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might your roommate be your mom?
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I can't eat anything when I'm in a severe depressive state. Everything tastes like stomach acid...
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It really hasn't... and I'd say to let people do what they want but it's actually not doing the site well.
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Like, if you want to get yourself off go watch XXX videos or read Y/N smut fics


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I'll see if I can some up with something maybe
Closed for now. :)

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my partner search! My name is Marlowe and I am a twenty-eight-and-a-half year old woman living in the States. I have been writing for about fifteen years now-- crazy, I know --and I am currently locked in a desperate battle with completing the final draft of my novel. A little bit more about me: I am an English teacher at a high school and am presently teaching just over a hundred 9th graders. I have a lot of pets-- three dogs, a cockatiel, a bearded dragon, and a ball python --and want to have more some day.

Truth be told, my love for writing has taken quite a blow recently. Combined with the frequent ghosting and lack of interesting plots being posted across many roleplay sites, I took a hiatus of about four months, which led to me getting into DnD and going through kind of a rebrand. Which, of course, drove me into making a new 1x1 thread to see if I can find new partners and make new friends. Yippee!

In any case, I look forward to writing with you if you're still interested after reading through the thread and sifting through my ideas!

Please read through my preferences carefully! It's a must if you want to be a good match with me! :>

⸙ Please be 18+ of age. Since I'm 28, I'm only comfortable with writing with people who are of age. Sorry!

⸙ I expect my roleplays to have an equal balance of plot and smut.

⸙ I don't do canonxcanon or canonxocs.

⸙ Please don't ghost me. If you no longer wish to write with me, just shoot me a message. I won't be frustrated with you, promise! It's much better to be honest than leaving me in the blue.

⸙ Please have proper vocabulary/grammar. We all make mistakes as we write, but I don't want to have to squint or get a headache when I'm trying to read your posts. I also usually post around 200-400 words (or more!) using several paragraphs so it'd be nice to have a partner that did the same.

⸙ Post at least once or twice a week. Posting frequently keeps me interested in our stories. If you can't post for a while, please let me know.

⸙ I prefer to roleplay over PMs.

⸙ Our stories must have romance in them (MxF or MxM). I'm not currently looking for plots featuring platonic relationships. As for main pairings, I prefer MxF and sometimes MxM. I'm willing to double for my partners if they're willing to do the same for me and I'm able to write both male and female characters.

⸙ OCxOCs only. This might change at some point, so keep an eye out.

⸙ I want partners who will plot AND chat with me! I don't want to be the only one dragging the plot along or be the only one who is excited to talk about the story and characters. Please, I want you to be as excited as I am and willing to work with me!

⸙ Regarding character sheets. I don't really require detailed character sheets for 1x1s. However, I do ask that you provide an anime or anime-like face-claim, name, age, personality, and what not. I will do the same.

⸙ My ideas and pairings. If you don't see anything below that matches your preferences, you can reach out to me and toss me your ideas instead. But please keep them as close as possible to mine! I won't do something completely and drastically different.

⸙ REGARDING THE PLOTS BELOW... I prefer playing the female role in the plots below. However, I am more than willing to double and play a male for a female character of yours.

⸙ Enemies to lovers
⸙ Friends to enemies to lovers
⸙ Angst
⸙ Adventuring
⸙ Slow burn
⸙ Love at first sight
⸙ Sappy love stories laced with tragedy and angst
⸙ Arranged marriage
⸙ ~ Magic ~

Plots marked with a ⸙ are the ones I crave the most!

POKEMON ⸙ ⸙ ⸙ ⸙: I actually have several ideas for a Pokemon 1x1. Our characters can be adventurers that just set out on their journey, only for their adventure to go off the deep end; our characters can be elite trainers, gym leaders, or even elite four members who have to deal with a dangerous situation; our characters can be part of Team Rocket or some other nefarious plot, or something of the sort; or we can have a story take place in a medieval setting without Pokeballs and instead focusing on good ol' Pokemon wrangling and war.

GENSHIN IMPACT ⸙ ⸙ ⸙: My character and your character are childhood friends that joined the Fatui at an early age. Years pass, and just before our characters are to become Harbingers, my character decides to flee to who knows where. Ten years fly by, and my character has taken up a new mantle for herself and has become a well-known adventuring sellsword in Teyvat. What will happen when she clashes blades with none other than her childhood friend?

HONKAI STAR RAIL ⸙ ⸙ ⸙: What's better than anime space opera with a whole helping of danger, angst, and romance?

PERSONA ⸙ ⸙: Something in the Persona universe would be great, but with older characters and a different plot line than in the games.

FIRE EMBLEM: Original setting or not, I'd love to roleplay a band of adventuring goobers that set out to slay a villain or two.

FINAL FANTASY: I'd prefer to roleplay something in the realms of FF14 for something FF related.

Plots marked with a ⸙ are the ones I crave the most!

