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Location: Caesonia Castle
Interactions: Ballroom - Balcony

Violet sucked in her breath, forcing her to stand slightly taller as she watched her sister stride off. Violet was very well aware of her jaded ideals of the court and the process of courting. She didn't make it hard for people to see her stance on things, but for some reason, the idea of sharing a dance with Lord Ravenwood actually brought a soft smile to her face. She was excited to get to know her friend more, being able to have a face amongst the crowd that she could enjoy as her sister did with charlotte.

However, Violet's opinion of lord Ravenwood was likely more inappropriate compared to Crystal over charlotte.

She reached into her pocket and grabbed the book she had stashed in her pocket. Pulling out the small novella she flipped through its pages, it was untitled and tattered, something that she had clearly read many times over. The pages of the book almost appeared torn out from the binding of the novella.

Flipping to the page she was on earlier she continued to read her book. The story was an interesting one, especially considering the events of the night. He leaned over his forge, the hot glass heating to its perfect temperature... she closed the book out of frustration and placed it back into her pocket.

Heading back to the table where Callum and her and indulged in wine earlier, she grabbed herself another drink and stood quietly as she watched her sister push her friend towards another group. She smiled lightly shaking her head, she sure was determined.

Callum & Violet

Callum disliked many things about noble life, but dancing had never been among them. A waltz was predictable and calming, the steps a simple pattern that flowed together with ease. The dance itself didn’t occupy much of his mind, but it did ease his nerves about attending the ball itself. It meant only having to interact with one person at a time and paired with Lady Violet meant he had no reason to put up a charade; she was as safe as any of them from Edin’s wrath

As annoying as it was that King Edin would be watching the interaction he’d designed, at least Count Calbert was not around to further instigate the plot. Cal had no intention of keeping Edin’s desire for a wedding a secret, and he was fairly certain Lady Violet had no part in their father’s plans. “I’m betting both our fathers had a hand in setting up this dance. Our king has deemed you to be made of exceptional wife material, though I’m sure you have bigger dreams than a marriage designed to make me look better.” Cal spoke freely as he led the dance, curious to hear what Violet thought of the attempted arrangement.

Violet's face said a lot. Her body moved along with the music complying with each step but her face showed utter distaste for the dance. She sighed deeply as the small talk continued. “ I am very certain that is what is happening. Not to be rude, but dancing is not something I would have signed myself up for voluntarily. Though that is nothing against you M’lord, I simply do not like these rituals, makes me feel like I am a show pony.” she said as her eyes looked around at the other dancers, Spotting her sister.

“No offense taken,” Cal said, his eyes following the same direction as Violet’s, spotting the rarely seen younger Damien sister. “I take it your sister is well? Nice to see her out and about.” He added but put no further effort into continuing the forced small talk.

“We could always abandon the dancing, ruin their plot, enjoy the wine instead.” He offered with a grin.

Violet nodded slowly “ Yes, Nice to see her out” she said with an undertone of concern in her voice. She felt saddened by the small, frail and pale looking lady yet she also felt happy all at the same time for her.

She turned her attention towards him with a heavy relieved sigh “ Yes, please..” Although Violet was not one for drinking , she felt at this moment in time she needed one.

Cal nodded, he had no desire to force someone to dance with him and he’d never turn down the chance for a drink and to dash his father’s hopes that he’d be complying with the king’s wishes. Both the night and the season were young, he’d have another opportunity for dancing soon enough anyhow. The youngest prince of Caesonia subtly led Violet from the dance floor, mindful enough to not bump into any of the other couples who moved and twirled about.

“These events are rather dreadful, aren’t they? If it wasn’t for the wine and the music I’d assume they only existed to torture us all.” Cal spoke once they were far enough away from the dancing couples. He let his posture drop back into a slouch, shoulders moving to fight off the stiffness of the dress clothes. Once they had reached the tables laid out with wine and food he poured two glasses of wine and offered one to Violet.

