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Current *Happy 40k toaster noises*
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I suddenly have an urge to do a horror themed roleplay with characters from slasher movies and creepypastas.
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Are ya livin', dad?
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11 days ago're saying the act of murder is not okay? Or, are you not okay, Murder?
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No, I agree with Mushroom. We need to ask the victims how they feel.


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So, I made a status a little while ago saying how I wanted to do a roleplay that involved slasher villains and creepypasta characters, well, here it is!

In this roleplay, slasher villains and creepypasta characters exist in the same world. How this plays out, that's for us to decide. I like the idea of the newer generation of characters meeting the older generation. Will they get along? Will they fight? Well, I do know one thing, there's going to be blood, and lots of it. So, if you're not into blood and dark humor, stay away.

I also wouldn't mind roleplaying a few of the survivors from old slasher movies. But, for now, I'll just list the characters I'm willing to play.

Freddy Krueger

Jason Voorhees



Laughing Jack
Josiah clapped his hands together, a mischievous grin on his face. "Wonderful! Simply wonderful from the both of you. Now, it's my turn." The pale skinned human stood up, his fingers carefully dancing across the handle of his silver cane. "I am Josiah, I am here to be both entertainment and security. Although, I do enjoy watching the occasional fight; I find it hilarious." He snapped his fingers and made a tarot card appear in his hand. He looked at it before making it vanish.
That's okay with me.
The only problem I see with posting whenever is that things may get carried away and some people may not be able to figure out how to put their character, or characters, into the roleplay.
If I may make a suggestion. We should have a list of what order we go in to stop any confusion.
Name: Josiah

Age: Physically: 22 Actual age: Unknown

Species: Human (Possessed)/Greater demon of fear

Personality: An eccentric man who enjoys a good laugh and card tricks. Often seen with a smile on his face, a mischievous glint in his eyes, and often laying about. He enjoys a good drink, company, and sometimes the chaos that comes with his profession.

Magic Properties: On the low level, he can materialize a deck of tarot cards. The spells he uses as a human are often linked to them. By channeling his magic through them. Now, as his normal self, his magic involves shadowmancy and illusions. Several of his illusions come in the form of ravens or crows, with a dash of what the person fears. Although, due to his demonic origins and area, he is very weak to magics that can be considered holy and or light based. Consider him a glass cannon in that area.

Hotel job: Entertainer and security

Skills: Card tricks, slight of hand, shadow puppets, magician-like tricks, fencing, and cane fighting.
Yeah, though I may be a bit slow. A bit sick IRL.
I wouldn't mind doing this.
Vampires, the loathsome creatures of the dark, no long secretly live among humans. In the early 1800s, vampires, and other mystical creatures, came to light. Due to their numbers and power, the vampires are the most prominent among the supernatural beings that deal with humans.

Living like nobles, they walk the streets and do as they please, with only a small group of humans willing to fight against them.

So, I had this idea tumbling around in my head for a while now and I thought I'd post it here. This idea will have us playing as vampires within this world where the knowledge of vampires is common. People know vampires, they fear vampires, and some even worship them. I had this idea for a long-term roleplay where we could show the internal fighting between the various vampire houses, the political turmoil that comes with it, and the betrayal.

This will be set in the early to mid 1800s.

I am just looking for someone who isn't afraid of delving into dark themes since we are dealing with a group of immortal beings. I always imagined a few vampires would let that power go to their heads along with a few other things.

I am keeping the vampires powers down to their usual set: Shapeshifting, turning into a bat or bats, hypnosis, aversion to sunlight, etc.
I can do a Radioapple roleplay.
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