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Iris couldn't find words as her face grew hotter and hotter with every mention of things she would've never thought to ever consider before. He had every right to be shocked; her? Shopping? It was so incredibly unlike her, the Shadowguard whose only possessions consisted of a measley tiny suitcase, to suggest such a thing. To also suggest going to the ball as well? She was sure the queen, whom had always insisted upon shopping with her, would faint at the mere notion she would not be the first to get to shop with her.

In fairness... She'd have to go shopping with Olosse's mother when they got back.

They would get back.

As he placed his hand upon her shoulder Iris felt her heart skip a beat, that smile... She could get lost within it.

"Of course my liege... How could I not enjoy my first ball when it is with you?"

It was a half truth, to say that. She had been to a ball, but only because her powers allowed her to escape from her guilded tower of Jewels and gems to witness such an event through a window. Surely that's why her heart was racing again... Because of the fact she would now be experiencing something her younger self has longed for. There was nothing else... Nothing else at all.

Iris couldn't remember how she had gotten back to her room or how she had fallen asleep, but it was a scramble to get ready as fast as she could. Luckily she had slept in her clothes, so whilst perhaps a bit creased they were still decent enough for a mission. But her mask was totalled, and for some reason she couldn't find any of her masks. She'd need to figure out where they had went later, but for now she took a few pins and placed a breathable black fabric within her hood and secured it as best she could. With that she set off, already far later on her journey to the tavern than she wished to be.

There was silence as Olosse announced the presence of the Shadowguard, some of the regulars cackling as they stalked closer to the prince. But then... The air froze, grew cold as the sun through the uneven windows drifted further and further from view. The shadows lengthened like tendrils of a creature from the bring deep, clouding the room id darkness save for the flickering of a few oil lamps that were lit further in.

Those flames swayed and swiveled, threatened to blow out and leave behind only the darkness that encroached all around them like a panther. There was no exit to be seen through the shadows, no place to truly hide from the Shadowguard that now suddenly stood behind her master. Iris appeared with the shadows, materializing from the void she had been waiting in for her signal. Her two men were standing outside on her command, waiting for a signal from her to storm in if need be. But right now, with all the men frightened and her liege safe, it was time she had her own questions answered.

"Did you think we were alone in this endeavor... Jove, was it?"

Iris stalked closer to the man, her face hidden behind a thin veil that had been secured in place within the folds of her hood. A faceless being that had appeared from the shadows would scare anyone, but what she hadn't anticipated was that his knowledge was particularly... Vast.

"No one but the royals of-"

"Aye, we have received their assistance... As well as the assurance of many others that this whole kingdom will burn to the ground should anything happen to my liege. That includes every single man, woman and child within... No one will be spared regardless of status, your families hunted down to the ends of the earth to ensure no one of this kingdom passes down it's blood. Ashes will remain only to the eyes of us victors, the history of everyone here written off in history books so that way no one will know you or your group ever existed. Your cause for naught... All because you decided to kill the wrong person."

Iris stood before the counter at Olosse's side, that piercing gaze unseen but certainly not unfelt. That murderous aura... It was why her reputation would forever be cemented in history. Iris hand reached into her pocket, the men tensing around her until they saw the glimmer of gold in her palm drop to the counter just between the two men.

"Whilst my... Associates, are unfeeling uncaring individuals, I myself have some semblance of a heart left in this chest. Instead of threats of bloodshed, how about we all sit down for a pint of ale and talk about this like gentleman. I'm not unreasonable Jove, and neither is my liege when given a proper reason why we should avoid something. Give us a good reason to turn tail... Give us a good reason that will allow us to head back. You can do that can't you?"

Iris sat down upon one of the barstools, the shadows begining to overtake the interior of the tavern which earned a few shouts of concern and worry from those who had been so ready to kill just moments ago.

"Be a good man and serve us and the entirety of the tavern... Won't you?"

An entire bag of gold coins was tossed seemingly out of nowhere from within the shadows, landing with a thud on the counter with the sound echoing throughout the darkness. This... This was a warning of what was to come if they threatened the life of her liege. Death unseen, no one would find their corpses to give them proper burials, their spirits adrift for eternity. Behind that midnight cloth those once hazel eyes glowed emerald green, if one looked very closely... Perhaps they'd be able to see it.
Anxiety... It was such a small piece of the emotions welling up within her.

He was determined, she knew that ever so much from the look in his eyes, but even though it was an order she was still apprehensive to obey it. But he was right, they needed information more so now than ever before, especially with the ball coming up the next evening. She could hide in the shadows, she could still keep him safe in her current state, but at the ball... No, she wouldn't be able to protect him like that.

Her lips thinned, silence reigned over the room as she contemplated her next words and steps very carefully. It'd be risky... But she could still hide her face, especially if they could stop by a shop or two whilst they were out.

A heavy sigh of defeat escaped her lips as Iris' eyes turned to Olosse's own, her right hand going up to adjust her mask ever so slightly to help it stay on. The full faced white mask had been heavily damaged, exposing more skin than ever before... Luckily she always had back ups waiting for her in her belongings.

"My liege... I can assure your safety at the tavern, especially with the help of my fellow shadows. But this ball, if you are correct and they choose to retaliate... I need to be closer to you than in the shadows."

Iris hesitated on her next words, the slightest hint of a blush showing through the cracked and missing portions of her mask exposed to his sight.

"Permit me to be your companion to the ball tomorrow evening... I know obtaining proper attire on such short notice will be difficult, you can dock my wages for however much it will cost but I... I will not leave your side tomorrow night, request or order be damned."

Iris' eyes were filled with determination, her heart racing as she thought of everything that could go wrong... But all of those things she could prevent as long as they were together.

"When we go out tomorrow... Will you permit us to make a detour to the shopping district afterwards?"
First and foremost, welcome all to my interest check! Thank you for stopping by!

Secondly, I would like to address the ‘more details within’ portion of the title. Whilst I am seeking male counterparts for a 1x1, I do not care what your IRL gender is. All I care about is that you write your character well and you have fun in this RP together with me!

Thirdly, if you are interested in any of the plots I ask that along with your PM that you include a writing sample. Below I will be providing a writing sample of mine consisting of the prologue for my first book (if I ever finish the damn thing haha), I find this helps partners to see whether or not their writing is similar and will work well together.

Fourthly, please do not ghost me. If you’re not feeling it, let me know. I will do the same for you, no hard feelings involved.

Fifthly, please be over the age of 21, this is just a comfort thing as typically I enjoy RP’s with lots of swearing, violence, graphic depictions and things of a suggestive nature. I am 24 going on 25 (Leo baby whoop whoop!) so it’s also a bit awkward to RP with those younger than me if it is more than a few years. I am willing to do scenes that do not fade to black, but I prefer more story and the occasional rare scene if they are to occur.

Without further adieu,

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