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In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Outfit:Outfit from the Ball
Inventory:Sword that's sheathed, Bow and quiver of arrows. Then: 2 hankerchiefs, liquid body cleanser, wayfinder, toothbrush, travel-size hair and teeth cleansers, small round of rope, small amount of disinfectant and bandaging: all in a fanny pack that's facing behind him, hidden behind his cape.

The light of the port was visible from even afar as the trio had approached River Port. When they finally reached the dirt road, they entered the town on the south side. The road was filled with people moving back and forth over it and each building window still alit. Malachi did not bother even glancing over things too much as he knew he could not waste time with his injured companions. He glanced to one side and he made haste grabbing the shoulder of someone moving nearby him to ask where the healing center was.

A woman instructed them to round the bend left and find it on their right. He began to follow the instructions, only to suddenly become aware of heavy heaving. His face contorted and his gaze slid over toward Belladonna, as that was the origin. A dog was seated next to her heaving with excitement and staring up at her with a piece of paper on the top of his head.

He snatched it from the dog's head and read it: Meeting Hall at 2pm. His eyebrows raised and he showed it to Belladonna and Valok before pocketing it for them. Right where they had entered, he had noticed a big meeting hall, so that made things convenient. Going with extra care to avoid the tongue and spit, Malachi moved his arm around awkwardly to pat its head. He gave her a brief moment to interact with it before they moved on. Dogs were cute and certainly comforting to the younger folk, so he knew he had to allow both her and maybe even Valok if he so wished a moment to give it a pet.

Malachi stared up at the stars as he waited.

In Avalia 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

River Port


The air was still warm in River Port as the sun set, bathing the port in a last batch of rays. The windows of homes and buildings were alit in yellow light, lighting up the streets along with quaint street lamps that lined each road. The fountain in town square could be heard gushing water as kids giggled and played around it. The boardwalk was busy with villagers, moving from stand to stand while couples sat in the sand, looking at the stars. Heads would start to turn in River Port as an adorable demon girl found her way into River Port.

All shops will close in two hours at 9pm while restaurants will remain open until 10pm. However, bars will stay open until 2am.

In Avalia 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Zephyrin & Clara

Kenia and Bowyn were hard at work harvesting what they could from the wyvern. Their reactions to her words had warmed her heart and she was in a relatively good mood. She was excited to get drinks with them at the port as Bowyn had suggested.

She had watched the two of them for some time out of curiosity, but eventually Clara had decided to stay out of the way since she could not be of assistance with such a task. It seemed like Zephyrin was standing by as well. Having talked to her the least so far, she figured now would be a good time to get to know her. Clara bound up to Zephyrin and smiled at her, ”Hi Zephyrin! You doing okay? Didn’t get hurt, did ya?” She asked her.

The winter fairy teared her eyes away from Bowyn's exhausted form, brushing aside the heavy feeling that weighed on her chest. Still stricken from the events that had transpired, Zephyrin forced a smile, hiding her shivering hand behind her back. "Ah.. I feel great, just a scratch!" She replied with a melancholic laugh at the edge of her voice. She sucked in a deep breath and exhaled, feeling the tension melt from her body.

The air changed slightly, the warmth in the atmosphere slowly returning. The winter fairy paused, her scarlet eyes studying the human from head to toe. Having thought she was just another elf, Zephyrin never paid her much attention until now. The earthy tones of Clara's dress matched her brown hair and brown eyes. Zephyrin nodded approvingly.

Softly, her voice gaining momentum, she fully turned to Clara with a grin, "Thank you for assisting us with the wyvern. Your abilities are nothing short of praiseworthy." The words felt stiff in the fairy's tongue; she wasn't used to giving away compliments, but she felt that it was well-deserved this time. The human could fight and dress well.

The way Zephyrin replied to her first question reminded Clara of the way she’d answer people when she was overloaded with schoolwork. “Yes, I’m fine. This is fine!” She would tell them, laughing helplessly as she awaited her impending doom. It was possible Zephyrin felt similar to her. She was a beautiful fairy in lovely jewelry and expensive-looking clothing. It was clear the two of them were both out of their element.

The fairy then commended her efforts. Clara’s head was still reeling a bit and she hadn’t really taken in fully what had just occurred. They had just fought a dragon. She had just fought a dragon. Such self-awareness led her to realize her heart was still racing. ”Thanks! I was pretty badass now that I think about it. And you were too!” Clara told her with a confident smile, ”That shield you made totally saved us big time. If it weren’t for you, we could have all got really messed up.” If that tail had swung into them, she was certain they would have all gotten knocked to the ground like bowling pins.

