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Time: Morning -> Evening
Location: Roshmi City -> Roshmi Port, aboard an unnamed ship
Interaction: Mister Luum @FunnyGuy, Rue @Potter, Bowyn @Helo, and Zeva @Pink Khione

Bardulf took the opportunity to gather some things he knew would be necessary if he were to continue being amongst a group of avid hunters and adventurers in a realm where magic was very much real and the creatures were about ten times as dangerous. With the little amas he had, he garnered a small mental shopping list and with the safety of the group nearby, purchased 30 feet of rope, an animal trap, a fishing net, some winter clothes, and 50 steel ball bearings that were for a little idea he had. Just as he was looking to leave the shop he overheard the clerk talking about a nice pair of night-seeing glasses he had purchased the other day, and Bardulf couldn't help but be curious. Hunting at nighttime was the worst for him considering he had very little vision, and relied heavily on his hearing to find prey. However after taking one look through these night-vision granting glasses, he knew he had to have them.

With his coin purse much later he gathered his gear and joined the others on whatever errands they considered necessary to finish and before long they had made their way to an entire wooden vessel capable of floating on the water. Bardulf had never seen such a thing, being in a landlocked country surrounded by forestlands. One step on the deck proved to strange and wobbly, as if he had poor footing no matter where he stood. The rocking of the waves gave his internal organs their own challenge as he stopped himself from feeling sea sick as best he could. These new sensations were certainly interesting....Bardulf would have preferred simply walking but from what little Mister Luum had told him, they were about to go to a far away winter island. So the man simply bucked up and dealt with the discomfort as he normally would, and simply told himself that it would be worth it when he could step on freshly packed snow again. He truly missed the feeling, having been sent here in the middle of the springtime back home.

Bardulf would currently be near the helm of the ship, still shrouded in his cloak to hide his appearance as best he could, but also taking short paces around the top of the ship to practice his footwork and balance. Once he began to familiarize himself with it, it was no different then hiking on the mountainside in the rain. "A calm foot paves the strongest path" is what his father would always tell him. With great effort, he practiced getting used to the sway of the sea and would be intently focused, hardly noticing if anyone were to come by.

In Avalia 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

The Saltrunner sets Sail!

As the day passed on, the crew of the Saltrunner prepared the ship for its next voyage. The previous day had been eventful, what with the enoucnter of bloodthirsty bandits looking for a quick score, as well as giving their young charge Ismael a chance to experience the more questionable side of Avalia's underbelly. The night would prove to be uneventful compared the early afternoon, and the crew would have a chance to enjoy the solace of a fully belly and whatever entertainment their evenings provided. Because we all know pirates never really sleep.

Captain Drosis was busy as usual with procuring the permits to travel along their destined path as well as gathering information from his network of sources. He had given Tanithil something that he called "opportunity" to show off his capabilities aside from just "flinging shadow magic". Once the elf had called Tanithil into his office, he slid a piece of paper across his desk and gestured to look at it while continuing to look over a peculiar binder of his own that he had crafted with twine and paper. Tanithil picked up the parchment and knew immediately just what it was. A map. Possibly to treasure. Possibly to danger. He was unsure where at first. However the Captain quickly assured him this was a special map he had procured from an old friend back in Port Vanarosa. Said friend had gotten it himself off the back of a myserious cart owned by a mysteriously scrawny orc (compared to other orcs that is).

The map itself promised a great treasure where it was marked, but Tanithil held reservations. False maps and tricks were not far off from other pirates - or even giving a map to a treasure they already plundered to turn double the profit. The sources in this case seemed trustworthy enough, so the dark elf took the map as a serious chance for their crew to earn some more gold - and train their new member. The location was south of the Orc city of Dugmaghord, in the southern reaches of the desert and just along the line of what most considered the "uninhabitable zone" of the desert. They would certainly have to be careful but Tanithil figured it would be a proper challenge for crew of the mighty Saltrunner. With a nod he folded the map up, and walked out of the Captain's quarters. The ship itself had been prepped to launch for some time now, and was only awaiting the orders of Drosis before setting out. Tanithil put his fingers to his lips and whistled sharply for the crew to hear.

