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Hello we are looking for more supernatural creatures to join our roleplay c:

GM:Princess CO-GM: FunnyGuy

Location: The Pit
Mentions:@Potter Nikolaus @FunnyGuy Sean

Angel waved as Sean left, rolling her eyes at his last comment. She was too hungry to care at the moment, otherwise, she would have tried to come up with something good to say back. She turned to Nikolaus, her stomach growling audibly, "Well. We ambushed an old man. Great success. I actually parked here so I'm gonna go drive and get food. I'm starving and I doubt any vampire in earshot of that fiasco is coming outside right now. But if you want, after I eat I'll go be vampire bait again." She yawned as finished speaking, moving to the car. "Do you need a ride home or are you hungry too?" It was almost ten o clock. That wasn't too late for most, but Angel was no ordinary girl. She needed a lot of sleep to keep up with her experimented body that she pushed to its limits often. She hoped Nikolaus was down for Taco Bell; she could really use a party-pack right now.

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Location:Kyran's Home

Dionaea had suddenly started to feel ill while they were all shopping in the afternoon. It was not long before they had to retreat back to Kyran's house. They had all thought the stress of everything or maybe the alcohol had gotten to her, but it quickly became clear it was more serious than that. Risa had stayed at her best friend's side all afternoon, fetching her soup, water and taking care of her. Putting a small amount of energy towards healing seemed to bring Dionaea comfort, however it was no use. Dionaea was becoming weaker by the hour.

Hades had returned and Risa had a short exchange with him, arranging for him to accompany her back to the Flower Fairy Kingdom tomorrow morning. He would lead her to her parents in order to give Dionaea a safe place to recover. Little did they know that Dionaea was ill with something more deadly than they could imagine.

Risa decided maybe she would go to the healing center tonight and try to ask around there. A fairy healing center would have been ideal as they might have known more about fairy illnesses, but that was not an option. She rubbed Dionaea's hand as she remained at her bedside, expecting Kyran and Elsea to come in the room any moment. Dionaea had been asleep all day. It was getting to be dusk now. She was going to approach them about the idea of finding help for her.

Time: Night
Location: Trance
Interactions: Felix @jetipster, Monica @baraquiel
Mentions:Cain@Derg2, Gwendolyn @Eviledd1984, Rose@Tae,

What only could be described as a complete circus act was occurring in the middle of the club. Violet crossed her legs as she watched a crazed woman initiate a fight with the bouncers, the woman shouting obscenities, claiming that she was being raped as they tried to get control of her. They were absolutely much too violent with her and it was all happening too close to her twin sister for Violet's comfort, otherwise, she would have found entertainment in the chaos and tried to seek out popcorn. Though she loved to watch the chaos unfold, she felt sorrow for the woman and was careful not to laugh. She clearly was dealing with heavy baggage. Violet was going to get involved, but luckily the woman took her to leave, not addressing the bouncers too nicely about it. With their violent nature, she could not blame her.

Violet's gaze traveled to her sister. Rose was talking to a boy, so she decided to allow them to finish talking before approaching her about going somewhere else. This place was a lot less classy than she remembered. Once Felix returned from the bathroom, she told him, "There was just a fight and it's still early in the night. The bouncers are rather aggressive. I think we should go to the Pit instead. I'm going to wait for Rose to finish up her chat with this boy and then I'll approach her about it. If you wanna go ahead if you're bored, I'll understand. We can meet you there."

A girl sat down in the booth at the table next to theirs, placing her chin in her hands. Violet couldn't help but look over at her. Poor thing was alone. It was possible she was meeting someone, but it did not strike Violet that way. She reminded Violet of herself in her teen years in Paris, always isolated. No one deserved to be alone. Violet offered her a smile and waved. "Hello there! I haven't seen you before in town. Are you new?"

Location: The Pit
Mentions:@Potter Nikolaus @FunnyGuy Sean

To no surprise, the older man decided to trust his luck fleeing. Three vs one was never good odds, Angel would know from the previous hour's events. She bolted after him, her speed superior to his. "You're staying right here, grandpa." Angel stood in front of him, forcing him to halt. Her speed caught the old werewolf off guard and he seemed to be hesitating in order to make his next move wisely. It was too public for him to turn into a wolf if he was indeed a werewolf, or attack if he was a witch or even a vampire, but not many people were outside so it was secluded enough for them to quickly capture him.

She nodded to Sean and Niko to sedate him while she kept him from escaping. They were going to have to get in the truck quickly and drive him to the HQ right away before others noticed.

