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Anansi laughed at the notion that he was worried of Samantha joining the opposition. Even if he wasn't certain in her growth as a person once gifted responsibility there was a reason he had her and Catherine cross paths so early on. They both needed the other to help see how wrong their paths were and grow into who they were meant to be. "I wouldn't arm someone I believed to be an enemy with a weapon to hurt me."

He visibly rolled his eyes when Oliver yelled at him for revealing their secret identities. "Fine, Sea Spider." He started cheekily. "I don't know who taught you manners, but the average person introduces themselves after someone else does. None of you did, so I did it for you. At least Spider-Man was raised to trust his friends and allies. I know your enemies are like yourself, but you're going to have to learn to trust others on this journey. Good luck, my Spiders. Trust your instincts and that sense I've given you." With those parting words he was done with the annoying bunch. He was starting to wonder if he selected the right people for the job. It was too late to worry about that now. He snapped his fingers and portals once again opened up beneath each and every one of them dropping them into different worlds.

Otto and Oliver dropped onto a rooftop in a universe similar to their own. They landed atop Fisk Tower and before they could get the chance to explore this new world an explosion rocks the foundation underneath them. They start sliding into the building below. There they see a black costumed Spider-Man with green glowing eyes and Spider-insignia swinging towards them with Wilson Fisk strapped to his back with webs. "Seriously, Fisk. Once you get to prison I urge you to lose some weight. I have super strength and you're still hurting my back."

Spider-Man noticed the two other spider-themed heroes falling and knew they could get themselves out of this situation but he released some webbing to create a bouncy floor beneath them so they wouldn't keep falling through the building. "I'm guessing by your costumes that you two can get out of here on your own. I suggest you hurry." He said as he continued up to where the roof used to be.

The voice would sound familiar to the both of them, but due to Oliver's closer relationship he'd be able to instantly recognize that voice belonged to Dr. Curt Connors.

Caty and Xander would've arrived in a world that made them feel like they were home. They were portaled to the parking lot of an abandoned shelter. Caty was actually glad that she and Xander were paired off together. They hadn't seen each other in a long time and she missed her best friend and felt bad for not being there for him as much as she could after what happened to Valerie. If anyone knew what it was like to lose someone you loved to this life, it was her. But she also understood how alienating that time was and how she didn't want people getting close to her in fear that they'd end up dead too.

She immediately ran up to him and hugged him. "I'm so glad you're okay, Xan. I've been worried about you." She stepped back and grabbed a newspaper that was passing them by. It was from the Daily Bugle and coincidentally enough the front page had an article about this universe's Spider-Woman and her defeating her latest villain, the Green Goblin. The name of the villain caused her to shudder a bit, thinking back to the Hobgoblin and what he took from her. She wondered if there was any correlation and if there was one waiting for them back home. She exhaled slowly before looking at the picture of Spider-Woman. Her eyes and mouth both widened. She recognized those lips, that face anywhere. "Liz is Spider-Woman!?"

As if summoned like a spirit Spider-Woman jumped down behind Caty. "If she was, who's asking?" She then looked around Caty to see someone she recognized. "Xander?" She asked accidentally confirming she was who they thought she was. Caty dropped the newspaper and turned to face Spider-Woman, no, "Liz..."

That voice... She hadn't heard that voice in so long, but she'd never forget it. "Caty..." Tears started to flow from her eyes. Was this a cruel trick? Mysterio? Mephisto? The Jackal? HYDRA? This wasn't her Caty, but she didn't care. She was Caty. The two embraced, crying together. Questions be damned. They needed this.

Samantha and Danny found themselves in a strangely more advanced and clean New York. There wouldn't be a homeless person on the street, food from street vendors were reasonably priced, and there was less police than you'd normally find in any area of New York. People were visibly happy and not even just the tourists. One notable difference would be the many virtual billboards that displayed companies that they recognized, but with Fisk International in the corner of the ad.

Suddenly the sound of a monstrous roar could be heard echoing in the area disturbing the serene peace of the city. Followed by it was an explosion that thankfully wasn't aimed at any civilians or buildings. It was instead aimed at a rather large Spider-Man. What looked like fat, was actually all muscle. "When are you going to accept the fact that you lost, Osborn? You really had to turn yourself into some kind of mutant freak?"

"The freak here is you, Fisk. You may have this world fooled, but I know the monster that lies underneath that wretched costume. Your true identity, the Kingpin!" This retort and aforementioned roar came from a large green Goblin creature with wings. This creature used to be a man, Norman Osborn. Now he was just a monstrous shell of his former self.

"That's not who I am anymore!" Spider-Man yelled before shooting two webs at the Goblin's wings pulling them and him towards the ground. The Goblin dove into Spider-Man causing them both to crash into the ground. Spider-Man recovered before the Goblin and rushed towards him to finish the fight. He grabbed hold of one of the Goblin's wings ripping it off his back. The Goblin roared out in pain and cursed at the Spider-Man. He tried to escape, but the Spider-Man moved to remove the other wing to ground him for good.
Caty Davis, the Spider-Woman, and Otto Octavius, the Arachnid, In What A Big Cosmic Joke

Otto was not having fun, not having fun at all. Normally he would've been fascinated by the thought of a multiverse and being a central part of it, but if this multiverse had anything to do with him losing the love of his life he was on the side of Sam and Argyros. He mustered up the words to join them and ask what was plaguing his mind. "Are you the reason my Anna is dead?"

