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Current The sun may rise in the east, but at least, it settles in a finer location~ dream of.... californication
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breakup, never though I would find something good coming from it
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My heart lies in Manchester, my tears fall on dutch ground.
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who can say where the road goes~ where the road goes, only time~
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started to work again, so there you have your reason if your update is a bit delayed XD


Well hello there my name is Ojo and I am a 21 year old dutch girl.

My roleplay range is wide, from vampires to military and fairy's to anime. These are some of my favourite though

-Keltic/ scottish.

I can enjoy a good 1X1 roleplay, but if there is a good group rp with lots of active players I am good to go as well. Further do I prefer to take the female roles but I can play males as well ( note that they tend to be flirty or charming towards interesting female chars)

Little bit about myself:
- I am a Forester and a lumberjack.
- I am a fanatic LARP'r who goes on weekends away from time to time with the samurai LARP crew I am a part of.

- Gotta love anime, you can always strike a concersation with me about that.
- I am a cosplayer, and I love to take pictures of them as well as standing model.
- I am a crazy person, run while you have the change ;)

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No thank you, i prefer to go with a group rp from the beginning. Have fun though.
@Ojo chan 42
I have no answer to this since I have no authority, but I just wanted to say you have a very pretty profile picture! ^^

ahww thank you, it is a illustration made by teafox. Give them a like if you have Facebook. Your'se is also very relaxing to look at, those colourfull yellyfish :)
is there maybe room for a another vampire or are you full?
@Dark Light do you want to collab with this little witch? maybe our chars could meet at a fancy party from the high society or something. its alright if you don't want to :)

also @Zora a miracle happend, I actually got time to go to the library today and I fixed my image, you can clearly see it now.

Italy-Rome 00:00

Shadi sat in a cirle of witches, her eyes closed while she listened to the soft humming. Behind her were three more circles of witches, and all the woman held eachothers hand. Shadi felt the witch besides her soflty squeez in her hand, she was nerous. And they had a reason to be, if this this ritual failed then her mothers anger whould not be easely appeased. Shadi secretly looked at her mother between her eyelashes. She sat before her together with four other witches and all held eachothers hands. If one would look at them from above one would recognize the five pointed star surrounded by four circles. The five pointed star stood for Venus, it was the pattern that Venus traveled every five years through the night sky.

It had become the symbol of Satan long ago. And they had to thank the church and those dammed witchunters for that. The holy symbol of Venus, degraded for the church feared the power of woman. Shadi shook her head to get rid of her hatefull thoughts and focussed on the task before them. Saving the live of a young unborn infant. The father of the child had contaced them not long ago and begged them to save his wife and unborn child. The docters had told him the child would die at birth and the woman would be in danger. Shadi remembered how her mother had smiled as she agreed to the task, but for a price. Luckely the man was rich and influential, and could be used to strenghten the grip their coven had on the financial and political world. They did everything for the right price, from making your rival dissapear to predicting wich stock yu should buy next or what would be the best investment. Their repeated succeses had made them a secret standard within the high society, that and most witches were outstandingly beautifull and had seduced most men. Maybe even a president or two.

Shadi's attention shifted back a frightend pregnant woman in a white robe stepped into the cirlces, making sure not to disrupt the circle made out of suger. She sat down between the five witches in the middle and inmediatly a energy waved through the room. Everyone felt the power swirl and they started to strengthen the baby within her belly. The saddend sounds of a whailing woman could be heard as the five main witches started their acient song. Shadi had always found those songs creepy AF and hoped her mother would never teach them to her, the chance was small. After a good five minutes of sharing her power Sahdi began to feel exhausted. In the outer circle some witches had already fainted for they could not channel so much energy. Luckely her mother seemed to end things as the energy level lowerd. The pregnant woman seemed more than fine and the ritual was officially ended. Quickly Shadi stood up with the other witches.

"Long live Venus, the mother and the vein" they all said almost singing. Then they all dispersed ann Shadi was thinking of doing the same, before her mother found her within the crowd. Laughing she snuck outnof the room together of the other younger witches and they chatted a bit. Then their group split up as well as most of them left the underground building while stepping onto the streets of nighttime Rome. Shad laughed some more as she looked at the well known white dome of sint Peters basilica. None of those old stubborn fools of the Vatican had ever noticed that maybe one of the biggest nests of Witches had operated right underneat their nose.

Shadi stretched herself before wistling a bit. A pitch black raven came flying down and landed on her shoulder before she started to walk towards her appartment.
" good boy Noctis, did you wait long?" Shadi spoke to the crow as she petted his soft black feathers."lets go home, maybe I can discover something interesting again tonight"

@Zora here is my char. I pm the GM about the info on magic, but I have not had a awnser yet. Maybe you can enlighten me about the idea of magic you have in this world. I will edit my char accordingly if it needs to be change qua powers and magic. Also I work on my phone and so I cannot put a image, but I managed a link. Hope she's alright.

Heyyyy, blackpanther recommended this RP to me and it does indeed sound interesting. Is there still room for a witch. I will work on a cs this evening.
That a shame. Maybe I will see you all around another time!@Wick

@BlackPanther it was a honor writing with you, loved each and every post you wrote. Maybe we will get the chanse to write with one another again!!

Sasha O'Neill & Jean Belair & Rick Hoover

"Rick, lets go. Vladimir can bring us to the one who killed your lover. You can truely avenge her that way" Sasha spoke, not other words to speak than these. Slowly she shaking of Rick's body stopped and he let go of Sasha while slinding onto the floor like a drunken fool.
"I can never beat him. I am but a few weeks old Sash, I cannot kill a acient vampire like him" itbwas clear that Rick had become discouraged. It was expected, he had lost the sole reason why he had turned. Sasha, even tough she took pity on him, was not planning to see her cousin slide into a eternal sadness. She did not wished to see him pained until he would be killed.
"Rick, what would Nora say if she saw you in this mess. Vladimir is right, do not let the pain rule you. After we killed Vladimir2 you can properly mourn her"

Slowy Rick stoodnup but his head still hung. He looked at Nora's corps and walked towards her. Slowly he took her hand in his and slid the two weddingrings she wore of her ringfinger and put them on the cord where they had hung before.
"you two go ahead. I have something else to do. I will find you guys again. Maybe catch up with Jean and then join you all. But first..." Rick spoke no more as he lifted Nora in his arms and walked outof the room.
Sasha looked at them go and sighed, a small tear left the corner of her eye as she saw her cousin like this. Quickly shenrubbed it away and turned her attention back at Vladimir.
"is there a chance you will take me with you to Dracula or do I need to convince you to take me with you?"she said and grabbed her knife, holding it firmly in her hand.

In the meanwhile Rick was running as fast as he could while carrying Nora's lifeless body. Tears streamed down his cheeks and were left as mere droplets floating in the air as he ran by. He knew exaclty were to burry her, the mansion where they had first met. At the st where he had worked and cut down, only to later on plant new trees back. It had been a few years and the young trees had grown some bigger. As he reached the fores he gently laid her down on the moss as he proceeded to dig a hole in the ground. A beautifull young red oak would stand guard over her eternal resting place.

After he had buried her Rick mourned for a while before standing up. He took out his phone and dialed a number he had once gotten a long time ago.
"Belair, who is calling"
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