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Sorry I've been a little absent. Are we still doing this?

Alina Leora Kim

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: Iris Cabin; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Jamie Walker @MarshiestMallow

"Bail money is something I have in spades. Being a daughter of Iris comes with certain benefits. Like having the world's richest piggy bank." She paused for a moment and smiled. "Though I doubt you'll ever actually manage to get caught." She really liked that Jamie was a rather selfless thief. They proved the popular saying there's no honor among thieves every day. "I'll be here whenever you do need information. And I'll stop by the Hermes Cabin first if I'm ever in search of something."
I'll write something up later.
Lo and Behold Your Mistress of the Flames



Seraphina Oriane Williams, Daughter of Hecate

Dorian Underwood & Lukas Cresswell

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: Outside the Big House; Camp Half-Blood

Dorian sat on the edge of his bed still not having bothered to unpack after his conversation with Erin. He still had a few things scattered on his bed. He had really just been lost in thought and worry for the others.

The sound of the of the camp's intercom jerked him out of his mind and into the real world. "Alright you lazy blighters. I want to see the following demigods in my office: Kyrin Nahng, Vivian Lucasta, Elias Schneider, Greyson Davies, Anzu Ito, Levina Engracia, Dorian Underwood, Zane Blacklight, and Michael Stevenson. I also want to see Sawyer Lockwood. Now. Might be an immortal, but I'm not going to waste my existence waiting on you lot."

What would Mr. D want with him? It wasn't until he called on the Satyr Sawyer that Dorian came to the realization that he was being sent on a quest, but not just any quest. The beginning of summer typically brought many new claimed demigods to the camp. Some who unfortunately had to run away from monsters who suddenly uprooted their lives. But why were so many campers going this time? He was sure he'd find the answers to his questions in Mr. D's office.

Dorian stretched before hopping off the bed. He walked towards the door and reached for the knob before pausing. He wanted to shadow travel, but he remembered Mr. D's warning from the last time he made an impromptu travel to his office about how he'd turn the water inside his body into Diet Coke if he ever did it again. He shuddered at having to remember the thought. He decided against shadow traveling outside the Big House since the last time he did Erin ran straight into him. Walking it was. What a drag. He finally opened the door and headed straight down the stairs to leave his cabin.

He didn't remember the walk ever being this long before. Did they add more cabins since the last time he was here?

Lukas began to restack the i-pads in his arms when he heard the announcement. His eyes nearly bugged out when he heard one particular name and he smiled politely to Mikhael and Elias. ”Ah, uh. Pardon me, sorry I couldn’t help you more Elias! Feel free to look around, BYE!” He then rushed into his office, placed the i-pads down, ran back out and put a Healer in charge while he was gone and then -sprinted- out of the Infirmary full tilt.

What did Mr. D want with Dorian? A quest? Maybe escorting a new half-blood? Maybe it was the β€˜big one’ that kept being discussed or the one he had been warned about for medical supplies. Regardless, it didn’t matter, Lukas just had to make sure he saw Dorian before he went into the big house. Immediately Lukas wanted to try an intercept-course based on the distance between the Thanatos cabin and the Big House but then he remembered that Dorian was actually quite talented at Shadow Travel and would probably just head over.

This caused the Son of Apollo to flounder like a fish out of water as he rapidly changed direction and almost ran over a Satyr. ”Sorry!” Lukas yelled out as he headed for the Big House. There was no logic to why he was sprinting so fast or really why to meet Dorian before Mr. D did, but something was telling him that he needed to go and talk with the Child of Death who happened to be the only person in Camp that could truly make his heart do back-flips. Sure there were a few other crushes but Dorian was different, if only Lukas could get up the self-confidence to actually TELL the dark-haired boy how he felt.

Finally, Lukas made it to the Big House and stood panting like a racehorse after pulling the Chariots and looking very un-Lukas like.

Dorian arrived at his destination to see someone he hadn't seen for almost a full year. Lukas, the Golden Boy, Cresswell. But he wasn't looking so golden at the moment. He looked like he just had the race of his life and one he wasn't entirely prepared for. But Dorian wondered what he was doing there. He went over the names called over the intercom and Lukas wasn't one of them.

He walked over to his panting friend and eyed him curiously with a hint of concern. "Hey, Luke. You okay? What're you doing panting outside the Big House?"

