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Current To the rps that I was in, thank you for welcoming me and giving me a chance to become a part of your world. All of you are wonderful and creative people who deserve the best in life. Godspeed.
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I was not... in the right place emotionally and mentally. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for unintentionally ghosting the rps I'm in. I'm working a lot to become a better person now.
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Just came back from the dead woo
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In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Forest near the Sun Elf Kingdom
INTERACTIONS: Ayita @13org, Cadence @Helo, Soruklithbaal @Alivefalling

All the passengers of the Amora heard that familiar roar. They all rushed outside to the balcony of the Amora and there they saw Soruklithbaal the great dracolich, burning a portion of forest to ashes. They all cheered and hollered for it, as they knew no one could withstand its might and power.

"Oh dear, looks like I'm late to the party," Sakura said as she watched the dracolich unleash another torrent of flames. To the other demons and dark elves, it might seem that the dracolich was merely causing chaos and destruction, but the demoness knew that it had already found its target. While the situation did put a dent on Sakura's plans, it was nothing major from the demoness's perspective. She should simply just, as aquatic demihumans would say, 'go with the flow'.

While the others were too busy gawking in awe at Soruklithbaal, Sakura separated herself from the crowd, opened her umbrella, and flew upwards to the sky. She yelped in pain as the sun's rays touched her skin, but she withstood it and continued flying straight through and inside a huge mass of clouds. Within it, she held a blank talisman and chanted.

"From the skies of order and seas of strife
I the rule breaker, defiler of rife
Reveal the fatal flaw
My word forever law
Seek the insentient and grant them life"

As she chanted, she could feel a portion of her life energy flowing out of her body and pouring unto the blank talisman. She knew the shikigami she would be summoning would take much more of her energy than her past creations; hopefully, it would get its job done as quickly as it can before it continued to drain more of her life energy. The talisman now bore pink markings on it and it hummed with energy. "Come to me, fulfill your duty!," Sakura said. The cloud began swirling around her, gradually picking up the pace and protecting her from the sun.

The demons and dark elves noticed what was happening and were looking suspiciously at the swirling clouds, with some of them even drawing out their menacing weapons. Sakura only smiled and giggled as she controlled her new shikigami and made it fly straight towards the direction of Soruklithbaal.

It will look just like any other cloud for some people, but upon further observation, they will notice it had a talisman on its head, signifying that it was a shikigami, a creature brought to life by the magic of Sakura. It flew at high speeds until it crash-landed on the forest, dispersing its cloud body and killing the fires brought by the dracolich with its cold air and water vapor. Then it swirled around the dracolich to confuse it and block its sights.

"Hello", Sakura said behind the demihuman and its dark-skinned female human companion. Looked like her intel was true; just by sensing the forest, Sakura could tell the pair was alone. And for the pair, it might look like Sakura just appeared behind them out of nowhere, but the demoness actually just jumped in time as the cloud landed and she ran behind the pair. "While thinking about attacking the lich king's dracolich seems brave but moreso idiotic, I would like to offer you a choice instead: either we should run away as quickly as possible while it is still distracted, or you choose to stay and become Soruklithbaal's breakfast. What say you?"
In Avalia 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

TIME: Late Morning
LOCATION: From Daka Island, en route to Sun Elf Kingdom

Sakura thought of creating her own flying shikigami to ride so she could go to the Sun Elf Kingdom, but she figured riding an Amora would be much faster and would take less effort. As she walked towards the Amora and towards her seat, the demons and dark elves bowed their heads in respect to her. She sure did look very out of place: while the demons and dark elves were rough and dark-looking with their growling and menacing faces and rowdy behavior, Sakura was their total opposite. With her seimei umbrella opened, she walked with grace and a smile on her face, nodding her head back towards the demons and dark elves that showed respect to her.

However, a demon was having none of it. He stood in front of Sakura, crossing his arms as he blocked her way. He was about seven feet tall, with red skin and eyes, black horns and a long reptilian tail. When he sneered, it showed his rows upon rows of yellow razor-sharp teeth, and he looked at Sakura with seer loathing in his black eyes.

"Excuse me," Sakura politely said. When the red demon didn't budge, she tried to walk to his side but the demon quickly blocked her again.

"Walking up here like you own the place," the red demon said. "Why in the hell should we respect a pipsqueak demon like you? Ha! As if you even consider yourself to be a demon!". He bent down to get near Sakura's face in a menacing way, but the demoness just kept looking forward with a smile on her face. "You're a good-for-nothing woman, a mere spoiled brat. Why don't you go back to your precious daddy? This is no place for a little gir-"

Before the red demon finished his sentence, Sakura closed her umbrella, infusing it with her power, and quickly slashed upwards before walking past the demon. He stood in place for a few seconds before his head fell to the ground, his black blood gushing out from his severed neck. The other demons and dark elves only looked on in fear and awe but felt no remorse for the red demon; only a fool would anger Aklenroth's daughter.

