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Current The first person to inhale helium must have been relieved when the effects wore off.
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Electricity is just domesticated electrons.
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Bees are nature's kamikaze pilots.
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Just noticed the "private convo with yourself" button. I guess people on this site really are lonely.
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The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)


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Name: Allegra Octavia Fuguetta
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Allegra is a petite young lady, standing at around 5’2” tall with a thin, slender body. She has natural shamrock green hair and piercing orange eyes. With a toned build from dancing, Allegra usually wears layers from what seems to be perpetual coldness, and displays a different fashion trend every day.

When switching into Pirouette Form, Allegra’s hair turns scarlet orange, her eyes turn bright red, and she gains a ferocious aura about her.

Biography: Born into a very musical and very optimistic, albeit financially uncertain, family, Allegra was raised in a loft in the hustle-and-bustle of Castelia City. With her parents spending most of the day working to make ends meet, Allegra spent most of her free time relatively alone, roaming throughout the city and enjoying the sights while also working on music. She could often be found sitting at one of Castelia’s piers, strumming her guitar, or inside the Cafe Sonata, tickling the ivories of the piano there. While she played a majority of instruments she touched quite well, it was her voice that was her pride and joy. She was gifted with a powerful voice with great range and deep emotion, and her vocal talent was quickly recognized by many. At the age of 14, she had been signed by a minor record label in Castelia and recorded an EP, and she began touring in her free time.

She found out that her musical talents were more than just talents while playing for a small crowd in Castelia Park, whereupon after reaching the climax of her first single, she belted a note that caused all present to instantly fall asleep. She quickly went from rising star to ostracized and accused of being a “maker of disaster” in meer moments, and she quickly hid away from the world.

Upon receiving notice of a “Reincarnation Tournament,” she contemplated the request before finally agreeing to join. She was never really much of a battler, but she felt drawn to whatever this activity was. If she was a reincarnation, she was supposed to do what reincarnations do, after all.

Original region: Unova

  • Along with singing, Allegra plays the guitar, piano, harmonica, and ukelele very well.
  • Her debut (and only) EP, titled "Five-Leaf Clover," experienced fair success in Unova and was a minor hit outside as well.
  • Strangely seems to have no fear of any type of Pokemon.

I'm fine with whatever, tbh.

Reserve Kyurem for me, if you may.
sure, i'll bite.
@AwesomeZero5 Looks good, good idea concept! Nice to see you follow through.

@GoMach We are indeed, thanks for checking in!
Due to declining interest, I have to state that I've decided to withdrew from this RP. Apologies.

A shame, if you want to return, feel free

Heres a question ... Can we also Make demon characters? Like Play our " hero" characters and Play a demon @Hitman'Villian " character


Seems the RP is slowing down, how are you all doing? Who's planning a post?

Luke, after eating the piece of plain bread, sat in silent contemplation and listening for the most part, something he did very rarely, if ever. He felt a smile creep onto his face as his other new dorm-mates prepared a host of breakfast foods, with Enzo making heart-shaped pancakes and Mei making some type of eggs. With them serving as the faux cooks for everybody present, Luke felt bad that he was sidelined in this task. Cooking was never his forte, far from it, actually, and he never got the hang of preparing anything much more than instant noodles.

He also noticed a girl had he not seen the night before, a pretty, shapely young lady with pale skin and white hair, wearing clothing that left little to the imagination. She seemed a bit cold, not exactly a people person at all, but at least she wasn't hostile towards all of them. Luke could work with that.

Levi and Enzo briefly discussed the plans for the day, with Levi bring up the Kappa pond idea that Luke had suggested the night prior. Enzo quickly shot down the idea, discussing the dangers that Kappas posed, especially to the Greenhorn Levi, and the instructions the Headmaster had given the night (or rather, morning) prior.

"Hey, relax," Luke said calmly to the Legacy student, leaning casually against the wall. "If we're careful and we know about the Kappas, we should be fine. It's not like they're an S-Class Demon, after all, and we have a few people that know how to fight there. Nobody's going home in a body bag." Luke gave Enzo a confident, perhaps overconfident, but well-intentioned and protective grin. "We'll be fine."

"In fact, you're more than welcome to join us. You seem like a nice guy, it'd be nice getting to know you. And the rest of you," Luke said, first to Enzo and then the rest of the assorted students. "We can probably go out and find that village afterwards- can't be too far, this island's not that big. It'll be a great first day. See some cool Demons, check out the village. Believe me, it'll be great."

He ran a hand through his mane of blonde hair. "Besides, I have a feeling that he told us not to go to the Kappa pond to see if we would actually go there or not. Reapers have to be adventurous, right? That's part of the job."

His eyes narrowed back on Enzo (he looked even more sickly in the daylight, but as a Legacy, probably still could beat Luke to the moon and back.) "You in?"

Speaks to: Alexandria Vesperantus @Hammerman, Torok Vencor @ReusableSword, Levi Hall @Krytavius, Mei Takahashi @Reshy134, Deborah Nibelung @Double Capybara, Ryanne Thomas @Arreyis, Enzo Tarantella @Calatrava, Drakus Vull @Dark Light, Rei Angius @azoicsiren

Mentions: n/a
@Poppirious Take care of yourself hon! RP can always wait, and hopefully when you're ready it'll still be here and you can pop back in. <3

Agreed, good luck on your life, and if you ever feel better and want to rejoin, we're more than welcome to have you.
Typed something out on mobile, not sure if I can get the time to post in the next few days so I'd rather start a timeskip than be afforded to wait.

Mobile too, so any mistakes made will be corrected @ a later date. Thx! :)

Luke awoke the following morning at the crack of dawn, around 5:30 to 6:00 AM, from a loud moaning sound that resonated throughout the house. Luke leaped out of bed, his eyes scanning the vicinity in trepidation, before realizing that the TV screen in his room was blinking bright red and displaying the words “MORNING ALARM.” He sighed annoyedly, or maybe even a touch disappointedly.

Though initially miffed at the sudden, unnerving, and very, very loud alarm, Luke was also quite glad that the alarm had woken him and given him time to enjoy the morning and explore the grounds. Quickly, Luke dressed into a casual outfit- a t-shirt and pair of khaki shorts, a light olive jacket, and a pair of beige hiking boots, before journeying downstairs.

He noticed the fridge had been restocked with a variety of food items overnight, a revelation that surprised him as much as it miffed him- staff were entering their dorms at night, unless there was some strange magic at work. Casually taking a slice of bread from a loaf sitting on the counter, Luke sat at the counter, eating the slice while waiting for others to join him in the barren kitchen.

To join him, perhaps, on new adventures through Death Island's many nooks and crannies.

Speaks to:

I plan on having a post up tonight indicating the timeskip in order to not have people sit around for too long.

If the collab doesn't come up before then, just post if after and move on.
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