"Right then! I gots us a destination from the Captain himself. Says we might find us a good haul if we make it to the desert in the east. South of Dugmaghord. Let's sail out, Saltrunners!" With that proclomation he immediately swung a vine of dark energy up into the raftors to lift himself onto the helm of the ship, and readied himself to steer the ship out of port and into the deep blue Avalian sea. Whatever dangers or trials awaits, he did not know much of, but he took another glance at the crew and smiled, ready to take anything on beside them.


Location: Edge of Lover's Lake
Time: Night of the 23rd
Mentions: Anastasia @princess, Roman @reusablesword, Munir @Infinite Cosmos


"They are with the gods now, be happy that they have passed and no longer need to suffer here with us. You will see them again someday."

Farim smile had faded ever so slightly at the remark, an internal monologue began to chime in. ...no longer need to suffer here with us. If only you knew... However the melancholy quickly dissolved as Anastasia had returned his meaningful attention with her own adoration. Thara initially responded by curiously poking her outstretched hand with her beak. With an extremely gentle nature, the falcon opened her beak and nibbled on her finger before pushing her head against the princess' hand. It was mainly a show of affection, as weird as it may seem. But to any bird of prey, it was an endearing gesture.

"Well she certainly has missed you too. I hope you do not mind if I share that sentiment, Annie." He had noticed her careful caress just now, and was already returning such a movement with a subtle rub of his hand against her hip while they talked. He could not help but feel curious about the new friend and her mention of creating a whole new song for this charity event. "You must tell me more about this charity event. Since you speak of your brother, I happened to have a chat with him a little earlier. Would Wulfric happen to be the one hosting or would it be Callum?" If Wulfric was the host, Farim believed it would be very matter-of-fact style of charity. But from what he observed and scarcely knew of Prince Callum, he could not help but feel that him hosting would mean a sleu of ulterior motives. Not just from him, but from other interested parties as well.

Just as the questions came running from him, the ceremony began in full tilt. There were words sung that were full of mystique, dancing motions that carried the weight of a dozen emotions, and various other activities that seemed to have a bittersweet weight to them. This was a ceremony of death, but also reconciling that within death there is life. A beautiful notion, and one Farim would find he agreed with wholeheartedly. "It is certainly going to be an interesting evening. I have seen a few ceremonies like these ones, but every tribe or clan does them so uniquely different it is like experiencing it for the first time."

Farim wrapped his arms around her while she observed the ritual. The memories of his past were certainly weighing on him, as well as the topic of death itself somewhat swaying him into a somber state. However, there was a comforting warmth to Anastasia's presence that balanced all the emotions out, causing the man to be more clingy than he intended. All the same, to her it might just seem like an affectionate hug as she gasped in awe at the surrounding ceremony.

"It certainly is, Annie. They are purely devoted to passing on the writs of their kin in the most honorable way possible. I bet they practiced this for many weeks leading up to this. Much like how you may practice your cello for a performance of your own. They are both forms of art - and I would be excited to see more of your art at this event you were speaking of you know. What day will it be?"

In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Roshmi City
Interaction: Mister Luum @FunnyGuy, Rue @Potter, Bowyn @Helo, and Zeva @Pink Khione

So there Bardulf stood in the cafe, food in hand looking to sit with his ragtag group of newly made friends he had been travelling with for the past few weeks, except for their newly acquired light elf friend. It was moments like these where they got to pause and look at their surroundings that Bardulf had time to reflect on just all that had happened. It all still proved to be alot, but each time it was a little less...overwhelming. He took a moment to scan the immediate area, not noticing any suspicious bodies from underneath the shade provided by his hood, and then turned to look at each of his compatriots. Bardulf began to chew on his honeyed toast that seemed to be raved over so very much, and immediately found out why. The sweet taste filled his mouth and brought him a great amount of nostalgia for how his mom would bake some bread, toast it, and sprinkle it with cinnamon and honey after a long days work in the woods. A rare smile adorned Bardulf's expression before he continued analyzing the area around him.

Bowyn and Zeva seemed content enough with their meals, but there seemed to be a kind of thousand yard stare to Rue for a few fleeting moments. As a trio of patrons made their exit, she seemed to snap out of it. Maybe she knew them, or maybe she was simply daydreaming and that would break her out of her trance - but Bardulf could sense a slightly uneasy feeling - ever so faint - coming from Rue. He chose to let it pass, since if it was the latter it would just bring up past wounds. If it was the former, then he'd just look plain weird.