AN EMPEROR'S ROSE ⸙ ⸙ ⸙: My character is arranged to marry your character in order to keep the continent's peace. As an individual without an ounce of magic in her body, she is poised to the perfect wife... but not long after they consummate their marriage, my character discovers that she is a vessel of extremely powerful and forbidden magic. Her new home and husband are set to become perhaps the dominant force in the entire continent. As tension mounts, will your character decide to use his wife for his own benefit, or will he fight to keep her magic a secret?

DRAGONS ⸙ ⸙: I have several plots for this category, but they all revolve around the original race that I've created. We can focus on dragon hunters, dragon riders (whose mounts are there against their will), or dragon characters living on a continent that is on the brink of war. Hit me up with your ideas!

MAGE MAFIA: Set in modern Japan. Not much magic exists in the world; it mostly exists in magically gifted individuals called mages who are only able to cast spells thanks to a small, marble-like construct that materialized in the core of their bodies before they were born. Families of mages formed in Japan decades ago and wars flourished amongst them. Lives were spent and bad blood still churns between them today. It probably doesn't help that someone is going around indiscriminately slaughtering mages and stealing their Pearls. Blood is sure to be spilled as a vengeful war broils once again.

It was extremely difficult not to let out a sigh. She almost felt bad for the poor fellow– she wondered how long he was going to survive on the continent without anyone self-aware holding him by the talons. Despite everything, she shook her head sadly at him. He just didn’t get it, did he? She could only hope that he caught the gist of things soon, unless…

Well, if there was anything that SandWings were half-decent at, it was good timing. Bluemoon stared at the guard that had placed himself between her and Hemlock. Oh, this wasn’t good. ”I apologize, but this is my friend you’re messing with. What do you even want with him?” she asked as she raised a wing towards the brightly colored dragon. What she said was a blatant lie– Hemlock was far from her friend. At most, he was an acquaintance, one that she was responsible for for the span of the night. She had to get him back home, and safe. On top of everything, it wasn’t like Hemlock had done anything wrong. Was he foolish? Yes. Did he talk too much? That, too. But did he do anything to upset the guards..? She doubted it.

Bluemoon swallowed a hard lump in her throat before narrowing her eyes at the SandWing that placed his stinger under Hemlock’s chin. If it slipped, it would certainly prick his flesh. She flared her wings, a large scowl spreading over her maw. ”You have no reason to bother us. Let us go.”

”Ohohoh,” purred a dark-scaled SandWing that slunk forward from their formation. Her teeth glittered in the dim moonlight and her nostrils flared angrily as she padded closer. ”Looks like we’ve got ourselves a bug-lover. Why don’t we teach both of them a lesson, huh?”

The purr in the guard’s throat darkened into a dangerous growl. Bluemoon turned to look at her completely as her mouth began to grumble a reply– but before she knew it, the wind was knocked out of her and she was thrown to the floor. She gasped in surprise and attempted to scrabble to her feet, but she felt a paw press down against her neck and the cold sensation of steel against her chest.

”What are you–?!” Bluemoon started, but her voice became trapped right where the talons tightened around her gullet. Spluttering as she felt more claws clasp onto her, Bluemoon’s heart thumped wildly in her ribcage. Three moons, what was happening?! Had Gila already sent her lackeys after them? She heaved her head towards Hemlock and coughed out a single command with all of the energy she could muster. RUN!

Any more room?
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@NuttsnBolts I know it's frustrating for everyone, not just me, but is there any way that he can just revoke privileges.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 11 mos ago Forum: News
Frankly I feel it's very irresponsible/selfish of Mahz to not let anyone try to help when he doesn't even stick around for more than a month and lets the forum rot without him.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 11 mos ago Forum: News
Honestly with the way he keeps constantly disappearing that's the first thing you guys should have done.

MENTIONS: Everyone

Neve couldn’t help but allow a small smile when she saw Goug’s eyes twinkle at Arton’s words. She hoped that he remembered to keep that promise. If not, she would buy him the treats herself. Her smile faded, however, when Izayoi spoke. She had almost forgotten that they had stepped foot upon an old battleground, and Izayoi was the bane of many Edrenians in her prime. After a moment of thought, she gave her a nod of agreement. Mother forbid that someone found out who she was. Neve wasn’t sure if she wanted to find out what would happen if they did.

The conversation moved on to Galahad’s parents, then coffee shops. For some reason, meeting one of their parents was exciting, especially if they were as important as they sounded. For some reason, the dragoon didn’t seem to be excited as he should be to be in his hometown, but she didn’t question it. Eliane was excited to try out the coffee shops and Neve giggled when the red-haired woman stated that she wanted to spend weeks trying out each shop.

”I think we deserve to have a little break after what happened last night. It would be nice to sample the coffee shops,” Neve found herself chiming in for some reason, but her voice drifted off near the end of her words.. Oh, maybe she shouldn’t really give suggestions if the party was divided on what to do next. Thunder rumbled above them, and she glanced away towards the stores that lined the streets. ”At the very least, we should find some shelter. There’s a coffee store right over there…”

She motioned at a larger, two-story cafe with an open dining area on the second floor. It seemed like a hospitable-enough place, with large pots of flowers decorating the storefront. A strong aroma of vanilla and coffee beans wafted through the air and cut through the acrid smell that wafted through the air.

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