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Accepted! Good job.
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Past Midnight
Location:Near River Kingdom

The silly human thought she was an angel. She couldn't help but blush, pleased with the compliments he was bestowing her. She began to speak to him, slurring a bit in her words, "Oh don't be silly. It's nothing! As long as you're okay. I'm afraid we can't get you back to Earth right now-"She broke off as a panther jumped into her view.

Risa whirled around as fast as a weakened fairy such as herself could at the presence of the dark elf. She wondered how he had found them so quickly. She frowned at his words, her brows furrowing as she burst out,"Know what we have done?!"Risa was often outspoken."Don't you see this is good for everyone? Even you! Stop following Aklenroth so blindly to save your own skin, coward!"

She let out a cry as Dionaea yanked her away from the incoming blast. Her vision blurred and it almost felt like the earthquake was still ongoing, the world tilting beneath her. The color had drained from her face. She held Dionaea's shoulder to steady herself as her brain seemed to swirl in her skull. A flash of a familiar shade of orange went toward the human. She was dimly aware of Kyran's voice but she was too set on fighting the dark elf to focus in on it. They were in a bad spot here. Risa knew if she kept angrily yelling at him that she would not be taken seriously. She gritted her teeth and tried to let go of Dionaea, stumbling forward, her long hair nearly covering her deadpan countenance. "Don't you dare hurt my friends. Others are on the way and you will be outnumbered. "
In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@FunnyGuyBoth are good to go. I read through them. You can post them in the character tab. Sorry for the delay.

@hide on mana I read through it. The weapon thing is fine. However, unfortunately, demi-humans do not possess magic so please take out the umbrakinesis. As soon as you do that, you are good to go!

I will post today! C:
In Avalia 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Accepted! He has a very unique and interesting personality that sets him apart from the rest.
In Avalia 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Would there by chance be room for me as well? I'm quite intrigued by this and would love to join.

Yes that's alright! C:
In Avalia 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Past Midnight
Location:Near River Kingdom

Risa was so grateful for Dionaea's comfort. She hugged her and smiled at her, sighing as well. "You have a habit of being right all the time. I love you." She wiped her tears and hurried after her and Hades as they made their way to the human. It was hard to push the elves' deaths out of her mind but she knew she had to manage it. This was the biggest adventure they had ever been on. She knew as long as she had her friend by her side, they'd be okay.

Howls filled the night, prompting Dionaea to state that they had to get there first. The hairs on Risa's neck stood up. The sound of wolves hunting someone or something down was all too familiar. What they had done was clearly no secret. She wondered if someone had ratted them out or if Aklenroth's followers had known all along. It began to sink in at that moment that they may have put themselves in real danger, more than they had ever been in before. She glanced forward at her canine companion, who glanced over his shoulder back at her, sensing her unease. He did not give her any words, seeming on edge himself. She had never seen him look at her the way he had. He was very afraid.

Hades came to a stop in a small patch of grass where a figure lay. Risa slowed, tilting her head. She had never seen a metal suit like that before. As her vision adjusted to the sight before her, the wounds and blood became visible. A gasp escaped her lips. Her instinct kicked in and she hurried to his side, kneeling in the grass which tickled her bare legs. She took the man's hand. The poor thing was badly hurt. Healing was her specialty but she had never healed someone this injured before. Dionaea was not the best healer and could not aid her, better suited to stand guard and protect them until they could get moving again."It's okay, sweetie. I am here now and I will heal your ailments. " She comfortingly caressed the man's cheek with her other hand softly to comfort him. She took a deep breath.

I can do this. She assured herself.

Sparkles of energy moved over his wounds and breaks as she squeezed his hand. A faint, golden aura was surrounding her hand. The skin began to regenerate and his broken bones began to align. It was probably a discomforting process so she squeezed his hand a bit tighter to let him know she was there. Her gaze traveled across his features curiously. Humans looked so much similar to creatures in their world. She had always assumed they would be very different looking. He was just like them. "Dionaea, if we change his clothes and hide his ears behind his hair, we can blend him in." His human smell would be a problem still. They would have to find a way to mask it. The more she concentrated on healing, the drowsier she felt. The human was indeed healing but it was not a quick process.

Risa. This may be too dangerous. If we leave the human now, we might be able to escape. You are paling already and we are being pursued. There is not enough time. Hades' voice filled her head. She shook her head immediately, "No way! I'm not leaving him to die."

A soft whimper came from Hades and he moved over to Kyran, biting his pant-leg gently to pull him out as if to beg him to reason with the girls. Risa did not yet notice him, fixated on the human. He would be completely healed soon.