Of course, that left Mister Luum, who was rarely one to simply eat and enjoy a meal without a show of chicanery and boldly stated plans or opinions. This time around he wanted what he presumed was the man's idea of a proper introduction between everyone. After travelling together for as long as they have, it seemed a bit late on the track to start with such things. However with new blood in the group, it could serve as a chance for them to be up to speed on their antics. Bardulf raised an eyebrow at the choice of "fun facts" he had listed out for himself - and the fact that he forgot to list things like sexual preferences, and was equally thankful he wouldn't be forced to share such details to everyone.

In an even rarer show of initiative, Bardulf finished the last of his toast and raised his hand. "Uh, name's Bardulf. But you can refer to me as whatever fits. Given that I might need to hide my identity maybe using my real name is not the best idea...but oh well." He paused to think about the next topics he would share. "My favorite color is blue, like the sky on a clear summer day. I can't say I have a religious belief of some kind. The closest I would say is that I think nature should run its course, and that we should always use everything we have at our disposal. No wasting of food or kill alike. My days as a hunter taught me those kind of things." Bardulf took a small bite of his Toffee Apple and enjoyed another wave of sweet tastse before listing off some more things about himself.

"No debts. Hard to do that when all you do is hunt game and make coin. My life goal was to raise a family, but it seems I was not meant for such a thing. Now it's to find a purpose in this new world I was thrust into." The statement seemed rather melancholy in nature, but Bardulf did not show much in the form of outward emotion. He was simply stating the facts as they were. This was his new home and he soon would have to learn to live with that. In his mind, there was no returning home. Back home, he was sure as dead - moments away from getting struck by lightning. Here, he at least had a chance to live on. That's what Kristine would have wanted, at least.
Realizing how much he had talked, Bardulf quickly trailed off as he said his next bit. "So, yeah. I hope that was good. I don't talk much so don't worry about me. Okay now someone else can go."


Location: Edge of Lover's Lake
Time: Evening of the 23rd
Mentions: Anastasia @princess, Mina @tae


Farim looked at Mina as she approached and nodded - finding both her and Roman's tribal wear to be rather authentic and impressive. He felt almost underdressed for such an occasion, but realized he had no such garments of his own made at this moment. He would make a mental note to prepare such things incase he would ever encounter such an occasion again where he would need druidic style loins. He left the two main bodies of the event begin talking about what preparations and steps still needed doing - talking a few steps back and giving a slight bow before wandering into the speeding body of Anastasia, whose vice-like hug was a tight but welcome surprise.

The gasp of air hit him first, but then as he recognized the soft touch of Anastasia followed by her flowing hair that shined like the brighest gold in the desert. His arms wrapped around her, returning the hug and resting themselves on her back until she would pull away herself. "Princess! I am happy to be seeing you! This seemed like just the place you would like - and I could not pass up such a chance to see some more customs of far away lands. I see we even decided to match today, eh?" He smiled, noting the matching blue colors of their garments. His own navy blue tunic would seem a touch dark next to the more vibrant shades of Anastasia's dress, but the similar hues were something that made Farim chuckle slightly.

"Now please, tell me all about your day and the other evening. I hope your meeting with your friend went okay, and that you were not too bored today." He smiled brightly as he looked directly into her eyes with his own. He let out a slight click of his tongue as he remembered another important member of their little gang. "Oh right! There is another who would love to see you." Farim gave a short whistle and from the treeline came a rustling body of feathers that quickly perched herself onto Farim's shoulder. It was none other than Thara, who lightly coo'd as she noticed Anastasia's presence.


Attire: Mask, Jacket, and Pants/Shoes
Time: Evening of the 23rd
Location: Damien Estate -> Edwards Estate
Mentions: Ariella @tpartywithzombi

Time had continnued on, Drake patiently awaiting outside the gates as he wondered if the dear princess was okay. He had figured that her mention of needing to work on personal projects as well as her overall predisposition to such social events would likely have her busy this evening, so with a slightly disappointed look on his face he turned and began to head towards the front door. However, a young servant came running across the street and approached Lord Drake. "Sire! I- uhm...I believe I found Lady Edwards." Sebastian had started with a bit of a shout, but quickly toned down his voice as soon as he realized people were casting gazes their way. Drake stopped in his paces and turned to face the young man.

