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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

Things you need to know about me?

I am female but I mostly RP as males, weird I know but eh. I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy girl than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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Hiroyuki Duma

Hiroyuki often wondered if he would ever go back to the Northern Water Tribe - back to the loving embrace of his wife and the cheerful smiles of his daughter. Of course, he had been planning escape routes just in case he would get the chance to do so, but it never came. Days had turned into months - a painful reminder that it was not easy to escape the Fire Nation. He was steadfast in the belief that he would be able to escape. Eventually, he would get out of this prison and continue his fight against these cruel men and women. But of course, to topple down a kingdom, you have to cut off the head and make sure none grow back.

The morning had come far too quickly but Hiroyuki was up even before the sun rose - as per the usual. He sat on top of his cot and simply meditated. Things went by far more easier whenever he felt calmer than usual. Hiroyuki had rarely meditated before, but when he came to prison, it became an everyday thing. He gradually felt like it helped him. Thinking with a clear head is better than seeing everything in red. Hiroyuki was nothing if not patient and he was biding his time. He already had a plan before but he and a few other war criminals were transferred to Tiánmì de Mèng. It was unfortunate but he knew that his time will come. With so many possible futures, surely one of them would lead to most of them being able to escape the damned prison.

"Do you feel that?" The deep rumble of his voice was befitting of someone of his appearance. However, it was definitely calming with no hint of aggression. His eyes opened and travelled to look at the young thief. "It feels like we may be rewarded with rain." A tight smile appeared on his face as if to ease the younger girl. He placed his hands flat on his knees as he took a last deep breath - relishing in the calmness - but he knew that he they would be released to the courtyard soon. Time was up. The waterbender stood up slowly and then stretched before looking at the prison bars - as if looking at them would melt them away and they would be able to go.

Hiroyuki spoke no more words after that, content with looking out at the object that separated them from the small taste of freedom they were allowed. His thoughts, however, went to the young girl with him. Something as petty as thievery and yet here she was, housed with a prisoner of war. Amusing. She was quite silent though and didn't prefer talking, which was perfectly fine with him. He did often wonder what the girl did to deserve this kind of harsh treatment. She was a thief, yes, but the sentence seemed quite harsh for someone as young as her. Nevertheless, Hiroyuki silently swore to keep her away from trouble ever since they became cellmates. He'd at least like to see her survive and get out of the prison and live her life to the fullest.

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I am also interested in joining. Might I also get some rolls?
Raviel Husk

Raviel was surprised when Alicia ran off. He was about to run off as well and perhaps get to her by using his teleportation but found himself unable to - sensing that his mana pool was far from replenishing enough for him to be able to use it. He grumbled something under his breath concerning Alicia's decision to head towards - presumably - Varjan. Seleth was correct. What did she want to do? Or hope to do? After all, Varjan seemed like he didn't want to tell these to his friends since he went to Seleth for that kind of advice. Or maybe it was because she was a priestess?

Questions swirled his mind and the woman who maybe has some inkling of knowledge to share was right in front of them and even offered up the information to them.

"Aside from Seleth's questions, how did you guys even meet Varjan? I mean, the dude's cool and all but he doesn't strike me as the type who makes friends?" The beastkin bluntly questioned. Sure, he's conversed with Varjan before but the guy kept everyone at an arm's length.

Faye Nisval

Faye listened to both Enishi and Tibrus as they offered their suggestions. The beastkin was more inclined to agree with Enishi - not letting her earlier blunder on being sneaky get to her anymore - but Tibrus was suggesting something she had not heard of before. The Inter-Kingdom Travel Grid - she had been so out of touch from Zauberheim that she hadn't even heard of this project before. She had no idea what it was and Tibrus seemed to just keep how it worked vague - but obviously it involved something with teleportation/

Faye could ride with that. But hearing that it never took off worried her. What if it failed at a crucial moment of their mission? Or just failed in general?

"If this truly does work, then perhaps it might be for the best." She said, tapping her fingers on the surface of the table in an erratic fashion, as if she was silently thinking to herself in code. "Otherwise, an indirect approach would be for the best. We could post guards at certain choke points just in case he runs and we don't catch them. Of course we can't make this obvious."
Raviel Husk

Raviel didn't seem too affected with being teased - at all. In fact, he stood there with his hands inside his pockets as he listened in on the conversation, not bothering to say anything. Especially as it progressed down to Varjan. He noted the stark difference between Mira and Alicia's personalities as the latter pressed Seleth for answers regarding what Varjan had done in the city. The beastkin did not truly understand what was transpiring considering he seemed to be the only one out of the loop about one of the most skilled magicians they had.

He turned to Seleth - his ears flicked as she told them what exactly Varjan had done in the Radiant Cathedral. The mere fact of hearing that Varjan wanted Seleth to kill him and be claimed by their goddess made him growl. It was not Varjan's request that made him think ill of the situation, but more of because he assumed that the goddess would be happy with something like that. He, however, continued to stay silent - not really having anything to contribute to the conversation aside from a resolute presence to also know and perhaps help Varjan and his situation.

Faye Nisval

Faye tapped her fingers against the wooden table in a rhythmic and calming tune - for her, at the very least. The others didn't seem to mind all that much. Her eyes swept from one speaker to the other. Athos had given them to options - a warehouse or Juan de la Cruz. The beastkin waited for the others to answer before giving her own thoughts on the matter.

Enishi was still going to help them but insisted that they needed to apprehend his own target as well - whoever that would be. He seemed impartial.

