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Tomb of Gül Baba, District II


Rend the flesh! Feast on the marrow! Grind everything into dust! Berserker howled as he attacked the Lancer. His thoughts were filled with the animalistic desire to kill Lancer. Everything had turned red for him and the only thing he could see was Lancer right in front of him. There were no masters, no crickets, no nothing. It was only the predator and his prey that existed in his mind. There was nothing his prey could do as he unleashed his assault.

That was what Berserker had thought, however.

There was a force almost equal to strike that would have surprised for him if Berserker wasn't consumed with madness. The thought of something that could have been possibly stronger than him angered Berserker. "▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅!" With a roar that matched Lancer's, Berserker went ahead and tried to apply more force into the strike. For the brief moment that their knuckles touched, Lancer broke off from the contest of strength and backed away with the momentum given to her by his strike.

The full force of Berserker's attack landed onto the ground. As if a hammer of thunder had stricken the ground, the earth beneath Berserker had shaken a little despite it having been turned into mud.

However, Berserker wasn't going to let her escape.

The stench of Lancer's blood and the idea that his prey was going to escape sent Berserker into a frenzy. Like a shark chasing after its wounded prey, Berserker ran towards Lancer with the intent of sinking his teeth into her flesh. "▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅!" Another roar had been unleashed but for an entirely different purpose. It was not a cry for battle nor for blood, it was a cry for assistance. District II was an area that known for its nature and historical value. The roots that lay dormant underneath the ground began to respond to Berserker's call.

Grow. Rise. Hinder.

Berserker's command over nature wasn't one that he inherently had when his form of his had taken shape. It was one of numerous stories had been construed with the mystery of the Wild Men that lived within the forests. Though despite it being a foreign skill, it was also second nature for him to use this command. Roots began to burst out of the ground with the purpose to impale and impede Lancer's progress. Unlike ordinary roots they were enhanced by Berserker's control over them, making them bigger and stronger than ever before. The path in front of Lancer would have multiple roots coming out of the ground and attempting to slow her down.


The roots themselves had no effect on Berserker as he traversed through them. He had practically manipulated all the nearby roots that were in front of him in a messy attempt to prevent Lancer from escaping. The roots were either broken off by Berserker's mindless charge or moved away from the mindless beast's rampage. After gaining enough momentum, Berserker applied as much force into the ground before propelling himself into a giant leap towards Lancer. Berserker's jaws were wide open as he was about to snap them into whatever unfortunate, fleshy substance managed to get within his maw.

Tomb of Gül Baba, District II

Berserker could feel the tensions growing. His master's anger was heard since Berserker could feel her increasing wrath towards the enemy through their shared link. Yes, it was finally time for him to be released. Madness slowly crept into Berserker's mind as it began to fester and encompass into his being. It was hard to control himself and obey his master's commands. Especially since that small morsel was so close yet so far from being devoured in one bite. Perhaps it was fortunate, or was it unfortunate, that the something prevented the morsel coming any closer to him. His insatiable thirst for blood made him grow mad.

His master's words were all but heard from him that point on. After all, one who has been consumed by madness can't understand the words of those who have embraced the sanctity of sanity. The only thing he heard was his target, the something that had a similar yet different existence than he did. Hunt. Kill. Feast. That something was his target. That something was his prey. That something was going to die.

And he will relish in its death.

By the time Adina had called for Berserker's name, he had already materialized from his astralized form already in a running start. He had anticipated this moment, the moment where he would be set loose and unleash an unending hunt for his prey.

His senses were overloaded as soon as the majority of his body had been corporealized. The air was impure and toxic as his sense of smell returned. The earth felt different, it held no familiarity to Berserker as his sense of touch was returned. The world that he saw with his eyes was unfamiliar. Big hulking creatures of stone loomed over him as if mocking him for being tamed by a human. It made him angrier, it made him furious, it made him mad.

That madness locked onto his prey in front of him. Lancer something in his maddened mind informed. His target, his prey. Ways to kill her already filled his mind. He could hear their breathes, three of them including that human right behind him. Yet, it was eerily quiet. The only thing he could hear where them and the crickets that mindlessly festered around in the grass.


