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Im interested
When do we start
Blake got up and walked out of the gym basically now they have to go through all their classes now, but they get out early at least.
Alright I get it now I changed it is that better? I changed that my character was related to him so is it alright with u my character still could be Batman by taking the mantle?
What this about?
@keyblade87 is that better I changed a few things. Just saying I didn't mean to make you made or anything or challenge that rule but it wasn't specific and its true batman doesn't come out in the arrow-verse, sorry my bad
@keyblade87 but he isn't in the arrow-verse tv series, so I thought this would be good cause he never appeared in any of the show if you want I could change him, and be his prodigy
Name: Blake Heero(Batman)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: human
Home: Gotham
Powers/Abilities: He is the worlds well son of the worlds greatest detective, he has every skills as batman, he was trained by him and is as smart as him
Backstory/ Bio: when he was a little kid he was trained by Batman, and trained like him to be the best Batman yet. He took up the mantle of batman after darksied killed bruce and the batfamily making this suit out of a design of Bruce's design for a new suit. he is smart and helped unite the team that would go to the past to prevent darksied ruling of earth. before that he was the robin before taking up the mantle of Batman
other: is it cool that I am not catched up with the arrow season 5 or with ever is the lasted season.
but it will have a moveable mouth thing like as the batman beyond suit, this is his first suit he will appear in
this seems interesting @thefoxlord
This seems interesting
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