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~ TIME: Afternoon ~
~ PLACE: Central Point - Entre Dos Islas ~
~ INTERACTIONS: @Headhunter @Pilatus ~

Alison brightened at the man who replied back in French. Hearing someone speak of her mother tongue, even if it was just a word or two, made the redhead really happy. "Merci beaucoup. I will be eating it here." Alison said cheerfully as she gave him her payment before she went to the dining section on the other side.

As she went to the other side, Alison saw a blonde, serious-looking woman who seemed to know what to order as she said her choice to the tall, dark-haired man Alison spoke to earlier. Alison sat on the stool next to the blonde, and the dark-haired man prepared cups of ice water for the two women, at which Alison nodded and thanked him. The cups were very artsy and had the same aesthetic to the food truck. She sipped from the water while she tried to think of other things to distract her from her hunger, but she didn't have a lot to think about as all her thoughts centered back to her rumbling tummy. She just hoped no one else could hear her stomach's calls for help.

A good distraction though was the dark-haired guy. He seemed like an easy-going guy who seemed to be getting along well with his coworkers and even his customers. His smile was so infectious and bright, Alison almost forgot about her hunger for a moment.


When he asked her and the blonde beside her some questions, Alison happily replied. "Oh, I'm having so much fun indeed. I just moved in here last week and I'm enjoying my stay here so far. So many new faces and opportunities here, but one of the reasons I moved here was I heard Sol City has so many food choices to choose from!", she excitedly said as her mouth waters from hearing that sizzle of food being cooked.

"It's my day-off and I'm taking this chance to finish this song that's been lingering in my head ever since I first came here. I decided to write my song here at Central Point so I can take inspiration from the things around me, and also because it sucks feeling alone," she sheepishly said to the both of them. "Oh doux niblets, where are my manners? My name is Alison and you can call me Ali. I'm very delighted to make your acquaintance," she sweetly said with a smile as cheerful as the dark-haired man's.
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~ TIME: Afternoon ~
~ PLACE: Central Point ~
~ INTERACTIONS: @Headhunter ~

"'We laugh under the pouring rain-' No scratch that.

'We ran around the pour-' Wait, what? Who runs around a rain?

'We walk under the...'
, Alison paused before speaking out incomprehensible noises out of frustration and planted her face on her notebook. Meanwhile, a mother and her young son looked at her like she was crazy, and the mother carefully pulled her son away from the crazy red-head.

She has been sitting on a bench at Central Point, writing songs all day much to no avail. Thankfully, today was her day off and she could use the time to come up with new words so she could finish this wretched piece of song she's been trying to do ever since she first came here to Sol City, which was not that far go either. So far, her notes composed of words that made no sense, doodles of cute fantasy creatures she made up in her head, and lots of scribbles to erase some of the lyrics that she didn't want. She was so frustrated she forgot she was using a pencil and she could've used an eraser to make her life easier.

She hoped that she could draw inspiration from letting the noises of the city play around her. One may think that the city noise will compose of tons of car horns and angry people shouting at each other, but Sol City wasn't like that at all. Sure there were a few honks here and there, but its the chatter and laughter of the people that dominated in this beautiful city. She saw happy couples and families, and she noticed how even the lone stranger would pass by with a spring on his or her step. She smiled. Despite far from home, living here made her feel a little less homesick than usual.

When she focused on the sounds surrounding her, Alison also heard some lofi music playing elsewhere. She looked at the direction where the music came from, which was a food truck called 'Entre Dos Islas.' That was when her stomach grumbled, and she grimaced. She was so focused on hurrying over to Central Point that she didn't eat any breakfast. Her stomach grumbled again from the thought of food and she sighed, wearing her long cream-colored cardigan again over her white tank top, light denim jeans, and sneakers. She put her notebook and pencil back on her brown leather handbag, carrying it as she made her way to the food truck.

The nearer Alison went to it, the more she could hear the relaxing and upbeat music as well as the smell of the delicious food. She saw three customers eating and laughing with what seemed to be the owners and chefs of the food truck. She was a bit afraid to approach them at first due to nervousness, but she decided that nothing can stop her from having food. She nodded at the two chefs in greeting and sat on the fourth seat, then she took a look at the menu.

