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In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Interactions: Yuka@princess, Aiko @CitrusArms Xavier @Potter
Equipment: Sword, bow and arrows, small knife, wayfinder, fire kit, a pouch of amas, transmission bracelet

“It’s just Orias, feel free to drop the title.” He corrected Yuka once again, the use of a title only made him more uncomfortable even if Yuka meant it only in mockery. “You’ve made it clear you think I’m lying, fair enough I’ve told many a lie, and it is not you that I need to convince. But in front of the fae here, I only ask you to play along, we need them to believe me if we are to have a hope of winning this war and freeing Roshmi City.” While his words were blunt he spoke them calmly, pausing to think over her question. He looked around the River Fairy Kingdom, it was a slight relief to see this place still untouched by war, even though he doubted it would remain that way. For now, they were safe here.

“We should seek an audience with the Millinia family,” Was his immediate first thought despite the low growl in his stomach and the exhaustion the rest of his body felt. The hour was late, he wasn’t sure trying to meet with the fairy royals so late in the evening would start the meeting on the right note. More than that he was still unsure of what he would say to them, and he was sure his successful meeting with Augus had been a stroke of dumb luck that would be difficult to repeat. “But it might go better in the morning, once we have rested.” He added. That might be better, it would give him some more time to think over what to say, rehearse it, and sound more polished. Maybe even run it by Yuka first, knowing she’d be the real test to see how convincing he sounded.
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: Inn by the Sea
Interactions: Rue @Potter, Raven @Tae, Kharne @Kazemitsu, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: 1 hunting knife, a flask of alcohol, a backpack, small tent, blanket, waterskin, rope, fire starting kit, lightmaker, cooking pot, a bar of soap, some drugs; skaula (8 grams) and zemak (a bit less than an ounce), rolling papers, and 191 amas.

Bowyn found their new traveling companions acceptable and was proud of Rue for having chosen so well. One only had to glance at the dragonborn to see he was a clear warrior, and Kharne’s companion, Ishmael, carried himself similarly, another obvious warrior. There was the obvious wild card, the girl who chose to sit on the roof, and the Raven the human. He now understood Raven’s strange stance on the war, she wasn’t of this world and this war was likely not a responsibility she wished to bear. He could understand this, and the other two being warriors likely would not hesitate to fight when needed. It was only the lone wild card he worried about.

So Bowyn sat on the floor, half-listening as Rue spoke, mostly just enjoying the sound of her voice, as he methodically broke up some of the zemak he carried with him. He looked up briefly after Rue had introduced herself and Moony.

“Bowyn, winter fairy,” he said introducing himself before rolling the broken-up zemak cradled in a rolling paper between his fingers. He worked carefully, gently rolling the zemak and paper until the shape was right and licking the edge to seal it. “Anyone know where we’re heading next or are we all at the whims of the elven princess?” While his question was directed at anyone he mainly looked at Kharne as asked, the dragonborn giving off a clear aura of authority.

Time: Night
Location: Caesonia Palace Guest Rooms/Callum’s Room/Stables
Interaction: Anastasia@princess
Mentions: Lady Thea, Lady Zarai, Lord Roman, Lady Crystal

Leo had left the ball for the guest house following King Edin’s announcement but his time in the guest room was brief. A loud banging on the door to his room, followed by the familiar voice of the Danrose princess grabbed his attention. It was time for the after-party which promised a far more relaxing vibe than the ball; no worries of intense rules of what is proper and appropriate, just an opportunity to unwind, indulge, and let go. As he accompanied Anastasia to collect the others he was surprised to find Thea would not be among them. Strange, as this was the sort of party he knew his sister rarely missed. Most of the time sudden declines in Thea’s mood were easily blamed on his mother and her off-putting lover, but this time he had the sinking feeling the blame lay on Prince Felix. He was liking the Varian prince less and less any time he thought of Felix. Leo followed Anastasia without his sister, giving her the night to settle some and planning to check on her in the morning.

They set forth the princess inviting the often unconventional but always interesting Lady Zarai, and Lord Roman, who despite being respectable often spoke of manual labor as if such a thing was an interesting way to spend one's time. Leo only offered a brief but amicable greeting to both of his fellow Varians.

Next, the princess headed toward the rooms which housed the royals from Alidasht. Discretion was certainly not Anastasia’s strong suit and Leo ducked into a doorway the second he saw the sultan peak his head out from his room not wanting to be associated with the disturbance. Once the sultan had returned to his room Leo popped back out from the doorway, the Danrose princess was certainly brazen and he could see why she and Thea got along so well.

“Very secretive, I’m sure no one will decipher that one Stas,” Leo spoke shaking his head. Despite his curiosity about the mysterious party Leo asked no question; he craved the unknown and being able to see it all firsthand rather than ruining the surprise.

Soon, Anastasia began knocking on the door of her younger brother Prince Callum. Leo found the youngest of the Danrose siblings to be insufferable; to be born a prince and use his time only to create a mockery of all the nobility stood for only served to insult the rest of them. It seemed that four children had been too much for the Danrose family, all the admirable qualities had gone to the three eldest leaving nothing of worth for the youngest to inherit. Still, Anastasia’s voice mocking him through the door gave Leo an amused grin.

