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British gal. Watches far too many films. Loves travelling.

Been into RPs for a while and I generally seem to stray towards more fantasy/supernatural based storylines. I also like detail and in-depth plots as much as possible! Always up for new ideas though.

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๐ฆ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ. Anteros & Ares

"You want me to stay?" Eros replied, looking down at where Psyche had taken hold of his arm. It took all his concentration to keep his voice from trembling. Without warning tears suddenly sprung into his eyes again, spilling over onto his cheeks, hot and unbidden. He wasn't the type to care about such things and had shed more tears over the last two millennia than he had ever done before the fall, but that didn't mean he wanted her to see him in such a sorry state.

"Don't look at me Psyche!" He quickly yelped when he realized that he was crying, moving to cover her eyes with the palm of his hand. It was ironic that this was not the first time he had told her not to do so. As if looking at him would break some spell; that she would see the monster that the mortals had claimed he was. "Just keep your eyes closed for a minuteโ€ฆplease." He blinked as he spoke, willing himself to adopt the light air of ease that he wore like a mask.

โ€Of course I do.โ€, Psyche answered as if it was the most obvious one in the world. She wasnโ€™t sure why he had even needed to ask when she had ran after him for so long, this time being the only one she had even a chance of catching him. Shock and panic hit her like a freight train as tears spilled down his cheeks, making her wonder what she did wrong. Did he hate her so much that the hold on his arm or her wanting him around was too much? Had she forced him into a corner to finally tell her the truth? She was trying to think of words or something to say when a familiar phase hit her, stunning her for a moment before his palm covered her eyes with no chance to comply on her own. She waited like this, knowing that he needed this even if it ended the same way it had gone the first time.

She hated that he was in tears, her heart hurting as she just wanted to make it better. Psyche nodded softly at his next request, closing her eyes under his palm and trusting him not to flee. She carefully moved her hand up to the one covering her eyes, slowly pulling it away so he could see she had done as he asked before shyly linking her fingers with his own on the same hand. Her free hand shakily reached out, searching blindly in the air for a moment without her vision before landing just below his shoulder, fingertips brushing along the path of his shoulders to his neck, drifting upward to find his cheek and carefully wiping away the collected trail of tears that had fallen with her thumb. She kept her hand to his cheek, squeezing his other hand gently for support and reassurance as she spoke, โ€Please donโ€™t cry.โ€

Eros blinked as she softly touched him, lingering tears shedding like autumnal leaves. "Iโ€™m sorry, Iโ€™m sorry, I'm sorry..." He repeated the words again and again as if they were a prayer that, if said enough times, would reverse the last two thousand years. He couldn't put on a persona in front of Psyche, he never had been able to. Her sweet, kind words washed over him like an embrace, comforting him in a way that no one else could. He leant into the hand that was cupping his cheek, letting out a slow breath.

What was he doing? Why was he being such a coward? With her here, it dawned on him that he had been an idiot. Well more than an idiot. He realized that this was Psyche he was talking toโ€ฆthat even if she didn't love him anymore, she would break it to him gently. That it didn't make sense to run from her when she had only ever been her true, honest self with him. How shameful that he proclaimed himself a god of love.

"You can open your eyes." After several moments of silence he leant towards Psyche, whispering the words into her ear in a way that only a god of love could. Their hands still entwined, he felt whole for the first time since the fall.

She was grateful for their entwined hand for a bit of support, her knees feeling weak and her heart racing as her love whispered into her ear. Psyche let her eyes flutter open, leaning back a bit to gaze over his features, entranced by how handsome he still was even after fallen tears. She smiled brightly, a honey glow to her cheeks while feeling happier than she had in these last two thousand years. Psycheโ€™s world felt complete with Eros near her. She could have stayed in the moment forever as long as they could just be together. For a second, she let herself get lost in the moment as if the time apart was a distant memory. She leaned her forehead against his own, the hand on his cheek gliding into his hair as she lightly played with the soft tresses. โ€Feeling alright?โ€ฆ, Psyche whispered softly, gathering up a bit of courage before continuing, โ€ฆor do you want a kiss to make it better?โ€

Eros found himself smiling in return, a hand reaching up to pull her closer towards him. She smelt like freshly baked bread and sweet cherry blossoms, like the home they had once shared together. His sadness melted away, leaving only a sense of calm, before his green eyes twinkled mischievously at her words. "You should know better than to tempt me so, Psyche." Unlacing their fingers, his thumb moved to rub gently over her bottom lip. She did not seem to hate him and in this moment he truly believed that she did not.

