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I came here to join a specific RP. That being said there's some things people should know about me.

I do normal, serious RP in public and am open to erotica type things in private. Only, in private. I definitely prefer if anything of an erotic nature is going to happen, that it have some basis. Like if the RP that happens in private is between two characters that already know each other from a regular public RP. Of course, if I really like a partner I'm the sort who tends to brainstorm the most random of ideas of just, things I would like to do that we could jump into, even with randomly made up on the spot characters.

Anywho, been RPing for years. Started on a site known as Gaia, doing little RPs here and there. Moved on to WoW private servers, then WoW live, and just been all over here and there with friends and strangers alike.

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I'm looking for someone to play in a story that I'll be DMing. Now, thing is, I haven't really DMd before, and I know that what exactly that means depends from one DM to another, so let me make that part clear right away.

I hope that sort of makes it clear what can be expected from me as a DM. Now as for the sort of RP this will be, it will be a fairly normal RP. I'm not intending to make this an RPG with stats, abilities, or anything like that. Although you may discover things that aid you in the future, it can be assumed if you find a vial of cure poison, that you will of course, be more prepared should you come across a situation involving poison. But as far as enemies having hp or finding a weapon that increases your stats, there won't be much of that. (I say 'much' of that because, you could certainly find for example, a sword that makes your character physically stronger, which you could certainly consider a 'bonus to strength')

Now onto the RP itself!

'Lords of Camelot' is a story based loosely on the many King Arthur stories. If you are familiar with those stories, then you will likely recognize some of the characters in this story. However, don't think that just because you know how those stories go, that you understand how this will go. When I say it's based loosely on them, I mean to say that this RP is set in Camelot, it is ruled by King Arthur, you will recognize many other names, but otherwise, things from character relationships to roles within the story could be very, very different.

This also means that if you have any favorite characters from Arthurian Legend, they either A: May not be anything like the character you love so much, or B: May not appear in the story at all. (I have no intention of including every single Knight of the Round Table from legend)

In this world, you are a Soldier of Camelot. You will be given a choice in class early on, and that will dictate some story aspects going forward. That is to say, each 'class' of soldier answers to a different Knight, and so who you interact with the most will differ depending on this.

Your character also won't necessarily be the main character of the RP, but will be heavily involved in it. I can say that, while you aren't the main character, you also aren't a nameless grunt either.

In this story, you will champion a Knight, learn from an instructor personally, and become the personal agent of the most powerful people in Camelot, and be at the forefront of conflicts that could very well lead to the ruin of the land. Your role will start off small, but as you prove yourself, and become more involved with the 'Lords of Camelot', you will rise from the rank and file to stand beside them, perhaps, even become one of them.

This is very much a 'Knights and Magic' sort of theme. For example, Wizards are Rare, but Common. That is to say, not many people can wield magic, but within the confines of a city you can locate someone to enchant weapons and armor or imbue magical potions with relative ease. In other words, Wizards are Rare, but their services are commonly found.

Note that 18+ versions of this play are available, but that is entirely dependent on your interests and the characters you are willing to play.

Currently I work 3 days a week, 9-6 Central US time, and during those days and those hours, my availability is volatile as my job is the kind of job where some days I may be at home with not much to do pretty much all day, and other days I may be home for me one hour lunch, and otherwise be out working sun up to sun down. The other 4 days a week however, I am completely free. I am very active, and am looking for someone who is also very active, because at this point every single time someone messages me with interest and says 'However I'm a bit busy with work but I should be available during these days-' they disappear or stop responding entirely at some point.

Really, I'm just looking for someone as interested in exploring this world as I am in sharing it. I can't promise perfection or that everything will be awesome, all I can promise is that I'll do my best to create a world you can have fun in and to tell a story that you will hopefully enjoy.

PM me if interested, I won't respond to comments here... as if you do comment here, I'm just going to assume you didn't read this.
I'm going to basically copy and paste important information from my last interest check here. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS. And of course, forgive me if there's anything in there that is specific to the last interest check that I forget to change.

The RP:

The new big MMO just came out, and everyone is hyped not just because it's set to be the next big game, but because it's the first ever VR MMO. Set in a fantasy world, this game has sold itself on being an immersive experience where you can do and be anything you want to be. And you can't wait to be one of the millions of day one users.

You get your copy, get everything set up, and the helmet goes on. Then, you open your eyes to a new world, the kind you have only seen in your dreams. Everything looks so real, feels so real... almost, too real. Characters react to you so realistically, as if even the simplest of NPCs has their own fully dedicated Ai. But it just doesn't make sense to you, everything you are experiencing seems way bigger than what this game was hyped up to be. Sure they bragged about how big the game would be, how immersive, and of course the VR support. But they never said anything about how... real it would feel. How characters were like real people.

