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Well hello there my name is Ojo and I am a 27 year old dutch girl.

My roleplay range is wide, from vampires to military and fairy's to anime. These are some of my favourite though

-Keltic/ scottish.
-Myth and legends

I can enjoy a good 1X1 roleplay, but if there is a good group rp with lots of active players I am good to go as well. Further do I prefer to take the female roles but I can play males as well ( note that they tend to be flirty or charming towards interesting female chars)

Little bit about myself:
- I am a Forester and a lumberjack. Though I currently work as a lawnmower (with the big machines to do that XD)
-I collect and wear kimono. KIMONO LOVE,KIMONO LIVE
- I am a fanatic LARP'r who goes on weekends away from time to time with the samurai,elven or healers LARP crew I am a part of. (Love the healer char. I have a roller pin as weapon and it is amazing how fearful that thing can be)

- Gotta love anime, you can always strike a concersation with me about that.
- I am a cosplayer, and I love to take pictures of them as well as standing model.
- I am a crazy person, run while you have the chance ;)

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Hello there,

And welcome to my intrest check. First of all, thank you for coming here.

I am looking for someone willing to play a female love intrest of my own version of Vlad Tepesh, or better known as Dracula. This will be a slow burn, romance and adventure filled roleplay. I am not here for smut only, but like to work towards it, alongside a good plot to keep me and you both interested for a long term roleplay.

If you are looking for a anti hero with a big heart, that will tear the head off anyone that dares harm the woman he loves, or claps and encourages her when she does it herself, then you are at the right place.

The setting will be situated in modern times, and vampire's are very real. As are other supernatual beings. Though they prefer to keep themselves hidden from plain sight. Only a few know about their existence. Whether or not your char is aware of their existence is for you to decide. At some point or another, your char becomes involved with a group of not so friendly vampire's. They kidnapp you and hold you hostage. This group was planning to harm Vlad, and he is not having it at all. (Wheter or not your char was kidnapped for a reason or you just ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time is also open for discussion. Hell, if you want magic powers and that's why they kidnapped you, go for it)

Mercilessly he kills them all, when he finds their den. Only, he doesn't kill you. Because of certain risks involved with letting you go free, he drags you along with him to his castle in Romania.

The plot is still kinda vague, but I want it to fit y/c as well, so I wrote down in rough lines what I had in mind.

Ah, you are still here, great . Love you already.
Here is what I expect from you. Not much really, just some simple things.
-you have to be 18+
-you are fine with smut, gore and dark topics. Torture and blood are guaranteed in this RP.
-please post frequently. I lose my drive to write when I only get a post once every 2 weeks. So 2-3 replies a week would be nice.
-tell me if you have something going on or need a break. I get it, life gets busy, I'll do the same to you when I get a bit busy with whatever. I also have work and a life outside rp.
-i love ooc chatting, so I would prefer it if you did so as well.
-add your own things to the rp.
-have fun ,)

A little bit about myself.
I am a 27 y/o Dutch woman, with a love for mythology. I can research it for hours end. I work as a machine operator at a landscaping company. Big lawnmowers, CAT'S and tractors are my thing. Besides that I love to LARP and rp ofcourse.

I have discord if you prefer to communicate instead Oc there. I would prefer our rp in PM.

Hit me up if you ( want to get bitten) feel like starting this story with me.


Yosri Dali Kadir

Location: :Bazaar
mentions: @Lava Alckon

Farim stood in the park, watching his dear friend run off in a moment of excitement, shock, and bewilderment. Most of the crowd had wondered what just happened, and Farim felt a slight concern creep in the back of his mind. Perhaps I went too far. It was the proper way to end the dance, but I forget I am not home amongst my people. He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, but he quickly shrugged it off and walked over to his brother. He made sure to grab his saber from the ground where it had been stuck earlier and inspected its blade. A quick wipe along its edge had removed any dirt or debris, followed by a flick of his wrist to sheath the blade.

”My brother, that was a lovely tune you just played. I hope that Saiya’s rapid departure does not discourage you. I think I may have…. ‘given her the willies’ as they may say here.” He paused for a moment before seeing an armor-clad woman rapidly approach him. He prepared himself for the worst but the woman stopped just a foot short of Farim as he turned to face her. The woman gave a quick bow before speaking abruptly. “Pardon me, Shehzadi, I mean you no harm or offense. I wish to relay a message from Her Highness Princess Anastasia!” A brief pause would follow as Farim gently nodded towards the woman. “She simply wishes to inform you that she is going to be attending to an important matter and wishes to ‘hang out with you and your family later’!” The woman gave a strong salute before running off in the direction she came from.