Soon, Sakura was riding the Amora along with other demons and dark elves all the way to the Sun Elf Kingdom. According to her intel, Soruklithbaal should be flying towards the Sun Elf Kingdom, where a pair of human and demihuman was. If she were to become successful in fulfilling her mission, she should be there just in time to intervene with the Dracolich's hunting.

Sakura rubbed the area on her arm where Aklenroth painlessly burned a rune on her. She needed a reminder that, even though she was alone, she could always have someone to call to in times of need. It gave her a sense of relief and security, and she has never been prouder of being the lich king's daughter. Although, the seeds of doubts began to grew within her because of what she just found. Part of her didn't want to believe Aklenroth did that to protect her from the pain she will feel upon discovering the truth.

She shook her head. Whatever it was, she was sure her father had a very good reason on hiding the truth from her. She trusted his judgement ever since, and it will do her no good if she started having doubts about her loyalty to him.

The demoness was reminded of it when she saw the image of Aklenroth on the sky at dawn a while ago, hearing his voice in her head. She was afraid at first of being seen, but the undead king made no remarks of knowing about Sakura's whereabouts. For all he knew, she was already en route to 'playing nice' with the humans which was her main mission. As her father's image on the sky disappeared, she pondered. Since his forces were already on the lookout for these humans and since he gave out a bounty to whoever would turn a human in, she was sure no human would ever be safe on Avalia unless they were protected by those who oppose him.

She looked at the earth beneath her. The glasses of the Amora were made to block out the harsh sunlight, the bane of demons, while still being to show the environment outside perfectly. The landscapes gradually changed from the black charred lands of Daka Island to more and more greens of growing plantlife as the Amora journeyed away from the land of demons. Her face didn't show it, but she was brimming with excitement from having the chance to meet an actual human.

Sakura giggled. Her playground seemed to be growing bigger and bigger.
In Avalia 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

TIME: Break of dawn (earlier today)
LOCATION: Somewhere in Daka Island

Somewhere in Daka Island, Sakura stood standing against the edge of a portion a forest. Given that all the forests within the island were considerably dark, this was the only one that's heavily shrouded by fog. Usually one could hear the chirp of demonic birds or at least the screeches of a howling owl, but the forest got quieter the more she got closer to the fog. Just by bringing her hand against it, she could tell it was made with magic. She pointed her umbrella towards the fog, where a pink blot of energy formed at its tip. She waved her umbrella against the fog to disperse it, only for the fog to materialize again. She tried to use her shikigami to go through the fog so she could see it on the inside, but it's as if the fog got even thicker around the shikigami, making it more confused as it forced the creature to run back towards Sakura.

The demoness's usual friendly smile was replaced with an annoyed frown. She couldn't believe Aklenroth didn't tell anything about this place to her. Being raised under the wings of the king, she knew the fog was of her father's doing. What could he be hiding behind the fog that he wouldn't want anyone to know, even including his daughter?

She was risking so much just by being in this place. It took her decades upon decades of going behind her father's back to do her own digging. She wanted to know about her old clan, her own kindred, but she couldn't find anything through the castle's expansive library. Sakura didn't want to risk about having Aklenroth knowing about her wanting to investigate her past so asking any demon and dark elf was out of the question. She couldn't help but feel like she's literally stumbling through the dark with no clear direction at all.

Now that she felt she was so close on uncovering the truth, she couldn't back down now. On the other hand, she literally disappeared from Aklenroth's sights; she even ditched that demon general O'Ner. She's risking so much just so she could be here and she felt so angry that the only thing keeping her from moving forward was this stupid magical fog. Her grip on her umbrella handle tightened, and she exhaled after a few seconds. It's no use; she didn't think this far. Sakura will find a way to get through this fog. In the meantime, she will have to go back and resume her mission.

A mass of shadow shifted against a dead tree, but Sakura didn't react. She can sense if there were any living beings nearby through their chi, and she recognized her own instead as her shadow shikigami emerged from the darkness. It looked like a large, long worm made of pure darkness. A paper talisman imbued with her own chi was on its head, and hiding behind it was a large eye she got from the corpse of a hawk demihuman. There were many more like it scattered among the dark corners of Avalia, serving as her eyes to spy upon the other races. The only bad thing was they can only manifest in dark places and can be easily destroyed when a light shines on them.

