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Current The first person to inhale helium must have been relieved when the effects wore off.
9 mos ago
Electricity is just domesticated electrons.
9 mos ago
Bees are nature's kamikaze pilots.
1 yr ago
Just noticed the "private convo with yourself" button. I guess people on this site really are lonely.
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The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)


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I'll bite.
@Hitman That is entirely fair, i kinda wanted to play the Lawful Evil guy that works with the group, spouting the christian ravings and constantly berating the others with "You guys aren't gods, you are spirits that got cocky. There is no God but me."

Would it be funny? Absolutely

It just wouldn't fit. Sorry :( Feel free to pick another God

Just as a brief clarification, you are allowed to play as many characters as you are comfortable with. That being said, I wouldn't recommend (personally) more than two, but it's up to you to decide how many characters you want. Just try not to reserve the entire list of gods, kthx.

@Hitman Literally fucking God himself

Oh...I should probably have picked that up with "Jehovah," huh?

I'm definitely going to have to no that, becuase

a) lore-wise, wouldn't make sense, people still follow Christianity in droves

b) I would actually get crucified

This is really interesting and unique. I love it, you're in. Powers are interesting, but they work.
@Hitman Are the powers I chose okay?

I'm going to need more description on the extent of the powers. That being said, they fit the bill.

Could I reserve Thoth the Record Keeper?


Might put my hand up for Odin if it hasn’t been claimed already.

All good!

Bit of a weird and controversial one, what about the Jewdaen Jehova?

I'm unfamiliar with that. Could you link to a Wikipedia page or something?

May I reserve Set?

Sure thing!
Would we be permitted to play Aztec gods or only Mayans? Seems unfair that Europe gets 3 distinct Pantheons but all of the Americas only get the one.

I'll allow Aztecs, sure. They are similar enough to the Mayan ones ( they actually share some iirc) so I'll let it fly.

So dumb question, but how accurate to actual mythology do we have to be?

It should be accurate with some leeway given for storytelling purposes. Not dead-on-balls accurate, necessarily, but nothing that is a radical departure from the myths.
Hi, any luck a Chinese god be used? Not exactly Shinto...Please let me know!

I'm going to have to definite no that one. Chinese mythology is too different, for lack of better terms, from the other pantheons listed. Sorry :(
This is a bit rough and also much more tragic than I initially intended, but here we go.

Looks good! It IS very tragic, but it fits the character theme well.

For Hades, would this be okay?

I don't really care all too much about the art so long as the substance is there. This should be fine, I suppose.
Would Awilix be a possible pick for a Mayan deity?

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