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Time: 7pm
Location: Guesthouse
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As the hour passed, Charlotte did have ample time to relax somewhat, though she never had picked up her spirits back to where it was. It had been a little difficult not to be on edge awaiting the next dilemma. The desserts had been brought out and a brief silence was suddenly broken by the noise of coughing.

Charlotte had looked to Leo with concern, "Leo? What's wrong?" She pulled over a glass of water and set it in front of him. She gently gave her friend a few pats on the back to try to help ease his coughing. They wouldn't poison us, would they? Admittedly, it was seemingly a ridiculous thought, but after what had happened, Charlotte wasn't sure where the line was. Thankfully, Leo seemed to be alright.

“I don’t know what that is, but it would certainly wake a man up in the morning.”

"Was it too strong?" Charlotte inquired with worry. Then after a moment, she leaned in, "I think maybe we could talk to a few of them now that it seems to be ending..." She gave him a bit of a teasing grin, encouraging him, "Nahir looks a little lonely without her sisters. Maybe you should give her some company... Don't worry. I'll talk to the two Shahzade so you can take your time."

Her gaze rested on Anastasia briefly as she entered, "...That's good timing. Maybe you can speak with the princess as well. I believe her opinion of me isn't too favorable, so might be better for you to approach her."

It wasn't long before her stepfather spoke up, announcing their departure. Charlotte looked at Lorenzo and inquired, " Is it alright with you if I take a few moments to mingle before we leave? ... Would you mind waiting for me? "

Location: Damien Estate
Time: Evening

Song I wrote post to:

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Calbert and Liliane sat in the luxurious bedroom of their home on the upholstered bench in front of their bed. The room had white paneled walls. The presence of huge windows lit up the dim room in the moonlight. The windows are adorned with blue curtains, adding a touch of color to the space. The flooring could be described as glossy and polished, reflecting the couple’s faces from the spot they sat. A chandelier hung overhead, swinging ever so slightly from time to time.

“Lily… I need to know everything.”

Liliane met her husband’s eyes with a reassuring smile. Beneath the tough and strong exterior was a sensitive man who had barely been able to handle the death of his daughter. However, she could present him with the same story as she would everyone else. Having meticulously orchestrated the events of the previous night, she sought to provide him with her desired narrative. With some assistance, swapping out Violet for another body had been a simple task.

“The body was a jane-doe, dear. Violet’s alright… The investigators should be back with an autopsy result very soon and they will provide their findings to both the Danroses and us… It seems there was a girl who looked just like our Violet… Poor dear. No one even knows who she was.” Her words hung with carefully crafted sorrow.

Unable to comprehend the perplexing circumstances, Calbert rose from his seat, his brow furrowed in deep contemplation. He paced back and forth, his mind wrestling with the inexplicable turn of events, while Liliane observed his turmoil from behind.

"She doesn't know," Calbert murmured, repeating the words in sync with the memory of her voice.

“Liliane, but she has the scar from the axe. You even spoke as… As if she had been resurrected…I don’t understand.” Calbert's voice cracked with a blend of emotions—confusion, betrayal, and a desperate plea for answers. His question hung heavy in the air, laced with a tinge of doubt, "...Are you lying to me?"

Sensing his anguish, Liliane swiftly intervened, "Please, drink some water, my love," she offered gently, retrieving a glass from the nightstand and then guiding it to his quivering lips. "You're in shock. It has been an arduous night for you. Let me take care of you. "

Calbert's eyes remained locked on Liliane, his hands trembling with disbelief. Despite his turmoil, he accepted the glass she offered and consumed its contents.

" We’re a team, you and I, Calbert. The only ones we can trust are each other.” She told him softly. “ Things might not make sense now, but in time you’ll understand.”

As he finished the last drop, a surge of anguish coursed through Calbert's veins, igniting an uncontrollable rage within him. In an instant of pent-up fury, he slammed the glass onto the ground, its shattering sound echoing through the room, mirroring the shattered pieces of his composure.

"I saw her, Lily!" he cried out, his voice laden with pain and desperation. "I saw Violet's lifeless body. She was dead, Lily. An axe had scarred her face, blood pooling beneath her... Lifeless." he reiterated, his words filled with the haunting images that tormented him. "And today, they came for me, attacking me in my own home. Who’s next? Cassius? Crystal? We are supposed to protect them! To protect her!"

