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Current Why do people say we shouldn't judge a book by its cover? What's the cover for, then, if not to be judged?
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In America, radiation created superheroes. In Japan, radiation created Godzilla. Very different cultural perspective on nuclear fallout, it seems. Wonder why
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If you like RWBY, considering giving this link here a click :) --->…
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I'm starting to think the Mayans misspelled "2021" on their calendar.
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Jumping rope is really just dancing with a punishment for screwing up.



"πšƒπš‘πš’πšœ πš›πš˜πš˜πš–, πšπš‘πš’πšœ πš‹πšžπš•πš•πšŽπš. πšƒπš‘πšŽπš›πšŽ'𝚜 𝚊 πš‹πšžπš•πš•πšŽπš πšπš˜πš› πšŽπšŸπšŽπš›πš’πš˜πš—πšŽ. π™°πš—πš 𝚊 πšπš’πš–πšŽ. π™°πš—πš 𝚊 πš™πš•πšŠπšŒπšŽ. π™°πš— πšŽπš—πš. 𝚈𝚎𝚜... πš–πšŠπš’πš‹πšŽ πšπš‘πš’πšœ πš’πšœ πš‘πš˜πš  πš’πš πš‘πšŠπšœ 𝚝𝚘 πš‹πšŽ. π™Έπš—πšœπš™πšŽπšŒπšπš˜πš›, 𝚒𝚘𝚞'𝚟𝚎 πš˜πš‹πšŸπš’πš˜πšžπšœπš•πš’ πš•πšŽπšŠπš›πš—πš 𝚝𝚘𝚘 πš–πšžπšŒπš‘ πšŠπš‹πš˜πšžπš πš–πšŽ. 𝙸 πšŒπšŠπš—'𝚝 πš‘πšŠπšŸπšŽ πšπš‘πšŠπš. π™½πš˜πš πšŽπšŸπšŽπš— πš’πš— πš–πš’ πšπšŽπšŠπšπš‘."

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Just some scrub nerd who happens to RP on this site. While I tend to gravitate more towards building worlds and GMing and all that, I join RPs from time to time as well. I tend to stay in the casual section of the Guild (though I am open to trying other things) and my preferences tend to lean towards slice-of-life RPs and superhero RPs, along with the occasional fandom RP, depending. I enjoy trying new things, though, and I'm willing to hop onboard any genre if I find it appealing.

I consider myself fairly lax and friendly, so if you wanna chat, my PMs are always open.

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Fast-paced, fun, vibrant, quasi-anime superhero RP about an organization that employs superpowered people to defend the fictional city of Castleburg, USA.
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September 21st, 2064
Aboard N-Train
Brookside, South Castle Island

Miles smiled warmly. This whole 'socialization' thing was going much better than anticipated. Miles had always been told to 'be himself' by all sorts of teachers and mentors and whatnot, but he had never thought that being a classic fiction nerd would be able to score that many brownie points. Mrs. Gilligan from 11th-grade English would be proud. "VHS? Wow, that's really something." Miles tried to envision what an actual VHS tape would look like. While he had heard of them before, they weren't something that any teenager in the year 2064 would have ever been exposed to in person. The idea that a physical reel of tape had to be inserted into a physical box to play a movie or TV show was absurd in an era where everything was holographically projected. "Sounds valuable. And cool. Maybe we should watch it sometime."

Miles' successes on board the train were cut short with Blitz's hysterical laughter. Any ounce of confidence that Miles had managed to accrue over the last 5 or so minutes vanished into the dark crevice of Miles' heart as quickly as it had come, and Miles turned beet-red once again. He wasn't the type to enjoy this type of ribbing, even something so benign as the suggestion that Blitz had made. Miles, in both a physical and metaphorical sense, had very thick skin. Miles quickly found, however, that Sophie did not have such social hesitancies, as she quickly fired back at Blitz with a comment of her own, a comment that gave Miles a bit of a chuckle.

