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Current Every few months I stop by here "just because". I've been doing so for like a decade. However, every once in awhile something really GRABS me and I stay for awhile. I live for those moments xD.
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The og X-Men: The New Era turns 10 years old soon! I can’t believe how many amazing people I have met thanks to this RP, or the multiverse that has spawned from it since then. I love you all so much!
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Coming back to this Guild and reconnecting with old friends is genuinely one of my favorite things in life. Much love to all of you who have been so wonderful to me over the years <3.
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Professional Wrestling taught me how to imagine. Dave Chappelle taught me how to laugh. George Carlin taught me how to question. Uncle Iroh taught me how to be a man.
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ShieldsOfWar has been my username for years, but it has been some time since that name reflected who I am. Most of my online friends know me as Papa Oso anyways, so I've officially changed my name xD.


I have always loved stories. It started with reading, then moved to writing, then Role Playing, and eventually to acting. My passion for storytelling flows into my love of various fandoms (X-Men/Comics, Critical Role, DBZ, GoT, Spartacus, Dexter, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Star Wars, and many more). This site lets me be a part of bringing stories of these worlds and many others to life and gives me the opportunity to connect with people that love these things as much as I do. In a broken world this site stands as a haven for kindred spirits that are gathered under the banner of my absolute favorite thing in the world; telling stories. I love you guys :D.

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Time: 10:35
Location: Archery Contest
Interaction: @Heartfillia Crystal, Jacob, Liah / @princess The Good Ol’ Count

Cassius was more amused than he had been in some time. This had already been one of the more eventful days of his life. There had been some over the years that had been filled with enough conflict, drama, and bloodshed to satisfy a dozen lifetimes…but this one was something special. Thus far he had met his father, annoyed and impressed the local nobility in equal parts, made an absolute ass out of himself in front of his newly revealed sister in the best way possible, and perhaps if he hurried he could witness the last moments of someone’s life. What a day indeed.

Though the execution interested him, Cassius did not enjoy watching anyone die. As a mercenary he had witnessed and dealt his fair share of death, but he never allowed himself to become numb to it. The weight of taking a life was something he held with high regard. He wouldn’t be considered honorable by many standards…but he had his creeds, his beliefs, and his own form of principles. Ending a life could be exhilarating. It could be heartbreaking. It could be liberating. One thing it should never be is taken lightly. This is why he intended to be present for the execution. Not to gawk at someone as they are put to death or judge them for the crimes that led them to this point…but to ensure that at least one person in attendance watches their last moments with reverence. This kind of thing was important to him. But first…he had to deal with his current predicament; his sister and her comrades were not going to let him leave without verifying his identity first. Thankfully, it seems that he wasn’t going to have to wait very long.

Arriving on a brilliant black horse like a story book hero…or perhaps villain, the Count himself climbed down from his steed and approached them. He appeared even more regal than their previous meeting. It was clear to Cas that his father was one that took appearances very seriously. He was sure to disappoint the man in that regard. Calbert greeted them and then looked towards Crystal. Something about his eyes gave Cassius the sense that there was sadness there. Perhaps worry. Cas looked over to his sister as he tried to work out what exactly he was missing. The next few moments were a blur to him as the Count explained the truth to Crystal. Her reaction was not ideal, but he couldn’t blame her…this was sure to be a lot to take in.

Cassius watched as his overwhelmed sister walked away. His usual smirk fell into a solemn expression. It was clear that there was more going on than he realized. Insight suggested that something bad had happened. In his arrogance he had missed the signs in his father's eyes…until now. Looking up to his father he couldn’t help but feel a little bad for letting his chaos make what could possibly be a rather serious situation that much more complex. He had intended to be a thorn, and never would have expected to feel bad about his own success in that regard. He would ask the Count about this intuition later, but he felt now was not the time. Even he, in all his panache and his devil may care attitude, could leave well enough alone once in a while. So, he kept things simple.