Caty honestly wasn't sure what to say or feel about this. She had her own trauma, death, and pain around her and Danny's superhero origins. She was glad that Danny went ahead and answered for her. "What Danny said. Paid or not we have or well, were given these powers for a reason. Even if we do nothing now there'll come after us. It's just only a matter of time. I rather at least be proactive. But please, Anansi? Before we fully agree on anything we need you to answer our questions and concerns."

"Gods, humans are so annoying. Who looks a gift spider in the mouth? Who cares about a few cracked eggs when you got a superpower omelet?", Anansi thought to himself. Then again. He chose this life for himself. He sought enlightenment and responsibility. It was forced upon them. He sighed before looking to Oliver. "Oliver, I'm sorry. But your friends are alive, aren't they? And as for the good ole doctor, well... It'd be easier to just show you." He waved his hand to shift the realities around them. They were now surrounded by universes that showed The Lizard either terrorizing the city or fighting different Spider-Men and Spider-Women. There was even one of Caty and Danny fighting and saving him on the Disneyland castle with fireworks in the background. "In almost every universe Doctor Connors decides to use reptile DNA. In almost every universe he turns into a giant one instead. All I did was place you in his care and inspire his diving spider research. His fate was sealed regardless, but he can still be saved. But there won't be a Connors to save if they get their way."

"As for your question, Samantha. I'm not scared of anything. But a gift given can't be so easily taken. All of your DNA is different now. Removing that would mean certain death and I want these Totems saved from themselves and the darkness corrupting their hearts. That's why I specifically chose all of you. Plus I'm really just an observer."

He paused for a moment before turning his attention to the Arachnid. "I'm sorry, Otto. I didn't, but I wish I could've stopped it. All I did was put Caty in the position to inspire you to be your best self. Most versions of you are either evil or taken over by the the tentacles you create. There are some heroic versions of you, but none made that transition as quickly and early as you did and they all love Anna."

"You mean...?" Otto started.

"Yes. She's alive in those other universes, even with you becoming a spider. Fisk is just... Well, I don't have to explain him to you and Sam."

This both cheered up Otto and made him sad and angry. If he never went after Fisk Anna would be alive and here with him. This made him more determined to end it once and for all with that big menace if it was the last thing he did.

This conversation was making Caty a bit uncomfortable and a little sad, but not only for herself, but the lovers too. She and Otto were growing closer lately, but she never had any intentions of replacing her, but she couldn't deny the fact that she was starting to see him in a different light than just her former young professor. She decided to change the subject.

"That universe." She said, pointing to the one of her and Danny fighting a giant Lizard who apparently used to be a scientist. "That fight never happened here. Why is that universe so different?"

"It's your original one, Catherine." Anansi answered simply. "The timeline you all live in now is branched off. None of you were meant to gain powers, all except Mr. Trench Coat back there. But I needed a team I could trust to handle this mission the only way they could. I've chosen you all for specific reasons. You're perfect counters to this assembled team of Totems. They're the worst of the worst, but you're the best of the best. Or in Samantha's case the best of the worst."

Caty honestly couldn't believe her ears. He really created a new timeline just so he could create new Spider-Heroes and allowed them to suffer and feel pain. "I'm starting to understand why these other totems turned on you. You use us as playthings without any concern for our lives and safety. You created a whole timelime to prepare us for War and you didn't even have the decency to let us know."

"That's what I'm doing now." Anansi said with a disappointed frown. He was starting to get flashbacks to his time facing the Spider-Man who started it all. He lost everything. His wife, his future daughter, and almost lost his Aunt May all because a Civil War between the heroes led to him exposing his identity and getting it fixed by the demons of demons. He blamed it all on Anansi and he wanted his life fixed. "You all have faced challenges and villains, variations of those that roam the multiverse. People that these killer spiders have fought. You needed training, experience and teamwork. You needed to think like they think and fight like they fight, otherwise you wouldn't have lasted a minute against them."
Caty Davis, the Spider-Woman, and Otto Octavius, the Arachnid, In WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!?

Caty turned to Argyros planning to answer his question before they and the others were sucked into portals. He never got the chance to finish his question, but she knew what he was asking before they were rudely interrupted by a voice from an unknown source. When they appeared back on the other side of the portal she almost forgot about answering his question. She was mesmerized by all that was in front of her. For one, they were in the middle of a giant web and this web seemed connected to different universes. She had theorized the multiverse existed, but she also didn't think that the spider-themed heroes would somehow be at the center of it. She started to get a headache at the thought of everything happening in their lives because they were connected to some multiversal web. Before Anansi arrived she turned to Argyros still loving how awesome his suit looked. "No, definitely not sing it to sleep. Arachnid's spider bots did most of the work."

