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18 days ago
I ran out of doughnuts and the store didn't have them in stock today :(
2 mos ago
How amewsing~
2 mos ago
Of course you're gonna get ghosters, it's October silly! Halloween is around the corner and the spookies are out.
2 mos ago
Nyan, nyan~ Nyan, nyan~ Ni hao nyan~ Goujasu~ Derishasu~ Dekaruchaa~
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4 mos ago
Happy birthday to me!~



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Happy racoon noises

Could this work as a giant monster girl form then?

Also thanks for answering, it was exactly what he wanted to know and is working on the CS now.

@TheWindel Also, I have a friend who is interested in joining and wanted to know if he is allowed to have a mech suit?
How do you feel about a llama girl spitting on people?
Is this open?

@VitaVitaAR Was busy over weekend, catching up right now xD
Protect the tiny ones.
Rejoice! ^_^
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