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Attire: Coat/Shirt, Trousers/Coat-tails, and Boots
Time: 7pm
Location: Sorian Park -> Edwards Estate
Mentions: Ariella Edwards @Tpartywithzombi,
Interactions: Victoria and Gideon Edwards @princess

With the delivery of his letter gone off without much of a hitch, Drake had resumed his leisurely stroll through the city. There wasn't much to observe or think about as he made the steps across the smooth pathways. It was, for once, a rather calm evening for him, and he felt rather pleased with how things were going. Of course he had his anxieties over how Princess Camilia would take his letter, and wondered if perhaps the others present would get a peak at it. He gave himself a mild shrug, as a man who can’t pronounce his feelings in front of an audience shouldn’t be doing things like sending love letters. He continued his walking pace, daydreaming about what he could possibly have in store for himself tomorrow. A daydream that would come to a quick halt as he approached the front of his estate.

The most obvious thing would be Gideon and Victoria Edwards standing at the doorway, as if ready for his arrival. He wondered if he had forgotten something as their serious expressions seemed to dictate. Drake thought to himself for several moments as he slowly approached them, keeping his calm as best he could before addressing them. ”Mother. Father. I am glad to be so well received on my return home but it seems something is amiss. What is it that troubles you both tonight?”

"Yes, something is amiss, Drake," Victoria greeted him with a disdainful tone. The Duchess's gown shimmered under the chandelier as her eyes bore down at her son from the top of the staircase. She slowly descended, her every movement exuding an air of haughtiness and superiority. Eventually, she came to a stop before him, her flowery perfume overpowering the air.

"Unfortunately for you, you'll be going straight back out," she declared with a dismissive wave of her hand. With a grimace, she suddenly began straightening the collar of Drake’s shirt.

“What your mother means to say,” The red-haired Duke of Sorian finally emerged from the side, he himself also adorned in the most luxurious of clothing. With a warm smile greeting Drake, he displayed a reassuring demeanor despite the concern lining his face. Placing a firm yet comforting hand on his son's shoulder, he spoke with an unwavering resolve."We need you to go back out tonight, my son... I apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured, I can arrange for guards to accompany you, if necessary... However, there is a pressing matter involving your sister, Ariella, that requires our immediate attention." he explained calmly, “We need you bring her home.”

"...I swear if she’s barefoot in the woods again…” Victoria’s grumble could be heard behind them.

Drake took in the words calmly as he could but felt his mother’s blatant attitude to be a touch drastic for simply requesting an audience with his sister. He furrowed his brows as she adjusted his collar and made his own rudimentary adjustments after the fact. ”Walks on the town are no inconvenience to me. The fresh night air does wonders for a stressed mind.” He made a motion for a nearby servant and calmly requested for him to bring a carriage around to the front of the house.

”Last I heard she was to attend the Alidasht dinner party with one of the Shehzade royalty. Surely this fuss isn’t over one of her retreats into the woods?” His tone was slight disbelief mixed with curiosity as he wondered just what his parents, or most likely the Duchess herself, would be so animated about.

" It’s exactly that, but worse.” Victoria told him, patting his collar down until it was perfect, "She was seen sneaking with a man into the woods and it won’t be long until rumors run amuck… Do you know how hard I work to make sure everyone thinks well of us? …It’s like she doesn’t have any empathy for me.” She vented, clearly vexed over this. " Anyways, we were able to find out where she’s been going and we had the area searched-”

“Some concerning items were found.” Gideon added curtly, “Some that could suggest she might be involved with the occult. We want to conversate and shut down these rumors as fast as possible for the sake of her wellbeing,”

" And especially mine.”

“Right, of course, my darling Victoria. We all care deeply for the stress this is causing you.” He took his wife’s palm and kissed the back of her palm. She relaxed a little, though, she still yanked her hand away from him. “Drake, please bring her home as soon as possible.. I’d send our staff but I fear she may resist them.”

”Yes Mother I am sure this event is rather stressfu-Come again?” Drake stopped mid sentence after the mention of occult items. He rubbed his jawline with his fingers for a moment as he was truly perplexed by the notion. This must be a misunderstanding. But it is still best to just do as they want for now.

The carriage had begun to turn around the building, prompting Drake to talk once more to his parents. ”I shall see to it. No need to send any guards after me. I have a very persuasive word and an even more persuasive…method should I run into any trouble.” It wasn’t really a secret that Drake kept a flintlock pistol on hand but he figured he should subtly allude to it for his father’s sake of mind. ”Perhaps mother could use a glass of her finest champagne to ease the mind. And before you say something, dear Mother, no you are not suddenly growing crow’s feet and gray hairs.” He turned to walk out the door, holding it open with one hand as he turned to look at them once more. ”Anything else before I take my leave?”

They both shook their heads, though Victoria did not seem happy about his suggestion and was glaring at him.

