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Current Despite everything that's going on, being alive is heckin' swell.
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To the rps that I was in, thank you for welcoming me and giving me a chance to become a part of your world. All of you are wonderful and creative people who deserve the best in life. Godspeed.
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I was not... in the right place emotionally and mentally. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for unintentionally ghosting the rps I'm in. I'm working a lot to become a better person now.
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Just came back from the dead woo
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Will be gone for a bit. Blame college


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Utsuro: The Voidcaller

TIME: Evening
LOCATION: Area of the forests closest to River Port
INTERACTIONS: Cade @Helo, Cora @Potter, Elsea @Tae, Ezeri @Alivefalling

At least, night came. Everything was enshrouded in the dark as the sun finally slumbered before it would inevitably rise again. Until then, nocturnal creatures began to come out of their homes in search of food. Fireflies and various luminescent mushrooms and plants gave the forest an ethereal, almost whimsical feel as the full moon and the stars shone brightly up in the sky.

Amongst those active were the group of Cade, Cora, Elsea, and Ezeri. They have journeyed non-stop from Roshmi City through the forests up to the River Port. They were tantalizingly close to their destination as well. They could see various yellow lights among the houses' windows and streetlamps, and there were still people milling around the town to finish their final errands before they could finally turn in it for the night and rest for another productive day tomorrow. Such distance between them and River Port could be met easily if it weren't for a horrifying obstacle that was coming their way.

"Death... Death..." The group would hear a faint voice behind them. They wouldn't be able to see the source of the sound at first due to how dark it was but its footsteps were getting louder. The voice sounded like it was calling out from under a well from how hollow it seemed to the ears. Finally, the source stepped into full view and it was nothing more than a young male rabbit demi-human. His head was low and he was walking slowly and awkwardly as if he was in a trance.

"Death... to..." He spoke again in his hollow voice as he trailed off. While the young rabbit managed to get everyone's attention, they didn't notice that black mist seeped out from the trees behind them, and out emerged a terrifying bat monster with eyes as red as blood and claws and fangs as sharp as swords. Utsuro the Voidcaller bared its razor-sharp fangs and raised its long claws to strike down and kill Elsea as the rabbit kid lifted up his head, showing his completely white eyes, and finished his sentence. "You."

- Justice League HQ -

Maxima managed to get into League Headquarters earlier than she thought. She passed by some of her fellow Leaguers and even a few of them practicing in the simulator as she went towards her own quarters. Despite staying on Earth for quite some time, she still didn't understand human customs. Why would they waste their time and effort in fighting mere simulations when they could just fight themselves in the flesh? If they wanted to fight in a specialized environment, they should do what her people would do back in Almerac: conquer a planet and make that their own test arena. As she would always believe in, nothing beats fighting in a war-torn planet filled with the corpses of the weak while Almeracians use their once-tranquil home into their own playpen. Nothing personal really, it was just a matter of strong beating the weak as a general rule of nature.

Still, she decided not to say anything and just let them do whatever they wanted. The last time she tried to impose Almeracian culture on Earth, it lead to a fight between her and Superman that almost completely destroyed a small town. All she ever wanted was to have the most powerful and strongest man on the planet to be her mate and give her equally powerful and strong babies but he kept on rejecting her, making her so angry that she attacked him. All was well now at least, though she still held a small grudge against the Son of Krypton.

She took off all her clothes and stepped in her shower, letting the cool water run down her body. She still didn't understand why Superman wouldn't want to breed her. She was just as powerful and strong as he was, they were both genetically compatible with each other, and, as far as she was aware, she was far more beautiful and sexier than any other human females on Earth. Plus, Superman kept on spewing all this nonsense about having a "wife". In Almerac, people did have mates but they're not bound to each other. They were free to have sex with as many people as they wanted as long as they fit their standards and also as long as they're of legal age. They may be ruthless warriors but they were not savages.