โ€Has knowing better ever stopped me from trying, Eros?โ€, she questioned breathlessly, her bottom lip tingling from just the gentle touch alone. The temptation of her offer hovering between them had Psyche on edge, still wondering if he would accept it. She had already been bold enough to ask so was there really all that much stopping her from showing what she wanted. To show him without words how much she loved him. Psycheโ€™s eyes drifted from their locked gaze to his lips and back as if asking permission or giving him a chance to stop her as she started to lean forward. Her now free hand softly gripped the belt at his waist side, fingers curling for leverage before giving a light tug, tempting him to step closer.

โ€œWho the fuck are you two?โ€ Isa said. She was standing in the dark bedroomโ€™s door, balancing on one leg while holding a vase with both of her hands. The plants and water inside were already tossed out. She had her fatherโ€™s intense look on her face as she readied herself to hit someone over the head with the vase. In her mind she had all the moves mapped out already. Neither of them looked like they could fight. They looked weak, frail. Not like the psycho she fought in the hotel room less than twelve hours ago. Though in truth she knew itโ€™d be a short fight. Her brief lapse of consciousness had not nearly been enough rest. Still, sheโ€™d be damned if she was going to be caught by surprise by two people who had the love language taken straight from a romance novel.

"Who are you? Eros shot back moodily, feeling a surge of irritation at the sudden interruption. His hand gently fell away from its place against Psyche's lips, head tilting in confusion as he glanced at the vase that she held clutched in her hand. Was she really wielding that as a weapon? What an odd person. Regardless, he didn't want her to suddenly attack Psyche so he gently pushed the goddess behind him, shielding her with his body.

"Oh wait..." For a moment the corner of his lip pulled up into a smirk and he looked eerily like the twins. It was not often that the resemblance between them was so striking. "You're the mortal right? How fun..." Normally he would take this opportunity to tease his new sibling but her impromptu arrival had rubbed him the wrong way. "But if you could kindly go away. You've interrupted something very important."

The smirk triggered a memory. For a split second Isabel wanted to smash the vase over this boyโ€™s head and stab him in the eye with a shard. Just to make sure he couldnโ€™t do anything. She stopped herself though. Again, he looked frail. He was a different sibling. โ€œYouโ€™re Anteros.โ€ Isabel said as she lowered the vase. Her eyes went to the girl he was with. She didnโ€™t show the same eyes as the psycho. Hers actually looked nice. โ€œAnd youโ€ฆ Pothos?โ€ Then her eyes immediately shifted towards the one she assumed to be her half-brother: โ€œAre you going to stab me?โ€

She peeked out from behind her beloved, staying where she was for a moment just in case of danger since she was not a fighter by any means before slowly joining by his side, wrapping her arm around his. She wanted to give the woman the benefit of the doubt though even with the sharp glances a moment ago and she had already overlooked the missed guesses to their identities. Did they really look that alike though? It was weird to instantly come to that conclusion right? She quickly shook it off, her head tilted in confusion, looking to Eros for a moment before glancing at the woman in front of them. What on earth had she been through to think they were going to stab her? Sure, Pasi had said a mortal daughter of Ares was hurt and resting but it sounded like it had been far more than just that.

โ€Oh um, Psyche, actually. Itโ€™s nice to meet you.โ€, she answered, still blushing from the recent turn of events and being caught in a sense which was embarrassing. She had never really been great at control when Eros was around, losing herself and the world around her. Aphrodite and Pasithea had at least left them to their own devices, probably one from politeness and other from disgust but at least they hadnโ€™t witnessed or interrupted in such a moment.
โ€And this is not Anteros but um, you are in the right ballparkโ€ฆ.โ€, Psyche stated. While normally she might go on and introduce Eros, but they really had some talking they needed to do first sinceโ€ฆshe was a bit confused on where they were at. Could she still call him her husband and introduce him as such? She didnโ€™t want to chase him off or panic him with labels if he wasnโ€™t ready or didnโ€™t want them. โ€But, why did you ask if we were going to stab you?โ€

Eros huffed from beside Psyche, looking like a child who'd had his favorite toy taken away. "Maybe I should stab herโ€ฆ" He mumbled petulantly, quietly enough that Isa would likely not be able to hear. He didn't mean it but he had always prided himself on his realm. On his beloved bow and arrows that had been able to strike a myriad of sensations into mortals and gods alike. It tugged at the vainglorious part of himself that Psyche was usually able to dampen so easily, and with a pout on his face, he strode over to his supposed sister. Grabbing onto her shoulders, he made to spin her around and redirect her into the bedroom. "Clearly you are an idiot so please go away."

