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Current Y’all, I finished handsewing my pocket today. It’s massive, it fits under my costume, and I’m kind of in love.
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15 days ago
@ICanBeAnyone I’m a Tailor’s intern xD. All handsewn, all the time
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15 days ago
Stuck a needle straight through my fingernail today...occupational hazard?
1 mo ago
My grandmother decided today that she’s a Cumberbitch. I don’t know how to feel.
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I got an interview, y'all!


Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my profile :)
I'm pretty much always looking for roleplays, so I figured I'd put a list of my preferences on here in case you're interested. Always PM me if you have an idea. :)

-I generally prefer to play female characters, but I'm not entirely opposed to playing males
-I'm available to RP over forum, PM, or email
-I'm a big fan of 1x1 roleplays and prefer them due to my schedule
-Genres I like? History, fantasy, some fandoms, modern....
-Romance? Definitely.
Current obsessions:
-Beauty and the Beast
-Probably something else I can't think of.

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Claire accepted his help getting on the train with a little smile, laughing as he escorted her to their seat. The ride to their stop was quiet and enjoyable, with little exchanges back and forth about mundane things as well as case details that needed to be discussed.

It was refreshing to have a new set of ears and eyes even though they had only just taken the case, and it didn’t hurt that the new eyes and ears were attached to a rather pleasing face and charming personality. By the time they rolled into the stop she found herself wishing that the ride was just a bit longer.

Getting up, she yawned and stretched her back out a bit, smiling over at him. “Just a casual walk to a crime scene.” she confirmed, stepping off the train and onto the platform. “It’s nor far from here.”
@AGoodStart I am potentially interested!
Mkay, sounds good
There we go,much better
Are you cool if I add more to my last post? It’s kind of short and I feel bad, but I don’t want to mess up any reply you might have in the works

“those chairs are horrible. We all camped out on them for that trafficking case two years ago, and then we all took a week off for chiropractor visits.” Claire said, smiling. “if they don’t give you a place, you can come crash at my place. I’ve got a couch big enough for you.”

It wasn’t uncommon to have Aurors crash on others couches, but they were rarely this close in age. It was a knee jerk reaction to invite him, but she blushed lightly, the tips of her ponytail turning pink without her realizing it. “I don’t live that far from the office anyways, so it’s easier that a lot of the hotels.”

That was at least true. She had been living in an auror supplied apartment, with the rent coming out of her paycheck, but once she had started to earn a little bit more money, she had moved into a No-Maj apartment outfitted with magical things. After a long day of work, it was nice to be able to come home and just discuss how the weather was or how cute the dogs in the neighborhood were. [color=color=mediumaquamarine] “I do live in a no-Maj complex though, so you’d have to be okay with that.”[/color]

Claire led him into the train station, used to using the train by this point. It was the easiest and most discreet way to get around town other than walking, and she accidentally didn’t mind taking a bit longer to get places. Swiping the card and pushing through the turnstile, she looked over at him and shook her head.

”None with any track record this severe, especially against children. We looked into the nearby suspects while we were waiting for your team to get there; no signs of activity. Hell, there were a few of them that seemed legitimately horrified by what happened.”

She was surprised that he seemed to be case focused rather than personality focused. It wasn’t that he seemed irresponsible or even a bad Auror, but he definitely seemed like a charmer. “people back at the office are talking to them more, trying to get alibis. A few people went out to the shops anywhere near the site to see whether there’s anything they can find out, any customers they thought were suspicious.”

She leaned against the wall of the station, looking up at the sign to determine what the closest train would be. “the fact that there was children involved makes it worse.”

Stretching her arms out in front of him, she looked over. Her voice had been relatively quiet, their conversation meant to only be between the two of them. It would have been better to speak privately, just in case, but this was a dangerous disaster waiting to happen

”are they putting you up in hotels while you’re in town, or are you staying with the department? We didn’t exactly cover where everybody was sleeping in the briefing.” there was a good chance this handsome quasi-stranger was going to end up sleeping on her couch for a few days.

Claire couldn’t help but smile when she saw the young Auror; he seemed to be around her age, and he seemed to have been caught off guard for at least a split second as she rounded the corner, likely surprised by her appearance. To his credit, his surprise didn’t last long and was quickly replaced by a full body sweep of her, sizing her up as well as checking her out.

She couldn’t be offended; she was doing much the same to him, finding him rather attractive. It was always nice to see a new face around the office, and it was doubly nice when that face was nice to look at. Flirting wasn’t her job, however, and a smile and a once over was going to have to do. He spoke and she nodded, tying her hair up in a ponytail so that it would be out of her face. Catching him licking his lips, she quirked an eyebrow, not quite sure whether he was trying to flirt or whether he was legitimately a bit dried out.

"Los Angeles can get visitors lost in an instant; luckily for you, you’ve got a seasoned professional." she said, reaching in her pocket and handing him a train card.

"No-Maj transportation is going to be our best bet for today; parking in the city is terrible, and ordering a car is dangerous. This should get you through the whole assignment, but we can recharge it if we need to." she explained, pushing the front door open and waiting for him to exit.

It was a weird case, and she couldn’t place who or why. She wasn’t even sure about the what; getting to the location would explain a little more, but right now it seemed like an unsolved mystery. Their surviving witnesses had no idea what had happened, and trying to make them remember could drive them insane.

[color=mediumaquamarine] “it shouldn’t be a long ride into the city; then a few minute walk to where we need to be.[\color] Claire continued, watching him curiously. It was always an interesting adventure to have a new partner, and especially when they were close to your own age and experience.

It’s not the younger ones, like the toddlers or three year olds. Give them buttons and it’s a great day. It’s he older ones that hate everything and just don’t give a damn what happens!!

I really want to use it for everything now. A life narrative or something of the sort, in a thousand fonts
It's not so bad so far, it's just that some kids don't wuite have the common sense not to play with things that aren't theirs. We invite them to inspect all the clothing we've made, but no part of the invitation includes "Please play with the scissors."

I added three NPCs like you did; I'll try and attach photos tomorrow when my brain restarts properly. I really like the way you format things at the site you use for your headers (which is super fun to play around with), so I assure you that in this case, the imitation is purely flattery and that I'm fond of the way you set it up@
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