"Psst. Heyyy it's Lady Crystal. I got more smoochies for you Callum. Better open the dooooor..."

Callum rolled his eyes, of course, his sister had seen that, and now he was doomed to never hear the end of it. Still, remembering Crystal and their conversation from earlier made him smile a bit. It was a rare occurrence to speak with anyone in court who felt like breathing in fresh air on a perfect day. Not even his sister’s teasing could really spoil that memory, and to Ana’s credit at least she hadn’t said anything in front of their brothers.

He had used the distraction he’d helped create to slip out of the ball a little early and change into a far more casual set of clothes. No more tightly tailored suit or noose-like tie adorning him at least left him feeling more comfortable in his own skin and looking much closer to a commoner than a noble.

“Ana, you seem confused, unable to recall your own name, should I send for Helga to keep watch over you? Or perhaps you’d prefer Wystan?” He offered, returning the mocking tone and following Anastasia as they headed towards the stables. He was a bit surprised to see Leo was going with them and he doubted the Varian noble would be able to forgo his precious title for any length of time.
Leo & Charlotte

Leo smiled and took Charlotte’s hand, leading them both towards the dance floor. Having parted ways from Wulfric, Leo let out a breath and relaxed more. When holding an audience with a prince, even one he considered a friend, he had to stay guarded; he represented not just himself, but his house and his country, and weakness in himself would reflect poorly on that which he held most dear. Similarly, when dancing with a shehzadi he had to remain a proper gentleman; collected, chivalrous, kind, a worthy representative of Varian. Now, with just Charlotte, he could be much more of himself. The music, and the steps of the waltz, were slower this time, which only put him more at ease.

“Looks like someone has managed to turn their night around rather stunningly. Tea with the crowned prince, dinner with the sultan, and the best dressed Caesonian in the room. Tell me, Lottie, how do you manage to be so fabulous?” Leo asked with only the slightest bit of teasing as he pulled Charlotte into a dance. Muscle memory allowed the simple box step to fall into place with as little thought as walking. Throughout countless balls and dances what remained true was that it was always the people that made these events most engaging rather than the events themselves. Leo’s words, partially meant to lighten the mood, were also true, and he found himself impressed at how well Charlotte had turned an unfortunate situation around so quickly.

Charlotte set her hand on his shoulder and her other in his his as they began moving in time to the music. Her shoulders relaxed as he spoke and she smiled at his words. It was a lucky thing that Prince Wulfric wanted to have tea on her. Women were always clamoring with each other for time with the well-esteemed crowned prince. Though, she had no idea why he had expressed interest in spending time with her of all people. She had initially thought perhaps Wulfric wanted friends, but she also wondered if he just pitied her.

When it came to the notion of eating dinner with the Sultan, she did not feel so lucky. Charlotte had a feeling they weren’t getting away with what happened as easily as it had seemed. ”Well. What can I say? Drowning in all this charisma over here. “She replied teasingly with a smile. ”Maybe it’ll rub off on you and you too can be fortunate enough to sit down with Sultan and his ever-so-friendly offspring for supper.” Her tone grew a bit sarcastic with this statement, but it remained playful nonetheless.

“And here I was counting myself fortunate to have merely danced with one royal from Alidasht, and you’ve already secured dinner with the entire family. I am so filled with envy I fear my eyes have turned green.” Leo replied with a grin. He could understand Charlotte’s reservations, some of the Kadir’s had publicly called for the spilling of her step-father’s blood, and expecting an amicable dinner after all of that probably seemed far-fetched.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the siblings, but Shehzadi Nahir holds a warm and adventurous spirit.” Leo spoke with full confidence on this one, though a single dance was not long enough to know much about a person, he believed his first impression to be accurate. “I believe I also spotted one Lady Blackwood having an engaging conversation with the younger Shahzade, she seems to like very few people so maybe he’s not so bad as well.” Leo continued, offering a bit of his optimism about the situation. “What an experience the sultan has granted you, to get to dine with his family, I’m sure very few here have had such an intimate view into their culture. To get to learn from the experience rather than to only read of it holds so much value.” Leo held a dreamer's look as he spoke before lifting their clasped hands to beckon Charlotte to spin.

Charlotte spun around slowly in tune with the song and smiled once she came to meet his eyes again, ”Oh my. They are indeed green just as they always are. You must be constantly envious then. But they’re a very nice green at least. ” She had not interrupted and waited until Leo was done speaking to comment further.

”Oh yes, I am envious of everything I have yet to experience for myself. It is what propels me forwards.” Leo answered, half a joke, but having said it he found it truer than he had realized.

It was great to see Leo get so excited about Alidasht and their culture. Seeing her old friend happy after knowing what he must have been through the last year made her smile. Charlotte herself loved reading books about Alidasht and the other kingdoms, dreaming of one day exploring the world. It was easy to relate to the longing in his eyes. She had been so busy being afraid she had gotten how excited she had initially been to meet the Alidasht.