The pale-skinned youth took a breath as he focused back on the situation at hand. He mustered up his confidence with a deep breath and scootched a smidgen closer to Sophie. "S-so, Soph. Can I c-call you Soph?" Miles stammered, before continuining. "I was just w-wondering, y'know, if maybe sometime you'd like to-"

Before Miles could finish the sentence, a loud BOOM echoed throughout the vicinity, and the bullet train came to a bullet halt as sirens began to go off. Miles found himself tumbling over Sophie and rolling into the wall with a thud. It was then that Miles learned how important seatbelts were. But he also learned, of course, that this was no random malfunction. Funtime was over. The pirates were here. His rumors were confirmed when the PA system came online, and the conductor's soothing voice resonated over the loudspeaker. "Sorry, folks, we currently have...well, an obstruction on the tracks ahead. I'm currently phoning back to HQ to get info as to how to proceed- woah! Hey! Please, I'm unarmed! I have a wife and kids, sir, please don't-" The conductor's bloodcurling screech then resonated throughout the train, accompanied by the sounds of electricity, signaling to Miles that the man had likely been tazed or electrocuted in some way.

The young hero immediately understood what the pirates were going for here. Put the people that couldn't defend themselves in danger and force the heroes away from their defensive positions and directly into a trap. It was smart planning on the pirates' behalf, and it was effective, as there was no doubt in Miles' mind as to where he was going to immediately. The weapon, while dangerous, could be retrieved. Human lives, once ended, could not.

With that thought, Miles quickly scuttled to his feet, removing Crimson Vengeance from his jacket and activating it. With a hum, the red blade of energy arced out from the hilt. Miles turned to face the rest of the group. "S-somebody keep the nuke safe," Miles commanded, though his tone had minimal authority to it. With that, Miles dashed out from the rear train car, moving forwards across the train with one goal in mind- save people. That's what being a hero was about, anyway, right?

Miles dashed through a couple train cars, including one full of people that Miles vaguely recognized as fellow heroes, before his sprint was stopped in the adjacent car, where two armored pirates had just walked in from the other side. Miles may have been a bit of a pushover, but Dhampir was not known for his restraint, especially with hostage-taking nuke-stealing jetpack pirates. The pale youth, in a marked departure from the rambling nerd that had been sitting on the N-Train moments earlier, flicked his weapon at one of the pirates. The laser blade arced across the car and caught one of the pirates before he could even react, slicing through his armor like butter and sending him toppling backwards into the wall. If he survived, his days of piracy were long over by now.

Before Miles could address the other pirate, he was hit by a concussive wave of sound that blasted him into the wall of the traincar. Miles yelped like an injured puppy as the pirate approached Miles, holding a shotgun-sized weapon with a large cone-like muzzle- a sonic blaster, used for both nonlethal and lethal incapacitation. The uninjured partner of the two pirates aimed the weapon at the teenager. "Time to die, freak!" he shouted with as much bravado as he could muster as he prepared to fire.

Meanwhile, back in the storage car, one of the pirates, using a laser cutter, quickly cut himself a round entry into the car. As soon as the circular slab of metal fell, jetpack-enhanced pirates hopped into the storage car one-by-one, weapons drawn and at the ready as they prepared to secure their loot.

September 21st, 2064
'Totally Innocuous Warehouse'
Brookside, South Castle Island

Piranha Boy was hardly paying attention to the job. Instead, he was smoking a gigantic vape, which was exuding a foul-smelling banana-mint combination smoke. After all, while there had been numerous studies connecting vaping to popcorn lung, there had not been a single one connecting it to popcorn gill, so Piranha Boy considered himself pretty much invinicible in that regard.

As he continued to slack off on the job, though, he was hit by a dose of divine justice as his entire body was suddenly ensnared by a bolas. His vape sent flying, the Piranha Boy's upper body was wrapped up by the gadget, and he was sent careening to the floor with a loud yell, his restrained figure flopping around like...well, a fish.

As he yelled for help, the other interns/drug workers continued with the act despite the very real pressure they were under (credit to their theater minor in undergrad!) They ran around the room willy-nilly, yelling things like "SHE'S HERE" and "HIDE THE DRUGS" and "WE'RE ALL GOING TO JAIL!" as they scattered like birds in the wind. This was, of course, signaling for the heroes (at least, the remaining ones) to act fast. It was also incredibly over-the-top, but in a world where crime was super, everything was over the top. Maybe the smartest of the smarts could figure out the act, but of course, the smartest of the smarts generally were smart enough to stray away from this kind of spandex superhero/vigilante crime-fighting business. Generally.

September 21st, 2064
Unspecified Apartment
Brookside, Castleburg

"Holy shit, now that's what I call hot."

"Let me see! Let me see!"

"Ooh, yeah, talk about an hourglass bod, that one!"