Thank you for telling her the truth. I fear she wanted me thrown in the darkest of dungeons for my claim. I…apologize if I upset her. He took a deep breath, almost not expecting the apology that just came out of his mouth. ”Well…I’m sure you have all manner of important business to attend to. Myself, I am going to attend the execution. Someone has to pour a drink out for the accused. Might as well be me.” For a second time today, Cas walks away from his father without giving him time to respond. Sure, he feels bad for whatever the hell may be going on with this family…but he’s still Cassius Vael.

Time: 10:35
Location: Archery Contest
Interaction: @Heartfillia Crystal, Jacob, Liah / @Rodiak Mathias

“Y-you are not my brother…” The fancy girl retorted quickly. She was holding her books tightly as though he was going to try and rip them from her hands. “My father did not cheat on my mother…” She added feebly. Just as Cassius was about to respond a figure appeared. The man looked like the poster child of young nobility. He was the perfect blend of pretty and strong. Momentarily, Cassius saw nothing but another entitled noble in this man…but there was more to be seen. On the surface he seemed mellow and elegant, but there was something else about him resting a bit deeper. He was a warrior. Cassius was sure of it. He could always tell. The controlled movements…the presence of adeptness...the eyes. He had no doubt that this man was a capable combatant. Thank heavens he wasn’t as boring as Cassius initially perceived. The man acknowledged him, but just barely. The arrogance alone won a sly smirk from Cas. The man cleared his throat and spoke…really just to the girl in the cream colored dress.

"I apologize; I can see this is not the best of times." He folded his hands behind him and seemed to struggle to find more words to say. "It was lovely to see you. I will be by the stands if you need me, Lady Damien. And if you need any help, do not hesitate to call for me." As the man finished his bit, Cassius turned to his supposed sister. He watched her face blush and eyes fixated on the pretty man. Perhaps the pup was in love. Noted. Finally she responded.

”I um ….T-thank you Sir Mathias..” was all she was able to get out. She was flustered. It was hilarious. Cassius looked to the ground. It was all he could do to not chuckle at the awkward cuteness of the interaction playing out before him. He was an asshole, sure, but he wasn’t going to ruin this moment for either of them. The man bowed, smiled, and walked away without any additional acknowledgment of Cassius at all. His sister watched him walk away like an abandoned puppy. She quickly turned back to him though, and picked her previous thought up like nothing had happened. ”There's no way I believe you at your word. Anyone can claim to be a part of a family. I'll let father deal with you.” Cassius watched as his sister looked to the behemoth with intent. He always saw the beautiful redhead with her draw a blade. He looked at the armed woman, raised his hands cautiously and smiled.

”Now now…no need to cause a scene. Let’s all go to father dearest together shall we? Don’t get me wrong, I would love the opportunity to get to know you and that blade a little better…but alas…me and the big guy are already courting one another.” He sarcastically motions to the giant of a man named Jacob. ”So…I propose this. The two of you escort my dear sister and I to our father together. No blades. No bloodshed….and he’ll be able to clear all of this up.” He looks towards Crystal. ”How does that sound my lady?”

Time: 10:35
Location: Archery Contest
Interaction: @Heartfillia Crystal & Jacob

Cassius could only smirk as the monster among men shoved him forward in the direction of the woman in the cream colored dress. He honestly only understood a handful of the words coming out of the large man’s mouth, so he just smirked and walked on without any resistance. This behemoth was strong…very strong, but Cassius was confident that if he needed to he could slip out of the monster’s grasp and take out his knee before he even had time to react. It probably wouldn’t come to that, but it was better to be prepared just in case it did.

”The man is a Bampot. Thought I was coming over to hit on him… yep. ON him. Not hit him.” The behemoth’s words almost reverberated his bones in such proximity. This man seemed more like a loyal pet to this woman than a friend or companion. Clearly some kind of personal guard or hired lapdog. She was clearly in charge, and the glare on her face said as much. She had an authority to her that was familiar to him. Very curious indeed. Then she began to speak.