”It should be quite exciting to be so up close and personal with them. Their culture is rather extraordinary. I’d actually love to visit there someday-Oh I have a book!” Her eyes lit up as the memory resurfaced, ”It’s called the Sun-Kissed Alidasht and it has all these lovely paintings of their land and architecture. It would be so amazing to see it in real life…Maybe I can ask them questions at your behest?" She paused then with a little gasp, she said excitedly, "Better yet! Maybe you should come with me to the dinner!”

Leo’s eyes immediately lit up, both excited and surprised by the offer. He opened his mouth to immediately accept the invitation, only to pause.

“Hmm,” Leo frowned as he thought more about the offer, “I’m not sure if it would be proper to show up uninvited by the host. I wouldn’t want to cause further trouble for you or make an ass of myself by, oh pardon my language Lady, by showing up uninvited. But that is very generous of you.” Leo grimaced slightly at his slip of using improper language in front of a lady. Such things might’ve been easily shrugged off as children, but now they only showed that he’d spent a little too much time away from official events like these.

She had heard enough curses in her lifetime to not even flinch at the sound of one. ”Oh and introducing yourself in the midst of chaos was not making an ass of yourself? Thought you were feeling adventurous tonight. ”Charlotte teased. She had not been too certain of his motive for going into the fray as he had, but it had been comforting to not be alone up there. ”... But not to fret, I will find out if I can bring a guest and get back to you so you feel more at ease.“

“I could only imagine that it must have been rather terrifying to stand before all those people, alone, during such a volatile situation. The alone part was the only thing I could alter. My deepest apologies if I appeared like an insufferable donkey, maybe it made you seem better by comparison? But if they grant you a guest, I will gladly attend, and I will find a far nobler animal to imitate.” Leo replied with a smile to show her words had inflicted no wound.

Charlotte was quick to assure him otherwise, replying, ”No need to apologize; it was simply a jest. You did great.”She then said genuinely, ”I wanted to thank you for coming up there. Things were a little less scary with you with me.”

“Glad I could help. How did your first dance fair? I didn’t catch who it was with.” Leo asked, making an effort to keep the conversation on more positive topics to keep Charlotte’s mood up.

”I danced with Sir Matthias, a royal guard of the Varian Kingdom. Perhaps you know him? He is a very sweet person.” Charlotte replied. Her gaze was stolen momentarily by the sight of Matthias and Crystal happily dancing together. She giggled before turning her attention back on Leo. ”And how was your dance with the Shehzadi ? You said she was warm and adventurous?”Charlotte gave Leo a playful look, grinning, ”You seem fond of her… Perhaps you’ll get to see the Alidasht Kingdom before I do.”

“I am familiar with Sir Matthias though even in Varian he remains a bit of mystery, a true gentleman though, any time I’ve encountered him, and a good father.” Leo said, keeping his words respectful towards Captain of the Varian royal guard. Of course, anywhere there was mystery, normally there was rumor to try and fill in the gaps, but the rumors around Matthias were scarce, and Leo found that a bit strange.

“Shehzadi Nahir was both a skilled dancer and stunning conversationalist. We did, in fact, exchange offers to host one another in our respective lands, and she expressed a love of travel and adventure. Kindred spirits, maybe, but both very much tied to our own homes. However, I did offer to help make her time here a memorable one, maybe you help. We can find some Caesonian adventures to embark on and maybe you’ll have made a friend for dinners. That is if you’re not too busy having romantic tea parties with Wulfric.” Leo did smile a little brighter as he spoke about Nahir but as always kept himself practical in his thoughts and words.

”Oh I doubt those tea parties will be romantic in the slightest. He is just trying to be nice...”Charlotte had told him though she was distracted.

His words had said much but his smile as he spoke about the Shehzadi Nahir had said more. She too had smiled though her eyes had saddened as she had felt a sharp pang of something that she did not expect to feel. Perhaps it was the remnants of the free-spirited child who had run amuck in costume wings and had proclaimed herself to all that she was a butterfly princess. She had longed to encase the younger Leo at the time in a pair of them as well to be the butterfly prince, though she could not recall if she had ever summoned up the courage to ask him to do so. As for part of her that was the adult now, she knew what she wanted was for him to be happy. Charlotte put on the biggest smile she could as she said, ”Of course I can help! You simply must come to the dinner and then we can make sure you sit by her. Distance cannot separate kindred spirits!”

“Distance, responsibility, limited freedom; that is future, for most of us. Something, recent events, have made far clearer. It is time for me to start practicing putting the needs of Stravy before my own. But it is always good to keep powerful friends, and I appreciate your help in making a new one. Speaking of, Wulfric is never just being nice, and don’t get me wrong, I hold the prince in the highest esteem, but he has little free time, and he does not waste it. If he wishes to meet with you he finds you worthy of his time.” Leo noted the forced smile he caught on Charlotte, as he had the momentary distance in her eyes as she seemed to drift away from the conversation a moment ago. Clearly, he had committed the gravest of ballroom sins; he was being boring.

Charlotte admired that Leo strove to do good for his family and his people. One day she could become the Duchess of Veirmont. Despite the awful start to the night, she had experienced positive conversations with two princes of Caesonia and with two heroes of the Varian Kingdom. Maybe it was time she started taking responsibility as Leo was.