“So, anything here that redeems these parties for you?” He asked, content to watch the others and make simple conversation. He noted that not only was Wulfric dancing with Wystan, but Auguste too seemed to have escaped the forced pairing as well and danced with a woman who was clearly not from any of the major noble families. Tonight it seemed, every one of his siblings was outperforming him in further angering their father. Rather than jealousy, he only smiled proudly at them.

Violet followed him , mindful of the dancers as well. Reaching the table she accepted the glass “ Thank you , your highness” she smiled at him politely before taking a small sip. She looked around at the dancing patreons and caught a glance at Roman. “ I suppose the friends you can acquire makes it rather interesting. “ Her attention is moving back to him. “ What is that smile for? “ she asked curiously as she noticed the prince looking at his brothers. “ What about you? I suppose I'm surprised that someone as yourself finds displeasure in these events as well.”

“I can’t help but notice each of my siblings dancing with someone who lacks a proper title, and that will certainly displease my father, an upset with his status quo. Now that does please me.” Cal couldn’t help but chuckle at Violet’s assumption that he enjoyed these things.

“These events are just another way my father shows off. People of Caesonia starve and suffer while we dance and feast, it’s more than a bit grotesque. As for friends, most here would prefer to find themselves in the king’s good graces rather than mine, and I get more honesty from the servants than I do from most of the lords and ladies here. I’d rather spend my time in the library far away from all this. I don’t enjoy being a show pony nor a pawn anymore than you do.” Cal admitted, taking a much longer drink from his own wine. “Meet anyone of interest tonight?”

“ I suppose you would know that more than myself, your highness.” she said taking another sip of the wine “ I don't envy your position I will omit. I agree that there are more masks in this room than there are true faces. It makes me rather guarded as you never know who you are really speaking with.” she chugged back the drink , and grabbed the bottle pouring another glass. “ I don't hold much interest in anyone, your highness. As many have declared me tarnished due to my outwardly appearance. “ she adjusted the collar around her neck “ It doesn’t paint a lovely image for my partner to have a wife with a deformity. I've learned long ago that even though people may say to my face this isn't the case, their actions speak much more to this than words. “ she took a pause, taking a sip of her drink again. Looking over at him “ I apologize for being forward, but I don't have anything to hide, what you see here is what I am. You don't really need to hide anything. “ she smiled towards him. '' I do enjoy reading myself as well, my sister, she is a really good author as well. I always carry her books with me. I make sure my handmaid stitches pockets into my gowns for such a thing.” she pulled out a small handwritten novel out of her pocket “ Don’t tell her that however, she may get a bit too excited about it.” she smiled.

“An author? How wonderful.” Cal said admiring both the book and the secret pocket, a bit jealous that his own clothing was often tailored too tightly to hide things of use, like books. “No need to apologize for honesty, it’s refreshing, and I won’t tell a soul, I am an excellent secret keeper.” He said, pausing for a moment as he thought about his next words.

“I suppose I can lift my own mask for a moment. I don’t desire a match between us, my father does, and playing the obedient son is the last thing I wish to do. I take great pride in being my father’s least favorite child. But for anyone to claim a few scars makes you tarnished is deeply stupid. You survived something many would not, that is a sign of strength. And it sounds like you’re wise enough to see through much of this court's nonsense. Both are admirable qualities that matter more than flawless skin. As for me, there are many here who find me too soft, unlike my brother’s I’ve never taken to swordsmanship or hunting, my interests lie in nothing that this court sees as a showing of strength.” He offered up one of his own flaws, something he’d been vexed by for much of his childhood, before lifting his wine glass for a toast.

“So here’s to our imperfections, and if you think about it would you wish to read a story about someone who was absolutely perfect?” He asked before finishing off his glass.

She stayed quiet, sipping on her drink. It was always so interesting to hear people's perspectives, yet actions always proved so different. The only exception was Roman, who nearly cursed himself into an early grave from the passion he felt against her comments. Yet others were so quick to just disregard everything and say it's no big deal yet she had been made to feel as such growing up with all of these familiar faces. They have simply gotten wiser with their words.

