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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

Things you need to know about me?

I am female but I mostly RP as males, weird I know but eh. I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy girl than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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Ah, I should post shouldn't I? Though, I suppose I can't control the teacher's reactions to my attacks right?


Ferrian was quite amused that everyone also introduced themselves aside from the swordsman who kept silent. But everyone just jumped in the socialization, just because the dwarf told them to. Perhaps they were all raring to talk to the others, or at least some of them were more enthusiastic than others. Ferrian had to admit that he wasn't really expecting for everyone to say anything, but it was fine. He liked listening to the humans talk to each other like this. Maybe he'll hear some rumors about his little sister, or some other place that might prove to be interesting.

He let out a short and light chuckle at Kazador's remark about his little nap. "Trust me, despite the name, it's mostly peaceful. It just so happened that this... peace meeting of yours was happening." Ferrian kept his eyes on the fire - watching as Djeld boiled the tea and then offered it to everyone. He accepted happily and began to sip it, letting the hot drink warm his insides as the fire was warming the outside.

That was when he heard some commotion and Kazador pointed at them. Ferrian turned to look and saw a familiar face setting up shop. Anna? But... how? He quite clearly remembered a merchant going by the same name and same face centuries ago - back at Gaia's War. But that was impossible. Anna was as human as any other human can get. One of her unique features was her ability to charm everyone with her flowery words to buy her wares. He's felt it firsthand, after all, and nearly depleted his gold pouch because of her. He shook his head. No, this can't be the same Anna. Please, let there be a difference.

The next ones were unfamiliar to him - but where they came from were very much familiar. He listened closely to Kazador telling them about the people who gathered around Anna's shop. Then this kid bounded up and started to shake the swordsman vigorously before letting go and heading towards Anna's shop. Then another woman apologized for... Emma's behavior and began to explain why. Before, like the dwarf, commenting about how strange their unit is. Then a Prince came over and then talked about being assigned there as well. Ferrian sipped his tea in silence. The others can handle that.
General Luna

Luna kept the names of the people around her in her mind, just in case she would have need for them later. Kazadar, she learned the dwarf's name was, was a very pleasant man. Her lips broke into a genuine smile when Kazadar told her that he hoped that the sentiment was mutual. However, she kept silent and looked towards the supposed local hero of Valentia. "Oh, it's been a while since I've been to Valentia. I hope you all are doing fine." Despite the Concilium kingdoms having a fragile relationship, Luna always liked seeing how the others were doing.

Djeld had given them tea and she gave him an appreciative nod. "Thank you very much."

Then Kazador gestured towards Anna the merchant and Jake. Oh, they were here? The dwarf expressed how he doesn't like her very much. She couldn't help but giggle at that. "I always worry for my own gold when she comes over." She admitted. That didn't mean that she didn't want to check it out. Anna always had one of the best wares around, and she certainly appreciated the variety. From weapons to beauty creams, she had it all! She wondered if any of her soldiers would bound up as well.

Anna certainly had quite a number of patrons around - including the nobles who decided to come around. Prince Jarde of Ereb, and Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena of Askr. Luna always felt a little bad for Prince Jarde. The rumors surrounding the young prince was quite... let's just say they weren't too good on the reputation. Kazador bid farewell and Luna gave him a cheerful wave. "I hope to see you again, Mister Kazador!"

Unexpectedly, this other girl bounded up and began shaking General Sordan by his shoulders - announcing that Anna was here - and then bounded off again. She looked at the man and gave him a small smile. "You okay, sir?" She asked politely but a hint of a smile could be seen on her face. They haven't really met personally, aside from a meeting but she doesn't count those since they were all in their respective personas that demanded obedience and respect, but she felt like breaking the ice with him for now was for the best.

She then looked over to another woman who apologized for Emma's - the girl's name - behavior. And then she commented about how strange they were as a unit. This seemed to lead this Prince, who walked over to them, to think that he was assigned to this unit as well. Time to clear things up. "Oh, we're not from the same regiment. Just simply a stop for all of us." She said before looking at the prince.

"Perhaps you have confused our group with another. We pretty much know nothing else aside from the others' name and why they're here. But welcome anyway, Prince Marwood." Luna gave him a smile and gestured for him to sit as well, if he so wished.

