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2 days ago
Current I need to get into the habit of writing on my own more often: all of my partners are busy/have evaporated, and I have itchy plot brain
1 mo ago
I feel so agressively nostalgic for an old story tonight.
2 mos ago
.12 a day. Hell yeah.
2 mos ago
I get hella nervous when a partner that's very consistent disappears.
4 mos ago
I feel like somebody tied each vertebrae into little knots.


Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my profile :)
I'm pretty much always looking for roleplays, so I figured I'd put a list of my preferences on here in case you're interested. Always PM me if you have an idea. I promise I don’t bite, and I love to hear from new people!

I’m a massive history buff (it’s what my degree is in!) and I love sewing and historic clothing and theater, so if you’re at all interested in chatting about that, hit me up. My specialty is in early colonial English society, but I’m a sucker for a good castle and medieval family tree.

-I generally prefer to play female characters, but I'm not opposed to playing male characters either!
-I'm available to RP over forum, PM, or email
-I'm a big fan of 1x1 roleplays and prefer them due to my schedule, and the group Rp curse I seem to carry with me.
-Genres I like? History, fantasy, some fandoms, modern....
-Romance? Definitely. Just please no smut. Fade to black is where it’s at.

Current Cravings:
-Beauty and the Beast
-Class differences
-Jane Austen or Austen-Esque
-Probably something else I can't think of.

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Hello! I was wondering whether you were still searching for partners for this; I'm interested!
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I’m craving SO HARD!!
@ColdPizzaisDone Are you still looking for partners??
Waddup friends! Any takers?
@blindwooferI like your first idea!
Beep boop!
@CorinTraven Sent you a message!
@MelbourneSent you a PM!
@AzlumI sent you a PM! I'm very interested.
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