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"When I grow up I wanna be a ghost." N,N.
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"I don't attract what I want, I attract what I am. Dead as the bees buzzing inside my head." MM
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"If you have ghosts, you have everything."


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It's been over a year since I've written creatively but here I am again.

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I am going to rescind interest in this RP. I wish you all the best in getting it up and running, thank you for the consideration!
Desmond Everett Free | FC: Christopher McCrory | Dialogue: 40c095

I will get a formal sheet up tomorrow!
I’m interested. ❄️☃️🏂
I'm good to use discord.
I'm looking to get back into writing, and this has piqued my interest. I particularly like your description of the rooms and security rules, sounds sPoOoOoOoOkY... which is just my style! c:
Could I have my name changed to: Grimoire Gaming

Thank you!
The Secret.

It's a book made by crazies for crazies.

Caspian & Cael
@LovelyComplex & @GhostMami

Cael’s cheeks prickled with heat when he felt Caspian’s whisper against his ear, thanking him for the cocktail. Good god, this man did not realize how sexy he was, did he? With fear of going as red as his solo cup, Cael hazarded a glance towards Cas and realized that the thanks might be about more than just the beverage. He got the feeling that he might also be acting as a distraction for something and, by the sounds of it, he was a welcomed distraction. “Anytime, kitten.” He murmured and took a sip from his own drink.

The pair continued to watch the altercation in collective silence, sipping and standing and slightly judging. He had no idea what was going through Caspian’s head, but Cael was personally doing his best to store this all in the memory bank for future gossiping purposes. Surely, Rae would want to hear about the night’s testosterone-laden misadventures… and would likely have theories about lycanthropy or the like being the true source of the aggression.

From the looks of things, this was all about a clash of the queens — a ridiculous fight about who would stand on which rung of Rosefell’s social ladder. Hilarious, really. The most interesting part of it to Cael was the cute twinky asian boyfriend that Dee looked like he was about to snap in half before some killjoy prep-jock stepped in and calmed it down. Damn, that hatefuck fanfiction was practically writing itself, what a shame it was cut short before the climax.

Just when things were starting to seem like they might get boring, a short little spitfire of a girl declared a drink-off to get the school competition out in a more party-oriented way. Cael mentally noted that she seemed like a fun potential friend to make, as he appreciated her attempt to un-harsh the vibes. “Shit… this doesn’t mean we have to play for different teams, does it?” Cael asked, playfully letting the double meaning hang on his smirk.

Caspian timidly responded with a smile, as he brought his cup to his lips. Poor Cael had no idea how much of a killjoy his new friend was. Cas did not know how to let loose and have fun. Many times over, he wasn’t willing to try out of fear of ruining his image. Even now, as they stand in front of the drinking table, silently judging the many party goers in attendance, he was thinking of an escape plan so he could return to the comfort of his cold, barren, and lonely manor. Having a companion beside him made his time bearable but it still didn’t change his current state of anxiety and internal panic.

The room itself was crowded and hot. He did not have enough booze in him to handle the chaos and watching all the bodies against bodies just made him uncomfortable. Thankfully, his partner of the night respected the silence and filled it when he saw necessary. Seeing Marcos’ sister intervene not only concerned the pale teen but made him think of what his own sister would do in a situation like this. He wondered if she would even care enough to intervene or would she be too busy getting drunk with Billie by the pool, playfully slapping the water with her feet. If Callie were here, she would have a ball… and yet, she wasn’t here.

After downing the rest of his drink, feeling overheated, Cas turned toward the table, placing his empty cup on it. With charming struggle, he unbuttoned the collar of his button up as well as the button below it. When his collar was no longer tightly wrapping around his neck, his hand trailed to his pant’s pocket, feeling his cigarette box and lighter. He needed a smoke but that would mean he would have to push through the crowd to get to the nearest exit. Keeping himself mentally preoccupied he took off his expensive dress coat, making a note that his style was definitely ‘overdressed’ for parties like this. Every movement, while it seemed like he was in his own world, still showed he was aware of the space he was in. Moving to the side when someone needed to get to the drink table, glancing around him, looking over his shoulder, adjusting his position when people moved their hands around him... Whether it was his anxiety or paranoia, Caspian Grey wanted to stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Right when he turned to Cael to ask if they should go somewhere more private, he heard a shift in the crowd, some murmuring when the host came in with a hose, and while subtle, and buried under the music and chatter, he could hear the voltage of water build up. As if he could feel what was coming next, his quick reflexes from fencing, among other things, caused him to throw his coat on Cael’s beautifully vibrant green dyed hair. He hoped he was quick enough to provide Cael with some protection because if not, then, how unfortunate to see such hard work go to waste. With Cael hidden by Cas’ coat, Caspian found himself completely soaked, from head to toe, once more.

