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Tetsumi, Shiki & Datari, Shun

Collab: @Scribe of Thoth
Mentions: @ShwiggityShwah

Shun flashed a toothy grin and a thumbs-up at the suddenly-amiable Hiroki's suggestion to team up for the Pillars events. He wasn't sure if they needed to plan that far in advance, but a head start on teambuilding was always a good thing in his book. Although, Hiroki's face toward Shiki suggested an ulterior motive beyond innocent competitiveness. One might even call it sinister. Unfortunately, Shun didn't have much time to analyze it in favor of more pressing matters. Shiki was approaching him, which meant the... incident earlier either wasn't his fault, or the other boy had gotten over whatever he was mad about. Or Shiki wanted to talk to Hiroki and Shun was just being egocentric.

Pixels stood uncharacteristically still, eyes pointed at Shiki but not really focused on the tailed boy; his brow furrowed as he worked his jaw subtly in thought. His brain was working analytically now, but with an obliviousness to most social gaucherie and a limited knowledge to go on about Shiki himself, he was basically speculating blindly. It took him a bit too long for it to be considered normal before he finally acknowledged the newcomer, his face slipping back into a friendly demeanor as if on cue. He wasn't proud to admit it took him that long to realize he could answer these questions just by asking.

"Hey! Is everything okay?" He chirped in greeting, "Y'know, from earlier?" Shun tilted his head sideways almost owlishly in curiosity, his eyes scouring Pink Top's face for any sign of offense or discomfort in a weirdly intense - and, ironically, uncomfortable - departure from his usual excitability.

Shiki's head perked up upon hearing Pixel's voice, revealing a short-lived smile and confident expression on his face. Being acknowledge by someone strong like Hiroki and the concern expressed by Shun, had certainly put him in a positive mood. It was a nice shift from being entirely stressed out for about half the week. Hopefully it remains that way, for the rest of the week at least. He stopped in front of Shun, returning a slight nod.

β€œYes, I'm fine...Thank you for asking, Datari-Kun.” He paused for a moment, realizing his actions earlier could've been misinterpreted by Shun. It was best to use this opportunity to explain himself, lest he causes anymore confusion to the small-minded boy. β€œTanifuji-Sensei terrifies me is all, she is the reason why I was out of commission during the entrance exam.” He muttered out, his body visibly trembling after speaking that vile woman's name.

After taking a few deep breaths, his trembling ceased. Shiki then returned a closed-eye smile to Shun, which had more positivity energy put into it compared to the last one. β€œSorry, for running off like that. I won't let it happen during quirk demonstration...Say, how about we pair up for the next one, Datari-Kun? We already know each other's quirks, I'm sure we will make a great team!”

Shun had to resist the urge to snicker, although he subconsciously kicked himself for it. Tanifuji-sensei wasn't scary - the furthest thing from it, honestly. Although her quirk had to certainly be something to elicit such a reaction, even from someone he assumed wasn't as accustomed to getting beat up as he was from his own martial arts background.

"Don't worry about it, yeah? Work hard and beat her up next time, there's no reason to be scared." Pixels laughed out lightheartedly, moving to follow the class as they in turn followed after Colgate-sensei. He liked that Shiki had opened up a bit; quiet people confused him. They always seemed like they were hiding something, intentionally or not. He was a bit perplexed as to why everyone around him was so keen to team up all of a sudden though. Was he a bigger asset than he thought or something? He was definitely a staunch advocate for teamwork, and he liked to think he had some kind of inspirational effect on people, but this was a bit much.

"As for teaming up," Shun hummed in thought for a second, then snapped his fingers as if coming to some conclusion, "That's right, you can't really show off your quirk without another person. Sure, we can team up. My ideas were all boring anyway; you'll probably make me look better." He flashed a cheeky grin back at Shiki, eyes narrowed teasingly.

