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Current I always send my cs to GM of the rps I want to apply to, mostly because I'm too shy to show my work to others until the GM itself approved it THEN I'll have the confidence to show it lol
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I can't for the love god log in properly on this website... -,-
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back home lol
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I will post when I come
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Time flies by so fast, I thought it was just 2016 yesterday.


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"Yeah... Uh-uh... I know right?! I can't believe myself!", Cindy Bellmore, age 24, said before laughing at what her friend told to her. "Rick finally proposed to me. Honestly, he could've picked a better place to propose to but I try not to care too much", she said while she rolled her eyes.

"Hey boo, this internship is really killing me right now and I have to finish this today or I'll be late with my meeting with the organiser tomorrow with Rick. Catch you later!", she said before putting her phone down.

Working as an intern for the greatest fashion designer ever has its ups and downs. Sure, she'll be closer with to her idol, the one and only George Jimenez, but all these errands Cindy was ordered to do was really damaging her freshly done pedicure. Especially right now when she was told to sort the dresses out for the wedding fashion show for tomorrow. Even so, Cindy couldn't believe she's marrying her all-time crush after years of dating. It made her feel like she's living in a fairy tale, but she's beginning to freak out because it's currently approaching midnight and she's the only person left in the two-story building. Of course there are guards roaming around but she's pretty sure even they were asleep as well.

Cindy did a final review on the wedding dresses, making sure the wedding dresses were in perfect condition and the mannequins were fine, when she spotted something on the corner of the room. She was surprised to see a black wedding dress worn by a mannequin on a pedestal there because Cindy didn't remember the dressmakers creating a black dress. She moved closer to it and was really baffled when the black veil was attached to a... is that a crown of thorns? Even the mannequin itself was weird too, wearing a white wig and having a skin more gray in complexion compared to the others. Also, she doesn't know if she was just overworked but she swear she can hear it say something. Curious and confident the guards will come to her aid when she's in trouble, Cindy moved her ear closer to the veil to hear what it was saying.

And it whispered: "Abigail Denton"

Cindy's eyes widened in horror as she turned her face to the veil and slowly backed up. It's been years since she heard that name. "W-w-what?", Cindy said while her voice was shaking in fear.

A few moments passed. Then a snap came from the 'mannequin' like bones cracking, followed by another and another as its arms and head bent in directions that could kill a human being. It did that as it stepped down from the pedestal and took a few steps towards Cindy who was backed away into another corner of the room, too terrified to move her legs or even do anything. A final snap and its head was back to normal before saying, "Dear Lord, forgive us our sins and let the flowers bloom..."

"N-No!", stammered Cindy as she stood petrified where she was. She covered her ears with her hands and pleaded to the Black Bride to stop which it did. "W-what do you want freak?!", Cindy shouted as the Bride laughed in its demonic voice.

"Abigail Geraldine Denton, age 18, found dead in her own bedroom with a deep slit on her throat and a bloodied knife on her hand. Believed to be an act of suicide due to matching traces of DNA found on the knife matching with hers. Further autopsy reports found out traces of too much amount of nicotine in her body along with an infant growing within her. Age of infant believed to be two weeks old."

Cindy couldn't believe what she heard. She knew Abigail committed suicide but she never knew she was pregnant at that time. "You're lying! How dare you disrespect my best frien-"

"Your best friend?", the Black Bride sneered as she moved closer to Cindy. "Since the day Rick Villegas came into your lives, you never regarded Abigail as a best friend anymore. You saw how Rick clearly liked Abigail from the start but you're Cindy Denton, and you always get what you want."

Tears dropped from Cindy's face as the Bride continued. "You told childhood best friend's deepest, darkest secrets to everyone at the university you were both in. Of course, being the back-stabber you are, you feigned ignorance as she asked you how her secrets were spread out. Poor Abigail kept on receiving insulting messages from social media and her phone. People would laugh and whisper behind her back that made her feel nothing more than a gnat."

"Please stop", Cindy pleaded as she knelt to the ground and raised her head to look up to the Black Bride, her make-up smeared on her face from tears. "I'm sorry. Please, I'll do any-"

"August 15, a few weeks later", the Black Bride continued, ignoring Cindy's pleas to stop as she screamed and covered her ears. "You planned a make-believe party and made her attend it to show everyone that she wasn't affected by what people say behind her. That she would show everyone that she's a fighter. Sadly the only sin Abigail committed was trusting too much on her best friend, and what she didn't know that the 'party' was actually the university's football team. Abigail partied as her confidence grew, drank too much alcohol to even notice it was spiked, then the whole football team-"

Cindy screamed and cutting off the Black Bride, her hoarse voice filling the room. She screamed and screamed and screamed at it to stop.

But the Bride still continued. "Abigail woke up with her whole body sore. She walked barefooted that night as she made her way to your house, because the only thing in her mind was that her best friend will be there for her. But surprise, surprise! Her best friend, the only person in the world she truly trusted and cared, was hooking up with her own boyfriend Rick. She ran back home after that, heart full of disbelief that her childhood best friend would betray her. In the following weeks, she didn't come out of her house. Abigail continued to ate all her food until the only things she could eat were ants, cockroaches, and rats. Her drug addiction also came back to her during that time, her only piece of heaven in her hellish life. Until finally she couldn't take it anymore and slit her throat with a kitchen knife on August 29, resulting in her death."

