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There's no reason to fearmonger about a disease. What's happened is done. Stay safe, yes, but stay positive.
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"War crime" is a bit redundant, isn't it?
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Debate is no cap the funniest thing I've seen on TV all of 2020
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"πšƒπš‘πš’πšœ πš›πš˜πš˜πš–, πšπš‘πš’πšœ πš‹πšžπš•πš•πšŽπš. πšƒπš‘πšŽπš›πšŽ'𝚜 𝚊 πš‹πšžπš•πš•πšŽπš πšπš˜πš› πšŽπšŸπšŽπš›πš’πš˜πš—πšŽ. π™°πš—πš 𝚊 πšπš’πš–πšŽ. π™°πš—πš 𝚊 πš™πš•πšŠπšŒπšŽ. π™°πš— πšŽπš—πš. 𝚈𝚎𝚜... πš–πšŠπš’πš‹πšŽ πšπš‘πš’πšœ πš’πšœ πš‘πš˜πš  πš’πš πš‘πšŠπšœ 𝚝𝚘 πš‹πšŽ. π™Έπš—πšœπš™πšŽπšŒπšπš˜πš›, 𝚒𝚘𝚞'𝚟𝚎 πš˜πš‹πšŸπš’πš˜πšžπšœπš•πš’ πš•πšŽπšŠπš›πš—πš 𝚝𝚘𝚘 πš–πšžπšŒπš‘ πšŠπš‹πš˜πšžπš πš–πšŽ. 𝙸 πšŒπšŠπš—'𝚝 πš‘πšŠπšŸπšŽ πšπš‘πšŠπš. π™½πš˜πš πšŽπšŸπšŽπš— πš’πš— πš–πš’ πšπšŽπšŠπšπš‘."

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Just some scrub nerd who happens to RP on this site. While I tend to gravitate more towards building worlds and GMing and all that, I join RPs from time to time as well. I tend to stay in the casual section of the Guild (though I am open to trying other things) and my preferences tend to lean towards slice-of-life RPs and superhero RPs, along with the occasional fandom RP, depending. I enjoy trying new things, though, and I'm willing to hop onboard any genre if I find it appealing.

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Grace quickly snatched Tom's hand as soon as Cora had walked off, making sure to give an annoyed glance at the robot girl before clinging back onto Tom. "Yes, yes, very good idea," Grace said swiftly. "We're staying on the same jet, right? I mean, of course we are, that's a stupid question. You obviously don't need to ever use jets, right? So I guess I'll fly. I have some experience flying, you know, we had some jets similar to these in PHANTOM. Much cooler, obviously, and they had a much better weaponization, but I think in terms of mechanics they're roughly the same..." Grace said, mostly to herself but also to Tom, as she made her way over to the hangar.

Cora was already there, standing in the midst of the large room full of mini-jets. She folded her arms as she addressed the group. "Alright. Jets are pretty simple to use. Just flick the switch labelled ignition and pull out of the hangar. Sam-...the AI will do the rest," she said to the group, before her eyes fell to Rumi. She took his hand, somewhat warily, but giving a friendly smile nonetheless. She winced inside as he said 'repairs' and 'upgrade,' but it hardly showed. "Thanks for the offer," she said, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. "You look and sound qualified enough, maybe I'll stop by. Just make sure you don't screw anything up. I need everything to be working so I can live, you know," she said as flippantly as possible. "But thanks again! We'll have to wait until after this whole coup d'etat thing is over, though," she said with a smirk as she made her way over to a Minijet. "Why don't you come with me? Saves us a plane," the cyborg noted as she stepped into one of the minijets, revving the ignition. "Let's get ready to fly."

Grace made her way over to a Minijet as well, gently clambering into the pilot's chair. Every Mini-Jet was, well, mini, and there was really only room for two passengers in each one, and hardly that. "Are you comfortable back there?" Grace asked, looking over her shoulder as she examined the controls. She had a fairly decent idea of how to fly, considering PHANTOM often operated over water, and the control panel before her looked much simpler than an actual fighter jet. Grace flicked a red switch that was labelled as 'ignition,' and a loud roar soon filled the hangar, one that was joined by a chorus of revving engines as everybody else eventually figured out how to use the jets.

Grace felt up the controls of the jet when she suddenly heard the cyborg girl's voice in her ear again, having somehow hijacked the plane. "Check, one, two...alright, I think you all should be hearing this. Great. Alright, so, your jets should be coordinated towards our destination, meaning that the autopilot will be doing most of the work. There's a gas pedal on the floor, kind of like a car, so visualize that. Just make sure you don't hit a weather balloon or anything and you should be fine! Let's do this."

Grace nodded stiffly as her foot found the pedal (very strange of an airplane, but she supposed that it did have to be dumbed down a bit for people like Jamie) and, with a quick push, sent the plane skidding forwards before soaring out of the hangar, taking to the skies. The miniature airplanes zoomed after Cora, who was leading the pack, like geese in migration. Grace smirked as the plane soared across the skies of Castleburg. "This is great! Flying is just so incredible...I don't think you understand just how lucky you are just to be able to do it whenever you want," Grace gushed as she zoomed over skyscrapers. The jet twisted and turned expertly as Grace gently guided it to follow Cora. As she did so, Grace seemed more concerned about Tom's comfort. "Are you sure you have enough leg space back there? I can move in a little bit," the young woman said as she moved her piloting seat in a few clicks, giving Tom enough space to actually move his legs while practically pressing Grace against the steering wheel. These jets were obviously not designed with couples in mind.

The looming figure of Elmore Island and the massive building came into view, and Grace couldn't help but shiver. "It looks more...evil in person," she whispered as the planes slowly glided towards it. Her eyes fell towards the dashboard, which had a rearview camera displayed on one of the panes, and Grace noted that a dark plane was trailing behind the rest of the group. This plane was rather different from the Minijets- it was larger, darker, more menacing-looking. Grace narrowed her eyes at the camera. "Hey, that looks like Blake in there-"

The Minijet then shook violently as it was clipped by a missile from behind.

Alarm noises sounded within the cockpit as the Minijet began barreling downwards, shooting towards the building on Elmore Islands at high speeds. Grace was cursing a storm, pulling at levers, flicking switches, but it was no use. Blake had blown one of the wings of the Minijet clean off, and it was currently spewing smoke and flames as the vehicle crashed towards the building. A cursory glance out the window confirmed Grace's fears- the rest of the group was being picked off, one by one, like targets for a skeet shooter, and the entire cohort of planes began to spiral directly towards Elmore Island.

Grace was about to say something, anything, but she had no time as the plane smashed directly through a wall into the Hawthorn Correctional Facility.

