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12 days ago
Current Anybody looking for a female rp partner? Must be literate and not looking for hardcore smut...
13 days ago
I'm kind of tired playing the male role in a roleplay just to get partners.
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1 mo ago
Made a Phantom 1x1 Interest Check! Hoping somebody goes for it.
1 mo ago
Would anybody be interested in a Phantom of the Opera 1x1? I'm thinking of making an interest check for one...
1 mo ago
I really want to write fluff right now


Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my profile :)
I'm pretty much always looking for roleplays, so I figured I'd put a list of my preferences on here in case you're interested. Always PM me if you have an idea. :)

-I generally prefer to play female characters, but I'm not entirely opposed to playing males
-I'm available to RP over forum, PM, or email
-I'm a big fan of 1x1 roleplays and prefer them due to my schedule
-Genres I like? History, fantasy, some fandoms, modern....
-Romance? Definitely.
Current obsessions:
-Beauty and the Beast
-Probably something else I can't think of.

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Hey guys! I've got a craving that y'all might be able to help me out with. I did a Phantom of the Opera a long time ago, and I really want to do one again!

My concept is that the Phantom had a child with someone (not necessarily Christine) that he does not find out about until after the child has grown into a teenager/young adult. The child has similar physical deformities to Erik, though not necessarily in the same place, and the two somehow manage to meet. The plot is up for debate, as it depends on how the characters are played out, but I am ABSOLUTELY open for ideas!!

I'm looking for someone to play the Phantom, though if you're interested at all, let me know and I might be convinced otherwise.

1. Don't disappear on me. I really hate that, and it's happened so many times that it's getting seriously old.

2. I don't mind adult themes!

3. Grammar isn't hugely important to me, but please do try to have good grammar.

I can Roleplay over PM or email; send me a PM or reply here if you're interested!!
I'm interested!
I wish this would work for me....
Sup. I sent you a PM
I'm kind of interested!
This is seriously intriguing to me!
@BubblegumQueenI'll keep you in mind if I have space for another rp!
Bump! Still looking, y'all!
Sup! Do you play male or female characters?
"It's been a long time since Castles and Lords, but one day you stumble upon something left from those days in a covered up dungeon under the city. And it's still alive."

This interests me a lot and I might ave a few ideas that could work alongside this idea if you're interested!
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