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Hey y'all. I'll be really busy today so I'll have a post up tom ^u^
Isana was growing more and more restless the longer she stayed within the classroom.

Bad enough that she's hesitant even in the thought of using her Quirk, but to go to the one place where they can teach you how to be improve it?

She gulped, feeling a droplet of sweat at the back of her neck. Her dad's been away ever since she was a little girl, ever since her Quirk first manifested, but what if he chose this day to go back home and find out that she enrolled in UA? Unconsciously, her hand went to her necklace. It was her grandparents' final gift to her before going to UA, a reminder that whatever problem or obstacle she's facing, everything will be alright in the end.

Gradually, she was surprised she wasn't that nervous anymore and can now breathe easily. With her mind focused, she can listen to her teachers more attentively as they're introducing themselves one by one. She found their unique personalities very interesting, along with their field name. They say heroes chose their names that are suitable with their Quirks. Some even chose to use the name of their Quirk.

After their introductions and details regarding the dormitory they'll be staying in, they ventured out into the field for them to have a first-hand look on their Quirks. Isana can't help but nervously look around for any signs of her Father. She knew it was ridiculous but she can't help but fear him whenever her Quirk was being involved.

The earth rumbled a bit and out emerged soldiers made entirely of stone, complete with armor. They all marveled at Arthur's Quirk, then he announced who will be the first one to present his or her Quirk. It was a boy with long-blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. He seemed nervous at first then suddenly smiled and seemed to make his way to... her?

Isana suddenly felt self-conscious. Whatever this guy's planning, she's got a bad feeling about it. He ordered the teachers to hold their breath for a bit and... what was that smell? She didn't notice it before but the whole area seemed to be filled with a fragrant aroma. When she looked at him again, she was surprised at how good-looking he was. How has she not noticed it before? He's so good-looking!

Little did she knew she was under the influence of his Quirk: Attraction. Isana smiled as the boy took her hand and ordered her to attack the stone soldier assigned to him. She walked towards the soldier, happily smiling as if she's in a dream-like trance. She raised her hand pointing at the soldier and-

Wait. What of her father? What if the reason why she couldn't see him was he assigned one of the teachers to spy on her? Then when she used her Quirk, he'll be-
No, that's impossible. He didn't even care for her. He did leave her alone after all, so why would he bother putting up a spy for her? All that matters now is-
But he'll be mad! She knew it. She knew enrolling into UA was a bad idea. If only she wasn't persuaded by her grandpar-
They were only looking out for her! It was her mom's last gift for her before she die-

Her smile faltered, heart raced, breath quicken, as these thoughts completely filled her head. Everything was going dark even if it was daylight. Her chest was tightening, she couldn't breath. Her legs were weaken as if she can't stand anymore, yet her arm was still stretched out, a violet sphere of force-field around her hand. Her mind was telling her to stop it yet her heart told her to go all out, causing her extreme confusion as her thoughts were clouded in doubts and fear.

The violet sphere blinked, disappearing and reappearing as Isana doesn't know herself of what to do. She eventually put her hands on her head as groaned, unconsciously surrounding herself in a force-field dome. Like the sphere, the dome blinked, unsteadily growing and shrinking in size.

Her head hurt, she just wanted it to end. She didn't know what to do. Her Quirk became more and more unstable, now spinning rapidly and destroying the earth around her. Finally, she snapped. Isana let out a scream and forcefully waved her hands downwards in front of her, releasing a violet wave as it rapidly approached the earth soldier and disintegrated it into pieces, so powerful that the shrapnel to flew out and damaged the other soldiers.

Isana collapsed on all fours, head facing the earth as she tried to catch her breath. She looked up at the place where the soldier once was, then at her teachers, her classmates, then finally at the boy. Tears started to form on her eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry" She weakly said as she stumbled to stand and ran back to the building where they came from.

@Compulsive86 Oh dear. Actually I'm away from home so I'm sorry that you'll have to wait for a bit first. I'll post as soon as I get home later! ^u^
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Angela was in the sword practice room fighting with a dummy as she followed the teachings and orders of their teacher while her sisters use the reflection on their swords and shields to reapply make-up and check their nails. Her brothers, on the other hand, only attended the session to admire themselves as 'heroic' and handsome heroes. And yes, only one of their two qualities are true. Guess what.

Meanwhile, Angela slashed and hacked away at her practice dummy as she's covered in sweat and grime with her hair in a ponytail. Her peers at Camp Half-Blood would watch her with wonder and interest, especially for a child of Aphrodite not grossed out about being dirty for once. It's as if she was a new species yet to be discovered and studied.

She herself doesn't mind if she gets dirty. She's always like that back at their family barn where she grew up. She loved playing in the mud with the pigs, feeling the wind as she rode on her horse, and hanging out with the sheep and cows. As a result, she always smelled of animal manure yet it didn't matter. Even at a young age, her beauty alone made it possible for people to be near her despite being caked in mud and smelled of animals.

For the people looking at her now, a look of focus and determination on her sweaty face made her even more beautiful for them. Her class teacher finally told them session's over for today and Angela stood straight to wipe her face with a towel and drink water from her bottle. Only when she cooled off and finally notice the people watching her that they immediately stood straight and rushed somewhere to avoid her gaze. Angela gleefully laughed as she get her things. She waved her brothers and sisters good-bye as she went back to their cabin to freshen up.

Moments after, Angela emerged from her cabin with a feeling very refreshed wearing a new camp shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers. She closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh morning air. She turned to see two brown birds chirping and pecking at the ground near her. She knelt to get closer to them but they quickly flew away. Immediately, Angela turned on her charmspeak. "Wait, little birdies! Don't fly away! I won't hurt you guys so can you please stay?". She didn't mean to speak in riddle but she guessed it worked as the two birds flew back and landed on her open palm while one was at her shoulder. She giggled in delight as she pet and rubbed their soft, feathery heads.

"Ms. Deville!" Grace happily exclaimed as she threw her arms open to embrace the old lady and kiss her on the cheeks. She was pretty sure her former classmates will wonder about this stranger who acts like she knew Ms. Deville but she let them wonder about that. Only Grace and Ms. Deville herself knew of her transition and who she truly is, and she decided to save it for later as a huge surprise for them.

"I am like so happy and relieved you still remember me. Oh but then again, how would you forget a pretty face such as this?" Grace joked with Ms. Deville. She held the old lady at arm's length and quickly did a head to toe survey. "My my, Ms. Deville. You're still looking pretty despite your age. Don't worry Mama D, wait is it alright if I call you Mama D instead? Anyways, I have like a bunch of clothes I think would look good on you. Oh, I can't wait to glam you up!" She excitedly said to Ms. Deville. Grace can't contain her happiness and excitement upon talking with her former teacher, and she decided this was the perfect opportunity to catch up and tell her how thankful she was for Ms. Deville's guidance and support.

"Oh but before that" Grace put her things beside the couch. "Can you lead me to the restroom? I need to pee and I need to like freshen up and all that" She asked Ms. Deville.

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