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Current Last night I stayed up so late the avatar on my device said "Good morning" to me. My reaction? "It's late enough to be morning. . .Cool." Gosh help me when Daylight Savings Time comes.
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Did you catch Part 2 of Envisionings' NeXt Volume this morning? telkjplang.wixsite.com/xmen… It's never too late to catch up! 🧬🧪🧬
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Avenues my writing took me down tonight: terms pertaining to the game(s) of pool, and quotes on the safety of children.
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*laces fingers together and stretches* Time to read through three different versions of a dialogue sequence I have and decide on what bits I like best to incorporate into the final version.
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Did U catch X-Men Envisionings' Snapshot story centering around an all OG cast & setting? No?! Then do! telkjplang.wixsite.com/xmen…


It all never happened ~ but in your mind!
It all never happened ~ but in your mind!

Aspiring Screenwriter. Imagination whiz jumping between many 🌎s.
Self-taught Pic/🎶 Editor, VFX Coordinator & Mixer.
Independent student of 🎞; ever learning.

'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.
'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.

The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'
The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'

The comic book world is such a rich sandbox! Perhaps none richer than the X-Men -mutations to mix, slice-of-life elements to turn into anything but ordinary -the lines are drawn but the colours exceed them ~care to embark on the eXploration with me?

Interest Checks:
Interest Checks:


So, suffice it to say, after life finally lead me to watching the FOX X-MEN movies (Summer of '22), I got super inspired from the first 2*. That take on the world, the characters -namely Cyclops (& Jean Grey). I became possessed by a creativity like I haven't in a while -I just had to see these characters in further scenarios!

Now I'm deep in development of "X-MEN Envisionings" - a mini-series worth of stories I intend to have ultimately as a Web Comic (ARTIST NEEDED roleplayerguild.com/topics/189548-wan…), but I'm releasing first in text-only format to get it out there, on the site I made 'specially for the occasion.

Thanks for your interest if you check it out!
* I do not support abuse of any kind.
I'm just responding to the art.
A film is made by many.

Xperience the NeXt Envisionings:
Xperience the NeXt Envisionings:

New Parts Release Fridays!
New Parts Release Fridays!

X-Men aside, I have a plethora of original story/series ideas such as a procedural sci-fi drama, an action-fantasy series, a slice-of-shortened life drama -the characters of each I may well explore here, too.

But for now, the phase possesses me still!
*cue 🎶X-Men Animated Series theme🎼swelling into Fox Movies theme🎵*


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Jaclyn "OfAll" Chreyz

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Chaos Magic
Light Manipulation Chlorokinesis

OfAll had reasoned Mary's choice for going off alone had something to do with facilitating the rescue, it had to. There was no other reason to go off, which was why OfAll offered her assistance. It just didn't seem sound for one person to try and attempt something by themselves in this situation -OfAll was certain Marygold would rather risk her life alone than anyone else, any other member of the team, that was her choice.

Likewise, this was OfAll's.

The only other thing OfAll could think of that required Mary doing something solo, was if it involved that unspoken power -which OfAll hadn't even been thinking of trying to manifest. She already knew what Mary explained to her, it came as a surprise that Mary thought that's what OfAll was getting at. But now wasn't the time to correct misunderstandings.

OfAll also didn't carry any assumptions about the efficacy of Mary's mutation. She wanted to alleviate the level of burden Marygold must've been feeling -and as Mary used a seed to move others back to the prior location of her vines, that gave OfAll an idea of how she could help.

And perhaps a part of Mary did appreciate this -she could've just vine-zapped OfAll away with the others too, couldn't she?

"Can--" her words were cut off by a rumble, then an eruption.

She felt herself getting pulled, she saw and felt fire -then suddenly for the second time that day, she found herself out in space.
For barely a moment before they were back and Mary was repairing the ceiling with her all-purpose vines.

OfAll didn't miss the change in Mary's eyes, nor the fact something seemed different about her speech. OfAll furrowed her brows. She knew The Phoenix could speak through its host. . .

But now was the time for doing, not figuring.

And OfAll had a plan.

It would appear as if OfAll was doing the opposite of the instruction again, as "Mary" told her to come along and took off, while OfAll took a moment on the spot to manifest.

She felt the change surge through her -she had this one.
It felt good to hold a nature power and have it come through her so easily. . .her heritage and nature were deeply linked.

For a moment, OfAll's face reflected calm.
Then it was back to being all purpose.