Sensing her distaste Drake decided to add. ”Oh, come now. It was merely a quip to try and lighten the mood. In all due seriousness I shall get her back shortly.” He walked to the carriage and shut the door, finally adjusting his collar back to his preferred position.
Charlotte & Farim

Location: Alidasht Guest House
Time: 7pm
Mentions: Charlotte @princess, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy

Farim had been looking rather grim at the moment. The servant came by and refilled his wine in due haste, prompting a short nod from the young Shehzadi. He took a sip before a sudden rush of wind hit the room, as the woman he met earlier had arrived for dinner after all. She had gone through a few introductions, and then approached Farim. He watched every step of hers with a new intrigued look. What was first pessimism on his face began to warp into a more joyful expression, if only slightly. But he knew that with her, came another familiar friend. He smiled wide as she brought his lovely bird back to him. His heart began to soften at the sight of his loyal companion. He immediately allowed her to hop into his lap, his hand cupping for her head to naturally fit for a gentle pet. Thara happily rubbed her head along Farim’s palm before looking around the room to investigate the many new and familiar faces she now saw. A soft coo came from her beak as Farim continued to pet her.

”I am ever grateful. This is just what I needed to turn the night around, dear Princess.” Her soft words and positive personality certainly had an effect on him. He could tell Thara had been well kept and she seemed rather content. For this he was grateful. His shoulder could feel the slight rub, and to further seal the deal he reached up to take her hand and give it a soft kiss along her knuckle. With a grin he looked up to her and nodded. ”I will make sure to hold you to that, my friend.” She was then off to interact and mingle with the other dinner guests as she pleased.

Farim looked at his bird and with a less dignified voice he would softly ask. ”Were you on your best behavior?” Thara could only tilt her head in mild confusion since she obviously couldn’t reply, yet Farim knew that his lovely falcon would never do anything bad unless severely prompted. He gave the underside of her chin a scratch and stood up, placing Thara onto his shoulder before giving a slight bow to the Sultan. ”I shall excuse myself for the time being, Your Radiance. Despite the chaos that came, I am still glad to be seeing all of you in good health. It truly has been far too long since I have visited home.”

He then turned and walked from the room and to his bedroom where he would place Thara onto her perch and give her a fresh bowl of water to drink from should she find herself thirsty. ”I shall return. I must go mingle with the guests and see how our friend Ariella would like to end her evening.” He spoke aloud to the falcon before giving a soft expression that became somewhat of a frown. ”You have missed a lot, dear Thara. I shall key you in later. But for now, enjoy some well deserved rest!” He then walked out of his bedroom to see the dark-haired woman from the table, Charlotte, leaving his cousin's room looking somewhat perplexed.

”Why hello there, Lady Vikena. Is there something the matter?” He seemed rather puzzled and somewhat curious as to why she would be leaving Munir’s bedroom. Frankly he was surprised she wasn’t half-clothed with his reputation.

Charlotte paused in her step and smiled at him in greeting.. She seemed as she had in the dining room, except her hair had been now let down, framing her face. ”Oh, hello Shahzade Farim.” She greeted, “No, nothing’s the matter… But I was actually looking for you. Think you could spare a moment to talk with me?”

He offered a pleasant smile, and turned to face her, his attention now fully caught as she seemed to be asking a few of his family questions. His curiosity was piqued, to say the least. ”Of course! And by the way, I am truly sorry for how some things came by tonight. We can be a bit…passionate at our family gatherings. But rest assured I don’t believe anyone actually wishes ill will on you or your family.” After the display that had happened he figured it would be best to calm her nerves about any potential dangers she may be concerned with.

Charlotte sucked in her lips, nodding awkwardly. She somehow had some doubt regarding the last statement. After a moment, she smiled once more, “I should actually thank you really for protecting my stepfather. You were brave to stand up for him like that, though I’m very sorry it caused such strife between you and your cousin…I’ll just say your good intentions were understood by the rest of us. ”

He raised his hand as if to wave off any worries she may have had for him. ”It is of no worry, Charlotte. If a wall is felled by a single blow, then it wasn’t a very strong wall to begin with.” He sighed in reconciliation for the potential lost connection. ”I thank you for your kindness all the same. But alas you are here to be asking me something. What plagues your mind, young mistress?”

“I understand…” Charlotte wanted to give him words of reassurance, but she wasn’t sure if that relationship had been worth saving. She fiddled with a strand of hair, twirling it with her finger. The conversation topic hadn’t gone all too well with Munir, but at least this man was keeping his shirt on thus far. “Well…" She drew off with some hesitancy, “I wanted to ask you about the party you attended last night if that’s alright with you.”

Farim’s eyes shifted off to the side for a moment, as if to gleam if anyone else may be present. He crossed his arms and let out a brief puff of air as he tried to remember just what it was that happened the other night. Nothing but flashes of images and thoughts, like a dream that you couldn’t quite catch. ”Ahh…it still eludes me now, but I shall help you as much as I can. What is it you are wanting to know?”

