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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

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I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy kid than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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Tarashima Forest
"What I meant was not put any more attention to ourselves. We make our way to this castle silently, hopefully without issue, and not just proclaim we're heroes sent to save the kingdom from impending doom." Hiroko replied to Honami's somewhat aggressive retort. She shifted her attention to Ipharia as she explained what the Black King was capable of. History tended to prove conquerors to be destined for failure - an early death with their generals fighting each other for the won land, or perhaps sometimes, an idiotic misstep because of the lack of foresight.

But it seems like the Black King was still at his prime. If he had conquered three out of nine kingdoms, then he must have amassed quite an army. And if those under his rule followed his order, then that army would just grow bigger and bigger. No wonder they started to get desperate. "How long has it been since the Black King started his conquering?"

Their method of packing was something to be envious of. She wondered if Kaito would be able to remake that. It would make their lives all the more easier if they start getting more stuff. And if being in this world meant that they would need weaponry, then they definitely needed an easy way to pack everything.

So Alma really was falling bit by bit. The Black King really seemed to be a formidable foe. It made him all the more interesting in her opinion, but she kept that to herself. She agreed to move on to the next settlement to get their journey started. There wasn't much they know about, but they could pick up more information as they moved through the kingdom.

Tarashima Forest
Kaito raised a fair point. Telling the truth of their origins was risky. Would they even believe something like being transported from one world to this? Of course, Hiroko had been planning on hiding that particular truth from the masses. For her, blending in would be the best. They might be considered madmen if they told this to anyone else. It seems like Ipharia only accepted this due to being there when they showed off their newfound skills. But would everyone else be as accepting as her?


Ipharia shifted the conversation to the current state of the kingdom they're in - and likely the kingdom that had summoned them in the first place. "A kingdom with a medically unstable ruler faced with a conqueror." Hiroko hummed. It sounded like a show already. Technically, it was the conquering kingdom's best chance to win the war. Strike when the enemy is weak. "If we were summoned here as some sort of hero, then there's our answer as to why." As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

"If that is the case, then it would be for the best to lay low." She pointed out, adjusting her grip on the small bow. "Since we have no contact with the royal family, our only protection is ourselves. If the Black King catches wind of three people claiming to have been summoned by a goddess, well, he'd either think they're crazy or dangerous. And I don't know about you but if I was a conqueror, I'd rather be safe than sorry."

Tarashima Forest
"Yeah. But keep yourself in cover if you want to learn while we're being shot at." From what she remembered, mages were hard hitters but they also didn't have high enough defense. It was an exchange for their high offense. With Honami's strength, she's most likely going to be in the front lines. They should be fine with covering each other. They just need to make sure they can get their dynamic down when it comes to fighting. She felt like it would be integral to have some sort of strategy involved.

Though it did not hold much weight for Hiroko, she still listened to the explanation of magic Ipharia had provided them. The explanation of how magic worked was interesting but it would seem that while everyone has the capabilities of wielding magic, it doesn't seem like it would be easy to learn it. Though, Hiroko wasn't interested in learning something that sounded so complicated. "It sounds like coding for computer science..." She grumbled the comment while shaking her head.

When understanding the language of the world came into their discussion, she agreed with Kaito. The first telltale sign that something was wrong was when they read the inscription with no trouble at all, despite them knowing it was a foreign language.

"The goblins as well." Hiroko pointed out, remembering their earlier encounter with them. "It should be very useful in our travels to easily communicate with everyone." She wondered if it would be possible to avoid fighting goblins by talking to them. Though that seemed highly unlikely, avoiding fights during their travels would be ideal.

Tarashima Forest
A fleeting question of why a vending machine would be involved in this isekai genre passed through her head but she decided to let it go for the sake of finding out what Kaito had received when he was transported to this world with them. And the conclusion of it being intelligence was logical and usually, that pointed to... mages? Magic was a big part of this world and in movies, scholars were often portrayed as magic users. So that might be the answer?

Ipharia decided to test it out as she showed what was a light spell. She had mentioned that it was a basic spell, so any aspiring mage should be able to know it. Teaching it wouldn't be too difficult, she imagined. So if Kaito was magic-based, learning it would be very easy. As she explained it, Kaito replicated her movements - staring intensely at it until he suddenly relaxed. And with an outstretched hand, he had summoned the same ball of light as Ipharia had done.

To say that Hiroko was surprised that it worked would be an understatement. Ipharia didn't even get an explanation of how magic worked in this world but Kaito had managed to perfectly mimic the action without trouble. He seemed just as confused at the turn of events and Hiroko couldn't blame him. She and Honami had the same problem earlier, with the realization of their own gained abilities. "Well there we have it." She started, inserting her hands into her coat's pockets. "Looks like you're a mage, Kaito. And it also looks like you can learn spells in a second." She continued. After all, Kaito doesn't even know how magic works and yet somehow cast a spell. The only conclusion they could derive from that is that he somehow registered the spell in his head the moment he saw it and is able to use that spell himself.

"Though if we're facing goblins and who knows what else this world contains, I assume you'd need a more... offensive spell."

Tarashima Forest
Hiroko listened intently and was glad that she didn't have to be completely unfamiliar with it. A lot of media seemed to portray it correctly. It was good to know some of the important names that they needed to know. And assuming the monarchy here wore their names proudly with their clothing, it shouldn't be too difficult to spot who the royals are when they see them. Well, her best bet would be to stay polite and cordial to everyone.

Honami presented an interesting point. They could have been summoned by the king, or the princess. The younger girl said something about a game with the same kind of idea. Hiroko wouldn't be opposed to going to the royal family to search for answers of why they were here - and how they were sent here. But it seemed like the trek would take weeks on foot. Maybe they could find a carriage somewhere? At least it would cut back on their travels.