Doing her best to recall the map Mira had shown them, OfAll spread her hands, her arms, and sent the vines out from both her present location and from where Mary had initially repaired the walls, all in an effort to reach and coordinate people further down.

Those going by would see vines having snaked themselves into arrows along the walls, with one word likewise written out: EVACUATE.

She felt her reach had gone its limit. Not as far as she would've liked, but far enough to make some difference, she hoped.

Marygold's prior words echoed in OfAll's mind. Numerous reasons she'd been told to go to the hanger, a few she couldn't be told about. . .Should she stay or should she go?

OfAll decided to go.
She'd gained Marygold's powers, so she felt sound in her initial choice.

Now she wanted to make sure her signage was being followed, and assist any evacuees.
OfAll was good with people; that's where she was needed.

And maybe from another location, she could spread more vines into areas she'd missed.
At the very least, she could make repairs along the way if more explosions and collapses happened.

She raced back in the direction of the Hanger.

"...instead I took something from her."

"What do you mean?"

"I could feel her mind starting to. . .I think disconnect from what she's known, in some small way. . .maybe start to see what we're trying to show her." Jean closed her eyes regretfully, reproachfully, "then I brought her right back to that place."

"You didn't intend to."

"That doesn't matter. I should've realized in time to stop myself -and I should've known something was going on at Umbra."

Scott didn't agree Jean should be so hard on herself; this was clear in his manner as he responded: "Umbra had been keeping the child of Charles Xavier in their sub-basement for a decade and a half. Those people knew what they were doing in the psi-defense department."

"This goes beyond telepathy, Scott. . .I haven't felt like myself in other ways."

At this he only looked at her, before taking her hand.

"This pregnancy is affecting me in ways I couldn't have anticipated. . .and still with several months to go."

He looked down...this was a problem he couldn't solve.

The conversation, the realities of it, played back through Jean's mind the night of that first day Ryder was properly awake.

Subsequent nights her mind filtered through different recent events...like finding Scott gasping for life in the levelled forest...the X-rays, Ryder's, and actually Logan's from years ago, as a piece of another recent conversation filtered through her mind "she's unlike anyone else who's ever been brought here. The closest comparison would be Logan and even he was only too happy to have you connect with him."

Jean hadn't actively made another attempt to connect with Ryder since that moment on the Grounds. . .Just tried to remain open to her. Remembering, in fact, how Xavier was with her when he had first brought Jean to the school. She'd had her own reasons to be afraid. Not of him or the environment, but of her own powers. He didn't push her into feeling comfortable with them...just supplied her with what she needed and let her come to a "relationship" more or less on her own.

With Ryder, it came to be agreed to take an even more hands-off approach than they had been. . .just keep her supplied with what she needed.

Her refusal of further medical treatment felt like a step back, though Jean could understand. . .Ryder had to give herself over to them when her body was too damaged. In a way it was like her "receptors flattened" to allow her to tolerate this. But once strong enough, all her alert systems dialed up again.

The most that was extended in way of further connection, was when Storm had gifted her with a couple of plants -a tabletop size and one for the floor- from her greenhouse, for Ryder to keep in her room: "So you may keep the outdoors with you, even when you must be inside." They were a hardy variety, which Storm had selected both so Ryder wouldn't have to worry with particular plant care, and because they reminded Storm of her; surviving in unideal conditions. This latter aspect of the gift went unsaid.

Ryder was also invited to visit Storm's greenhouse "I find nature more agreeable company at times".
And that was that.

Keep her supplied with what she needed, be it means of sustenance, self-care or space.

Interestingly, it was the very man whose example Jean thought back to that was having the hardest time with that last point.

"Look, either the kid is gonna' see value in you and all this or she isn't. You understood that with me."

"This is a different matter, Logan, and you know that."

"Yeah, because she's yours. . .She isn't."

And so it was fact that Ryder wasn't the only one with an affected sleep schedule.

Xavier, too, found himself awake. There were questions, many questions without answers...without even places to find them...If he had known Ryder was awake too, perhaps some encounter would've followed. As it was, she truly was a ghost to the two other telepaths in the mansion; her locked-down mind even enough to cause the great ones of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey to only just be aware that she was still on the property.

Xavier spent his late-waking hours in his own room.

Jean Grey, however, spent hers more like Ryder. Not to the same degree -Jean still got an adequate amount of hours once she found something to focus on that did the trick in settling her mind; a book, or a train of thought decidedly removed from the constrains of reality; what a family with Scott could be like.