If HERO had cheaped out on their Minijets, Tom, Grace, and the rest of the group that was midair would have been crushed into a bloody pulp and probably burnt to cinders. Thankfully, Hugo Powers' Minijets were some of the best that there were, equipped with some of the finest gear that there was, and one of these pieces of equipment that saved the entire gang was an emergency defense mechanism called a safety gel dispenser. Samantha had detected that all of the planes were in danger and had released a thick emerald goo from the nose of the plane that coated the entire capsule. And so, thanks to this life-saving feature, Grace opened her eyes to find that she was barely hurt.

Grace took deep breaths, quietly wondering how she was alive for a moment, before turning her head back to Tom. "Tommy, you're...good, you're OK," she said, relieved. "Holy shit, your best friend just tried to kill us," Grace said in bewilderment, before repeating the phrase with more anger in her voice. "Holy shit, your best friend just tried to kill us! What the fuck is going on here...this is such a mess..." Grace bewailed as she punched the blue button on the slightly-dented dashboard, causing the cockpit to slide open and covering Tom and Grace in thick green safety gel. This, strangely, seemed more traumatizing than almost dying in a plane crash. "EWW!" she shrieked, trying to brush the goop off her clothe. She was only partly successful, with globs of green goo dislodging from her clothes but a layer of gelatin still remaining on her clothing, and chunks of unsightly goop having become tangled into Grace's hair.

Grace seemed incredibly dismayed, but her mood changed when she was what Tom looked like. "Tommy, you're covered in..." Grace began, before beginning to laugh hysterically. "Oh my god, you look so silly," Grace cooeed, moving over to help remove a massive glob of goo from Tom's hair. "Here, here, let me help with that..." Grace said with a coy smile, prying a few chunks out of Tom's (now very messed up) hair. They were standing right in the middle of the room Tom had been shown by Seraph before, albeit there was now a massive hole in the wall thanks to the Minijet. There was one Wing of Law that was standing on guard, but it seems he had been blasted by the impact against the wall, and he was currently stuck to the wall and covered neck to feet in the safety gel. Grace didn't seem to mind the circumstances, though, or at least at this point. Once she was finished with her job, she smiled proudly. "Much better!" she said, looking over at the Wings of Law hero, who was groaning. "Should we do something about this guy? Also, I feel like I should've asked earlier, but what the fuck happened to Blake? Why is he trying to murder us?"


"Ah, fuck me..."

Cora and Rumi had landed much higher up, their plane having jutted into one of the towers and lodged into the wall, oozing green goop from the sides. Cora lifted a hand, pressing it against the top of the cockpit, and with a loud shrieking noise the metal dislodged itself and slid open precariously. Cora then turned a bit, pointing two fingers at the OMNI. "This might dent your robot," she said apologetically before using her magnet powers to roughly yank the OMNI out of the back of the cockpit and throw him into the room. Cora then stepped out of the plane carefully, clambering out and observing the room they had stumbled into. It seemed to be some type of interrogation room, with a simple table and two chairs sitting in the center of the room, a large metal door on the opposite side, and also a guard that was pointing his gun at Cora. Wait, a guard pointing his gun directly at Cora!

Even with the element of surprise, the scattered goon was way too slow for the S-tier heroine, and the man was yanked by his gun directly towards Cora, screaming. With a single fluent motion, Cora grabbed the man by the collar and slammed her head into his, dazing him, before casually throwing him towards the OMNI and discarding his gun. "Why don't you ask this fellow some questions, while I work on the door," Cora said, moving over towards the steel door that blocked the room, still dripping with goop as she made her way over.


Meanwhile, Jamie and co's plane barrelled much farther downwards, crashing through a fence and into the ground floor, smashing clean through the wall before spinning across the reception area like a Beyblade, spewing green goop everywhere as it twirled around. It stopped its spinning as the busted plane rammed into a thick metal wall, causing it to bounce off and slide into the middle of the room, still oozing safety gel and smoking like crazy.

As Jamie, Joseph, and Angela Terra stepped out of the plane, they would find about 10 armored guards, all aiming scary-looking guns at them and looking a combination of frazzled, pissed, and just plain scared. "Don't you even dare move!" one of the ballsier guards said, aiming his gun at Jamie and pretending that he wasn't quivering like mad. "You are under arrest! For, like, at least ten crimes! This whole thing has to be worth at least ten, right?"


Lastly, Starbright and Chad's plane veered upwards like crazy, the wind carrying it skywards and landing it almost perfectly in the center of the large helicopter pad on one of the towers, against all odds. It was still spewing tons of green goop everywhere and had smoke coming out of the engine, mind, but it was still an impressive, if totally lucky, landing for the celebrity and his pseudo-protege. Standing by the elevator was a very annoyed Sea Serpent, grumbling to herself. ”How the fuck did this happen...” she mumbled to herself, resting her forehead in her palm. ”How in the fuck do you get this to happen...”


Grace watched calmly as the Bullet managed to sock the Shocker in the face, sending him flying into the elevator. Grace was rather surprised by this feat of heroism from Chad. His personality suggested that he was anything but heroic, but he had shown that he was quick to act. The Shocker had started to crawl out of the elevator again, but Tom quickly hurtled him back in and promptly flew after him. A few bumps and clonks later, Tom flew out of the elevator, which promptly dinged and began its descent. Grace took Tom's hand, giving it a squeeze. "He probably won't come back for more. He's just been humiliated and frankly torn apart. If I know him, he's toast," Grace said dismissively.

"Rumi should hopefully be back soon..." Grace indicated, and just like that, he had returned, striding through the portal with a couple others in tow. Jamie, looking just as childlike as ever, Joseph, and some other entity that seemed like some sort of pink creature. Grace would've folded her arms had she not been holding Tom's hand. She recognized the pink entity vaguely, and it was not from work functions. "I don't want to work with criminals," Grace said coarsely, sounding like a child that didn't want to go to school. "If we do, we're hardly any better than Seraph is, right?" Though she said that, Grace didn't press the topic any further. The day had been far too long and hectic for Grace to subscribe to any sort of moral philosophy, anyway.