โ€œNice to meet you- Wait. Psyche? As in the human- Hey!โ€ She exclaimed as she was spun around by her brother. Her slightly more lucid mind quickly figured out who was pushing her back to bed like someโ€ฆ little sister? For a quick second she melted. Family. Kind family. Well, kinder than the first sibling she met. Still, she wasnโ€™t going to do what he wanted that easily.

She tossed the vase at the bed, making sure it would land safely, then jumped to the side, ducked and twisted around her brother to get behind him. โ€œYouโ€™re Eros. If anyoneโ€™s the idiot itโ€™s-โ€ She said as she moved with an inkling of grace. That is, until โ€“ out of pure habit โ€“ she landed on both of her feet. A pang of pain, less than what she had felt before, shot through her and she dropped. โ€œFuck!โ€

Eros rolled his eyes at her sudden yelp but crouched down next to Isa, holding out a hand. "Let me help you up." He muttered. He didn't really feel like helping her but he hadn't missed the brief moment of vulnerability, or the yearning that seemed to be desperately flowing from the mortal.

Psyche put her hands on her hips, shaking her head at both of them. They were definitely siblings and were already playing stereotypes of acting annoying to each other and weakly insulting one another before even getting to know about each other. โ€Eros, you should know better than to startle an injured person.โ€, she scolded, knowing the feeling of disappointment at the interruption but he was acting like a pouting childโ€ฆand while it was impossibly adorable, it was not the time. She stepped forward, crouching down as well but let her love offer his help to get Isa off the ground since he was far stronger than her for support after all. Her decision also definitely didnโ€™t have anything to do with wanting to watch his physique and flexing musclesโ€ฆnot at all. โ€Are you alright? That didnโ€™t sound too pleasant from the reaction.โ€, Psyche asked Isa in concern, trying to offer a bit of emotional support and showing they were both here for her.

โ€œNo! No.โ€ Isabel quickly said as she waved away Erosโ€™ helping hand. With a small jump she managed to get her good foot under her again and slowly got up again, with one hand carefully leaning against the wall to keep her balance. Her father would disown her if he ever found her so weak she had to get up with help. โ€œIโ€™m fine. Just a small wound. Itโ€™s nothing.โ€ She then said to Psyche as she was clearly still balancing on one leg. No way in hell was she going to show weakness again. That would disappoint her father as well.

Once she got her bearing again she looked at the divine, and how they looked at each other. For just a second she felt absolute jealousy. No one had ever given her a glance like these two looked at each other. They were so clearly absolutely in love. โ€œI hope youโ€™ve been here on earth as long as my father. We โ€“ mortals, I suppose โ€“ still sort of talk about your story. Itโ€™s like Romeo and Juliette. With a happy ending that is!โ€ The jealousy, the yearning, It was getting a bit too much for Isabel. There was nothing she could do about it. Romantic love, like these two felt, she would never feel. She couldnโ€™t feel it. Maybe that made her broken. Melancholy waved over her. Those thoughts would lead her down a rabbit hole that made her cry many lonely nights before. She didnโ€™t have the privilege of breaking down like that right now. She still had a duty to carry out.

โ€œSorry, I have to go. I still have to find father.โ€ She said as she started to hop towards the living room. Though right before she went in she turned to look at the two love birds again. โ€œYou know, Iโ€™m happy you guys are still together.โ€ And then she hopped into the living to look for her weapon.

Eros had been smiling gently at Psyche, but as Isa spoke his face fell. Each word hit him like a bullet, tangible and painful. They'd had a happy ending once but that had been ruined. He'd messed it up too badly, it wasn't going to work. It's too broken... The young deity scrambled to his feet, panic etched across his face. His heart felt as if it was about to burst out of his chest and he found himself being unable to catch his breath. It hurt too much.

He glanced at Psyche, still taken away by her beauty as he always was and always would be. But he knew she would never truly forgive him and he couldn't cope with that. "I-I need to go too!" He stammered as he backed away from her, moving quickly towards the front door before anyone could stop him.

