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5 mos ago
I am dead inside.
6 mos ago
I ran out of doughnuts and the store didn't have them in stock today :(
8 mos ago
How amewsing~
8 mos ago
Of course you're gonna get ghosters, it's October silly! Halloween is around the corner and the spookies are out.
8 mos ago
Nyan, nyan~ Nyan, nyan~ Ni hao nyan~ Goujasu~ Derishasu~ Dekaruchaa~
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@TruthHurts22Oh no that would be ridiculous lol. Ofc its a transformation quirk xD I'll DM you what I have for kaiju first before pitching the smoke body girl.
@TruthHurts22Darn, no way to insert any form of size expansion then? That's fine, got another idea in mind if that doesn't work. It involves smoke body transformation girl.
Well she's not gonna be colossal sized like godzilla. Since she's still young, I was thinking ~10 meters or less to start off?
Got a Kaiju in the works. Is that acceptable?
Is this open?
Cool beans man.
Is this open?
Happy racoon noises
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