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Current Just threw up all over the tub and my bathroom floor. I don't know how this day could get any worse. Also, replies going out today.
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MHW has been my life since it came out.
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Ohhh he talking shiiiiit. I'm about to cut that biiiiitch.
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Why is Skype?
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Not speaking from experience. Just from what I have heard. I swear!


Hello! I am Rodiak, I am 22, and I am somewhat new to roleplaying. I started a few months ago, but I can say that I am not too bad at it. I am able to write up 2 to 6 paragraphs, maybe more but it depends on my partner. Uh, for now, that's all? Hello again!

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My ex admitted to talking to other people(talking to them romantically and all that sexting shit). Said he didn't cheat. Said I didn't try to save the relationship because I wouldn't give him time. I was actually at school, working, or helping my mom out. And now I'm glad that we are over so I don't have to feel the constant pressure of guilt he would put me through. He also started dating a girl four days after dumping me. I'm also using this to vent. (:
Hello! I have been obsessed with MHW, and I really want to to try something that takes place in the New World. I still don't know how it will work out, but I'm making this to see if anyone is interested in an RP based in the world.

Maybe we can all come up with something together. If a plot comes to mind, I'll post it here, but if anyone is interested or has an idea they would like to share please feel free to post here!
"Wha- how can the Harbinger, the Dovahkin, just disappeared?" Jarett stood from his seat and took the letter to reread it over and over again until the words were burned into his mind. "This can't be..." Dovahkin was supposed to be this powerful person! They had defeated Alduin and Miraak and had survived to tell the tale of it! If whatever had taken the Dovahkin down would be able to simply kill their whole party. Jarett didn't say that though. Instead, he set the letter back down on the table and stood up to go back to the living quarters.

A few minutes later he emerged wearing his usual dark red coat lined with bear fur and his magical black robes under the coat. A pack had been swung over his shoulder. His two decorated knives strapped on to his waistband along with a few pouches that contained a few herbs. Some medicinal while others were used for harm. His hands were shaking slightly from all the thoughts that kept sweeping through his brain. What if it was another dragon more powerful than Alduin? What if Alduin was back? Or the Thalmor had somehow captured Dovahkin?

"Oh ancestors, this is not how I pictured the morning happening," Jarett chewed on the last bit of his breakfast nervously as he patiently waited for the rest of the party to get ready.
Before coming to Whiterun Jarett had been traveling through Skrim for weeks now and he had grown accustomed to the cold looks the pale locals gave him. He found the harsh winds and frigid mornings more welcoming than the people. He had been turned away once or twice from various Inns, and only once he had been assaulted by a couple of local Nords telling him to get out of their lands. HE couldn't just lie he wasn't a Redguard. The darker coloration and the tattoos of his skin gave his nationality away rather easily. Perhaps they were jealous of his tanned silky skin and dashing good looks. That was not his fault, and he would not dare to hide his face from the hostile people of Skyrim. Of course, not everyone was like that.

Upon arriving at Whiterun Jarett had to sware he was not an Alik'r soldier, and he was just passing through to buy some supplies. He swore on telling the truth- and he really was - but plans changed. He met the Companions. After his admittance to the Companions, the guards in Whiterun seemed to ease around him. Jarett swears he saw one of the guard's eyes linger on him as he went on in the market buying herbs from Carlotta Valentia. The Redguard didn't blame him.

Now Jarett walked to the hall of the Jorrvaskr in one of his less ornate bright red sleeping robes. Jarett could not start the morning without food and herbs tea in his belly, and that was the most important thing right now. After gathering some leaks, bread, and a piece of cheese accompanied with a hot cup of his own herbs tea he sat across the Dunmer woman. He listened in on their conversation while eating and trying to wove a few braids into his hair.
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