Though some nights had her feeling like her brain was a radio station with no adjustor knob.

"you know I never thought I'd wish we had someplace else to go, but if Ryder is going to keep affecting you maybe we should find something."

They actually had tried. Home though the Mansion was, it was akin to a home one associated positively with growing-up in; you always hope it'll be there. You never exactly want to leave it. Yet life may dictate you do.

"This is a very traditional neighborhood. A community you can really trust."
The words from a couple of months ago, spoken by a realtor showing Jean and Scott a prospective place.

The vibe behind those words had been transmitted loud and clear to them.

"'Traditional'. A community we can 'trust',' Scott had repeated once he and Jean were alone. "Not us."

Presently, Jean used her telekinesis to shift herself out of bed so as not to disturb Scott with any additional movement. For one thing, it took him longer to drop off with the state of his ribs, and Jean didn't want to interrupt his rest for his sake. For another, she didn't feel like company.

Quietly she left the room.

She'd actually noticed Ryder a few times recently. At first Jean thought she was getting paranoid, thinking she heard things and saw movement, until finally she actually recognized Ryder's form going down a crossing hallway.

Jean didn't delude herself into thinking Ryder wasn't aware of her. . .She was probably "watching" everyone in some way or another, like blips on a radar screen.

In the beginning Jean had no thought to engage and it was a mutually agreeable arrangement, each ignoring the other.
But then...

It could be said Jean's telepathy was an extension of her empathy--

a girl, the life leaving her as she lay on the side of the road. . .Jean feeling her pain; then as if she were dying herself as she unconsciously connected. The end of a best friend's life, marking the beginning of hers as a mutant . .

--As such, Jean hadn't needed her telepathy to be able to feel the state Ryder was in; the paranoia, the high alert.
To feel the toll.

She had missed it the first couple of "crossings", but then every time after it swept over her like a shadow,
and something about this night prompted her...So when Jean noticed Ryder exiting the Mansion, this time, she followed.

There was a vague similarity to their last conversation on the grounds, in that here Ryder was, standing facing the free-span of the outdoors, and Jean was walking into that.

Though here there would be no talk meant to convince her of anything.
Here there would be only a meeting.

A meeting only telepaths could have, though Jean spoke with her voice.
Hesitating at first, as she had no direct answer to Ryder's question.
So she didn't give one.

". . .It's hard to feel safe when you see what others don't. When you know what they can't."
Jean had seen glimpses of what at the time had been the future; things she couldn't stop.
Things she couldn't say.

Ryder, no one could see the world as she did. No one could properly understand reality as she knew it.
To an extent this was true of any one. But it was a heightened truth when your mind connected beyond its own walls, and when it was a mind hijacked.

"A mind as a place of refuge and a place of torment. . ." Jean paused by one of the stone pillars supporting the entryway, eyes closing as she lay her hand upon it, "peace at your fingertips. . .and too far away to see." She opened her eyes, staring out. Her eyes appearing focused despite landing on nothing in particular. Her mind at once distant yet present.
Jaclyn "OfAll" Chreyz

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Chaos Magic
Light Manipulation

Hearing Max talk about his family being the Triumvirate- the name meant nothing to OfAll, but what they could -and did- do was another matter. But then, OfAll was still getting mixed vibes when it came to Max and reality. Was he something of a big talker?

He followed up with a response to OfAll's suggestion, and food/energy supply wasn't one of the questions she had about superspeed, so those remained unanswered.

As it would turn out, OfAll's involvement altogether was nixed as things escalated extremely quickly.

The end game was happening now, they all just had to get moving now --to the hanger, and alerting anyone along the way (Max's birds seemed a good aid to that end; magical birds were making a name for themselves on this mission).

Except- Marygold wasn't going in that direction.
So then, after a couple moment's deliberation, neither was OfAll.

It neither felt right to disobey Mary's orders, nor to leave her on her own to do whatever she was planning to do. The team would certainly wait until the last possible second for their leader before they evacuated- what if something happened? There were multiple powers OfAll could manifest to (hopefully) get Mary to the evacuation point swiftly or instantly. Even if Mary were able to head there on her own steam after whatever she was intending to do, OfAll could potentially facilitate that.

And if not, so long as she also watched herself and stayed right with Mary, it wouldn't make a difference if it was two of them who had to get back or one. Except if they couldn't in time. . .

