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Current I dont know what i dont know anymore lol
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Despite everything that's going on, being alive is heckin' swell.
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To the rps that I was in, thank you for welcoming me and giving me a chance to become a part of your world. All of you are wonderful and creative people who deserve the best in life. Godspeed.
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I was not... in the right place emotionally and mentally. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for unintentionally ghosting the rps I'm in. I'm working a lot to become a better person now.
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Just came back from the dead woo


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"Annoying?" Eva asked in confusion, feeling appalled as she was never called annoying before. A cold-hearted bitch, sure, but never annoying. She wanted to kick Albino in the balls for being rude if she weren't held hostage right now.

She could feel the sharp blade pressing on her neck as Albino grabbed her and slowly moved away from the forming group of newbie heroes. The Mire looked like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie with how they formed out of the ground and was absorbing the pale-skinned villain down to the earth with them. Stray let out a dialogue worthy of that of an experienced hero (if only that reflected through his work ethic) and while she assumed everyone was listening to him, Eva secreted a special acid through her neck that slowly corroded Albino's knife.

Eva gave Crane a reassuring smile, letting her know everything's going to be okay. At least she had Miss Duff in her hands, away from danger. That way, the heroes could go all out on the villains without harming the Assistant Director. Eva had to work fast though. This island will not survive knowing what these young heroes were capable of.

Another monster came into view. Another Leftover? It didn't seem like it. Eva did remember another white-haired girl approaching the group and she was the last to join their orientation. Eva hadn't fully caught up on reading everyone's bio. Was this monster her? She let out a little sigh of relief when she saw Freakshow didn't hurt anyone so that meant she's on the good side. Phew.

What Eva didn't like was what Fallout might do. At least Gematria managed to render Jellyfish useless with her powers. "Nobody do... anything drastic..." She slowly said to everyone while looking at him.

All that's left now was Albino who's chances of living were getting slimmer with each passing second. With so many people showcasing their powers, every single one convincing these villains by threatening the two of them, it's making her head hurt

As if things couldn't get anyworse, Eva was surprised when she was turned around forcefully and felt a sharp pain on her shoulder. Her bright green eyes widened as she saw Alchemist, then she looked down at the blade she made with her powers stab her arm. The red spot around the blade grew bigger on her white coat as blood seeped through her clothes.

Eva failed to blink away the tears from her eyes as she reached up to grab Albino's face, grunting through the intense sharp pain. The others could see how the paralyzing venom was spreading throughout his body by how his veins turned green like watching a lightning strike in slow motion. It'll render Albino unable to move a muscle of his body, his veins now turned into a network of green webs through his pale white skin.

"Um... Me?" Eva said in confusion as Rupa went off and challenged Stray and the others on a race to find the most number of pyramids first. This was supposed to be just a simple, easy icebreaker activity but contests between people were inevitable, especially if said people had superhuman abilities. Perhaps, in more ways than one, they could really gauge out each other's capabilities here. Eva's not a fan of competitions but if it meant getting along with everyone, so be it.

As Rupa asked her what her name was, Eva looked at her with warmth. "My name is Evangeline, you may call me Eva. My chosen hero name is Dahlia." She introduced herself to the group, focusing more on Rupa as she gave the girl a little bow as showmanship of respect. "I admire your bravery, Alchemist. I shall help you win this so we can get pizza. The best food there is."

She then listened to the Mire's reply, picking up on the Leftover's clear disdain on what was done to them prior to coming to Savior Island. Eva sympathised with the Mire. While she's no Leftover, she knew what it was like having most of your life taken away from you, making you look out to the world in a glass box so you had the illusion of freedom. As the Mire melted down to the ground and melding with the earth, she could only hope their time here at Hero One would be fruitful for them.

As for Stray, he wasted no time putting his powers into action. He already created a charmed coin that quickly flew away, no doubt blessed by his runic magic to find those pyramids. Crane then proclaimed she saw one already and was moving towards it, and Eva was really impressed.

"Well, we don't want to lose them now, do we?" Eva turned to Rupa as she took off her gloves and put them back in her coat. "Let's see if there's anything we can find here first. Come on, everyone. This is a team effort." She announced to those that remained in behalf of Miss Duff who went away for a bit.

After a bit of looking, Eva still hadn't found any pyramids. Others already found them as quickly as Miss Duff announced it, perhaps she just sucked at finding stuff. Either way, that mood plant thing seemed interesting enough to-

Wait. Eva turned her attention to where Crane was, her voice full of worry. It's hard not to hear a large girl like her so Eva quickly made her way to where she was looking. Even Fallout was there too.

"What's going on... Eva's voice trailed off as she finally saw what the newbie heroes were looking at. Miss Duff laid unconscious between two men: a man with pale white skin and another man with weird jelly-like skin and tendrils coming from his back. They did seemed familiar and indeed, Eva remembered seeing them in the villains glossary.

Eva quickly stepped in front of Fallout and stuck her right hand out to the pair. "Step away from her! Crane, Fallout, alert the others! We're under attack by the Fiendish Five!" Eva shouted at the top of her lungs as she blasted a gloop of bright green toxin from her hand, aiming at the villain closest to her.

"Thank you, Miss Emily" Eva said. She felt cold so she was taking out black leather gloves from one of the many pockets of her trench coat and putting them on as she sat down at the seat Miss Duff propped up for her. She was also genuinely surprised to see another heroine attend the orientation for new heroes. Miss Duff called her Megumi and welcomed her in as she propped up another chair for her. She didn't seem like the talkative type and Eva let out a small sigh of relief, enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasted.

