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Hello! I am Rodiak, I am 22, and I am somewhat new to roleplaying. I started a few months ago, but I can say that I am not too bad at it. I am able to write up 2 to 6 paragraphs, maybe more but it depends on my partner. Uh, for now, that's all? Hello again!

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ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Old Sol Museum
Mentions - @Pilatus@MissCapnCrunch@RoccanIronclad
Interactions - @Silver Fox

Tuesday Morning

Aoki started her morning with tears and lots of cuddles from Sotnos and Sakura while Luci mewed loudly to make sure that Aoki knew that it was almost breakfast. The day the storm hit had not been something that Aoki had planned. From her being stuck in the bus station for what seemed forever to where she almost lost her life, she was not in an excellent mood. Hopefully, today would be a different story from the past day.

After feeding the cats, Aoki hopped into the shower to scrub away the dry tears from her cheeks and the cold. She made sure not to wet her hair since she had an appointment later that day to dye it again. Pale blue wasn't something she would come back to in a long while. Or ever. No, she would definitely come back to pale blue, but not for a while. She was still quite shaken from the near-death experience, but she was trying her best not to think about it.

Looking past the whole ordeal, Monday night had been something wild and unexpectantly fun. Paige and Dustynn had been rather good drinking companions, but she couldn't shake off the feelings that Paige and Milo had wanted to spend some time together. Either way, at least that day hadn't been all bad.

A quick breakfast after Aoki threw on some warm leggings and a dress along with leather heel boots. Ashton's leather jacket had been hung in her closet and Aoki slipped it on without hesitations. A red plaid scarf and a wide brim hat later she hurried out of her apartment to her appointment in the salon.


After some pampering from her hairdresser and some serious girl talk, Aoki left the salon with a smile on her face. Aoki had decided to go grey and purple this time and Maria, her hairdresser, happily complied.

On her way to work, Aoki sketched out a few people riding on the bus along with her on the bus. A few of them caught her staring at them, but she just shot them a smile and continued to sketch like nothing was going on. Twenty minutes later Aoki arrived at the Old Sol Museum where she clocked in and retired to her small studio. A few hours passed before Doctor Ali came in and informed her that he would be in the new exhibition that had opened and he wanted her to join him in a few minutes. Aoki agreed to it, happy that she would have some time to stretch out her legs and take a look at the new artwork.

The exhibition had been announced in the news, so Aoki was not surprised to see large crowds of people walking the halls of the Old Sol Museum. It was somewhat refreshing to see so many people interested in art. Siobhan Murphy was a talented artist, one that Aoki would hope to see with the VIP ticket Doctor Ali had given her before walking from the studios to the museum halls.

Aoki's footsteps disappeared into the sea of people talking and observing the artwork. It almost seemed peaceful and fun, until gunshots rang through the old halls of the building. Everyone around her began to scream and run all around her. Aoki wiped her head back to the source of the gunshots. There laid a man and stood a woman with familiar blonde hair. Doctor Ali was near her, but Aoki couldn't quite see who the woman was.

It didn't matter. Aoki's feet were carrying her out of the halls an on to the museum's courtyard.

While in the salon Aoki sent a text to Ashton...
"Hey! It's Aoki! Marinalia gave me your number, and I wanted to thank you for taking care of me.
I still don't remember much but I know I have your jacket. I would like to give it back to you.
Would you like to go out for some coffee and I could give you back your jacket back! c:"
ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Old Sol Museum
Group Members - @Pilatus@MissCapnCrunch
Interactions - @RoccanIronclad

Aoki was having a bit of trouble trying to calm herself with everyone around her. Fortunately, the woman that went to her side first offered a lit cigarette. Aoki nodded quickly and took it with shaky hands before taking a long drag from it. The familiar smell and taste calmed her nerves. After a few more drags, she was able to stand without the help of Milo and the other two women that had seemed to appear from nowhere.

"I-I think I'm fine now," Aoki said as she ran a shaky hand through her pale blue hair. While she was still visibly shaken and wary, she forced a smile for the three persons around her. "Just... Just an attack after almost being run over." She laughed nervously and looked at Milo. "It's fine; I'm not dead." She waved her free hand to dismiss any worry left around them.

