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Current Science. Science is going to be my undoing (says the person who chose a sci-fi world to exist in. Well, it chose me, really. So).
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I f***in' hate the hotter weather. It's so loud (motorcycles).
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"Then, after an hour of breakneck driving--!" Same comic; that sounds dangerous -I'll stop quoting now, but- I love it!
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"And then, like a senseless sequence from a mad, fantastic nightmare". Gotta' love that alluring, Stan Lee wording; Uncanny X-Men #17
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Feeling more or less chagrined by my botchery of V.1 of Envisionings -I respect these chars and their world.😔Lessons for V.2; still going on. In other news, my text coding knowhow here is on point.👌


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'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.
'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.

The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'
The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'

So, suffice it to say, after life finally lead me to watching the FOX X-MEN movies (Summer of '22), I got super inspired from the first 2*. That take on the world, the characters - namely Cyclops (& Jean Grey). I became possessed by a creativity like I haven't in a while - I just had to see these characters in further scenarios!

Now I'm deep in development of "X-MEN Envisionings" - a mini-series worth of stories I intend to have ultimately as a Web Comic (ARTIST NEEDED…), but is being released first in text-only format to get it out there, on the site I made 'specially for the occasion.

Thanks for your interest if you check it out!
* I do not support abuse of any kind.
I'm just responding to the art.

Xperience the complete 1st Volume now!!!!
Xperience the complete 1st Volume now!!!!…
Vol.#2 arriving in June!
Vol.#2 arriving in June!

And so why am I here? Call it another compulsion + crash course in character -- if I can play Cyclops etc. well enough in the looser realm of an RP (looser as compared to individual writing where you control everything and can churn out multiple drafts), well.. Plus, some things are just better explored not exclusively in one's own mind (while others things are the opposite).

*I'm a "concept creator" / "story teller" by trade, and my X-MEN preoccupation is but one of multiple story spaces I exist in.
Some of the rest being my own, original work, such as a procedural sci-fi drama or an action-fantasy series whose characters I may well explore here, too.

But for now *cue 🎶X-Men Animated Series theme🎼swelling into Fox Movies theme🎵*


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Jaclyn Chreyz

Location: Mansion Hanger - X-Jet
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Flight

Jaclyn noticed Max's abrupt shutting of the book -the book itself she hadn't noticed in his hands until she'd walked right up and already started speaking to him- but didn't pay it much visible notice. She listened intently to his answer. Dungeons and Dragons in terms of reference material was foreign to her, but she understood the difference between conjuration and transmutation; having a good explanation took some effort off Jaclyn's shoulders.

Her brows went up at the mention of his designer clothing brands, and she couldn't help looking over his attire with a more "taking it in" eye as he continued to speak. It was pretty nice flair. She dialed back into his voice as he brought up "Mutant Magic" -- and a laugh escaped at his "fair warning." It wasn't at him, just, saying that of himself - and it was quite a note to go on from.

Jaclyn was intrigued herself about this Mutant Magic, but the way Max spoke of Neil and Ed...she also wanted to help him help them.

She paused at the base of the ramp to the Blackbird, hearing Lance's direction from inside and knowing they shouldn't delay, but, this felt important....on the other hand, they already had a way to communicate to the group in space, so they didn't require Mutant Magic to locate Ed and Neil; when they got closer, the telepathy would probably be even more reliable. Plus, "unbridled chaos" didn't seem the most prudent thing to dip into when they had to get going - if such a thing ever did belong in the same sentence as "prudent"!

"What could happen?" she asked Max seriously, as she now continued up the ramp; keeping her voice low -as low as it could be while still being heard over the jet's engine- to keep the conversation between them. "Would it be safe to do on the way?" Whether they needed it to locate Ed and Neil or not, Mutant Magic still sounded like something worth experiencing, and if it could be done, potentially beneficial to ahead of arriving at their destination.

She took her seat behind Max but leaned as forward as she could buckled up, her hand on the back of his seat for a stability guard, to hear what he'd have to say.
Jaclyn Chreyz

Location: Mansion - Sitting Room.
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Flight

Well, Max's first attempt at a magical wardrobe change...wasn't adding to his good day, or lack thereof. But he moved on from it so smoothly, Jaclyn -who'd looked away pretty early, half from respect and half from awkwardness- wondered how often such malfunctions occurred with the wizard.

