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Several hours had passed by the time Shikoi had finally stopped walking. Entering her store, she flipped the sign to "open" and sat behind the counter. There was a lot of commotion going on regarding merchants and the guild. If anything it was going to be a noisy day for the guild master. She somewhat felt bad for him, but why would she care about someone she barely interacted with? The old man was also probably going to get a lot of customers, so good for him. That being said people were coming inside the shop. She stopped herself from scowling and waited for them to get their items.

What she would do to lay down on a bed and relax as the sun rose by. Shikoi began taking the items and priced their products. Unfortunately, it seemed like that her customer wasn't pleased with her products. "What do you mean you don't sell yams!" Shikoi merely rolled her eyes as the man slammed his fist onto the counter. "I'll tell you before and I'll tell you again, we don't sell yams here." The man was obviously not taking her disrespect well. "It's the beginning of winter! You can't tell you don't have any yams here!" Well, actually she did. She had stored them somewhere within this house, but was she going to get them? "You can just buy your crops, or leave." Shikoi said.

Shikoi Doro

Time: Morning, End of Winter

Another fruit was plucked up from the soil in which it had grown. Shikoi was working hard on harvesting all of the remaining crops."There we go," Shikoi thought to herself as she plucked the remaining fruit left. Rubbing her arms for a little bit of warmth, before bringing in the basket full of fruits and flowers into the house. After setting the basket on the counter, she left through the front door. Walking outside she took a few steps down until she was on the flat ground.

Looking around, she noticed a person looking at her. She shot them a glare in which they promptly turned away, quickly. Sighing, she shook her head and proceeded to take a walk. Why did they have to throw her a look of pity, or curiosity. It was none of their business to give her intruding stares. Besides she didn't want anything to do with them, so much so that she felt like she needed to slam her head against the nearest hard surface in order prove a point. The only person who she tolerated was the old man, and even though he was slightly annoying. Shikoi continued her walk down the road, relaxing as she enjoyed a moment of peace while ignoring everyone around her.
I’m shocked.


Do you want me to send you my cs? My character is a little complex.
Well my character has an affinity at fire, it's just that she sucks at utilizing it. It would come out at extreme bursts or small sparks.

Oh sorry, from your post I assumed that magic was limited in this roleplay mb. And yea I wanted to do a doppleganger of sort.
In Hi! 8 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I'm new to this website, but not new to rolepalying. I was going over here to see if anything caught my interest. While I didn't find what I was interested in, I decided to stay here since it's another source of roleplays I can attend to.

I have an idea. I wanted to make a shapeshifter character and I have an idea to go along with it. Btw can our characters know magic but are extremely inefficient with it, because they lack the magical aptitude?
I also am interested.
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