This type of locker room chatter was flying around a small apartment in Brookside. The studio room was not being used to live in, however. It was a temporary hideout being used by the Rocketeers for their next big sting. The peeling wallpaper was covered with blueprints, maps, and photographs, the kitchen counter and table covered with all manner of weapons, and dirty rug covered in beer cans. A group of stocky, armored pirates were gathered around a coffee table, looking at holographic projections of a group of heroes that were supposedly aboard the train. The Captain had said that there might be a heightened response to this heist, so the pirates had simply kidnapped the family of one of the waiters aboard the N-Train and coerced him into working for them and getting photographs and ID from the passengers onboard. This was simply matched with the HERO database to get some dossiers as to who the pirates would be up against. Their 'research' and 'preparation,' however, had quickly devolved into a comparison of all the female heroes onboard.

As the pirates continued to ogle the holo-images they had, the door to the apartment swung open, and a woman walked in. This woman was Captain Sam Everett, suited up in her armor and with her jetpack at the ready. As the men she commanded shuffled to attention, Sam ran a hand through her half-shaven head of blonde hair while scrunching up her face in disgust. "Holy shit," she reprimanded. "Cool the fucking jets, you apes. The testosterone in here is starting to smell worse than the fucking mildew."

A chorus of "Yes, boss" and "Yes, captain" filtered through the room. An outside would certainly be surprised at how much respect this short, regular human woman had over this group of hardened pirates. An insider would run and hide, lest Sam laid a few bullets through their skull for even daring to shit-talk her. Sam Everett was a no-nonsense type of woman.

"Let's go over the plan again, because clearly we have some fucking middle-school IQ pirates here," Sam said, changing the holographic image to a projection of the N-Train's path with a swipe of her hand. "Train should be crossing towards Brookside now. Means we gotta start getting ready to fly. Once it passes by this apartment, Strike Team C is going to launch a rocket at the rails right here, just by the river. Bammo. Train has to pump the emergency brakes. Then, Strike Team B lands on the northern end of the train, makes a distraction, forces security to defend the civilians instead of the mark. Then, Strike Team C moves in on the Vulture, picks up our cargo, and ships off to our HQ. That crazy Iranian terrorist guy meets us there, we give him the nuke, he gives us the cash, we kill him, take the nuke back, and done. Any questions?"

One of the pirates tentatively raised his hand.

"Yes, dumbass?"

"What about the heroes, Captain?"

Sam laughed. "Heroes? That's who you're worried about? Let me let you in on a little secret. Heroes are just beauty pageant winners, but dumber, weaker, and with more spandex. You do to them what we do to anybody else- put them down like dogs." Sam cleared her throat. "Just don't be scared of them. We're Rocketeers, for Christ's sake. We scare the daylights out of this damn city. The heroes may look tough, but believe me, they're just a bunch of softies on the inside. Now, let's go!"

September 21st, 2064
Aboard the N-Train
Watervale en route to Brookside

Meanwhile, Miles was busy being a softy.

In all fairness, he had expected the girl that he had almost skewered like a shish kebab to maybe hate him forever. He had considered that the most reasonable course of action, and had fully prepared for that reality. Instead, however, the pretty blonde girl sat next to him, immediately shattering any rules about personal space, and Miles felt her arm rub against his. Miles immediately developed several theories as to how what was going on. Either this blonde hero was a vampire hunter trying to get Miles to lower his guard, a double agent working for the pirates, or she was just a regular old hero that was perhaps trying to hit on him.

Somehow, Miles felt the first two options were more likely.

The lanky vampire hero shifted uncomfortably as he processed the situation. This had never quite happened to him before, especially mid-mission, so he was definitely trekking into uncertain territory right now. Miles made the immediate decision to simply try and act as natural as possible, and so he spoke up. "I guess. Still, I should have recognized that you weren't a pirate. You're m-missing the eyepatch," Miles said, giving a thin but warm smile at his nearly-botched joke, a smile that just barely showed a hint of his two, inhumanly large, serpent-like fangs.

Through his peripheral vision, he noticed that the girl was showing him a book. A book! She was giving him an out! Miles looked down at the cover of the book, before speaking again. "That's a really great choice of novel, by the way. Urban fantasy is just such a killer genre. Did you know that the book was actually adapted from a TV series? It aired all the way back in 1996, way before they had holo-screens. I don't mind the old-fashioned plasma TVs though, they definitely bring a lot to the table in terms of quality. Anyway, ramble aside, really really great, intelligent, fun book by a really great, underrated author." Miles took a breath. "I, uhh, never caught your name, by the way. I'm Miles. Err, or Dhampir, if we're doing hero names. I never really know which way to go. You?" he asked with a weak smile, his pale cheeks still tinged with a touch of pink as he held out a hand for her to shake.