She nodded gratefully to him and asked, “Can we start with what happened leading up to the party please?”

Farim pondered himself for a moment and thought back to the events leading up to it, and began to speak his thoughts as soon as they came to him. ”Yes. I remember coming home from a long night of traveling. I had just gotten here well after all of my siblings and found my dear friend Saiya waiting for me. Naturally I was elated to see her and her…cough attire for the evening.” Farim couldn’t help but smirk at the rather revealing dress his friend had on. ”Forgive me. As a man I can hardly contain myself when a beautiful lady wears such fine dresses or robes.” He shot her a friendly wink before continuing.

Charlotte had nodded along with each statement as if she was making a mental note, but she was uncertain why he had decided this information had been relevant. She then paused her nodding to digest the last statement as well as his wink. Eh? She glanced at him then down at her dress for a few seconds, only glancing up again once he continued.

”Right but, I had went with her in a carriage to a warehouse ... .somewhere in the more lower class area of the city I surmise. Definitely outside the castle walls. We went down into some basement area and that’s about where my memories begin to falter. I can catch glimpses, like there being a fight, dancing, and many people practically drooling over one another. But it isn’t anything you wouldn’t normally see at any secret party.” He stopped his story to give her a moment to respond.

She paid sharp attention as the information was much more important. Charlotte hung on every word with a determined expression, her eyes slightly narrowed. A warehouse basement. There was a fight, dancing… Suddenly she looked at him with peaked interest and a sudden glimmer of hope in her gaze, “...Do you remember the warehouse number?” The warehouses were right by her house along a few side streets. She could just simply sneak over there and check them out.

He took notice of her initial reaction and placed both hands up, feigning an apologetic stance. ”I am sorry if that was too much. I was simply looking to compliment, not offend. I promise I will not try anything like my dear cousin.” He snickered for a moment before adding a little quip. ”Unless of course that is the real goal here.” He let loose a slight chuckle before returning to a perplexed and thought-filled expression. He tapped his chin and began to sound out some words he had remembered seeing scrawled on some parchment. He rubbed his temples as if to physically bring the memory out of him ”There was an invitation ... .something about a…420 wicker street? Gods above why is this so hard to remember. I normally can stomach more than just a few shots. I couldn’t have even been there for more than an hour or two before we were all rushed out…” He trailed off as he continued thinking of the strange night he had at the party.

Charlotte shook her head at his concern, deciding to assure him. “It simply… took me by surprise. I appreciate the compliment. I’m just not all too used to them.” She told him and smiled to ease his concern “420 Wicker Street. Hm. I’ve never heard of that street.” She then paused thoughtfully before inquiring, “ …Do you remember anything that happened afterwards?”

”Well that is reassuring to hear. I’m shocked you don’t get many compliments. You are a fine looking woman!” He took a moment to glance up and down at her once more as if to further check his previous statement. ”And as for the after. I just remember feeling rather awful and lots of noise. People storming in, taking the royal children out as if they were blackout drunks. But from what I heard most people did not drink that much. It’s…rather strange, don’t you think?”

Charlotte tried to play off her blush by looking around as if the hallway had grown very interesting, “Oh well… I guess.. I mean, not that I’m conceited or anything…I just appreciate you saying so.” She found it hard not to cringe at herself in that moment. She quickly added to her statement with a more forced smile this time as to clean up the mess. “Thank you. You’re a very lovely looking man yourself, Farim… And yes, your cousin said he knows his limits as well yet had somehow blacked out.”

Farim found her innocent reactions rather adorable, if he was being honest. He shared a similar interest in the wall around her as he gave a slight jab. ”I did not think you were, Charlotte. I also agree that the wall there is rather well made. I think it’s mahogany!” He let out a slight puff of air that resembled a chuckle. ”Those are some sweet words, mistress and I thank you for flattering me. After interacting with you here and seeing you at the dinner I think I am beginning to understand my cousins’...fondness of you.” He leaned back against the wall, arms crossed while his gaze continued to examine her, as if to gauge what more she may hold or tell with her body language.

She raised a brow at his initial words, wondering if he was poking fun at her. Even worse, the man seemed to be examining her as if she was performing an entertaining show of some kind by simply standing there. These Alidasht men are a little bizarre…Though I suppose perhaps the women were too…

“See something you like?” Charlotte asked finally, her tone somewhat amused and somewhat not. She had kept up a polite smile, though it was obvious she had dropped her formality. Granted, her current state of exhaustion and less-than-perfect sobriety may have influenced her impulsive remark. “We could find a photographer perhaps.”

All Farim could do was raise his eyebrow at the remark. His shoulders lowered and his body relaxed a little more as he motioned towards his temple with his finger. With a few quick taps and a friendly smile he gave her a retort. ”No need, mistress. The world’s best camera is right here.” With a mimicking motion he blinked his eyes and pretended to work a camera, as if to quite literally ‘take a picture’. ”I’d say I rather enjoy the view right now. Do you enjoy what you see, madam?” He gestured down towards his own robes and body as if to show himself off to the woman despite maintaining a relaxed posture.