"Good on you Sebastian. Is she alright?" Drake was beginning to worry if his sister would be able to make it out of the house at all after the likely chastising and nagging their mother had put her through. Sebastian nodded and whispered once more "She was...uhm...in your room sir." Under his mask, his eyes widened with slight surprise at the statement, but Drake nodded all the same. If there was one place their mother wouldn't check, it would be his own room. Drake placed a hand on Sebastian's shoulder and leaned down to whisper in the young lad's ear. "If they allow you entry, do tell my parents that Ariella is safe, and wishses to attend the ball as an anonymous lady seeking ones prince charming for the night. Whatever you can say to get Mother on board." He smiled and pat the young man on the back, prompting him to run off as Drake hailed a public carriage.

With a swift payment and an swifter trip, he made his way back to their house and quickly yet quietly made his way to his studies. Three firm knocks sounded on the door as he spoke aloud, making sure no one was nearby to hear him. "Ari...it's me. May I come in? He patiently awaited her response beyond the other side of the doors, and couldn't help shake the feeling of dread any brother would have when about to confront their crying sister.
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Time: Afternoon
Location: Cargo Hold/Crew Quarters of the Saltrunner
Mentions: Amisra @Tae and Sirena @tpartywithzombi

Tanithil looked in slight confusion at the mention of "whoever you are" came from Amisra. At the same time, he felt a flow of relief hit his body at the first signs of her being okay. He lays his right hand on her ribs where it looked like bandages were packed the best. He may have been hasty to judge this unseen helper, but they definitely seemed to know their stuff. He did not push against her body too hard for fear of making the injury worse. He clicked his tongue in frustration at the thought of her being hurt while he was right there.

"Sorry you got all bent up like this. I should've given you some more magic.| He slid his hands off her ribs and sighed. "At least you're okay for now." He got up to walk towards the cot that happened to be nearby, pilfering through some random crewmates stuff until he found a cantine. He opened it up, eyed the contents, and took a small swig to make sure someone hadn't traded their daily water for something a little more...fun.

Sure enough, some plain old H2O hit his lips and he brought the mostly full cantine back to Amisra, offering it to her. "Don't fess too much about it being someone else's. I already took most of the icky germs you hate so much." He chuckled aloud. Water, food, and rest were the top 3 things this woman needed right now. Well, that and safety. His eyes turned towards the side of the ship he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched from.

"Stowaways are hardly looked on favorably, whoever you may be. But you helped my friend so I'm in a pretty good mood. Care to come out and talk a little bit about your predicament?" His voice was passive, showing no aggressive or commanding nature in the way he spoke to the possible unseen person.

Location: Damien Estate
Time: Evening of the 23rd
Mentions: Duchess Victoria, Sadie @Potter, Drake, and Ariella @tpartywithzombi

The Duke had moved on the tea party, quickly moving to calm down his “loving” wife - and after some back and forths, managed to convince her to leave with him so they may enjoy the rest of their morning without any further stress. As they arrived home she ordered for the Duke to “mind his own business for once” and strut off to her dressing room in a huff. With a sigh Gideon went to his study and began to piece together a fun little ensemble he had been crafting. He picked out the suit and tie and the mask he wanted to wear.

The outside itself seemed extra showy and wasn’t something he’d normally wear, but tonight would be a night of excitement! He was to be daring! The life of the party, perhaps! Well, maybe not that ambitious, Gideon. He chuckled to himself. He placed on his garments and ushered his wife Victoria to finish her preparations, followed by yet another short tirade along the lines of “It takes time to get this beautiful!” and “You can't rush perfection!”. So the Duke patiently waited until Victoria was ready, and guided her to their carriage where they would ride together to the Damien Estate.