September 21st, 2064
'Totally Innocuous Warehouse'
Brookside, Castleburg

Piranha Man looked down at the smaller, younger, newer hero. "Hey there, newbie. I'm Piranha Boy. Not that I'm a boy, just that my dad was Piranha Man, so that name was taken...anyway, no, the other guy isn't here yet. Still waiting for him to show up, as well as the mark. You can hang around here until she shows up, no need to rush, oh, and be sure not to snort anything. I know I shouldn't have to say that, but I will just in case." The fish-faced man then looked down at his watch. "Never mind, we got a sighting. Everybody, in position. Alright, so remember the plan! I'm the guy running this place, so I'm gonna lure the girl to me. Once she attacks me, just take her down. Should be a quick and easy paycheck! Places, everybody!"

Meanwhile, outside the building, Firestarter smiled from her apartment perch. Her job was already done. Now, she just sat back, made sure this superpowerless vigilante didn't single-handedly wipe out a two B-tier heroes and a room full of interns, and collect her cash. As she sat back with a cocky grin on her face, though, she didn't notice the group of men approaching from behind her. In an instant, a black bag wrapped around the girl's head. The hero screamed and clawed, but her cries went unheard as the well-dressed men behind her waited for her to pass out from a lack of oxygen before allowing her limp body to fall to the floor.

September 21st, 2064
Academy of Young Heroes
Lighthouse Island, Castleburg

Principal Lee smiled fondly (or at least, she appeared to smile fondly) at the arrival of the young heroes. She greeted the two alumni that she did recall. "Oh, of course I haven't forgotten you two! Lucian and Aurora, two of my favorite students," she gushed, pretending that the memories of hypnotized teachers and destroyed faculty bathrooms had never actually happened. "And it's wonderful to meet the rest of you young men and women too! I do have to insist that we treat these children with kindness and dignity, though. They are just kids, and our goal here isn't to incarcerate them, but to reform them!" Principal Lee smiled, before turning to the older man of the group. "Well, first and foremost, welcome back to Castleburg, Mr. Lindall! And second, I don't have too much personal details on them. I just have a gist of the situation. Our four miscreants are Ricky Sullivan, Jack Fernandez, Michelle Lewis, and Drew Reedworth. They were caught after going on a 'shopping spree' across Castleburg. Of course, by shopping, I mean shoplifting, and in the process they did cause a few injuries, though nothing severe. Sullivan's power is some sort of vibration manipulation, Fernandez's power is pyrokinesis, Lewis's power is electrokinesis, and Reedworth's power is gravity manipulation. They are...quite bull-headed,” the Principal said. β€œLet’s go meet them.”

Principal Lee guided them through the polished halls of the Academy. Well, β€˜polished’ was a bit of an overstatement- the Academy was about as polished as a building could be for one that was routinely destroyed by pubescent, superpowered kids. She then opened a heavy, steel door to enter the room where the delinquents were being kept for the time being, inside their little plastic bubble. The smoke from Drew’s cigarette had formed a small cloud at the top of their cell.

Principal Lee looked at the heroes. β€œHopefully, the group of you can show them the meaning of being a hero. Or at least, convince them to stop robbing people. If you need any help, find me in my office or call one of my staff. I need to go attend to a kid that is currently puking lava.” With that, Principal Lee gave a polite wave to the gathered group before heading off to make sure that the science lab wasn’t turned into a caldera.

The kids just absent-mindedly sat there in their little cell. Eventually, one of them spoke up with a single word- β€œLaaaaaame.”

Like the changes, she's accepted now! You can move her on over.


With sort of spellcraft at his side, the Modern Warlock takes center stage!

Really like Owen and the idea of a mage-hero seems super neat! If possible, I would like to see maybe some other type of restriction in the Imagination power. From where I'm at it seems that so long as the complexities of the Imagination power are put into writing, there's really no end to the potential of the power. There really should be some sort of 'top end' or time limit or some sort of cap on how much imagination he could use. Outside of that though, really do love him, he'll fit in great!

