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Is it too late to join, because I would love to!

Just as she was on the third step going upwards, something or someone fell from the fourth floor all the way down. She was too slow to react: by the time she outstretched her hand, she saw the man's lifeless body, his brains splattered all over the floor and a permanent look of horror etched in his face.

She growled. What the freaking hell is happening? She could still hear gunfire and lots of shouting on the fourth floor and quickened her pace. Upon ascending, a family of four came barreling down towards her with tears and scared expressions on their faces. A father and a mother with their two sons all looked at her in shock and fear, not knowing if she's part of the armed men who took them hostage or not. She didn't blame them: wearing a white tank top, black jogging pants, white sneakers, black bandit mask she stole from some child's cowboy costume set, and her hair in a ponytail, she looked like a low-budget Black Widow impersonator.

Ember literally flattened herself against the wall and urged the family to go through which they quickly did. One of the boys kept looking at her in fascination and curiosity, before being pulled away by his mother where the four of them hurriedly made their way downstairs, away from this wretched place.

Ember thought of following them as well, but she was already here anyway. She might as well get to the bottom of this mess. Her body went back to normal afterwards and continued her way up.

Just then, an all-out fight was happening near the stairs. From the weak light of the flashlight flashing on the wall, Ember could see the shadows of people and... something else. A woman came in Ember's view on the top of the stairs, as if she was pushed. She was too transfixed on what's happening in front of her that she didn't notice Ember even when she's near her. Then the woman turned to go downwards, screamed in surprise when she saw Ember, and pushed her aside as she ran crying from fear.

Ember could also hear the pained cries of a man and Ember finally walked up the stairs to see a gruesome scene. A man, that looked to be one of the hostage takers judging from his clothing, was being brutally mauled by another... what the heck is that? The light became dimmer and dimmer, making it hard to actually see what the attacker looked like but the cries of the hostage taker and the sound of tearing flesh and breaking bones was still as sharp.

The dying man saw her and pleaded to her with eyes full of tears. But she stood frozen in place, unsure of what to do. She has never seen anything like this. Yes the man may be evil, but no one deserved to die like this. She knew that even if she acted now, the man will not even survive another minute. Ember was all set to knock out the monster but she hesitated. This time she'll try a different approach. Ember wiped a tear from her cheeks and breathed.

"That's enough", Ember called out to the monster. "You've caused so many deaths. I don't want to make this situation more worse that it is. Just please, stop".

Hey y'all. I'm gonna be a bit inactive until Friday, just let me finish hellish torture eternal damnation my finals. Hope y'all have a more awesome week than mine c:
Hey y'all. I'm gonna be a bit inactive until Friday, just let me finish hellish torture eternal damnation my finals. Hope y'all have a more awesome week than mine c:
@Klomster I'm thinking about it lol. Expect it sometime today ^u^
Hi y'all. Just wanted to say I'm interested in joining. This is my kaiju so feel free to tell me if there's anything I have to edit about it C:


After some time, Ember finally caught up to the police cars but it was too late. As soon as she stopped atop a rooftop of a building across the street where the police seem to be in the middle of a hostage situation, the generator exploded and filled the whole black with darkness. Then they all heard a crash and it turned out to be the actual generator itself. Ember furrowed her eyebrows. No ordinary human was capable of destroying a generator with just raw power, much less throw it outside with such force. Was this the work of another human with superpowers, just like her? If so, what was his or her intent?

Then gunshots ensued and everybody laid low to avoid being hit by stray bullets. Most of them freaked out and screamed but it seemed the screaming was louder inside the apartment itself. Ember's hunch was right. There was definitely some super-powered human inside that apartment. No... no, it doesn't seem like it. Whatever's in there was definitely not a someone but a something.

She decided to wait on the rooftop a little more just to fully understand what was really going on. As time passed by, the situation accumulated a growing crowd with more police cars, ambulances, and vans of news reporters. Ah crud. It's going to be harder entering the apartment with that many people and cameras. However, she can't just sit there any longer than she should be knowing that innocent people caught in the horrible situation were still inside there. She looked around the rooftop for something to cover her face with. Bingo; there's a clothesline up in there, and hanging were newly washed cowboy bandit costume. She took the eye mask with no hesitation and put it on.

She examined the apartment once more and found an open window on the apartment's third floor. Then Ember grabbed on to the edge of the rooftop and stretched herself back as far as she can. After counting to three, she jumped and slingshotted herself straight inside through the window. With how fast she went, she was sure all the people could see was a fast blur entering in the apartment. It added more confusion for the people and the police, racking their heads just to make sense of what was really going on that uneventful night.

Luckily enough, Ember landed on a bed. She quickly scanned the room, the lights from the cars outside the only light source. Judging from what she can see with a little light, it seemed like she's inside a boy's bedroom. She elongated her ear and pressed it against the door. She can hear someone talking, their voices deep and full of panic. More gunshots and screams filled the entire apartment and the voices faded as they went up, and she also heard crashing on the top floor. That must be the one adding more chaos to an already chaotic event. She already made her mind on going upstairs, but she also thought of the innocent people still inside the building. Ember took a flashlight on the boy's night stand and quietly opened the door.