"Whatever you're doing, let me help," OfAll committed more than offered, as she fell into hurried stride with Mary. "unless it has something to do with. . .a power I should keep away from. . ?" OfAll's mind had flashed back to the battle on the Mansion grounds, when she saw Mary manifest a fire that looked like a bird.

If Mary had the power that fire brought to mind, maybe she was planning on doing something with it.

Now Cyclops' stare had transitioned into a glare, as evidenced by the increased tenseness of his brow and jaw lines.
He had been shifting his attention between Jean and Ryder while they spoke, and though he still could only hear one side of the conversation, he could tell Jean had -for the second time- expressed remorse.

Jean's open heart. One of the defining characteristics of the woman who forever held his, and it was being looked at as nothing more than a deception tactic.

Fine -that was the sole interaction Ryder knew all her years.
Still -to count Jean in with those Umbra scientists? Surely even Ryder could perceive some difference.

This time, Jean met Ryder with a level stare throughout Ryder's entire speech. True, the DNA testing hadn't had to be done, but as blood already drawn had been used, it was deemed a harmless and in fact valuable additional measure. Jean could admit certain other considerations, the ones Ryder was elucidating, had gone overlooked.

But it was made just as clear Ryder wasn't going to take anything as anything other than a spin.

While Jean had started this derailed conversation from a desire to make peace with Ryder for Ryder's sake, there was another reason that was underlined now.

Every part of Jean wanted to state, clearly and unmistakably, that Ryder would not harm anyone here.
But something about the vibe Ryder gave off made Jean hold this back; lest Ryder take it as an invitation to show these "dumb fucks" exactly how serious she was.

"I'll keep that in mind," Jean stated instead, eying Ryder a moment longer before breaking eye contact to cast Xavier a departing glance; "excuse me."

She decided to go see if she could make any progress with the others they'd brought back from Umbra -rather, with tracking down their families. While records seemed to indicate some parental consent, so far they proved either either out of date or manufactured, as the X-Men hadn't been able to locate any such family from the recorded details.

The lack of mutant presence in the area otherwise had them considering a few situations: the children came from non-mutant families who wanted no ties to them either for the children's own safety, or because they despised them; the families felt they were leaving their children in a safe environment, and had gone to find one of their own; their families were killed. . .Or some mix of all of the above.

Still, the X-Men tried. A few weeks wasn't a long enough time to consider concluding such a search.

Before Jean walked away, she also made eye contact with Scott; an acknowledging / 'see you later' kind of exchange.

Unfortunately -or to be seen what it was- the mix of strong language and "crack someone open and strangle" had managed to do what such unappealing things tend to -catch the ears of innocent youth. The two teenagers and pre-teen just behind Cyclops now had their eyes this way as well, trying to figure out the context.

Air-jet Teen: "I think Dr. Grey just got chewed out."
Static Teen: "Who is that kid?"

Stretchy-Kid just watched quietly.

Scott shifted his attention their way. "Someone new, but nevermind right now. She's still settling in. . .Why don't you lob me a shot, after all?"

This time, staring steadily again, Jean did speak up; still keeping her voice low.
Her tone wasn't argumentative yet held quiet authority -and a slight edge from her purposeful use of blunt wording.

"We took your blood initially so we wouldn't kill you transfusing an incompatible type, and afterward so you wouldn't die by us treating you with only guesswork. . .I verified your DNA with one of those samples. As for the MRI, we certainly weren't looking for something we never entertained would be there. . ." By this point, the edge dropped off. Jean had found that discovery unsettling.

Her gaze had also dropped, but she met Ryder's eyes once more as she added compassionately: "I'm sorry for causing you more pain."
This apology was meant both for what had been done while Ryder was "unconscious", and for the misstep Jean had made a minute ago.

Though the distance between the kids and those on the path was close enough that regular speaking tones could be overheard if the kids had been quiet enough, Static Teen was too self-absorbed and in-the-moment to be interested, and too rowdy not to keep even curious Stretchy Kid from following.

Cyclops, however, positioned a little back from the kids, was making a point to keep aware of what was going on behind him.
Jean's words had been spoken in a respectfully low tone, which he didn't hear -but he just managed to catch Ryder's.

Immediately he looked back, controlling himself enough to keep the stare he cast at Ryder from being a glare.
Like Jean, it wasn't like he was expecting a cordial response. In fact this fell pretty much in line with expectation. But it got under his skin that someone who Jean had actually been caring for these past three weeks, who she had only empathy for, was speaking so acidically to her.

