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Nakagawa Sato



Nakagawa can described as someone with incredibly low standards towards life, in other words he's pessimistic. He downplays everything he could do and lumps as something someone could better than he could ever do. Every bad thing that happens to him he takes into stride and contributes that he somehow factored into the problem, no matter how ridiculous it is. That being said, he tends to not interfere with other people's business and keep his problems to himself.

Due to his upbringing, Nakagawa tends to observe people a little too much. It comes with the front of assuming someone wants something whenever they come over and fearing what they may think of him. Because of this nature he has to evaluate his relationships to determine how stable it is and to continue being acquaintances and become a little suspicious on what others are doing. Regardless of what he feels, he'll set aside those feelings and give people a chance before completely giving up on them.


Nakagawa grew to fear other people's intentions. Due to an accident that happened prior to his birth, one of his mother's friends swindled her and took a great sum of money, his mother had become greatly paranoid. Not wanting her son to commit the same as she did, she taught him to fear other people, to tell them nothing, and to observe them thoroughly. As a young child, the doctrine of paranoia easily seeped into his brain and made him paranoid of other people when he grew older.

As he grew, he became more cautious when it came to interacting with people. As such, when he had friends he constantly looked out for any hints that their relationship was bad and kept his guard up, revealing little to nothing about his family or himself. Then entered in Azumi, who would whittle her way into his heart. Azumi went against everything that his parents ever taught him. Helping others, telling them about little bits of information regarding herself and her family, and hanging out with them.

Nakagawa was confused by her behavior and tried to keep himself out of her affairs, yet she befriended him anyways. While he wasn't against making friends and hanging out with him during school, Azumi was on a whole new level. She constantly invited him whenever she and her friends were going out, gave him money whenever he was a few short, and later on in their friendship told him several personal secrets. Nakagawa told her nothing about himself. Yet, he felt happy rather than confused. To be trusted to this extent even though he was, in his thoughts, a stranger made him feel happy. They continued hanging out together and eventually, Nakagawa began to develop feelings for her.

Though, these feelings were kept locked in his heart. Having no confidence himself and being the secretive boy he still was for his entire life, he could only watch as she got herself a boyfriend and seemed happier with him. This betrayal would eventually made him saddened, causing him to vanish after high school. Regret only filled his mind as he mindlessly work to get a degree in his university and then get a job at an IT company. From there, he decided to try his hand again at friendship and often discusses hardware and software over the internet.

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Sophiel Sargute

After that little embarrassing train conversation with Ty, she left him once the train arrived at their destinations. Still a little red, she sighed before taking a deep breath. Note to self, practice tolerance. She felt a little inflicting pain onto her classmate just because she was embarrassed, so she needed to work on that later. For now, she would have to stay vigilant as they made their way to a village. Staying close to Yvaine, she remembered the young girl talking to Sekhandur earlier. While she didn't talk to Sekhandur that much, he was a possible bad influence by the way he carried himself. Standing boldly like a king with no land to call a kingdom.

While she couldn't tell the mana any different like her classmates, she did notice their attentiveness towards their surroundings. Looking at it now, she understood why. The leaves were out of the season. Currently, it was spring yet the leafs were colored as if it was fall. "How strange," She muttered to herself as they made their way towards the village. For her first time visiting a village, she doubted that she was going to see a thriving community that Ty would have told her it would be.

When they arrived at the village, her suspicions were confirmed as it looked like the village was quarantining itself. Some houses boarded up, the village itself seemingly thrived on silence, and there was an ill villager on the grounds of the village. His skin was had become bark like and had a vacant expression. Alberta was right, though she could have put it a little more politely, they shouldn't try to talk to the villager. Who knows what might happen. "Yvaine, stay close to one of us." Sophiel said. Knowing Yvaine, she'd probably attempt to heal the villager in order to cure him or relieve him in whatever pain was he in.

