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Current Cafufufu~!
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...And they never returned :c
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Must stop procrastinating.
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Hope to watch Endgame later today, if not then tomorrow.
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Turn that frown upside down.
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“See yah later, Dad!”

Seri stepped out from the back of a cab. Other than wearing her school uniform, she made no attempt to hide her mutated appearance. No one should be foolish enough to put their hands on a walking cactus, she assumed. It was temping to go against the school's request and push her way through the front entrance to make a bold statement. However, Seri's father convinced her otherwise during the ride to school.

After bidding farewell to her father and the inconspicuous driver, she went on ahead towards the alternative entry point. The walk was short, but she could see the riled up protesters crowding the front gates, voicing their opinions. She expected to face discrimination for her quirk, having a mutated appearance, and being a foreigner. A hated combination. It was nothing she hasn't dealt with before back in America, well, at a smaller scale. Still, this was the largest mob she had ever seen in person, it oddly amused her.

“Sooo~ many people showing their support! Its like a really big party with so many friends! Cafufufu~!” She spoke to no one in particular, in English no less. Protesting looked so much fun from the sidelines! Negativity aside, she wanted to participate in one someday! For the quirk and mutant community...

Upon arriving to the side gate, Seri flashed her ID card to the gatekeepers and was allowed to enter. However, she struck a majestic pose to the teachers before she moved on.

In Japanese, “You can't tell from the picture, but I'm doing this!” Seri demonstrated with pride, then awkwardly walked off like an Egyptian cactus. She would've retained the pose for a while longer, but her outfit was beginning to chafe her. It's amazing how UA could design a uniform to contain her spines, but it felt too restrictive at times. On the other hand, she wasn't against the idea to have this kind of tailorship done to her entire wardrobe. It will be such a relief not having to shop around for replacements all the time.

After breaking the pose, a particular student caught her attention. A boy with large wolfie ears and a big fluffy tail, whom appeared to be taking a doggie nap on the ground from her perspective. Oh my god! He looked so cute, she thought.

“D-Doggie!” Seri exclaimed in English, rushing over to the wolf-boy's side. She took a seat on her heels and made no hesitation to gently scratch the base of his ears, slowly working her way up. It would feel rather soothing to the wolf-boy at first. Seri was careful with her spines, keeping their length at a minimum and stroked with her fingers at an angle for additional scratching power. The fuzziness felt super satisfying to the touch, she couldn't stop herself! As expected, she became overly excited and accidentally poked his ears with the sharp ends of her spines. Oops.

Is this open? has begun...
Yay! I'm a rival, one of many! ^_^
@Heartfillia Growls in Kaiju. I mean. Growls in Neko.

Quirk: USB (Tail)

Shiki was rather taken back by Elina's annoyed response. Oh no, he struck a nerve. At least, she didn't assault him for his so-called joke, unlike some people he knew. Perhaps he should apologize? This was not his intention, he didn't want to be on bad terms with anyone, especially not on the first day. Moron, he thought to himself.

“Sorry...” He meekly apologized.

From this point forward, he decided it was best to speak through his phone as much as possible. It provided him a comforting way to think rationally under stressful situations, he considered this to be one of them. His tail slipped into his sweater pocket, retrieving his phone and then established a connection with it. The voice comm immediately booted up.

Player three has entered the fray!

“Datari-Kun!” Shiki's cheerful voice called out from the phone, projecting his filtered thoughts through the use of his tail. His physical body performed a welcoming gesture, all while his device-connected tail swayed behind him. They would be able to see his background picture on his phone, which was just a pineapple. Admittedly, it was just plain weird, but at least his anxiety cleared.

“Nyah!” He unintentionally slipped out. “We are looking for a third member. It's only logical for us to team up again! Besides...” He paused. “I like teaming up with you, Datari-Kun...” He confessed, a small blush building up on his cheeks as he returned a shy smile to Shun. He managed to make brief eye contact with Shun while he spoke, then averted his gaze before Shun's reaction set in.

Overhearing Elina's lack of confidence into contributing for the team, involving her quirk's usefulness, was something Shiki would normally say about himself. Fortunately, there was a solution in front of them that will not go overlooked. No more negativity today!

“I've already mapped out a portion of the surrounding area while I was resting. I discovered you'll be able to use your quirk freely and possibly more effectively in certain areas, Yukira-San.” He then turned to Shun. “Same goes for you, Datari-Kun. Point is, we'll just have to cover each others weaknesses and we'll be fine. Right?” He adjusted his glasses, a confident and stress-free smile shown on his face.

With that said, Guodo-Sensei requested their attention again. There was a slight twitch underneath his beanie after receiving Sensei's number. They had access to an emergency contact, interesting. Although, Shiki doubted his team would get lost with his quirk on their side. He followed Guodo-Sensei along with the rest of his class, but stayed close with his team.

The late arrival of the new student certainly caught Shiki's eye. Mainly, because of the mystery surrounding the student's quirk from the lack of demonstration. Shiki had no intel on him, but that will just have to wait until after this event. He wanted to use the remaining time they had to create a more detailed map of the area, so they don't have to waste precious time later.

“Could one of you get the ribbons and 'maps', please? I'm going to scout a path for us.” Shiki informed his team, then started to walk towards the edge of the field, assuming they couldn't leave until prep time was up. He unplugged his tail from his phone, causing his body to shudder for a brief moment. Then he reconnected his tail to the ground near his feet, gradually synchronizing himself with the land.

Shiki then waited for his team to regroup, so they could come up with a formation together.

Banned for pulling the envelope.
@Aerandir I'm going to take back control of Kiwi and drag you back into abyss that is her office.
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