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Current Despite everything that's going on, being alive is heckin' swell.
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To the rps that I was in, thank you for welcoming me and giving me a chance to become a part of your world. All of you are wonderful and creative people who deserve the best in life. Godspeed.
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I was not... in the right place emotionally and mentally. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for unintentionally ghosting the rps I'm in. I'm working a lot to become a better person now.
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Just came back from the dead woo
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Will be gone for a bit. Blame college


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Location: The hotspot
Interaction/s: Alisa, Viktor, Zachary

"Thank you." Aleen'a said to their server as she gave them their meal. She offered a quick prayer to her goddess before she inhaled the food that she ordered. A couple sitting across the trio's table was looking in shock and awe at Aleen'a as she easily devoured everything in front of her without even taking time to breathe. They avoided eye contact with the Tamaranean and kept talking to each other in hushed tones, afraid that she will be their next meal.

Even while eating, she could still listen to the conversations Alisa and Viktor were having. Alisa gave Aleen'a her chai latte and the latter graciously accepted it. Aleen'a nodded and smiled warmly at Alisa, grimacing as she took a sip. "Huh. This reminds me of the viorken berry shakes we used to make at home..." She shrugged and continued to drink it casually.

She jumped on her seat when she felt Alisa nudge her foot and looked at the door. Aleen'a recognized them as well. Things will only get more intense from here on out, now that they have actually seen and were in the same vicinity as their target. They only needed to listen and wait for whatever the girl might say and do but of course, it wouldn't be that easy. Zachary entered the cafe right behind their supposed targets and was loudly proclaiming his dead-end of a "lead" to them if one would ever consider a date as a lead for a mission. He was soon made to be quiet by Alisa and Viktor so as to not blow their cover, with Viktor saying he needed to use the bathroom and soon got up to go there.

"Please try and sip from this drink as well, in case you might choke from your muffin." Aleen'a casually told Zachary as she looked at Alisa. "Should we stay put and continue to monitor them? This might be an opportune chance to put a tracking device on them..."
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Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: Nuallán @13org, Bandits @FunnyGuy
Equipment: A dagger, fake elf ears, a ring of disguise, and a bag full of supplies

Jomari could feel the dagger sink into the flesh of the ibis demi-human. He stabbed her on her back and when he pulled his dagger out, it was covered in the glistening blood of his enemy. The scorpion was nowhere to be seen while the rhino and the crocodile stood shoulder to shoulder with Nuallán facing them by himself. The elf told Jomari to finish the ibis and keep an eye out for their remaining enemy.

Jomari grabbed the ibis's head and she would grunt in pain. She grabbed his wrist and tried to break free but she was weakened by her wound and the significant amount of blood she lost. He hesitated for a bit. He did need to 'silence' some of his target's soldiers sometimes in order not to be caught but it wasn't in his line of work, per se. Should he count this ibis as collateral damage as well?

"Pick a safer job in your next life." He said to the demi-human in a bored tone as he pressed the edge of his dagger against her neck and sliced it quickly, letting the ibis gasp and grunt as the life drained from her eyes while more of her blood was spilled. Jomari let go of her neck and let her limp body fall down, watching as her blood mixed with the sands. With a wave of his hand, the ibis's corpse was enveloped in layers of sand, never to be seen again.

He turned his attention to the rhino and the crocodile. With a snap of his fingers, the sand below them loosened in Jomari's attempt to hopefully suck their bodies below in the sand until only their heads remained sticking out.

Location: The hotspot
Interaction/s: Alisa, Viktor

Aleen'a's team talked with Omen and both parties seemed to decide to help each other solve the mystery of the kidnappings. She still had her reservations regarding Charlie, Cecile, and Thiago. They seem to be too eager to help her team with this case even if they all just met each other. On the other hand, it would make sense for an independent team composed of teens who were genuine and passionate to help to show such eagerness in fighting crime, especially if it would affect their safe space and their friends too. That just meant Aleen'a's team added another task: to protect Omen at all costs.

