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Current Time flies by so fast, I thought it was just 2016 yesterday.
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Do zebras ever wonder if they're black on white, or white on black?
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Brushing your teeth is the only time you can actually clean your skeleton.
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If you're a driven person, does that mean you have gas?
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Never in my life have I felt so small except when watching my Ma and Pa perform in one of their concerts. Now here I am, standing in front of a dormitory inside the campus of a very majestic, castle-like academy. I may look calm on the outside, but in the inside multiple tiny Freyas are running around in my mind, screaming in terror and crying in despair. A whole flock of butterflies is flying inside my tummy and I really, really have to use the restroom right now.

You may think I'm overboard, 'cause I am. The whole world may know our family as prim and proper, the definition of elegance and sophistication. Little did they know that Ma proudly farts in front of her own children, Pa wears clothes mismatched so hard you may think he's a hobo, Frey always wrestles with our golden retriever Beyonce in mud puddles, and yours truly nearly spends all of her life practicing, along with singing and composing, how to twerk (I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there). Yes, I know it's a lot far from what people's first impressions of me are; you can just imagine the shock and horror on my friend's faces when they knew the real me (thank goodness they didn't run away).

We never ever show this side of our family to the public not because it might destroy our "sophisticated" reputation, but because my parents felt they've shared their whole life to the world that we deserve to keep this part of ourselves only to ourselves. Of course, I still tone down my hyper personality whenever I'm outside so I can respect my parents' wish. I also loved them more because of it. It just means that despite all their success and fame, they still make family their number one priority, which I am greatly thankful for.

Geez, one minute in the new place and I'm already thinking about home. I took some deep breathes and walked through the doors along with my bag. I guess one more "geez" is appropriate because I am completely shook about the beauty of the lobby. The. Lobby. Just standing in the lobby made me feel like I'm under-dressed for this academy. There's also a couple of people my age milling around. Are they students here too? If so, may the gods help me in socializing with my peers as my brain is currently short-circuiting from everything that has happened to me so far this day. I decided to make a beeline for one of the attendants at the counter so I can find my assigned room and calm my freaking nerves out.

@Kalleth Sorry It's just that I once applied to a different RP that says that it's still accepting but they told me in the OC that they're not, so this is just to make sure ^u^
Uh hi, are you guys still accepting?


The moon is shining in all its glory, bathing the night with mysterious but beautiful light. Despite its eerie yet magical glow, the moon is a sign of the hunt where predators of the night come out of their den to find food. Those who wander the Ashlands during this time would be considered brave or simply foolish. Whatever they may be, one thing's for certain: one of them is going to die. Tonight, however, the predators have found their prey and they're going in for the kill.

Standing alone in the middle of field is a beautiful girl, eyes closed while bathing herself in moonlight. The soft breeze of the cool night chills her yet she longs for it. It may be weird for a young woman to adore the moon and long for the night but she does not care about the norms of the society. After all, what kind of society do the Ashlands even have? Sometimes she thinks about the people living in such a place and survive an entire day without being attacked by the hostile outside forces. She waved her head. What is she even thinking? It is a waste of time to think about people who do not even think about you. In these lands, it is either to kill or to be killed; the soft-hearted will be the first ones to perish.

"Well well, who do we have here?"

She exhales softly. Her quiet and peaceful night seems to have passed its time limit. She does not have to open her eyes to know that the man who spoke is at her five o'clock.

"What a gorgeous flower you are! Care to join us love?"
"Yeah, we'll make sure to give you a night you won't forget."

Hm, it seems they are two now. Without one's gift, one can definitely tell that both men are drunk based on the slurs whenever they speak and the shuffling of their feet on the ground. Perhaps they are too drunk to even stand upright. Like most drunk men the young woman knew, they will immediately find an unlucky lady to mess with and rob her of her womanhood. She used to hear tales of women being raped by drunk mercenaries as a way of relieving oneself due to the stress of their missions and, when the men are satisfied that they have fulfilled their duties, they would throw the poor women away like a child to its broken toy.

Toy...? Aah, yes. It has been a while.

