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I can't believe Shaggy was William Afton all along
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me, watching the clock slowly tick down to my 30th birthday: send help
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when I was a kid, I called someone a bitch on neopets and that's honestly the most hardcore I've ever been. I peaked there
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Bring the chains
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Eat him instead.


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did you take a paper clip? just asking
@MurderVictim I *might be willing to brainstorm a FNAF horror, if you wanna just chat for a bit. And exactly how dangerously far over are we talking here? The "Welp, guess that nickname is childish now!" OR "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ANOTHER GREY HAIR!" ? Rolling.

I'll PM you! :D

I was dangerously over 30 five minutes after turning 30. But no sign of grey hair yet!
I mean, it's not my normal speed by any means, but damn man. I love me some liminal spaces and analog horror. Also, I laughed way too hard out loud at the "dangerously close to thirty" bit. Thanks for that, because I needed a reminder that y'all need to gtfo my lawn. rofl

Thank you! I forgot to update that part...It's actually 'dangerously over thirty' as of August lmao.
Hot damn am I craving this
@Evergreen Pine

I'll PM you! c:
I'm potentially interested. Is there a limit on Pokémon that can be chosen? Like as in, does the Pokémon have to be from a certain generation?

Nope, it's pretty much entirely based on whatever pokemon you feel like writing. We'll probably keep it to a single-pokemon team, as opposed to a full team of six just to keep things simple.

(I can't find a relevant Pokemon gif, so uhhh here's Mewtwo instead)

Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness are top-tier games, and the 'shadow pokemon' concept is *chefs kiss* ​perfection​​​​. ​I'm a cynical adult and I'm gonna do what cynical adults do best - make children's media unnecessarily depressing. But canon!

This is an old idea of mine that I'm dusting off once again. If you've never played the titles mentioned above, then you're in luck because I haven't even finished them. I'm just snagging the 'shadow' concept like the hack that I am. In short: I'm looking for someone to play the pokemon in a gijinka!Pokemon x Trainer pairing.

Some specific things to note:

  • Male/Genderless Pokemon x Male/Female Trainer is what we're going for here, based on my partner's preference.
  • Let's have fun with this and let (caught) pokemon switch between human-like and creature forms! Battles will be easier to visualize, for one. Rules for this can be discussed.
  • No fakemon, please. There's over 1000 pokemon - pick one.
  • Related, any pokemon is fine! Shiny, legendary, whatever. Just please be creative about it.
  • The setting can be in any region! I favor Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn myself, but I love them all. A custom region might be a hard sell since I like having pre-made destinations to bounce off of.
  • Game Freak might not want their pokemon to be massive, but I sure do! They're monsters. Let's treat them as such with realistic sizing.

Base premise for this is that MC is suddenly (and unpreparedly) tasked with the rehabilitation of YC, a 'shadow' pokemon that is one of many turned into mindless, violent abominations. This recovery could be through a good ol' journey across the region, or something a little smaller in scale. Perhaps YC is a natural ray of sunshine who tries to hold off their monstrous side as well as they can, or YC is a grumpy asshole. Either way, we're looking at plenty of potential for enemies to lovers, 'jerk with a heart of gold', hurt/comfort, found family, and pure angst.

Me and my Expectations:

  • I am 21+. My partner needs to be the same. I'm dangerously close to thirty, so the older a writing partner is the more comfortable I feel.
  • I'm only taking one RP for this, and I reserve the right to refuse a potential partner if I feel we don't gel.
  • I greatly enjoy angst/darker themes, and this RP idea is all about it. Adult concepts, cursing, and some level of violence/gore is a given here. If someone is exceptionally squeamish, then I may not be the best person to write with. That said, please let me know of any concerns and I will adjust!
  • As above, this could also include psychological torture, possible self-harm, and emotional trauma. Not a necessity, but it's all on the table. Anything that turns the story into something gritty to mix with hurt/comfort fluff is what I crave!
  • Romance not required! Smut is entirely optional and so is romance! Found family is just as good.
  • My post length varies, though I average about 2-4 paragraphs. Inspiration can hit me hard, so my posts might be randomly long if the scene's good. Quality over quantity and all that.
  • Post times will vary. I'm in the US and work the average office job, so I'll be lurking around throughout the day (Pacific time zone...I think?), but IC posts tend to be saved for really slow days or after work/weekends. A post or two a day is what I strive for if I have the time. If not, at the very least a post a week.
  • I fully expect proper grammar. I want to write with someone who loves writing and shows it. That includes a reasonable post length.
  • I'm pretty ghost-friendly. Life happens, things don't last forever. Pop back in whenever you feel like and we'll get something going again!
  • Doubling isn't my thing. If a partner isn't into playing a certain character for their own interest, then we just aren't compatible.
  • PM is my top preference, but I'm down for anything my partner prefers.
  • Writing samples available! I might ask for one in return!

Annd...I think that's it! Thank you for reading! c:
Fixing this thread up a little c:
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