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Location: Outside Prince Callum's Bedroom
Interactions: @Helo Leo & Callum, @Rodiak Zarai @ReusableSword Roman
Mention:@13org Mayet @Rodiak Nahir @Layla Potter @Infinite Cosmos Munir @Tae Thea @Heartfillia Crystal
Attire:An Outfit that would make her mother faint, a floor-length light-purple Cape with a hood, tied shut with a ribbon

Anastasia had snuck off to the guest house immediately before the ball had even ended. There she waited for Thea, who eventually did arrive but not in a good sort. After some time comforting Thea in her bedroom, she ended up pushing Anastasia to wear one of her outfits, using this opportunity distract herself in helping her friend get ready for the party. No amount of pleading seemed to be able to convince the Varian blonde to come tonight as she had fallen into deep despair over what had happened with Prince Felix. Anastasia had offered to stay with her instead, to which Thea had declined. Thea insisted that she needed someone to watch out for Leo and Anastasia knew she needed to watch out for Callum too.

"Thea, my love, I am coming back for you and I am going to bring a lot of alcohol."Anastasia had dramatically declared after giving her a fierce hug. "Try to have fun and talk to all the cute boys here in the guest house. I'm sure it will help cheer you up! If all else fails, I'll beat up Prince Felix! I'm very menacing! He'll run for the hills!" She winked at Thea and opened the door, seemingly to leave. Anastasia grinned as a maid had strolled in with an outrageous cart of desserts and snacks. "Oh, Diana, don't forget to bring her some sexy books to read or something. If such a thing exists I guess. You know what, bring her some beautiful men please. Find them somewhere." Diana stared at her in disbelief. Anastasia gave her shoulder a reassuring pat, "I know you can do it, sweetie! You're doing great. Much better than Helga. I'll make sure you are repaid for your good work."

Next, Anastasia moved to Thea's brother's room. She knocked on Leo's door(probably a little too obnoxiously) and waited for him to come out. "Hey curly! It's party time. Come with me, we're going to go get my brother. Then I'll bring you boys over to the stable. Our horses are fast!"

While in the Varian Kingdom hallway, she paused, spotting Zarai, "Lady Zarai!"She had not gotten a chance to give the girl a proper greeting earlier since she had been too busy sneaking out. "No way a cutiepie like you didn't get invited. Come with us! I just gotta pick up my brother and I can take you all to the stables to ride there. If you need some more time to get ready, then you can meet me there in a few. Orrr come with me now! Whichever you prefer!"

Anastasia also noticed Roman and ran up to him to give him a quick hug. He had been a drinking buddy of both her and Callum and a great one at that! She knew he was certainly coming to the party and if he wasn't, she'd make sure he was now! "YOU! You are coming to the party! Pleaseee! Meet us by the stables soon!"

She had then taken a moment to stop at the Alidasht's hallway too and call down it, "Hey! If anyone received an invitation to uh... SOMETHING... Meet me by the stable in ten minutes!"

The Sultan had yanked open his door to glare at her. He looked exhausted. It was obvious she had just woken him up out of his slumber. Anastasia had waved and smiled, "Sorry! I'm done!" Anastasia hastily ran out of the guest house in her excitement, hoping Leo and Zarai had followed. She made her way back into the castle. It was clear to see that the ball had ended. The entrance hall was quiet and the ballroom was closed for cleaning. Anastasia ascended up to the second floor and to Prince Callum's Bedroom, knocking quietly once she had finally arrived. Her voice then took on a singsong quality as she spoke into the crack of the door, "Psst. Heyyy it's Lady Crystal. I got more smoochies for you Callum. Better open the dooooor..."

Anastasia had indeed heard about the cheek kiss and had been holding this bullet in the chamber all night.

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Time: Evening
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Interactions: Aiko @CitrusArms Orias @Helo Xavier @Potter
Equipment:Outfit Xavier bought Pouch with amas, Lipstick, Mysterious bag of fun drugs

Pink petals fell in Yuka's vision as she stepped off the amora into the colorful plaza of the River Kingdom that seemed to light up the night so much that she almost forgot they were in the dark of nighttime. Even in the trees, the bright windows of multiple homes built into the branches could be seen if one were to look up. Fireflies and pixies alike both dotted her vision as they glided through the air. The street was cluttered with fairies going in and out of bars and shops. The sounds of sweet giggles and clinking glasses could be heard. The River Fairy Kingdom had always been one of her favorite places. Her gaze went up to the giant world tree nearby and she blew it a respectful kiss before turning on her companions.

She was dressed in the outfit that Xavier had bought her now. He had given it to her on the amora and she had immediately started to change into then and there without shame. Who knew humans had such a great sense of fashion! The tight hug of this outfit was ever so figure-flattering! Yuka put a hand on her hip, feeling confident as she grinned, her gaze finally locking on Koldar, "Princey! Where we going first?"
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Location: The Harem
Interaction:@HeloNym @Alivefalling Barboda @Infinite Cosmos Tesoro @Potter Tigerlily
Equipment:Black coat with fur trim on the hood, dark-colored, plain male clothing, sword with unbreaking and return enchantments, strength enchanted gloves, 2 medium red potions, hygiene products, timeteller, wayfinder, transmission bracelet, a flask, standard backpack, and an ama pouch with 1800 amas.

The crew of the Harem had spent the afternoon giving Lizzie a funeral. They had lowered her into the sea respectfully. Helio had been distant from the others for an hour or so after that until they had been called together to take a poll on who would be the new captain. Nym was of course voted Captain then Tesoro the second mate. Helio then had requested they go in the direction of Roshmi, but he wasn't certain if Nym was going to uphold the request. So much time had passed that he worried it was too late anyway.

Helio had offered to take the watch from the crew's nest tonight since it was easiest for him to ascend. He stood up in it, leaning his arms on the ledge. The waters around them seemed to blend in with the blackness of the night. The moonlight shone on them, dimly lighting up their surroundings and the stars did twinkle above. It seemed to be a cloudless night. However, the ship seemed to be the only thing really lighting things up in their range of sight. He glanced down at the others and called down to them, "I can report that it is very dark and scary right now!"

...Failed Echo. Failed Lizzie. Possibly Faye, Bastian and Wumong too now... Was I even trying enough to fail? I gotta figure out something... For possibly the hundredth time tonight, he made another attempt to call Bastian on his transmission bracelet.

It failed immediately.
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Location:River Port
Interactions:@Alivefalling Alaia @FunnyGuy Vrexen/Astra @13org Myra
Equipment: Crossbow, outfit, Backpack with hygienic supplies, two daggers, flask, skinning knife, trapping wire, rope, small cooking pot, transmission bracelet, water purifier, disguise ring.

