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I think I can safely say that my go to genre is fantasy. High, medium, low. With or without magic. Tolkienesque or new-made, completely out there world. Modern supernatural and historical genres fit in with this pretty nicely, and I can easily expand to romance or adventure or whatever the heck people want, but I'm rarely satisfied if there isn't at least some smidgeon of not quite Earth tucked in between the layers.

I don't necessarily think that it's because I don't want to write about the things in this world, given as I'll often appropriate something useful to stick into a different world, and there's so many interesting aspects of Earth I couldn't possibly write them off as not worth considering, but I love world building too much to have nothing to do with all my extra ideas.

But something I do enjoy about the less out there stories are that rather than concerning myself with world description, I can focus very readily on character development. Not to say that one eclipses the other, but when I don't have as much work to do on the one side, then of course I'll be dividing my focus less. So, I guess I could also stick slice of life in there, though when I actually look up the genre, it tends to confuse me. But yeah, fantasy with slice of life moments is probably my favourite.
Hmmm, if I had to pick only one, an admittedly difficult endeavour, I think there'd be a lot of seconds, but the stand out character I would almost always want to play (at least if he fit the rp) but might hesitate to bring out, is Lucas.


He started out as a wanted character whose backstory I admittedly didn't think about as hard as I probably should have, but I've had the opportunity to bring him into play a few more times since then to the point where I like his history now and I just enjoy writing his posts. But I don't think there's a lot of rps he'd fit into, and he's probably not easy to rp against. He's not the best at holding a coherent conversation... :\ So, part of the reason I like him so much is probably the lack of opportunity to get tired of writing him, heh.
Two pet peeves I have, and I admittedly have several more, but most of them are underwhelming and have been repeated here already. I'm just making a list because complaining is fun. >.>

1) Dialogue. The first problem is minor, and has only happened a few times, mostly with one person who isn't on the Guild, that I know of. But when someone typos a word or name in dialogue... admittedly this can be annoying for the person whose character is named, but typos happen. Not checking with the writer first before having another character call the speaker out on mispronouncing something can kinda ruin the moment, slight though it may be. The second is anyone putting words in my character's mouth. Knowing the answer to a question they're asked, in general, is fine. But actively writing out what they said, especially if they don't know how my character would have spoken, just makes me fume. Briefly.

2) Giving my character personality attributes they never asked me about before sticking them in the story. Even if the character was from a wanted ad, even if we shared our ideas about them, and even if the two characters are supposed to know each other really well. If you get them right, that's lucky, if you get them wrong... One of us isn't going to be happy. I don't mind characters assuming things about other characters, or having their own perspective on my character's actions and thoughts, but literally making it a statement of self-assured fact without checking in with me pisses me off.
As the robot explained the purpose of the empty building, 02 decided it was reasonable to find it so empty then. If it wasn’t a defensible or strategic location, there was no reason not to abandon it for the more obviously armoured ships in an uncertain situation. She was absently trying to count the ones in the half of the dome that she was looking towards while listening in, but the numbers became less important the longer the robot rambled. Not because it wasn’t a good idea to know, but because it was offering them information she had not thought of. Something rather… worrying.

And amusing, that it didn’t know they were the things that had crashed through the glass. She wondered if they should apologize for that, but didn’t know whose fault it was. She didn’t feel like she should apologize for anything that might not be her fault, or in her control.

Of more concern, was the revelation that the streets hadn’t been evacuated because people were in danger. The empty windows with their lights still on hadn’t been abandoned in a rush for safety, but because all those people, maybe… everyone in this city, would become those soldiers that made her gut twist. She didn’t like that thought. And her gaze grew sharper as she eyed the ships until the robot distracted her with its handouts. Inspecting the item curiously, 02 hesitantly did as she was told, after glancing towards the other two, just to see what they thought. She had to remove the mask and headpiece first, and she didn’t like that. But being able to speak with the robots more directly seemed a good idea.

At the question turning the conversation back over to them, she tilted her head a moment and then asked the first two thoughts that came into her mind. “Is every civilian a Varden soldier?” Lifting her arm to point towards the spire, she didn’t give him a chance to begin another ramble. “What is that?”
When the robot started up, 02 had been glad, though she wasn’t sure what it was they’d done to fix it. Perhaps it had fixed itself.

She was far less pleased when it began flailing about with hard little arms and legs. One, probably accidental rap on her fingers and she pulled her hands back, taking away his support and stepping out of reach. Watching it, she did have to admit it was somewhat amusing, how it appeared to be attempting violence, given the words it was spouting. Less amusing was the volume, and she winced, quickly diverting her gaze to their surroundings to make sure it wasn’t so loud other people might hear it. They were on top of a tall building though, and with the rain… She doubted they’d have to worry, but she’d watch the ships just in case.

01 could deal with the hysterical robot. Dealing with robots seemed to be a skill of hers. Or she was simply more gregarious. Whatever the reason…

Her amber eyes remained turned outward as the conversation took up a little more calmly, gaze sweeping half the sky as she listened in. She didn’t turn around at the question addressed to them either, simply shrugged. She hadn’t had a chance to look at the items to which the cables were attached, and she doubted she’d need to know. Either the robot would, they weren’t important, or… “Will they still work with the wires cut?”
Whoop, sorry. I'll get a post out today.
Sorry about that delay, we had one thing planned yesterday, so I thought it'd all be good, but it was a more tiring event than I expected. So, I kind of just flopped when I got back home.
They went in and… she almost found it disappointing. Or maybe more disconcerting. The emptiness of the hallways. The immediate quiet. After all the tense worrying, it seemed… anticlimactic. Welcome relief, but still odd.

When they made it up to the roof without incident, following the buildings simple layout, 02 found herself glad that there were no more stairs. It was monotonous to climb so many all at once, and glad to finally be outside again. The expectations of enemies jumping out of the shadows at any moment, rushing from behind closed doors, or waiting for them on the next floor left her feeling wrung out when she realized there really was no one else there with them. Though the ships were still around, they seemed to be focused more on the ground around the crashsite than on the tops of buildings. That was her first priority, but it looked like if they didn’t make too much fuss up here, they shouldn’t be noticed too quickly.

Good. So, next, they should look for-ah! Was that? It seemed they’d found the scout. The poor, haphazardly constructed thing looked rather sad hanging there. Was this misfortune caused by their crash? Or had the robot gotten itself tangled trying to do… something else? “Careful. Wires might be important.” Or dangerous. Though how they might know what this tangle did, she wasn’t sure, but given as there were still lights on in the buildings around them, she had the feeling that these ones would still be doing whatever job they were meant for as well.

She helped by holding the robot up, loosening the tangle for 01, though she wasn’t really paying attention to the task, her eyes constantly wandering away from what their hands were doing and back up to the view. Following the big dome to the hole in the sky they’d made. Wondering about the spire looking so domineering. It really was a good view from here. She would try to make use of the moment once they’d freed this little guy.

“No idea.” All the robots she’d seen so far looked somewhat worn out or lackadaisically put together, given the materials used. Of course, she could not say that this wasn’t usual, though she felt it might not have been the general situation before the robots had to start fixing themselves. It made sense though, if no one wanted to help them, that they’d have fewer options. Still, it did mean that she wasn’t sure what might indicate damage on these things. Maybe a big dent? “How do you… wake robots?”
Thanksgiving has caught me by surprise, so, if Raging Fenrir has things to post now, feel free. Just assume 02 is being judgemental and watchful as per usual. >.> I should manage a post tomorrow though, since we're doing the dinner tonight.
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