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The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)
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Corrupt cops are basically undercover criminals. *mind blown*
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We all want to know where we go when we die. The real question is, where are we before we're born?
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What if laziness is just a power-saving mode for our brain?


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Sara Hepburn

As the fight between Muko and Vega raged on, a looming figure appeared on the balcony, pushing his way through Glory and Lorn. He raised his right hand, extending his index and middle fingers, a look of annoyance behind his bespectacled eyes. A large, shimmering green Magic Seal appeared at the tip of his fingers, a bright light emanating across the Guild Hall.

"Frozen Space!"

Immediately, a wave of grey shot through the room, draining the color out of every surface, person, animal, anything in the room, except for Kukan himself. Sara immediately felt her joints stiffen and her body lock into place as it turned into the desolate shades of grey and black and white, monochrome. The only function in her body (other than breathing) that still worked was her eyes, which turned towards the angry-looking Guild Master.

"This," he began slowly, after a brief period of silent concentration, "is a family. We are a family. We don't fight in these sacred halls, built out of the foundations of respect and honor." His glare intensified on Muko and Vega. "You knuckleheads- all of you- should truly take time to reflect on the words and actions of our predecessors, of our peers, and try to exemplify their lives." With a wave of his hand, the spell was dissipated- the grey hues all vanished, replaced once again by color and life. Sara stretched her arms eagerly. Kukan didn't showcase his magic often, but when he did, it was bound to be intense.

Master Teki, with a wave of his hand, opened a dark green portal, from which a fountain of letters, stamped "MAGIC COUNCIL," flowed out from, like a river of paper. "These are the complaints we receive for our lack of behavior while out on missions. Constant denunciations, grievances, warnings, and more. How many times we've been threatened with disbandment is uncountable." Kukan, who realized the exorbitant amount of complaints had now flooded the Guild Hall floor knee-deep, quickly reversed the spell, the papers disappearing in a quick flash and a loud snap. "You guys know as well as I do that I could care less about the Magic Council, but the next time you go out on a job, at least consider the consequences your actions will have on your peers, your surroundings, and your Guild."

Turning with a quick motion and giving a curt nod to Lorn and Glory, he finished with a quick statement. "A few new jobs are now up, by the way, if you're not busy. Nothing too dangerous, but the people look like they need your help, and even through the shenanigans, help is what we do best as Mages. And plus, there's some nice Emeralds behind it, so I'd consider it if I were you." He quickly glanced over his shoulder at Muko and Vega. "I'll see you two in a bit."

And with those last words, he vanished back up to his office as quickly as he came.

Sara glanced at the request board from the bar stool, before turning to the person next to her, Damian. She never liked going on jobs alone, and she never really associated all too much with the moderately new Great Tree Arc mage outside of polite introductions, waves, and the occasional meeting at the hall and about the country. "Hey. Would you be up for a job together? I've never really worked with you before, so I see it as a fun opportunity." She smiled with that sweet-as-honey smile that she constantly had on. "What do ya say?"


@Hitman Alright then. I'll hop right to it.

Assuming A-C refers to the ranks?

I saw something about not taking anymore so I'll just watch for now.

As @Aeolian stated, somebody did leave, so we do have a spot available A-C. Feel free to whip up a CS!
Sara Hepburn

The brawl surged on in the main Guild Hall, but it intensified with the introduction of Muko Zanthrax on the balcony. Sara blinked, surprised and also fearing for her safety. The Zanthrax descendant certainly channeled some of the power of his predecessors, if the books she read were any indication. He seemed to be charging up an attack too, something that scared Sara further. He must've been planning to pacify by force and uphold the peace. Sara had a tingling gut feeling that wouldn't happen.

Muko, with the war cry of "Void Dragon's Drop!" resonating through the hall, then proceeded to follow up on his promise and leap off the balcony, striking with Magic capable of making snow and dropping the temperature of the room. Sara wrapped her arms around her shoulders, shivering. Her shakes were not only from the fact that she had been hit by the tailspin of the snow produced by his attack, but also the sheer intensity of Dragon Heart's strongest mage and his magical power. She certainly considered herself a capable Mage, not on top of the Guild but at least in tune with Magic, but Muko made her feel like an amateur.

Dealing with the problem that the Guild Hall was now significantly colder (and the fact that she was only wearing a thin, short-sleeved top with a floral pattern), Sara raised a Silver Key from her keyring, one with a blazing fire at the top and a pointy hook at the tip. O-open," she muttered, "g-gate of the Furnace." She was shivering even more heavily. Damn, why was it so cold?


A brilliant green Magic Seal appeared midair, before Fornax appeared, cocooned in glowing light. The light shifted into the shape of a massive, 7-foot-tall man, before it vanished, revealing the legendary Furnace, Fornax, a tall, mustachioed man wearing a chef's garb. Fornax gave a cheesy (but dedicated) bow. "You called, m'lady?

Sara nodded with a sweet smile towards her spirit "C-could you heat up the r-room a little, F-Fornax? It's a b-bit chilly in h-h-here."

The prideful spirit laughed boisterously. "As per your wishes, m'lady." He snapped his fingers, and a small, microwave-like device appeared in a sudden burst of flames. "Fire Magic: Heat Wave!" His call caused the little furnace to release a visibly red wave of heat, the slush of the room melting into puddles of water, the chilly temperature warming significantly.

Sara audibly sighed in relief as the warmth flooded the room. "Thank you, Fornax." She gave a polite wave goodbye as Fornax faded back into the Spirit Realm.