The lights of port town had been visible from even afar as the small ship had made its way down the canal. Once it had docked, Maeryn had stepped off and began to take in the sights before them. The smell of food and the sounds of laughter hit the four of them rapidly. Beings of all kind of species were running up the well-lit boardwalk, giggling and playing about. Many of the children had strange mallets and hats on. His eyes narrowed judgmentally for a moment before he turned to his companions, "We should find somewhere to eat and listen to conversations. If humans are here, I have a feeling we'll hear about it." He paused for a moment, thoughtfully observing Astra, then Vrexen, and Myra. An image surfaced in his head of Vrexen entering a bar and the guests running out screaming.

"No... No this will not do." Maeryn tsked under his breath, shaking his head. He then untangled his backpack from himself and rummaged through it, kneeling down on the ground to do so. He rose up with a ring in his grasp,"But first, I am thinking you three might need some of these. I am certain dark elves like us are none too welcome right now and certainly not demons." His face contorted as he became perplexed. Will they even fit them? They might have to be custom made... Or perhaps they have sizes for larger demihumans and orcs.

An orc passed them, overhearing his words and chuckled to himself. "Nobody likes you."He rumbled to them as he passed.

Maeryn visibly scowled at the orc's back as he walked away. He sighed and looked at Astra. "Do you have any disguise rings for them by any chance? Otherwise we are going to have to buy them.Fast."


Time: 9pm
Location: Castle Wall --> Outside the castle in the grass.
Interaction: Count Calbert
Attire: Click here

The starlit heavens were always a sight she loved.

Charlotte leaned onto the stone of the castle wall as she stared up at it. The moonlight shone on her in its bold glow. The dark emerald of the grass before her was lit up by the array of buildings in the close distance. She raised her gaze and admired the stars. Though there were clouds tonight, it was still a view to behold as always. It did not take long for her mother to cross her mind and for her to feel a sense of nostalgia.

There had been rare moments when she had been able to pull her mother away from it all and convince her to sit outside on a blanket to look at the sky. She’d smile up at the stars, her expression for once at peace. There was no expectation to meet nor was she invested in yelling in desperation at a husband. For once, they had been able to sit there as mother and daughter.

Glancing down at the ground far below, she watched the last few guests climb into their carriage. If it hadn’t been clear where Lorenzo had gone after searching the empty ballroom, then it certainly had been after going outside and finding her carriage missing.

She hadn’t expected Lorenzo would actually abandon her here alone.

Charlotte knew to hold her breath until she found out more information, but it still stung all the same. She had taken a moment to collect her thoughts and also to avoid Count Calbert Damien. There had been a staircase to access the top of the wall that allowed her to climb up and access the walkway on top of the wall. Perhaps she was not supposed to be up here, but it was ever the excellent hiding spot.

As her gaze moved again to the twinkling sky, she wondered if this was the sight her mother could have beheld in her final moment. Had her mother really looked to the stars and decided that’s where she had wanted to go? Charlotte bit her lip, pausing before she climbed up on the elevated stone of the wall border. She steadied herself then she shut her eyes. The breeze was all she felt and heard.

“Just like this… Is this how it happened?”

Charlotte opened her eyes as they brimmed with tears. The clouds began to dissipate as more stars twinkled down on her. “Please just tell me something.” Everything inside her screamed that her mother would have never done such a thing, but she just wanted to know for certain more than anything.

Did you really…

“Kill yourself.”

Charlotte looked over her shoulder rapidly, bewildered. Count Calbert stood there a little ways away. The moonlight cast his large shadow across the floor beneath them as he stared at her with no notable expression. His blue eyes were void of emotion. She blinked away tears.


“Isn’t that what you’re about to do?” His expression was unreadable to the stammering young woman. She had never been able to predict the insane things he would say, but this was out of the realm for him. “No sense contemplating it. If you are not longing for this world, go to the next. “

“I-.... I wasn’t…”

Count Calbert suddenly smiled at her and waved his hand as he walked forward, closing the distance. “I’m kidding, Lady Charlotte. “

Charlotte hastily climbed down and turned defensively on her heels to face him. How dare he joke about such a thing knowing very well… She glared at him as he moved to stand at her side. With a smile, he mused, “What a gorgeous night. Do you still use that old telescope of yours?”

When she did not answer, he continued, “Your mother used to tell me you’d sneak out late at night with it even as a child. Interested in becoming an astronomer perhaps?”

He was acting as if this was a completely normal conversation… As if he hadn’t just told her to kill herself! She was at a loss for words for a moment, but then she finally asked, “What do you want from me?”

“Hmm… What do I … want from you?”Calbert repeated as if tasting the words. His eyes suddenly flashed and he stared down at her once again. He smiled, venom behind his eyes as he asked smoothly, “Do you remember that little talk we had about Duke Vikena?”

He went on without letting her reply, “You agreed that we were at an understanding that…Lorenzo would. not. attend. events. As he started to put emphasis on his last words, his voice only slightly changed in tone but it was ever so calm. Somehow it still made her wince. “...And we both know very well you’re the only one he listens to for the most part… Don’t we?” She opened her mouth but he held up his hand, quiet anger in his tone, “Then we also know that the most probable reason he came tonight was to make you happy,wasn’t it?

Charlotte did indeed recall him saying this very idea to her more than once over the past year; that he wanted her to put effort into keeping Lorenzo essentially cooped up. She let out a shaky breath and spoke as steadily as she could manage. “Please understand that my father wanted to attend… He wants to socialize too. It isn’t fair for either of us to simply never leave our home again, Count Damien.”

“Oh please, he’s not your father.” The tone got worse. She started to step backward away, but he only stepped forward toward her at the same pace. “You know as well as I do that you’re an orphan... An orphan with the baggage of a deranged man she lives with.”As her eyebrows start to furrow, he pressed on, “Be rational, Lottie.”

Charlotte clenched her fists to hide how they trembled. He had always been unusual, but this was something else. He’s gone mad. Fear gripped her, paralyzing her in her spot. She felt like a cornered rabbit in the woods. She averted her gaze as it was hard to think with the look he was giving her. …As if calling anyone other than himself deranged right now could be considered rational!

Charlotte forced herself to look back up at the long-haired man. She had planned to tell him off, to finally stop withholding what she really thought. But then she saw the deadly gaze that was upon her. When she felt the cool stone directly behind her, she then realized he had walked her back into it.

Is he going to push me?

“You… You forget yourself, Count Calbert. I hope you do not intend your beloved reputation to be upheld with this sort of behavior.”