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Time: Midnight
Location:Near River Kingdom

The cool, wet grass felt so good between Risa's toes with each step her feet pecked the ground as she ran. Her long hair billowed out behind her as she moved through the trees. She was wearing a rather simple, thin and flowy white dress that reached the middle of her thighs. The warm air caressed her skin comfortably. Risa hated the humidity so she was grateful it was rather nice tonight. She did not want to sweat waterfalls in front of the elves. They were judgmental, to say the least.

It had taken a lot of barging into conversations and eavesdropping to get some knowledge on rebels. They were not usually very open with the information, especially with younger creatures. Only ones who had always known and trusted each other seemed to be involved but Dionaea and she managed. They were in and trusted within the underground. How they had got there was a story for another time.

Dionaea was right with her, running along to their destination. She had been hesitant to drag her into the mess with her but they were partners in crime, always sneaking off together. They drove their protective, demi-human friend Kyran crazy with their antics. She knew better than to let him on what they were doing tonight. This topped everything they had ever done. Her mother would have had a heart attack if she knew.

For some reason, that made it all the more exciting. She stole glances over at her dear friend with an excited grin, hoping she'd share her sentiment. They were almost there.

Finally, she came to a halt near a small spring. So little people came here that it was never named. There was a decent-sized waterfall there, a gentle cascade that had a mellow sound. "This way. " She said to Dionaea in a hushed voice, taking her hand. She moved through the spring, which came to about knee-length and through the waterfall, which hid a dark cave. The light of a fire could be seen from the end of the cave, flickering. The silhouettes of about three elves were visible.

"I can't believe you invited fairies." A voice echoed down the cave, "And female ones at that!"

Another elf retorted in their defense, "We can trust them. I've been talking to them a while and they're dedicated to the cause. Plus, they can cover ground faster with their wings." Risa recognized him and recalled his name being Polan.

"Well, they could have at-least come on time! We only have two minutes!"

"Fairies are late to everything!"The third one exclaimed, the eye-roll practically audible in her tone.

Risa made a face. Elves always came off condescending to her but she tried not to be as judgmental as they often were. "See the best in people, okay? They might like us once they get to know us."She advised Dionaea, slowly moving forward with her. "Hey, guys... Sorry, we're late. We really did come as fast as we could."

There were two males and a female. The fire seemed to be coming from the torch the female was holding. They glanced over at them, the un-named male whistling with delight at them. "Hubba, hubba."

"Oh no problem, ladies. You're right on time. We're about to do it... No one followed you, right?" Polan greeted them.

Risa shook her head in reply. She kept ahold of Dionaea's hand as she moved over to look at the machine. It was more technical-looking than Risa had ever seen. There were so many pretty buttons. "Oh wow... It's real..." Older fairies had often told Risa that humans were a myth and that there was never a way to change dimensions. Risa had never been sure, figuring they just wanted her to stop daydreaming. There was no way to deny it anymore. There was a real DROM in front of her.

"You bet your little wings it's real." Polan told her with a grin, "This baby is gonna hopefully bring us some real, live humans. You remember the plan?"

"Yes! Dionaea and I are going to go look for humans straight away, flying above the trees to get a better look. We should feel a sense of where the magical energy is." Risa recited excitedly. She wanted so badly to make a difference and do something against Aklenroth and now this was her chance.

"Thatta girl. Ready, everyone? It's midnight."He pressed a button and the ground immediately began to tumultuously shake, sending Polan forward onto the machine. The rocks around them seemed to have gain minds of their own as they bounced.

Risa clumsily fell over on her behind with a yelp while the other two elves fell forward. The noise of cracking made her gaze fixate on the ground a few feet in front of her. It began to crack open, the machine, rocks, and the elves falling through into a dark abyss. She jumped to her feet and began to hover, knowing Dionaea would most likely do the same. She flew downward after the elves with panic, managing to grab the hand of Polan. It had all happened so fast that she couldn't have grabbed the other ones.

"Polan! I got you! Don't worry!" Risa cried. She struggled to fly upward with him. Instead, she was slowly moving downward with his weight.

Polan looked up at her with fear, watching his hand slowly slip from Risa's grasp. He was only going to drag the fairy with him and he knew she'd be too stubborn to let him die. "Risa! You have to let me go. " She shook her head wildly, trying to fly upward with him. Her wings were fluttering as fast as a hummingbird digging into a tree. It was starting to become painful and her heart was hammering. "You and Dionaea must go find the humans! GO! NOW! Or it'll all be for nothing!" He purposely let go of her hand, falling into the blackness.

"No!"Risa tried her best to try to grab him again but he had fallen so quickly. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she wheezed, winded from all the effort, "Oh no, no... I'm so sorry..." She reluctantly flew up higher to Dionaea's side, resting her face in her hands. "I let him die. I'm so sorry." She clearly was a bit distracted from the mission and needed to get some sense knocked into her.

Risa, Dionaea. You have put yourselves in so much danger tonight. I am disappointed.

