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"...If that is the conclusion, very well." Chunji didn't bother to argue against the class's decision. It was pointless, and he understood their reasoning. Nothing could be done now, and Chunji had searched everywhere for the Wund. Overall, it was a personal failure on Chunji's part for being unable to fulfill his role. He would need to redouble his efforts so this would never happen again.

Yes, it was not an option.

He would need to reassess his evaluations of his classmates. While Chunji didn't consider himself morally upright, a few of his classmates were darker than him. Otis and Ciara didn't seem too bothered with Davil's disappearance. Otis did provide clear reasoning with solid evidence, and Ciara was the type to follow Otis's lead. Iraleth's opinion correlated to her general demeanor, so her assessment didn't need to be changed.

Chunji turned to face the woods as Alto returned them to the classroom. Once verdant trees were soon colored with crimson fires. The forest soon turned into a wildfire as every vine that stitched it together snapped. It was clear to Chunji that this was the original state of the leyline. A burning home with its folk turning into ash. Alto wrestled the leyline under his control and melded it to his magic. That was the leyline overchange technique.

However, as they returned to the classroom, Chunji was not surprised by the lack of a present Davil. "As expected, since Davil wasn't inside the leyline, he wasn't returned with us. I wonder where he went?" Chunji stated. The last part was meant for Alto if Chunji didn't hear his howl of pain. Turning to Alto, walked over and knelt beside him. Hildegrund's bullet had met its mark.

With his still active, strained eyes, Chunji peered into the wound and began to provide immediate first aid. The legs had vital arteries that circulated blood in them. If one of them were damaged, then blood loss could prove to be a fast death. Chunji would have to remove the bullet and heal the injury before Alto's condition became crucial.

His worries were unneeded. Alto's flesh began to regenerate and started to push the bullet out itself. Once the bullet had been pushed out, Chunji wrapped a bandage around his kneecap. Looking up to Alto, Chunji asked a question. "Do you know what happened to Davil is?" There showed a lack of concern in Chunji's as he followed up with another question.

"Additionally, are today's class concluded? As you've said, the attunement ceremony is at ten."

Chunji use his Ethos on Alto's leg wound. How bad is it? Did it hit an artery?
Did Ayana have to be so dramatic? Shun bit her lip. Declaring that if the validity of her words was false, it would result in an execution seemed a bit much to Shun. At least everyone was taking her with more than a bucket of salt. However, did Ayana have to dump that bucket of salt onto her?

Shun clenched her fists as she heard Masato's not-so-subtle jab at her actions. She would've just facsimiled his face if she hadn't had a piece of mind. It wasn't like she was unsuccessful; she killed all those bastards and unintentionally supplied the camp with meat. Maybe a kick in the head would re-orient his thought process and make him appreciate her more.

"Hey! I would've lasted longer if I focused on myself more!" Shun protested childishly. It wasn't even her intention to survive. Whether or not the group of beasts were there, she would've traveled deeper into the forest and never been seen again.

Being made into an example was worse than receiving a lecture. Shun's expression darkened as another argument was taking place. An election. Masato or Ayana. Asahi's decision to try and reach the mountain top. Everything was getting into Shun's head, much to her displeasure. It was just like last night. Her missing energy started to come back to her as she shouted a protest against Asahi's mention of her name.

She should get out of here. The arguments were starting to become a headache. Shun wasn't a mediator, and she wasn't a negotiator. Nobody would take her seriously, what was the point of her being here? "Then just leave, Asahi." Shun casually said as she got up from her resting place. "For a person who wants to leave, you talk a lot." After stretching her arms, she looked over to the lake.

"Tell me if we do hold an election. I'm going to look at the lake." Shun said. She turned around to look at Ayana before returning her gaze to the lake. If Ayana needed her help, Going out alone was impossible, not that she was feeling it, since someone was probably going to keep an eye on her.

"I'm so not feeling it." Shun muttered to herself.
We're slinging spells.

Also Otis is cold, yet unsurpisingly. Good thing, Chunji's not one to judge though.
Chunji's eyes strained as he comprehended the artificial leyline itself. An unfamiliar method that caused an exertion that made his eyes. He could feel the blood in his eyes rushing as he tried to comprehend the leyline. However, when he did, Chunji felt empty inside.

Ah, so that's what Artificial Leylines were fueled by.

The 'humans' who appeared before him and those within the leyline were the same. All of them died to an executioner's blade, and their remnants remained to haunt this leyline. Were they figments of memories constructed in their likeness, or were they souls trapped into stitching this artificial line together? It didn't make a difference to Chunji. The usage of this leyline was purely unethical to life itself.

Chunji detested it.

Regardless of his thoughts, the situation was changing in front of him. The endless hordes started to drown in the Spawn's mud. It was thriving under the endless supply of food that wandered into its body without hesitation. Behind him, he could hear the sounds of battle fade into cries of victory. Well, victory to his ears anyway. Ms. Steeler was complaining about something, and Chunji didn't care to know what.