The Arachnid was also mesmerized and somewhat disturbed by what he saw. He saw several universes where spider-heroes were beating up on a man with robotic tentacle arms. That had to have been him. Was he a villain in every universe, but this one? That was a lot to take in. Fortunately he wasn't trapped in his mind long before Anansi arrived giving his introduction. Otto rolled his eyes under his mask. He was not going to like any of this at all.

Anansi spoke up once again answering the questions that came his way. "Air doesn't work the same way here, so yes, Samantha. Smoke to your heart's content. And Danny, I thought you were the smart one. Look around you. Every spider in this beautiful and intricate web, including you all, got your powers from me. Anansi, the Spider-God."

And that was enough for Otto. He was not about to go on a multiversal adventure with a Spider-God where he was a villain in a lot of the universes. Absolutely not. "Well, I'll see you all at home. I have a class to teach tomorrow and I can't very well explain that I went traveling through the multiverse. The students would accept it, but not the school." The Arachnid said before heading towards the window that appeared to be their universe.

Spider-Woman grabbed him by the back of his costume's neck. "Not so fast, Doc. If we're stuck here, you are too."

"Precisely," Anansi said before shooting organic webs from his wrist to cover the portal to their reality. "At least let me finish. As I was saying, I'm the Spider-God, Anansi, not to be confused with the Grecian spider, Arachne. One day I struck a deal with my father, the God of the Sky. In exchange for enlightenment I offered my eternal services. All I cared about was exploring and learning. Now I get to explore and learn about so many different realities through you, my Spiders. Though, apparently I wasn't the first one to call this world between worlds my domain. There were a couple Great Weavers before me, but they're long gone now. All of the spiders that bit you and gave you your wonderful gifts come from me. Unfortunately with great gifts come great pain and suffering and there are a few Totems traversing the Great Web that want to remake it into their own image while killing the Spider-Totems that won't join them in the process." He paused for dramatic effect and show an expression of pained sadness before immediately switching into excitement mode.

"That's why I've tested and called you here. I needed a group of Spiders who have faced a lot and can work well with others enough to warn the others and stop these corrupt spiders in their tracks. I know I don't have to ask because you're heroes and it's what you do, but are you all ready to save the multiverse and your lives!?" Despite the seriousness of it all, Anansi couldn't help but shine a beaming smile on his new friends.
June 9th, New York City, Later that Night

Cloak took Team Pride back home to the Hostel and returned to New York to reunite Old Lace with Gert. The two were barely separated long, but they acted as if had been years since they had last seen each other. Though he couldn't be one to talk. The moment that he returned to New York he went to embrace Dagger. The two of them had been through so much and there was a time when they each had romantic partners of their own, but their life as heroes and the gods had other plans for them. It felt like the universe was pushing them together and trying to show them that they were more than just the embodiment of balance. They were connected down to the very fiber and essence of their beings. And tonight before they went their separate ways to battle against the forces of evil, they were going to truly explore that connection.

Meanwhile Caty and Nathan just came back from stealing from both Stark and Avengers Towers. They had a rather impressive haul and Caty carried her lot in a makeshift web Santa bag. They bought a building with a prebuilt lab to operate in. It was known as the Baxter Building and Nathan hacked into a bank and gave himself a business account with a newly registered LLC and with plenty of funds. He figured since he was going to be here for a while he might as well make himself comfortable as well as prepare for his family's arrival since they'd no longer be living with the X-Men.

Once everyone was settled in for the night Caty and Nathan spent the rest of it working on Vision. It took until the morning to fully complete him and when they were done they brought Dagger in. Cloak left to rejoin the others back in LA. Today was the day. Could they stop Ultron and save the World?

Nathan plugged in Vision's flashdrive and it was strangely absorbed into the metallic skin of the android. He couldn't believe it. He wasn't even awake and he was already working better than he imagined. Vision absorbed the contents of the flashdrive and once it was all downloaded into his system and memory his eyes opened.

Nathan turned to Dagger. "Dagger."

She nodded before approaching Vision with her hand extended. She placed her hand on his forehead and began filling him with the light of her Hope. It resulted in a large flash of harmless light emitting from Vision's eyes before it was clear that there was now life in his eyes.

"Welcome to the world, Vision. I'm Tandy and this is Nathan and Caty. We're heroes and I guess your parents? We need your help."

"Vision... That is who I am... Your Vision for a brighter future, yes? Mothers. Father. How may I be of assistance?"

June 9th, The Hostel, Same Night

Alex was nervous when he and the others returned to the Hostel. He knew that he had to talk to Nico, but he was really scared of how she'd react to all of this. That he had been lying to them, her, the entire time. He hoped her love would be enough for him to understand where he was coming from and how he initially thought his actions were selfless, but realized how selfish they really were when he grew close again to their friends. He couldn't imagine betraying them and he's glad that his future self never got the chance. He was going to make sure he wasn't going to betray them in this timeline too.

He took her outside to talk underneath the moonlight. She looked so beautiful under the light of the moon. He wanted to look at this face forever. He sighed a bit louder than he meant to.

Nico heard and realized something was wrong. She scooted a bit closer to Alex. "Hey, you okay? You're making that face where you have a lot going through your mind."

"I don't know how I've been able to hide this from you for so long... Nico, when I showed you all what our parents were up to it wasn't my first time seeing it. I saw them the year before."

