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Current The first person to inhale helium must have been relieved when the effects wore off.
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Electricity is just domesticated electrons.
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Bees are nature's kamikaze pilots.
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Just noticed the "private convo with yourself" button. I guess people on this site really are lonely.
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The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)


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Thanks for your interest! I'll get to work on an actual thread.
What sort of abilities can a student hold? Just normal skills or something supernatural?

Typically some sort of supernatural magic. It'll be described more in-depth when I make the actual RP thread, but in essence, every person has a unique magic power unlocked within them that they can use.

Sounds cool. Might join this one.

The School of Death

In Paradisum Faciens Inferos

The world, you have to admit, is a pretty nasty place to live in.

Violence and murder surround us and engulf us no matter where we hide, whether in the dangerous jungle of concrete in urban areas or in the desolate plains of suburbia. They follow us, creeping through every facet of our lives, and then leaping out and taking the ones we love the most, or just flat-out taking your life. Evil's everywhere, and it ain't hard to find.

But things aren't all that bad as they used to be, thanks to us. You see, they changed the history books a lot, made sure not to write about us or what we did, but back in the day, people used to get killed by all sorts of demonic creatures. Devils, witches, the undead, restless spirits, and other evil entities all roamed free, leaving the world in bleak chaos as they ruthlessly tore up the fledgling human species.

That's where our founder, Charon, the Ferryman, comes in. He was born from the Darkness itself, but unlike the other wicked beasts that came from the Darkness, Charon wanted to make the world a safer place, even if he couldn't prevent death. So he grabbed his scythe, set sail on his magical ferry, and traveled across the world, slaying demons and devils as he went and allowing some of the early civilizations to sprout up and prosper. Charon was really doing a number on all those hellish fiends, but he met his match with the mighty Behemoth demon and was fatally injured. Realizing that he would never be able to fight another demon, Charon spent his last days passing on his knowledge and skills to a group of 13 men. These 13 men and their descendants would later form the 13 Great Families, and they would pass down their talents, knowledge, and legacies through the generations.

The coalition of 13 men would form the Society of Death, centered on Charon's ideal of killing demons and assorted hellish beasts. In order to train the descendants of the original 13, along with any other students that developed an aptitude for magic, the Society founded the School of Death, an elite academy that teaches, along with traditional academics, the art of murder and the craft of combat.

The Academy of Assassination

The School of Death is located on an island to the southeast of the Japanese archipelago, with ancient magic imbued into the waters surrounding it to prevent unwanted foreigners from entering. The School of Death is heavily influenced by oriental themes, and is located in the center of a small but vibrant town that is built around the Academy. The School of Death is a highly secretive schools that invites only descendants of the 13 Great Families, direct relatives of Society members, and other select individuals that the school’s admissions staff notes potential in.

The School of Death is well-maintained and illustrious, with beautiful grounds and inner design, and provides a luxurious experience for staff and students alike, with dazzling dorm rooms and quality of life that very few schools in the world can boast. However, the School’s goal is to train Reapers to join the Society of Death, and it engages students with vigorous and cutthroat activities in order to whip them into shape. The Society is currently headed by Headmaster Yasue Hiroji, a Japanese swordsman and mercenary for the Society of Death that is known for his tough moral code and tougher standards of teaching.

With a surprising resurgence of Demons in recent years, the Society is in greater demand for Reapers than ever before, and it’s up to a new year of students at the School of Death to fill those shoes.

Thanks for reading! Any questions, feel free to ask.
I'd like to jump on the bandwagon train of "apologies for vanishing." I'm still committed to this 100%.

I'll probably wait until the GM figures things out before I go, but I'm still here :)
eyes peeled.
I was kind of waiting for other people to post first, but that seems to be a big rip
With that being said, is everyone ready for the timeskip? I don't wanna jump the gun and cut someone short on something they wanted to do.

I'm ready for it, whenever you guys are.

All clear here

"Gee, thanks Piper. Glad to know you got my back," Halle replied sarcastically to her friend's comment, sticking out her tongue. Jokes aside, Halle had deep trust in Piper to not bombard her too badly in the sport- had Halle been a Beater, she would have done the same. That being said, Halle always made sure to brace herself during Quidditch matches against Slytherin because of the other Beater on the emerald green team's half of the pitch.

That was information that she never had to tell to anybody- it was just a fact of life.

Halle had a start when Barnaby the owl nicked Piper's finger, but was quickly relieved when she saw limited blood. Caution entering her mind, Halle carefully moved her hands away from the bars of Gawain's cage- the owl had a tendency to grow violent with little provocation.

Suddenly, the train gave a jerk and began rolling down the tracks towards Hogwarts. Halle felt elation spiral up within her chest as Hogwarts grew closer and closer. Though she loved her parents and the time she spent with them dearly, Halle missed Hogwarts. Maybe it was her friends there, or the staff, or Quidditch, or the overall magic of the place, but whatever it was, it had a certain allure to it that was undeniable.

"omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod," Halle squeaked as the train rumbled out of the station, watching the wizard parents wave their children goodbye and slowly fade out of view as the Hogwarts Express rolled away. She regained her normal(ish) composure after several breaths, and returned to normally bubbly social mode, turning to Jax. "Well, Jax, I'll find you if I need help on Potions. I looked at this year's Potions textbooks, and I'm afraid I'll be awfully lost all year," Halle said with a weak smile. "Also, if you need anything with your brother, we're in the same House. He's such an angel, Jacob is," Halle said brightly, relaxing back in her seat.

As Gawain stared with a certain evil disposition at Barnaby and made several threatening wing motions at him, Halle looked amiably at the other passengers in the caboose. The same sugary sweetness as always.

Now an interesting quagmire. Do I...

a) wait for @Daydreamz to post

b) flip him off and go on without him
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