Count Calbert raised a brow with intrigue, “Do you really think you could do anything to my reputation? After you offered to be a concubine for the sons of the Sultan in front of everyone?”

The color drained from her face. Did everyone see it that way? She had thought she had been offering to be a maid. Not a…“That’s not what I meant!” Charlotte cried out indignantly. The anger finally filled her voice and she pushed at his chest to get around him. He seemed to let her move him out of the way as she then made a beeline down the wall, heading back toward the staircase.

“Even if it was not, it’s what everyone thinks!”Count Calbert called to her. This all had to be done if things were to go according to his plan. It was too important. “Just wait until I talk to Crystal.”

Charlotte paused and turned to stare. “Then imagine how Lorenzo would feel knowing you were just about to throw yourself to your death just as his wife did. “Her expression broke apart and he grinned victoriously as she lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Listen.” The Count walked over and lifted her chin up and let his tone become more gentle, “It doesn’t have to be this way, okay?”He wiped a tear from her eye and she smacked his hand away. He scowled as he struggled to keep up the gentle tone, “If you had stopped Duke Vikena, then he would have never been in that situation. You would have been to blame if the Sultan demanded his head. Then how would you have felt?”

“I…“ He was right as much as she did not want to admit it. All she had to have done was tell Lorenzo she was not ready and he might not have gone.

“All you have to do is never let him attend another event… With the exception of the dinners with the Sultan. Keep him home where he’s safe. Otherwise, it will be you who will be your family member’s undoing once again. He started down the stairs as she hung on to his words like a rope. Her response was delayed enough that she did not notice him taking his leave.


Her heart sank. “Wait… W-What do you mean again?” Charlotte asked, her voice cracking. She then did a double-take. He was no longer in front of her. She then hurried down the steps. She ran out into the grass, her eyes searching the castle grounds.


She stepped forward until she finally sank down in the grass to her knees. She leaned her face in her palms as tears spilled silently down her cheeks. Had he meant that her mother killed herself because of her?

Flashes of her mother arguing with her hijacked her mind. A silent view of her mother pointing at her and yelling, her face twisted with anger as she chastised her over something now irrelevant.

There was then a hazy view of the sight of her mother’s body sprawled out in the grass from a distant position, the moonlight illuminating her fair skin.

Blood seeping into a nearby dirt path.

This was his goal… Wasn’t it? To make me feel this way… But why?

She repeated his words in her mind on repeat, dissecting them, as her hands moved away from her face and she seemed to stare off at the grass beneath her. Calbert was a cruel man, but he always had a motive. For him to attempt to bring her to a lower state of mind, he must have been afraid of something himself. Charlotte’s countenance gradually changed.

Time: 9pm
Location: Caesonia Castle Ball Room in Sorian

Mentions: @Helo Leo & Callum @Tae Thea, Saiya, Mina @baraquiel Beatrice @Mole Felix @ReusableSword Roman @Rodiak Nahir, Matthias, Zarai @JJ Doe Ryn & Riona @Aerandir Verrick @Conscripts John @Infinite Cosmos Munir @Potter Layla, Ezra & Persephone @13org Mayet @Heartfillia Crystal @Tpartywithzombi Violet @samreaper Kazumin @Silverpaw Wulfric @Inertia Auguste @mantou Wystan @Terrance420 Alden

The sound of trumpets filled the grand ballroom, calling the attention of the guests. The same announcer from before cleared his throat loudly then gestured to King Edin, who rose from his throne. “Thank you all for coming to my amazing ball! I know you all had a wonderful time, because well, I hosted it, so how couldn’t you?” He laughed at himself, chuckling for perhaps too long. Those nearby chuckled reluctantly but he soon waved them off, ” Alas, the event is now over. My servants will now escort our guests who are remaining for the night to the guest house. The rest of you are expected to now make your departure.” King Edin and Queen Alibeth were quick to leave the ballroom. However the Queen had lingered a moment longer to gesture to her children to depart hastily. She did not want them to remain alone with any strangers in the soon-to-be-empty ballroom.

The crowd started to slowly pile out the door into the grand hall, then back outside to make their way toward their carriages across the draw bridge.

Countess Liliane found her daughters, Violet and Crystal. Count Cabert had joined them briefly to kiss each of his daughter’s heads. He was surprised by Crystal’s amazing charisma and ability to speak to so many people. Calbert was impressed that she had charmed two princes. Certainly, Crystal would be the topic of the night. Keeping her locked up was possibly one of their biggest mistakes. As for Violet, there was an issue that needed swift handling.

Liliane then led the girls out of the ballroom, but paused in the grand hall to ask them if they wanted to do anything else tonight. Meanwhile, Count Calbert had remained and was currenlty craning his head and searching through the crowd.

The Varian King and Queen found their offspring and servants. The Smithwood Duchesses followed suit. They were then escorted outside to the guest house, which could be located by following an outdoor cobblestone path to the side of the castle. It was exceptionally large and comfortable inside. Once here, they were shown their rooms. Most of the Varian nobles retired for some sleep while some remained in some of the parlors of the house to chat and drink tea. Additional servants were provided for the Alidasht and Varian guests by Queen Alibeth.

The Sultan Raif retired to bed, exhausted from the long journey and ordeals of the night. However, the Grand Vizier seemed to have other plans and made way for the castle once again.

For those that were not satiated, there were plenty of options ahead of them. King Edin had ordered all restaurants, shops, and taverns to be open late until at least midnight in celebration of the Alidasht’s arrival. At the Prince Callum Tavern, drinks will be free to all royals and high-ranking nobles.

In the Park of Sorian, food stalls and games are currently set up for the entire Summer. A firework show is planned for tomorrow night, but tonight there will be plenty of sweet treats to discover under the moonlight. If all of this does not appeal to one, then exploring the Kingdom streets or within the castle walls will certainly entertain one eager for adventure. The castle may be open for entry, but guests are not permitted to leave the first floor without an escort.

Wulfric, Auguste, Callum, Anastasia, Ezra, Zarai, and Ryn

From a corner of his eye, Wulfric saw that Anastasia was once again on top of a table, and was waving…towards him? What could it be this time? She shouldn’t have had the opportunity to get drunk… Regardless of the reason, this was something he needed to deal with before she caused a greater scene than she was already causing. To Mayet, whose company he’d been enjoying, he offered a quick apology, “Excuse me, but it seems my sister is once again up to something inadvisable. I must go, but we shall be seeing each other soon, as promised.”

That said, the prince quickly departed. His stride was as swift as could be while still counting as a walk rather than a jog. Thus, he was at Anastasia’s side in no time. He eyed the scene; a dessert laden table, Anastasia standing on an empty one besides it. Wystan was there too, presumably distressed that the princess had acted so willfully. Then there was an unknown commoner man; a baker, by all accounts. He was grinning as he held a hand out for Anastasia. Wulfric cut in, physically interrupting the stranger’s attempt to help as he moved between them, offering his own hand instead.