Violet drank the last of her wine and set the glass down as the music had slowed and the dances had finished. She watched her sister run off in a panic from her partner when she got concerned. “ I am sorry your Highness, If you’ll excuse me. she said curtsying before moving towards her sister.

Reaching her as she finished talking to their parents she pulled on crystals arm gently “ are you alright?” she asked, concerned.

Location: Caesonia Castle
Interactions: Ballroom - Balcony
Mentions: @ReusableSword Roman Ravenwood , @helo Callum Danrose

Violet Was taken aback by his suggestion “right..yes to identify the ..animal “ she said emphasizing the animal being the reason behind her scaring. Although the thought of someone hurting her, perhaps because of her father was a thought she held for a while.

She could tell his mood shift after she mentioned the arrangements “ I apologize, there is no chosen man for me, I wouldn't allow it. I shall choose the man that I decide is appropriate for me. “ she paused “ Call me old-fashioned but I believe in love.” she shrugged.

She Listened to him closely while leaning against the railing. She smiled brightly and perked up “ Yes I would really enjoy that “ Her voice for the first time had a gleeful undertone to it. She took a step back as he bowed towards her, she could feel a flutter in her chest as he called her scars beautiful. “Thank you Lord Ravenwood, I would be honored to dance with you this evening. I look forward to it.” she offered him a smile.

Confused as to why he wanted to know about her parents, she gestured into the ballroom pointing out her parents when she noticed her sister had joined the event. Taken aback and surprised she looked at the lord “ They are right over there, Count Calbert and Countess Lilianne. “ she smiled at him “ If you’ll excuse me, My sister has appeared to join the festivities and I’d like to say hello. ‘ She curtsied towards him and took her to leave from the balcony.

Heading inside, the music began to start for the dancing, where she was greeted by Prince Danrose inquiring about a dance. She cursed “ I would be delighted with your highness. “ she regretfully agreed.


Roman Paused and mentally facepalmed and scratched his head, “My apologies Lady Violet, Lord Roman Ravenwood.” reiterating his proper title, “It has been some time since I have come to such a gathering. Like many others here, my parents insisted that I come to more of these gatherings. I'm the oldest of a family of seven brothers and four sisters. I am also the last to marry and have, as my mother says, Many little monsters for her to play with.” he wasn't sure if that was too much or the wrong thing to say it would seem that he didn't care or mind but didn't seem like he was doing it to push her away.

“Err yes the uh temperature here is warm compared to the mountains. The city is one of the many Varian wonders. I'm certain my ancestors were reading too many old stories of gnomes and dwarves, half the dam city is carved into the mountain after all.” Roman leaned against the railing, looking up towards the stars smiling. He continued to gaze up at the stars for a moment longer as he remembered a distant memory before turning his attention back down to her. The dim light of the evening courtyard illuminated her features and he caught his eyes looking over her scar once again.

“The old gods wove the skein of our lives a long time ago, we all have a path to follow. It is what we choose to do while on that path that makes us into the people we are. I also think it is because of my profession and attention to detail that helped me find you in the sea of people that honestly make me uncomfortable.” pausing for a moment to pull his eyes off her scar and back towards the doors for a moment. The music still hasn't picked up again but there weren't any screams of bloodshed either.

“What about you? Why do you hide yourself away from others? I'm not entirely familiar with this kingdom's uhh hierarchy. Is it the positions of the families… I really should try to remember these things when I'm coming to a different kingdom but I've been working too much at the forge I guess.” great now he knew he was being awkward, what would his mother say if she knew he had forgotten the other families other than the king and queen… probably throw her ax at him again. The thought made him snicker at nothing for a moment.

Violet could feel his eyes on her scars as she stiffened. The constant eyes peering on her neck, even though most knew the story it still shocked many when they saw them. Unfortunately, her collar was the highest she could wear without feeling suffocated by her clothing.