Well, his sister would love something like this. Having been cooled down, Cas leaned up against the table, took his wet box of cigarettes out, pulled one out, and lit it, watching everyone else in amusement. Might as well salvage his smokes before they got too soggy. This was a first for him, having enough courage to smoke in front of others. By the looks of it, it was far too tumultuous for him to really give a shit. As long as his parents didn’t find out, that’s all that mattered to him. At a party, you either got away with murder or it all caught up with you. One way or another, as mistakes usually do. Since smoking wasn’t an odd thing for people in his year, he knew he was safe. Plus, what would his sister think if he didn’t take any chances? His dark gaze glanced over to the boy next to him — his spirit calming because of the nicotine burning in his throat. An ever growing curiosity, twisted with butterflies, spun in his stomach, as he waited to see Cael’s face once more. For his hair.

Cael had been too busy being stunned by the unbuttoning of Caspian’s shirt to notice any of the oncoming commotion. Not just one button, but two… and his previously pale cheeks were flustered red all of the sudden. This was purposeful... right? An invitation to stare? Cael’s gaydar was sending mixed signals but his hormones were full force with desire.

And then, suddenly, it was dark. He heard squeals and Christian’s voice and… water falling? But that was all in the background as the fae-like boy found himself surrounded in darkness. Delicious darkness. No, really, it smelled sooo good, like snuggling up with a warm cup of tea, citrusy and herbal… but with sweet undertones, like opening a fresh bottle of rum. Was this… was this what Caspian smelled like? Gods, he smelled expensive. Realizing that he was probably hiding in his classmate's coat for a suspiciously long time, Cael carefully peeked out of the collar, but kept it closely wrapped around his shoulders.

“Oh!” Cael responded in shock, taking in the sight of a dripping wet Caspian taking a drag from a cigarette. Jesus, how drunk was he? Did he pass out and this was just a literal wet dream? His breath hitched and his words got caught on his tongue. “You’re… wet.” Smooooth one, Crawford. Cael mentally kicked himself for being so distracted by the way the boy’s shirt was clinging to his… “We should… I should...” Breathe, start over. “Let’s go get you dried off, yeah?”

He slipped his arms into Caspian’s jacket sleeves and offered to show him the way to the nearest full bathroom. Because, you know, there was more than one full bathroom in rich people’s houses, apparently. “Thanks, by the way, for the shield.” Cael chimed in, realizing that he never said thank you. With Cas’ almost superhuman reaction time, Cael had barely gotten damp from the spray. With any luck, his hair dye wasn’t embarrassingly running neon streaks down his face, although the tips of hair resting on his forehead did seem to be a little wet.

“Anytime.” Caspian answered and took one last long drag before using the inside of his old cup as an ashtray. Instead of gesturing with his hand for Cael to lead the way, he took charge, clearly aiming to go to a further destination. Secluded, private, and away from the party. He preferred not being too close to the drunken crowd, so a little trek through the mansion didn’t hurt anyone. There was no doubt in the wealthy boy’s mind that his classmate, Christian, had a bathroom upstairs. Why wouldn’t he? He was rich. And if Caspian had things his way, they would not be interrupted. Searching through the crowd, he saw the best path to maneuver through and strode off, making sure to look back and ask the stunned boy, “You coming?”

“Mhm.” Cael nodded as he bit back the urge to say something risqué like… hopefully soon. Caspian seemed eager to usher them off to a secluded location. So, the show of unbuttoning was on purpose. Butterflies stirred up in his stomach, partially from the inebriation, partially because… well, it had been a hot minute since he’d hooked up with anyone. After trying a couple of doors, Cael finally found one that was a bathroom and held it open for his soon-to-be-lover.

“Uhm…” Was asking him to take off his shirt too forward? Yeah… probably. Start slower. Cael turned to the linen closet and opened a couple of the cabinets until he found a pile of neatly folded fluffy towels. “Damn… these are nice.” He said without thinking, and then blushed out of embarrassment. Way to be the poor kid… impressed by luxury towels. Shaking it off, he spun around to offer to dry Caspian’s hair.