“Let me guess,” he drawled as he raised his arm for his sister, “this fellow here was desperate to advertise, and you were so impressed by his creations you decided this is how you should help?” Raising an eyebrow, he crooked his finger in a come-hither motion. “Now, please, if you’d step down. Carefully,” he cautioned.

Auguste promptly excused himself one more time from Lady Saiya’s presence as he eyed Anastasia stumbling onto a table and climbing it. It appeared that she was calling to him, as well as his brothers. The second prince took quick, striding steps towards Anastasia, Wystan and the unknown man that accompanied them. “Now, now, brother, he was simply trying to help.” Once he had arrived, he crossed his arms and waited for Anastasia to safely step off the table. He still felt more comfortable at having Wulfric help Anastasia rather than a stranger, however. “Yes, please step down carefully dear sister.”

Auguste also took a quick glance at his parents’ reaction. Given that it was Anastasia, it was likely to be waved off, but King Edin was at his wit’s end from earlier observations.

“Perfect timing Wolfy, without you around some of us might actually have fun. Imagine the scandal.” Callum spoke as he approached the table, making no effort to hide any bitterness in his tone. Cal had no idea why Anastasia was standing on a table, but it did seem to bother both of his older brothers which meant it suddenly seemed like great fun. He paused and took a drink from a nearly full bottle of wine that he’d grabbed on his way over to his sister.

“Callum,” Wulfric warned, eyes narrowing in irritation. “I know there’s an after-party you’ll surely attend, so do feel free to cease with the dramatics,” he snarked.

“Ana, hold this for me will ya.” He added with a grin as he held up the bottle of wine to her. Then, he proceeded to not so gracefully climb up onto the table as well. “So, what are we doing up here? People watching? Table dances? Causing a ruckus?” Cal asked looking around, table shaking some beneath his own unstable footing.

Auguste unclasped his arms and wordlessly drew closer towards Callum’s side of the table, ready to catch him at a moment's notice should he lose his footing. He was sure Wulfric or Wystan would catch Anastasia. “While the woodworkers who made this fine table are of high repute, I’m certain they weren’t made with a person standing on them in mind, nevermind two.”

“See, Auguste knows we aren’t going to break the table.” Cal said with a nod, proving his point by stomping his foot a couple of times on the table, only drawing more attention towards them. “And the view from up here is much better. I can see just about everyone.” Unlike his two brothers, Cal was very much acquainted with negative attention, so a room full of nobles staring in shock, disapproval, and confusion didn’t bother him.

Anastasia did indeed take Wulfric’s hand, however, she did not climb down. ”Wolfy, I just wanted you boys to taste this cake. He didn’t ask me to advertise or anything.” She then leaned on her knees to whisper down to him, ”It’s the beeest caaake eeeeverrr. “ Afterwards, she excitedly pointed at Ezra, ”This man’s a genius!”

Wulfric briefly glanced at the baker, but didn’t have the time to spare him much attention just then. Instead, he gently tugged on Anastasia’s arm, trying to convince her to descend. “I don’t particularly care for sweets, but if you come down, I will give it a try,” he said. At least with Anastasia, she could be convinced, bribed, or otherwise lured to do the sensible thing. The more worrisome one was Callum, who in each and every situation strived to cause the utmost chaos.

She proceeded to take a moment to wave to Auguste with a smile, ”I am so happy you walked over! Oh-oh and I know you probably won’t eat this since it’s unhealthy. I just waved you down since I missed you!” Auguste had always been very kind to her and she genuinely enjoyed his company despite the fact he was a goody-two-shoes.

Anastasia then noticed Callum approaching as well… with a wine bottle. ”Oh yeah!” She exclaimed as the beautiful gift from the heavens was suddenly bestowed upon her. ”Hey Callum!! Thanks! …I called you over to eat cake.” Anastasia grinned at her brother as he joined her upon the table. She had been about to get down, but she decided it would be rude to ditch her favorite younger brother all by himself. Without much delay, she took the opportunity to begin to chug some of the wine straight out of the bottle.

Wulfric twitched when his sister received the wine bottle. “Anastasia…” the prince was evidently harried. “Can you not save this for later?” he questioned. If they had to have an outlet for their wildness, at least the after-party would be the proper event for it. “Come now,” he motioned for her to come closer. While she remained standing, however, he didn’t have much hope of removing her from the table. If she at least sat down he could reach her waist, and lift her down. “The ball should be ending soon enough, so you need remain patient and sober for only a short while yet.”

Anastasia had glanced down at Wulfric and considered his words, only to be distracted by Callum’s words as he spoke up.

“Sober? Are there sober people here? With all this fine wine? What a waste.” Cal offered a smug smirk as he replied to Wulfric. This was the perfect opportunity for a bit of harmless chaos; draw some attention to a baker and, if Ana was to be believed, his incredible cakes, while embarrassing both Wulfric and Edin.

“So we’re here to eat and advertise cake?” He nodded slowly at Anastasia, looking from her over to the baker that she had called a genius. “Quick, sir, what’s your name, and where is your bakery located?” He asked Ezra before clearing his throat and shouting across the ballroom.

“Attention guests, we have here the finest cakes in all of Caesonia. A delightful treat and personal favorite of Princess Anastasia, do yourselves a favor and try some tonight.” He paused, making a grand gesture with his arms towards the other nearby table covered in cakes. He waited for Ezra to answer his question, planning to encourage everyone to pay a visit to the man’s bakery.

Ezra watched Anna’s brothers approach, each with a unique reaction. First, Wulfric, the one he kept an eye on the most, was standoffish and mistrusting. That didn’t surprise him at all and he knew he’d likely take Wystan’s side; however, even the strongest fell sometimes. However, Auguste, forever the people pleasing bitch of the family, was friendlier and kind. This was something Ezra knew he could capitalize on. He had noticed from his observances he and Anna were closer. Then, came the world’s disappointment, Callum. Why the King bothered to keep this child alive was beyond him. That wasn’t his concern, as he too was closer to Anna, and was aiding him rather than hurting the situation. Anna being drunk before the party… It took all his self control not to grin.

Nonetheless, he remained calm and quiet, observing rather than acting. Callum standing on the table would embarrass King Edin and would give him unfavorable attention. He smiled shyly when Anastasia, the world’s angel, called him a genius. He would forever remember that compliment. When Callum spoke to him, now asking his name and advertising his food, he bowed while gratitude split smoothed his facial features from smiling.

