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Time: Evening
Location: Amusement Park & Circus
Interactions: none

Against a darkened sky the array of colorful lights that shone from the boardwalk outdid the very stars who struggled to compete with such brilliance. A large wheel slowly turned and its passengers dangled from bucket seats reaching heights that offered views of the marvelous city. A small train zipped by on an elevated track while riders screamed with joy. Children rode statues of horses engulfed in a glow that lit up their smiles. Food carts stretched out along the cobblestone streets, supplying an overwhelming mix of sweet and savory. Scents so thick that they melded with the air and lingered on the tongue. Turkey legs dangled in roasted perfection, cotton candy wheels spun their tornados of sugary confection, and gentle whisps of steam rose from freshly baked pies.

Music could be heard all around, light and jaunty, a sound so infectious it lifted the weirdness of travel from Rohit’s bones. Long stretches of utter boredom were washed away, any thoughts of rest were forgotten in a haze of excitement. Lines of people crowded around every source of wonder, and their chatter and laughter mixed seamlessly with music. A bell rang out as someone won a large fluffy prize, a child screamed with joy as she was presented with a toffee apple, and a man expelled his night’s treats into a trash can after exiting a large spinning teacup. Even the man vomiting still wore a smile. Rohit too, wore a smile that stretched to both his ears as he savored the sights of the amusement park.

Sorian stood as a mirage of paradise, never before had he seen so much joy spread across a single street.

Kapow! The sound of a fist colliding with a nose caught his ear.


A woman had just punched a man who stood beside another woman. Perhaps not everything in Sorain was so idyllic. Lucky for Rohit he had purchased some freshly popped kernels moments before. A handful of popcorn entered his mouth as he stopped to watch.

Another punch followed landing in the man’s stomach. A small crowd formed as more stopped to watch the scene play out. A venomous threat was uttered before the woman with fists of fury took off. Rohit ate another handful of popcorn as his attention quickly pivoted to a game called Balloon Darts and without much thought, he wandered toward the game.

Pop! A dart hit a balloon and the crowd clapped. Rohit cradled the popcorn in his elbow and clapped along with them as the player was handed a prize. He stood in line for a handful of minutes, watching others attempt to pop a balloon before growing bored with the game. The line was too long and its prizes too unimpressive to continue to wait.

Thud! Again his attention pivoted and he saw a collection of small boats that seemed to be intentionally bumping into each other. Now that looked like way more fun than sitting around board on a ship all day. He made his way to the edge of the boardwalk and leaned against the railing to watch the bumper boats and wait in a different line.

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Time: Morning
Location: North Pass; Cabin
Interactions: Rue@Potter, Bardulf@Lava Alckon, Bridgette, Mister Luum@FunnyGuy, and Zeva@Pink Khione
Equipment:Sword, hunting knife, a backpack with supplies, and a stoat named Raze who naps in the pocket of his vest.

Bowyn drew closer to Rue and wrapped an arm around her waist. “And if your feet and wings grow tired, you can lean on me.” He offered as Rue mentioned leaving the pegasus behind to avoid attention. Luum suggested enchanted rings, which sounded expensive to Bowyn, “It’s not even that cold. Why are elves so dramatic?” He whispered to Rue. “Good deal? Think we could snag whatever Zeva needs for free?” Bowyn whispered to Rue as Zeva asked if she had enough amas. The idea of spending the morning stealing supplies sounded a lot more fun than just shopping for them.

