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It wasn't my fault I was SUPER busy during my finals these past months! Before I knew it, they moved on without me... :c
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Don't you just love it when you have insomnia & have to wake up early for the next day :D


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Yay! I'll play too! ^u^
Hiroaki Akiyama

"... and what does Mr. Nagato think about our presentation?"

"He said it needed a bit more tuning but otherwise he thought it was splendid! He's sure the investors will love it."

"That's good to know, hon! And hey, don't forget that meeting we're going to have with the board members."

"Of course I won't, honey. Everything's already been set for later but..."

Mr. and Mrs. Akiyama continued to talk about their work, the first driving the car while the latter sat passenger, exchanging ideas and reminders for their next meeting. And the next, and the next, and the next, and for the one coming up in two months. Meanwhile, their son Hiroaki was sitting quietly backseat with his bags beside him, watching the droplets of rain fall down on their car windows as they made their way to his new school. The music he's listening from his earphones was not enough to drown out the feeling of butterflies in his stomach. Though for him, they're not actually gentle butterflies. It's more like violent wasps.

Realizing the music does not help in his queasiness, he locked his phone and put his earphones in his bag. "I'm scared," Hiroaki meekly said as he looked down on his knees.

His parents immediately stopped talking as even if they were busy chatting about work, they were keenly listening for any sign of distress from their son. Mom turned to look at him with concern, smiling gently at him. "I know it feels that way, sweetie. Why even us adults were scared of their very first day at school when we were younger. Right hon?"

"Oh yes," Dad earnestly replied, occasionally glancing at the rear-view mirror to see Hiroaki. "I believe I cried my eyes out and even pooped in my pants in so much fear that your grandparents had to take me home immediately!" He said dramatically.

"Dad, T.M.I." Hiroaki looked at his dad through the rear-view mirror with his dead fish eyes kind of look which never fails to make both of his parents laugh. Just hearing them like this was enough to destroy a wasp or two in his stomach.

Once she calmed down, Mom's expression gradually changed into a more serious but gentle one. "Sweetie, we're not talking about school because you said it yourself that you don't want to make a big deal out of it."

"I know," Hiroaki said as he looked outside at the passing infrastructures. At the corner of his eye, he saw his parents looked at each other with concern, and he sighed. "Mom. Dad. Regardless of what you... what I think... I'm going to do fine. Going to be fine. I promise you that."

Mom smiled earnestly and reach out to hold her son's hand. "Of course you will be, sweetie. You're the strongest person we have ever met, stronger than even the two of your parents combined." Mom added jokingly.

"Your Quirk is nothing to sneeze at either! The world's already a good place, but it's going to be even greater with you in. Believe in that." Dad added as he flashed a thumbs up as their car stopped at the entrance of Jigokuraku Academy.

For the first time that day, Hiroaki smiled serenely at them, and seeing him like this filled his parents' hearts with warmth. For the first time that day too, the wasps in his stomach had fully disappeared.

Hiroaki waved at his parents as they drive away, probably going to work for today or back to their home. He grasped the handle of his bag, deeply breathed in and out, then turned to face the academy.

It was very impressive for him. It's been a while since he has seen an actual school up close and personal like this. This sight, along with the tons of students milling and talking around, almost made the wasps return. He deeply breathed in and out again. No, he refused to let the wasps win over him as least for today. He walked towards the mass of students, his eyes wandering around at the sight of the variety of teens joining together that day.

There were a lot of people talking at once, but the more prominent one was the one closest to him. It came from a boy with messy, curly black hair and a very hostile look on his face. He was talking so strongly about something that clearly upset him. From what he's saying, he clearly doesn't like being here.

Okay, so I've read in an internet article that in order to survive in the wild, you have to side with the lion, the leader of the pack and the king of the food chain, Hiroaki thought to himself. From the looks of it, he does seem to be the lion around here. Oh well.

Before he could think any further, Hiroaki tugged at the guy's sleeve. "Um, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about? Why are we considered undesirables, and what's so bad about Jigokuraku?" He asked as he looked curiously at him. He couldn't believe what he was doing but it was too late to back down. Oh well, at least he got to see his parents for the last time before he gets mauled by this guy. Life was good until it lasted.
sorry about that double post lolz
Halle Embragold AKA Serena

Halle looked at the tiny device handed to her by Aquaman with a raised brow. "A bit tacky for my taste but as long as it can help save lives, it would suffice", she said with an accent that sounds similar to Irish. She waved her bright pink hair away and put the device on her ear. As soon as she did, she heard the quiet and shy voice of Mirage. "Oooooh, I get it now. This is like one of those earpieces I used during my concerts. Silly me for not realizing sooner." She looked at everyone with a bright smile on her face. "Everyone. Testing, testing. Oh, this is simply wonderful! I feel like I'm a real superhero", she said as she twirled about in the waters in happiness.

"You know, in Thierna Na Oge, we don't have these kinds of advancements in technologies. I mean we do have vehicles but they're manually powered by our magic, unlike here in Atlantis where everything is automatic", she said to no one in particular. She cupped her face and giggled in excitement. Then she wondered where the voice in her head was coming from and realized it was telepathy with the blond human wearing an eyepatch named Leonard.

"Leonard is right, my lord. I admit my king was hesitant at first to let me join this squad of yours. She said it will make me look like a lackey of Atlantis, but I joined this group as a representative of my home, and also because this will give me the chance to be more than just a celebrity, where I can actually make a difference in this world. I most certainly did not join this group to become a bodyguard of your wife.

hey @Omega Man sorry my 'tomorrow' was 8 days late. been very busy lately but otherwise, i hope she suits your taste!

@Omega Man sorry for being super late! Will submit my cs here tom :)
Is it too late to join, because I would love to!
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