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I'm still in the same mood as when I first gave my two cents. If this continues, I'll stick it out to the end, if it doesn't, I... well, obviously I won't.

*Nem just sitting in a corner with a little stegosaurus stuffy and a Hyperion sock puppet. "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"*
I mean... Lucas would fit there, and he's about as dangerous as a potato...
I'm considering with Lucas, and fairly likely to follow through, but not gonna guarantee anything until I actually submit whatever CS is wanted. lol
Hound and Roman are running away! Quick! Catch them!
But it's the governments making the decision on whether an individual requires that rehabilitation/education rather than a voluntary thing, the governments and public opinion would be deciding if they're delinquents or not, which would mean that most of the characters who felt pressured into joining PRCU would probably end up in a similarly pressured situation (or just enforced enrollment) with this one, wouldn't they? Or have I missed something?

As long as they've created situations that endanger civilian lives, that's probably enough to label them as "persons of interest" to ensure they get the moral teachings that'd ensure they don't use those powers negatively on purpose next time.
For my own two cents, I think "an institution for the rehabilitation of superpowered youths" sounds remarkably similar to "an institution for the education of superpowered youths", it's probably less a matter of how similar we make things and more a matter of still mourning the death of a well-liked premise and character-driven plots. But I think it's probably a change for the better. If we keep things too close to the old setting, then we'll continue to compare. Whereas if we take the premise of the old--beleaguered superpowered youths having to deal with pressure from within and without their "protecting" institution while learning how to control their powers and conform to the ideal set before them and hopefully make friends or enemies along the way--but leave the specific setting--superpowered academy--behind, the vibe and flavour might change, but the overall plot potential and character dynamics should be fairly similar in scope.

Of course, if the flavour of that superpowered academy was the strongest draw, then all ^that^ would obviously work less well... >.>

Anyway, I cannot decide between the first four options, I'm easy with whichever of those plots becomes the end result, so don't make me weigh my decisions more than that. I'm very bad at choices. Very good at waffling though...

And @Hound55, my thoughts for the end result of putting Lucas through the HEAT program were that he'd make a good investigative supporter, and if his powers work best on the scene, then it'd be good if he has the training to back up being in a potentially dangerous situation, or just to know the general procedures so he's not making things more difficult for everyone else while he helps out. How well he was going to do in adapting to the program at the start of classes was another matter entirely. lol :P
For me, specifically, I just like Lucas, so if he fits, I'd be tempted, whether or not I'd end up going with him in the end would still depend on a variety of other factors. Including plot potential and character dynamics, and if I have any other ideas I like better. :P So, there is no special need to ensure he could fit, though I do appreciate any effort thereof. :)

I rather like that street-level heroes community service idea too. Kinda like... the daily Spiderman activities (supervised) as opposed to the main conflict of the movie Spiderman shenanigans... It would certainly fit with the attempt to raise public opinion of people with superpowers and avoid having superpowered individuals feel like they have to take matters into their own hands and then doing it wrong... >.>
1 and 2 are certainly more closely tied to the previous scenario, though 2 does not seem like it’s geared towards characters that didn’t have as much of a traumatic power manifestation. Or that wouldn’t be happy to use their powers to get into trouble, but that might just be me misinterpreting it. (I also don’t have a problem with that, just pondering character porting potential. And snickering to myself at the thought of Lucas in scenario 1… pffft)
Hmm, I think I'd be most invested in 2, 3 or 4, but 1 is also up there. Honestly, I'm not actually sure what order of priority I'd give those four. It would probably depend on the character I might come up with and the interaction potential... Not sure I've got the energy for big and sweeping, which 3 and 4 seem more likely to turn into, but damn if I don't like the details there. And the possibilities of between-city strangeness. Hoo boy, they all sound fun.

I like Zelda games, but they're not exactly my cup of tea for writing in. And 6 sounds awesome but boggled my poor brain.
I mean, he could have just ghosted us if he wanted to. I do get the feelings of upset. It's a good story, a good setting, great cast, and Wraith's put in a lot of work, and we've all been waiting hopeful to keep going. And wanting to get that disappointment off your chest is perfectly reasonable, but real life is something I'm sure we've all seen get in the way of our stories here. It's happened to me plenty, and I know it's always a cleaner, more pleasant finish when people have the guts and courtesy to admit that they're not feeling it anymore or have gotten too busy and just can't keep up, or that they will be in the future, instead of up and vanishing and leaving you hanging.

I know I've been guilty of ghosting people a time or three. I'm not proud of it, but the upset that sometimes gets directed at you when you do admit these troubles can go a long way in making it harder to resist that ghosting temptation the next time... I'm just glad Wraith's given me a fun few months and there's been some great writing to enjoy and that he's been open about the difficulties of GMing and continuing.

Putting in the time to write collaboratively is certainly an agreement and a time investment, but it should in no way be turned into an obligation. It's a hobby, not a job. (no matter how often I wish I could turn it into one... >.> but then I'd probably start hating it...)
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