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British gal. Watches far too many films. Loves travelling.

Been into RPs for 10ish years now (urgh...) and I generally seem to stray towards more fantasy/supernatural based storylines. I also like detail and in-depth plots as much as possible! Always up for new ideas though.

{Will insert some witty content here when I can be bothered}

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House Tyrell traces its ancestry to Garth Greenhand, the legendary first king of the Reach who made the land bloom. They, along with many other houses in the reach, claim descent from his line, though theirs is through the females of the family. For over a thousand years, the Greenhand’s sons and grandsons ruled the Reach as House Gardener. The offshoots of his daughters grew into vast and powerful houses in their own right. Except for House Tyrell. They instead chose to serve the Gardeners for centuries, as stewards of Highgarden and the daily affairs of the Reach.

Then King Mern, the last Gardener King of The Reach, joined forces with Loren Lannister to face the then King Aegon who had landed in Westeros. At the Field of Fire, Aegon burned their armies and Mern himself was killed. Until the maesters sorted out the entail amongst Merns cousins, Harlen the steward was acting lord at Highgarden. He, looking to ensure peace, yielded Highgarden and its lands to King Aegon. The King accepted the proposal and to show his gratitude, entitled Harlen to Highgarden, making the Tyrells his Wardens of the South and choosing them over many older & greater families in the Reach.

It has been one hundred years since then and the Tyrells have successfully cared for the Reach and its people, as they did for centuries before. However many houses, including the Florents, can boast a greater claim to Highgarden, and still see the Tyrells as little more than upjumped stewards. That said, the Tyrells are well-liked amongst the common folk, providing bountiful harvests for much of Westeros and commanding a formidable army. The Tyrells have been seemingly loyal to the Targaryean dynasty since Aegon's reign, Lord Martyn, and his wife Lady Fossoway, even serving as master of coin for King Jaehaerys. The two (although it really was Florences doing) proved extremely able and with their help the Seven Kingdoms prospered, King Jaehaerys being able to use the extra gold to expend his project of roads; which includes the roseroad and kingsroad to name a few.

House Members:

  • Lord Matthos Tyrell (50, born 61 AC)
    • Lady Elinor Tyrell née Rowan (46, born 65 AC), his wife
    • Garrett Tyrell (born 82 AC), his eldest son, deceased
    • Ser Leyton Tyrell (27, born 84 AC), member of the Kingsguard, nicknamed The Blushing Rose
    • Leyla Tyrell (19, born 92 AC), his eldest daughter
    • Alester Tyrell (16, born 95 AC), heir to Highgarden
  • Ser Rycherd Tyrell (49, born 62 AC), second son of Lord Martyn & Lady Florence.
    • Maerie Merryweather (43, born 68 AC), his wife
    • Arthur Flowers (23, born 88 AC). Raised by his mother & little known to his father. Currently working as a sellsword somewhere in Essos.
    • Multiple other legitimate children - including 4 daughters & 2 sons.
  • Lady Florence Tyrell, née Fossoway (70, born 41 AC) wife of the former Lord Martyn Tyrell

House members

<Snipped quote by NecroKnight>


1) -
2) I suppose that makes sense, while I don't think mob justice would amount to much given how untouchable the nobility can be to the Smallfolk, public knowledge is certainly a way to ensure justice is done.


1) Don't we all
2) Perhaps she could, but, a noble lady has very little secret time to herself, doing so might make her far more dangerous than your average lady but it won't make you 'that' good.
3) A wardship could work, although she's quite old for that to be the case. I could imagine she'd be forced to accompany another relative to King's Landing to seek a suitable match, with the punishment of her not playing along being the Silent Sisters.

Sorry that feedback took so long, I've had struggles with my health the last couple of weeks.

<Snipped quote by Danvers>

I actually keep forgetting how much time 'before' the Dance I set this game, it wouldn't actually be necessary for the next Lord Tyrell to be born, just, canonically, most of your Tyrells are set for short existences! So, yeah, totally ignore my early feedback. You'll have to excuse me my ear was trying to explode.

No worries! Oh yeah didn’t think about that. Guess i can use it as an excuse to think of creative ways to kill one of them off ha.

Hope you’re feeling better also!
<Snipped quote by Danvers>

Hey, sorry to take so long to get back to you.

I'm happy with the direction you're taking House Tyrell, even if it is a drift from canon (the next generation of Tyrell's is regency due to lack of heirs and your's don't seem to have that issue).

The only alteration I'd ask to be made is either the addition of an infant son or the ageing down of one of the children to fill that role, just so we have a character that could be the next canonical Lord Tyrell. This is a request rather than a demand, either way the sheet is accepted and you can post em up.

Thanks! Yeah of course

Part of the reason I put in the other children was because the next Lord Tyrell apparently isn’t born till 129ish. I was a bit confused by that, since Matthos has been a Lord since at least 101 (and why would he have an heir so late). I’m happy to put in a young’un though!

Here's my lot finally!
<Snipped quote by Danvers>

Sure thing. Ser Bryndon is a renowned knight. Unless you want to pair him with the heir: Ormund (but he's been travelling a lot in the past 5 years).

I think that regarding the Kingsguard there can be a few spots open for OCs.

Will probs make it with Bryndon as it would have been several years ago, if that’s alright.
<Snipped quote by Danvers>

Great. Now I have to pay lip service.

... I mean, greetings m'lady.

Let me know if you want to include some Hightowers.

Surely they love the upjumped stewards being in charge..

I was going to make one of my sons squire somewhere in his past. Not sure if Oldtown would be a viable option?

Also I was just wondering what the situation is with the Kingsguard? Are you guys sticking to canon with who was in it at this time, or is it open to players at all? No worries if it isn't.

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