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The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)
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Corrupt cops are basically undercover criminals. *mind blown*
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We all want to know where we go when we die. The real question is, where are we before we're born?
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What if laziness is just a power-saving mode for our brain?


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I'll drop my hat in for this one, tentatively.

They did so "for-hire assassins," after all.
Sara Hepburn

Left around Damian was a towering beacon of smoke, obscuring vision around the Mage (or possibly what was left of him). Before any of the members of Black Widow could confirm the kill, the dumb Dragon Heart Mages decided to launch their own counterattack. First, the hammer girl launched towards Jean with a firm determination to attack. Jean barely gave the attack any meaning, sidestepping with impossible speed before regaining his stance in case the girl had even more tricks ready. Then, a luminous white rope and a scarecrow flew past the head of Piedra, causing a quick glance in the other direction. This moment caused by the decoy gave the sniper a chance to fire one of his specialty bullets, but Smiley- already bleeding heavily from the last goddamn bullet- wasn't falling for the same trick twice. With movements as fast as could be, he pulled an orb from his own bag of parlor tricks and smashed it. Immediately, a blue shield of energy wrapped around him, the purple bullet's magic power dissipating on contact with the shimmering barricade.

"My Shield Orb eliminates magic on contact. I don't carry a ton of those, so don't you bother keep hitting me with your piercing whosiwhatsits!" In angry retaliation, Smiley pointed in the general vicinity of where the bullet came, a dark red orb appearing by his side, before spiraling towards Vali's approximate direction, a great explosion of heat erupting as the orb hit Mother Earth. The clown doubted the attack would eliminate the rather wise sniper, but hoped at best it would injure him, and at worst would send a message.

Then, the red-haired Mage sent forth several massive clouds of red pepper stuff, causing great coughing fits among the weaker Spiders. Then, several bombs rained down from the sky. Ignoring where the kid got telekinesis from, and realizing that her ability to raise a rock wall would be limited by time, Piedra instead fired several shards of rock towards the clown, knocking him far out of the way of the explosion, and taking the bare brunt of the bombs herself.

As the smoke subsided, Piedra coughed, her body devastated by the attack. Rock armor wrapped around her skin, hopefully protecting her from future attacks.

Meanwhile, as Smiley was launched aside, Sara saw her opportunity. "Scorpio!"

"Got it!" The Scorpion got down on all fours, his metal tail pointing towards the midair clown. "Sand Buster!"

A whirlwind of sand launched towards the clown, engulfing him and blasting him across the hills of Mill Valley. At least for the moment, he was out of the picture.

Jean barely gave a glance towards his injured comrade, taking note of every Mage's skills. "Not bad. Not bad at all." He applauded slowly. "One removed from battle, one heavily injured. I must admit, you've impressed me. And obviously the Lady in Black as well, considering that she's dispatched one of her best towards this location presently." Jean chuckled softly. "She was right about you, that's for certain. On the money."

Meanwhile, miles away at the Bat Wing headquarters, all hell was breaking loose. All the store-visitors were running in panic across and out of the building, while the guards were quivering in their boots. Eventually, one of them spoke up. "they're keeping the magic cat with the boss in the back room please don't kill me aaaahh~~!" he squeaked, quite embarrassing for a 6'4" muscled guard.

A footstep was heard, and then in a blur a man appeared only a couple of yards in front of Glory. He had slicked blonde hair and was wearing a tiger-print robe and wood sandals. His eyes were amber, war-hardened orbs with firm dedication. His mere presence gave the members of the guard a boost in morale, and they promptly encircled the visible Dragon Heart mages. Tiger gave Glory a nod.

"I'm afraid this is an area not authorized for individuals without a pass. As Tiger of the Bat Wing guild, I will remove you if necessary." Tiger raised his hands and rose onto one foot, like some sort of fighting stance, and stared Glory down.

"Fighting against an S-Class mage of this guild, you stand no chance."

Boy, how he would be proven wrong.

Meanwhile again, in Kukan's magic world, the Sea Dragon's Tooth guild came into view. The town was small and quaint, and the Guild matched that- the hustle and bustle of activity seen in Dragon Heart was not present in Sea Dragon Tooth, a dull place void of any actual interactions. The Guild Hall itself was similar enough, slightly smaller, looking like a cheap knock-off of Dragon Heart, in fact. Sitting at the bar was a lonely young lady with a brown cloak and a tattoo of a curved fang on her neck. This was Amber Sawkins, Guild Master of Sea Dragons Tooth.

The Master gave a sigh, before taking another drink from her mug. The times were not good, with devastating attacks from the Dark Mage unsettling the Guild's mages, and membership was at an all-time low. Sawkins only hoped a miracle would happen.

Maybe it would.