Shiki returned a sturdier and optimistic nod to Shun. For a second, he actually believed he could defeat Tanifuji-Sensei with enough hard work and dedication, when in reality it was nothing more than a mere fantasy. Whatever, it didn't matter at the moment, Shiki was just happy to be around Pixel-Kun. His heartfelt smile being evident of that.

β€œT-That's kind of you to say that.” He paused, sounding a bit flustered by Shun's tease. After adjusting his glasses, the embarrassing red hue on his cheeks disappeared. β€œAs a matter of fact, I do have a plan in mind...Want me to fill you in?” He asked, swaying his tail behind his back in a suggestive motion, wishing to upload his thoughts directly into Shun's brain. It would be much quicker for them to formulate a plan, if they decide to communicate through this fashion.

He walked alongside with Shun, until they arrived to the pristine looking gym. Upon entering, Shiki was in absolute awe by the sheer massive size of the room. More so, when Guodo-Sensei demonstrated the 'danger room'. One of his index fingers and thumb were resting on the rim frame of his glasses, while turning his head in a frenzied manner. β€œOh, wow. Are all the gyms like this at the other schools?” He asked Shun, without looking at him. His eyes continued to wander, visually processing all of this information at once. It was just a matter of time before he decides to poke his tail into something.

Shun arched an eyebrow at the other boy's reddening face, but didn't comment, continuing on toward the gym. "Poke me when we get there, I wanna see what we're dealing with first." His quirk was easy to demonstrate, it was simplistic and didn't need a target in order to show off its effects. But, he didn't want to look completely underwhelming if everyone else in the class put on a dazzling display either. And he didn't even know where to begin to show off Shiki's quirk.

As he entered the gym, he rooted himself in place next to Shiki, gawking at the scenery alongside the similarly-captivated boy as he bounced on the balls of his feet excitedly. "I've never actually seen another hero school. But, I'd assume the bigger schools are even cooler." Shun whispered out in an almost reverent response to Shiki. He regained his senses once the demonstrations started, nudging Shiki gently with his elbow and gesturing to his forehead to signal for the other boy to start using his quirk. If he started poking around in Shun's head for ideas for the demonstration, he'd find little more than a simple pixelation past a few obstacles, with little to no combat exhibition. Apparently Tetris wanted to keep his trump card under wraps, or just didn't see the need to show it off.

In the meantime, Shun kept close attention to the quirks being demonstrated, one of his hands gripping his chin in an exaggerated thinking pose. He thought they were all impressive in their own way, no matter how they were presented. Even the underwhelming performances held thinly-veiled implications of how the quirk could be used to great effect by a clever user. He paid particularly close attention to Akeno's demonstration, particularly after she started throwing kicks. He even went so far as to politely clap after she finished.

Shiki's attention was abruptly interrupted by Shun's nudging. Which, caused his body to twitch and react in a startled manner upon contact, despite how gentle the feeling was. He darted a glare towards Shun, his malicious expression hidden behind the reflected light bouncing off his lenses. It was like Shiki was about to give Shun a stern lecture about keeping his hands and elbows to himself. However, his expression softened after noticing Pixel-boy's gesture to penetrate his forehead with the tail. Right, Shiki was caught up with analyzing the gym, that he momentarily forgot about that.

”Okay, here you go Datari-Kun.” And just like that, he inserted the connector into the middle of Shun's forehead. Shiki started to rummage around Shun's 'files', searching for anything related to his quirk and other unique skills that was dormant inside that brain of his. At the same time, Shiki uploaded his ideas for their demonstration. Taking the information he already had on Shun into consideration, he suggested a short-timed demonstration to ease on his reconstruction drawbacks. He also suggested an infiltration type of simulation, to swiftly neutralize any hostile dummies together with the use of his surveillance advantage. Shiki thought they had the potential of performing a perfect hit and run combination. The two had the ability to immobilize or disable their opponents from a long range, allowing the other to deal the finishing blow. Whatever ideas Shun had in mind, Shiki would know instantly.

