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Location: Calbert's Estate
Interaction: @Potter Olivia
Attire: Mask, Dress/Wings

Charlotte's progress through the crowd was slower than she anticipated. The sea of masked faces seemed to press in on her from all sides, making it difficult to navigate through. She sidestepped and skirted around clusters of animated conversation, her eyes never wavering from Olivia's increasingly distressed face.

She finally broke through the last barrier of bodies and took Olivia's shoulders. "Are you okay?" Charlotte's words spilled forth, tinged with a hint of frantic worry. Her eyes searched Olivia's face, seeking reassurance. "He didn't recognize you, did he?" she pressed, her voice soft yet urgent.

Time: Evening
Location: Damien Ballroom
Attire: Suit and Hat, Mask

Amidst the grandeur of the masquerade ball, Marek Delronzo drifted through the sea of masked faces with an air of calculated nonchalance. To the casual observer, he appeared as any other gentleman of status, his attire exuding an air of refinement. He wore a crimson velvet coat over an elegant black suit. Atop his head, a top hat perched with effortless elegance, while a stone-gray full-face mask concealed his features from prying eyes.

Behind the mask, Marek's eyes burned with a cold intensity, dark as coal and perhaps, to the trained eye, betraying the simmering hubris within. As he surveyed the room, Marek was brimming with contempt. To call them arrogant and dimwitted fools would have been too generous – to Marek, they were little more than insignificant ants.

As he listened to the cacophony of voices that filled the ballroom, Marek couldn't help but indulge in fantasies of their suffering. Each voice grated on his nerves like nails on a chalkboard, igniting a primal urge to crush them beneath his heel. To comfort himself, he imagined the screams of each person he heard as he passed through the crowd.

As he came to a halt on the sideline, a flicker of movement caught his attention, a flash of dark hair filling his vision. With a predator's instinct, he turned, his gaze fixated on the source of the disturbance. A low voice whispered in his ear, and as Marek listened, his lips curled into a chilling smile.

It was a sweet reminder of why he was here, to say the least—to observe his victims, and perhaps, even extend to them an introduction.

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Time: Evening
Location::Village on the outskirts of Roshmi
Interaction: @Apex Sunburn Scathael, @FunnyGuy Thraash
Equipment: Repeating crossbow, a bag, sword, two daggers, 3 small red potions, 1 large red potion, 1 large blue potion, hoverboard, portable solar box, eye protectors, fire starter kit, channeling gloves that turn her light magic orange, makeup, perfume, a skull she wears as a mask and a disguise ring

Mari shrugged casually as she spoke to Thraash, her tone nonchalant, "I dunno. I hope he's a fucking cool little tinker dwarf with a big beard though."

With that, she confidently led Thraash onward. Their destination was perhaps a thirty-minute walk, one she had spent talking shit about FIVE to Thraash. Soon, the two found themselves navigating through the winding paths of the village as they finally arrived.

As they stepped further into the village, Mari couldn't help but express her candid thoughts, "Wow, what a shithole!" The colorful language drew curious glances from the locals as they made their way.

Mari suddenly turned to Thraash with a guilty smile, "To be honest, I know he's in this village, but I dunno where exactly...Hehe." Her expression perked up as she came up with a great idea. "But don't worry. I got this," she assured him, her confidence unwavering.

Then, without missing a beat, Mari came to an abrupt stop and unleashed her booming voice, calling out into the village, "SCATHAEL! HEY SCATHAEL!!! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, BOY! " Her words echoed through the narrow streets, leaving no doubt that they had arrived.

However, her loud proclamation wasn't met with the enthusiastic response she had hoped for. Instead, groans and grumbles emanated from nearby windows as irritated villagers peered out, complaining that they were trying to sleep. A few that had been walking on the path as well even muttered curses under their breath as Mari's voice disrupted the tranquility of their village.

Location: Calbert's Estate
Interaction: @JJ Doe Fritz @Samreaper Kazumin @Helo Leo @PapaOso Cassius @Potter Olivia

“Gold, with Varian Pines and a stag adorning its case. A sidewinder, well kept and unscratched. It was last in this pocket...Chain now, gone as well."

Charlotte carefully listened to Leo's description of the missing item, her mind diligently absorbing every detail. She repeated the information to herself, committing it to memory as best she could. However, her focus was completely broken by Leo's sudden fit of giggles. She glanced at him, a quizzical expression furrowing her brow.