She was currently at the Hotspot, a local cafe that was a famous place for dating and such. She was seated with Viktor and Alisa while Ja and Kassy sat together at another table. Aleen'a sighed. The tension within the group was so thick that one could stick a knife made of butter through it, at least that's how the saying went for her. She could only hope things would go back the way they were and that Daphne would return to them in one piece.

"And I shall have a penne pesto, strawberry milkshake, a slice of your chocolate cake, and a warm muffin." Aleen'a said with a small smile to the waitress as they looked at her in bewilderment and shock before going to process their table's orders. Continuing with her unbeknownst 90s aesthetic, she was wearing a multi-colored crop top, denim mini shorts, knee-high mismatched-colored socks, and sneakers, with her hair loose and free showing how voluminous and curly it could be.

She leaned in as Alisa began to talk about where to put hidden cameras. "I agree. Putting cameras at different angles might be the key to finding out who our suspect is." Aleen'a said just as she eyed the door where a waiter was carrying a tray of another table's orders. "Should the personnel of this cafe be also of our concern? These servers saw those teenagers before they were kidnapped. Some of them must know something that could aid in our investigation." She added before pausing. "Would it also be wrong for me to assume that, perhaps, they have something to do with the teens' disappearances?"
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Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: Nuallán @13org, Bandits @FunnyGuy
Equipment: A dagger, fake elf ears, a ring of disguise, and a bag full of supplies

Jomari managed to put up a hasty shield made from sand but it wasn't enough. The impact from the rhino's strange power sent him flying and rolling backward. "Gah!" He spat out sand from his mouth as he tried to stand back up, still reeling from the impact of the rhino's attack. Nuallán's warning made him aware that the scorpion was about to strike him from behind and thankfully he attacked him too. While the bandit would be distracted from the elf's dagger, Nuallán moved closer and closer to Jomari as the human took this chance to send forth a wave of sand at the scorpion, hoping it would make some distance between them.

It wouldn't do any good. Jomari still had no total control over his powers. Nuallán might be affected by Jomari's attacks though at this point the human would do anything to win.

"Close your eyes!" Jomari warned back at Nuallán and concentrated, closing his fists. He opened them after a few moments and made the sand below them explode, sending sand everywhere and especially at their opponent's faces. Jomari hoped that it would disorient them for a while, giving him and Nuallán the chance to strike back. The bandits hopefully won't be able to see the pair and their allies and Jomari was already on the move, using his power to slide through the sand swiftly and effortlessly. He slid behind the ibis bandit with a murderous smile on his face as he aimed his dagger directly at the bird demi-human's back.
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Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: Nuallán @13org, Bandits @Alivefalling
Equipment: A dagger, fake elf ears, a ring of disguise, and a bag full of supplies

The chilly desert air blew past Jomari's face as he and Nuallán rode his desert wave to search for the kidnapped princesses. For women of their age, status, and power, one would think they would at least know how to defend themselves especially when they're out of the comfort of their luxurious kingdoms. He glanced at Nuallán and noticed he was still reeling with anger towards those that kidnapped the two. He's also probably angry at himself as well. Jomari couldn't blame him, he would be furious at himself if he was that stupid too.

His thoughts were interrupted when someone roared and something came bursting out of the sand before them. "Ah!" Jomari yelled in surprise and his sand wave dissipated, leaving the two of them surrounded by a weird assortment of demi-human bandits. It wasn't the first time he was surrounded by a group of ugly people with the intent to kill him.

"Ugh, as if I had a choice..." He grumbled in annoyance in reply to what Nuallán said. The scorpion man did seem the most dangerous out of the group, but he was more concerned about the bird lady with the long-ranged weapon. Jomari wouldn't know if the desert sand could reach her if she flew high enough. He even thought that Nuallán was sort of the pacifist type but Jomari guessed killing was allowed as long as it had something to do with his beloved princess.

"I did not come here just to be killed by a bunch of ugly nobodies!" Jomari shouted back at the bandits. With the aid of his newfound power, he easily slid against the sand and narrowly missed getting impaled on the chest by the ibis demi-human. He countered by stretching his hand out to throw a big chunk of sand in front of him at her.