With head turning from left to right Lukas attempted to see where Dorian was coming from and both eyebrows raised as Dorian came walking up from the main path and the blonde sighed, eyes now rolling. ”Of course this time you decide to walk like a regular demi-god.” He shook his head, and then giggled. ”Oh right, uh… I heard your name being listed for a quest and I was just… Well, it sounds weird but I just felt like I should see you, that you might need me? It was weird?” Lukas realized that he sounded a bit insane, and perhaps he really was, but he shrugged and looked up at the house.

”I got a warning note to prepare for a large quest and Zane, Kalinda, and a few others are getting supplies for it. But I thought that one had already been prepped. Is this one a new one?” It was probable that Dorian had absolutely no idea, but once again Lukas could only speak on his instinct and gut feeling that he should be right here, right now. ”Oh… And it’s really good to see you, I missed you over the break. It was said matter-of-factly but Lukas couldn’t help the soft tint of pink that flared into his cheeks and so the Son of Apollo looked down to try and hide it.

Dorian laughed at Lukas's joke about walking like a normal demigod and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. It was weird for him too. At least within the borders of camp. "It's not weird. It could just be your Apolloan instincts." He said with a smile, but his smile faded at the mention of a large quest. If it was for something that he had already been made aware of it was likely Erin's quest. He felt a sudden pain in his chest where he was sure his heart was. "I missed you too. The real world just doesn't feel right without my two best friends. Speaking off…" He looked down anxiously before looking back up. Bringing up Erin's quest was painful for him, but it was something he had to face. "The quest you're thinking of may be Erin's. She's going to Rome to search for Aphrodite's dove. Which she's been accused of stealing."

The mix of emotions that ran across his face was rapid and sudden. Surprise, shock, disbelief, sorrow, determination, frustration. It was all there for at least a second before Lukas just shook his head and peered at the boy in front of him. ”Erin… Steal, but why would they think…” He sighs and just shakes his head. ”I have to find her too before she leaves but Dorian are you?” There was a bit of hesitation as he sensed the pain when the dark-haired boy had to talk about the quest. So instead, something came over the blonde and he pulled Dorian into a hug and squeezed tightly. β€œWe’ll get through this.” His brain then caught up with his thoughtless action and his pink cheeks turned a much darker shade of pink. ”Er… Sorry.” He coughed and took a step back that may not have helped depending on how much of an invasion the hug was perceived as.

Dorian was caught off guard by Lukas' hug but it was honestly much needed. It was similar yet different to the hug he received from Erin, but with that one he had to be the strong one and comfort his friend who was facing a nightmarish fate while breaking the news to him that he couldn't be there to help her. But here he was the one being comforted. His best friend and his new brother were going on a quest where someone's soul could be taken. Quests were already dangerous enough with monsters attacking them everywhere they went, but taken souls weren't so easily turned and he hoped so badly that nothing would happen to them. Any of them. But once Lukas hugged him for a moment he forgot all about his fears. In that moment there were no doomed futures, his friends were safe and they were home. He was home.

Reality resumed when Lukas let go and stepped back. "No, it's okay. I… I actually really needed that. Thank you. I'm okay as I can be I guess. It's hard. I'm worried crazy about her and them, but I have to be strong, you know? Because if I'm not how can I expect her to be? But maybe this new quest for Mr. D will help me get my minds off things." Dorian realized he was starting to ramble and stopped himself. Was Spencer rubbing off on him already?

Lukas brightened when Dorian seemed to accept the hug and not pull away and Lukas made sure to fight down the butterflies that seemed to appear out of nowhere. ”Er, glad I could help. But Dorian, that means you’re going on a quest as well? How am I supposed to keep you company with Erin gone if you go off and leave me too eh?” His tone turned playful but Dorian knew him enough to know that Lukas was quite concerned. ”I mean, I guess these are some large groups so that’s good, but then again the more of you out there the more monsters migh…” He trailed off and then just hugged Dorian again. ”Ok, you go and get briefed. Come by my cabin when you’re done, I have something I have to tell you before you go, ok?”

Dorian was starting to feel how Erin felt when she had to leave him behind. Lukas was concerned for his safety on the quest and for his emotional well-being. It showed in his words and his hugs and he appreciated him a lot for it.