That being said, Cyclops wasn't about to potentially make things worse by starring daggers at an every-right-to-be-angry kid who could back up their threats if they wanted. . .If. Ryder's reference to the medical "picking" confirmed she'd been awake enough to at least process what was going on. Yet not taking it for what it was, she had taken it.

At this point Cyclops' eyes shifted behind his visor towards Jean.
It could've appeared as though he were still staring at Ryder, if not also for a subtle shift of his head.

Contrarily, a first direct impression of Ryder wasn't being cemented in Jean's mind; she was thinking of the one she'd just made -feeling she could've mind-zapped herself in realizing what she just did now, having brought this up.

The way the mental waves she felt from Ryder had shifted...They had been. . ."peaceful" wasn't even close to the right word, but there had been a certain. . ."distance" within them. A promising distance.

And Jean should've kept hers.
Ryder was right. How could she not have read this situation correctly? No- how could she have gotten it this wrong?

Even without that full breadth of context, Cyclops could tell Jean wasn't offended by Ryder's response but embarrassed, as he eyed the shift in her body language.

The steadiness of Jean's gaze faltered, while she made to recompose herself; thoroughly put in her place.

"Jean acted in accordance with making sure we didn't overlook anything in your medical treatment, while avoiding further discomfort as well as could be under such circumstances," Xavier spoke up. Not sharply. Yet certainly correctively. Was this completely true, or something of a hypocritical statement? They had, after all, discovered the "something" imbedded deep in Ryder's brain, and confirmed her DNA matched Xavier's.

Yet scans of her entire body was just prudent when 1. -in the immediate concern, nobody had actually witnessed what went down before Ryder finally did back in the forest; she could've had injuries beyond those that were known or readily discernable, and 2. -in the forward thinking concern, what else could her body tell them about her that was imperative to know?

Likewise and to that end, they had needed to draw blood for such reasons as typing to replace what she'd lost, and to understand specifically where she was health-wise.

Jean's attention shifted to Xavier before landing back on Ryder.
While she appreciated Charles' support, the truth was Jean could've spoken up in her own defense had she not been of the mind that such a response was unlikely to make a difference.

Xavier smiled. "Mutants simply being themselves."

Though Ryder's comment may've been from the mutations not being on full display in that moment.

The pre-teen could stretch their arms, but hadn't needed to much when they were in the middle, as the older teen who'd thrown the ball hadn't managed a good toss. "I won't be here long," the older teen could be heard saying cockily from their place now in the middle, "I'm much better at catching." They began rubbing their hands together, as if in anticipation.

Older Teen #2: "You can try." They held their hand up as if in prep for a throw, yet made no other arm or hand movement. Instead, the ball was propelled by a jet of air from their palm.

Older Teen #1 reached up, using their built up static electricity to easily attract the ball directly into their own hand. "Ha ha, told ya'."

The older teens swapped positions.

Stretchy Kid: "Catch this!" They stretched their arm unnaturally back, and lobbed the ball as though they were a catapult.

The static electricity teen made a no-way-it-was-gonna'-work attempt even as they joined in with the air-jet teen in protest:
"Come on! Didja' have to go that far?!"
"Not just 'out of' -bounds obliterated!"

Yet before the ball got lost in the glean of the sky, it could just be seen halting, then coming back down in a gradual manner.

"Maybe you guys should try breaking personal records," Jean commented with a smile, presently levitating the ball in front of the kids until one took it.

Air-jet Teen: "Thanks, Dr. Grey. Not a bad idea."
Static Teen: "Better than 'not bad'! You guys throw and I'll grab 'em. Let's start close."

They rearranged themselves into position side-by-side, looking out towards the breadth of the grounds. Though while Air-jet Teen was starting things off, Stretchy Kid twisted around to look at the new kid with Xavier, having noticed them when the three had turned to face Jean.

The older teens' "close" starting round hardly went the length of a person. They noticed Stretchy Kid wasn't paying attention, but themselves didn't seem too interested in a new kid.

Air-jet Teen: "You wanna' lob one, Dr. Grey?"

Jean declined, instead stepping over to Xavier and Ryder.

Static Teen: "Hey Cyclops! How about you? Let's see you hit it!"

Cyclops looked towards Jean, Xavier and Ryder, then stepped towards the kids. "Well then you guys wouldn't have a ball."