"Alright, fine, she can stay," Grace relented after pondering the issue for a moment. "No funny business, though! Anyway, glad all of you guys are still in one piece...from what I've found out, Seraph should be hiding out at an island called Elmore Island out in Kingsdale. I was hoping to be able to access Powers' files and find a floorplan or something of the entire facility so we can work out a better plan than just 'run in and fight.' Rumi, if you could do that, that would be incredible. I never really got the hang of hacking, anyway. I much prefer real science," Grace chided. "Anyway, the rest of us should probably prepare the Mini-Jets or something. Though I don't have the floor plans, I'm pretty sure that, from what I've read, the ground floor is guarded against amphibious invasions, so we'll have to go by air. Let's get a move on, before some other group of people can come and interrupt-"

Grace was then interrupted by a smoke grenade, which sent a dense cloud of smoke through the entire hallway. Grace coughed and covered her face from the smoke, which settled to reveal a myriad of laser sights, all aimed at the group of heroes in the hallway. At the other end of the hallway was an unpleasant sight- a whole squad of Division X troops, armored-up, and wielding rifles that were aimed directly at the gang. Every person in the hallway had at least one dot on them (Grace had 3 because of her easy ability to escape, and Jamie had more than 5 because she was Jamie). The group was all tactically positioned at the bend of the hallway, some crouching, some prone, some standing, some at cover behind the wall. Grace pursed her lips, trembling in a combination of fear and anger. "jenjang ... jenjang ... igeon silh-eo ... wae jiog-e ... jenjang!" she muttered in angered (and very profane) Korean, standing perfectly still as the men aimed directly at her and the rest of the group. From behind the platoon of soldiers emerged another silhouette, and Grace heard the sounds of metal on metal resonate throughout the hallway. She instantly knew who it was, or so she thought. "Mr. Impressive..." she whispered in a hushed tone.

Fortunately, she was wrong. Emerging from the other end of the hallway was a woman that Grace was not very familiar with. She was taller and much more imposing than Grace was, and she was wearing a leather jacket that made her look fairly cool. She had straw-blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and brilliant blue eyes, and Grace noticed a few dark lines on her face that she attributed to being some sort of weird scar. The woman walked up to the Division X member, waving her hand downwards, and the Division X members lowered their weapons and stepped back. It was then that Grace noticed her hand was not the same flesh tone as the rest of her skin, instead being a steel gray, like metal. The dots connected in her head. "Oh..." she said under her breath as the woman walked forwards, her face etching into a smile.

"Sorry about that, guys, Division X is just...cautious to a fault," the young woman explained as she approached the group, her smile friendly and certainly human enough. "Jamie! I haven't talked to you in what feels like years..." Cora said, giving the blonde girl a hug and patting her on the back warmly, each thump hitting Jamie's back like a sledgehammer. "Glad to see you're OK," she said, before turning to Tom and smiling at him as well. "Same to you, Tom! Looks like you've gotten taller..." she noted as she promptly enveloped Tom in an iron hug as well. "Rest of you guys, I'm Ether. I work for Division'll be nice to get to meet all of you! I always tell Powers that I don't spend nearly enough time with the lot of you, but I'm always busy doing overseas work, so that's a bummer...anyway, Christina sent out a call to meet up here, so that's where we're at. Most of Division X is scattered around the city, though; Seraph is trying to wipe them out too, prioritizing people that are close to Powers...he's alive, by the way," Cora added quickly. "He's perfectly fine! Well, not perfectly, but at least he doesn't need to get anything replaced," she said, her tone having a noticeable amount of derision in the last part.

She quickly bounced back, though, putting on a chipper smile. "Anyway, we're here to help and work out a plan! Division X brought a bunch of stuff for you guys anyway...Jamie, we brought your suit here, if you want to change into it or something...we also have some nice pistols if you any of you want them, in a pinch, and if you want you can try on a Moonbelt!" Cora held up a steel belt with blue highlights. "The belt is supposed to make you as light as you would be on the's supposed to be Division X only, but the belt doesn't really work on me, it hardly gets me off the ground, so if any of you want it, feel free to try it on!" She tossed the belt over to Joseph's direction. "We have just about everything that you would need, so just ask one of the guys! It's like a Target sale." She grinned as she walked over to Tom, putting her heavy metal arm around his shoulder in a friendly way. "By the way, we might have to send you to jail after this is all over for kidnapping Starbright. Just for, you know, show. A quick in-and-out. There was this video with you in it and you know all his fans want blood...we won't keep you in Coldwater that long, though, maybe just a month or two..."

She released him from her iron grip, looking at him with a steely expression, before her face burst into a wide grin a few moments later as she broke character. "Joking! Hah, you should've seen the look on your face, priceless..." She chuckled quietly to herself, before addressing the group again. "Meet me upstairs in a few. We're going to use the Minijets to get there...including you, Tom, if they have turrets and they catch you with a shell, you might end up like me, and Lord knows you don't want that. It's still dangerous either way, but the Minijets are our best bet at getting there quickly and safely. Also, we upgraded a few to have missiles, which is awesome. Who doesn't like missiles?"



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Director Powers woke with a start, the entire hospital bed ratting dangerously as he came alive, the flimsy metal frame creaking threateningly as he jerked suddenly. "I'm here, I'm right here, I'm-" the mass of a man said, before his voice trailed off as he looked around to examine his environment. He was in what appeared to be a warehouse of some sort, with a hard stone floor and metal walls surrounding him, dim fluorescent lighting shining down from the ceiling. An IV stood resolutely next to his bed.

”Where the hell…”

β€œAre you?”

Standing by Powers' bedside was a pale young man that seemed to be emaciated in some way- his skin was stark white, his body seemed, while tall, rather thin as well, and he had a bit of a hunch. He had raven-black hair parted carelessly in the center of his hair, and dark blue eyes that looked like the depths of the ocean. He was wearing a dark bodysuit, lightly armored, and had several weapons strapped to his body- an assault rifle over his back, two pistols at his waist, a combat knife on his thigh, and several other gizmos scattered about his body. He stood over Powers like he was some sort of angel of death, or perhaps a grim reaper, looking at the Director quietly like some sort of ghost. Blade. His reputation preceded himself, β€œWe managed to move you across the city just in time,” he said, his voice unemotive and rather plain overall. β€œSet up a mini-ward here in a warehouse. You're welcome.”

Powers sat up in the bed, wincing as he did so. ”What exactly happened?”

β€œYou took a nasty fall. Luckily Christina and I were around to help. We gave you a shot of tetratrylatum ASAP, got your powers online and healing again. It probably saved your life, so be thankful there."

The director scoffed. ”Who would've thought that supernova would save my life, huh,” he said. Tetratrylatum was a chemical compound, known by the street name "supernova" or "nova," that worked exclusively on superheroes. The drug worked like a steroid for superpowers, bolstering the super-genes significantly and thus allowing for longer, more sustained, and more powerful superpower usage. It also had the side effect of having an extremely euphoric and giddy high. The drug was intended for medical purposes, similar to how it was used to save the Director's life, but it wasn't long before street gangs like the 420s got their hands on large amounts of the drug. The drug was addictive and dangerous if taken more than a prescribed amount, but the upside was obviously high enough for many superpowered individuals to take advantage of the drug's effects on them. Tigher control in the 2010s led to a decline in the drug's prevalence, which had at the turn of the century been like a plague on neighborhoods in Brookside, but it still remains popular as a party drug among some heroes, including the Destiny Knights, who have a whole stash hidden inside the large replica of Noah's Arc in their headquarters.

