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I understand why people find parties noisy and awkward, but like I go to one almost every Saturday and I usually dance my ass off. I guess I'm not feeling the band tonight.
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I'm in a party and instead of dancing I am on here. Why. Am. I. Like. This???
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Hello! I am Rodiak, I am 22, and I am somewhat new to roleplaying. I started a few months ago, but I can say that I am not too bad at it. I am able to write up 2 to 6 paragraphs, maybe more but it depends on my partner. Uh, for now, that's all? Hello again!

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There's going to be an Olive Oyl remark eventually.

I swear it.

Olivia won't like it and someone will end up with a fist on their face, but can't wait for it!

@Rodiak Welcome to the team!'re accepted.

Thank you!
If anyone from the interest check doesn't post a CS or if anyone drops out please do tell, I have a CS prepared for this!

It wasn't what Felix expected. The man told them to close his eyes and when he did he didn't feel anything happening around them. Was this some sort of joke? A sort of hazing to welcome the new members of the agency? Felix opened his eyes to question the man when the bright light swallowed them whole and everything turned white for a second, then another. And another. Felix could feel the floor under him give up but there was no sensation of falling. He could still feel the lady's hand on his but there was nothing but white light until he heard a very familiar voice welcome them. Felix pulled his hand back to rub his eyes. It took him a few seconds for the white to slowly fade from his vision. He could see the floor under him and the outlines of people now so he straightened out his blazer and composed himself back again. It seemed like he hadn't been the only person to keep their eyes open when the light came.

The group was led to another room when the rest of the member were brought to their location via Mr. Karim. The room looked like a factory with all the machinery lined up around the room. The woman in the middle of the room was not recognized by Felix but he could tell she was one of the chosen leaders. He stood to the far right of the small group and folded his hands behind his back, listening to Ms. Yoma Jang talk. While the woman had beautiful delicate feature he knew better than to think the woman was helpless. The way she held herself told him she was capable of defending herself in a dangerous situation. Her piercing abnormal colored eyes gave Felix a weird feeling he couldn't quite place.

When she spoke he couldn't help but to arch an eyebrow at her words. What did the circus have to do with their first assignment? Would the agency be taking them to a circus to learn how to do flips in midair and walk on his hands? Because Felix already knew that and he was ready to show off to the other members. Or were they going to fight clowns that possessed creepy abilities like sucking the fun out of you? Perhaps lions that walked in their hind legs and twirled around? Felix hoped there were no clowns involved as he looked down to check the pocket watch he carried around. They had the whole day and Felix was not looking forward to their first assignment.
I am here for this!
We just need one more person! I'll get working on the OOC thread and post it tomorrow!
@Aisylum As promised!

Sisters and brothers of the Fifth Fleet, it's time. I'll keep my farewell brief-- never was much with words. Once you board this ship, there is are no turning back. The next ground your feet will touch will be that of the New World. If any of you have lost your nerve, then step away now and let no one judge you.

Very well. Then sail safe and strong... And may the Saphire Star light your way."

This RP will follow the major quests and side quests of the game. For those who wish to join, you must have played the game, or you are willing to research on the monsters and storyline of the game. We will start at the arrival in Astera and continue from there. Maybe. Still not too sure about this, but we can all brainstorm and see what fits the best for all of us.

There will be four spots for the hunters opened and, if anyone wants it, for the group's handler.

As for the combat, we will be running a dice system that applies to the player and the monster. As we progress on the storyline, the PCs gains more health just as new and stronger monster appear.

-General RPG rules
- No godmoding
- 2-3 Paragraphs is the minimum
- write in the 3rd person past tense; it's nice to have everyone stay in this style so everyone can read every post smoothly
- Romance is welcomed, just no smut. If you want to do that go ahead and do it in PMs
- There is an 18+ tag, so that is for violence and gore, that is welcomed(to a certain extent)

Cries and explosions echoed in his head.

Felix stood in a snow-covered field wearing his English uniform and a musket on his hands.

Wailing of women and men alike rang in his hears.

He looked around frantically looking for the source of the pain, but all he could see was the snow gently falling from the sky.

Bullets flying through the air.

Felix dropped the gun and closed his eyes. "Please... Stop. Stop!"

Blood splattered on the ground. Fire. Death. No escape.

Wake up!

Felix's eyes shot open and were greeted by the white walls of his room. A nightmare... He closed his eyes again, this time seeing nothing but the soothing darkness. He wasn't back there. He was here in London inside the South Bank House and sleeping in the room he had chosen. Still, his heart raced, and he could feel the cold sweat running down his back. Sometimes it was like this in the mornings. Felix would wake up to nightmares of the war. He usually stood in an empty field hearing all those things he heard years ago. Other times it was worse. Felix shook his head and pushed himself up from the warmth of his bed. No time to dwell on the past. He had to get ready for the meeting later on, and he didn't want to Ms. Agatha's lunch either.

He got up and dressed in his usual black suit and a deep red cravat, a gift he had received from one of his soldier friends after the war. His friend. Richard had died just months after the war. No one knew how he died; they know that they found his body near an opium den in the East End of London. Felix understood Richard's struggle, and he understood why the man frequented opium dens. The nightmares and memories alone of the war made him want to go to an opium den in East End, but he still had things to do. He had come this far that getting addicted to that drug seemed like a waste to him.

Felix left his room after getting dressed and ade his way to get some lunch. While had been in the South Bank House for three days now he had not been able to interact with the others inside the building. Felix knew there were a few others in the fourth floor with him, but Felix had only seen glances of them. Most of the time he had shut himself in his room or gone to the Hansford estate to visit his adopted siblings and train a bit more. The South Bank House was too small to train in, and he wondered if they would have a space to exercise their abilities and learn about the others also. He was quite curious what the others were capable of.

Once lunch was finished, Felix made his way to the common room, just ten minutes before the meeting was to start. He knew the importance of first impressions and being on time was always important. He was a soldier and following orders was what Felix had been trained to do. So when the man, he presumed as Haji Karim, asked them to join hands he did so without hesitation. While it may have seen strange to the people in the room Felix knew that there was a reason why he had ordered it. Felix knew that Karim had abilities, much like the rest of them, and he was the one in charge, so there was no reason to doubt the man.

Felix stood from the seat he had taken a few minutes ago and stood beside a well-dressed woman and gloved hands. "I am Felix Hansford, lovely to make your acquaintance." He took her hand and bowed his head. "Looks like we are being toyed with by the commanding officers." He glanced at Mr. Karim with a small smile and opened his other palm and waited for another to join in.
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