The sight of Lorenzo in her peripheral vision made her briefly turn her head as he had approached. She mirrored his smile and let go of Leo’s shoulder to open her palm up to meet her father’s as he passed them. The smile fell as she saw who his choice in partner had been. Nonetheless, her gaze turned back to Leo as he spoke once again, her hand returning to where it had been.

“I have to admit, mingling is not the main reason I’m here. An event, lasting all summer, with every important noble and their guardsmen, seems the ideal place for investigating. Surely there is at least someone here who might hold a clue in solving my father’s disappearance.” Leo spoke barely above a whisper, and despite the difficulty of the topic, he knew Charlotte would not be bored by a mystery in need of solving.

Charlotte was surprised by his words, but she was quick to answer. ”It is quite possible, but if your father disappeared in the Varian Kingdom, I do believe more answers may lie with the Varian people…” She mused softly. After a hesitation, she met his eyes, whispering, ”I saw the body of my mother after she supposedly took her own life, but I always felt in my heart she was much too prideful a woman to do such a thing…” She could not recall ever voicing that opinion out loud before. Charlotte drew in a breath before continuing, ”I have also made it a goal of mine to find out the truth… So perhaps we could work together.” The two of them had both lost a parent around a year ago, but it was fortunate that Charlotte at least knew her mother was resting in a graveyard currently. Not knowing whether someone dear was dead or alive… She could not imagine how stressful that would feel. She squeezed Leo’s hand gently as she said with firm resolve, ”Either way, I promise I will help you find him.”

Leo’s eyes fell as she mentioned answers probably lay in Varian, where investigations had already been extensive and fruitless. With all the secrets held by the nobles here, he was sure one of them held a clue that could at least point in the right direction. He was about to simply agree with her and just ask her to forget the matter, but she continued to share her own suspicions about her mother’s death.

“I don’t think your mother would have ever chosen to leave you, her greatest source of pride. It would be an honor to help.” Leo said with sincerity. He was glad to hear Charlotte was still as interested in solving mysteries as she had been when they were children. “Consider the Vikena and Smithwood detective agency back in business, a slightly more important pair of cases than the missing cake caper or still unsolved mystery of who put all those toads in my mother’s shoe trunk. Well, the toad one was me, I thought we need some more exciting cases back then, and I suppose I should own up to my criminal past.” He added with a grin, remembering spending summers solving silly mysteries where more than a few of them had been orchestrated by him just to have something exciting to do when the palace got boring.

Charlotte was grateful he had voiced he had felt that way about Emina. She knew most others had simply believed that Lorenzo had been so unbearable that her mother couldn’t take it any more. His next statement made her laugh and she gave his shoulder a playful poke. ”Oh I can’t believe that was you! You had us on a wild goose chase for so long over those toads.” She shook her head, smiling, ”Ah nonetheless… If we are opening the Vikena and Smithwood detective agency back up, we will need to share what information we have so far.”

Charlotte then made a fist with her hand and moved it up to her face, pretending to hold a magnifying glass in hand as she widened one eye, ”You looked disappointed over my initial statement of the Varian Kingdom, so I can infer that you’ve already scoured it clean, but perhaps you might know more than you think. ”She returned her hand to where it belonged as their dance slowed in time with the decrescendo of the music. ”Probably best we discuss this not out here under other eyes and ears. We have yet to know the nature of all this…We’ll need a safehouse to convene.“ She then reminded him before he made the next possible joke, ”Better than a makeshift tent with a sheet and the dining room chairs… My house might be ideal?”

Leo chuckled as Charlotte poked his shoulder and shrugged. “I can’t believe you didn’t figure it out, who else had the motive? But it was a fun wild goose chase, along with a few others. Though perhaps I made a better criminal mastermind than I do a detective because I have,” Leo paused and made a zero with his hand, “nothing. Or Almost nothing which isn’t much better. But I have a good feeling about this, we won’t let them down.” He added with a smile, barely noticing how soft the music had gotten.

“And I think you're right, your house seems best. If we were seen trading secrets beneath a tablecloth tent, folks around here might get suspicious. Plus, your house always has the best snacks.” He said releasing her hand as the dance ended, and offering a formal bow. “Thank you for the dance, I look forwards to meeting with you soon, Detective Vikena.” Leo added, smiling.

”I have a good feeling about this too! Come over tomorrow afternoon and I’ll make sure we have the best snacks ready.” Charlotte then gave him a curtsy, ”Enjoy your evening, Detective Smithwood.”
In Avalia 27 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Avian City
Interactions: Yuka@princess, Augus IV @Funnyguy
Equipment: Sword, bow and arrows, small knife, wayfinder, fire kit, a pouch of amas

Orias cringed at the sarcastic titles Yuka began to address him by. “Just Orias is fine.” He insisted, as the demihuman bounded off looking like a child with free reign in a confectionary store.

“She is joking, we are not married,” Orias said, clarifying the situation to both young Augus and the store clerk. “Merely friends.” Though he didn’t know if that was really true but, it was the simpler way to phrase it. He walked directly towards the transmission bracelets first, grabbing one, before looking through the store that somehow managed to be arranged the same no matter the town or city it popped up in. There was little else here he thought they truly needed, and Orias had no plans to waste amas. Eventually, he found Yuka unraveling the rope in the store like a kitten might with a ball of yarn.