It crawled towards Sakura and bowed its head with respect. It shifted its form once again to go in front of Sakura, its shadow body forming a pool that surrounds the eye. Within the pool, the shikigami showed the events it had witnessed to Sakura, like a black-and-white movie. It made no sound, but Sakura got the general gist of things just by observing the people's facial expressions and movements.

She raised her head to find out several more of her shadow shikigami have emerged from the shadows. The demoness sighed; it looked like she had a lot of catching up to do.
The Quirinian was shocked to see the three USS human offices approach their group and began to act mean to them without any reason. One of them even tapped on the glass as if trying to annoy Uruna. She was indeed getting annoyed but she wanted to wait first to see if they could explain why they were being so mean to them. Uruna inclined her head to the side as the trio spilled their story to them. They were goading and spiteful at first, but now they're more somber and heartbroken as the trio told the group about the horrors they have faced. The smallest of the three leaned his forehead against the glass instead of tapping it, and Uruna could perfectly hear the sadness from his voice.

Uruna placed her hand on the glass opposite where Frutz leaned his forehead, showing him how sorry she was. "I have seen so many faces etched with pain and suffering as a medic. While in training, it was important for us to go on field missions so we could experience treating the wounded first hand in the outside world. The experience was nothing compared to what they told us. The miasma of sickness and blood in the waters, the painful groans of the sick and wounded, the pale faces of those who abandoned hope and succumbed to the pain...

She paused for a bit and breathed deeply to relax herself. "Even saying it out loud made me remember all those horrible things. But we in the medicine field have become used to death. Not so much that we are numb to the pain and suffering of our patients, but that exposure helped us realize how truly ugly real life is. It has taught us to maintain our composure, keep our heads leveled, and focus on our tasks so we can concentrate on treating and healing our patients.

We medics promised to do whatever it takes to help them. There is no point in wallowing about the future as we all know pain, suffering, and death are inevitable. The best that we can do is to make the most out of what we have today. That's why we must make sure to do our best and complete our missions so all of us can come back to our homes safe and sound. We will mourn our departed and we will celebrate their legacy, while we should continue on living no matter what. As the saying goes: just keep swimming."
Uruna said to the three members of the USS while giving them a sad smile, hoping her words would at least help them in their endeavors.

In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

TIME: Past Midnight
LOCATION: Morteum (The Necropolis)
INTERACTIONS: @Alivefalling@Eviledd1984

Gleeful laughter echoed throughout the Necropolis. In the blink of an eye, a parasol appeared out of nowhere and hovered high up in the air as it slowly rotated. It gradually made its way down, where its handle bounced on the ground and spun around fast, scattering bountiful cherry blossoms and petals all over the area. Then an unknown figure seemingly appeared out of nowhere as well, holding the parasol and twirling around elegantly as if she was dancing.

The demoness finished her twirling as she faced the Lich King, closing her umbrella and bowing before him. "Father." She respectfully greeted him. She stood up and faced his comrade, O'Ner the kindly undead, before Aklenroth, giving him a smile. Her skin and hair were as white as snow, and her eyes seemed to be just pools of pure gold.

"You heard right, General Faister. Our delightful king has a daughter. I will understand if it has surprised you quite a bit. Father is a very humble and quiet lich after all. Oh, where are my manners? You may call me Sakura." Sakura amusingly said to O'Ner with a curtsy. She has watched O'Ner before as any of Aklenroth's chosen comrades have piqued her interest. It was to her disappointment to find out how boring he was as all he did was tend to his precious garden. She almost considered destroying it because she wanted to see how O'Ner would like if he was mad, but decided not to as quickly lost interest.

Sakura walked to Aklenroth's side as she twirled her parasol around. "Oh Father, you should see what it's like outside. All those worthless gnats creating their own rifts in hopes that a hero will come and save their precious lands. You will even find yourself laughing at their futile attempt." She said as she chuckled, running her fingers through her parasol.

The parasol was a gift to her by Aklenroth, one of the only intact objects his forces have found along with her among the wreckage of her hometown. Aklenroth and the dark elves imbued magic unto it, making sure it will be useful for Sakura in her future endeavors. She promised to cherish the parasol given to her by her new Father, a symbol of her loyalty and eternal gratitude to the omnipotent Lich King who saved her life.

As she talked, Sakura noticed a weak life force lingering around before disappearing forever. She knew what race that life force belonged to and she smiled to herself as she realized her Father had finally killed that pesky fairy spy of his. Sakura was planning to tell her Father the news about the elves opening rifts all over Avalia, but the fairy beat her to it. Sakura even saw the army of undead marching out of Necropolis, and she even heard Aklenroth shout out loud and calling forth Soruklithbaal, ordering him to kill the ones who opened the rifts. She smiled and laughed gleefully as she watched the undead dragon soar to the cold, dark heavens, knowing that their enemies were no match against the mighty creature.