“Oh, fuck.”

While Cael was finding towels for him, Caspian took a moment to unbutton his shirt completely and hang it over the sink. He didn’t think too much into it because all he wanted was the wet shirt off of him. They were both guys so it wasn’t like Cael hadn’t seen a shirtless man before. Stepping forward when Cael turned around, he gingerly pulled a towel out of the boy’s hand, having missed his mutter. With a towel now in hand, and the distance between them broken, the “Vampire King” focused on the task at hand: drying his hair. Plopping the towel on his head, he acknowledged in relief, “Glad your hair is fine.”

“And I’m glad yours wasn’t.” He replied confidently, boosted up by the fact that Caspian had already started undressing. He stepped forward to close the space between them further and reached up to the towel. “Here, let me help.” he said, standing on his tippy toes to dry out his dark curls.

Well, this was nice of his new friend. Caspian peered through the openings of the moving towel on his head. They were nearly the same height, which was a first for him since most guys were increasingly taller. His gaze went from Cael’s face to his tip toe feet. This position probably wasn’t comfortable for him. “Do you want me to sit?” Cas probed, peaking through the towel.

Was he offering to give him a — No, that was just the perverted drunk thoughts taking over. Unless…

Cael lifted the towel so that he could fully see Caspian’s face and met his gaze. He didn’t look away, which was a good sign, but, there was such a mystery in those eyes. Who was Caspian Grey, really? Eager to find out, Cael leaned forward, his left fingertips reaching up to graze the bare chest in front of him. Parting his lips slightly, he breathed in more of that intoxicating scent, just centimeters away from Caspian’s own lips before— the bathroom door SLAMMED open to interrupt them.

((Note: The person that is interrupting them is Billie Grey; so that is reserved for her solo post.))

Nik had successfully convinced their sister to go to the party at Christian’s place without them. Despite the negative emotions surrounding Wade’s rejection of them… and the heated moment with Caspian about what he claimed he couldn’t remember saying… Niki had gotten good at hiding their emotions. Therapy might not be teaching them to be happy, exactly, but it was teaching them to put on a happy face. Because of that, Alina believed Niki when they said that their reason for not going to the party themself was because of stomach issues.

It wasn’t that they were avoiding seeing Wade or anything...
... or Hunter, rather.

So why was it that Niki found themself lying on their bed staring at the ceiling wishing they were? Seeing him, that is. Nik rolled over onto their side and scrolled through the instagram DM’s with Wade that only a week ago they had cherished — finger hovering over the send button on a message that they had typed and re-written what seemed like a thousand times. And tonight, just like every other time, Nik erased it into oblivion without sending and tossed the phone aside.

Their lips blew a raspberry as Niki sighed and once again contemplated the intricacies of their bedroom ceiling. Rejection stung deep. Nik was so sick of rejection… bullies, themself, the world, and now WaHunter too. There was a tiny rational part of Niki’s mind that was screaming to not take this so personally, that maybe, just maybe, Hunter’s reaction had nothing to do with Niki… but with himself. But that rational voice was buried under years of trauma and self hatred, and once again, Niki felt like they were drowning in it.

The familiar sting of tears welling up caused Nik to snap their eyes shut. “NO!” they yelled to themself and rubbed at their eyes. “No, we are not fucking crying alone in my pillows again.” Niki pushed themself out of the bed forcefully and strutted over to the window. Sliding it open, they lit up a cigarette and took a long drag.

Flicking the ashes into their secret “stashtray” Nik weighed their options. Perhaps, the problem was that Wade was used to the Niki he saw on Instagram. Feminine… confident… open. Niki was the opposite of that at school, where they tried so hard to be a wallflower. Maybe… if Niki could bring that to the version of themself to life… then maybe that would fix the empty pit that they felt in their stomach. The pit that used to be filled with romantic butterflies.

“Okay… Yeah… We’re doing this.” Nik punctuated the declaration by stabbing out the cigarette butt and hiding their smoke stash away once again. Alina had left about a half hour ago, and the party was probably already well underway. Nik had no idea how long parties like this lasted, but surely if they got ready in like… thirty minutes, they could make it in time to be fashionably late? Hopefully fashionable, at least.

