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Yuichi jumped at the sound of broken glass. The student turned to see in the corner of his eye a humanoid woman, if he could call it that, burst through the windows. Words failed to described its figure, but Yuichi could perfectly what he felt at that moment. Fear. "The backdoor." Yuichi suddenly the said. Then with a sudden surge in volume, "GET TO THE BACKDOOR, NOW!" Yuichi screamed. Whatever that that thing was, it wasn't human. They didn't know what it could do, but he had a feeling that they didn't stand a chance at fighting that thing.

Pushing Karou behind him, Yuichi brought up the nozzle of the fire extinguisher. Release the pin, aim it at the monster, and press it down. A gush of foam immediately shot out of the fire extinguisher. The convenience store's front was engulfed foam, which would act like a temporary smokescreen for them to use. "GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!" After the fire extinguinsher seemly ran out of foam, he threw the exntugisher into the foam and turned to follow classmates.

What the hell was that thing? Whatever it was definitely wasn't human. They needed to get out of the area and try to find another place to hide.
There was a momentary lapse of surprise when her punch sent the wolfbear skyrocketing up into the ceiling of the bus. It created a dent in the shape of its form as gravity took the creature back down. The surprise soon turned into courage as she realized somehow that she had a chance to beat the creature. Confident shouldn't be confused with foolishness. "Ah!" Before she had a chance to react, the wolfbear went back to retaliate. Its claws nicked her face when she barely managed to avoid it but failed to avoid the headbutt.

"You think that's going to scare me!" She cried back. This was for Higasa. She went back in. Doing her best to bob and weave from the bear's massive claws, Shun managed to land a few punches. They weren't strong like the first, but they were doing enough to have an impact on the creature. Though, it always ended the same. Again, Shun was repelled by another of the bear's attacks. She slid back and gritted her teeth.

In the corner of her eye, she spotted Higasa. She couldn't tell if he was breathing or not, but there was still a chance that he was still alive. If she managed to survive a headbutt from this abnormal beast, then maybe there was a chance that he could have survived as well. While it was a stretch, foolish optimism was all Shun had going for at the moment. At the very least, she'll get Higasa out of this boss alive.

Though when Shun was about to go in for round three, she heard a familiar voice from behind her. A figure came in fast, sliding beneath both Shun and the wolfbear. "Todokawa!?" That mysterious figure was, in fact, Ayana, and she wasn't playing around. Immediately as she managed to get behind the wolfbear, she jumped onto its back. It reminded Shun of a spider that had managed to find its way onto an unsuspecting person's back. Except Ayana was far deadlier than any spider out there. She immediately bit down on the fur of the wolfbear.

Shun knew that she needed to help Ayana. Even with her strength, Shun was too inexperienced to properly utilize her newfound strength against her opponent. The same must have applied to Ayana as well. But as she went to help gang up on the bear, she heard Ayana's muffled voice. "You can't beat that thing by yourself, Todokawa!" Shun shouted back, though she looked down at where Yuudai lay right beside her. Another crisis went down in Shun's head.

Help Ayana, or Help Yuudai.

The motorcyclist gritted her teeth and pulled Yuudai up with ease. "Get out fast! The bus is gonna blow?" The trickle of gasoline finally made itself noticeable to Shun's nose. Running to the back entrance of the bus, she stopped for a moment. "I'm sorry for this, Yuudai!" 'Gently' as possible, Shun tossed Yuudai outside of the bus and turned back around. Hopefully, she didn't cause any more external injuries. Looking back at Ayana and the wolfbear, she made a quick decision. Shun grabbed the nearest object and pulled it out. It was some sort of pipe, but that was more than enough for this situation. "Todokawa! Heads up!" Stomping her foot down, she raised her arm.

Then release. The sharp iron pipe soared through the air. It aimed straight at the bear's head.
Ah. I guess this is it for me.

Shun thought to herself. The jaws of death are coming to take her life. Time seemed to slow for her as the beast charged right at her. Her vain attempts to blind it were rendered moot, and the beast was faster than any living organism she'd ever witnessed in her life. So, this was what a monster from a portal was like. A beast that couldn't be described in any human values. Faster, stronger, and most likely more intelligent. The strength in her hand had never felt so weak before. There wasn't a way to avoid this. It would end with her in that beast's stomach.

Thoughts of her family flowed through her head. They always warned her about getting herself into a dangerous situation. Things like, "You have to be more careful, Shun," and, "We're just worried, Shun. Can you please stop what you're doing?" In all fairness, their words had merit. They were doing their jobs as parents, loving and caring for their children. Shun never listened to them, but she did love them as well. It was a shame that she couldn't talk to them one last time.