"As always, I know you called for me here for a reason, Father. Would you like me to continue going undercover to gather more information about the enemy? Or perhaps, you want me to assist our precious dragon? Oh, I can even go and wreck havoc in a few villages myself. Just say the word, Father!", Sakura excitedly said as she was very much looking forward for a chance to 'play' with the enemies.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Haruhi 'Sakura' Tsukihana ❀ 99 ❀ Female ❀ Demon


156 cm

82 lbs

Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Gradient gold that goes darker the higher it gets with no pupils

Skin Tone:

Brief Clothes Description:
Sakura's outfit bears a heavy resemblance to a miko or a shrine maiden in Japan. She wears a blue dress over her yellow-collared white kimono robe; under the white robe is another one that's red and has longer, more flowy-looking sleeves. She also wears a red cut-out skirt over her blue dress. For footwear, she wears a pair of white socks with red on the garters along with red sandals that add to her height. The motif of her outfit is completed with ribbons and cherry blossoms. She styles her hair to make it look like she has cat ears with a neatly placed red ribbon at her hair.

Easygoing ❀ Mischievous ❀ Calculating ❀ Flamboyant


⋆ Sweet things
⋆ Fragrant aromas
⋆ 'Playing'
* Learning new things
* Dancing

⋆ Being kept in the dark
⋆ Being outsmarted by her 'playmates'
⋆ Not doing anything
* Foul odors
* Losing

⋆ The sun
⋆ Failure
⋆ Death


Sakura is a very extrovert person who can even hold a conversation with a rock if it could talk, though she also heavily appreciates her alone time where she would continue to hone her skills in her magic and in her fighting abilities. Based on the physiology of her clan and the upbringing of Aklenroth, Sakura can be both selfish and selfless. She looks down at other beings that are not demons and dark elves, yet she appreciates nature and woodland creatures. She thinks of herself most of the time, but she's also willing to provide support and healing to her fellow demons and dark elves in battle if it means winning. She doesn't even realize herself how bipolar-like she seems to be, and the demons and dark elves who would observe her would be more confused on whether to fear her or admire her.

Even when faced with an opponent, Sakura will always have that cheerful smile on her face. She will often giggle and tease her enemy while battling them, showing off how much she looks down at them. She would intentionally act dumb to fool her opponent as she waits for the right moment to deliver a fatal strike. She almost never backs down from a fight unless Aklenroth himself have ordered her to retreat or if she herself becomes bored, causing her to leave the battle like it's nothing. In decision-making, she is also just as calm as her false disposition, never letting her nerves to get the best of her. She's light on her feet, and her training under the wings of the Lich King greatly improved her wits and reaction times.

Sakura has a very easygoing and calm disposition. She acts very friendly and compassionate to others, and she gives off this trusting and welcoming vibe that makes others feel very warm inside. In addition to her graceful mannerisms and serene way of speaking, any male would instantly fall in love with her. In reality, she looks at those species different from hers as nothing more than mere gnats. Because of what the other species have done to her clan, she is brimming with near constant anger behind that mask, though she considers it to be very unladylike of her to act so brash. Instead, she ventures her anger into what she calls 'playing' or simply fighting. She finds it as a very efficient outlet for her anger.

Tragic ❀ Sad ❀ Mysterious


Aklenroth's Spy/Intel Gatherer

Living Immediate Family Members:

Dead Immediate Family Members:
Her whole clan

Current Companions:

Current and Past Lover(s):

Are you a loner or with a group? Have you always been in this place?:
She's always alone when in her missions, though she can still strike a conversation with a stranger or two. They won't even notice her being a demon because of her kind and serene disposition.

The only thing she could remember was growing up within the castle and being raised by the king who, despite being an undead, never failed to show her warmth and compassion. She was raised with the help of other demons and dark elves up until her current age. She was trained in combat by the demons and, when she was found to have a natural affinity for magic, she was trained in spells by the dark elves. She was trained by the best until she herself become one of the best.

Based on what Aklenroth has told her, her original clan was massacred by the combined forces of demihumans and elves who wanted to end the rule of the Lich King over the lands. His forces came to help her clan but it was already too late when they arrived. They killed everyone in sight until nothing remained in their community but corpses and ashes. Aklenroth's forces were about to leave when they heard the cry of a baby, and they were elated to find out one of Sakura's clan survived. Because of what her adoptive father told her, Sakura became very hateful of those who killed her clan. She swore that one day she will avenge her fallen kin, and she will show no mercy just as how they killed her clan.

