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I guess I'll throw my hat in. I'm not doing much anyways.
Are we going to wait for Sifr?
The Davil's apparition darted out of the clinic when Chunji processed what the receptionist said. Chunji highly doubted that Davil was healthy even after consuming a few of his potions. "Davil Wund appears to have left a long time ago, and judging by your reaction, it seems that either he left before your shift or talked to someone who didn't bother to document his release." How odd. Chunji turned and bowed his head to the receptionist.

"I will be taking my leave. If there is any need to document my leave, I'll address it later." The consequences weren't of little matter; the apparition was getting away. Chunji sprinted after the afterimage. The whole situation was strange. How was the receptionist unaware of Davil's departure? Who was Davil talking to if it wasn't the receptionist? How long has it been since Davil left the clinic?

It was odd, too odd even. Chunji tried to figure out why Davil had left. Did the healing magic that he cast onto Davil have a strange effect? It is highly doubtful, as previous tests usually resulted in high volumes of pain. Was Davil trying to attend the attunement ceremony? There was a chance, but Chunji's experience with Rio dampened the possibility. That left Chunji with a pessimistic conclusion.

Davil held a dark secret. Everything led to that conclusion. Emelie's fake leg, Rio's aggression, Steeler's query, and many more instances only proved that conclusion.

Chunji prayed to the Lotus Serpent that when he found Davil, he wouldn't have to deal with the situation that Hildegrunde ran into when she chased after Steeler. He was already straining himself trying to find Davil; a fight afterward would be unideal.
It was odd. From the flimsy doors that allowed him passage to the vacant bed missing its patient. Empty vials littered on the desk left red traces of their residue. Chunji thought the haphazard consumption of potions was rather detrimental to the body's healthm. Moreso that the potions themselves were unlabeled. The wrong ingredients could spell the worst of sickness. Though that brought up a question. Did Davil dabble in alchemy? The skill would be surprising to the generally careless Davil, but impressive if he did make these potions.

Though, he should really focus on the subject of where Davil had disappear too. Chunji's eyes narrowed as he looked around the room. From the ceiling to the bed, it seemed Davil had truly disappeared from the room.

There was a moment that he considered activating his Ethos, but decided against it. If he had learned back at Alto's lesson then it meant he couldn't rely on his Ethos on all sitautions. That and the potential risk of using Ethos after attunement. That meant he had use other means to locate the missing patient. "Receptionist! I do not see the patient in his room. To remedy this I will be using magic to locate the missing person." Chunji called from the room. Better to tell the receptionist what he was doing.

Chunji clasped his hands together to perform a spell.

"风。风。风。(Wind. Wind. Wind)

逆流而上,追寻命运的轨迹。(Reverse the flow, following the path of destiny)

展现天空的可能性。(Show the possibilities of the Sky)

999年9月25日 (September Twenty-Fifth Day Nine-Hundred Ninty-Nine Year)

重播" (Replay).

Finishing the spell with a few hand signs, Chunji hummed to himself. The spell required a necessary karma established between Davil and himself. Thankfully, he had healed Davil, so the spell would be quite effective. A spirit apparition that resembled Davil's shape manifested on the bed. It would enact Davil's actions and hopefully lead Chunji in on a clue to where Davil had gone.


Is Chunji able to identify the potions, either from general knowledge or context clues such as labels, by examining them? If Chunji were to look outside the window, would he be able to spot Davil?

The medical receptionist is going to have a headache lol.
How will the Fight operate anyways? Will it be like Psyker and Estylwen duking it out like a 1x1 independent from the three of us?
Chunji pursued his lips when the security man left the clinic. It was more so of him smoking inside the clinic rather than the insinuation that Chunji would be like his fellow classmates. It was a possibility considering his class's track record that he would be become collateral damage, but Chunji was confident in his skills to at least mend his wounds.

"Yes, that would be greatly appreciated." Chunji nodded towards the receptionist. Not being able to visit Steeler was shame, as Chunji wanted to discuss about Rio, but it could be left at another time. The goal of his visit could still be partially be fulfilled. Chunji pressed his Adapa against the clinic's Adapa.

"I intend to visit here from time to time. If allowed may I observe the practices of the clinic in the foreseeble future?" Chunji would have fix his schedule at a later time. For today, he'd ask and leave. He needed to see Davil and afterwards head to Professor Lumyr's workshop. It was best to start learning now rather than later.

With that all said in done, he walked over towards Davil's room. With proper manners, he knocked on the door. "May I come in Davil?" Chunji asked behind the door. Chunji needed inquire the causes of Davil's injuries and what extent did he contributed onto his classmate.
Through all the conspiracies and schemes,

Chunji stands alone in his to become a graduate.
I forgot. Was the Duel mandatory to attend and did everyone receive a notification for it?
Rain Check?
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