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Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Ava@Pink Khione

Noah tried to focus on her question thinking hard with a furrowed brow but her question was difficult for him. Time was difficult for him, sometimes it went by so quickly he couldn’t really keep track of it and other times it seemed to crawl along, so slowly that he wasn’t even sure it was moving forward at all. He tried to remember exactly how long it had been since he’d become a vampire; he certainly remembered being given the gift but after that it was just darkness and hunger with the unbearably long stretches only broken up the blood, when he’d been given someone to eat. “Years, yes, that sounds right. A decade no, not that long, I don’t think so.” Noah answered slowly becoming more agitated as he thought about it.

Why was she asking about time anyway? He didn’t understand why it mattered, what use was time to something immortal. Time was boring and human. He didn’t want to think about time anymore and was even more annoyed when she told him to ask again in a century. In a century the witch might already be dead, or Drake would find something new to play with, and he didn’t want to wait. Noah hated waiting almost as much as he was discovering he hated thinking about time. “I learn quickly, they let me go out on my own now. You don’t have teach me, just tell me how to learn it. If I do better, she’ll come back for me.” He said, wondering why she didn’t just tell him how. If he impressed Drake by compelling the witch back then maybe his sire would hear about what a worthy vampire he was becoming. But this vampire didn’t seem to want to help but, maybe, she had other helpful secrets he could learn.

“Hey do you know my sire? She has eyes like a demon but a voice like an angel and-” Noah abruptly stopped his unhelpful description. He didn’t like that word, it reminded him of something, something bad and human that he wanted left forgotten. He wanted the memory gone, he wanted blood; to wash such things out of his mind once more and to replace the foul taste in his mouth that the word had left. He looked back over his shoulder, his eyes scanning The Pit for the human who had the smell of blood on him and a low growl crept from his throat. Noah quickly forgot about the other vampire and his thoughts returned to finding someone to eat.

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Ava @Pink Khione

Noah caught the scent immediately; fresh blood filled the air of the club and had his eyes not been hidden beneath the dark glasses anyone who saw him would notice they were bright red. The hunger peaked again, he needed blood, he could smell blood, and from the second it was in the air it was the only thing that consumed his mind. He moved towards the scent, barely even aware that he was moving, but stopped when he caught sight of a woman collecting blood into a flask. The compelled man staggered back to wherever he came from leaving tiny drops of blood along his way. Noah’s head tilted to the side with curiosity as he starred at the strange vampire who had let her meal walk away from her. He wanted to rip out the guys throat with his teeth right there and, every instinct within him screamed at him to do so, the hunger was almost unbearable. He would have to do this later though, not only to quiet the hunger but to ensure that this man didn’t live long enough to remember that he’d seen a vampire. Every muscle strained as he forced himself to resist his instincts and approach the vampire rather than the follow the smell of the blood. Right now though, there was something Noah wanted more than blood, he wanted to know how to compel.

”I know what you are.” Noah sang softly as soon as he was within earshot of the other vampire. He flashed a quick grin, exposing his own fangs before willing them to retract. It didn’t take much for him to infer that this vampire was older than him, she showed a great deal of control in the way she had collected the blood, not even biting the human, and the ability to compel so completely was not one he’d often seen. ”Tell me how you did that.” Noah asked, intensely curious, acutely aware that there was so much to being a vampire he did not know. He had been taught very little, and he had decided that his sire’s failure to teach these things must be some sort of test, if he learned them all without her then it would only make him more worthy in the end. ”Please.” He added quickly with another smile, remembering that he needed to show due respect to other, more powerful, vampire. He had nearly forgotten this in his excitement to meet her, and he was almost certain that this vampire was even stronger than Silas, who he’d never seen compel a mortal. The wheels in Noah’s mind began turning as he thought of all things he could do if he learned such a skill. The thought of compelling Drake’s witch pet back to New Paeonia fixated into his mind, how impressed his master would be if he could accomplish such a thing.