Just as Maxima finished her shower, Wonder Woman's voice could be heard throughout the coms as she asked every available League member to assemble, no doubt to defeat another villain rampaging somewhere on the planet. Maxima rolled her eyes as she dried herself up and put on her hero outfit which was quite revealing for human standards but then again, she stopped caring altogether. Besides, those human ingrate misogynists that kept heckling her in online forums should worry less about her scandalous clothing and instead worry more about how she would crush their skulls with her thighs if they don't shut up.

Once fully dressed, Maxima joined the rest of the Leaguers in the hangar. Most were already assembled but despite all the eye-candy, her eyes focused on one particular silver hunk. Ever since Superman rejected her, her interests have now shifted to Captain Atom, a man she thought would be just as worthy as Superman to father her children. Even if it seemed like he didn't have anything down there to make babies with, that won't stop her from finding a way. What Maxima wanted, Maxima will get.

"Hello, Captain Atom. It's always a pleasure to see you whenever I can. I missed hanging out with you so much." Maxima said in a sultry tone, sauntering over him as she caressed her fingertips against his arm. "Greetings to the rest of you too, I suppose." She coldly said to the other Leaguers present as she kept her focus on Captain Atom per usual.

- Red light district, Metropolis -

Maxima had just finished up a session with a client of hers. The tall redhead bombshell was counting the thousands of dollars as tip from her customer, her gloved fingers caressing and flipping through the money while she wore a blood-red leather corset with the same colored thigh-high leather boots. Meanwhile, her customer was busy putting his clothes back on and she smiled as she saw the red hand marks she left on his butt before he put on his pants.

"I trust you enjoyed our services today, Mister Dimitri?" Maxima asked with a tone of amusement in her voice. Mr. Dimitri looked back at her and eagerly nodded. "Oh yes, yes. I enjoyed every minute of it, mistress." She laughed and shook her head at what he said. "Mr. Dimitri, our session is already over. You don't have to call me mistress anymore." The man blushed and smiled sheepishly at her. "You're right, you're right. Sorry about that." He said before chuckling nervously.

Salvatore Dimitri was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, an earnest and very hardworking man who climbed his way to the top. Even with all the riches in the world and despite having a loving family to go home to, he still felt like something was missing in his life. Everything he does was not enough, as if he needed someone to make him feel alive.

That's where Maxima and her co-workers come into the picture. They have had the utmost pleasure of providing their dominatrix services to these types of men. In fact, most of their customers were men that were very successful in their chosen careers. The women were more than happy to remind these men of their places and they especially liked it when some of them were more hardcore than the rest, allowing them to go full out and give these men the fantasy that they paid for. Of course, both the men and the establishment the women were working for had a contract to never spill their identities to the public. It's their own little secret after all.

"Allow me to guide you outside, Mr. Dimitri." Maxima said to him once he's finished putting on his clothes. She put on her faux fur jacket and escorted him out of their playroom towards the hallway. Everything was basked in red light while a faint steamy song played in the speakers. As they walked down the hall, Maxima was very amused to see Mr. Dimitri's reactions to the loud sounds of moans and what seemed to be leather slapping against skin as they echoed throughout the hallways. They even passed by an open room where a lucky man shouted in ecstasy while his domme spanked him hard with a crop whip.

Once they were near the exit, Mr. Dimitri turned to look at Maxima before kneeling down on the ground to kiss her boots. "Thank you, mistress. You are the best." He said with a smile as Johan, the establishment's security guard opened the door for the multimillionaire where his guards and car were waiting.

"Dang, Maxie. You got that hotshot kneeling before you and shit. What kinda love magic you put on him?" Johan teased. Even when clad in a black suit and tie, it did nothing to hide the tall man's incredibly muscular physique.

"Pay me for one night and you'll find out yourself, sugar." Maxima said to him with a wink. "I'm already off for the day. Tell Madam Artina I'll leave early because I don't have any more clients as of now."

"Why don't you tell her that yourself?" Johan asked with curiosity as Maxima sighed. "Let's just say that she and I have some sort of misunderstanding that led to a whole lotta shouting. Everything's steady at the moment but I'll wait for things to cool down first before I show my face to her.