”Who are you really? Speak truthfully….please. Her words were forceful in tone…but the little please at the end betrayed her, killing the aura of power she was presenting just long enough for Cassius to see past it. It was clear that she couldn’t help herself in saying it. It isn’t that the authority was false, but rather it seemed like she was imitating the work of a master and perhaps was not quite up to the task. She became even more familiar at that moment.

The woman flustered herself and added.”I-If you don't Ill have Jacob drag you towards the prison himself. Such a harsh threat. Cassius could tell he was positioning the final pieces of the puzzle already. Why would she be so angry at his assumed false identity? It must be an incredibly personal matter. She must have more skin in the game than anyone else there in the audience regarding who he was. There was only one answer…She herself was a Damien.

Cassius could see the Count’s features in her face, if only slightly. From the moment her eyes met his he had not broken eye contact, but with her question and the threat afterwards he knew he had to say something. So, with a charming little bow he smiled at her and replied.

“What a day I have had already. First, I met the man who made me a bastard. Then I made quite the impression in my first fancy archery contest. Afterwards I made a beautiful new friend.” He looked back and winked at the monster who apparently is called Jacob and then continued. “And now…now it seems I get to meet my long lost sister for the very first time. Let me introduce myself properly. I am Cassius Vael of the Iron Wolves. Son of Meredith Vael and Count Calbert Damien. I am your brother.”

Time: 10:35
Location: Archery Contest
Interaction: @Aerandir Verrick & @Heartfillia My dear sister

Cassius loosed his final arrow and scored big with a 9. He was sure it wouldn't be enough for the win, but it was nice to end his round with a good shot. He looked over to his opponent and gave the man a look of respect. The scores had not been finalized, but he knew the man had bested him. As he looked towards his opponent the man addressed him.

“Well done. I don’t see archers with an eye like yours in Casonia very often… though I know Count Damien only has two daughters…So who are you really?” His opponent asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Who am I really? That is such a good question. I'm certainly not as good an archer as you my good sir. Regarding my father...It appears that the good Count has a bastard along with his precious daughters. I just happen to be the asshole unlucky enough to share the man's blood. I don't expect anyone to believe me, but truth is truth after all". The man simply gave him a nod before turning to accept his prizes. Cassius left things at that.

Well, the result of his first match in the archery competition did not go his way. Nor did the second. It mattered not, though, as his ultimate goal in this endeavor was more than successful. What an ARRIVAL. The people cheered for his bombastic antics. Perhaps without them he could have pulled off the victory, but it was never about winning. It was about being seen, and the lords, ladies, and commoners alike in the stands definitely had their eyes on him.

Cassius had spent as much time looking over the crowd as he did his archery targets. It was his way of feeling their temperature. He wanted to get a read on as many of them as possible, and being a little extra braggadocious was sure to stir up some reactions; be they positive or negative.

Many were positive indeed. Cheers and applause spilled from all around as the spectators appreciated his tricks and panache. Others were smug and judgmental of him not taking the competition seriously. Most were probably somewhere in between. Then there was the woman in the cream colored dress. Her reaction was something else altogether. She spurned him entirely. Purposefully not giving him the time of day. Was that a bit of spite he read on her face? Now that is interesting.

He thought of her as soon as the competition was over. She was hard to miss with that dress that probably cost more than all of his belongings together…and her blonde hair, which probably took a team of servants to ensure each strand was in its rightful place. He chuckled to himself as he put the bow back on its holding stand. Running his fingers through his hair, Cassius turned to look towards the crowd once more. He specifically surveyed to find the spiteful woman. She intrigued him more than anyone else in the stands. To his surprise, the woman’s rather large companion was making his way towards Cassius.

“Well this is going to be riveting.” He spoke aloud but to himself as he watched the man approach, making sure to put on his most dickish smile.