Hi all. While I had NPC ideas, I FINALLY got around to making an actual character. Though this is still WIP, I'd like opinions on it before I continue:

Interesting concept, but there's a lot that's missing from the table right now.

  • The whole powers/abilities section is absent, and that's kind of a must-have.
  • The classified intel should be DMed to me and Canary. Let me know if I missed it, but I don't think I've received anything of the sort.
  • HERO is not an international organization. HERO would have zero jurisdiction as to Japan's hero activity- that would belong to PHANTOM. As such, she can't just travel the globe willy-nilly.
  • Again, full backstory should be DMed to me and Canary before I can accept the character. ​
  • The entire concept of "e-Heroes" isn't clear to me, as your bio references both traditional law enforcement and hero companies as being Crimson Satsuka's employer. The former would really make her just a special forces ekop, while the latter wouldn't make much sense from a logical perspective. Hero companies employ metahumans, not robots, and robots are in fact singlehandedly weighing down the broader hero community. Hero companies would see no need to, and would in fact be STRONGLY opposed to, any form of electronic hero.
  • Going by the former point's logic, it would also make zero sense why one hero company would ship what they view as a defective robot off to another continent. Wouldn't she just have been destroyed on the spot, or at least re-programmed in some way? Just saying 'here, we'll send the potentially compromised goods to another company to deal with' doesn't really make any sense.

A good idea, but there are a lot of flaws in the blueprint.

Hey, whole team is back. Mind if I read along in my off time?

Also I could probably manage a character if space opens up.

Of course! I couldn't consider myself a GM if I didn't make an exception for Starbright tbh

A crowd quickly started to form in the storage room. Miles had expected some of the others to have the same ideas that he had, so he wasn't so much surprised that people started to filter in as he saw the people themselves. First, was that pro football player or something- Blast? Bomb? BreaK? Something destructive-sounding for sure. The other person was significantly smaller than Miles was and looked almost dainty, in a way, and reminded the youngster of some sort of snake. Maybe he had snake powers. Animal powers were cool.

Miles was hardly surprised and not remotely offended that the man-mountain ("Oh, Blitz! That was his name!") forgot his identity. It wasn't like they had worked before much, anyway. Miles' style was subtle. Deliberate, but subtle. He worked best in the shadows, removing obstacles and erasing evidence. Blitz, on the other hand, was about as subtle as a bazooka, and his demeanor showed that, what with him pouring out more smoke from his vape than an entire forest fire. It was interesting that the two were now grouped together on this mission. Miles flipped to the next page of his book, allowing the other individual that Miles had mentally termed 'Snake Man' to introduce him to the footballing hero. Miles kept his nose in his book, only briefly pausing to nod at Blitz's remark before continuing to read. His downtime was interrupted, however, when a woman dropped down from the ceiling.

Miles' reaction was instinctive and very spontaneous. As soon as the mystery blonde dropped down from the ceiling Miles hopped to his feet, his book toppling to the ground, and he whipped out his blade's hilt, from which a glowing red blade of energy ignited, pointed directly at the intruder, before the realization set in that Miles was not threatening a sky pirate, but in fact pointing an energy sword at one of his colleagues. Miles' pale-ish face immediately turned beet red, and with a whoooosh the energy sword retracted back into the hilt as Miles put the blade back into his coat pocket. "S-sorry," he stammered embarrassedly, scratching the back of his head as he looked at the ground. "Thought you were a pirate. And, uh, you really scared the bejeezus out of me." Miles gave a weak smile. "My bad," the Dhampir added quickly as he sat back down in his spot, picking his book off the floor and holding it by his side. "We, uhh, we do have to keep an eye out for any, you know, real pirates though! Actual pirates," he clarified as he wafted some strawberry smoke out of his face. "Stay vigilant, and all that. Heh."

September 21st, 2064
Castleburg Bullet N-Train
Heading North from Watervale Central Station

Castleburg's E-Train system is operated by the Castleburg Transit Authority, with construction first beginning in the late 2040s after the original railway system was destroyed by The Conductor, a surprisingly dangerous train-themed villain. Using "maglev" technology, these trains hover above the rails using opposite magnets, and the lack of friction allows the trains to zoom down the tracks at incredible speeds. The E-Train system was a shocking success, replacing the old, slow, outdated train system with a form of public transportation that people have become to trust. From the opening of the F-Train in 2048 until the September 14th of 2064, there was not a single fatality or even injury onboard one of the ElectroTrain systems in Castleburg.

