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The young blonde finally caught up to the group after walking for what seemed like centuries (even though it was actually just a few minutes). Some might see Haruko slightly panting from just the walk that he took.

He may not know it, but another reason his parents wanted him to enroll in the academy was to improve his stamina. They will not let their son waste away in their home by sleeping all the time. Haruko would argue about it to his parents, but he was too sleepy to even get angry or irritated. Besides, he knew all that talk he got from them about going outside and getting some sunlight was important for a growing boy like him, and he understood their concern. That's why he started to open the curtains so when morning came, Haruko's still sleeping body will be basked in warm sunlight.

His parents did not appreciate his sense of humor.

Anyways, Haruko was glad he was among his peers again. It was a good thing he didn't miss much aside from the names of their teachers and other staff members but he'll just follow the lead of his would-be classmates.

Speaking of classmate, Haruko found a potential candidate: a tall boy who introduced himself as Callum, with amber hair and a bandage on his chin. Judging from the overall vibes Haruko was getting from this guy, he seemed to be a mage whose magic focuses on close-combat. Haruko thought it's pretty cool to see a mage who prefers fighting in close range than those using magic at a far and safer distance.

Haruko also looked at another boy who waved at him: a boy with dark grey hair and very pale skin. To be honest, Haruko was a little spooked when he first saw him. He thought he was one of those brooding mages that practices dark magic, but the blonde changed his mind when he saw how bright his smile was. And boy, was Haruko glad he was wrong.

The Osuunese boy stopped alongside them, put his arms beside him, and did a formal bow. "Thank you for waiting for me. My name is Haruko Eto, and you can call me Haruko", he said before standing right back up. It's been long since he last talked to people his age as he usually chatted with his parents' patients who were usually thirty years old and above.

He continued to walk with the group now that he could listen to the person in charge of showing them around. Aside from sleeping, Haruko's other favorite thing to do was learning, and he was glad for the opportunity to learn new knowledge he could dream about. They continued their tour from the Blackglade Forest to Everin's hall, the administration building. The Osuunese looked around in awe at how beautiful and grandiose everything was. He couldn't see much of the other buildings, but he hoped some of their architecture would be something that could remind him of home.

Their tour continued up to the dormitories and the library, the Tower of Lights. What Haruko couldn't get out of his mind, though, was the large oak tree where under it was the shaman teacher Li Amoni playing his flute. That place seemed to be a perfect place to sleep, and Haruko made a mental note to go and sleep there if he got the chance.

I vote for a Discord server for the RP. I can make one if the GM is busy.

That's a good idea! I second that ^u^
Heya! Me is very interested in this rp. Here is my Nightwing/Harley Quinn/Ty Lee from ATLA-inspired character. Hope ya like her! ^u^

Haruko yawned as he walked as briskly as he could to the group, looking at a boy who waved at him. If only there was a championship just for sleeping, Haruko will be undefeatable. Sadly, being quite listless was frowned upon in a world where you're only considered 'living' if you're being active. It didn't make sense to the blonde. Certainly, even the listless has contributed in the development of society today, right?

The young boy stopped as he admired a peculiar looking butterfly. The colors of its wings were brown at first glance but it seemed to change based on how light reflected it, turning from red to maroon to pink then back at brown again. A butterfly, like the ones he had in his dream a while ago...

Haruko blinked and slapped his right cheek. He can't afford to go sleeping whenever he can again, specially that today was the day of their orientation. He could drink coffee, maybe eat some sweets, or do warm up exercise, but he'll think about those some other time. Right now, Haruko needed to focus on the present.

He turned his attention back to the boy with amber hair waving at him, and the blonde Osuunese boy waved back at him with a meek smile, walking up so he could catch up and walk with him and the rest of the group.


"What does it mean to live?"

Haruko found himself standing inside an old rundown home like the ones in his region, Osuun. Haruko grunted; it seemed that his need to sleep got the best of him yet again. Since it was his dream, he could do whatever he wanted in it and summoned a blue-violet fire on his palm. It illuminated the house's interior a bit, basking everything in an eerie bluish purple light. It looked to him that the house was deserted and forgotten for a long time. Cobwebs covered the ceiling, and the furniture was caked in dust. He could've willed the rotten wooden windows to open to let some light in the house, but his gut told him to not do that for the meantime.

He walked down the hallway, the wooden floor creaking and groaning with every step. The walls were adorned by dusty portraits of the family that used to live here, but for some reason their faces were all blank. Upon seeing them, Haruko already knew that he was having a nightmare.

He walked up the stairs. There were three rooms with their doors shut, but he went to the farthest one at the end of the hall. He opened it, and saw a shadowy figure seating at the bed with its back facing towards Haruko. It turned its head to look back at Haruto, revealing the face of an old woman with black hollow eye-sockets. "I remember... living. Am I alive?", it asked him with a raspy voice. "I don't know. You're speaking to me, so I guess you're living", Haruto told it. "Though there are some who are not living, even if they're alive". Then suddenly, everything dispersed and turned into butterflies. The walls, the curtains, the furniture, the bed, everything. Butterflies of all shapes and sizes, of all shades and colors fluttered around Haruko and the figure. It continued staring at Haruto with a curious expression before it's body dispersed into butterflies as well.

Haruto awoke and found himself leaning his back on one of the rails. He relaxed before catching his breath. He rubbed his face with his hands and exhaled. Well, that was... weird. A nightmare that turned into a sweet dream was a first to him. Ominous, even.

Before he could let his mind wander anymore, Haruko now only noticed the sunlight bathing him and the sound of birds chirping and excited talking at a distance. He noticed that the airship already landed on their destination, and Haruko was the only one left behind inside the flying contraption. He got his stuff, patted his yukata, before following the rest of the students outside, where they seemed to follow more people that Haruko doesn't know about. He walked briskly to catch up to them, admiring the view of the beautiful surroundings and other infrastructures and things at the distance.

Haruko was laying down on a wet grassland. He can feel the water seeping through his clothes as he floated on the wet soil, the grass swaying in the breeze blown by the cool morning air. He looked up at the sky, covered by blankets of thick, white clouds. He wondered what it would be like to become a cloud, just letting himself be carried away by the winds of the earth, soaring through the open sky without a care in the world.

He stretched his arm upwards, opening his hands as if to get a handful of the clouds. Then he suddenly did. He was confused at first until he realized he found himself floating high in the sky, the puffy clouds rolling in front of him as he still laid up facing them. That's when he remembered he was sleeping, and he grunted. He almost forgot he was actually on an airship on its way to an academy for magic, to teach students like him how to practice and develop their skills in sorcery and other arcane arts.

Haruko paused for a second then sighed. He always believed dreams were better than reality, a safe and serene place to escape from all the noise and chaos of the real world. Alas, he couldn't just spend all of his living days in his dreams. Besides, if he focused enough, he could hear the distinct noises of his soon-to-be classmates, all seemingly excited yet nervous of what's to come. The airship he was in was just about to leave when he fell asleep, so he might as well take a look around and see if they're there yet.

He woke up from his slumber, sitting at a far corner of the room, stretching a bit and rubbing his eyes. He saw several people chatting around, all with their own distinct clothing, mannerisms, and personalities. He looked outside the window and saw the academy at a distance. He was very impressed by what he saw, but he was more interested on the clouds parting before the airship as it flew in the sky. Haruko stood up and leaned on the railing, listlessly watching the flying puffy cottons go by with the sounds of chatting at his back.
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