Overwhelmed by his anguish, Calbert gripped his head, tears streaming down his face as his rage engulfed him.
"Cassius lost his mother, and I wasn't there to guide him… He’s been alone, Lily! ….I don't even know where he is now... And my sweet, innocent Crystal, if anyone were to harm her, I... That evil woman, she must pay! I want her executed publicly... No, I want her to suffer! I want her tortured so she can feel what it’s like to have an axe buried in her skin! "

Liliane watched him calmly as he turned to face her, his hands untangling from his hair as he asked her, “What did you do, Liliane? What magic did you use? …Do you have any idea the price you will have to pay? … What Violet might have to pay?”

She moved forward and took his face in her hands, soothingly rubbing his cheeks. "Shh… I did what I had to do for Violet, my love. All is fine… In the dark, it was a little confusing, wasn’t it? She really looked like Violet… But it wasn’t her. This was all a mistake. Violet is alive and well. She’s taken a stroll now and that is okay. It’s courting season after all…But, no need to worry, I have multiple guards watching over her from a distance, unbeknownst to her. They know to bring her home within the hour.”

Calbert's gaze was unsteady, seemingly entranced by her words, as if under a hypnotic spell, and perhaps he was. Lily was surprised that the spell had taken as long as it had to finally kick in. "Yes... She's home now. You're right," he replied, his tongue feeling numb with each word. "...And what about Cassius? Will he come back?" His concern extended to their son, while he held reassurance that Crystal was at least in the safety of her own room.

Liliane's smile blossomed, radiating reassurance once more, "Yes, Calbert, they are all safe. Cassius will be brought back home, and we will uncover the truth about Kazumin Nagasa and the woman who attacked us," she affirmed, her voice carrying conviction. Tenderly, she brushed a strand of hair from his face. "Darling, we don't need to resort to killing them. We'll simply make them wish we would." she emphasized, her words laced with a chilling determination.

There was a long pause as the two stared into each other's eyes. Suddenly, a wicked laugh erupted from Calbert's lips, signaling a sudden regaining of his composure. "Yes... You're right, my love... " he declared, a grin playing across his face, his eyes gleaming with a newfound resolve. "I refuse to lose again and now that the family is together again, I shall make our enemies regret their very existence while I remind the rest of those imbeciles just who Count Calbert Damien is." he added, his voice resonating with a fiery determination that matched the glint in his eyes.

His wife grinned at his words and without hesitation, she closed the distance between them, capturing his lips in a fervent and passionate kiss, to which he eagerly returned.

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"By wonky, it be havin' a jolly little quirk that be present in all the disguises. No need to fret, mate. It works just like it should other than that." Melian told Ismael and glanced at Tanithil next. She cast a squinted eye towards Ismael, then turned her gaze upon Tanithil.

" 560's amas be speakin' true. Ye can give it a whirl yerself, or I can lend a hand, if ye fancy. The mirror be right over yonder." She gestured to a mirror for them to use.

Time: 7pm
Location: Castle Dining Room
Attire: Dress
Interaction: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir @Terrance420 Alden

The room fell into a hushed silence as the doors swung open, and in glided the blonde princess. Her pale pink dress flowed behind her as she entered, a genuine smile illuminating her face. A falcon perched gracefully on her arm, adding a strange touch to her presence. Alden followed closely behind.

With a cheerful tone that wasn't overpoweringly loud, she addressed the gathered guests, her tone warm, "Hi everyone! I hope it's alright if I join you. Please continue enjoying your desserts, but I'd love to greet some of my friends here if that's okay,"

Though she appeared presentable and radiated a natural charm, there was a hint of weariness in her eyes, barely noticeable to those not paying close attention. She strolled into the room with an air of nonchalance, as if the formality of the dinner taking place barely affected her. Her gaze swept across the room, taking in the scene with curiosity and interest.

The Sultan raised an eyebrow ever so slightly. The Grand Vizier, on the other hand, shot her a piercing glare, but she quickly averted her gaze, sensing their strained relationship. She also avoided meeting Riona's eyes, knowing that they weren't on the best of terms.

"Princess Anastasia, you are welcome. Please proceed," the Sultan greeted her with a neutral tone, concealing any opinions he might have about her behind his composed demeanor.