“Oi! YE WEE BAWBAG!” The large man hollered as he walked directly towards him. This behemoth was pointing his big meaty finger at Cassius, who would usually be the larger man given he stood 6’4” in height. In this instance, however, the behemoth stood a foot or so higher than him. Cassius gave this giant a flirtatious glance with a nod, but before he could speak the large man reached out to grab him.

“AYE you! Yer Coming with Me!” He said with a scowl. Cassius did not resist the man’s advance, instead holding his hands out to his side as to let the man do whatever he wanted.

“It was my understanding that only the victor got a prize. But here we are. What a prize indeed. So big. So very strong. I sure hope you are not overcompensating for anything, my good man. Now that…would be a shame. Cassius held his ground completely. Not resisting, not backing away, and not a single flinch as this monster among men got even closer. He spoke his words with frisky arrogance and a hit of sensuality. “SO…large man. Where, indeed, will you be taking me?”

This is very tempting. Just started re-playing 2077 and have wanted to RP in this world for years.
Huge WWE & Cobra Kai fan here...but I'm not exactly sure what this is. I'd love to see you find recruits and get this off the ground, but you may need to adjust your approach. Your OP doesn't give enough information on what this is actually supposed to be. Instead it just gives info on Judgement Day and Cobra Kai...which is great, but this stuff should come secondary to setting expectations and establishing what you're actually trying to accomplish here.

Look at some of the other Interest Posts on the site and see if you can find a formula that might work for the game you're trying to run (there is no shame in taking inspiration from how others do things). I love the enthusiasm and the topic, but I feel like people need more context rather than just daily bumps.

Feel free to disregard this post completely, but I figured it might help you find what you're looking for. Either way, happy gaming!

Time: 10:00 AM
Location: The Archery Contest
Interaction: Technically none, but a shoutout to Cas’s competitor @Alivefalling

Cassius watched the others compete just long enough to get the basics down. He was a good archer…not an excellent one, but he would not turn down the opportunity for healthy competition. He knew his limitations, and was sure that most of these blue bloods had taken years of private archery training with the finest instructors the kingdoms could muster. He was not fortunate enough to have that luxury. In fact, he remembered teaching himself how to string a bow and nock an arrow in the barn behind the stables after completing his eight and half hours worth of daily chores. It wasn’t until he joined the Iron Wolves that he really got a lesson or two on the proper form. Mostly, though, he learned in the heat of battle.

He was ushered towards the competition area as he heard his name announced for the first time.

"Lord Cassius Vael of House Damien against ...Isaac? Who's Isaac?"

Cassius chuckled at the “Who’s Isaac?”...He also did not know who Isaac was, but it mattered not, because all of these people were strangers to him. As his name was announced there was almost a quiet that encapsulated the audience. It was an audible moment of confusion with little more than hushed whispers and gossip filled questions coming from the crowd. His smile widened. He lived for that chaos and curiosity.

As he entered the field of view, Cassisus confidently approached his station, turning to the crowd and giving them a little wink and nod as he did so. He had not even considered needing to bring his own bow until this moment, but was thankful when someone handed him one upon his approach. He tested the weight of the weapon; it was sufficient but definitely not the kind of bow he was used to. The curiosity within him began to grow. He was completely unsure how he would perform, but the pressure of exhibition normally caused him to rise to the occasion. He had never actually competed in archery before, and was self aware enough to doubt that he’d perform as well as he would in a real battle. The stakes meant everything, and the stakes here were nowhere near life or death. Or so he hoped.

This was to be his first introduction to the court for which he now belonged, in name at least, so to make a total fool of himself would be something difficult to live down. Win or lose, he just hoped to put on a spectacle and catch the eyes of curious onlookers from across the noble families. It was time to begin.