Satoshi-Chan as well. Her moped that she's had for a couple of months. It would have been nice driving her child around the town one last time. The breeze flowed through her hair as she left a trail of dust behind. Perhaps she would have let one of her classmates, Higasa maybe, experience that wild feeling that made her heartbeat. Too bad that Satoshi-chan would probably be left to rust now that her mother was dead.

Right, her classmates. Hopefully, they would be able to get out of this alive. While she didn't pay much attention to them, they were people she had known for almost a year. When she died, Shun hoped that they'd be able to get over her death quickly. Being the reason for people lagging behind was depressing. It'd be nice if Higasa wrote a poem about her death. Shun was curious about what he could muster.

Well, goodbye, guys.

Shun's eyes closed as she braced for impact. However, it did not come from the two-hundred-pound beast from her front. It came from her side. "Ah!" Shun screamed aloud. Her body tumbled onto the grass along with her fragile branch. Shun's barely had enough time to open her eyes to see Higasa fly inside along with the wolf bear inside of the smoking bus.

For the first time, she froze. "H-H-Higasa?" Shun's voice spoke. It was the first time her voice came at a lower pitch and the first time she stuttered. Higasa had pushed out of the way and took the wolf bear in her stead. In the corner of her eyes, she saw multiple students darting off in different directions of the forest. Some were even vainly trying to subdue one of the bears, piling on top of the bear to wrestle it onto the ground.

Why didn't he run? This would have been the perfect time for Higasa to run away along with everyone else. Why did he have to save her? She didn't ask to be saved, but neither did she want to die. Shun's briefly thought about the time on that rainy night. It was so dark outside that she accidentally crashed into a railing when her bike hit a big rock along the road. Her arms and legs were scraped, and she felt like she had somehow twisted her ankle. Then Higasa came. He helped her up and offered her shelter on his family's farm. While it was quite stinky, Shun had always felt touched by that act of kindness.

Despite her previous pessimism about their chances of death being extraordinarily high, Shun refused to believe that Higasa was dead. Her heart burned with unknown heat. Something had turned on the ignition in her body. Was it rage? Was it anguish? Either way, that goddamn six-eyed bear was going to pay for it. "Higasa!" Shun screamed aloud. Immediately getting back on her feet, she immediately rushed to enter from the back of the bus herself. Her body felt nimble, her muscles felt like they were bursting with strength, and her senses felt like they were taking in things that were unknown to her.

She felt like she could take on the world.

But most of all.

Shun felt like she could mutilate that goddamn bear.

Climbing up to the door, Shun spotted the bear straight ahead of her. "HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Without any thought, her body flew straight at the bear. Shun had no weapon in her hands, nor did she have a plan to take down the bear. Well, if her plan involved one action, then. "HAAAAAAAAA!" In one movement, she stomped right in front of the bear, and her body turned. With all of her momentum, she threw a punch at the bear.
Well, Kauro had a sense of humor. The words of jest helped Yuichi lighten up in the bizarre situation where death was an evident possibility. It was still beyond him how Kauro was still calm, but it was probably best if one of them stayed level-headed. The Cashier and himself weren't doing too well, seeing as they were sweating enough to fill buckets. Moreso, the Cashier rather than himself. It seemed like the Cashier was taking this worse than him. Maybe because he was stressed out from working at his part-time job? Yuichi had a few friends that often complained about customers at their workplace.

"Hmmm," Yuichi grunted at Kauro's reassurance. He could agree with Kauro on that sentiment.

A high pitch scream came from outside of the store. Yuichi's eyes darted toward the sound, and he raised his arm in preparation to throw the object at whatever was coming at them. Fortunately, it seems that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, a student splatted right in front of them. Yuichi paled at the sight of the now corpse. This student came from the same school as them judging by his uniform. Did that mean that they were going to end up like that as well?

The Cashier's voice snapped him out of his shock. He seemingly shared the same sentiment as well. "It'll be alright. We'll get out of this alive." Yuichi said with the strongest voice he could. The taller male placed his hand on the Cashier's shoulder to reassure him, just like Kauro had done to him earlier. They would get out of this. Dying wasn't an option.