Viewing the fight from a high point on a cliff, wrapped in a black robe, Eliza Bathery viewed the battle with intrigue. The robe she wore was that of invisibility, so she could view the fight in peace, and wrapped around her neck was a silencing charm, one that would keep her undetected for a while.

She laughed, knowing that nobody would hear her. This was quite interesting, indeed.

Bat Flight

The interiors of the factory were not some sort of military bunker, but was quite different- a flea market was going on. Vendors were set up inside the abandoned building, selling wares from clothing to highly illegal Lacrima weaponry. The factory itself was long abandoned by its former owner and their company, having since become rather derelict. The stone walls were beaten down from weathering, the overarching roof had several large gaps in it, the floor was dirty and only covered by several cheap carpets, and the pillars supporting the main portion of the building didn't look all too sound. Despite this, though, the building was still bustling with life, shoppers running to and fro to get their hands on illegal wares, with men in brown robes wielding magic rifles patrolling the area in large numbers.

At the end of the factory, behind a pair of large metal doors, was a large office, the office of Keslar Magnate. Magnate’s office was massive, the size of a small theater, perhaps, and was covered wall-to-wall with magic weapons of various kinds. Magnate was behind his large polished deck, feet kicked up, a Magic Pump Shotgun in his hands. At his right side was his right-hand man and head of all security at the factory, Tiger, who was gazing intensely into a silver orb, and to his left was a small white cat, ensnared in a blue net hanging from the ceiling. The cat stared angrily but silently ahead.

"What's wrong? Bat's got your tongue?" Keslar sneered with an evil grin. "Don't you worry, little kitty. We'll find a nice home for you soon. At least, a home that belongs to the highest bidder."

"Boss." Tiger spoke up as he looked up from the crystal ball. "We got a problem."

"Problem?" Magnate laughed. "We're making tons of money right now, and this little thing's gonna get us a ton more! What makes you think there's a problem."

Tiger's gaze turned towards the Guild Master. "The Security Lacrima we've placed around the facility have detected four intruders. Three female, one lizard...thing. Most likely, they're hired mercenaries from the Ducards. Obviously, they're going outside the law to get their Exceed back."

"Only four? We have, like, quadruple their numbers. If they get any closer, turn 'em to ash." Keslar grinned.

"Of course. Our numbers easily overpower theirs's, and that's assuming that I don't join the fray myself. I just thought I'd let you know."

"Thank you, Skinner.'preciate it. Just try and bring 'em back alive, you hear? They might prove useful yet."

Johnny Skinner, the Tiger, placed the orb down on Keslar's desk and gave a nod. "Will do." He moved towards the doors of the office, ready to go join the rest of his ranks. Easy pickings, they'd be.

At least, so he thought.

Sara Hepburn

As soon as Jean dodged the bullet, one of the Dragon Heart mages- an angry one, by the looks of it- immediately retaliated by throwing a knife at him. The idea that it would hit was a pitiful one at best, and Jean responded by simply grabbing the knife out of the air, tossing it to the side nonchalantly. The annoying young man then continued to lash out, throwing two smoke bombs at Jean’s feet to create clouds of smoke, before throwing another 3 knife strikes- one directly ahead, which Jean avoided by simply leaning his head out of the way, and two others arcing from the back, which Jean deflected by spinning his katana behind him, slicing the knives with his Corrosion Magic as easily as butter. Jean stepped out of the patch of broken metal shards one step closer to Argus, his blade at his side. ”If you think you can beat me with simple parlor tricks, you’re dead wrong,” he said with a condescending huff.

What he saw next was several bullets again stream down from above, emerging on Piedra and Smiley. Immediately, the woman of the group raised several walls of stone, which blocked the heavy-sounding blue shots. The violet shots, though, pierced through the stone spheres, much to Jean’s surprise. Only one shot hit Piedra, the young woman being slim enough to avoid most of the wounds sans a shot to the shoulder, but the fat clown was not so lucky, cursing several times and wiping blood from his costume. ”God damn it, Jean, some sniper’s loading us up with bullets!” he shouted angrily.

”Calm down, my friend.” Jean narrowed his eyes at the group ahead of them. Before them was the scarlet-haired Mage (a nuisance for sure, but nothing more), the summoner (who had, upon hearing the younger Mage’s condescending words, had backed up the hill with but a somber nod), the sniper (wherever the hell he was), the hammer girl (who was currently floored), and the enchanter. The enchanter looked to be an issue, one that should be resolved as soon as possible. Jean quickly tapped his tattoo, communicating his thoughts with his allies telepathically, before readying himself. The other two mages, quick as lightning, attacked.

"Crepitus Petram!"

”Flame Orb!”

