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Is it okay to introduce my character even though she hasn't been officially approved yet? I just don't want to be rude and her removing all my interactions because it's technically not yet accepted by her. Though in case she IS waiting for the introductions to finish, I guess I'll post a short dialogue first. But until then, I'm gonna wait for her approval before I really get into Aphemia's interactions with you guys ^u^
Now that I think about it, I realized my character is in college and she doesn't always play every single day since the game started (though she is one of the first who played it). She just doesn't see it having that big of a part in her life: she just plays the game whenever she feels stressed and when she has free time. I saw that it's okay for it to be lvl 100 but I realized she's not one of those heavy duty players. I figured that she achieved max level because of proper time management and in-game hardwork; on the other hand, it's a little hard to do that if she doesn't spend money on buying high-class equipment. I'll make her level a bit lower but not low enough to be weak.

I also realized that since the game became realistic, looks WILL matter in that world. She's gonna be one of those kind people that slowly becomes bitter because of how people treat due to her looks and decides to be a hermit: living high in the mountains, flying over towns to observe, and talking with birds to know what's going on around her. Eventually she'll meet some of you and becomes good again (though it depends on the race and alignment of whom she meets).

(PS. Please continue this rp cause I can tell it's gonna be real fun ^u^)
@baraquiel quick tip: Elementalist(Air) may be a fitting cannon class for your character.

Oooh thank you
Uhhh... is it still okay to submit a cs? Here's mine.
(PS. sorry in advance if I did some mistakes when making it. I love the anime but I'm not that knowledgeable on every little thing about it. Do tell me if there's something I need to change or remove ^u^)

Oh fuck yeah. Not seen a vlogger in a horror movie for a while. Plus, FOUND FOOTAGE!

Yay! Really excited for this one :)
Name: Olivia Chan
Age: 21


Personality: Has a resting bitch face. She has a strong personality and she doesn't trust others that well due to her experiences growing up, but is actually sweet once you get to know her. She's very flirty and can definitely steal your man.

History: Her parents migrated here in the US when her big brother was still a baby. They were the most hardworking and dedicated people she knew. Back then they couldn't afford to eat three times a day and their clothes were just bought from a flea market and sewn by her mom to make it look new. Not to mention people back then weren't that open-minded about race equality. But it didn't stop her parents to work non-stop just to give their kids the life they truly deserve. Right now, her father is one of the most sought after nuclear engineers in the country due to his dedication to his work and his ability to think of quick decisions to adapt to any problems he tackles; her mother on the other hand is one of the board of directors in a prestigious school and is one of the best engineering teachers in the country. His brother is currently following in his dad's footsteps and has been known as a prodigy since he was a kid.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: full-time vlogger

Reason for road-trip: She was supposed to come here with her best friend, Janette, for the summer break but she had an emergency and had to cancel in the last minute. Besides, Olivia thought that she can earn more viewers and followers if she can vlog about her trip.

Relation to others: Janette was supposed to come with her but can't due to an emergency so she doesn't know much about the people she's with.

Likelyness to die: She does not back down from a fight and will probably smack the hell out of her attacker before dying.

(I hope this is good! ^u^)
Wow this is awesome! Do you have room for one more? I'll try to make a cs asap :)
Hi! I'm really interested in joining. Do you still have room for one more?

Student's Name: Aphemia Liddel


Age: 14
Gender: female

D.0.B: March 21, 2003

Parents: Alice Liddel (Alice in Wonderland)


Health problems: If she starts to talk to someone or something that isn't there, she's only talking to her friends that only she can see. Call her mad if you want to, 'cause all the best people are!

Personality: She has a blank, melancholic-like expression but that doesn't mean she's completely void of emotions (think Kristen Stewart). One can even say she's always listless but don't let her aloof mannerisms trick you! She's unbelievably smart and she can quickly adapt to any situations she is in. Unlike other girls, she doesn't care if there are twigs sticking out of her hair or her shoes are caked in mud because it makes her feel more "grounded". Lastly, she is always curious of everything around her.

Hobbies: She loves to explore. She also loves to read and ask questions when something comes in her mind about something.

Anything else you would like to add?: She likes drinking tea and she always brings a pocket watch as she hates being late (especially during tea time).
Heya, can I still join?
Very interesting... I'll join!
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