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Current I'm back now. I'll work on responses to everything after work.
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Just taking a little break for a day or two. I'll be catching up on all replies soon, I'm not gone!
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Long morning, responding tonight when I'm able.
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Just a notice that I'll be responding when I can. As recently posted some family matters have come up.
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Sorry for the slow responses today. Family coming in and whatnot.


I came here to join a specific RP. That being said there's some things people should know about me.

I do normal, serious RP in public and am open to erotica type things in private. Only, in private. I definitely prefer if anything of an erotic nature is going to happen, that it have some basis. Like if the RP that happens in private is between two characters that already know each other from a regular public RP. Of course, if I really like a partner I'm the sort who tends to brainstorm the most random of ideas of just, things I would like to do that we could jump into, even with randomly made up on the spot characters.

Anywho, been RPing for years. Started on a site known as Gaia, doing little RPs here and there. Moved on to WoW private servers, then WoW live, and just been all over here and there with friends and strangers alike.

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Bump for this.
So I've been away for a while but I thought it was time to go fishing again. My old thread is a bit long though and I'd really prefer to focus on my big cravings. So that being said, let me start out with the absolute need to know information:

Do not continue if you're not 18+ (Or whatever the age of consent is where you live)

With that aside, I'd just like to say that I'm pretty darn active when personal issues don't take over. There are times when I might need to go a few days without posting, and I prefer partners who are understanding about that. When I get constant "Where are you?" "Did you die?" "Guess the RP is dead" messages because I didn't respond for a couple days, it ruins my mood for you as a partner and I'll likely just... stop responding. That being said I am very active and I prefer sessions over play by post, meaning I like having times where I can keep coming back and checking my inbox for a reply, and we can get multiple back and forths going at a time. I'm even open to playing over Discord if it makes doing this easier.

Now for the settings!


Cathedral of Lust: Imagine a world where the church runs everything. It can be a church of anything really. Church of God (Don't want to get too realistic with it), Church of Light, maybe even a specific Church to some Fantasy God like a "Church of Set" from Conan. Guess that would be a Temple but, you get the idea. I have a few ideas for how this can go. The first is that my character is a new Priestess to the central Church/Temple. Whether she is actually a witch or a demon or something, or just someone who has a vendetta against the church, she goes on to try and corrupt the Priestesses, showing them the ways of lust, greed, and so on. The next is that my character is named the High Priestess, and basically does the same thing.

Just Some Slice of Life: This is a pretty generic setting but I think it can still be fun. The idea is just a basic, Slice of Life deal where we play many different characters in a community. Neighbors, Gardeners, Pool...people. Bosses, Teachers, so on and so forth. Most of the story would be building up the relationships between the characters, and the natural day to day troubles of life they go through beyond getting out of bed in the morning.


A World of Light RP from Smash Bros. Ultimate would be fun. We would of course be playing characters from the game, such as Samus and so on. I'll say up front, I am most interested in playing Lucina myself if we do this. I'm open to plenty of ideas for how the RP can go though, but the main idea would be to start out as just a couple characters, and move our way through the World of Light fighting spirits and such and freeing the many different characters and building up a group to take on the big Google Chrome logo.
Still looking for someone for the Hero of War or A Squire's Right ideas.
Looking for someone to do the 'Hero of War' plot with. As stated above in the first post, it's a very dark RP meant to focus on loss, depression, and suffering, followed by betrayal, obsession, and potentially themes such as abuse. So you'd need to be open to these emotionally/mentally darker things.

If you are looking for something that's not quite as dark and depressing, I am equally as interested in the alternate theme listed below it, "A Squire's Right". It's sort of a similar RP but with a different theme, although clearly some things are different and it's not LITERALLY just the same RP with a different coat of paint.
I have added a new, mostly original plot, Valkyrie of Asgard. I am very interested in this particular one.
Added a Magic Academy idea. Very interested in this idea.
Viraa was charging up her Bazooka to destroy the remaining structures when she heard someone screaming. Well, only one of them had a weapon they had to charge. She looked at her display and saw a Mobile Suit approaching her from behind. A reckless soldier, so focused on the fact that he had recognized the weakness of one weapon, and so single minded in attempting to exploit that weakness that he had forgotten sense and reason. Whoever the pilot was, he had clearly pushed aside all thought of the fact that the Mobile Suit he was charging was not only far more advanced than his own, but that the large Bazooka charging up to destroy the base was not the only weapon, and that was plain to see. This would cost him his life.

The GN Cannons on Virtue's shoulders turned around 180 degrees, aimed directly at the approaching Mobile Suit. Her GN Barrier dropped and in an instant, both Cannons let loose blasts of energy that streamed across the entire base, and engulfed the enemy Mobile Suit in light as it was turned to ash, just the same fate as the terrorists in space had met.

When it was over, she took a moment to recharge all her weaponry. It was best that the enemy was destroyed in this way. She did not yet want them to see that their normal weaponry could not pierce her barrier.

A short time passed before the Bazooka fired off again, and the remaining structures making up the base were obliterated.

Such fools they were, throwing their lives away in a misguided effort of vengeance. As if such reckless behavior could threaten a Gundam.
Added Terminator idea.
Writing a response soon, just catching up on things.
I just didn't realize it's my post... I guess I did but like, I read all the posts, and was like, alright, I'm up next... then just, didn't post? Lol it's my mistake, I am enjoying this RP so it's not like I was just like "Meh". I'll get a post up soon, catching up with things.

Also we do sorta have an MIA for over a week. Said they were around but like, not actually posting.
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