A wry smile tugged at the corners of Zephyrin's lips. Though the fairy was fully aware she had contributed the least during the battle, she couldn't help but puff up her chest in a smug manner. She placed a hand on her hip, while the other toyed with a lock of her platinum hair. "Ha! You have a good eye, human. Conjuring a shield of that size is no easy feat, yet I, being amazing as I am, managed." She gloated.

Clara giggled at Zephyrin’s words. "Of course you’re amazing! You’re a magical fairy! ”She exclaimed enthusiastically, "But that’s not what made it special you know. For...It is not our abilities that show what we truly are…” She paused once more for suspense, trying to deepen her voice to sound wise and dramatic, ”It is our choices.” She cleared her throat as her voice returned to its normal octave, "You could have just left us all to die and ran for the hills, but you stayed and decided to protect us. That was really cool of you!” Quoting Dumbledore to a fairy was sure to win her awesome points. She threw her hand up and made a peace sign after her words with a wide grin.

The fairy thought the human quite odd, but she found her amusing. Slowly, her gaze wandered back towards Bowyn's direction. At first there was a flash of concern on her face, but it was immediately replaced by an irritated expression. Zephyrin crossed her arms, heat rising to her cheeks. "I-I guess Bowyn fought decently, too. But nothing special..! His bird was more amazing."

Clara's eyes suddenly lit up as Zephyrin mentioned Bowyn’s fighting abilities. He had been so cool and brave! She had to stop herself from fangirling right then and there as excitement bubbled up within. Not to mention how Kenia had jumped up on the wyvern’s back the way she did and had such sick moves. 'I feel like I’m traveling with the X-Men!' She thought excitedly.

She dug herself back out of her thoughts and looked at Zephyrin, replying, ”Yeah! Bowyn and Kenia are badass. I could go on forever about all the neat stuff they did. Then Boreas was such a hero!-” Her brain processed Zephyrin’s reddening cheeks as she was speaking. She broke off her rambling with a gasp.

Clara put her hands on her hips and leaned in to grin at her. ”You have a crush on Bowyn.” She accused, lowering her voice for only her to hear. Zephyrin's eyes widened, her cheeks turning into a deeper shade of red.

"H-how could you say something so outrageous?!" She squawked, scowling. "Someone as youthful and spritely as me would never fall for a... serious and dull person!" Zephyrin objected to her absurd claims. She rolled her eyes, then used her hand to fan her face.

Clara smiled doubtfully, stifling a giggle. ”Suurre you wouldn’t…” She commented sarcastically.

The fairy composed herself and continued, "You must be young and inexperienced, so let me give you some advice!" Zephyrin cleared her throat, then began to lean in closer. "Men like him.." she pointed towards Bowyn, "..would choose to die alone. They are married to their cause." She nodded convincingly and crossed her arms.

Clara’s gaze followed her finger toward Bowyn as her expression became even more puzzled yet doubtful as Zephyin’s statements continued. After the way Bowyn had reacted to Boreas, she was sure Bowyn was not someone who wanted to die alone; no one truly wanted to die alone.

"So stay away from him, you got that? As far away as you can! Find a man who is the complete opposite of him! Preferably someone with dark hair and a stupid smile on their face! Bowyn is no good. He definitely isn't badass." Zephyrin scoffed, repeating the word Clara had used. She didn't understand what it meant, but it sounded like a compliment. And she shouldn't be complimenting him.

Clara shook her head with a smile, replying finally, ”Aw Zephy... There’s no shame in liking Bowyn. I get crushes on boys all the time.” She glanced in his direction once more. ”Brave, loyal and I think he can even be kind of sweet. Oh and he’s veeery handsome!” She mused, giggling at the end of her statement, ”You know, if you aren’t interested in him, it shouldn’t concern you whether I like him or not, right? Bowyn and I could look really cute together. Imagine our kids!”

Zephyrin's ears twitched, and she narrowed her eyes. Clara let her words sink in before adding on, with a mischievous grin and twinkle in her eye, ”You know. Maybe I should just go confess my feelings right now.”

"Y-you..!" Zephyrin clenched her fists and stomped her foot. A thin layer of ice began to form around her fingertips as she gave Clara an angry stare. Soon enough though, her expression softened, and she sighed. "..You have awful taste in men." The fairy turned around, refusing to look at Clara. She furrowed her brows and pouted childishly. "Go confess to him for all I care! You can be an idiot couple fighting the lich together! And with him as the father, your kids would not look that cute.." Zephyrin grumbled.