Magic Caster ❀ Chi/Life Energy Manipulation ❀ Anti-Demon Magic

Physical Strengths:
⋆ Agility
⋆ Fast reflexes
⋆ High evasion skills

Physical Weaknesses:
⋆ She doesn't do well in tight spaces.
⋆ Her weak frame is no match against a physically stronger opponent.
⋆ She heavily relies on her magic and will only resort to physical fighting when given no choice.

Subspecies: Awariko ('Pale Dancer')
[indent]The Awariko are a subspecies of demons. They have pale skin, snow-white hair, and pupil-less golden eyes. Almost none of them grow horns, though the ones who do have horns are short in comparison to the other horned-demon subspecies. They are the most agile and swift-moving out of all the demons in Avalia, though they are also the weakest in terms of physical strength. Back then, what they are most known for is their unique magic ability. Aklenroth wanted the Awariko to bend the knee and swear loyalty to him, but they are actually pacifist demons who wanted nothing more than to dance under the cherry blossom trees that bloom all year long within their community. Their inability to even raise a fist is what caused almost all of them to be easily slaughtered./indent]

Unique Abilities:
Chi Magic - This spell focuses on harnessing the chi or life force of sentient beings. It allows the user to redirect the flow of chi in an organism's body to produce a number of effects, such as healing wounds and treating illnesses. Though usually a very peaceful type of magic, Sakura found a way to use it offensively. She uses her own chi or the chi of others (mostly plants) to launch powerful magical strikes at her opponent in the form of beams and waves, strong enough to pulverize rock. In order to regain her chi, Sakura would have to sleep a lot and eat as many as she could. All the Awariko's spells are pink and have a cherry blossom theme to them.

Shikigami Summoning - Sakura can create a shikigami to do her bidding by imbuing her own chi unto their talismans. These shikigami can be formed by anything she desires. She created living shadows to help her spy her targets, and she can also create rock golems and treants to help her in battle. She can create as many shikigami as she wishes, but her own chi continuously depletes as long as her shikigami are active. Once their talismans are removed or destroyed, the life force it contains will automatically go back to Sakura, allowing her own chi to be restored.

    * Seimei umbrella - It is red that has floral patterns on it. Sakura uses it to protect herself from the harsh sunlight when going outside in the morning. It also acts as her staff that she can infuse her magic in so she can perform various spells with more focus and accuracy.
    * Talismans - She uses them to create Shikigami. She can alao infuse them with her magic and throw them at a target as paper bombs.

Oh sorry! I didn't read it properly >m< I'll do right next time!

"Oh, I didn't mean to scare you. Apologies", Uruna said as she sheepishly laughed. The Quirinian then gave the others a serene smile. Even though they were all much different from each other, it looked like they were all kind and thoughtful as well. Uruna was glad to know the other members of the Trident were just as kind as the ones she met before when she was still in training. She was sure Ommo would like them, but the blue-skinned Droquilian? Maybe not so much.

She floated before them and enjoyed watching them talk to her and each other. Uruna has always been the silent, observer type. She did not like to be the center of attention, and would rather blend in with the crowd than stand out. The nice thing was she felt right at home with them despite just meeting them the first time, though she did feel kind of strange when the orange-haired girl stared at her for a minute too long.

She was so entertained by the lot that she forgot she was holding a 'bottle' of her drink. It's non-alcoholic as Uruna still felt weird drinking alcohol despite being of legal age. Besides, she didn't know what she was like when drunk. She could unintentionally will her tentacles to become active, and her nematocysts might hurt someone. That won't surely make a very effective first impression.

Even then, most of the Droquilians on her side of the glass would steer clear of her tentacles, either looking at them in fear or in annoyance, possibly both. Uruna would've taken the chance to tell them she can control her tentacles, but she's sure no one would even touch them even if they got paid to do so.

She held her 'bottle' using two hands and punctured a hole on it with her teeth so she could suck and drink it. It was very refreshing indeed, and she eagerly drank all of it. "Mmm... Oh don't mind me, I don't drink alcohol but thank you for being thoughtful! You guys drink to your heart's content," she told the orange-haired lady.

Then she turned to Captain Weaver. "They're right, Captain. Giving off a speech in front of an audience is indeed nerve-wracking, but we will be here to support you."
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hey y'all! I would really love to join your rp. Just a question: are all of our characters the protagonists of the story? Can I make a villain that's aligned with the main antagonist or should I just make another good guy as well?
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