Farim turned towards his brother with a coy smile. “So…looks like I have a date for the family dinner tonight! What have you been up to brother?”

Dali still gazed at the direction Saiye had just disappeared into. He had not the slightest of clues what had gone wrong for her to be running as quick as she had. The music had taken him into his own headspace. One where no one and nothing could pull him out of, once he got the vibe in his soul.

He turned to his brother, who received an invitation of some sort from the princess. Dali could not help but grin' that grin' at his brother. You know the one, when a brother has a teasing thought about the other, and their gazes are enough to convey the words, without speaking. His brother worked fast as always.
"Inshallahs, brother. A princess of the green shores. She must be a great beauty to have caught your eye" Dali said as the messenger was far out of sight.
" I have been up to my usual Shtick my brother. The wind blew me there and here, seeking those who need my help without knowing it. Life has been blessed my brother, Inshallahs, Inshallahs. The gods are good" Dali clapped his hands together before touching the center of his head in quick prayer.
" and now I am here. Maybe I am here to seek out new lands and learn more about the world. Or maybe I am here to flee from fathers sight. Either way, both reasons are good reasons to sail half a world away" Dali spoke and patted his brother on the back.
"and perhaps on my travels, the gods will reveal the other half of me they created. I am searching for that person still. And I trust the gods will guide me to them. So if you know of any one suitable, that can handle the way I am, do let me know" Dali said with a wink. He twirled his flute in his hands for a bit, before putting it away
"Inshallahs, brother, can you show me around? This place is as strange a place as it can get"

Farim took a few moments to think about the few faces he had seen. He compared that with what he remembered of his brother and had little luck finding someone immediately that came to mind. But he kept that same smile as he addressed Dali. “Brother, as for want of women, you will find plenty here who may pique your interest. Though if you are looking to avoid father’s gaze well….keep walking because that man is very much up everyone’s ass at the moment.” He stifled a chuckle before bringing an arm over Dali’s shoulder and walking off with him in tow.

Farim took the time to show his brother around the park, stopping at various stalls to see if his interest would rise to the various games and food displayed. “Good to know you are well. Right now the festival here in the park seems to be closing up, lots of food and stalls to visit really quick if you would like. I personally was looking to run by the bazaar over to the south to find a pretty piece of jewelry for that same friend of mine you just heard me talk about. Maybe the gods will bring someone close to you and grant you this chance to find your other half!” He optimistically spoke as they began to make their way towards the bazaar.

"At least father is not breathing in my neck to behave myself. His idea how a spiritual man should live, is so very different from my free spirited one" Dali joked with much delight. It always felt so good to poke his father behind his back. It was a sin, yes. But he was human, and no one was fully without sin.

"Inshallas brother. If my other half is here, I will find them for sure." Dali did not specify on gender here. For all it was worth, he did keep it on a low profile he did not care whom he met. Male or female. Perhaps Farim knew, perhaps not. But Dali rather not stir the sand dunes without a good reason to do so.

"Dear friend" Dali raised an eyebrow and grinned at his brother. " I never knew you to be one to spend money on frivolous gifts for lady friends " Dali hummed and tilted his head to the side. Now he had gotten really curious about this princess. "Let us head to the bazaar then. Perhaps the wind will guide me towards a neat trinket or two."

Farim couldn’t help but become slightly bashful at Dali’s remark. He was being rather forward with someone he had just met. Maybe it was something in the air, or perhaps Farim was looking for some adventure. He could hardly say at the moment, but for now he did what he wanted…which was to find some fine jewelry for his new friend. As they approached the bazaar, there was plenty of noise and hustle amidst the ever-shifting crowd of merchants, peddlers, con artists, and bystanders. He took a moment to size up the folks, the stalls, their wares, and quickly let a grin creep along his cheeks.

“Come brother, let us find a few baubles, trinkets, and whatever else these folks may try to swindle us with. I trust you will find something for your…partner.” He spoke with a slight inflection at the end, knowing full well the meaning behind it. His brother wasn’t exactly open about his affairs but Farim could tell when someone was “shopping in multiple booths” as he would put it. Not that he minded. Quite the opposite, he had all the care in the world for his brother so he opted to keep it to himself aside from the rare tease here and there.