"Bonjour! Oh, uh... I meant, hello!", Alison said as her cheeks began to get pink from embarrassment. She kept forgetting that she wasn't in France anymore, but it was hard because Sol City gave the same happy vibe and peaceful ambiance like in the city that she grew up in. "Can I get a... Hm... Teofilo Tonkatsu please?".
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{ Nightmare at The Museum: Part 2 }

< Collab between Zane Wulfe @Ryteb Pymeroce & Helena Brighthart @baraquiel >

elena was back in her own room, packing her stuff for the mission. As she was debating whether it would be nicer if she wore a light blue shirt or a more mellow shade of blue, her thoughts kept going back to what Zane told her a while ago:

'By the way, I'm a Lycan'.

She froze and dropped to the bed, staring at the ceiling. Then she placed a pillow on top of her face to muffle her screams... of love or of fright? She didn't know either, but one thing's for sure: she cannot go on a mission alone with one of her kin's many predators. But she saw the way other creatures like her mingled at the hallways. at the cafeteria, at the gardens, and wherever she looked. Even the demonic-looking ones, like the scaled guy she saw looking at her and Zane a while ago, were accepted and treated just like any other students of the academy.

She sat on the bed and looked herself on the mirror. She's not that different than them. For sure, no one will care if she was of royalty. They will only care on how you treat them, as royalty or not a royalty, you should always treat others just as how you want them to treat you.

Helena breathed deeply. She sure wouldn't start judging Zane Wulfe now. If anything, him being flirty just meant everything's okay with them. But all those teasings and kissings, did they mean anything to him or...?

She shook her head. Better to get the answer from the source. She finished packing up all her essentials and proceeded to the portal room, waiting for the Lycan to arrive.

Zane was returning to his room when a certain smell hit him. Immediately he went on the defensive, as wolf pheromones entered his nose. Another Lycan was on campus. His mind was working on overdrive thinking that Tyr had tracked him down. The faculty would prevent the clan from killing him on campus but the city was another matter.

He'd need to silence them, discreetly. If the clan got wind of a sudden disappearance, they'd swarm in like a pack of locusts. He'd pick up some aconite in Washington, under one of the burner identities the clan used. Every child of the Wulfe clan was trained to resist torture so he'd have to bribe one of the fae to help him. After that he'd have to burn the body and make sure it's buried in a cold iron-

The wind changed and he got a proper whiff of the smell. It was a different clan. Relaxing immediately, he focused back on the mission with Helena. Truly her adorableness could launch a thousand ships. While getting his stuff together, he also looked up the client and the town itself. Rule number one of mercenary work is never trust the client. Hmm, this wasn't the first missing persons report in the town, but they were all hushed up by the local law enforcement. Explains why they came to a third party. The museum opened around the same time the disappearances started, which makes it a good place to start.

With equipment pulled together, including his knuckleduster that was the sealed form of his sword, he headed down to the portal room to head off with the lovely carbuncle.

When Zane arrived, Helena nodded at him but didn't look at him. "Hey. We should probably get going now. Hope we can get to the bottom of this", she said to him without looking at him. She knew she was being unreasonable and she shouldn't even be awkward with him; she also knew that everything has probably changed for the better in the modern times but still, Helena could not help but feel... scared.

She inputted the coordinates on her handheld device. It notified her that the portal was already modified and fixed at their destination. Helena took a deep breath. "I will see you on the other side, Zane", she said in all seriousness, the flirty tone absent from her voice, before she stepped into the portal. When she got to her bearings, Helena found herself in an alleyway. She looked at her device to make sure the coordinates were alright and that's when she knew, she really was at Washington, DC., waiting for her partner to follow through.

Helena was just as adorable as ever, especially as she was trying to be both a serious adult and a shy teenager at the same time. In the privacy of his head Zane questioned whether his sadistic tendencies were hereditary, then came to the conclusion it didn't really matter either way.

Stepping through the portal, experienced the unmistakable smell of Washington. It was like New York but worse. The place was a literal shithole apart from the government buildings, and even they were filth ridden with those rats people called politicians. Looking at the map on his device, they were only a few blocks away from the museum. ”The museum is this way.” Zane stated, in full mission mode, ”Stick close, they have all kinds of thugs in this cesspit.”