Her gaze instinctively followed his gesture and she pulled her eyes up with some frustration. “Is it commonplace for men in the Alidasht to be so quick to flaunt their body to women?” She asked. The dark-haired woman tapped her foot, folding her own arms. “Just curious.” She added, her smile tight-lipped. Charlotte’s thoughts returned back to the rumors she had read this morning. She couldn’t help but also tell him, “Also, you need not refer to me as mistress.”

Farim took note of the reaction, as she seemed to be growing somewhat displeased with his words he resumed his casual lean against the wall, hands now placed at his hips as he gave her a straight-faced answer to her question with a slight shrug at the start. ”Somewhat. My countrymen and women know life is fleeting so we like to live dangerously. On the edge, some would say. I know it is not for all, so that is why I like to gauge people’s limits at the outset. I will do my best to not push yours too much, Charlotte.” He added some emphasis there, not to sound mean or sarcastic, but simply as a sign of respect to the woman who had clearly been through alot. ”I know you’ve had a long day. I apologize if my words upset you all the same. What else are you curious to know about either my country, its people, myself, or that particular night? I am a rather open book right now.”

“...It certainly is fleeting.”Charlotte mused after an initial silence, her tone carrying a hint of melancholy. After giving her own arm a comforting rub, she said, “I apologize too… I normally hold more restraint with my tone. I am not certain I have too much time tonight as my father is waiting in the carriage for me, however I’d be open to talking to you again so you can tell me all about yourself and the Alidasht. I’d love to hear everything about it…” She drew off before she moved up to him and gently took his hand in hers. Charlotte raised their clasped hands between them so she could place her other hand on top in a compassionate gesture. With a warm smile this time, she told him, “I wanted to also let you know that you’re never alone… There will always be someone who cares.”

Farim’s own expression seemed to lessen at the thought of fleeting life. He knew it may not be what everyone liked to hear, but it was in essence the truth. He met her initial words with a friendly joy-filled smile as he straightened himself off the wall. What she did next certainly had him thinking for words as she took his hand and held it warmly for those few moments.He felt his hand smothered between the soft, delicate, and warm feeling of hers. Then she went and said something that he entirely didn’t expect. He stood with a shocked look on his face, thinking of some words to respond before finally collecting his cool. His eyes met hers and with a truly friendly and genuine smile he softly spoke. ”Thank you. I believe those are words we don’t often hear. I will happily talk with you again. I shan’t keep your father waiting. I hope he hasn’t eaten all of our naan in the meantime.” He couldn’t help but giggle at the slight poke, but he had felt just a little more relieved as the night had been going on.

Charlotte let go of his hands and managed a giggle at his words. “Ahh. I might be the one to do that actually... I really like bread.” She confessed then bowed her head as a means to bid him adieu, “Thank you as well, Farim. Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Farim gave Charlotte a kind bow with a courteous ”You as well, Lady Charlotte.” before proceeding to walk to the Sultan’s chambers. He had a mixed feeling about what would happen there, but he obviously couldn’t simply ignore His Radiance. Even though He might be there…
In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Southwest of Roshmi City
Interaction: Brigitte @Tae, Mister Luum @FunnyGuy, Rue @Potter, Bowyn @Helo, and Zeva @Pink Khione

Bardulf continued walking along the path, for once not really looking where he was going or thinking of his surroundings. All of his focus was entirely internal as he fought a draining battle with the suddenly loud conscious inside him.

It wasn't even mine. Mister Luum finished it off, and the group did it together.
The only thing we did was likely scare our friends. Whatever the hell you're "supposed" to be, I don't like it.

Bardulf would stop in his tracks, his head shooting up and eyes forward, as if starting at a ghost. There was nothing there, not even an apparition. Bardulf was merely seeing slight flashses in his mind's eye of the fateful night where his life truly took the darkest turn. He had tried to repress it, to ignore it and move on from it. But the feeling of watching his wife fall before that beast that dwarfed his own size was simply too devastating to let go of. His body felt weak, and he began to tumble to the side. He heard voices and even footsteps behind him, somewhat blurred by his lack of awareness. But as soon as he began to think about the others, about Rue, Bowyn, Brigitte, Mister Luum, and this new elf girl whose name was slipping his mind, the voice in his head rang clear once more.

Shut up...


Bardulf's rage became tangible. He was frustrated on so many levels. This persona of his that came bubbling forth was no apparition or possession. It was merely his own contempt for being unable to protect what was most dear to him. Even now, with all these powers, he barely kept his own against a near carbon copy of the animal that haunted his nightmares. Bardulf's senses finally began to return, his breathing heavy, hair hunged over his face. His anger wouldn't stop, as the normally stoic man felt the emotions come to a critical point, he noticed a shift in the air. Spark of energy seemed to dash around, his hair began to almost stand up on end. Not out of fear, but because the amount of static in the environment began to skyrocket. A few clouds overhead began to rumble, and before Bardulf could react...