Nico was both shocked and confused. He knew a whole year ago and didn't say anything? Instead of interrupting him the questions running through her mind she decided to let him continue.

"I was in denial at first so I went investigating to find answers on my own. I found out about our parents' past, the Gibborim, and how they planned to offer us immortality in the new world. It was all so crazy. Then I found out that Molly and Karolina's parents were planning to kill ours, Gert's, and Chase's because they were human and they were the superior mutants and aliens. I couldn't believe they'd betray their friends and the plan they came up with to save their kids so I came up with a plan to stop them."


"I used you guys as an Anti-Pride team. I revealed your powers and got Chase the Fistigons and Gert, Old Lace. But I was just as selfish with my goals. I wanted you and I and our parents to walk into this new world. I never believed we'd be able to stop the Gibborim, but I knew we could stop their parents. But I'm done lying. I'm done hiding the truth from you. Tomorrow we face our parents and I want you to know you can trust me. I don't want to lose you or the life we make together."

"Alex... This is a lot to take in. You lied to us and put us all in danger. We can't even live normal lives anymore. Though I guess we couldn't have. Either way our parents were still sacrificing souls for us or for themselves. We could have lost everything without even knowing it, but that doesn't change the fact that you were going to let our friends die so we could be immortal together. The whole world, Alex. I know you love your parents. I do too despite how confusing and evil their actions are. But you were being just as selfish and as evil as them. The whole world and everyone in it, gone. Yeah, it's fucked up and yeah the future Nathan's from is fucked up, but they didn't give up. They didn't give into their selfish desires. He left everything and everyone he knew to come here and save us. That's a hero. That's who I thought you were." Nico got up, ready to head back inside.

Alex grabbed her hand to stop her. "You're right. I'm no hero. I'm selfish as hell, but I don't want to be that. I want to be the man that you and our friends can trust and rely on. I don't want you looking at me the way you are now. In Nathan's time we have a daughter named Jia."

Nico's eyes widened before turning to Alex to hear more.

"She's a hero and takes after you. Strong and kind and willing to do whatever to protect the ones she loves."

"It sounds like she got all of that from you. Your intentions may have been good, but your plan wasn't." Nico interjected.

"I know and I want to be someone that she can actually look up to. I want her to know that both of her parents are heroes and that despite the odds and drama we saved the world together."

A small smile crept on Nico's face. Maybe that could happen. She still needed time to wrap her head and heart around everything but she could at least show Alex that she's not furious at him. She leaned down and kissed the top of his afro. "Goodnight, Wilder. Give me some space tonight?"

Alex nodded, understanding. "Yeah, you can take the room. I'll find another spot."

"Thank you." Nico said before heading inside.

For a group that was coming together fully for the first time their fight chemistry was nothing to scoff at. It was honestly pretty flawless and it was that chemistry that allowed them to overstimulate the Spider-Monkey's spider-senses. He didn't expect the spider-humans to recover so quickly from his attack and go immediately on the offensive. It started with Argyros pulling down on one of his eyelids and closing it shut. He roared out in irritation and slight pain from from the force of it before trying to pull the webs off so he could open his eye fully.

Just as he was pulling it off he was hit with his webs returned to him in a ball sized package. The web ball hit the Spider-Monkey directly in the chest making him stumble down the building.

Meanwhile Spider-Woman, the Arachnid, and Weaver were back on their feet. Spider-Woman was about to join the onslaught when the Arachnid reached his arm out to stop her. "They're here." He pointed to the building where the Spider-Monkey was recovering, or trying to. He couldn't focus because his head was ringing louder than usual. He looked around to see small creatures approaching him. He rubbed his eyes to see if he was seeing what he was seeing. He was. They were many mini spider robots. They surrounded him from every direction. He tried to fight off the spider bots, but whenever one touched him it immediately injected him with a gorilla tranquilizer. They were making him weaker, but it still wasn't quite enough.

Spider-Woman realized this was her time. With his mind and resistance being weaker she believed she could lull him to sleep. She sung a lullaby to the Spider-Monkey. "Go to sleep, go to sleep, little Spider-Monkey. You've caused quite a fuss and a scare, it's time to show the world you care. Go to sleep, go to sleep, little Spider-Monkey." Her voice was beautiful and it ended the Spider-Monkey's resistance. He fell asleep right there on the building, attached by instinct.

"Wow." The Arachnid, said, speaking of her voice but caught himself. "I didn't think that'd work."

Spider-Woman turned her head around so fast she almost gave herself whiplash. "It was your plan!"

"It was more of a back-up plan. My S.P.I.D.E.R.S. did most of the work."

"Spider-Totems of Earth 1205, you have passed." A discombobulated voice said echoing through the area before portals opened it under each of the Spider-Totems including the Spider-Monkey and any hidden ones.

The Spider-Heroes would find themselves no longer in New York or in their world. They were now in between worlds. They found themselves standing in the center of a giant web. Immediately they'd be able to see what appeared to be views into other worlds on different parts of the web. They'd be able to see other spider-themed heroes or villains on their adventures and they'd even see the world that they came from with them gone, but the damage from their battle remaining.

