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Current Despite everything that's going on, being alive is heckin' swell.
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To the rps that I was in, thank you for welcoming me and giving me a chance to become a part of your world. All of you are wonderful and creative people who deserve the best in life. Godspeed.
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I was not... in the right place emotionally and mentally. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for unintentionally ghosting the rps I'm in. I'm working a lot to become a better person now.
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Just came back from the dead woo
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Will be gone for a bit. Blame college


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Hōshasen: The Plaguemother

TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Forests outside Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Malachi @princess, Myra @13org, O'ner (Mathis) @Eviledd1984, Belladonna @Potter + everyone else

Due to Malachi's attack, a great portion of the spiders was killed, causing some of them to scurry back in fear to the den. Hōshasen was just there, seething with rage as she ensured her children were healthy and well upon coming out of their eggs. When some of her spiders came back and brought her news of the group's retreat, Hōshasen bared her fangs. "Such cowards. Are these the ones who will really fight back against the Lich King? How pathetic." She said before turning to the other spiders. "My children! Since the so-called resistance is nothing but worthless cowards, we must take this chance to claim this forest as ours! Go forth as planned and destroy everything in your path!"

Maneru: The Deceptive Mist

TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Sewers of Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Ayita @13org, Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana, Baraian @Dezuel

Amongst the sewers under the City of Roshmi were the group of Ayita, Torvi, Kuroi, and Baraian. They thought they were all alone but little did they know that there was a demonic presence within their midst.

A man was somewhere under the sewers with them, his wooden sandals making gentle splashes on the murky waters as he dragged the bottom of his blue clothes against the putrid waste. No one should ever find this type of environment welcoming but the man would disagree. After all, this was where he spent most of his childhood growing up. A small rodent emerged from a pile of garbage from his right and just as fast as the blink of an eye, the man struck at the rat and impaled it with his very long claws. The rat's squeaks of pain could be heard throughout the sewers but when he unhinged his jaw and showed rows of razor-sharp teeth, he swallowed the entirety of the rat in a single gulp, once again enveloping the sewers in silence.

He was told by his Master that a part of the Resistance was here and indeed they were, noticing different types of scents from the ones he was used to smelling in the sewers. He smiled in devilish glee with his forked tongue licking his lips. "How graciousss of Massster to provide me with a buffet sssuch as thisss? I am eternally grateful for her boundlessss kindnessss." Maneru the Deceptive Mist said.

He pulled out his mask that's seething with magic and put it on. He could immediately feel the mask's magic being imbued on his body and Maneru let out a sigh of contentment. "Aaah... Ssso much power within my grasssp. Perhapsss I ssshall play with my food firssst before I devour them ravenousssly." At his will, light blue mist billowed out of the edges of the mask, spreading out to fill the sewers until it was about to reach the group of Ayita, Torvi, Kuroi, and Baraian before stopping. Maneru laughed. "Hehehe... I sssee you, walking pilesss of meat."

Their group will see nothing beyond the blue mist that blocked off their path. The mist just stayed there, not making any advances towards the group at all as if an invisible force was stopping it from enveloping them too. They could only see shadows of movement beyond the mist, getting darker as they got closer before they emerged from the mist. They would be surprised to find out that they were facing their clones. Their clones wore the exact same clothes and hairstyles as the originals, even down in the way Torvi ripped off the bottom of her dress. The clones all wore blank expressions on their faces, standing in place and just staring at the originals for a few moments before Kuroi's clone made the first move and advanced on the original group, followed by the other clones.

Zatara felt beat. Never did he realize he would be fighting armored, gun-slinging gorillas ever in his life but that was just he did, fighting armored, gun-slinging gorillas. He guessed he wouldn't be so surprised after all given the fact that the world was always just plain weird, he just didn't think much about it until he joined the Supermen of America which made him fight even weirder villains. Still, the benefits that came with being a superhero far outweigh the cons where one was the highly inevitable possibility of death.

Anyhow, he felt a little grumpy once the team made it back safely in HQ. There was no 'Gee Zatara, thanks so much for helping save the Flash! We wouldn't have found him without you!' or even a 'Your spells were so cool, Zatara! We're so glad to have you on our team!'. Instead, it seemed that everyone went back to their own personal stuff and life continued on per usual. On the other hand, it might make him seem like a douche for wanting attention after saving the day, but a little acknowledgment or two wouldn't hurt. Zatara just sighed and went back to his private quarters.

As soon as he entered, he threw himself on the bed and groaned loudly. His whole body was aching due to the fact that he wasn't working out as was instructed of him to be in top shape in every mission, so there were times where he had to catch his breath for a few minutes after running for a long time. He made a mental note on catching up on his stamina but for now, Zatara needed some rest before he got sent out on another exhausting mission.

He looked at his nightstand where a picture frame was. Shown was him when he was a child, his grandfather and namesake Zatara the First, and his deceased mother Zatanna. Zatara sat on the bed and took the frame in his hands, lovingly running his fingers along his mother's face and smiling wistfully at the memories he had with her. He wanted to try and find her despite feeling so tired, but his grandfather's words rang in his head:

'When you speak to the dead, ALL of them could hear you'.