Aoki was never good around confrontation, and she didn't want to start screaming "I'm going to sue you!" or "You asshole, you should be more careful!". The danger had passed already there was not a scratch on her person.

"Thank you for helping me up, and for the cigar." She smiled at the woman who had offered her one. "I really should have been more careful," she added, "I should have also left work when they told me." There was nothing that could be done now anyway. The accident had passed, and there was only right now to deal with. Maybe the whole ordeal would convince Milo or his apparent girlfriend to give her a ride home in their big trucks. While Aoki did not mind the snow at all, she was very keen on getting home to her cats.
ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Old Sol Museum
Group Members - @Pilatus@MissCapnCrunch
Interactions - @RoccanIronclad

There were only the flashing lights and the sound of tires screeching and skidding across the snow-covered road before Aoki dared to breathe again. She stared at the headlights of the truck just inches away from her spot by the bus station, the lights burning into her eyes. When she heard the familiar voice, she finally shook herself out of it and turned her head to look at Milo, the man she had met before. "Oh. My. Fucking. Fucks." Aoki dropped to her knees and began to take shallow breaths while the pain in her chest increased with every passing second. Her shaking hands reached for her purse, but her fingers felt numb and her arms weak. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to concentrate on the voice around her.

I'm not okay! I almost got hit by a fucking truck! Aoki wanted to scream at them, but the only thing that made it past her lips were shallow breaths and "just breath." Her hands moved over her chest as she continued to force herself to breathe normally while ignoring the pain in her chest. It took her a few minutes before he normal breathing resumed but her hands still shook, and sweat ran down her temples.

Aoki stayed sitting in the snow, ignoring everyone else around her until she was sure that it had passed.

"I'm fine now," Aoki pressed a leather gloved hand against her forehead and closed her eyes again. She was afraid if she stood she would have to lean against someone to keep her balance. "I think I am anyway,"'she added and opened her eyes to look at Milo and another woman who had climbed down her own car a few feet away to check out the scene.

Aoki was alive. No big deal. Just a near death experience followed by an attack that probably lasted a few minutes. A few minutes that felt like an eternity for her and probably made herself look stupid in front of someone she barely knew and some strangers. Great. Aoki hated when these things happened, and they didn't happen very often. Back in college, she would get attacks like these almost every week a point she avoided anything that caused her stress, including school altogether. Now, she took medication to help her, but that only did so much for situations like these where she couldn't control shit.

Another breath and Aoki tried to get up from the melting snow under her, but her feet still felt numb just like her fingers, so she stumbled a bit and fell back down on her knees. "Fuck me..." She muttered as pressed her hands against her cheeks again and took deep breaths.
ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Old Sol Museum
Group Members - @Pilatus@MissCapnCrunch
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Four hours Aoki had spent hunched over an oil painting. Her pale blue hair had been pulled back by two bobby pins, and ever so often her round glasses would slip down the bridge of her nose if she leaned in too much. Her back ached, and her elbows were sore from being folded for too long, but the stubborn woman kept on brushing the skinny brush over the painted red fabric. She had finally matched the color of the red tunic and was covering the white paste she had used to cover up the slash the painting had had a few hours ago. Now, the ugly slash was being covered with maroon oil paint and blended into the original. The painting had no name, but it was of a plump woman in a white and red tunic, her eyes staring directly at Aoki as she did her best to bring back the woman's tunic back from ruin. Aoki had spent an hour fixing the woman's blonde curls and another fixing the left corner of her mouth to make sure the nameless woman looked as she had before the years took the painting color and some of its features.

"Aoki," someone called from the door of the well-lit room. While the storm had rolled in, the large windows inside the studio had been very little help to Aoki since very little light made it through the clouded sky, so she had been forced to use two large laps on either side of her to see the painting. "Aoki!" They called again and the woman with the blue hair jumped and peeked past the canvas to see a man standing by the door.