Location: The cafeteria, Metahuman Youth Center
Interaction/s: Alisa, Cecile

Alisa followed Aleen'a while heading to the cafeteria. She was at peace knowing that someone wanted to come with her but along the way, Ale lost track of Alisa. She thought that maybe her friend had something to do and she debated about whether or not to find her. Then again, the team was here on a mission and Ale wanted to carry through it. As Viktor made it very clear at the start: the mission always comes first. Sighing sadly, she continued her way to the cafeteria alone.

The scene before Aleen'a reminded her of the late-night food bazaars she and Kori used to frequent back when she was still being introduced to the customs of Earth. She remembered the looks of awe on the people's faces whenever she and her cousin would buy a mountain of the food and drinks, only for them to consume it all like it was nothing. The night air was filled with the scent of cooked food and sounds of laughter among friends and family. It was one of the most peaceful and joyful memories Ale shared with Kori before the latter went on an intergalactic mission.

Ale was supposed to feel happy but in her current state, she found herself getting sadder for a memory long past.

Her train of thought was interrupted by someone shouting about nachos, and a girl from behind introducing herself to the Tamaranean. "Cecile..." Ale softly repeated as Alisa eventually got to the cafeteria in time and introduced herself. With Cecile's comment about height, Ale didn't really think about it. Taking a look around, she realized she was definitely taller than the average human, about as tall if not taller than the tallest one within the cafeteria. She guessed that also played a part in her feeling different in a world where everyone looked the same.

Ale followed the two of them and got in line like the others for nachos. It was clear that everyone was excited for today, almost every teen was getting in line for nachos compared to other types of food. She figured nachos were only to be eaten during special occassions, seeing that they even dedicated this day for this certain food. "I am... Eena. We are both new here. I am... away, far away from my home. The streets are dangerous and unwelcome but I am... thankful for Ally helping me." Aleen'a quietly said, her tone soft and meek. "Is it true... that it is much safer here?" She further asked Cecile.
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Time: Evening
Location: Desert
Interactions: Nuallán @13org
Equipment: A dagger, fake elf ears, a ring of disguise, and a bag full of supplies

Jomari stopped running and hunched over, hands on his knees as he panted hard. Despite his best efforts, Nuallán was still faster and far away from him but at least he could still make out what he was saying. "I just... G-Give me a moment... Catch my breath..." He stammered, his heart beating fast from being tired all day long and now running across the shifty sands.

The sands... Nuallán said the earth came in all states. No matter how different they were from each other, they were still all the same in composition. As the elf continued to run and follow the tracks, Jomari was left to ponder what he said. He stood up properly, watching how the sands were easily blown and dispersed by the wind but every grain still found its way back down, back down to its home. He looked up and gasped in amazement at the bright stars shining in the night sky. As he did, he remembered a key moment in his life...

Nanay Minda and Tatay Carlos would join Jomari when he was younger in stargazing, resting on a hammock that was tied between two trees. They would tell him the stories of his forefathers. Despite the continued efforts of the invaders to ruin and defile their culture, some of it managed to survive and had been passed down from generation to generation.

"And Father said there is only one God, that He is both the ruler of Heaven and Earth." Young Jomari said one night.

"Oh, don't believe anything that comes out of that snake's mouth. That's all a load of buffalo crap they say to brainwash us. Ow!" Tatay Carlos said when Nanay Minda twisted his ear and glared at him. "Watch your language, Carlos, or I'll feed you to the dogs!" She threatened him and he could only mumble and roll his eyes in response, earning a giggle from Jomari. No matter how tough of a man Carlos thinks he was, he was still no match for his wife and they both knew it.

"Listen, Jomari." Minda caressed Jomari's cheek and looked at him in the eyes. "Did you know our forefathers believed in more than one god? It's true!" She said enthusiastically when the kid widened his eyes in surprise and wonder. "They believe that everything in this world has a god that protects it and they made it their duty to worship all these gods. It's quite tiresome but they never falter in doing this task. Do you know why?" Jomari shook his head. "Because they also believe that these gods, these spirits, are all worthy of respect and worship. Besides, if it is true what Father said about there only being one true God, wouldn't it be lonely if you get to rule only by yourself?"

