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In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Forest near Roshmi

Malachi was surprised that the white creature had come back and jumped in front of them for defense. It was unusual behavior from a demon and he was shocked that she even cared. She seemed to have good instinct so he began to wager his options for only a split second before the all too familiar voice of Terneus reached his ears before he could react to the demon beckoning them to leave. He bit back a groan. Belladonna would have to conceal her magic, thus could not defend herself in this situation. He glanced at the governor with a stoic expression. He was referring to Kenia he supposed. Normally he'd be happy for the extra help in the battle, but Malachi was grumpy. He wasn't a morning person. "We got separated. Don't you have a city to govern?"

He glanced back at Belladonna and then at Myra, before facing the spiders again. He moved forward slightly to aim his bow in the air as the arrow was quickly imbued with light magic. He channeled light energy from the surroundings as he shot one arrow up and a cascade of multiple arrows made completely of light began raining down on the spiders, lighting up the area. It was a bigger attack than he had hoped to expend his energy on so early, but it could not be helped. It wouldn't destroy all of them, but Malachi was sure it would do a good deal amount of damage enough for them to try to put some distance. He was sure these were babies and there had to be a mother back where the blue hue was coming from. Though he wanted to rid of her and create a safer forest for the humans and other allies, it would be risky for his other two companions considering Belladonna could not protect herself without exposing herself.

"Alright, you win, furry thing." He told Myra, then glanced towards Belladonna then at Terneus, "There's a mother spider back there that will be life-risking to battle. Retreat." He grabbed Belladonna's hand to tug her into a run.

In Avalia 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Forest near Roshmi

Malachi gritted his teeth as the situation seemed to worsen. The spiders had begun to glow brighter and multiply in number. He analyzed the situation quickly, his gaze zeroing in on the froth in their mouth, the blue glow, and then moving quickly over to fixate on the faint glow of blue coming from the distance. Mathis introduced himself and the creature as Myra, suggested they stay together then took off on his horse, expecting them to follow.

Normally, Malachi would agree. Why risk their lives when they could just leave the situation? But Malachi could not leave here in good faith, not when Kenia, Rei, and Corvina were in this same forest as well as other humans. Furthermore, the mother of these spiders was probably a formidable enemy that needed to be vanquished. He also figured he could find out how much Belladonna knew and push her boundaries with this task, as fighting Aklenroth would be much more difficult.

"Right then. Belladonna, it's just you and me. "Malachi had a feeling this girl had heart and would not be walking away from the battle either. He strung another arrow into his bow and began delivering blows to the closest spiders, increasing in speed as he focused. "The foul bubbling in their mouths is possibly poisonous. Don't let them get near you. Let's see how much you were taught. There's a much worse enemy behind these little ones so do not waste all your stamina."
are you guys still looking for people to join? Cause this does seem rather interesting.

Yes you're welcome to join! :D
Current players: 11

Time:Afternoon ~ 4pm
Location:Ember Grove Mall

Millie looked up and smiled wide when her old friend from earlier appeared yet again. "Not at all!" She scooted over to give him even extra room. She heard him speak a spell, not even moving to conceal it from her much this time. "Well, I just had a feeling you might be one of us. Did you move into a coven in town or are you unaffiliated?" She inquired. Millie hoped Maeve hadn't sent him after her. She wasn't so sure she could go back to them. Surely they'd be able to tell she had been dabbling in darker magics and their rules wouldn't excuse the circumstance.

Time:Afternoon ~ 4pm
Location:Operation Humanity HQ

Angel was surprised when Sean voiced he'd be taking her on a hunt. They had clearly not gotten along much today, so the news was almost funny. He ended up irking her when he downplayed Remy's absence, but she supposed he barely knew Remy and had no reason to care. She did not have a reason to convince him to or fight with him over it, so she let it go. "This is news to me. When is this going down?"

Trotter's parting words against Nikolaus were harsh, but he had always been harder on the two of them and especially Niko. He was probably as used to him as she was. Angel sighed and hopped up to shut the door when Niko had gestured to do so. She leaned against the nearby wall as he started telling them his news. "Billiards?" Angel repeated in disbelief but didn't add anything until he was done talking. The crazed vampire, who caged families and harvested their blood, decided to play some pool in the middle of the day. That story did not add up to her; he had to be up to something bad. The way Nikolaus then referred to the girl Alexander was dallying with as this human made her feel like he did not see himself as one of them. Angel frowned but she had considered it a lot over time. Whatever had been done to change them, had it made them less human?

When he was done with his story, the constant beeping of the heart monitor became more noticeable. She glanced toward it, wondering why he was still nervous. "Do you want us to unplug that?" Angel asked and then nodded to his question."Yeah I'm good. You're the one we should be asking."She replied. She studied his face a moment, deciding to fish for more information. "So. You're usually well-behaved. You go out today, run into Drake, and get ambushed immediately. What did you do to piss him off or was it because you told Drake he has stupid hair? Heard he's sensitive about that." It was probably all of course due to being the son of Trotter that Nikolaus had gotten ambushed. Angel once in a while had gotten ambushed at night since she was pretty good at getting vampires vengeful, but she had yet to directly anger Drake himself, which was her ultimate goal.

In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Cave a mile from Roshmi

"No, no."Risa had replied in regard to Artemis's inquisition. "We're just not too far from Roshmi yet, I think it's best we keep moving and maybe stop in the River Kingdom tonight a moment before going to that port town. We could probably make quick haste if you take to the river and I take to the sky?" Risa wanted to change out of the gown and perhaps check on the state of the River Kingdom. Being that she could fly quicker than on foot and Artemis could swim, they could make it to the River Kingdom by tonight and still make it to the port town by the end of the following day.