The big man shrugged and gave her the keys to her car. "Okay, suit yourself I guess. Have fun with your date night." He said, putting emphasis on those last two words as he looked at Maxima's outfit. The redhead woman only rolled her eyes at him. "Not a date, it's a place where I also work. There is someone I fancy there though, a real beefcake of a man..." Maxima said in a sultry tone as she walked towards the back of the establishment to the parking. The thought of seeing a certain someone who went by the name of Captain Atom filled her head as she drove the way towards Washington, D.C.

Player Name:

Primary Character:

Secret Identity (Public):
Maxima of the House of Blood Royale

33 in human years

Usual Base of Operations:

Day Job:
Dominatrix in Metropolis' red-light district

Almeracian Physiology - As an Almeracian, her physiology has given her superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and speed, and her lineage also made her a psionic. Maxima can utilize her psionic powers in a variety of ways, mainly psychokinesis (force fields, psychic blasts, telekinesis, and flight) and telepathy (illusions and mind-control).

Living Being - While she may be tougher than an ordinary human, Maxima can still be affected by poison and the like. She can still die by natural causes

Prideful - She would sometimes let her emotions and pride get the best of her which would result in her downfall one day.

- Highly skilled hand-to-hand combat

Maxima is a tall woman with fair skin, long flowy red hair, and pale blue eyes, along with a mole under her left eye. She passes like a normal human except her skin turns orange or pink depending on the type of light she's under. She takes great pride in her appearance and would mostly wear revealing or tight-fitting outfits that showcase her fit, sexy body.

Almeracians were a technologically advanced warrior society that pursued the cycle of constant military activity. It was a part of their culture for an Almeracian to mate with skilled warriors to produce powerful offspring. Maxima was a member of the House of the Blood Royal who ruled Almerac and she was expected to follow their customs and choose from a variety of men to mate with, but none were able to reach up to her very high standards.

It was only when she had witnessed Superman fighting and defeating a powerful alien beast during his expedition with the Justice League that she fell in love with him. She found him to be the perfect mate for her and soon left her planet to go to Earth with the intention of pursuing Superman to be her husband.

She was greatly shocked and appalled when he turned her down time and time again, especially when he was already married to Lois Lane. It greatly hurt her pride and she attacked Superman in a fit of rage, showing herself as a capable adversary to him due to her psionic powers. She was later defeated by him and imprisoned by the Justice League. They gave her a chance: go back to her planet where she could never come back on Earth again, or stay here on Earth for as much as she wanted and help Earth out as a member of the League. Maxima chose the latter, hoping that she could use the time of her staying here to woo Superman and be her mate.

Maxima had become a member of the Justice League and had since helped them many times in many battles. She was a haughty noblewoman on her planet but her time on Earth had taught her the value of humility, even just for a little bit. She had even expanded her horizon and set her eyes on another potential mate, a certain male who's famously known as Captain Atom.

Supporting Characters:
Madam Artina - her boss
Scarlette Rouge - Maxima's co-worker
Pink Velvet - Maxima's co-worker

Secondary Character:

Additional Notes:
- Maxima has a thing for Captain Atom in the comics so this could be a potential plot in the RP
I would love to join y'all again! ^o^
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Maneru: The Deceptive Mist

TIME: Afternoon
LOCATION: Sewers of Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Ayita @13org, Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana, Baraian @Dezuel

Maneru's plan was working. The rebels were currently occupied with his clones and mist while the illusion he made of the rebel princess seemed to stir them up even more. Little did they know that that wasn't the real leader of the rebels as it was him all along disguised as her. He pretended to fight the fake him, letting out cries of pain and defiance as he 'knocked out' his fake self and made him slump on the dirty waters. He could see Kuroi was just a few feet away from him as the group each destroyed their own clones. He's supposed to trick the group into making them think he was Risa then watch the fear and confusion in their eyes as their so-called leader of the rebels were killing them one by one.

