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Happy birthday to me!~
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Everyone starts out as trash. But that doesn't mean you should give up or lose hope. It's called garbage can, not garbage can not.
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Daga kotowaru.
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@Snow, be nice to the Hundi.
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Terrible week. Ugh, is what the caveman said.
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@VitaVitaAR Was busy over weekend, catching up right now xD
Protect the tiny ones.
Rejoice! ^_^
@VitaVitaAR Did I do chant right, GM-Sama?

After dismounting her chestnut colored mare, Alyssa rushed to aid the fallen man. Only to realize it was an ambush set up by the bandits. She immediately pulled out her shield and deflected the incoming arrows aimed at her. While the others proceeded to form up and counterattack, Alyssa moved closer towards the farmer. She trusted them to cover her while she tends to the wounded.

She noticed Paladin Tyaethe and Artificer Elodie were already assisting the farmer. Much needed delay, the man's injuries appeared to be quite severe.

“I'm going to heal him!” She called out to the two. Needless to say, that offer stands for everyone else.

With her enchanted wand in hand, she pointed it at the farmer and chanted a twelve word healing spell to help stabilize him. Hopefully, she wasn't too late. If the farmer's life could be saved, surely he could provide some useful information regarding these lowlife bandits. But, that wasn't why she was healing him. Alyssa merely wanted to save an innocent life.

“Respite from the pain. Recover from the wounds. Return this body anew!”

A green colored aura emerged from the wand and tethered with the farmer's body. It took intense concentration for Alyssa to maintain the connection, she had to drown out the ongoing skirmish around her. All of the farmer's wounds were being mended and disinfected. The body was released from pain as internal injuries were gradually healing. Alyssa decided to wait for the farmer to regain consciousness before breaking the spell.

@ERode@Raineh Daze
Made some changes to Jarde's personality so that I can play him better. Made him more of a joker than a teaser.

Oh yay, just like from persona.
@VitaVitaAR Do the Hundi kick their leg when you scratch their ears? Also curious if they go awooo.
@VitaVitaAR It's cool xD I edited it.

EDIT: If you prefer, I could remove the horseback thing all together and apply it only to other beasts.
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