"Okay, actually I'll stop by after I finish re-packing. That way I'm ready when they need me." He then turned to face the Big House, "Here goes nothing." walking forward into an uncertain future, but as he did so he started to wonder what Lukas had to tell him so urgently that he had to run all the way here for.

With a deep swallow, Lukas could only nod his head dumbly as Dorian mentioned coming after re-packing. He had a few questions about that but decided now wasn’t the time. He stood silently as the Son of Thanatos headed to the Big House door and Lukas took a deep breath inward. Now he only had to figure out how to tell his best friend that he not only liked him, but like, liked him. Groaning, the teen backed up a few steps, turned, and ran off to his cabin, music would help.

September 7th

Caty and her brother Danny decided it would be best to head back home to be with their mom instead of their off-campus dorms after they got released from the hospital. She needed them and they really needed her now that their dad was gone. But for Caty being home reminded her too much of her dad and thinking about him made her remember "The Incident". Ugh. She hated how the media just simply dubbed it that. It just felt like they were making just a blip of an event like someone or some people out there didn’t plan to massacre a lot of people.

Her first night at home to say the least was terrible. She hadn't dreamt of anything the entire time she was in the hospital. It seemed her mind was just getting ready for the big one, because all she could dream about was the attack on ESU. She heard the deafening screams, saw people vomiting up blood and collapsing. She could feel the pain that she felt. The fear, the worry for Danny, and her… Before she could turn to see her dad in her nightmare she jolted awake. It was morning and the sun cast shadows of light through her blinds.

Caty groggily opened her eyes and saw four giant ass eyes staring curiously right back at her. She focused more on the rest of the creature and saw that it was a metallic blue jumping spider. Normally she wouldn't have been afraid of spiders. That was her friend Reyna's department. But for one to be right in front of your face the moment you awaken from a nightmare? Oh you bet she freaked.

Caty let out a shriek and jumped from her bed planning just to land on the floor but instead she came hurtling towards her right wall. Oh crap. She stuck out her arms hoping to push off the wall, but instead she clung to it? "What the hell is going on?" She was able to free one hand and used it to turn herself around to search for the spider. That still being her priority and not the fact that she was clinging to a wall. She spotted the spider directly across from her on the left wall of her room. It was dangling half its body just like she was. Was it mimicking her? Could spiders even do that?

Caty decided to do a little experiment of spider see spider do to test her theory. She swayed her head as if she were a snake charmer grooving to their own music. The spider in perfect sync moved its head right along with her. It wasn't mimicking her. Somehow they were linked? Was that how she was able to jump so far and cling to the wall? What else could she do? Anything a spider could?

"Danny!! Get in here please!!" Danny had to see this. Was this a result of the red gas? And if so did he have powers as well?

Danny’s first night back from the hospital was awful. Apparently, they had deemed him and Caty healthy enough to return home, but Danny still felt awful. He felt dizzy, and nauseous. As if he were feeling the earth move beneath his feet. As soon as he got home, he crashed into bed right away. He didn’t have a particularly restful nights sleep either. He spent it having a horrible nightmare of the β€œincident” as they called it. He tossed and turned in bed all night.

He awoke with a start the next morning. Out of breath, and sweaty. He groggily reached for his glasses, and put them on, only for his vision to be blurry. β€œThat’s weird…” He took his glasses off, and his vision was perfectly clear. β€œHm, interesting…” His vision had improved overnight. Danny was too tired to actually address that. Instead, he set his glasses on the nightstand, and jumped out of bed. He took off his sweaty shirt to change into something dry. Then, he got a look at himself in the mirror, he was shocked by what he saw. β€œNo way!” Apparently, in addition to his vision improving, he had gained muscle mass overnight. He had abs now! And he had defined arms too! Danny spent a few minutes flexing in front of the mirror. Until he heard his twin sister calling.

Danny immediately ran over to her room to see what the fuss was about, but also show off what happened to him. β€œCaty! What happened?! Did something weird happen to you too? I apparently got hot overnight…”

Wall-crawling Caty turned to see her twin as he entered her room. The first thing she noticed was that he wasn't wearing his glasses and she wasn't exactly sure but he also seemed taller. And were those muscles? It seemed Danny had blossomed overnight.