With an ear piercing roar and a run, Berserker engaged Lancer. Berserker was seemingly unhampered by the mud created by Adina's song. Each step he took reverted it back to solid land before turning back into its muddy property. It was if the land was obeying Berserker and allowed him to pass by their earthly grasp. Blitzing his way towards Lancer, he came towards a stop before swinging his left arm at Lancer. It was something that humans would call a feint, but in Berserker's case it was more akin to flailing his arm out in hopes that it would stun and confuse his target.

Strength pulsed into Berserker as he wounded up his right arm. The inhumane property of being an phantasmal beast was tapped in and along with his madness that pushed his limits beyond his normal capacities allowed this one earth shaking strike to become even stronger than before. "▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅!" With one movement, Berserker attempted to slam his arm down onto Lancer in an attempt to smash her into red paste. There was no consideration for boy despite to what his master said. All he heard was to hunt and kill Lancer, if it the boy died in the process then that was just natural selection.

At the very least, his taste for blood will be satiated in this cursed world.

Tomb of Gül Baba, District II

His master didn't seem to heed his disappointed howls as she decided to set up some sort of human ritual. However, Berserker detected a presence in the distance, as his master closed in. Someone, something, was nearby. The magical presence of that something was still detectable even when Berserker was astralized. And it could detect him. It made Berserker want to materialize and gnarl on that something's bones and flesh and fight until there was nothing left but a ravaged corpse.

In fact, Berserker was about to materialize and charge right into the hunt. There wasn't any reason his master wouldn't command him to attack whatever that something was in front of her and kill it at this moment. To be able to feel the earth, to smell the air, and to taste the blood of another being's was enough to incite Berserker to salivate if he physically could. Anticipation filled his passion, bloodthirst fueled his desire, and becoming corporeal made him want crave the fight. At his master's word, he was going to charge in and-

"Berserker, hold."

"▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅!"Only to be met with even more disappointment. What was his master doing? There was prey out there, exposed and out in the open for him to hunt. It didn't matter if they were strong or weak, Berserker desperately wanted to gnarl on their bones and tear their flesh apart. The anticipation was killing Berserker and the rage continued to fuel his desire to fight even more. Yet, he did nothing in spite of his feelings, his desires, and his wants being neglected in favor for his master wanting to communicate with his prey.

Yet, there was this feeling that his wishes would soon become fulfilled if he had waited. Yes, all he had to do was wait. After all, Berserker only heard hold, that didn't mean they wouldn't attack.

Tomb of Gül Baba, District II

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This was the only response that Adina would most likely get from a servant like Berserker. Cursed with stupidity along with the inability to understand what the human language was greatly hampered the communication between master and servant. At the very least, Berserker can understand the intent behind his master's words.

Being astralized was highly uncomfortable for the Beast type servant, despite having the incapability to feeling anything when astralized, that Berserker wanted to materialized. It was similar to feeling like a caged animal except exchanging the cage with a void of nothingness. He wanted to prowl the land and feel the grass, the branches, and the trees as he hunted down his prey. Though under orders of his master, he was unable to do so and was left suffering being nox-existence.

His master was a human. Although, she was human something about her felt wrong. Even when he strike out in his pain after being summoned, her reaction felt weird. Though, that didn't concern him. It was most likely normal occurrence that Berserker would never understand. As long as she knew the boundary between him and her, he wouldn't bite her off.

However, his master said something. Whatever it was he was unable to understand but he understood something. It was that something was going to happen or someone was nearby. At the prospect of hunting and existing was enough to exhilarate Berserker.


But before he could even astralize, there was another command that his master issued. It wasn't like he understood what she meant but Berserker was familiar with one word.


At the sound of it, Berserker let his disappointment be known, "▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▅▅!" Berserker bellowed through their mental link but reluctantly obeyed her order. It wasn't like he was unused to this. Somewhere in his mind there was this ingrained feeling that he mustn't disobey his master. He knew not why this feeling existed but shredded into fertilizer.
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I will also partake and may I ask for Berserker?
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