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Blake also listened but looks at anya and muttered back," Why you so mad at me anya?" He held his pendant in his hand a bit tighter. He also figured if the prince came on the ship almost everyone will try to hurt him. But the focused back on anya and continue," Was it because of yesterday?"

Blake noticed her annoyance and softly sighed and also heard what the prince said. He looks at them and crossed his arm still fiddling with his pendant. He sighed if only he could explain to Anya what he was doing yesterday but he thinks she very mad at me so he can't do much till she cools off.

Blake surprise as well from what the prince was saying. He huffed to what he said. Blake ate the food on the table and then once the prince finished talking he looks at Anya and said," Hey can we talk?"
I might of fell of with this one. My bad.
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He nodded back to the captain and watch him leave, he hope that captain wasn't mad at him for scoping out the area, he just felt more comfortable know his area and he hope the captain notice the map he slipped into his pockets. Blake caught his bag and softly sighed and said," Anya om going. Wait up for me." He put on his bag and walked behind Anya. He was thinking to himself,' she's pissed at me.' He looks at her and said," Your looking better than yesterday, did you go for a swim?" He looks at her.

Once in the room he sat down and look at the prince. And listened to what he said. He sighed as he fiddled with his pendant. He was anxious. Of course this situation can go either good or bad. He was sitting next to Anya and Jack on the table.
Blake sat up, of course did his daily morning routine and got ready. He then wanted to check on Anya but he didn't he figured she was still mad at him from yesterday. He waited for everyone outside his room leaning against the wall.


Blake sighed as he got the room next to Anya he was pretty tired as well as he closed the door behind him and said to himself," Man Anya is mad at me i support the captain but i was just scoping out the area. Something is fishy i could sense it." He looks around and continue talking," Man how am i going to explain it to Anya." He sighed.
Blake looks at Anya and sighed. He knew she was pissed at him. He just nodded to what the captain said and he walked over to him and slipped the paper in his pocket and then he just followed, he was tired. He honestly thought,' I'll make it up to Anya later.'
Blake not knowing Anya saw, he did support the captain, he was only using the moment the get out the get the lay of the land and see how things are just in case it was a ploy,he wanted to distract the guards and also he checked out all the house for Way's to leave without being followed by the guard. He sketch out a map and all the areas and passages he found. Of course he hide this map in his coat pocket and came back to the lobby waiting for the others to come out as well as the captain.
Blake watched and thought to himself as he looks around and sighed. He looks at Anya the walked out of the room he decided to go outside and explore.

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