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Hi guys. Sorry guys.

I don't know how long I've been gone and I just want to say I'm really sorry I didn't notify y'all earlier. It's just that things moved so fast I had a hard time keeping up. I just posted to reassure you guys that I'm not dead (on the inside, yes) and everything's as fine as they can be (which is not entirely fine but is still an "okay" type of fine). I dunno how to explain it further to help you guys understand so to make it up to you, here's a gif of Hamtaro.…
@IceHeart@BurningDaisies@Stern Algorithm

Oh. My. Abares. I freaking love this city!

Every clothing that each store offers is so cute, I was even gonna try one until I noticed the store owner looking at me weirdly. That's when I noticed that she's looking at me weirdly because the dress I picked is only suitable for people with completely human bodies. I blushed in embarrassment, carefully put the dress back on its original place, and walked away.

I keep on forgetting that I'm actually not completely human anymore. Maybe it's because I'm now used to my harpy physiology. I also noticed that I can walk normally now, unlike back then when I walked like a baby who's walking for the first time. Because of my body, people also began to look at me strangely though without the lustrous stares the men made at Danielle. Thank Abares. I understand a few disdain, even scared, looks strangers kept throwing at me and I don't blame them. After all, I'm so white I might even look like a bird ghost or a bird demon from eastern folklore.

One thing that surprised me, though, is that some of their looks lingered quite a bit longer than the rest. When I turned to look at them, I can clearly see the awe and fascination in their eyes. Maybe it's because of the holy auras my kimono and my headdress are releasing? I looked at my talons and realized that because of my harpy body, I walk slowly and slightly cross both of my legs while walking. Yeah, I maybe used to this body, but walking with talons for feet is still a little hard to manage. As far as I can tell, I'm a very holy harpy priestess that walks with elegance and grace (ego level: over 9000).

That's when I heard someone.

"Well shuffle my feathers, you look like so gorgeous!"

I was startled by the noise the woman made. I looked up until I realized I'm standing under a tree and there's nothing but a pair of birds perched on different branches. I paused, thinking my hunger must've affected my brain and I'm beginning to hear voices, until I heard another man shouted. "You noticed? Like, thank you!". That is when I realized the conversation is not coming from humans: it came from the birds.

Yep, I can understand bird talk. I noticed this even way back when our group is still adventuring towards Brightwing. Everyday I keep hearing birds talk nonstop. They range from "Out of the way, beak-brain!" to "Darling, your plumage is fabulous!" to "Hi, is there any worms available around here?" to "I AM A MALE BIRD IN HEAT AND I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE EGGS WITH HOT SINGLE CHICKS RIGHT NOW". Back then, if we chanced upon meeting adventurers walking past by us and noticed the mortified-looking harpy among our group, now they know why. The thing is, I haven't even told them about my trait, and I plan to not tell them. It's not as if my ability to talk to birds can save our lives in the future.

Well... might.

"How did you manage to make your feathers look all glossy and smooth?", asked the female orange bird.

"Oh, I went like all natural. Don't you know mud-bath? It's like super famous among the birds now!", her red bird friend said.

"Mud-bath? Ew! Why would you even bathe in mud? I can't even!"

"Yeah trust me, at first I was also like disgusted, but once you tried it, it's not like even bad at all!"

"Uh, hi."

Both of the birds stopped and looked at me. If birds can show expressions, they surely looked surprised a half-human, half-bird can speak to and understand them.

"Y-you can like talk to us?", the red bird asked with awe in its voice.

"Yeah and I can't help but overhear your conversation. What are you girls talking about?"

The red bird fanned her wing. "I was telling Sisa here about like how wonderful mud-bath can be on your feathers!"

Sisa exclaimed. "Again Fani, gross! Mud on our feathers is like hard to clean off. Why would I even bathe in yucky mud that looks like poo?"

"That's because you can't just bathe in any mud", Fani said. She perched closer to Sisa and I leaned closer to them. "The secret to achieving this glossy plumage is... hot mud spring", she whispered.

"Why are you whispering? It's not like someone can understand what you girls are talking about besides me", I whispered to them.

We were silent for a few seconds.

"Oh... you have a point there", Sisa said.

"Anyways," Fani continued, "there's like this hot natural spring up in the mountains near Brightwing where the mud surrounding the spring is heated up along with the spring but it's temperature is like not that hot compared to it. Stories say a lady bird was so desperate to look beautiful that she bathed in the mud around the hot springs and continued to a river not far from there to bathe the mud off. When it came off, her feathers were so glossy and smooth she looked like the most beautiful bird the gods have ever created.