Clara smirked to herself for a moment. If she had any doubts that Zephyrin liked them, they were most definitely gone. There was no getting a crush past the likes of a high school cheerleader! Spending so much time with girls every day had prepared her for this moment. The idea of the two fairies getting together was very exciting to her, so she had needed to find out the truth.

Still, perhaps she had gone too far. Clara sighed once she had turned away and walked around her to face her. She then touched her shoulder gently to comfort her. ”Only kidding. I won’t get in your way and I won’t tell anyone.” Clara smiled at her warmly, ”We’re friends now and it’s against girl code to do either of those things.”

"Like I said, I don't like that bloke! And what is this girl code that you speak of?" Zephyrin raised an eyebrow in question. "Actually, never mind! Let's just get going!" She gently grabbed Clara's wrist and started walking towards Kenia and Bowyn, her face still flushed red.

The human had gotten the better of her.

In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"Welcome to Odds and Ends! We have a limited supply of goods we pick up from merchants and travelers. We have great deals. Please take a gander!"

"My name is Hanai! Let me know if you want me to tell you more about any of these items. "

Casual Full Outfits for Males(6 of them pictured) - 40 amas

Casual Full Dresses for Females(6 of them pictured) - 40 amas

Full Seaside Male Outfit(Trendy in River Port) - 80 amas

Full Seaside Female Outfit(Trendy in River Port) - 80 amas

Full Seaside Female Outfit(Trendy in River Port) - No necklace - 80 amas

Full Adventurer Male Outfit - 50 amas

Mood bracelet - 10 amas

Hair Growth Serum - 40 amas - "This instantly grows your hair at least 5 inches longer!"

Plain Dress(comes in any color) - 30 amas

Meat snacks 3 amas for 4 slices

Owl Bear Cloak - 150 amas

In Avalia 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Afternoon
Location:Port 10
Interaction: @Alivefalling@FunnyGuy
Outfit:What she's wearing
Inventory:Bag for her belongings(It's along her belt behind her cape and not a backpack). Inside that bag: ama pouch, small water flask, plant seed pouch, small bag of berries, small flowery perfume, small knife, thin nightgown, and Risa has transferred some of her hygienic supplies into small, portable bottles: hair and teeth cleansers, hair softener and armpit fragrance.

Risa tilted her head, puzzled by his response. He had just wanted to know what she thought. Thinking back, he had mentioned he was from a militia. She considered things for a moment as Kyran spoke but the puzzle pieces soon fit into place. "Yes. We have some coming tomorrow."She watched the nearby couple depart as she spoke. They were now the only three guests dining outdoors. There was no one nearby to hear them. "So I suppose you heard about what was happening and me, and came to see if it worth getting yourself and your militia involved. If that's the case, then I think tomorrow's meeting will hopefully help you make up your mind. If I'm correct, can you please give us some more details now that it's just us three? Then if you like, I can fill you in on what's happened on our side." She then put her effort into putting a dent in her food as she allowed time for Valaeon to respond.

In Avalia 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Afternoon, Day 2
Location: By a spring, closer to River Port
Outfit:Outfit from the Ball
Inventory:Sword that's sheathed, Bow and quiver of arrows. Then: 2 hankerchiefs, liquid body cleanser, wayfinder, toothbrush, travel-size hair and teeth cleansers, small round of rope, small amount of disinfectant and bandaging: all in a fanny pack that's facing behind him, hidden behind his cape.

Valok spoke of himself as if he was just a pawn on a boardgame. Dark elves truly had reached a new level of terrible when they raised their own youth to feel like their lives were not even important. It made him sick to think that they could treat their innocent youth that way. He, however, kept his comments to himself and let Valok speak his truth as he told them how he had heard Risa. Risa was young too, perhaps younger than Valok. She had given him hope just as she had done for many he was certain, but he wasn't sure putting the burden of the rebellion on a fairy child was the answer. Her youthful honesty and passion were, of course, contagious, but in the end, she would need the wisdom and experience of those older than her.

The dark elf continued to answer his questions, telling them that before the ball, his mission had been to hunt humans. He was silent as he expressed his trust back to Malachi, calling him honorable. He wasn't sure if he'd describe himself that way but still, he smiled faintly. It melted a little as he expressed his thoughts, the smile not quite reaching his eyes, "When I lost my little boy and my darling wife, I was... empty for a long time. I no longer had purpose. I found myself wondering if there was no one in the world who cared for me, did I even exist? I too felt the way you do now, that I had to fight. I had to throw myself into battle or else I'd be a waste. Even though it took a long time, I think I may be important to someone once again."