Before they could explore any further a green costumed Spider-Man jumped down in front of them. "I really enjoyed your fight against my Spider-Monkey. I'm sorry if he went a little rough. Oh. Where are my manners?" He removed his mask. "You may call me Anansi and I hereby welcome you, my Spider-Totems, to the Web of Life and Destiny."

Davina came busting into the lab where Tony and Nathaniel were finishing up the virus so he could go back in time before it was too late. Tony turned to her and asked, "Kid, what're you doing here? There's a battle outside."

"That's why I'm here and you should be up there. I can help Nathan. This is your time to make up for your past. I remember how you were before we finally had hope. Today changes everything. Show Ultron that the Iron Knight isn't dead." She genuinely felt this way and knew that he'd be able to handle himself, but the main reason that she wanted him to go was so Nathan could go through with his plan uninterrupted.

Tony paused and thought for a second. This was all his fault. His and Hank's, but it was his idea and he was the one left alive. For the longest he suffered with survivor's guilt. Unable to look at himself or the world that he caused. He was so glad that there was now a chance to right his wrongs from that day. Would he really be able to see Pepper again? He nodded and headed for the exit. It was time for the Iron Man to suit up again. "You know what to do. Thank you."

When he left Nathan and Davina ran to and embraced each other.. They know they didn't have much time, but they needed this. This was it. This was goodbye. They stopped hugging and went back over to the computer to begin what they needed to do. Nathan copied the virus and adjusted the second one while Davina prepared the time pad for his time and destination. Both were silent and focused, fearing that any words shared before they were done would cause them to cry and waste time. It was already a struggle for her to hold it in the entire way here.

"Alright. That's it." Nathan said as he created another flash drive from his suit before plugging it into the computer under the other one. He copied both viruses to their respective flash drives and pulled them out. He didn't have time to safely remove them. Everything would be where it was supposed to be.

"Everything's all good on my end. It's... it's time for you to go." She could barely muster the last word. Nathan placed his hand on her cheek to turn her towards him. The tears were already pouring. The nanotech armor reverted to its watch form on his wrist. He wiped her tears.

"You can't cry. I'll cry and then I'll end up not wanting to go. I can't leave you like this."

"I can't help it. You're leaving me. I know it's selfish. You're saving us or another timeline. It doesn't matter, you're being a hero and I can't even be strong for you, for our family."

"Hey, hey. None of that. It's not selfish. You're the one who risked your life to help us get what we need. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have this virus."

"If it wasn't for me our home wouldn't be in danger. You wouldn't be even more worried about us now."

"You can't blame yourself. Ultron likely already knew where we were. We knocked out their communications and destroyed the bot's head. He just knows we're making a move and he's scared. Funny, I never thought he could feel fear. Maybe I can use that against him in the past."

"Look at you. Even when going to the past you're always planning for the future." She helped him wipe the remainder of her tears. "Then, I can too. We're going to see each other again. So this isn't a goodbye kiss. This is a see you later kiss." She leaned in to kiss him one more time. Their story wasn't over. She refused to believe it.

When the kiss ended Nathan reluctantly reactivated his armor without the helmet and went to the Time Pad where he'd say goodbye to Davina and this timeline. No. Like she said. This was a see you later. He watched as she initiated the time travel sequence. Just as she did an explosion rocked the bunker and debris started to fall in the lab. It avoided the computer and Time Pad, but fell right between the two.

"Nathan!" Davina said beginning to move the debris out of the way.

"Davina!" Nathan said trying to leave the Time Pad to help her, but it was too late. He was transported to the past.

June 9th, New York City, Present Day

"DAVINA!!!" Nathan said as he flashed into existence on what appeared to be a random rooftop. Except it wasn't so random.

"Who's Davina?" A blonde teenage girl asked. "She sounds cute."

"More importantly, who the hell are you, you Iron Man rip-off?" A blonde teenage boy asked.

"Cloak, I thought you were supposed to take us to our friends. Who is this?" A dark haired teenage girl asked.

"I don't know, but I'll find out." A teenager in a dark cloak responded before placing his on Nathan's forehead to see the fears of his past and their future.

When he was done Cloak stepped back in fear of what he saw. His partner, a bleached blonde teenage girl, went to comfort him. "Cloak, are you okay? I've never seen you react like that."

"I'm fine. We really need to find your friends."

"Yeah, that's what we're supposed to be doing. To stop our parents." Chase responded.

"No. To save the world." Cloak answered having fully regained composure.

"From the Gibborim?" Alex asked. Nathan was starting to recognize them all one by one now.

"From Ultron." Cloak and Nathan answered in unison.

"What's an Ultron?" Gert asked.

"And is it something I can punch?" Molly asked, finally finding something of interest in this conversation.

"Ultron is a super intelligent, super powerful robot who kills the Avengers and plunges the world in fear and darkness. A-Wild, Sister Grimm, Lucy in the Sky, Arsenic, Talkback, Princess Powerful, Cloak, and Dagger. I'm not born yet, but twenty years in the future I'm known as Nathaniel Richards, the Iron Lad. I grew up with you all as a family to me. I need your help to stop Ultron and save the world."

"I trust him. He called me Princess Powerful." Molly said, convinced.