Powers looked at Blade with a sense of intrigue and worry. ”Fill me in.” Blade walked around Powers' bed, hands at his belt. β€œShort version- Seraph made his own hero organization called EAGLES with himself in charge, framed Aria from mass murder, with help from ZERO, and also had all her friends listed as wanted. Most of that group is now causing havoc at HERO One, along with some type of protest related to the hero Starbright, and Aria is MIA."

Powers was still for a moment, before starting to get up from the hospital bed, pain in his face but determination in his eyes. ”Take this IV out. I'm going to go and beat Seraph's ass a second time.”

Blade quickly, but gently, pushed Powers back into his seat. ”You aren't going anywhere. You need some more time before you're going to be in fighting condition again. Stay put.” His words seemed to not perturb Powers in the slightest, though, as he continued to struggle to stand, the bed creaking eerily as he did so. ”That winged bastard and his cronies are no fucking match for me and you know it, Tyler! Let me-”

”I told you already, it's not just Seraph. He has company. He's Zero's latest pawn. Having a puppet organization in Castleburg is favorable to his plans. And considering you've made the decision, wise or unwise, to tell your new group of 'students' about Zero, you might as well let them follow through and give them a chance.”

Powers was silent for a few moments. He then spoke up. ”Keep an eye on them, at the very least.”

”My plan from the start,” Blade said quietly, moving towards the door. ”You can trust me, Hugo. What I do...” He reached his metal fingers to his neck, lifting the bandana around his face. ”...I do best.”

Meanwhile, in Kingsdale, Seraph had called a meeting of his remaining confidantes. The turnout was not as good as he wanted. The group consisted of only 6 remaining trusted Wings of Law. Sitting in the common room in six ornate, throne-like chairs were the remaining members of the Wings of Law. Yama, sitting like a content cat, was curled up in one of the chairs. Next to her around the circle was her top lieutenant and loyal Wings member, Mystiko, the psychic, and next to him was Rubber Man, wearing his same armor suit and strange gauntlet. Then next to him was another original Wings of Law member, Angelhead, an old friend of Seraph's and Seraph's agent, in charge of managing all of Seraph's affairs. Angelhead was a middle-aged man with long straw-blonde, Thor-like hair and a gaunt face. His superpowers made his hair a weapon, burning hot to the touch and long like tentacles, which was very useful, but his real power was managing all of Seraph's affairs and maintaining his reputation as a perfect human being when in reality, he was anything but. Then, there was Priestess, looking as dolled-up as ever and thoroughly bored with this meeting. Lastly, Seraph was sitting in the circle as well, looking awfully displeased.

"This is a disaster. An absolute disaster," Seraph said, his fingertips pressed together. "We lost contact with Brightside, Beard Man, the Admiral, Cosmetica, Perfected Physique, and even Billy...I can only assume that Spacewalker is behind this. I should've known that bastard couldn't be trusted!" Seraph raved, clenching his armchair tightly.

”To~ld you so,” Yama chirped, but Seraph's glare silenced her.

Seraph took a deep breath before speaking. "Alright. Alright. This is alright. We can make this work. Of course we will, I'm Seraph! I don't have faults!" He stood, pacing around the room. "We split up. Mystiko and Angelhead, head to Club 27. Clear it out. Re-consolidate it. I'll take any incriminating evidence out of this location and follow-up soon. Yama and Priestess will be heading to HERO One as soon as possible, gathering any resources we can, and taking back the location. We are not going to hold back any longer. Any questions?"

Rubber Man raised his hand. "Err, yes. I don't think I was included?"

"Right, right. Well, see, the problem here is that I don't like you very much. So, I've gotten a replacement! Please welcome our newest EAGLE...Phoenix!

Walking into the room was a figure wearing a set of dark armor, almost like that of a medieval knight, albeit more modernized and sleek platinum black. A black cape descended from his back, and his hair, scarlet red, was spiky and messed up in a way that seemed almost threateningly. It was Blake, but a different Blake. A Blake that looked much more menacing than normal.

"Hello," Blake said simply, his eyes glowing faintly bright, menacing red, unlike his usual lighter, more jovial-looking optics. He glared at Rubber Man, who looked furious, as Yama swooned. "I am prepared for the mission."

"Yes, yes, excellent. Group, this is Phoenix. Phoenix, this is EAGLES. Why don't you show them what you can do, Blake?"

"With pleasure," Blake said grimly, his cape igniting in a burst of flames. He lifted a hand and pointed it at Rubber Man, who cowered away as flames ignited at Blake's fingertips. Seraph laughed.

"Oh, this is great."

The day so far had been one of the most dismal days of Grace's life. Having one of your closest friends be framed for murder, and then promptly be framed as an accomplice of said person, and having one of your other closest friends seemingly defect to the other side, and also getting forcibly kissed by Mr. Impressive was a cocktail of disaster. Right now, though, in this moment, lips pressed against Tom's, was an unforgettable moment- in the total opposite way. Time seemed as though it was standing still as they kissed, Tom's hand running through her hair, and Grace couldn't help but feel lost in the total, uncontrolled bliss. This wasn't her first kiss, as had been demonstrated just minutes earlier, but it was the first one that meant anything to her, and now Grace could see why this moment was so heavily romanticized in literature and film. It was wonderful.

The couple parted, Grace gazing into Tom's green eyes, their foreheads nuzzled together. "Yes, yes, a million times yes," Grace said in response to Tom's suggestion, her own eyes sparkling as he spoke. "I can't know, they're making a new Lost in Translation movie, with Sofia Coppola directing again, we should go see it, I loved the first one..." She ran her hand through Tom's hair, muffing it up. "If we're going to be...if we're going to be d-dating now, I'm going to call you Tommy." She gently booped his nose with her finger. "Is that OK? Oh, gosh, I've only dreamed of this moment before, and the timing is certainly off, but this is just so great and I just want to-" Grace got onto her tip-toes and prepared to kiss Tom again before she heard a grating cough from across the room.

The change in her behavior was almost immediate- Grace jumped away from Tom as though he had contracted the plague and looked towards Robot Rumi, her face wrought with blush. "I-I...well...sorry," Grace said, immediately going to work to open a portal quickly. "There, that should be the lobby. I'll leave the portal so you can come back once you're finished dealing with...whatever is down there. You should hurry," Grace advised, before immediately clinging back to Tom once she was (fairly) sure Rumi had gone back through the portal. "Let's check that out," she whispered to him as she guided him down the hallway, her hand firmly clasping his, as if Tom was a balloon that would fly away if she let go of him.