“I don’t think the plan is to propel out of Avain City, what is all this rope for?” He asked eyeing the pile that gathered at the ground, hoping he wasn’t about to regret asking.
In Avalia 27 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: River Port-Inn
Interactions: Rue @Potter
Equipment: 1 hunting knife, a flask of alcohol, a backpack, small tent, blanket, waterskin, rope, fire starting kit, lightmaker, cooking pot, a bar of soap, some drugs; skaula (8 grams) and zemak (a bit less than an ounce), rolling papers, and 191 amas.

“A fluffy hat? I don’t know I think Moony might be rather upset if you turned him into a hat.” Bowyn joked back, ruffling Moony’s ears a bit to show he didn’t mean it. He was more than ready to leave the inn; it was probably going to be one of the first places anyone looking for humans would check and he certainly didn’t want to be here if dark elves or demons decided to show up. He made sure to crave his belongings before they left the inn, feeling much more comfortable carrying all of his stuff than leaving it behind anywhere.

Once his backpack was returned to his wingless back Bowyn was ready to leave. Finding the food stalls was easy, their smells all permeated the air and after using magic to help protect a bunch of ungrateful elves he was hungrier than he’d been before breakfast. “So, what do you want to eat?” Bowyn asked Rue. He remembered Arn had said she should eat something, and intended to make sure she got food first.
In Avalia 27 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Myriamor Plaza
Interactions: Slick@FunnyGuy, Aurora@Mole, Sophie@princess, Caelen@Alivefalling,
Equipment: The clothes on his back and a pouch of amas.

While Sophie went off to change Leaf headed over to Champ and grabbed the reins to lead the horse back to Slick. “Here ya go, safe and sound. I even got ‘em some snacks.” He said and the horse seemed more content to back with the human over a large and often hungry cat.

Leaf nodded in agreement to Slick and Aurora, blacksmith to get these human creatures armed was best. Then they could start training them, get them in tip-top fighting shape by the time the princesses came back would definitely gain them big points.

“Excellent suggestions. Blacksmith, food, and we should definitely add a couple of drinks in there as well because boy was that broadcast scary. And don’t worry, we ain’t gonna let anything like that happen to you.” Leaf spoke confidently towards the humans. They were all safe in Myriamor, later the princesses and their equally impressive bodyguards would return, and with help of the orcs, how could anything possibly go wrong? Leaf reminded himself of all these things which calmed his nerves.

Once they were all ready to head out he lead them through Myriamor, a city he knew like the back of his paw, with a quick pace. “So, do any of you have any training? I’ve been in a couple o’ scuffles myself.” Leaf accentuated his point by hopping into a boxing stance and throwing a couple of quick jabs at the air as he bounced around on his feet.
Crystal & Callum

Crystal looked back towards Violet and Lord Ravenwood as she walked away, stopping for a moment, turning around and taking a few steps back to them, wanting to go back and try to fix things but she convinced herself it would only make things worse in the end. She stopped again, her hands wringing each other so tightly even through her silk gloves she could feel her wrists warming up from the friction. She groaned to herself as she again started the debate in her head if she should go back. When she finally chose not to again. She turned around not realizing who was around her and suddenly bumped into another person.

She stumbled and fell into this said person, grabbing onto his arm and shoulder so shoulder out of reflex. ”I’m so sorry…” She immediately said without even looking up at the tall man. She quickly found her own feet again and took a few steps back looking at the floor. Her face was bright red again. ”I am so clum-” She cut herself off when she looked up and saw it was Prince Callum. The one whom Violet dan-well drank with during the first dance. “I am sooo sorry your highness.. Please forgive me. I-I-I didnt mean to walk into you.”She said growing even more nervous. She hadn’t really heard much of Prince Callum, so she didn’t know how he would react.

Callum, lost in thought, wondering just how long this ball would go on for and watching with mild interest those around him, was entirely caught off guard by the sudden collision. He nearly dropped his wine glass, felt a sudden tugging on his free arm, and rather ungracefully, tried to help keep the stumbling woman upright. But, at least he managed not to spill a drop of wine. Once the culprit had regained her footing he noticed the same woman who had run into Wulfric during the dance, the rarely seen younger Lady Damien. And it seemed she looked somewhat mortified by the whole ordeal.

“It would seem you make a habit of stumbling into princes, Lady Crystal Damien,” Cal paused, offering up half of a smile, before shrugging mainly with his hands, “but I also make a habit of being in the way, so no need to apologize. It would seem you’ve had quite the eventful night already.” Cal continued, giving the expected polite bow. He held up the wine glass and grinned, “Not a drop spilled, no harm done.” He said before finishing the glass and setting it on a nearby table. “I hope your night is getting better.” He added with a bit more sincerity.

