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Our thank you cards will have Starbucks gift cards, wedding will be sponsored by Starbucks too.
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Help. My sister is staying with me for a week and she won't stop showing me weird Tik Tok videos
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I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents today over dinner and I have been freaking all day
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When you want to join RPs but you know you don't have the time and energy to do it so you just make characters for that RP and imagine being in that world just for a little while
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Guess who ain't single no more??? Me. I'm not single anymore. Holy shit. Howdidthishappentomeomg



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I am a 26-year-old freelance photographer and editor. I currently have a part-time job at a
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Time || Location: Dusk - Walking to Alexie's
Interractions: Rose - @Tae , Finn - @Milkman

Kyran had been exchanging glances with one of the men sitting at the table before he turned to Rose, smile playing on his lips. "Hun, I doubt they'll try something when I'm fucking the one who's in charge of them. Besides, I can kick their asses anytime." He didn't try to hide the wink he gave the man on the table as he pushed himself away from the bar. He still had to clock in, get his apron, and make sure he has everything ready for his shift.

While Rose served another woman and greeted yet another new face, Kyran made his was behind the counter to the back room. There he pulled out his light gray apron, wrapped it around his waist and shoved in his notepad and brightly pink colored pen. He opened up his locked a bit more to get a better view of his reflection from the magnetic mirror. There, Kyran ran a hand through his hair, making sure to keep all of the strands of hair in place. He grinned at his reflection and closed the locker before walking back out to the floor.

There, he was introduced to one of the new faces in Ember Grove. Kyran waved at Rose as she left, "Bye bye, take care!" He said to her before she left then turned to the client with the werewolf menus in his hands. "Yep, name's Kyran but you can call me Ky- or whatever. Welcome to Ember Grove." With a small grin he pulled out the pen and notepad from his apron and took down the blonde's order. "We got some rooms on the second floor." He looked up from his notepad and collected the menu. "If you want more details you'll have to talk to Viktor, I think he's in charge of that."

"I'll be back with you food," Kyran gave the man a brief smile, looked at him up and down and turned around to take the order back to the kitchen. Man, were the new people of Ember Grove getting hotter and hotter.

Time || Location: Dusk - Walking to Alexie's
Interractions: The Twins - @Katthaj , Kaden - @Kkushmar , Rose - @Tae

Kyran could feel the crisp air against his skin as he slowly made his way down to Alexie's. He had received a text from the twins telling him to come in as a backup bartender in case it got busy- which usually did. He didn't mind the work at all, Kyran actually enjoyed it. He got to talk to people from all backgrounds while at the bar. Vampires, werewolves, and oblivious humans alike- but the main attraction was always people like him. Those gifted with magic. Those that Kyran always saught to study and observe, however, was possible.

There had been a few new arrivals over the past six months. Kyran hadn't gotten the time to study these people as of yet, but there were quite a few that he had deemed interesting. There were two- both warlocks like himself. One had dropped by the bar a few times, dark hair and tall. The other was older, with gray hair and a full beard. There were others too, non-magic users that had spiked Kyran's curiosity.

Ember Grove had proven to be a lot more interesting than he had first expected. Kyran was pleasantly surprised by this since he had never expected such a small town to have the number of supernatural residents on it. Not only that, but he still had so much to explore and see! He had made a list of all the things he would love to experience before moving out to the next city- of course, one of the many things of his list was to sleep with a vampire or werewolf. Kyran was curious about it, far more than he should be really. He was still a young warlock- compared to many others- and he was simply curious. And he would love to brag about it to a few friends back home.

By the time Kyran pushed past the front door and into the bar he noticed the regular lot in there. The usual werewolves trying to flirt, the lonely vampire or two then his eyes landed on a new face. Naturally, Kyran's interest sparked up as he approached the bar. He waved at Viktor and Katya, then at Rose, charming smile in place.

"Heyo! New guy!" Kyran came up to the bar, grinning at the guy who Viktor just had talked to. "Nice to see someone new, other than the usual drunks over there." He rolled his eyes and pointed at the group, one of them giving Kyran the bird. "Love you too, babe!" He called back with a laugh.

Imani liked the mood going on between the four of them here. While her situation was different from the one that Alejandro and Han stood in, she was grateful that their conversation was taking on a pleasant path. After the meeting with Cassandra, the ruthless businesswoman, she had been a bit put off from meeting others that she was not yet aware of. Luckily Han seemed like a woman Imani could get along with- and she was easy on the eyes, tattoos included.

"I'm afraid I've never been to Aciras before today, so I wouldn't be able to give any suggestions." Imani had only heard of Aciras from thew news and shows before but never visited the place. It was her first time here, and while she was really excited to be here, she was equally nervous. Growing up, Aciras had been a place of wonderful fashion too far away from Imani in her cold palace up in Utasi. "I've never tried bubble tea, I've seen lots of pictures of it. I am curious about it." Back in Myssalii she had been too busy studying about history and politics to really go out and explore her own country, let alone try some of the restaurants there.

Even when out of her confines of Utasi, Imani seemed to be trapped in Massylii now. At least it wasn't cold there or in Aciras. "Perhaps we'll have a chance to explore the city. It would be lovely to explore the shops here, Acirian fashion is amazing." She could ask Alejandro for some help too. She had the freedom to wear what she wanted, but it also meant having to learn a little bit of fashion sense before deciding to dress, and hopefully, Alejandro could help Imani in that regard.