Indeed, Zatara can see and even talk to the dead. It was a trait that he inherited from his father John Constantine who was never there for all of his life. The blond bastard didn't show up to any of his birthdays and he didn't even show up at Zatanna's funeral. Zatara hated that Constantine was not in his life yet he still had a connection to his 'beloved father'. They tried many different ways of removing his ability to see spirits but he would always regain the ability no matter what so they stopped trying. When Zatanna died, Zatara thought that his gift would let him see her once more but his grandfather adamantly refused, stating that what was dead MUST stay dead and that they should never interfere with the natural order of things or else chaos will ensue.

There were so many opportunities for Zatara to seek out his mother now that he's not under his grandfather's wing anymore but he didn't do it with respect to Zatara the First's wishes. Despite his ability, he never once saw Zatanna's spirit, not even a sliver or a shadow of her ghost. Either she already crossed over to the other side, she was hiding from him, or, Zatara hoped not, her soul was under the control of some demonic entity. The last one was a far-stretch, Zatara admitted that, but they lived in a world where gorillas could speak and aliens could destroy buildings in a single punch. Still, it's totally plausible that demons and angels don't even exist.

Honestly same. I've been inactive for quite a while now due to college and I don't know what to post next. Just most likely gonna wait for Omega first before I post maybe
am still down, just been busy with college recently
henlo everyone. hope y'all are having a great day. sorry for the inactivity, am just swamped with college work. will post sometime this week i swear
@January it's alright, real life sucks lmao

As long as you're doing alright on your end. Take it easy on yourself and do things on your own pace.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day ^u^
@Crimson Flame Couldn't be seen by the naked eye basically but he can still be seen through special or infrared cameras and by those who can see more beyond the naked eye like the Supers. People can still hear him, smell, and touch him too.
Omg I just realized...

Superman is dead and Zatara can see and talk to dead people...
Posted! Sorry it took so long, school's such a drag :3

Hope everyone's having a lovely day!

Once the Supermen teleported into the Flash Museum, they landed immediately in the thick of battle. Longshadow grew in size as the rest of the heroes fought against the gorilla army to face Grodd and end his evil plan. Obsidian and Red Tornado fought against them too, smacking and blasting foes away using their powers.

Zatara had been training with the team during his duration of being a member of the Supermen. He had been a fairly new recruit not unlike the other members who have founded the group. While he may not be much of a help in terms of smacking enemies on the head, Zatara had other ways of helping the team. He extended a hand towards a group of gorillas charging at them, roaring as they bared both their fangs and large weapons that they'll probably use to bash their heads in.

"Tcerider ym seimene tsniaga hcae rehto!" Zatara chanted, causing the gorillas to float off the ground. The disgruntled group barked in fear and confusion before they were forcefully slammed against another group of gorillas with blasters. "Snopaew og moob!" He chanted again, this time causing the gorilla's blasters to overheat and explode on their faces, knocking them out for the duration of the fight.

The magician could hear Longshadow say that they needed to find the Flash fast. Before he could do anything though, Congorilla suddenly attacked back at the team, tearing Red Tornado in half before slamming Longshadow so hard that he landed on a river far from here.

With Congorilla basically turning on the heroes and with a bunch more gorillas coming into the fight, the Supermen will get completely overwhelmed in no time. Superman, the new one, was busy fighting with Gorilla Grodd and the other members of the team were absent. Even though they could spend all day fighting these gorillas, they needed to find Flash first so they can put an end to Grodd's evil plans for world domination.

Zatara stretched out a hand to a group of gorillas that were about to fire away at them. "Ym ymene si ruoy ymene. Thgif meht!" The gorilla's eyes glowed violet and entered a trance-like state due to Zatara's spell, slowly turning around to fire back at the other gorillas. A shadow loomed behind him and he managed to jump to the sides quickly as a gorilla slammed his weapon at the ground where Zatara used to be. He tried to chant but he couldn't focus due to the gorilla relentlessly attacking him.

"Og ot peels!" He managed to shout as the gorilla immediately fell to the ground and snored loudly in his sleep. He quickly approached the slumbering gorilla and put a hand on his forehead. "Wohs em eht S'hsalf eurt noitacol!" He chanted and through the gorilla's memories, he could see the Flash trapped in some sort of room. It seemed like there were also gorillas keeping guard of the hero's location while there were others who kept breaking Flash's legs to incapacitate him.

"Gah!" The sight made Zatara recoil in horror. He knew Gorilla Grodd was evil but he didn't expect the mind-controlling ape to be this twisted! Now that Zatara knew the Flash's location, he took it upon himself to save the hero. Before doing that, he turned to the majority of the gorillas charging at the Supermen and stretched his hands out to them. "Evaw fo rewop, kconk meht tuo!" By uttering the spell, Zatara released a violet wave of pure magical energy towards the gorillas, blasting them backward and knocking them unconscious to the ground.

"Etaerc a elbbub fo elbisivni ruomalg!" Zatara chanted, his body being surrounded by twinkling light until he was invisible to the naked eye. Now that he's hidden from sight, Zatara proceeded to go to where the Flash was being trapped in order to save him.
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