A bolt had pierced the heavens and landed onto the ground in front of him. It nearly caused him to fall back from the sudden shock of it all. The energy from the bolt seemed to almost cling to Bardulf, as latent sparks flew from his body towards the ground or into the air. Wherever the energy could find paths to travel, it leapt. He found this sight surreal, as the raw power coursing in his veins seemed to shocked his entire system into overdrive. He took a step forward and launched a couple feet in a mere moment. He had done this earlier with the owlbear, but now he began to truly understand what it felt like to adapt his powers into himself, as well as the risk of letting himself loose could hold for his group. As his ears began to ring from the crack of thunder so close to him, the voice called out one final time.


Bardulf took one final look at his hands, now turning around to face Bowyn and Rue, who were likely closest after the whole spectable. His face was now calm, serene. He showed no signs of anger or discord for now and pulled his hood back up as he walked towards them.

"I'm sorry, you both. And to the rest of the group. I am still....struggling with who I am, and what has happened to me. I realize in my haste I neglected the very thing we all agree on, which is to never waste a kill. To always make sure everything returns to nature whole and properly. Do you both want to....take care of it? Or shall we go?" Bardulf approached the two and stood before them, the energy from before having dissipated as he brought his mood down to earth and controlled himself.

For their sake, I need to be better. Stronger. In control. I can't just run away and I can't just hide. This is my fate, and I will need to see it through.


Location: Guest House Dining Room
Time: 6pm
Mentions: Everyone at the Alidasht Dinner


Farim could only watch as his cousin seemed to double down on every action. It was a bold manuever, but without even needing to read the room or hear the rest of her tirade, Farim knew things would be rough from here on for her and the others. She spoke on her thoughts to them condemning her actions, how the might Alidasht family seemed to be simply a shell of what it was. How they had essentially 'shown their true colors'. Many other words and threats were thrown, causing Farim to even further solidify his cold stare. There was a part of him that hated the verbal barrage that was being thrown between him and his cousin. The notion of keeping the family together was one Farim held to himself dearly. To hear her suggest otherwise hurt him deeply. But he wouldn't show such an emotion to her. He wouldn't give her that satisfaction.

Perhaps you and I have different memories of Auntie. She was the one reformed the Sultan. Made him the kinder man. But I know she too was a proud woman, and rightfully so. He thought to himself. He let her words flow forth, and if she would care to listen, offer her one final word from him.

"Sever our bonds if you must. I prefer you alive to hate me than stuck in the gallows for inciting a war between nations. Perhaps you may never forgive me for my acts, but it's a price I'm willing to pay, dear cousin." He sipped from his wine, the glass nearing its completion.

Heh. Alone. You're probably right, Mayet. I am as alone now as I ever have been. I have no immediate family, truthfully. A father who sees me as another piece to his game. A distant uncle far too concerned with his star children to be worried over some nobody. I do not know my mother, not even her voice or face can comfort my darkest moments. My brother is ever constantly away, on his religious journies and vision quests. Finally, my cousins who I have yet to see for many years seem to be slowly disproving of my actions. How long before Layla too sees me as some annoyance to cast aside? Or for Nahir to do the same? Munir as well? I truly wonder.

He heard Nahir speak up, and decided it would be best to try and lighten his mood. He nodded his head and sighed. "Yes. Chicken masala is just what I need." He reached for some of the dish and scooped it over to his plate. He looked around to see Duke Vikena chewing on some naan like a terrified child watching his mother scold him. His daughter, all too familiar in her grief, seemed to be appalled at the aggressive chaos that had resulted from this dinner. What could've been a blending of nations became an evening of grave misunderstandings. To top it all off, it would seem Prince Auguste had the full intent of sending for his cousin to be punished beyond what the Sultan decided. It only made sense, given the circumstances. If they were to decide Lorenzo's fate the Royal Family would naturally try to decide Mayet's.

Yet again Farim was helpless to do anything helpful. Why do I even bother. He meekly pushed some chicken into his mouth to fight back the temptation to wallow in self-pity. But the waves kept coming. All that talk. All that talk and for what? You try to calm the Sultan, and you just make him mad. You try to calm Mayet, and you just make her mad. Am I just doomed to fail at everything I endeavor? Fuck. This is all becoming exhausting. How many times do I have to try and be the diplomat only to fail miserably. I liken myself to being a master of foreign affairs but I can't even get my own family to like me.

His face simply looked on, his hand reaching for the last of his drink before looking at a nearby servant with a mortifying intensity. The man seemed to shake as he wondered what Farim would say. He merely lifted his glass and spoke aloud "Another please."