He glanced at Valok directly, "One day you will no longer feel this way and you too can be important to someone. You will find better purpose and deserve that. Even the snow someday melts and the flowers shall then bloom. "

Once he had finished speaking, he noticed Valok's gaze had moved to Belladonna, who was letting go of him. Her eyes lamented a song of pain as she made haste moving ahead of them. They seemed to be a trio of melancholy. He decided to ask her a question that been on his mind for some time now, "Belladonna, are you alright? Do you have companions awaiting you?"

In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Afternoon, Day 2
Location: By a spring, closer to River Port
Outfit:Outfit from the Ball
Inventory:Sword that's sheathed, Bow and quiver of arrows. Then: 2 hankerchiefs, liquid body cleanser, wayfinder, toothbrush, travel-size hair and teeth cleansers, small round of rope, small amount of disinfectant and bandaging: all in a fanny pack that's facing behind him, hidden behind his cape.

"He's right they prefer meat. Think they're omnivores and will probably feed it most things you feed it though. You can get it something at the butcher when we get there." Malachi told Belladonna after Valok spoke. He glanced at him. It was a grim question, to ask someone you just met to be the one to burn your body in the event of untimely death. Still, with Valok's background, it was probably a daily concern. "Yeah. We will do that for you if that happens. You won't be dying on my watch."

In order to keep Valok awake, he decided to keep up the conversation,"Were you at the ball, Valok? Where had you come from when we found you?" His eyes slid to the sky as they spoke. The sun still shined down on them through the trees.

He couldn't wait for it to be night again at last.

In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Afternoon
Location:Port 10
Interaction: @Alivefalling@FunnyGuy
Outfit:What she's wearing
Inventory:Bag for her belongings(It's along her belt behind her cape and not a backpack). Inside that bag: ama pouch, small water flask, plant seed pouch, small bag of berries, small flowery perfume, small knife, thin nightgown, and Risa has transferred some of her hygienic supplies into small, portable bottles: hair and teeth cleansers, hair softener and armpit fragrance.

Risa knew he was right that the subject was not the best in a public place, but at least he did not seem of ill intent. He told them they could count him as a supporter and even a friend. Then he stated what he stated. Maybe it was a combination of having an awful few days, or the stress of trying not to let her feelings get in her way, but it really ignited something in her. She barely heard what Kyran had said as she thought over his words, "...You support me yet you have so little faith in us so early on without ever knowing our plans." She said slowly as if tasting the words. She shook her head and furrowed her brows, her expression changing completely, as she leaned in and said lowly, for only him to hear, "Failure is not an option when people are suffering and dying under Aklenroth. Once we gather an army to back up and to protect our humans as they slay Aklenroth, we will have a great chance of success and I believe that with all of my being. I am not asking you to have blind faith, of course. However, if you are going to be my supporter, then you cannot go into this situation with no faith either. Running into a battle, expecting to lose, will ensure that you lose. "

Risa leaned back in her chair. Truth be told, she wished there was a peaceful way to handle all this, but she knew in her heart that was childish thinking, which was something she did often and was also something she needed to learn to let go of. Children had no place in a war and she had no place acting like one in her position. Dionaea, Cloud, and Jean-Luc had all died for this. Helio had been turned into a monster of a man. Who knows where her parents even were. Everyone and everything was on the line and that had been sinking in lately more than ever.

Still, perhaps she was being harsh preaching to Valaeon. They had only just met and she did not know him enough to know the intentions of his words. She met Valaeon's gaze once more, "You can feel however you like about all this, but I will not take support of those who do not have faith in this nor motivation to be involved. I want to minimize the amount of death as much as possible and I don't want to see you in danger if you are not willing to be there."

The waiter brought over the potato cakes and some extra vegetables for her soup. She picked up an avocado off the plate and handed it to him, "Don't worry. You have a friend in me no matter what you decide."
In Avalia 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Outfit:This outfit, but imagine the cape is down to her ankles and the skirt is shorter.
Inventory:Ama pouch, map, berries, 2 potato cakes, a knife, some rope, and a blanket.

Bowyn had shivered in her arms during their hug. He felt so cold. She frowned and let go. A fairy that could control ice, still shivered and chattered his teeth when he was freezing. She supposed it made sense that even he wouldn't be immune to it. She had figured out pretty quickly that using even her own magic expended her energy. It always made her feel like she needed a long nap. But poor Bowyn's ability seemed to have a much worse effect.