The duo quickly stumbled upon the Shocker, who was currently staring, very confused, at Starbright. Was he...recording him? This was a first, but it would also be a last. The Shocker grumbled and rubbed his hands together, lightning sparking from his hands. Chad's cell phone was the first casualty, the lightning bouncing to it and knocking it clean out of Starbright's hands, clattering to the floor, charred to cinders. He then aimed at Starbright again, preparing to roast him alive, as Grace looked over to Tom, and then to Chad, but quickly back to Tom again. She had opened a few too many portals recently, and her fingers were already starting to get numb, not like she was going to say that to Tom, of course, or anybody for that matter. "Do something!" she commanded, peeking out from behind the corner and looking at the scene. "You know neither of them are going to be able to do anything..."


The Admiral, meanwhile, was not having a fun time. He had expected a fair one-on-one fight, but now all of a sudden this pink thing was flying around, and this other guy (was he drunk?) was dropping pieces of paper on the floor, and Quake was also starting to do something- Wait, Quake was starting to do something! The Admiral took his eyes off of the pink floaty person and the potential alcoholic, but not with enough time to react, as Jamie promptly blasted his anchor away, a distinct crack resonating out as his hand snapped like balsa wood. The Admiral howled in pain, but he stood his ground. He was the Admiral after all, not the Captain! He had more in the tank, thank you very much!

So when Quake said something to the effect of, β€œAre you going to give up and cry like a little girl or are you gonna fight like a man?,” the Admiral roared and stomped to the ground with a burst of sheer force, sending a wave of vibrations through the building. It wasn't quite Jamie at her max, but it was still enough to be shocking, and it sent cracks through the ground as a shockwave blasted across the ground. The Admiral rushed at Jamie, swinging at her with his uninjured fist, and yelling, "YOU'RE GOING DOWN, YOU POWER-STEALING, SPOTLIGHT-HOGGING, STUPID BLONDE JERK!"


Meanwhile, across the city, Sergeant Bulldog spotted K9 walking over and quickly rushed towards him to greet the hero cop. "We've been waiting forever, K9, get the hell over here!" the plump officer called, waving his hand to summon Alpha over to his location. He picked up a clipboard from a nearby gurney. "I've been waiting on you all damn day," he barked quite loudly, loud enough for any attentive nearby listeners to hear. There weren't any nearby civilians, of course, considering the whole area had been roped off by police, but any other bypassers would be nearby. "Here's what we've found so far. Security footage from outside the club shows an individual walk into the club. Totally covered up in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, gloves too, which is odd considering it's hot as hell out, and has a hood on, but the build and height looks like a teen girl. Seems like Donnelly. Individual walks out about 20 or so minutes later. We can't catch the face because of the hood, but again, the figure perfectly matches up with ex-hero Aria."

"Anyway, our medical examiners on the scene determine that there were 21 people inside the club. They're all dead, but no trauma, no poison, nothing. It's like they all contracted meningitis at the same time." Bulldog chortled. "Anyway, this all matches up to Donnelly already, but just as the final nail to the coffin, we found some of Donnelly's fingerprints on the doorknob, and some of her hairs sprinkled on the way in. It's definitely her, we just need to find her. I need you to search this whole city for her, every inch. We've put out APBs and the like already, so if she's hiding, we'll find her soon." Bulldog put the clipboard back on top of the empty gurney. "One last thing I figured I'd ask, considering you're the hero here. The floor plans indicate that this place should be larger than it seems to be at face value, so we're wondering if Seraph had some sort of secret room or something here, or a tunnel or something. If you could swing by and ask him at some point, that would be great, might provide some clues to help find where Donnelly ran off to. Either way, though, she's not going to last long, not with the entire police force on her ass. She's going to be in a nice Coldwater cell by Monday, that much I can tell you."

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Dakota listened to her friend talk, giggling as she mentioned that playing with haunted Ouija boards was probably a bad idea. For once, Dakota had to agree somewhat with Calypso's caution. Even she knew that angry ghosts weren't all sunshine and rainbows, and truth be told, Dakota didn't really know how to get rid of them. She could ask her dad- Kai was an expert on the supernatural- but he was probably back in Tennessee already, so that wasn't exactly ideal. Dakota nodded eagerly as Calypso suggested reading their fortunes. She always loved getting her fortune told by Calypso. "Ooh! Yeah! Much better idea," Dakota said as soon as she had swallowed her mouthful of pancake. "Your fortune-telling is always spot-on. I still remember last time you said that I had a bad omen, like, a couple of years ago, and guess what? Right after I got back home, bam, I broke my leg! Crazy how you can foresee that” Dakota said casually, twirling a piece of pancake on her fork. "Anyway, sounds like a plan! I'll swing in tonight, chill with the group. It'll be fun, especially because I'm pretty sure Lark is gonna put us to work tomorrow," Dakota noted before stuffing her face again.

Her eyes soon turned towards Alayna, who looked like she was being forced at gunpoint to talk to the two of them. Dakota frowned. She didn't think she was that unpleasant to speak to. Luckily, it seemed as though Calypso was right on it, immediately enveloping the girl in her signature death grip bear hug before prompting Dakota to talk to her, which the teen did all too willingly. "Alayna, right? Sorry, we haven't hung out too much recently...anyway, yeah, I'm Dakota, and I might be coming in through your window every so often. So please don't hex me on the way in, I'm not a wild animal. Except in bed," she commented, snickering at her inappropriate joke. Her laughter sounded like something one would expect out of a hyena, or perhaps Muttley from Wacky Races. It was a strange combination of annoying and adorable. "Can't wait for my reading, Callie," Dakota added, before she heard another voice get louder, apparently approaching them. Dakota looked up just before she saw some guy walk directly into Calypso.

Dakota quickly sprung into action, waving her hand and casting a spell. A small cyclone quickly wrapped around Calypso's legs, catching the plate of falling pancakes on a draft before they hit the ground and rising them back up into Calypso's hands. Dakota looked at the other intruding teenager, who had managed to keep a hold of his own pancakes, somehow, and apologized before introducing himself and joining their little group. "Caleb, huh? You're new, right? I thought I saw you last night but we didn't speak...anyway, I'm Dakota, and this is Calypso, and this is Alayna..." Dakota gestured to those two as she addressed Caleb with a smile. "Nice scar, by the way. Maybe that's what I'll call you, Scar, because it looks sick," Dakota complemented. "Same! It's so boring, just sitting at a table alone with a plate of pancakes...I bet that's what Summer is doing right now," Dakota said with another wolfish snicker. "And, by the way, your cat is so adorable, that's such a great familiar, I bet Astro is gonna love her...Astro!" As soon as his name was called, Astro leaped away from David and ran over to where the group of four was standing, and then he promptly made a beeline for Bast, jumping onto the cat like a tiger pouncing on its prey and trying to wrestle the creature to the ground.