With 19 railways (F-X) running in Castleburg, the E-Train system has been a major success. However, on the 14th of September, the Rocketeers launched an attack on the M-Train of Castleburg, destroying the entire train and causing 4 deaths and countless injuries, while also stealing an entire train car full of gold ingots. The Castleburg Transit Authority has contacted HERO to prevent another attack, which they anticipate will be on the N-Train, a train that runs from Watervale to the suburbs north of Castleburg and is transporting a train car full of weapon-grade fissile thorium to a Taurus Aerospace facility just outside the city. A group of heroes have been tasked with riding the train to its destination, and stopping any potential jetpacking pirates hot in their tracks. Pun not intended.

Miles Kadojkovic was enjoying the mission.

The train had left Watervale Central Station about 10 or so minutes ago, and in that time, Miles had found himself quite enjoying this train. Most of the trains for public transit in Castleburg were definitely not bad. They were mostly clean, had plenty of seats, got from point A to point B with minimal delays, and did their job. Miles had expected cargo lines, such as the N-Train, to be like a cattle car, caked in dirt with patches of hay instead of chairs. The train Miles had walked into, though, was incredibly luxurious. Miles' car had comfortable gel pad cushions that adjusted to his ideal sitting position, and he was also equipped with a call button that Miles had already used twice to order several platefuls of hors d’oeuvres. Overall, pretty good experience- Miles supposed that the train was designed with the wealthy security people and company executives that would travel on it in mind.

The best part was, though, no pirates. At least, so far.

Miles shrugged as he sat back in his luxury chair. His body was shrouded in a black body-length trench coat, beneath that a dress shirt and a red tie. To his right was a plateful of lovely canapΓ©s, and to his left was a hardcover book, divided by a velvet bookmark, that Miles was midway through. Hardcover books were mostly a thing of the past, but Miles much preferred the feel of the pages between his fingers than flipping through a holobook. The novel was titled "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." It was an old series from more than half a century ago, the type of book that would be assigned for homework, but Miles quite enjoyed it. Magic was pretty cool.

Miles finished off his appetizers and was just about to return to Harry's first challenge when a sharp crackling sound resonated in his eardrum. Miles winced and grasped the side of his head as he recoiled from the sound, which had come from the earpiece. Replacing the static sound was the voice of Assistant Director Ray Blum, who was observing the train's path in his own vehicle from a distance away. "Afternoon, heroes. It's a lovely Wednesday afternoon, sun is shining...anyway, make sure a few of you are keeping an eye on the safe at all times. The Rocketeers generally err on the side of loud and destructive, but they may attempt a quiet raid if they know you're onboard. That's all. Man-Titan, over and out."

Miles sighed. His car was pretty close to the storage car; he might as well check it out. Begrudgingly, he dropped his almost-empty plate into a small trashcan bot that was rolling around the ground. He then took his book, holding it in his arms like a baby, before making his way down the train. Walking while the train was moving so quickly was almost uncomfortable. It made Miles a bit queasy. He wasn't the motion-sick type, but he wasn't used wandering across a bullet train stuffed with finger food while simultaneously wondering if he was about to get blown up by pirates. This was a weird, weird job.

Miles eventually made his way over to the caboose of the train, holding his HERO I.D. card up to the keyfob. The doors to the room whirred and slid open, allowing Miles to step into the storage area. It really wasn't anything much; the room was mostly occupied by a single, long cylinder with a glowing blue stripe. This was the heavy metal casing of the radioactive, fissile material that the US government wanted. "To put in a storage facility somewhere," Miles grumbled as he sat back against the wall, allowing his back to slide down the wall until he hit the floor. He sat there, uninterestedly watching guard over the long tube of death. At least it was going to a storage facility, and not into the hands of some crazy jetpack pirates. Or at least, that was the goal of the mission.

Miles yawned and opened his book back to the bookmarked section. There were more important things to think about, in any case.

September 21st, 2064
'Totally Innocuous Warehouse'
Brookside, South Castle Island

HERO's Castleburg division has held onto a good smattering of real-estate in the city, an example of which being a warehouse in a particularly bad area of Brookside that was formerly being used as a large-scale Nova lab. The facility was busted by a group of heroes a few years ago, and HERO decided to hold onto the facility in case it would become useful. With the mission to capture the annoying vigilante underway, the facility became useful again.