Farim and Dali walked together from shop to shop, stopping at a few places, and letting Dali pick out whatever he may desire for himself or for another. It wasn’t until their third stall that he saw many interesting items for sale. This particular shopkeep seemed to have an air of honesty to her, and she watched with interest as each person came to her with questions about her wares. Farim took the time to look over the various items she had, nothing really catching his eye immediately. Then he spotted an enchanting necklace in the shape of a crescent moon with a bright aquamarine inspired gem resembling a full moon nested against it. He let loose a slowly building whistle before beckoning his brother over.

“What do you think of this, eh? Pretty good for some random shop in the middle of Caessonia!” He carefully lifted the necklace from its resting spot to show it off to Dali.

"It shimmers like the moon itself. Its craftsmanship is obvious to even my untrained eye." Dali complimented the price of jewelry. He had no real need for more precious jewelry. His golden headband with a fluorite droplet was all he needed. That one was special to him. A gift from his teacher.

"Will this be your gift to your new dear friend, my brother?" he asked as he pulled his bag back up his shoulder. The only thing he had bought here had been spices and dried foods. He was curious to try them out. And lowkey, he was looking out for any ' nose spices' and tobacco. Just to pass the time.

He was not too sure how many people would be blown upon his path these coming days. But he wanted to be able to get as high as a kite if no one here wished to hang out with him. Seeing the gods and their many colors was one way to pass the time pleasantly.

"Inshallas brother. If this is for your dear friend, her beauty must be unmatched." Dali teased his brother again. It had been too long since they were able to playfully jab at one another like this. To tease one another when a pretty girl waved at them, back when they were young. How flustered they would get before one of them eventually teased the other for staring too long.

Farim could feel a slight warmth in his face as his brother teased him. The one person who he would act so sheepish around would be Dali, as he batted his hand and laughed. “Brother, you flatter me! She is a princess mind you! I doubt she will find that much fancy in a trader like myself…” He would trail off and motion towards the woman who owned the small tent they were in. He gave the woman the price upfront, no questions asked, and even threw in a few extra pieces of gold for good measure. He watched Dali do the same with a few ingredients and “special” spices of his, smirking as they exited the tent.

“Dali, it was wonderful seeing you and getting a few moments together. I truly have missed you. Sadly, I must run off for now, as I have quite a few small things to take care of before dinner tonight. And of course, I hope to see you there! I hear they invited some lovely woman who will likely be preyed on by our sisters and get this…a man who made our father look like a fool in front of the entire royal court! Oh what I would pay to see that man fall from his little throne of his.” Farim couldn’t help but smile at the image now in his mind.

However he did have a few things to see. He had heard of a “Lover’s Lake” that sounds like the perfect solitary spot to have some peace and quiet, as well as a swordplay competition should he feel the need to watch some captivating performances. He thought for a moment, looked to Dali, and extended a hug before speaking into his ear. “Inshallah, my brother. I have some….new imports from the West. I will set up my hookah one of these days and perhaps we can really catch up on our adventures. But for now, may the winds guide you.” Farim chuckled and with a final wave began walking off towards the arena, where in that split second he figured he could watch some fun swordplay.

Yosri Dali Kadir

Location: :Festival at the park
mentions: @Lava Alckon @Tae

He smiled at her as she blessed his mother. Small words with good intentions mattered most to him. Years apart had not changed the pure nature of her heart. It had preserved beautifully and perhaps was even polished by the hardships she endured.

"you know me habibi. I always bring spice to wherever I arrive" he gave her a wink. Dali always felt like the wind,the element of freedom. He tried to live his life as free from worry as possible. Helping others to be as free of trouble as he sometimes wished to be.

So it was not often he felt worried,let alone show it. However, the sounds he heard got him worried. He had barely arrived and it seemed things were already going sour. The distant bangs froze him in his movement, reliving for the slightest of moments that fatefull day of his childhood. A high pitched tune seemed to take over his ears as they began to ring.

”Perhaps food should wait and we should find your kin. Make sure they weren’t involved in whatever is currently happening with that racket.” her voice was the anchor back into reality he needed. He wiped the worried look off his face and suppressed the urge to walk away inmedialty. He smiled, he always did. Last thing Saiye would need was to see him worried. It would worry her and that is the last thing he wished for.

"yes we should. Just to be sure" he kept that smile of his up. How could he worry her. How could he say he felt as if death was hanging around them. His intuition was usually spot on, but not when confronted by the one thing that could really drive him away. Loud bangs, even heard from a distance, could still cause him to sway.
"Inshallas habibi, are you afraid I cannot protect you" he decided to go on in a more cheerful tune. "do you need both brothers to defend you. Just like when we were little" he did start to move. Walking around the festival in search of more colourful company than the people around them.