While the duo were developing a strategy for their turn, Shiki observed his fellow classmates and took mental notes of his own. He thought all of them so far were interesting and most certainly had their uses. The demonstrations he paid close attention to, were Yomodachi's, Yakkaimori's, and none other than World Tour. In Yomodachi's case, the demonstration left him completely stunned. Seriously, why is she even attending this school instead of UA, he thought. Oh well, it was better than having her represent one of the other schools during the Four Pillars event. For Yakkaimori, he found her surveillance quirk to rival his own. She was impressive, and her ears were cute too, he thought. Lastly, World Tour made him a firm believer there was some good in this cruddy city. At first, he only paid attention for Ito, in respect for his reassuring words back at the assembly. However, he became heavily inspired by their contagious positivity energy and teamwork, he wanted to express that same type of vibe with Shun.

”Wow, everybody here is amazing...wouldn't you say Datari-Kun?” He beamed while turning turning his head to Shun, showing that heartfelt smile of his. ”You ready?” He asked, believing they were finally set on a plan.

"Their quirks are so cool... any one of them would be a pain to fight." Shun mumbled back, looking both confused and awestruck by World Tour's debut. He blinked a few times, realizing that Shiki was suggesting they go next. "Mmm, we can go. I was thinking we could, err..." Pixels abruptly stopped talking as his eyes crossed to look upward at the USB still in his head. He then squeezed his eyes shut and tried to think his ideas at Shiki really hard in lieu of explaining it verbally.

He then abruptly scampered up to Guodo-sensei's control console without waiting for confirmation and began whispering his ideas to the teacher conspiratorially. After that, he walked over to the center of the gym, flagging Shiki over as a solid wall with a closed door began to rise behind him. He flashed a wide grin at the class before he began in an upbeat tone.

"Hi! I'm Datari Shun, and my quirk's called Pixelation!" Shun bounced on his feet when he talked, animatedly waving to accent his point, "It basically lets me, well, you'll see. I'm really happy to be here! You guys look so strong!"

Shiki reluctantly followed after Shun, managing to disconnect the cable from his forehead before they moved out. Public speaking always made him uncomfortable, especially when it was in front of a large group. He took a deep breath, trying to remain positive for Shun's sake. The moment he lifted his head up to face the class, he immediately did a 180Β° turn out of anxiety and revealed his tail instead, which was nervously swaying side to side. His phone could be visibly seen, connected at the end of his tail.

β€œI-I'm Tetsumi, quirk is called USB...” His voice didn't sound like it was being spoken through the mouth, like a normal person would. Instead, he was directing his thoughts into his phone, using it to communicate with the others through the speaker. Shiki preferred this method of communication. β€œIt's really nothing special...” He muttered through the phone at a low volume.

A screen raised up from the floor, displaying a security feed of the situation behind the wall. It was positioned in front of the presenting duo, such that the audience could see what was occurring beyond the door, but Shun and Shiki wouldn't be able to see it from their angle. On the screen, a 'villain' dummy had a gun pointed at a 'hostage' dummy a few feet away, along with a few low walls interspaced throughout the "room", presumably used to simulate furniture.

"Okay, so, picture this," Shun started eagerly, clapping once as he prepared to set the scene, "A villain has a civilian held hostage inside a... let's say a bank. Heroes have no idea where the villain is, and the moment they storm the building; a hostage will get hurt before they have a chance to assess the situation and dispatch the gunman. The bank has security cameras, which you're seeing, but the heroes can't access them conventionally from outside the building."

Shiki figured that was his cue to speak, β€œHowever, using my quirk, not only can I map out the entire building down to the last detail, but I can also hack the security feeds connected to the network...All without alerting the villain inside. Then, I can upload that information into someone else's brain...You should know where I'm going with this...” He adjusted his glasses menacingly, then disconnected the phone from himself. After which, Shiki increased the length of his tail to its maximum reach of five meters, inserting the connector against one of the building walls.

