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British gal. Watches far too many films. Loves travelling.

Been into RPs for a while and I generally seem to stray towards more fantasy/supernatural based storylines. I also like detail and in-depth plots as much as possible! Always up for new ideas though.

{Will insert some witty content here when I can be bothered}

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Well, shit.

The last thing Summer could remember was slipping into darkness, her vision blurring as she fell suddenly and completely unconscious. She mustn't have been out of it for long โ€” perhaps a minute at most โ€” but that didn't mean she felt any less disorientated when she was pulled awake by the pungent odour of smelling salts.

โ€œUrgh, that smells awful...โ€ Summer grimaced as she looked up at Elder Lucien, her brown eyes taking in his impassive demeanour. She supposed she was lucky he had come to help her but that didn't mean she felt any less irritated by his presence. It was annoying to even need help in the first place.

Bringing a hand to her forehead, she eased herself into a sitting position, trying to make sense of what was happening around her. Everyone seemed to be rushing about and it looked like she & Calypso werenโ€™t the only ones who had suffered after the ritual. Looking over at Maggie, who appeared to be in the middle of a full-blown panic attack, she found herself feeling a twinge of something for her. Of course, it was totally stupid to go through with the ritual if you were so damn anxious...but still.

โ€œIโ€™m fine now.โ€ Summer muttered sullenly to Lucien as she slowly stood up. For a second she teetered on her feet โ€” a wave of dizziness overcoming her โ€” but luckily she managed to steady herself enough that she didn't immediately fall to the floor again. Glancing down at the spot where she had cut herself with the dagger, she was surprised to see that it had been healed. And it was a good job too. Likely one of the elders had done it. It didnโ€™t really seem like the other witchlings...or witches as it was now, cared that she had fainted, so she doubted it had been any of their doing.

Not that this bothered Summer. Of course not.

Yet, the teen still couldnโ€™t help but feel a twinge of embarrassment for what had happened. It was not the Abernathy way. Scratch wasnโ€™t her way. It was weak and stupid. No doubt news of the events that had transpired would spread throughout the coven. And her mother...oh god, her mother. She was never going to live this down. Maybe she should move to Antartica or something. Surely they must have witches there too...

Caught up in these thoughts, she absentmindedly picked a couple of pieces of undergrowth off her dress, before suddenly realising that she was just standing there like an idiot.

โ€œEr, well thanks for healing me or whatever.โ€ Rolling her eyes, Summer then proceeded to promptly stride off, eager to get away from the Wellspring (and the other witches). She knew she was going to have to spend the rest of the evening with them but she just needed a moment alone.


Damn it.

Will knew her too well. Of course he would realise that sheโ€™d want to keep one of them as a pet. Heโ€™d grown used to Dog but apparently swampjaws were a step too far for him.

โ€œWell it would be better for them than being kept by stupid whatshisface...โ€ Sulkily puffing out her cheeks, she wandered off to check for an exit anyway. Although she would love to have a pet swampjaw โ€” and she was sure that Dog would eventually grow to like them โ€” she knew that this was not the time nor the place to have such a discussion. Maybe she would be able to persuade Will at another point though...perhaps if they raised one from a baby or something? She'd seen a picture of a baby one once and they were even cuter. And usually they didn't just have one baby but several!

Sparing one last glance at the creatures as they were forced towards the ceiling, Brie began to leisurely walk around the room. She tried to ignore the bellows, roars and snaps she could hear from above, the 'leftovers are adorable' part of her brain wanting to tell Will to let them go. It was distracting but Brie was as keen to get out of here as him, so she instead focused on the task at hand. A quick scan of the area told her there were no electrical systems she would be able to short-circuit in able to provide them with a way out. She also pushed on the heavy metal door they had come through but it seemed to be locked from the other side. From what she could see, the place was totally secure.

โ€œNope, no way out! Looks like weโ€™re locked in here. Guess he either expects us to be eaten or kill them...โ€

Having done a full circuit of the room, she meandered back over to Will. Looking up at the swampjaws once more, her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to decide what to do. Thinking was hurting her tired and hungover brain, but even she could see that they didnโ€™t have many options.

โ€œAh, this is bullshit! I think weโ€™re gonna have to hurt them." Sighing, she inwardly cursed Nero for doing this, hoping she would get a chance to at least shock him a little. "Well, I guess I should do somethingโ€ฆโ€ Clenching her fists together, Brie began to concentrate on absorbing more of the surrounding currents. The lights flickered as she did this, a couple of them blowing with a sudden โ€˜popโ€™ and causing the room to be cast instead by only a dim light. It was eery but nothing by which they couldn't still see.