"Awww, look, they're playing!" Dakota said with a giggle, though Astro seemed more to be wrestling than 'playing.' She took a glance over at Calypso before addressing Caleb again. "Ooh, Scar, you should hang with us tonight, Calypso is gonna read our fortunes and she's really good at what she does. Callie, you don't mind, right? Oh, and make sure you bring your cat. That thing is so adorable, Jesus, it's like a little baby cheetah..."

Jean-Luc was currently engrossed in the topic of the Thirty Years' War when he heard the door creak open again. Sitting as perfectly still as Charlie entered the room, Jean-Luc's head hardly moved as he looked up to examine the newcomer, before giving a grunt that sounded vaguely like "hello" and giving a very small, pained wave, before resuming reading about the defenestration of Prague. He quickly became absorbed in the book once again, flipping through the pages quickly (he had always been a fast reader) before he heard yet another creek of the door. This time, Jean-Luc did put down his book, carefully folding the corner of the page into a dog-ear before laying the leather-bound book on the bed. He did want to see what this Jeremy fellow looked like, after all. He examined the pasty teen as he entered the room, laying his stuff down on the bed. He was tall, taller than Jean-Luc (who had been one of the taller ones of the new initiates, mind), but a regular-looking person in just about every other way. He spoke with a certain eloquence that made Jean-Luc give him the smallest inkling of respect, which, for the dark-skinned youth, was a pretty big deal. "Jean-Luc. Agreed...I hope we can make best use of our time in the coven house this summer," said coolly.

Jean-Luc sat up on his bed, visibly cringing as he saw what Charlie had done to his side of the room. Jean-Luc did not like the color yellow. It was ugly and frankly very obnoxious, and this abomination of colors was now going to be facing him for the rest of the year. "I didn't realize you were so intrigued by bumblebees..." Jean-Luc said, his voice deep and modestly galled, one hand resting on the leather cover of his history book. "I guess if you want to decorate like that, it's your prerogative..." Jean-Luc said with a sigh. "Though if my knowledge of English football isn't mistaken, I thought Watford FC was a rather...what's the word...err, woeful team. Hardly premier quality," Jean-Luc noted, picking up his book and opening it again. "Of course, you are more than free to support them...the Carolina Panthers aren't much better, anyway...but I personally would hold my enthusiasm for them until they start winning games."

Grace's face was stark white as Mr. Impressive parted from her after what seemed like an eternity, her lips puckered as if she had just kissed a lime. Mr. Impressive's crazed, sickening eyes stared deeply into Grace's own, as Grace felt something slip away from her. Maybe it was her confidence- that certainly explained the deep pit in her chest, the strange void that had opened there. The girl shivered as Mr. Impressive laughed maniacally, and her fear only increased as Mr. Impressive continued to manhandle her. "That's only just the beginning,” he hissed with a grin that spelled pure evil. "I'm going to shred every last bit of dignity you have, slowly, but surely. Doesn't that sound fantastic? The whole world is going to remember you as-"


"Well, I mean, that's not wrong, but I was going for-"

"Get the FUCK off her!"

"Hey, who the hell do you think you are-” Mr. Impressive turned before being coated in a layer of foam, and he was then smacked across the face, causing him to let go of Grace and fall to the ground. As he fell, Grace saw Tom, wielding the (now destroyed) fire extinguisher, standing behind him. She stared up at him, still shellshocked by the recent series of events, but her heart began to quicken in pace as she saw Tom there. He had saved her! He took down Mr. Impressive! Grace felt a sense of relief, a sudden wave of solace, strike her suddenly. He hadn't betrayed HERO at all. He hadn't betrayed her. The realization gave her a fuzzy feeling inside, so much so that she didn't even notice Mr. Impressive get back up to his feet until he was standing before her again, now facing Tom. Grace quickly chirped, "Watch out!" but she was too late as Mr. Impressive rammed into Tom with his shoulder, hitting him with a powerful blow that could easily send him to the floor. Just then, though, another fighter entered the ring, that coming in the form of the man that tried to save Grace earlier. Now in the light, Grace could see that it was a robot of some sort, but her vision would soon be clouded by some sort of darkness grenade that the robot threw at Mr. Impressive. Grace covered her face with her hands, then realizing that one of her hands had come loose of the cuffs. "Oh," she said quietly, using her free hand to release her cuffed one, rubbing her wrists with a satisfied smirk. This is why going to the gym didn't pay. Could she have escaped on her own with big beefy arms? No. "Heh..." she said to herself, making a mental note to use this as an excuse the next time Patti tried to haul her off to the gym. If there was a next time.

Grace looked up to see the robot grappling towards Mr. Impressive, hitting him with a powerful two-legged kick. Mr. Impressive was sent flying back, cartwheeling through the air like a wheel having popped off its axis, before smacking the wall headfirst with a loud "guhu!” before falling to the ground with a ding. It sounded like a church bell sounding through the hallway, and Mr. Impressive crumpled up on the ground, seeming for all the world like he had been thoroughly defeated.

Grace turned towards the robot, hearing its greeting, and smiled softly. "Going to assume that's you, Rumi?" Grace asked, lifting her hand and knocking on the front of the robot's helmet. She frowned. "Robot? It's a really nice design, I have to admit. Thank you," she said, smiling up at what she assumed was the camera, before turning towards Tom, quickly rushing over to him. She looked at him, feeling a swirl of emotions envelop her as she quietly observed him. She then took a deep breath, and then swung her hand back and slapped him directly across the face.

"You deserve that for kissing Priestess," Grace chided him, like a scolding mother, but her demeanor changed almost immediately after, and she practically fell into him, putting her arms tightly around him, clasping him like pliers. "...but you saved me...oh, Tom, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not believing you, I should've known you wouldn't join Seraph..." Grace said, almost bemoaningly, as she looked him with a thin, endearing smile. Her arms loosened from around his sides, but quickly linked up again, this time behind his neck. Grace then stood on her tippy-toes, her buttony nose nuzzling against Tom's as she kept her grip tight around him. "I'm going to assume," Grace began, speaking quietly, "that the kiss I saw on TV with Priestess wasn't real." She heard what sounded like fighting down the hallway, but uncharacteristically ignored it, staying closely tethered to Tom. "Do you...want a more genuine one, by any chance?" she asked shyly, batting her magenta eyes softly at Tom, a tenderness yet to be seen from Grace having reared its head in these circumstances.