Cassius didn’t even pay mind to his opponent other than a quick nod. He decided to focus just on the task at hand and save any spare attention for pandering to the crowd. This would be fun. He turned to the audience and made a show of pulling his first arrows. He tried to wink and give the look to as many beautiful people in the crowd as he did so, but realized quickly that this particular crowd was MOSTLY beautiful people. Nocking his first arrow, he pointed straight towards the sky and slowly drew the string back into position. He then lowered his bow methodically and aimed at the target. He turned back to give the crowd a sly smirk before turning towards his mark and released….

It was a good shot! Not quite a bullseye, but a helluva first shot to say the least. He quickly drew another arrow and loosed it. This shot was nowhere near the bullseye. Fuck. With a quick sigh and a long breath he nocked his third arrow. Again, he turned to the crowd to give a sarcastic little shrug to make light of his second shot. Then he readied himself and released the third arrow. Time slowed down in this moment as the pointed reed traveled towards the target. BULLSEYE!!! He gave the crowd a playful bow and really turned on the charm as he smiled. What’s the point if he couldn’t make his debut a pleasure? He nocked the final arrow for this round and let it loose. It barely hit the target at all.

His second round went about as well as the last. His first shot was decent, his second was another bullseye…with more playing to the crowd of course, and his third was almost a miss as he got a little too arrogant in the moment, but his final shot of round 2 was decent again. Thus far he had totaled 40 points. He hadn’t even glanced at his competitor since they had started, but he liked to imagine that he was well ahead in points over the man. Time would certainly tell. Now for round 3.

This was the final round. Probably the most important round. It was also his worst of the three. Cassisus hit a decent first shot for five points. Then he completely missed the target. With a playful grimace and shrug he elicited decent laughs from the crowd. Most of them were going along for the ride, but he was sure there were some that were not a fan of his antics. He lowered his bow and turned to face the audience directly.

“And for my final trick. Prepare to be amazed…no, bewildered…perhaps even titillated.” With a flourish he removed his coat and made a show of tying the sleeves over his eyes. “As you can see…I can’t.” He put on another flirtatious smile before turning back to his target. He lifted the makeshift blindfold over one eye just long enough to make sure he was truly facing the right direction, nocked an arrow and released. He was sure that he’d miss the target completely…but alas…he heard the impact. Ripping the blindfold off he saw the arrow had indeed hit its mark…not a bullseye, but fucking close. He was amused, impressed, and honestly a little thankful because that was sure to make an impression regardless of the actual outcome. With his final shot earning him seven points, his total climbed to 55. Time to see how the other guy was doing.

Episode One: Magnetic Monster
Interactions: @Omega Man- Switchblade @Blizz- Shattercrash

Chaos ensued around Liam in slow motion. His derealization from the moment was actually the only thing keeping him from falling into a full fledged panic attack. He was there…but he wasn’t. His mind was elsewhere in his memories reliving the best and worst moments of his life like a movie. This trauma response was probably some form of coping mechanism that he hadn’t even gotten the chance to mention in therapy yet, but here in the moment he wasn’t sure if it was the only thing keeping him alive or if it was putting him in more danger than he already was.

It became clear, in the milliseconds that had passed since he began to disassociate, that he wasn’t ready for this. He was no Titan. However, another realization came to him as debris crashed around him, bodies were flung about, and blood was spilled…the realization that he would NEVER be ready for this. In a weird way that thought brought him back to reality a bit. It wasn’t comforting, but it was honest. The kind of honesty that makes you wake up from the episode of self loathing that is definitely going to get you killed. As he snapped out of the moment of panic he heard Switchblade’s advice to calm down. Moments later he heard Blitz’s command to get Sacrifice out of here. Sacrifice wasn’t going anywhere.

In an instant he took in everything that happened over the last few seconds…minutes he honestly wasn’t sure. He processed everything as quickly as he could. Shattercrash had been launched in the air and was now falling back towards the lab in a burst of brilliant violet. [i]She’s going for Polaris[i]. Liam looked over to Switchblade with an assuring nod.

“I’m okay. I can help.”