Time: Evening
Location: Ember Grove University-Art Exhibit
Interaction with: Shay @Potter

As the artist announced his departure Elias noticed caught sight of a small group of men who entered the art showing. Some of the men dispersed through the crowd without a word to each other, while others remained at the front doors. Although it was possible that they were additional security his instincts told him they were not; adrenalin shot through him and a bad feeling set in. Everything in him was on alert, his instincts screamed danger, and he kept tabs as best he could on the men who traveled through the crowded showing. A woman he’d seen talking with the artist approached them offering the painting to the mysterious art lover he’d tried to chat with, which was a lovely and generous act. Her choice of words seemed to confirm the bad feeling he had gotten only moments ago. His eyes glanced at the men who had just arrived as the redhead spoke the very deliberate phrase of ‘there are wicked things that like to come out to play.’ Something bad was about to happen, not too surprisingly as it was a Friday night in Ember Grove. He glanced down at the business card she’d handed them for a place called The Witches Brew and chuckled slightly. He’d heard of it but had never been there, Father Xavier had always chastised it for being filled with demonic sympathizers. Seeing as he was now also a ‘demon sympathizer’ he just might have to check it out, no sense turning down a free treat either. He offered a quick thanks to the woman who quickly made her exit.

His attention turned back to the mysterious brunette who seemed incredibly attached to that particular painting and he couldn’t help but smile to see her get what she’d wanted. He gave a slight wave as she left, clearly sensing the heavy aura of danger that filled the room as well, and was momentarily relieved that she’d be spared the sight of whatever was about to happen. Then the screaming started. The men that had given him a bad feeling were, unsurprisingly vampires, and they sprang their attack on the dozens of helpless people in the room. Three of them blocked the main doors, slaughtering those that tried to flee, while the other vampires in the room fed on the confused masses. A howl erupted from a man as he transformed into a werewolf in the midst of going after the vampires. The redhead he’d seen earlier, most likely a hunter, and a small child joined the fight was well. Though Eli had a lot of questions about why a child had a gun and a pet werewolf, he didn’t really have time to think about it. He was more than pleased to know he was not alone fighting about a dozen vampires in a packed and panicked room.

In the midst of the action he spotted the woman from a few seconds ago returning only to see the man, well, vampire, who had been selling the paintings attack her. Eli quickly drew his gun, which was loaded up with the UV bullets as vampires were often the biggest threat lurking around town and went to take a shot at the vampire. But the woman, who he now knew to be a witch, threw the vampire across the room and transformed into a completely different person. Since she clearly didn’t need his help, he turned his attention back to those who did, firing a shot at the nearest vampire as it lunged for a victim. Despite the attempt at carnage by the vampires the whole scene had a sort of beautiful unity to it; hunters, a werewolf, and a witch all working together to protect innocent lives. While many people sought protection by sticking close to the wolf, hunter, and child many others still rushed towards the doors. If the strange trio were handling crowd control it was clear that he needed to prioritized those by the door in order to get people out.

”Sorry handsome, I’m not your brunette.” He heard the witch address him causing him to immediately grin like an idiot.

“Nah, Super-Witch, I’d say this look really suits you.” He answered back, unable to stop himself from stealing the occasional glance at the witch as she fought, absolutely enamored by the warrior witch who was lit up like a goddess by flames that engulfed her fists. It was, admittedly, incredibly stupid to allow himself to be so easily distracted. A hard right hook to the face reminded him exactly how stupid it was and as he staggered back a bit, a hungry vampire lunged at him. Though his reflexes were fast, they certainly weren’t vampire fast. Before he had the chance to aim and shoot, he was flung to the ground but somehow, likely a magical somehow, the vampire was unable to tear into his skin. The impact of being knocked to the ground had left him struggling to regain his breath but he managed to fire a shot into the vampire’s chest as the creature struggled to break through the invisible force that prevented it from turning him into a blood meal. He wasn’t entirely sure how he kept managing to come by so much good luck as it certainly wasn’t from his own karma.

He shoved the scream vampire off him as it began to burn from the inside out and jumped back to his feet. Eli made eye contact with Super-Witch again and gestured towards the door. “Whatda say we clear the exit?” He suggested.

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: His very first shot of whiskey

Noah had thought that they would leave after disposing of bodies but this was not the case. Silas grabbed Noah by the back of the neck and quickly shoved him through the side door and into the thunderous room of The Pit. The club’s music rattled around in his head and the lights inside strobed and flashed. Random faces lit up for fractions of a second, not long enough for him to focus on one but forcing his eyes to dart wildly around as each sweat covered meal was lit up under colorful spotlights. Nothing stayed in focus, there were swarms of people everywhere and every single body in the room smelled like dinner. Even after having just eaten the overwhelming scent of warmth, sweat, and lust caused his vampiric hunger to claw its way back up his throat. He didn’t understand how other vampire’s hunted here, how they could control the vampire instinct when everything about The Pit seemed designed to strip control away. Noah had never really learned control to begin with, the only thing that stopped him from massacring every living thing that crossed his path was a desire to please his clan and its leader.