He watched as Bardulf offered the enchanted ring to Zeva, leaving Bowyn to wonder if they still needed to go shopping or if the matter was now settled. “Do we still need to go shopping for the Elf-cicle?” Bowyn asked, as Bardulf was halfway out the door, seemingly eager to hunt beasties. It sounded a lot more fun than shopping, so if that was no longer needed Bowyn preferred the wilderness to marketplace. “Taverns usually have bounties posted if you’re looking to gain some real amas. Otherwise, Me, Rue, or Bridget are likely your best bet for help navigating the woods here.” He added, thinking it was a mistake to let Bardulf go off alone.
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Time: Morning
Location: Port Vanarosa
Interactions: Jun@JJ Doe, Tanithil @Lava Alckon, Arlen @SilverPaw
Equipment: A halberd and half-plate armor

Zion listened, nodding his head along as Tanithil spoke. The dark elf sent them on ahead so that he could check up on the rest of the crew and see if they wished to eat as well. It reminded Zion of how Malachi awoke early to prepare breakfast, and this made him confident that Tanithil was an excellent leader as well. “Aye, Aye, Cap’n.” The words flew from the overly enthusiastic lion’s mouth, not only was he about to eat but Tanithil gave him the perfect opportunity to throw out some pirate talk! They had yet to even embark on an adventure and Zion was already giddy.

He nudged Jun with his elbow, “Hear that Jun, if you need to start a bar fight, be stealthy about it!” He joked, hoping to lighten his mood a little. “Breakfast and ale await.” Zion added, voice booming as he corralled Jun in the direction of Arlen.

Once they’d caught up to Arlen Zion answered the elf’s inquiry about his experience in the desert. “I once hunted a savage ogre that dwelled on the outskirts of Myriamor. A breathtaking city deep within a fierce desert, no finer city for a cat to visit, did you know they see cat’s as good luck?” He continued on, spinning an exaggerated tale of his mighty victory over the ogre, pausing several times to prevent Jun from wandering off.

Zion intervened each time Jun strayed from the path, inching far too close to perilous alleyways where trouble could be waiting. Zion kept vigilant, making sure the human did not get lost, or robbed, or kidnapped, or, worst of all, tossed into the ocean for the fish to nibble upon. He said nothing of Jun’s lack of a sense of direction, not wanting to harm the human’s pride but made note of it as additional training Jun would need.

“Surely your travels have led to many exciting battles, Arlen. Have you encountered many sea-beasts?” He asked.

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Time: Morning
Location: Gaurav Village
Interactions: Phia@princess, Darius@FunnyGuy, Dante@Alivefalling, Menzai@samreaper
Equipment: A pack with some supplies, seeds (in his pockets), a small knife, a mask that hangs from his belt, a weapon with a shifting charm that is either a sickle or a glaive, and a shield/drum with an unbreakable charm.

Cyrus gave Phia a strange look, alone in seeing the irony of her bowing when her title was no different than his. “It is an honor we share; to be in the presence of incredible people.” He replied, bowing his head in return.

“Is it negative? Or cautious?” Cyrus replied to Dante’s comment in a tone that made it clear he didn’t know the answer. As much as he’d like to believe he could trust the people he’d grown up trusting, his people, Darius’s point stood. Allegiance could change, especially when his people lived in fear of their harsh oppressors. “It would be a lot to ask, for anyone, to risk their safety for someone who abandoned them long ago. But I know my people, many are like Phia, willing to risk everything for what matters. Fairies do not take well to being conquered.” He paused, and thought about the different dynamics within the group, with so many different outlooks he felt confident they could work out who to trust. “Either way, Phia is right, River Fairy Kingdom is a place of joy, maybe even enough to life Menzai’s spirit, and we will look out for each other.”
Lord Leo Smithwood

Time: Morning
Location: Sorian’s shrine of Edin to The Royal Curd
Interactions: none
Daily Misfortune: Leo's hair and skin are now hot pink.

Leo prepared himself for the arduous hours of church-filled boredom that were surely about to commence. As King Edin began a speech that was all gods this and holy that, the young lord’s mind quickly began to wander. Irritatingly, his mind wandered back to something Riona had said; She’s waiting for you to snap. See how much you take after your father when that happens. A comment he’d chosen to ignore at the time, because it was a ridiculous utterance from a nobody who likely knew nothing about his father, and arguing with maids in the street was a bad look for him.

