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Current About to engage in something tedious, but as the podcast says, it's "Gotta Be Done".
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I find myself in a funk today from a combination of the fantasy I was weaving (heartbreaking) and my impending reality (stressful).
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Just to add to the conversation: another combo are people who enjoy RPing, writing, and GMing, but are not actually too great at at least one of those things. Like me xD
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I swear, this building has more activity past midnight, and I question what people are doing at this hour (while I continue to do things at this hour).
3 days ago
Went on YT to get my playlist, saw a vid that sent me down a small rollercoaster of a wormhole ending on an up, and now yeah, I guess I'll be checking out a Deadpool(3) movie sometime in my life!
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It all never happened ~ but in your mind!
It all never happened ~ but in your mind!

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'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.
'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.

The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'
The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'

So, suffice it to say, after life finally lead me to watching the FOX X-MEN movies (Summer of '22), I got super inspired from the first 2*. That take on the world, the characters - namely Cyclops (& Jean Grey). I became possessed by a creativity like I haven't in a while - I just had to see these characters in further scenarios!

Now I'm deep in development of "X-MEN Envisionings" - a mini-series worth of stories I intend to have ultimately as a Web Comic (ARTIST NEEDED roleplayerguild.com/topics/189548-wan…), but is being released first in text-only format to get it out there, on the site I made 'specially for the occasion.

Thanks for your interest if you check it out!
* I do not support abuse of any kind.
I'm just responding to the art.

Xperience Part 3 of Vol.#3 now!!!!
Xperience Part 3 of Vol.#3 now!!!!

New Parts Release Fridays!
New Parts Release Fridays!

And so why am I here? Call it another compulsion -- sometimes I just need to go even deeper than watching, reading, or writing a story solo can provide. Plus some things are just better explored not exclusively in one's own mind (while others things are the opposite).

*I'm a concept creator / story teller by trade, and my X-MEN preoccupation is but one of multiple story spaces I exist in (it's so rich). Most of the rest being my own, original work, such as a procedural sci-fi drama or an action-fantasy series whose characters I may well explore here, too.

But for now *cue 🎶X-Men Animated Series theme🎼swelling into Fox Movies theme🎵*


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An ebb and flow of connections and detachments lead into the gloves coming off --or the flesh and connecting tissue?!

Catch it in Part 3: telkjplang.wixsite.com/xmenenvisionin…
Jaclyn "OfAll" Chreyz

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Chaos Magic

Despite Guin and Pietro's distrust of Magneto, OfAll was believing him. A part of her mind thought she should follow their lead, being they actually knew him. Another part of her mind said the opposite for the exact same reason; lenses could be clouded. It just didn't make sense, at least presently, for Magneto to play confused. Unless he was trying to get one over on them and couldn't have them suspecting that since they were all still here, meaning he'd have to try again sometime.

Or unless he was luring them into a false sense of security, planning something much worse he would shortly be leading them to.
Still, it seemed like a lot of unnecessary trouble. But what could you really put past megalomaniacs?

In any case, the situation was at hand, and OfAll had to focus on the concrete at least as much as the abstract.

And that's when something very real caught her attention: the sound of Lance snapping his leg back into place.

Besides being mildly sickening, this had the side effect of dialing OfAll's mind back onto own injuries.
Movement -her own, or others' near her- caused a fresh wave of stinging from the movement of air across her hands and especially her arms. The need to survive -adrenaline, had distracted her from much of her pain up until this moment. Things had calmed down, and it was all coming back.

She was only vaguely aware of Carolina appearing, her words washing over OfAll though she wasn't quite catching their meaning.

Then the words spoken by a different voice rang clearer in OfAll's ears. "Not really," she answered Bethany, distress conveyed in her voice, "is Edus with you?" OfAll asked, registering how finally they had found -or been found by- on of the group who had been taken. The rest had to be close, right?

They could get out of here --Magneto willing.

Stand by. Was Xavier's answer before he turned his mind momentarily away from Scott as Ryder responded.

It looked to him as though she had concentrated similarly to the way she had just a moment before. Whether she repeated the action with more radios or did something else, he wasn't to know. Either way, it was not agreeable.

"I acknowledge you have experiences of which I cannot relate and I will not pretend to," he responded levelly, "However, I have a great many of my own- His point was cut off by Ryder's update about the guards. He hoped the "pistols and shotguns" regarding the townspeople was a supposition on her part, even though he expected not.

"Ryder! Stop!" He reached out for her but wasn't in a position to reach her, nor was he to catch up. 'Yes -you can stop Ryder from exacting revenge on Umbra. She's gotten away from me and is headed back.' Suddenly his eyes widened -then shut in hurried concentration.