”Your majesty, I am honored to be of your service. My name is Ezra and my bakery is located on 5th street.” He straightened up as he glanced over at Prince Auguste and Wulfric apologetically, ”Your majesties, I extend my deepest apologies that Princess Anastasia climbed onto the table. She was delighted by my cakes and wanted to share them with you. I do not want either of you to fall and hurt yourselves. I do think we’ve gathered enough attention.”

Ezra gulped as he glanced over to find people staring. His gaze darted around as he shifted his feet to indicate nervousness. This was, however, key, because now everyone would be tired from the ridiculous dancing and have a hunger for his sweets. Could his luck continue? ”I do appreciate you advertising my bakery, it was very kind of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” His voice was quiet and meek as he pretended to dare glance up at Prince Callum. ”I’d like to give whatever’s left over to the non royalties as well. I would hate for this to go to waste. Is this something you could help with?” In more ways than one…

Callum gave Ezra a nod before adding, “Stop by the Bakery on 5th street, right near the tavern with my very own name on it, and pick up one of Ezra’s many finely crafted treats.” He gave a mock bow to those who were still watching, his grin only widening at the increased annoyance of those around him.

“Sir Ezra is right.” Auguste said, still looking up towards Callum with his ever-present smile. “Please notice that you are causing him discomfort.” Despite a majority of his attention being commanded by his rebellious siblings, he still paid some attention to Ezra and his introduction. Auguste had peripherally caught his body language. He eyed Anastasia and then Callum before speaking. “Surely you wouldn’t want to trouble the dear baker any longer?”

Auguste gave Wystan a passing glance. From the years he’s known his ward and personal bodyguard, he likely had already formulated an initial impression of this Ezra. Wystan had that look about him. Auguste had spied the trio speaking with each other whilst conversing with Lady Saiya. He’d hear more from Wystan later. As of now, the man seemed normal enough- a pleasant sort that felt uncomfortable around royalty. There were many he had met during his ‘outings’ that were like that.

Such spectacles weren’t uncommon for Callum. Being around the court whilst accompanying Wulfric had made him accustomed to attention from nobility. Still, it did not make dealing with Callum’s antics any easier as his brother frequently took any small opportunity to cause as much disruption as possible. Talking him down proved to be a difficult endeavor at times.

“I see no issue with your work being distributed to everyone.” Auguste replied to Ezra with a quizzical look. “Surely these cakes weren’t made only for royalty?”

”Hehe it’s okay, guys. We’re just having a little fun. We’ll come down in a moment.” Anastasia was glad that the baker was getting his well-deserved attention and that her brothers were kind enough to help a stranger. Though, she could tell the three men below were upset about them being on the table. Callum undoubtedly thought it was hilarious and she kind of did too. She patted Callum’s head, ”Should we get down?”

Anastasia paused as she watched some of the other guests coming over to try some cake. ”Hehe. I wonder if we jumped in the crowd if they’d catch us and carry us.” She whispered to Callum with a mischievous giggle. ”Actually… If we get down soon, we might be able to get lost in the crowd and get out of here so we can get ready for the real party… “

“Augs makes a good point, we don’t want to embarrass the baker, but I think jumping into the crowd would make it harder to sneak out of here, and they’d certainty drop us.” Cal said, considering Anastasias offer for second. Then Cal jumped down from table, feet hitting the ballroom floor and stumbling only a bit into Auguste. He gave Auguste a couple of pats to the shoulder as he regained his footing. “Now let’s eat some cake.” He said, reaching a hand up towards Anastasia and gesturing for her to give him the wine bottle back. Anastasia handed the bottle to him and then hopped off the table. She was quick to then pick up her plate of cake and continue her progress of consumption.

Wulfric sighed near-silently. The situation was now dealt with, though not at all how he’d planned for it to happen. It took too long, too much attention was on them, and a veritable crowd was now approaching the dessert tables. The baker got everything he wanted, and more. But he’d be damned if he contributed any further to his madness; if nothing else, he wouldn’t have it said that he had directly assisted in this marketing scheme. Thus, he turned to leave without further ado.

Auguste felt himself relax as both his siblings safely stepped off the table, untensing with each pat of the shoulder. He exhaled softly, mostly in relief. Now that the spectacle came to an end, he stepped away from the front of the table to give the approaching crowd leeway. Unlike Wulfric, Auguste stayed. Figuring that he had a moment to watch his siblings enjoy their cake before he needed to fulfill his obligations of greetings and socialization.

Zarai had spotted Anastasia up on the table waving down her brothers shortly after departing from her mother. She pulled Fritz along towards the growing crowd around the Danrose children with a grin. It was refreshing to see Anastasia continuing the tradition of being the chaotic sibling that kept all of the brothers on their toes. She was about to call out to her when she noticed Wulfric's perfectly styled hair leaving the scene.

"Wulfy- ah fuck, he's leaving." She cleared her throat and cupped her hands around her mouth before calling out to the eldest Danrose. "Woohoo, His Royal Highness, Prince Wulfric!" She wasn't sure if she called out to him loud enough; all of the sounds around here were starting to mash together, and at the same time, she could hear her own heartbeat. Even so, she pulled Fritz along towards the other Danroses and the baker.

Wulfric did indeed hear and recognize his dear friend’s voice. A frown briefly marred his façade of indifference, but by the time he turned around, his annoyance wasn’t visible any longer. That Lesdeman was accompanied by Count Hendrix was a pleasant surprise, however, and the prince eyed the man curiously. Though he felt resistant to the idea of rejoining the crowd, he did turn back, and headed towards his acquaintance so as to intercept her.

“Lady Zarai,” his tone was as polite as the public venue called for, though he did raise a sardonic eyebrow at her. If they’d not been within hearing range of someone else, he might have commented that Zarai being attracted to the presently chaotic situation was entirely too predictable. As it was, he merely turned to greet Fritz as well. “And Count Hendrix. A pleasure,” though he genuinely meant that, his words were rather perfunctory.

Udo once told Ryn that words held power: the utterance of a thought, no matter how big or small, breathed life into it. Experience taught Ryn that this was true to a certain extent, but rarely did he bear witness to its effects in such a short duration. Apparently, he did believe that this party would be strictly formal, giving little leeway for mistakes, because the last thing he expected to see was the Caesonian prince and princess standing on a table advertising cake. Now he was confident that his dance with Luz would be a mere speck in the guests’ memories by the end of the night. With one exception, of course. Ryn spared a few seconds to watch the King and Queen of Caesonia, wondering how similar their parenting styles were to those of the Duke and Duchess of Puerto Vira.