Upon hearing this story, dozens of other female birds flew to the mud spring to try it out and they all, like, looked so beautiful afterwards! It's like so amazing I can't even".

Sisa pondered about this for a moment. "So it like, works?"

Fani exclaimed, "I mean honey, LOOK AT ME" while displaying her feathers.

"Well you do have like a point there, but I bet I can't even stand one second being covered in like yucky mud."

"Well Sisa, you'll never really know unless you tried it, right?", I said.

Fani flapped her wings. "That's what I want to say hon! What's your name again?", she asked.

"Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. My name's Himitsu."

"Himitsu, you're like super right. Okay Fani, take me to this mud spring you keep talking about", said Sisa.

"Finally!". Fani turned to me. "Thanks for like convincing my friend to come with me. Hey, let's all fly there together! It's not that far", she said to me.

I shook my head. "Sorry but I've got something important to do here in Brightwing. Maybe some other time?"

"Oh definitely. Until we like meet again! Come on Sisa!", Fani said.

"Okay, okay! Bye-bye Himitsu! It was nice talking to you!, Sisa said.

"Thank you as well! See ya later!" I said as they flew away while I waved my wing in goodbye. It's really a good feeling when you've made new friends in an unfamiliar place. They might be out-of-the-ordinary friends but still, a friend is a friend no matter what it is. I looked for the rest of gang and caught up to them near an entrance to the magician's guild. The symbols above the entrance made no sense to me at all.

"Let's learn what we can here and then we'll need to secure lodging for the night. We are certainly lucky the auto-translation from the game still works for conversation otherwise we would really be in trouble. Unfortunately our translation services don't seem to extend to the written language here." Danielle squinted at the sign above the magician's guild which had a bunch of symbols that didn't mean anything to her.

"I don't suppose anyone has one of those translation devices from the game do they?"

"I'm afraid not, Danielle", I said. "Do you think since this is a magician's guild, the symbols can only be interpreted through magic? Heck, why don't we just approach someone and ask what it means. I don't want to rush you guys, but I'm starting to feel like I can eat a dozen horses right now. By the way, nice outfit."
So... many... school stuff... to do...

Will post tom I swear :3

Thanks for all the input! I didn't have time to read the cs again once I finished it because my country was struck by TWO. FREAKING. TYPHOONS. and I hurried it up cause we were afraid we would lose power. I'll make the changes on the cs and I'll post it in the characters tab once it's done. ^u^
Ayo! Please do tell me if there's anything I can change about my cs. ^u^
Also want to thank you for the warm welcome xD


can I? XD If I can, maybe I can join Dragon Fang :)
@BurningDaisies@Stern Algorithm@IceHeart

It all happened so fast.

It was just as December asking us to accompany her to a magical guild or something when I blinked and suddenly I was floating in the sky. A sea of endless clouds floats beneath me and the sky was filled with the colors of the rising sun, or was it setting? I couldn't tell back then. That's when I heard a voice.


I looked to my right and was surprised to see someone standing, well, floating next to me. It was like it just appeared out of thin air.

It's voice had a mix of masculinity and femininity to it, and it reverberates maybe due to the mask it's wearing. Only now did I realize that it wasn't even wearing a mask: it just had no face at all.

Still, even if I don't recall meeting it before, it seems to be like someone I've known deep down in my heart.

One thing I do notice is the huge amount of magical energy from it. An energy so pure and powerful, I've never felt it before during my time at this world.

"Hi, um, I'm sorry but do we know each other? Have we met before?"

It paused for a second, then faced me again. "I am quite hurt, but I do not really blame you. After all, it is very seldom that I appear before my believers." It bowed before saying, "I am the Sky God and I am very pleased to meet you, Himitsu."

Believers... oh. Oh. OOOOOOOOOOOH. Now this was the part where I was mentally screaming and freaking out in my head. You know that episode in Spongebob when a bunch of little Spongebobs inside his brain were panicking and throwing papers everywhere and everything was on fire? My mind is pretty much like that, because I am having a very hard time processing the fact that I was talking to my GOD. Like, the god that I'm supposed to be serving is TALKING TO ME AND IS JUST AT ARM'S LENGTH.

"Himitsu. Himitsu, are you all right?"

"Hm?" I must've looked stupid because my mouth was open the entire time and my eyes just glazed over. I wiped the saliva with my kimono. "I-I hum- I mean I-"

"At ease, dear one. I only have a few moments with you. This is something very important that I must discuss personally with you."