Jonathan nodded at Roman's idea of creating a map together. If they managed to miss some, then they'd just have to add more to it. Now, where to start? Where would a murderer go? Leaving Pallet Town was very, very difficult. It's now impossible thanks to them having to investigate this whole murder case, so the murderer couldn't have left the Town. The population isn't too big - he's searched bigger way before - so this'll be quite easy. Or at least, he hoped that it would be simple to find this alleged murderer. Oh, he was becoming more and more excited about it. Despite its gruesome start, he feels like this would be a pretty interesting journey.

Now why would that be? Because he was grouped with these people. Roman was a lightweight for violence. He's puked when he saw the dead bodies. He was young, and probably haven't really left Pallet Town for quite a while. Or else that kind of thing wouldn't even bother him. Roman doesn't have a filter between his mind and mouth which might put him in trouble, like the incident with Honey earlier. He's a good kid, though, as he is offering his house to them so they could meet there. He'd like to see what Roman could do as a fighter. It might devolve into that while they were searching for the suspect or suspects.

Speaking of fighting, he thinks that Honey might actually be more than what she lets on. For her small height, no offense, she seems really fit. And she was a newcomer wasn't she? So that meant she came from the outside. He knows from personal experience that the outside was unforgiving to anyone who didn't know how to fight. Despite her rather blunt attitude, Jonathan feels like she was an excellent person. From how she took on the lead was something he could appreciate. Jonathan wondered where she was going after this and what her purpose is as to why she entered Pallet Town. But he wouldn't pry. They were all complete strangers to each other - acquaintances at best - so that was just impolite to ask what she was doing here.

Not all were unknown strangers to him though. The spider girl, Catherine, was someone he had been yearning to meet. She was a fellow Wasted after all. Her appearance, however, was more eye-catching than him. While he only had this mask to worry about along with his voice modulator, she had to worry about her entire body. And what seems to be an odd personality. But, honestly, she seemed pleasant most of the time. He'd wish to talk to her more, but this was not the time nor the place for that. Perhaps he'd have another chance soon, but he had to focus here. He noticed how she was not using one of her legs. Huh, now why was that? He'd bring it up with Roman later. It looked injured.

Reaching the apartment, he couldn't help but agree with Catherine. It was a rather nice apartment. He only slept on a bedroll with some others. Well, he had to sleep quite a ways away from the others since they weren't comfortable with them around. But it was still public space. Roman, though, he had his own private area. This must mean he's 'rich' in their society's standards. He looked at Catherine as she gestured for them to get in. Jonathan inclined his head in gratitude before he did enter. Wow, Roman even had a table that looks like it's in good condition. Quite excellent. He waited for Roman to come as well before going closer and then said, "Do you have any medical supplies? Bandages?" He then gestured over to Catherine. "I think she might need it."


Ferrian was not sure how he ended up with this group, but he stayed where he was. The hooded Manakete didn't really care where he would end up in. He had honestly not been here to honestly partake in this meeting. He was not called upon to do so, at the very least. He intended to make a stop here in Dragonrage Pass and continue his travels the next day as he had just come from accompanying a band of soldiers to a bandit encampment off the border of Ereb. When he came here thinking he would have some peace and quiet, he was instead met with a tense air.

Dwarves and humans were present - each with their own camps made on both sides of the Pass with a meeting tent placed in the middle. Yet another show of how fragile ties made in war were. It was amazing how it hasn't been broken yet. Between the bloodthirsty Varjans, the grudge-bearing Dwarves, the extremely fragile Zenith Union and the greedy Concilium kingdoms, peace wasn't exactly something you would expect. But he let it be. It was better than a war. They were powerful when they stood together - more powerful than even the Goddess Gaia - but alliances rarely last.

The white haired Manakete made a passing glance towards the others around the campfire. One was a rather odd mage, but nothing that surprised him too much. It wasn't like he hadn't seen mages of that caliber or determination before. In fact, Lizberia was brimming with them. The other seemed to be a sellsword who liked the peace and quiet this area provided compared to the hustle and bustle over at the main area. Another was a general, one that he knew from passing when he roamed Archanean lands. One other seemed to be the same, but he wasn't too sure. Others may have been royalty to another kingdom.

Either way, he didn't care. He came here to rest, not to mingle. While the odd mage seemed to be preparing to boil some water, he closed his eyes for a moment with the intent of falling asleep while sitting down. However, a booming voice carried over and he opened an eye to look at the culprit. A dwarf with an unkind face, not that that was surprising. His demeanor betrayed his serious expression as he joked about them being the strangest unit he's ever seen.