He looked back up towards Shattercrash through the hole in the lab's ceiling. It was clear that she was targeting the man that had sent her flying in the first place. Sacrifice would make sure that she hit with as much force as she could. He focused on her and the violet energy that illuminated the area. He could almost feel her power as he channeled his own energy. Grabbing his left middle finger in his right hand he took a deep breath and snapped it…

Grimacing in pain, Sacrifice felt the surge of energy grow within him. He channeled it and focused it towards Shattercrash. A cord of distorted air that most wouldn’t even notice connected between the two of them like an ethereal tether. Even from this distance he was able to feel the connection. As his energy became hers he focused on amplifying her abilities as much as he could. He would never be like the others. He would never be the hero flying down to land a mighty strike against the enemy…that just wasn’t in the cards for him. However, he’d make sure that hero had as much juice in her tank as he could so that she could be the big damn hero they needed to save the day.
Calbert & Cassius

Location: Outside the Damien Estate

At first, Calbert had no idea why the young man had started to sing. He felt awkward for a half second before the song began to sound familiar. The words unlocked within the depths of his brain. His vision seemed to change as he saw a blurry image of a dark-haired woman reaching her hand across a bed to his cheek. The male voice became a female’s. The silky feel of the sheets. Her blue nightgown. The way her streaks of silver lit up under the moonlight came in from the window. It was an ethereal memory. For a moment, he felt like he had traveled back in time.

Calbert’s expression softened as he listened. If he’s here… Then what of Meredith? He was silent in his thoughts as he met his son’s eyes.


“My son. He put a hand on his shoulder. “You are my blood… My family. “ He said with conviction. “I do not care to see you any other way… “He paused, his heart racing as he began the dreaded question, “What..” His eyes narrowed, and his gaze slightly lowered, “What of your mother?”

The seconds between Cas’s question and his father’s response felt like an eternity. There was a part of him that felt so awkward having just sung to a stranger. Another piece of him hoped the man did not recognize the song at all, as to prove Cassius right in assuming that this man never loved his mother and could never have been a father to him. He was torn…Silently ripped apart by what could be a better future for him and the very idea that there was a father here all along that could have helped fill the voids he and his mother knew throughout their lives.

Why were they not together? What had happened between them? Had he hurt her? Had she…hurt him? Cassius wanted to blame it all on this man in front of him. He wanted to ball up a fist and break his father's teeth down his throat for the pain of losing his mother. Though…he did not. Instead, he listened to the man’s response and was surprisingly moved by the words despite not trusting a single thing he said on the surface. The little boy he once was wanted to trust this man, but the man he had become knew better. For now, though, he would smile and see where this was to go. He had plans after all.

Then came the question about his mother. His eyes dropped to the floor and he answered.

“She has passed, father. She had been ill for a number of years and finally succumbed. I was not there to say goodbye to her. That is why I am here. Not just because she’s gone…but because I would like the opportunity to right that wrong. By getting to know you. By finding my family.”

Calbert’s expression fell even though the answer had been expected. It had hurt even after all these years to know that she was gone. There had been such turmoil between the two of them so long ago, but he had always cared for her. Maybe he hadn’t loved her in the way she had wanted but he had cared. He was silent as he took this in, his eyes narrowing with emotion. He then stared at Cassius and for a moment, wondered if he could trust this man and his words. He supposed if he indeed was his son, then he knew the answer to that infernal question. He clenched his jaw.

Finally, he moved forward and gave his son a hug, putting his arms around him. He had decided that it did not matter his intentions nor if anything he had been told was the truth. It only mattered that this was his blood and that meant he’d do anything to protect him. “I’m sorry Cassius. I will be here for you from now on.”

The man hugged him. At that moment, Cassius felt the briefest shock of vindication. Then…he felt nothing. This was by design. Of course he was happy to see this whole thing start off so positively, but he forced himself to calm the emotions stirring within him and refocused his mind on the bigger picture. This had been a great start, but he knew that trusting his father just based on this one moment would be a mistake. One that he and his plans would not be willing to make. He considered his next words for a moment before continuing.