Helena nodded and followed him. It was so full of people, and Helena was overwhelmed by the number of humans all at one place. And ugh, the air was so putrid here from all the smoke and pollution, Helena imagined an ogre's fart was far more pleasant. She does not get why humans would continue to destroy their own home and still live as ignorant as they are.

She was beginning to feel like she needed to puke, and she couldn't help but hold on to Zane. "C-Can we stop by somewhere that is cooler and more fragrant? I cannot breath properly," she weakly said to him. She asked that not because of her not being used to be around 'commoners', but because she grew up breathing actual fresh and pure air. She needed to get used to the current living state of the humans in order to show her kin that times have changed since then, but why oh why do they have to be so disgusting?

”Here.” Zane said, pulling a facemask out of his pocket, ”I use this when I have to work in sewers, it's enchanted to filter out everything except breathable air. Might want to invest in one if you have an averse reaction to cities.”

While he said that, he was keeping an eye, well a nose, on the surroundings. Nothing supernatural jumping out, though there does seem to be the smell of earth magic. This wasn’t entirely surprising, as most of the cities had old magic running through them. London, for example, had at least three differen leylines in it. Though it did seem slightly off, he could attribute that to the corruption of the humans here. Awful clients, the lot of them, more likely to stab you than pay you.

She coughed a bit and put on the face mask. When she wore it, Helena was delighted when she can breath as deeply as she could without hassle. "Thank you very much, Zane.", Helena said greatfully to him. She was very wrong indeed to judge a book by its cover. She was thinking a lot about that when it came to her kin. Were they, including Helena, really judgmental that they look at other species that aren't of theirs as a threat, or were they just so traumatized and haunted by the past?

That was a thought for another day. Right now, she needed to focus on the mission. Zane might already realize Helena was a Carbuncle, but he didn't know what they could do.

She found herself holding on to Zane's arm, once again feeling how strong he was under his clothes. If Helena were to be asked about it, she would just say she was holding unto him so she wouldn't be swept away by the crowd. She looked around as they walked and she had mixed feelings about what she saw. "Zane, it says on the device that the museum is just a few minutes of walk away from where we are. Let us continue our mission", Helena said to him.

Zane walked along, growling at anyone who came too close to them. No supernatural creatures so far, apart from the bloody wretches. How no one has figured out how to exterminate the bastards is one of the great mysteries of monster hunting.

”You sensing anything?” Zane asked, ”I can't sense magic, except for strong elemental spells.”

Helena closed her eyes and concentrated. "I'm sensing a faint essence of strong magic from... there," she said as she pointed a finger at a direction. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see it was the museum they were looking for. Statues adorned the entrance, with pillars like the Greek temples she read from books. People of all ages came and went by its entrance, with some posing and taking pictures of its outside.

She looked worryingly at Zane. "We may be fighting a powerful enemy here. Better if we should proceed with caution. We shouldn't do anything suspicious or that will give away that we're not ordinary humans," she said to him as they walked towards the entrance of the museum.

”Judging by the theming of the museum we're probably dealing with a being from Greek Mythology.” Zane said, looking at the museum, ”Though that could be to throw us off the scent. Judging from the information I found online, the creature is smart enough to manipulate the local law enforcement, as well as staying below the radar.”

The statues gave him a bad feeling as he approached, though he wasn't sure why. There was a smell of life around them, although that could be attributed to the people walking about. That scent of earth magic was stronger, and boded ill. Earth mages were the worst to fight indoors as you were surrounded by their element. ”Judging by the tang of earth magic in the air, we are probably dealing with a Geomancer. Be careful.”

Helena nodded at Zane as they approached the museum. When she heard Zane utter the signs of geomancy, she looked at him worryingly. Some species of Carbuncles have evolved to have influcence over crystals and jewels of the earth in addition to Light Magic. Could this be the work of one of her kin? She sniffed around for a bit, and she didn't smell a trace of Carbuncle scent in the air. In fact, she smelled something quite different, yet oddly familiar...

Before she could think any further, Helena's thoughts were interrupted when she heard a group of girls talking near them. She continued to listen and realized they were talking about the museum, complaining about what it seemed to be an abundance of male statues being added over the past few month compared to the female ones. Helena tugged on Zane's sleeve and relayed the information. [color=pink]"This might be a helpful clue to help us determine the enemy. It may seem like she is a female human or... some other thing. So you best be wary of women approaching us and taking an interest in you, because you are... kind of... handsome..." She mumbled the last word, blushing a bit as she averted her eyes from looking at his.