You shrug it off, have some fun meeting up with friends ingame, and trying out the combat and leveling up a little bit, before you head to bed for the night. The next day you hop right back in, and those strange feelings, they sure aren't going away. As you step out of the tavern you logged into, you see an NPC you talked to yesterday. They call you by name, mentioning how nice it was to meet you yesterday... an Ai that not only remembers you, but can even recall when it last saw you?

You spend the day playing the game again, taking note of all these strange things happening... before it's back to bed. You played all day, and can't wait to talk to your friends about the experience you have been having. But when the next day comes, and you all meet up, everyone is confused about the things you are claiming to have experienced. Sure, the game is immersive, but the things you are describing are definitely exaggerating. None of them have noticed anything strange in the game... in fact, none of them seem to have been experiencing half the things you have. The game feeling realistic, NPCs seeming to act like normal people, even remembering you the next day? None of them have had that happen to them...

But now you're left confused. How can it be only you experiencing this? What's going on? And why does it feel like you're connecting to another world, while everyone else is just playing a game? You're going to have to figure all this out and more...

Alright so that whole thing does lie just a little bit, as it won't be just you experiencing all these things.

The basic idea for this RP is that our characters are connecting to a new VR game much more deeply than anyone else. While other people are describing fairly normal experiences for a VR MMO, our characters are having a completely different experience. Where others describe having to come up and initiate conversations with NPCs, and having dialogue options and menus... your characters are simply walking up and talking to NPCs like normal. That's just one example of how our characters are experiencing this game as if it's reality, unlike everyone else.

The story will follow our characters playing the game together, and struggling as they build relationships with characters in the game, knowing that to them, these are simply NPCs in a game. They know how the world is going to change based on what other people say. Maybe they hear about a quest that changes a part of the world, maybe a new patch or even expansion just got announced, and our characters know that things are going to happen in the world before they even happen... how could they possibly explain this to the friends they are making in the game world itself? Should they even tell them that they are just code in a video game, that they aren't real? Or is that even true? Does their connection to this world mean something bigger than they could possibly imagine?
Hey hey, I'm looking for someone interested in this little idea I have. But first, the things you should know before you show interest at all. It's very important that you read these things, as all too often I have people messaging me about RP, and then go "Oh wait... you're looking for [insert thing here]? I must have missed that." I understand that there may be some things I'm leaving out here, as I can't go into too much detail about the more 18+ things due to site rules. But these are NEED TO KNOW things.

1: I am looking for a partner who plays female characters. That isn't to say side characters won't be played as males, but when it comes to whoever our 'main' characters are, I am looking for my partner to play females.

2: I play characters that you might consider 'transgender' but they aren't really. That is to say they are entirely female characters, aside from the fact they have male parts. The reason I say they aren't really transgender is because these characters are born like this, it's just how they are, and in these RPs is to be seen as a normal thing.

3: I am looking for a partner comfortable playing Canon Characters. This means characters like Padme, Shaak Ti, so on and so forth. OCs are welcome, I have an idea for one myself, however Canon Characters are still a must, as even any OCs will likely need to have a strong connection to an existing Canon Character.

4: I am looking for a partner who is comfortable playing characters who are extraordinarily gifted. This means playing characters as much curvier than they already are in canon. The simplest way to put this is, 'very large chests'.

5: I am looking to include darker themes in these stories, but the main one that needs to be brought up is adultery, the idea of characters going behind each other's backs brings a dynamic to the stories that I enjoy exploring. It also keeps me from getting bored of playing the same couple all the time.

6: This is titled as 18+ because it is intended to be a smut heavy RP. This means, naturally, that anyone showing interest in it should be 18+, and should be prepared for smut-focused themes and ideas. I am not interested in fading to black instead, so if you aren't comfortable with this then this may not be the RP for you.

7: I am looking for an active partner. With the holidays calming down, I am becoming more available myself, and should be able to actively post throughout the day, every day. I am Central US time, but on my days off I can tend to stay up well into the morning, sometimes until the sun comes up, so I may not always be able to be on reliably at specific times, but am on for large portions of the day regardless.

Now that those things are out of the way, if you're still here and interested, then let me finally get on to the actual idea itself.

I have been watching a lot of 'What If' videos over on channels like Pente Patrol Star Wars. Simply put, I am interested in exploring some of these ideas, either as their own separate continuities, or just throwing a bunch of them together and seeing what kind of story we make of it. This may include simple but extremely impactful changes, such as 'what if Palpatine wasn't the Sith Lord', or 'What if the Jedi discovered the purpose of the Inhibitor Chips', but may also include some changes such as 'What if someone else was the chosen one' that are, admittedly, more of a cop out to play a different character in a specific role.

However: At its core this would be a Star Wars: Clone Wars RP, set at the start of, and during the events of the war. That isn't to say that it absolutely won't go into the Imperial era, but that you shouldn't really come into this looking for that as if it did, that would be long, long down the road.

If you're interested in this and discussing ideas, as well as comfortable with all the things mentioned, feel free to PM me.
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