With almost no warning, the two Mages launched ranged attacks at Damian, a group of sharp rocks and a red glass orb arcing towards Damian. Both quickly exploded, a flaming blast of energy striking right towards Damian, smoke rising from impact (whether with Damian or the good ol’ ground). Jean took no time to delay, rapidly leaping in on the enchanter and slicing quickly at his torso several times, hoping their combined attack would take the Mage out of commission.


Well, this looks like some pretty fun shizzityuck! Still room for me to make a C-class loser who will eventually usurp the position of best boy?

Sorry, we're kind of full at the moment. I'll let you know if a spot opens up :)

Sara Hepburn

Jean sighed. The Lady in Black hit the money on that one point- these Mages were going to go down fighting. As the young lady with the hammer ran towards him, Jean pressed his finger on his neck. ”Prepare yourselves. This battle is about to get ugly. At least try to keep one of them alive- good leverage.”

Hammer Girl leaped up and swung straight down at him. Had they not been fighting, Jean would have criticized her. Such a basic attack would serve no purpose. Jean extended his sword, and then, with a single strike, slashed at the shaft of the hammer, his Corrosion Magic on the sword more than capable of bisecting the hammer, before leaping aside with grace.

What happened next was a bit of a surprise. Four massive blasts of green gas suddenly appeared behind him, the wind blowing what appeared to be poison gas into his two colleagues, followed by a large explosion as the gas ignited into a fiery explosion. Then another shot came towards him. He perhaps could have sliced the bullet, but that would be far too risky, so Jean simply contented with dodging again. He then readied himself again. ”Fools to fight, you are. Prepare yourselves.”

Meanwhile, behind Jean, as the fiery mess began to simmer down, so did two spheres of rock, retreating back into the Earth. The tanned woman, Piedra, looked towards the clown as the two approached Jean. "Believe me when I say I won't save you again."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, got it," the other man, the clown, said. "Let's play, hmm?"

Sara grabbed another Gold Key from her chain. "Open, Gate of the Scorpion, Scorpio!”

The same shimmering light show occured, this time a tanned man with short red-white hair and a long metal scorpion tail appearing after the glow faded. "What's up, my wicked lady?" he said with a glint that be described as nothing other than wicked.

"Stand by. This is about to get...insane."

@Esran @Raijinslayer @Quincy @pkken

To the door approached a young lady with a pale blue dress and perfectly-done hair. She gave the group a shaky smile. "You must be the mages. Do come in." She guided the group to an exquisite sitting room, complete with large red sofas and a glass table in the center. The woman sat down.

"Now, I’ve hired a tracker to find poor little Angel," the woman said solemnly. ”He’s at the headquarters of a bandit guild called Bat Flight. They’re a small group overall, and a majority of their members lack magic, but they make up for it in wealth. Most of them possess magic items that give them an edge over even some of the strongest Mages. They’re holed up in the abandoned magic item factory just outside of town," she said, unrolling a map with their location and that of the factory, not a far walk away, marked down. "Local authorities refuse to act on them. They’re a tough group of cookies. But I’m confident you’ll do well. Hurry, before he’s sold off."

She gave them a sweet wave. "Godspeed to you, Dragon Heart."

@Valor @Aeolian @Lmpkio @MarsAdept

Sara Hepburn

Sara studied the bandits as the team got into their positions- Vali climbing atop her carriage, while the other 3 prepared to fight. Sara nodded as they spoke. ”I got perfect frontliner for you guys,” she said with a mischievous glint, removing a Golden Key with an axe-like design at the tip.

”Open, Gate of the Golden Bull!” Sara chanted, not loud enough to be heard all the way down the hill, but enough to be audible to her nearby guildmates. ”Taurus!”

The light shimmered as Taurus appeared. Taurus was a massive humanoid figure, standing at nearly 7 feet in height, and incredibly muscular at that, while also sharing meany features with a the spotted black-and-white cow. He was only wearing several pieces of clothing- a black Speedo, a pair of leather boots, a cowbell around his neck, and a devious grin. In his arms was his signature labrys.

”Ah, Ms. Sara,” Taurus said, staring his Mage down. ”Looking just as beau~tiful this fine afternoo~n!” The Celestial Spirit even spoke following the cow motif, with great emphasis upon his “oos.”

”Uh...” Sara seemed mildly uncomfortable at the Spirit’s words. ”Can us out here? We need to remove those bandits to recover the medicine inside the carriages.”” She pointed towards the downed vehicles.

”Absolu~tely!” Taurus twirled his labrys. He looked towards Damien, then Argus, and then (for quite a bit longer) at Trixie. ”You guys just moo~ve on in behind me. Those bandits are easy pickings,” he said confidently, walking towards the robed men.

Meters away, the three individuals watched as the Dragon Heart mages prepared themselves. The one in the center, a slim young man covered in a black robe, reached to his neck, pressing down on a circular glyph ”M’lady. They’re here.”