A few interns were sent days prior to the 21st to refurbish the place and make it look like a meth lab. The poor interns then disguised them as meth makers and anonymously alerted Shadow Scythe Vengeance the day before to the presence of the facility, before returning to be a part of the massive ruse. The heroes taking part in the ambush have been tasked with bringing in Shadow Scythe Vengeance alive (unless that is absolutely impossible) and hopefully without getting any interns killed. Probably not by the vigilante, but by all the authentic chemicals in the lab.

"Who else was working this mission again?"

Two heroes were standing in the middle of the 'bustling' fake meth lab. A tall, 6'2" man with a strange, orange, fleshy piranha head known as Pirahna Boy spoke to a shorter but well-built woman with dirty blonde locks named Firestarter. The two were surrounded by a bunch of college-age, non-superpowered interns that had 'bravely volunteered' to be a part of the trap (in actuality, they were defintely being paid off-the-books for this gig. The risk of getting socked in the gut was too high to be working pro bono). Piranha Boy cleared his throat (gills?) before responding to his female counterpart. "Couple a newbies. One of them, the Asian girl, I've seen around Paragon before. The others, I got no clue."

Firestarter shrugged. "The more, the merrier, right?"

"It would be even fuckin' merrier if I didn't have to split my paycheck, like, ten ways. I'm takin' my girl out to sushi after this gig is up."

Firestarted looked at Piranha Boy strangely. "Wouldn't that be cannibalism-"

"Shut your trap," the pirahna mutant retorted, crossing his arms indignantly. "You just don't understand me, Lucy."

"The only thing I understand is that you need a shower." Firestarter wafted the air around her face. "Anyway, I'm gonna go take position at the lookout post. You stay here and fill the newbies in on the plan. I alert you when she's comin', and then, easy snag. Badabing, badaboom. We left an air vent half-unscrewed on the rooftop, so she'll probably come in that way."

"Roger dodger," Piranha Boy responded as he watched his partner slip out of the warehouse, before staring up at the air vent, waiting for the Descent of Justice to come in a few minutes.

September 21st, 2064
Academy of Young Heroes
Lighthouse Island, Castleburg

Lighthouse Island was previously habitated by shepherds before HERO appropriated the entire island for their new institution, the Academy for Young Heroes. A magnet school for metahumans, the Academy of Young Heroes offers three different paths for the many youngsters that attend- a path for metahuman kids that want to live a normal life and want to learn how to control their superpowers, a path for students to join HERO at 16, and a path for students who want to wait until they legally become an adult before making that decision. The Academy has proven to be a successful project, with a dedicated staff comprised of active heroes, retired heroes, and other top personnel in the industry working together to forge a great educational experience. That being said, not every youngster gets the chance to succeed at the Academy.

The juveniles that are in need of a 'special field trip' are Ricky Sullivan, Jack Fernandez, Michelle Lewis, and Drew Reedworth, all of whom are budding superhumans and all of whom were apprehended after robbing several liquor stores and smoke shops across Castleburg in a very bad effort to look 'cool.' The Director has tasked Mr. Jeremy Lindall, a longtime instructor at the Academy, to help move these kids to the right path, with help from a few of HERO's younger and thus more relatable heroes. Sullivan's power is some sort of vibration manipulation, apparently a smaller scale version of Quake's, Fernandez's power is pyrokinesis, Lewis's power is generating and controlling electricity, and Reedworth's power is local gravity manipulation.

Barbara Lee strode through the hallways of the Academy for Young Heroes. Lee, a middle-aged Korean American with poofy dark hair dressed in a tan pantsuit, was the principal of the Academy, and was running the school for the past few years. Though she did an admirable job and was passionate about her position, it was undeniable that the role had certainly taken a toll on her. Principal Lee had previously been Professor Lee of the University of Castleburg in New Athens, teaching classes on superhuman psychology. She was ecstatic to have been offered the position at the Academy, despite having no superpowers of her own. Dealing with college students, however, was vastly different from dealing with the screaming demons of middle/high school aged metahumans. Principal Lee continued to shake her head as she made her way through the hallway. The Director had, very spontaneously, told Lee that she would need to hold a few juvenile delinquents in her school for a short while, something Lee was firmly against. Still, Barbara did not call the shots, so here she was.