As he stood frozen and wide eyed he felt his hand being pried open and something forced into his hand, startling him out of his trace-like state. Noah stared for a second at the objects placed in his hand, a dark pair of sunglasses and two strange squishy things. He then looked back at Silas and tilted his head in confusion. The older vampire gestured to his ears and it look another few seconds before Noah understood what the squishy things were; ear plugs. He twisted the ear plugs into his ears and put on the dark tinted sunglasses. He slowly realized why Silas had shoved him into The Pit, it was just like when he was a child and his older cousin had pushed him into a pool to teach him how to swim. Sometimes you either sink or you swim and Noah had learned to swim that day. And now he would learn to walk around with the humans in their noise pit, and he would learn control.

“Better?” Silas asked. Noah could still hear the vampire but the volume of everything in the club had now been turned down, and the lights where much less distracting. He nodded slowly in response, more able to focus than before as the distractions of the club dull slightly. His hunger for blood still gnawed at him, and the smell of the place was still overwhelming but now he at least could hear his own thoughts over all the noise. It was then that Sierra appeared holding small glasses that clearly did not contain blood. He hadn’t even noticed when she had left but he took the glass offered to him and starred at it. The other two vampires were drinking from their glasses so Noah did the same, although he wasn’t sure why he would drink anything that wasn’t blood. What purpose would that serve?

The dark liquid burned its way down his throat in an entirely different way than the hunger burned. It quieted his hunger for blood just enough to that it wasn’t the only thought that occupied his mind, and sent a warming sensation throughout his normally cold skin. He starred at the empty glass thinking, at first, that it was some sort of witch potion but upon smelling it recognized it as something his father would occasionally drink. Whiskey. Noah had never had alcohol before, and he decided that while it paled in comparison to blood, he still liked it. Noah looked up from the small shot glass and grinned. Sierra responded by clapping her hands in amusement and plucking the shot glass from his hand. He followed her back to the bar where they got more whiskey.

The whiskey helped Noah relax more, and after some time the club seemed less and less unbearable. He watched how the humans acted in the club, doing his best to imitate them, trying to seem less out of place than he normally did around his prey. He was understanding the point of the exercise; to be a better vampire he would have to learn to blend in, and he had to learn quickly in order to locate more witches if he wanted to find Drake’s lost pet. It had been a long time since he had been around so many people, and all of his normal human experience had ended at fourteen. From then until he became a vampire, he was nothing more than cattle in a cage. He held no ill-will towards his captors, as that experience had led him towards his elevated state; a vampire. It did, however, make blending in with other humans particularly challenging for Noah. After being turned his vampire conditioning consisted of only how to kill and torture, which he greatly enjoyed, but was also not a huge help in blending in with his prey. This experience gave him a chance to watch the humans, as well as hunt them, and to work on his ability to focus and control himself. All while not having to have too much interaction with his prey, it was clear that no one came to The Pit to make conversation. This realization made Noah see The Pit as a new training ground, rather than the dreadful place he had thought.

Time: Evening
Location: Ember Grove University-Art Exhibit
Interaction with: Shay @Potter

Elias continued with his attempt at understanding the whole art scene, carefully studying each painting as he wondered around the rest of the exhibit. The only one he’d found to be truly interesting was the one that had apparently been vandalized earlier in the evening with a moustache drawn onto the woman and horns and a tail on the baby. That one made him chuckle slightly, and he wondered if it was some sort of protest against the artist. He found himself more interested in the people watching than he did the art appreciating though, and at least the people walking around looked far less miserable than the one’s inside the portraits. He caught sight of a redhead who shot him a wink and while his first impression would’ve been ‘vampire bait,’ with the blood red hair and eye-catching outfit, he noted that she moved with the fierce determination of someone on the hunt. Possibly another hunter, or judging by her clothes, vampire seemed pretty likely, but his attention was soon drawn elsewhere.