As the count allowed himself to be pulled to the crowd by Luz, he felt his back automatically straighten at the sight of Prince Wulfric. Ryn bowed as deeply as he could with his arm still locked with Luz’s, “Good evening, Your Royal Highness. It is an honor.” With the amount of guests far more important than him, Ryn was surprised that the First Prince even made the effort to remember the name of a foreign upstart noble. He turned his head to the crowd. “I hope we did not catch you at an inconvenient time.”

Wulfric nodded in acknowledgment at Hendrix’s greeting. When the count looked at the gathering mob of people, the prince did so too. “Well,” making false assurances wasn’t his style, but he was still politic. “I will not claim it’s convenient, but I prefer to meet you than not, regardless of the situation.” He tilted his head to watch the other man’s expression. “Due to my interest in business, I have been looking forward to the opportunity to make your acquaintance,” he explained. “If you are staying here for the summer, perhaps you’d agree to meet with me for a more in-depth discussion?” Though the invitation was casual enough that the count had the leeway to refuse it, Wulfric stared at him intensely.

Ryn cocked his head to the side, mirroring the man in front of him. As he pondered whether Prince Wulfric was extending the invitation out of courtesy or from a genuine desire to learn how businesses operate, he noticed how intently the prince was staring at him —and that Ryn was also mimicking his expression.

The gray blue eyes bore into him, searching for something. Like the twins when they tried to beat him in a game of cards. In the process of trying to find his tell, the analytical scrutiny gradually turned into a staring contest and then ultimately devolved into a “try to make Ryn laugh” contest. In this instance, Prince Wulfric won. Ryn covered his mouth when the memories of the twins surfaced in an attempt to suppress a chuckle. He managed not to laugh, but he was unable to wipe the smile off his face so he decided to redirect it to the prince.

“That sounds like an excellent proposition, Your Highness.” Though the count did not know the prince enough to discern his true intentions, this was an opportunity to get closer to the Danrose family. It would be imprudent not to accept. “I am at your service. Please summon me at your earliest convenience.” Ryn slightly bowed his head. Then his eyes glanced over to Luz, mostly to see if she wanted to say something, partially to check if she was still with them.

Zarai had been staring at one of the buttons on Wulfric's coat, her eyes distant and void of any emotion. It wasn't until she noticed that both men had finished talking that she snapped out of her trance and took a deep breath. After a few blinks, she looked at Fritz and gave him a thumbs up. "It was an honor to see you again, Your Highness" She swallowed down the giggles as she gave a curtsy. Zarai did not want to mess up Fritz's first impressions with any of them, especially now that Wulfric had invited the count over for some talks. A second later she glanced over to the other three siblings and gave them a wave. Auguste caught her wave and returned with a wave and a smile of his own. Anastasia had blown her a kiss as she was sneaking through the crowd

Wulfric noticed the count was either amused or pleased by his invitation. He nodded, and replied, “Then I shall.” He followed Hendrix’s cue, and turned his attention to Zarai. She was a bit out of it, and that look in her eyes…He furrowed his brows at her, but didn’t comment. It was mildly surprising that the count’s presence motivated her to attempt to appear courteous. She usually did that only for his or her mother. “I appreciated it as well. I must take my leave now, but I am certain we will speak to each other soon,” he told her. Then, he said his farewells to the both of them, “I hope you will enjoy your stay here, and wish you a wonderful rest of the evening.” Then, he did as he’d intended to before Zarai called out to him, and departed. While he did not leave the ballroom proper, he did position himself in the vicinity of his parents, to help oversee the conclusion of today’s event.

Mentions: @Mole Felix @baraquiel Beatrice

The King and Queen of the Varian Kingdom had been nearly silent as they had watched their children during their dances. King Alixandre was in awe of Beatrice’s beautiful dancing. He knew she was an extravagant dancer but to see his little girl out on the ballroom floor. He was happy to see her with Verrick as he had a lot of respect for him and appreciated the protection he provided his daughter. Queen Rosa had also seemed happy, smiling as she too had watched. Though secretly, she was a little concerned.

“Rosa, I think I might cry… It feels like yesterday she was my little girl and look how she’s grown-... “Alixandre had stated as he had watched, his eyes brimming with tears. “I don’t want her to get married and leave me so soon, but if she falls in love with Verrick-... Yes, she will stay within the Varian… This could be good!”

Queen Rosa looked at him and put a hand on her shoulder. The two of them were seated off to the side in comfortable chairs, their servants and guards at their sides. “No need to worry so, my dear. Things will happen as they should and will. It’s not in our control, sweetheart.”

The King wrapped his arms around his intelligent wife in a hug to which she returned, “You’re right. And what’s most important to me is her happiness. But if and when she leaves us, I’ll really miss her.”

”Me too.. Beatrice and Felix make me so proud every day.”

At the mention of Felix, the two glanced in his direction as he had danced with Thea. King Alixandre visibly bit his lip at Thea’s clothing with concern but tried to cover his mouth to hide it. “Oh what a lovely couple. I can’t wait for their wedding. Do you think Felix is happy…?”

Queen Rosa did not answer that question as she watched them. She hadn’t been sure what her son felt about Thea, but she did know they were opposites. She worried that perhaps Thea might be too much for her sweet, calm son, but wanted to give the two a chance to make it work. Things had seemed to be going much better than she could have hoped for until the dance ended and Thea looked visibly upset as they had broke apart. What on earth happened?She wondered.

She glanced at King Alixandre but he seemed to have missed what she had seen. He was distracted once again by the ceiling seemingly. Felix soon ended up by Duke Lorenzo and Lady Crystal. He seemed certainly happy to talk to Lady Crystal, but she could not tell from the expressions alone what they were conversing about.

I suppose Felix doesn’t know Thea is upset. …Did anyone else notice?

Wystan, Anastasia & Ezra

Mentions: @Silverpaw Wulfric @Inertia Auguste @Helo Callum

“Cake, cakeee, cakeeee!”

Anastasia pleasantly sung as she took Wystan’s hand and eagerly began leading him over to the dessert table. It was easy to keep up a facade of her energetic self. Behind that sweet song of hers was a mess of emotions. If she were to reveal such a thing, it would cause the watchdog to worry. Thus, she had decided she’d just try to pretend the cocktail of fear and longing was simply not there. Avoiding her issues was essentially a hobby of hers, so it was easy enough for her to shove them into the back of her mind for now.

The sight of beautiful cakes was a tremendous help. Oh you glorious, beautiful distraction. She thought with adoration as she put her hands behind her back and leaned over to admire the view.

