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Frisk's hands had started to shake. With her free hand, she tugged the jacket closer and buried her nose in the fluffy hood. The sensation of her cold bitten nose warming and numbing against the fluff was enough to drag some of her thoughts back to the present. But her eyes still held a worried expression as they darted along the snowy ground. Her imagination was so vivid, as though it was truly a memory. She had never attempted this before, ever, yet the scenes played out as though she had lived them a hundred times. Her stomach twisted and knotted.

Sans' hand on her shoulder effectively snapped her back into looking at him. She studied his face, then nodded hesitantly. He was right. He had to be right. Frisk truly didn't want anyone to be mad at her, but the knowledge that they'd come back eventually was a relief. She had to believe that they wouldn't shut her out completely. She could never blame them if they did, but what if she...Lost everything? They were her family, this was her home. If she ruined it all, she didn't know what she'd be able to do.

But she wasn't alone. Frisk gave a small smile - not at all prepared, yet ready to do what she knew would help protect the Underground. After all, this wasn't just to dig up the past, it was to warn everyone of a threat they otherwise wouldn't see coming. She'd just have to breathe and accept whatever was coming to her.

"When do you think we should start?" Papyrus was likely to be the best starting point, as she trusted him to roll with it a little better than everyone else, but it was ultimately Sans' call. She wanted him to be comfortable and confident, even if that was better said than done. "And...Sorry. I guess I kind of ruined our good morning...And your training time." she added with a lighter tone.
Rick's rantings didn't seem to bother Morty at all. In fact, they put him at ease. His hands stopped shaking, and a small smile graced his face. As much as he wanted to comment on all of the old man's questions, he simply accepted the invitation inside, instead.

On his way in, Morty stumbled over a few beer bottles. He stopped short and glanced down, and in that same moment he noticed the stench of cheap, stale alcohol that permeated the apartment. Looking up, he took in the sorry state Rick's home was in. In all honesty, it was a pretty sad sight.

He perked up, however, at the sight of the Interdimensional Cable Box. He smiled widely and stepped closer, examining it. Upon closer inspection, he noted the dust that was accumulated on it, and a few stains that he could only guess were from alcohol. But there was no mistaking it - underneath all the grime, it looked exactly like the one he helped his own Rick make.

"That-That's an Interdimensional Cable Box! It's capable of broadcasting television shows from infinite realities. E-Even from different planets!" He carefully wiped some dust off the top of it. "Wow, it's been a while since I've seen one of these. I remember when my Rick showed me how to make--" He paused, and sharply removed his hand from the box. "I mean. I helped make one before. They're pretty cool."

Morty took a step back and noticed the tv. He eyed it, specifically it's large back and outdated appearance. "But, uh...If you've been trying to use it on that tv, it won't work, I'm afraid."
No worries! It works for me :3
Morty stood, fidgeting with his hands as he waited for signs of life from the apartment. For a moment, he wondered if Rick was home at all. He had done some research, poking around at this dimension before he decided it would suffice. He knew where Beth, Jerry, and Summer were - exactly where they were supposed to be. He knew Rick slept for most of the day, and concluded that he rarely left his apartment aside for booze. Rick had to be home.

The fourteen year old watched his hands shake, and jumped when he heard a voice coming from inside. He immediately perked up, straightened his coat, followed the footsteps as Rick approached the door...

It was too late to just portal away, right?

Morty's eyes widened as he caught sight of Rick. He looked him up and down. As rational and scientific as he tried to be, Morty still couldn't keep his emotions away. It had been quite a while since he stood before Rick. And it took all his willpower to tell himself that, no, this wasn't his Rick. Excitement, fear, sadness, heartbreak...It all flooded him. He inhaled a deep breath through his nose.

"Um, h-hello! I mean, um...Hi!" Morty forced a smile, but it fell the second he looked Rick in the eye. "O-Oh jeez. I should have practiced what I was going to say." The confidence he tried to show faltered into an anxiety-riddled stance. He darted his gaze to the ground, then to his feet, then back up at Rick. He forced a small wave.

"Oh right, you don't, uh, you don't know who I am." That would be the best direction to start. He straightened his posture. "My name is Morty Smith. I'm from Dimension Z-217. I'm actually, uh... You're my grandfather. Wait, no! Not...Oh, jeez. Not you personally. But." He rubbed at his face.

"I really should have put something together for this." It'd be an absolute miracle if Rick hadn't already slammed the door in his face. "Let's just start with... I'm Beth's son. And I want to help you reconnect with her and her family."

"Okay. C'mon, Morty. Y-You can do this."

Morty reached up to knock on the door. His knuckles grazed the wood, and the sound made him retreat. He pulled his hand back and held it in front of him, tracing the skin where he made contact with the door. That was the second time he had backed out, after standing there for close to fifteen minutes.

"It-It's just Rick. Not...Not Rick, but a Rick. Statistically, this one is the closest in behavior to...Rick. And he doesn't have a Morty, yet. He's perfect. Just knock on the door."

Morty could only scold himself for so long before his own words lost meaning. He mumbled a few more things under his breath, then looked back up at the door. He had spent the better part of the last few days trying to find this exact scenario, a place where he'd fit in perfectly. His original family was long gone, and the loneliness was finally starting to set in. He couldn't jump from planet to planet forever.

"Just one knock. That's all."

Dimension Z-217 was forever ruined. It was time he embraced a new dimension with a new Rick. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and reached out one more time. He knocked twice, and patted the portal gun in his lab coat pocket with his other hand. A Morty in a lab coat...Who would have ever thought?

He took a step back and waited, not sure if he was prepared to knock again if need be. He supposed he could have created a portal that would let him step directly into the apartment, but that sounded like a douchebag thing to do. He wasn't a Rick.

So he waited.

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