Ryder was right about most of the townspeople -yet at least one was already in the area with a little more than a mere flashlight.

'Hurry but tread carefully. Someone with a hunting rifle and nightscope just had it trained on you from 100 yards. They'll find they've forgotten how to use it. I'll do what I can with any more I sense, though as you know not every mind is quite so forgetful.' One with a very specific action in mind was quite a different matter than multiple thinking in only general terms of "get the mutants", and hatred always ran too deep for even Xavier's mental reach.

'Literally hunting us, now?' came Cyclops' vexed thought; more reflexively than as a response.

'I believe it was an enhanced variety of net gun, but yes,' he empathized with his X-Man's consternation, 'and I cannot reach even Ryder's mind to warn her of the same.'

Cyclops didn't need to be told twice -- he had already been moving at the first word of "go".
Where he had walked for his personal moment had been in Umbra's direction, so he was already nearer to Ryder than Xavier, yet the paths weren't the same. He was essentially some distance parallel to Ryder.

He'd pause every now and again to silence his own movement so he could listen for Ryder's; this wasn't as informative as he would've hoped. Cyclops was also really starting to feel his injuries again. The hurried travel -as hurried as it could safely be in a forest at night- the time it'd been. Jean had given him pain medication when she treated him but he was on the other side of the window.

  • The Good News was: Ryder also had injuries, and though hers were more recent, they hadn't been able to give her pain medication when they'd treated her since she'd been unconscious. He and her were on a level playing field there.
  • The Bad News was: she was a telekinetic. She could use her powers to "feel" around and tread more confidently than he could.

Meanwhile, Xavier knew where his limits lay.
He headed in a direction of his own.

So Ryder's plan seemed very much moment-to-moment, unless she wasn't being entirely truthful. Xavier did eye her typing away, wondering what it was she was doing so intently.

At the words "and unless you want a repeat of earlier" he calmly expected a threat to follow. Instead it was a warning. This he did not doubt, though he was impressed. He had been keeping a mental watch of the area to the extent of a certain radius, and no one had yet breached it. Ryder's range was remarkable for one so young.

Just as he was about to speak he saw Ryder quiet in what seemed an unusual way. When she next spoke, Xavier knew what she had done based on the radio interruption he had witnessed back at Umbra, and the injury he had sensed in the guards afterward. "It is better practice not to cause injury where it can be avoided. We have the advantage of foresight. Now, as clearly as you know technology, a body is a different thing and yours still requires rest. Stay with us and we will keep you safe until you heal."

With that, it was Xavier's turn to close his eyes momentarily as he turned attention to telepathically alerting Scott.

He hadn't gone far, just enough that Xavier and Ryder's voices were only just in distant earshot.

If Jean were at the facility by herself, he wouldn't have felt so concerned. They were X-Men; trained for anything, capable of handling insane scenarios. Jean more capable than most. They were never over-protective with each other. Danger was part of the job. Since their later teenaged years they'd grown up doing this. That wasn't to say they were desensitized to something happening, just that this was business as usual.

Except Jean wasn't by herself, and this reality -skepticism or not, it wasn't judicious not to approach it as such- of stolen genes, essentially designer mutant "manufacturing" and whatever else, was what had him internally wound up.

Based on how Jean reported feeling after what was now confirmed to have been Ryder's doing with Umbra's technology, it could be surmised Ryder's powers were what had been affecting her. However, what if those weren't the facts? It could be Umbra had something designed to affect psychics, designed specifically to wear down or catch them off guard. That Jean's addition to the staff was a ploy. Ryder's powers, then, may've had nothing to do with it besides the function of that supposed device getting ramped up or messed with along with everything else.

Why such a device hadn't seemed to affect Xavier at all was a question Scott already had multiple answers for.

Again, it just wasn't judicious to proceed as if this wasn't a possibility.

So here he was, lowering himself -with a small grimace- to the base of a tree in order to sit against it. Tilting his head back against the rough bark, closing his eyes behind his visor; no idea if he could make this work.

Previously when he'd initiated psychic contact with Jean via their link, he'd been in a desperate place. He couldn't even recall if he'd made the effort consciously the first time. This situation was potentially dire for them both, yet directly on only Jean's end. Scott himself wasn't in any danger.

That being said, the past times had featured significant distance between them.
That wasn't the case here. Scott hoped that would offset things.

Drawing a meditative breath, he concentrated in the relative quiet of the dark. . . .By night owl standards it wasn't late, though late enough that someone typically on a "school day" schedule ought to be asleep. Given the events of the day, however, with both finding themselves wrapped up in what constituted a mission, it was just as likely Jean wouldn't be.

Half of him hoped she wasn't -a psychic's mind being most vulnerable when asleep.
Half of him hoped she was -that her mind might be more likely then to catch his wave.