Grinning brightly, she responded to the Sultan's welcome with genuine appreciation. "Thank you, your Majesty! "

"...Look at all these beautiful faces," She remarked as her gaze swept across the room once more. Her smile remained contagious as she acknowledged the stunning presence of Nahir and Munir, their sheer beauty leaving her momentarily in awe. She couldn't help but notice Leo's unexpected presence as well, looking as impeccable as ever. Recalling his friendship with Charlotte, she assumed he had tagged along with her.

However, as she observed the guests more closely, she couldn't help but notice they seemed more drained than she expected. With a hint of concern, she couldn't resist commenting, "... Guess the food was really good, huh? Did you guys eat too much?" Her voice carried a playful and teasing tone, aiming to lighten the mood.

"Anyways," Stepping aside, she gestured towards Alden, introducing him to the gathering. "And this is Alden Plannington, one of our Kingdom's advisors. He also came to check on things."

She first moved down to Ariella and whispered to her, "I'm so sorry I wasn't here to sit with you. I owe you and I hope you had fun... You gotta tell me everything later." Anastasia caught her gaze and smiled, "...By the way, you look amazing. The dress and hair ... I'm obsessed."

Effortlessly transitioning, she walked over to stand between Farim and Lorenzo. She couldn't help but admire Farim's perfect appearance, which seemed to have grown even more alluring since their earlier encounter. Leaning down slightly, she stood beside his chair, extending her arm with Thara perched upon it. She then spoke to him with a softly, "I made sure to feed her and give her plenty of love. I promise," she whispered, her voice carrying a reassuring tone. "And thank you for sending her, sweetie. And I'm really sorry I couldn't make it earlier. I promise to make it up to you," She gently rubbed his shoulder before turning her body the other way.

Anastasia had every intention of moving over to approach her brother but paused upon setting her eyes on Lorenzo. "Duke Lorenzo." She put her hands on her hips and grinned. " Duke Lorenzo fucking Vikena. ..." The princess looked to the rest of the room, "Can we stop and appreciate this ensemble? They don't play around in Veirmont. Yow! Matching hat and everything."

After emitting a playful giggle at her own words, she decided to grab an empty chair and carry it over to the back left of the table, positioning it between Auguste and Munir. As she settled into the seat, she tilted her head, ensuring she caught her brother's gaze. She offered a brief side-hug, gently wrapping her arm around his back, careful not to draw too much attention and embarrass him. "How are you holding up, my dear brother?"

Time:7pm by the end of the post
Interactions: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir

The Sultan maintained eye contact with Prince Auguste as he spoke, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. He understood Mayet's anger with the situation but her overreaction had been deadly and costly. He was not impressed with her lack of control of her emotions and was heavily disappointed in her.

"I concur with your assessment, Auguste. Thank you for your honesty...My daughter Mayet's actions were indeed an overstep, and I offer my sincerest apologies for the distress caused. As the Sultan and as her father, I take full responsibility for the behavior, and I assure you that she will face appropriate consequences for her transgressions. My goal currently is to dismiss her for the time being and not make the situation any more stressful than it has become. Steps will be taken to prevent any recurrence of such incidents in the future."

In the background, he had heard Mayet's terrible words for Farim, who had honestly impressed him with his quick reaction. He was disappointed in Mayet's ability to cast away her family members over a disagreement. He shook his head at Mayet's initial statement regarding Lorenzo's statement toward her. He interjected quickly, "Mayet, as your family, we are always quick to come to your aid, but you reacted to such an extreme before anyone could say anything, that you did not give us a chance... You must stop. You are acting shamefully."

He then glowered as she spoke of his wife, comparing her actions to that of her mother. He felt deeply angered as she then presented cruel words to his nephew as well. If that wasn't bad enough, she had then lashed out at Lady Charlotte briefly.

The Sultan's composed demeanor faltered momentarily as he felt a surge of frustration at Shehzadi Mayet's continued defiance and sharp words.

"Mayet Ibn Raif Kadir!" He exclaimed, his tone tinged with frustration. "While I understand your grievances and the emotions behind your words, you must remember your place as a member of the royal family. It is not your role to challenge or question my decisions."

The Sultan's voice grew firmer as he continued, "Your actions tonight have already caused enough turmoil and embarrassment. I implore you to show restraint and respect. You act as if the Duke has been slinging insults across the table, but the only insults I have heard tonight have been from you and Layla. He may have said foolish things, but to pull a blade and threaten these people as well as the peace between our kingdoms is irredeemable."