Lance's response about the space suits was a little reassuring and largely not. So they had the means to enter space without trouble, but not to survive there really, if something went wrong. Jaclyn wished she knew of some power for that, but she didn't. Speaking of powers, though, fairy wings were definitely not going to be help in zero-gravity, or a gravity-controlled confined space.

By now she had changed her mind from its earlier course of keeping an eye on both Pietro or Max to question them on how their powers worked before they went off; superspeed was something else Jaclyn didn't feel confident about in space, as far as her own use of it might go. But magic, with its variety, still seemed a good option. Of course with all she observed of it so far, it seemed to have a tricky learning curve. She'd have to be careful, but that was a rule of thumb with powers in general. Plus, as it's been said: "jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one"; one never knew.

Before she caught up with Max, however, Jaclyn turned a perceptive gaze on Miranda.
Jaclyn was about to speak out of place and invite her along when Carolina made the overture instead. That settled, Jaclyn cast a promising look towards Bonnie -and a little smile at the sweet small one- before falling into step with Max.

"Hey. I was wondering if I could ask you about your magic? I think I'll need something extra for the mission we're headed into,", she explained honestly, a bit of nerves showing in her disposition; this was to be her first mission. "Does your magic count as one thing or different types being called on? Such as 'healing', 'combat', 'necro'..." there she trailed off, shifting her gaze away as well, not sure he -or even she- wanted to get into that. But she had to be informed. If it was a different thing to call on different types, she wanted to find her focus. If it wasn't...she'd cross that bridge once she knew it was there.
@thatguy How about starting with the CS template, as if you're starting over, and then just copying + pasting the info you've written into the correct areas, rather than trying to figure out how to fix the CS that the code's messed up with?

The conclusion to the mutants' fight with a threat to their very genes; Envisionings Vol.#1 Part 12:…

And I'm going to be the first to say -to admit- I bungled this. Details I should've added, should've adjusted or never should've incorporated in the first place only hit the functional part of my brain after publication. Sometimes it's like, realities, thoughts and realizations remain hidden until the story is out, as if the story itself is occupying that space in your brain, and only once you get it out beyond yourself -with a deadline that keeps you from getting stuck in one groove of it- can more things flood in and percolate (as fellow writers, perhaps you know this all too well already). I've a whole list of changes to make for re-publication (as a proper comic once I've partnered with an artist). Vol.#1 will take on new, more proper form then.

For now, I'm taking the experience and lessons forward to a hopefully higher step with Vol.#2.
ThX for giving this fledging fan "comic" a chance if you stuck out Vol.#1 and are sticking around for Vol.#2, or if you couldn't manage the first volume but are willing to give the second a shot anyway. 👓🧬

I'm booked up or might've joined, but just wanted to say, cool idea, man.
We used to watch these movies a lot and they're still a good time - the new one was good too which can't be said about a lot of remakes.
I remember nothing of the cartoon except that I'm sure my bro and I did watch it; played a video game or two, as well.
Stap! You're making me blush uwu(? Hahaha thanks! I really wanted to try and get some more writing in a different language, and you guys seem fun! Hey if you have some, I'll read them! I'm already stalking some of you guy's ideas hahaha

Cool, mine can be found quickly in my bio. : ) Presently they're all related to a specific fandom.
Hi, Tora! I know exactly the forums you're describing. I cut my online rping teeth on a couple sites like that. : ) I was looking for something more freeform when I found this place, which has been satisfying so far! (despite my Interest Check bites not landing much, yet).

P.S. I like your avatar. : ) Fun intense keyboarding kitty.

Location: The Raft - Visiting Room
Post #2: As Long As It Takes

Last Month -- 2023

“I’m not cut out to be a teacher.”

Past Alex had rolled his eyes at Lorna's detail of Xavier coming down on her in front of Scott and Jean. It was exactly those kind of moments that had Alex questioning the Professor's sense of privacy. "So be angry," he'd then answered, with a shrug, "chances are the kids are feeling that, too. Some of 'em. Maybe they don't need 'better examples' like Scott or Jean, but someone who gets it where they are. Like you.'

Occasionally Alex would question to himself between visits what Lorna was getting out of this. He reasoned he must be giving her something that kept her coming back, and usually settled the matter in his mind on that thought. But then the next time, he'd see that look on her face, or hear that tone in her voice, or maybe she'd outright say it again, and he'd wonder if the only reason she kept coming was to hear him say things he never was.