Was his father’s temper bad enough for Lady Morrigan to have commented on it? Sure his parents fought, frequently, but didn’t everyone’s? Duke Feralt certainly had little patience when it came to dealing with servants and the unimportant, but he’d always been to keep decorum when it mattered. Hadn’t he?

Leo didn’t care for these thoughts, he didn’t care for anything that made him doubt the image he held of his father, a man whose best qualities he could only dream of emulating, a faultless duke who led without doubts.

The reveal of Edin’s portrait came as a welcomed distraction, something else to think of as the horns and crude mustache marred the king’s visage. May these fictitious gods bless the idiot who did that. He thought as he admired vandalism, the failed attempt of a flustered king to appear unbothered, and the stifled laughter that murmured through the crowd. This could only make his stay in Caesonia a little more interesting.

His eyes scanned the crowd, tried to pick up on who showed visible signs of amusement, and wondered when the church had become filled with some of the filthiest peasants he’d ever seen. How hard was it to at least take a bath before going to the king’s service? He sincerely hoped these unsightly peasants wouldn’t be joining the rest of the congregation at the Royal Curd, surely such an unscale establishment held a dress code.

Much to Leo’s disappointment, The Royal Curd was in fact infiltrated by those who smelled and looked, far worse than even the stinkiest of cheeses. The Royal Curd itself was a bit questionable; an overwhelming sea of bright yellow and golds, overdoing the cheese theme to a childish degree, and it all clashed terribly with Leo’s newfound complexion. Still he thanked the strange cheese-maiden and made his way to one of the event tables, at the very least the cheese here had to be good.

Lord Leo Smithwood

Time: Morning
Location: Sorian’s shrine of Edin
Interactions: Just watching The Edin Parade
Daily Misfortune: Leo's hair and skin are now hot pink.

A man entered from a side door and the spectacle began. The priest immediately asked everyone to stand, ...weird to wait until everyone is seated and then ask them to stand again. Leo went along with the request, as did the rest of the room.

Then a long-winded naming of a variety of gods and their purposes commenced, ...how many gods did one nation need? A god just to fortify spirits, another to guide paths. Excessive. Does Varian have this many? His mind wandered as he stood still, pretending to pay close attention but remaining silent due to not knowing the proper responses. He tried to remember the names of the Varian gods and concluded that Varian did in fact have more gods than Caesonia.

The doors, dramatically swung open. Leo was caught in an internal debate, ...If Varian has more gods, does that mean we are stronger, or does it imply we need more help from imaginary sky friends?

The combination of the orchestra beginning to play, paired with the angelic choir voices, lead his mind back from where it had wandered off. His full attention locked onto the precession. Two rows of torch bears marched down the path, the heat from the flames brushed by with them.

In his glory, behold the god’s face…
…Edin’s face? Did Edin write this song? Women tossed rose petals as they followed behind the torchbearers.

Hear the heaven’s declare his rule just and wise…
Wise? Are the gods here all as drunk as the king’s youngest son? Shimmering golden-clad knights marched behind the flowers and held high their swords.

Edin’s voice, though Leo couldn’t see the king anywhere, echoed through the church. And then the last thing Leo expected to see, a collection of dancers wearing giant Edin-heads began to perform. Since he was already in church he offered up a silent prayer to foreign gods for at least one of the Edin-headed monstrosities to fall over. Leo found himself disappointed by the inability of the gods to grant wishes.

Leo clapped through his brief moment of disappointment, offering all the enthusiasm he could for a ridiculous but entertaining performance. If King Edin excelled at one thing, it was keeping his people entertained and constantly admiring their king.

Finally, the man of the hour entered, the king carried upon a throne, and with a cape that trailed endlessly behind him. As King Edin raised up his hands, Leo applauded, now for the king who created such a spectacle and who likely had many of his attendees convinced he truly was something divine.
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