Aoki removed her earbuds from her ears, allowing the loud heavy metal music to fill the room. "Ah, sorry about that. I like listening to my music while I paint." She chuckled nervousely as she stood from her chair, back cracking at the change of position. She groaned and rolled her shoulders before making her way to her co-worker. "What can I do for you, Alfred?"

Alfred was a tall man with a slender figure tanned skin and buzzed cut hair. "You haven't looked out the window, have you?" He raised an eyebrow at her then glanced back at the canvas. "Of course you haven't." He shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. "Doc Ali is dismissing everyone. The storm seems to be a very serious one."

"Oh!" Aoki glanced back to look out of the windows. From the studio windows the gardens of the museum were visible, but today everything was covered by a thick layer of snow. "I know there was going to be a storm, but I didn't realize it would be this bad." She didn't quite take American news too seriously. In Sweden, snow was the second nature to its citizens, and it did very little to stop them from going to work or school. Here, it seemed like a bit of snow fall was called a storm by everyone. "I did think it was going to be a few inches of snow."

Alfred rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes, I get it you're from a snowy place, but this one seems serious. Doc Ali said to tell you first since he knows how you get when you start painting. Seriously, Aoki, you can't stay here. It'll be freezing later, and the snow might keep piling up."

Aoki nodded and smiled at his fuzzing. "I will don't worry. Thank you for telling me, Alfred." With that, the taller man left Aoki alone in the studio.

Alfred was right, the snow seemed to be piling up, and she was sure there would be no way the roads would be open for long. She had to catch the bus before service stopped or slowed down. While she enjoyed the snow, she did not want to be stuck out in the freezing temperatures waiting for the bus.

Two hours later...

She should have listened to Alfred. Aoki was an idiot for staying in the studio for another half an hour to finish up the painting! The last bus had passed ten minutes ago before she arrived at the stop and now she stood under the small roof of the bus station trying to avoid the harsh wind. Aoki had a coat and a large scarf to keep her warm and dry, but her feet were starting to get wet. She should have opted her less fashionable boots instead of the ones she had on right now.

"This sucks!" Aoki groaned out loud as she made her way down the street towards the Police station. There was a bus stop there that would at least drop her off a few blocks away from her apartment, but at least she wouldn't have to walk all the way to Old Harbor. It would be at least fifteen minutes before the bus arrived at the station, so Aoki had five minutes to make it to the station and ten to wait in the freezing cold, she was not looking forward to it at all.

karishma laghari

Location - Sol University
Mentions - @Alex_The_Great
Group Mentions - @Almalthia@Conscripts
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Ever since Monday Karishma and Alex had exchanged numbers and had been texting and FaceTiming each other every chance they got. While Karishma was busy with the recording of her new single and auditioning for roles in television series or movies, she still had time for the nice young man she had breakfast that Monday morning. There was something about him that she liked a lot and Gabe was getting sick of hearing her talk about him or the pictures of cakes he would send her on a da ily basis. The whole ride to the university Karishma giggled at her phone and snapped a quick selfie with her cup of coffee and seven empty sugar packs. Gabe still didn't know how she was able to consume so much sugar and sweets without getting cavities, and her new center of attention worked in a bakery. Yay, more sweets.

After an hour of careful driving through the snow-covered streets of Sol City, they finally made it to the university in one piece. Gabe escorted Karishma to one of the halls were auditions were being held. The role she was auditioning was for a movie about an India woman who lives in a remote village in India where a British archeologist travels there to learn and record the culture there. They fall in love, and the woman leaves the village to go to London. The British man had already been cast, and it was rumored to be a English celebrety making his way to American films, much like Karishma was. So she memorized all the lines she was given and even practiced with Gabe, practiced in the shower, practice on her morning workouts and even as she texted Alex. Karishma wanted the role, she needed the role to start up her career and stop living off her savings.

"You can talk Hindi right?" The woman in a blue pants suit asked Karishma, who stood in the middle of the room with her hands folded behind her back.

"Yes, I can talk Hindi, English, French, and Spanish," Karishma said with a polite smile. Not many people knew she was able to talk four languages. While Karishma was not very bright with numbers or date, she was rather gifted at learning other languages. She had been planing on learning German or Russian next. "I can also do many accents; I practice in front of the mirror every day while I do my make up." She smiled when the people behind the table laughed and nodded.

