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Current I am sports entertained.
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It's been said the easter bunny hates capitalism, yet he participates in it.
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[@Punished GN] I already got a haircut.
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When my time comes, I wanna be buried face down. So everyone can look at my butt.


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I think that meeting killed our GM.
Though I am going to resist my own temptations to try to think of an idea of "a knight who isn't as physically-oriented as others for combat, but uses guns and fungal magic and fungal necromancy-ish magic.....but also happens to be the niece or granddaughter of the black magic/necromancy teacher whose been there long enough to get tenure and some student rumor that he's a lich" type of thing. ....that was rather specific, yes, but I am going to restrict myself like a good boi

I'm gonna be a bad influence and tell you that's a neat idea.
Yeah I'm definitely getting three houses vibes from this.
@Izurich@Fading Memory@HylianRose

Still waiting on GM's response, but I'll let you know that I'm ok with the Underground serving as the main villain group.

@Crusader Lord

If you're having second thoughts, I could always relocate Esme's house and it won't bother me, or at least work around your idea for a united Scandinavia.
Now I wanna make a daft punk knight.
I'm working on a knight atm. Exploring how that underworld group ties with her background.
I also just realized that, with the lore of magic being banned from use for commoners, this version of America probably has some additions to the second amendment…

Also probably another point that encourages some to immigrate to America?

The common magical staff used by Americans.

<Snipped quote by Animal>

I was thinking about that too. The closest town is twenty miles so our characters will be walking a long time to the nearest town. If it is a flat road that isn't really steep or hilly there and back, it would take around 6 hours to walk. If it is steep or hilly at all, it's more like 9 or 10 hours to walk there.

What a weekend in town. It makes it a special occasion for sure. Haha!

Would definitely suck if your character forgot something back at town after the long weekend or halfway through the distance.
I just realized the nearest town is 20 miles away and it takes 30 minutes to walk there.
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