This cannot merely be coincedence. The crazy shift in pitch, the sporadic bouts of laughter... Undoubtedly, someone is messing with him.

Despite her thoughts, she did not voice them and instead comfortingly patted the back of her laughing friend. As Leo revealed that the watch had belonged to his father, Charlotte's heart twinged with sympathy and guilt. She hadn't fully grasped the significance of the missing item until now.

Once he had got ahold of himself, he had suggested seeking out a woman who had been dancing with Nahir. "Alright. I can go seek her out." Charlotte had told him determinedly.

Before she could glance around the room for the Alidasht princess, Cassius decided to pipe up with a random declaration,“Lady Vikena, I would be remiss if I did not admit that it is quite lovely to see you. It seems you’re as clever as you are kind and as kind as you are beautiful.”

Charlotte froze in place, caught off guard by the unexpected compliments. Her initial reaction was one of confusion, her mind trying to comprehend the sincerity behind his words. She shifted uncomfortably, her gaze flickering uncertainly before finally settling on Cassius as he kept speaking.

“And we can certainly turn back to the watch in a moment, but I would regret it if I did not acknowledge how wonderful your entire ensemble looks. I would not have personally picked you for a butterfly, though beautiful…they are far too fragile a creature to do you justice, but nonetheless you look simply incredible, as I’m sure you would regardless of the theme.”

Considering how the other night had gone, Charlotte couldn't shake the thought that perhaps Cassius was attempting to mock her or this was some strange ploy orchestrated by Calbert. Yet, despite her instinctive suspicion, a smaller part of her also couldn't help but appreciate the words.

Tentatively, after some thought, she offered a shy smile. "Thank you very much, Lord Cassius."

She subsequently suppressed a laugh, biting her lip as Fritz expressed feeling left out. However, before she could dwell on it further, Nahir and the woman in orange approached. The woman greeted Leo, but Fritz quickly diverted her attention, interrupting any further thought on the matter.

Her eyes followed his line of sight to Olivia and Calbert, the former locking eyes with her briefly. She felt a shiver of fear ripple through her, her mind racing with concern. Charlotte desperately wanted to rush to Olivia's side, but she remained rooted to the spot until Calbert had seemingly stepped away from her.

Distractedly, she told the others after setting her drink on the table, "I-I shall go look around and see if I can find anything..." She slightly stammered and began to push her way through the crowd.

Time: Evening
Location: Vikena Household

Delilah paced in the kitchen of the Vikena estate, her usually bubbly demeanor overshadowed by worry. She couldn't help but fidget with the hem of her apron, her anxiety palpable in the air. Finally, she exclaimed, "It's been hours and she's still not back!"

Amidst the sounds of rhythmic clinking of metal mixing bowls and the whirring of a hand-cranked egg beater, Gilbert was diligently at work, his rough hands blending ingredients, "Hours?" he echoed, his voice cutting through the kitchen's noise, "It's been barely an hour."

Delilah's shoulders sagged slightly at his response, distress etched on her features. "I know, but so much has happened to her lately," she said, her tone etched with unease. "And with Count Damien... He gives her such a hard time. She's there all alone without Duke Vikena."

Gilbert paused in his task, his hands momentarily still as he absorbed Delilah's words. His gaze softened, a flicker of empathy crossing his weathered features.

"Hmph," he finally grunted, "Well, she's a resilient one, that girl. She's got a backbone sturdy as iron." he remarked gruffly, but with an underlying tone of reassurance.

Delilah settled onto a stool by the counter, her hands folding on the counter's surface. "Yes, our girl always stands tall, doesn't she?" She smiled wistfully, her tone betraying a hint of melancholy mingling with nostalgia. "I remember when she was so small and I could pick her up like she was one of my little dolls... Oh, and what a little cuddle-bug Lottie was!"

An almost imperceptible chuckle escaped Gilbert's lips as he smiled, the memory of younger Charlotte perhaps tugging at his heartstrings as well.

As Delilah observed Gilbert's skilled hands moving about the kitchen, a mischievous sparkle danced in her eyes, and a playful smile crept onto her lips. "You know, Gilbert, it's not every day you pour so much effort into a dessert. Are you trying to impress someone?" Her tone was teasing, a knowing glint shining in her gaze.

Gilbert's cheeks flushed slightly at Delilah's teasing remark, his gruff demeanor momentarily faltering. "Nonsense," he muttered as he busied himself. "I just thought... well, it's been a trying time for Lady Charlotte lately."