Downloading a precise map of the simulated building, including the security feeds, didn't take more than a minute. He turned his head towards Shun, signaling a nod, while his tail was pulled back to their side. It was all up to him now, the connector penetrated Shun's forehead and uploaded a stream of information into his mind. Providing him an optimal route to follow and the exact location of the gunman, hostage, and obstacles present in the room.

Shun stood patiently as Shiki was interfacing with the simulated room, unraveling his lurid eyesore of a pink scarf from around his neck and dropping it at his feet in preparation to act. He tensed uncharacteristically as his forehead was poked, more out of concern that he might somehow damage the tail were he to move about normally than any pain or discomfort. As soon as Shiki disconnected from him, he made for the door, steeling himself momentarily before cracking it open the slightest bit.

Shun's body immediately started flickering like an image on a broken TV set, dissociating at the edges into small cubes that drifted away. As the process continued, the cubes grew smaller and smaller, until Shun appeared to be nothing more than specks of dust being blown away without a trace by the wind. Simultaneously, his body was reconstructing itself next to the 'villain' dummy on screen, placing himself between the hostage and the villain. The distorted mass of pixels leapt forward to tackle the dummy as it began to resemble Shun more and more, one hand reaching out to push the dummy's gun aside while the rest of his weight was thrown at the vllain's midriff to send the dummy to the ground. By the time Shun had fully returned to normal shape, the villain was pinned with its gun safely diverted away from the hostage. Overall, the entire process of Shun's pixelation took less than a second and the subsequent apprehension of the villain little time after that. Hopefully the audience didn't blink.

The green-haired boy swiveled his head around, as if looking for the camera, but then settled for just talking to the wall. "And that's my quirk. I can basically teleport, I guess." He stood up and walked back out the door he entered from, flourishing a dramatic bow as he bent down to collect his discarded scarf. He lowered his voice to a reasonable stage-whisper as he directed a thumbs-up toward Shiki, "That map thing was so cool! Your quirk is awesome!"

There was nothing left for Shiki to do, other than wait for Shun's return. His back was still facing towards the class, awkwardly standing there with his tail steadily swaying behind him. He drifted into thought, feeling like he didn't make that huge of an impact than he hoped. Yet, it didn't stop Shun from acknowledging the usefulness of his quirk, which caused Shiki to turn his head away from him in embarrassment. β€œTh-Thank you, Datari-Kun...Your quirk is amazing as well...” He responded back, his cheeks having a light blush, and showed a feint smile. His tail was swiftly wagging back and forth in response like an excited dog, expressing his happiness.

Quirk: USB (Tail)

Interactions: @Jojo and anyone else seated near him. @Scribe of Thoth@ShwiggityShwah

From an outsider point of view, Shiki appeared to be rather inattentive throughout most of the orientation. Returning nothing more than an occasional glance for each speaker before going back to his phone with a bored expression on his face. What made it worse, was that he used the husky student as his personal shield to hide himself from getting caught. On the contrary, he was doing something productive by constantly taking notes with his phone through the use of his tail. He was capable of uploading his thoughts directly into his phone or any communication device for that matter. There was little movement involved, it was one of the few perks about his quirk.

The only notable reactions he expressed were during Itagaki-Sensei's and Tanifuji-Sensei's speeches.

In the case of Itagaki, Shiki had to momentarily cover his mouth with one hand to prevent himself from laughing after hearing such acute pun. His smile was hidden, but soft sounding little squeaks escaped his lips. It was highly embarrassing, but he had a weakness for puns. No doubt Croc-Sensei will be one of his favorite teachers, despite his intimidating appearance.

Shiki didn't want attention drawn to himself caused by his squeaking, so he hoped the sound was drowned out by other noises in the room or ignored entirely. After settling down, his eyes wandered around the room, double checking to make sure nobody was staring at him before eventually looking back to his phone. If Shiki did make eye contact with someone, he would immediately break it and lower his head in embarrassment.