She agreed to what Kiara had to say, however she felt a little angry when she did, they should gather as much as intel before taking action. "Agreed, hopefully there are some who are left unaffected by whatever is happening here." There was also one more thing she wanted to know. How long has this affliction been happening? Looking at the man it may have been recent but looking up at the boarded houses, she would have to beg to differ. "What kind of artifact did the thieves steal from the archives?" She muttered to herself. Her classmates were most likely thinking the same. It seemed their professor was just a clueless as they were. Was it truly the artifact, or was it something else entirely?

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Sophiel Sargute & Ty Varen

Train Intermission

Just when she thought that she had the peace and quiet that she so desperately needed, fate decided otherwise as she heard the sound of Ty’s voice. She groaned into her arms, was he dense? She clearly didn’t want to talk to him right now, especially what happened a couple of minutes ago. Regaining her composure, she got up and turned to look at Ty. “That’s fine, it’s better if I heard from personal experience rather from a book,” She straightened her clothes and sleeves.

She gave Mandi an eye before redirecting her focus back onto Ty. “Tell me what it's like living in the village. Any small things, any big thing, anything will be fine.” She said with a proper smile. Hopefully as Ty would tell her of his life they would become better friends, and to understand what kind of life that her sister might have lived outside of the city.

Ty couldn’t help but snicker at Mandi’s little pet name. “Pff… Sophy-Trophy…” But he quickly put his hands up defensively. “Don’t worry, I’d never call you that,” he said quickly before he got punched again. However, it seemed like Soph had calmed down a bit from Mandi’s teasing. Ty leaned back in his seat, stretching his legs out under the table and thought about his hometown. “Hmm… Well, I guess the biggest difference between living in the city and my village is that out there everybody knows each other. You can walk through the city and see a hundred new faces in one day, but back home it’s weird if you see someone you don’t know. It’s like, even though our houses are farther apart, everyone feels closer, you know?”

Ty stretched and then rested his hands on the table, looking at Sophiel as he continued. “And believe it or not, money isn’t really worth all that much where I’m from. Everyone in the village has their job and pitches in to get through the winter. You just do the work that needs doing when it needs doing. Only the merchants trade for money so they can bring back stuff from the cities. My family was in charge of hunting and bringing meat for the village.”

He went on for a bit about the hunting excursions he went on with his family, but didn’t dwell on them for too long. “How about you, Soph? Did you live in a big ol’ mansion or something? What’s that like?”

Sophiel’s eyes burned into Ty’s skull as he mentioned that accursed name that Mandi had made up a few moments ago. Her gauntlets were drawn, but she restrained herself from punching Ty in the face as he made a promise not to call her that. Leaning back into her seat with her hands on her lap, she listened to Ty’s story. “Is that so?” She listened with interest. A village was like a tight knit community, so she wasn’t surprised on the part that they mostly knew each other. Though, she didn’t know what to weigh on if the relationships between a community in a city and a village were the same.

Though she was quite surprised at what Ty said next. “Your village doesn’t use money?” Sophiel said, a little shocked at that prospect. She would expect that there’d be some shops that would require something in exchange, in most cases money. To hear that the village would work together and help each other out was a little strange to her. “I see, that’s indeed very surprising to hear.” Perhaps, her sister was living quite comfortably. Living in a village didn’t seem too bad if everyone was willing to contribute to everyone's survival.

She attentively listened until Ty asked a question of his own. Her life within the city. “Mine? Well it wasn’t that special.” She paused before continuing, “Well wasn’t special for me perhaps.” She corrected herself. “My family wasn’t rich enough like Ms. Bastien’s, so I didn’t live in a mansion, but my family was well off enough to own a big house.” Sophiel thought about her life a little bit more before continuing. “You know how we’ve lived in a dorm in the past several weeks, right? It’s sort of like that but better. The air condition is better, the walls didn’t have cracks, and it wasn’t littered with pests.” She said.

“Aside from that, it’s not really that different from my family’s house.” Sophiel avoided telling Ty about her family life. Although he did bring his family up, she was going to neglect telling him about hers. He didn’t ask, so it didn’t hurt.