Following closely behind, Wystan had resumed his ever-observant state with increased vigilance since the end of the second dance. Everyone would understandably be tired, and thus such a time was perfect for unsavory encounters to occur. The watchdog subsequently kept a close surveillance on the various pairings that dispersed from the dancefloor, where they were each headed, and the gaps in between the crowd to gain sight on the idle folk within the ballroom. Entrances and possible exits were swept over with familiar ease, noting their locations and that they were free from obstructions, before moving on to confirm all the positions of all the nobles he’d gathered intel on. First the Caesonians, the Varians, and then the guests from Alidasht. All seemed to be well within view, save for the few by the balcony. Curious. Nothing happened beyond there to alert the crowd, but still something to note.

Lastly, where the Danroses were situated. Princess Anastasia, by his side. Prince Wulfric, leaving the dancefloor with Shehzadi Mayet. Prince Callum, departing from the middle with Riona. Lastly, Prince Auguste, evidently approaching soon after his concluding chat with an unknown female character– an observation duly acknowledged. Near contact with the second prince meant she was someone he would need to look into later.

With all seemingly in order, Wystan moved his watchful gaze over the dessert table to carefully survey the food. ”Quickly now, they might run away.” He smiled at Anastasia, before moving to her side. It was in his plan to taste any of the food she chose before her– an additional yet highly important precautionary measure that was necessary for gatherings with this number of attendants.

Anastasia had giggled at Wystan’s words and replied playfully, ”I am now imagining the cakes growing little legs then hopping off the table. Moments later those sweet babies would be lost in the crowd… What a tragedy that would be. ” Before Wystan would be able to reply, a voice would startle them.

Ezra had stayed near his table during the dances. Silently he had seethed as he watched his girl and this pathetic and ugly looking dog, dancing. He had made sure to avert his gaze whenever the dog faced him so he wouldn’t know. Once or twice, however, he had managed a mischievous smirk to dance across his face. It was his luck now that the dances were ending that he could showcase his baked goods. Ezra was about to stand up and introduced himself to King Edin - and noticed he had … other plans. Rolling his eyes, Ezra moved over to the table to sulk. However, fortune had paid him a visit: the lady and her pathetic dog were coming over. Ezra stood for a moment, frozen, but her singing voice raced through his head, and would live rent-free. He grinned as they approached, giddy like a child on Christmas.

”Welcome!” He greeted them cordially as he bowed to them both, but faced Anastasia more. He grinned as he straightened up and met the beautiful girl’s gaze. For a moment his breath hitched; then he remembered his place and relaxed. It was now or never. Five years of hard work would finally pay off. ”I hear you’re interested in the cake. I own the bakery on Fifth street. I baked all of this.” He gestured to the numerous cakes, all different flavors; there was chocolate, vanilla, strawberry shortcake and red velvet. He’d made cupcakes too. Ezra smiled as he continued: ”What would the princess like?” He took her hand and politely kissed it, ignoring Wystan.

Anastasia met the gaze of the happy man, giving him a warm smile as he welcomed them. It was always exciting to talk to someone new. However, the more she took in the sight of this man, the more she felt uneasy. He was familiar somehow… She hadn’t noticed her hand twitch in Wystan’s direction as she had contemplated it for only a moment. But then she recalled her emotions were a little on the heightened side right now and she was most likely being silly.

I shouldn’t be rude to a baker this talented. His stuff looks so yummy that I am probably going to be visiting his bakery. Gotta be on good terms with him! Her gaze followed his gesture to each cake, which she found herself then distracted by the wondrous sights. “Ooooo woooweee…These are amazing. Look at those frosting flowers…”

Then he took her hand and kissed it.

She blinked in surprise. Her mind had been so zoned in on the cakes that it had caught her off guard. After a pause, Anastasia giggled, “You’re quite the charmer, aren’t you? … Strawberry shortcake for sure!”

Besides Anastasia, Wystan remained calm and absolute. While there was truly no need to have his own hand kissed, the bodyguard took note of the baker’s minute gestures and general demeanor towards their collective presence. The man’s introduction comprised of a rather focused, yet affable greeting towards the princess (as proper) and complete disregard for himself as a retainer - a common attitude that suggested an inclination to either quickly cozy up to nobility, stay indifferent to servants, or both. In time, however, it became clear to Wystan that the man was fond of the princess, a detail the watchdog was able to confirm by observing the unmistakable look in his eyes as he spoke to Anastasia. An uncomfortable, yet minor detail for now, but one he would stay mindful of for future reference as he simply nodded in respect to the dessert spread.

”Not as charming as these delights are.” He grinned in response. Ezra cut her a piece of the strawberry shortcake, placed it on a lacy plate, and handed it to her. Remaining calm, Ezra glanced this time at Wystan. He studied him carefully while Anna was distracted by the cake. The way the man studied him while whatever miniature brain cells he had, worked in overdrive, told Ezra enough about him.

For now he’d be meticulous; five years of hard work would not go out the window. Besides, there were others he had to be wary of too. He’d have to remember to ask Torie to find out more about this… dog. Ezra despised dogs…. But soon this one would be without its leash. ”And what would you like, sir?” His voice was calm and sincere as he met his gaze for a moment. There was nothing about Ezra’s expression or body language that portrayed animosity.

Wystan’s eyes were narrowly pinned to the cake that landed too quickly in the princess’ hands and missed the baker’s question. "Please excuse me, Your Highness, I will need to taste it first.” As per standard procedure. The bodyguard began to reach for his own fork.

Anastasia grinned, slightly biting her bottom lip in focus as she took up the fork he was reaching for. She then scavenged up a generous piece of her cake and faced Wystan. Her other hand went under hers to avoid crumbs spilling on him as she moved it towards his mouth, “Here you gooo, darling!”

”...” Wystan uncharacteristically blinked his eyes wide in surprise. A hard blush threatened to creep up on him then, so in quiet alarm, he forced himself to focus solely on the feel and texture of the cake. Because surely he must have misheard her. Or perhaps it was a slip of the tongue - it was a rather common nickname she used to refer to other people, after all. ”T-thank you, Your Highness. Ahem.” The watchdog cleared his throat lightly then gave her a nod in gratitude to do all of three things: compose himself, signal his thanks, and confirm that the cake was indeed not poisoned. Then, he turned to the baker. ”...It is quite good, sir.”

The scenario before him went from being a dream, to a nightmare, in the span of five seconds. Panic settled in. Did she like this dog? Was she that dense? A cold sweat formed over him. While the duo were distracted, Ezra stared hopelessly. His jaw nearly dropped, but he regained control of his muscles. There were too many people here to react this way. He simply put his hands in his pockets to clench his fists. When the dog finally digested the precious cake he’d meant to give to Anna, Ezra’s expression was calm and collected. There wasn’t any sign of any anger or animosity. ”I am delighted to hear that!” He grinned at them both and bowed cordially. When he straightened up, his eyes were on Anastasia.