The first two introduced themselves - Djeld, the odd mage; and Jerod, the sellsword. He supposed it wouldn't hurt to introduce himself as well. "Ferrian. I just stumbled upon this place looking for a place to rest." He admitted, adjusting his seat so he would be facing all of them without letting the hood drop. He's had bad experiences with people who knew he was a Manakete right off the bat. He'd love to have the element of surprise on his side even if they were friendly.

General Luna

Luna had lost her unit to the mingling of the crowd. Allowing them to partake in mingling with the Dwarves and other people there seemed like such a good idea back then. Now, she couldn't even find them. She let out a grumble as she massaged her temples. Well, it's not like she would have any need for them in this span of time. She was sure that things would go quite well.

She found herself sitting at a campfire with a bunch of other people. She could pick off the faces of the Manakete who slumbered under Archanea, and the general of Tellius - but other than that, she doesn't know anyone else. Luna had decided to rest here to pass the time a little bit. So, as she waited, she simply polished her sword. While she liked talking with others, it would seem that the silence that prevailed here was kind of... right? They were all relaxing around each other in peace, and it was rather nice and comforting.

Luna wondered when this would be over. They had many places to patrol, after all, and she didn't like slacking off very much. Not like this, at the very least. But it was better than simply fighting anyone who's around right? Once finished polishing her sword, she raised it up to look at its shine. It was just in time for her to see a group of three Dwarves approaching them. She sheathed her weapon as it might provoke something within the Dwarves. She wouldn't want to start a fight all of a sudden. She gave them a friendly smile as they approached.

The larger Dwarf seemed to be more lighthearted than he let on as he sat down to talk to them and lighten the mood. As the others introduced themselves, she resolved to do so as well. "I'm Luna, from Archanea. I was sent here with my unit just in case." She then gave the Dwarf a nod. "I'm sure it wouldn't come to that right?" She then let out a light giggle as he mentioned that this hodge podge of a group might actually be a unit. "I personally only know some of them by face, but nothing more. This would be a very interesting unit though, if we were one."

She then began tapping her fingers against her lap and then looked towards Djeld. "Tea sounds lovely." Luna only now remembered that she never told them that she actually was a general. Well, that doesn't seem to be of any importance right now as she would not probably see them ever again after this, so it should be fine as it is now completely irrelevant.
Alex's eyebrows furrowed as she watched this teacher whip some students who were running in fear - only for the students to suddenly turn to a zombie-like state where they follow his orders. This was beyond ridiculous. They certainly needed to put a stop to all of this. But she wondered where this man came from. Was he like them, a Miraculous user, or something else?

Her thoughts were cut off when someone hovered over to her, dressed in an eagle suit. Now this she could confirm was like her. She nodded at him as he approached to greet and introduce himself. Well, she guessed that if she would be fighting alongside him for quite a while, it wouldn't be too bad to acquaint herself with him.

"Furitta, pleasure to meet you. Though, I would have liked to meet the others in... calmer situations." She commented before gesturing towards the villain of the day. She opened and closed her hands. She wasn't used to this costume nor was she entirely sure if she could use it to its full potential. Hopefully she could, or at least instincts would kick in so she would do a good job. She never actively fought supervillains before, so she wasn't actually sure how this would go.

But a strategy was always useful. She pointed towards the villain. "It seems that whip of his could turn those it hits into slaves. See?" The villain was collecting more and more students as his personal slaves, and they were looking for even more. "I think we can take him as long as we don't get hit by that whip. So let's-" She then paused and her eyes widened as she saw a girl being taken by one of the delinquents. She certainly knew this one by face.

Without missing a beat, she jumped off. Her gauntlets activated and it shot out a wire that allowed her to swing towards the mall. Using her gained momentum, she released the wire and barreled straight into one of the delinquents holding Tonya and sending him backwards. She then flipped backwards and took a fighting position - expecting Talon to take care of the other delinquent holding Tonya down.
Oh, it's my turn? I thought the villain dude would go first to control the akumatized teacher. But okay, I'll work on one later.
And here's another offering.

Alex sighed as she walked down the streets. It was busy, as always, and she was practically being suffocated by the crowd that surrounded her. She would never go as far as saying that she hated the place, but a change of scenery would be more than welcome. She really appreciated those out of the country trips. It took her away from Louisville - away from everything that was familiar.

"Can you help my kitty?" A young voice carried over the noise of everyone talking and shuffling towards their destination. Alex turned to see a young girl in a park pleading with adults if she could get any help. She was trembling and it was obvious that she was trying her best not to cry. Most ignored her or told her to go call the firemen or something. "B-But!" Before she could say anything else, the adult left.

