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Hello! Welcome to my profile, I hope it finds you well.

Where to begin? I suppose with the basics! I have always had a passion for storytelling. I wrote my first “novel” in the second grade (it was about twenty pages not counting the hand drawn illustrations). I began roleplaying the summer of my fifth grade year and I started doing post-to-play roleplaying in 2011-12. I’ve written two novels (not counting my second grade debut) and have collaborated on thousands of pages worth of roleplays.

I believe a person can only be happy if they are leading a creative life; and I’m excited to share and create new stories here in the Guild.

So, what do I write?

-Boundaries: Let's start with a brief 'will not write' list. I steer clear of graphic or explicit sexual content, preferring to 'fade to black' or focus on the emotional impact of a scene rather than its physical details. If explicit content is a must for you, we might not be the best match. But beyond that, I'm open to exploring whatever complex and challenging themes the narrative demands.

-Genres: My heart lies with horror – think slow burn, existential, Lovecraftian. These themes weave through my works, whether they be fantasy, science fiction, or modern settings. I also enjoy science fiction and fantasy that adheres to clear magical systems (think Sanderson's Laws). War stories that explore themes of lost innocence or the clash of ideals and reality also captivate me. I also really enjoy historic periods on earth, particularly between 1880-1950 (the Gilded Age, the Roaring 20s/Inter-War Period, the Occupation of France, etc.), and I have a soft spot for the Ancient World too.

-Romance: While romance frequently finds its way into my stories, it blooms naturally. I don’t force it, preferring to let relationships evolve authentically as characters come to know each other. If romance is important to you, I will ensure I build a character at least potentially romantically compatible with yours, but that’s all I can promise.

-Settings: I love original settings, yours or mine. I don’t like outsourcing the creative fun to Hollywood, although I could be persuaded to dabble in IPs close to my heart (Last of Us), but even then generally playing original characters. I’m sorry, I don’t watch anime or write in those settings.

-Style: In Guild terms, I’d describe myself as “advanced” and “literate,” though both sound pretentious. I try to balance detail and succinctness. That can mean 2,500 words in an introduction, but typically between 400-700 in an average post, deviating as the story requires.

-Contact: If you like what I’ve said here and think you and I have a story to tell together, send me a PM! Even if I don’t have the bandwidth to write with you right now (I’m very committed to not ghosting people, and a key piece of that is not being overwhelmed/managing expectations) I’ll be certain to keep it in mind for future opportunities. I’m happy to plot and chat OOC on Discord.

- Proposals: So, you want to write with old Hos, but you haven’t got an idea of your own, huh? Well, no worries, I have a few ideas I can bring to the table! These are not fully fledged narratives, mostly just ideas which could take place in multiple settings, or settings which could contain multiple narratives. Anything I’m interested in may show up here, and I'll add and update the list as new ideas occur to me. Take a gander, and see if anything catches your fancy:

-Writing Sample: I know some people prefer to see before they buy, so here’s a prologue I wrote to set the mood for one of my ongoing RPs. It’s not designed to be responded to, but it will give you a sense for my writing style.

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Hello everyone!

Call me Hos. Depending on how you define terms, I've been roleplaying for somewhere between ten and twenty years. A lot of it come on another website, NationStates, but it seems writing opportunities there have mostly dried up. So I've sought out greener pastures and found myself here. I really like how stories are broken down between free, casual, and advanced, and I've already found some cool people to write with! I'm looking forward to meeting new people and telling more stories.

Always feel free to drop me a line!
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