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Sorry for the delay in creating my character sheet. I do most of my writing at work, and am unable to access anything in google docs, so I will have to do my reading up on the lores and pull the CS form from home.
I am going to leap in here too, though this will be my first group RP at the Guild. I just love Star Wars! My first choice would be Republic/Jedi. I will also need to create and have a character approved.
Not big on a lengthy interest checks, so I am going to mention a particular craving, hopefully enough to pique your interest.

I am an experienced writer, looking for one to multiple paragraphs and writing once every weekday or so, more or less is cool. I am male, if that matters. I like writing smut (erotica if you like more literary words), and look for 50/50ish plot to sex, so of course 18+ please. I prefer to write the male in a MxF pairing, but enjoy writing FxF as well. Many kinks available.

I am wanting some 'fantastic' pairings, meaning, monsters, fantasy races and out-of-the-ordinary. I have not done much of these but recently have a taste for them. I have done the vampire/werewolf thing enough, so not looking for that right now. Here are some elements I am interested in including in pairings (don't judge):

Characters (open to more)
Monster Girls
Monster Warlords (Orc, Gnoll, Minotaur, Lizardman, etc)
Furries (limited but can discuss)

Plot Premises (by no means exclusive):
Masters x Slaves, Pets or Captives
Villager x Warrior
Conqueror x Conquered

Wanting to get a little weird, so feel free to offer ideas! Please PM me. I would like to keep this thread tidy. Thanks.
I am up for some smutty pet play, I can do human or humanoid. Interested in seeing if we might be a good fit?

My Gender: Male
Requested Harem: Female
Scenario: The New Dojo
Form: Short

'Shine City Forever'

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