Zane was slowly putting the pieces together, having also heard the girls nattering away. Sometimes it was a pain to have such good hearing. Despite not being an expert on Greek mythology, he was aware of most of the more dangerous, read as intelligent, creatures. Of course this didn't help if it was just another creature with a Greece obsession.

He hoped it wasn't the monster he was thinking of, as their power is hard to defend others against. As long as he didn't smell snake he could maintain belief he was wrong. ”We'll stick together in there, pretending to be on a date.” Zane said, smirking slightly as he felt her heartrate spike, ”If you smell snake, shut your eyes.”

"O-O-On a d-date??". Helena stuttered and looked at Zane with eyes wide in surprise. She felt her cheeks blush again. She should really stop being so transparent. She cleared her throat and patted some nonexistent dirt on her clothes. "I s-suppose that would work." Helena said, averting her eyes as she wrapped her arm around Zane's. They continued to walk to the museum, like a couple on a date.

Admissions were free, so they could enter the museum without paying anything. It was vast and really majestic. Of course this was nothing compared to their museum back in her kingdom, but this was not too shabby. What really bothered her though was the number of statues all over the place. It's true what the ladies said: there were more male statues than there were female ones. Helena looked away from them as some of them were naked, exposing their genitals.

"Since we're already here, we should take a look around. That way, we can scout out the entirety of the museum, maybe we can even find a clue or two." Helena said as she grabbed a phamplet that had the map of the whole museum. Despite the trouble that lays waiting for them, she couldn't help but feel very excited especially as this was her first mission. Not to mention that she could do this with her very first friend as well.

{ Nightmare at The Museum: Part 1 }

< Collab between Zane Wulfe @Ryteb Pymeroce & Helena Brighthart @baraquiel >

Zane entered the cafeteria, and was once again overwhelmed by the myriad of scents that permeated the air. Honestly, he despised restaurants, preferring to cook himself in a less busy environment. After facing off against the Lady for the time he did though, he lacks the energy to cook a proper meal. Not paying attention, he slumped down at a table next to a short girl with pink hair. She had the scent of minerals on her, though it was overpowered by the smell of prey. Rabbit ancestry perhaps? Either way he slumped down, studying the menu as well as he could despite the issue of being practically blind.

”Would ye recommend any good meat dishes, I cannae read the menu.”

At first, Helena ignored the boy's question with the idea that he was talking to someone else. But when she glanced at him, she realized he was talking to her when she looked around and saw nobody else close to him than her. He was the first one to actually talk to Helena in her time at staying at the academy, and she was so stoked to make some new friends.

Helena stood from her table and leaned in over the boy's soldier to read the menu to him once she also realized he had poor eyesight. "Oh, uh, well they have an assortment of food here. There are roasted pork, chicken, and beef, fried chicken and fried spare ribs, beef stew, pork chops...". She continued reading all the meat food in the menu, hoping that one of them would suit the boy's taste.

”Well, Roast Beef with a side of ribs is always a welcome meal after exerting yourself.” Zane remarked, ”Thanks for that, I left my glasses back at my room because I was sparring. Trust me, glass in your eyes is excruciating. Where are my manners, I'm Zane scion of clan Wulfe.”

Now he had recovered more of his fatigue, he did notice the more subtle scents. A hint of expensive perfumes and soap marked her as nobility, plus she had the natural bearing of one. That combined with the mineral smell was familiar, but he couldn't remember why.

Now that Helena moved closer to him, she could really notice that he was a very serious-looking boy with his spiky air and this aura that he emanated. She could not understand why, but everything about him spelled out 'dangerous' for her. Not to mention those eyes of his, it is like they can peer right into your soul. Helena has never met anyone like him at the kingdom, which made her even more eager to get to know about him and the differences in their beliefs

Helena beamed at him and curtsied a little. "I am delighted to meet you, Sir Zane. I am Helena Brighthart, princess of the kingdom of-". She paused, eyes widening when she realized she almost told the name of her kingdom. She had to remind herself that Zane was not a mortal human, and she was here to learn if her kind still had a place in the modern world. Besides, even though Zane was scaring her just a bit, something in her gut told her that she could trust him.

