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Blade sighed and laughed a bit and said,” yea sure .” Blade stood up and stretched, “ but give me a moment there’s someone I want to talk to.” He took off running to find the girl, his wibg gundam in hand.@Crimson Lion
My character hasn’t won any yet
I also got busy at work sorry everyone
@Double The Zanzibarr was pretty cool, although it's been awhile since I watched 0079 so I can't fully remember it.

@Blade17@KenjuGuy Was Kais surprise attack difficult to respond to? Should I just write a post fully deciding what happens?

Yea a bit
Alright soo the story will follow a group of people as they duel right and how the dueling will work is that we will post pictures of the card that will be played and all the duels will be random and the winner random unless the story demands a certain character to win otherwise it will be random.
Blade quickly put away his twin buster rifles away and pulled out both his beam sword in both hands he said,” this is fun.” He laughs as he striked at the person infront of him and began to an intense offensive do back his enemy up. Blade simple moving quickly now since he doesn’t has the weight of the shield holding him back.

Blade noticed the shots and quickly moved out of its range changing into bot mode as he combines his two rifle guns to make the buster rifle and fired from long range at the person shooting as he let the recoil push him to a little more distant. Blade thought to himself shit can’t use the zero system yet.
Creating a yugioh rp on discord if anyone wants to join.
@Crimson Lion

Blade sighed and said,” I wasn’t patronizing you I was actually giving you a compliment.” He looks around and sighed. He looks at the girl acrossed from her and gave her a thumbs up in a compliment and a sign of respect. He then focused back at the match.

He moved the wing zero up and out of the water. The little damage he took from that crash unaffecting any of the systems and the wing. He said,” alright who’s next he turned the wing zero into neo-bird mode and flew off at high speeds.
@Crimson Lion

Blake laughed a bit and leaned back and did a backflip and he saw the opportunity to strike her down. Blade swang one of his swords cutting off the astray arm and swang the other and stopped by the astray neck.

Blade looks at her and said,” well princess i win, you cant beat me. Not with the zero system.” He looks at her and the wing simply slashed the backpack that kept her in the air. As he catches the astray. And said,” your a strong opponent.”
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