Delilah chuckled softly, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "But I can't help but notice that strawberry cake happens to be one of her favorites... Quite the coincidence, wouldn't you say? ...Is it just me or is grumpy ol' Gilbert a softie?"

Gilbert cleared his throat awkwardly, a sheepish smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I... erm... well, yes," he stammered, his demeanor momentarily giving him away, "I suppose it is her favorite. But that's beside the point. Just wanted to do something nice, that's all."

"I wouldn't worry about Lottie."

The two glanced over as Devan sauntered into the kitchen with his usual disheveled appearance. He slumped into the stool beside Delilah with a nonchalant air, casting a casual glance at Delilah. "Seems to me she's got some whole grand scheme cooked up." he remarked, a hint of amusement dancing in his eyes.

Delilah arched an eyebrow, "Grand scheme?" she repeated, her curiosity piqued. "What are you talking about, Devan?"

He leaned back, a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. "Haven't you seen that stupid board she's got set up in her room?" he replied, "With all those notes and pins and crap?"

"What were you doing in her room! And what do you-"

Before Delilah could press further, he shifted the conversation with a random request, speaking over her with disinterest, "Anyway, you guys going to give me something to eat or what?" he asked lamely.

As Devan's request lingered in the air, Gilbert and Delilah exchanged a meaningful glance charged with concern. Then, Gilbert abandoned his utensils. Simultaneously, Delilah swiftly propelled herself away from the stool, the sharp scrape of its legs against the floor punctuating her shared sense of alarm, as they both bolted for Charlotte's room.

With a reluctant groan, Devan followed suit, regretting that he had even said anything. He hastened his steps, catching up to the two just as Delilah was pulling a sheet off a board that had been shrouded in the shadows of Charlotte's bedroom. The three stood transfixed, their breaths held in stunned silence, as they beheld what lay before them.

"My Gods." Gilbert murmured under his breath.

Location:Damien Estate Ballroom
Time: Evening
Attire: Mask Suit
Mentions:@PapaOso Cassius @Potter Olivia @Tpartywithzombi Violet

Despite the urgency of Liliane's news regarding their missing daughter, Calbert couldn't loop Cassius into the situation. It was imperative to maintain the illusion of composure, to keep his son distanced from the issue until they knew more information. Cassius deserved to enjoy his first party in Sorian, and he planned to formally introduce him as soon as the time was right. Though Calbert had been concerned about his son's reaction, he maintained a nonchalant exterior as Cassius had walked off.

Beneath the surface, however, Calbert was consumed by tension and anxiety. The thought of Violet's disappearance weighed heavily on his mind, each passing moment intensifying his fears for her safety. After all that had transpired, it was not inconceivable that Violet would attempt to escape once more, and Calbert couldn't bear the thought of any further harm befalling her.

It was possible, they'd find her as the property was searched, but then again, Lily had seemed concerned about the state of Violet's room.

Calbert had instructed Liliane to mobilize search parties immediately, and he knew she'd demand that every inch of Sorian would be combed through, emergency or not. The event at Ravenwood was a place of interest he had mentioned to his wife during their brief exchange.

As his thoughts drifted to the recent threats posed by the hooligans who had targeted his household and harassed innocent Crystal, Calbert clenched his jaw. His gaze shifted about the room and locked on the sight of Cassius approaching Charlotte, Leo, Fritz, and, inexplicably, one of his own employees situated nearby. A spark of anger simmered beneath the surface. He entertained the fleeting notion that perhaps he hadn't recognized her, but deep down, he knew that was not the case. Like father, like son, Cassius liked to play games.

Calbert's expression changed under the mask and he turned from the situation. As Calbert scanned the room, his attention was drawn to a commotion nearby. Amidst the flurry of dancers, he caught sight of a figure, her hair and build strikingly familiar. As he drew closer, he observed her struggle against the crowd, the frustration evident in her furrowed brow and clenched fists. As he finally reached her, he heard her call out a name. The pieces began to fall into place in Calbert's mind—This was indeed the mystery girl from the beach.

With a steely gaze, he moved toward her and got in her path, blocking her from her destination.

