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Current España bound. Bring on the sunshine and yummy food.
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2 mos ago
I swear it gets more bizarre every day.
2 mos ago
Just been to the osteopath. Feeling all aligned again. Felt sure my head was about to fall off when he clicked my neck though. Thankfully, I'm not in the Anne Boleyn squad. Time to write.
2 mos ago
When you're supposed to be going out for the evening, but your pyjamas are far more enticing.
3 mos ago
The older you get, the worse the hangovers get. Amazing weekend though.
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Hi all,

I have alot of leave approaching, as I'm heading off on a sebatacle to do some research. I'd like to find a couple of new partners to get some writing going. As a writer, I develop strong characters with dynamic personalities. It would be great if you could do the same - I'm so over writing against very flat, Mary Sue or Peter Perfect peeps. We all have flaws and quirks, let's just embrace them.

As a partner I'm totally relaxed. I won't be hounding you into responding, but I do love OOC chatter and getting to know my partners. I am a bit of a goof, so if you don't mind the weird English humour, I might be the gal' for you.

My writing level is advanced, and I hover between high casual and advanced in my responses. I love detail, but only for the sake of the story and scene setting. I'm not a pointlessly fluffy prose sorta' person if it doesn't serve a purpose. As long as your post is interesting and moves us along, I'm not over here word counting. Same goes for grammar and typos. Try your best, but I'm not going to be a bitch about it.

I tend to go for MxF pairings. I will occasionally go for FxF. I can play male or female, with a preference for female. You can expect multiple side characters from moi. Response time will vary, but I can usually get a couple of posts out a day. Sadly, I will tend to lose interest if you only post once every other week or so - so maybe just bare that in mind before popping me a message.

The genres that I enjoy are:

Occasionally Sci-fi
And pairings that have a human character paired alongside like a vampire or something. I don't enjoy high fantasy.

Romance is a given. As are adults themes. We can fade or write the smut, I don't have a preference. I'm not here to get my rocks off.

Possible pairings:

1920's Mafia:

Lounge Singer x Mobster
Chorus Girl x Mob Boss

Medieval (Tudor):

Lady-in-waiting x King
Noble x Noble etc...


Exes reunited some how and way...
Professor x Student
Work Collegues

Vampire x Human in a non-fantasy world but with a splattering of stealthy Vampires going about their Vampiry business.

The list is endless to be honest!! So, if you're interested shoot me a message.

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