"Would you like for me to sing you a song first?", the young woman said without facing the two men. Smiling deviously, one of them said, "Sure beautiful. After your little concert, we're gonna make you scream". They both laugh their lungs out like there's no tomorrow.

The young woman smiles. She takes a deep breath and sings.

The first minute she sings of the marvelous beauty of women, captivating the hearts of many men. The way their hair flows when blown by the wind, their soft hands lingering on your skin with every touch, their delicate bodies yearning for your warmth. The men begin to space out with their mouths open, easily falling into the young woman's spider web thanks to their drunken stupor that makes easier to trick. They occasionally giggle at themselves; whatever they see in their mind when she is singing must be quite the spectacle. Not satisfied with her work, she continues to sing of the beauty of carnal pleasure, further igniting the men's infernal desire for a woman's touch.

She continues to do so for three minutes. When she stopped, she commanded final order without looking at the men:

"Make love until your last breath".

The two men, now breathing heavily due to the amount of lust in their bodies, begin to kiss each other ravenously. The young woman laughs merrily. It seems they are right: this is a night they will never forget.

Just like that, predators have become prey. The survivor, a woman with pink hair and bright blue eyes, looks at the moon one last time before making her way back home. After all, she does hate to make him wait.
Hello fellow humans. Just wanted to tell y’all that I might be not active tom due to All Saint’s Day. Yeah that’s all. Pizza is life.
Hey guys, are you still accepting by any chance?? :)
I'll drop a cs here within the day so I won't forget it. btw dibs on the Love domain :)


Yeah, I'm drawing a blank here.

I couldn't understand a single word in all these books. Some of them have colorful and bright covers while the others are a little torn; majority of them are worn out, as if they're as old as the city itself. I tried to call on every inch of my power, taking inventory of any available spells that I can use in the situation I'm in. Alas, all of my spells can only control the wind and the weather which is pretty awesome in other times, but not on this one. December and Danielle sure are lucky to have very loyal servants beside them at all times. I made a mental note to create my own servant whenever I have available time in the future.

I moved over the section of the library that's near to an open window. Perched on it is a bird with blue feathers on its abdomen, black-colored wings, and a big red spot on its head. It's pecking something on the windowsill, which I later found out was actually bird seeds that someone may have given to it. I scanned the rows of books, desperate to find something that I can show to the rest of the team. When I still couldn't find anything, I exhaled loudly and the sound of shushes filled the library. I mumbled an embarrassed sorry at a person near me who looks like he's trying to shoot lasers out of his eyes.

"I. Hate. My. Life.", I said as I softly banged my head a couple of times on a wall, careful of not making any unnecessary noise to disturb the others. I glanced at the bird perched on the window, still pecking at its bird seeds. Judging from its appearance, I'd say it's roughly a year and a half old (don't ask me how I can determine a bird's age, I don't know how I knew it either). It may look a bit grumpy but I silently prayed to Abares that it's as approachable and friendly as the last two birds that I met.

I warily approached the bird, careful not to disturb it. "Uhm, hi! Hello there!", I said softly to the bird. "My name is-"

"Scram hybrid", he said. What I didn't understand is that it used the word hybrid almost as an insult like how some ignorant, small-minded, and pathetic people I know on Earth would use the "n" word.

I breathed in and out. Oh boy.

"Good sir, I would just want to ask you if you can understand what the texts on this book means", I randomly picked a book and showed it to the bird.

"O'course I can! I ain't dumb!", he said. "But I ain't gonna give my aid to hybrids such as you. Besides, only real magicians can have the full right to use the guild's library. Try-hard magician wannabes..." He returned to his pecking after that.

It took all my willpower not to strangle the mean bird with my talons. I softly laughed, which got the attention of the bird, and told him, "So only real magicians have the right can use the library right? I hope this would suffice". I looked outside the window, put the book beside the bird, turned my gaze at the clear, cloudless sky, and chanted silently. Thunder boomed at the distance, and soon dark, heavy clouds slowly covered the skies. Bolts of lightning crackled within the clouds. Dry leaves, dust, and other materials started to create a mini whirlwind that will soon become a tornado. Weirdly though, no wind is blowing inwards the library despite the windows being open, as if the library is magically enchanted to be protected from the outside elements.