Principal Lee entered the holding cell area, something that a regular school would never have, but was also a necessity in a school where powers would spontaneously go off. It was a pleasant enough place for sure, with the cells being made of superhardened plastic to prevent any sort of destruction or escape. Inside were four freckly kids, three boys and one girl, two of which had somehow obtained cigarettes. Cigarettes. The old coffin nails that Barbara's grandmother smoked.

"Put those down!" the principal commanded to the kids, but of course, they didn't listen to the middle-aged powerless lady on the other side of the glass. One of them made a snarky face before taking an extra-long puff of lung cancer. Barbara sighed. She loved most kids, but she wished she could drop some of them right into the harbor.

After this quick visit, Barbara Lee strode through the hallways once again, this time exiting the new, brick-built university hall-style facility through a pair of sliding glass doors. The crisp sea air filled her lungs as Barbara Lee approached a small dock at the edge of the island. Hopefully, the heroes would be arriving soon. The delinquents clearly didn't respect her authority, but maybe one of these heroes would do the trick.

From across the sound, a cozy HERO cabin cruisher made its way towards the lovely Lighthouse Island, piercing through the fog to come in range of the island's academy and famous antique lighthouse. The boat pulled up to one of the docks and laid down a ramp that led right to the frazzled Principal Lee, who hid her worries away with a bright smile that she had termed her 'school day is almost over' smile. "So these are the heroes Director Steel told me about! If I could have the pleasure of learning your names?" she asked, her face a mix of genuine enthusiasm and total hatred of everything around her. Thus was the life of a teacher.

Accepted! They look super cool C:


γ€Š O N C L O U D N I N E 》

Castleburg authorities have been tracking a group of pirates. Not Pirates of the Caribbean pirates, but an extremely well-armed and well-disciplined group of pirates known as the "Rocketeers." The Rocketeers are armed to the teeth with extremely high-tech jetpacks, RPGs, and other military equipment, which they have been using to rob cargo vehicles heading into and out of Castleburg. The Rocketeers have expanded from semi-trucks and small hovercraft to taking on Castleburg's bullet train system, staging raids and picking apart entire chains of trains with their weaponry, before retreating into the sky.

Their audacity has escalated the situation enough to justify a full HERO operation. Intel suggests that the Rocketeers are planning a raid on Castleburg's N-Train, a bullet train that cuts across the city and takes its passengers upstate. A group of heroes are needed to board the train, stop the Rocketeers, and bring them to justice once and for all.

C A P A C I T Y: 0/8
γ€Š A D I S H B E S T S E R V E D C O L D 》

H.E.R.O. has been keeping a close eye on a vigilante named "Shadow Scythe Vengeance." Shadow Scythe Vengeance does not appear to hold a grudge against HERO or HERO personnel, but is operating outside of the confines of the law, brazenly stopping crime using nothing but her bare hands at gadgets. While this is impressive for a girl with no observed superpowers, her actions have undermined public confidence in HERO even further and has shifted trust towards vigilante justice over the rule of law. Director Steel is also concerned that even more inexperienced and less capable teenagers may be inspired to suicidally throw themselves into danger, and has as such issued a warrant for Shadow Scythe Vengeance's arrest in order to bring her in for questioning and hopefully convince her to hang up her cowl.

HERO needs several operatives to man an abandoned warehouse in Brookside. An intern has anonymously indicated on that the warehouse is a large drug lab. Once there, Shadow Scythe Vengeance should be able to be captured without too much difficulty. By all accounts, she has no superpowers, but she is scrappy and is equipped with gadgets. Overall, though, should be very cut-and-dry cash.

C A P A C I T Y: 1/5
γ€Š T E A C H E R ' S P E T 》

HERO has apprehended a group of superpowered juveniles that have been on a week-long shoplifting spree across Castleburg. Though theoretically eligible for trial and potential imprisonment, Director Steel has decided that the most optimal course of action is to have the kids instead be sent to Lighthouse Island and "shadowed" by a group of professional heroes, to convince them to use their powers for good on HERO or at least not burn down entire shopping centers just to steal some liquor for your friends' party. The Director is specifically looking for younger heroes to hopefully try and relate with the delinquents. High difficulty level expected, due to anticipated levels of teenage angst, pubescence, and hormones. Lots of hormones.

C A P A C I T Y: 0/5
Who needs all those fancy tricks when you've got luck on your side?

beautiful. welcome aboard C:
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