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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

Things you need to know about me?

I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy kid than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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Forest - ???
Hiroko hummed to acknowledge the fact that even Kaito seemed to agree on getting to some form of shelter to get their bearings. Once more, it would be highly unlikely that they were somewhere too far so they can see a place of civilization from a high vantage point like the shrine. Of course, even this plan wasn't perfect and she would be lost if none of them can recognize where they are. She dug her hands further inside her pocket and looked over at Honami as she snapped at Kaito.

"He's nervous." She pointed out as she placed a placating hand on Honami before sending an apologetic smile. "The faster we get to shelter, the faster we can calm down." With that, she let her hand back fall from Honami's shoulder and returned her hand inside her pockets. Hiroko did understand why Honami seemed to be irritable considering Kaito seemed to be older than them and was male and yet he seemed to be the most cautious and the jumpiest. But she wasn't going to blame him for that.

"Yeah." She absentmindedly agreed as she followed the high schooler as she continued her trek forward. However, Hiroko kept her eye out for anything that might be out of place. She kept close to Honami but made sure that Kaito didn't lag behind too much or that would be disastrous. They would need to stick with each other for now. There were merits to being in a group after all. Now... hopefully they reached the shrine soon and hopefully it was still intact.
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Dorm Floor
Interacting with:Julius

Once Alex was taken to his bed, Lilly had retired to her room. She wasn't sure she could properly think after what had happened and she didn't want to drink anything away. She would have just given up halfway anyway. There was no way a couple of drinks could make her less stressed or make her forget the events. So there she was, collapsed on top of her bed after making the others promise to not get into any more trouble after explaining to them what had happened. Crazy shit. She didn't want to repeat any of that.

The rude awakening that came from her phone's alarm made her groan and she wanted to wrap herself back up in her blanket. But after two seconds of the incessant beeping, she got tired of it and decided to stand up to get to the phone. She sighed as she turned the alarm off. It was pretty early in the morning. It was a Sunday but Lilly didn't like waking up late. It was a waste of a day. Then again, there were no classes and last night had been too chaotic. Maybe...

No. No, she shouldn't.

With that, Lilly finally freshened herself up and got dressed for the day. Now, she only just had to get some coffee and she could start the day in proper. So she made her way to the communal kitchen. When she had entered, she noticed that Julius was sitting there. The thought of making conversation had entered her mind but she decided against it. After last night, Lilly wasn't exaclty sure if that was the brightest idea. So she simply gave him a nod of acknowledgement before heading off to make her coffee.

Maybe she should ask how Alex is doing first. Then maybe she should go up to check up on the girl from last night. Hopefully she woke up as well. Maybe Lilly could even ask her what had happened if that wasn't too much. With that in mind, she grabbed her cup of coffee before taking a sip, perching herself near the counter, thinking to herself.

Hiroyuki Duma

Hiroyuki had wandered off for quite a ways before circling back to the group. He noted that Hikaru still hadn't been healed considering she was still holding her crutch. He looked over to Yumiko who simply said that she would continue healing at a later date. He wasn't sure if he understood why she decided not to heal Hikaru but he simply shrugged it off. They could probably aid Hikaru with walking faster if they must. Yumiko might have been tired so she needed more time to recover for that. She might be rude about it but he could see some reason.

Ryuu, however, was not as calm. He had gone off - angry at the fact that she would not be healing Hikaru. Hiroyuki muttered a curse under his breath as he moved forward, expecting a fight, perhaps. However, Hikaru defused the situation by saying that she was fine and that she could handle it. She created a ball of air and began zipping around them. Hiroyuki was impressed and his face clearly showed it. "Huh, I've never seen an airbender do that before." To be fair, he hadn't seen an airbender before.

When Hikaru went off ahead of them, he gave the others a shrug before jogging up to the airbender, curious. "That's rather impressive and useful for escaping." He then paused as if choosing his words but it was merely because he wasn't exactly sure what else he could say. "Isn't doing that taxing?" He asked as he gestured to the ball of compressed air.

Other Party Floor
Interacting with: Hangyeol, Julius, Alex

Lilly shrugged. Hopefully, their instruction on how to take care of their sick would be accurate and would actually help. She was still too worried about everything - because whatever that was was not normal. But there was nothing much they can do now since they were gone. She spared the girl another look and then nodded at Julius.

"Yeah, I'll help." Lilly said. Alex was in her jurisdiction now and she had a duty to help him. Well, that and she tried to help earlier. She shouldn't have left him alone. Seoyeon had departed downstairs while they headed up. She never wanted to get into bed as much as she did right now. Now that everything was calmer, she just felt even more tired. Sluggish even. Lilly did promise for everyone to stay safe but since that was thrown out of the window, Lilly felt like she could just crash into her bed and not care for anything else until tomorrow.

As they walked, her thoughts wandered to the others. Last she saw them, they were all enjoying some pot brownies - Julius was part of that group - they might have disbanded for now. Hopefully they didn't get into any trouble. Or maybe, hopefully, they all passed out somehow and they could finally rest. Yeah, that might have been for the best. Lilly would much rather deal with schoolwork than this whole ordeal but what's done was done.

Alex was there, soaking Julius' - she assumed it was his - coat red. Lilly frowned and then knelt down beside him as Julius switched the soaked coat with the pillow he nabbed earlier. Her mind flashed back to only a few minutes earlier. The girl was just like this before. She bit her lip as Alex muttered that the medics didn't even bother going to him. "They were in a hurry to get out after all." She scoffed. She then let out a sigh and then nodded. "I think we can move him. This hallway won't be good for him to stay in after all." She replied. They were able to safely move the girl earlier - Alex should be no different.