A voice spoke back into his head. ”As expected. Use the Lacrima. And be careful.”

The man snorted. ”Careful? These mages aren’t even their top combatants. A warm-up, that’s all they are.”

The clown got into the telepathic conversation as well, pressing on his own glyph. ”Ain’t that right? Where’s the robot girl you told us ‘bout? I’m looking forward to that fight.”

The voice scoffed. ”Believe me when I say they’re resilient. I knew my dearest brother, and my nephew, and the new Guild Master, the old fool. Those mages will put up a fight. If you expect otherwise, you may face greater danger than you anticipated.”

The middle man relented. ”As you wish. Preparing offense.”

He removed a small detonator from his pocket, and after a brief pause, pressed the red button atop it.

The men in the black robes, meanwhile, were laughing and playing a game of cards when they noticed a group of people. They then began to go haywire, screaming and panicking. They expected a few Council Knights, perhaps, not an entourage of talented mages. Their panic was only interrupted a shrill beep.

“Huh?” one of the bandits said, before an explosion emerged from the carts, loud as could be, blue energy wrapping around the bandits. Needless to say, the medicine was screwed, and all the bandits were as well, caught in the explosive blast. Smoke rose from the smoldering remains of the shipments.

The Cow Spirit and his summoner alike were both bewildered. What had happened?

The man in the distance laughed, unclipping his dark robes and drawing his blade, Venom Fang’s polished metal glistening in the distance. He sat back into a stance. Their distraction was his opportunity.

”Frappe Rapide!”

Sara, still standing in the distance, noticed something. One of the figures in the distance removed their cloak and drew a sword. But before she could call out to anybody, or even blink, really, the figure vanished, crossing a great amount of distance in a single movement, and slashed. The Golden Bull stood motionless for a moment, before dropping backwards, giving a pained “MOO!” before returning to the spirit world in a myriad of golden light.

Sara stared at the attacker in utter shock, watching him twirl his blade. He was a young man, not much older than Sara herself, with a mane of blonde hair and piercing green eyes, lean and pale. He’d be considered good-looking, perhaps, if it wasn’t for that bleak, emotionless face, and of course, the sword.
The man looked up at the mages. ”Greetings. My name is Jean Vali, Mage of the Spider Legs guild. I’ve been tasked with your apprehension and, if you fail to complain, your extermination. Now, unlike my colleagues-” He nodded towards the two approaching figures. ”-I’m not bloodthristy in any way. Killing is only necessary when it’s just that. So please, do me a favor…”

He twirled the blade and pointed the tip at the Mages. ”...and surrender while you’re alive, before things get ugly.”

@Esran @Raijinslayer @Quincy @pkken

Sara Hepburn

Sara watched with a sort of warmth inside her as Juno and Argus interacted. Clearly, Argus wasn’t all stone cold to the rest of the world. Sara gave Juno a smile. ”Sara. Hepburn. Don’t worry, he won’t die, I promise,” she said in a joking way to the Trickster mage’s sister.

Little did she know, her promise would be harder to uphold than she thought.

Sara looked over at their little crew. They weren’t the strongest in the Guild, true, but she was confident they would be able to tackle anything that was thrown at them.

”Alright,” she said spunkily. ”The four-wheeler is out front. I’ll use the SE plug,” she stated as she led the quintet out of the Guild Hall. Right there, not far from the mouth of the dragon, parked aside a small building, was a burgundy four-wheeler. Much like a carriage, the driver’s seat was out in the open, a comfortable seat located in the midst of a variety of handles and levers as well as a steering wheel, while the passenger seats were located inside the body of the vehicle. To call the insides anything short of luxurious was simply untrue- comfortable velvet seats lined the insides of the carriage, a small cooler full of exquisite beverages and magic ice (courtesy of Ursa Major) sat in the middle, and a tray of freshly-baked cookies (the work of Fornax) sat next to the drinks. Sara took the driver’s seat, looking back through the window that connected driver and passenger.

”Make yourself at home,” she called out as her foot found the driver’s pedal. ”It’s a bit of a ride.”

After a long, painful drive, Sara’s four-wheeler pulled up in the areas outside Mill Valley, where Sara’s high-speed driving slowed to a crawl. Piloting the vehicle through the fields of wheat (she’d make it up to them later), Sara gave a joyful ”a-ha” upon spotting what appeared to be the target- several large carriages, all off the road and surrounded by men in black robes. Sara pulled the brakes, stepping out of the vehicle. ”That has to be it,” she said to the assorted crew, grabbing her keys and thinking about which one to summon. ”You guys go ahead. I’ll back you up.”

Little did she know, not far away, a group of three individuals were waiting. The trap was set, the bait in place.

It was about to become a massacre.

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