To be fair he tried. To explain--

First Visit -- Feb. 2018

The Alex of five years ago -clean-shaven, more weight on him, better muscle tone- reflexively ducked as the chair swung overhead by his girlfriend's magnetic force. He honestly didn't know if she'd meant to hit him and just missed or if it was a wild throw. He didn't respond to the action -much ("Jeeze!")- just her words -he understood where she was coming from in that moment better than she understood where he was: "I wasn't tricked, Lorna! I knew what I was doin' I just didn't see far enough...I didn't mean to do anything to you." He was still smarting from the reality hit and at once felt guilty and angry -- to make her feel like this, but that he'd be grouped in with Magneto like this now -whether Lorna meant it that way or not, he heard it: her father had abandoned her and now he was. Except he wasn't. "Damnit.. --I'm not a hero, okay. Thanks for thinking it -but I have to be here."

--he didn't have the words that first time, and subsequent attempts weren't much better; his reasoning kept getting garbled on its way from his mind to hers.
The conversation came to exist in an unspoken way. Looks exchanged, often at the end of a visit.

But we're not there yet.

“The Professor took me off the team. Told me I was no good.”

Alex's body language showed what he thought before he spoke it, not that Lorna would've seen, the way she was staring down at the table.
His hands shifted after that. As per the rules -which the guards still droned each visitation; Alex hardly heard them anymore- he had to keep his hands on the table. On his side of it. And it was times like these he wished he could reach across; his hands shifted uselessly.

So he used his voice, instead: "Hey, look up," it wasn't a command, he just couldn't stand to see her looking so shamefaced --internalizing other people's opinion of her.

Alex wanted her to look at him so she'd know he wasn't talking bull when he said: He's a short-sighted mold-maker, that's what he is. Jeeze -just 'cause you're not on his honor roll like Scott and Jean?" He sat back, "but I guess even that doesn't count for much, I mean something like this I'd think was Leader Scottie's decision first, huh?" He assumed Xavier must've gone over his brother's head. Alex knew Scott chewed Lorna out when she "messed up" -that was just Scott- but he wasn't entertaining this decision had been a mutual one.

Location: The Raft
Post #1: The Inside World

Where was he?

Alex Summers A.K.A. Havok was where he'd been for the past five years.

Not his cell, though he was there too -slouched on his bunk, one knee bent and an arm draped over that- he was in his mind.
His evaluation was coming up, and Alex was doing some hard evaluation of his own.

His mind. One place that was everywhere, and the only place he was still free.

That was, actually, an odd kind of perk about being here. No telepaths like there were back home. Though Jean Grey A.K.A. Marvel Girl tended not to tap people's minds uninvited, certain circumstances caused her to pick up on loose thoughts anyway, and Xavier...Alex was never sure if he had such respect for privacy; if either of them came for visitation, Alex was always certain they were going away with a lot more than he'd spoken aloud.

Incarceration, Alex felt, was getting him to be real good at thinking. Something he didn't think he'd been good at before. Joining Magneto.....Alex thought there was something there. Magneto hadn't gotten into his head, Alex saw something in his, figuratively speaking. Honestly, Alex still believed Magneto was right to make his stand at the power plant. How the non-mutants were using Kuan-Yin Xorn.....Alex's hands would still shift towards fists thinking of it.

The X-Men would've rescued him, this he knew.
But what would they've done to stop what Kuan-Yin was merely one example of? Magneto set out to make an example of that.

Alex could go with him that far. But when it seemed Magneto was willing to go so far as to get rid of the "problem" that was his own daughter....Alex could trade blows with his former allies, but Magneto had far too radical a view on what constituted "necessary" actions.

'He'd spill his own blood!'

An unfeeling voice narrowed his existence back down from everywhere to this one, inadequate space: "Make yourself smart, you Mute -ha! if that's even possible- one of your regulars is here."

"Mute", a word that was a higher level of derogatory than the usual "mutie". "Mute" carried with it the implication, the hope, that one day all the mutants would be silenced. Alex ignored this, and instead asked, as he got into an upright position: "Which one?"

The guard shook his head and scoffed: "Think you're somethin'," before actually answering, "not Brother Bazooka, the other one. Mr. Plastic's spawn."

Alex's eyes narrowed. Lorna did not deserve to be defined only by that "relationship"....
Uninhibited, thoughts of Magneto's turn recurred in Alex' mind. Up to that point, he had still held a certain ideal about flesh-and-blood family. That they meant something to each other. Now he knew it didn't matter who you came into the world a part of. It only mattered how they thought of you.