“It is quite alright Lord Ravenwood. Truthfully, I myself don't pay much attention too titles and such. I find titles to be rather pointless , especially when they are attached to men or women who value their titles and coins more than the people in their country. “ she paused, knowing she was being rather forward but for some reason she felt comfortable talking to him. Something about him seemed different then the other boring lords and princes. It was refreshing.

“A city built into the walls of a mountain? Sounds charming , almost a fantasy of sorts. You keep making me want to visit this place Lord Ravenwood, I may have to scold you for making me want to leave my comfort” she offered him a smile and a soft laugh. She caught his eyes once again eyeing her scar , as she turned away from him to move the conversation forward.

“The sheer level of fake egos I suppose. I would just rather like to speak to someone without wondering what their other motives are. Sadly many of those royals are always keen on seeking an obedient woman to bear their heirs and live lives in separate chambers for the good of their kingdoms and I am simply not interested. “ she sighed lightly. “ Just to many egos in one room fighting over who shall be crowned the jewel and it’s rather horrifying to watch let alone participate”

She took a pause and decided to go over the elephant in the conversation. “ I got the scar when I was a babe. A small child, I ran off into the woods to adventure and was attacked by an animal. I was almost killed, but thankfully , due to my mothers condition we have so many doctors on call that they were able to help me rather quickly. However, the scars are there and rather large and noticeable. I can’t do much without people staring, and have been told on a few occasions that my scars are ugly and make me an unfit suitor for a lord or prince as I'm tarnished. “ She tilted her head as her eyes watched the stars quietly for a moment. “ Maybe I should count myself lucky, I wont need to worry about swooning men draping themselves all over me like they do the others.”

Changing the subject she turned to looked at him “ so your some form of blacksmith then I take it? Rather odd job for a Lord is it not?” she asked curiously.

The giant of a man dropped his smile slowly while he listened to her , her words were direct and he couldn't make out any lies or deception in her words. It's not like he would pick up on it anyway. The thought was there though. Being well aware that the customs where he was from were very different even to their closest neighbors don't escape his thoughts either while she talked about the other nobles. Roman did agree with most of what she was talking about until she started talking about her scar. With a disapproving or so it sounded huff and without saying anything he began to take off his intricate gloves and set them on the balcony then pull up his sleeves after unbuttoning them. Almost as one would do when about to get into a round of fisty-cuffs.

Something she had said made him a bit irritated and his body language showed it, yet for him it was what she said about her scar and what the others had said. Turning back to face her with his rough calloused palms up and slowly turning his arms revealing many scars of many shapes and sizes. “For us scars are beautiful, it shows others the hardships one has gone through and makes them stronger for it. My people don't crave strength, we honor survival above all else and scars are survival.” making sure to look her in the eye for a moment, “your scars are beautiful, they are you. They aren't going anywhere and whoever says that you are tarnished doesn't know what the fu-... What they are talking about.” honestly he was surprised he caught himself with that one. “Sure i cover mine because its part of this stupid uniform and i dont have a choice but otherwise i normally show my scars off.”

Pausing for a moment to breathe and calm himself of his irritation, Roman smiled, “I apologize if I came off as rude or angry. My sister Sarah was in an accident at a young age and has facial scarring. Because of it I have gotten into a few fights with other Varian nobles or merchants for making fun of what is in my opinion the most beautiful of my siblings.” hoping she would believe him and understand his protective nature surrounding the subject at hand.

Crossing his arms in a relaxed posture he continued, “I'm glad you don't pay much attention to titles. My family's personal view is that we are here to serve the people and not the other way around. Of course where i'm from it's a bit more brutal and harsh compared to these places so i'm not surprised as to the amount of rude or snobbish nobles that are around. I am a firm believer that everyone needs to be punched in the face at least once, it is a very good way to build character.”