Jomari slowly nodded, still in the process of understanding what his step-mother said. "Where are they, Nanay Minda? Where are those gods?" Minda sighed and kissed his forehead. "Look at the trees around us. The running river where you and the kids always bathe in. The fire we create to heat our food. The animals that thrive in this forest. The very earth we walk on. The moon, sun, and stars in the sky. Look around you, Jomari. The gods are everywhere." Nanay Luzviminda said in a dreamy voice, looking back up to the sky. Tatay Carlos smiled and ruffled the little boy's hair before he too looked up at the sky. Jomari did the same ahd they cuddled together in the blanket of the night, surely remembering this moment for the rest of his life.

Right now, Jomari closed his eyes and breathed deeply, stretching his hands from his sides slowly up toward the sky. As he did, the sands would also disperse upwards. He could feel it, the connection he had with his element. He couldn't explain how but he could not deny the feeling he had in his heart. "Nanay Minda, Tatay Carlos. I hope you're doing well. We'll see each other again, I promise." He said, smiling peacefully for the first time since he arrived in this world.

He brought his hands down, palms facing the sands below and they swirled beneath his feet. He chuckled to himself and finally embraced the weirdness of this world, now knowing what to do. With one foot back and a motion of his arms, he created a wave of sand that he rode on. He laughed in glee, feeling the cool wind blow against his face as he managed to travel over a long distance so quickly and easily catch up to Nuallán. "Jump in, quickly!" Jomari shouted at the elf when he was only a few feet away from him, thinking of using this sand wave to swiftly follow the tracks left behind by the bad guys.

Location: Metahuman Youth Center, Taos, New Mexico
Interaction/s: The Team @canaryrose

New Mexico was warmer than Aleen'a expected. The sun shone a little brighter here as well which was just what she needed. According to Black Canary, as a Tamaranean that thrived in ultraviolet radiation, being exposed to as much sunlight as she could will help greatly in her recovery. As for her 'disguise', she just randomly picked them out from her closet and put them on without thinking straight. Aleen'a was wearing a black slip dress with floral patterns over a white plain t-shirt, a pair of black platform shoes, and an unkempt ponytail. She inadvertently gave off a strong 90's vibe with her outfit.

The team was supposed to meet up with their contact but they were instead given a tour of the place instead. During the tour, Aleen'a saw a diverse range of teenagers all with their own unique abilities. She would even assume some of them were alien if she didn't know they were all completely human. It was all very interesting to Aleen'a that they all looked so different while still being the same in their physiology, and yet they chose to fight each other over their differences instead of celebrating each other's uniqueness. The thought was enough to make her cry but thankfully, it wasn't as heavy as before.

During the wait and the trip to their mission, Aleen'a had somehow mellowed out. She still felt sad but at least she wasn't crying over the most trivial things anymore. She also did get some rest but she will still be prone to aimlessly wandering around and doing things that will spell instant death if a normal human were to do them.

When the tour guide left them, it was automatically the start of their mission. Viktor and Rain went to the pool and gym respectively while Casper already left before any of them knew. The tour guide did suggest for them to get some lunch and it did seem like a good idea to stock up on some energy just in case something bad will happen because in the nature of their missions, something bad will definitely happen.

"I shall follow along what Tomás said and eat lunch. Perhaps it will also be a good time to gather information while enjoying their meals. I will definitely ask them if they have ice cream with the wasabi flavor." Aleen'a said and started to walk to the direction of the cafeteria.
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Time: Morning
Location: Desert
Interactions: Rosaria @Potter, Nuallán @13org, Mikazuki @Tae, Uzul @dragonpiece, Kuroi @hide on mana
Equipment: A dagger, fake elf ears, a ring of disguise, and a bag full of supplies

The princesses might have said some more regarding Jomari's reaction but at that point in time, he didn't care enough to listen anymore. "2-3 days?!" He shouted in reaction to what Uzul said about how long it will take for them to get out of this sandy hell. "Ugh, gross. At this point, I'll end up getting fried by the sun before I even meet our enemies. Heck, I haven't even 'tried out the delicacies' of this weird world... You know what I mean." Jomari grumbled while walking. Complain all he wanted, he had no choice but to continue trudging forward to their next destination. If his Nanay Minda would be here, she will surely smack his ass for having a loud and foul mouth.