"perhaps I should detonate something. My brother would jump on a carpet and come flying down to us in a second,just to scold me" he joked,distracting himself.

And just then he felt the wind change. The direction blowing his gaze towards a colourfull gathering to the side of them. He did not even see the rest of his cousins. Would they even recognise them after years of not seeing one another. He knew he didn't recognise most of them,though he was sure they had met somewhere before.

"Inshalla, brother!" he exclaimed excited as the wind pushed on. It had done its job for today.

Up :)

Yosri Dali Kadir

Location: :Festival at the park
mentions: @Lava Alckon @Tae

Dali was relieved to hear her life so far had been better. She deserved as much for the hardships she had endured on her earlier life. Her faith had been tested many times,yet it had never wavered once. In his humble opinion,the gods owed her as much happiness as they could possibly bless her with. The early traces of beauty she had bore on her face,had now fully blossomed. The desert rose had bloomed and her smile was ever so graceful.

He chuckled softly as she teased him back. And he was so very tempted to continue this tango, but perhaps this was not the place for it. Nor was she someone he should or would casually play with. He let go of her hand and laid his index and middle finger on her forhead. A blessing to be given for her, through him, by the gods.

"Inshallas, I ever wander where to gods send me. Up until last month,I had no idea I would be wandering into these strange lands. Like desert sand moved by the Djin,I am ever on the move. Sand can never sta still for long after all" he said and offered her his arm. The festival was still buzzing around them,with laughter filling the air. And it did him well to see such joy. He had seen to much sorrow during his journeys, it was refreshing to know people could still laugh.

" my servitude is ever going. Whenever I feel the wind blow I move again. Letting the gods push me to wherever I am needed. My Hoca Fakir has taught me much, and I have been in his wind for a long time. But he was of opinion I had to find my own direction in life. So here I am, carried by strange winds to find my brother,my kin and apparently you" Dali smiled and took a step,taking Saiya along with him. The scent of spices twirling around them.

"my life has been good Habibi. I have learned much during my wanderings. And I have been able to help so many unfortunate souls. Ease their pain and erase their worries. My Hoca scolded me for focusing to much on others and neglecting my own happiness. So I have not yet found love" He said and looked at Saiya.

"and what about you Habibi. Have you found someone to give your heart to. I am sure you have suitors lining up at your feet" He went on and his eye caught sight of a stand selling some chunks of meat on a stick. Much like the kebab from home,but it would certainly lack the heat of those his mother used to make.

"Are you hungry?" he asked and reached into his sleeve. He pulled out a small decorative pouch, with a red powder lining the edge.
"Mothers special spice mix. With extra chili flakes. I was warned beforehand the food here would be a bit bland" he joked and motioned to the food stand.

Yosri Dali Kadir

Location: :Festival at the park
mentions: @Lava Alckon @Tae

The festival was buzzing with life and laughter. Intresting tales floated all around him, and Dali stopped more than once to listen to them. Admire the way their tellers spoke,weaving tale after tale. Truth laced with grandeur to make the stories all that more intresting. He enjoyed them,and more than once spoke tales himself. About the far away sanddunes, that shifted with each dark moon. The dessert winds bending and shaping the sand to its will. The heat scoarcing everything that was not resilient enough to withstand its deadly touch. He was born for this. To stand infront of people and preach, speak and share in their laughter and amazement. He spoke about his gods, and their tales. But not to long, as he had other stories to listen to after he was done speaking.

Not far from where he and his story sharing companions had settled down, a group of musicians took their place. It caught his attention as they began to speak about his home land. He had not noticed many others from Alidasht around, yet they were here. Hastily he stood up, earning strange looks from his new found companions. He gave them a gentle smile. "what better way to be tempted by the taste of far away spices, than music on the tip of your tongue" he said poetical and turned to look at the musicians.

Apparently they had roped in a young lady from Alidash origins, to sing along with them. He laughed softly and shook his head. He prayed the poor lamb was not to crowd shy. She proved him wrong, from the silence rose a siren. Tempting the crowd with her song and intriguing them with her mysterious tune. She knew how to amuse them,how to amuse him. And when she soun,the world stopped for a moment. Everything blurred but her, as pure joy rose from within his ever enthusiastic being. He knew those eye's, he recognised the woman singing infront of him.

"Saiye" he said and for a moment, he could see her back in the temple. Offering secret prayers to her father. Her pure intent so radiant as he stood guard to make sure no one would disturb her prayer.