"Then we either say here or leave." Either option didn't sound too entirely great. The Cashier at least had a key for the store, but the convenience store didn't have too many places to hide without any windows. "Then we should move, shouldn't we?" Yuichi finally stated after a moment of contemplation. "We don't know if there's anyone else who will come to help us or if this will all end eventually." Then Yuichi brought up his phone. "Maybe the app will help us? If it brought us here, maybe we can try to find a way to make it bring us back."
Shun jerked up at the sudden sound of branches being crushed and the sound of heavy footsteps. The only one who was relatively interacting with the environment was Rin. The middle schooler turned her head around, earning a faint hit of nausea from turning too fast, and saw what was happening. A bear with multiple eyes was attacking Rin. Maki tried to help by throwing a kick at the bear, but Shun had other problems to deal with.

Mainly dealing with a bear that was coming both at Yuudai and her.

"Higasa!" Shun shouted out in a warning. Her hand grabbed a fist full of dirt and threw it at the menacing beast's eyes. She needed to attract its attention. If anything, she hoped that the beast wasn't dirt immune. Unless the eyes were dirt-repellant, Shun thought that at least she could blind the beast. "Hey, you four-eyed teddy bear! Over here!" She screamed to get its attention.

A feeling of catharsis washed over her as she stared at the monstrosity. Now that she had a good look at it, the mutant bear looked incredibly cool. Her classmates might think otherwise, but perhaps this was going to be the time of her life. The chances of her dying were high, but she had already accepted those terms. The world wasn't some sort of manga where they could overcome everything through the usage of an author's pen. If Shun was going to die, then she would make the most of it.

Shun took a few steps back from the bear and backed up closer to the flaming car. On the way, she picked up the longest branch she could find and dragged it against the floor. "You want more! I can make a nasty dirt pie, dung face!" She needed the right opportunity. If she had tried hard enough, maybe she could have collided with the bus and attack it with the branch. While it seemed like a stupid idea, Shun was welcoming to such ideas.
"How lame..." Shun grumbled as she hopped off of the smoking truck. There was a brief wonder if Rin could return the truck to its proper glory. It was quickly shut down as it was brought up because of the lack of necessary equipment and damage. While Rin was a prodigy when it came to mechanics, some things were not fixable unless she were a super mechanic! In that case, Rin had a definite chance of fixing this poor girl up.

Though as Shun began to settle down, something hit in the head. It wasn't anything physical or mental. In fact, it was already there by the time she woke up. "Ugh..." Her head felt like pins were being driven through her skull. The light was nauseous to look at. Wave exhaustion crashed into her. The adrenalin seemed to have faded away once there was no immediate danger. Though despite faltering from the effects, Shun stood strong and straightened herself up. She could endure it.

It was time to address the fact that they were in a portal. A single glance at their environment could tell anyone that wherever they were, it wasn't Earth, which excited Shun, though it was slightly hampered by her concussion. It was still going to be a grand experience of adventure and survival. However, the start was going to be tough. Even Shun could realize the severity of their situation. Most of the students were hurt or injured, the only adult was dead, and she could hear Akito being an ass.

However, she perked up when she heard Yuudai's voice. "Ah me? I'm doing a-okay, Higasa!" As she gave a thumbs up to the buzzcut student. Even though she wasn't feeling exactly well, she wanted to look strong in front of everybody. Otherwise, it'd be a bit of a downer if even she was unwell. "Eh? Is it called the Nobel Peace Poetry? How many trophies are there-" Shun immediately shut herself up when Yuudai began to make up a poem.

It was...

Nothing? Shun didn't get what poetry was all about. Writing and reading words wasn't her thing, after all. "Wow, to think you can even make up a poem right now." She was impressed, though.

Regardless of that, she wanted to know their situation. Inaba, the twins, and Higasa seemed perfect well and assumed that Sato was also fine. Endo, on the other hand, last time she checked, seemed to be in a complete wreck, however. "How is everyone doing, aside from Akito, Higasa?" Shun asked him. "Is everyone gathering up right now? Knowing Class prez, he'd probably gather everyone to some sort of meeting." Shun chuckled at the thought.
Yuichi Miyasato

Nodding to Kauro's command, Yuichi followed it to a T. Though, Yuichi felt this wasn't to be resolved quietly. If Kauro's insane theories were true, and given the context of the situation, were probably true, then Yuichi doubted this would be the only creature that was roaming out of the streets. "Cashier-san. Take the meat tenderizer for yourself. I'll figure out something for myself."

Yuichi doubted he could effectively use the meat tenderizer to its fullest potential, though when the Cashier said something about the fire extinguisher, he nodded. Slowly walking behind the counter, he picked up the fire extinguisher. It was slightly heavy, but Yuichi was accustomed to heavier objects when he was still in training.