Location: Guest House Dining Room
Time: 6pm
Mentions: Ariella @Tpartywithzombi, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Charlotte @princess, Layla @Potter, Leo @Helo, Auguste @Inertia


The immediate sound of Farim's chair being pushed out was what all that filled the hall during the immediate silence of Mayet's display. While it was certainly in character, Farim had a few choice words to say to her, and he regretted it had to be in front of family and guests like this. His steps echoed across the room as he walked firmly yet briskly around the chair where Lorenzo sat. He stopped himself and calmly pulled the knife from the back of Lorenzo's chair. He walked around Mayet and placed the blade on the table gently, and turned around so he would face her. His arm reached out and two fingers gripped the flat edge of the blade, pulling it away from Lorenzo's neck. His expression, for the first time in some time, was unapproving. His mouth stretched into a frown on either side of his face, his eyes looked down at Mayet with a cold indifference that would only be mimicked by one other man in the room. This gaze was the same cold heartless stare that the Sultan's brother had perfected on Farim. A stare that seemed to permeate his now sour mood to the rest of the guest as he stood there for several seconds looking at Mayet. Farim then drew a very, VERY, slow breath before speaking.

"Are you quite finished?" His tone was ice, threatening to chill the very air as the words snuck from his mouth. It was very unlike Farim to behave like this, but the behavior and etiquette he had seen today had simply been too much for him to sit by and act his usual chipper self. For once he had to bring out the firm and dispassioante side of him that he would write off as being one of "genetic flaws". But here it would hopefully do him well to deliver the message he had for his dear cousin.

"Not just that. Do you know what it is you are doing?" He then let the sword hang in the air where she gripped it and moved his arms and hands behind him, taking a stance not unlike a parent scolding a child. "I don't think you do, cousin. Because if you did, you would realize just how folly it is to threaten death on a guest of the Sultan. To bring blades within an inch of his skin while the man sits in a table and chair made in his own country." He would stand his ground no matter how Mayet would react, because this dinner had gone far too off the rails to be simply and quietly obsolved of all misgivings and malcontent. Farim decided it was time to end this constant back and forth ego-fueled chicanery.

"You come to their country. Insult their people. Look down on their traditions. Speak nothing but thinly veiled insults under the guise of 'wisdom' and then threaten violence to them when they do the same? In front of an audience no less? Have you gone mad or are you simply looking for a reason to cause the worlds first international war? Or perhaps be thrown in the stockades for murder in a foreign land? If not either of those, do you think yourself above everyone here? That you can threaten violence in someone else's home and be waved off just being a 'spicy shehzadi'?" He figured the last line might be a bit silly, but it held a nugget of concern for his cousin. He didn't exactly want her to be disciplined for acting reckless in a precarious situation such as this. His tone and body language gave no clue to this currently, as he elected to keep his firm voice pointed in her direction as he said his peace.

"You have the gall. To use decorations on their own dining room to murder one of their nobles. Do you want to go ahead and surmise if someone had done that back in our country, Cousin Mayet? Think strongly now. How do you think they would react if the shoe was on the other foot? Did you consider that perhaps? In fact, there is no need to ponder! Look right there. The SON OF THE KING of the very land you are standing in right this second is right here at the dinner table with us. Would you like to ask him what he thinks on the matter? Or, even better, on what authority would you be able to carry out such an execution? I'm sure my questions are getting rather dull so allow me to paint the picture." His tone became sharp, like a bird of prey who could tell that danger was coming, yet chose to stand its ground. He knew Mayet would hate this next part, but it was precisely why she needed to hear it.

"The Sultan invited this man to have dinner with us for weeks. You did not make it one single day without letting your temper do the talking for you. How do you expect to rule a country when the tiniest slight against you means death on sight? You have no decorum, no patience, very little respect, and demand all of those things from others. That is unsightly, unfair, and undignified. Not to mention, you are completely stepping all over the Sultan's choice of guest, and actively voicing your disapproval- no - your HATRED of this man. Do you not trust his Radiance's plans or ideas? What do you think he would think if the person he invited to dinner was killed in hot-blooded anger right before his eyes. Tell me Mayet. Look at your father and tell me that's what he wants his children to do. Because I am willing to bet ALL THE GOLD IN MY VAULTS that he would very much NOT approve. I would highly suggest you return to your seat. I do not speak for his Radiance, but gods above I do not wish to see another cousin ejected from tonights proceedings before we even get to the main course."

With his intense display of words he walked back around the chair and bowed before the Sultan. "I am sorry for speaking out of turn, and if my choice of words were poor, then I pray I find better ones for the next time I speak so boldly." He pulled his chair back in and sat up staright, eyes locked onto Mayet for what she may decide to do next.
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Time: Morning
Location: Port Vanarosa
Mentions: Ismael @Th3King0fChaos, Amisra @Tae, and Odds and Ends Shop @princess

Tanithil was fairly intrigued by the wares laid out before him. He looked at each product meticoulously and thought for awhile before speaking. Ismael was right and they had every concern to wonder why such a popular item might be sold with a "funky" effect to it. He smiled and thought how the first outfit would make him look rather scavvy and scandolous. Just the thing that might get a rise out of his friend Amisra. But alas, she also likely scold him for spending "her hard-earned amas." so he shelved the thought for now. He softly picked up the disguise ring, the spyglass, and the compass with the strange eye. After placing the items on the counter, he eyed up the saleswoman and began his pitch.