She did a quick scan to see if the coast was clear, and went to the staircase. Ember peeked down to see most of the armed men there, seven tops. It also seemed most if not all the tenants of the apartment was there in the middle as well.

"B-Boss? Aren't we going to d-do something? W-w-what if w-we're...", asked one of the goons.

"Shut up! It's harder to think with you blabbering, Mercado. Just shut the hell up!", their boss said. He walked back and forth, pointing his gun at a crying girl. "You better silence your child or I'll silence him myself!", he shouted. The little girl's mother quickly embraced her, fearful of her daughter and everyone's lives. "Mercado, go upstairs to see what the hell's going on and kill it. Hell, kill everything in sight!", the boss ordered Mercado. He hesitatingly and slowly climbed the stairs with eyes on the verge of crying.

Meanwhile, Ember was ready. As soon as she can see the goon's head, she stretched out her arms and grabbed Mercado in surprise. The ma's frighted shouts was cut short by Ember's swift kick on his face, making him unconscious. She dropped his body on the stairs, making the boss angrily order two more of his men go upstairs. They saw no one when they got there, and walked down the hallway warily. Little did they know Ember was on the ceiling, waiting to ambush them. When they're in view, she jumped between them hands first and split horizontally in the air, kicking them with her elongated legs. Then she grabbed both of the men with her legs and crashed their faces against each other. She wrapped their unconscious bodies with her arms and she jumped, landing on the ground floor.

"I believe these are yours?", Ember said to the boss.

The boss of these men no longer knew what to do. Everything happened so quickly, and so much fear and anger clouded his thoughts as she shouted while he and his remaining men fired at Ember. She tossed the bodies to the sides and shielded her face with her arms. The hostages shouted and cowered in fear, but Ember was unfazed. Every bullet that hit her felt like someone just poking their finger at her, it was even ticklish. She couldn't help but giggle a bit, and hearing this made the boss more crazed.

Enough was enough; Ember darted to the side towards one of the goons firing at her. She kicked his gun upwards and kicked him with her elongated leg him on the face and on his stomach. He dropped to the floor groaning, and the men decided to ditch the guns and fight her full on. They fought her all at once and Ember used her elasticity to evade their hits and make them attack each other instead. After an intense battle, the men dropped to the floor groaning, their whole body in pain with their exchanged hits as Ember stood completely unscathed.

Ember turned her attention at the hostages, now looking at awe at her. "People, you're safe now. You're good to go, so just... go. Go!", she told them. They all quickly went out of the apartment which surprised even the police. But before everyone could leave, a father grabbed Ember's arm.

"Please... please whoever you are, save my daughter. She's up there alone with God knows what and if something happens to her I...", the man pleaded with tears coming out of his eyes.

Ember grabbed the father's shoulder. "Don't worry, I will. Now go wait for your daughter outside and leave the rest to me", she reassured the man. He nodded and went with the others outside. After breathing deeply, Ember mustered up the courage to finally go up and face whatever was up there.
Here's my cs, hope you like her! If I were to ask what my type theme is, I'll go for Grass but I'll love every Pokemon that comes my way ^u^


The Murray Mansion. It was the fruit of all the hard work, struggles, and sacrifices of the family that lived in this house. An imposing gate The letter "M" as the family's symbol was emblazoned on it's imposing gate with a fascinating water fountain on the center of its front yard. The whole house itself was painted pearly white, to showcase the family's status in the city of Santa Celia. The mansion consisted of rooms more than two hands can count.

Yet there were only two rooms that Ember Murray, the sole daughter of the Murray household liked: her own bedroom and the music lounge. The music lounge had many instruments a musician would ever dream of. It had glass doors that open up to the family's huge backyard filled with flowers and lush greenery. With a simple white dress, Ember sat beside the black grand piano at the room's center. She softly touched the piano keys and began to play a musical piece titled "Stroll" from the Studio Ghibli film "My Neighbor Totoro". She closed her eyes, her long black/brown hair flowing from the breeze that came from the open door, and letting the melody take control of her hands. If only life was like this, filled with relaxing memories that bring out the best in people, filling countless hearts with kindness and compassion towards others.

Alas, life doesn't always end up that way. Her mind was infiltrated by the memories of her childhood. She would remember the way her father looked down on her, as if she became a monster right before his very eyes. His compassionate smiles turned into disgusted scowls once he found out she became one of the very people he loathed, and it was the day she discovered she had superpowers. He would always look at her disapprovingly as if she will do something to disgrace the Murray family, as if she is the disgrace. It came to the point where he would not, could not, even look at her anymore, like she's nothing to him now. Ember grew up crying every night as she was too young to understand why her father did not love her anymore. Young Ember did everything she can for her father to be proud of her and to acknowledge her as her precious daughter. But it was too late: for Samson Murray, the respectable and honorable mayor of Santa Celia, he does not have a daughter anymore.

Ember pressed a wrong note and the room was filled with the sound of her crying, her tears falling down on the piano keys. She taught herself to be strong but all these years were very, very hard for the young lady.