Time: Evening --> Morning
Location: Roshmi Hall

"Paid for them?"Malachi repeated to Belladonna and shook his head. "They're from a birds' nest. They seemed to be in just the right development for consumption." He was wary of all of the other two and ad been up quite early. He nodded back to the male and watched as he and the white creature had left. He consumed his eggs and gave some to Belladonna in the meantime. Once they had returned with rabbits, "Names?"He asked them. They wouldn't have much time to reply, however, for the sound of scuttling made him grab his bow and get to his feet. Giant spiders were emerging from the woods. "Oh disgusting."He grumbled and immediately strung an arrow to his bow. Imbuing it with light, he sent one straight for the closest one. The light briefly lit up the cave. He went to work immediately preparing his next.

Posting interest. Would a pious young woman who is constantly haunted be an appropriate entry? She would probably be a witch, but somewhat unwilling and unaware of her role in the workings. She just wants to have peace and feel clean again, but at this point the hauntings are so bad that she is forced to face them head on just in an attempt to get her life back.

That’s the pitch. I’ll write a full app if you like it. :)

That would be fine!
Cooking up an app... Could I get a fresh discord invite, perhaps? Even the one from a few days ago now says expired for me.
Bump :)

Location:Operation Humanity

Angel had been focused on hearing what was being said between the father and son when Sean crept up on her, so she had jumped in reaction, startled. She glanced at him as she regained her composure, answering, "I don't know what even happened to be honest. Trying to get the four-one-one now." After stepping to the side, she gestured for him to join in on eavesdropping. "I know you are pretty straight-edge and all, but you're welcome to listen for yourself."

However, it did not seem to even be necessary for Sean to press his ear to the door as the conversation became loud in volume quite fast. She caught on to that Nikolaus had also gone off-grounds today and had run into Drake. Angel made a face at that idea. She had snuck off so much in the last year and the art gallery had been the only time she had ever run into that thing. Nikolaus snuck out finally for whatever reason and easily came across him in a personal setting.

She focused more intently as she heard her name get mumbled. Nikolaus was luckily nice and clear for her to understand. Trotter was blaming her and Remy, which was no surprise. They had become the go-to scapegoats of the HQ. At every school, when a fire alarm would go off, one kid's name always would arise to mind as the culprit in everyone's head. Angel and Remy were those kids here. What was surprising was Nikolaus's defense of them and that he apparently wasn't even allowed near her. It got better the more Nikolaus went on, especially when he finally told him to go screw himself.

It's about time someone said it.

Trotter replied predictably, the point of Nikolaus's words flying above his head like a game of monkey-in-the-middle. The subject at hand didn't matter: this was just a frustrated son wanting his father to be his father and a father who wanted his son to be his perfect soldier regardless of what the son actually wanted. Angel wished she could knock sense into Trotter. She would have given anything to keep her father alive and in her life, and he hadn't been perfect either. Her father had put similarly too much expectations on Noah and the two often butted heads, but she knew from Noah's expression as they had sat in that cage that he would have done anything to hear their dad's voice again. If either of the two knew what it was like to lose each other for good, this conversation would had never happened.

Angel let go of her thoughts before it became too much of a trip down memory lane. She listened as the man tried to give up on the conversation and cut it off on the point that Niko was covering for Angel, which she did not understand why he thought Nikolaus would put that much effort into her. The two barely talked anymore and she figured he wouldn't care whether or not she got in trouble.

”Blame Angel one more time...and I will make sure that the trip to Alexei’s look like a fucking field trip.”

"Yow... Wow. Okay." Angel reacted in shock and looked at Sean as the situation got worse, escalating to Nikolaus comparing Trotter to Drake. "He's a dead man." She said, only exaggerating a little. Trotter always got heated when it came to Drake, the two being as sworn enemies as Batman and Joker. Angel had to wonder if Nikolaus was suicidal making this type of move. She clenched her fists and said to Sean, "Okay. I'm doing it. You can have my laptop if I die."

Angel pushed open the door and moved over to the bedside to sit on it. Her first impulse was to meddle and give Trotter an earful, but the sound of Nikolaus's rising blood pressure convinced her to just change the topic. She also decided at that moment to not reveal she had been eavesdropping."Remy's missing." She proclaimed. This was important and an emergency anyhow.

Apparently, the statement was a conversation killer. The room got real quiet. She wondered if Sean was going to barge in too; it would definitely make things less awkward for her. Nikolaus finally spoke up and she glanced at him. He was badly bruised and looked like he had most definitely bruised up his rib. Her gaze traveled to the blood on the floor and then back up at him. Her expression softened, but she couldn't find the words to express what she felt. Nikolaus was arguably a better fighter than she was; he had to have been ambushed badly.

Trotter cleared his throat to get their attention and asked, "When was the last time you saw her?"

She glanced backward at him, "This morning. She went to the dump and I went to go pick her up and she wasn't there. Came back here this afternoon and haven't seen her here since. I know you chipped us so go track her." Her tone got rather intense without her necessarily meaning for it to. The idea of Remy being gone put her on edge and as had listening to that argument.

"Don't take that tone with me, Angel. You two are not to leave the headquarters. I will look into Remy's location immediately. I need to have a meeting with you two later regarding what your privileges here are. Let this be a lesson that you cannot just go about the town as others can. You are gifted, like it or not and they will target you. "He stated, turning away from them as he spoke. Angel had rolled her eyes at his first statement, but she picked up on pretty quickly that Trotter himself seemed even more on edge after hearing that Remy was missing. She glanced toward the door, and perhaps that was her mistake as he followed her gaze and noticed Sean.

"Mr. Stone. Care to join us? Impeccable timing. You will watch that these two remain put tonight. Notify me immediately otherwise." Trotter addressed Sean, turning to face the doorway.
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