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Hi im interested in the bad boy x good girl or nerd jock, and enemies to lovers plot ideas and unpredictable pairing or fated meeting plots.
Im interested
Pm sent
In interested
Looking for new partners to rp with, 18+ plus please im not comfortable rping with anyone younger if you have any ideas shoot them on pm or we can talk about ideas on pm, i rp on discord or pm. Pairing is male x female, I only play male characters. Doubling is fine also.A few ideas:

Jock x nerd
Rivals turn lovers
Long lost friends turn lover

High school sweetheart meet again.

Dragon ball
Need for speed
Doctor who
And much more all you have to do is ask.
Hi im interested in the jock x nerd or a marvel rp, im up for both.
Hi im interested in percy Jackson, sao
im interested
@Curious FawnI pm you
Im interested
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