”Would this miss be allowed to try a piece now? She seemed pretty excited and I wouldn’t want to burst her bubble.” He smirked as he faced Wystan now. An opponent… An annoying and challenging one, but an obstacle that would be removed. He would have to ask Torie for another favor; the bitch owed him anyway….. ”I’d be delighted if you tried more of my cakes! They shouldn’t go to waste, right?” He inclined his head to Anna while glancing between them both.

”Oh yes! Here I go!” Anastasia took a bite next and her eyes flashed with intensity. Her expression lit up as she chewed it and she looked at Ezra, ”What! No way! This is the best cake I’ve ever had!” If he had gone to all this work, she certainly couldn’t waste his amazing cakes. She cut herself a slice of the chocolate to taste that as well, layering it on top of another piece. ”Mmm, mm, mmm!” She had the fork still in her mouth, smiling with her eyes closed as she swayed slightly in a happy dance.

Ezra grinned now, his panic lowering. She enjoyed the cakes and even had more. He stifled his laughter and passed it as a cough. ”Oh my goodness. I didn't expect you to eat so much! You’ll get a stomachache!” It did not matter though, as the seed had been planted. He managed to let out a few jovial laughs and nodded. ”Careful you don’t fall down, Princess. History tends to repeat itself.”

Wystan furrowed his eyebrows ever so slightly at the baker’s remark. History tends to repeat itself? Up until this point, he had set aside the man’s ingratiating tendencies and even managed to grow a smile over the princess’ childlike innocence over the delicacies. However, that comment could not be overlooked so simply. As he hovered a hand behind the princess to keep her from losing balance, he analyzed the possibilities before them– both of which left a repulsive aftertaste the more he turned them over in his mind.

As far as the watchdog knew, this would be their first time meeting. Neither Anastasia nor himself knew the man’s name, in fact. There was no history involved between the baker in question and the princess. Or at least, there should not have been. At this implication, though barely-there, the bodyguard clenched his fist, assigning this concern a significant priority in his reports for later review. This evening, he would need to communicate with his contacts in the underground to gather intel on the so-called bakery on Fifth Street.

The second probability meant that the baker had witnessed the princess during her dance with the cowlicked blond. Even so, despite the scene itself being one that was difficult to miss, it is the baker’s job to stay vigilant over their menu. Being asked to contribute for a royal event was not easy as not only does the food have to be decent– it needs to remain safe. Drugged food was not a rare occurrence, and more often than not, blame fell onto the chef managers in charge, resulting in less than savory results for the contributor’s career. Surely, this was the standard, as even the watchdog himself would often instruct event contributors to keep watch over their own tables - for their own sakes, if not for commendations from the guests. So, what was this baker in particular doing, letting his eyes wander and then settle so attentively on the princess? Even at this time?

”...The cake must be good, Your Highness. Be careful, unless you’d like for me to act as your crutch for the rest of the evening.” Wystan teased with a smile, all signs of suspicion hidden under a face of steel.

Anastasia barely heard either of them as she nommed a few more bites. However, Wystan’s words did eventually register and she glanced at him, tripping over her words, “I would- I mean I’m good-...”She gasped as a thought crossed her mind, “Ooooh that gives me an idea!”She set her plate down with an audible clink of the china.”I bet my brothers would love this cake. I should summon them.” She pursued her lips thoughtfully as her gaze gradually searched the crowd.

Her expression fell and she suddenly looked very sad. ”Oh no… I am short.”Anastasia randomly complained out of context. But before the men could be too confused, she turned to them and asked. ”Can either of you pick me up on your shoulders, please? If it’s not too vexing, that is.”

”...On our shoulders?” Wystan inquired, a little concerned about the attention it would draw to the princess. Indeed, there was such a risk. After all, he himself was not sure of every single person’s motive present in the ballroom. Even still, he was in no doubt that at least a good number of them were unsavory. Erring on the side of caution, he proposed a suggestion. ”It certainly would not be vexing at all, Princess.” As a person who was more than capable of carrying two Anastasias, he was confident in his assurance. ”But… perhaps may I suggest I go look for them with you, instead? I’m sure they can’t be all that far.” The bodyguard’s words were coupled with a look– one that said: for your own safety.

Ezra glanced between them, studying their reactions. The furrowed brow of the watchdog made him smirk, though he didn't show it. He was cordial and even laughed at his comments. The idea of inviting the brothers was welcomed. Anastasia's proposition made him blink with surprise. ”I don’t think that would be wise, Princess.” As much as he’d enjoy antagonizing the watchdog, he knew it would be unwise. Instead, however, he offered her his hand. ”We could go with you and find them together. How’s that?” He glanced back at the cake with a sad frown. ”.....I just hope the cake isn’t gone before they find it! This is quite the dilemma isn’t it?”

Anastasia was thoughtful about the choices presented to her. She could take both their hands and merrily skip toward each brother together. She fantasized with a smile over the adorable image in her head. But then Ezra brought up a good point. If they left, other people would eat the cake then her brothers wouldn’t have any to eat. After a moment of careful deliberation, she made a firm decision to start climbing on top of a nearby empty table. She stood up on it and began looking through the crowd, putting a hand over her eyes to focus her vision. Then she started to wave down each brother one by one, attempting to catch their gaze. She first found Auguste, then Callum, and finally Wulfric. If she could not catch their eye, she planned to next start hollering across the ballroom. People were starting to stare at the elevated princess as she was garnering a lot of attention as she waved her arms about.

If one wasn’t as quick-witted and adaptable as he, they wouldn’t have known how to act. The grin on his face couldn’t be hidden now. He glanced around to the back of the table and held up a hand for her to hold. ”Please don’t hurt yourself over the cake, Princess.” He eyed the floor and wondered if she injured herself, could he blame her guard?
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Time: Morning
Location:Avian City
Interactions: @FunnyGuy Augus IV @Helo Orias
Equipment: Dress and thigh-high socks(Slits on the inner sides of the sleeves), Black boots, Pouch with amas, Lipstick, Mysterious bag of fun drugs

Yuka turned to Orias as she let go of the rest of the rope, dropping it all to the floor. "Beats me!"She seemed disillusioned with it already. She then glanced down at the Augus IV. "Hanging people is always fun, but I have claws to slit their throats, which is even more fun because of all the blood everywhere." She explained happily. A dreamy, far-look look overtook her eyes for just a moment as she imagined it, then she shook her head.

"I don't actually need anything right now. I got everything I need. So you can go make your purchase and then I'm ready to go when you are Prince Orchid."
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