Ty listened eagerly as Sophiel explained what city life was like. She seemed pretty modest about it, and she wasn’t one of the super-rich people, but still sounded like she lived a comfortable life. “That’s pretty neat,” Ty said. “I remember when I first walked into Avalice. I couldn’t believe that I had so much space for myself. My first year here, it took a while to adjust to just how big everything was.” He chuckled. “If I went back home now…” He paused and looked out the window at the scenery rushing by. His smile wavered for a moment. “It’d probably be pretty different, but I think I like it better here anyway.” He beamed at Sophiel and then waved down a staff member.

“Hey, can I get the biggest steak you have. And a tall glass of exotic fruit juice. Just pick the fruit with the weirdest name.” Yes, Ty had breakfast. Yes, he ate plenty. But he was not about to pass up an opportunity for a free steak. “So, what made you decide to become a hero? Seems like it’s a lot more popular than I thought when I enrolled.”

“Is that so? That's surprising, don’t you miss it being back in your village? After you have family back there,” Sophiel asked, unaware that she may have poked into a sensitive subject. “Though if you’re happy here, then who’d I be to stop you,” She said. Ignoring that beaming look that Ty shot at her, why was he doing that, she looked towards the waiter and decided to order a little something for herself. “I’ll have some water.” She said before turning back to Ty.

She was slightly worried when she heard Ty was ordering the ‘biggest’ steak within the train. Hopefully Ty had table manners, the last thing she needed was to change out to her extra set of clothes. “Why did I become a hero? I’m mainly doing it for my family, but…” She paused for a second to think about it. “I… I want to arrest the criminals who would threaten anyone's life.” While she was in such confidence, if one listened clearly there was a little bit of uncertainty within it. “How about you?”

“I mean, sometimes I miss it,” Ty said, “but, well…” He rubbed his arm. “My parents were kinda mad when I left. Still, I’m glad I came here. All my life I was always just another one of my dad’s kids. A scrawny one at that. Anything I could do, at least one of my siblings could do better. Heroes are people who do things that nobody else can. That’s why I wanna become one. I wanna become my own person. Probably sounds weird, but I don’t regret it. Once I figure this magic stuff out and make it to the top, I can go back home and show them it was all worth something.”
The waiter brought out his steak and some guava juice, as well as Sophiel’s water. Ty immediately began digging in. At least he knew how to use a fork and knife. He wasn’t completely uncivilized. “Mmm, sure you don’t wanna order any food? This is cooked perfectly!”

So, Ty didn’t have a great relationship with his parents nor his siblings. She shouldn’t have been surprised, but she was a little saddened by it. A bond between siblings and parents was the most precious one. There was no other bond that could be established from blood. She had read that from a book once. “I see, my apologies, I didn’t mean to be insensitive.” Staying silent for a moment, she decided to change the topic. “Well, I hope your time here will bear some fruits. Avalice is one of the best schools to become a hero of legend. I have no doubt you’ll become one.”

Her eyes landed onto the waiter as he brought them their order. Taking the water, she could only hear the disturbing sounds of Ty viciously attacking his steak. While he had the decency to eat the steak with a fork and knife, they way he was eating… “Please, chew slower. You might choke, Ty,” She said, shaking her head. She was glad that she only ordered water. “I think I’m good.” Sophiel finally said before looking at her clothes. There were going to be a lot of food stains that needed to be cleaned out when she returned back to the dorms.

Ty waved his hand dismissively at Sophiel’s apology. “Don’t worry about it, Soph. None of that crappy stuff is on you. Nothing you need to apologize for.” He paused in his voracious consumption when Soph continued, though. She had no doubt he’d become one? He swallowed his bite of food and wiped his mouth, looking unsure of what he just heard. Was she just being polite, or did she actually mean it? It was hard to tell sometimes with city folk. “Thanks,” he said at last. “At least one person believes in me.” He relented to Soph’s request and slowed down eating his steak. “Don’t want me to choke, huh? So you do care.” He chuckled, unable to resist a small tease. Surely he could get away with something that small without getting punched.

Shortly afterwards, Ty was placed into a head lock.
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