"Cashier-san. Hattori and I will keep watch on the door. Can you take a peak outside to see if there's anything out there too?" Yuichi suggested to the Cashier. Out of them all, it seemed like the Cashier would have difficulties in his current state. Not that it mattered since whatever was outside could probably murder them in seconds.

"So what's your theory now, Hattori?" Yuichi said as he dropped the honorifics. With this situation being as tense as is, he doubted honorifics mattered at the moment. He continued while lowering his voice. "Do you think the devil's coming back to drag humanity into hell, or is this god's punishment on the populace for not heeding his word?" A sarcastic tone could be traced in Yuichi's words as he slowly backed up. Though after a few moments, he frowned and looked gloomy. "Never mind. I shouldn't have said that. Sorry.
Cervantes Quixote

"Very well, Mr. Verdan. If you do require assistance, here's my business card." Cervantes said as he drew out a card from his jacket and placed it on the counter. It seemed formal to print out a variety of cards for his business. That and the school's market was big enough by itself; it would sometimes be hard to pinpoint the exact location of Cervantes's shop. "Take care, Mr. Verdan. I pray that your business booms in the next few days." With that, Cervantes left the shop. Mr. Verdan needed all the help he could get after all.

Cervantes closed the door, not that it mattered since the shop was partially destroyed, and began to walk down the street. "Whew, what a day." Wiping his brow of sweat, Cervantes tried to calculate his next move. It might take a little while for Jacob Verdan to open his shop again. From taking account of the missing animals, the cost of repairs, and the amount of time that it required to do them, it would take a week or two for Jacob Verdan to open his shop again. "What a shame. I was looking to buy a creature for myself."

The merchant wasn't a fan of pets, but he didn't dislike them either. The responsibility of taking care of another organism felt too heavy for him to bare in the other world, so Cervantes avoided adopting one. Now, the circumstances were different. Cervantes needed protection. The market clearly wasn't safe from what Cervantes had seen earlier, not to mention the unknowable fate of his future. If he were to overcome it, he'd need to be as prepared as possible.

'Though was Jacob Verdan in the game?' Cervantes thought to himself. He had a lot of game knowledge when it came to Cross Heart Academy. Jacob Verdan must have played some sort of crucial role in the game, considering he was the pet vendor. If Cervantes remembered correctly, there was also a route that played similarly to Pokemon. He had watched a few speedruns before but didn't retain much since the content was rather lackluster in the merchant's eyes. A frown graced Cervante's face, but he pressed on. Jacob Verdan was most likely an important NPC regardless, in comparison to Cervantes, who went nameless in the game.

His eyes darted to a few familiar figures. Reginald, the maid, and a few others. They seemed to be doing their own thing, and Cervantes had his own thing to do. Heading straight to his shop, Cervantes wanted to write up that help request for the bulletin board. The market was probably going to be slow during the day, thanks to the market, which meant that Cervantes didn't have much to do.
Yuichi Miyasato

Yuichi looked at the cashier and then at Kauro. Back at the cashier and then at Kauro. It took Yuichi a long time to process Kauro's theories and speculation on what was going on. Was the app out to kill them? How was it going to kill them? More importantly, why was it going to kill them?! Kauro's theories and conjectures only added more questions to Yuichi's mind as he couldn't properly understand what the orange hair man was saying. "Wait, hold on a second." Yuichi let go of Kauro's shoulder and held up his hands.

"I get that the app might have a connection to the recent disappearances late. I understand that all the coincidences are connected, but..." Yuichi had a frown on his face. "The proverbial chopping block? Don't you think that's a bit much?" How the hell was this guy popular again? It took a lot of restraint from Yuichi to fully voice out his thoughts, but he continued. "Even if it's an alternate future or a parallel dimension, you have no proof for it. I think it'd be best if we'd keep the theories down for now."

Ah, that's right, he forgot to introduce himself. It was better to know the names of the people who were afflicted by the same plight that he had been under. "My apologies; I forgot to introduce myself. My name is-" Yuichi stopped stone cold as he could feel some sort of wave flow through him. The purple-haired boy didn't have to turn around to confirm what had happened. Yet, he still did it out of foolishness.

Blood seemed to leak through the doors of the convenience store. Yuichi took a few steps back and ended up bumping into Kauro, who was right behind him. There was something beyond the windows. Whatever it was, Yuichi wasn't going to find out what. "Cashier-san." In a quiet yet booming voice, Yuichi looked over toward Kazama. "Where's the back exit?"
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