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@Renny yes, I think it would be amazing.
Lol that was a good fight man @Renny
@Crimson Lion@Double

Blade was fighting the close fight, but once the canon fired, blade moved out the way just in time, but then after that the Snow White shut down completely as Blade sighed and leaned into the chair blade gave himself a face palm and sighed heavily and said,” sorry Hanako we worked hella hard on her and she got badly damaged, sorr I couldn’t keep her out of getting damaged, and she held out good for me even with the structural kink,” he looks around as he then spoke to him and looked at the snow white you did good, me and Hanako will fix you up.” He smiled a bit. He looks at the others and offered a smile and sighed as he grabbed snow white and stood up stretching he was happy they won but a bit disappointed the fact that he couldn’t keep snow white from getting damaged
@Renny Hes it didn’t fully release all the fangs yet.
You’ll see what I’ll do it’s like a barrage of fangs spinning around ur character and since the zero system is active they move fast, and so it ends up looking like snow where he can camo into it that’s what i meam by distraction
I know it would be fair for you and your character to go out the most stupidest way possible and I know my character had no chance of winning but it was a good fight and a close one too, that’s why I asked you if you don’t mind losing this fight. Cause i like ur version of barbatos it’s badass man @Renny
Lol thanks man, also i was thinking of him lose trak of him because of zero system and the fangs acting like decoys you get me? Because i feel like an opponent would lose trak of the main opponent if they had many orher things flying around acting like decoys. That’s why i kinda set it up to where he hit the fangs instead of snow white @Renny
Nah i say blade should win make the crowd salty and also I don’t want snow white to get destroyed so early😭😭😂😂😂😂
You right i can always edit the new post if it’s not to anyone of y’all liking. But also battle sense isn’t everything 😂
What he hit were the fangs acting like shields for snow white which means he wasn’t there the wing gundam appeared behind the gunpla as he was prepared to take him out.
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