She cleared her throat and once again smiled at him. "Pardon me, kingdom of Clartellus. Allow me to carry my food and put it on your table so we can eat together. Excuse me," she said as she picked up her plate full of food and her glass of water and settled it on Zane's table before sitting beside him. "You say you are a scion of your clan? Is sparring your hobby, or is it something everyone in your clan must do?".

”Oh, the clan has been involved in mercenary work since before a unified England.” Zane replied, giving a small smile as he privately processed the information. Smell of minerals, nobility, kingdom of Clartellus. Ah, a Carbuncle. He remembered Odin telling him about them as a cautionary tale. They went into hiding before the Veil, so it is odd to see one in public. ”My people are natural predators, though we do try to temper our baser instincts. From your tone, I assume you are from a more peaceful realm?”

"Yes, I do," Helena said with a smile. She did not know why, but that nagging thought at the back of her head could not go away, especially when she told him they were 'natural predators'. Because of her lack of knowledge of the outside world, Helena did not realize she was talking to a Lycan, one of the creatures of mystics and magics that the Carbuncles before were afraid of because of their ruthless, predatory nature, along with Carbuncles being one of their favorite prey.

But being the kind-heart princess that she was, Helena decided to just ignore that nagging thought. "We live in a place where everyone got along with each other. If we ever had misunderstandings, we only settle them through peaceful talk. If it does not work, we would settle the bout in a joust. But I suppose your kin settle misunderstandings in actual fights?"

”Sounds... dull.” Zane remarked, not unkindly, ”Honestly I prefer violence. It's much more honest. Though for fragile gems like yourself, talking might be better.” Sure this was a juvenile dig, but there was something about her that made him want to tease her. Probably the way she looked like a rabbit in front of a wolf.
Digging into his meal, Zane thought about the advantages teaming up with a Carbuncle could have. Their light magic was quite diverse and would be helpful at range. Plus Carbuncles were naturally small which made decent infiltrators.
”Hey, do you want to go on a mission together?”

"Wha-?". Helena inclined her head and squinted a bit at Zane. Once she realized he was just teasing her, she giggled. It felt so refreshing talking to someone that did not refer to her as 'Princess' or 'Your Highness'. "It is easy for you to say, sir. And excuse you, I am not a fragile gem. I am a lustrous diamond," she said to him with a smirk and an eyebrow raised.

She ate his meal along with him, and she was very impressed from the taste of these foreign food. She made a mental note to go back here later for some snacks. Helena looked at Zane with a curious glance after he said something. "A mission? Oh my, how exciting! I am in! I want to go and pick a mission right away, but I also want to finish our food first," Helena said with a shy smile.

‘Fenrir’s Fuckstick, this girl is adorable.’ thought Zane as he continued to chow down on his ribs. It was unique talking to Helena compared to his clan or other classmates. Mostly because he was on the physical course and most of them would rather punch than talk. She had this aura of innocence to her that made you want to protect her. ”So how about a simple investigation mission?” Zane asked, after finishing his rack of ribs, ”My eyes may suck but my nose is quite good. Add that to your obvious intellect and it'd be over before they know it. I mean what could possibly go wrong?” Later on, he'd be kicking himself for tempting fate.

Helena's eyes widened when Zane said that. "An investigation mission? That would be delightful! Oh my, we are going to solve mysteries and find clues. This is very much exciting!", the Carbuncle said giddily. She can't contain the excitement and happiness in her eyes. Finally, a task that has nothing to do with her being a princess. "Let us eat and gain the energy we need to complete our mission. Oh, most especially you, Zane. You just got back from a sparring session, and we cannot go on our mission if you have not had your rest yet," Helena said worryingly at Zane as she continued eating her fish fillet.

”Oh, I'll be fine my dear gemstone. ” Zane said, as he cut into a slice of roast beef, ”It's just burned calories. The Lady knows when to stop before I exhaust myself.” Despite not liking the public setting, the meat was exquisite. They rubbed it in a mix of herbs before boiling it for a short time to bring the flavours to the surface. Mustard in the gravy gave it just enough kick to be noticed next to the meat without overpowering it.