“I think other than the cold, you would like Emberstoneit is nice if you keep warm and know the good places to eat around town. The people are mostly friendly but none of them will out right be rude towards you.” thinking about what she said about marriage made him glance back towards the ball room doors. “My father is a marquees which doesn't put us anywhere close to the throne, honestly i don't care who is the best jewel if there are inclusions within the diamond’s being itself its just a bad stone. I'm honestly looking for a friend, one I would be happy to spend the rest of my life with that doesnt mind having a few little minions running around and doesn't mind the cold.” Maybe he was being too honest.

Pausing awkwardly for a moment like he just let slip some big secret, “not that i think that's you or anyone here or just my opinion matters i just … should stop talking for a moment….” a moment or two passed before he continued again. “But uhh yes blacksmith right. My family is the best armor, weapon, and jewelry maker in all three kingdoms. Even your prince has a piece of art I made specifically for him. I can actually talk for hours on the subject so best not to get me started.” awkwardly smiling at her he ran his hands over his scars like a child who thinks they did something wrong or awkward.

Violet watched as he got frustrated with her and began to undress various parts of his clothing. Taking a step back, she looked towards the ballroom, glancing at her father, fearful of what he may think or do with a man acting in such a manner. However, Violet's attention was brought swiftly back as she was interested in the rather large man and what he was about to do. She was fearful but curious.

His passion and his story about his sister left her speechless, and for the first time in a long time she could feel tears welling in her eyes that she instantly attempted to hide, she choked back her words as no one had ever said something so sincere to her that his temper grew hot around it. “ I … I um, I -” she stumbled on her words as she felt his intense gaze on her as he continued. “Please ..don’t apologize for that, I just am - “ she paused. “ I am just simply at a loss for words.” she turned her head to wipe a tear from her eye before it fell. “ Thank you, I truly do mean that.” she offered him a warm smile, something she had not done in a while.

“Please..’ she reached out and touched his arm with her fingertips softly “ Don't stop talking, this has been the most refreshing evening for me.” Her finger traced down one of his larger scars “ Are they all from the work you do?” she asked curiously.

She reached for her collar and hesitantly opened up her rather tight and constraining piece of clothing, She opened it to show the top of her large scar. There were four deep scars, red in nature, looking like painting strokes with all the reds, blues, and purples. “ It travels much further along…I believe it was a bear but I don't remember. She slowly began to button herself back up, adjusting it once again. “ I wish I shared your people's confidence, but sadly when we leave this balcony I return back to my veiled self,” she whispered.

“I too have similar aspirations, but as I stated, the chances of me having that is rather small. My father has been trying to create some kind of arranged marriage, I suppose that will have to do.” she turned to lean back on the balcony “ I suppose that a loveless marriage with children will be my future, I suppose I keep fighting it because it's not what I wish, but as you said, our paths have been chosen and I'm afraid this will be mine.”

Changing the subject she pulled herself out of the darker thoughts “ I would really love to see your work, perhaps the next we meet..” she smiled at him. “ Lord Ravenwood.”

For a moment he was afraid that he had come off a little too strong from her reaction and mentaly scolded himself for a moment before she continued to speak. Her words were not of fear or anger but were thanking him for what he said, not the first time this has happened but more often than not he ends up offending someone somehow. Then she started to unbutton her dress and his heart dropped into his stomach as he thought to himself, “There is no way this is what i'm thinking.” sure enough it was just to show off her scars. Her scars were very prominent and he could tell why she would be shy about them.

He caught himself barely moving the knuckle of his index finger across her chin as to better see the scar, not paying any mind at all as to who could be watching and what it might look like to them. His observant nature took hold as he took in the details and shape of the scar. It looked strange to him the logical side seeing the shape and markings of an obvious animal attack but a thought deep in his mind suggested for a brief moment that it might just be meant to look like an animal attack. That thought was brief and he pulled his hand away quickly to make sure he didn't give off the wrong impression. “I'd like to see how far along it goes…”

The man instantly looked away and grimaced as his mouth was once again faster than his mind. “Umm to identify the source of the attack definitely not for anything lewd i wouldn't want to damage your honor because of it. From what I can see, it looks more akin to a mountain lion than a bear. Bears have 5 big claws meant for digging and ripping apart dead trees, cougars have four sharp claws for climbing and latching onto prey.”