Cindy only raised her hands in surrender with tears and snot continuously flowed from her face. "You killed her. You, Cindy Bellmore, killed Abigail Geraldine Denton. You killed her. You killed her...", the Black Bride repeated and repeated with its voice rising as Cindy continued to scream and shake her head. Even if she covered her ears, she could still hear the Black Bride, and Abigail's laughter. Even if she shut her eyes, she could still see Abigail's face as Cindy gave her a friendship bracelet when they were eight. Even if she forced herself to forget, she remembered all the times they spent together during their childhood.

Finally, Cindy opened her eyes. She recalled her and Abigail's prayer they made up when they were kids before going to bed.

"Dear Lord, forgive our sins and let the flowers bloom". She walked past the Black Bride and she retrieved a pen and a piece of paper.

"Please save us all from our scary doom". She finish writing something on it before putting it on top of a desk.

"And no matter how far, how old, or how different we've been". After that, she got a pair of scissors from the table and placed the blade near her throat.

"Abby and Cindy will forever always be sisters within!"

"We are now here at the scene of the crime where another brutal massacre has happened. This time, two guards were found dead outside the building near the bushes as their mangled corpses and teared flesh allowed the police to determine the culprit as nothing more than a blood-thirsty beast. However, police found another dead body on the second floor. Unlike the two previous corpses, the victim's body wasn't mangled up and instead police found clear evidence that the victim identified as Cindy Bellmore committed suicide by slicing her own throat with a pair of scissors. A note was found near the victim atop a desk that read and quote, 'I killed Abigail Geraldine Denton. I killed my best friend.' Further investigations are being done as I speak to know more about Cindy Bellmore's involvement in Abigail Denton's suicide years ago. Meanwhile, it looked like she wasn't alone the night she took her own life. Security cameras show the night of the crime that Cindy Bellmore was with an unknown figure dressed in a black wedding dress..."

@Zelosse hey just to clarify, are we going downwards or upwards the cliff? Are we supposed to find a cavern entrance or something? And when we reach the said cavern entrance or something, does that mean we already passed the test?
Ivan McJhent

Ivan was jerked awake from the loud music coming from the living room. He rubbed his eyes as he leaned and take a look at the digital clock at his nightstand: 7:30 am. He dropped on his head with a huff, groaning because he felt that he didn't get enough sleep despite sleeping earlier last night. The loud music continued to play with some Indian-vibe mixed into it. He can tell because he can hear it even up in his bedroom, which was a bit impossible because the whole house was soundproof.

It wasn't until he got up that he noticed the door was opened ajar, letting hear the music coming from downstairs. Ivan gritted his teeth. His family knew he hates it when doors, cabinets, and closets aren't shut fully. They just keep doing it to spite him because he's one of those people you can easily irritate with, and also because they like seeing him stressing out on the littlest things. If only Ivan knew he was born into such a sadistic family, oh the things he would do...

After he bathed and changed from his pajamas, Ivan went downstairs to eat breakfast. It wasn't until he was halfway down when he realized what the song playing is. Ivan sighed and continued to go down only to be met by the sight of his sister Vivi and his Aunt Mel dancing their butts off of 'Buttons' by the Pussycat Dolls while Mr. Pinkie ran around them in circles. His mother Carrie sipped from her mug of coffee and held the morning newspaper in her hands as she continued to watch the two dancing.

"Morning Ivan", his mother called. "Had a good night's sleep?"

"Yeah but I bet they had a better sleep than me", he said as he pointed at the two dancers on the living room while preparing to brew coffee for himself.

"Hey Ivan, come join us here! There's always room for one moooore~", Aunt Mel waved at him while doing the robot.

"Look at this Van! I call this the spaghetti", Vivi said before waving her arms around while doing body rolls.

Ivan smiled. He was very relieved when his little sister was cured of her muteness. The years where he couldn't hear his sister's laugh and jokes were the hardest for him when their mother left them and returned to Sol City. It was hard back then but right now he's glad she's back into her old goofy and wacky self again. "As much as I want to Viv, I have to leave early. We have an emergency meeting for the publication in half an hour and Mr. Malayao will give me additional workload if I came in late today".

"You sure you don't want to eat right now?", Carrie asked him while she watched Ivan pour his coffee in his thermos.

"Sorry Ma, this is really important stuff. I'll catch up with you guys later", he said as he grabbed a sandwich from the table and pecked his mother's cheek. He then hugged Vivi, high-fived Aunt Mel, and rubbed Mr. Pinkie's head before he got his bag and went to the front door. "See you later weirdos", he said.

"Bye weirdo!", the three ladies said while Mr. Pinkie squealed in response as his aunt and sister continued to dance. Ivan could only hear the first part of the next song before he shut the door but that was enough for him to know the song.