She raised her head from her hands to see the brown wolf seated by the edge. She should have figured Hades snuck after them. "Oh great. Hades, please don't tell on us."

Hades got up on all fours, telling them simply in reply, I have located an injured human. Follow me.

In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
If you want to be involved in the rift-opening, you may.
Otherwise, you may skip to the morning if you want to begin the next day and open however you want. If human, react to being brought into this world at midnight.

Time: Midnight
Location: In the woods of the peninsula west of Sun Elf Village.
Interactions: None

The night's warm embrace could not comfort Malachi as he moved through the unmarked path, shrubbery scratching him through the thin sleeves of his shirt with every step. The stars were the only thing to illuminate his path under the dark canopy of the sky. The trees were taller in this area with wide trunks, giving him ample area to conceal himself with his movements. There were no leaves to add crunch to his steps yet he took extra precaution to make himself as invisible as possible, tip-toeing his way to the shore.

No one traveled this far south of Sun Elf Village. There was normally nothing here but woods. Malachi found some assurance in that idea but what he, and others were doing tonight, was as dangerous and risky as it could get. Elves and others across the country who were apart of a un-named secret circle of rebels had all agreed to finally turn on the remaining DROMs at the stroke of midnight for five seconds. It was very underground and lowkey, mostly older creatures involved who had been in contact for years, far and short distances. It only took one spy or double-agent among them to have Aklenroth aware of their plan tonight. There were only six DROMs in existence and he couldn't believe he had possession of one of them. He had hidden the machine here days before this.

Dimensional-rift-opening-machines still had the same problem for the most part. If successful, the human could appear anywhere. Worse, animals or furniture from Earth could appear instead of humans. It was a huge gamble. The human once brought over could have disgust from being pulled from their dimension and spite them anyway. Everyone was desperate and grasping at straws here. There was only so long they could all pretend what was happening was okay. Aklenroth, for sure, had despicable plans for the future and they had not yet seen the worst of him.

The moonlight illuminated the blonde elf in a blueish overlay as he stepped out of the woods and onto the sand. The earthen tone of sand was muted under the night hue. His red cloak danced in the wind behind him as he looked out to the sparkling sea. The warm water lapped over his boots, fizzing and bubbling. Malachi's DROM had something others did not. It had taken him years but he managed to install an indicator into the machine that would pinpoint the location of whatever came through the rift that was created. Not only that, but he had a unique method of transportation very few elves got their hands on.

For a few moments, Malachi was not sure he would come. The beast eventually came into view as it seemed to appear out of the midnight sky, each flap of his great wings audible. He crash-landed on to the sand in front of Malachi, his silverly blue scales glistening in the light. Marion was not a very large dragon, nor a great lander either, but he meant a lot to Malachi. Dragons had mostly stuck to Daka Island. Much Avalia was wooded and did not have ample space enough for dragons. There were plains and fields scattered but dragons enjoyed the cold nonetheless and the company of demons and dark elves. Luckily, Marion was special. His egg had been for sale for consumption in the black market. Some peculiar folk delighted in dragon meat. Malachi had bought him and raised him, having been lonely but hesitant for deep relationships after the loss he endured. Due to his size, Malachi had to live out in a plain in the middle of nowhere, quite close to this area and even then, they traveled very often.

Malachi rested his hand on the snout of the dragon with the slightest smile curving his lips. "Are you ready, Marion?" The dragon answered with a nod of his head. Marion was quite understanding of Malachi but actual communication had not seemed possible for them.

Turning on his heels, he moved over to a bush and began to break branches to get a good view of his secret machine. It was a two-foot-tall metal box with an electronic display and several buttons. He began to work his magic, turning it on just as the clock struck twelve. The ground shook beneath him, an earthquake beginning. It was intense, perhaps the ground splitting beneath them in some areas. Maybe it had not been so wise for them all to start the DROMS at once. He clutched the machine to steady himself, fear and nausea gripping his body. This hadn't been done in so many years. This could all go wrong.

In each area that a rift was opened, a large crack in what seemed to be reality itself would open. The same would appear on Earth as whatever nearby would be sucked through like wormholes. He gave it five seconds. The others had all agreed to only keep it open for five seconds. Rather frantically, he started to slam the machine off with wide eyes. Luckily a map of Avalia appeared right away as well as a red circle indicating the area of the massive burst of energy. "Okay... Okay... That's right here actually." Malachi was not one to talk to himself often but the pressure was definitely on tonight. He may have had the location but there were five other potential openings in which they had no idea where they occurred.

He scrambled over to Marion and climbed on his back. Marion was luckily already saddled.

"Let's go find our human."

In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
My second, and main character. I liked the character, didn't like the layout much, but eh, it works.

Inori is well-done. Accepted!
In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hope this is good, tell me if you have any issues.

You did a beautiful job! Accepted and feel free to join the discord if you haven't already!
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