Static Teen whacked Stretchy Kid to get his attention back: "C'mon, give 'em another lobber. Let's see if he can get it from as high as Jean could."

"Maybe once you guys are tired. Let's see what you can do a little more."

Meanwhile, Jean spoke to who essentially had been her charge these past three weeks: "Hello, Ryder. It's good to meet you properly. . .I'd like to apologize for barging into your mind earlier, and before then. My telepathy's been off." Jean wasn't going to be surprised if Ryder didn't take this as the truth it was, but whether trusted or not she felt it should be said. "It's possibly from seeing -from feeling how your existence has been."

"I found the secret rooms at Umbra," she added, in case Ryder might think Jean had gone deeper in her mind than she'd realized, which of course Jean hadn't.

"Naively, I thought you might've been opening the connection when I found myself in your mind without intending to be. . ." Her gaze fell briefly at this admittance, but then met Ryder's directly: "I know what it's like to have your mind invaded," Jean's gaze held as she spoke earnestly, "it's one of the last things I'd want to do to another person."

At first, Xavier had an inkling his words weren't chosen carefully enough, Ryder's ongoing suspicion being palpable.

But then...she relented. Her explanation rather reminding him of other youths not wanting to appear as if they were in agreement with the reasonings of an authority figure. He could've smiled, had the situation not the context that it did.

"I believe we were going outside," he answered. Noticing her untouched tea yet making no comment about it.
Instead he started leading the way.

From up in her attic bedroom / greenhouse, Storm happened to see when Xavier and Ryder exited the Mansion.

There was something she was of the mind to present to Ryder, though she felt it could wait until she returned from being out in nature.

Meanwhile, Jean had paused Scott by their aforementioned tree.

While she was enjoying a walk, a figurative time away from the challenges around them and precious time together, they needed to talk.

"Scott. . .Since I could, you'd wanted to feel our baby move. Now every time you do you take your hand away."

Scott looked away.

"We can't reverse this. . .If you've changed your mind about it-" Scott looked up. It was one of the times Jean wished she could see his eyes
-she couldn't read the rest of his face, and he wasn't saying anything. ". . .I need you to get it together."

Scott's gaze averted again. Though just slightly, it prompted Jean to avert hers; misunderstanding. . .disappointed.

"I still want this. . .A family, like anyone else. .
. .Except we're not."

Jean looked at him.

"Look at what Ryder's life has been like -why she even has one in the first place. Because one more person, or group, looks at us like weapons they want a piece of or want to understand enough to be able to take down. . . .And what do we know about where Umbra's interests lie beyond the Professor's genes? Maybe they knew."

He looked down again, this time at the place their child was, and actually returned his hand there.
Jean shifted with clear mental discomfort as she started thinking over her interactions at Umbra. . .had she been blind to a reality that she was lured there?

Scott went on: "As soon as our baby is born or even earlier, it becomes something anyone else can take possession of." He felt it and did shift his hand, but this time as though to align it more directly overtop. "Each time I feel it reminds me how we're nearing that point, while this whole situation with Ryder makes it feel like we're only further away from peace." His hold became more protective of them both as he slid his hand around her waist,

while Jean set her hand nearly where his had just been. Her other hand coming to his chest; understanding now,
her head bowing beside his.

". . .if anyone even has the thought to try taking this away from us."
Her fingers curled against his chest, which she felt expand with a deliberate slow, deep breath through the physical pain.

And Scott took her fully in his arms;
protective solidarity.

It was in this partial embrace that Xavier and Ryder would find them, though not quite come up on them; Ryder and Xavier being on the path, while the shady tree was several yards off it a little further on. As Xavier had suspected, some of the students were out here as well; off the path some distance in the opposite direction.

Xavier noticed his two X-Men, and felt for them for whatever serious conversation he could tell they'd had. Discretely he turned his attention the other way, towards the actions of the 3 young mutants closest in sight. "It looks like some of the children have started a game of 'mutant ball'," Xavier observed allowed both for conversation's sake, and for the privacy of the adults if Ryder's attention had been on them, "essentially whatever regular ball game they choose, with mutations allowed."

The game of choice today seemed to be 'Piggy in the Middle', with a short pre-teen managing to get out of the middle position better than one of the taller teenagers who took it up next.

Jaclyn "OfAll" Chreyz

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Chaos Magic
Light Manipulation

OfAll listened to Guin make a decisive, even impassioned statement before seeming to immediately use her powers to lock onto where Cortez's sister was.

