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Current To the rps that I was in, thank you for welcoming me and giving me a chance to become a part of your world. All of you are wonderful and creative people who deserve the best in life. Godspeed.
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I was not... in the right place emotionally and mentally. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for unintentionally ghosting the rps I'm in. I'm working a lot to become a better person now.
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Just came back from the dead woo
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Will be gone for a bit. Blame college
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Neith stayed silent the whole time and waited until her new accomplices, she still didn't know what to call them as it would be a stretch to call them her friends, finished doing their introductions and arrived at the inn to settle in. At this point, the elf had a pretty good idea of everyone's strengths and weaknesses as individuals. They all didn't know how to work as a team yet but Neith figured they'll do pretty good. Neith actually thought they had a very solid line-up although she couldn't help but be confused by their weird taste in humor.

"Cool... Well, glad to make your acquaintances, fellow adventurers." She didn't show it but she was cringing on the inside so much, she felt like she was going to puke. She really wasn't used to working in a team and just calling them 'fellow adventurers' sent shivers down her spine and made her stomach flip on its own. She's not exaggerating, she's really not used to having any friends, let alone acquaintances.

She waved at the innkeeper and asked if they had anything non-alcoholic for her. Neith then turned to the group. "I don't know much about that particular forest, to be honest. I just heard some random rumors but that's about it. I'm guessing it has all the usual critters living in it like what we typically see in a normal forest but something tells me the creatures living in it are going to be very different than the ones I know. Judging from what Micah said, I'm going to bet that forest is hella cursed. It's a good thing we have mages on our team aye?". She said, playfully nudging her elbow at Micah
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TIME: Late Afternoon
LOCATION: The Grand Ball, Roshmi City

"Hmmm..." While they danced, Sakura cocked her head to the side and gave Torvi an amused grin. This woman was very interesting. Torvi claimed it was just her being a worrywart but the demoness felt like the elf knew more than she said. Sakura was impressed at how perceptive this particular elf was as it looked like she already had a gut feeling about something bad happening at the ball. Sakura could also tell this woman was some sort of a fighter or a hunter at least judging by her build and how she carried herself. Either way, a warrior's instincts were rarely false after all.

Part of Sakura wanted to cast a spell and pull a prank on the people here just to see how Torvi will react and to also gauge the reaction of the demons currently within the area. That being said, she was also thinking of the possibility of multiple demons gathering outside the ball to launch a surprise attack or something. They wouldn't pass up on the opportunity to end the leader of the rebel's life if it meant killing anyone who got in their way.

Still, Sakura gave Torvi a smile. "I relate to you, really. I also have a couple of friends here at the party. It was rare for them to attend such a formal event and I just feared that they might get teased or looked down upon by the snobbish nobles here. In the end, all we can do is to not worry about them and hope that they're having a great time." Sakura chuckled before continuing. "I'm willing to bet that our friends are surely more well-mannered than that elf." The demoness laughed, hoping to help ease Torvi's nerves. "Oh yeah, maybe after the ball we can all meet up and get to know each other better. The more friends, the merrier after all. Are you down?"

Neith was shocked and quickly turned her head at another newcomer and then raising her eyebrow at him in annoyance and amusement. This was the big, muscular dragon-man she saw earlier back at the tavern talking to this other big orc woman. Neith was especially very impressed with the huge long sword he got. He was definitely the dark elf's type but she didn't know, he seemed like a boring man to her. She might have to save her judgment for later. Still, she's irritated by these people that were just popping out one after the other. At least the orc woman stopped playing that annoying and scary song.

She then looked back at Dion and thought about his offer. "Hm, so it's true then. Looks like almost all of us are planning to into that super creepy forest." Like Neith, she was sure they all had their own different reasons in going to the forest. She figured it was better than just venturing out there on her own. At least when the time came, she'll sacrifice these annoying people and save her own skin. Well, maybe she'll save Micah. He could prove useful for her in the long run.

"I'm in. Well, we're all here so we might as well form a party. We should introduce each other and tell what each other's specialties are. My name is Neith and judging from this large bow strapped to my back, I'm more of a marksman and long-range type person. I know my way in and out of a forest but something tells me that ain't no ordinary forest like the ones I'm used to." She said, pointing her thumb at said forest. "Still, forests are my expertise. How about you guys?"
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TIME: Late Afternoon
LOCATION: The Grand Ball, Roshmi City

"Trust me, you're not the only one who's distracted here." Sakura sweetly replied while giggling to Torvi. She admitted that she didn't have any experience dancing with another girl before but there was a first time for everything, she guessed. She let Torvi take the lead as the musicians played a slower, more soothing song this time. The demoness put her hands on the elf's shoulders, which was fitting since Torvi was obviously taller than Sakura, and they slowly swayed to the rhythm of the beat.

She pondered Torvi's question for a bit. Sakura had so many reasons why she was here on the Grand Ball tonight, she just had to choose one. "To have fun, I suppose. It's been a while since I've been to one of these and who am I to miss out on an opportunity to attend one as beautiful and grandiose as this?" She sweetly replied back to the taller woman as they continued to dance.

Torvi seemed nice enough though Sakura wondered why the woman looked so tense as she approached her. Did Torvi sense that something was wrong with the party? Maybe she was partnered with one of the disguised demons within the crowd. It looked like Sakura was right: a demon really can't contain their huge thirst for blood and chaos no matter how much they disguised themselves. If Sakura could find the man Torvi was partnered with, maybe Sakura could confront them after the party and eradicate them. She will not allow such idiocy to risk exposing themselves and foiling Sakura's plans. She had killed some of her kin before due to their incompetence and she will not hesitate to do it again.