"Uh… hello." She said waving her free hanging arm out and about so that he could see that something weird did indeed happen to her and stopped once she got his attention. "I'm sticking to a wall. But that's not the freakiest part. Look." She pointed her finger to the wall across from her at her new spider friend. If Danny looked he'd be able to see the spider pointing back at her. "Now wave to my brother, Danny." She repeated the motion for a wave and pointed to her brother watching as the spider waved one of its forelegs right at Danny.

Danny’s eyes went wide as Caty demonstrated her newfound abilities. Fascinating! You seemed to have gotten superpowers, and I got abs.” Then he rubbed his chin for a second. β€œHm, I wonder…” Then he pressed both his hands to the wall, and tried to climb up. Much to his surprise, his hands stuck, and it worked. He made his way to the ceiling. Then, he waved an arm to see if the spider would respond to him as well, but there was no response. β€œSo, I can climb up walls too, but the spider seems connected to you specifically… This… couldn’t possibly have anything to do with… um… well… you know…”

When Danny discovered he too had the ability to climb walls, but not the ability to control spiders she realized her abilities didn't come directly from that spider. But two spider people and she did hear about a spider-like vigilante recently. But she had never seen him so she didn't think much about him until now. Could he have something to do with this?

Caty frowned at what both she and Danny were thinking. These powers came from the red gas during "The Incident". Great. They gained powers, but they lost their dad. Some twisted kind of alchemic exchange. She'd give her powers away in a heartbeat if it would bring her dad back. Caty sighed and climbed back down the wall to the floor. Her new spider friend followed suit and crawled over to her before going up her body until it reached her hand. She didn't tell it to do that but it seemed as if the spider was reacting to her feelings. Maybe it sensed she was in distress during her nightmare. "You know what they say about coincidences, Danny. The universe is rarely so lazy. That attack wasn't just an attack. I think it was meant to give people powers and I don't think we're the only ones that got them. Though I'm not sure if they're all spider-like or not."

Danny lingered on the ceiling for a little while. β€œWhat reason could anyone have to give other people powers?” He paused for a moment and shook his head. β€œWell, that’s a thought for another day. You know what this means don’t you? We’re scientists. We have to experiment. What we can do, the limits of our abilities, etcetera…” Danny was excited at the prospect of having superpowers, like the characters he read about in comic books. Although, he didn’t like having to lose his dad. That wasn’t fair.

At which point, Danny’s stomach growled loudly, and only then did Danny come down from the ceiling. β€œAfter breakfast though. I’m suddenly really hungry. Oh, but uh… maybe we shouldn’t tell mom about this? Not yet. Not until we have a better handle on this. She’s been through a lot.”

Caty wondered about Danny’s first question. She couldn't think of a reason to give a group of people powers while using the same stone to kill their friends and family. Did they have some kind of death wish of their own? She shook the thought out of her head for the time being and continued to listen to her brother.

The thought of experimenting just slightly lifted her spirits. Learning and doing any kind of experiment helped to lift her spirits. It's why she agreed to do the internship in the first place. Her spirit needed a lot of lifting.

"You're right. The last thing she needs to worry about is two super-powered teens putting themselves in danger." She walked over to Danny and wrapped her arm around his shoulders. "Now, let's go get that new body of yours some food."

If others were interested in joining they would've said so by now. Creating another new interest thread and editing it down would just be self-torture. I was hoping for more players too but at least we already have eight characters among us.
Right. There's nothing wrong with a 1x1x1.
<Snipped quote by PPQ Purple>

I did talk with him. I think he's withdrawing from the Rp.

Damn. I'm sorry to see him go. I was looking forward to seeing Maize and Eve develop a master/student relationship.

Maize sighed in annoyance. Admittedly she hadn't completely thought her plan all the way through, but it was certainly a plan. She still believes it would've worked, but that wasn't the important thing right now. Yaksha's magic piqued her curiosity more and more. The man-child was even able to turn himself into an insect. Then a lightbulb went off above her head, figuratively of course. If he could stay in that insect form he should be able to sneak inside the harvesting factory and find a way for them to get inside unnoticed.

"Every brain is meat." She said matter of factly. "But maybe you could use that form to sneak on inside and open a door for us." She removed herself from the pile and started to head back towards the others. She didn't wait for his response since he'd have to give it anyway once they reached the others since they likely hadn't heard the brilliance she had come up with.
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