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Current Apparently some chick on FB put her phone number up for guys to contact her and it’s one number off of mine. I’m not impressed; s/o to the one guy that apologized.
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TFW there’s nobody online replying.
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Thanks, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, for making me cry.
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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my profile :)
I'm pretty much always looking for roleplays, so I figured I'd put a list of my preferences on here in case you're interested. Always PM me if you have an idea. :)

-I generally prefer to play female characters, but I'm not entirely opposed to playing males
-I'm available to RP over forum, PM, or email
-I'm a big fan of 1x1 roleplays and prefer them due to my schedule
-Genres I like? History, fantasy, some fandoms, modern....
-Romance? Definitely.
Current obsessions:
-Beauty and the Beast
-Probably something else I can't think of.

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@wistfulwords I'm interested in potentially working with you!
I'm interested in some of these; PM me if you still have openings!
@Aristocles If you'd like! I had some questions that would be better suited to PM anyways
@Matador I'm interested in Prince X Commoner!
@Aristocles I'm potentially interested!
@Jangel13 You still looking?
@Rosalind I'm quite interested!
I don't think I mentioned this, but I can roleplay on this website as well as through email and Google Docs!
A disease has ravaged the area. People are dying left and right; young and old, rich and poor, city and rural. Creatures of the night are the only ones flourishing, though even they are running out of fresh blood. People aren't aware that sometimes, their loved ones aren't disappearing due to disease, but to something far more sinister. The nights are the worst; children are left to fend for themselves, not knowing that there was something more dangerous out there than the cold and the hunger.

Now to the concept: A vampire is out, looking for a meal under the cover of darkness amongst some of the abandoned streets, the last street vendors packing up for the night. As the vendors go away, children emerge hoping to find left behind food, food that wasn't sold by the vendors or food the vendors toss to them that wasn't sellable. One child in particular catches the eye of the vampire; not as a meal, but as a curiosity. She's small, frail, eyes wide and clothes soaked through, but not completely shredded like most of the children. Her hair is matted and dirty, feet bare, arms held close to her body as if she's holding herself together. She's behind the other children, not because she's slow, but because she's small, and all children her age had succumbed to the disease by now. Food doesn't seem to get to her, nor do the children seem to care for her. She's on her own, totally and completely.

The vampire takes her in, fascinated by the small creature, and raises her as one of his own, never having a child of his own. The story will follow their initial meeting, and then the course of their life together over the years. Perhaps she'll ask to be turned once she gets old enough, perhaps something will happen where the choice is not hers to make. Romance, of course, is not going to be expected, considering it's a small child and an adult, but it could, if the story goes long enough, happen after hundreds of years together. The two travel through life and history together.

What Am I Looking For In a Partner?

-Willing to play the male vampire to my female child

-Dedicated to the RP. I'm not saying you have to be on all the time or every day, but I don't want you to disappear after we start planning

-Decent grammar! Nothing is more irritating than not understanding what someone else wrote or losing interest because there isn't any punctuation.

-Someone willing to write! One liners are okay sometimes, and by no means do I expect a book, but a paragraph is a good place to start.

If you've made it this far, sweet! If you're interested, then either post here or PM me! Make sure to mention your favorite candy.
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