"You think I'm pretty without any make-up on...", he hummed to himself as he made his way to the university.

"Now who can tell me why a raven is like a writing desk?", Ms. Janson, Ivan's literature professor, asked. Right now their main focus is in children fantasy literature and the reasons why they are still relevant today. He kept reminding himself that Ms. Janson was definitely not taking drugs and her unusual laugh-out-loud, easily-excited personality was just something she was born with.

He glanced at his notepad with the notes he's taken from their previous publication's meeting. He's been assigned to interview the swimming team's captain after he won an interstate swimming competition for the university, whoever he is. He admits he still doesn't know much about this city nor the people living in it despite living in Sol City for quite some time now. He made a mental note to leave his house often to explore the city and get to know its people better.

The bell rang, meaning it was time for lunch. "Don't forget your assignment for tomorrow. I also have to remind you about your project that's due in two weeks time so better chop-chop!", Ms. Janson said to the students who were already standing up and leaving to go to the cafeteria.

Ivan had to admit that this university was pretty impressive on its own. It wasn't like those usual professional and all serious-looking universities back at Australia: this university was exuding an aura that's like telling the students to just be themselves and strive for what they want in life. The good food they serve in the cafeteria was a good plus in Ivan's point too.

After he got his food, he settled for an empty seat near the open patios leading to the open gardens. He opened his laptop and ate his lunch as he loaded the page on his Tumblr account. He's quite proud of Random Pawsibilities because of how people were interested in his random meetings with random animals he takes a picture of. Ivan also remembered that Sol City had its own zoo and made another mental note to invite the weirdos to go with him there for the weekends.

Ivan put on his earphones and played Paramore's 'Still Into You' as he updated his page.
Olivia Frenwich

"Oh dear!", Olivia said as she saw the poor little girl fall to the ground. Immediately, the townsfolk rushed to check on the girl. Someone shouted at all of them to back up to give her some space. Olivia couldn't tell who it was as she was at the far back, not wanting to add to the people already trying to get near the girl. A voice which unmistakably belongs to the Mayor's ordered Aizum to get any available medical supplies he could get his hands on.

Having heard this, Olivia immediately waved her hand in the air and called out to the Mayor. "Mayor? Mayor! I have a medical kit at the farmhouse. I'll go get them! Humphrey, c'mon!," she called to him as she bend down to scoop Winda and Clyde on each in her arms and ran as fast as she could to the farmhouse with Humphrey on the lead. When they're their, she gently put Winda and Clyde on the ground and put a few bits of chicken feed near them. "Sorry guys. I'll leave you both here in the mean time. I left you both dinner as I know you're quite hungry right now. I'll be back in a jiffy!", she said after she kissed both of them at the head. She whistled at Humphrey to come with her inside the house.

Olivia rushed to find the first aid kit. "Where is it... where is- there you are!". She got the kit with a built-in strap on it. She bounded the strap at Humphrey so he looked like he's carrying a backpack. She held his head on both hands and spoke to him slowly but carefully. "Okay I need you to pay close attention to me, Humphrey. I want to you carry this medical kit", she paused and patted the kit on his back, "and bring it to the Mayor. You know, old guy with the crazy white beard? Bring. Kit. To. Mayor. Got it?", Olivia said. Humphrey barked in response and Olivia gave him one last hug before he ran off. Olivia's blessed to have a very smart and energetic dog and she knows Humphrey can accomplish the task she assigned him to do.

She stood up and looked around the house. There's got to be something she could do to help the poor kid. That's when she snapped her fingers and rushed upwards her bedroom. She rummaged through her closet until she can find somehow size-adequate clothes for the kid. "I sure hope this will do", she said to herself. She wrapped the clothes and put in the basket. She rushed down to go outside when she remembered she should put some healthy grapes in the basket for the child as well. After she has done all that, Olivia ran back towards the Mayor's house.

+ everyone who was present
@PrinceAlexus o.O wow that's why... it's past nine in the evening here! Timezones are amazhang!!

Anyhoo, I think I'll keep it as generic as possible and just call it as the school. Good enough?

@Pilatus@PrinceAlexus again such fast much wow

Last question: does Sol City have a middle school, elementary school, or whatever you guys call it in your country? Are middle and high school already part of the university or is it just a college university?
@MissCapnCrunch @T Risket sorry for being a bit inactive! Got a lot of stuff on my plate at the mo but I'll hopefully have a post tomorrow!

EDIT: I take that back. I just ate all the contents of my plate and there's nothing stopping me now. Muahahahahahaha!
@PrinceAlexus@Pilatus oh wow that was fast

First of all, thank you!

Second of all, how far is the university in terms of school year? Like if he joins right now, is he three months late? Do I just assume he's been studying there the whole school year like the rest of the college freshmen?

Third of all, I want to edit Ivan's as well as Vivi's age as I wanted it to start on the year where people start their college at Sol City, along with the year Vivi would be enrolling at school depending on your answer. So, what age does college start at Sol City?

Hey guys! Just to be sure, are you guys still accepting? This is my cs btw, I hope it would suffice ^u^

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