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5 yrs ago
Current I'm back now. I'll work on responses to everything after work.
5 yrs ago
Just taking a little break for a day or two. I'll be catching up on all replies soon, I'm not gone!
5 yrs ago
Long morning, responding tonight when I'm able.
6 yrs ago
Just a notice that I'll be responding when I can. As recently posted some family matters have come up.
6 yrs ago
Sorry for the slow responses today. Family coming in and whatnot.


I came here to join a specific RP. That being said there's some things people should know about me.

I do normal, serious RP in public and am open to erotica type things in private. Only, in private. I definitely prefer if anything of an erotic nature is going to happen, that it have some basis. Like if the RP that happens in private is between two characters that already know each other from a regular public RP. Of course, if I really like a partner I'm the sort who tends to brainstorm the most random of ideas of just, things I would like to do that we could jump into, even with randomly made up on the spot characters.

Anywho, been RPing for years. Started on a site known as Gaia, doing little RPs here and there. Moved on to WoW private servers, then WoW live, and just been all over here and there with friends and strangers alike.

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Honestly I'm likely dropping this RP altogether, as it has been over 2 weeks now. If people don't have time to make a profile, then they sure won't have time to make a post and the RP won't likely get anywhere anyway. Thanks for the shows of interest though.
@Vertigo Whatever you want to do! It's a bit of a slow start so far so we're just, vibin' and stuff.
It has been a couple days since the OOC was made, so at this point I'm opening it up to anyone who wants to join.

Available roles are Loader and Breaker currently.
By the way, there will be a grace period for people who originally showed interest in this idea, probably a day or two, and then after that the roles will be fully up for claim by anyone who wants them.
That works fine.

I added one more section to the character sheet, if you could add that onto yours. I just thought of the idea and thought it might be interesting to give each player a little bit of control over where they would like to see technology development go in the short-term.
Looks good to me.

I also added in the Security role into the main post, though you already get what it's about.
The OOC has been made. People who showed interest first have first claim to roles!

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