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Time:Late Morning
Location::The Nest, Roshmi City
Interaction: @Alivefalling Aerilyn, @Apex Sunburn Scathael, @ShiningSector FIVE @FunnyGuy Thraash
Equipment: Repeating crossbow, a bag, sword, two daggers, 3 small red potions, 1 large red potion, 1 large blue potion, hoverboard, portable solar box, eye protectors, fire starter kit, channeling gloves that turn her light magic orange, makeup, perfume, a skull she wears as a mask and a disguise ring

Mari couldn't help but smirk to herself as FIVE offered an apology. She brushed off her sleeves and turned around with a mischievous grin.

One step closer to recruiting the robot with the cool arm cannon to our party.

Her gaze then shifted to Thraash as he approached. As she turned to face her dragonborn friend, she boasted, "Hell yeah, of course, I found somebody. Roshmi folk love me!" She nudged him playfully with her elbow, adding, "You better come along Trash. I always need your expertise! Yeah, we'll totally give this guy the old one-two..."

She then proceeded to spin around and face the group, "Whoever's in, let's hit the road! And FIVE, if you're not feeling it, no worries, we'll just drag the bitch down here. And if he gets upset about it, we'll give him some soup. Everyone loves soup."
In Avalia 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Guavav Village - Menzai's home
Interactions: @Helo Cyrus
Mentions: @Funnyguy Darius/Dante
Equipment: Staff with unbreaking and shift enchantment(shifts into dagger), Her bag, Water Purifier, Flask, some shiny pebbles
Attire:Dress, which she decorated with flowers and hung little charms off the ropes, A small antler headdress with flowers and jewels, amulet with Millinia Crest, wooden butterfly earrings, various bracelets

Phia leaned forward, her hands firmly planted on the table, her gaze laser-focused on the seed as Cyrus spoke. "We can create an orchard." she declared intensely with unwavering determination. Then, she rose from her seat and gestured animatedly, fingers dancing in the air to underscore her vision. "Then, we can create a riverfruit slush stand and proceed to profit."

She slowly sat back down, daydreaming momentarily about the fun they could have with their business venture. However, all the while, her expression was dead serious as she nodded to herself. After a few more vigorous bites of her fruit, she slapped the table out of nowhere.

"Cyrus. We should go find Darius and Dante... I'd like to make sure they eat."

Location: Calbert's Estate
Interaction: @JJ Doe Count Fritz @Samreaper Kazumin @Helo Leo @PapaOso Cassius

“By you, Charlotte.”

Charlotte's heart sank, her expression mirroring the weight of her emotions. As she replayed the last few minutes, each word and action seemed to gain new significance. The squeeze of her hand by Fritz spurred her to raise her gaze slightly, seeking solace in his response amidst the turmoil of her thoughts.

Partners in crime… I guess that means we’re friends now. A pang of guilt accompanied the fleeting warmth that fluttered in her chest. She hadn't intended to undermine Fritz's importance to her. Doubt crept in, clouding her certainty with uncertainty.

… However, I am not sure I am a good friend to have.

For just a moment, as she seemed to lose herself in her thoughts, a shadow of determination flickered in her eyes. Before she could dwell on it further, a splash of orange invaded her field of vision, causing her heart to skip a beat in alarm. Glancing up, she found Leo standing over the table.

“There is a thief wandering the ballroom, they have stolen my watch and left that in my pocket. We must solve this crime immediately.”

Before she could digest that statement, a reassuring pat from Fritz immediately drew her attention back to him as he asked, “I’d like to continue our conversation later, Charlotte. Is that okay with you?”

“...Of course… In the meantime, I apologize for the hurt I’ve caused you.” Her words were soft, tinged with regret.

Charlotte's gaze then drifted once more as a new voice filled the air, a subtle sigh escaping her lips. Just what the situation needed… Cassius. She had thought she recognized him earlier as he had been conversing with his father by the silver streaks in his hair. However, now, as she met his penetrating gray gaze and heard the familiar timbre of his voice, there was no mistaking him.

As Fritz extended his introduction to Cassius, Charlotte shifted her attention toward Leo, offering him a reassuring smile. Though she couldn't quite fathom the significance of a mere pocketwatch to someone like Leo, who likely had wealth to spare, she found herself intrigued by the prospect of solving the mystery.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find it.” She assured him with a determined nod, then reached for the bracelet, noting its texture and color with a thoughtful gaze. The bracelet likely came from a woman whose attire is adorned with hues of orange. Most guests seems to be color coordinated from what I can tell. However, I presume that does not mean the thief is a woman.

“Detective, please describe what your watch looks like for me. When did you last see it?”

