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Going through my Drive so I can transfer files to another, more secure, space and HOLY MOLEY I forgot all about my DnD archive. That's a lot of books...
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And the drama has begun.


I am August Reign, a 26+ year old American female. I've dabbled in many things throughout my young life, but my main ones nowadays are cosplay, streaming, sewing, and adult oriented entertainment. I've roleplayed for a long while (on and off) and it was one of the first things I encountered when I was able to freely roam the internet. I made some forums myself, they never took off, but I joined another few and made a good friend on there as well as a few main characters that then took off on their own adventures in their own worlds.

I'm usually up for anything, but I have more experience in original ideas or "Inspired By" types of rps. I don't typically do Fandoms because of the possible toxicity from diehard fans, which then puts me into a corner because I'm ignorant of something or don't do something within lore. However, I do love lore, and story, and world building. Y'know, something that I can visualize and place my character(s) into correctly.

I am open to playing almost anything, but I am more familiar with humanoid creatures. I usually do original characters or if a pre-established character is fairly simple, then I'll be open to playing them as well. I don't want to go have to do a ton of homework for something that's supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

I think I would be considered as an "Advanced" or "Casual" defined roleplayer here, as I write in fairly descriptive paragraphs, though it does range from a few sentences to enough to fill the page, depending on the situation or context. I do not take over other characters (unless otherwise agreed upon), and expect the same from others please. I won't be too nitpicky about spelling or grammar, but if it becomes a problem, it turns me off from the whole focus of being in the rp because I'll instead be confused at the word choice or poking fun at the imagery the wrong word created (ex. Loose vs lose, brought vs bought, your vs you're, etc). I know I make mistakes too, and I know that mobile autocorrect causes some problems too, so it's better to laugh at it or ask a question for clarification instead of getting angry at each other. I would also prefer any roleplays stay on site so as not to clog up my other socials that may be used by other things (i.e. Discord).

As for previous experiences? A lot of my previous rps have revolved around fantasy, supernatural, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, romance, and some freelance Fandom worlds (basically using that theme and worldspace but not doing any big stories that affect other canon aspects). I have a handful of characters that I choose from, but can and will make someone new to fit a new world or lorebase.

My main character pool includes:
- Twin angel-demon hybrids with powers and abilities out the wazoo
- Interdimensional thief with a supernatural companion
- Old vampire who lusts for power and fame

The characters below are seldom used, or were made for a particular rp, so they may not be as fleshed out as those above:
- Mage apprentice who is trying to specialize in elemental magics
- Bassist who has sensory and predictive superpowers (might end up as a time traveler or teleporter, not sure yet)
- Spaceship captain with stealth tech augments/enhancements
- Cybergoth augmentist from a cyberpunk world (no relation to above captain, lol)
- A mysteriously rich man with murderous tendencies and a "second self"
- A summoner Witch
- Desire demon who owes a lot of payments, favors, and items to various more powerful beings
- Salarian pyromaniac mercenary
- Ex-Jedi Knight who teeters on the gray line and fights dirty
- Self insert with symbiotic micronanobots to command

I'm sure I'm missing some, but that's off the top of my head.

I have a day job, side job, another side job, and a few hobbies with schedules, so I cannot guarantee a certain time I will be online. We can chit chat about that if there's a certain time that works for you though!

I don't really know what else to put on here right now so.... yeah, that's about it I guess. AMA if you want.

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I can bend the first knuckle of my first three fingers (pointer, middle, ring) on both hands simultaneously and individually.
Info about me can be found off my profile's bio or my Intro post. I am also initially writing this on mobile, and I may also end up replying via mobile too, but I swap my platform depending on what I'm doing at the time.

Okay, so!

I would love some kind of long term rp that has a story, character development, and just leaves an impression that you want to go make the characters in The Sims or reference them in other stories. I get quite attached to characters, especially when the development is good. I am open to pretty much anything, but I have little experience in Westerns, Historical, Steampunk, Military, or High School, so I'd prefer something NOT involving those, unless you're okay with a newb for those themes.

If you have any questions, please ask them!