A collaboration between @Pyxis & @Rodiak


After the scene with Henri and Genevieve, Raiden decided to get himself a nice cold drink to calm him down and rethink everything he had planned out for the evening. It was rather clear that Henri hadn't wanted to talk to him or even see him. He couldn't keep thinking about it for the whole night; he had other matters on hand. Raiden had yet to have a conversation with many of Xi'n's allies and their representatives; he had to check up on other friends who he had not seen in months and the most important; keep Princess Beatrice some company. The last of the list was the most important task he had for the next two months, but the thought of having to spend it with someone he was being forced to marry wasn't very appealing.

"Whiskey, on the rocks." Raiden said after waving down one of the bartenders. After receiving his drink, he cradled it between his hands and looked into the ice. Had it been worth it? He had put up with his father's demands for so long for the sake of his country, Raiden knew to marry a woman was going to be one of those many demands, and he had never prepared for it. There wasn't anything he could do about it now.

"Prince Raiden," Leo said, walking up to the man with an empty flute of champagne in one hand. There was a polite smile on her lips that hid the displeasure of seeing in front of her; it soon melted away when she saw Raiden's defeated face. Despite everything that had happened, this man was still a friend of hers. "Did you try to talk to him?" Leo knew what that face meant. She may not be close to Raiden as she used to when they were younger, but she was always able to read his face so easily.

"Leo." Raiden didn't bother with formalities and avoided her question altogether. "Drinking so early at the party?" He raised his glass to take a small sip of his whiskey. He didn't look at the woman next to him as she spoke to him. Leo had known about his relationship with Henri since the beginning, and she had been a supportive friend from the shadows. Secrecy had always been their first priority. Raiden's parents couldn't find out about him, or he would lose his title and his country.

"I should say the same about you, Rai." Leo looked back at the man next to her as she leaned into the bar and waved down a bartender to order the same as Raiden had. "Can't blame us; parties like these always seem like a drag." She thanked the guy behind the counter when he dropped off her drink. "Could be worse, you could be marrying me." She teased, hoping to lighten the mood. Leo wouldn't press Raiden about his situation with Henri- not yet at least. She knew Henri had been struggling to stay in touch even before the betrothal had been announced and she wondered if they were starting to drift apart.

"Poor bastard," Raiden scoffed and glanced back towards Asher's direction. "If only he knew what he was getting himself into." He knew the prince only from formal meetings, Raiden could tell he was a pleasant man- but a man nonetheless.

Leo rolled her eyes, a smile playing on her lips as she gently slapped Raiden's arm. "Rude," She pushed herself away from the counter and turned to look at the dance floor, watching the couples dance away in mesmerizing circles. "Just moments ago, I was sure I needed to marry him. It didn't matter what I wanted because what I wanted didn't matter. What only mattered was my people." She watched a princess in a bright red dress twirl in the arms of her partner, both smiling and laughing as they danced. "But when Viv asked us about the wedding, I wasn't so sure if it was the right decision for my people."

"For your people, or for you?" Raiden glanced over his shoulder to look at Leo. He had always admired how she presented herself to others without fear of being judged and always stayed headstrong. Raiden was always afraid of being outed when he and Henri had decided to go steady. That fear was what had driven him to slowly distance himself from the man he claimed he loved.

"I can't be selfish all the time." Leo looked back at Raiden, "My mother wants me to marry Asher to get me out of her country. She knows I'm too stubborn to control. I'd be forced to give up the title of Crowned Princess to live in Notia, and the title would fall to my brother." She brought the glass to her lips to take a small sip, careful to not smudge her lipstick. "I love my brother, but he's too dense to see what my mother is trying to do."

"So you're not going to marry him? Find some other guy and marry that one? Finally become queen and show your momma that you can do things your way? You know it won't end well. Your mother is still the queen." Raiden arched an eyebrow towards Leo. It didn't sound like a good plan overall. Leo needed the support of the nobles in her country, and Raiden knew how flimsy her relations were with those old pompous bastards.

"Something like that," Leo shrugged a shoulder, "But I don't need to marry a man." She reached over and placed a hand over Raiden's shoulder. "You have to talk to him. I know he can be an asshole sometimes and he shuts everything out, but talk to him. Tell him what your plan is if you have one, and tell him. Leaving him in the dark like you did was fucked up like really fucked up, but I know you care for him."

"I know." Raiden knew he had to talk to Henri and explain to him everything. He had a plan that would bring things backs like they used to be. "Thanks, I really thought you were going to start shouting at me and kicking me to talk to him." He offered a teasing smile as he took another sip from his drink. "Never thought you would give me encouraging words like that, I'm touched."

"I think you're the only person who feels that way." Leo rolled her eyes and gave Raiden one last pat on the shoulder. "Now excuse me, I need to talk to Chris and those beautiful ladies he's with." With that, Leo made her way around to the little group of women around Chris, her easy smile returning to her face.

"Good luck, princess." Raiden watched her go, eyes trailing towards Chris. He should talk to the man at some point, explain to him the situation, and apologize for being a bad friend- but for now, he had to make his rounds with his allies. Raiden had been away from Princess Beatrice for too long now, so he picked up his drink and began to make his way back to her.
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