As Shehzadi Mayet persisted in her aggressive outburst, Raif's patience wore thin, and a flash of intense anger crossed his face. Her relentless disrespect and disregard for the feelings of those present at the table struck a chord deep within him. He could hardly believe that his own daughter was capable of such childish and bold behavior.

He chose not to dignify her question with a response. Instead, he allowed her to continue her rant, a storm of fury brewing within him. The intensity of his anger was palpable as he watched her.

Silently seething, the Sultan ignored her words, not engaging with her provocation. It was a calculated decision, a deliberate choice to let her words hang in the air, allowing the weight of her own actions to bear down on her. He shook his head in utter disbelief at the audacity and recklessness she displayed. It was as if she wasdetermined to cut all ties with her own family.

As Shehzadi Mayet finally stormed out of the room, the Sultan's rising anger subsided, replaced by a simmering fury. He rose from his seat, his movements controlled but charged with intensity. Turning towards Prince Auguste, his voice resonated with a burning wrath as he made his decision known.

"Prince Auguste, I have reached a verdict in light of Shehzadi Mayet's outrageous conduct. I will be taking her back to Alidasht, and from this moment onward, she shall never be permitted to set foot in Caesonian lands again. I will leave with her in the morning, and my brother Hafiz will remain to look after my offspring as they continue the courting season."

His voice carried a tone of determination, revealing the depth of his anger and disappointment. "I ask for the same level of mercy from you and your family as we have shown Duke Lorenzo Vikena. Please consider my proposal as we continue our meal, and let me know if we need further discussion." he added, his words layered with a restrained yet seething rage. It was a plea that Mayet's life be spared despite the storm she had unleashed upon their family.

The Sultan grew silent and did not seem to have much of an appetite as the dinner went forward. He did not speak up to conversate either as time went on. The end, fortunately, came around rather quickly as the desserts were finally brought out. Plates were brought as they were before. The first contained delicious sweet baklava, drizzled in golden honey. Kunafa was brought out as well, which was a rich dessert made with thin, shredded pastry layered with a sweet cheese filling, soaked in syrup and often topped with pistachios. The last notable dessert choice was a semolina cake soaked in sweet syrup, flavored with orange blossom water and garnished with almonds. Sweet dessert wines were also served.

Time: 6pm
Location: Guesthouse
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“It’s okay to run to fight another day.” Charlotte glanced over at the servant in surprise, a pretty dark-haired girl she recalled seeing prior. She had given a Charlotte a handkerchief, which she had accepted and turned to face her as an excuse to dab at her eyes. “A tactical retreat holds merit, My Lady.”

Recalling a past encounter, Charlotte struggled to recall the girl's name and finally, it clicked. With a warm smile, she softly uttered, "...Riona, right? Thank you. I won't forget your kindness."

Leo's words reached her ears next and she squeezed his hand. She took a deep breath. She was stronger than this.

At least.... She wanted to be.

"You're right. I just need to sit here and eat... Shouldn't be too difficult." Then Lorenzo spoke.

She instinctively reached for her wine glass, hoping to conceal the anxious expression etched on her face, and started sipping it slowly. However, as the topic shifted to Mayet, Charlotte's throat tightened, causing her to choke on her wine. Hastily, she placed the glass back on the table, coughing gently to regain her composure.

In a state of surprise and mild distress, Charlotte patted her chest with a closed fist and cast wide-eyed glances at her stepfather. Leaning closer over the table, she whispered in a hushed tone, "Lorenzo... You're embarrassing her. Apologize quickly please." Though Mayet wasn't her favorite person at the table, she would have been mortified in her shoes and she supposed perhaps being an adult man may have distanced Lorenzo from the viewpoint of how a young woman would feel being spoken about in such a manner so publicly, true or not. As someone who had been under Mayet's gaze, she could confirm it was anything but lust.

“BUT that can wait! I think grace is in order. Uh, everyone, join hands. Come on, don't be shy...Now bow your heads in silence while I give thanks..."

Charlotte wasn't sure if he had heard her over his own voice as he began a long speech once more. As he finally concluded, she realized she had inadvertently emptied her glass while fixating on its now vacant bottom. Casting a grateful glance at Leo for his attempt to redirect the conversation, she silently mouthed to him, her words tinged with remorse, "I'm so sorry." She couldn't help but wonder if bringing him to this event had been a mistake. Although he had managed to earn favor with Sultan and hopefully impress Nahir as well, she worried that the situation might have been too overwhelming for him.

