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hey MV back at it again with the high niche fandom search

It's been a while since I made one of these! Not sure how much attention it'll get, but I thought I'd toss it out there. With the TV Invader Zim movie coming out - eventually - I rediscovered my absolute love for it. I never really got to RP the characters and/or world much before, so here's a new shot!

First and foremost:

- Before you read on, please know that my posting habits have been sporadic. I might get several replies a day, one a day, or one a week. Really depends on what's going on in real life and such. I highly appreciate patience, and fully understand any hiccups on my partner's side!

- I post at a...casual level? Mid-advanced? I don't know, I just try to match what I'm given. I love to write when I have inspiration, so my posts might be randomly really long at times, compared to the usual length.

- I am over eighteen and must ask that my partner is too. Nothing personal, it's just for my own comfort. On that subject, I will only play aged-up characters. My writing tends to get dark, and even if romance isn't involved I would still prefer to not write such things about a ten year old. Adult ages all across the board, please!

- I've been leaning towards MxM pairings lately, so that's where my preference lies. Outside of that, I prefer playing straight females for my main character, at least when it comes to romantic settings. Please don't let that scare you! If you have something in mind, feel free to bring it up. The worst I can say is no!

- For the love of god, have basic understanding of writing and roleplaying abilities. Please

- Don't be a dick. This is just a hobby.

Now the good stuff!

For the most part, I'm looking to play Dib in a ZADR setting (Zim and Dib romance). Not everyone is into that, so I'd be cool with just a friendship type thing, nothing strictly romance. I just love seeing the two interact in a love/hate sort of thing.

Something with the Tallests is also available! Again, doesn't have to be romance. Nothing I suggest has to have any sort of romance in it.

I'm also cool with OCs! Human/Irken, Irken/Irken, I'll consider any suggestion. I'd prefer not to do a canon/OC thing, unless someone actually wants to indulge my dumb Zim/OC fangirl fantasies.

In terms of plot, I don't really have anything in mind. I have a lot of headcanons about Irk and Irkens that we can play with, but aside from that I got nothing. I just know this show lends itself very well to a dark, twisted story.

Anyone interested? Please PM me if so!

Thank you for reading <3
But...why a goat?

(also welcome to guild!)
Buuuump cuz I'm bored
Added a bit of a plot idea! Or at least something to start with.

Good god this craving hurts
Gonna revive this. Got back into this pairing and I hate myself for it
Oh jeez, Rick. I-I'll try my best!
Frisk's hands had started to shake. With her free hand, she tugged the jacket closer and buried her nose in the fluffy hood. The sensation of her cold bitten nose warming and numbing against the fluff was enough to drag some of her thoughts back to the present. But her eyes still held a worried expression as they darted along the snowy ground. Her imagination was so vivid, as though it was truly a memory. She had never attempted this before, ever, yet the scenes played out as though she had lived them a hundred times. Her stomach twisted and knotted.

Sans' hand on her shoulder effectively snapped her back into looking at him. She studied his face, then nodded hesitantly. He was right. He had to be right. Frisk truly didn't want anyone to be mad at her, but the knowledge that they'd come back eventually was a relief. She had to believe that they wouldn't shut her out completely. She could never blame them if they did, but what if she...Lost everything? They were her family, this was her home. If she ruined it all, she didn't know what she'd be able to do.

But she wasn't alone. Frisk gave a small smile - not at all prepared, yet ready to do what she knew would help protect the Underground. After all, this wasn't just to dig up the past, it was to warn everyone of a threat they otherwise wouldn't see coming. She'd just have to breathe and accept whatever was coming to her.

"When do you think we should start?" Papyrus was likely to be the best starting point, as she trusted him to roll with it a little better than everyone else, but it was ultimately Sans' call. She wanted him to be comfortable and confident, even if that was better said than done. "And...Sorry. I guess I kind of ruined our good morning...And your training time." she added with a lighter tone.
Rick's rantings didn't seem to bother Morty at all. In fact, they put him at ease. His hands stopped shaking, and a small smile graced his face. As much as he wanted to comment on all of the old man's questions, he simply accepted the invitation inside, instead.

On his way in, Morty stumbled over a few beer bottles. He stopped short and glanced down, and in that same moment he noticed the stench of cheap, stale alcohol that permeated the apartment. Looking up, he took in the sorry state Rick's home was in. In all honesty, it was a pretty sad sight.

He perked up, however, at the sight of the Interdimensional Cable Box. He smiled widely and stepped closer, examining it. Upon closer inspection, he noted the dust that was accumulated on it, and a few stains that he could only guess were from alcohol. But there was no mistaking it - underneath all the grime, it looked exactly like the one he helped his own Rick make.

"That-That's an Interdimensional Cable Box! It's capable of broadcasting television shows from infinite realities. E-Even from different planets!" He carefully wiped some dust off the top of it. "Wow, it's been a while since I've seen one of these. I remember when my Rick showed me how to make--" He paused, and sharply removed his hand from the box. "I mean. I helped make one before. They're pretty cool."

Morty took a step back and noticed the tv. He eyed it, specifically it's large back and outdated appearance. "But, uh...If you've been trying to use it on that tv, it won't work, I'm afraid."
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