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Current The first person to inhale helium must have been relieved when the effects wore off.
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Electricity is just domesticated electrons.
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Bees are nature's kamikaze pilots.
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Just noticed the "private convo with yourself" button. I guess people on this site really are lonely.
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The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)


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Also @Hitman is everyone in the same class? Or are DW and M paired into the same class regardless of age and past schooling? I was wondering how much realism we'd be adding into the school setting.

I'm going to need a bit of clarification on that question, if you could.

That Discord Server y'all wanted is up! It is the pinnacle of rudimentary as of now, but I'll spruce it up at a later date.

I'd like to set a tentative start date for this weekend, maybe earlier if everybody finishes their forms! That being said, do not feel pressured to rush! Quality over quantity after all.

Here she is! She is done! Still need a partner though.

I definitely think you have a solid foundation here; however, I feel some quintessential details are lacking that make it feel a bit incomplete.

  • The personality is a bit underdeveloped for my liking. It feels like almost too shallow of a view into Jackie, not really showing that much about her personality beyond surface appearances. If you could expand on that a bit that would be great.
  • I think the backstory could use a little elaboration. As we see in the news and such, celebrity children, especially to rock-star singer,s often have a lot of what could be called "psychological trauma" in many ways, lol. I feel like that's improperly developed, instead just being "Jackie likes music."
  • I do think the scene with the monster is underdeveloped as well. There's not a clear explanation as to how a monster came to Death City undetected and decided to attack spontaneously, and how a Meister just happened to be there to save the day. Elaboration there would be nice as well.

Overall, it's a great start and a likeable character, and I think if it were fleshed out a little more, it would be a great addition to the crew. :)
@Sunbather @Shinobu Both look good!
To answer an earlier question, a Discord will be made if y'all want it. I find it does help with communication so I'm all good with it, but in my experience, in particular on this site, some people are more adverse to the concept of a Discord because of concerns over activity and whatnot.

So I guess if you want a Discord like this reply :p
edit: side note, are we going to have a discord?

This is a really sweet pairing! Both of the forms seem good, I have no problems with either, so feel free to pop them over to the Character tab! Welcome!

And here is my weapon gal. Gonna finish the aesthetic part after I post, so I can start searching for a partner.

Not including the two of you, we have 14 people that have expressed interest in this RP (including myself) which equates to roughly 7 pairs. I am willing to allow you both onboard, but note that if we have an excess of a character in some way, I'll unfortunately have to cut you :( Sorry, but too many people ends up making things not work out well.
So, I'm still working out the kinks of my sheet, but just to be clear: We can go a bit nuts with the choice of weapon, right? Like, in the actual show there was a lot of diversity, from conventional weaponry like Swords, Scythes etc. to giant gauntlets, djin lamps, guillotines etc. Can we do some creative/peculiar stuff, too? I have a few concepts in mind, but I'd definitely favor something more abstract. :)

Oh yes, absolutely

Forms will be reviewed later 2day
Go ahead, though I'd like to seal up the entry inolto this RP with you.
<Snipped quote by Hitman>
I take it that nothing else has changed then. Witches still have their souls taken to top the final 99 souls on a Demom Weapon? Just wanna make sure since my character will be somewhat sympathetic towards it.


Also, to answer your question on the first page that I just saw, yes, the age range should be 14-16ish, though I'm willing to high-low it one more in each direction.
I have an idea for a solo weapon that I've wanted to use for a while, but most RPs don't allow that as a role; I mean a Demon Weapon who fights alone like the guillotine Death Scythe.

I'd want to do something weird with my weapon character, something a bit unusual like the Demon Mirror or the Demon Lamp. So, with that in mind, does anyone want to partner up with a Demon Lighter?

I would be fine the former on the condition that there are no spare Meisters. I'd wait on that idea until we get a clearer view of who does and doesn't have a partner.
Quick question: Do witches now attend DWMA? Like, openly? Or are their souls still needed to complete a Demon Weapon?

Consider this RP an AU RP that doesn't take place in the main universe and starts at the same point in history as the actual storyline. So they do not attend DWMA openly.

Looks good!
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