“My immediate thought here is that the perpetrator may not be driven solely by monetary gain, considering the potential affordability of a replacement watch for most attendees.” Charlotte chimed in. “The motive could be personal against Lord Smithwood, a calculated prank if you will… Leo, have you encountered any individuals who might harbor ill or playful sentiments toward you recently?”

She continued after giving him a chance to answer, “I propose we begin by identifying any female attendees whose attire aligns with the bracelet. Even if they aren't the thief themselves, they may have observed suspicious behavior…” She tapped her fingers on the table thoughtfully then added, “Perhaps we can split up to cover more ground and reconvene back after some time.“

Farim & Anastasia

Part 3

Time: Nightime
Location: Lover’s Lake
Interactions: @Infinite Cosmos Munir @Tae Mina @ReusableSword Roman @Helo Callum @Tpartywithzombi Ariella

Anastasia looked around in utter disbelief. She had no idea what Farim was on about at this point and saw absolutely nobody in his line of sight. “What the heck?” She stared at him for a long time until something finally clicked. Fear slowly crept into her expression as everything dawned. Did Roman literally summon the dead with his magic bags he threw in the fire? For a moment, she was frightened by the idea of creepy ghosts appearing in her vision, but then she realized the idea actually exhilarated her.

She finally exclaimed with fists tightly clenched at her sides, “Are you seeing ghosts!”

Farim nodded quickly, eyes still darting between what he saw and Anastasia’s face. ”Yes. Well, at least one of them is someone I know is dead. My friend Malik from my childhood.” Farim took a hand and reached out to grab the ghostly fingers that were attempting to caress his cheek.

”The other is a face I barely remember from my days as a child. And she calls me her hayati. Her life. That is something a mother calls her child back home. But she is….supposed to be alive…” Farim felt a shiver running along his back at the thought. Losing a mother he barely knew to means he did not know was beginning to weigh heavily on his mental state. Whether or not this entire “vision” was real, Farim felt a bubbling sea of emotion in the pit of his stomach.

“Shit… Well I don’t know if it’s actually ghosts or hallucinations since I am not seeing anybody. ” She commented with a frown. Then again, she wasn’t sure if there were spirits that would want to visit her. As she fixated on his facial expression once more and her frown only deepened. Anastasia reached out to rub his shoulder comfortingly, however he did not seem to notice immediately.

”Farim, I wish I had more time with you. There is so much to say, but just know that I love you and that I so very much wished to see you everyday. Ever since your father separated us I prayed we could meet again. And finally I can see your beautiful face, sweetie.”

Farim’s jaw dropped as he heard the words. ”Now she spoke again - and she just said something only she would know!” His expression started to shape into one of panic. Farim gripped onto Anastasia’s arms and looked at her with a plea in his eyes. ”Please tell me this is not a real thing. I cannot bear the thought of what this spirit vision implies!” His voice rose to match his rising emotional state, but a soft murmur broke out as he felt a tear roll down his cheek.

”I am scared, Anastasia…Scared that this is an omen of my mother’s passing. Real or not, what if I never get to see her?”

She cradled his face in her hands hastily and gently wiped his tears away with her thumbs, “Shh… It’s okay. .. To be honest, I don’t know what the fuck is happening, Farim, but I am right here to help you through this… “ Anastasia’s hands shifted from his face to his shoulders and down his back as she transitioned into a hug, soothingly rubbing his back. Though she didn't release the embrace entirely, she created enough space to meet his gaze once more.

“Maybe ask her some questions?” She suggested.

It wasn’t until the calming touch and embrace of the princess had Farim realized just how heavily he was breathing from anxiety and the mental stress of the moment. The world around them seemed to simply fade to black as he focused on what he could, and turned his eyes to the ghost of his mother while still holding Anastasia. He nodded as he began his line of questioning for the spirit.

”Wh-what is your and my name?”

”Farim Ibn Hafiz Kadir. And I am Nafia Kadir, one of the last consorts your father let conceive his child. I know it is tough to see me like this. If there was any other way, I would have chosen differently.” The outline of her face became more clear, and a slight frown showed on her face.

”And what happened to you on my 6th birthday?” His face resolved for a moment, and his hands held onto Annie’s tightly.

”Your father ...thought it best to separate us because he felt you were soft. He said my soft parenting would only make his young prodigy into a weak man. So he placed me under house arrest in a small no-name town to the west of the capital. Somewhere far from you, but close enough for his spies to silence me if I should escape.”

Farim’s face began to show a grim expression. He turned to Anastasia and frowned.