"O-o-okay, okay, cut it out. I-I get it, you're a true magician. Y-you can stop now, please just stop now. You're s-scaring the others", he stammered. I turned my head. The other people inside the library seemed to notice the sudden appearance of a storm outside. Their expressions turned into a mix of shocked and scared as they slowly realized that I'm the one causing the storm.

I smiled back serenely at the bird and mockingly curtsied. "I am glad I have met your expectations." With just a flick of my wing, the storm dissipated instantly, the sky becoming clear and cloudless again. Relief is evident to the people inside the library, avoiding my gaze whenever I looked at them. Mr. Laser Eyes didn't look at me the same way again; one can argue that he's regarding me with awe now.

I turned my attention back at the bird. "So," I said with a sneer and my eyebrow raised while picking up the book, "will you help me now?"

He shuffled his feathers. "As if I have a choice. Alright, let's see what you got."


High and high above the skies lies Regnophos: the Kingdom of Clouds. To the east lies the golden sun and to the west is the silver moon; the colors of dusk and dawn prevailed throughout the Kingdom of Clouds as it is forever set in eternal twilight. It is here that Abares, the Sky God, resides. He can see everything around the world via the images appearing on several swirling clouds that surround him. A particular event that caught his attention is the sudden appearance of storm clouds gathering above Brightwing City. Only a fool would fail to recognize that this is a magically conjured anomaly. What's more, the god can tell on who is behind this: Himitsu.

He passed his hand towards the swirling vision and it zoomed in on Himitsu, looking outside through a window in the magical guild's library. He sees a bird talking to Himitsu. He sees the smug look on the priestess's face as she saw how it frightened the bird. The god thought that the bird does not believe she is a powerful magician, so she conjured the storm as a definitive proof of her abilities.

"Greetings, great and noble sky god Abares."

He suddenly looked west, where the silver moon is eternally trapped in moonrise. A wisp made of violet and blue clouds floated towards the god. Even if the apparition does not show any expressions, its voice is full of goading.


The apparition laughed mockingly. "Oh please, Abares, I am not welcome anywhere as long as you are there. Besides, I came to discuss very important matters to you."

It floated above the vision where Himitsu is being talked to by the bird. "My, my, is this my new loyal subject? She seems very powerful, promising even, unlike your other priestesses."


"OF COURSE SHE IS, JUST LIKE WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT THE OTHERS!", the wisp jeered. Despite being made of clouds, it began to glow in violet light, purposely doing this to taunt the sky god. "You told them they are the chosen ones, feeding them with lies that they are the key to defeating the impending evil, and fill them with false hope. And you have spoken highly of these fair maidens, saying that they can resist the influence of the incoming darkness, yet they remain loyal to the death to me."

Abares floated to the other visions. The wisp followed the god to a vision showing two villages at war with each other, far from Brightwing City. "When will we stop this nonsense, Abares? No matter how special or powerful you think your priestesses are, if they cannot resist my temptations, they are worthless compared to the darkness."

The sky god looked east, where the golden sun is set in eternal sunrise, bathing the clouds in golden light. BECAUSE I DO NOT LOSE HOPE, DELUBIYO, the god said. I BELIEVE IN THE PROPHECY. IT HAS NEVER FAILED THE GODS BEFORE AND IT WILL NOT FAIL US NOW.

They both turned towards the vision where Himitsu is. Knowing that she won, she asked the bird for its help and it reluctantly agreed. After a few moments of talking, Himitsu's eyes began to widen in surprise.

"I do hope this is the one, Abares. Remember your oath, if you fail this time..."


The glowing apparition laughed, like it is seeing an adorable puppy playing with a toy. "You really haven't changed a bit, dear brother. You're still a stubborn, hard-headed, little brat. How adorable you are still." The apparition dissipated, leaving behind its amused laughter.

The sky god sighed and turned back to the silver moon. TIME HAS CHANGED US IN DIFFERENT WAYS, the god said absently, YOU OF ALL BEINGS SHOULD KNOW THAT, SISTER.
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