Crystal blinked when the prince knew her by name taken off guard clearly. She tried to smile back but it only came up as a half nervous one. But she was grateful when he was generous enough to let it go. Her nervousness rose more when she gave a curtsy back to him when he gave a bow. Apparently he had seen her previous blunder. “Y-y-You’re too kind your highness…” She said softly, Her eyes flicking to him and down to the floor. “It would seem not…I-i-i keep making a fool of my…self.” She answered as she waved her hand to indicate what just happened. Not even mentioning what happened between her sister and Lord Ravenwood. But suddenly it clicked what he said before. ‘Princes.’

She looked up at him, slightly mortified to ask but she did. “Y-you said…Princes before?” Her nervousness peaked as she covered her face. “U-m…who…did I run into?” She asked looking in between her fingers at him.

“My brother, Wulfric,” He answered pausing as he searched through the crowd before pointing him out. “He was dancing with Wystan, the watchdog of my other brother, earlier.” He added in case she had forgotten. “And said other brother, Auguste, is right over there in case you’re looking to accost all three of us.” He offered with a smile, his tone light, and teasing, but after taking a bit more notice of Crystal's anxious disposition he wondered if that had been the wrong thing to say.

“I don’t think you need to worry, people are already talking all about Duke Vikena’s run-in with our guest from Alidasht, so as long as you steer clear of the sultan someone’s already made themselves the bigger fool. Either way, my opinion is not to take these things too seriously, I’m sure your life has already been laid out for you by your father just as mine has been laid out for me. Nothing we do here matters much in the end.” Callum offered up his defeatist outlook, not because it was comforting, but for him, it usually soften the blows of disappointment.

Crystal eyes widened with horror. Not Prince Wulfric. She looked over as he pointed to his other brother Auguste who was speaking with one of the women from Alidasht. She also saw Wulfic speaking with Lord Leo and Charlotte. She just wanted to run back to her room in her tower and lock the door and never come back out again while in the fetal position under her covers.

However, Prince Callum brought up the fact that Duke Vikena already made the biggest commotion of the night. She only nodded to him saying to steer clear from the sultan. Knowing her luck she would probably push him out a window by accident at this rate.

She was pulled from her thoughts as he mentioned not to take things too seriously. That their lives have been laid out for them and what they do doesn't matter. She allowed her hands to come down from her face and into her lap as she looked at him. Thinking about what he said, she felt an instant connection to the youngest prince. Both were trapped in their worlds…for different reasons. But the way he looked at it was so sad.

”Of course it matters…” She said softly. ”For such a long time my father simply wouldn’t allow me to do anything so I could just stay healthy enough to live. If he had his way I am sure I wouldn’t leave my bed at all. But I kept on pressing and wanting to do more. He finally let me learn to do all different kinds of things within the home. So much now I help run the estate now…and now here I am. I’m sure I am going to get in trouble for coming by myself…despite making a fool of myself, I-I am still happy I can at least experience it.”

”What I mean is, I changed what my father had envisioned for me. I am sure you can as well.” She reddened as she looked up at him with that last sentence. Looking away. ”I mean… I don’t know what it’s like for you, but if you can be ok with ‘nothing really matters’ you are clearly strong enough to accept the disappointment. You are certainly strong enough to change what you want out of life.” She said with a small reassuring smile while making eye contact with him. ”At least that is what I see in your eyes.

Callum grinned as Crystal began to open up more, finding it refreshing that someone outside of his own family was willing to challenge him. For someone who seemed so plagued by anxiety, she certainly lit up a lot more when speaking about something she believed in. He held her sapphire gaze with interest for a moment before speaking, “you know what I see in your eyes? That you’re not as fragile as people think, not in the ways that count.” He said before breaking eye contact and looking over at where Edin sat. He gave an annoyed sigh as he watched concubines massaging the king all in full view of his mother.

Crystal had waited a few moments wondering what he was thinking as they held each other's gazes. He did have a grin on his face so she wasn't as worried, but she still did a little. He then complemented her. Her whole face somehow got a brighter shade of red. As she looked down away from his smile.

“But you leave out one important detail, my father is King Edin, and his mind, well his mind is probably a terrifying place to imagine, but little in there changes. This is his world and we are all his chess pieces. Some more than others.” Cal said, a small smile at the knowledge that while he couldn’t win at Edin’s games, he was already learning the rules of another game, one of forbidden knowledge and magic.

She looked up as he mentioned his father, glancing at the king, and seeing such an awful display with his concubines. Even though she had heard all the rumors about him it still shocked her that he would do such a thing…especially in front of his wife… Crystal was happy that Callum was nothing like him so far. He seemed sweet, a little sad and beaten down…but still managed to have a good heart.

“As for what I want out of life, well, you know I was often ill as a child. Not up for the training my brothers went through, useless with any sort of blade, and it disappointed my father greatly. Being a disappointment is easy, I would choose that over complacent any day, but a lack of control over my life is far more frustrating. So what I am content with right now, is to be the thorn in my father’s side any way that I can.” He admitted with a shrug.

She looked back to him and perked up when he mentioned he was often ill as well. Honestly she had forgotten about that, that made two things they had in common. Was…was that why he knew her name? She knocked the silly idea out of her head.
“But, your points are valid, and I prefer those who speak freely. Sounds like even if you’ve made a bit of a fool of yourself, you’re still happy you came, right? Remember that, as you walk through this nest of vipers, you can hold your own.” Callum added.