"We have seen your resume," A man with brown hair and pale skin said, a producer for the film. "While you have a lot of tittles under your belt you also have a big reputation."

Karishma sighed and nodded. That subject couldn't be avoided. Her reputation had followed her from India into America, and it had proven to be a blockade on her career, and she was trying to get over it, but no matter what she wasn't able to push past it. "Ah, yes. Tabloids slandered my name and my image back home. I'm sure you read about the break-in my home while I was away too." She shook her head and rubbed her temples. Thinking about the incident always gave her a headache. "This is why I want to continue acting and entertaining. I want to show people that no matter who you love you will continue with determination and dedication." She brought the smile back to her lips.

"Yes, that is something we liked about you. Your acting it amazing, and you can capture so many emotions." The man looked at the other two women sitting at the table with him. "We'll call you when we have made our decision. Thank you for coming, Karishma."

"I look forward to your call." Karishma smiled and went to shake their hands before leaving the room with a little smile. While they had been a little cold, there was something about the way the two women looked at her while she acted out the scene that gave her a little hope that she would be cast into the film. All the had to do now was wait.

Gabe was sitting outside of the small hall with other people who were waiting for their auditions. Karishma shot him a quick smile and a thumbs up as he approached her.

"How did it go?" Gabe asked, handing her coat and coffee. Her smile told him it went well, and the thumbs up meant she was confident that she would be scoring the role as the main character, or maybe a supporting role.

"Good!" Karishma said, not mentioning the small talk about her reputation in India or her words about her career path. Gabe knew why she wanted to continue her career in the entertaining business and she hadn't given up so easily. It was something Gabe supported and wanted to see her succssed in.

"Let's go, it's cold in here." Gabe said as they made their way down the hallway and soon enough found themselves a bit lost.
karishma laghari

Location - Heaven Square Mall
Mentions -
Interactions - @Alex_The_Great

Karishma looked up from her coffee to Alex and stuck her tongue out at him. "I deserve it after running six miles," She sipped her coffee after she had finished dumping five sugar packets into the dark liquid. She didn't mind Alex's arm around her, it offered warm against her thin sportswear-- and it felt nice. "I work most of the day," She nibbled on her bottom lip as she tried to work out her schedule for the next of the week. She had to go to the studio and record her album, but she still ended her single first. This week was going to be busy since she had finished writing the song and just needed to show up for the recording and work with the band. "Maybe around six?" She would get out of work at four, but she wanted to wash up before going over to Alex's place. While she often didn't care if people saw her in sweats and a t-shirt, their little meet up was starting to sound more and more like a date.

"Here," Karishma said with a smile as she took Alex's phone and typed down her phone number. She named herself "Kari" followed by two emoji hearts and a kissy face. While she did that, Gabe, on the other side of her looked over at Alex.

"I see why she liked you so quickly." The man said and groaned when Karishma lightly punched his arm. "You shouldn't be asking me; you should be asking her." He smiled when Karishma rolled her eyes and handed the phone back to Alex. "I'm just her bodyguard and friend."

"I'm not famous. Here anyway. I'm infamous in India. Would I be considered infamous?" She tapped her index finger on her chin as she thought about the whole thing. Telling Alex about her career in India was not something she wanted to do so quickly. Those people who knew often felt bad for her or began to treat her differently after finding out. They would also find out about all the shit that went down and all the rumors and backlash she had faced a few months ago. She didn't want people asking her questions or begging for the truth. Looking her up wasn't as simple anyway, she hadn't used her real name while working in Bollywood. Her agent had done an excellent job and keeping it a secret.

"I'll tell you later, I promise." Karishma finally said, looking at Alex. "I'll have to take you out on a date first." She smiled, bringing back the light and playful atmosphere. She didn't want to linger too much on the whole famous thing. "Since you'll be having me over, why don't I have you over too?" It had been a while since she had cooked something and she was craving some homemade food for a while.

ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Old Harbor
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Interactions - @RoccanIronclad

"Oh." Aoki took the drawing back and quickly put it back in her sketchbook just as a gust of wind hit them. She shut eyes quickly and waited until it was over to look at him again. She was glad that she would be able to keep the sketch since she had been planning on painting on a large canvas if she ever had the free time. "Oh, you run the Final Round Armory? I guess it is good I'm keeping it then, wouldn't want it to get burned." She offered up a friendly smile.

"My name is Aoki Sandtröm; I'm an art conservator at Sol Museum." She offered the man a handshake after putting her sketchbook in her bag. "I'm really sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I tried to be discreet, but it looks like I failed." She was just glad that he didn't seem to mind too since he was inviting her over for lunch.

"Ah, really?" Aoki smiled as she fumbled with her scarf. She was hungry, and she didn't feel like cooking anything today. "Fish does sound good right now." She agreed and gave him a small nod. "I wouldn't want you to waste any good food either, and I'm willing to help with whatever." While Aoki wasn't the greatest cook, she could make passable cook with just enough seasoning. Cooking wasn't her stronghold, something she hadn't been able to learn from both of her parents since they were both great cooks. It seemed like fate had decided she knew how to play enough instruments and decided not to give her the talent of cooking.
karishma laghari

Location - Heaven Square Mall
Mentions -
Interactions - @Alex_The_Great

When Alex's arm wrapped around Karishma, Gabe's jaw tightened, but he didn't say anything. He knew what the boy was doing, and he was grateful he didn't have to be the one to do it. Karishma usually delt with people like the waiter long enough to just ignore it or play around with the people who treated her like that to get some laughs out of Gabe. This time, however, it seemed like Karishma's new friend had it under control, although Gabe felt a tiny bit sorry for what came next.

As they finished ordering their drinks and food, the waiter left, glaring at Alex as he turned on his heels and left. Karishma only giggled and leaned against Alex, pressing her chest against his. "I didn't know I was your love." She winked at him nestled herself comfortably next to him. "Thank you for that, love, but I can handle men like that. They are very simple-minded, and they only want one thing from me. I always like to play around with them and make them think they have a chance with me." She giggled again. "Some even ignore the fact I have a very buff and attractive man right next to me." She shot Gabe a grin and he rolled his eyes.

She was grateful that Alex had step up dealt with the annoying waiter. While Karishma was used to it and she got a laugh out of messing with those type of men she was starting to grow tired of it. Gabe knew this, and he tried to do his best to help her, but there was little he could do sometimes. Alex had been a nice chance of pace to her ruitine. "Thank you." She said in a genuine tone as she leaned in and kissed his cheek. Karishma didn't care if it was too forward, she didn't know nor did she care that she was invading his personal space. He didn't seem to mind, and she had always been someone who was big on physical contact with anyone she liked. So a kiss on the cheek wasn't a big deal for her, and didn't know if it was for Alex.

"Your drinks." The waiter came back just as Karishma pulled back from the kiss. The man had a forced smile on his lips as he set down the coffee down on the table. He put down a small container with milk on it and left their table without another word.

"We should do this more often." Karishma pulled back and did a little dance with her hips as she poured lots of sugar into her cup of coffee. She had always had a sweet tooth, and every drink she drank had to be sweet. Even alcoholic drinks had to be sweet, or Karishma would not drink them. "I can go over and see your picture, maybe after we can go out and you can teach me how to take pictures." She smiled at Alex, hoping he would say yes. He had already invited her over to his home, which Karishma found surprising but welcome, but she wanted to go out more with him. He seemed like an interesting and cool guy. She wanted to know more about him.

ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Old Harbor
Mentions -
Interactions - @RoccanIronclad

Aoki looked up, her eyes wide and her face red. "Oh." She said just above a whisper as she watched the man looking straight at her. He had noticed! Of course, he had, Aoki hadn't been very distracted and she had been carried away by concentrating too much on her sketch. She covered half of her face with her sketchbook as she nodded and watched him reel in a fish. She could take this opportunity to pick up her things and run away, but Aoki's feet were frozen in place from the embarrassment she felt. It took her a few moments to finally lower her sketchbook and speak to him.