โ€œWhoops, sorry! Erm, maybe you should stand back for this.โ€ She glanced over at Will, aware of the significant amount of static electricity that was generating around her body. Normally she would be able to mostly prevent this but the fact that her hold on her powers had been slipping recently, along with being awfully hungover, meant that she really had little control over it. It crackled in the air, palpable and tense. To her it just felt like that familiar buzz she always cherished, but to others it would cause a rather painful shock. She could tell that her already messy hair was beginning to stand on end but she ignored this whilst she continued to concentrate.

โ€œPoor babies! Iโ€™m so sorry!โ€ Holding out both her arms, palms raised, Brie suddenly sent two lightning fast bolts of electricity at the water surrounding the reptilian leftovers. The water began to bubble violently as the electricity coursed through it and with nowhere else to go, would strike directly through the bodies of the swampjaws. Brie closed her eyes, unwilling to see the poor things in pain, hoping it would work quickly. โ€œOh, I really hope theyโ€™re not dead...โ€

@Infinite Cosmos


Sleep. Sleep was not something that Hermes cherished, nor sought. Why spend time in slumber, when there were so many frivolities to enjoy in the waking world. His life as a god had been hectic, forever darting from place to place, at the behest of both his own desires, as well as the whims of others. Yet, the realm of unconsciousness was the one place where he could truly fly once more. Where he was able to carousel off with the winds. So, perhaps at the behest of one patron of sleep, or as the result of a lively party, did Hermes pass into these unfamiliar lands.

On this occasion, it was by the hands of the latter that the former messenger of the gods found himself scrunched up in a bathtub, legs hung over the side and head resting uncomfortably against the faucet. Muttering to himself as he slept, Hermes slowly peeped open one eye when he was dragged from his stupor by a familiar voice. He was instantly met by the sight of one very naked looking Heracles, which prompted a small, croaky laugh. The guy spent half of his life in a state of undress, so it wasn't a surprise, infact it was a sight which he welcomed wholeheartedly. "What's up Brotato Chip? You are so naked. I?" Looking down, Hermes was surprised to see that he was still wearing his boxers. This was probably the first time he had woken up at Casa De Acropolis wearing more than just his birthday suit. "What happened last night? Last thing I remember was Pol showing everyone his party trick..."

Stretching his arms above his head โ€” his muscles protesting against the sudden movement โ€” Hermes slowly hauled his aching body from the bathtub. He was going to be sore for a week after sleeping like that but at least he hadnโ€™t ended up on the rooftop again. Ignoring the very unclean looking floor, he meandered over to Herc, giving him a small nudge in the side with his foot. "Time to get up man. Wouldn't wanna miss all the fun at the Conclave now would we?" Giving him a small wink before strolling out of the bathroom, Hermes immediately found himself colliding into a smaller someone with a sudden oof.

"Sorry, didn't see you there..." Cupping a hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn, Hermes glanced down at the very awake looking redhead, her returning gaze all smiles & spiritedness. It took his groggy brain a few moments to get into gear, but eventually it began to come back to him. She was one of the many merrymakers that had found themselves at Casa De Acropolis last night. Sally 'the masseuse' - that was it. From what he recalled she had been very flexible. โ€œOh, Sally...right. What are you still doing here?โ€ It was a shame they hadn't shared the bathtub together because she was pretty damn hot. Though for all he knew, they had. It really was all a bit of a blur.

โ€œWell, you asked me to watch you sleepโ€”โ€ Hermes did not remember this, โ€œโ€”to make sure that your friends didnโ€™t what was it. Oh, โ€˜phallic imageryโ€™ on you!โ€ She peered down at the palm of her hand, where he had apparently drawn a picture for reference (y'know, just in case she didn't recognise it...) Smiling at him, she showed him the crudely drawn image, prompting a small laugh from the messenger god. Wow, this girl was peppy. โ€œAnyway, I went out to get you coffee. Thought youโ€™d need it before your mission!โ€

Slinging an arm gently around her shoulders, Hermes began to lead the girl slowly down the hallway, trying his best to maneuver her away from the rest of the household. โ€œThanks Sal. You did a great job! - I am completely penis free. Well, you know, not completely.โ€ He gave her a small lopsided smile as he wrapped his fingers around the styrofoam cup she'd brought for him. If there was one thing he loved about humans, it was the invention of coffee. Well, that and some of their more...illicit creations too. โ€œ...Wait - what mission?โ€ Backtracking, Hermes frowned at his own stupidity. What had he said this time? It really did get difficult to keep track after the fifth drink or so.

