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Current I might finally be back after six months. It felt a lot longer than that! I apologize to those who I abandoned without notice. Life got shitty, but it's starting to look up again.
6 mos ago
Help. My sister is staying with me for a week and she won't stop showing me weird Tik Tok videos
6 mos ago
I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents today over dinner and I have been freaking all day
7 mos ago
When you want to join RPs but you know you don't have the time and energy to do it so you just make characters for that RP and imagine being in that world just for a little while
7 mos ago
Today on the gay agenda: New month, new sacrifice needed, more gay characters for people to get mad about, and more cuddles from the boyfriend. Check. Check. Check. Back to work now. Replies tmrw



| About Me |
I am 23 years old, work as a freelancer in photography and editing. I currently have a part-time job at a
photo studio, so I tend to be online during the night PTS. I am a basic bitch who drinks chai tea with almond
milk, because I can and I have the hottest barista boyfriend ever. Can I get an amen because I ain't
single no more? This boy got balls and asked that damn hottie for his number! He actually gave it to me but
I hinted he should give it to me, but whatever.

| Roleplay |
I tend to stay between casual and high casual, depending on what people give me and what is going on at the
moment. I enjoy various genres from sci-fi to historical and slice-of-life to batshit crazy zombie apocalypse.
I have been craving more slice-of-life RPs at the moment with a few twists here and there but I am opened to
pretty much anything.Also, English is my second language so excuse some of my mistakes.

| Random Stuff? |
I started RPing about a year ago, I think. While English is not my first language, I try! Don't worry, I'm bad in
Spanish too. Even tried to learn some German and I'm pretty bad at it too. I enjoy long walks into a nearby Starbucks
to get my favorite drink, a basic ass chai latter because this bitch is basic.

You Gay Now

He is - Nostro dis pater, nostr' alma mater - He is

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Banned because it has! Ahhhh! And that profile pic is adorable.
Banned because I missed this stupid thread. Holy shit, hi!
Jarett Nazir V'urdki

"So you tell me we didn't do anything yesterday?" Jarett stared at the half-naked man standing at the foot of his bed. His eyes wandered over the man's broad shoulders down to his defined biceps and back up to his face when said man cleared his throat. "What?"

"You fell asleep," the unnamed man shrugged a shoulder as he slipped on his uniform britches on. "You were pretty drunk," another shrug.

"Ah, shit, shouldn't have done that competition against that woman then," Jarett fell back on the bed and closed his eyes with a small groan. Well, it wasn't the worst morning ever, by a long shot, but he was also not happy; nothing had happened the night before. Either way, he probably wouldn't have remembered much if something had. "I guess I owe you... you." Shit his name.

The man ran a hand through his blonde hair and rolled his eyes at Jarett's direction, of course. "Percy. My name is Percy." he had already slipped on most of his attire while Jarett continued to whine on the bed. Funny seeing someone who called themselves a sellsword act in such a childish way. "Although, it will have to wait until you come back from your little mission,"

"Mission?" Jarett sat up again to look at Percy.

"The Skingrad Company? You kept going on and on about it last night--"

Jarett groaned loudly and fell back on the bed before kicking his feet a bit. "I forgot!" He sat up again to see Percy turning around and walking out of the door. "Wait, how do I find you?" He called out after the man.

"Don't worry, I know when you'll be back," Percy said before closing the door behind him, helmet tucked under his arm.

Jarett took another hour to get ready and eat a quick breakfast of bread and cheese before making his way back to the Company's headquarters. While he had been accepted a while ago, he hadn't really wanted to stay in their sleeping quarters. Sure, he had a bed for him there, but it was rare to see him in it. Jarett was only there during the day and went out at night to mingle with some of the locals. He never really liked staying in one place for long since he had been on the move. He didn't know exactly why. Maybe some of people in the Company didn't really sit well with him. Especially those that liked to brood around or acted shifty, or liked to pretend they were the toughest shits around.

The walk to the headquarters had been pretty quiet. Jarett had bought an apple on his way and was snacking on it as he made his way to his destination. He shot friendly grins towards those in the Company he knew, and a few winks sprinkled here and there to those who didn't like him much. The way they scowled at him always made him grin even more. So when he opened the door to the meeting room, he greeted everyone with a cheery smile.

"Morning everyone, hope I'm not too late. He shot Flavia and Kalon a wink since they looked just about done. "Looks like some of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed," he made his way next to the nervous looking Dunmer and continued to snack on his delicious apple as he waited for the great Quintus to start.
I am totally here! Just that I am will probably be the last to post, since my character will probably show up late for the meeting. Will get a reply in tomorrow though!
50 points to Slytherin!

Gryffindor: 50
Ravenclaw: 0
Hufflepuff: 0
Slytherin: 150

Hope this is good! If something is off, just tell me and I'll get working on it!
Interested! Looking forward to the OOC
@NoxxisSend me a PM so we can talk about it!
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