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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

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I am female but I mostly RP as males, weird I know but eh. I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy girl than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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Poyzz did enjoy talking with the others, even if they didn't seem all that worried with this kind of coincidence. Though he was pretty sure that Ossar, at the very least, was concerned about them already knowing all their secret identities, Poyzz decided not to bring the issue back. It was pretty nice to just kick back and relax. Alex's worries seemed to have rubbed off of the hyperactive kwami. So much so that he wasn't bouncing around the place like he usually did.

Ossar finally gave off his riddle and Poyzz placed a hand on his chin and crossed his legs while floating on the air. He thought about it for a few seconds before shrugging, visibly giving up on trying to solve it. If it was out of boredom or out of his lack of knowledge, Poyzz kept that in the dark for the reason. "Still as good as I rememeber you to be!" He cheerily said with a thumbs up. "In fact, did your riddles get harder?" He questioned. Whether or not he was serious about the obsservation or if it was made in jest was up to them to figure out.

Multiple times, Beek told them to hide because the humans were running around. Of course, it was their school after all. He then drifted close to Beek as he yelled out that there was food and then pulled out this game that he saw some humans play back with his old master. "Don't think we really have any other things to do." He replied with a shrug. Though he seemed unenthusiastic, he was curious on how to play such a game. And for such a curious being such as himself, he couldn't help but be gravitated to learn and play it.

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Rikuo felt a surge of pride come over him when Daiki complimented his quirk. The only reasons why his quirk was complimented when he was younger was solely because of the fact that he was a painter, not because of what he could do to possibly save lives. To hear that someone else thought that it has so much potential genuinely made him happy and his grin reflected that. "The only limit is your imagination." He said, repeating what someone told him back when he expressed his want to become a hero. And he believed in that saying. Because in the end, he knew that his quirk had a lot of potential. He just needed to know how to tap into it.

Though, Rikuo was not expecting for Daiki to have been so shocked to hear that he considered him a friend already. Well, perhaps other people didn't move quite as fast. But when you give personal information to the other person, then wouldn't they automatically be considered friends? Especially since they're planning on inviting each other to come to one another's respective prefectures to hang out. Oh well, Daiki looked happy about the fact that they were friends so he didn't dwell on it for long. The mention of it being a date amused him. Girls call hanging together as dates too, so he didn't really think too much into it. Not even as a tease.

Soon after they had talked about Daiki's parents, someone had started speaking. Or rather, implored everyone to shut up. Rikuo clammed up, more out of interest than out of respect for the order. Yukimura Hideaki - you'd be a fool to not know of him. His exploits during his pro-heroes days were numerous, and a lot of people - Rikuo included - looked up to him. The look on his face seemed like he wasn't too impressed with the collection of freshmen that they had gotten. Well, he was pretty sure that they'd all prove them wrong. They came here to become heroes, and that is what they will become. How hard could it be? Though, Hideaki was quick to tell them that they were here to train, not to be guided like a bunch of kids.

He then paused after that to take a drink - as if letting that fact sink into the students. It didn't really have any effect on him. He simply just shrugged it off as he leaned back on his seat, now waiting for the speech to finish. He just went on to tell them about their dormitories where they will be staying for the entirety of their school years. Rikuo looked over to his pamphlet to check where he was assigned to out of instinct when Hideaki told them about it. He then looked back up when he said his closing remarks. He hummed to himself - impressed by the motto and how he said it.

He stood up once that was over and the others started to either say goodbye to their seatmates or just to simply make a beeline to the dormitories. He looked over to Daiki. "Well, that was nice." He commented with a light chuckle. "I'm gonna head over to my dorm. Good meet. I'll see 'ya when I see 'ya." He then gave Daiki a mock salute and then headed over to his dorm. He did hope that they were in the same class, but what were the odds of that right?
I'll have mine up in the weekends then.
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I wasn't too sure what to put in the history portion if it includes the powers. I hope they aren't too much for a beginner.

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Alex was rather quiet throughout the exchange. She just simply listened to what they had to say and what they wanted to do. They wanted a mock fight between teams, which was fine with her. While she avoided any needless violence, she did want to test out if she could still fight well against humans instead of just fighting mindless blobs like Nightmares. It's been a while since she's fought with any other Magical Girl since she didn't prefer it.

When it was all fine and over with the time and the place decided, she left with the others. While she did want to have a small talk with Hikari, she actually wanted to get some reading on. Being sleep-deprived was one thing, but being completely clueless as to what the topic of the next day is is a completely other thing that she cannot forgive herself for doing. While eating dinner, she made sure to read over her notes and answer some assignments with her mind completely out of the fight that would later occur in the park. Even if she did lose, she didn't really have any problem with hosting the party. This was just for blowing off some steam.

Alex hurriedly made her way to the park once she realized that it was getting late and their time was getting near. She was surprised to see that only Kanbaru and Touka were there despite her thinking she was running late. But, putting that aside, she walked closer to them but slow enough to not intrude on their conversation. She sent a quick text to her partner asking where she was.
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I don't think it's a good idea mostly because I doubt Matthew would let him go anywhere which isn't close to him.
Poyzz reeled back when Hoppi glomped him. He wasn't bothered by it, though he was taken by surprise and they tumbled backwards but at least they didn't land on the ground. "You look good too Hoppi!" He replied as he patted her back.

