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Phone died for a couple of days. ( my of rest in peace) ik start updating asap again:)
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Yushhhh.larp season has began again. Lets larp ya all
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Finally,some time to breathe. Drought in Europe,grass wont grow, and hell is breaking loose in the netherlands. Jup. Summer is here
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To my rp partners. Things will get hectic the coming weeks on work. Lawnmowing season is beginning and the start up is always messy. My posting rate will go down but I will post when I can


Well hello there my name is Ojo and I am a 22 year old dutch girl.

My roleplay range is wide, from vampires to military and fairy's to anime. These are some of my favourite though

-Keltic/ scottish.
-Myth and legends

I can enjoy a good 1X1 roleplay, but if there is a good group rp with lots of active players I am good to go as well. Further do I prefer to take the female roles but I can play males as well ( note that they tend to be flirty or charming towards interesting female chars)

Little bit about myself:
- I am a Forester and a lumberjack. Though I currently work as a lawnmower (with the big machines to do that XD)
-I collect and wear kimono. KIMONO LOVE,KIMONO LIVE
- I am a fanatic LARP'r who goes on weekends away from time to time with the samurai,elven or healers LARP crew I am a part of. (Love the healer char. I have a roller pin as weapon and it is amazing how fearful that thing can be)

- Gotta love anime, you can always strike a concersation with me about that.
- I am a cosplayer, and I love to take pictures of them as well as standing model.
- I am a crazy person, run while you have the chance ;)

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Closed! For now ;)
Well hello hello,

Thank you for clicking on this help wanted add ;)
Let me first introduce myself.
My name is Ojo-chan,
I am 22 years old and I am a proud Dutchy (Netherlands)
I work fulltime and have a BF,both take up most of my time besodes RP. My job consists of mowing lawns and cutting down trees (yes I am a girl)

Now that we have had the small introduction I will now point out some rules I would like to rp by.
-My parter MUST be above 18, if you are younger and I find out the rp will inmedialty stop,without question. So pls dont lie about your age, this happend before and it ended with a very angry rp partner,wich is something I would like to avoid.
-we make plot together. I hate to be the only one pulling a story forwards.
-don't dissapear on me. If you are no longer interested,please tell me honestly. I wont bite ;) I will do the same as well.
'Please notify me if you are gone for a vacation or something. RL happens so an RP can wait if neccisary.

Some other things.
As mentioned above I work fulltime. That means I cannot update all the time. Dont expect a post every day. I try to do one every other day,bit sometimes I just cant manage that.
I am always,always interested in your own plots. So lemme know if you have some brainspinsel you want to use.
I prefer to play the male in a rp. Though I am not opposed against playing a girl.
Romance is a must, though I prefer a good pot to wave a romance through.

Some plots I had in mind
Youkai x human
This is based around the ledgend of a night parade with a hundred demons.

Egyptian priest x female (i relaly want to do this one)
YC gets send back to the time of the pharaos and pyramids while visiting a tomb in the vally of the kings. MC find YC and so they go. An RP filled with lotsa political plots, angy pharao's, gold and sand on places you dont expect it to be.

Demon x novice witch
A beginning witch accidentally summons one of the seven sons of Satan.

Demon x human
(Still pending)

Knight x female (really want to do this one as well)
Based around a german ledgend of a knight kidnapping young maidens to become queen of a magic land.

Well,lemme know if you are interested :)
Love to hear from you,
838 I AM BACK!
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