Once he had arrived in the carriage, he immediately saw a familiar figure standing at the front gates of the property. The Duke quickly sauntered over with a smirk displayed as clear as the moonlight sky would allow, and held out a hand for his son Drake to shake. With the deepest voice he could mimic, he pretended to be yet another stranger amidst the masquerades guests. ”Well there, what is a strapping lad like yourself doing here by his lonesome? Surely you have plans to attend such a magnificent ball with company?”

Drake looked at the approaching figure and quickly made out the distinguishing features of his father. With a slight smile he humored the little game his father was playing, shaking his hand and responding in kind in a slightly husky voice. ”Well, good sir, I am not one to rush such a fine lady as the one and only Princess Camilia. However I shall join the festivities soon enough, milady seemed rather - distracted. So she may have other matters to attend to.” There was a slight melancholic look in his eyes, but the mask did well to hide his expression. He rebounded this feeling, however, with a chuckle. Drake then spoke in his normal voice. ”I appreciate your candor, Father. But it shall be fine. Have you seen Ari tonight?”

Gideon thought for a moment and his mouth dropped to a slight frown. Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t seen her since the other night. ”No…but I am sure she is keeping well! Let us not worry ourselves too much.” There was a long pause as the man let his anxiety get the better of him. ”Oh but it can’t hurt to just check in on her right? Oh dear Sebastian!” The young servant who had delivered Drake’s love letter a few days ago came from the back of the coach wagon and gave a quick bow. “Yes sir?” He chimed. ”Please go look for Ariella. If you cannot find her by midnight, then find me and we shall do a more in-depth search. I do not wish for her to be…out and about.” His gaze looked around as he made sure no one heard him other than the present company. Sebastian gave a quick nod and went to the coach driver, leaning in to whisper the Duke’s instructions. Then the wagon began to take off with the Edwards now accounted for sans Ariella.

”I shall head inside with your mother. Do try to come in and have fun, my boy. You deserve it.” He said in a welcoming and gentle tone. The typical ‘politician’ voice that Drake had recognized. He knew that Gideon meant well, but there was something tacky about that tone. As if his own father was putting up a facade around him. Nonetheless, Drake nodded and gave a casual wave to the Duke and Duchess. ”Enjoy the night you two. Once we enter those doors, we do so as strangers, right?” He said with a wink barely visible through his mask, and then he returned to loitering by the gate entrance.

The Duke and Duchess approached the front doors and made their way amidst a fresh wave of guests. The music, atmosphere, smells, sounds, food, and the barrage of stimuli to their senses were truly magnificent. Gideon smiled at his wife, who also held a smile of her own. This was a slight shock to him, as she had been in a sour mood all day, but even she must keep up appearances in a place such as this. For now, it seemed things were going well. He turned to Victoria and provided her with a quandary. ”Well, my beloved, would you care to dance? Or perhaps we shall introduce our mysterious selves to the host of this masquerade?”
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Amisra,Tanithil, and Sirena

Tanithil raced throughout the port town of Vanarosa, his gaze shooting to either side of the street for any oncoming threats or innocent people walking in his forward path. He stuck to the lesser traveled streets, as two dark elves sprinting in broad daylight would garner ample attention. He narrowly avoided several head-on collisions by sharply changing directions with what reserves of magic he had left. As he finally approached the docks, he skipped the long walk around and up the pier and simply conjured a thick mist underneath them both that carried them aboard the Saltrunner. Once on board, he ran below deck, sharply replying to the other crew members if they tried to stop him. ”Step in front of me and I kick ya square in the groin hard enough ya won’t walk right for a day!”

Needless to say no one impeded his descent into the lower decks. He knelt down, carefully placing his dear friend onto her particular cot. For the first time over several minutes, he finally had a moment to catch his breath. His heart pounded in his chest as his lungs desperately clung for what little oxygen it could between his rapid breaths. He ran his hands along her arms, her legs, her sides, her back, just about anywhere he could try and find any source of a broken bone or perhaps some form of internal bleeding. ” Sorry, Amisra. Not tryin’ ta feel you up but I gotta make sure the fucker didn’t break you…” He softly spoke. It seemed the impact left several marks, perhaps some bruises, but there was definitely a fracture or two beneath the surface he could not see. But the way she reacted as he poked and prodded would tell him all he needed to know. She was hurt, and it worried him deeply. He turned on his feet and ran around the corner to where they kept spare medical supplies and began to rummage for what he could.