Hiroyuki Duma

Yumiko and Ryuu's discussion was stopped for the sake of their safety and protection. They could have this discourse at a later date - but as Yumiko did say, actions speak louder than words. She was too stubborn to step down from her belief so the discussion would just go in circles anyway. At least their injuries were healed and it was only Hikaru that was injured among them that was grave. He began to trail behind the others as they began walking down the path with the goal of getting to the next town over.

Hiroyuki was unsure how long it had been since they'd been walking. Maybe around two hours? Well, in any case, Ryuu suggested that they get healing out of the way and then proceed through the fields so that they wouldn't encounter any convoys of Fire Nation soldiers and run the risk of being recognized again. He mutely nodded at them. Yumiko was the only one capable of healing anyhow so they were reliant on her for this section. He kept a lookout for anyone who might be passing by - surveying the area silently as the group went to do their own thing.
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Other Party Floor
Interacting with: Hangyeol, Seoyeon, Julius, EMTs

Lilly had to bite down a sigh of frustration from the current situation. With emotions running on a high right now, it was only understandable that they would come into conflict with each other. So she simply just shook her head and took a deep breath to calm herself down so she didn't have to get into a screaming argument with the others. But Julius coming in with another injured person just seemed wrong. Just as Julius had said, this might as well be someone actively hitting people in the head but that didn't seem right either.

She turned to Hangyeol, keen on getting more of his opinion and to invite him to go and check up on the other victim of the night. However, he didn't seem to be at all with them - shallow breathing, a far off look... it was like he was descending into a panic attack. Lilly was about to question him about it when the paramedics came in. She brushed her fingers against Hangyeol, hoping to catch his attention, silently asking if he was going to be fine. This issue can be resolved later, perhaps, and questioned further but there was a much bigger and much more immediate problem.

The paramedic - the taller one - deemed it to be a concussion. Completely fine and harmless, apparently, and Lilly highly doubted that it was just that. She might not be a medical student nor was she professionally trained for first aid but Lilly knew it can't be that simple. Concussions wouldn't lead to that. She brushed off the comment about the underage alcohol consumption because this wasn't exactly the first time a bunch of kids got their hands on some alcohol. Seoyeon was agitated and was already screaming. "Seoyeon, calm down." Lilly whispered when she stepped up to her side, placing a placating hand on her arm to keep her from doing anything else she might regret.

Hangyeol was back to alert them about the other victim and Lilly turned to inspect him and he seemed to be alright. Or at least, he was better than he was a few minuets before. Still, she needed to talk to him about that. "We're just really worried about them, sir." Lilly said when the taller male - Hall - seemed even more irritated upon the showing of another case.

"It's definitely not just you." Lilly replied with a shake of her head. "The girl looked like she was about to suffer from blood loss and they just deem it as a 'concussion' and that 'they'll be fine with some hydration and some rest'?" She crossed her arms and shifted to the side, uncomfortable at the situation. "Maybe this wasn't the first case? But still, they could act like this wasn't just a hassle to them..." She grumbled.

Hiroyuki Duma

Much like Ryuu, Hiroyuki did want to greatly disagree to that. He knew in himself that he wasn't one to be swept away by the that particular pleasure in life if his past was any indication. There was also the fact that he was already happily married and that he was content with merely having one person in his life like that. However, Hiroyuki simply gave her a shrug - giving an opinion of neutrality to the current discussion because he very well knew that there were still a great number of men who would fall for such a thing.

He followed behind the group once more as they left the town. Tomorrow afternoon by normal standards with the typical resting periods. Of course, they would have to get food too if their trek was that long and they certainly couldn't buy anything on the road unless they happen upon a food merchant. "The earlier we rise, the better. I'm sure we can get enough rest if we stop a few hours after sundown and leave at the break of dawn." If his calculations were correct, it would allow for everyone to have a good rest even if they slept in shifts to make sure that nothing or no one was following them. "We can get plenty of rest when we reach the next town over as well; it would merely be a small sacrifice." He added and he started to crack his knuckles, the satisfying popping sound making him let out a breath. "The injuries would slow us down, but not by much I imagine. We would get there by the afternoon of the day after the next, at most." He predicted if Ryuu's estimated time was accurate on normal walking standards.

Hiroyuki Duma

When the kiss happened, it certainly caught Hiroyuki off-guard and he couldn't help but let out a snort of amusement, quickly covering his mouth as his eyes lingered on them for a moment - making it seem like he was just a friend who was all too amused by something like that. He certainly wasn't a friend, but he was amused. A plus for acting and the effort put into that to distract the guard. Though what did pull it all off was Song's timely use of a bit of seduction and the guard went away. Ah, the wonders what a little fliration can do. "It certainly added a bit of shock value." He mused as they began to walk, each giving a comment of the situation that had just happened.

Rila had raised the issue of a camp just in case they didn't make it to the next town by sundown. They weren't exactly given supplies for camping so it would be much better to get to the town. Hopefully there's a safe space that we can use a rest stop on the way there or we can just hope it doesn't rain anymore so we can rest even without a roof above our heads." He was no stranger to being wet from the rain but it would be for the best if they kept themselves dry. It wasn't going to be ideal if they grow sick because of it.
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