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Current And speaking of posting about edited Interest Checks: I thought my Teaser for Idea #1 A.K.A. 1x1 idea was bland, counter-pro. So I've thrown out the vague to hit you with intensity! Thx if you look.
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Not to mention I feel like it's more effective to post like "edited my interest check" "I'm back and replying" etc. in the status bar than make a post for that somewhere. Kind of more apparent.
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I dunno' - the status sidebar can be nice when you want to put a thought out, but like, it's not a thought worthy of its own thread, you know? It's like lower-key interaction. Nice, sometimes.
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"Come on, Professor! I'm packin' a bazooka behind each eyeball! What do you want from me!"
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"No. Not plan B. Plan 2. 'Plan B' implies we only have 26."


So, suffice it to say, after life finally lead me to watching the FOX X-MEN movies (just this Summer of '22), I got super inspired from the *first 2. That take on the world, the characters - namely Cyclops (& Jean Grey). I became possessed by a creativity like I haven't in a while - I just had to see these characters in further scenarios!

Now I'm deep in development of "X-MEN Envisionings" - a mini-series worth of stories I intend to have ultimately as a Web Comic (ARTIST NEEDED…), but will likely be released first in text-only format, on the like-named site I made .

Thanks for your interest if you check it out!
* I do not support abuse of any kind.
I'm just responding to the art.

And so why am I here? Call it another compulsion + crash course in character -- if I can play Cyclops etc. well enough in the looser realm of an RP (looser as compared to individual writing where you control everything and can churn out multiple drafts), well.. Plus, some things are just better explored not exclusively in one's own mind (while others things are the opposite).

*I'm a "concept creator" / "story teller" by trade, and my X-MEN preoccupation is but one of multiple story spaces I exist in.
Some of the rest being my own, original work, such as a procedural sci-fi drama or an action-fantasy series whose characters I may well explore here, too.

But for now *cue 🎶X-Men Animated Series theme🎼swelling into Fox Movies theme🎵*
Interest Check:…
I also have a non-X-MEN art request in the Gallery:…

Random Thoughts + (for the posterity of it all) Old Statuses

I think those who grew up with Pokémon have a special section in their brain just for such. That's how I explain being able to recite 3/4 of the 1008 individual 'mon currently in existence (that last 1/4 eluding me only because I've yet to play those games and get acquainted), plus types, type match ups, and many moves.

12th Jan 2023 Evening
Feeling like I just solved for pi figuring out how to correct the editing for a video of mine.

12th Jan 2023 Evening Later
Playing Faerie Bubbles on Neopets and feeling like Cyclops when I eyeball a tricky trajectory correctly.

13th Jan 2023 Afternoon
Multiple reasons to implode today.

24th Jan 2023
I spent more time than I care to admit laying in bed yesterday morning, mentally exploring an idea I'll probably never actually use. Berated myself. Wrote it down anyway. Then indulged again at night.

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Hi, Keepers.
A/Ns: if you're here from the interest check and read this idea's Intro post there, jump down to the bolded text.
CS is barebones for a reason.

The poster read:
'See the UNMATCHABLE magician!
The INDELIBLE illusionist!
And don't miss the spectacular
LIGHT SHOW finish you have to

He wasn't world renowned, he wasn't even a household name city-wide, but if you ever caught a "Master EffeX" show, you talked about it.
Tourists to the city wouldn't read about them in brochures, but ask around for something cool to do and likely somebody off the street will speak of a "Master EffeX" show.

Inside the downtown club, the gentleman himself was just walking onto the stage.

He raises his hands high above his head in a showman's greeting to his already cheering audience.

Master EffeX was a young man, not even mid-twenties. His hair was dark brown, long enough in the back to cover his hair's natural neckline, but still short. Short on the sides. His bangs were kept a bit longer and loose. Not enough to get messily in his face, but enough for some dynamic of movement and wind-swept whimsy. His eyes were a strikingly clear blue.

The show was going on - Master EffeX had just made the very stage he was standing on disappear! It was as though now he was standing on air! He heard someone in the crowd remark to their friend: "How does he do that?"