“Okay. Hot girl shit. Hot girl shit.” Nik clapped their hands together and scanned their closet for options. What was sexy but not too sexy? Revealing enough to tempt Wade, but not enough that it showed their scars. And then there was the added layer that this party was glow themed. Black should work for that, just cover it in glow paint for contrast, right?

After a few moments of contemplation, Niki selected a black bralette, and black cutoff shorts with a thin leather belt. Paired together, the outfit showed off Niki’s slim midsection, which wasn’t necessarily healthily obtained, but it was what it was. A nude jacket to cover their arms and black thigh-high boots to vamp up the sexiness polished off the outfit. There wasn’t enough time to properly do their hair, so Niki did their best to channel Ariana Grande vibes with a sleek high pony. As for makeup, Niki kept it simple but sultry — a highlighted natural base with freshly-bitten glossy lip color and smoked out winged eyeliner.

A pair of hoop earrings and a purse borrowed from Alina’s closet finished the look. Niki didn’t own any purses yet, because they never actually left the house dressed up like this. This would be the first time since that day they had worn makeup and a dress to middle school and… well, that had went horribly. Trying their best to ignore their churning stomach as they ordered an Uber, Niki instead focused on the positive that might come of taking this risk. That they might reach the Wade within Hunter… if he was even at the party, that is.

The car ride to Christian’s place was excruciating. Niki’s anxiety was in full force and they contemplated the possibility of survival if they were to just open up the door and bail out on the highway. Nik was counting on weekend night traffic to give them time to prepare, but the Uber arrived at the destination sooner than expected. Shit. Niki thought as they stared up at the foreboding McMansion until the driver politely informed them that this was the address. A.k.a., get the fuck out of the car, weirdo.

“Oh, sorry, thanks. Five stars.” Nik laughed awkwardly and gestured with the phone before hopping out. Their heeled boots ominously clicked against the sidewalk as Niki approached the front door. Loud music was audible even from this distance, and it seemed that the party was just as much out in the backyard as it was inside the house. With a deep breath, Niki opened the front door and froze in the door frame like a deer caught in headlights.

Oh, fuck, what am I doing here?!

Location: Christian’s House Party

Cael was fully enjoying the perks of having had a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR budget to help decorate for Christian’s party. He could hardly believe that a kid he had only just met trusted him and Rae with that kind of cash. Was it a wise decision? Holy fuck, no. Did Cael make the most of Christian’s lack of good judgement? Hell yes, he did. That’s why he was currently jumping in a giant bounce house with a bunch of his friends and new classmates.

Once one of the bigger guys left, the bouncing lost a little bit of its fun. Cael was a small guy, so he needed the counterbalance of extra weight pushing him up if he really wanted to hit the ceiling of it. Man, Rae would have loved this. What shitty timing to get a stomach bug! Before the sadness of missing his best friend’s presence could settle in like a dark cloud above him, Cael hopped out of the bouncy hut in search of booze.

Along the way, he passed the grill and grabbed a hot dog. Bouncing sure did burn calories. Plus, he loved a good weenie, and the grilling game was on point tonight. Christian was hanging out by the grill and Cael gave him an appreciative head nod. “Great party man, we gotta do this again.” Cael gave the shaggy-haired cutie a thumbs up before flitting off to his true destination.

It didn’t take long to find the trough of jungle juice with the bright red color and sticky sweet smell of it in the air. Perfect! Cael loved his drinks just like himself - fun, fruity, and full of surprises. He couldn’t tell what all was in the concoction, but it tasted great and was sure to keep his buzz going. Sipping at the solo cup of drank, he perused the table of glowing party favors and selected a light up necklace and bracelet to wear, and one of those under the tongue glow sticks.

Donning his new party gear, he made his way to the dance floor. There were some live performances, which was neat, but Cael much preferred vibing to the house music. This DJ was really great. A few songs deep and Cael was sweating glow paint and breathless, his drained drink having put a warm alcohol-laden grin on his face. Pausing between songs, he caught sight of a familiar handsome face. Oh yesss, the party was about to get started now!

Confidently breaking away from the dance floor, the fae-like boy made his way to an awkward and moody-looking Caspian standing off to the side. “Hey kitten, how goes it? You look bored.” Cael smirked and met his dark gaze, his own eyes shining with slight inebriation. “I can fix that with a drink… maybe something more exciting than a black coffee with espresso, hmm?” He looked down at his party outfit and shrugged, “No apron today, but I promise it’ll be just as good. Better, even. Come, come, pick your poison.” He beckoned.

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