A nearby pair engaged in a heated bidding war over one of the paintings, heated enough that it ended in the older man being escorted out of the exhibit. Eli certainly hadn’t expected an art showing to need security, or even be all that exciting, but apparently the art crowd was rowdier than he thought. The other half of the bidding war, a college aged woman, returned just after the man was led out of the building, to try and by the ridiculously expensive piece of art. From what he overheard it was a staggering eight thousand dollars for the thing, which was a whole hell of a lot more than his beat-up old truck had cost him. Seeing as how she seemed more than eager to drop that kind of dough on one painting, he figured she’d be the one to ask about the art.

“Interesting choice of dorm décor, college isn’t depressing enough?” He said jokingly as he approached the woman who was intent on purchasing a painting. “But to be fair I can’t say I know a thing about art. Hey, since you seem like you’re here to buy, maybe you can help enlighten me on what the appeal is of dozens of paintings of people who look so sad? I’m trying to broaden my horizons and all, but not sure I really get this particular horizon.” He asked, though as he rambled on, wine tended to make him rather chatty, he noticed she seemed on edge and maybe he’d picked out the wrong art fan to chat with.
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Time: Late Afternoon
Location:Roshmi City
Interactions: Artemis @Potter

“Disappoint? Not in the least, I have had many opportunities to dance and feast but I have never met you before. Meeting new people is one of life’s finest joys.” Cade said with friendly but toothy smile. He wasn’t entirely sure what sort of creature Artemins was, perhaps a demon, as she didn’t seem to hide her rounded ears the way a human certainly would and her scent was entirely unfamiliar to him. He didn’t see any obvious demi characteristics either and he was confident that he would recognize the animal scents that other demihumans possessed. Cade’s current and limited experience with demons had been rather positive so he was neither bothered nor concerned by the fearsome reputation of the species. Artemis didn’t give off any malevolent energy either, though for someone attending an event focused mainly on dancing she seemed to have little interest in it.

“I am guessing refusal to participate would make us stand out, and I think that would be a dangerous choice here. How about we keep the dancing simple so that I do not make a fool of myself, my mother always said I had all the grace of bull.” Cade suggested, not wanting to be overly noticed by the lich king loyalists that he assumed were watching them all quite closely. Cade offered his hand to Artemis for their mandatory dance. Even if he wasn’t worried about standing out in a room full of potential enemies to the cause, he wasn’t sure he could resist the magic that was compelling him. Just as it had compelled Artemis to seek him out, he felt the magic’s pull to submit to the dancing. He did his best to hide his annoyance at having his will influenced by magic and decided instead to focus on getting to know Artemis.

”Since the point of the dancing is to get to know each other better how about some random ice breaker questions? What is your most favorite thing in the world?” Cade asked, hoping that such a subject would cheer up his dance partner from whatever it was that troubled her.

Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi City
Interactions: Corvina @Potter

Bowyn flinched slightly, momentarily startled as the stranger placed her hands on his shoulders, but suppressed the instinct to fully recoil from the elf and forced himself to relax. He took a second to focus on the dance rather than his partner, hoping to mask his momentary awkwardness. He led effortlessly, fairies were nothing if not graceful and he did still remember how to dance. He found it easy to fall back into the patterns of movements he had taken such care in learning in what could’ve been another lifetime. His attention turned back to his partner when she asked if he was enjoying the ball and Bowyn managed to stifle the immediate sarcastic response that popped into his head.

“This is, by far, the most extravagant ball I’ve attended. The enchanted paper is an interesting touch don’t you think? Any thoughts on why the fates might pair us together?” Bowyn kept his response masked in a half truth, as they always sounded more convincing than a lie, and ended it with another smile. While his intent was to gain information on the stranger, he kept his tone flirtatious in the hopes to avoid her suspicion. He wasn’t sure how to discreetly uncover something as dangerous as being involved in treason and any human with even half a brain wasn’t going to tell a stranger what they were. Bowyn had little faith in his ability to charm such information out of another with his woefully rusty social skills but he could at least keep himself from being discovered should this elf be a loyalist.

“I could bite her ears and see if they’re fake.” Boreas suggested and Bowyn tried to discreetly shake his head to the bird while shooting him a look out of the corner of his eyes to tell him no. He did not need to stand out anymore than a winter fairy this far south already did and Boreas, sensing Bowyn’s tension, was trying to get them out of the situation quickly. The merlin ruffled slightly in annoyance as the fairy’s plan was much slower than the bird’s more direct tactic. Bowyn tried to relax more, to not think so much about the direness of the situation in order to calm his bird some. He focused on the dancing, trying to convince himself that he was enjoying it and that everything was going to be fine. He really hoped the bird was buying it, the last thing he needed was a stressed out bird going around biting elves on the ears.