"Oh! You want to know how I accomplish this task?" Master EffeX asked charismatically, "it's really quite simple. You could do it yourselves!" And with a snap of his fingers and flourishing direction of his hands towards the audience, inviting them to look at themselves, every chair had disappeared! The audience still felt like they were sitting on them, they could feel the chairs with their hands, but they were completely invisible!

"See? What magicians you all are!"

Preferring to sprinkle his shows with large and small tricks instead of building up, Master EffeX continued with a couple on the more basic side, then: " why is my audience looking a little blue?" Naturally they looked at each other. They didn't seem blue; some seemed disappointed at that!

"I think 'magenta' would liven things up. Who ever first coined that colour had liveliness to spare, I'm sure!" With a snap of his fingers and spread of his hands, he directed the audience to look around again. Everything in the room that had been blue, such as coats, purses, socks, décor accents, was now a lovely magenta!

A few more basic tricks followed before Master EffeX "remembered" to put back the stage and the chairs: "Wouldn't want anyone to trip, or get in trouble come inventory time!" He flashed a grin, did the finger snapping and flourishing gesture again, and the stage and chairs were back in the visual realm -- but he wasn't!

To the audience's impressed and wondering murmurs, he responded: "What? Are you saying I've vanished?" There was a pause as though he looked down at himself. "Oh my! I'd forget my body if I didn't have you here to remind me!" He "snapped" himself back into view.

"Wondering about your clothing and items? Don't worry. I assure you they'll return to their regular, appealing blueness once the show is through. It's just there's so much magic lingering in the air. In fact-"

The audience quieted or gasped with anticipation, knowing exactly what was about to come next!

"-the air is so imbued with magic, it's practically popping! Let's see that, shall we?!" He donned a pair of glasses. They looked similar to the old 3D glasses that used to have one blue lens and one red. Similar in the design, but these were made not out of paper but regular frame material. The arms were thick, completely blocking the side of his eyes. The lenses themselves were not one blue and one red, but each a rainbow mosaic, and gem-like more than plastic or glass.

The glasses on, the lights were dimmed without Master EffeX even having to request, and then the light show began:
light seemed to shoot out from the glasses themselves, taking the colour of whatever portion of lens they shot through.

They'd extend the length of a glow stick and then be arrested in mid air, more colours joining in this fashion.

Once enough were gathered, Master EffeX directed them about himself with his arms, occasionally shooting out more or making the existing ones fizzle away. They spiraled and criss crossed through the air above and a little in front of him, seemed to bounce off the roof and amount of wall that spanned the stage, but never actually touched.

Someone in the audience always reached out, beckoning the lights their way, but Master EffeX would always keep them in his personal space or at least far out of reach ~ occasionally tempting the jazzed crowd by arresting the lights nearly close enough in front of or above them to touch ~~ but if anyone shifted to try, the lights would veer out of the way or fizzle out completely before so much as a finger nail made contact.

He always ended by shooting an arch of "rods" up and out, like excitement streaks in a cartoon and these lights would pop like fireworks ~ marking the show as complete as the last fizzled away.

Well, Master EffeX didn't really count the show complete until that final applause, when he would give a showman's bow before genially waving his crowd goodbye and exiting back stage.

Or, if a backstage or door wasn't to be had, the fireworks would distract the audience from his second bodily vanishing act of the night, and he'd slip away, no bow no wave ~ if anyone wanted his autograph, well....Par for the course at a Master EffeX show; an air of mystery and wanting more.

The audience filed out of the club.

Man: "Now that was a show! Just like Birthday parties of yore-"

Woman: "Really? Don't you think Master EffeX is like, a Birthday party graduate x times over?"

Man: "Well yeah! That goes without saying I just mean - good wholesome en'ertainment! Do you remember that mutie circus that tried to set up in Central Park 5 months ago?"

Woman: "Forget that! The other day I found two of them camping out in the empty lot by my place. One was doing something like instant portraits? The other offered to keep all our lawns managed if we let them be. Right! I didn't waste time reporting them - they'll get us comfortable and before long expect to be paid. Could you imagine?!"

'If they knew what they just walked out of..' Master EffeX thought, as the two went past him without catching on. On stage, Master EffeX was a showman. Off stage,
drew very little attention to himself. Even the more magician-esque wardrobe he sported on stage vanished when he got off - it was part of the illusion.