Before she could check on him, Mayet reacted as if she had become a tiger herself. Her expression morphed into one of shock upon witnessing the fierce determination in the woman's eyes. As a knife was hurled through the air, Charlotte instinctively froze up. However, as Mayet advanced towards Lorenzo with a scimitar in hand, Charlotte's body surged with adrenaline, propelling her to rise from her seat, ready to tackle Mayet to the ground if necessary. A determined look adorned her face as she silently vowed, No. Not again. I refuse to lose my family again!

Fortunately, before Charlotte could take action, Farim swiftly intervened, diffusing the tension in the air. Charlotte's reaction was far from composed. Her body remained frozen in a standing position, forgetting the very act of sitting. Anger, fear, and a torrent of unresolved emotions surged through her, threatening to engulf her.

Lost in the darkness of her own thoughts, Charlotte found herself unable to comprehend or absorb any spoken words around her. It was as if her mind had erected a barrier. A blurry face filled her mind.

The jarring sound of fists colliding abruptly against the table shattered the grip of her inner turmoil, momentarily wrenching her attention back to the present.


The Sultan started speaking and Charlotte quickly sat down. She glanced over at Lorenzo, who seemed unharmed. Mayet was soon asked to leave, which she hoped she would as she wasn't sure if she could handle not strangling the girl at the moment. Subsequently, Prince Auguste let the Sultan know his displeasure as well as the weight her actions could carry.

Charlotte had nothing nice to say about that and instead started to push a falafel around her plate with her fork.
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Time: Morning
Location: Further off from Guavav Village than before - LOST
Interactions: @Helo Cyrus @13org Viola @Alivefalling Dante @FunnyGuy Darius @Samreaper Menzai
Equipment: Staff with unbreaking and shift enchantment(shifts into dagger), Her bag, Water Purifier, Flask, some shiny pebbles
Attire:Dress, which she decorated with flowers and hung little charms off the ropes, A small antler headdress with flowers and jewels, amulet with Millinia Crest, wooden butterfly earrings, various bracelets

Phia swiftly evaded the crashing trunk, her nimble movements allowing her to escape unscathed as dirt billowed into the air. She protectively landed in front of her two companions. Her gaze fixated on the giant bird overheard, though aware of the branches and thorns from their attacks reaching out toward it.

Her voice, soft but resolute, cut through the tension.

"I believe that's a Roc... Beautiful, yet undeniably deadly," she murmured, her tone laced with both admiration and caution. Though not extensively educated, Phia possessed an innate fascination with creatures, accumulating knowledge over time. "She probably came from the mountains. Poor thing must be ravenous to go over here over the woods... Unfortunately, it looks like we're her choice of breakfast. " Phia was not one to take situations seriously often, but she knew this was dire. It was massive and had the capability to easily cause destruction and gobble down masses, especially since it was desperate.

Contemplating their options, Phia entertained the idea of evading the Roc altogether, seeking refuge under the cover of a large leaf or any possible hiding spot. Yet, a deeper concern gnawed at her thoughts. If they managed to elude the bird's grasp, the looming threat remained that it would target someone else. The vision of innocent children playing in the woods or the Guarav village she called her home flashed through her mind, stirring a sense of urgency within her.

But the worst-case scenario seized her attention—the plain where Menzai and the boys were located. Her heart skipped a beat as she imagined the Roc descending upon that vulnerable plain. A vast, open expanse like that one would only provide an advantage to the deadly creature. The idea of those three getting hurt made her heart ache so much that she thought it might break.

Phia clutched her staff and looked over her shoulder at the other two. Phia's gaze hardened, a steely determination emanating from her. "I'm going to try to talk to her...If I get high enough, I might be able to communicate. And if that doesn't work, I will get her to chase me somewhere else. Please continue your attacks to distract her and try to stay calm. It will be alright. " She informed them intensely. Speaking with an animal that large and different from her usual could prove futile, but she had to try. "Even if we dissuade her from us by attacking her, she will only choose a new victim and I cannot allow that. "

A flicker of tension creased Phia's expression as she contemplated the daunting altitude at which the Roc soared. She had never really flown that high up and the idea made the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. Even as she felt a rise in her throat, she swallowed hard and fluttered her wings to start gaining some height.