”Whatever this drug may be, I think Roman is right on how it lets us connect to the spirit world. I am seeing the face of my mom and friend clearly and she is naming things that only she would know. I…” Farim paused for a long while, stuck in the shock of the moment.

”I’m sorry, Annie. If my mother really is gone…” He trailed off, wiping a tear from his face only for another to fall right behind it. His words failed him so all he could do was tightly hug her as he buried his face into her shoulder for a moment.

Anastasia hushed him and drew him close tenderly, her hand continuing to rub his back soothingly. As she held him, she found herself at a loss for words, a familiar feeling for her, as comforting others wasn't her forte; she typically dealt with her own problems by attempting to ignore them altogether. Additionally, she was coming to terms with the realization that Farim was indeed witnessing the apparition of his deceased mother, which was mind-boggling. Her gaze made its way to Munir, who probably didn’t know his aunt was dead either.

“... I’m so sorry, Farim.”

The two specters looked at the pair with a mixture of bittersweet expressions. Currently neither of them could see it, but Nafia reached over to rub the back of Farim’s head in a comforting gesture. ”It will be okay, hayati. It seems you are in much better hands than I could hope for.” She smiled, and turned to face the princess. Nafia figured she wouldn’t hear it, but perhaps Farim would pass the message when he was less frantic.

”You’re a sweet woman. Please take care of him for me. He is a gentle lion who could do so much, but that potential could be used for dark and abhorrent things. If you both end up marrying one day, consider this my chance to say you have my blessing, sweetheart.” She smiled softly and simply stayed by her son’s side, cradling the back of his head as her presence began to fade against the background.

Once he felt the presence fade, he looked up one last time and through tear soaked eyes choked out his last words to her. ”Hafiz was wrong about you, Mama. I love you, and thank you for everything.” Nafia smiled and mirrored the words ”I love you, Farim. with a final breath as she passed to what one could assume would be the afterlife.

Malik’s ghost lingered, as if tied to Farim’s physical self. But he simply sat back and let the two have some “alone time”. With a solemn smile, Malik turned to wander the campgrounds. As the presences faded, Farim still in shock over the spectacle, he looked at the Princess with soaked eyes. ”I am sorry for being such a … party pooper as you may say. I think I am better….but I would like to stay here with you for a while. Everywhere else feels so much more lonely right now.”

Anastasia still had entirely no idea what was happening, but she accepted that she did not need to in order to be helpful. “Sure… You wanna do something fun, maybe to make you feel better?” She paused and glanced toward the others. “Maybe we can invite the others and all go for a night swim in the lake after this ceremony. Could be a good way for us all to wash off all these heebie jeebies.”

The details of her dress and the scenery around him continued to sharpen and dull at random intervals. But her words came through crystal clear, prompting Farim to nod. He felt a little tired - but that was likely due to his horrendously bad vision more than anything else. ”You always have such pleasant ideas.” He sniffled.

”Although I did not bring with me any swimwear. Will that be an issue?” Farim chuckled as he attempted to make light of the situation at hand.

“Nah you can just go in your underpants, oooorrrr naked. “ She winked and gave him finger guns, before casually announcing, “I go in naked all the time and I’ve never had any problems.”

She then clapped her hands together decidedly and looked around. Spotting a tree stump, she skipped over and climbed on top of it. Subsequently, she put her hands on the side of mouth to add more volume to her voice as she hollered loudly:

“HEY! Party at the lake after the ceremony! We’re going swimming!! …Bring your own BOOOZEEE!”

Farim couldn’t help but cough slightly as she mentioned skinny dipping so casually, but with her casual finger guns he let out a short chuckle. ”You are an interesting woman.” Anastasia nodded in agreement in reaction to this statement.

Her grand announcement made him also realize that others would be present for any displays of skin or debauchery. He figured if things seemed dicey he would just use his underpants anyway, so he looked around and took note of who would voice interest in such an event.

With a volume of voice only the two would hear he spoke to her”Perhaps I shall do just that - let us see how courageous I am feeling in the moment.” He stood up, brushed off his robe, and sniffled one last time to clear up his sinuses. For the moment his mood was lightened, and so he reached a hand out to her with a soft grin.

”Before such interesting shows of self can be made. Come back here and let me enjoy some more time for us to dance before we go swimming.” He hummed aloud to her.

She smiled and took his hand, “Okay! Dancing time! Lead the way.”

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