Now, sporting a dark purple could-be-mistaken-for-black jacket, currently open, overtop a black and dark teal raglan shirt, black pants with the same teal accenting the pockets, and dark athletic sneakers with light blue accents, Xack was leaning against the building, near the mouth of an alleyway, looking through a drawstring bag for something.

Well actually what he was doing was counting his cash which he kept rolled up with rubber bands, though since he wasn't lifting any of the rolls out of the bag it could've been mistaken for rummaging. Even if someone came up lookin' for what he had inside, Xack wasn't concened - he'd just make an illusion to disguise his cash as junk.

He had the presence of mind to save most of his earnings, though for what he didn't know. Especially since.....
'Was it just five months ago?'
he asked himself, playing over what that man had said about the Mutant circus. Or coming up on a year... Xack had lost sense of time. Even seasons didn't serve as reliable time markers - he'd remember something in relation but then couldn't pin down if that was recent or further back. Just another part of the strangeness...

Xack had paused in his actions, taking on a lost look.
He sighed as he made himself shift his mind.

Looking around Xack spotted a hot dog vender across the street from the far end of the alleyway and decided he could go for one.

"Cheese and mayo, please," he ordered once he'd walked up to it.
In his mind, he could practically see his Dad's face, raising a brow at the unusual combo....he thought of BBQs at their house..his house.
He'd had one, hadn't he? Xack couldn't remember an address, anything about his neighbourhood, yet he had so many memories....

Vendor (impatiently): "Kid! Your 'dog is ready!"

"Oh - right." Xack took out some cash. "Also one of those. Thanks." He'd pointed at a drink.
Completing the transaction Xack took his "lunch" -if you can call it that after 6pm. Though it was his second meal of the day- to a low concrete wall which he got up on as a seat; the feel of more personal space with a comfortable vantage point for people watching.

Hey there, Magic Pen : )
I have an "ink"ling you quill find good adventures here!
Got one: What If...Nightcrawler could use the BAMF dimension to travel through time, and he's the one who goes back in 'Future/Past'?

Though I haven't thought of any details yet.
Just like the title sounds. Pick a movie, pick an alternate scenario, and have fun!

I just realized each of my above 'What If...?' scenarios revolve around either Jean or Cyclops.
Gotta' think of a Nightcrawler one...oo! And Jubilee! My two first favourites.
@Morose Oh! I'm sorry - I think I had just erased the part under Possessions about her watch being set to go off when her power window resets, since it's no longer like clockwork; I'd forgotten about that sentence after her powers were finalized. I won't edit without clearing it, in future!
Hello fellow concision lacker! : ) I tend to have to write out a paragraph to figure out how to say something in a sentence. Ha ha.

Fun avatar you've got there. Did you design it yourself?
In planning stages.
So the aforementioned Themes (on top of the ongoing X-MEN theme of Civil Rights) are:
  • Heroes & Villains Are Human
    (we'll see Xavier brought down, and Magneto in a new light)
  • Fatherhood
  • Choices/Self-Determination

Additional Note:
Jean Grey may become a part of this story near the end. There will be an intense "final battle" between Xavier, his son and Cyclops, where nobody comes out undamaged in some way.
Jean could get a premonition of this and come to the location ahead of, or in time to see, the end of the battle.
Or, Jean could get a since via her and Cyclops' psychic connection that something major is/has happened to him over there, arriving sometime after the battle when Cyclops is in the facility's Medical Bay.

In either case I have an idea for a spin-off story where it's decided it's not safe for Cyclops to recover in their present location (the high level/close proximity of anti-mutant groups; concerns of another flare up from Xavier's son; lack of security) - Xavier stays behind with his son (with whom he's also carefully preoccupied), while Jean and Cyclops try to return home. Only it's not as simple as walking back to the aircraft that brought them here - things get complex.

As aforementioned, I don't mind RPing in chunks: if you think you'd like to give Jean Grey a whirl I'm happy to jump ahead and play that with you (over PM) ahead of having anyone to RP the main story with. Please see the second point of the On Story section in "Quick Notes" above.
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