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10 days ago
Current Fear me for I have acquired a milk frother
16 days ago
tfw when you fiddle with a certain piece for half an hour and it finally snaps on but you weren't sure why it wasn't going in the the first place
2 mos ago
Don't mind me. My stomach just decided to declare war on me on Monday and cripple me for the rest of the week so I couldn't do any replies and such. All better now though.
3 mos ago
I apologize to anyone waiting on replies/responses from me. Was sick last week and only now feel well enough to do anything.
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5 mos ago
Sometimes coming up with rp ideas feels like putting random things in a crockpot and hoping for the best.


Name: Ersa

Pronouns: She/Her

Genres: Sci-fi, fantasy, superhero (others will probably be added as time goes on)

Type of Player: I enjoy character development, a little bit of world-building, and deep character interaction. The plot and setting can be pretty basic as long as the characters are interesting. I don’t mind combat either, as long as that’s not all that’s going on in the thread. I also have a tendency not to plan out threads, but I'm not opposed to plotting.

Additional Information: No ERP or anything overly gory. I mostly do 1X1, but I'm not opposed to groups.

I do have a discord. If you are interested, please message me for it.

Character list can be found here: Ersa's Sacred Texts
My 1X1 Interest List: Ersa's Half-Baked Ideas
Original Writings blog: https://storiesbyersa.wordpress.com/

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Another bump. Two spots still open.
Once again bumping this since I finally got of my butt and created the transported character.
Updated with info about the one from another world. Sorry it took so long.
A million years later...

I hope to get to this soon. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the wait. My mind's been vegging out majorly after work and time keeps getting away from me.
Just updating y'all to say that this is still on. I hope to have the character info for the college student up this week.
Another bump
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