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7 mos ago
Current ShieldsOfWar has been my username for years, but it has been some time since that name reflected who I am. Most of my online friends know me as Papa Oso anyways, so I've officially changed my name xD.
7 mos ago
The ebb & flow of life can be overwhelming sometimes. However, every time I come back to this site I'm reminded why I never should have left in the first place. <3
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2 yrs ago
Somehow I have everything that I asked for yet I'm more lost than I've ever been...
2 yrs ago
That feeling when your group is amazing, the RP is incredible, and you love your job as GM. xD
2 yrs ago
My favorite people right now are (no particular order) @BoyMom69035, @Almalthia, @Draven, @KatKook, @RumikoOhara, @webboysurf, @Lord Wraith, @Burning Kitty, @Bounce, & @Damo021. I LOVE this group :D


I have always loved stories. It started with reading, then moved to writing, then Role Playing, and eventually to acting. My passion for storytelling flows into my love of various fandoms (X-Men/Comics, Critical Role, DBZ, GoT, Spartacus, West World, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, mostly Star Wars, and many more). This site lets me be a part of bringing stories of these worlds and many others to life and gives me the opportunity to connect with people that love these things as much as I do. In a broken world this site stands as a haven for kindred spirits that are gathered under the banner of my absolute favorite thing in the world; telling stories. I love you guys :D.

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@Fallenreaper I'm very tempted :D. @Almalthia took over the original version of this RP for me a while back when my life fell apart lol. She was my Co-GM and one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to work with. This RP was my baby, and she has done such an incredible job implementing my creations with ideas of her own and fostering a wonderful RP. She's a freaking badass...and I'd be honored to game with her again :).
It's good to see this still alive xD.
How is this RP fairing? Would some new blood help stimulate it? I'm definitely in the mood for some zombie apocalypse action and would love to join if the game seems to have a solid future ahead 🙂.
I won't be active much today. Work is insane atm because there is a big board meeting and I have to do all of the leg work.
@The Wyrm accepted!
@NihiIism yup we sure are.

@The Wyrm the city is basically surrounded by mountains so we're just a few miles away.

@Berlin Elsie is accepted XD
@KZOMBI3 I was thinking the same thing :D
Location: Brewster's

Orders were taken and served as the patrons of this quiet little coffee shop heard the news of Dalton's death. Despite the place going from empty to well populated in a matter of minutes, it was still quiet enough to hear a needle hit the floor. Many within tried to wrap their minds around the breaking news. Violent crimes had been on the rise since the Sheriff's retirement, but nothing as brutal as this. This was different.

Details emerge stating that the body had been stabbed upwards of fifty times, and that his fingers and toes were removed. The words "Let Me In" were carved into the man's chest, and it is unknown at this time if the carving was done pre or postmortem.

(Some have moved things along a bit so feel free to continue the scenes at the coffee shop if you wish and catch up to the time skip, or if you'd prefer we can wrap up this scene and simply move forward. Let me know your preference in the OOC.)
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