Sara turned to the newcomer at the bar, the Lost Magic mage Damian. Sara grabbed the pitcher at the edge of the counter and poured the alcoholic beverage (whatever it was) into the cup Dame was extending. "Nice seeing you, Dame," she said sweetly, giving the fellow blonde mage a pleasant smile. "How're you holding up?"

@pkken @MarsAdept

@Aeolian added FCs for the Council, working on Serpent next
Sara Hepburn

A noise from the other side of the Guild Hall got Sara's attention- that noise being the footsteps followed by the twang-coated voice of Victoria Pax. Victoria was a legendary smith, an S-Class mage no less, and certainly a familiar face around the halls of the Guild. Sara reciprocated her greeting with a small wave and a happy grin. "A pleasure to see you too, Victoria." She listened to the mage talk about her day, including a game of chess where she had whooped the other poor guild-mate into submission. Sara laughed quietly. "I can't play chess for the life of me. I still don't remember what the little horse does." She paused in contemplative silence for a brief moment. "That's the one that jumps, right?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of quarreling at the center of the guild hall. Sara's interest was piqued by the argument, and her focus shifted towards the nature of the hostility. Two lower-ranked Mages were shouting at each other over something about jobs. Considering the scarcity of quality jobs on busy days, it did make a bit of sense, but it certainly didn't warrant such a heated conversation, and it definitely didn't warrant the taller Mage to suddenly shout “Fist Magic!” and punch the other mage in the gut, sending him careening across the Guild floor and headfirst into the wall next to the Request Board, smoke gently rising from the crater that formed at impact.

Soon, a group of the mages were duking it out in a thankfully non-magical brawl at the center of the guild hall, the bodies of defeated mages flying across the building like discarded rags. Sara sighed with a down shake of her head. She loved the guild, but the constant fighting did drag her down from time to time. Though not at all ready to join the duel, she put a hand on her key rings in case more than fists and bodies started to get thrown around.

Sara Hepburn

Location: Fairy Tail Guild Hall
Mood: Content

It was a pleasant late summer afternoon, the end of the sunny season apparent in the crisp, cool air and shortening days. The rays of sun filtered through the atmosphere, gently lying upon the bustling Dragon Heart guild hall.

The main room was quite full for a normal day at Dragon Heart, many mages filling the ground level of the guild hall and doing their thing. Some were out in the open, talking about jobs, and a few were at the request board, pondering the jobs available to take. And a couple were at the guild bar. One of those people was Sara Hepburn, Dragon Heart's resident Celestial Spirit Mage.

Sara sipped the small, wooden cup of cider slowly, enjoying the sweet taste on her lips. A long job had preceded the day before involving a long series of bandit robberies, and while it had a nice payoff, it was a long talk involving a lot more fighting than Sara had expected. It turned out bandits don't give up all too easily.

Downing the remains of the cup, Sara slid the cup across the bar counter, several Emeralds underneath the bottom. She sighed gently. Boredom was beginning to arise, something that rarely happens at Dragon Heart.

Table of Contents

Arc I: Introductions
Not much, just a fight and some angry Guild Masters.

Arc II: Catalyst

Mission A- A Plague On Your Houses

To The Venerated Dragon Heart Guild,
My name is Apothecary Pox, a doctor serving on retainer for Lord Ferdinand. It is my displeasure to inform you that the town of Mill Valley has been struck with an epidemic of myotoxicoSis. Normally, this could be treAted with edible charcoal and other common medicines, but we’re dealing with a few dozen patients and the shipment I requested is seVeral days late now. My fEar is that bandits may have raided the shipMent. I’m in process of requesting another but if the same happens, we might be looking at some unfortunate losses. It’ll be faster if a team could locate those supplies. My Lord is prepared to offer 199000 Emeralds for your service. Please meet me at Mill Valley as soon as you are able.
Much Regards and my Deepest Respect
Apothecary Pox,

Mission B- Princess Perfect

Dear Dragon Heart Guild,
I am Lady Isabella Ducard, wife of Lord Ferdinand of The Valley Counties, writing in a time of urgent need. My daughter, Dina, is a wonderfully sweet young lady, but has been distraught as of late because of her missing cat. Normally, I would simply commission a search-and-rescue crew to locate the cat, but I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that. You see, the cat is actually a rare specimen of cat called an “Exceed,” the feline being very human-like in appearance and mannerisms, and my scouts have reported that a Dark Guild has captured it and are looking to sell it. It is imperative you save the cat and stop this Dark Guild before my daughter throws another temper tantrums. I’m willing to offer up to 250000 Emeralds for your service towards our province.
Thank you in advance,
Lady Isabella Sharon Ducard of The Valley Counties

^^^^ join for fun

EDIT: just saw forum update, any WIPs (including @ShwiggityShwah) are OK, just no new people (you lurkers reading this).
@Quincy sorry, I thought I had reviewed it and responded. You're in.

@Reflection While I'm open to having your character be the S+ mage and think he's balanced personally and magically, there's a couple plot holes.
1. The Zanthrax family, as one of Dragon Slayers, would probably be recognized as a distinct threat to Dragons and be executed if put in a vulnerable position.
2. Even if the Dragon took pity on Lil Boy, he wouldn't teach a Zanthrax...the art of killing Dragons.
3. Where did that cloth come from? Dragons can't really write all too well.
Please make those clarifications STAT.

@Aeolian Lor is accepted! Welcome in!

@pkken and @Esran- welcome in! You're accepted. Nice chairs btw.

@Spanner- seen! Will comment soon.

@ShwiggityShwah :) aye aye

I'd like to close all Dragon Heart entries for now (save @Lmpkio's other char, ). Any villain entries may be submitted via PM.

Moving to begin Arc #1 soon- keep em eyes peeled! Watch the thread btw, so many of you to mention I cant really 0_0
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