Their eyes locked on to each other and Alex knew that it was her time. The black haired girl walked over to the child. "What's this about helping your kitty?" She questioned, crouching down to the child's height so that they could speak without having the girl strain her neck just to look at Alex.

The girl's face brightened up when someone decided to finally help her. She then pointed at the top of a tree. On a branch was a black kitten, hugging the branch as if its life depended on it. "My kitty went up and won't come back down." She replied before looking back at Alex. "Can you help her?"

Alex gave her a reassuring smile. "Yeah, I got it. But can you hold this for me?" She gave her school bag to the girl and she accepted it with a grateful nod. Alex then looked back at the tree. It wasn't too tall, thankfully, and she was wearing jeans today so that wasn't much of a problem. She stretched her arms and took the first hold. She used to climb trees when she was a kid, mostly because she was bored. It really paid off right now since she could scale the tree without much problem. Once she got up, she grabbed hold of the trunk and then reached out for the kitten. She hoped this one already had her shots.

Grabbing the kitten swiftly, it started to react violently and began to flail its arms with its claws out. "You're gonna be alright. Don't worry..." She muttered to the kitten as she held it close to her when it calmed down. She then scaled down the tree and then handed it to the girl. "There you go."

"Thank you!" The girl replied and then went off to go home, presumably.

With her work done, Alex grabbed her bag once more and headed home. She still had tons of assignments to do but helping someone in need put her in a better mood than she was in earlier.

Alex wasn't really sure how she came to possess this beautifully ornate box, but here it was. She was taking out her stuff to start her assignments when she saw this box. It didn't belong to her, that was for sure. Maybe she should bring it to the police. Someone might have planted this on her to get rid of evidence. But something about it felt... odd. Taken over by curiosity, she opened the box.

Suddenly, this small ferret-like creature burst out and began flying around yelling - "Whoohoo! Finally free!" - and just generally being an odd thing. Alex blinked, shocked at what was happening right now. What was that thing? Why was it speaking? Why does it look like a ferret? And what was it doing inside that box? There were so many questions running across her mind that she couldn't even talk. The ferret creature finally stopped in front of her and seemed to grin. "You must be my new master! Cool! I'm Poyzz and I'm a Miraculous. Nice to meet you!"

There was a moment of pause and Alex still couldn't get her mind wrapped around this. So, she decided to take another route to this. If this creature could talk, then that probably meant it could answer her questions. "Alex. Pleasure." She replied first to get the creature at ease before adding, "What's a Miraculous?"

"I'm glad you asked. You see, a Miraculous is--"

The lesson continued for more time than Alex could remember. She was glued to her seat as she listened to this hyperactive ferret-thing speak. She was given a necklace which she should wear to activate her powers. Poyzz told her about a time long past - about heroes rising up to challenges wielding the same Miraculous she has now. He told her about what her power could do and that she can finally fight for what's right. Poyzz told her that he could see it in her - that she was a good natured woman.

"This... is a bit much to take in, Poyzz. But I think I got the gist of it." Alex said with a nod. She then looked at the necklace, bringing it up to her face. "So I can fight people with this? Like Rouge-Bat?" Her eyes shone with amazement at the prospect of becoming like her hero.

Poyzz gave her a small smirk. "Yeah. You can fight crime with that. So, what do you say?"

"You got yourself a deal Poyzz." The two shook on it.

Her phone suddenly rang and she picked it up. A frantic voice kept calling out her name. "Alex! Alex! Gods, you finally picked up!" It was one of her friends from school. "There's this crazy person whipping poor students here at the mall! Are you alright? Are you back home?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Jess. Go back home and lock yourself in, alright?" She said before cutting it off and then looked at Poyzz. "Looks like I got an early call. Let's go Poyzz."

The Kwami nodded and he was sucked into the necklace, allowing Alex to transform into Furitta. She then leaped out of her window and began to swing towards the area of chaos. It was pretty simple to find. This mall was famous for its students being there. Furitta looked on and watched for a second, contemplating what to do. She had self-defense classes before, but never thought of actually fighting. She waited, curious if the police were any match for this person.
I'm not opposed to keeping this going. Could have Ryuuji teleport back to completely take down the camera feeds and everything else, possible get someone else involved too.

Lugubrious's concern should be addressed though. While I'm completely fine with you deciding the outcome of our actions, it can be a bit limiting if it fails to consider another character and they get stuck in a limbo. Just my two cents.
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