"Convinced or not, we can barely handle our parents. What can we do against something that killed the Avengers?" Alex asked.

"The Avengers were outnumbered. Tomorrow New York is Ground Zero of the Attack, but because New York was left without the Spider-Twins, it was overrun and the Avengers were killed. The Spider-Twins weren't in New York because---"

"They were in LA helping us." Karolina said kind of sad that they and their parents were technically responsible for ending the world.

"Yes," Nathan continued. "But I have a way to stop Ultron and Pride. The world won't end tomorrow."

"I hope not." A familiar voice said swinging onto the scene. A hooded figured landed in the darkness of the roof and stepped out of the shadows to reveal Spider-Woman's costume. "It's my birthday." She said removing her hood and mask. "I guess it's no point hiding it anymore. You came all this way specifically for us."
Nathaniel watched the other families that he had grown to know and love since his time here. His cousin, Shani Munroe-Storm, aka Wildstorm. He was going to miss her. Would she even be born in this new timeline? His family only came to the X-Mansion because that's where the Resistance was based. But he and his brother turned out to be mutants. It's possible that connection was enough to bring his aunt and uncle together. He hoped so. He wanted to make sure that little Nathan got to be with his friends and family. That he'd get to be with Davina. The world could still unite. They didn't need an Ultron Apocalypse to bring people together. He'd protect the past and the future.

The sound of someone calling his name snatched him from his thoughts. It was Alex Wilder. In the past he and his friends stood up against their villainous parents known as the Pride. Ultron attacked before that event reached a resolution, but Davina told him that her mom and uncle went to LA to help them and that's why they weren't in New York when everything went down. Cloak and Dagger transported them all. Nathan figured that was the moment he had to go back to. If he could stop them from leaving New York they could all help in the final showdown against Ultron.

"I'm sorry. Yes, Mr. Wilder?" Nathan said finally.

"You can call me Alex. There's something I need you to do when you go back to the past." His tone and expression was serious. Not angry or forceful, but guilt. "In the past I learned how our parents were villains a year before the others did. I also learned that some of their parents planned to kill all of us that were non-powered and take the new world for themselves. I was going to betray my friends to save Nico and I and our parents... But I know that was wrong now. The world, humanity wasn't as lost as I thought. The way humans, mutants, inhumans, mutates, and the supernatural have all united together to protect and live with each other. I need you to convince younger me. Tell him of Jia. Show him that we can be heroes."

Nathaniel was... shocked. He had never seen this sign of Mr.--Alex before. He would've never even expected him to betray his friends in the past. He was glad that he let him know about this. Jia was one of his closest friends. He'd do this. If not for Alex and the others, but for her as well. "I'll do it. I'll save you and turn you into one of the greatest heroes."

Alex laughed and hugged Nathan. He never expected that he could find redemption. It took him forever to tell Nico what he was planning and it was a miracle that she had even forgiven him. But he understood then that he was wrong. Now he was getting the chance to fix that mistake for good. Tears started to well up in his eyes. "Thank you... I'm sorry I've added this onto your already heavy burden."

"It's okay. Saving someone isn't a burden, especially when it's helping a friend."

Alex pulled back from the hug and wiped his tears. "You're a brave and kind young man. I hate that we're placing this all on you, but you've shown time and time again that there's no one better for this. Not because of your powers, but because of your heart."

"T-thank you, sir. That means a lot. But you're all not placing anything on me. I chose this. People deserve hope and I have the vision for a new future." Nathaniel said, but still feeling regret over having to leave the girl he loved. If he could take her with him he would. He'll come back for her. No matter how long it took.

"Just don't lose sight of yourself and your heart in that vision. You can still do wrong even with the best intentions." Alex said with a smile. He knew that all too well and he wanted to make sure that Nathaniel didn't go down the same path that he did. He understood going to great lengths for love and peace.

"Thank you, sir. I won't."

Nathaniel finally made it to Tony Stark's lab. There was a giant platform in the center of the room. It was the time travel pad. That was complete. Everyone had finished what they needed to finish for the time machine. Nathaniel just needed to collect data so he and Tony could complete their virus.

"Mr. Stark." Nathaniel said before pulling a flash drive from his armor and handing it to his mentor.

"Mr. Richards." Tony returned as he took the flash drive. He was a shell of his former self. He only recently started shaving again, but he still preferred to keep his beard long now. He wanted to remind himself of his failure. Alcohol was constantly on his breath. For the longest time he had given up all sense of hope. That was until Nathaniel proved to be the secret weapon they all needed. A technopath that also happened to be a natural super genius. A mind greater than even himself and his father. Together they came up with the idea of sending someone to the past to prevent the Rise of Ultron. A virus that would wipe out any of his robots before they had the chance to overrun the heroes and world. They always figured that Ultron himself would be a different case so Nathan came up with a secret plan to fight fire with fire. He knew that no one would ever go with it so he kept it to himself. Not even Davina knew.

