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||Location: Sol System
||Time: Unknown

Her laugh was beautiful and Harrison was happy to know that she was still capable of laughter after being locked away and experimented on for so long. He caught himself smiling at her once the laughter faded and the conversation continued.

"Honestly? It wasn't that hard of a decision. I didn't have much left for me back home, I couldn't stand how they held you captive, and like you said earlier they probably wouldn't have let me escape with my life otherwise. But you're welcome and thank you, you kinda saved my life as well."

His attention turned to the yellow warning that interrupted their conversation. That seemed to be a bad sign no matter where you were in the universe. He followed her to the engine room and scanned the ship as they moved along. He gave himself a mental tour of the ship since he'd likely be here for a while. As far as he knew they didn't have the money for a new ship and even if they did this one held sentimental value to her.

He shook his head at the sight of the damages. He wasn't surprised that they didn't handle the ship with care or even accomplished anything.

"They had fifty-three years with this ship and couldn't even be bothered to put her back the way they found her. I'm sorry for all they've done to you since you ended up on Earth. But this Kuiper Belt. Anything I should know or expect when we get there?"
||Location: SPACE

Harrison wasn't expecting a full on prison break when he came here today. During their trek through the facility he wondered if there were any others they had locked up down there. If there were he'd have to find out later. There really wasn't much he could do for them now that wouldn't end up with him joining them and they'd all have no way of escape.

When they got to the hangar he immediately noticed what he guessed to be her ship. It was the only thing that was entirely different in here but it saddened him to see the shape they left it in. The way they treated her and her technology was just something he couldn't agree with.

He listened to Kir'ion and held onto the chair in front of him. It also didn't go without notice that she had already given him a nickname. Well, when your minds touch you're bound to grow closer.

The speed at which the ship took off even in its current position was nothing short of extraordinary. They left the atmosphere before he could even realize it. Then he saw it. Space. It was as beautiful as he imagined it. If he wasn't so fascinated with archeology and the hidden histories of the world he would've gone on to be an astronaut. But here he was traveling in space because he was an archeologist. He couldn't believe it.

"Am I okay?" He asked turning back to Kir'ion. "I'M IN SPACE! Man... I can't believe it. I never thought I'd see the day. If only you could see this too, old man."
||Location: [CLASSIFIED]
||Time: 1023 MST

Harrison had never felt anything like it. When their hands touched he felt not only their minds connect, but also their souls. She had more access to his than he hers, but from the little that he had he knew that he could trust her. At least more than he trusted anyone else in this building.

When he heard her voice in his mind it was a peculiar feeling. It tingled a little, but it wasn't bad. In fact it felt warm. Then she shared a vision of their path. It was like a true memory of his, but he knew that it was something planted. He found her more interesting by the second.

When the security team came busting in he gave her a mental message, "Trust and stand behind me." He let her hand go and walked away from her towards the men with his arms raised. He stopped at five steps as not to give them a reason to shoot him.

"I'm sorry about this." Within an instant the exoskeleton formed around his body, but leaving his face still visible for the moment. It didn't matter. Their guns wouldn't do any harm to him even without the armor. It was moreso just for show to display that he wasn't messing around.

Harrison jumped up and slammed his right fist into the ground sending the ground in front of him rupturing up and sending the military squad flying. He turned his head to glance back at Kir'ion. "You ready?"
||Location: [CLASSIFIED]
||Time: 1022 MST

If Kir'ion was trying to reassure him that he had nothing to worry about it definitely failed. He started second guessing his almost selfless decision. Could he risk being left in a potentially indefinite coma? He wasn't so sure. She didn't seem entirely confident herself, but she was the only one who knew anything about this thing at all. If he had to trust anyone with his life right now when it came to this bracelet it would have to be her.

Harrison thought it over for a bit and followed her eye to the examination room. He doubted they'd be happy losing a potential weapon so if they were going to do anything it'd have to happen now. She still gave no reason to fear her or her telepathic abilities so he decided to trust her on this.

"Oh, what the Hell." He said after finally making up his mind. He reached out and grabbed her hand. "I guess it's now."
||Location: [CLASSIFIED]
||Time: 1015 MST

Harrison couldn't believe how utterly ridiculous this facility was. It just reminded him of all the burecreacy and darkness in this country and government. He mentally sighed and continued to listen to her. His eyes widened in shock at two things. One that they were essentially keeping her prisoner here against her will for fifty-three years. There's only so much studying you can do on a person. The second thing was that she was OVER FIFTY-THREE YEARS OLD!? He couldn't believe it. She didn't look fifty-three, let alone like someone who had been underground for that long. Then again, he originally attributed her pale complexion to her species, but it may have been because she hadn't seen the sun in over half a century. The more he learned about her situation the angrier he got. This wasn't right.