"Pardon my intrusion, I can't help but notice that you were quite tense a while ago as I approached you. Is something, or someone, bothering you?" Sakura asked Torvi, glancing side to side before leaning forward to speak softly. "Oh, is it guy trouble? You know, us girls have to have each other's backs. If a man is creeping you out or giving you very wrong signs, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will do everything in my power to help you." The demoness realized that maybe she was being too friendly with Torvi but she decided that this was good. She will take any opportunity to get on everyone's good side so her plans will be far more likely to succeed.
Heya! Here's my character. Lemme know what you think ^u^

Just as Neith and Micah were about to proceed to the building he pointed, Neith was surprised to see the large female orc she saw back at the tavern. Neith could tell she recognized the two of them too judging by how she reacted. Should Neith go and say hello? She barely knew the woman but it wouldn't hurt to make new friends. Maybe she could know a thing or two about this supposedly cursed forest. Just as she was about to approach her, Neith was surprised when the orc unslung her horn from her back swiftly and played it while looking at the forest.

Neith's body froze, shivers running down her spine while the orc played that haunting music. It was just so weird and out of the blue for someone to play that kind of music, especially when everyone in the town was fast asleep and everything was practically covered in darkness by how dimly lit the lamp posts were. Aside from being scared, the elf was irritated by what the orc did. She didn't know if she also had some weird connection to the creepy forest or if this was just a prank but this had to stop.

Before she could do anything, the group was approached by another person. Seriously, all these people popping out of nowhere will give Neith a heart attack. It was also a huge coincidence when it was the same guy she saw back at the tavern. In fact, it was the same guy she bumped into a while ago. Another coincidence for him to still be here like the orc woman. Just what the hell was going on here?

"Wait, you're going into the forest too?" She asked the guy in confusion. It took her a second to remember that a lot of people were probably interested in this forest like her as well. They could either be competition in finding that lost treasure inside it or they could be very helpful to her in getting that treasure if said treasure really did exist. "This is really weird... What kind of business proposition are we talking about here?"

After asking another question to the guy, Neith pointed at the orc woman. "And can you please stop playing that song? It scares the shit out of me."
Awww is it too late to join? I can be a non-bender if that's alright :)
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TIME: Evening
LOCATION: The Grand Ball, Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Kyran @Alivefalling, Risa @princess, Ilan @Dreamingflowers, Terneus @Dezuel, Torvi @Tae

Sakura couldn't help but let out a small giggle to the comical misfortune of the arrogant elf. He and Pride will get along very well or they'll likely kill each other to see who's the greatest among them all. The demoness taught to herself as the elf desperately tried to save whatever's left of his dignity as he's carried off away from here.

"Well, that took a turn." She commented. "Now that the pesky elf is gone, it's best I let you pair be. Enjoy the night, my dears." She said to Risa and Ilan, giving a knowing wink to the satyr before she walked off.

If her father could see her right now, Sakura was very sure he'll be disappointed that his bright and talented daughter became a mother-like guardian to these pathetic people. She wouldn't blame him, she was disappointed at herself at first too. She just reminded herself that it's all part of her mission. Usually, her missions didn't last for more than a week. Wait, has it already been a week? A month? She lost track of how long she was undercover as becoming an ally of the rebels.

She just went back to her table and drank a glass of water to compose herself. She could sense that the longer she stayed here, the more she'll actually like it here. Her heart had gradually been softened by the times she spent with Ayita, Cade, and even Ilan together. She was supposed to hate them as their races, except for the humans, were the ones who mercilessly killed Sakura's kin. She should be filled with hatred and disgust towards these lowly creatures.

However, there was also that other side of her that doubted that. It looked like that doubtful side came from... her heart?

Oh bullocks, she couldn't believe this was happening all over again. She really hoped all of this will go over sooner than later. She didn't know how much more of her inner turmoil she could handle before she'll explode. She needed to let all of this pent up emotions and frustrations out but she knew she couldn't trust anyone.

Thankfully, this ball was an effective distraction. The band stopped playing, signaling that it's time to find their second partner for the night. Her magical paper-crane-thingy re-emerged out of nowhere and fluttered around Sakura. The demoness just sighed and rolled her eyes as she followed the flying paper-crane-thingy that will lead her to her next partner. It was a bummer she didn't get the chance her first partner.

When she saw her partner, she couldn't believe what she was seeing for a second. Somehow her paper-crane-thingy led her to another human!

At least, she looked like a human to the demoness. She just thought it was human because Ayita also had naturally tanned skin too. The demoness thought all humans have tanned skin and she'd never seen a human with a different skin tone yet. The horns on her mask also made her thought it was Ayita but it was probably just another dark-skinned elf.

Even so, Sakura knew of course that there were many of Ayita's kind scattered throughout Avalia. Does that mean there were other humans present among the crowd too? That's probably the reason why the other demons were here, to scout for humans in addition to scouting for the members of the rebel group. She saved that thought for later, she had a role to play right now.

"Hello there. It seems you will be my partner for this dance." Sakura sweetly said and curtsied before the white-haired human. "You may call me Sakura. What is my partner's name?"
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