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Any NPCs besides the Prince, maybe? And are we keeping any of the historical figures besides Martin? Is it gonna be a between this book and that book time, or an AU timeline so no one has to worry about knowing what has or hasn't happened beyond Martin the Warrior was awesome?

Oh, and maybe including whatever size chart you most agree with. :P
I’m also thinking I need to reread all the books I have.

The otters are so fun and energetic. So are all the other critters… but my brain just equates energy and excessive enthusiasm with Redwall otters.
I’m thinking otter, mouse, or mole.
There's a Netflix series in development!? This is important information! I loved the show, I mean, the opening sequence was great. But it was so short.
Just don't read them when you're hungry...
*waves madly*
As someone who has done pretty much exclusively 1x1s for years now (and has started almost every reply to an interest check with an apology for my OOC conversation title), I second SleepingSilence's point of not worrying too much about how suitable or sellable the title will be. Granted, if you're writing an interest check for a group rp, then BangoSkank's method seems like a very good idea. Give the dang idea a name and description in the same instant. Pretty useful for people browsing the forum.

But if that's not a concern and it is purely so you can put up your intro post and get the ball rolling, then I would absolutely go for some specificity when you're considering the title. Using your example, I know that a fishing trip is absolutely taking place so if I use that as a reference point, it won't suddenly become an obsolete point because fishing never happened. Of course, your trouble with specifics still applies, so then I would look for a line or a phrase that has to do with fishing, but comes up in other walks of life. Sayings, for example, like Give a Man a Fish... or Like a Worm on a Hook... or something about the environment like maybe Ripples on the Shore... (that one sounds stupid but you get the idea... it's totally a lakemonster problem, isn't it? zombeavers anyone?)

Granted, this generally works better if you have both an absolute scene that won't change and an absolute genre or theme or plot point somewhere down the line to steer your choice of vagary in a suggestive direction. But there can be some random sayings and just simple phrases that fit a scene and are still so open-ended they'd work for pretty much anything.

My immediate thought when you said fishing trip was that the title should totally be Hook, Line, & Sinker.

Puns are also great. As is asking your partners for help brainstorming titles.

I am either luckier than I thought or really good at forgetting things because my brain isn't allowing me to think of anything at the moment, though I know I've got a few cringey characters hiding somewhere in my brain. I shall have to get back to you, just wanted to post that pic because it's what your Jurassic Park character made me think of. :P
Apart from the fact that I was thinking more actual snake, that is just about exactly what I pictured before I started overthinking things.
Well, my serpentine aliens I usually have dressed in a little hat, bowtie, and cane. Anything else is pretty much anything goes.

I know you're likely joking but I want to see this now. Do they have arms? Or does the cane just lean on them?
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