General Wishes / Rules

- Details. I'm not talking about needing to know exactly what every little detail of your character's shoelace is, but I do need to know what's going on for me to bounce off of what you've written and get a grasp of the imagery you're trying to show. An example would be that you climb a tree then fell down. What kind of tree is it? How high up are you? Was it a planned fall or did you lose your balance? Why did you fall? Etc. These simple details will make or break the situation, and can also determine what happens next. I don't expect a certain amount of lines, words, or ritual sacrifices to be met; I'd like to be able to picture what's going on and react accordingly to it.
- Power creep. I dont care if your character is super powerful, but I do care if you're magically immune to anything or everything possible and nothing can hurt you. Basically, please don't do One Piece powercreep. My head literally cannot comprehend that type of thing and it's boring to me. You need to have some kind of weakness or ability to perish please. I'd like some risk to our characters, even if they're godly powerful.
- Response time. I dont really care how long or short it takes you to reply, I'm not going to hold a grudge or anything negative towards you if you don't reply. I might be a little sad if I've become attached to our characters and will feel guilty if I use mine in another rp, but I won't hold ghosting / not replying against you. We all have our priorities in Life, and sometimes rping isn't it. I ask the same courtesy be given to me.
- Erotica. Seriously, you have to be an adult. I am pretty open to most things, but have found that I cannot focus on erotica alone in a rp. It becomes a hassle for me to just focus on straight smut and I won't want to keep going. Occasional deeply detailed scenes should be fine (after all, I have a main character that focuses on attraction and sex as a hunting method), but unfortunately, I can't keep it up long term. I also have little experience with anthromorphic (is that the right word?) types of erotica. I ask that we discuss anything beyond the vanilla type though just so we can make sure we're both comfortable with what we're writing about. Erotica for me is NOT a necessary thing, so if you don't want to do that, that's totally fine with me!
- Rp Location. I would prefer we rp here on this site, and I'm also used to having two chats: One for OOC chatting and ideas, and the other being the actual RP. It keeps things organized so we don't have to scroll all the way up or several pages back to reference the last reply.
- Triggering / Dark Themes. I am totally okay with most content, but if there is of any concern whatsoever, please do talk with me about it. I dont want to cause any personal problems or uncomfortable topics if it's not something that is sought after.
- Age of Characters. An absolute must of our characters being adults (18+). I dont even want to risk any underage shenanigans being played out.
- Parents / Family themes. I don't do parenting. Period.

Generic Plots / Ideas

All are open to any gender pairing. I usually play female, but my last rp (before making this post) I played as male and it was... *chefs kiss*.

- Generic themed adventure. It could be fantasy, scifi, modern, slice of life, superhero, supernatural, whatever. Just grab a couple of characters, compare their worlds, and smash them together or put them in a generic place where they'd both fit. Super simple, super flexible.

- Romance. Your character and mine end up together romantically somehow. Same as above, grab some characters, compare similar aspects and find a world to drop them into. They could be total strangers who bump into each other, a rescuer and rescuee, enemies forced to work together, old friends, business partners?, hunter and hunted, etc.

- Face Off. Characters are enemies and are constantly trying to hunt each other down or fighting. Could be a police thing, superheroes, old partners but bad blood, idk. Real flexible too. An NPC could also be the enemy?

- Peas in a Pod. Our characters encounter one another and find they have the same goal so they team up to try to achieve this goal. Or one character could be in trouble and asks the help of the other character and they stick together.

- Survivors. Apocalypse? Natural disaster? War? In Laws? Who cares? Our characters are surviving some kind of nasty event and end up grouping together to increase their odds at survival of whatever the awful event is.

Experimental Ideas

These are some ideas I've had for a long time and haven't done much rp with yet. Most of these are World Builders, so we can just play in the semi-established world.

- Overgrowth. The apocalypse was always expected to be full of war, explosions, nuclear weapons, some mutant zombie virus, or aliens, but no one thought it wouldn't been Mother Nature who fought back. Nature unleashed a weapon: Spores that mutated animals and humans, plant life with accelerated growth, sentient trees, and darker secrets hidden beneath the dirt. Our cities were overtaken, the steel and concrete seemingly eaten alive by the plant life, our neighbors, protectors, government, and families being infected and changed into grotesque creatures. The forests and animals took over, hunting or overpowering those who survived, chasing them out of Nature's claims. Only a few cities stand across the world now, or at least, that's what we assume since communication was cut off. A brave few venture outside the city walls, into the deep and dark unknowns of the Great Forest, and those who return, are known to all.

- The Academy. A magic school for all, specializing in breaking down the elemental aspects and hyperfocusing on that which each person is most gifted for. They have to be wary though, for demons from the various elemental planes are always looking for a way to gain more power, and gather more souls to feast upon. I have no general plot line for this one, just a world that was built ~15 years ago and I'd be up for visiting again.

- Dark Star. A scifi world inspired by the underworld of Star Wars and Mass Effect. A space station ruled by organizations called Houses, Dark Star is home to any and all people of the galaxy that have been banished or are viewed as outcasts. Become a friend to the gambling houses, or maybe a merchant for the banking houses, or perhaps you were born as royalty in the upper houses? Maybe you're a smuggler or pirate, or want to uphold the laws and dish out justice to those criminal scrum that infest this place? While some aspects were inspired by Star Wars, there is no Force to speak of, but similarly to Mass Effect, there is technology that can harness different energies and manipulate them to one's will.

(Edited Erotica section)
Hi all, I am August Reign, an experienced forum based roleplayer who has been away from the game for a few years now. I'm just throwing up this thread for 1) I was unbanned because I had my VPN on, like many others lol (thank you LegendBegins!) and 2) to help prevent spam as per what my profile/site settings has asked me to do.

Oh, let's see here...

I have been on several RP Forums before, some private while others were lesser known public forums. I then joined some mobile applications, but found they took too much space on my device and the community became more toxic as I lingered. I then joined a different but also popular forum as my most recent presence online, but y'know how some of those long term RPs go... sad but oh well. I've been a part of a handful of themes, mostly anime, fantasy, romance, or modern day superhero/mutants, but I have also been a host to several original idea types, mostly modern day, futuristic, or post apocalyptic.

This place looks really chill and Use Your Common Sense type of vibes, so I'm looking to feel things out and see how it goes!

Thanks y'all!
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