Her gaze fell down when he called her a human. They definitely realized and knew what she was. However, no one had moved to kidnap or hurt her. He even said that he wouldn't ditch her, so perhaps they did not have a negative view on humans. Her previous company had made it seem like no one would want to be associated with her. Bowyn and Kenia did not seem to feel that way about her as far as she could. Still, she couldn't ask them to sign up to be involved in the rebellion if that's not what they wanted. Even being seen with her could be dangerous.

As she was thinking things through, she had been paying half attention to Kenia fiddling around with a dragon scale. With closer inspection as she finished her work, she could tell Kenia had picked out the prettiest one she could find and then engraved it in order to make a little memorial for Boreas. It came out beautiful and the engravement was touching. If she were to be honest, she hadn't seen anyone do something as brave as Boreas did. She wasn't sure she could stare death in the face and fly right toward it. It was incredible and she was sure he had done it to help Bowyn. She knew animals could be loyal, but this was a new level.

She shut her eyes and prayed for Boreas, hoping there was a wonderful birdy heaven awaiting him with all his favorite treats. Kenia's pretty singing reached her ears as she was imagining Boreas hopping around with all kinds of birds in the clouds, the sun shining on them. She liked listening to her sing; it reminded her of the music she missed listening to so much on Earth. Clara liked to sing too, engaging in her school choir and singing in the shower on a daily basis, which she considered to be very valid experience.

Once the singing concluded, Bowyn suggested they harvest parts of the wyvern for amas and move on. Clara got back on her feet and undid the clasp of her cape. She unwrapped it from around her and outstretched her arm toward him, cape in hand, "Good idea, but please try to warm up before you do anything! You felt so cold." She gave him a smile and then addressed all of them with her next statement, "I'm sorry I had to lie to you guys. After everything we just went through, you guys deserve the truth at least. My real name is Clara and I'm a human, obviously. I'm eighteen and I honestly have never harvested organs from a dragon. Not really a common pastime on Earth...As you probably know, humans aren't really a crowd favorite in Avalia right now and I'm not the safest company to hang out with. I can tell you're good people and probably not aligned with the evil skeleton guy, but my goal is just to find the rebels who need me. If it's okay, we can travel together just to the port and then I swear I won't drag you guys into the crazy war stuff."
In Avalia 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location:River Kingdom Plaza
Interactions: @Tae @FunnyGuy @Dezuel @Potter
Outfit:: Armor he has on

Helio squinted his eyes as he watched a carriage come toward them in the distance. "Look at that gaudy thing. Gotta be an elf." He commented and lounged back with a grin, looking up at Azriel. "All from every town shall come bearing gifts for the great fairy king. " After adjusting his crown, he watched as a man just as gaudy as his transportation came out of the carriage. "Oh what is that."His amusement was impossible to keep off his face as a mischievous look overtook his expression.

It introduced itself as Terneus Andros and he made a noise as he struggled to confine a burst of laughter from leaving his lips. If he had been drinking something, he might have spit out water everywhere. He knew that name. "Oh wow."He straightened up in his throne and leaned over, peering at him.

The asshole governor who spends outrageous amounts of time at every event, staring at himself in the mirror!

Helio could recall his mother telling him she heard a rumor that he'd even kiss the mirror. He was absolutely obsessed with himself and all of Avalia knew of how terrible a governor he was. He paid no mind to anyone in the Sun Elf Village, and spent all his time grooming himself and buying ridiculous, tacky elvenwear.

He started to laugh at both the governor's reaction to the fairy and the randomness of this event in general. He was unable to help himself. Oh he hates the dying fairies! And the smell!

His laughter slowly died down as he got control of himself and he got to his feet. "Lord Teeeeerneus Androooos!"He bellowed dramatically as he addressed him, grinning at him. "All the waaaay here in the River Kingdom. The finest! The handsomest! The most generous governor of all of Avalia! Oh you have no idea how welcome you are, good sir! If traveling arrangements is what you need, then traveling arrangements is what you'll get! The great king Helio would never offer you any less. " He jumped to his feet. "An amora can be arranged and at your disposal, however, I do encourage you to stay and relax a little with us. You look weary and like you could enjoy a good meal."

He anticipated that Azriel was going to be either angered with him or also take part in wanting to mess around with the governor. It was no secret she hated them. Helio couldn't say he was a big fan either, but this was all just a joke to him that he wanted to spend more time laughing at.
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