Time: Evening
Location: Ember Grove University-Art Exhibit
Interaction with: Some mighty fine paintings

Elias wandered aimlessly thought the rows of paintings, though they all looked very well done, every single portrait looked sad. Admittedly he knew basically nothing about art but he couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to buy a portrait of a sad person, hang it in their home, and look at it all the time. Maybe it was the price of paintings that drew people in, he knew that anything that didn’t have a price marked on it must be ridiculously expensive. He continued past the collection of portraits of terribly sad people and wandered into another room with an entirely different set of work. Paintings of what he had to guess were various historical events, several he vaguely recognized as things he learned about in history class. He hadn’t spent a whole lot of time paying attention in history class during his time in college, back then anything not in the good book or relating to witch hunting hadn’t been of interest to him. The artist either had quite the imagination or was ridiculously old as some of these paintings looked to be of events from ancient Greece. With the way that Ember Grove seemed to draw in all sorts of supernatural creatures the later was entirely possible but he wasn’t concerned about vampires and such that spent their time painting and hosting fancy parties. Everyone, even things not entirely human, needed a hobby.

The real reason he’d shown up was the promise of wine and food, though trying out something a little different, an art show, had seemed interesting as well. Only the wealthy seemed to think that a collection of wine and foul smelling, and a few strange looking, cheeses constituted a meal. Several of the cheeses on the table didn’t even really look eatable, though to be fair he was suspicious of any cheese that wasn’t individually wrapped in plastic, and yet, there were plenty of people snacking on them. Although wine wasn’t really his first choice of drink, he grabbed some and drank a dry red wine with a name he certainly couldn’t pronounce. He had tried something new today, a fancy party and an unpronounceable wine but there was no way in hell he was eating the smelly and strange looking cheeses. Eli figured he’d get another glass of wine in him before heading off, the whole elegant art show scene didn’t really seem for him and he felt more than a bit out of place. He took one last walk around as he drank the wine figuring if he was going to show up and drink, he at least owed it to the artist to look at the entirety of his work.

“Hey Father! Bless my wine would ya.” A visibly drunk frat boy approached him, with a couple snickering friends. Eli recognized the Greek letters on the guy’s shirt from his own time at the university.

“That’s strange, I don’t remember sleeping with your mother.” Eli’s reply was quick and flippant, more than used to being teased about the collar he wore. The college boy stared at him slightly shocked and a bit confused, and Eli was more than certain they didn’t get ‘your mom’ jokes from the actual clergymen around here. “I’m neither a priest nor your father.” he added to dissolve the guys confusion.

“What’s with the-“ The guy asked as he gestured to the cross and collar that Eli commonly wore.

“Fashion statement.” Eli replied with a smirk. “Have a goodnight, gentlemen.” He added, tipping his fedora as he passed, more than comfortable in playing his strange quirks off like he was just an eccentric hipster. He didn’t want to spend the night bantering with the frat crowd, he had art to attempt to appreciate, and wanted to make sure he ended up back at the wine table before the reds were gone.
So, if hunter spots are closed I understand but I thought I'd submit this guy and see what you think, just trying to throw in someone who can have friendly interactions than Noah...

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Time: Late Afternoon
Location:Roshmi City
Interactions: Ayita @13org, Sakura @baraquiel, Artemis @Potter

“A worry we both share, it is, unfortunately a myth that cats are always graceful.” Cade spoke to Ayita, who shared her concerns about making a misstep during the dances. He was certainly not a skilled or graceful dancer but his lack of rhythm never prevented him from enjoying it. He chuckled a bit at the child who spoke to Sakura, who handled the comment with the same graceful pose she always seemed to show. The child seemed completely out of place, not even making an attempt at proper table manners the way Cade was, and he was almost certain the boy wasn’t actually invited to the ball. He had to admire the craftiness of the young fox for sneaking in for a chance to raid the feast, something he could easily imagine himself doing as a child.

