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I wear no mask. - The King in Yellow.
2 mos ago
"It is the Echo. A wound that travels still, that when heard, made me understand that there was another wounded as I was. When I heard it, I loved you more than I loved my own life." - Visas Marr.
9 mos ago
"Because I hate the Force. I hate that it has a will. That it would control us to achieve balance when countless lives are lost. When I see you -- I see the death of the Force. You are beautiful."
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Celebrating my 666th day here by modifying my prompt to be more hellish.
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Vintage lesbians are cool.


I write about fiscally irresponsible politicians in fictional 17th century settings, porn, and combination of those two things. Writing sample along with 'published' writing shown below for interested people.



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This post is looking for a GM. I have posts where I GM in my profile, or, if you just want something that's much kinder and happier.

Trigger warning; mutual albeit toxic and toxic love. Violence. Borderline slavery and abuse in the workplace.

Hey there. For every person that happens to be interested in Signalis and Star Wars whether they know it or not, I've decided to create a mashup of involving my favorite part of Star Wars; episode 2 of season 2 of Visions. In my addled imagination of the way this might come together the story is an strange and 'not-quite-right' view of Star Wars similar to the way Screecher's Ridge presents the Sith Mother; whether or not quite like that or not depending on further workshopping of the prompt. The Force, the politics of the galaxy and its Sith and Jedi; none of them should be normal, and instead experiencing shifts of character and presence that cannot be rationalized. Maybe this world is entirely detached from Star Wars and is just an AU, maybe it's in the delirious mind of the main character, or maybe it's a fun bit of meta commentary on how 'nothing changes' in Star Wars due to corporate creativity rot.

In essence, pulling at that late-game text of Signalis from Andler --


This, in theory, frames the entire RP. More than simply giving some love to a piece of love to my new favorite Indie title, it, hopefully, will allow us to explore a whole new series of angles to Star Wars. Probably mildly disturbing ones; all the Yuuzhan Vong fans will probably be raving over all the weird flesh horror they get to do. The main character in my head is a woman like Daal; a Force-gifted working within the confines of an industrial world, toiling away like millions of others with only the dreams of a better life keeping her going. In our version of it however, I'm imagining that they've developed a sickening, obsessive relationship with a childhood friend of theirs, one that further fuels their desire to become a Sith and free themselves from the urban hell of their homeworld . . . and probably slap a slave collar on them.

This should be a toxic relationship. One bent on control and domination and strength, bordering on the edge of sanity in just how impulsive and inescapable all their thoughts are on this person they've fallen in love with. The main character dreams of giving both of them a better life together, but they also dream of doing horrible and unspeakable things to them; whether because they're a broken individual, or because of the Dark Side, or . . .

You probably get the idea, reader. This is a warped love story from the perspective of a deeply insecure, self-hating Sith apprentice who despises herself for not being strong enough to kill their overseers and free their friends; but not for what's supposed to be altruistic, heroic reasons.

They've got a sick mind.

As far as kinks are concerned in this story despite the extremely dark and triggering material up above I don't actually enjoy most extreme fetishes. Complicated emotions, aspects of dominance and submission (sexually and platonically), kissing, sapphic longing and yearning, spankings, collars, contrasts of all kind, 'I want to kiss and hold you but I also want to strangle you but I won't,' orgasm denial and control as well as overstimulation, underdogs 'getting the girl.'

Most vanilla and lukewarm kinks in general. I won't touch anything relating to futa, tentacles, unrealistic or exaggerated anything, toys, animals, my character will not engage in non-con, If you have any extreme kink, it probably goes here.
This post is looking for a GM. If you're looking for a GM, feel free to look at my GM4A posts in my profile. I'm an advanced-novella writer with writing samples that I'll be requesting from my readers as well. IRL gender isn't relevant to this prompt.