Meanwhile, across the hall, the elevator swung open to reveal a man that appeared to look like Frankenstein. He was massive, taller than Chad, with ugly green skin and a rectangular head, several scars, and greasy black hair completing his profile. He was wearing a white lab coat and brown slacks, and his hands were adorned with what appeared to be metal gauntlets. This was Frank Einstein, hero name "The Shocker," but his unfortunate appearance and name had caused him to be renamed by most of the people of Castleburg and even HERO as "Frankenstein," a name Frankenstein (I mean, The Shocker) hated. Frankenstein cracked his gauntleted knuckles, lightning sparking around his fists as he looked at the duo of Chad and Starbright. He did not like Starbright one bit (they had a looooong history), and he was more than happy to do his job here. He didn't exactly LIKE EAGLES, but they did promise him a role in one of their newest movies, and plus, he could never say no to legally pounding Starbright to the dirt.

He lifted his hands, lightning sparking around them. "You have the right to remain...ah, fuck that," Frank said, before releasing an electric blast directly at Starbright. "Just die! How about that! Hah! Serves you right, you prettyboy piece of shit!"


Down in the lobby, Jamie only had to walk into the building before every eye was upon her. The assorted heroes inside were mostly the type that Jamie tended not to consort with, because most of those inside were wannabe celebrities that happened to have superpowers, and planned on using a HERO career to boost their own careers. As it happened, none of them were particularly good fighters, either, and so they all backed away, in fear for their lives and gorgeous faces. The only hero/EAGLE that didn't back away was a tall man that was known as The Admiral. He was middle-aged, only a few years away from retirement, with black hair and a bushy black mustache. He was dressed in an all-white admiral uniform that barely fit his massive, muscular physique, and he had an anchor on his back (it was his weapon of choice).

The Admiral removed his anchor, spinning it in his hand. "You're wanted, Quake," he said with a sneer. He never really liked Jamie, in part because her superior quaking powers overshadowed his signature Anchor Slam. He was the ORIGINAL destroyer of Castleburg, thank you very much! He rested the anchor on his shoulder. "That means I have to take you in. Get ready to face...THE ADMIRAL!"

With that triumphant declaration, The Admiral slammed his anchor into the ground, sending a wave of tremors at Jamie that were easily strong enough to throw her to the floor.


Grace was a bit busy getting choked to pay attention to what was happening around her, but the mysterious scarf that had suddenly wrapped around Mr. Impressive's other arm was hard to ignore. It was made out of some kind of flexible material and was wrapped around Mr. Impressive's knife arm. It was impressive, of course, but not impressive enough to match up with Mr. Impressive. Mr. Impressive hardly looked in the direction that the scarf had come from before dropping the dagger and instead grabbing onto the scarf. Letting go of Grace for a brief moment, Mr. Impressive turned and, with a great show of strength, yanked the scarf and threw the OMNI like he was throwing the hammer in an Olympic event. There was a loud crunch as the OMNI hit the opposite wall. Mr. Impressive, with his free hand, grabbed his sword from his back and, with a swift blow, chopped the scarf off of his wrist. He sheathed the blade as he walked back, flipping the bird into the darkness as he made his way back over.

Grace knew that her best bet was to get the hell out of the area, but being suffocated by a literal metal man had not helped her physical condition, and she was wheezing on the ground as Mr. Impressive walked back over, rubbing his metal hands together as he approached. "Fuck off!" Grace cursed, opening a portal beneath herself to try and get out. Mr. Impressive had quick reflexes, though, and in a split second, he had scooped her out of the portal, like a bear snagging a salmon from a pond. "Naughty, naughty,” he chided, holding Grace by the shirt collar casually and wagging his finger with the other. ”Well, I can't have you portaling off now! Seraph has some very important questions to ask you.” Mr. Impressive, still holding Grace with one arm, reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs with a glowing blue strip that Grace recognized instantly. ”Now, don't struggle, or else.”

Needless to say, Grace struggled valiantly, but her bravery was about as effective as that of a fly fighting against a bull. Mr. Impressive easily grabbed her wrists and locked them together. Grace felt an instant wave of nausea fall over her as the metal touched her wrists, as her powers were pulled away from her. She knew just as well as anybody else that she was next to useless without her portals, and so she dejectedly slumped to the ground once Mr. Impressive had subdued her. The (much) older man chuckled, his voice bounding through the dark. ”Well, let's get a move on before somebody else comes to ruin the fun,” Mr. Impressive said flippantly, grabbing Grace once again like an old ragdoll, pulling her down the hallway away from both the OMNI along with Starbright and that Bullet guy, or whatever.

Moving further down the hallway, Mr. Impressive stopped for a moment as he heard the sounds of humming. ”Sounds like the generators are working. So smart. I lo~ve smart women, you know, guhuhu~” Mr. Impressive said with a chortle. looking at Grace, who was attempting to squirm out of Mr. Impressive's (literally) iron grip. ”Oh, don't fight it,” Mr. Impressive hissed as the humming grew louder.

Just as the generators kicked on, flooding the hallway with light again, all of the people in the hallway could see Mr. Impressive lean in and plant an unwanted kiss on a petrified Grace's lips.


Grace looked down at the handkerchief in her hands, confused, before casually tossing it over her shoulder. With a flash of purple light, it was almost instantaneously sucked into a portal and was gone in seconds. She then regained her usual state of uncaring, haughtily lifting her chin in Pandora's direction. "If you have something to say, you might as well say it to the group," Grace said airily before her eyes wandered over to the police officer. She nodded her head stiffly as he spoke. One of her colleagues finally seemed to have developed a noggin. Good for him. "Alright. I should be able to teleport you into the vicinity- it'll help save some time with the commute, especially considering the rain and...general chaos. You ought to go, and Pandora and Patricia probably should as well, if they want to, at least. HERO One is a security nightmare; it'll be difficult moving more than two people tops without being pinned down by security. You can just hide behind a trashcan if you want. When you're finished with whatever..." Grace opened a portal to her side and reached inside, pulling out what appeared to be two gold rings. They were impeccably crafted and had a smooth quartz gem in its center. Grace tossed one to Patricia. "It's a nice mood ring, but it also has a GPS and communicator under the gemstone that links with its twin. Press down on it for a few seconds and I'll open a portal by your location. I got one for...never mind." Grace swiped her hand twice, opening two large, person-sized portals. "That should take you to Club 27. We'll meet back here most likely once you've found what you need to find. I think it's best that Chet comes with me...I have a sneaking suspicion he's going to have a negative reaction to corpses."