Tiny and small sobs echoed around Sirena as she hid in the back recesses of the lower deck. The moving shadows of Tanithil carrying Amisra danced alone on the back walls as she peeked around a barrel she hid behind. Her eyes landed on the injured woman and a worried Tanithil but what captured her attention was the sobbing child who was beating and pounding on the woman's chest “Wake up Mimi…wake up…wake up!! The child cried as she fell onto the woman's chest sobbing.

Falling back into the shadows Sirena attempted to ignore the cries but as Tanithil left she couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. Suddenly the child stood up with a quick speed “ Help her!” the small child shouted at Sirena “ Help her! It’s your duty! You must help Mimi!” Her pleading and wailing broke Sirena’s heart. She had seen so many spirits in her life but this one was strong. The bond between the child and the woman was rare. Normally Sirena would ignore the call of them, drawing out their screams and sobs but this one was different.

Peeking around the barrel again she quickly scurried over to the woman's body as it lay unmoving. The vision of the child had dissipated as an overwhelming feeling of grief hit Sirena straight in her chest. She felt the breath leave her lungs as she struggled for air. Trying to work past it she quickly pulled some items from her bag that was slung around her hip, pulling out a couple vials and satchels. The first was a vile of a potent snake venom, known to numb the nerve system for extended periods of time allowing the body to rest pain-free. She opened the vile and placed the liquid to her lips making sure she ingested its contents. Once Sirena was certain the venom had enough time to kick in she began to do her work.

She quickly ripped open what she could on the woman's chest revealing her chest. Thankfully the woman had undergarments on which likely helped with any severe injuries to her torso thanks to the boning. Looking around she could see bruising along her ribs, a sure sign of a fractured bone. Pulling out large strips of cotton Sirena wrapped the woman's chest tightly in the bandages to help support the ribcage to allow it to heal faster. Moving quickly she then applied a herbal paste to the wound on her head, wrapping her head with some thick bandages as well.

Sirena checked over her body more, searching her arms, the back of her head, her stomach then down to her legs where she saw large amounts of bruising but no cuts. Thankfully the woman was in rough shape but with some rest and the tonics she provided for pain relief she would be just fine. Pulling out one last vile she held another liquid to her lips as it flowed into her mouth. It was blood that had been collected from a beast that had self-healing properties. Although other species would not self-heal, it was found to help quicken the procedure even just slightly, enough that the bruising would slow. Once done Sirena tossed a blanket over the woman to cover the exposed parts of her body. “ It’s okay small one…” Sirena whispered to the small child that lingered around the women. She felt the relief in her chest as the child settled beside the woman, her head resting on her chest as if to fall asleep.

Hearing footsteps Sirena scurried back into the corner she had found residence in, hiding behind some large dusty barrels. She peeked around ever so slightly to get a glimpse of who was approaching.

Amisra lay still on the cot, her consciousness drifting in a sea of darkness and fractured memories. Her body ached, every bruise and fracture sending waves of pain through her. It was as if her entire being was suspended in a void, a place where time had no meaning.

In this half-conscious state, Amisra found herself in a dream. She stood in a lush, vibrant forest, the air filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers and the gentle rustling of leaves. The sun filtered through the canopy above, casting dappled patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor.

As she walked through this serene woodland, a soft voice called her name, a voice she hadn't heard in years. "Mimi," it whispered, like the wind through the leaves.

Turning towards the sound, she saw a figure approaching, a small child with hair as white as Amisra’s and bright, curious eyes. It was Lyrei, the baby sister she had lost so many years ago. Amisra's heart swelled with emotion as she ran towards her, tears of joy in her eyes.

The two sisters embraced, Amisra holding her in her arms and spinning them around, the warmth of their love washing over them like a gentle breeze. She could hardly believe that she was holding her sister again, that she could feel her presence, hear her laughter. They talked and laughed, sharing stories and secrets, as if they had never been apart.

But as the dream went on, shadows began to creep in at the edges of the forest. Amisra's sister turned to her, her eyes filled with sadness. "Mimi, you have to go," she said softly.

Tears welled in Amisra's eyes as she clutched her sister's hand. "I can't leave you again," she pleaded.