In any case, he visualized the facility...He hadn't seen Jean's room there, but he could certainly visualize her form, awake or asleep...He dialed in to how it felt to speak with Jean in his mind, the different way it did than when any other telepath made themselves known. . .'Jean?...I need to fill you in...I need to know you're unharmed...Answer me. Please..


"Scott?" She spoke the words aloud. Opening her eyes and shifting to look around the room. He wasn't here. Realizing, she closed her eyes again.

He heard it like a whisper but knew he wasn't imagining it. 'Jean! Are you OK? We haven't heard fro--'

'Scott.' This time it was Xavier's voice, loud and clear. 'We must go. Both guards and townspeople are advancing on us as we speak.'

Scott could feel his connection with Jean hadn't held. "Damnit." He thought he'd heard something more, beneath Xavier's words. But whatever it'd been was like a pieced-together recording of only every other word spoken: '... don't ... you ...' What had that been? Not enough to gauge Jean's condition from. A sigh turned into another grimace as he eased himself up.

Best as it was not to have another tangle between Ryder and basically anyone with ill intent, for the sakes of all involved, Cyclops thought back: 'Should I run interference?' Further, advanced technology though Xavier's wheelchair may be, a forest wasn't the greatest terrain to have to navigate over.

It's a season of change at the X-Mansion, and at least one occupant may not be prepared!
Catch Part 2 of Vol.#3 out now: telkjplang.wixsite.com/xmenenvisionin…
-Added divergent idea scene to In What World Do We Walk? Concept.
-Adjusted formatting to the same.
-Altered presentation of Hellfire X
-Clarified "Canon or OC?" boxes.
-Added New Concept.
Cyclops wasn't sure he was getting the full story still, and didn't like the phrasing of "silencing you" -though this kid had a certain way of talking that could've been chalked up to- but he felt he had as much -more- as he needed at the moment.

When they'd left the city after Ryder collapsed it hadn't been hard to track the way she had come from the forest, and they had purposely -and fortunately- found a location near her cache. Her turning her attention to it now, seemingly comfortable enough to essentially go about her business, gave Cyclops the reassurance he could shift his guard for a bit.

With a slight breath of pain, he got up, quietly departing elsewhere into the forest.

Xavier acknowledged his departure with a only a brief look, having no need to question it. Instead, his attention remained steadily on Ryder. Given the hour, given the injuries, Xavier was of the mind to suggest more rest, especially as her display of getting up just a moment ago had seemed, perhaps, more statement than prudent. Perhaps that was why she situated herself as she did, now. Settling. Distracting herself.

He would follow her lead. If she was who she said -who she believed- she was, and even if not, he wanted to know more about this child. And he needed to know her plans. He decided not to repeat the question he'd just asked and instead went off her statement of not going back. "Ryder, now that you have escaped from Umbra Biogenetics, where do you intend to go?"
Jaclyn "OfAll" Chreyz

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Chaos Magic

Before anything else transpired Magneto-wise, a voice reached OfAll's ears from down the hall -- Max! She drew a relieved breath from seeing a familiar face. Curiously he only seemed surprised to see Lance alive. Or maybe OfAll was just misreading his attention.

He also seemed to have run full tilt here, or been in some altercation recently himself, as he was out of breath.
Yet he found exactly the words OfAll had wanted to say to Magneto herself.

Following on them were Guin's words, which returned concern to the surface of OfAll's feelings. Did Guin have to be inciting towards Magneto, on his territory, when they weren't in excellent condition and he had one of his Brotherhood they were concerned enough about, right beside him?

Fortunately, Magneto seemed only to be task-focused -- and unexpectedly, confused. Which served to elucidate something in a slight way for OfAll: there were individual motives going on here. Someone had taken things upon themselves for...what reason? Those like Exodus, perhaps, looking for a reason to cleanse some filth didn't seem like a stretch of the imagination.

Were all the other "contestants" in on this thing, or had they been receiving an order from someone else?
Did they even know they weren't operating on Magneto's orders?

Magneto seemed also to care about Pietro's life and the attempt on it -that point being news to OfAll as well- negative as their relationship may otherwise be; it made some difference in OfAll's mind.

Magneto stating no mutants were to be killed certainly made another.

OfAll grunted, using only her legs to rise into a standing position within the light shield, so as not to put strain on her stinging arms. 'Maybe now that Max is here...' she thought to herself, mind on his healing magic. Which she vaguely registered was presently her magic...

Something for another moment. "It was a contest," OfAll explained to Magneto, "earning the right to 'Paradise'. Members of your Brotherhood showed up at the Mansion, and where they were," she indicated Guin, Lance and Pietro, "challenging us to one-on-ones. The winners were taken here without choice."

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