He noticed her expression change and a shift in her energy as she examined his bracelet. She seemed to recognize what it was, but he wasn't sure he liked the sudden change in response to his bracelet. He decided he didn't like it after all when she looked at him seriously and essentially told him that this armor on his wrist was a massive threat to the world.

"Right. Destroy the bracelet. Sounds great, but uh... how exactly am I supposed to destroy the thing bonded to my wrist without killing me or losing a hand?" It wasn't like he wasn't willing to sacrifice a hand or his life to save the world, but if there was a way to avoid that he'd do it in a heartbeat. The bracelet was great, but he just met someone from an entirely different humanoid species from outer space. He felt like his world was opened to a whole new world entirely. Literally. He didn't want to lose out on discovering what else was out there.
||Location: [CLASSIFIED]
||Time: 1001 MST

"Kir'ion. That's a beautiful name." He said smiling in return. Though his smile turned upside down at the thought of all the rules in this place and how they treated her. "They seem to have a lot of rules here. They actually wanted me on the other side of that window." He said glancing towards the observation window and the men and women behind it. "Something about you being dangerous. I don't doubt it, but I refuse going to treat you like they do."

He turned his attention back towards her and lifted his arm with the bracelet to allow her a closure look.

"This thing turned my life upside down and I'd kind of like to know what bonded itself to my skin. It even provides me with some sort of exosuit armor if that helps you identify it."
||Location: [CLASSIFIED]
||Time: 1000 MST

The past year had been a whirlwind of events for Harrison. His father died on a routine excavation and during that same excavation some weird alien bracelet bonded to him and gave him powers and a suit of armor to match. Though he would have given anything to have his father back instead, including this stupid bracelet that refused to come off. Despite working through his grief Harrison decided to use his powers whenever he could to stop the random crime, villain or natural disaster that he came across. This put him on the government's radar and they wanted to take him in and study him like some lab rat and after a very serious disagreement they told him about an alien they had in a secret facility that might know what it is this bracelet is and if there was a way to remove it. Though he was sure they only wanted to figure out a way to replicate it to make super soldiers and if they had it their way he wouldn't be alive to do anything about it.

For the time being Harrison felt that he had the leverage and the power to keep his head above water. He pretended to play the good soldier because he knew that's what they wanted, but he was a free man. An adventurer. Taking orders was never really his kind of thing. It was why he left the university. They only cared about the curriculum, not the students or the knowledge he could impart and the fires in their souls he could spark. He was too limited in that lecture room.

He was being escorted through the very deep underground facility and the sound of someone's voice distracted him from his train of thought.

"There will be no physical contact with the asset. You will speak to her through a window in an observation room."

"Sorry, that won't do. How can she help me figure out what this is if she can't examine it?"

"The asset is highly dangerous."

Harrison lifted his arm to show his bracelet. "I'm pretty dangerous myself. Also stop calling her the asset. I'm sure she has a name. I will be in the room with her and that's final."

The agent grunted and mumbled a few obscenities under his breath. Harrison decided to pay him no mind as they continued on their way.

The door in Kir'ion's recreation room opened and Harrison walked through and closed the door behind him. He looked at her. He wasn't exactly sure what he was expecting her to look like, but he sure didn't expect her to look this beautiful, but at the same time he could see a sadness in her pale face. Just what did they do to her here? He could only guess they weren't friendly with how they considered her a dangerous asset.

"Hello. My name is Harrison. They haven't exactly told me your name, but I'd like to know it. I don't like considering you just an asset. Feels too close to property for my taste."
@King Kindred accepted

Thank you!

Everyone, I'm open up to any character relations with any characters and Wally to fill in the gaps of his past and present. Feel free to DM me.

"Whoever said Lightning doesn't strike twice never met us."
Wallace Rudolph West and Wallace Bartholomew West-Allen
Black/White and Black/White | Engineer/Superhero and Student/Superhero
Central City | Missouri | United States of America

There will be differences and similarities to these iterations of the characters. They'll essentially still be themselves, but with different backstories. Starting off with the OG Wally, just like the Flash TV show he's Iris' half brother, except through a second marriage after her mom died and not some random kid somewhere so he keeps his iconic orange locks. Iris meets Barry in High School and they become best friends, but unknown to her Barry has feelings for her and is too afraid to admit it. But because of this he spends a lot of time at the West family home and Wally sees him as sort of a big brother figure.

Flash forward and the famous chemical incident happens at Barry's forensics lab turning him into the Flash. Iris is a reporter now and she tries to figure out the Flash's identity. Meanwhile Barry uses his newfound courage to ask her out. They begin dating and due to how close they are she figures out he's the Flash.