He needed to return the Spawn to its seedbed.

Utilizing their deep connection through blood, Chunji prodded the Spawn to return back into the pool of spilled blood. At first, it resisted for a moment before obliging to his call. Not bothering with reconstructing its form, the muddy serpent simply slid into the pool of blood, disappearing as if it were as deep as a lake. A sigh of relief was released from Chunji. It was as if a burden had been lifted off of his shoulders.

The Spawn seemed satisfied with his summon as Chunji gave a cursory glance at his body. Nothing seemed to change, which was good. Seeing things ended well, Chunji was glad he didn't summon a Stem.

Applying some healing magic onto his wrists, Chunji wrapped it securely with a couple of bandages. As he stood up, Chunji stumbled for a bit before straightening his posture. The amount of blood he lost was severe; a couple of days of rest would be needed to neutralize the loss. Now, he needed to check on Davil. Chunji's eyes flitted around the area before realizing a fact.

He wasn't there. In fact, he wasn't even here.

Confusion soon turns into alarm. "Professor! Don't close the leyline! I don't see Davil anywhere!" It was impossible. Davil was right behind him earlier. He didn't enter his periphery, so that meant he had to disappear between Chunji and the rest of the class. Looking up to the sky, he only saw Otis up in the sky. How was this possible? It was the first time his Ethos had lost track of someone. Chunji came up with only one conclusion.

The leyline itself. Could Davil have found a way to enter the leyline's memories? It seemed impossible, but that was Chunji's only guess. With strained eyes once more, Chunji peered deep inside the leyline once more. He is specifically trying to find Davil this time around. Diluted tears started to well up as he began his search.
Damn, he better not pull some Alice in Wonderland hole on us.
Shun laid quietly on the 'mat' that hardly gave her any comfort. Her body was still recovering from the fight against the beast squad, but she was healthy enough to move around. It was still a novelty as she remembered the memories of broken bones only to wake up to be relatively okay. Though as much as she would have liked to test the limits of her recovered body, she couldn't.

Masato was in the room with her.

She had made awkward contact with him when she barely opened her eyes and quickly shut them. The last thing she wanted was to talk to someone from camp, espescially if that person was Masato. Shun could already imagine all the things he would say and she wasn't going to have any of it. Thankfully, Masato was the type to read the room. She was certain that he'd stay quiet and leave her alone as she pretended to sleep.

That left her with time to think on what happens next.

After avenging Yuudai, Shun didn't particularly mind dying in this world. Despite her near death experience, Shun was far from fearful. If anything, she wouldn't have mind dying as long as it contained a trace of fun. But now that her main reason for staying alive was gone, Shun felt a little empty inside. What was going to happen next now that she had killed the monsters?

The only left thing to do was follow Ayana. That was the only thing Shun had left now that her main drive was gone. She was her only friend and the one that did come to retrieve her battered body. Shun had enough conscience to be grateful for that. But how was Ayana going to do it? How was she going to bring them home with some strange stone?
Chunji frowned. The enemies were still coming in droves despite the summoned Spawn thrashing itself amongst the group. It seemed having the Spawn rampage wasn't enough to stop them. If he couldn't stop them, then he'd have to pull out an alternative. Chunji covered his bloody wrist to halt the profuse bleeding. With another foreign word, he commanded the Spawn.

"花田 - 大蛇莲"

The Spawn let out soundless roar through its undeveloped vocal muscles. The Serpent coiled up and sprang up into the air. It came crashing into the ground, and throwing mud and grass everywhere. The Serpent disappeared down into the Earth before suddenly the land started to shift. What was once had been a relatively grassland, soon became a muddy marsh.

As the Spawn was only a newborn, it couldn't perform the command to its fullest, though this would be enough.

Anything that traversed through the mud would start rapidly sinking down into the Earth. The marsh acted as if it was sentinent and constantly tried to consume more and more. With being consumed, the marsh steadily grew as it feasted upon the humans.

If only he had spawned a stalk rather than a spawn. Chunji imagined that a Stalk would have performed better, but he have to do with the Spawn.

Where were these enemies materializing from? He couldn't channel the Serpent forever and he didn't know the progress on the fight with Professor Alto. If only there was a way to attack the leyline and disrupt the support it offered to Professor Alto.

Perceive beyond what the eyes can tell. Chunji hadn't tried this before, but he was going to try to observe the Overcharged Leyline. When he was younger, he would have used his Ethos on the Earth from time to time. The visual information that Chunji received would have more often than not, knocked him out from sheer mental pain. Though this was different. This wasn't an all-encompassing world, but rather a forced stage that wasn't even a spech of the Earth.

He needed to know, he needed to presevere. Chunji wasn't going to let Rio's anger be the reason that he'd be stuck in a clinic.
Chunji and Ciara: We're not Umbralist Gang

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