Tony walked over to his computer and plugged the flash drive in. All the info on the Ultron Bots was on the drive. He couldn't believe it. "This is it. We have everything we need." He noticed a folder titled "locations" and opened it. It was a map with a mass of red blips clustered together and they were on the move. They weren't only on the move. "They're here."
Caty, Hobie, Reed, and Sue were in another section of the bunker when the two returned. They were getting things ready for Nathaniel's jump to the past. Reed and Sue's movements were a bit slower than normal. They wanted to prolong the time they had left with their son. They didn't know if or when they'd ever see him again, but someone had to do this. Someone had to go to the past and prevent this future from happening or at the very least save another timeline. Even if the time travel plan didn't work Nathaniel now had a way to spread a virus throughout every single Ultron Bot on the planet. They weren't exactly sure if it'd work on the main body, but it'd definitely work on the assembled creations.

Distracted from the thoughts of losing her son caused Sue to drop a piece of equipment. Instinctively a barrier was placed around it preventing it from hitting the floor and getting damaged. Everyone turned around and looked at her, but Caty was the first to move, with Reed following suit. They all knew what was going through her mind. Hell, the same thing was going through Reed's. Caty was thinking of it as well, but not in the same way as them. She was worried for her own daughter. She knew what it felt like to lose someone you love and it seemingly being forever.

"Hey, Sue. It's going to be okay. It sounds like the two of them are back. Let's go see them and let the men handle things while we're gone." Caty said while rubbing Sue's back to comfort her.

"T-thank you, Caty." She said before freeing the equipment from her barrier and handing it off to Reed. They lingered for a bit, not wanting to let this light moment of physical touch pass. They were already about to say goodbye to one of their sons, they didn't want to think about saying goodbye to each other. They let go and Reed returned to work with Hobie while Caty and Sue left the lab to see their kids.

Davina laughed at her cousin. She actually admired how she could stay positive in this world. Then again, this was all the world that they knew, but she had a feeling that Annie would've fit more in a world without Ultron. She needed a life of adventure and romance. It wasn't like she couldn't get that in this reality. It was just different. Annie needed a life outside of this bunker or being a hero. But Davina? All she knew and could imagine was being a hero. Even in an apocalyptic world like this. "Annie, you ever think the fact that you're boy crazy is why you don't get to adventure with them?" She asked her cousin with a smile showing it was mostly a joke. "But... it was so flipping cool. I mean, it's terrible out there. But it felt like living one of our parents' stories. I took down an Ultron Bot and my Knight in Shining Armor handled the rest."

Nathaniel blushed at Davina calling him her knight in shining armor. She technically wasn't wrong, but the attention was a little embarrassing. "Yes, I hacked into the Ultron Bot and got everything I needed before destroying its head. I also disabled its communications before then so it couldn't call for backup."

"You two did great," Caty said as she and Sue entered the room. "But your uncle's right, Davina. You could've been killed."

"Do I really have to get this lecture from everybody?" Davina asked with a sigh.

"Yes," Sue answered matter of factly. "I can't have anything happen to my future daughter-in-law."
New York, 20 Years Later...

The city was unrecognizable. It was in ruins. Society no longer existed. There was a constant dark and smoggy overcast. Flying robots patrolled the skies. Just what could have happened here? Where were the heroes? The Avengers? The Spider-Twins, the Clone Brigade? How could they let this happen?

The sound of a battle could be heard. On closer look there's a young girl in a costume with a spider-symbol on it. Could it be? The Spider-Woman was still here fighting the good fight? Wait, no. That wasn't her. Her costume was different, yes, but that wasn't it. She was way too young to be the Spider-Woman that we know. "Spider-Girl, watch out!" A voice called out in the distance.

"I got it, Iron Lad!" She yelled back while using one of her webs to launch herself up and over a robot that was flying after her. She dropped down onto its back and stabbed the joints in its neck to disable it and cause them both to fall out of the sky. She held on for dear life for the expected crash landing and jumped right before they hit the ground to land gracefully next to it. Well, it would have been graceful had it not been for all of the smoke and dust obscuring her moment. "Ultron Bot secured!"

"I can't believe how reckless you are, Davina. You were supposed to wait for me and the others. You could've gotten killed." The voice from earlier said before landing and dispersing the smoke and dust. He was wearing a suit of armor similar to that of Iron Man's. He took off his helmet and walked over to the downed Ultron Bot examining it.

Spider-Girl took her mask down. "Please, Nathaniel. You worry too much. I've been training specifically for this. To take these monsters down. And now we finally have a chance. Are you sure you and Tony can use this thing to create a virus to take them all out?"

"These guys killed the Avengers. Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Don't forget that. They acted as a team and it still meant nothing. You're lucky I cut his communications when I did. We would've had a whole horde out here. But yes and no. I have a new plan. Their idea wasn't wrong. A hero that's an android. One that can do things and take the risks others can't. I figured it all out last night. Nathaniel sighed. He hoped he wasn't wrong. Would his hubris lead the world to an even worse fate?

Davina recognized that look. He was holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. She walked up to him and knelt down next to the Ultron Bot to face him. "You're the smartest guy I know and our dads and my uncle are super geniuses. Our moms, too. Basically out of multiple super genius families, you're the smartest out of all of us. If you believe this is the way, then I trust it." She lifted his chin with her hand. "I trust you. I'll distract Tony while you tweak the virus. I can't believe this is it. After so long, after all we've been through... I'm going to miss you."

