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14 days ago
Current Looking for more 1 x 1 Rp's - Check out my personal thread for more information
29 days ago
Jokes on you, I dont have a PP
1 mo ago
About to start reading: From blood and ash , anyone else read this yet?
1 mo ago
Care for a cup of Tea?


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hello still looking!
Hello! Still open to partners!

I am interested in this idea! Please send me a DM if your still looking
Welcome @Tpartywithzombi! What kind of Tea are you? :P

I could be spicey cinnamon tea
or a sweet peach tea

Sometimes I like to be both :)

My inbox is open and ready for some adventures!

I love advanced RP and enjoy creating and developing a world our characters can flourish. I am interested in Romance with Death (MxF) or any other idea. I really enjoy Romance RP's with Stories built around the development of the characters and their connections.

I prefer to play female characters, and I am open to Core and Sexual encounters if the story leads to that. I like to have story-driven romances, not forced or pre-determined. Have all the interactions happen naturally during the exploration of the world, characters, and story.

Please send me a DM if you're interested in chatting more and possibly Rping together.

Thank you!


Something Wicked this way comes...

Hello and well met, my name is Tea. Welcome to my partner hunt.

I have 15+ experience in the world of Roleplay, from Forum RP , Text name it!
I have been on this platform in the past, but have made a new account to start fresh.
I am hoping one of you can be my next Partner.
Please read the subtexts below, send me a PM if you are interested, and let's get this party started!

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