"My- my lord, what do you need?"

It crossed its arms at its back while looking to the horizon. "I am afraid that I must confirm your fears. Darkness is coming, and it is benevolent storm that will destroy everything in its path. I do not know when it will come nor the other gods would know as well, but it WILL come, and it will be the most devastating storm that ever existed in a thousand years. It is a storm of chaos and death."

I looked at the direction it was looking. Even though I can still see clouds going on and on, I getting the feeling that it is already looking at this "storm", watching it brewing and becoming stronger every minute.

"Forgive me for my seemingly disrespectful question, but are you... afraid of it?"

It went silent for a few minutes. When it spoke, it's voice was filled with melancholy. "It is not as much that I fear it for me, I fear it for the destruction that it might- no, would cause. The skies will be as black as a starless night, and the air will be filled with the sound of despair and sadness from those who are unfortunate enough to be caught within its unholy grasp."

"But the gods can defend us from this evil, right? Surely powerful and sentient beings such as yourself can put stop this storm and deafet it."

It faced me before answering. "It might be the most challenging foe the gods have ever encountered yet. Something as powerful as this requires not only the power of the gods but the aid of the world's inhabitants as well. And you, Himitsu, are one of the chosen who can help us defeat it."

I remembered the people behind us when we were trying to enter the city. The young and old, sick and healthy, human and demi-human, all smiling and having a great time from my silly antics despite the pain and loss they've endured before arriving where they are now. To picture them all experiencing grief a thousand times worse is very heartbreaking.

"No matter hard the task is or how powerful the enemy is, I swear as your priestess that I would fulfill my duty of purging the land of evil and protect the innocent at all costs. You will always have me at your beck and call, my lord. I would do my duty with pride and honor to the best of my abilities". Dang girl, I was feeling fierce!

But seriously, I meant what I said before. There is no way I'm letting that "storm" or whatever that is take away the smiles of the innocent.

The god seemed proud of me. "Well done, Himitsu. I knew you would not let me down. I made the right choice in approaching you. When the time will come that you would face this evil, you have my word that I will aid you with all my might and power."

"Thank you, my l-" I was buffeted by strong winds. The winds seemed to blow me away from the god. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't fly fast enough against it. "My lord! What's happening?!"

"It is all right, dear Himitsu. My time with you has come to an end and it is now time for you to return to your comrades. There will come a time that we would meet again, hopefully it would not be about the end of the world."

I fought hard against the winds. "P-please my lord! Just one more question: what do I call you?"

It chuckled. "I have been called many things during the past millennia. You can call me Abares. Until we meet again, my priestess."

I still don't understand what he meant, but before I can process what we were talking about, the winds finally had the best of me. They flew me away from the god, becoming smaller and smaller as the winds blow me away from him.

I blinked, and suddenly I was back at Brightwing with the gang. I don't know if they noticed something strange or different had happened about me. The experience seems surreal to me, but that's something to comprehend with later. Right now, my stomach is in command of my body.

I decide to tell the group about my meeting with the god Abares some other time. "Look if it was about the thing I did a while ago, I'm sorry and it won't happen again. You guys could've even danced with us, you party poopers. Right now I'm fine going anywhere with you guys as long as it has food and as much as I want to explore the place on my own, I'll definitely be eye candy thanks to how I look though I can't compete with your level, Danielle. Anyways, you guys lead the way."
@Stern Algorithm @BurningDaisies @IceHeart

"Guards!" Lexus Dominiel called out, "We are but a humble band of travelers seeking accommodations; specifically room and board. I would also like to know where you place of worship that I may pay my respects..."

Crap. Just when we think we don't attract enough attention because of what I look like, Lexus here decided to be helpful and call the attention of the guards so they'll only be focused on us. Thanks, you dumb tin-can.

These guards sure look menacing. They seem to be cold towards the people coming into Brightwing and become enraged when someone doesn't present enough documents to go through. They're especially focused on the demi-humans, looking at them like they're trouble and will cause more harm than good.

There are several guards stationed at the entrance but two of them approached us. I'm going to name them Guard A and Guard B.

Guard A regards Lexus with a cold stare. "Bunch of weirdos like you aren't needed in Brightwing. You're just going to scare the citizens with all your religious antics. Besides, do you have your documents with you?", he says to us.

We all look at each other. We know we don't have any documents or forms of identification for this world yet we still tried to go in the city, hoping that they'll see us as harmless adventurers.

