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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

Things you need to know about me?

I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy kid than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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I'm throwing in my hat for this too.

I am probably leaning more to a lone wolf character with some sick ass telekinetic magic (or maybe weapon summoning?) but instead of being the brooding lone wolf character, they're like this happy-go-lucky helping character who's open to being hired by any of the families.

They just want to go around fighting and helping along the way.

Tarashima Forest
So Ipharia was a Cleric. Well, if this really was a fantasy world, then a Cleric would be very useful to have around right? They're the types to have those healing spells and that should come in handy if they were going to fight more. She'd rather have something more than a shot of morphine if she was stabbed in the gut by some sneaky Goblin or whatever. Hiroko looked down and let out a sigh. Looks like she was getting used to this really quickly, but she guessed the sooner, the better.

Honami gave an exchange of taking them to the temple (to find out if there is any record of any heroes being summoned) for protection. If they managed to continue being as skilled as they were earlier, Hiroko wanted to at least believe that they could stand a chance against some of the monsters of this land. It was not an assurance but a hope. Nevertheless, it was better to believe than not to since it would just make her give up. And, well, that wasn't an option here.

"Fitting in might be better." Hiroko agreed, grabbing her coat. "I imagine it would be better to not stand out for now. I'd like to get a feel of the land too." She'd feel better if she knew how to act in this place. She wondered what kind of civilization they had. With magic at hand, there was surely some differences.
Abandoned Building

Haru wasn't going to lie. This was one of the worse ideas, but it was certainly something else than going back to her aunt's place. Rurika wasn't going to come home that night anyway, she was out on a week-long trip to some other place she never told Haru. The details weren't important anyway. Rurika left enough money to last her the week and then some, just in case there were some complications with her job. She was a really good person, Haru knew that. Rurika reminded her of her mother - maybe it was because they were sisters. Haru never really knew much about her grandmother or her grandfather but maybe they raised both of their children well. That must be nice.

Or maybe she was just rejecting the lessons. They were trying. Haru could clearly see that. She was just too stubborn and too used to her way of life to really live by any of the lessons Rurika was providing her. And maybe that's why Haru was currently sitting down on an open window, one leg hanging outside with a cigarette between her fingers. She hadn't made a habit out of it. She only ever lit a cigarette when she was having certain thoughts of doubt creeping in and sometimes a smoke could help her keep her head straight.

Clicking. Scratching.

Haru quickly turned to the insides of the building, eyes searching for anything moving. It might have been a rat. She wouldn't be surprised if this building was infested with them. It had been abandoned for quite a while, set to be demolished someday but they kept putting it off. But she should probably leave. She put the cigarette stick inside her mouth and slid off the window and picked up her pack. When she looked up, the empty and decrepit room showed something else. For a moment, she felt like she was inside another place - a dark void filled with things her human mind could not comprehend yet. She pulled back suddenly and the room went back to normal.

Her heart was heavily thumping against her chest and she could feel the chill - all of her alarm bells ringing. She was in danger but she wasn't sure what she should be looking out for. Because there was nothing in the room aside from herself and the annoying clicking that seemed to keep getting louder and louder and louder as if something was coming closer to her. She tilted her head and closed her eyes, trying to track where this sound was.


She turned around quickly, gripping her bag tight as she swung it towards the sound. She had only seen the figure for a second before her own momentum sent her stumbling to the side. Her attack had passed straight through the figure. She took a few deep breaths before raising her head to look at the figure that was now standing before her. Its tail was swinging behind it before suddenly stopping as Haru and... it made eye contact. Or at least, Haru looked upon its blank helmet-like face.

"You will do fine."

"What the f-"

It didn't allow Haru a chance to ask anything as its tail struck forward. There was no impact but there was a burst of pain that came from the spot where its tail made contact with her skin and it spread quickly. It felt like her entire body was on fire and it did not stop. She collapsed fully on the ground and she felt like her entire body wanted to rip itself apart from the inside out. She wanted to claw at her skin but she couldn't move. Flashes of her mother and her death. Flashes of her father and his addiction. Her mind was filling with memories and pain - amplifying what was already there a hundred times over.

And then suddenly there was nothing. The feeling disappeared completely. She rolled onto her back, taking a couple of deep breaths. Haru slowly sat up and looked around. Everything was normal - no figure looming over her or the clicking that seemed to surround her just a few seconds earlier. Her cigarette had fallen onto the ground, the last of its embers glowing, next to her bag. She stood up, stomped the remaing embers to death. She grabbed her bag again and began to haul back to her house.

Whatever that was, she could think about next time when she wasn't feeling so exhausted.

Tarashima Forest
The more she actually heard about this isekai genre, the more convincing it is that it was what happened to them. Hiroko wasn't exactly a believer of the supernatural but if that's the only explanation that would fit their current predicament, then so be it. It is good for them that Honami seemed to know what this isekai genre is, even if she just heard it being thrown around. It did help her kind of come into terms with things that were happening right now, or at least have a plausible explanation drilled into her head so she doesn't feel like she doesn't have complete control over her life right now.