"I-I'm sorry," She tucked in a few strands of hair behind her hot and read ear. "I just... the view was nice you just happened to be there." That was partly true, but he didn't need to know that. Aoki had seen him as she approached the port and he looked interesting. There had been minimal opportunities to sketch someone that had similar features as him, so she had taken this chance to do so. "I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable." She had noticed the way he had reached for something in his coat, making her believe he was prepared for confrontation.

Aoki cleared her throat and finally pushed herself up and approached the man. "You can have it." She started as she began to tear the sketch from the book. She had told herself she would give her sketches to those who noticed her, so this wouldn't be any different. "Just don't throw it away, please, I am very proud of this one." She had paid special detail to his figure in the sketch; she had even done his hair flowing in the cool wind. "And I did get a good angle, so you don't have to worry about that." She smiled a bit. While she was still embarrassed, she was trying her best not to be awkward about the whole thing.
ᴀᴏᴋɪ ʀᴇʏɴᴀ sᴀɴᴅsᴛʀöᴍ

Location - Sol City Streets - Old Harbor
Mentions - @PrinceAlexus@RoccanIronclad
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"Wha-- I didn't get any message!" Aoki was talking on the phone as she walked down the street, her hair blowing on the cold wind. Her tan coat slapped harshly against her legs as she made her way to the Uber that she had ordered home just a few minutes ago. "Yes, I checked my email, but there was nothing on there." She had gotten a call from her boss telling her that is she was going to come in late. Apparently, there had been a change in her schedule and Aoki had not gotten the memo. Her schedule had been changed to start earlier now, and she would be able to leave the museum earlier too. While Aoki was glad her hours had been changed, she was still unhappy that she had not gotten the email that had informed her of it. "I'll be there in ten minutes. Thank you for calling me." With that, Aoki hung up and hoped that there was no traffic on her way to work.

Aoki was supposed to start at 7 in the morning, and she arrived to work an hour late. There had been a lot of traffic in the streets, and an accident had slowed down the highways, so there was no way for her to arrive any earlier. Although a bike would have been helpful, but Aoki didn't know how to ride one-- and riding in heels must be difficult. Aoki also took the whole hour in the Uber to thank Marinalia for giving her Ashton's information. She would contact the other woman later at night when she was at home. It would be nice to get everyone she had met at the club to hang together and talk peacefully.

As soon as Aoki clocked in, she got to work on a painting from the early 18 hundreds. The painting's colors had faded, and there were a few cracks on the canvas. There would be no painting today, since she had to prep the painting first and make sure she examined everything she would have to do to restore the painting correctly. It took her about two hours to get every little detail down on paper and make sure to note it's location so she wouldn't overlook it when it was finally time to seal and cover up the cracks. The rest of the day was spent prepping the painting and documenting every little detail about it as she did so. Restoring old pictures like this could be a lot of pressure for someone. Being in charge of taking care of something so old and historical could have been too heavy for someone to handle, luckily Aoki was a woman of determination and ambition! While her perfectionism did slow her down a bit, she continued to work hard and not let the pressure get to her.

Later that day, after work

Old Habor was a place of history. Aoki loved history. She loved living and working with history. There was something about Old Harbor that made her feel like she was back home in Helsingborg. Since the days had begun to grow colder and colder, she had started to become more homesick. The cold always reminded her of the snowy days back home and how she and her brothers would play around in their backyard while their parents watched and tried to hide the whiskey they drank. To help her homesickness, Aoki would often go to the harbor, sit down with her sketchbook, and listen to some of her father's orchestra songs. On bad days, she would come and listen to him playing the piano and cry until she could see her family standing in front of her. Aoki had debated going back to Sweden so many times, but every time she had to remind herself that going back there wouldn't further her career. She had a life in Sol now, even if it was a lonely one.

