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On an indefinite hiatus.
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Man it sucks when you get into a game series and it's so niche that there's like 0 fanart of it
4 mos ago
The only other roleplay sites I know are Iwaku (which is dead) and RPN (which is more or less the same things when it comes to 1x1s)
4 mos ago
I miss the people I used to 1x1 with so long ago. Nowadays the 1x1 Search Forum is just filled with weird stuff and OCxCanon. No I will not roleplay Zhongli for your mary-sue character, dammit!
4 mos ago
I did my first round of deep editing then sent it to the beta readers. Just waiting on them now but I'm impatient to start the sequel


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It was extremely difficult not to let out a sigh. She almost felt bad for the poor fellow– she wondered how long he was going to survive on the continent without anyone self-aware holding him by the talons. Despite everything, she shook her head sadly at him. He just didn’t get it, did he? She could only hope that he caught the gist of things soon, unless…

Well, if there was anything that SandWings were half-decent at, it was good timing. Bluemoon stared at the guard that had placed himself between her and Hemlock. Oh, this wasn’t good. ”I apologize, but this is my friend you’re messing with. What do you even want with him?” she asked as she raised a wing towards the brightly colored dragon. What she said was a blatant lie– Hemlock was far from her friend. At most, he was an acquaintance, one that she was responsible for for the span of the night. She had to get him back home, and safe. On top of everything, it wasn’t like Hemlock had done anything wrong. Was he foolish? Yes. Did he talk too much? That, too. But did he do anything to upset the guards..? She doubted it.

Bluemoon swallowed a hard lump in her throat before narrowing her eyes at the SandWing that placed his stinger under Hemlock’s chin. If it slipped, it would certainly prick his flesh. She flared her wings, a large scowl spreading over her maw. ”You have no reason to bother us. Let us go.”

”Ohohoh,” purred a dark-scaled SandWing that slunk forward from their formation. Her teeth glittered in the dim moonlight and her nostrils flared angrily as she padded closer. ”Looks like we’ve got ourselves a bug-lover. Why don’t we teach both of them a lesson, huh?”

The purr in the guard’s throat darkened into a dangerous growl. Bluemoon turned to look at her completely as her mouth began to grumble a reply– but before she knew it, the wind was knocked out of her and she was thrown to the floor. She gasped in surprise and attempted to scrabble to her feet, but she felt a paw press down against her neck and the cold sensation of steel against her chest.

”What are you–?!” Bluemoon started, but her voice became trapped right where the talons tightened around her gullet. Spluttering as she felt more claws clasp onto her, Bluemoon’s heart thumped wildly in her ribcage. Three moons, what was happening?! Had Gila already sent her lackeys after them? She heaved her head towards Hemlock and coughed out a single command with all of the energy she could muster. RUN!

Any more room?
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
@NuttsnBolts I know it's frustrating for everyone, not just me, but is there any way that he can just revoke privileges.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
Frankly I feel it's very irresponsible/selfish of Mahz to not let anyone try to help when he doesn't even stick around for more than a month and lets the forum rot without him.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
Honestly with the way he keeps constantly disappearing that's the first thing you guys should have done.

MENTIONS: Everyone

Neve couldn’t help but allow a small smile when she saw Goug’s eyes twinkle at Arton’s words. She hoped that he remembered to keep that promise. If not, she would buy him the treats herself. Her smile faded, however, when Izayoi spoke. She had almost forgotten that they had stepped foot upon an old battleground, and Izayoi was the bane of many Edrenians in her prime. After a moment of thought, she gave her a nod of agreement. Mother forbid that someone found out who she was. Neve wasn’t sure if she wanted to find out what would happen if they did.

The conversation moved on to Galahad’s parents, then coffee shops. For some reason, meeting one of their parents was exciting, especially if they were as important as they sounded. For some reason, the dragoon didn’t seem to be excited as he should be to be in his hometown, but she didn’t question it. Eliane was excited to try out the coffee shops and Neve giggled when the red-haired woman stated that she wanted to spend weeks trying out each shop.

”I think we deserve to have a little break after what happened last night. It would be nice to sample the coffee shops,” Neve found herself chiming in for some reason, but her voice drifted off near the end of her words.. Oh, maybe she shouldn’t really give suggestions if the party was divided on what to do next. Thunder rumbled above them, and she glanced away towards the stores that lined the streets. ”At the very least, we should find some shelter. There’s a coffee store right over there…”

She motioned at a larger, two-story cafe with an open dining area on the second floor. It seemed like a hospitable-enough place, with large pots of flowers decorating the storefront. A strong aroma of vanilla and coffee beans wafted through the air and cut through the acrid smell that wafted through the air.

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What's the course of action now that Mahz is gone again?

MENTIONS: Everyone

They woke early the next morning, when the light from the sun hardly broke through the stormy mists and permeated the dew on the grass. As always, they clustered together as they traveled. Goug’s wagon stayed in the center, and from her position on chocobo-back, Neve noticed that the poor moogle’s bobble jerked at any violent rustle of grass. The previous night’s attack must have jarred him– then again, she wouldn’t be surprised if they all had been bothered by the apparition of the Blightbeasts. She clutched her reins and moved on.

Neve was fully awake and refreshed by the time they departed the Stormseas. What was once a seemingly endless field of emerald had withered away to dirt paths and massive quarries. Her eyes widened as she drank in the sight of the pale stone walls that encompassed the deep pits. Men and women in dark blue uniforms darted back and forth at the very bottom of the quarries, crying out orders as heavy, four-wheeled machina helped haul coal from the depths of the mines. Acrid smells of oil and dirt and coal assaulted her senses, and she wrinkled her nose as they remained steadfast on the narrow paths. How could people tolerate the stench? It had to burn the throat and scorch the lungs… she wondered if they ever became ill from spending so much time in the quarries.

Luckily for the party, they only had to loop around a small handful of them and the powerful smell vanished from Neve’s nose as the mountains towered above their heads. The buildings of Midgar rose along with them; tall, yet staunch things that were crafted from wood and hefty stone alike. Yet, their size didn’t compare to the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains not far from the city’s farthest borders. Silvery peaks seemed to scrape the sky itself, and no matter how far Neve tipped her head back, she just couldn’t pinpoint their summits against the dark gray skies.

Midgar itself appeared to be an impressive city, at the very least. Besides the large buildings, dirt roads unraveled in front of them and chocobo were neatly tied to steel hitching posts. Civilians of all kinds meandered back and forth– they called out from storefronts, sipped coffee together as they lingered around cafes, and rushed back and forth on chocobo-back with packages hooked onto their saddles. Bright, colorful neon signs flickered from their perches at windows and large store-signs. It was different than Balmung, but also similar in a way. It seemed that all of Edren’s cities and towns bore the same amount of urgency and unrest.

Neve sniffed and rubbed her nose as their lot headed for the closest unoccupied hitching post. Wind gusted about them again and nagged at her hair and flooded her ears. She rubbed the side of her head in complaint as she cast a confused glance up at the turbulent skies above. ”It’s going to storm… and bad, looks like,” she mumbled to no one in particular.

”Thank the Mother we made it here before it did, kupo. Midgar’ll provide us with shelter,” Goug said as his stubby paws deftly helped tie hers. His glittering eyes flicked across their number and gave them a twitch of his nose. ”Which means you’ll have time for leisure here, kupo. Go on, hurry off. I’ll take care of everything here.”

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So did Mahz disappear again or..
After reviewing your character, I don't think they're a good fit for this roleplay. In all honestly I think that they wouldn't be able to mesh well with the character dynamics so far. Sorry.,
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