She looked up to see her younger brother Aiden standing in the doorway, dressed in his Power Rangers pajamas and clutching his stuffed elephant. Sleepy as he was, he ran to his sister's side and hugged her. Ember was surprised at first, but returned the embrace as well. Words cannot express how thankful she was to have a little brother as special and loving as he is.

Aiden broke from the embrace and looked up at his sister. "What's wrong? Why did you stop playing?"

Ember smiled, wiping away her tears. "N-Nothing, Aiden. I just... remembered a real sad movie. Spoiler alert: the dog dies", she said. For some reason Ember still doesn't know, their parents gave them names that are connected to fire in some ways.

The little boy's eyes widen. "Oh no! How could they do that to an adorable animal? How horrible", he said sadly.

"Oh don't be sad bunso, at least he'll go to dog heaven. There, he'll get lots of head pats and belly rubs", Ember said reassuringly.

"That's good to hear ate." Aiden paused for a few minutes, continuously looking back and forth to Ember and the piano. Ember laughed when she realized what he meant, and she continued to pay the music where she left off. Aiden smiled brightly, and he jumped and danced around the room holding his stuffed elephant while his sister played the tune, laughing and smiling.

Unbeknownst to them, their mother Mirabella was quietly watching them from the doorway. She shed a tear just looking at her daughter being so sad like that, and cracked a serene smile upon seeing her two children being happy again. She admitted that she was too weak, that she let her daughter go through all those things at a young age, that she was powerless to stop Ember's heart from being broken.

But this time, Mirabella Murray will not let that happen again.

later that night...

"No Ma, I won't take too long I promise. I just arrived at the store".

Even after the sun has set, Santa Celia was as alive as ever. Lots of people were still here despite the rainy weather. Shops, malls, and other stores were open for business for the families that went out to spend time together for the evening. Couples holding hands, businessmen talking to someone on their phones, a group of friends laughing together, it's just a typical rainy evening for a citizen of Santa Celia.

That night, Ember was wearing a white tank top under a black jacket, black jogger pants, and white sneakers. She was at La Musa, the city's only music store. It's like every musician's playground and every musical instrument you can think of can be bought here. However, she wasn't alone. Aside from the other people buying at the store, she was accompanied by her two bodyguards. It sucked as it made everyone look at her, but it's the price of being the mayor's daughter.

"Okay sweetie. It's just... Aiden's birthday is a week from now. You can buy his gift even this weekend. Does it really have to be now?"

"I just wanted to get some fresh air, even with these guys", she glanced at her bodyguards. Really, do they have to look at everyone suspiciously? "Besides, we're not finished planning his surprise birthday yet right? That way, I won't worry about forgetting to buy his gift since it's the first thing I did. See, everyone's happy!"

Ember can hear her mother laugh on the other line. "Alright, if you say so. Just be careful okay? I just heard on the news that a police chase is currently happening. Love you to bits, sweetie!".

"Yes Ma, I will Ma. Love ya to bits too! Tell Aiden I love him too", she said before hanging up the phone. She looked back at her bodyguards and coughed to get their attention. In a hushed tone, she talked to them. "I don't know 'bout you guys but nothing bad's gonna happen here. Name one criminal who's ever interested in stealing from a music shop". The two men looked at each other and nodded at Ember, getting her message. They walked around the store, one finding interest at a display of guitars while the other found a vinyl collection of Madonna.

Sighing contentedly, Ember continued to search the display for the perfect gift. Aiden was always asking their mom for his own violin, and what he wants, Ember will get.

Soon, Ember and the two bodyguards walked out of the store, her happily smiling as she looked at her gift for her little brother. One of the guys contacted the driver to come pick them up when they can all hear the screeching of tires somewhere. People were alerted of the noise and hurriedly crossed the street. All that's left was a teddy bear on the middle of the road. A child let go of his mother's hand and ran towards his bear only for a car suddenly coming into view. At its back were the blue and red lights of police cars. Maybe this was the chase Ma was talking about, she thought to herself.

Ember looked back in front of her to see a child getting the teddy bear he dropped. His mother desperately called out for his name. At the rate of how fast the cars were approaching, no normal human can ever save the poor kid.

Good thing Ember was not.

Acting quickly, she elongated her arms and stretched them to grab the kid, swiftly pulling him from danger just as the cars sped through the streets. They were gone as fast as they came. A silence came over the streets as they saw Ember holding the boy in her arms. The mother hurriedly ran across the street to embrace her son, who was in shock as he realized he was about to die back there. Crying, the mother looked up at Ember and said thanks. Ember reassuringly rubbed her shoulder and patted the kid's head. Then she stood up and gave the bodyguards her gift for Aiden. "Bring these at home. And tell Ma I'll be late for dinner tonight."

"B-But Ms. Ember, what are you gonna do?", one of the bodyguards asked, watching as she takes off her jacket and tosses it at him. Ember only replied with a smug before outstretching her hand to the pole, swaying her way towards the police cars Spiderman-style.
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