During their journey, Uzul guided them to a rockier part of the desert. Jomari was at least thankful that he could finally walk comfortably on solid ground and he didn't have to constantly worry about slipping down the dunes they were walking on. He did help in setting up one of the tents and he quickly came inside as soon as he was finished with it, leaving the rest to go work their own tents themselves. He let out a sigh of relief and laid down on the comfortable cloth. He could even already feel the chill creeping in, remembering what Uzul said about the desert being cold as ice in the nighttime just as it was hot as fire during the day.

As he was stretching his arms and legs out and relaxing from the stress of being under the sun all day, Jomari was surprised when Uzul went into his tent and explained his predicament. "Oh you got no complaints from me, big guy. Besides, with your size, I'm sure you used to squeezing in tight spaces." He flirted and giggled at him. Jomari could still hear muffled voices outside the tent but he didn't care about them, especially when he got Uzul all to himself. Someone in the group will sleep happily and peacefully tonight.

Of course, it did not last long. Jomari was also awoken to a scream as Uzul got out of their tent to investigate. Jomari peeked his head out and gasped when he realized something terrible happened: the princesses had been kidnapped.

He got out of the tent and listened to Nuallán explaining what to do in the case they find the princesses. While it was very wrong of Jomari and it was not the right time, part of him enjoyed seeing the smug look on the elven dog's face be replaced with stress and discomfort. Nuallán then ran off to follow one of the tracks in the hopes that it would lead to the princesses' kidnappers. "We'll think of something for that. Right now, our priorities are to make sure we find where they are and make sure they're safe!" Jomari shouted at Uzul and Kuroi as he sprinted off to follow Nuallán. As much as he didn't want to, he thought it would be better if Nuallán had back-up just in case things went south.

"W-Wait up!" Jomari yelled at Nuallán while running to catch up to him. He remembered what Rosaria said about him being a geomancer, someone who could control the earth. While he still wasn't sure how to harness that power, he could already tell his ability shall play a key role on their mission.

Location: Mission Briefing Room --> Laboratory
Interaction/s: Alisa @canaryrose

Aleen'a's tears continued to stream down her cheeks as J'onn J'onzz explained the rest of their mission and dismissed them. He said they had five hours to prepare before their trip to their destination which was called New Mexico. Ale didn't understand why humans would name their cities with the term 'New'. Perhaps it was their indication that it was an upgraded version of its old predecessor and that it had been made better by them. Despite her confusion, she was sad about Daphne's condition to ask her question.

Black Canary said it will take time for Ale to fully recover though she also admitted that she was not sure how long it would take for her. After all, Tamaraneans had different psyches than humans. Her only knowledge about Ale's kind was with Canary's limited interactions with Kori and this was also only the fourth time a Tamaranean had ever set foot on Earth soil...

Ale wouldn't know who to approach either. Everyone had to focus on their own thing for the mission and everyone was also still probably reflecting on their last mission, not to mention what had happened to Daphne right now. Just thinking about what happened to her almost made Ale cry a river again as she made her way to her room. She was in tears as she got ready for the mission. She wasn't just sad about Daphne either. Judging from the current state of her psyche, it seemed that Ale can get sad about practically anything.

Again, she was too dazed by the constant feeling of sadness to think straight which lead her to wander off again. She knew humans would eat ice cream whenever they were feeling sad so her body naturally lead her toward the kitchen. However, since she wasn't thinking straight, Ale instead picked up a tub of wasabi and ate scoops of it instead.

She was sniffling and wiping the tears from her face while eating wasabi and walking aimlessly through the headquarters. Eventually, Ale found herself in the laboratories where Alisa was working on something on her computer.

"Alisa... You are working...?" Ale would ask before breaking out in tears. "You are so hard in working. You... You dedicate all your time in working... I am so proud of..." Alisa would not understand the rest of what Aleen'a said. Her mouth was now full of wasabi again she mistook for ice cream and all that came out were strangled noises and groans of sadness while tears streamed down her face.
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