I've broad broad concepts for this RP, both of which involve, naturally, VAMPIRES. The two scenarios I've got envisioned in my head are quite polar opposites to one another and involve contrary main characters; an Ulrika-like heroine who travels the breadth of the Old World saving cats from trees, saving Brettonians from walking trees and literacy, saving Emperors from inbreeding, all that jazz. It'd be a very heavily swashbuckling adventure story about saving the world, girls kissing girls, girls biting girls, skaven getting their heads ripped off, all that fun stuff.

In the opposite corner we've got what I'm imagining as a newly risen lady from Sylvania, low on the totem pole and focusing more on the diabolical politicking side of things, focusing on the casual loss of life in Sylvania, the witchhunting, economics, warfare -- this is by far the more 'complicated' of the bunch. I'd expect to see a low-level vampiress wage war with a quill, fang, and the blades of her kin alike. I'm imagining them as a pretty pro-living type of gal, insofar as in a way Settra would view all of his subjects as being equally his property.

Kinks vary between these two, but, the former is a service dominant and the latter is a pretty harsh, cruel sort of domme; no extreme kinks. Emphasis on spankings, kissing, WLW, orgasm denial and control, overstimulation, experienced partners / inexperienced partners, eccentricism, intelligent banter, flirting and foreplay . . . mostly a lot of vanilla and lukewarm stuff. I use Discord for OOC chatter.
IRL gender irrelevant. A silly, short-term scene between one certain Draculina and a rambunctious, Algerian lesbian werewolf that's a member of the Wild Geese who's gotten tired of the job they're supposed to be doing. Kinks; power exchange, strength play, interracial / skin contrast, possibly internalized homophobia, fantasy interracial, seduction, implied slowburn, edging and foreplay, dirty talk, kissing, spanking, deep fawning and arousal, service dominance [the dominant prioritizing their partner's pleasure]. Highly enthusiastic consent. Supernatural desire and want. Futas(????) heavily dependent on vibe and mood, usually not into this.

Limits; anything extreme. Non-con, dub-con. Tentacles, toys -- anything that doesn't make sense in the scene and is unrealistic. Futas (refer to above.)

It took most of the night for the mercenary to give up on their work, putting away an impressive amount of pay stubs and requisition orders before kicking her boots up on the table. The Geese member almost seemed to embrace the monotony of their job, the cracking of lead, the erasing, the filing- of all the members of the soldiers they’d hired, it had to be this one that had a genuine and sincere appreciation for paperwork. Known for being their quartermaster, Seras had known the Algerian woman’s true nature almost the same moment they’d been in the same room- not entirely. She’d never seen a werewolf before, but the scent about her was all too different even from her own kinds’, like soil after rain. If her comrades knew that she was a monster, they didn’t deign to share it, and they treated her no differently than the rest of them, sharing their food and drink and love for violence.

And…other things.

"Beautiful," Sylvan says, tenderly, voice soft enough to move the coldest heart.

Her master had warned her of them. Of werewolves. Driven to extinction, they were a formidable opponent even for him, though this one hadn’t so much as supernaturally lifted a cup of water. Instead she’d only drunkenly rumbled along with the other Geese and proven herself a proficient shooter and an unstoppable wrestler, easily pinning her brothers and even, with difficulty, managing to force the draculina onto her back.

The taller woman had almost seemed to be about to kiss her then. She’d been just as forward about her desire to get into the vampire’s skirt as the rest of them, though she’d been even more brutish about it, her passing comments and swipes at her rear so close to being intolerable. Rather than kiss her, she’d only smiled, sharing a heavy, silent moment before laughing it all off that the unparalleled daughter of Dracula must have let her win.

They both knew differently. The werewolf had won, and after claiming her victory, she’d allowed Seras to keep her title of undefeated champion, content with knowing, even if Sylvan was the only one, that she had defeated Seras.

And now they were filing their wages and taxes.

Or, one of them was, and the other was staring at a certain Englishwoman, revealing what she’d earlier referred to as ‘beautiful.’ Lounging back in her chair, her imposing height waned with the leering of her posture, slowly admiring each near perfect dip of the vampire’s cheeks and chin, putting it all to memory like a painting. Unashamedly, of course, letting the night crawl on past them as if she wasn’t being paid by the hour.
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