She left, joined by Neil, Lance, Mira and -following the pleasurable penguin guide- Bethany.

OfAll was among those who hung back, keen for the information Magneto could supply to both her question, and the one Max posed after -skipping?!- over to him. Not knowing Guin enough to have any suspicion that she might've done something telepathic earlier -not even aware telepathy could be used in that way- OfAll couldn't fathom what Max was doing, except to suspect, given the previous penguins, he was the type to go for an absurd laugh in the face of a heavy situation.

And heavier it grew by what Max was proposing. OfAll's expression immediately creased with concern and opposition to the idea. Certainly that couldn't be the viable plan in that instance?

She looked to Edus as he asked what seemed to be the implication.

Clearly all this was weighing on him, too, as a following attempt to heal Perry before she left to join Guin, surprisingly resulted in damage, instead. OfAll could see how seriously Edus took this setback. At least his healing worked after that.

Additional relief came from Mary's reasonable assertion that crashing this place into Earth wasn't likely to be the plan, and furthermore, that she wouldn't allow Max to carry out such a plan as he'd suggested. She brought up the BlackBird as another escape option as well.

OfAll's respect for Marygold's leadership was reaffirmed. She seemed to know how to keep her head amidst chaos, and communicated her thoughts effectively.

Following her with her eyes as Mary brought Miranda into the conversation, Miranda's powerset being confirmed, OfAll was highly interested to learn of Retrocognition and that Miranda could project what she saw; similar to Holo's powers in that one respect.

Unlike her little sister's projections, however, which were usually good for a positive vibe -even when she hadn't meant to display them- the ones Miranda presented only served to solidify the disturbance of this situation.

A game? These were two adults, one who honestly looked like she was fresh out of some first-person-shooter, treating life up here like some game? Killing actual people worth points? Going for some uncertain prize?

OfAll was turning this over in her mind while Marygold answered Antoinette.

"They're still not the masterminds-" she started to say at the same time Pietro happened to start speaking, such that her words probably got lost. His caught her attention anyway, "-what?" Her question didn't actually require an answer, and soon Mary was seconding the thought of OfAll manifesting Pietro's powers next.

She didn't want to flat out say 'no', but..."I can try, but part of my manifestation requires I can wrap my head around it, and there are some questions I have about superspeed." She gestured in the direction Pietro went, as if to say 'and my answers just jetted off'. "But maybe I could. . .Maybe telepathy?"

Though she would still come off confidently enough, it would be clear OfAll wasn't completely set on that option, either. Telepathy was one of those powers which were on OfAll's 'Prefer Not' list. The ones she understood well enough to manifest, but had concerns about that made her uncomfortable about doing so. Instead of disclosing that, however, OfAll continued: "If it would be safe, maybe Max could create a circuit with us," she said to Marygold, "maybe including Guin remotely in that," she reasoned a remote circuit may work since it was telepathy they were talking about, "and we could speak into the minds of everyone at once? Or," OfAll now looked towards Magneto, "have you speak to them through our link?"

Relatively calmly though she spoke, OfAll's discomfort was actually betraying her as she grew just a little flushed and had that hot feeling one gets with growing nerves. It wasn't just the prospect of telepathy, but it was bringing up a mutant circuit, bringing chaos powers into this...Did she just share a good idea or a stupid one?

Those who knew the powers in question better than she, could answer that.

OfAll only knew she was willing to do her part even if it meant striding outside of her comfort zone.

Xavier met Ryder with a still level look.
That 'death wish' remark furthered his internal unease, reminding him how carefully he still ought to tread.

Perhaps they had made a critical misstep before . .Yes, even without this conversation Xavier did feel responsibility for the scene that had transpired in the forest.

It surprised him to hear her mention "NewCastle", though his face gave little away. For all he appeared, and all he would answer to, he may've missed it.
"You absolutely shouldn't."

"Indeed, with the life you've been subjected to, another moment of it in a place which does not feel right, where you do not feel safe," his eyes closed as he shook his head.

Then carefully chose his next words, "but there may well be something here for you. . . left unsaid was how he could be here for her. . .Xavier knew, at this time, she didn't care. Perhaps, she would even be more offended by the proposal. Instead, he added in nearly the same breath, "safety enough, at least, to take you through the rest of your recovery. A conclusion you've already come to, if I'm not mistaken, or I would have to question why any of us are still here."
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