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Current Merde. Il pleut.
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Turns out portable battery packs don’t charge when their own battery explodes.
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I am one hurricane zone away from being evacuated....I’ve never been evacuated before.
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Built a bullet reloading bench with my dad today; really proud of it all finished and set up!
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Anybody ever players Statik on the PS4?


Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my profile :)
I'm pretty much always looking for roleplays, so I figured I'd put a list of my preferences on here in case you're interested. Always PM me if you have an idea. :)

-I generally prefer to play female characters, but I'm not entirely opposed to playing males
-I'm available to RP over forum, PM, or email
-I'm a big fan of 1x1 roleplays and prefer them due to my schedule
-Genres I like? History, fantasy, some fandoms, modern....
-Romance? Definitely.
Current obsessions:
-Beauty and the Beast
-Probably something else I can't think of.

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@Hariim potentially curious
@BoyMom69035 I just messaged you about Tarzan :)

“I think I still have a cord at my desk to connect my phone to the printer. I took a couple dozen photos of the scene that I think would be good to have printed out, just so we don’t have to rely on our memory or whatever Muggle police took. They never focus on what we need them to focus on no matter how hard we try.” Clairesaid, pulling into a spot in front of the office and parking, getting out of the car.

Reaching into her holster, she pulled her wand out and waved it over a small brick in the front of the office to the left of the door, waiting a few seconds as the door seemed to waver a bit, and the door then swung open.

“We should see whether we can get you in the system temporarily in case you need to come and go; this door won’t let anybody in that it doesn’t want to.” It was a weird statement in any other situation than the one they were in; the door worked beautifully.


Claire caught the keys Kyle threw at her, making a face when he mentioned that Walker had given the order and added the urgent label to it. Abe mentioned the potential for good news and she shrugged, walking out of the house and hitting the button on the keys to see which car responded. “I mean, that’s always a possibility, but there are five levels of urgent with Walker. We’re at a level four right now with the company car, the only thing above this is instant apparition back into the office. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

It was a motto Aurors essentially lived by, especially in situations like this; they could hope for the best news possible, but they had to prepare for all out chaos. Sliding into the driver’s seat, she unlocked the passengers door for him and started the engine. “the urgency options below this are walking, nearest floo station, and public transportation. A soxth level is added if its at night; I can get you a flow chart.” humor was the b st way to handle things if at all possible and appropriate
@Soul Sweaper Hello! Are you still looking for partners for any of your ideas?
@MaliceStill searching? I’m curious!
Hey y'all! Cause I don't have enough to do lately, I'm posting this interest check to see if I can dig up any new partners!

Potential Topics
-Dark Fairy Tale
-Beauty and the Beast
-Arranged Marriage
-Forbidden Romance

Time Periods **NEW**
Regency England. Think Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, societal drama

Medieval England-Knights in a shining armor, princesses, maybe a dragon or two

Colonial America

Vague, non-specific time with castles and nobles

What Am I Looking For In a Partner?

-Willing to play the male to my female. HOWEVER! If we come up with a great concept, I can be convinced otherwise.

-Dedicated to the RP. I'm not saying you have to be on all the time or every day, but I don't want you to disappear after we start planning. It's happened so often and it's obnoxious!

-Decent grammar! Nothing is more irritating than not understanding what someone else wrote or losing interest because there isn't any punctuation. I'm tolerant of some mistakes, but please be able to write well. I don't want to have to do it, but if you message me in all lowercase with no punctuation, I'm going to be hesitant to roleplay with you.

-Someone willing to write! One liners are okay sometimes, and by no means do I expect a book, but a paragraph is a good place to start.

If you've made it this far, sweet! If you're interested, then either post here or PM me! Make sure to mention your favorite candy.

”I’ll smile real nice, and then remind them they have no choice.” Claire said, reaching out and comparing the size of her hand for the marks. Whatever this thing was, it was something she she never ever wanted to face. To be completely honest, she would prefer Voldemort to whatever the hell this thing was and whoever the hell was able to control it.

“do you have anybody in your Creatures division that owes you favors? There’s no way this is going to be a one agency case, especially since this...thing is God knows where and obviously has no qualms about obliterating anything it sees.”

She started to take more photos, using her hand in the photos to show scale, shaking her head. “I wonder if bringing the kids back here would be useful. With some sort of art supplies or something, maybe they can draw the thing. I wonder if asking them now to describe a monster would do anything.”
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