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Current When you just want to roll your eyes... Here we go again.
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I'll be getting my write on later. I've been distracted by Pre Christmassy things. Sorry - not sorry!
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Off to work. Back about 18.00 GMT. Toodles!
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Stop the world, I want to get off! I swear to Lucifer if I come across one more damsel in distress character I'll cry.
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When you have an allergic reaction and get pumped so full of anti-histamine that you feel like you're actually floating. Happy Friday.
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So, I have an idea for a pairing that I'd like to have a go at. It would basically follow the development of a relationship between two people. The pairing that I have in mind would be set within a College, and it would take place between a Professor and a Student Teacher. The Professor would be the mentor of the student teacher and because of that they'd spend a considerable amount of time together. A relationship would develop and we can figure the rest out as we go!

So level wise I'm talking advanced with a minimum of three paragraphs unless it's a shorter dialogue post. I'm pretty easy going, but I would like my partner to be open to discussing the plot and chatting. Having a sense of humour is also a huge bonus.

The situation that the Professor is in, is up for debate! He could be married - unhappily or happily so. Single with an absolute phobia of commitment. There is a lot of wiggle room.

There really are so many different ways that we could take this, but character development is definitely important. There will be mature themes, so 18+ please!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested and we can figure something out!
La La La..

So, this is going to be half interest check, and half plea from a very bored writer. Unfortunately, due to my horse deciding to throw me off, and myself hurtling over a jump without said ass of a horse beneath me - I have been placed on sick leave as I nurse my broken ribs. (4 actually, for anybody wondering.)

I have never been any good at the whole taking it easy thing, so I'm looking to get a few fabulous stories together to entertain myself. Anything goes! Historical, Modern - someplace in between. The only thing I'm not okay with, is fantasy. I do have a soft spot for romance, and if you wanted to give something Tudor a go - I'd be stoked.

Level wise, I hover in the advanced section, but I'm totally relaxed. I prefer multiple paragraph responses, or I will get pretty bored. Dialogue is usually a little shorter on the old word count.

Gender? I'll play either. I don't double, and I will admit that I prefer to play female. So shoot me, I don't care. Well, I do a little..

Anyhoo, I'm really feeling a Tudor romance, with a ton of intrigue and political scandal to boot, or a modern Professor and Student pairing. Buuut, I'm open to any ideas that you would like to throw at me.

Soo, feel free to send me a PM!

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