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9 days ago
Current Don't tell me what to do, you're not my dog >.<
20 days ago
Adding to that, it's usually pepperoni or olives too. Spice things up a bit by mixing a bit of garlic and hot sauce in your mayo. Slap some salmon on there, then you got yourself a cursed sandwich.
1 mo ago
Riding a horse backwards makes you think time is neigh.
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1 yr ago
If a sloth were to clap, it would always sound sarcastic.
2 yrs ago
I am dead inside.



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Is there a discord already up?
Is this open?
I think the worst advice I was ever given is eating that tuna and meatball sandwich from subway untoasted.
@TruthHurts22Oh no that would be ridiculous lol. Ofc its a transformation quirk xD I'll DM you what I have for kaiju first before pitching the smoke body girl.
@TruthHurts22Darn, no way to insert any form of size expansion then? That's fine, got another idea in mind if that doesn't work. It involves smoke body transformation girl.
Well she's not gonna be colossal sized like godzilla. Since she's still young, I was thinking ~10 meters or less to start off?
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