Psyche barely had a moment to stand before she was hit with Isaโ€™s kind words, her heart warming even if it was a bit of a reminder that they still needed to talk fully. If a stranger could see something between them then it had to still be there right? Even if they werenโ€™t technically fully together at the moment right? She looked over at Eros when suddenly she felt her heart sink into her stomach, the smile fading instantly from her face at seeing that same look that was featured in many of her nightmares. It was the same one he gave her when they had first fallen and again every time his eyes landed on her before he left. โ€Donโ€™t..โ€, she said barely above a whisper as her voice wouldnโ€™t come out, choked up as she watched him back away before fully making an exit. It was dumb. She knew she appeared ridiculous much like every other time she went running after him. She couldnโ€™t handle it again. Not after being so close. โ€Eros! Wait!โ€

She ignored the ladies in the living room, flying out the front door and letting it rudely slam behind her. She rushed to the elevator, cursing and slamming her hand against the metal sliding protector as it closed. Psyche quickly jabbed the button on repeat, โ€No, no, no, no, noโ€ฆ, but it was to no avail as each was still headed downward. She quickly abandoned the elevators, rushing for the stairwell, sprinting and stumbling frantically as she dashed in a full blown panic. She ignored the sprained ankle, the pain in her elbow and hands when she had to catch herself multiple times on the stairs from a more serious injury. It didnโ€™t matter if it harmed her, she would not slow down because she was determined to reach where she needed to be. The staff of the apartment looked at her with concern, startled by the commotion of her busting out of the stairwell and staring at the elevators in horror, noticing they were all headed up which means all of the passengers were already off.

Psyche frantically dashed out the entrance door, not even waiting for the doorman to politely open it for her. She looked back and forth down the street, gasping for air from her sprinting as well as full blown panic while gripping her hair in frustration. He was gone. He was right there. They had been able to touch. They had been able to talk. So close. So close. Her knees gave out, not even caring as they hit and scraped the pavement upon her collapse. Tears streamed down her face, her heart feeling broken and hollow as she gazed forward, blank and unseeing in front of her. Why? Why? What did she have to do? What had she done wrong? Why had she let herself be hopeful? She screamed loudly as if in physical agonizing pain with broken sobs, not caring if she looked like a two year old throwing a tantrum, not caring if she looked like a crazy woman to these onlookers passing her by on the streets, not even caring when the poor old man that just was trying to make a living opening doors tried his best to assist her. She didnโ€™t hear any of it, letting herself for the first time in thousands of years feel the full force of her pain. For once, not being positive about the situation or optimistic. For once, not wishing to defend her husbands and just let herself be heartbroken.

โ€œMiss, miss? Are you alright?โ€

She heard the voice filter in, her hollow gazing turning to the poor man as he looked at her with concern and then around at a few onlookers that had stopped, gossiping a bit between themselves. โ€œWould you like me to call someone?โ€ He asked politely, trying to be nice even with the extra attention. She weakly shook her head, tears still streaming down her face and each breath hitching with effort to breathe as it felt like there was pressure in her chest. She stood shakily, ignoring the blood dripping from her knees and the pain that flared through them with her full weight. โ€œMiss, are you going to be alright? Can I get you a taxi?โ€ She gave a broken smile, shaking her head softly with a horse reply, โ€Iโ€™ll b-be f-fine. Sorry f-for the inconvenience.โ€ That said, she stumbled away from the complex, not even bothering with her car and planning to get it later. She wouldnโ€™t be able to drive anyway, not with the tears still bubbling and falling down her cheeks causing her vision to blur. She didnโ€™t know where she was heading, just walking without a purpose. Psyche knew she should call someone to pick her up and have some emotional support butโ€ฆshe didnโ€™t want to pretend to be hopeful but she also didnโ€™t want them to be mad at Eros. Her heart felt like a knife stabbed into the crumbled pieces that were left at just thinking his name, her sobs becoming stronger once again.
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๐ฅ๐จ๐œ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง. nightsbane dormitory room
๐ฆ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ. a certain someone

The two dormitories were far enough apart for the powers that be to feel comfortable in their belief that vampires and werewolves would not mix. Or at the very least be discouraged from doing so. When it had come to the twins, they had not known where to put them. Whatever they did, they would be in the wrong place. But eventually it was decided that they felt and looked like vampires, and seemed to have little in common with the wolves, so Nightshade would have to do. The dormitory reserved for bloodsuckers and anyone unfortunate enough to have to cohabit with them was atop a tall winding tower, dotted with large gothic style windows, framed by curtains of deep purple and black draping lazily to the floor. Everything was gilded with intricate but subtly carved designs and although every year several students attempted to carve their names alongside these, they were promptly magic'ed away at the end of each term. It was home. Or at least a sort of home.

Caleb stood against one of the grand windows. It had been slung wide open and he paid little heed to the wind and rain that lashed against him, dampening his soft curls and wetting his cheeks. Taking a slow drag from his cigarette, he leaned over the sill to breathe out a leisurely stream of smoke, his eyes flitting to the familiar gargoyle that sat in pride of place below. Ugly thing. The fingers of his free hand reached up to subconsciously brush over the new, but already fully healed scar that marked a vertical line over his right eye. It had not hurt for long but he still imagined he could feel the wound as if fresh. He could barely remember what had happened. It was always difficult to recall those times but that night...