After the debut of the original Robin, Wally decided to use some detective skills of his own to figure out who the Flash is. It didn't take him long to deduce it was Barry and he convinced him that the Flash needed a sidekick just like Batman. Barry turned him down stating that it was too dangerous without powers and even he had trouble taking down some of his enemies. Wally emphasized that's exactly why he needed a sidekick so he asked him how he got his powers. Barry not thinking he'd try to recreate this freak accident told him the story. Wally immediately set off to put this event in motion. In his love of science he learned that anything that happened by accident could be recreated on purpose.

Wally successfully recreated the experiment and became the FANTASTIC KID FLASH. Barry knew either way he had to train him in how to use his abilities and to his surprise the kid was a natural and together they kept Central City safe. Wally even joined up with Robin and some other young heroes. Then one day Wally disappeared into the Speed Force after he and Barry saved Central City from a Nuclear Explosion. Barry was devastated and almost gave up his running shoes until he was blessed with hope. Iris was pregnant and once they found out they'd be having a boy they immediately agreed on naming him after Wally. He wasn't a replacement, but an extension of his legacy. Unbeknownst to them at the time the Speed Force had plans for their Wally. Balance needed to be restored and the Flash needed his Kid. Wallace's aging process was sped up an incredibly rapid rate. Barry had to create a time bubble around he, Iris, and Wally just so they could experience his aging instead of rapidly passing them by.

Wallace's rapid aging stopped at around 8 years old and thankfully only four years had actually gone by. But just as they were getting over one shock another positive one came knocking at their door. Wally was back from the Speed Force, but this only confused them more. What was the purpose of aging up the younger Wally? They decided not to worry about it as Wally had enough on his plate readjusting to life back on Earth and with more speed than he ever thought possible for himself. He officially started college and reconnected with some of his old hero friends. Life was going great for the Flash family until Despero's attack. Wally and Barry were on the scene but Barry couldn't risk losing Wally after getting him back after all the years he was gone so he joined the League in facing him while Wally was left to evacuation duty.

After the dust cleared Barry was dead and Wally had failed to save everyone. They lost precious, innocent people. What use was all this extra speed if it was useless when he needed it the most? He, Wally II, and Iris lost Barry, Central City lost the Flash, Superman lost Lois Lane, and the world lost Superman all because he wasn't fast enough. He wanted to give it all up, he didn't deserve to be back here. He made his sacrifice so Barry wouldn't have to. Why was he brought back if it didn't solve or stop anything? He could go back in time, prevent all of this from happening, save Barry, and stop Despero from killing everyone. He didn't care if he died in the process. He had to fix this. So he ran.

Wally ran as fast as he could prepared to reverse time and change the fate of that day, but he was stopped in his tracks by the young Wallace. Except it wasn't him, it was the Speed Force using him as a vessel. It warned him of the consequences of what he was trying to do and why Barry didn't try the same to save him even though he wanted to as well. "The past happened, leave it there. The present needs you, this child needs you, this world needs you. It lost hope in its heroes and its heroes lost hope in themselves. Be the streak of hope the lights up the dark and reminds the world what it still has."

Four years have passed since that fateful conversation and Wally has fully taken over the mantle of the FLASH with an updated suit to match. Central City knows their original hero is gone, but that their original sidekick has stepped up into the mantle and they know from history that they're in good hands with him and his new partner, the new and improved KID FLASH. Wally's still getting used to his new role as mentor and uncle, but as long as he keeps running forward he knows he'll be able to handle anything life throws his way.

P L O T ( S ) & G O A L ( S )
P L O T ( S ) & G O A L ( S )
I grew up watching Wally West's Flash in Justice League the animated series and Kid Flash in Teen Titans so he's always been my Flash. He and Jay Garrick, really. I've always liked his character. His humor and how he humanizes his villains and the limits he pushes himself to, to save his friends and the world. He's a true example of a superhero and I want to explore these sides of him while also exploring the darker side of comics with grief, PTSD, depression, and imposter syndrome. This is someone who has been through a lot these past few years. He technically died, came back to find out years have gone by and he has an 8 year old nephew, and once he gets sort of readjusted his mentor and big brother is killed and he's forced into the role of taking his place when it would just be easier to just change the past and deal with whatever fallout comes from that. He feels like he doesn't deserve to be here and that he could've done a lot more that day, but he tries to push down those feelings for the sake of his nephew and the world.

Wally II, who I'm just going to have go by Bart since that's his middle name and dad's name as well to make things less confusing for him and the OG Wally, is dealing with the loss of his father on top of not exactly being a normal kid or even a normal human. He didn't age the way normal kids do and he has powers that normal kids don't have and there aren't really that many people around his age that could relate. When Wally was around his age he had his other teen superhero friends, but he feels left out not really having that experience. There's no Justice League so there's definitely no urgency to have a teen superhero group. Though I feel like that would be fun to explore. Bart roaming the country looking for other super kids that get him and maybe assembling a league of their own.

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