Cade notice the approach of another woman, with a hand outstretched holding a paper butterfly. He had not noticed his own paper fluttering about due to the food. He was delighted to see so many of the paper butterflies about the ballroom, and had he still been a cub he imagined they’d be great fun to chase about. He did not think about the butterflies for long though, quickly noticing that the woman who had approached looked quite distressed. Although she wore a mask, he could see the red tinge to her eyes, the way those who looked less animalistic than he got when they cried. He noticed how she did not meet his eyes nor did she speak to him. Cade worried that his dance partner might be afraid of him and he sat his plate down no longer thinking about the food he’d left unfinished. In an attempt to seem less imposing he relaxed his posture, hoping to lessen his height to the clearly nervous woman with brightly colored hair.

“Apologies, m'lady, it seems I have forgotten my manners when surrounded by a great feast. How shameful to make such a lovely maiden search me out, I hope I have not offended you.” Cade bowed politely and did his best to keep his normally booming voice soft as he spoke. “I am called Cadence of a Thunderstorm, but most simply call me Cade. While I would be honored to share a dance, if you’re not up for it I am an excellent conversationalist.” He offered, hoping to put her mind at ease some.

Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi City
Interactions: Torvi @Tae, Belle, and Corvina @Potter

Boreas had noticed the approach of the elf even before Bowyn did, the bird seemed quiet interested in the amount of paper butterflies flapping around the room. As the elf spoke it was more than clear that the time to duck out unnoticed had more than certainly passed them all by. He let out a sigh as he accepted that he was going to be stuck here for the time being. He realized he had to play the part, like he was supposed to be here and act like he too was some grand noble who found such an event to be his idea of a great time. He buried down his utter disdain for the whole thing as deep as he could and focused on what he had to do, figure out who at this party they could trust.

”Hi, you must be my dance partner. It’s nice to meet you.”

Bowyn paused for a moment as he studied the elf that had approached him, her dress and mask both invoked imagery of fire. He quickly finished what was left of his mead and with one final glance towards Torvi and Belle he stood to face his dance partner, wearing his very best fake but polite smile. He had no way to know for sure whether this elf was a friend or foe, heck he couldn’t even be sure she was, in fact, even an elf. He hoped for the sake of his friends that it was not so easy to tell the difference between a disguised human and an elf. Her expression seemed calm and neutral, one not easily read, though he noticed a slight nervous tick; her momentary chewing of her lip. That could easily be nerves from dancing with a complete stranger. He hoped his unease with strangers was difficult to read, but none the less it seemed now was the time to play with fire.

“Hello. I’m Bowyn.” He spoke softly, the way those who concerned themselves with politeness frequently did, and bowed to the female elf before him. “May I have a dance?” He asked offering an outstretched hand to the elf. Although the dances had been magically predetermined it still seemed ruder than even he cared for to assume there was no choice in the matter. “My incredibly handsome friend is called Boreas, and he insists on following me around. He’s quite clingy so I hope you don’t mind if he comes along.” Bowyn added gesturing to the bird and attempting to cut through some of the awkwardness of the whole situation. He had only one dance to determine how trustworthy this elf was so he did what he could to seem charming, not matter how irritating he found the charade.

Time: Night
Location: From the forest to The Pit
Interaction with: Good friends and a good meal

Although Noah felt a deep sense of pride that they had accomplished something beautiful in the grizzly scene they had left within the woods this was just the beginning of the night. After such hard work he, and the vampires who accompanied him, were more than ready for something to eat. Hunger burned in his throat, awakened even more so by the small lick of blood he’d tried from the witch. While Ember Grove offered a handful of places for vampires to hunt it was, when compared to large city, terribly dull. Noah longed to see the world, to visit the places he only knew of through stories, but Ember Grove remained all he knew of the world. It was loyalty that kept him here, both to his clan and to Celeste, the one who had sired him. The sense of loss at having been abandoned by his sire was greater than what he felt even as human, when his entire family had been taken from him one at time.

From Celeste he had learned everything about pain, and every time be brought torment to another living thing, he felt a fleeting sense of connection to his sire. Blood and pain where all that Noah had to keep his damaged mind at peace, and the only thing he truly feared were the places his mind wandered to when he was left alone. But now, now he didn’t have to be alone, he had found friends within his clan. First there had been Sierra, similar in age to Noah they had quickly bonded during time spent torturing those held captive by Sanguine Moon. As they began to hunt together Noah could see the same hints of damage and madness in her eyes, although the pair rarely spoke of their mortal lives. Together they had found a mentor in Silas.