That would've been the perfect plan indeed although he was surprised when Ayita used her powers to blow away the mist the second time, giving them a clear image of Maneru disguised as Risa. Kuroi was indeed close to him and Fake-Risa spread their arms around. "Thank you so much! You don't know-". Maneru spoke in Risa's voice and his plan would've succeeded if not for Torvi. He didn't know she would automatically use her earth powers to entrap him. She would've been aiming at Maneru and didn't expect for Fake-Risa to be standing there instead.

"W-What? No! Let me go!" Maneru shouted in Risa's voice. He thrashed against the earthen constraints but his only downside was that Maneru was physically the weakest amongst his group. No matter what he did, he couldn't break free from Torvi's power. "I said LET GO! LET ME OUT! I WANT TO BREAK FREEEEEEE!" Maneru screamed, his Risa voice gradually breaking apart and being replaced by his real raspy one. The blue mist gradually dissipated as Risa turned more and more reptilian until Maneru's true form was revealed.

"No! No!!! My plan is ruined! Why won't you work, you damned mask?! Master is going to kill me when they find out!" He screamed at himself, his voice muffled by the demonic white mask he was wearing that covered his face. The rest of the blue mist dissipated along with the rest of the clones. At the realization that he was completely defeated and the group now knew what he looked like, the tone of his voice changed to nervousness and cowardice.

"Heh heh... Heh heh heh... N-Now now, I really didn't mean it when I said I w-want to k-kill you guys. C-C'mon, why c-can't we just all g-get along eh?" He stammered, beads of sweat rolling down his neck as he panicked. "P-Please don't kill me! I'll do anything you g-guys want! I'll serve under the r-rebels, sharpen your weapons, g-guard your treasure, anything! Oh, h-how about... I know! I'll tell you guys a secret! Yes, that's right, a secret!" Maneru said, his voice a sign he's close to unhinging due to sheer desperation.

"T-T-There's... There's a... a s-s-spy! There's a spy among you! N-Nothing is what it seems! What you-you see isn't always the truth!" Maneru said as he laughed out loud like a maniac. One of the consequences of the powers his mask gave him was that it reduces his sanity until he's nothing but a former shell of himself. "Liar, liar, burn in hellfire! Hahahaha! A trickster in your midst! Friends fighting friends! It's an endless cycle of death and standing at the center of those corpses are you all! Because you all chose to trust her! You all chose to trust my master! My master whose name is-"

His screams of insanity abruptly came to an end as a kunai was sticking out of his mask where his mouth was and at the back of his head. It ultimately silenced the crazed Maneru forever as the life gradually disappeared from his eyes. Green blood spurted out where the kunai struck through his neck and mouth and weirdly enough, the kunai dissipated as well as if it was made from darkness. When it disappeared, a hollow hole was formed where the kunai originally was and Maneru's head slumped forward, green blood continuously flowing down to the earth.

Under the shades of the trees not far from the exit of the sewers, Maneru's killer stayed for a little while longer to ensure the traitor was dead before he too disappeared into the shadows.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Maneru: The Deceptive Mist

TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Sewers of Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Ayita @13org, Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana, Baraian @Dezuel, Risa @princess

Kuroi's clone received the full blunt of Torvi's attack. It was no match to the woman's superior strength as its body dispersed into blue smoke, her sword crashing down on the dirty waters as the whole sewer system shook as her earth magic responded to her actions and emotions. Ayita's magic forced a strong concentrated gust of sewer air right at the other clones' faces, making them off balance as the air pushed through the mist and dispersed it to the sides. Ayita was successful with her effort as the group managed to see the rest of the pathway of the sewer. Right at the end was the exit that will take them directly out into the forests outside Roshmi City. Standing guard against the exit was Maneru, the Deceptive Mist, but he wasn't alone. He smiled underneath the monstrous mask he was wearing with his scaley hand wrapped around the throat of...


