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Having insomnia is the worst feeling in the world, when your body really, really wants to sleep but you simply just f*cking can't. I hate my life
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If you're in last place, that means you're in first place but in the opposite direction.
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I dunno what to do anymore lalalalala~
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If you don't find a rabbit with lipstick amusing, you and I have nothing to say to each other.


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@sassy1085 heyyyy sorry it took so long :3
"Aaaah, a child of Cinderella. Hm, yep. It all makes sense now", Irah nodded.

Just then they were approached by one of their peers and introduced themselves to them. "Well well, it's always nice to meet someone as non-uniquely unique as myself. A pleasure to meet you Ms. Arnaldar", Irah said to Gray before curtsying. "If I may say, it is such a curious and... humbling feeling for a fairy tale commoner like me to be surrounded by multiple fairy tale royalties such as yourselves," Irah pointed at Madison and Gray. "I gotta ask: how is it like, life in the palace? Do you sing and prance about in your kingdoms by morning and party with the woodland creatures in the afternoon? Do you always wear those lavish ball gowns, even when you go to sleep? D-Do you royalties even fart? Pardon for the sudden questions but I am simply intrigued about you princesses", Irah said.

It may be hard for people to take Irah seriously simply because they never knew if she was serious, or even have the ability to be serious. As much as she was a troublemaker, Irah hoped the princesses weren't somewhat offended by her questions. If they were, Irah will honestly be disappointed.


@drewccapp eh sorry bout that part. It was my mistake as I misunderstood the map. I actually thought there's nothing on Woomdaly but a windmill in the center of a field so I gotta change that part xD
@Mokley lemme pm ya (is that how they say it lol}

"Weird?", Eilsel asked with his brow raised to the swordsman as he shot javelins that pierced through the Reavers. "Kissing is, like, generally practiced all around Elysia. Maybe it's your race that's so sensitive that they make kissing a big deal".

The swordsman, who's slicing through the Reavers at ease, managed to look back at Eilsel just to give him an exasperated and smug look before going back to commit genocide. Eilsel, on the other hand, felt even more irritated. How can this guy be so smug all the time?, he thought to himself as he filled his side of the battlefield with toxic mist and hardening it to encase the Reavers in toxic crystals, trapping and killing them slowly at the same time.

Though he hates to admit it, but Eilsel thought they make a pretty good team. The swordsman was a good vanguard as his giant sword seem to be able to cut through the enemies' plasma blasts while Eilsel would support him by giving him a floating shield whenever a Reaver would attack him from his blind spot and Eilsel will through a javelin to the Reaver's head.

Whenever Eilsel felt they were overwhelmed, he'd generate a wall of liquid acid and splashed the enemies forward, burning their armor and skin. Thanks to Eilsel's kiss, the swordsman was unaffected by the wave and he even rode it to push through the enemy lines and kill more of the Reavers.

Remembering his mistake earlier, Eilsel made sure to glance up from time to time and sure enough, the Reaver's ship was picking out more and more of their dead kin while a new ship was on its way here. "Really funny if you could smoke out the ones up there", Eilsel's companion said. While thinking about what he said, the last of the Reavers began to fire their weapons. Once again, the swordsman charged forward, cutting through their plasma blasts with ease while Eilsel ran behind him. He generated liquid acid while running, hardening the tips into crystals, and made the remaining five Reavers-on-a-stick-through-the-head ala Eilsel. He threw their dead bodies towards the other left-over bodies of the Reavers.

When the last of them were dispatched. His companion would flourish his blade with a slice, spreading the ichor across a wall to make his blade clean. He set it on a clip in his back before getting back to Eilsel. "Not a clean fight but whatever." He held out a hand. "Name's Rook. Chief of Security for the Cerberus Gate. Rides yours if you want it, least we could do after helping us out."

Eilsel inclined his head to the side. That's why he was so powerful. Guess he wasn't a know-it-all smug like what Eilsel thought after all. Eilsel returned the gesture and shook back his head. "Eilsel. Just a humble adventurer. I appreciate the offer, but my ship's just a few walks away from here. You can catch a ride with me there instead if you want."

It was then, behind him, that Eilsel would notice that there was a half dozen others, some of them wearing similar uniforms despite the race. They were carrying bags and moving out to make sure that a nearby truck still held its contents.

"Cargo's secure sir!" Shouted one of the females before she made a bowing motion to Eilsel. "Thanks for the help!" She then set out to make sure that the rest of her crew was okay and ready to get the truck started. It was obvious they seemed to be stealing it, considering how they had to rip out a panel.

Rook looked back to his Eilsel. "What do you say?"

"Before I answer I answer that question..." Eilsel turned his attention back at the approaching ship. He concentrated his energy between his palms until he could form a sphere with both acidic and toxic properties, then he willed it to shoot towards the ship.

The sphere was too small to be able to be even noticed by the enemies. It shot straight towards the inside of the ship with ease as it easily corroded the ship's surface and, with a snap of Eilsel's fingers, willed the sphere to explode. The energy released by the sphere immediately fried almost all of the Reavers inside the ship while the mist poisoned the lungs of the rest and corroded everything it touches including its energy-driven engines, eventually causing the ship itself to explode.

Eilsel turned his attention back at Rook only to realize he was staring at him along with the other soldiers near another ship. "I don't mind them taking that ship. Like I said earlier, I have my own ship that's just a few walks away. If you want to come with, better decide quickly 'cause I don't want my companion to wait any longer. Besides", Eilsel shyly said as he looked elsewhere, "I kind of have no idea of this Cerberus Gate everyone's talking about, so I thought it would be nice if someone could guide me there..."

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Golde woke up from the splash of seawater on her face, coughing and spitting out the water from her mouth. She felt extremely cold and she realized Ifor took them both to another beach. She saw him beside her, being splashed on by the back and forth of the waves of the sea. Golde tried to rub off the wet sand from her skin and clothes but to no avail; instead, she heaved, dragged, pushed, and rolled Ifor towards the drier area of the beach where the waves won't reach them.

After what seemed like millennia, Golde sat down on the sand as she rested her back against Ifor and gasped for breath. She took a look around her and realized she doesn't know where they actually are with the only noticeable landmark near them was this very big and weird-looking tree that made no sense to her.

But then again, none of them all are sure either.

Golde hoped to see the very bright light that came from the obelisk or just even the sound of the airplanes used to attack them yet she couldn't see nor hear both them. She thought of the others they left, especially Elliot who was touching the obelisk, the peculiar children they saw, and the griffins.

Oh, the griffins!

Even when she's dizzy, Golde forced herself to stand up. She couldn't bear the thought of her poor, newfound friend being torn to shreds by the mass of walking nightmares that came from the beach from where they were.

She thought quickly. How can she find them if she doesn't know where they are?

A high place, Golde thought as she began to look around once more and began to approach the tree. I need to find a high pla-

Golde abruptly stopped thinking as she didn't notice it a while ago. The very big and weird-looking thing she thought was a tree was actually an old and creepy looking windmill. Golde began to nervously sweat despite being cold from being wet.

She glanced at Ifor who's still deep asleep, perhaps too tired from all the running and carrying he did. She also didn't notice it before, but just a few walks away was her medical bag. She ran to retrieve it and went back to Ifor to heal his new wounds on his arms. After that, she put her hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry for what I did earlier, big guy", she said to him while he's unconscious. "I know you did that out of the kindness of your heart and I greatly appreciate that. I just got to find out where we and the rest are so we can join together again. I won't be long, I promise". Golde kissed Ifor's forehead, then she stood up and approached the creepy windmill.


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