Though Silas did not share their delight in causing destruction, he instead seemed devoid of any joy, but he too needed the comfort that came with being surrounded by pain. Noah was fascinated by Silas; his quiet rage, his tales of a mortal life as a killer, and his complete lack of any traces of humanity. He was older than Noah, though when asked about his age the only answer Noah ever got was ‘I do not count.’ Silas said very little but his ideas were always the most brutal. Strangely though, he seemed content to mostly watch as Noah and Sierra played their games. As the trio of vampires walked through the pitch-black forest Noah and Sierra casually discussed where they wanted to grab a bite.

“The University? With everyone walking around buzzing on caffeine and stress, their skin vibrates against my teeth.” Sierra suggested with a delighted giggle.

“Alexander’s art showing is tonight.” Silas reminded them. “And you two would distract from his event.”

“All those people admiring his work, not knowing what befell the subjects. The irony is so delicious.” Sierra smirked at the thought of watching humans admiring the paintings of victims. Noah chuckled at this thought as well.

“We should have an art show, decorate the building with entrails.” Noah said as he wrapped an arm around Sierra’s shoulders. “Imagine canvas made from skin and painted on with blood. A sculpture made from turning a person inside out. A grand chandelier, embedded with teeth and with eyeballs covering the all the lights…” Noah continued on describing his own version of an art show so that Sierra would not feel like she was missing out on the fun. He knew Silas was right, their master would not appreciate his night being ruined.

“How horrific.” Sierra whispered with sense of awe, the way a normal person might speak on the beauty of something.

“Instead of wine and cheese we’d end the night by eating everyone who came to see, and the slaughter would be our grand masterpiece.” Noah continued on describing his idea of a lovely art show until they made their way through the forest and into town, towards somewhere they could grab a bite.

The group of vampires made their way through town looking for the right opportunity to grab someone to eat. Sierra seemed to be drawn towards the center of Ember Grove’s nightlife and the other two simply followed her and the obnoxiously loud music they were drawing closer to, made it clear they were headed towards The Pit. Noah hated The Pit, its lights that strobed and flashed. Its overpowering scent of sweat, lust, and alcohol. But most of all, its incessant music that rattled his insides to the point where he thought his head would split right open. Here he couldn’t focus, couldn’t think, all he wanted to do what was tear everything in that building apart. But how could he not follow them? Without his friends he would be alone, and he wasn’t sure which was worse. But Noah didn’t have to decide, as Sierra grabbed his face with her hands pulling his attention away from the club.

“Noah.” Sierra sang his name and he focused in on her wild eyes. “Wait in the alley, we’ll bring you someone nice and fresh to eat.” Moonlight gleamed of her exposed fangs as she smiled at him. Noah nodded, he could handle being just outside the club, and he headed off to the alleyway behind the club while his friends went inside.

So, Noah waited, and in the alleyway the sounds of the club more of a dull ache than a full-on assault. He could almost see the back wall pounding with the bass of the music. He wondered how the building could even begin to contain such noise. So much of his life had been spent in the quiet and in the dark that it was jarring to think of people living surrounded by such vibrant things. While he could vividly recall his time in captivity the part of his mortal life that was normal was so foggy and distant. He remembered being prey and then becoming the predator, and like a predator he waited in the shadows for the prey to come to him.

Before long he spotted Sierra bounding through the back door first, followed by a young couple, then Silas behind them. As Silas went to light the cigarette the female held between her teeth, Noah skulked forward. Moving silently until he was behind the male. As the male turned to see Noah behind him, Silas grabbed the female by the hair, slamming the human’s head into the wall with a loud crack. The male tried to scream but Noah already had a hand over the guys mouth and Sierra wrapped her fingers around the male’s neck, her sharp fingernails digging into his throat. Instead of a scream all that came out of the male was a gurgling sound. Silas never shared his meals, which Noah thought was a bit greedy of him, it wasn’t like there was a shortage of people to eat walking around. He and Sierra never minded sharing a meal and they hunted together often. After feeding the bodies they left behind were tossed into a dumpster with the rest of the trash. Although they’d likely be found soon enough it seemed no matter how many people in town ended up dead or missing there still seemed to be plenty of humans roaming the streets, even at night. Their prey had little in the way of sense.
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