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Current Long morning, responding tonight when I'm able.
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Just a notice that I'll be responding when I can. As recently posted some family matters have come up.
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Sorry for the slow responses today. Family coming in and whatnot.


I came here to join a specific RP. That being said there's some things people should know about me.

I do normal, serious RP in public and am open to erotica type things in private. Only, in private. I definitely prefer if anything of an erotic nature is going to happen, that it have some basis. Like if the RP that happens in private is between two characters that already know each other from a regular public RP. Of course, if I really like a partner I'm the sort who tends to brainstorm the most random of ideas of just, things I would like to do that we could jump into, even with randomly made up on the spot characters.

Anywho, been RPing for years. Started on a site known as Gaia, doing little RPs here and there. Moved on to WoW private servers, then WoW live, and just been all over here and there with friends and strangers alike.

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Lin reached up and rubbed her brow. Oh dear... so, mental note, don't send anything actually valuable to the Research Lab. Just keep it in storage until they returned somewhere with staff that actually knew what they were doing and wouldn't potentially literally shoot it to see what happens, or solve anything about it. "Drink? What drink?" She sighed to herself and shook her head. "Are you by any chance insane, or is this just actually what you are like at all times?"

She rubbed the back of her neck and looked around. "I'm not about to be drinking anything, we are leaving the Citadel within the hour. I expect everyone to be ready for whatever comes next. Even if most of us have no idea why we are here, where we are going, or what exactly it is that comes next."
We could probably take on one more.

@Mr Irony II
Yeah I more meant the other Meisters, not just like, recruiting everyone ever.

Also I think I just figured out Viraa's personality. Her crazy, crazy personality that isn't just 'silent bitch that is judging you'. Don't worry, she's even more crazy than that!
As Viraa docked Virtue and left her seat, she didn't have much to say to anyone. The plan was in motion, the world knew they were here. From now on, it would be as simple as proving to the world that this was not a joke, and that they were to be taken seriously. Not that that was actually simple by any means.

She didn't bother staying to listen to the speech made by Aeolia Schenberg's pre-recorded message. She knew it already. She knew every word, beginning to end. She existed because of that man. She existed because of, and for his plan. No matter what, she would carry out this plan. Even if she had to do it alone someday. She would make it so.

She smiled to herself under her helmet. It was starting. At long last, her life was truly beginning.
I think personally:

Viraa knows she's an Innovade
Nobody else knows she's an Innovade
Julia knows SOMETHING is off about Viraa

And Viraa knows every detail about each and every one of you because she's Veda's assistant and probably watches you while you sleep.

-And on a more serious note when it comes to that, she was the one who went around recruiting the Meisters so it would make sense she knows most everything about them, as she would have been given that information by Veda when she was told to go get them.

As for the Super Soldier program, I'm not sure who would know many details about that. It wouldn't likely be something that is openly talked about, so only people with a personal connection to it, or people he told about it would know.

And Viraa because she's creepy and knows all your secrets.
Well I figured Viraa knows what she is. My question was if everyone ELSE knows. I've already been playing her as knowing.
Lin just, stared at the man. This... this guy was for real. Like, for real real. Not in the, he's a for real detective way. There was no way a detective couldn't figure out she was the Commander. Sure, there weren't any super obvious things that said she was. But she was wearing the uniform of an Alliance Commander, but perhaps he didn't know what the uniforms meant...

Goddess knows she didn't know what the uniforms meant...

But all that aside, this guy seemed to be legitimately... well, the exact kind of person he came off as in a first impression.

"About that... that would be me. Commander Linalla T'sado, both Commander and Captain of the SSV Minotaur, that's the ship you are to be serving on. At last I presume as much, considering you're in this particular Barracks. Everyone else here was assigned to the Minotaur so, if you were sent here, that'll be your ship, and I will be your Commander."

She had to say though, he seemed to be taking this whole situation rather well. "You don't seem to be too nervous about this whole thing. Not that I'm saying you should be afraid or anything. It's just... you don't seem to have any issue with the fact that you, a detective, was assigned to a Military ship as a Researcher."
Olivia swung at the dummy again, and again, then would stab at it, before going back to her slashing motions. There wasn't all that much grace or beauty to her motions, but the power behind each strike... it told a story of Olivia being taught one lesson that her Aunt had given her again and again. It was simple really.

"Never strike without the full intent to kill. Holding back is what will get YOU killed."

It was also probably the natural strength her family line had allowing her smaller frame to put far more force into each slash than it seemed like was possible, or even necessary.

It took her a moment to realize that someone had said something. She turned to see another person was in the room with her, something that in her frustration she hadn't exactly noticed. She was already out of breath from power walking her way here and then immediately swinging the sword around. She took a deep breath for a moment to calm herself down as she listened to the other, and gave a simple nod. "Sure, sorry I hadn't noticed anyone else was in here."

She made her way over to the other, and took a deep breath as she held the sword up, the long saber glimmering in the light. It looked very well taken care of, obviously a cherished gift. "Yes, I am Olivia Armstrong. And you are?"
Looks fine so far. Just let me know when you get the bio done and I'll give it another look. It doesn't need to be super in depth or anything. Or even super serious for that matter. Not that it shouldn't make sense, just you know, don't need to know everything about her.
Viraa sighed to herself. This wasn't meant to be difficult. Precautions had been taken, but it was as simple as having the means to overkill the situation, but not necessarily doing so if it wasn't needed. A part of her wanted an actual threat. Something she would need to push herself to defeat. Considering the mission was being considered complete, it seemed the Exia had destroyed the Enact as planned. There were no reports of any trouble with the mission, so that likely meant the Enact, the most powerful Mobile Suit the world had to offer, was in fact no match for a Gundam.

Were two? Three? Would a dozen Enact Mobile Suits pose a threat to a Gundam?

"GN-005 Virtue, confirming Mission Success. Returning to Ptolemaios."

If anything, Viraa was being the professional one here. Not that anyone else was being particularly unprofessional, but she clearly had no interest in engaging in normal conversation or idle chatter with the others. She was in her pilot seat, fully suited up to control a Gundam. And that was what she was doing.

She didn't need to explain herself to them... she didn't need to be challenged by another Meister or have a competition with them. She wasn't just chosen for this, she was created for this. She existed for one purpose, to pilot Virtue.
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