And then they were thrown into introductions and thankfully, Honami had continued on to introduce them as well. "Just Hiroko is fine." Hiroko gave a bow of her head as she was gestured to before starting to look around. Thankfully, everything seemed silent again and there were no goblins reinforcements after them. Hiroko did hope that they can get over to the next time without encountering more of them. Even with these newfound... skills, she doubted they would be able to continue fending enemies off.

"Gods, huh?" Hiroko mused to herself as she turned back to grab a quiver from one of the dead goblin's bodies and collecting the arrows she could. Who knows when these could be useful. And, well, considering the goblins and that they were in a forest of an unknown world that seems to have danger written at every turn, Hiroko was sure they'd start to need these sooner than later. "What exactly do you do, Ipharia? What brings you to this forest alone if it's pretty dangerous?" She couldn't help but ask as she slid the arrows into the quiver before walking back to the group, waiting for Ipharia to start leading the way.

Tarashima Forest
Hiroko listened earnestly and tilted her head at the mention of Tarashima Forest. As Honami pointed out, there was no such thing in Japan. But, then again, the woman doesn't seem to know what Japan is. It was then that suddenly Honami broke out into laughter which startled Hiroko for a moment as her hand instinctively tightened around the arrow she had picked up earlier. And then she went on about something anime-related - a new genre called isekai. Hiroko wasn't exactly known for watching anime even as a younger child due to time constraints and lack of ability to do so. But, as odd as it may seem, Honami's observation might actually make the most sense.

But to think that they would have died and come back to life? Being thrown into a world they didn't know. Reincarnated in their usual clothing? It wasn't a comfortable idea to accept.

Kaito offered another explanation. Something more sound of mind - something that is more solidified in the logic of their world. "I doubt even drugs can mask humans as goblins." Hiroko pointed out, gesturing to the three dead bodies quite a ways from them. "And if we were drugged and moved here, what would be the point of her lying to us? What would they gain from that?" She then moved to gesture to the purple-haired girl.

She looked down at the bow and arrow in her hands and continuing. "And I'd rather accept Honami's theory... because I've never held a bow and arrow in my life and yet I just managed to stick two arrows into their heads." Hiroko looked back at Honami. "Does this 'isekai' cover that? Being given skills beyond what you know?" It was crazy to believe that a genre of an anime would happen to them but she was willing to risk believing that at this point because it's what made more sense.

Forest - ???
Hiroko weighed the shortbow in her hands, and she felt it was familiar somehow. But she had never held one before, let alone shoot it. And yet, her hands seemed to know what to do as she nocked the arrow onto the bow. She took a deep breath and she could... hear the steps. Maybe she was just all too aware with the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

And when they appeared, Hiroko let out two arrows and hit them straight at the head like it was something she had always done. She blinked, looking down at the bow and then turning to Honami who had slammed the branch straight at the poor creature. Had they... had they really managed to kill three creatures just like that?

Creature. That was what it was. It wasn't anything she's ever seen before. That wasn't true... she's seen it in some anime and games before. Goblins. But they were just that, fiction, fantasy - not real and yet here she was now, facing three dead Goblins. Two of which she had manages to kill with a bow which she never had the proficiency in.

The purple haired girl congratulated them, seemingly unperturbed by the presence of the Goblins. Hiroko's eyes widened when Honami grabbed the woman by the collar and began questioning her about the things they did not understand. And yet the woman still is pushing that she knew nothing. In fact, she's thinking that this was some form of robbery.

"Let's calm down first. Honami, please let go of her." Hiroko walked towards them, placing a calming hand onto the surprisingly strong girl. Hiroko could understand Honami's rightful anger and confusion, but it wouldn't do them any good to scare the only person who seems to know a few more things than they did. "And in addition to Kaito's question, if you really didn't wake up like us, then would you mind telling us where we are? It's like we're not in Japan anymore."

Hell yea, belated happy holidays yall!

Forest - ???
The surprise in Hiroko's face was evident when the rock that Honami had released seemed to go at a pace she didn't expect from the younger girl. The subsequent thud and angry shouting suggested that Honami's rock had hit its mark. Hiroko was thankful, at least that was one less person to worry about. Or maybe they were just enraged but with how fast that rock was going, she wouldn't be surprised if the person got knocked unconscious. And if Honami hit him just right, even dead.

Something was coming down the hill and when she squinted to see it better, it was a bow. It was probably what the one Honami hit was using. She was no expert on bows but it was definitely not something a normal hunter would use. Tribes? She didn't know of any tribes living in the vicinity. It just seemed unlikely to exist but these crude bows... maybe a group of insane people?

Hiroko shook her head. That wasn't important. She hurried over to grab the shortbow and hopefully get a few arrows on the way. It seemed like they were moving and was going to surround them. She hurried back to her cover and looked over to Honami who was asking for any suggestions.

She looked down at the bow. She didn't know how to use a bow, but desperate times call for desperate measures. "Running would just make us bigger targets." She reasoned out as she placed the collected arrows to her side before taking one and lining it up with the bow, trying to figure it out. "So I guess we just have to fight back. This is just self-defense." Hiroko was not going to die here, that's for sure.
Aight, changed it so that she can just continually make the knives to throw.

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