"Maybe I can do for summer vacations..." Aoki hadn't been back home in years and seeing her parents and brothers in person would do good to her. She never really liked the summer here in America and Helsingborg was a lot cooler than Sol during the summer, so she would be able to escape the heat too. The more she thought about vacations back home, the more she felt the homesickness grow. Aoki decided to push her thoughts about home back and save it for later. Now, there was a beautiful view of the harbor. While someone would think cloudy skies and a gloomy feel to the dock seemed somewhat sad, Aoki enjoyed this weather. She loved to sketch and shade in clouds. There was also a man fishing in the harbor while boats passed by. The wind was a lot harsher by the water, so his hair was whipping around. Aoki had taken a seat just about 30 yards away from him, so she had a pretty good view of him. Without wasting another moment, Aoki began to sketch the man down.

As she sketched down the passing boats and the man, Aoki tried not to make it too evident that she was staring at the man's figure as her pencil drew lines on the paper. It had been a while since she had done anything realistic, so Aoki wanted to take the opportunity to practice and take advantage of the lovely scenery. Besides, Aoki tended to give out the sketches she drew of people to the person, in case they noticed. Luckily, the man she had been sketching for the past half hour.

Everything was done in pencil. Aoki had taken some artistic liberties by drawing the stranger with a sad smile instead of a serious one. A smile that Aoki was too familiar with. When she was done, Aoki held the drawing up to compare it to the man, hoping he wouldn't notice what she was doing. Anyone who was watching her from afar would at least think what she was doing was really weird and strange. Aoki didn't mind too much, as long at the man she had drawn didn't notice. The drawing had come out too nice to give away.
karishma laghari

Location - Heaven Square Mall
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"Stupid reason really." Was all Karishma said about her first arrest back in India. While the reason was stupid, and it almost ended her career she considered the reason the stupidest thing ever."I'll tell you some other day." With that, Karishma decided their little conversation about her first time in jail ended. While it was clear that she did not want to talk about the whole incident, she still wore an easygoing smile on her lips. She didn't like to spoil the mood with a conversation that was better left for another time. Besides, they had arrived at the mall and Karishma was starving for something delicious!

"We can head up to one of the restaurants in here. I heard Lady's Cafe was good and it's pretty new." Karishma said as she watched Gabe get out of the car first. She took the few seconds they had alone to grin at Alex. "Don't worry about Gabe, he's a friendly guy once you get to know him!" She took his hand and pulled him out of the car when Gabe opened her door. She pulled her shades back on and slid her arm around Alex's again as she did at the park.

Gabe led the way this time since he was more familiar with the mall. While he didn't like to shop, he had memorized the floor plan for Karishma's safety-- and to lead her in a path that would result in less stop to random shops. They passed several shops that Gabe had to stop Karishma from going in by reminding her that the crepes at the restaurant were to die for and that she still needed her coffee or she would become grumpy. Karishma, of course, pouted all the way to the cafe since she wasn't allowed to go into the stores. Instead, she stroke up a conversation with Alex about photography. She had noted his camera, and she was curious about his hobby.

"I saw that you were taking pictures at the park." Karishma didn't mention the fact that he had snapped a picture of her and Gabe while they rested by the fountain. Instead, she asked about his favorite shots or if he would ever consider going pro. "I heard National Geographic, and other businesses like that are pretty cool! Back in India, I knew a few photographers, but those specialized in modeling and fashion." She had been part of quite a few fashion runways back in New Dheli where her agent had scored a few photo shoots for her with fashion designer clothes. It had been fun to be part of that. "Maybe you can show me some of your pictures later? I would love to see them!"

Gabe opened the restaurant door for them when they finally arrived. The outside had fake brick walls with a sign that said Lady's Cafe written in cursive. There were a few tables and chairs on the outside, but those were props. Inside, the walls had similar brick walls, but they were covered in black and white photographs of Paris. Many were candid photos that ranged from very old to very recent. There was soft instrumental music playing in the background as Gabe got a table for the three of them. It only took a minute for a waiter to lead them to a small table booth by the back of the restaurant.

"What would you like to drink?" The waiter, a man in his mid-twenties with, combed back brown hair, and broad shoulders asked the group as he handed them the menus. He smiled at Karishma as he gave her the menu and kept her eyes on her while she browsed through it quickly.