"Forget how to walk or somethin', con'!? Move!" The guard jerked him to start the trek to the visitation area.

Alex's train of thought wouldn't be derailed.
Where his family was concerned, he still couldn't tell what his brother actually thought of him.
Yet, Scott kept visiting. He thought enough of Alex to keep him in his life.

"The Raft" was an apt-named prison. Out here it really felt like you were set adrift, away from society, with the intent you'd vanish completely like a the head of a person treading water suddenly falling beneath the surface without notice. It meant more to Alex than he even thought about, that the few people he had outside hadn't vanished on him when he went in.

He thought at least one of them would. He'd saved her life. Then he heard her screams and cries.
He still heard those screams and cries. They were renewed in his mind every time she visited. Every one of the 63 times and counting. 'God! We should do something special for our "65th",' he thought wryly, as they neared the final corner.

He hadn't thought of what choosing to be here would mean -would do- to Lorna.
Back to that "not good at thinking" bit -because it had been a choice. He had two people, the same two who wouldn't let him slip away, who still saw him through the things he'd done, and would've fought for some other consequence. But he had to be in here. He only wished she didn't have to go through this.

Which brings us -as he sits down in front of her- back to what Alex had been evaluating. If he should tell Lorna to stop. If should do her the "kindness". His expression twisted. That word was definitely wrong. It wouldn't be a kindness - it would be like punching Lorna in the face! All this time she kept believing in him -in them?- for him to say "well, you should just stop now. Get some sense already and cut your losses." He shook his head. Evaluation over-

-"I think you've finally worn on his nerves, Green-Girly," the guard spoke ahead of Alex, wearing a smirk as thick with condescension as his tone, "he almost wouldn't come out here."

Alex was pretty sure Lorna was used to the $*^%iness of the guards and wouldn't take these words for truth, but still he tensed, staring daggers at the guard as much as he dared. Polaris might be able to get away with giving the guards attitude, but Havok had to watch it. Not that he couldn't take it if they felt like making a scene out of it. Sometimes he'd incite them just to make something interesting happen. But he wouldn't risk getting the visitation time cut.

Instead Alex turned a serious look towards Lorna -hoping his expression conveyed how he most certainly had not tried to get out of this and she was not by any means bothering him- and mouthed the word "no" followed by a spoken "Hi," which came out with misplaced tenseness. He glanced off while he got a handle on himself and continued "what's new?" speaking the words he always did to get things started -it was too awkward otherwise- in a tone fully aware of how lame they sounded to even his own ears.

Jaclyn Chreyz

Location: Mansion - Sitting Room.
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Flight

Since Max was still near Bonnie and the baby, and Jaclyn's attention was still that way, she noticed his reaction when his parenting instinct was questioned. Day #1 at the X Mansion wasn't likely to be on a list of good firsts for him. Jaclyn also noticed when Max bristled once again, more so, after he'd calmed. By the look in his eyes, Jaclyn thought this time might have been from something he was thinking of than what was going on in the room, but she wasn't sure. And from what flashed in his eyes, Jaclyn was beginning to wonder if Max's emotions linked with his powers.

There were some things that had been said outside....

Jaclyn was brought back to the room when Bonnie started to play the hologram. Impressive tech. What it depicted was almost alarming, how quickly Bonnie's husband ignited, and then that ended that. To learn he was Magneto's son was a further surprise. But what stuck with Jaclyn were Bonnie's words about why she had come to them instead of SHIELD.

It was worse than Jaclyn had been thinking...

Again her attention was brought from her thoughts back to the room. The wonder had crossed her mind when Bonnie first announced her husband was Magneto's son, how Pietro would react. Now Jaclyn heard. He wasn't surprised. Something Lance said next was curious, though.

"Who says Magneto was or is trying to talk to him?" she responded to him, not argumentatively but reasoning. "We're still just speculating on how this is all being done..." she kind of trailed off. Had Miranda just said something? Jaclyn only really caught the word "reality".

In any case, Jaclyn rose from her seat with her bag when Lance mentioned they should probably get going. It was true, anything else that warranted discussion of this could be had on the way...Which now had Jaclyn wondering how fast the X-Jet could travel, outerspace-wise. She'd read somewhere any manned flights to the moon took on average 3 days.
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