As Grace heard what Alpha had to say, she craned her head to take a look out the window. "Somebody set off the HERO One flare...shit. I'll take a look at it," Grace said, rubbing her temples once again, this time to try and de-stress herself. "I'm not even going to question how Rubber Man could beat Blake...there's a lot of information on the table here that I can't seem to piece together. There's something afoot..." Grace stepped towards her portal. "Stay safe," Grace said, to Patti in particular, before vanishing through the portal, expecting for Chet (or what is Brad?) to follow her.

She stepped out of the portal right in front of (former) Director Powers' office, her etiquette seeming to have gotten the better of her once again. She was surprised to find, though, that the door to Powers' office was off its hinges, instead laying on the ground in front of the doorway. "Stay quiet," Grace whispered to Chad, a portal discus forming in her hand as she crept into the room to see...Starbright. Somebody who she was certainly not expecting to see. "Woah..." Grace said, standing in the doorway, entirely starstruck for a solid couple seconds, before at least partially regaining her composure."Starbright!" Grace chirped. "What are you doing here...I mean, obviously you’re investigating, such a silly question..." Grace blushed. The rational, intelligent part of her brain was screaming and trying to take control of her body again, but the hormones were currently on blast. "I mean, you know, it’s just really weird seeing you! I’m Grace, I mean, Bypass, I mean, I’m a hero here..." Grace said, her face tinged with red. Her brain slowly managed to take control of her body once again, and she quickly pointed out, ”Might not be a good idea to put your feet on any of the Director’s stuff! He is very cautious about people in his office, you might accidentally set off-"

A loud blaring sound resonated through Powers’ office.

" alarm," Grace finished, obviously a few moments too late. "You’ve got to be fucking kidding…jeongmal jjajeungnanda,” she said snappily, her hands balled into frustrated fists as she quickly thought of a plan. "Alright...alright...I wasn’t expecting this, but we’ll figure it out. Just...stay here. It’s me they’re after, so that’s who they’ll come for.” Grace snapped her fingers quietly as she thought. "If you see any Wings of Law by themselves, take them out if you can. Otherwise, don’t do anything stupid,” Grace commanded. "Figure something out. I’ll try and draw them away..” And with that bit of very specific advice, Grace stepped back out into the hallway.

The alarm bells blared in the hallway as Grace quietly moved through the executive hallway. At the very least, she was fairly sure that the Wings did not have access to HERO One’s cameras, nor their other security mechanisms, so whatever Wings of Law where present were likely operating off of just sound, not off of HERO One’s security network. Grace made her way over to the broom closet (unaware of the hidden elevator inside) and found the circuit box she had guessed would be inside. She pried the box open and ran her finger down its center, causing the power on the fourteenth floor to black out.

Grace smirked as she stepped out into the now-dark hallway.

Brightside’s eyes widened as Tom spoke. β€œWhat?! You’re telling me that Bypass was here?! Shit…” She put the phone to her ear, but could hardly begin to utter a word before she heard a loud siren noise echo from the lower levels. She put her cell phone back in her pocket and instead grabbed the walkie-talkie that was strapped to her shoulder. β€œGot it,” she said after putting the walkie-talkie. β€œYou two, with me. You were right, Spacewalker. Bypass set off an alarm that we’re pinpointing to the executive floor. 14th. Accompanied by Starbright and some other guy. Not sure what she’s doing, but it can’t be anything good. Let’s hurry before she can portal out,” Brightside said, walking rapidly over to the main elevator. β€œLet’s go!” she snapped again as she made her way over to the elevator.

The three (Brightside, Beardman, and of course Tom) descended awkwardly in the elevator to the 14th floor (evidently, awkward elevator rides were a theme of the day). When the elevator doors skidded open, they found a hall of pitch darkness. Brightside stepped out, mumbling something quickly into her walkie-talkie again before looking over at the other two. β€œShe cut out the lights. Figures. Alright, let’s split up and find her. Spacewalker, head right. I’ll take the left flank with Beardman. Smoke them out. Back-up is on its way, I’ve been told, but let’s hope we don’t need it.” With that, Brightside flicked out a flashlight, and she, along with her bearded companion, headed left, towards Christina’s office, leaving Tom to navigate the right hallway.

Grace, who had backed herself into a small cranny, heard footsteps heading down the hallway, and saw a light approaching down the way. She took a breath and then opened a portal right in front of her. Her estimations in the dark were correct. Before he could even make a noise, Beardman was sucked into a portal like he had been flushed down a multi-dimensional toilet. Brightside turned to look for Grace, shining her flashlight around to face her, but Beardman promptly came crashing down on top of her, smooshing her to the ground with hardly more than a light thump. Grace smiled proudly at her handiwork, giving Beardman a gentle kick in the head to make sure he was out cold. He was.

Grace was about to head back to the office and report a completed expedition when, in her peripheral vision, she was something shiny flash behind her. She turned around swiftly, only to see darkness, a small shimmer of light from underneath Beardman’s massive body. Grace shrugged and turned out around again when she suddenly felt an arm wrap around her neck suddenly and yank her back, a crushing steel grip around her throat. She just managed to choke out a loud cry before being grabbed. She grasped at the arm, trying to pry herself free, but found that the arm was not made of flesh and bone. It was hard steel. Grace already knew who the voice belonged to before she heard him speak.

”Missed me, sweet pea?” Mr. Impressive asked in a manner that could only be described as frightening to the bones. His iron face (which had a strange red spot around his right eye, a bruise, perhaps?) contorted into a smile as he held Grace tightly against him with one arm, the other arm twirling a scarily-long dagger. ”Isn’t this lovely? Just the two of us, alone, in the scenic, guhuhuhu~” the deranged β€˜hero’ laughed as he twirled the knife effortlessly. ”Let’s dance...”

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Club 27, Kingsdale

Meanwhile, the other portal lead the other group of heroes out in an alleyway, conveniently behind a large dumpster, right near Club 27 in Kingsdale. The gorgeous Wings of Law club was currently surrounded by police tape and police cruisers, with a variety of officers on the scene, moving about and talking to each other. Ambulances were also parked nearby, and barricades had been created down the sides of the road. Whatever had happened, it was clearly a very big crime scene.

At the front of the investigation was an old friend of the gang, a newly-promoted Sergeant Bulldog. He was not ACTUALLY a bulldog, mind, but he certainly had the looks of one- he was short, stocky, and chubby, with a sagging face and large jaw that made him look like he could take a solid bite out of a human. He was holding a clipboard, barking orders at his men. β€œLet’s wrap up here and get moving! We know Aria is out there somewhere, probably choosing her next location, so we have to get a fucking move on before that happens! We need patrols all across the city. And somebody get a hold of K9!” Bulldog shook his head. β€œFucking amateurs…”

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