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Corvina Kenia Rei Malachi

Time: Dusk
Location: The Nest


The day had been long and interesting, to say the least. After Corvina had burnt down the house, they had checked in at a lower-class hotel to place their belongings. It was a big downgrade from the lovely home they had previously stayed in, but it was tolerable. The only problem was that they had to share a room with four beds crammed into it, so that was sure to start some sort of bickering later on tonight. Since the lower class was overcrowded and had a large percentage of the population, it was the easiest to hide amongst. They spent that afternoon shopping and tending to their needs in that area. Though Malachi found many demi-humans to be a bit too boisterous for his tastes, he had grown with age to enjoy the presence of those who weren’t snobby and uptight like many elves he had grown up around.

A message had been broadcasted late-afternoon to all of Roshmi from one of its main cast spheres. A large number of trees around Roshmi had been withered and the dark elves had claimed the fault, claiming they would not let Roshmi flourish until Risa Millinia’s blood ran through the streets. Malachi knew well of the Millinia legacy at the River Kingdom. Before Aklenroth had taken over Avalia, Oribel and Camellia had been well-known for their compassion. He had seen them speak before so many years ago. They were a very charismatic family. However, it had been their grandson years ago that he had become directly acquaintanced with, Helio Millinia. He had been outspoken and wilder than the usual member of the Millinia line, taking risks and schemes that probably helped affect the results of today. He had actually been one of the prominent members of those trying to rebel. People had trusted him for who he was and for his sheer passion. If the sister, Risa, was now involved, she could be a match to light the flame of all of Avalia. These dark elves feared her for good reason. He had informed the group of his thoughts, telling them it would be wise to seek her out and aid in her protection.

The dark elves had actually done them favor with this act, showing they were willing to hurt innocents. They had shown the citizens of Roshmi they were certainly not on their side. The impoverished were especially outraged that their food supplies would be put at risk over the death of one fairy girl. The sacrifice of a city for one girl did not make sense and people were already questioning the integrity of the dark elves. Kenia and Malachi decided to make matters worse for them and started spreading gossip throughout the day about how the dark elves burned down her home, to as many people as possible. It was in their best interest to keep kindling any outrage as much as possible

From Kenia’s perspective, the day had gone well in the sense that it kept her busy enough not to fall into depression. In addition to spreading rumors about who started the house fire, she got to spend some time with Corvina and get to know the young woman better. After discovering that there was to be a ball in a few days, they decided that it may be best to go and so their shopping trip turned into looking for outfits for that. While she enjoyed helping the girl find a dress, it caused Kenia to wonder if that would have been what it felt like if she’d ever gotten to take her daughter shopping for such an occasion. This fact alone caused the female elf to unknowingly draw even closer to the human.

Through the course of the day, shopping with Kenia had brought Cora’s mood up. She had enjoyed seeing the fashion in Avalia. Their clothes were so pretty, and Cora had trouble pinning one dress down. The one she had chosen was alluding to her magic which she had become fond of during her time. She felt drained from the house fire she had created but hadn’t let it show. The memory she’d drawn upon for her magic was in her subconscious, and she kept trying to push it away. It caused her to focus more on shopping, and take the time to bond with Kenia. She had picked out a dark-haired wig as well to help cover her own. Furthermore, she had bought another outfit as well, since her old ones reeked of smoke and ash. Cora had started to feel some happiness and shades of her past self coming back. It had been awhile since she had felt truly happy or comfortable.


The Nest was the destination for tonight for the group. It was important to wind down as to not exhaust themselves before the real battle had begun and bars were a great place to make connections and talk to those. Malachi, however, was unhappy with the choice of bar. It was much too packed and loud for him. Demi-humans of all sorts of species were all over the place: fighting, flirting, and whatever else one could imagine at an out-of-control establishment. He had sat down with a drink to quietly watch at the beginning of their visit until someone familiar caught his interest. There was a feline demi-human female he had seen at many rebel meetings named Talira. He moved over to speak to her for some time in the back to exchange intel.

He found out a few things from her. There had been two attempted attacks on a light-elf governor today, possibly the same one they had come across in that cave. He couldn’t say he was surprised. A healer had also been assassinated in the River Kingdom earlier in the week. There were incidents in smaller fairy communities of fairies having their wings ripped off by a demon as well. At the start of the week, Risa Millinia, and her friend Dionaea Sycamore’s houses had been destroyed, and the Sycamore family was taken hostage. This was all useful information he’d have to share with others. Then, the most interesting was that there was a secret about the fake elf ears going around: each of them had a small tattoo on the inner lobe that could only be found through close inspection. This was a way for them to locate other humans.