"I'll have a cup of coffee," Gabe said first, looking intently at the waiter.

"I'll have the same," Karishma said after she looked through the beverages briefly. Coffee with two sugars and nothing more was the way she liked her coffee. Milk belonged to tea and not with coffee. She looked at Alex, ignoring the looks the waiter was giving her and asked him "How about you? The coffee is good here, but the espresso is very good too."

Location - City Streets
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This was all too much for Marcus. He kept trying to wrap his head around what was happening in front of him. He glanced from Espe to weird man and now the new strange girl. He didn't have time for this. He has a bad feeling growing in his gut and meeting all these new people were not helping him at all. Marcus still had to go meet up with his sister at the park, and he didn't like to keep her waiting. To add to his bad feeling, she hadn't called him to tell him she was already there.

"I'm all up for making new friends and meeting all sorts of people, but I really need to go," Marcus said to Esperanza, ignoring everyone else around them. "I really don't like the idea of leaving you with that guy." he tried not to glance at the weird man with the bird on his head. "But this girl looks nice enough." He smiled at the new girl who had just approached their little group. "I'm really sorry, I need to go meet up with my sister, and I have this feeling that she might be in trouble--"

Ash. Old. Mold. Ancient.

He knew that smell. It was Aurora. She was in trouble. The only time he had smelled that was when she first made the pack with him. If Marcus was able to smell him, then she must have summoned him, or he had come out on his own free will. Either of those scared Marcus.

"I'm sorry, I have to go." He said before turning around and running down the street as fast as he could.


Location - Park
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"What kind of blood?" Alekis began to rumage through his bag in look for the vials of blood he kept. "Human, of course." It was his own blood that he used in rituals. The blood had to be from a willing subject or the spells could go wrong, so he used his own. It was eaasier that way, and he didn't have to ask Marcus for his anymore. He also carried animal blood, but he doubted that Price would want that.
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Location - Corona Park - Heaven Square Mall
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Karishma was glad she had spotted Alex, he seemed like a really nice guy who didn't know about her or her past. That made him even better to hang out with. Their first meeting had been a bit bad, but she was glad that their first impressions hadn't been considered much. "Alex, I can, and I have punched several people in many places." She lowered her shades to give the man a wink. "And I did not go to jail for that." She continued on with other comments about the girl who got hit, whose name was Ash. When Karishma had first seen the woman, she had thought she had been a very tall man.

"You're new here too?" Karishma and Alex talked as they walked to the black SUV. Gabe walked behind them, keeping a close eye on Alex. While Gabe was friendly with Karishma, he was wary around new people she would invite to tag along. Not many knew who she was yet, and she they did they would often try to take advantage of her. It had happened more than once, and he did not want to see that happen to her again. Gabe might be her official bodyguard, but they were also best friends.

"I recently came here from India. Had some trouble back there that resulted in me having to leave to keep myself safe." Karishma shrugged a shoulder and said it like it wasn't a bit deal that death threats were arriving in her email on the daily. Of course, she didn't say that because that would scare off her new friend and she didn't want that. When they arrived in the SUV Karishma stopped on her tracks when Ale said he would meet them over there.

"What? You're riding with us!" She walked over and hooked her arm in his. "Don't be shy, Alex! The car's trunk is big enough for your bike, besides it's getting chilly and I wouldn't want you to catch a cold because of me." She gently tugged on his arm and signaled Gabe to help Alex put the bike in the SUV's trunk. The bodyguard nodded and did as he was told while Karishma climbed in the back seat and waited for Alex to climb in the empty seat next to her.

While in the car, Karishma pulled on a grey sweater and let her hair down to comb it with her fingers. It took her the whole ride to braid it neatly and make sure to double tie it so it wouldn't just start frizzing over from the workout earlier. When they finally arrived Karishma turned to Alex with another smile. "What are you in the mood for? I could go for a nice cup of coffee. I know there are a few restaurants in the mall." Pancakes or waffles sounded grand right now for Karishma. Or some crepes. Oh, the Coffee Pot had the best coffee in the whole city, but it would probably be full right now, and she did not want to wait.
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