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Current posting from my PS Vita like it's 2013
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say sike right now
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when I was a kid, I called someone a bitch on neopets and that's honestly the most hardcore I've ever been. I peaked there
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Tumblr really isn't that bad unless you intentionally nosedive into drama. I've had one for years and haven't had a single issue. If you're curious, go for it!
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@Poohead: When you're halfway through a drawing you think is perfect, then flip it and realize "I have fucked up"


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Still looking! c:
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Well here I am...All caught up with the show after a long while of not paying attention to it. Time for a super niche RP idea!

As everything looks, I am indeed looking for an RP with Doofus Rick and Evil Morty. Specifically, I'm looking for someone to play Rick.

Some things to know:

- I am 21+. My partner needs to be 18+, ideally 21+. No exceptions.
- I'm only taking one RP for this, and I reserve the right to refuse a potential partner if I feel we don't gel.
- I greatly enjoy angst/darker themes, as well as a nice contrast with fluff/comfort, and these characters are perfect for it. Darker themes can include adult concepts, cursing, and some level of violence. That's what Rick and Morty is. If someone is exceptionally squeamish, then I may not be the best person to write with. That said, please let me know of any concerns and I will adjust!
- As above, this could also include psychological torture, possible self-harm, and emotional trauma. Not a necessity, but it's all on the table.
- Family fluff is the name of the game here. No romance.
- My post length varies, though I average about 2-4 paragraphs. Inspiration can hit me hard, so my posts might be randomly long if the scene's good. Quality over quantity and all that, just please actually like to read and write.
- Post times will vary. I absolutely want to get a post out as soon as I can, but some days that just isn't possible.
- I strive to be as approachable and open as I can be, so please don't be afraid to bring up any issues. I'm pretty ghost-friendly too. Life happens, things don't last forever. Pop back in whenever you feel like and we'll get something going again!
- I'm not into doubling. I'll play multiple characters no problem, but having more than two main characters isn't my thing.
- PM is my top preference, but I'm down for anything my partner prefers.
- Writing samples available! I might ask for one in return!

RP specific details:

- Family fluff.
- Other mature themes welcome, though.
- This doesn't have to follow the show. None of this has to conform with "canon" Doofus and Evil. I'm actually itching to try something different with Evil Morty!
- I'll be honest, I got almost nothing but a basic starting idea for how they meet. We can either flip it all into a sci-fi thriller like the show, or stay more Slice of Life. Or both?
- I like angst. Gimme the angst and hurt/comfort! These guys are begging for it!
- Evil Morty can be anywhere 14+. Normally, I prefer playing adult characters, but Morty is an easy exception in this case. Feel free to change Rick's age, as long as he's an adult.
- Want Evil Morticia instead? Yeah, why not.

"Plot" idea:

- Evil Morty has done it. He's broken through the Central Finite Curve. Or...he thinks he has. Infinite dimensions are a funny thing; no matter how tight someone tries to wrangle them, they'll always prove to be uncontrollable. That, or Morty made the tiniest fraction of an error - didn't carry a two somewhere in the formula - and crash lands hard into the nearest reality that catches his ship. How fortunate for him, that happens to be the home dimension of a very unusual Rick who takes the boy in and saves him from potentially life-threatening injuries. With nowhere to go, no portal fluid left untainted, he's stuck with this weird version of his detestable grandfather. Maybe they'll go on adventures. Maybe Morty will kill this moron in his sleep. Maybe Morty will...Become attached and be the family this Rick never had. Eventually, Morty will have to face the possibility that he's just as forgiving as the Mortys he called sellouts. (Can also take place without the Citadel being destroyed. Maybe happens on the Citadel?)
- Throw whatever idea you might have at me! I'm pretty easy to make happy.

And that's what I got! Feel free to PM me and thanks for reading! c:
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Still looking c:
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Still looking! c:
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