Malachi thanked Talira for her information and asked her to spread the word of the dark elves crimes. If they played their cards right, everything the dark elves did to try to push them down through fear could be used to simply fire up the masses. After the exchange, he moved back to the group. Kenia had stayed with Corvina and Rei during this time. He decided against telling them everything in public and instead decided to fill them in later.

” I will tell you all later.” Malachi told them immediately as he rejoined the three. His words were already slurring. The bartender had thought it would be funny to give him a stronger drink than he had requested, unbeknownst to his knowledge, since he had seemed way too serious. He gave them a grin, something he didn’t normally do, “You know I didn’t expect a disgusting place like this to make such a tasty drink. I think I might have another… Anyone else wants a drink?” He held up a bag of chima nuts as he inquired.

The nest was a place Kenia would visit on occasion as it was a good source of information. That and she was often able to meet with shadier folk and purchase her black market goods. This was, in fact, where she’d managed to get the fake ears for both Corvina and Rei, though she wasn’t about to mention that to the group. For now, she was here to relax, maybe listen in on a few conversations, but most importantly have a drink or three. Malachi had left to speak with a woman while she stayed with the two ‘children’ as she’d begun to teasingly call them from time to time. She sipped on her drink as she glanced around the place, taking in each and every face in the bar. She’d taken her coin purse and hid it deep within her boots, instructing her companions to hide theirs somewhere that wasn’t as obvious as well. It was a good thing she did as well as she spotted a hand slowly creeping into her bag. She swiftly grabbed the person by the wrist and yanked the perpetrator forward. It was a smaller faun demi-human who looked up at her in alarm. She merely grinned at him before speaking.
” Oh dear friend, I would highly suggest not doing such a thing. If you wish to keep your appendages intact might I suggest you refrain from trying to steal from myself or any of my companions? Are we clear?” The faun man was swift to nod his head. ”Much obliged.” She said as she released him and he scurried off.

”Can you believe the nerve of some people?” The elf asked as she looked to her human companions, giving them a slight smirk. Not long after that Malachi appeared again and oddly enough he was smiling. This, in turn, made Kenia genuinely smile, though if anyone were to ask why she would surely blame it on the alcohol. ” Someone’s in quite a good mood. You should smile more often Kai, it really does suit you. I’ll take another drink pretty please.” She said happily as she took one of the chima nuts.

Rei caressed his ‘new’ ears. The tender, realistic feeling made him shudder slightly. It was likely better if pushed it into the back of his mind. He would try not to overthink it… more than he already has. He didn’t feel comfortable being in public at all, considering that both humans were Aklenroth’s most wanted. His paranoia stirred, thinking that a few patrons had their eyes on him made him pull his pulled his hood down further. A loose attempt at being incognito. As he watched drunk Malachi fumble about, he did chuckle softly to himself. He also made a mental note to try avoiding pissing off Kenia, as he watched her threaten a person’s limbs, smiling all the while. People who show emotion on their face are scary. He thought, gulping his ‘drink’ and letting its warmth slither down his throat. He had chosen not to inebriate himself, considering the circumstances.

”I understand the need for downtime.” Rei said, stopping for punctuation. ” But is it the smartest thing to do so, right after some boy fox found out me and Corvina’s true identities? Oh right, didn’t he ‘smell’ us? Is there magic to mask that?”

C ora was drinking her water with amusement. The chaos of the nest was delightful; their group blended right in. The nightlife didn’t bother her; she was used to it after walking around at night on sleepless nights. When a demihuman tried to pickpocket Kenia, it turned to bite him. The human saying, “A deer in headlights,” had filled her mind but she didn’t speak it out loud. She had found Kenia slightly scary but hadn’t let it deter her from being close with the Elf. Next, when Malachi returned and was slurring his words, Corvina let out a bark of laughter. She hadn’t ever seen him smile or look unprepared. She sipped her water and whatever Kenia had bought her that wasn’t intoxicating. She didn’t want to inebriate herself in case of anything. The fox child had kept her on her toes and alert.

Once Rei began to speak, Cora turned to face him. She waited for him to continue after pausing and began picking at the food on the table. ” Rei’s correct, and his question is indeed a good one. Is there anything more we can do? Also, maybe someone here might know of him and we could gain more information about him. It was too easy for him to break in and coincidental for him to just find us. I think we should continue to lay low and maybe find more disguises for us. The ball will be a great way to find more allies, though we should make sure to stick together. I don’t want us in another bad position.” Corvina finished speaking to allow the others to reflect upon her words. She moved closer to the others as a few drunken Elves brushed passed her. She clutched her Elf ears and firmly pulled them back onto her own.

