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Current I am a horrible partner. I swear I will be posting this weekend. To everyone I owe, my apologies for the delay.
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I cannot help but think that you've mastered the art of the interest check rather well, Mokley. Either that, or I just enjoy all the content snippets you share and am biased... >.> Y'know, either/or... I bet it's both though. :P

Not joining, still haven't got my butt back into gear, but just wanted to say looks awesome!
In Sanctuary 1 mo ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sweetness, and no worries!
Will do!
Murgle, this just keeps getting better, and I've been wanting to join a Mokley rp for a while, but my brain is fizzling and I think I had an error in judgement as far as my free time goes. If you're still looking for peeps when the holidays settle down and the opportunity presents itself though, you might be seeing me again. ;) Just maybe... >.> Fingers crossed.
There's also, possibly, the notion of where in the world everyone is... Slee seems like she'd require Sorn already having that boat to reach her. And I haven't had the chance to read the other chars yet. I'm sure this could be easily solved, but, I mean, if Sorn's heading in a specific direction, that also seems like the sort of thing that might decide the order of introductions. ???

I do not really have any preference for how it's decided though, beyond, NOT IT! cuz, y'know, I don't even have a character finished yet. Ha!
Battle of the bards! Not. >.> It might. It also might not. My ideas are very slippery at the moment.
Considering a bard, or possibly a cleric. We shall see what my brain decides. Or a dice roll...
I've been considering my Nils character, if you remember him, Mokley. Youngster eager for adventure with some experience aboard ships already. Also, a brat. Pretty run of the mill, really.

Though also considering other thoughts. So many thoughts.... It's wondrous. I feel like we need someone to have a rooster mount who is inspired by Heihei from Moana...
Ooooh, are those dark shadows from a rulebook somewhere? Because they all sound fun. I'm excited.
I rather like the character integration idea as well. Even if it means waiting to post, it's a different method than the whole group coincidences or already together dynamics.
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