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Well hello there my name is Ojo and I am a 23 year old dutch girl.

My roleplay range is wide, from vampires to military and fairy's to anime. These are some of my favourite though

-Keltic/ scottish.
-Myth and legends

I can enjoy a good 1X1 roleplay, but if there is a good group rp with lots of active players I am good to go as well. Further do I prefer to take the female roles but I can play males as well ( note that they tend to be flirty or charming towards interesting female chars)

Little bit about myself:
- I am a Forester and a lumberjack. Though I currently work as a lawnmower (with the big machines to do that XD)
-I collect and wear kimono. KIMONO LOVE,KIMONO LIVE
- I am a fanatic LARP'r who goes on weekends away from time to time with the samurai,elven or healers LARP crew I am a part of. (Love the healer char. I have a roller pin as weapon and it is amazing how fearful that thing can be)

- Gotta love anime, you can always strike a concersation with me about that.
- I am a cosplayer, and I love to take pictures of them as well as standing model.
- I am a crazy person, run while you have the chance ;)

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@headintheclouds yes. Pm for details
Hello there,

And thank you for showing interest in my interest check.
First of all,let me introduce myself. My name is Ojo and I am a 22 year old Dutch girl. I have been rp ing for almost 3 years and I larp even longer than that. My hobbies are traditional kimono dress up,beating the shit out of my friends during larp and watching anime.

Now that we have had the small introduction let's get down to business shall we ;)

I am searching for a partner for a specific roleplay I have in mind. You must be 18 years or older to rp with me. Since this rp will contain themes as violence, sex, horror and blood( it's a vampire rp after all)

I am searching for someone who wants to play a female vampire hunter(or monster hunter)
I have a male char ready for this rp hence I am searching specific for a lady char.

I prefer romance and smut in an rp but it will never be the main force wich drives the rp. I prefer a good plot to wave it through.

Speaking about the plot here is what I am going for: My char and your char are forced to work together in order to stop a vampire criminal orgainaztion from human trafficking.

If you have an idea for a good plot or want to add something to the plot I am more than happy to listen to your idea's. My motto is,you write together, not alone.

I kinda suck at writing these interest things tbh :)

Anyway, shoot me an pm of you are interested

249. 😏
This prince sounds like a pervert

He is 😂
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Closed! For now ;)
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