Phia felt the color drain from her face. "Oh no." She whispered with dread as she looked over her shoulder to see the two humans as they hopped off the rock. Her eyes followed it as it hurdled into the air toward the Roc. She did a double-take before Dante pulled her attention back to them.

“I think you picked the wrong friend this time Phia.”

She stared at Dante with widened eyes, lowering herself back to the ground as her brain fumbled for words for a moment before she moved over to give him a tight hug. She responded slowly, not letting go until her speech was over. "Dante. I understand that was a joke and I want to laugh, but I cannot. I hope this does not hurt your feelings. Please understand this is a dangerous situation... We can't let that bird get any closer to the village. "

Menzai most undoubtedly would be following. She tapped her foot as she considered whether or not to leave the humans on the ground alone. They had already hurdled rocks at the creature. But that was worse, wasn't it? What if the bird targeted them? She shook her head. "I'll be back. I think you two should take cover by those two fairies there. You can trust them... Tell Menzai when he gets here I have a plan." She told everyone and began to flutter her wings once more to rise into the air, however, she made sure to move slowly under the protection of the foliage so as to not alert the Roc too early on.

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(95% written by @Tae)

BAM! THUD! CRACK! The loud and forceful sounds reverberated across the room as Raif’s fists crashed down upon the solid surface of the table, impressively cracking that end. His chair toppled to the ground, drawing many eyes to him now as he stood there enraged. “THAT IS ENOUGH!” His voice was forceful and commanding, causing some of the servants and guards to jump. His eyes were fixated on his daughter, clear she had crossed the line and pushed her father too far.

“You’ve tried my patience, now I fear you all must see the man who won the title of Sultan. Not only have your actions disrespected me, Mayet, they also disrespect your country and they disrespect the memory of your mother. How disappointed she would be in your actions tonight. Please go to your room. Your weapons will be taken from you as long as you remain here henceforth. We will speak in private later.” Hafiz seemed to open his mouth to speak once more, but a quick glance from Raif shut him up quickly. This was the man who had fought and killed his siblings for the throne, the man all of Alidasht feared before he married the mother of his children. This was the man that would execute his own children if pushed that far.

“I cannot stand aside any longer as you and your siblings continue on thinking you’re untouchable. You cannot throw weapons or threaten others in their homeland.” His words were directed at her, but they pertained to all his children. The only one he didn’t entirely feel this way about was Nahir.

“And if the rest of my family have anything else to say about this matter, might I suggest you keep it to yourself..” He briefly glanced at Farim and then the rest of his family before the Sultan was now looking at Lorenzo.

“Duke Vikena, while I understand you may have felt uncomfortable and I greatly recognize that she has overreacted, if you feel something like that is occurring again then I implore you to approach me privately about it. Embarrassing my daughter with such nonsense is out of my question.” He glared at him momentarily, his eyes narrowed. “Do not speak of my daughters inappropriately. Mayet would never be interested in you in that way and you must know that deep down. Any attempt to embarrass my children will not be tolerated. That was that. The once patient man now held a serious and dangerous expression. His heart began to ache because he had to discipline his children so vehemently in public.

I am going to have to speak to Lorenzo after this dinner.

Time: 6pm
Location: Vikena Estate
Mention: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @13org Mayet @Potter Layla @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir
Attire:Bun, Dress, Gold haircomb

Mayet’s words distressed Charlotte greatly, but since speaking further would not be in her favor, she did the next best thing and did little to acknowledge her. It infuriated her that Hafiz could freely insult Lorenzo while defending himself was deemed unacceptable. Charlotte averted her gaze from Mayet's penetrating stare and deliberately avoided making eye contact with both her and Layla.

The patronizing manner in which Mayet spoke to her as if she were a misbehaving child for daring to request basic kindness, deeply bothered Charlotte. It was evident that Mayet and she were not on good terms at that moment, which would likely pose a problem later when Charlotte intended to discuss Mayet’s recollections of the party. After listening to Calbert twist his words in and out as if he were tying a lace, it was easy enough for her to pick up on the same manipulative behavior from Hafiz.