Her sister smiled sadly. "You have to, Mimi. You have a purpose, a destiny. You can't stay here with me. I’ll always be with you, even if you can’t see me."

Amisra's heart ached as she watched her sister slowly fade away, her form dissipating like mist in the morning sun. She reached out, trying to hold on to her, but her sister's touch slipped through her fingers.

And then, Amisra woke with a start, her eyes fluttering open. She was back in the dimly lit lower deck of the Saltrunner, her body aching and bruised, yet not aching as much as she anticipated she would. The memory of the dream lingered in her mind, a bittersweet reminder of the love and loss she had experienced in her life. In that moment, she could have sworn she saw a figure darting back into the shadows behind some barrels. Her mind was foggy, however, and she wasn’t sure what she was actually seeing. ”Tan, is that you?” She called out, her voice hoarse.

The sound of Amisra’s voice had called Tanithil’s attention as he rummaged through the ship’s medical closet for supplies. He wasn’t much of a nurse, but he found some bandages, gauze, some natural balms for pain, and a few other things to help ease Amisra out of her injuries. He turned on his heel and walked briskly into the room. ”Yeah it’s me, Amisra. I just gotta help…dress your wounds?” He paused and noticed that Amisra’s shirt had been ripped, exposing the undershirt she had beneath. It was for that split second that Tanithil felt a rage bubble in his gut. Shadows began to pull from around the lower deck of the ship as sharply-edged appendages crawled out of Tanithil’s back, gripping the wood of the ship with an eerie creaaaaaaak. The four “arms” instinctively surrounded them both, as if to shield them from some unseen third party. He whipped his head around. ”You must be ballsy or completely mental if you think messin’ with a woman while she’s out cold is the right move. So help me-” His words paused as he noticed just what state his friend was in.

Sirena felt her body push against the wood of the ship as the forces that built up around her caused a tremor in her belly. Her eyes darted around the cob-webbed corner as she felt her breath hitch in her throat from fear. The sounds of screeching and yelling echoed in her mind as she covered her ears tightly, her eyes squinting closed as she pushed tighter into the corner of the ship.

She was slightly undressed, yet had plenty of cotton strips to hold her ribcage together, which had shown signs of damage. Not to mention the gash on her head had a salve applied to it. The grotesque conjured limbs slowly receded back into Tanithil, his mind and heart now set a little more at ease knowing whoever it was that touched his friend, it was seemingly in good faith. He knelt down and quickly covered her up, his gaze shifting to meet hers while he spoke. ”You took a proper hit there, Amisra. You’re alright though, you’re back on the Saltrunna. I need to know where it hurts the most right now and if you need anythin’.”

As his limbs receded Sirena's body relaxed as her breathing steadied. With a timid crawl, she used her hands to pull herself slightly forward from behind the barrels. Her large round eyes observed the grateful man as he looked upon his friend. However, the small child looked at Sirena with tears in her eyes. They light up large as her tiny hands tucked into her chest and a smile grew on her face. The child leaned down, planting a gentle soft kiss on the woman's forehead as her body faded off into the shadows. “ she sleeps…” “She is sleeping now.” “ Not gone.” “Small child” the whispers echoed in her mind.

Amisra blinked in confusion as her gaze shifted from where she expected to see Tanithil to where he actually was. She then glanced back to where she could have sworn she'd seen a figure, eyes scanning the dim light for any sign of a person. Then that dim light became dimmer as his shadow arms surrounded them and she glanced around alarmed. He said he needed to dress her wounds, but as she looked down at herself it seemed that had already been done. So either Tanithil hit his head too and forgot he'd dressed them or there was a helpful stowaway on board.

“Tan, that's enough. I'm fine." She said, her voice raspy as she tried to get her friend to calm down and see sense.

Finally it seemed he came to his senses and she breathed a small sight of relief. “Thank you, Tanithil,” Amisra whispered, her voice weak but filled with gratitude. She winced as she shifted, pain lancing through her body. “I ache all over, but I think my ribs are the worst.” Her eyes shifted to the corner where she was sure she'd seen someone. “And thank you, too... whoever you are.” She managed a faint smile, appreciating the kindness she had been shown.

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