"Right, miss. So I have these three items here for about 560 amas iffin my maths is right. But my friend brings up the excellent point. You say the ring is buggered, but kinda paused after that. What's exactly goin on here with this?" He motioned towards the ring before picking it up and hovering it over his finger. "Perhaps it best if I just try it on and see the quirk for myself?"

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Time: Morning
Location: Southwest of Roshmi City
Interaction: Brigitte @Tae, Mister Luum @FunnyGuy, Rue @Potter, Bowyn @Helo, and Zeva @Pink Khione

Bardulf's eyes flicked madly across the small clearing after his initial assault. Firstly, the one elf who started it all was delivering a clean combo of movements and strikes to further weaken the owlbear. Bowyn and Rue's ice magic proved to be simply too much for the bear to handle at once. The wound on the animal's neck was still jostling and twitching with electric energies as it poured blood onto its feathers. That is when Mister Luum himself walked towards the beast and began to chant a spell. Bardulf kept his halberd in his hands, ready to strike if the creature made it towards them again, but then a flash of light rendered him completely blind. He put his hand up to block his eyes from being seared from the pure energy and once it finally receeded, only a pile of burned feathers and skin remained.

Bardulf quickly holstered his weapon and looked at the corpse with a bit of a melancholy expression. A still swirling spew of emotions calmly settled within him as he truly wondered if he would ever get over the sights he saw that particular evening. He thought more of the situation surrounding him. How he would need to be able to kill and hunt like he used to in his younger days. The voice he heard was not one he had been acquianted with in some time, and would likely resurface as his "killer instincts" began to sharpen themselves in the heat of battle. He wondered if this side of him would be able to distinguish friend from foe, and if he truly would be capable of holding such power. These all were thoughts for another time however, as he would let out a sigh. "Sorry to disappoint, Mister Luum. I have a bad history with bears and still am kind of getting used to this whole magic thing."

He looked up to the group and let out a meek sounding "Can we go now?" Before pulling his hood over his head and starting to walk the other way, much less energy and passion in his stride than before. Right now he what he needed to clear his head and perhaps whatever path his mentor had in mind for him would provide that for him. Although he did just casually try to sick a wild animal on the man, surely he had his reasons.


Location: Guest House Dining Room
Time: 6pm
Mentions: Ariella @Tpartywithzombi, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Charlotte @princess, Layla @Potter, Leo @Helo


Much occured in the short span of a few moments. Hafiz, to no one's surprised, managed to win the favor of the more .... passionate members of his family while also creeping out those who weren't particularly fond of him, Farim included. Yet even as that conversation began to settle, another stirred almost immediately as Leo's drinks appeared to be forgotten, Lorenzo offered to say grace, and Layla for some reason decided to just sick Zilal on one of the supposed 'guests of honor'. He began to see his cousins would do little to take that title with any degree of sincerity. The Sultan, in his usual calm and cool nature, swiftly dealt with the situation. He would be sure Layla would be quite furious and possibly even blame poor Charlotte for the actions of another.

As that last debacle settled down he couldn't help but notice the interesting reactions to his homelands food. "Ah yes, peanut butter." He couldn't help but have a sensible chuckle as he watched Lorenzo mislabel the common food item and Ariella take a heaping bite not realizing what it truly was. He motioned for a nearby servant to bring her a glass of water to wash it down with, and motioned towards some nearby celery that was on the table. "You wouldn't be the first to be surprised by this food. It's not normally served outside of our country. But to us its a rather simple delicacy!" He truly loved eating the varieties of foods the world had to offer. He had to stop himself from thinking of various other things to enjoy this hummus with before looking back to Ariella.

"If it is not to your liking, may I recommend the kebabs? It is nice to have both meat and vegetable ready to eat so close to one another without the need for any fancy utensils." He reached for a kebab, placing one onto his plate. He was about to start digging in when he remembered the request of the Duke. "Right! You said something about 'Grace'?" In my travels I have come across a few folks from here who typically performed some sort of ritual before eating. Some sort of religious purpose if I am not mistaken. At least that's all I heard, would you be willing to tell me more or perhaps demonstrate it for us?" Farim figured that if he simply moved along the conversation that there wouldn't be time for anyone to say any biting remarks or quips at each other, no matter how funny or clever they would be.