"Well, based from your look, I say you don't have any", Guard B said. "The rule is simple: no documents, no entry. But in your case", he paused as he eyes Danielle, "We could make an exception. Allow us one night with this pretty lady right here and we'll all let you in, hassle-free. Do we have a deal?"

I almost threw up. There is no way in hell we're letting them have their way. Already the other guards began to eye on Danielle too, eager to put their hands on her. We just started our journey, does this mean we'll face more obstacles like these and worse in the future?

I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and shout at the top of my lungs:"You insolent fools!"

All eyes are on me. I manage to take their attention off Danielle. Now, let's see if those three years in the drama club pays off.

"Yes, it is true that our group is religious. In fact, the reason we all look different is because we are all joined together for our love to the one true god. A god that is almighty and powerful yet humble and benevolent. That god's name is none other than..."


I spread my wings while I said it to produce a more dramatic effect. The guards and the ones before us look bewildered and some are in awe like I just sprouted wings(which I already have).

Guard A is the first to shake out of the trance. "B-Beyonce?"

"You heard me, noble guard, Beyonce! I know some or even all of you haven't heard of this god because She believes that true power is not the number of worshippers you have but the impact that you have made into their lives is what matters most."

Guard A says, "Nonsense! You're group is clearly just a bunch of lunatics. Leave a-"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk", I say while waving my wing. "It is so sad, really, that people would push something away just because it is different or alien to them. You both are missing out on the wonders that you might exoerience when you open up to new changes and possibilities! As a gesture of kindness, allow me to present to you the ancient dance ritual of the goddess Beyonce."

I immediately do the 'Single Ladies' dance, complete with the pouty lips, and dance as much as I can as a harpy. As much as I excel at studies, I suck in dancing, so it won't surprise me if I look like a chicken having spasms to them. Again, all eyes are on me. I'm trying my best to not freak out and cry in the spot because I do not like attracting attention at all.

Guard B asks me once more, his eyes wide in... amazement? "W-w-what are you doing, b-bird lady?"

I try my best to look regal as I dance like a chicken on drugs. "This is an ancient dance bestowed upon us by Beyonce herself. Doing this allows you to show your faith and gratitude to Her and it also comes with something else."

"Something else? W-what is it? Say it to us!", Guard B exclaims.

I stop dancing and look at them with my wings on my hips. "It incorporates in you the goddess's ultimate blessing! When doing the dance, Beyonce gradually blesses your soul with self-confidence and self-righteousness, making you become stronger to face your challenges and obstacles in life! It once even made a completely shut-in introvert become a social butterfly!"

All of them gasp in admiration. Even the two guards who regarded us like we're scum now look at us like we're the ones who can cure all sickness in the world. I'm not even sure if they know what an introvert means nor did they think you'll become an actual butterfly, but as long as they're bedazzled, why not?

"Such nonsense!", Guard A exclaims. "How can a simple dance have such an impact in oneself?! Surely you don't beli-"

He stopped because he saw his partner doing 'Single Ladies' even with the pouty lips. He turns around and sure enough, all the guards are doing it too. I also turn around to see most of the ones behind us are doing the dance as well.

"I-I can't believe it, it actually works!", Guard B says as he dances with eyes full of surprise and amazement. He says to his partner, "You must do it too! You'll be amazed by how incredible it is!"

"I won't do such nonsense! Never!", Guard A exclaims.

Guard B laughs. "Fine! It is your loss after all!"

Despite not wanting to do it, Guard A seems to be extremely jealous of everyone, until he finally gives up and does the dance as well. As soon as he started, he immediately smiles and laughs. "Incredible! So this is the power of the goddess Beyonce! Magnificent!"

Now everyone is doing the dance except me and company. Those who look crestfallen before now smile earnestly like this is the most fun they had in years. Even the guards who look like their hearts are made of stone now laugh wholeheartedly while dancing. Wow, I don't even realize the impact Beyonce can make in the lives of many. Once again, Queen B saves the day!

I ask the two guards who are totally in the zone. "So, uh, about our entrance-"

"We take it back! Your group is officially welcome to Brightwing! Enjoy your stay and thank you for the miracle you've shared to us!", Guard A says.

The gatekeeper salutes to us and opens the gate as we go pass the guards enjoying the dance.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Thank god I was able to pull that off, and also for Beyonce. I hope we can get a place to stay and eat in as soon as possible because this girl is really starving right now.
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