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1 mo ago
Current Bored. Boredity bored, bored. Oh, and did I mention that I'm bored?
2 mos ago
Spent the afternoon making Kimchi,, and now my hands sting from the chilli ><
2 mos ago
I remember Guild fall. It was so much busier around here before that!
3 mos ago
When you're decorating and find some beautiful Victorian tiles hidden under the hallway carpet. It's a happy day!!
3 mos ago
Sorry folks, crazy busy. Will get back to everyone tomorrow.


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Hi there,

I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as possible. I'm looking for a couple of new partners! My tastes are varied, and I'm always open to ideas that I haven't mentioned. I don't have too many strict rules - more guidelines really. Sorta' like the pirate code, but with less boats.

So, firstly I tend to sit around high casual to low advanced. I would like a partner that hovers at a similar level. Story lines and character development are my favourite things, so I would like to write with someone that is happy to chat about everything as we go along. I'm easy going, and I like to enjoy writing. I'm not here to grade your grammar or spelling ability. And two last things, mature themes are all good - but I'm not looking for a smut fest. We can write or fade, I'm not bothered either way. Lastly - constant morbid themes are not for me. I need balance. I'm not here for doom and gloom. Oh, romance! Yes please.

I prefer MxF pairings, and I can play either - but I do prefer F. Side characters are super important to making a world come alive, so please be willing to play them.


Old friends reunited. They grew up in a small town, and at the start of College, one left and one stayed behind. Eventually, they once again get thrown back into one another's lives.

1920's romance set in a big ole' estate with pots of money and flapper glamour. A young heiress is being set up with potential suitors, but naturally she falls for the rogueish rebel.

Some sort of work place shenanigans

Famous x Non famous

A Band kinda' story - we can hash out the details together.

Totally open to ideas and suggestions. Shoot me a message!

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