Attire: Coat/Shirt, Trousers/Coat-tails, and Boots
Time: 6pm
Location: Edwards Estate -> Sorian Park
Mentions: Princess Sadie @Potter
Interactions: None

It had been a rather long day of work at the Edwards estate for Drake. His hand had been feeling rather numb from how many papers he had signed and looked over. There were certainly a few intriguing topics, matters coming up with the scandals related to the Guild, social letters asking about certain topics of gossip, and even some hate-mail so lovingly sent to bad mouth some or all of his family. Drake dealt with them accordingly, and shoveled the remaining papers away into a drawer at his desk. The office had become slightly stuffy to him, despite his attempts at lightning incense to perhaps lighten the mood. To hell with this. It is nearly nightfall, and I haven't even seen the natural sky all day. I will finish the rest in the morn.

He planned out his attire and grabbed a nearby butler. "If you could don your finest outdoor clothes and come with me. I have a bit of a task for you. If none of your clothes are worthy of seeing a member of a royal family I will lend you some of mine. I will be at the door if you need me." He spoke to a servant by the name of Sebastian, a young man who nodded wholeheartedly as he went to grab the suit he had been so graciously given and met Drake at the door to the Edwards Estate. The two then grabbed a carriage and took a short drive over to the park, sharing a short chat in the meanwhile.

The cart came to a slow stop outside the entrance to the park, the driver hopped down and opened the door for the two to exit. Drake led Sebastian into the park and gestured towards a slowly growing crowd of folks that he had never seen around before.

"There is an exclusive event going on and I would hate to crash their fun. But I would like to set in motion any plans for the morrow if I may. If you cannot get it to her, then simply bring the letter back to me and I will deliver it to their guest house at another time. No pressure, young man."

Sebastian gave a look of confusion for a moment. "Sire you never gave me a name to deliver it to."

Drake's eyes widened for a moment and he chuckled lightly. "Right right, that would be helpful wouldn't it. That woman over there with the blonde hair, standing by the well dressed medical professional? Her name is Princess Sadie Camilia."

Sebastian looked at the Princess in the distance and back to Drake, then back to the Princess then back to him. "I will try my best sir, but she is a princess after all." Drake would smile and pat the man on the shoulder. "That is all I ask. For now I must go before Father realizes I've shirked my work duties."

Drake turned and began to walk back towards his estate, hoping that the letter would be received well. In any other circumstance he would simply deliver it, but with his father hounding him to finish all his correspondence it began to be harder and harder to find any personal time for himself without facing some kind of disciplinary talk. For now, he would enjoy the sights of the night sky and briskly make his way back to his office.

Meanwhile, Sebastian approached Princess Sadie with relative ease, not finding much stopping him until the wayward guard would eye him up suspiciously. "I just have a letter for her Royal Highness, if I may." He held the letter aloft, making sure they saw the Edwards seal on it. "From House Edwards, it's a....personal matter." The guards looked the young man up and down, seeing no attempt hiding a weapon or otherwise dangerous intent, and motioned towards Sadie.

"Your Grace, you have a visitor. Wants to deliver a letter."

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Time: Morning
Location: Port Vanarosa
Mentions: Ismael @Th3King0fChaos and Amisra @Tae

Tanithil sported his usual grin as Amisra gave him the loan he asked for. Knowing her she'd likely make him pay for it later, but knowing him, he'd find a way to wiggle out of it. He was sneaky enough after all. At least that's what he'd tell himself. He patted Ismael on the back and began guiding him off the ship, with a particular destination in mind. The Odds and Ends Shop, where he felt he could get just about any small or large magical item of his choosing. The pefect place for a disguise ring to be sold. His hand casually moved towards the center of Ismael's back before moving back to his side. A small veil of shadow magic seemed to crawl up the cloak and bleed over the cowl so that a shadow would be cast over Ismael's face.

"Can't be havin' em see your pretty mug. Some of them might think they have a chance with ya." He joked, but it was all about concealing his identity for the time being. He also held the dagger Ismael kept on his side aloft, perfectly picked from the mans very own pocket. "Lesson one of places like this. Don't let anyone even so much as touch ya without you knowing their intent. Some bloke might come around and steal you blind." He chuckled and made sure the dagger made it back to where it belonged. "Places like these are crawling with eyes all the same. So if you do something, make it hard for anyone to see you, not just whoever you're targetting." He flashed a smile as he flashed a single ama coin between his fingers, jokingly messing with him once more before placing it into his palm. "Ya dropped this by the way, hehe." These random little lessons would be Tanithil's way of warning the pyromancer of the dangers of crawling in the dark.

As they made it to the Odds and Ends Shop, Tanithil brought them both into the confines of the store and approached the counter. There he saw who he believed to be the shopkeep and spoke up. "Lovely to meet ya. Not sure what your name might be but I'm sure it's a wonderful one. Say, would you happen to have ring enchantments in today? Possibly ones for disguisin'? I'm looking to goof around with a few of me mates and I think this would be the perfect gag to have when we'rebored." He looked back and smiled at Ismael before gesturing his way. "Don't mind me friend here. I'm just kinda draggin him around till we finally go to the pub. I hear there's already a crowd at one of em but I can't remember the name...Right! Anyway, disguise rings? Yes? No? Maybe? Yes?"

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