Hiroko was musing a possible plan of action to shorten their travel time when Kaito questioned Ipharia about what he could possibly reign over. True, only she and Honami had been able to fight back. Surely, Kaito had his own specialty as well, since he came from Japan as well.

"I'm only a waitress." She informed him with a shrug. "Since it seems like this is some sort of weird game thing... Honami, do you know anything about it? You have strength. I have... speed? What else?" If only Hiroko thought something like this was possible, she would have tried to actively watch her friends play these kinds of games. Alas, she couldn't have ever thought this was possible.
Maya Dozier

Current contractor: Akechi family
Location: Zero Time

Maya looked around, spotting a few large pieces of rubble and destroyed poles that she could potentially use against the monster. It was way bigger than what she had originally imagined but if that pulsating area could be destroyed... well, Maya imagined that it would put an end to the monster. If not, well, at least it would stop growing. She'd rather not tangle with something as bigger than that.

As if that wasn't enough, more monsters were congregating around the pixelated area. Of course, they were attracted to the sentient mana vein. She gave Kizuna a small nod of acknowledgment when she landed beside her in an attempt to attack the monster immediately. However, the smaller monsters had taken it upon themselves to guard it.

For a moment, Maya wondered if the Rikimaru had already mobilized. This was their territory. Allegiances be damned, they would need a lot more firepower if they wanted that beast to go down quickly.

"Big fish spotted. Weak spot's on the vein on its back. It's still growing more and more and it's accompanied by a hell of a lot more little ones. We need all the firepower we got. Engaging now."

With that telepathic message sent to whoever was connected, Maya quickly leaped off the edge of the building before placing the board under her feet and began cruising against the side of the building. She quickly swerved upwards when one of the monsters leaped towards her. She opened her bag and six knives floated out.

She shot the knives towards the monster - towards the vein. As expected, the monsters on its head began clambering to cover it. She would need to pierce through them. Maya quickly circled around to keep herself out of attacking range.

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Rena Kirizaki

Current form: Human --> Rhino
Location: Isamu Warehouse --> Zero Time

Rena let out a huff as Maylis tapped against her gemstones, her ear twitching in annoyance but she said nothing out loud. What was important is that they were heading in Zero Time. With last reminders from Maylis, the group was sent into Zero Time. Rena wasn't all too bothered but the moment of peace was broken as all of her instincts screamed to move.

Before she could act upon it, a spehe enveloped them and five monsters slammed against it - unable to proceed any further. Rena's ears were already flat against her, ready to pounce at any time. She could barely here Dieter assigning them to each target and Rena changed which ones she should focus on.

For a moment, the promise of a treat seemed to affect Rena as her ears twitched. Free food is free food.

The moment the shield was disspating, Rena was already charging towards the monster. Before they could make a head on collission, Rena transformed into a rhinoceros and slammed her horn against the charging monster and pushed it to the side after realizing that she couldn't overpower it for now. The monster was splayed to the side and she turned, stomping her hoof against the ground before charging once again.

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Tarashima Forest
Hiroko's face scrunched up when she heard that the goblins were very common. They'd likely have another encounter if they continued on, but at least Hiroko knew about them. She could be more alert - and she had a weapon with her. Way better than being taken by surprise again like earlier. It had been lucky for her that one of the goblin's bow had rolled off to her. The bow may have been small for her but at least she would have something to protect herself with.

So this was called the Alma Kingdom - a monarchy. That was unusual for the modern day, but since this was some sort of alternate universe, she guessed that a monarchy was the norm. And this forest was on the borders of the kingdom. Maybe that's the reason that there were still goblins around and that there wasn't much of a civilization around. That and they were kind of inside a forest.

"Who rules the country? What kind of traditions should we be aware of? Anything to avoid?" It was the first things she wanted to know when she came to a foreign area - well aside from the first question, but that was because they were now in a place with a monarchy and she assumed that they would kind of need to know about that. This information would make it easier for her to assimilate into the kingdom. They can't get in trouble.
Maya Dozier

Current contractor: Akechi family
Location: Akechi Meeting Area -> Zero Time

Maya had been assigned to Kizuna and Cassius - only one of which she really did prefer to work with. Cassius was powerful, no doubt about that, but his attitude was one of the worst things that could ever happen to her during her mercenary work. But, a job was a job. Besides, she'd likely just be supporting them anyway so it's not like there's much interaction unless Cassius or Kizuna wanted her somewhere. Even more, if Hector was the one who decided to play chessmaster.

She eyed Kizuna when she swore fealty to Cassius and Maya shifted in her position. This wasn't exactly the kind of position she wanted to be in, so she gave them both a nod and knew that Hector's telepathic line would be enough to keep them in contact with each other so they'd be able to find her even if she slipped away.

So that's exactly what she did.

Maya grabbed Tres off of her back and hopped on and began her trip around Zero Time. It would seem that the other team was already going on for their mission. They had to pick up the pace. Maya was very excited to see what kind of monster they'd encounter. It seemed very dangerous, and she didn't care much for the danger. There was definitely the thrill.

She surfed through the air with her hands inside her pocket as she surveyed the area. She could spot where the other team was heading, and she could also see that there were multiple independents already making their way around. She hasn't seen the other families yet, but it was only a matter of time. But that wasn't something she should really be worrying about. She whistled to herself - Jana wasn't lying, it was like staring at a retro video game.

Hector wasn't lying either. It didn't take long for Maya to spot their target. She wasted no time in relaying it to Cassius and Kizuna as she landed on top of a building's rooftop to observe its movement.

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