A jean clad pair of legs suddenly appeared from above, dragging him back to the present. The figure deftly swung itself through the window to land inside the dorm room, shaking its sodden head to send water droplets cascading onto the polished, and in all likelihood recently cleaned, ebony floor. Casting a final glance outside, Caleb slammed the window shut, causing a couple of first years to jump in surprise. He turned to raise a questioning eyebrow at his twin, who responded by swiping his palms across one another, a self-satisfied grin stretching across his face. "Done and done." Charlie chimed happily, moving to sling an arm around his brothers shoulders only to be promptly shrugged off. He frowned for a moment but such expressions never settled. Caleb was always moody, even if things had been a little more tense between them recently. It would be okay, it always was.

Ignoring the sullen air radiating off his brother, he moved closer to a fire that was already crackling contentedly in its black hearth, pulling off his sodden tshirt. The shock of the cold against his bare skin caused him to shiver involuntary and he quickly grabbed his hoody. It was from some museum Jupiter had dragged them to and insisted that they wear matching hoodies for - Caleb had quickly lost his after the first exhibit. But even despite the cold, he knew it would totally be worth it. Plus, he'd missed climbing on the rooftops here; he hadn't found anywhere better yet. Relishing the much needed warmth of his hoody, Charlie draped himself across one of the couches, letting out a small sigh of pleasure as he sank back into the aged leather. "It's grand to be back. Don't you think so Cal?"

Caleb took another drag from his cigarette, taking a seat in one of the plush vintage armchairs, far away enough from Charlie that he wouldn't get soaking wet. "I think you grabbed too many suitcases." Caleb noted pointedly. He closed his eyes, trying not to let the smile pull at the edges of his lips. It wouldn't do to let him know he thought his idea was mildly amusing, if not completely idiotic. Jupiter had thankfully overheard and veto'd at least half of Charlies schemes.

"Ha! I knew you thought it'd be funny!" Charlie responded excitedly, an air of smugness taking over him. The clothing from the suitcases had been tossed across the rooftops, where they were undoubtedly now getting thoroughly soaked. After a few moments he tilted his head back to look at where the luggage had been gathered, pondering on what Caleb had said. "Did I? My bad..." He shrugged nonchalantly. "I kind of assumed the git just had that many clothes. Have you seen how he dresses?" Despite his posturing, the hybrid did a quick scan to make sure the object of their discussion was not in the room. Thankfully, he was not. Maybe he'd realised what a tosspot he was and scarified himself to the wolves.

"No, I can't say I have." Caleb muttered, throwing the remnants of his cigarette into the fire. "Though I think we both know which of us has thought about taking said clothes off."

Charlies face flushed red at his twins taunt, though whether from embarassment or irritation it wasnt clear. "I don't want to--" He snapped back, sliding further down the couch, his face half buried in his hoody. "That's the last thing I want to do! I-I'd rather have to sit through a full day of ol' Volkovs torture sessions. Or have to eat garlic everyday!" Charlie picked up his wet t-shirt, throwing it at Caleb. "Anyway, at least I know how to have fun." He muttered, frowning when the t-shirt was deftly caught and tossed back.

"You smell like wet dog you know. Maybe you should transfer to Wolfsbane." Caleb smiled wryly. "Apparently they sleep in one giant pile, bet you'd love that. Imagine if..."

Caleb didn't have time to finish his sentence before his brother leapt from the couch and began to charge towards him, a mischievous grin darting across his face. "Die Valentine! Dieeeeeee!" Charlie yelled out his war cry as he landed on the armchair and began to pummel his brother with a cushion, ignoring any and all protests. "I'll never stop! Not until you admit that I am the strongest, smartest and coolest hybrid in this room. Do it! Do it now!" He laughed, too caught up in his delight to notice as the cushion split open nor the foot that came slamming into his leg, tripping him up and causing him to fall back onto the hardwood floor. He groaned as he landed hard on the wooden surface, for a moment too winded to do anything but lay there. After a a minute he was able to catch his breath and he sat up, brushing away some of the duck feathers that had floated down to land atop his body. "Dude, not fair." He pouted, rubbing his back where he had landed.

Caleb stood up, a smirk playing at the edges of his lips before he reached a hand down to help him up. "Nothing's fair for us Charlie."

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