The moment arrived for Tanifuji-Sensei to speak...Shiki didn't view Tanifuji as the cute fake neko sensei that she is, all he could see was a stress inducing villain who tormented him during the entrance exam. Her strong introduction nearly caused him to flee, but the husky student in front of him made Shiki feel safe enough to remain seated. However, he was still hunched over in his own seat with a terrified look on his face, hiding half of that expression with one hand. His breathing was heavy, which could be heard by those seated around him, particularly the husky student. Regardless of how he was perceived by the others, it was actually a good sign, considering he didn't turn tail and run or scream this time. It was a small bit of progress on his long road to recovery.

It was not until Tanifuji exited the stage that he begun to finally calm down. To anyone who were concerned, he would respond with a hand gesture like saying if he was fine and an apology for the disturbance. Shiki returned to his normal seating posture and remained quiet throughout the rest of the assembly, up until the principal's sudden appearance. He was already aware some of the staff members were famous pro heroes, but he could not recall who the principal was at first based on appearance alone. The Foresight Hero, that title did ring a bell, but he would have to brush up on his history in that case. They were all inspiring, although he doubted he could reach that level of heroism himself. Excluding Tanifuji-Sensei, he wanted to be well-acquainted with all of them.

The announcement regarding the Four Pillars caused Shiki to hesitate for a moment. In one hand, this was a huge opportunity for him to prove his worth. He didn't want to think he made it this far out of dumb luck. But, would he truly be able to compete against the other schools, given his inexperience?

After the assembly came to a close, Shiki stood up and followed everyone else to Goudo-Sensei. To be honest, he was a little nervous about quirk demonstration. Unsure how he could explain himself in front of many different people, who he assumed all had better quirks. When his eyes met Shun, he recalled having exchanging quirk information with him during the entrance exam. Shiki contemplated if he should poke everyone with his tail as a demonstration, only because he wasn't fond of long winded explanations. Although, he figured using quirks against other students without their consent were against the rules. It was a fun thought.

He'll figure it out when the time comes. For now, Shiki attempted to quietly move towards Shun's location, wishing to regroup with Hiroki and the others for quirk demonstration.

Adachihara Yachiyo, Tetsumi Shiki, Yutsuko Soga

Interactions: @Claw2k11 @Sunbather (Collab)

Shiki collided face first into what he assumed was a stone wall. There was no way the girl he saw was that tough. Needless to say, his eyes were shut before the impact. After the collision, his body weakly slumped against the towering dragon. Shiki was barely holding himself up by the dragon's sweater, occasionally twitching in pain, but still conscious.

”Uhhh...What happ-” He muttered out, slowly glancing up the dragon's massive body. His eyes widened in disbelief upon realizing the grim situation he put himself in. This undoubtedly related to Tanifuji-Sensei and has joined in on the fun!

”AHHHHH!!!” He panicked once more, attempting to pull himself away from Soga.

Only to find that Soga had already grabbed him by the shoulder and was really none too pleased with what had just happened. He could not disclose the actual reason why he had intercepted him, that would be just a tad too embarrassing for him to admit. He glared for a moment at Shiki, his grasp tightening ever momentarily and his eyes narrowing as if a predator was about to pounce on him instead of two students interacting.

"First of all, no running around here and..." As he said that, he realized he looked as if he was about to beat his fellow student, so, all things considered, he calmed himself, his features relaxing to the point where looked like the stoic student he had been until now. "Second, you could have crashed into someone and caused a big mess for both you and..." And as he turned towards Yachiyo, he realized he had not yet found out her name and simply turned towards her for a moment, looking momentarily confused.

Yachiyo snapped out of her heart-eyed haze upon feeling the impact of her two classmates colliding, flinching just a bit as the crashed into each other only inches away from her. She scanned the two individuals; one undoubtedly stealing more glances due to his draconic appearance. Her sense of etqiuette and gratitude snapped into place at his words, straightening her posture. "Yachiyo! Adachihara Yachiyo. Thank you very much, Dragon-san. I didn't... pay attention for a second."