He chuckled as she sing the last sentence,and he felt as if she was calling him a fool. His poor heart.

He made his way through the crowd after her song was done. He grinned as she called him by his old name. How much time had passed since they had last spoken. She had been taller than him, that was for sure.
"Inshallahs Habibi. Only my father inists on calling me as such" he said,and wanted to reach for her hand.

Instead,the gods literally pushed her into his arms. He stepped forwards to catch her just in time. Holding the precious desert rose in his strong embrace.
"come now habibi. Do not go falling head over heels for me just yet" he teased her "how long has it been since we last saw one another? Years? I am sure you were bigger than me,Inshallah" Dali suppressed a laugh as he helped her find her steady feeling again. By the gods did it feel good to see Saiye again. Seeing her filled him with a sense of nostalgia. To home and the honey glazed dates he used to bring to his mother and Saiye.

"you can call me Dali, Saiye" he had helped her steady,but still held onto her hand. "how is life treating you? Has it been kind?"

Yosri Dali Kadir

Location: :Festival at the park
mentions: @Lava Alckon @Tae
First post: Hello there, call me Dali

His first steps on dry land, were as unsteady as he had feared. Days on the twisting and turning waves of sea, had given Dali a sway in his step. Perhaps others would assume he was drunk, which was not that unlikely for him, but not this early on the day. The haze of alcohol and other, bad for your health indulgences, were best kept until the shroud of darkness had set in. He took in a deep breath, the salt on the wind was stinging his nose, but not as much as the first day on sea. He had never traveled over the sun kissed sea's, to seek the knowledge beyond them. The land beyond them a great mystery to be diven into, to discover and unravel new secrets. He could not wait to discover what these lands had in store for him, what the gods had planned for him.

Dali paid the sailors well to make sure they would not go through his belongings to find better payment. His cargo was precious and perhaps....a tad dangerous as well. With all his potions and concoctions safely tucked between straw. His instruments neatly wrapped to make sure each and every one of them would survive the voyage. His cargo would be delivered to his room, wherever that might be located. He was sure he would be somewhere near his fellow kin, now all Dali needed to do was find them. So, still with a swaying step, he swung his bag with belongings, to precious to leave behind in the hands of salty sailors, over his shoulder and walked further into the harbor of Sorian.

"Inshallahs" he muttered as he walked through the streets. this world was so very different from where he had come from. Their houses were build differently, their choice of dress was so very different from what he was used to. Dali stuck out like a sore thumb, and his hopes of finding his kin rose with each step. He reached his hand up to touch his head jewel, dangling on his forehead. He tapped it two times, each for one of the greater gods. Dali sighed, followed by a deep breath, and returned to his journey. Each step was one closer to where the gods needed him to be, so he kept on walking. Trusting in the Djin of the wind, to guide him as they had on the seas. His place to be, turned out to be a festival of sorts. The people of Sorian had come here to be entertained, and spend time with their loved ones and family.

Dali stopped in his steps, and looked at a big brother trowing balls at a stack of cans. If he toppled them, he would win a prize for the little sister tugging at the hem of his shirt. The boy trew and hit, but not all of the cans had been toppled over. He still had one ball left to make it count. With determination in his eye's the boy trew... and missed. Sad and angry he bit his lip, and turned to his sister, who had that typical pouting disappointment only little girls could have on their face.
"I am sorry, I have no more money on me. We need to go find Mother and father first" he said and the pout on the girls face grew more. Dali laughed and pulled a coin out of the purse hidden beneath his flowing garment.
" here son, try it one more time. if you have faith, surly you will hit your mark" Dali said and tossed the coin to the man behind the stall. As expected he did get a very strange look from the boy, but when the game master handed him three more balls, the boy went back to work.

Dali looked as the first ball was trown, and missed. "Djin, guide him" he said soft and watched as the boy took a deep breath, focused and trew the ball again, and hit. The cans fell with a clatter on the ground. With only two left standing besides one another, the boy tossed the ball one more time. Determination and concentration plastered on the boys face. Dali turned around to walk away, he had faith that the ball would hit its target. and it did not take him more that five steps to hear the sound of cans hitting the ground and a loud cheer to follow that noise. Big brothers always looked out for their younger siblings, an unwritten law. How long had it been since he had last seen his older brother... or Saiya.

A long awaited reunion was destined to happen here, in this strange land. And who else would he meet here? What else would be his plight to fulfill. Dali's step, now less that of a drunken sailor, continued on. Perhaps his kin would be here, or the Djin had not blown him into the crowded temporary streets of this festival.

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