me. I heard Ky had a winning streak. I'm here to put an end to it."

As he said that Zeru jumped down from Sylph and used the wind to cushion his landing. He turned his back to the crowd revealing his the new eagle tattoo sprawled across his back. He looked up at the tower, ignoring what was going on with Talon and his siblings on the ground, and noticed how much of the competition he had managed to miss. His eyes widened as he noticed Pierre getting close to the ring. Could his victory be snatched before he had even the chance to compete for it?
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