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Golde could smell the stank breath of the creature before her. She did not make unnecessary movements and stood perfectly still, afraid that even the tiniest motion might antagonize the griffin and kill them at the spot. Slowly and fearfully she opened her eyes...

...and saw the most beautiful creature she has ever seen. More majestic than a steed and prouder than a lion, the aura it exudes is both fear and beauty, power and might. Golde was tongue-tied that moment, too taken aback from the beauty of the beast that was about to slay them. But judging from the way it looks at her and Igor, it seemed more curious than hungry.

She stood forward to attract the griffin's attention. It does not know if it sees Igor as somewhat a threat so she figured she must focus the creature's sights on her. She bowed her head and slowly knelt to the ground, her way of saying that she means no harm to the majestic beast. The griffin seems transfixed by what Golde was doing. Normally, its prey would try to run away with fear of being eaten but this one presented herself to it and does not show any kind of fear.

But whatever Golde is doing, the griffin still looked warily towards Igor, while clawing at the ground and flapping its wings as a sign of agitation, and especially something below him. Golde looked at the direction where the griffin is looking and found a sickly blue goo of some sort stuck on the bottom of Igor's boot. She has no idea where Igor got that from but it seemed that whatever it is, it's unsettling the griffin.

Golde ripped off the entirety of her left sleeve and quickly covered Igor's boot. She looked at the griffin again and saw that it was beginning to calm down but it is still agitated. She slowly grabbed something from her satchel, which the griffin took notice as it began to eye her warily, and took out a handful of reindall berries. She took these small, cream-colored, spherical-shaped berries from their farm at her home. This berries can not only treat an upset stomach, it was also a delicious treat. While the griffin was looking, Golde took out a cloth and set it on the ground in front of the griffin before putting the berries on top of it. She then moved backwards with her head bowed down.

Once she was beside Igor again, she whispered something to the man. "The griffin seems to be agitated by the blue substance on your boot. If the creatures are not looking, make sure you wash them off as quickly as you can", she said to Igor. She turned her attention back at the griffin as it curiously approached the berries on the ground. Again, it was dumbfounded by the fact that its prey would present it with food instead of itself. It nudged the pile with its beak before eating a berry, and another. And another. And another. Golde was delighted it liked the berries as much as she did.

Cautiously, Golde tried to approach the griffin again with its left hand reaching out to it. The griffin turned its attention to the approaching Golde and squawked. She stopped a bit to wait for the griffin to relax again but this time she stopped with her out-stretched hand near the griffin with her head bowed down. After a few tense moments of waiting, the griffin finally nuzzled its head on Golde's hand. Flabbergasted, she almost laughed out loud as she fully approached the griffin and stroke its soft and beautiful feathers much to the griffin's delight.

"Aww, how adorable you are my love", Golde said while scratching the griffin's neck as it cooed.
Ooooh things are getting even more interesting! @Mokley-senpai, can we control the griffin's actions? We of course won't make it do anything that will change the story's progress or somethin like that.

I'll be sure to post later after school :)
Satisfied that Ifor and Varric are in great shape, Golde traveled with this merry band of survivors towards the yellow light in the distance- although, merry was just putting a positive spin into it. In truth, they were all afraid, afraid of that horrifying beast that attacked them, afraid they will have no effective source of food and energy, afraid they won't be able to live another day. Despite all this, Golde was still thankful that she has met these people before she perished on an island that's seemingly placed on the corner of the earth.

The optimistic Golde wanted to say something to cheer them all up but something in their faces made her just kept in to herself. Besides, she knows all too well you can't force someone to feel the opposite of what they're feeling especially in a stressful situation such as this. The best she could do is to do what she does best and that is to heal. Instead, she used this silent walking as an opportunity to observe her co-survivors.

She started with the most obvious one - Ifor. There has been some people in her village that had the same condition as him. If that was the case, Golde could only imagine what kind of things the poor man has experienced from the people around him. Fortunately, every one in her village was kind and accepting as long as you do no harm. Golde thought that if only Ifor lived in her hometown, he will know that there is still kindness in this cruel world. She also got the feeling that sympathizing and taking pity on Ifor will be of no good. Golde admired him for his strong-heart and willingness to help others in need.

She turned next to Varric. Golde was a few distances away from the whole group when they washed ashore on this island, but she heard enough from her distance to know what kind of man he is. Her mother always told her that money will show the true you, and Varric may be a good example of that. She also heard rumors circulating among her people that men and women like Varric were extremely vain and think they're superior to all just because they live in the most glorious castles, though Golde doesn't know much about Varric to know if he really is of royalty or just a wealthy merchant. In any case, Golde decided to give him the benefit of doubt and be kind to him. After all, everyone's equal in the eyes of a doctor.