More and more heroes were making their presence known until it's hard for Eva to keep track on all of them, but she did her best to get a good look-over at each of them. The most memorable one would have to be the walking mushroom Leftover. She didn't really like the sound of that term when describing the mushroom humanoid's kind, making them look like scraps or seem unimportant to the rest of the superpowered humans. They were all affected by that meteor, it didn't make anyone lesser or more than the other whether they're human or not. That being said, she wondered where this one even came from?

After them was a giantess, and a young one at that too. It seemed that Ting Feng's still a teenager, so bright and full of wonder and excitement. Eva imagined she would be a lot like Crane if she wasn't subjected to a life of villainry that started the moment her powers manifested. She could only hope Crane would stay that way even with all the challenges and troubles the world threw at her.

Eva jumped a bit in her seat when the next hero made her introduction. This one was even more excitable, a small bundle of pure energy just zipping and zapping all over. She introduced herself as Rupa, hero name Alchemist, and she was also a little familiar to the green-eyed young woman. She would've definitely remembered meeting someone as memorable as her, but this was their first time formally meeting each other as far as Eva knew. Weird, but that also meant they could make proper introductions later when things simmered down.

The next one was... Oh, it's just Stray.

After him was another hero, Fallout as the records called him. She was very impressed with his powers the first time she knew about him, though he did seem to be the stereotypical moody, disinterested teenager which was a complete opposite of Crane and Alchemist. Still, Eva hoped she was also the type to be warm and friendly the more they could get to know him. Time will only tell.

With that, it seemed that their group was complete and it was definitely an interesting collection they got here right now. Eva was a little concerned with how these new heroes would react when they're out on a real mission. She already thought of a lot of different ways things could get awry but she gave them the benefit of the doubt. She did a lot of mistakes during her first missions as a hero too. Experience will help them to be the kind of hero they aspired to be someday. Eh, as long as they did their duties and responsibilities.

Miss Emily formally started the orientation once it seemed they were complete and it was a... A scavenger hunt? That's interesting, to say the least. Eva would've preferred the speech really but if this exercise helped build camaraderie which would improve chances of successful group missions in the future, so be it.

Unsurprisingly, not all of them were enthusiastic about it. Eva's instincts made her reach down to almost remove her gloves when the mushroom-man became angry; she was then a little disappointed that she caught herself in her own prejudice. With Fallout's words not helping, Eva sighed and stood up to adress the mushroom man.

"The true nature of activities like these is to help us get a better chance to know one another. It aids in building camaraderie, friendships, gives us a better understanding on how each of us tackle challenges and how we can pick up on where the others lack." Eva explained, her deep green eyes focusing on the space on Mire's head where she thought their face would be.

"We understand your apprehension. It is easy to feel guilty that we are here, talking about the mundane while knowing there are people out there who are in desperate need of our help. It is how doctors, police, firemen, and other frontlines feel. It is also important to realize we are hu-, ahem. We are all beings who deserve the chance to take a breather so we can be in our optimal state to help out those in need. After all, how can you save others when you can't even save yourself?" She further said, completely aware how ironic she sounded to herself when she's always out in the field.

She glanced at Miss Duff, hoping that what Eva did was right before clearing her throat and turning to the rest."Apologies for the wordy explanation. I believe we have little pyramids to go get our hands on, yes? Afterwards, perhaps we can go get pizza."

Evangeline looked outside through her window. Seeing the vast blue seas had a calming effect on her ever since she first moved into H.E.R.O. One. The past few months passed by like a blur as well. She was too busy doing as much as she could, doing missions left and right, helping out at HERO whenever she could. She thought that if she did a lot of good stuff for the organization, maybe they'll be enough to compensate for all the bad things she did.

She looked over at a vase of flowers on her desk, a bouquet of peonies and carnations given to her by HERO for the Director giving her his stamp of approval to become a full-fledged hero. She'd like to believe she'd done a great job taking care of them all this time, but the edges of their petals were starting to wilt. She watched as a petal peeled off from the carnation and slowly fell to the desk, the first of many that will eventually come.

At the television screen, it showed reporters showing live scenes of festivities at New Athens. So many people were there to celebrate the festival. The TV was muted but she could imagine the people's cheers and laughter filled the air along with loud joyful music.

Just watching them made Eva tired. She wanted to join the others there but she wasn't really a fan of crowds, especially when everything was televised and her previous victims might recognise her. She wasn't the flashy type of superhero either, she's fine working on the sidelines and giving everybody else the spotlight. She didn't become a hero to be famous after all, she did it to atone for everything she and her family had done.

Just then, Eva noticed a message was sent through her HERO smartwatch where a hologram of the Director made a message:

"Attention, heroes. I need a group of you to assist me at the Johnstone Convention Center. If you are available, please come and meet behind the stage. You will be rewarded for your time."

She sighed, thinking that there's no turning away from facing what she dreaded. She stood up and gave herself a final lookover at her tall mirror. Since September's pretty chilly, Eva was wearing a bone white trench coat with matching pants, and a black turtleneck underneath. The sleeves of her turtleneck could be tore off in case she needed more open skin to generate more poison in an emergency. Hopefully she wouldn't have to.

Eva was then making her way towards their transport system to be with the others at the convention center when she noticed the Assistant Director outside near the waters, trying to catch all the papers being blown away from her arms by the wind. Eva managed to catch one as she approached her.

"Let me help you with these, Miss Duff." Eva said, leaning low to get the scattered papers Emily couldn't get. "Oh I remember, there's also going to be an orientation for the new heroes. Is that why you're not with the others at New Athens?" She asked, looking around nervously before asking Emily again. "If you don't mind, I believe I'll be a bigger help here than at Castleburg. Crowds aren't really my thing and with the event being televised, I would probably get recognised by my... previous victims." Eva asked with a stoic expression on her face as usual, unsure if even the Assistant Director knew the extent of Eva's past crime life.

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