Lumina pointed out that Zauberheim might be the focal point of a disaster - if the bad omen were to be followed. The beastkin hummed in thought but obviously their client was not all too pleased to hear this. She also seemed impartial to what they should target next.

Tibrus had given them a clear view of what to expect and Faye nodded in agreement to him. The factors to consider were many as one target would be no easier than the other and going after one would result to the other either being more difficult or close to impossible to get to. The beastkin stopped tapping the table as she spoke.

"Perhaps it would be for the best if we took in Juan de la Cruz now." She offered her thoughts. "Considering he is an accomplice, there would be a high chance that he would cleaned up just like the warehouse we had been at. I imagine it would be the best to get him while he is still alive no?"
Raviel Husk

Raviel beamed at Seleth when she had accepted the win without any quarrels. Being brushed off wasn't a foreign feeling when dealing with Seleth, so the beastkin took it all in stride. He made sure that the ground beneath him wasn't moving before he finally stepped to the side to test out his balance. He wasn't as tired as he thought he was. He supposed that the shock of depleting his mana pool was the only thing that made him feel sick. Resting would be a good idea and watching fights would certainly be a good rest.

He turned to the two newcomers who had announced their arrival. Brushing off the tease, he waved at them and gave them a grin. "Heya!" He greeted with an energetic wave. When Seleth explained what had happened in as little detail as possible, Raviel simply nodded along - obviously not bothered by his own loss. "I fainted. Depleted my mana pool before I even realized it." Raviel pointed out, knowing the flaw in his own fight.

"How about you guys? I trust you guys won?" He asked with his tail swishing to the side in excitement to hear all about their own fights.

Faye Nisval

The beastkin was pondering over what the crates contained all the way until they got back with said crates. When she sat down for the conference with Athos, it was only then that her mind had reminded her of her mistake. She nodded along when Lumina - the beastkin who had aided them in their fight - explained the situation and had introduced herself properly to their client. Her eyes then wandered over to Tibrus who had recovered from passing out due to the debris. At least he didn't seem too banged up, right?

"Forgive me. It was my mistake that the mercenary had fallen through the roof in the first place. I may have gotten carried away during the fight." She said with a deep bow of her head. It was a relief to hear that the damage wasn't as severe as it could have been but she was still feelng guilty for the mistake in the heat of battle.

She then turned to Tibrus and waved her hand dismissively. "It's fine. I believe your expertise lies within knowing what those crates contained. We're counting on you to analyze it." She then folded her arms on the table. "If you need any extra healing, please do not hesitate to ask."

She then turned back to Athos. "Er, what now?"

Marvin stared at Short-Fuse with an incredulous look. However, he decided to humor the male and shrug. "A couple of warheads probably." He suggested. There was a small pause before he looked back at Short-Fuse with a glare. "But please for the love of anything good left in this world, don't do that." He continued as a warning. He'd rather not get into sticky situations because he suggested something to their bomb-happy companion. There were a lot of other better ways to go, after all. He'd rather not get eaten by one of those monstrosities.

He could hear multiple comments about the arrival of the Brotherhood. The Roman said something in Latin that Marvin didn't understand but seemed to have been expecting for the Brotherhood to know about it. The others were not so welcoming of these new arrivals. A lot seemed to hate the Brotherhood. Perhaps they could tolerate two, in the form of Khaliya and her husband and partner Jeremiah, but they didn't seem too keen on adding any more. But perhaps it was fate that drove them to meet here as the leader recognized Khaliya.

Storstrand? The name didn't ring a bell. Then again, he didn't really dwell too deep in the Brotherhood's mess; even that of the Lyons' Pride. It was too dangerous and who knows what would happen if went around, poking his nose into searching for names who might get himself killed. But the conversation between them was tense and it would seem that they had some bad blood between each other. Marvin kept a close eye on Storstrand, however, since he didn't want a fight to escalate and have Khaliya lose. She was the only one who took up the leader position, after all, and he'd rather not lose the one person who decided it was worth it to work with them as their leader.

But things were cooled down as they were going to be taken to the shelter.

Marvin happily followed them but kept his distance from the Brotherhood group. They were interesting, yes, but he'd rather not get on their bad side. Not with their Power Armor and the obvious tension that hung between Khaliya and Storstrand. As the bank came into view, he slowed down a bit. When the Paladin had gestured to explain the decontamination that would be happening, Marvin seemed to tighten his lips. He hadn't really gone through any decontamination equipment and he wondered if there were any adverse effects on a ghoul such as himself. Marvin moved forward to follow, pausing for a while to allow the decontamination to happen before proceeding inside.

He was still alive at least.

Marvin had been impressed that this place actually had electricity and comfortable beds. But he knew what those tags meant and he couldn't help but give them a nod of recognition despite only being there to remind these people from the losses of their friends. Marvin had just stayed at the lobby area, leaning his rifle down beside him. He had no need to take off his radiation suit since he didn't have any. The ghoul watched as the others came in. Once they were all inside, he began to speak.

"Well that was an exciting first day, don't you think?" He asked with a light chuckle. He turned to the two Brotherhood people who seemed to be free since Storstrand is going to interview Khaliya apparently. "So, what brought you guys here to this wonderful place?" He gestured around him and it is obvious that he was just joking about this being a wonderful place. But that didn't matter right now. "And do you have anything alcohol-based here? Story time is awlays best with cold beer and more friends."
Ah, sure. I'm still up for it even though I haven't posted in a real long while.
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