Shuffling closer towards the oddly clinched pair, she examined their expressions, particularly Shiki's rather... affected visage. "Are you two alright? Did you bump your heads? I can ask sensei for medical assistance if you require it?"

"My name is Yutsuko Soga, happy to meet you, however I don't know who he is, but he was running from what I can assume is a teacher." He said pointing towards Tanifuji. "I am not sure if he is a student here if he was attempting to run away from a teacher howe-" However, before he could finish his sententce, he heard Yomodachi calling for them to enter the hall, shortly after her, Guodo reassured everyone around him, including Shiki, who he guessed to be the student he was currently holding.

So, with that entire situation solved, Soga let go of the utterly terrified Shiki to do as he will and turned towards Yachiyo putting on his best smile. "Shall we go inside?" he asked her, walking very slowly towards to entrance as to walk inside at the same time as her. However, as he walked, he could not help but look at Yomodachi once more and the authority she had ordered them, he wished he could be just like her, at least in that regard.

Shiki was unable to pry free from the dragon's strong grip. That piercing glare and predatory expression on the dragon's face effectively silenced him. It didn't help when Yachiyo recommended medical assistance from one of the teachers. He thought this was the end as cold sweat trickled down his face. However, as the conversation went on, Shiki became less frightened.

Wait...This guy is also a student?

As Shiki was gradually returning to his senses, he began to understand Soga's reason for intercepting. Perhaps, Shiki did overreact a little by Tanifuji's appearance...After all, she didn't notice him until after he screamed, so he could've simply avoided her. A sigh of relief escaped his lips after Soga released his grip. Shiki quickly bowed apologetically to Soga and Yachiyo.

”P-Please forgive me for my reckless behavior...I didn't mean to endanger anyone...My name is Tetsumi Shiki...Once again, I'm sorry...”

Shiki wanted to explain his reasoning for his terrified behavior, but that would have to wait until later. He overheard Yomodachi call out to them and timidly followed the other students, all while trying to avoid Tanifuji-Sensei.

@Zelosse Ahhhhh! Bard Mineta is back! xD

Quirk: USB (Tail)

Watching the altercation between Turbine-Kun and the other students from afar, certainly didn't make Shiki any less concerned. All of his attention was focused on them, until he quickly realized something. If a fight were to break out involving their quirks, he didn't want to be caught up in it. He was well aware of how powerful Sakimoto gusts were during the entrance exam, as demonstrated during the very beginning. So, he made an attempt to break away from his group, only to be interrupted by Shun before he even had a chance.


"Y-Yeah..." Was all he could mutter, but it wasn't because he wanted to get Shun off his back. Shiki's eyes were locked on one particular individual beyond the gate.

It was her...Tanifuji-Sensei, otherwise known as 'The Dragon'. The person who effortlessly threw him across multiple zones during the entrance exam, causing Shiki to suffer several injuries as a result. She was nothing more than a heartless villain to Shiki and the very reason why he cannot peacefully sleep at night. The sight of her caused Shiki to lose grip of his coffee cup, spilling its contents by his feet. Yet, his posture remained the same albeit frozen in fear with his heartbeat racing. The unsettling memory of that day was replaying in his head. He paid no attention to the Smiling Hero's compliment or anyone else for that matter, though it probably would've helped if he listened. But, it was too late...

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SHE CAME BACK TO FINISH THE JOB!" He shrieked, having his hands placed on top of his head while he shouted. His outburst was just as loud and echoing as Hiroki earlier.

Without much hesitation, Shiki attempted to flee away from Tanifuji-Sensei much like before. Once again, he was surprisingly fast with the rush of adrenaline and all. Only this time, he had plenty of human obstacles to maneuver around, assuming it would deter Tanifuji from pursuing him. His eyes were locked onto the staircase descending down the mountain, screw the first day, he thought. However, he miscalculated and noticed the newly arrived tardy student walking into his path. He was running way too fast to stop himself and the collision was imminent.