Perhaps Caesonia and Alidasht were not all that different, much to the entire room’s displeasure. She forced a polite smile when acknowledged by the Grand Vizier, but made no comment even when he had sat beside her. She glanced down at her lap, becoming finally aware of her trembling hands in her lap. A profound sense of déjà vu enveloped her, as her mind conjured the haunting imitation of her mother's voice, evoking memories of a past encounter that mirrored the present situation.

” You must diligently conceal any fear in the presence of others. Once they discern even a hint of vulnerability, they shall exploit it without hesitation.”

Charlotte pressed her nails into the fabric of her dress to try to steady herself, barely glancing up even when the food had been brought in. The sounds of food and her father requesting to say grace were all dimly heard in the back of her mind, but she had not budged from her position, not even reaching for food.

It’s going to be like this the entire season…It was only a chair within the first few minutes. What will be next? Will the manner we eat cause an uproar? If we survive this time without creating a rift between our kingdoms, then what are the odds we survive the next?

The weight of the entire day pressed upon her like an insurmountable boulder. From the altercation at the park, Kazumin and Persephone’s situation, to the disheartening revelation about Lorenzo's condition as conveyed by Wulfric, and further witnessing undeniable proof of it firsthand... There seemed to be no relief for Charlotte, no space to catch her breath. It was as if the universe took pleasure in taunting her once again, as she suddenly became aware of an eerie sensation wrapping around her head. Before she could fully comprehend the situation, darkness engulfed her vision, accompanied by a piercing hiss that filled her ear. Her anxiety, already on the rise, surged, causing her to gasp in fear. In a reflexive motion, she attempted to grasp at the presence on her face, but it vanished before her hand could even reach it.

She rose up to her feet and looked around, only to find the rest of the table staring at her. A frown etched across her face and cautiously lowered herself back into the seat. Her heart pounded forcefully against her rib cage. Charlotte turned to Leo and leaned in, whispering softly into his ear, her voice tinged with vulnerability, "...I'm uncertain if I can endure this... Should I excuse myself momentarily or would that make it worse?" Unaccustomed to revealing her weaknesses, she fought against the welling emotions that threatened to overwhelm her. She knew all too well that shedding tears would be the last thing she should allow herself to do in this setting.

Before Leo could offer a response, the commanding voice of the Sultan resonated through the room, instantly capturing everyone's attention. Layla was chastised, then removed. Charlotte was unable to conceal a brief look of relief.
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Time: Morning
Location: Riverport
Interactions: @GingerBobOh Enstille @JJ Doe Jun @Helo Zion @Tae Kenia
Equipment: Bow and quiver of arrows, Hygiene supplies, spray bottle, short sword, backpack, a few pieces of jerky, 1000 amas, transmission bracelet, Portable Solar Box, location sender
Attire: His outfit

Malachi's eyes shifted wearily to Zion, acknowledging his existence with a nod. His response came out with a lackluster tone, "Meats and eggs." With a glance back up at the stairs, his irritation became apparent, "They'll get cold unless the other two morons get down here. They're sleeping in like they're on vacation. I swear to Solaris..." He let out a tired sigh and pinched his nose, just in time to hear a loud clunk. His gaze rose reluctantly, and he watched Jun make a mad dash for the door, apparently in the mood for yet another pointless escape attempt. Only this time, Enstille captured him in a shield ball. He raised a brow at the sight of the human rolling around in the ball. I guess Enstille isn't totally worthless.

He then decided to scoop up his handy dandy spray bottle and fill it with some more water from the sink. By the time the ball had broke apart, he was already locked and loaded on the target.

Malachi narrowed his eyes and addressed Jun sharply, not expecting much of a response, "Where do you think you're going?" The idiot had no idea where he planned to run off to. There was nowhere for him to go. Malachi had told him time and time again at this point. He watched with mild disbelief as he jiggled at the door handle. Why is he like this? Seizing the opportunity, he sprayed Jun as the door swung open, asserting firmly, " No. " He followed him even as he fell to the ground outside not relenting with the spray attack nor even noticing the woman. With an authoritative tone, he commanded, "Get back inside. Now."

However, as time went on, Malachi became aware of the chaotic scene of bread and cookies scattered before them. The change in the air seemed to draw his eyes upward, where they met those of a blonde elven woman. She stood amidst the commotion, dressed in a captivating purple dress. He absorbed the details for a fleeting moment. However, his stoic expression gave no indication of the thoughts that flickered beneath the surface. Instead of greeting the random woman, he simply asked her with cold irritation, "What do you want?"

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