Not long after that, Ossar had come - wrapping around them and giving them a friendly squeeze. A grin came on his face as he did that - though moreso when the snake Kwami went on to speak. "You still haven't changed up from the old language huh?" Poyzz wasn't bothered by it. In fact, he found it funny and, as Hoppi put it, a 'blast from the past.' "Do you still do riddles buddy?" He questioned.

He was pulled into another hug when Beek arrived and he patted his back as well. "Good to see you Beek. You should really work on your hiding skills though!" He suggested to the eagle Kwami who he suspected was the first one out of the bunch to be spotted by the other Kwami. Well, he did suppose that it may be just because Poyzz always kept an eye out for any of his old companions.

"Mhm, it has been a while since we fought together!" The ferret agreed with a pump of his fist. His last master was nowhere close to any other Kwami or Miraculous users so he went about it all alone. While it was a pleasure to have been under the use of a Native American, he felt a little lonely if he were to be honest. "Wonder what the Guardian is thinking though. I'm not complaining about seeing you guys, but activating four Miraculous at the same time... it's like Kivaat's owner is really doing something bad."

Marvin nodded at Khaliya's order and then took up position, kneeling down and keeping his rifle and his eyes on the carriage - just in case something other than their companions pop out of there. Someone behind them tried to ask about the USSR. He kept an ear out for anyone who would answer. He didn't know much about the topic as he wasn't exactly alive during the time before the Great War, no matter how he actually wished he was a Pre-War ghoul. They were just so damn awesome.

The ghoul didn't find himself surprised when Khaliya was the one to speak up abhout it - explaining that, yes, while the USSR was their rival, it didn't mean that they were always at odds against each other. They worked together before so it was entirely possible that there was something important in that bunker. She had a good point, if all of it were true. Then again, she did most likely get that information from the Brotherhood Archive, and those were usually real stolen files.

He could hear the mumbles of Frankie confronting the woman - Monika - about her sudden burst. Marvin was unsure how she would react. He knew a lot of people who would easily snap if they're asked about something psychological. Sounded like trauma too. But maybe it was just something else. Well, he didn't care right now. Perhaps he'll find out at some point.

Marvin narrowed his eyes when the two were running back to them and he leveled his scope so he was looking through it and prepared to shoot anything that was following them. But there was none. When the two came back, stumbling, warning them about something out there and that they need to get ready, everyone was on alert. Khaliya ordered them to get onto their firing positions and he simple gave a small nod in response. Seconds ticked by and he wasn't sure how long they've aimed the guns towards the entrance waiting for it.

"I don't think it's coming." He spoke out loud, even though he didn't mean to. He lowered his rifle and then turned his head ever so slightly to Emil and Devon - their two scouts. Khaliya was the one to ask them what sort of creature they saw. Yeah, more information would be nice just in case. Because they definitely were not going through there - ever. While he wasn't ecstatic about the idea of going aboveground, whatever monstrosity through there is preventing them from hiding underground.

"Looks like we have to go up top at this rate." He thought out loud once more, turning his head up to the roof of the underground tunnel. He still wasn't looking forward to this. He then looked over to Khaliya and Devon as the former asked for anyone to give the latter a gun. He had two extra sidearms but he wasn't sure if it would help in any long distance fighting.

He stood up from his position and then headed over to Devon. "I have an automatic pistol." He said, taking it out of its holster and waved it in front of him. "But if anyone has any extra rifles, then that would be better I think." Marvin wasn't exactly going to part with his revolver since that also has some semblance of sentimental value to him. Even more than the 10 mm pistol at the very least. If no one else stepped up to offer their guns, he would give Devon the pistol.

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Raviel Husk

Raviel blinked in surprise when Galmore fell down from the strike. Did he maanage to actually strike a nerve that caused the guy to go unconscious? He didn't even notice the very few claps that was given to him due to the lack of actual audience. Besides, he knew that close to no one would be interested in this match since there were way more students who were more flashy and more powerful than myself.

He prepared to go as well but Galmore had approached him. His tail stopped in its track, suddenly afraid. He knew that Galmore wouldn't hurt him - it was against the rules, but his presence was still scary. But then the compliment came and he felt at ease. "Oh, uh, thanks! You were pretty good too, I didn't think I would win!" He admitted wholeheartedly. "It is magically draining to continuously use it during battle if you use another type of magic. But conjuring tends to just use one burst of magic and it's up to you to improvise." He explained with a big grin on his face.

He then placed his hand on his chin and began to think. "Varjan is really powerful. A lot of students backed out when he entered the tourney. There's Lisianthus too, the Lightning Princess."
Faye Nisval

Faye tapped her fingers against the table. "In theory..." She paused, lightly humming for a moment before continuing. "It would work, yes. But we won't be sure until we try, no?" She continued. While she didn't doubt that the magical copies are somewhat solid, she wasn't too sure that the clashing of two magical energies would allow it to work. But she's never tried it before so it may just work.

"He's right. It might be a little suspicious..." She agreed with the Architect. If he's on guard right now, then even Athos would be a suspect. "I think we should investigate the warehouse once we've dealt with Juan. I can multitask listening to him and investigating a warehouse."
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