She then looked to him when he asked her a question, she simply nodded. But hesitated when he mentioned walking through a nest of vipers. She certainly didn’t hope it really wasn’t like that. She heard stories from her father, or her father telling violet something similar.

”Well I hope I don’t have to walk through it long. I do detest snakes…” She said with a small smile. ”Thank you for your compliments Prince Callum.. You don't realize how much that means to me.”

”While being a thorn in your fathers side is all well and good for a short time goal….” She said hesitantly, saying something like that would be quite dangerous. ”Your father won't be king forever…after Wulfric takes the throne, what do you want to do with your life? Hypothetically?”

Callum thought about her question, it wasn’t something he gave much thought to because Edin’s rule seemed like it would go on forever. He couldn’t imagine his father stepping down willingly, and despite how often Cal had wished it, somehow his father seemed to easily avoid being struck down by consumption or syphilis despite his lifestyle. Somehow King Edin remained immunue to any sort of karmic backlash for anything he did.

“Hypothetically, I would leave all of this far behind.” Cal gestured towards the entirety of the ballroom. “No palaces, no titles, no more horrid suits. Find somewhere secluded and quiet, focus on scholarly pursuits, spend my time in rooms that have more books than people.” Cal answered, mostly honestly, leaving out that if he could, he’d spend all his time focused on studying magic, try and bring some of those old ways back to a world that seemed in despite need of it. “But I imagine it will be a very long time before Caesonia sees a new king, my father loves his crown more than anything.” Cal added, stopping himself from thinking about improbable dreams for too long. “What is it you would do, with full freedom?” He asked.

Crystal blinked when he mentioned he would leave it all behind, she was surprised that he would rather have a secluded place far from people. She was interested that he enjoyed books, a third thing in common. For a prince, he certainly wanted a fairly simple life. Before she could ask him what did he enjoy reading, he flipped the question on her.”Me? I would travel the world, take in everything I can see.” She said, smiling a little at the thought.

”I want to see and sail on the Ocean, walk through the sea of sands surrounding Genasea in Alidasht. Explore the ruins in Montouppe woods. Climb the snowy peaks of Kolonvika, or or even… The Hidden Lover’s Waterfalls of Breoven forest. She said excitedly, if Callum could look closely enough he probably could see the very scenery in her eyes as she said each place. Her excitement grew with each one, even to the point where she unconsciously stood up on her toes, holding her hands to her chest. . She grew red at realizing what she was doing and lowered herself. ”I also want to collect and read as many books as I can. I-I absolutely adore them… She also wanted to continue writing… using her experiences to help her. She looked up at Prince Callum. ”Then… perhaps, possibly…start a family.”

Cal’s head tilted to the side as Crystal listed off a variety of places she dreamed of visiting, all of which sounded breathtaking. His own dream seemed much smaller by comparison, but Cal had never been one for lofty goals or to allow himself to wander freely into the realms of dreams and whimsy. It was hard enough to slip out of the palace, he knew the leash he was kept on would never extend past Caesonia. Books and paintings would be the closest he ever got to seeing the world as long his father was king and Cal had simply accepted that long ago.

“And how do you let yourself drift so high into dreams when there is so much here to weigh us back down?” Cal asked, not as a critique of her dreams but out of curiosity. From what he knew and from what she had said, it seemed they both had a number of limitations on their freedoms.

“If you’re planning on being around for the season, the library here is expertly stocked, I saw to it myself. You’re welcome there anytime.” Cal offered a rare invite to another into his sanctuary, not that he really had control over who came and went where in the palace, but it was one place in his home that really felt like his and he had his mother to thank for that allowance. In recent years he had overfilled it with books, picked out most of the furniture, sought out art for the walls, and kept careful watch over it ensuring it was organized and tidy.

Crystal placed her hands behind her and gripped her left wrist at his question. ”Dreams can go as high as you want. It’s only weight down by putting limitations on yourself. If you really want to, you will always find a way to make them become a reality. No matter what real world thing weighs us down.” She said without hesitation. As she smiled sweetly. She had spent years ‘locked’ in her tower, with no hope in sight of ever leaving. There were many dark days for her in the past.”Would you believe me this was one of my first mountain of a goal? I’ve always wanted to dance in a beautiful dress at a ball. It took me nearly twenty years, but I am here.”

Her eyes grew wide as Callum offered her access to the palace library. I-I-I dont know what to say!” She stammered, her joy welling up again inside her. ”I-I’ve always wanted to see it, I’ve heard it's quite impressive! The very thought of visiting the library was another one of her goals. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she covered her face for a moment. Before taking his hand and saying. ”Oh Thank you! Thank you!” She giggled and stood up on her toes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

This time it was Callum’s turn to blush, redness spreading across his face from the unexpected peck placed on his cheek. He blinked a couple times as he tried to remove the look of surprise from his face. Her entire response to his question had already thrown him for a loop, unused to this amount of enthusiasm or sincerity. Not among Caesonian nobles; they were all a mix of jaded, or power hungry, or cruel, or vain, or selfish, but Crystal, somehow, remained overwhelmingly positive and from what he could tell, genuinely kind, despite the difficulties in her life.