Then Golde saw Temp, the short-haired woman who protected her earlier. Like she thought before, Golde was ashamed to put everyone on labels just based on their first impressions. After Golde saw how determined Temp was in protecting her, even if she can cuss more worse than a drunk pirate, she decided to make Temp her friend. Truth be told, Golde admires Temp as the older sister she wished she could have.

Next, Golde turned to Elliot. The crazy thing is, she never saw his birthmark on his face until everything calmed down. It really came as a surprise to her when she finally saw it and decided not to make a big deal out of it. Elliot seems like a very quiet guy to her, and as women in her village would say: quiet men are intelligent men. Rather that or he just has his own problems. Nevertheless, Elliot seems like a very nice guy once you get to know him personally.

At last, Golde saw Thomas. To be honest, he's kind of adorable. He looks like a grown-up little boy playing pretend soldier, though Golde knows it will be too harsh of an observation. She admires how courageous he was when the creature attacked them, and Golde saw that he isn't just a soldier, he was a knight. Though this could be a hyperbole but Golde can't help but admire Thomas as he is a handsome one himself. She just wished Thomas would have more self-confidence and she's pretty sure he'll be more admirable than a knight in shining armor.

After a few moments, they arrived at the source of the yellow light and was quite surprised to see an obelisk there. Golde only knew about obelisks thanks to the fantasy story books she used to read as a kid and to see one in person just seemed so... magical in a way. She saw Elliot approaching and touching the obelisk as it shone to brightly. The winds were so strong Golde felt she could be carried away as their wet clothes dried quickly. Then the light faded, though not completely, and the winds died down but only after did she saw the griffins.

"Wha... what in heavens is going on?", Golde weakly and quietly whispered to herself. It's bad enough that they're trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere with a nightmarish creature on their heels. Now they discovered the island wasn't that deserted after all after they heard some natives and creatures that are the products of mythologies were right on front of their very eyes.

She quickly hid from the beasts. If they were to be discovered by these beasts, their lives will surely come to an end in just a snap. Then she saw Elliot quietly approaching the source of indistinct chatter. Natives of the island? Golde almost smiled in glee before remembering what has happened to them so far. If these beasts are as vicious as they seem, how much more are the humans living on this island? Golde quietly prayed that Elliot won't be seen by these griffins.
Regina Fierce

7:06 AM, April 9th 2018.

Regina woke up from the chirping of birds on her bedroom's open window. She yawned and stretched, then her body reminded her that she has "garbage waiting to be thrown out" and hurriedly proceeded to her bathroom. She quickly snatched her phone first though.

7:39 AM

Regina came out of her bedroom after she made her bed. She took the time in her bathroom to freshen up so she can look less like a "human abomination" to more like a "human being". She decided to just keep things casual and natural so she wore an over-sized "FLAWLESS" t-shirt that goes all the way to her knees and black pajama shorts. She also only applied little make-up and left her natural long, black hair as it is. She heard rumors that boys find girls hot if they just looked like they woken up.

Not that she would know, of course.

She arrived at the lobby and saw a bunch of other people were already conversing with one another. Silently observing the group of people before her, she just realized why this place is called the City of Angels: everybody here's so freaking good-looking! Even without make-up, the ladies are all stunning in their own way and the men are oh so dazzling and charming. Regina can't contain her excitement just thinking about the future where they all are successful in their own craft, being able to work and party hard together. Though despite being a party animal herself, Regina's a bit shy so she doesn't know her co-tenants that much so she swore to herself that she will get to know them better starting this day.

Just then, Regina's tummy grumbled. Oh yeah. Food first, then talk, she thought to herself. She proceeded to the kitchen and put some slices of bread on the toaster. While waiting, she poured hot milk on her mug and took a few sips. After a few moments, she put the toasted bread on her plate and spread cream cheese on them. She brought her food at the lobby and set it atop the table so she can eat while mingling with her potential friends.

Among the group, Regina glanced at Terrence Walsh, the owner of Birch House, talking with another one of his tenants. While he does seem cute, he's way too old for Regina's taste. Though she thought that any girl would be lucky to have such a nice, hardworking gentleman such as Terrence to be their husband. Regina looked up to him as the father she didn't and could've had. Not that her drag parents weren't viable father figures themselves, she just thought having a straight-as-a-line father figure would be a nice change.

Regina approached the man while holding her mug of hot milk as soon as he finished talking to the lady. "Lovely morning, Mr. Walsh! I know I've been saying this a couple of times already, but words aren't enough to thank you for letting me have another place to call a home. If there's anything you want me to do at all, you know where to find me", she said to Walsh.

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