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Hi im interested in enemies turned lovers
Blade looks as he listened carefully still thinking on which part of the tournament to join. He texted Hanako,’ you think the snow whit is ready for fighting or racing?’
Hanako texted back ‘ it’s only ready for thens with less physical combat so racing sounds safe for now.’
Blade gad a soft sigh. And put his phone away quickly
Im interested
Im interested as long as i can play heroes archetype and the heroes three links
Blake said,” yea they all seem interesting, and I and hanako have rebuild the snow white and worked the kinks and fixed it up nicely Soo races sound good.” He looks rubbing his chin, “ I have to think on it.”
I am interested
@Crimson Lion Blade smiled and looks at hanako, “ yea your right we can fox her up later,” He stretched,” you stayed and watch glad you could stay.” Blade went to hug Hanako and then looked at her and said,” well let go get food real quick im hungry.” He laughed
@Renny yes, I think it would be amazing.
Lol that was a good fight man @Renny
@Crimson Lion@Double

Blade was fighting the close fight, but once the canon fired, blade moved out the way just in time, but then after that the Snow White shut down completely as Blade sighed and leaned into the chair blade gave himself a face palm and sighed heavily and said,” sorry Hanako we worked hella hard on her and she got badly damaged, sorr I couldn’t keep her out of getting damaged, and she held out good for me even with the structural kink,” he looks around as he then spoke to him and looked at the snow white you did good, me and Hanako will fix you up.” He smiled a bit. He looks at the others and offered a smile and sighed as he grabbed snow white and stood up stretching he was happy they won but a bit disappointed the fact that he couldn’t keep snow white from getting damaged
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