“What? Um, no it’s really not that big a deal. I mean it is a good library, and congratulations, on your goal, and if you have any others that I can help with, let me know.” Cal said, stuttering out a jumbled mix of words, finding himself confused by his offer. Had he meant to say that? He didn’t usually offer to help like that, and he didn’t normally stumble around over words either. Something about being around someone so good-natured drew him in. And just like the saying about moths and flames, such a draw could only be dangerous.

“You’re very much not like most people here. I hope your next dance fairs better.” He added with a smile as he regained his composure.

Crystal also blushed as she realized what she did. Looking down and letting go of his hand she gripped her hands behind her back, She cleared her throat and her eyes flicked from him to the ground multiple times as he stuttered his words. She smiled and looked down. ”You already did.” She looked up to him. ”My second was to visit the palace library someday.” She really wanted to make it up.

She blushed even more when he mentioned she wasn’t like anyone else here. She raised a hand to her face, running a finger along her skin to pull back some hair and tucked it over her ear. ”T-Thank you…I hope you can enjoy at least one dance tonight as well!” She curtseyed politely to Prince Callum and turned to walk away to find Sir Mathias… However she stopped, hesitated for a moment before looking back to Prince Callum.

”You helped me with one of mine. Now… I owe you… Please…let me help you with one of your life goals…when ever you think of one.`` She said softly with a warm smile before turning back and walking away from the young prince.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: River Port-Inn
Interactions: Rue @Potter
Equipment: 1 hunting knife, a flask of alcohol, a backpack, small tent, blanket, waterskin, rope, fire starting kit, lightmaker, cooking pot, a bar of soap, some drugs; skaula (8 grams) and zemak (a bit less than an ounce), rolling papers, and 191 amas.

”Do you want to leave with anyone else?”

Bowyn thought for a moment on Rue’s question, unsure if he was the right one to make that decision. He didn’t trust any of them, and after what the elves had just pulled he didn’t like either of them very much right now. He also knew himself enough to know his judgments on these things weren’t always practical. He’d thought Arn was the last one he should trust, but in a time of crisis Arn proved to be level-headed, and the dwarf had trusted Bowyn enough to make his decisions. Unfortunately, Arn was no longer an option. The opposite could be said of Eris, who he had previously thought was pretty alright for an elf, and he’d clearly misjudged that assessment. Kaleb seemed tainted by his association with Eris now, as did Annya. The only one he was sure of was Raven, the known human, volatile with her newfound powers, an unsafe companion, but not someone he could not hold a grudge against given her circumstances.

“Right now, you’re the only one that I trust, Rue. So, I think it’s best if you pick who we travel with, and I will follow your lead. Just the two of us might be too dangerous, especially with some many dark elves out and now, maybe even demons.” Bowyn, as always, remained true to his word, he told Rue he’d trust her, and while he hadn’t said he’d trust who she trusted, he’d at least try and work with them.

Her next question, about where to eat, was far simpler. “Right now all I want is a cold drink and some honey toast. I was thinking we could get food at the stalls and maybe pick up supplies if we need anything for the journey. And, I guess we’ll also have to figure out where we’re going to go from here. That is if you're up for walking around?”
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Time: Morning
Location: Avian City
Interactions: Yuka@princess, Aiko@CitrusArms, Xavier@Potter, Augus IV @Funnyguy
Equipment: Sword, bow and arrows, small knife, wayfinder, fire kit, a pouch of amas

Once outside, Orias took a deep breath of the fresh air to calm his nerves. The one small win had left a nearly endless to-do list of increasingly more difficult tasks. Those that lay ahead; securing an alliance with the fairies and finding a way to contact anyone in his family, seemed near impossible. Not to mention the added issue of demons in the mix, the entirety of the war, and its aftermath to come. A mountain of responsibilities that made it even more difficult to focus on just one task at a time. He had to remind himself that for right now all he had to focus on was a shopping trip, that was at least manageable.

Orias bowed his head towards the two young Avians as they introduced themselves and waited for the group's introductions. “Orias.” He said, leaving off his surname and the title he’d never really deserved. It still felt weird to hear his own name spoken in his own voice after so long but the time for lies had ended. “You are so like your father, Young Augus, I can see why he trusts you to help aid us.” Orias added bowing his head to the young man as he noted the way the boy mimicked his father’s solemn demeanor.

“Just try and stay as calm as possible.” He rested a hand on Xavier's shoulder, offering a small bit of advice before they parted ways. He didn’t want to split up the group or even let the human out of his sight, but at least Aiko possessed some magic and they were equipped to help the lad if needed. It was best to get the shopping done as quickly as possible, arguing would only stall them further.

Orias gave Yuka a puzzled expression, “I want to go get a transmission bracelet.” He answered, wondering if she had zoned out for part of their meeting with Augus. “So Gadgets and Conveniences it is, and-.” He stopped, having been about to say there was no need to weigh themselves down with too much stuff. Yuka used to be a fashion designer, and this was probably far from what she was used to. “And afterward we can pick up whatever it is you need as well.” He said instead, maybe a few extra comfort items would help the lioness feel more comfortable.
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