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Current When you just want to roll your eyes... Here we go again.
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I'll be getting my write on later. I've been distracted by Pre Christmassy things. Sorry - not sorry!
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Off to work. Back about 18.00 GMT. Toodles!
4 mos ago
Stop the world, I want to get off! I swear to Lucifer if I come across one more damsel in distress character I'll cry.
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When you have an allergic reaction and get pumped so full of anti-histamine that you feel like you're actually floating. Happy Friday.
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So, I've decided to pop my eclectic mix of interest checks into one pretty little thread.

What am I looking for? A new partner in crime - metaphorically speaking. A fellow roleplayer to join me in a lovely longterm story. Yes, longterm really is the buzz word here. I like to keep my writing style around the advanced level, but I'm pretty chill. Dialogue posts tend to be a tad shorter, just because I feel that it helps the story flow without awkwardness. A decent spelling and grammar ability would be awesome, but I'm not an ogre about it.

I love to chat OOC, and I'm a really easy person to get along with. That said, if OOC isn't your thing, that's absolutely fine, but please be willing to plan and discuss ideas. A sense of humour is totally crucial, as is writing in third person narrative. First person just freaks me out a bit. (So do anime and fish) Ha. Oooh, and please be 18+. Mature themes are a given.

So, genre? I swing between modern, historical, western and I occasionally dabble in sci fi. I'm totally not a fantasy fan, so sorry that's just not my bag of tricks.

A little SUBNOTE! I've noticed recently that I've been coming across a lot of characters with hugely dramatic back stories and hang ups. I love character development, but sometimes it can make the story really one sided. It's very hard to play alongside someone with minimal interaction, that's focusing solely on their own agenda.. That's what writing a novel is for, my friends. (If your character is traumatised by broccoli because of a nasty superstore incident - great.. But please make them an interactive Broccoli phobe..)

*Coughs* Rant aside..

I'm not perfect. I have a busy home life and I can't always be online. However, I do post regularly and prefer my partner to do the same. Occasionally I can forget to post - just nudge me. Also, I'm GMT over here.

This is the part where I list some of the pairings I'm interested in. However, this list isn't exclusive! Throw ideas at me, I love it.

Worth a mention that I'm looking to play F, I'm a bit burnt out fulfilling everyone's M requirements. Sorry folks. That said, I will play multiple male sides. Annnd, I don't double.

Professor x Student
Exs Reunited
Old Friends
Celeb x Non Celeb
Band Road trip
Work Place scenario - probable adulterous undertones here..

Historical: Tudor
Lady in Waiting x King
Queen x Noble
King x Queen
Betrothed Princess x Noble

The Titanic - not the Movie, just our own take on it. Does it sink? Who knows. Maybe it'll be the Titanic murder mystery. Either way, expect drama and funtimes aplenty.

Western: Inspiration is mainly drawn from Red Dead II here..
Posse style shenanigans.

Anyhoo, that's all for now! Shoot me a PM if anything grabs your fancy.

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