โ€œYour space mission! You said you were flying to Mercury today...โ€

โ€œI did? I mean, I did! Yep, very important business.โ€ Furrowing his eyebrows as he walked, Hermes tried to recall what he had said. He briefly remembered something about being an astronaut. That was always a risky play so he was surprised that it had worked. Normally he went with one of the safer options like an actor or royalty. Either way, he should probably get this poor girl out of here before he was actually forced to sign up to NASA. He was pretty sure that the moon was outside the remit of The Colossus.

โ€œLook Sal. Iโ€™m leaving earth todayโ€ฆforever." He widened his eyes dramatically as they reached the front door, adopting his best solemn demeanour. It he must play along for a while longer, so be it. "Itโ€™s gonna be a pretty emotional goodbye with the boys, so it might be best if we were alone. Between you and me, Jackson is very sensitive about his crying face...gets all red and blotchy y'know? Thanks for the coffee though, you're a star!โ€ Taking a sip from the cup, he nodded happily at the rush of caffeine. "Mm, good stuff."

Sally looked somewhat put out but just shrugged her shoulders, clearly have complete faith in the idea that he was in fact an astronaut. โ€œOh, of course - bye Harry! Good luck with the aliens!โ€


Hermes gave her a hesitant wave as he shut the door, letting out a sigh of relief when she was finally gone. Brushing a hand through his tangled mess of hair, he glanced around the apartment. Although turning up to the Conclave in just his boxers would be pretty funny, he probably should try and find his clothes.

Yet before he could look, his attention was diverted by the smell of cooking food wafting over to him from the stovetop. Thank the gods that Apollo could actually cook - if it weren't for him, they were all apt to starve. "Mornin' blondie. What's cooking?" Leaning against the kitchen counter, his blue eyes glanced over the mess of empty bottles, red solo cups and other more questionable items. Picking up one of said cups, he gave it a suspicious sniff before deciding that it was definitely not water. Maybe on another day a hair of the dog would've been desirable but no way was he touching that stuff before the Conclave. He decided to grab a piece of sausage instead, biting into it and nearly burning his tongue in the process. Shit that was hot.

"Dude, you haven't seen my clothes have you? I have no idea where I left them..." Frowning in concentration, Hermes began to pick his way through the piles of clothes and people, treading carefully over the remnants of chaos that had been left in the wake of last night. The place was, as always, a complete mess and he had no luck in finding anything that was either his own or something he would want to wear. "Ah, fuck it." After a few minutes, Hermes gave up, giving Apollo a quick wave before traipsing out of the door. He would just head home in his boxers and shower there...the breeze would wake him up at least.


A short while later, Hermes had successfully gone home, showered, fed Ares & Zeus, and then hauled it all the way across town. He was always one to take things at his own pace but luckily his own pace was pretty damn speedy, so he wasn't all that late. In fact, it kind of seemed like he might be on time. That would definitely be a first. He found the Conclaves terribly boring, only attending them in the hopes that there would be some juicy drama, so being timely wasn't really on his list of priorities.

After getting lost half a dozen times, and also stopping to flirt with a very cute looking teacher's aide, Hermes eventually found the conference room. It for sure wasn't the most upmarket place they'd held these gatherings in, but he didn't really care either way. He paused for a moment to pat down a couple of stray hairs, before pushing open the doors, his gaze instantly straying over to two very familiar faces. Thank god it wasn't just him and Ares - the guy would probably try launch him out of a window before the meeting had even started.

โ€œHey Kor Kor! Hey Hippo!โ€ Darting over to them, full of energy, you would be hard pressed to realise that Hermes had been dead asleep not so long ago. Peering over Kores shoulder, he couldnโ€™t help but smile to himself when he saw his name taped to the cheap plastic chair. โ€œOh, looks like weโ€™re sitting together. You lucky duck!โ€ Hermes grinned at her as he plopped himself down on the seat. Shrugging off his jacket, he slung it over the back of his chair, before turning to face his fellow Grecian gods.

โ€œDonโ€™t tell anyone, but I brought snacks!โ€ Leaning conspiratorially towards Kore, he showed her the packet of gummy worms that he'd quickly grabbed on the way here. Bringing a finger to his lips to emphasise his point of keeping it a secret, he opened the bag, before popping one into his mouth. "Oh no, they're sour..." Hermes scrunched up his face at the taste, shaking his head in surprise.

Damn those sour gummies - they got him every time.

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