Helena's froze, fear creeping throughout her body. How did he know she was a carbuncle, or better yet, why did he call her his dear gemstone? She panicked for a bit before she tried to calm herself down. 'It is probably just a term of endearment in the modern times. Yes, that must be it! Unless...' Helena thought. "Uh S-Sir Zane, you might not know this but calling someone their 'gemstone' in my kingdom means claiming them as 'their beloved'. So... uh, I know you do not know this s-so... no w-worries. Unless you meant it, b-but I am sure that you don't because you didn't know what it means..." Helena was kicking herself on the inside. Way to make an awkward situation even more words.

She smiled a bit awkwardly at him as she felt her cheeks blush. "O-On a more serious note, it is good to know that you are fine, Sir Zane. If you say you are good to go then I believe you. I will look out for you, Sir Zane. That is a promise," Helena said to him with a smile that's less awkward this time before getting back to finish her meal.

Interesting, so gemstone was the word used for either fiancé or lover. It was adorable the way her face turned the colour of a ripe tomato when he used that term with her. The way she called him Sir was kind of annoying, if slightly endearing.

”Just Zane, my dear gemstone,” he grinned, tapping her on the nose, ”After all, we're all students here so we might maintain the pretence we are all equal... unless it's Glittersnatch. She's in a class of her own.” He wondered, would her head would explode first or would she faint?

"G-G-Glittersnatch? What d-does that... m-mean?", Helena stuttered in bewilderment. It would definitely be obvious to anyone who's looking that she's blushing so hard. She was raised in a very formal and proper household so Helena feared she might not completely understand Zane's words, but she had the feeling it was something naughty. Just thinking about it made a princess like Helena incredibly, and quite dramatically, shocked and flusttered. "J-Just Helena is f-fine, Sir Zane. I-I mean, Zane." She can't even look at the boy's eyes now that she's stuffing her mouth with food to stop herself from speaking.

Zane just laughed and returned to eating. The rest of the meal was interspaced with minor attempts to cause a blush in his companion. He grinned as he got her to cough when he asked about how good she was at handling poles.

And boy did she cough. A couple of people in the room even looked at Helena as she gulped down a full glass of water to stop herself from coughing. "I... I really don't know how to answer that q-question," she nervously said to Zane. Honestly, he will be the death of her. She just tried to maintain her composure until she finally finished her food and wiped her mouth in a regal way afterwards. "Well, glad that was done! I will wait for you to finish so you can lead the way to the mission room," she lied. She did memorize the map of the academy but like she thought before, this was a good way to further improve their friendship.

Zane finished soon after, not hindered by the manners drilled into nobility. He did use a napkin to wipe his face down, it didn't do to show a scruffy look. Rising from his seat, he offered his arm out for her to take. ”Please allow this Wulfe to lead the way, my sweet Helena.”

Helena blinked, clearly surprised at the sudden turn of events. For her, Zane was just full of surprises, and it made her really glad that she knew him. "I put my trust in you, oh handsome Zane," she said as she took his arm and stood up. She linked her arm around his, and she already felt how strong his arm was through his clothes from all that mercenary work he's been doing. "Lead the way," she said with a sweet smile.

The lycan led the carbuncle through the halls, taking in the various scents of the school. Strangely the artifical scents of civilisation was offset by the girl next to him. Once they reached the mission room he said, ”I'm good with anything you choose, my dear.”

She smiled at him and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. There were also multiple people in the room with them, each choosing from the variety of missions on display on the screens. Just by looking at them made Helena a bit sad, thinking that this many people were in dire need of help. She sighed sadly and looked on, before tapping Zane's arm to get his attention. "I found something that I think you'd like. It asks us to investigate the disappearance of a human man. The local police still has no idea about what happened to him so all legal investigations have been stopped. The man's wife still does not give up and claims her husband was... 'bewitched'." Helena looked back at Zane with worried eyes before continuing. "Latest report says a witness last seeing the victim at a museum in Washington, DC. Hm, where is this Washington, DC?", she wondered aloud.

”Oh, that's the capital of the USA.” Zane answered, pulling out his phone, ”See it's a few hundred miles away. I'll get my stuff together and meet you at the portal room” He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and walked towards the door. As he reached the exit, he turned and said: ”By the way, I'm a Lycan.”
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