”I want you to know that your words mean so very much to me, father.” Cassius rested his hand on Calbert’s shoulder and smiled at him. “I’m sure that there is much for us to discuss…and of course I look forward to all that comes next. Hopefully, I can be of use to this family…to you…and we can make right the wrongs of us never being side by side. It will be a wonderful and complex journey for the both of us I’m sure…but for the time, let us part before tears are spilled or this wonderful moment is ruined.” Cassius lets a sarcastic laugh follow his words and gives the man a hearty pat on the shoulder. ”It seems I have other business to attend to. There is an archery contest that I was sure I would miss, but given that our meeting went far smoother than I ever would have expected I believe that I can make it if I leave…well…immediately.

He didn’t even give the man a moment to respond. Instead, he gave a sly bow…turned heel as formally as he possibly could, and walked away back out the gate and towards the contest.

Location: The Archery Competition
Time: 10:00 AM

Cassius replayed the meeting over in his head numerous times on his way to sign up for the archery competition. Minutes passed like seconds as everything else around him was a blur. He had to stop and ask a rather attractive couple to point him in the right direction, and almost considered skipping the contest altogether to see if the two were up for a little fun, but alas…he had just arrived. Even he knew it was a bit too early to stir up trouble. Plus, the contest sounded like exactly what he needed to unwind a bit. His mind had been so focused on the business at hand that it would be fun to just enjoy himself in a friendly competition. Hopefully it would give him the opportunity to mingle a bit and get to know some of the other nobles floating around. He was now one of them afterall. He laughed out loud at the extreme bizarreness of the thought.

Upon his arrival, he signed in under the name Lord Cassius Vael of House Damien. He looked forward to any confusion this would bring. The very thought amused him. What a way to debut.

Time: 9:35
Location: The Gates of House Damien
Interaction: @princess

The next few minutes felt like hours as Cas waited for what would come next. There still was not an ounce of nervousness inside him which was almost concerning. This was to be an instrumental piece of his future, but he was not anxious nor did he feel any trepidation. He would not be denied.

He thought of his mother’s songs and the comforting words she had blessed him with over the years. She could calm even the most violent of storms that raged inside his mind. Her very presence was like medicine to him, and he missed her more in this moment than he ever had before. It almost felt as though she was with him. Through all of the violence he had come to see and the hardships he had been forced to face over the years he had been changed in many ways. Much of the sweet heart and selflessness that his mother held dear from him was now buried deeper than he ever intended, but his love for the woman who raised him never faltered nor changed. As long as he had her long as he could hear her songs in his dreams those parts of him that she loved would never truly die.

It was a different side of him that stood present in this moment, however. A side that was not gifted by his mother. This side of Cassius was uncompromising and housed ruthlessness on tap. It was the side of him that helped him thrive with an axe in hand and blood all around him. Just as true a side as his mother’s sweetness...but very different to say to say the least. Perhaps this part of him was gifted by the man he came here to meet. Only time would tell, and as he watched a figure descend the pathway to the gate it seemed as though he wouldn’t have to wait long.

"Tell me your name."

The nature of the way the man in front of him asked the words forced a revelation upon Cassius. This man...his father, and he was sure that he was indeed his father the moment he looked into his eyes, had always known. It was obvious by the man’s inflection that he was not asking his name out of a sense of curiosity...but rather for confirmation. This changes things, at least by a margin. Cassius began to form the first syllable of his name on his lips but stopped. He thought of his mother. How she perhaps loved this man with the same heart with which she loved him. Instead of simply speaking his name Cassius closed his eyes and did something that he had not done in years. He began to sing her song. Anyone who had felt the love of his mother’s heart would know this song.

He only sang a few lines, but it was more than enough to get the point across. His eyes opened slowly and he looked directly at the man in front of him.

“I’d rather hear you speak my name...father. What is it? What is the name of your bastard son?”
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