Quirk: USB (Tail)

Shiki had to readjust his glasses with his index and middle fingers after Shun's remark. His lenses were fogged up from the cold weather, hiding the eyes from his rather annoyed expression.

"I don't mean to boast...but I was technically the first one to complete the objective before the uh...incident. That had to account for something, at the very least." He responded to Shun with a stronger tone, but was still quiet nonetheless. It was the only real accomplishment he achieved during the exams, everything else he did was mediocre. He then turned his head after hearing somebody else approach them.

Ah, how could he ever forget about the blue skinned loudmouth. In fact, his blunt motivational speech at the very beginning of the exam allowed Shiki to act on his own, which didn't really end well for him. Regardless, he wished to express his gratitude, but was unsure how to approach the guy. He remained quiet and averted eye contact with the loudmouth, feeling intimidated by his hostile presence.

It wasn't until he came up with a brilliant plan soon after Mari arrived and apologized to Sakimoto. At least knowing one half of his name helps. However before he could execute it, Sakimoto went off to do his own thing. Darn, maybe it can wait until he was finished.

The amount of people gathering around caught Shiki's attention. Everyone who participated in the same exam were coincidentally brought together he noticed, go figure. Although, Shiki was highly curious of the individuals who were not present during his exam. There were little to no data on any of them, excluding Shun. He established a goal to thoroughly analyze every single one of his classmates for educational purposes.

After wiping his glasses, he briefly observed the others standing in the same spot next to the gates. What were their entrance exam like? His concentration broke when Sakimoto's obnoxious shouting started ringing his ears, but what followed soon after caused Shiki's glasses to slide down his nose in disbelief.

"Magical Miracle Purity Light?! Where?!"

"T-This guy...D-Did he really just call him that?!..." He asked those nearby, sounding concerned for the husky student. Unintentional or not, shit was about to go down.

Interactions: @Scribe of Thoth

It has been a stressful three days since the entrance exam took place. Shiki couldn't remember the details of the exam's conclusion, but he does recall the dastardly "villain" who was responsible for putting him out of commission in the first place. The Dragon's sadistic laugh and her intimidating silhouette still haunts him while he sleeps. He will never forget that frightening experience of being thrown across the examination zones like a rag-doll.

Due to his recently developed night terrors, Shiki was unable to get a proper good night sleep and suffered occasional headaches throughout the day. At least the letter he received from the academy brought some positivity in his life. All this time Shiki believed he wouldn't be able to pass through the first milestone, it was quite relieving to see that he was wrong. Perhaps, he does have what it takes to be a hero after all...or maybe he just lucked out. From that line of thinking, he began to doubt himself once again in this never ending cycle of uncertainty.

The morning routine went by as normal. Today, Shiki packed sealed cups of pineapple tidbits in his backpack for both snack and lunch. He didn't make the mistake of forgetting his bottled water this time around either. After grabbing his puffy winter jacket, he exited from the apartment an hour earlier than usual. Reason being, he wanted to get a head start into discovering a route with the least amount of walking by using his quirk. There were just some areas the GPS failed to properly map, which created difficulties with his ever changing schedule.

Eventually, Shiki finally arrived at the front entrance of the school by the end of the extra hour. He managed to pick up some pineapple flavored coffee along the way to keep himself awake. Scaling up the mountain wasn't too difficult than he originally thought, after all he did pace himself.

It was there he spotted the energetic Shun, one of the participants he teamed up with during the entrance exam. There was a blank expression on Shiki's face, he knew it was too late to turn back now. Shiki was cautiously approaching Shun, contemplating whether to greet him or be on his way.

Why did he feel so hesitant? It was because Shun was drinking coffee. Shiki was well aware of how hyperactive Shun was in the short time they've spent together. He simply didn't want to know what a can of coffee will do to him now.

β€œHello Datari-Kun...” He accidentally slipped out.

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