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Sorry for the delay on Otto's entrance. I believe we're still waiting for a few more.
Otto Octavius, ESU Lab, Same Night, Around the Same Time

Otto decided to test Caty's theory about crimes, more specifically of the supervillain variety, increasing around the holidays. She believed it was due to a personal vendetta and he understood that more than anyone, but also believed hers to be more coincidental. The Hobgoblin was a lunatic after all. No, Otto believed if anything that criminals needed money just as much if not more than those with regular jobs. If it hadn't been for his bias towards Sam he was positive that he wouldn't have even empathized with criminals or villains. Especially after what Kin--, no Fisk did. He was no king. He was a pompous fool too big for the world he claimed to control. There was another reason Otto decided to humor this challenge. He wanted to catch him as a Christmas present to Anna, himself, Sam, and all of New York and he was going to use his new and improved Spider-Bots to do it.

He sat patiently in his chair as he viewed the array of monitors along the wall in front of him. He had spiders all over every borough. Who said the Arachnid or Fisk had to focus on just one area of the city? Crime didn't stop once you crossed a line. People didn't stop needing help. He even had a spider following his friends. Not all the time, just mainly at night and based on their patrol patterns. He wasn't a creepy stalker. Just a concerned friend.

He noticed through one of his spider-bots Caty talking to the Black Cat. Sam told him about him. A rather minor criminal, mostly sticks to stealing expensive or priceless items. If he wasn't so self-interested he'd be an anti-hero. Otto wasn't aware that he and Caty were close. They apparently used to date. He wasn't a threat.

An alert popped up on a number of his screens disrupting Otto's train of thought and catching his attention. He turned the alerts off and couldn't believe his eyes. She was right, but this was more than she could handle alone. More than any of them could handle alone. Fortunately they didn't have to. Thanks to his spider-bot he knew Sam was nearby and he had confidence these other spider-heroes would show up. They had a responsibility to. He called Caty and before the conversation ended The Arachnid was on his way to the scene.

"Let's see how well this eight-appendaged freak can handle someone on equal footing."
Of all the fearsome things that we could have encountered, the Spy Kids 2 spider monkey is perhaps the most horrifying possibility. And I never even considered it.

Expect the unexpected on this wild ride of fun. I considered a regular giant spider, but a giant spider monkey was so much better.
And it begins! With a giant Spider-Monkey attacking New York. Cancel your Christmas Eve plans because Anansi has an adventure for you.
Caty Davis, Nearby Roof, Same Night, Around the Same Time

"You really don't want to give us a try again?" A young man with white hair asked, pleading to a hooded figure.

"How many times do I have to say no? I like you, Felix, I do. But it's kind of hard to get over your boyfriend leaving you for your twin brother because he liked the bad attitude some alien suit gave him." The hooded figure responded. She took off her hood to reveal Spider-Woman.

"Oh, come on. That was almost two years ago. You can't still be held up on that. I said I was sorry. I was immature. I didn't know what I wanted, but now I do. I want you."

"I'm what you want right now. Like a cat you'll be onto the next thing as soon as you're bored. Either way, you're too late."

"For someone who's named Cat you sure have a serious thing against them. And too late? Don't tell me this is about that Octopus guy."

"Arachnid... and no. It's about me. And what'd I tell you about calling me that?"

"That I'm the only one that can."

"You were, but now I hate the nickname even more."

Their conversation was interrupted by a sound in Spider-Woman's ear.

"Come in, Spider-Woman. Come in Spider-Woman. This is Arachnid."

She pressed the earpiece and spoke back to the man on the other side. "Spider-Woman here. I'm reading you, Arachnid. What's up?"

"It appears that your Holiday Theory may have some merit to it, because it seems that someone has plans of canceling Christmas. A giant spider monkey creature is attacking Times Square."

"I swear someone out there hates me. I'm on my way." She clicked the communicator off before Otto or Felix could say anything else.

"You have to go." Felix said walking up to her and reaching for her hands.

"I do." She wanted to pull her back, but couldn't.

"I can't come, can I?"

"No. You'll only get in the way. Maybe prove me wrong and get some people out of there?" Spider-Woman stepped back and reached her hand outwards. She couldn't wait for his answer. People needed her. She pressed her fingers to her wrist releasing a string of web before jumping off the building. "Siri, call Danny."
Web of Life and Destiny Time Unknown

Anansi stared at the large web in front of him. A hint of sadness present on the god's face immediately snuffed out by anger as another universe went dark. Another Spider-Totem dead. It was happening at a more rapid rate lately. Sometimes at the same time. His enemy had friends now and they were splitting up. This wasn't good. He walked over to a particular universe that he had been monitoring. One that he had been preparing to face this enemy. He wasn't sure if they were ready yet. Some had experience, others were still new. These universes that were dying had Spider-Totems who had been at the job for years. No. This wasn't the time to doubt. He chose them for a reason. He trusted them to do what was required of them. Maybe one more test was necessary. One that would bring them all together.

The god rubbed his chin in thought and snapped his fingers as inspiration struck. He smiled to himself almost forgetting the gravity of the situation.

"Oh, this will be fun."

Times Square, New York City, NY December 24th 2023, 8:33 PM

A reddish blue portal appeared in the air above Times Square. The people celebrating on the streets looked up at the weird spectacle and took out their phones to record it. They couldn't tell if this was a Stark Display or some incoming threat. Ever since heroes became prominent in the State villains and otherworldly threats continued to cause chaos. Either way it was another day in New York. If it was a problem some hero or specifically some Spider-themed hero would handle it before it got too bad. They were about as an invasive of a species as real spiders.

After the portal had been opened a minute a large web launched out of it and attached to a skyscraper below it. As if the web were some kind of grappling hook it pulled whatever was on the other end out of the portal. When it landed on the building people could see a rather large creature with six legs, a human torso, two arms, and an almost apelike face. It was approximately as big as King Kong and carried a staff just as large. It looked like something from an old movie.

Despite the familiar feeling to it the masses couldn't help but panic trying to evacuate from the area. This felt way too real to be some 3-Dimensional projection.
<Snipped quote by King Kindred>

No sweat, this time of year tends to bring unexpected busy spikes

Thank you for understanding.

Here's the discord link so you all can pop-in. I'm about to get started on the IC post.

Hey, everyone! I'm sorry, today and this weekend unexpectedly got busy. But I'm free tomorrow so we'll get started then.
I'll get one up this weekend.
I'm also excited! I'm looking forward to seeing how Oliver, a pretty isolated spider-person, ends up interacting with everyone else.

As for a potential discord, I could take it or leave it either way. It'd probably be convenient to talk there, but is by no means something I feel we need.

Same. It's going to be interesting to see the different dynamics as they all end up gathering and working together.

And I feel the same, but wanted to see what the consensus before we started.
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