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5 hrs ago
Current The last of my mystery coffee (coffee with flavorings of winter spices, cocoa, and herbs of some kind) was okay, just wish it wasn't a dark roast.
1 day ago
No, it definitely was coffee. Those were just the things added to it. Sorry I wasn't clearer.
1 day ago
Good news: the mystery coffee today is actually good, a mixture of baking spices, almond, and black tea. The roast is darker than I prefer, but it doesn't matter since I add creamer anyways.
2 days ago
Got a mystery coffee sampler from work. I've tried three of the five packages and only like one. Never put lime, mango, and tofee together in a coffee.
4 days ago
Not me getting distracted by rewatching Teen Titans, nope.


Name: Ersa

Pronouns: She/Her

Genres: Sci-fi, fantasy, superhero (others will probably be added as time goes on)

Type of Player: I enjoy character development, a little bit of world-building, and deep character interaction. The plot and setting can be pretty basic as long as the characters are interesting. I don’t mind combat either, as long as that’s not all that’s going on in the thread. I also have a tendency not to plan out threads, but I'm not opposed to plotting.

Additional Information: No ERP or anything overly gory. I mostly do 1X1, but I'm not opposed to groups.

I do have a discord. If you are interested, please message me for it.

Character list can be found here: Ersa's Sacred Texts
My 1X1 Interest List: Ersa's Half-Baked Ideas
Original Writings blog: https://storiesbyersa.wordpress.com/

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Rebobble since it's been a while.
Several days late, but have the Mighty Thor: Eater of Tissues

Forgive any overly large images. I had to get them off my phone.
Weekly updoot, but mostly craving something sci-fi esque this time around. It doesn't have to be with any of the characters or ideas listed above if you have an idea that you think I might be interested.
Bumped with a couple of new plot ideas and a new title
Added two new characters
A weird one. Like a portal story but instead of a high school Japanese school girl, it's a foreign tourist that gets pulled into another world kind of weird.
Weekend bump bump.
Bumped because I had to update a link.
Bumped with a couple of original plots added and one fandom centered one.
Yes, the turn would go something like that. Though you would need to roll 1d6 to see if you can react. If you fail, you can't do anything. If you pass but fail on the actual reaction, that might be when you take chip damage. Or you can forego reacting entirely.

1. If a player is rolling an even number of dice and gets the same number of successes as failures, how would you handle that? Would it count as an overall success?

I made a typo and put + number of dice when I meant that it's just that number of dice. So someone with a TAL of three would roll 3d6. As for same number of success and fails on say two dice (say a 1 and a 5), take the success.

2. For damage, especially reaction damage, is the d6 rolled again or would it use the same roll as the reaction? Like in the example above, would Player 2 take 2 damage or would they roll again to see how much damage they took?

They would roll again to see how much damage they took. (ex: Player 2 succeeds on the ability to react roll, but fails on the actually reaction part and gets damaged so they roll 1d6)

3. How do malfunctions and bonuses interact with each other? Let's say if Player 1 rolled 1, 4, 4, 6. My assumption is that they would succeed, go farther than normally possible because of the 6 (like maybe move up 2-3 places instead of just 1), but their vehicle sustains some damage from being pushed too hard because of the roll of 1?

So in the example you gave, the six means they succeed and get to take a bonus action (either accelerate again, attack, or handling). But on their next turn, they'll only get to roll 2d6 for their turn (it could be flavored as the turbo overheated and doesn't work as well for a bit)

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