Trying to recover and get away from what he said earlier as quickly as he could, Roman pointed out a jagged U shaped scar on his left forearm. “Most of my scars are from working the forge or training with weapons. For us you can make a weapon if you don't know how it's used, that way we can innovate or customize it without destroying the weapon in the process. But this scar is from a juvenile wolf. My youngest brother Reo thought he killed one while hunting but only knocked it out, this is what I got for jumping in between the two and dispatching the beast before it did the same to us. mother was furious and father laughed for weeks.”

Her comment about the arranged marriage soured his mood a little but as he said he was looking for a friend first. Somehow he didn't think he would be able to find someone like her around here very easily but perked up at the mention of wanting to see his craft. Like a dog when someone mentioned their favorite toy. “I never really agreed that marriage is a currency kind of thing but I understand. At the very least I do hope we can be friends through this vacation I guess. And yes I think you would enjoy being around a forge to see me work. It's a little loud but you can read as much as you like and I can show you the finished products, jewelry making is not as loud. I did bring a few smaller things with me as well for this trip.” again he found himself smiling , it was good that he felt like this at least he thought so.

“Lady Violet.” he spoke and gave her a respectful bow, “please remember your scars are beautiful and it doesn't matter what those fools think because you don't care what they think already. Confidence comes in time but I believe that you will find it.” again he gave her a smile and a nod. “I do hope i can find you again tonight for a dance possibly. Oh and one more thing if you could.” Roman began to button his sleeves back down and put his gloves on. “I'm afraid I missed your entrance. Could you point out your father and mother for me?”

Location: Caesonia Castle
Interactions: Ballroom - Balcony
Mentions: @ReusableSword Roman Ravenwood

She offered him a polite nod with her head as she returned his smile. " It's a pleasure, Roman Ravenwood of Emberrock. " She gestured to herself " I am Lady Violet Damien of Caesonia " she relaxed her hands in front of her gown as the evening air blew past them, sending a slight but enjoyable shiver over her. " So I guess the night air has no effect on you then sir," she said continuing to smile. " Something about the smell of cold brisk air is quite refreshing, I'll be sure to add this Emberrock city to my list of places to travel to."

She turned to face the balcony again, her arms perching her against the railing as the gentle breeze tossed her hair around ever so slightly.

" Quite the coincidence then, that we should meet here. Suppose it's fate. if you believe in such things" she added. Violet did believe in such things, the fact that the man noticed her in the dark corner she resided in and the emblem on her dress was quite the coincidence for it to go unnoticed. " I can't say I have seen anything past what my parents approve of, so I've mainly been in Caesonia. " she took a deep breath, her face keeping the reflection of happy and doting as her mother taught her but her eyes clearly told another story.

" So.. no lord, prince or your majesty in front of your name. Might I be so bold as to ask why you were dragged to such an event...or was it by choice." she paused " which I am not entirely sure why anyone would be here by choice, It feels like livestock fair, and we are the pigs. " she sighed resting her hand under her jaw as the veil her mother groomed into her disappeared and Violet made her appearance. Her words continuing to slip out unflitered " I suppose we will find out who the prize pig will be soon enough"

Location: Caesonia Castle
Interactions: Ballroom - Balcony
Mentions: @ReusableSword Roman Ravenwood

Violet flipped the page in her book as she continued to ignore the antics around her. Her book pulled her in, telling the tale of a knight and his conquering of kingdoms and the heart of his love. She always found these sorts of stories very unrealistic, love was always portrayed as blissful, easy, and sweet. In reality, she knew it was messy, unpredictable, and raw. She preferred it that way, life was messy and so was love. If anything could attest to that it would be her parent's relationship.