She coughed through gritted teeth, grasping desperately at Maneru's hand to make him let her go. She was thrashing around as much as she could but her clothes were torn and she had bruises along her body as a result of fighting the Deceptive Mist. When the mist dispersed, her eyes widened in surprise to see the five battling their own clones. She looked at them in panic and extended her arm out towards them, unable to call out for them properly due to Maneru's hand around her neck. After a few moments, the blue mist closed just as quickly as it dispersed, blocking their view of Risa and Maneru once more, although they could hear both of their grunts at the other side of the mist as if they're fighting one another.

The rest of the remaining clones tried to attack the group but were dumbfounded by Baraian's shadows. They swung wildly at the air, their faces expressionless as the dead as they tried to attack the shadows instead of the group.
@Dio it's alright, real life sucks :3

Hope everyone's doing alright on their ends. It's been great rp-ing with y'all. Until next time! ^o^
Let's hold on for a couple more days. Don't lose hope ^o^
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Hōshasen: The Plaguemother

TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Forests outside Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Malachi @princess, Myra @13org, O'ner (Mathis) @Eviledd1984, Belladonna @Potter + everyone else

Due to Malachi's attack, a great portion of the spiders was killed, causing some of them to scurry back in fear to the den. Hōshasen was just there, seething with rage as she ensured her children were healthy and well upon coming out of their eggs. When some of her spiders came back and brought her news of the group's retreat, Hōshasen bared her fangs. "Such cowards. Are these the ones who will really fight back against the Lich King? How pathetic." She said before turning to the other spiders. "My children! Since the so-called resistance is nothing but worthless cowards, we must take this chance to claim this forest as ours! Go forth as planned and destroy everything in your path!"

Maneru: The Deceptive Mist

TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Sewers of Roshmi City
INTERACTIONS: Ayita @13org, Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana, Baraian @Dezuel

Amongst the sewers under the City of Roshmi were the group of Ayita, Torvi, Kuroi, and Baraian. They thought they were all alone but little did they know that there was a demonic presence within their midst.

A man was somewhere under the sewers with them, his wooden sandals making gentle splashes on the murky waters as he dragged the bottom of his blue clothes against the putrid waste. No one should ever find this type of environment welcoming but the man would disagree. After all, this was where he spent most of his childhood growing up. A small rodent emerged from a pile of garbage from his right and just as fast as the blink of an eye, the man struck at the rat and impaled it with his very long claws. The rat's squeaks of pain could be heard throughout the sewers but when he unhinged his jaw and showed rows of razor-sharp teeth, he swallowed the entirety of the rat in a single gulp, once again enveloping the sewers in silence.

He was told by his Master that a part of the Resistance was here and indeed they were, noticing different types of scents from the ones he was used to smelling in the sewers. He smiled in devilish glee with his forked tongue licking his lips. "How graciousss of Massster to provide me with a buffet sssuch as thisss? I am eternally grateful for her boundlessss kindnessss." Maneru the Deceptive Mist said.

He pulled out his mask that's seething with magic and put it on. He could immediately feel the mask's magic being imbued on his body and Maneru let out a sigh of contentment. "Aaah... Ssso much power within my grasssp. Perhapsss I ssshall play with my food firssst before I devour them ravenousssly." At his will, light blue mist billowed out of the edges of the mask, spreading out to fill the sewers until it was about to reach the group of Ayita, Torvi, Kuroi, and Baraian before stopping. Maneru laughed. "Hehehe... I sssee you, walking pilesss of meat."

Their group will see nothing beyond the blue mist that blocked off their path. The mist just stayed there, not making any advances towards the group at all as if an invisible force was stopping it from enveloping them too. They could only see shadows of movement beyond the mist, getting darker as they got closer before they emerged from the mist. They would be surprised to find out that they were facing their clones. Their clones wore the exact same clothes and hairstyles as the originals, even down in the way Torvi ripped off the bottom of her dress. The clones all wore blank expressions on their faces, standing in place and just staring at the originals for a few moments before Kuroi's clone made the first move and advanced on the original group, followed by the other clones.
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