Kenia glanced back to the two humans, listening to their concerns before giving them a soft smile. ” You both have valid concerns, however, there is a reason why this place was chosen for relaxing. I am unaware of any magic that will mask your scent so the next best thing to do is be in places with lots of people and scents as yours will get lost in the mix of things. When there are so many scents in one place it is near impossible to pick up on one alone and pinpoint it. So in that regard, we should be safe here.” She began to explain to the two, all the while keeping her eyes open for anyone who may be trying to listen in on their conversation. On the plus side it was so loud in there it would be hard for people to overhear unless they were sitting at the same table.

” The second reason I wanted to come here is that it’s full of drunks who like to gossip loudly. While we’ve been sitting here I’ve been doing my best to listen in on conversations around us. While some are talking as low as we are right now and I can’t hear them, others don’t realize how loud they are. The group at the table behind me has been talking about how the dark elves burnt down that nobles' house and some saw a large and terrifying floating demon at the scene after it was put out. It’s good to know that the story we spun is spreading, but the demon is new information. Could be someone we keep an eye out for as it’s not often you see large, terrifying demons.” She informed them as she nodded to a group behind her. There sat two male fairies and two demi-humans who were clearly drunk and laughing about something. ” If we stay cooped up in an inn room for two long that would look even more suspicious. It would also be really hard to find out any more information about things. As hard and terrifying as it may seem, the best course of action is to act as normal citizens and go out and about sometimes.” She gave them a reassuring smile before adding in an even softer tone, ” Also those ears are built to stay on even through being bumped into. The more you mess with them, the more likely they are to fall off.”

Rei nodded, her points were definitely valid. However, his anxiety still held him in a vice-like grip, something he had to push back or he’d be unable to control himself. When she spoke of the masking magic being unable to do it, he propped her a question. ” Would it be possible for my powers- er, my air magic, is able to do something like that?” In theory it should be possible, but it likely would have required active concentration to do so.

He also agreed on the gathering knowledge. They would have been in the dark had they not been listening in this bar. Though the smell was awful, especially compared back on earth. It just festered and lingered in your nostrils. In the end he would acquiesce to the elves' decisions.

” Sometimes the most intelligent thing to do, when it comes to staying hidden, is the most foolish thing to do. They expect us to hide so we stay in plain sight. Take your downtime now because you can bet you’ll be back training by tomorrow. As for air magic doing something like that, who the hell knows. You can try it when no one’s looking if you can control it well enough. “ Malachi explained to them briefly. Kenia had already covered it all in great detail, but he summed it up nonetheless. “Listen up for the names Risa, Dionaea, and Terneus. ” He instructed them lowly.

“Your drink, handsome.”

Floopa was the bartender working tonight. She giggled as she handed him his drink and then handed a drink to Kenia next. The short-haired demi-human leaned her elbows on the bar, distracted noticeably by Malachi, her bushy brown tail actively moving in a back and forth motion. She blew him a kiss, to which he quickly turned away to pretend he hadn’t seen it, thanking her rather hastily. He did not usually order from the bar unless it was to blend in, so he was not too familiar with her. She moved her attention to Rei and Corvina, whispering, “I gave him a little something extra in his drinks. He used to come here in before and he was always so serious and kind of sad, y’ know? He needs to loosen up a little.” She giggled again after her words, watching Malachi sway a bit to the music as he drank. He set down the cup on the table. Floopa hadn’t expected him to drink it that fast. She had a new concoction to add to drinks like no other that made folks have heightened emotions and honesty. It was also rather addicting, so everyone always came back for more... It was always a good time at The Nest.

“Stop talking. It’s annoying.” Malachi told a young demi-human, who had been laughing loudly next to him, who looked at him in surprise. Truth be told, Malachi had heard him say something about an attractive blonde elven woman, which he attributed to being Kenia immediately. He then found himself annoyed for a reason he couldn’t quite place so when the opportune moment came to strike, he took it. The demi-human was at a loss of words. Malachi made a waving motion to gesture for him to leave like he was shooing a fly away. “Go on. Out.” The male awkwardly moved away from the area, causing Malachi to laugh, “Ha. ” He sat upon the stool, nearly slipping off it drunkenly. Was I always such a lightweight? He quickly gathered himself together, glancing between the group and stating firmly, “Right then. Let’s continue listening for information. Stop fooling around.”

” There is definitely a possibility that your magic could help out Rei.” Kenia responded to Rei with a grin, glad to know he was thinking of ideas. Her ears picked up on the bartender, Floopa she remembered her name was, flirting with Malachi. For some reason, she felt an irritation bubble up inside of her and she was soon glaring at the woman as she was handed a drink. She downed the drink quickly, not entirely intending to do so, but it happened nonetheless. Her face was feeling warmer than normal and she felt as if she were light as a feather. She began to wonder if there were extra in their drinks.