Flipping another page she noticed someone approaching her. The large footsteps, which sounded a bit apprehensive, strode over to her. A deep voice spoke, and it took her a moment to realize that he was speaking to her.

Looking around for another person who may have snuck their way in her small little corner she looked up at the man from her book with her silver eyes scanning him. She offered him a friendly smile " I am sorry, I wasn't sure if you were speaking to me " she closed her book, keeping it tucked into her lap. She watched as he scanned her appearance, his natural curiosity looking at her scars as she shifted in her seat uncomfortably.

She was about to reply to the man when the hall irrupted into chaos. She watched the chaos with confusion as it pulled her attention from the man for the moment, making her uncomfortable as voices began to rise. She watched as people began to fall, tripping over each other followed by the Sultan and his companion. Shocked, Violet stood up on her feet as she looked over at the man. Taking her shot as an excuse to leave the chaos, she leaned into him " How about we continue this conversation on the balcony " she said gesturing to the two large double doors, that lead out to the balcony.

Assuming he follows, she heads towards the door slipping out onto the balcony. Holding the door for the man she took a step towards the railing as the commotion and sounds of loud voices began to settle. Taking a deep breath of the fresh night air she looked over at him.
" You must have been staring at my bodice for a while to notice them," she said offering a playful tease to lighten the mood between the awkward conversation. "They're my favorite bird, not sure why but I've always been so drawn to them. They're regal and beautiful. So many different cultures and beliefs have the raven baked into their symbolism and culture. They can signify both Death and Birth, but can also mean transformation and senses of wisdom. Their just ..amazing. " she paused as she looked over at the man " I am sorry I am rambling about a bird. "she let out a soft laugh " why do you ask though, seems like a rather strange observation considering the giant parade of exotic animals, all the beautiful women, and the food but yet you ask me about the design of my dress. " she smiled curiously, it was a rather strange question, but it amused her.

The sounds of softly played music flooded from behind the grand doors as Violet followed behind her doting parents. They opened to a grand room, that had no expenses spared for their arrival.

Violet gripped onto a small book that she held in her gloved hand. The nerves of the entire evening began to brew in the pit of her belly as they lined for the greeting into the event.

Adjusting her black collar so it was sure to cover much of her scars she adjusted her simple silver neckless. Her top was quite loose fitted around the arms, buckling towards her wrists as the semi-sheer fabric was almost invisible in the right light. Her corset was black aswell, tightly secured with her waist being sucked in by her mothers request. There was detailing of ravens embored on her corset mixed with other fliagreed designs. Her skirt was large and full, one of her best gowns as her mother insisted.

She followed behind, not paying much attention untill she was greeted by a voice.

She offered him a poliet smile and a bashful nod of her head. Wolfric was a handsom man, unsurprsing due to the appears of his parents. However there was a sense of manufactured charm pooling off of him. She had heard so many men claim her beauty and say they enjoy her company but are quick to venture off to the next best thing.

She became jaded over the years, men just not holding the same interest as they once did. Instead she kept hersel company with her books , generally finding the quietest corner of the room to read untill the evening ended.

However, at the request of her mother and father she would oblige and be the doting lady they raised her to be.

"You are too kind Prince Wulfric " she smiled and cursied as he bowed into his leave. Unsurprised as this was how all of the events tended to be she allowed a few moments before she broke away from her parents.

She did a scan of the room, noticing all of the tables full of food and various delicacies from the other lands. The various smells and scents filling her nose, one couldn't help but be distracted by everything avaliable on the table.

Taking her time she scanned the room trying to find the perfect spot to settle down with her book, but her attention was pulled when a large herd of animals broke through the door. Pulling her attention to the large gathering and the grand enterance she smirked softly wondering how her mother would react. She was never one for large gestures.

Taking this as her chance, while most were distracted, she moved behind the food tables and found a small seating area with an ornate bench. Fluffing out her skirt she sat down, cracking open the small book as he submerged herself away from all the noise.

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