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1 day ago
Current What's on my mind? That my holiday is coming to an end soon, thanks for reminding me!
3 days ago
Welcome to the wasteland of my mind...here's some tea and biscuits, you're in for a show!
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6 days ago
I showed you my muse pic, plz respond- oh wait...wrong pic...sorry. Respond anyway? :D
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6 days ago
If you have an interest check and you’re contacted for it, any answer is appreciated. I’ll happily take a “not interested, go hither and copulate thy fish” than wondering if you even saw the PM.
8 days ago
Muse found...crazy enough writing partner required...attempting to normalise dream sequence...


Hi! You're probably here because I have PM'd you a plot idea based on your interest check, or not, regardless, welcome!

I'm a world builder by talent and a plotter by hobby, I love to discuss with a partner about upcoming possibilities or potential curveballs to the current planned story.
I'm very much 25+ so no issues there.

My writing can go from anywhere to 3 to 10 paragraphs depending on the time I have to write, what is happening and how much of a feel I have of the character. This tends to be why plotting along the way is important to me, I don't want to reach a dead end...but I also don't want to get lost in the plotting and end up not writing the story.

I consider my post history a bad example of my writing so I'll put better examples of how I write and how I plot here:

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So I’m not as new as my account would suggest, but I haven’t been active outside of PMs on my old account for at least 4 years so it’s likely no one knows me anyway. That wasn’t even my oldest account here, my very first one got wiped in the great flood of...whenever it was it happened. When all the accounts had to be remade anyway.
So, a fresh start!

Hello! We’ve probably never met, I’m Talvi, took a fancy to the name when I found out ‘winter’ in Finnish is ‘Talvi’ and in Norwegian it is ‘vinter’ hence the merge.
I’m a native English speaker, so if autocorrect doesn’t go against me I can correctly use ‘there, they’re and their’, all good stuff. Apologies if my grammar is less than brilliant, I’m still brushing off the cobwebs!

I stick to 1v1 stories these days, have done for over a decade, don’t know what I’d do with a group roleplay now honestly.

Anyway, Tldr, hi!
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