The kiss Floopa blew Malachi pushed her over the edge just a bit. ”Hey! If you could stop ogling over him and get me another drink, that would be great.” She said rather harshly to the woman which earned her a smirk from the woman who seemed pleased to be getting under the elf’s skin. It just helped to irritate Kenia more and she turned to scowl at Malachi as he told some young demi-human off who was complimenting her. If he was gonna get attention from the pretty barmaid then she was allowed to get attention as well. It was in this moment that she realized she was feeling jealousy over someone showing Malachi attention. That irritation quickly turned to embarrassment and her face flushed a deeper red than it already was from the alcohol.

As soon as she got her drink she stood in a hurry, a minor mistake as she swayed and almost fell over. ” Right, uh, I’ll go listen for information over here then.” She was clearly trying to hide her face as she began to weave her way through people, heading for a section of dancing people. What’s wrong with you Kenia?! Why would you get so jealous like that?! It’s Malachi! I can’t be feeling things for him...can I?

There was something about the beverages here that were just so addicting. Malachi couldn’t stop himself from ordering another drink. He began to question it himself in his mind only to be broken out of his thoughts by the sight of Kenia swaying. His impulse was to grab her shoulder to steady her. She immediately started to weave through the crowd away from them. He couldn’t just let her go off alone like this. He glanced at Rei and Corvina and did his best to tell them sternly, but he could not stop slurring at times. His cheeks were red at this point. “Don’t move. Yell for me or whatever to signal me to come back if you need help. Don’t drink any alcohol.”
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What happened during the late afternoon?

Message me on discord to add to this list or I will add according to the story summaries you put in your posts.

1. A message had been broadcasted late-afternoon to all of Roshmi from one of its main cast spheres. A translucent image of a stoic dark elf was in the sky for all to see. He announced without emotion:

- A large number of trees around Roshmi have been withered and the dark elves have claimed the fault, announcing they would not let Roshmi flourish until Risa Millinia’s blood ran through the streets. A sketch of Risa was shown as well as those who were journeying with her of Elsea, Kyran, and Dionaea.

- A sketch of Kuroi was shown, stating he was also wanted for a bounty. The reason was simply "treason." No explanation was given why.

2. There was a secret planning session in the Greenhouse involving Cade, Ilan, Ayita, and Sakura.

3. Dionaea has fallen quite ill and is currently resting in Kyran's home. She will be sent to the Flower Fairy Kingdom to stay with Risa's parents tomorrow if there is no improvement.

4. Malachi, Kenia, Corvina, and Rei were shopping and such, also having gotten a hotel. They were very gossipy today with the townsfolk.
Always open.

Location: The Pit
Mentions:@Potter Nikolaus @FunnyGuy Sean @AtomicNut Lupin

Angel felt giddy as Niko called her lava girl. He actually was aware of the stupid movie? She could imagine him, being his stoic self as he sat and watched Sharkboy and Lavagirl. She made a noise as she held back laughter, too entertained by the thought to even defend herself over what he said next. "Oh my God..." She whispered. However, it was time to kick supernatural ass so Angel gathered herself together and glanced at Sean as he proclaimed he wasn't going in the club. "Sean don't go chickenshit on me now. I go in there all the time; I got your back."

When she looked back at the club entrance, the expensive-suit guy was back. To be fair, older folk did wear weird clothes like that, but he was definitely too old to be at this joint. She tilted her head, looking him up and down as Sean informed them that this was the guy he saw. Angel didn't recall seeing a woman with him previously. The next clue given to them was this man looked unhappy to see them, so her guess was he was not human.

A vampire probably would have stopped aging long ago. This guy was something else if not human, but one of the less problematic things usually. Werewolves had to be checked on but they were usually not as mass-murdering as vampires since they did not need to hurt others for survival. They had been taught to not trust them nor witches anyhow. The powers they had were dangerous, and they could not just waltz around town the way humans do. Werewolves could lose control and also could get malicious, especially in packs. Angel could recall the commander saying they were basically wild animals better off put down due to being rabid, though she had never met one and wasn't sure what to make of them herself. Witches messed with dark magics and offset the natural balance, causing destruction with any emotional outburst that let out uncontrollable power. Angel had not met many of those either.

Sean spoke up first, playing the concerned card. It was a good way to make him more comfortable. Though the guy was obviously fine physically so she hoped that would not make him more suspicious of them. For extra good measure, Angel waved at him flirtatiously and gave him a wink. The man would probably chalk up her examining him to her checking him out, so she'd go with that play.
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