It was his turn to comfort her now. He wiped the tears starting to form in her eyes. "I love you. But don't worry. We'll see each other again soon. It'll be different versions of us, but I'll love you in every timeline."

"I love you too. In every timeline." The two kissed for what felt like forever. For all they knew this would've been their last kiss in this timeline. They didn't know what would happen after Nathaniel left to the past. He decided to stay there and they theorized that this timeline would either cease to exist, become a pocket reality, or correct itself with the changes. Either way, it seemed impossible for him to return here.

A beeping could be heard coming from Iron Lad's helmet. It seemed that he got everything he needed from the Ultron Bot. He pulled back from their kiss and wiped the tears starting to form in his own eyes. He stood up and extended his hand to Davina. She put her mask back on and took his hand before moving into her spot in his arm. With his other arm he released a beam of energy that destroyed the bot's head before the the two of them took off into the skies back to their underground mansion bunker, the X-Mansion.
Caty was really starting to get annoyed with the Avengers, but specifically Tony Stark. They just had to outshine them every time and she was starting to think it was on purpose, because why wouldn't Tony invite her and Danny to help them take down HYDRA in Wakanda? Discovering that it was the most technologically advanced country in the world was what really pushed Caty to feel this way. She should've been there talking science with their brightest minds. Think of all the ways she could upgrade her web-shooters. This thought had been on Caty's mind for months now, especially after discovering that the clone quartet was there helping them and were practically honorary Avengers. At least that's what Dani said, Liz later clarified that they were actually Agents of SHIELD and that's why they left shortly after Christmas. Caty wished she could join them. Things had been rather quiet and awkward these past four months. Her and Gwen were friends again, but she couldn't get that kiss out of her mind and she could've sworn that Harry was giving her strange looks. Did he know about the kiss? At least nothing went further than that, right? She did feel a little bad though, but she wasn't the one to initiate it. That was between Gwen and Harry.

Outside of that she was getting back to the feel of being Caty again. She did a lot of extra credit work to make up for all of the in-school classwork and tests that she missed. School still wasn't the same without Liz, but she made sure to hang out with Gwen whenever she wasn't with Harry or she wasn't busy being Spider-Woman. Caty had also been texting and calling Karolina a lot more these past four months, but she's been silent for about a week. The last thing they talked about was Karolina and the crew's parents were hiding some sort of big secret. She hoped she was okay. Maybe she'd visit LA again soon and check on her.

Besides that crime was pretty normal as well. They surprisingly weren't attacked by a Cupid-themed villain on Valentine's Day. But she did hear about what happened to Flint Marko, one of the first people she came into contact with and helped as Spider-Woman. He was turned into a literal sand man by none other than Norman Osborn. For the past year that man has been a thorn in her and the city's side. She couldn't believe she used to look up to him. Now he was some criminal mastermind finding entertainment in turning people into super powered freaks and ruining their lives. Admittedly, her becoming Spider-Woman was completely her fault. No one told her to stay behind and look for a radioactive super spider, in fact Norman escorted everyone out. But that didn't change the fact that if it wasn't for him Hobgoblin and now Sandman wouldn't be a thing and she and Gwen wouldn't have lost so much.

The anniversary of the day she and Danny got these powers were coming up. That also meant the anniversary of their dad's death. This was part of the reason why she hated how quiet these past few months were. At least all the back to back supervillains kept her mind off the grief, but she knew she couldn't avoid it for long. She needed to process it and heal. But she wasn't sure if she'd ever heal the hole that losing her dad left inside her.

Alarms were blaring in New York's Prototype Supermax Prison built and funded by Tony Stark and the Avengers. In here they kept the more recent superpowered villains that have been popping up. Not just the villains that the Avengers have faced, but the villains that the Spider-Twins have put away as well. It seems that they were the targets of today's break-in, or rather break out.

A tall, mysterious figure shrouded in what appeared to be a Lion's Pelt accessed the wing that held the Spider-Villains. They were all here. Mysterio, Vulture, Rhino, Hobgoblin, and the Sandman. The mysterious figure unlocked all of their cells and they all started coming out one by one. All except one. The Sandman remained in his cell. He didn't want to go anywhere. He wanted to do his time and get out and see his little girl.

"You're all free." The mysterious man said in a thick Russian accent. "On one condition. You help me hunt the Spiders. If you choose betrayal and personal freedom I'll simply add you to the list."

Rhino stomped forward hulking over the man. "Ya? Why should we be scared of you?"

The mysterious man answered this question with a quick and decisive palm to Rhino's chin sending him collapsing to the floor unconscious. Kraven stepped out of the way and sighed. "Anyone else vant to test Kraven the Hunter?"

They all shook their heads in unison.

"Good. Goblin, carry him or vake him up. I do not care which." Kraven said before walking over to Sandman's cell. "You come too, ya?"

"No. I'm staying here. I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want to be reunited with my little girl." Sandman said resolute.

"No can do, my friend. Orders for the job." Kraven walked over to Sandman and placed an electric collar around his neck. He pressed a button on his belt, shocking him. "You come now, ya?"
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